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Military Chat
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Welcome! -- Shenandoah, 05:00:24 04/30/01 Mon

Welcome to American Veterans Chat Forum! Got something to say? What do you think...about anything?

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About what? -- Beebo, 05:05:47 04/30/01 Mon

I try not to think. It gets me in trouble.

Great Site! I love all the history and beautiful tributes to Veterans!

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Marines -- Gunny, 05:36:09 04/30/01 Mon

The Marines are a department of the Navy - The Men's Dept!

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Navy -- Petty Officer, 05:38:34 04/30/01 Mon

Try telling that to a Seal!

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Great! -- Sonny, 05:43:03 04/30/01 Mon

Great site! Keep up the good work!

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Kerrey -- Eagle1, 06:25:23 04/30/01 Mon

Good job, Shen. I'll check in later to get some opinions on the Sen. Kerrey thing. I'd like to know what people think.

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Kerry -- Shenandoah, 06:36:25 04/30/01 Mon

I'll tell you what I think, Eagle1. Having been in a combat situation, you know as well as anyone that you're no longer in the real world, and inherent morality that is applicable in the real world is put on hold. I also think that fear and survival are the bottom line.

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First Visit -- plaid, 06:40:25 04/30/01 Mon

Hey Shen: This is pretty cool. Looks like we need a little Army Rotorhead action here. Youngest son just left on a 6 month cruise aboard the Big E. The middle boy just got stationed at Luke AFB and the oldest who did 6 in the Army in now a firefighter in Killeen TX. Talk about a military family.

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to plaid -- Shenandoah, 06:48:39 04/30/01 Mon

You got children to be proud of!

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military daughter, sister, mother -- valleystorm, 06:53:27 04/30/01 Mon

I grew up in a town with a SAC base. When I started dating, it was often the Air Force boys who were attending our church. The "dates" mostly church picnics and such. They were from all over the country, and preferred to town boys because the Air Force "men" had much nicer manners, more interesting things to talk about. The SAC base had a "secret" base inside it, underground, goats tethered on grassy mounds, three barbed wire fences. All the town girls knew about it! I adored the air shows at the base and hearing the rumble of the jets every afternoon, and being startled by the sonic booms often! I grew up with the idea that military people were pretty nice, doing a good job wherever they were called. Later during the Nam era, it was such a shock to see the military villified. Have learned since then a growing element in the country was responsible for that...the "New Left". Been on the warpath against it ever since. God bless all of you.

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Military family -- plaid, 06:56:56 04/30/01 Mon

shen: We are. I'm just gettin' a little concerned that the middle boy in the Air Force is ALREADY halfway to retirement. YIKES!!!!!!
I'm gettin' old.

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Marines -- "Men's Dept." -- MissusDawg, 07:12:16 04/30/01 Mon

And Gunny, thank God they haven't allowed a *Lingerie Dept.* in there, eh?? (g)

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Howdy Shen! -- MissusDawg, 07:13:59 04/30/01 Mon

Had to come in and send ya a big thankee, friend! (Is it me or is the clock a bit off? -- It may be too much coffee on my part, though ...)

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Clock -- Shenandoah, 07:20:26 04/30/01 Mon

Yup. The clock's off. At this point in time (hee-hee) I don't quite know what to do about it.

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Great Site, Shen! -- Alyssarah, 07:37:45 04/30/01 Mon

I'm so glad I finally found this. I'm emailing the link to my sister who is the Protocol Officer at the Rock Island Arsenal and to my brother who is a pilot with the DOD. I'll tell them to spread the word.

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Hi Shen! -- Feral 52, 07:43:53 04/30/01 Mon

Great site, can we post pics?

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Thanks! -- Shenandoah, 07:45:16 04/30/01 Mon

Thanks, Alyssarah! 'preciateit!

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Pics -- Shenandoah, 07:47:22 04/30/01 Mon


You can do whatever your little heart desires.


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Big E -- Feral 52, 08:00:53 04/30/01 Mon

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Big E -- Shenandoah, 08:03:46 04/30/01 Mon

Way to go, Feral!

Knew you'd get a plug in there for the big one, somehow!

Let's here it for the Lords of the Seas!

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Detroit -- MisterDawg (Dawgsquat), 08:18:58 04/30/01 Mon

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*sigh* -- Shenandoah, 08:27:21 04/30/01 Mon

Well, being a lowly Marine, this is all I can offer:

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Thank you -- Tanstaafl, 08:29:06 04/30/01 Mon

I like to say thank you to vets I meet.

Not having served myself (explanation time: I did try to volunteer, was not accepted) I'll only do one post here:

Thanks to each and every vetern and active duty service man and woman in America's armed forces.

And thanks to Shen for a great site.


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Why just one? -- Shenandoah, 08:37:26 04/30/01 Mon

Thank you, Tanstaafl...

We all appreciate your thanks. But, don't run off. You're welcome to stay and tell us how you feel about all those sissies in the Navy.


ooh rah! ooh rah!

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Military (Ret) -- Frankie, 08:39:59 04/30/01 Mon

What a great all-round site this is. And isn't it wonderful to witness the return of respect for the military? Gotta confess ... I'm an Air Force brat married to Army (Ret.). Soon as my scanner's fixed, I'll post some pics. In the meantime, thanks to all who have served or are now serving.

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Hot dang!! -- Flaps, 08:40:25 04/30/01 Mon

Good going Shen.

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Marines -- Feral 52, 08:43:54 04/30/01 Mon

Shen, never heard of a lowly Marine. It just ain't possible!

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Frankie -- Shenandoah, 08:54:23 04/30/01 Mon

Thanks, Fran...

BTW, love Your Book!

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Flaps -- Shenandoah, 08:56:36 04/30/01 Mon

Hey! How's it going. Flapsup? Thanks for comin' by!

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Thanks! -- Shenandoah, 09:04:32 04/30/01 Mon

Well, I'm outta here. Revelie comes early in these barracks. Thank you all for showing up for the grand opening! See ya'all later!

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A pic for our pilots -- Feral 52, 10:11:34 04/30/01 Mon

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Pics for our pilots -- Flaps, 10:26:01 04/30/01 Mon

Slow down, the bowwows are having a hard time keeping up with the flock.

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Nice One -- Teufelhund, 16:30:10 04/30/01 Mon

Shen- As my littlest daughter would say when she was even littler, "Nice one, Dad".

BTW, you told me to say something here and I did, but it didn't work. You actually have to type something, huh, duh. haha.

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A first visit hello -- Lucyredboots, 19:26:21 04/30/01 Mon

Shen...this is really cool. Hello everyone!

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Hello -- Shenandoah, 19:33:33 04/30/01 Mon

Hello, Lucy! Glad you like it. Hope some discussions take place on this board.

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Great Website! -- wasp69, 19:54:20 04/30/01 Mon

My Dixie Cup's off to the website designer for a great site. Nothing to really say but thanks to all of those who went in harms way before this Gulf War Vet took the oath. Your sacrifices in the name of God and Country do not go unnoticed by the silent majority.

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Thanks Shen -- patti Weil, 22:41:23 04/30/01 Mon

Hi Shen,
Another JOB WELL DONE!! thanks for keeping up the site!
your a true Patriot!! (Beckums)

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Salute!!! -- Old Hawg, 00:30:53 05/01/01 Tue

One each Salute Comma Snappy Comma Hand for Shen/Dink.

Old Hawg

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Salute!!! -- DinkyDau, 01:35:08 05/01/01 Tue

And a right snappy salute back at ya, Old Hawg, you ol' NCO, you!

Hello, Beckums! Thanks for comin' by! There are a lot of us Patriots around, it seems.

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One of my favorite Pilots -- Lauratealeaf, 05:29:50 05/01/01 Tue

This is a great site Shen! Congratulations! On topic, I am troubled about the news coming out at this time, and what is going on with the timing and why not in 1998 and why at all? I read a book called "Word of Honor" by Nelson DeMille recently and the similarities with the book and Bob Kerrey's situation in Vietnam are weird. It is a good book and I do recommend it. To me the bottom line is that this seems more like an attack on the military by the liberal press than anything else. While I don't have much respect for former Senator Kerrey because of the actions he took during the recount in Florida, I have less respect for the liberal media. Again, this is a great site Shen. And, if the graphic that I am posting comes out right, it is a photo of my father-in-law during World War ll.

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Military -- Jeff Curtis, 07:03:57 05/01/01 Tue

I have never been in the military. I worked with the military in Hawaii several years back.

I have nothing but gratitude and repsect for our military.

Thank you, each and everyone of you.

God Bless our new President.

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Non Vets -- plaid, 08:54:46 05/01/01 Tue

Some Non Vets come here and post and they sometimes seem to be embarrassed that they did not spend any time in the military. I know most of the guys and gals here and I know that they would all back me when I say, please don't feel that way. We are all Americans. While engaging in Stormin' Norman's "Hail Mary" during Desert Storm, the soldiers doing what had to be done were extra energized because of the letters, boxes, etc. we had received from the people back home. YOU provided us with that little extra drive we needed to accomplish what we did in the time we did it. Then, after it was over, YOU welcomed us home with parades and such. I only wish the Vietnam Combat Vets could have been treated the same way. I am a Vietnam Era vet and although I was told that I "missed the war," I still received a lot of the same treatment that the combat vets did when they returned home. America made up for that after Desert Storm and many of us tried to pass what we felt on to the Viet Vets we encountered at such events. It was THEIR welcome home as well.
So,whether you served or not is not important. All that really matters is that you supported those who did or those who are currently serving (like two of my sons). You are all welcome.

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Well said! -- Shenandoah, 09:11:41 05/01/01 Tue

Well said, plaid! There are messages here that I want to reply to, however, I overextended my alotted time at the VFW this evening, and my choreographer, Jack Daniels, just barely got me home, and now, I gotta crash. Tomorrow's another day.

Thanks again, plaid. God bless you. The angels are looking out for you and your brave children.

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Lauratealeaf -- Shenandoah, 17:34:38 05/01/01 Tue

Hello, Laura! Great to see you here!

That's a question a lot of people have been asking, and I don't have a clue as to the timing. The only coincidence now is that Kerry is a much more serious presidential candidate.

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To Shenandoah -- Lauratealeaf, 23:17:06 05/01/01 Tue

Thanks, Shen, for fixing the graphic. I think you are correct about the Presidential prospects of Bob Kerrey. I would not vote for him but there will probably be some veterans who will consider voting for him. The book, Word of Honor came out in 1987. I saw David Hackworth on Bill O'Reilly and he said that he had the information about Bob Kerrey in 1992 and after checking it out, didn't think it was much of a story. I am wondering where Nelson DeMille got the idea for his book.

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HI** SHEN!!! -- Sandpaint!!!:), 03:48:25 05/02/01 Wed

HI*YA* SHEN!!!~~~~

Just dropped *IN* to *SAY* YOU have *A* (Great Site))!!


Hi**Laura & Lucy** !!!

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CC -- Shenandoah, 07:37:42 05/02/01 Wed

Here ya go, Lauratealeaf...

So this is your father-in-law from WWII, huh? What a great picture! Looks young enough to be my son!

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What's with all the Squids Posting? -- Akela, 08:00:19 05/02/01 Wed

C-130 rollin down the strip. Airborne daddy gonna take a little trip. Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door. Jump right out and count to four.


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What's with all the Squids Posting? -- Feral, 09:06:44 05/02/01 Wed

'cause they know how? LOL !

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Young Enough to be Your Son? -- Lauratealeaf, 22:51:21 05/02/01 Wed

Thanks again Shen for posting the photo. I guess my father-in-law was pretty young in that photo. About 24 I guess. He died of cancer in 1997. A really great man. Just found out that my son is going to be going to Korea in a couple of months.

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What gives? -- Flaps, 07:22:54 05/04/01 Fri

There are plenty of things to talk about. What do you all think of the current situation with Bush's missile defense proposal? Does it make sense? Is it worth the cost? In what way does it affect world stability?

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Tony Blair Supports It -- Lauratealeaf, 16:27:43 05/04/01 Fri

I think Bushes missile defense proposal is a great idea. In the past eight years Clinton barely gave lip service to the idea and the program. Very forward thinking for Bush to propose and support it. We went to a ceremony commemorating General Patton over here recently. His granddaughter lives over here and was also at the ceremony. When some of the officials asked her what they could do for her, she whispered that she could really do with about a hundred dollars worth of U.S. beef. It is really getting hard for the Germans to get any beef. I don't know if she got it but I hope she did.

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What gives? -- DinkyDau, 17:25:12 05/04/01 Fri

If the Chinese are opposed to our having a defense system, you know it's gotta be good. They're upset that such a system would render useless all the technology that Heir Clinton handed over to them.


Would the grandaughter of Gen. Patton that you mention happen to be named Elizabeth?!!

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What gives? -- Flaps, 02:30:14 05/05/01 Sat

Doesn't it make you wonder why Senators can stand in the well and argue why we shouldn't be researching self defense?

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I AM NOT SURE -- lauratealeaf, 07:49:30 05/06/01 Sun

I am not sure what her first name is. I will have to ask the couple that we went with. They were sort of involved in the thing. I was just there. Ha!

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Let's remember... -- Jim Boyer, 21:53:58 05/06/01 Sun

Good job Bruce. It's good to see the old names again.

... I think I was five years old at my first Memorial Day parade. It was 1952, Alameda. My relatives had settled in the East Bay after the war. Some were still in service. My mother had worked in a defense plant until I was born in '46. Both her brothers died in Germany.

The crowds were deep on each side of the street. People were adorned with poppys and small flags. Some of the men were old like Grampa and wore odd hats - WWl Vets, I imagine. I was up on my dad's shoulders to see the soldiers and sailors marching by. I can hear the music of the marching bands today and remember the scene as if it were yesterday.

My dad grew tired and put me down. It was easy for a small child to squeeze between the adult legs to get a front row seat. I stood in awe of the solemn respect that permeated the atmosphere as the colors passed. I could hear commands being barked along the lines and remember the salutes and heads snapping to the right as companies passed in review.

Little things become etched forever in the mind of a child; the colors blowing in the breeze above the other flags that dipped in respect, the stripes on the legs of the Marines and the medals on their chests.

I turned to find my way back through the crowd and was stunned, even in my young age at what I saw - everyone saluting or holding hands over their hearts, my cousin Jimmy (USS Ticonderoga) with his arm in a sling, saluting with the wrong hand. Handkerchiefs and so many tears. Even a five year old could sense something very special.

1966, Ft. Ord, it's my turn now. My time to serve, to remember and to honor the service of those who had gone before. My time to do my best. We were polished and creased, companies streched out along the parade grounds. I don't remember the speech now, or the base commander's name. But, I remember that instant when I heard the command,"PASS IN REVIEW!".

Again the commands were barking up and down the line and the music of the marching band pierced my soul. Again, it was 1952 and this time I felt the tears in my eyes and the pride in my heart.

Memorial day is three weeks away - it's time for some letters to the editor...

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PS -- BAYNATIVE, 22:00:42 05/06/01 Sun

It's me Jim Boyer, again. I got the name line wrong in my post, but wanted all the old Ldot posters to know who's writing.

If anyone would like an MP3 audio file of a moving musical tribute to our country let me know - Baynative@earthlink.net.

It will take about 10 minutes to load unless you're on DSL

by the way - isn't Dawgsquat about due fro an anniversary of some sort?

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Hi, Baynative! -- Shenandoah, 00:41:09 05/07/01 Mon

It's great to see you!

Love your Memorial Day tribute up there. Got news for you: When I march with my chapter on Memorial Days, people around here still wave American Flags and salute Old Glory when she passes by!

Yup! I believe you may be right about Dawgy...seems like it's been about a year, doesn't it!

Maybe if I pass the word around, some people will show up here on Memorial Day and leave a message or two.



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Shhhhh -- Feral, 04:47:04 05/07/01 Mon

It's 5-25. Shhhhhhh !

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Shhhhh -- DinkyDau, 06:27:14 05/07/01 Mon

HUH?!!! WHAT'S 5-25?!!





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no -- Feral, 08:21:28 05/07/01 Mon

Shen, Ouch, that hurt my delicate ears!

The Dawgs were married in December. 5-25 is the old coots birthday! He'll be 46.

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old coot -- MisterDawg, 08:33:21 05/07/01 Mon

Old coot, my arse.

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Anniversary! -- MissusDawg, 08:34:53 05/07/01 Mon

Now as y'all mentioned it, we ARE going to have the Columbus Day Weekend party again, so keep the holiday open, mark it on your calendars -- this year, we want EVERYONE to come to 'Sippi fer some BBQ and catfish!!

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old coot -- Feral, 08:37:06 05/07/01 Mon

Is young coot OK?

Missus, that trip is a given for us!

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oooooooohhhh -- ShenDink, 08:40:18 05/07/01 Mon

ooooooohhhh! I get it, now....ok. thanks, Feral.

Ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh. Mum's the word.......

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OK -- MisterDawg, 08:45:13 05/07/01 Mon

That's a little better. That's mighty sassy coming from someone 6 years OLDER than me.

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Ya call that a flag??? -- MissusDawg, 08:57:35 05/07/01 Mon

Now THAT'S a flag!!


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OK -- Feral, 09:00:18 05/07/01 Mon

Sassy? Me? I'm appalled.

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And Feral ... -- MissusDawg, 09:00:46 05/07/01 Mon

... DatDog the Moose had best be showin' up with you and the Better Half!

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Datty -- Feral, 09:15:52 05/07/01 Mon

Missus, She's (Datty not Litigate!) longing for a dip in the lake. No way we'd leave her here. Poor fish, poor poor fish!

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Poor fish? -- MissusDawg, 09:32:34 05/07/01 Mon

Sending the Mister out to catch me some, Feral ... what makes you so sure there will be some left by the time Datty comes to take a dip??

We got one o' dem fold-up beach chairs for me to sit in on the bank while he fishes, and guess what? It came complete with beer holders on the arms! Whoo hoo!!

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Poor Fish -- Feral, 09:44:56 05/07/01 Mon

There will be some fish left, Missus.

Feral 1

Dawg 0

At last count!

I'll be sorry I started this!

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Veterans' Disability Compensation Injustice -- David Nelson GySgt Ret, 12:20:42 05/07/01 Mon

The following is from a WEB site that is a petition to the US Legislature it was written by Timothy G. Kennedy, it goes a follows:

To: US Legislature (Congress - Senate - Executive)

I am writing to secure enactment and funding for H.R. 303, a bill that would end the current practice of deducting disabled military retirees' VA disability compensation from the retired pay they earned from completing a career of uniformed service.

Military retired pay and veteran's disability compensation are two entirely different things, paid for different purposes --- and one should not offset the other. Each of these is earned in its own right --- retired pay for a career of arduous military service, and disability compensation for the pain, suffering, and lost future earnings resulting from service incurred disabilities. Under the current law, many members with decades of uniformed service are forced to forfeit mot or all of their military retired pay to receive the same disability compensation available to similarly disabled member with only a few years of military service. This unfairly denies the compensation value they are due for their extended career of service in the uniform of their country.

Those who accept the extraordinary demands and sacrifices inherent in service career deserve better. We have an obligation to those who make this choice to not require them to fund their own disability compensation from their separately earned retired pay. We have the opportunity to make this change now, given the large budget surpluses.

Actions you can take to assist include signing this petition; cut - & - paste this letter into your own letter to your representatives; and sending a link to this petition to as many concerned and like minded individuals as possible. Thank you for your continued support to our men and women in uniform.


The Undersigned

This can be found at www.petitiononline.com/HR303aid/petition.html

We have 55 out of 100 Senators that are Cosponsors of this Bill and 325 out of 435 Representative are Cosponsors. This would seem like we should be able to get this bill to pass, but it has went into Committee and in years past this meant that the Bill would never be heard from again. So please contact your Representative and Senators to either thank them for their support or to encourage them to participate. So far in this area we Have the support of Representative Peter DeFazio and Senator Gordon Smith. We need the help of Senator Wyden so far I cannot tell where he stands on this issue.

Semper Fi

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Veterans Disability Compensation Injustice -- Shenandoah, 21:23:05 05/07/01 Mon

Thanks, Gunny!

For that very valuable information!

Here's the link: Veterans Disability Compensation Injustice


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VFW -- Baynative, 10:38:17 05/08/01 Tue

I got one of those solicitations from the VFW today. It was chucked full of envelope return labels, as usual.

As I have done for several years now I wrote them a polite refusal and asked that they remove me from their mailing list; a request I will recind along with a generous donation as soon as someone writes to explain to me the reason for disgracing all vets by inviting Bill Clinton to address the National Convention back in '98.

Does anyone know of any published explaination of why this was done, or who was responsible?

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VFW -- Shenandoah, 18:24:04 05/08/01 Tue

I hope you held on to the return labels...they come in really handy.

I'm a member of the VFW because the institution, itself, is a good thing. I was angered by that slap in the face, too, as were a lot of others, but I'm not going to penalyze the entire VFW because of the actions of whoever the spineless, peanut-head National Commander was at the time.

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God Bless You, Shen--for keeping the Memories ALIVE. -- Brynna/Lynne, 01:14:50 05/09/01 Wed

Memorial Day is coming upon us. I remember last Memorial Day when so many beautiful tributes were paid to our heroes and heroines on Lucianne.com.

Look forward to honoring them again on Pipebomb.

We must keep the memories of these blessed souls who gave their lives for their country ALIVE.

Lest we ever forget...



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Columbus Day -- Brynna aka..., 01:22:46 05/09/01 Wed

Me--No way am I waiting til Columbus Day to get to
Dawggie and Mopesies.

They've made me hankering for that good ol Southern cooking and cameraderie.

So, Mister and Missus Dawg--Deal with it.

I'm gonna see you before then if I have to drive myself to do it. You've went overboard with the tempting--and I'm
determined, persistent and COMPULSIVE.

And I want big HUGS from two very special people in my life.

Love ya both,

Dovie aka her other two handles...lol

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Memorial Day -- The Dinkmeister, 02:23:36 05/09/01 Wed

Thanks, Brynnie...

for your stirring message. I hope we can all honor Memorial Day on PB and here, as well.

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I'm talking to my friend tomorrow about Patton's granddaughter -- Lauratealeaf, 06:59:39 05/09/01 Wed

The Forum is looking good Shen. My son flew on a military transport today to San Diego for a two month engineering project. And, get this. All of the military involved in the project is required to stay on a "Barge" so as not to "use" any of California's precious power.

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Re: VFW -- BAYNATIVE, 20:37:56 05/09/01 Wed

I get your drift, Shen. I've been feelin' guilt about stiffing the people that can use a boost. I guess something inside told me if the bosses are rubbin' cheeks with Clinton the money would likely not go to a good use. I love usin those little flags on all my hate mail to congress, though.

I've been looking for an alternative organization with little budget drain at the top. What do you know about the financial affect of a donation.

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RE: RE: VFW -- Shenandoah, 22:05:43 05/09/01 Wed


I think a good deal of money in the VFW goes to lobbying for Veterans rights and helping our disabled Vets in the Vet hospitals.

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Memorial Day Musical Tribute -- Baynative, 02:35:28 05/13/01 Sun

For all those who have asked for the MP3 file of Ray Charles' tribute to America - Bruce has linked it to the home page on this site. If you're ready for some tears in your eyes, goosebumps on your arms and the hair standing up on your neck, just go "home" and scroll down past the military branch insignias.

ps- if you aren't on cable or DSL it takes a while to load the first time, but then it's instant to play. Best done while you've something else to do for a while besides watch your monitor .

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Thanks Baynative -- patti, 08:59:51 05/13/01 Sun

Thanks Baynative,
it takes some time but worth the wait! Got tissues??
from a Navy wife of 25 years that brought back alot of memories. Happy sailing, patti

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Memorial Day Musical Tribute -- Shenandoah, 19:35:28 05/13/01 Sun

"if you aren't on cable or DSL it takes a while to load the first time, but then it's instant to play. Best done while you've something else to do for a while besides watch your monitor." --- Like browse the American Veterans site, for example.

Thanks a million, Baynative, for sending that file to me and suggesting that it become a part of American Veterans!

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Tributes -- Flaps, 21:41:43 05/13/01 Sun

To all moms out there, but especially to military moms...Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Vets, be sure to give your Mom an especially big hug today.

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Moms -- Shenandoah, 21:58:56 05/13/01 Sun

I will echo Flap's sentiments...

Happy Mother's Day, Mommies everywhere!

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Hey Mr. Shen in Top Hat! Where's your tails? -- Lauratealeaf, 21:23:14 05/21/01 Mon

Hi Shen, that is a nice sentiment. Hey! What is going on at Pipe? Have they closed the doors today to take inventory? Is today some kind of cyber holiday I don't know anything about?

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Whats up with labomba? Anyone know? -- Lucyredboots, 21:25:43 05/21/01 Mon

Just wanted to ask ya if anyone knows whats up with the pipe
Did the GrimReaper hack it or what?

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GrimReaper hacking the pipe -- Lucyredboots, 21:33:07 05/21/01 Mon

He said he was sharping his blade.....I wonder!

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Bday -- Feral, 23:05:07 05/25/01 Fri

Happy Bday Mister D.

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Happy Memorial Day Shen! -- Lauratealeaf, 07:07:33 05/26/01 Sat

Hoping you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend Shen. Hoping people take some flowers and flags to the graves.

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Happy Birthday -- patti, 08:05:26 05/26/01 Sat

Happy Birthday to the little puppy!!

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Memorial Day -- Shenandoah, 18:14:50 05/26/01 Sat

Thank you, Lauratealeaf...

And a blessed Memorial Day to all!

"Upon such sacrifices, my Cordelia, the gods themselves throw incense." - King Lear, Act V, iii

- William Shakespeare

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Remembering My husband's West Point Classmates -- Lauratealeaf, 01:23:54 05/27/01 Sun

And when our work is done,
Our course on earth is run,
May it be said,
"Well done; Be thou at peace."

Richard L. Vincent 26 Nov 90
John H.B. Krueger 13 Sep 77
Michael Q. Cosio 7 Oct 93
Richard G. Rowe 5 Apr 93
Dwight A. Helton 2 Jun 85
Fred B. Giacometti 17 Aug 81
Jeffery B. Smith 19 Jul 95
Craig T. Robinson 24 Sep 94
Keith B. Holmes 15 Sep 85
Daniel D. Duesler 14 Sep 93
Edward M. Sanders, Jr. 4 Jan 1992
Geary O. Bauman 9 May 78
Lucian S. Egrid 11 Apr 97
Sean A. Murray 27 Oct 80
Michael D. Wallace 01 Jan 93
Gary M. Pestrak 23 Oct 78
Albert J. Kuehn, Jr. 14 Sep 98
John E. Kling 5 Jun 99

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Patti, Feral (you know who you are, quit the teeny type!) -- MissusDawg, 10:28:17 05/28/01 Mon

Thank you very much for the B-day wishes for MisterDawg -- he had a good day!! I'll let him know you were thinking about him!

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Remember -- Flaps, 00:22:35 05/29/01 Tue

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Hello i am looking for picks or stories on the USS FRANKILN
at the time of its attack or before MARCH 15, 1945.Please email me at SONNERMAGIC69@MSN.COM thank you

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Today in History -- Baynative, 21:00:24 06/06/01 Wed

Today is the Anniversary of D-Day. On June 6, 1944 the invasion of Normandy began at daybreak. Reporter George Hicks was there reporting live (taping) for the Blue Network.

For his chilling comments and live battles sounds (if you have the courage) you can hear his spoken record at Old Time Radio - OTR.COM

On the main page click Radio News, then you'll find Gorege Hicks on the right hand coulmn.

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Gentlemen....WELL DONE! -- Cameron Luedke, 15:39:03 06/29/01 Fri

Gentlemen, I'm only 28yrs old, but had a grandfather on either side of WWII. they both lived in the same town...about six blocks from one another...I used to sit as a boy and listen to them banter back and forth for hours. I have visited other nations and can only say "Thank you " for giving my generation such a wonderful place to live. I pray for the day when our politics catches up with sentiment and we are once again a nation at 100% combat readiness.

Any vets please feel free to email me as I would love to chat with you while the opportunity is still available.


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HAPPY 4TH TO ALL -- patti (Beckums), 23:42:44 07/04/01 Wed

especially the orginial Ldotters for the last few years.
Your wisdom, insights, photo's upheald me in the darkest days, i will always be greatful to you all.
God Bless You...God Bless America
patti (Beckums)

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HAPPY 4TH TO ALL -- Shenandoah, 00:40:33 07/05/01 Thu

And a Happy 4th to you, too, Patti!

I wish all my friends and their families a Happy 4th of July and I can rest easy knowing that there are so many of us who know the meaning of that momentous date.

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Shen -- patti, 01:34:07 07/05/01 Thu

On behalf of "The Chief" myself the "Squid kids" and
GRANDSQUIDDIES we all send you a big "NAVY SALUTE"
even if you are a Marine....HAPPY 4th!!

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Happy Fourth of July to you Shen! -- Lauratealeaf, 05:02:16 07/05/01 Thu

Hope you are enjoying the 4th with your family Shen! We are already finished with the fireworks here and are going to watch Yankee Doodle Dandy! Take care!

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NEED MONEY NOW? -- Mike Sanchez, 00:19:08 07/24/01 Tue

Attention Veterans!!
Need Money Now?
Recieve a lump sum payment for your Military Pension, V.A. Disability or V.S.I. Settlement.
And keep all of your V.A. Benefits!
Pay for someone's education; Get out of debt; Start your own business; Take that vaction, or what ever the case may be! Get a free qoute with no obligation today.
CALL:(305)242-7081 or Email:lumpsum@att.net

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CSF -- Tim, 07:17:11 07/28/01 Sat

Does anyone know what "CSF" means?

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The media -- Graham, 21:28:41 08/02/01 Thu

My name is Graham, i form part of a graduate discussion group that researches topics for future studies. We have been given the topic of "Media effect on troop moral". As the war in Vietnam aroused and provoked many moral issues i would be interested to hear from any veteran involved in Vietnam to discuss their point of view and how they felt during this time both before and after the war. Any contact would be greatly appreciated. My email address is G_D_Hunter@Hotmail.com

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world war 2 experiences -- bob mcguire, 00:43:02 08/17/01 Fri

i was with 12th armoured division 43rd tank bn. assigned to the 7th army and i'm skipping alot of battles that we went through up to the time of january 16-17th of 1944 at a place called Heurlisheim. right after the battle of the bulge. here on horrible reconnasaince we encountered two divisions of german invantry and tank corp zeroed in on the town. i was one of 15 men left in my platoon. i was blown out of two M4 sherman tanks. i took over my leiutenants tank and fought the entire next day in the evening we were hit by a german 88. i was captured by the gerrys and was in stalag 13c. i escaped twice and made it to regensberg to paris and was flown home. i'm 80 tomorrow and thank god i'm here with my family. i get a big kick out of looking up at the ceiling and knowing its still there. will someone return an e=mail to me and let me know your experiences and if you happened to be in the armoured forces. you can e-mail me at robertocleo@aol.com. thanks

bob mcguire

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Lump sum -- to Mike Sanchez -- Missusdawg, 22:13:04 08/19/01 Sun

What is the lump sum for, who's giving away the dough? Curious, as I've been having nothing but trouble concerning the bureaucrats in the VA -- seems as though one section can't or won't correspond with another section and I've about run out of patience with the whole lot. What should I request in an email to the address you suggest? Thanks -- MD

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New NBC TV show looking for a military family -- Elisa Schwartz, 14:52:50 08/24/01 Fri

New NBC tv show The Other Half (theotherhalf.tv) is looking to work with a military family. We want to work with a mom-to-be whose husband is away during her pregnancy. OUr show is hosted by 4 men and we would like to be there for this a soldier's wife, since he can't be there for her pregnancy.
Call me at the show if you can help us find this family.
(323) 468-8413
Thanks. Elisa Schwartz, Producer, The Other Half

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NBC TV show needs military family in Southern California -- Elisa Schwartz, 14:56:07 08/24/01 Fri

The message listed below failed to say that we need a military mom-to-be in Southern California
Thank you.
E. Schwartz

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The Lord's Prayer -- patti, 02:23:50 09/22/01 Sat

The Lord's Prayer for Navy Spouses

Lord, Grant me the greatness of heart to see, The difference in duty and his love for me. Give me the understanding to know,That when duty calls he must go.
Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time when he is away. And Lord when duty is far away, Please protect him this i pray
Author Unknown

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Military Wife's Life -- patti, 02:37:49 09/22/01 Sat

Military Wife's Life
by Alexandra Benakis
The military wife has so much to bear,
She's everything at once, no one can compare,
When God made her, he had prefection in mind,
For nowhere on Earth is another of her kind,
She leads a life not many choose to,
For her job is the hardest in the military to do,
She is couragerous and strong, one would say made of steel,
But way deep down is a heart that can feel
She stands by her husband, so proud and so tall,
And waits many night by the phone for a call,
She's Mommy and Daddy all rolled into one,
She'll never rest easy until her job's done,
She sits all alone and in silence she weeps,
Did I do a good job, is my family okay?
But deep in her heart she knows that it's true,
God is right beside her helping her through....

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The Silent Ranks -- patti, 02:52:16 09/22/01 Sat

The Silent Ranks
I wear no uniforms, no blues or army greens.
But I am in the Navy in the ranks rarely seen
I have no rank upon my shoulders. Salutes I do not give.
But the military world is the place where I live.
I'm not in the chain of command, orders I do not get.
But my husband is the one who does, this I can not forget.
I'm not the one who fires the weapons, who puts my life on the line.
But my job is just as tough. I'm the one that's left behind.
My husband is a patriot, a brave and prideful man.and the call to serve his country not all can undestand.
Behind the lines I see the things need to keep this country free.
My husband makes the sacrifices, but so do our kids and me.
I Love the man I married. Sailoring is his life.
But I stand among the silent ranks
known as the
(author unknown)

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concurrent receipt h.r.303 -- ron davis, 04:45:07 10/26/01 Fri

anyone hear anything about the concurrent receipt for disabled vets. i keep hearin all kinds of things.

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I dont quite know yet -- Brenda, 03:17:24 12/01/01 Sat

trying to figure out this place

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Compassion at its best -- Leisa Collins, 07:06:47 12/08/01 Sat

I wanted to say Thank you to all those who have served in our armed forces and say a big Thank you to Colleen Castillo, she is my best friend and she sent a letter regarding a disabled vet who is her neighbor requesting Christmas cards for him. Let me tell you this she is getting a tremendous outpouring from people all over the country and from overseas too. Colleen is probably the kindest person I know, she has been helping Richard out for several years now and she told me how he cried after receiving some of the cards and letters people have sent to him. It is truly a pleasure having her for a friend. Thanks to all the wonderful people out there who have compassion and Love for someone they don't even know...you are all angels. Thanks to the Best friend in the world. God Bless America, the people, the armed forces, and all who believe in in freedom and justice for all. Sincerly, Leisa Collins, Odessa,Texas

[ Edit | View ]

Colleen Castillo -- Shenandoah, 20:09:27 12/09/01 Sun


That's a wonderful best friend you've got there! The correspondence I've received from Colleen shows a warm, caring lady. And that goes for the C-meister (Colleen's husband), as well.

I am so glad that Colleen contacted this web site and brought the plight of Richard Workman to our attention. This will be a memorable, merry Christmas for all of us!

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I dont quite know yet -- Shenandoah, 20:15:35 12/09/01 Sun


How do you think I feel? I run the place and I still can't figure it out.

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It's TODAY, Shen -- MissusDawg, 22:07:30 12/10/01 Mon

Today is the anniversary of the hitchin' of yon MisterDawg an' MissusDawg, buddy! Just thought yer memory banks would like the update ...hope it don't cause 'em to work overtime, steam and all ...


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Mister & Missus Dawg -- Shen, 05:27:02 12/11/01 Tue

Happy Aniversary, you two wonderful kids!

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looking for better days -- ranger rick, 15:43:36 01/02/02 Wed

I am still looking for better days. They are out there...or so everyone tells me. 82nd airborne ranger. Last year of the draft. I've never played the lottery since. Para-rescue, and recovery team. Came home with all my parts intact. Fifteen years law enforcement to follow. Five marriages. Four divorces. A grown son I never got to know. Little or no contact with the family I grew up with. Twenty years of marriage to a drunk with a good heart. Quit smoking cigarettes five years ago. The cravings never go away. Shot once, stabbed twice. Watched three friends burn to death before my eyes in an air ambulance crash. Waded into the flames twice. Forced back by the heat both times. End of my law enforcement career.Lead poisoned myself trying to earn a buck. Developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.Home-bound now.Except for outings in the old motorhome. Can't go anywhere without the bed, and toilet. Did find a good Doc that will come to me. Still looking for better days! I must be paying one hell of a Karmic debt. Could be worse I guess. I own my own house. I'm debt free. I'm not dying some horrorable death that I know of. I haven't killed no one. I haven't killed myself. The pills help. God willing I'll be looking for better days for many more years.

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Attenton WWII veterans -- Kareem, 07:34:42 02/19/02 Tue

I am a High School Student and I have chosen a project at which I interview a WWII Veteran. Can you please answer the following question? I appreciate your time. Thank you.

1) Do you remember Pearl Harbor? What were your feelings? Where were you?

2) What branch of the service were you in? Volunteer or drafted? How did you feel about the draft then? Now?

3) Where were you trained? For What? Any interesting experiences in training? Was it difficult to go from civilian to military life?

4) Did you belive in justnss of WWII? Do you feel the same now?

5) Were you oversees? Where? Were you in combat? Any interesting experiences?

6) Do you remember the dropping of the atomic bomb? What was your reaction? At that time did ou feel the dropping of the atomic bomb was necessary? What about now?

Thank you again for your time.
please e-mail me the answere at kareem_ahmed@hotmail.com

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Wondering -- J. Auberzinsky, 05:58:53 03/31/02 Sun

hi. my husband is thinking of joining the navy and i'm not sure really what to expect. i guess i'm kinda scared and not knowing what we'll do. any suggestions?

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I am requesting correspondance with veterans -- Jackie Stewart, 00:58:11 06/23/02 Sun

As America is now enjoying a new sence of patriotism, I have made a commitment to buid upon this trend. I am in the process of compiling information for what I hope to be a quality publication honering Veterans, so we will never again forget who paid so we may live in freedom. This paper will be published in the state of Maine, but I am interested to hear from anyone willing to share their opinions and knowlege.

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Help: friend has mil pension and financial problems -- J. Watson, 02:01:38 07/22/02 Mon

I have a friend who is deep financial trouble who has a military pension (Navy). Two questions
1. can creditors attach or garnish as a salary can be garnished.
2. Would bankruptcy protect his pension if yes to #1

Please email me at watson2002@juno.com. My friend is very depressed right now and needs some support to take steps to protect himself and family. I am having trouble finding info on this. much apreciation for accurate info, J. Watson

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Leigh R. Weber -- Lydia Faulkner, 21:47:40 08/02/02 Fri

I am searching for information on the whereabouts of Leigh R. Weber. We graduated from Fort Knox High, KY. in 1978. If anyone has any information or knows him please email me. We are planning a reunion soon. jcalebj@trinex.net

Thanks for your time,

Lydia Faulkner

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Flying overseas w/ pets????? -- Candi Yemm, 05:22:33 10/03/02 Thu

Has anyone gone to Germany (we don't know what part yet) with cats? We have 3 but were told Military housing there only allows 2 pets, no exceptions. I would love to talk to anyone who has any experience in the matter. I know there's a $90 pet fee on MAC flights. I still have to call commercial airlines to see how much it would be with them. I would love to keep all 3 of my babies--I'm not a person that "gets rid" of their pets. They're family to me. If I absoloutly need to find them new homes they'll be adopted by family members hopefully. The thing is, I'm in GA right now origanlly from WA, and I would like to return to WA and live with my folks for the few weeks/months it takes before I can go to Germany with my husband. But they're telling me if I go to WA I'll have to fly back to GA (with the cats) to fly overseas. That's just too expensive to buy all the plane tickets for the cats. So I was thinking of leaving them with family while I go to Germany, then when my family comes to visit, maybe they could bring over my babies. Man....... I really need some help....

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I NEED A MILITARY MAN -- TRINA HOT LOVE, 13:52:45 10/24/02 Thu

hi my name is trina i'm looking to date or even become more with a sexy military man. Black or latino military man. I'm a attractive civilian women that black age 19. I'm a thick women my black men know what i mean with a big butt shoulder length hair and a pretty brownskin complextion u can email me at trinathabaddest_2000@yahoo.com

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GUlf War Vets with MS -- fury440, 07:57:50 11/04/02 Mon

Looking for all Gulf Vets with MS or possible MS to joins our site to help get treatment and comp from VA

also please help spread this message
Look at the links section for GWS hep


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hello -- vivian, 07:04:41 11/05/02 Tue


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Looking for Job Insigneas -- Marlana, 08:29:41 11/24/02 Sun

I am looking for the insignea for the job 63H in the Army it is a Mechanic job. My brother is joining and wants it if anyone can help me in finding wher eI might find it please reply either in here or in my email marlana12@bellsouth.net

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USS CONOLLY -- USS CONOLLY, 00:32:59 12/27/02 Fri

Please check out www.dd979.com for more information.

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Remembrance -- Debbie, 11:42:54 01/04/03 Sat

I was doing a search of my 1st husband's name (which I do every once inawhile) and came across this site. It's nice that people still remember those who have died (Lauratealeaf posted a list of deceased classmates of her husbands). Though it has been 12 years, and I have remarried, I still think of him often - especially since our first grandchild has been born.

Thank you

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a question about friends in the military -- jackson, 17:03:55 01/04/03 Sat

this might not be the type of question to ask on this particular chat line but i was not able to find anything else so please bare with me. i'm 17 and from australia and am undergoin my country's final stage of physical and physcological testing in order to get into the austalian defence force as it has been my wish to serve my country for close to 3 years now. anyway, to the point. 4 months ago my friends realised i was serios about joining up and ever since out of around 20 close mates only 1 has stuck by me and even she is getting more distant. is this apart of joining the military, is it the norm and has anyone else gone through it. please reply

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Disabled Vet Benefits -- Ronnie Jackson, 00:30:50 01/12/03 Sun

I'm a 20% service connected disabled vet. I lost my old G.I. Bill in 1990. Does that mean I am no longer elgible for education benefits? They should be good for life! I served 10 years active duty with the Army (75-85), spent a year on the DMZ in Korea and yet I've lost my benefits!!

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Green Bay County(Qui Nhon 72) -- Larry McClintick EMC USN(ret), 01:30:34 01/14/03 Tue

Served tours in RVN with PCF DIV.-105,Coastal Div.-15 and Boat Support Group-1,But this is about a salvage job at Qui Nhon in I believe 1972 0r late 71.I was on the USS Sioux then.I would like to hear from anyone that was there.

Bravo Zulu on the site.It's a winner.


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HOTT MILITARY GUYS!!! -- Mallory, 05:52:21 02/22/03 Sat

Military guys are sooooo fucking hott!! lol! but yea i love military guys!! :o)

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GREETINGS -- Frank A.Visciglia Jr., 11:13:25 03/09/03 Sun


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i need to interview someone -- tara, 06:43:50 03/24/03 Mon

Hey, Im a high school student and I need to interview a WWII veteran if no one minds. Please write back. It may take a while, so hopefully someone has a lot of time to spend with me on-line. Thanks a lot!

[ Edit | View ]

Where can I chat with Military Personal -- Patric, 20:57:51 03/24/03 Mon


I am from Germany and I am very interested in informations
about the U.S. Army. Does somebody know if there is a chance
for a non US Citizen to join the US Army ???

Thanks for any help or information.



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chat @ me -- Highly, 02:01:08 03/25/03 Tue

In a time like this I know thee must be a few good men and ladies who miss home or have no family .Looking to chat with those who want a voice fr home....Keep up the great job many thanx

[ Edit | View ]

Need Help Please -- Shawn Stauffer, 07:46:04 04/14/03 Mon

Does anyone know if I could get back into the Airforce After a hardship seperation my mother in law was ill I want back in I don't care what it takes is there a way?

[ Edit | View ]

Thank you and we have you in our hearts -- Rachel, 06:49:38 05/14/03 Wed

Thank you so very much for what you are doing for or country. I and everyone around me are thinking of you and have you in our hearts. To those who have lost a loved one in this terrible tragety I am so sorry for your lose and hope that your life goes on with that person(s) in your heart and I have you in my heart also.

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Pension -- Jerome Almon, 07:29:43 07/10/03 Thu

I am seekin a company that buy disability payments tht ore under $400 dollars ($310). Can you point me in the right direction?

[ Edit | View ]

question about duty assignment. -- sam joseph, 11:37:52 08/08/03 Fri

My father was in the Marines, Vietnam, 1958-1963. His duty assignment was 2511. I would like to know if anyone could tell me what that assignment is, I don't understand this code. Thanks.

[ Edit | View ]

I need quick help!!!! -- confused, 06:18:06 08/24/03 Sun

I have recently come across a "saying" that I need help in understanding. If you know where I can find the answer please help.

"paying your footing"

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army -- atlgrl, 02:26:25 10/15/03 Wed

I would like to know if anyone has any information on a person that is active duty in the army that had to go through a divorce with a civilian consisting of children, adultery, and property. Thankyou.

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Army Allows Commercial Scopes on M-16s !! -- Ron, 13:03:33 11/12/03 Wed

I am a retired Air Force MSgt and I live in Colorado Springs - hometown of the AF Academy, NORAD, Peterson AFB and Fort Carson. As a part time hobby I sell and trade scopes and accessories at gun shows. In March, just prior to Army troops leaving for Iraq we had a gun show in town and I was selling my scopes, etc., including some specialized scopes for the AR-15 .223 rifle.

A few soldiers bought some of my scopes, mounted them on M-16s and tried them at the rifle range. Within a few days I was deluged with emails and phone calls from troops at Fort Carson wanting more scopes. I sold everything I had in stock and I have since had some feedback from soldiers on leave from Iraq. They told me these scopes performed superbly in combat and made marksmen out of some of the soldiers who were not comfortable with the M-16 open sights.

I now specialize in providing M-16 scopes at discount prices to Active Duty military personnel. My most popular scope is a compact 3~9 variable power with a lighted reticle and M-16 carry handle mounts. A close second is a compact 4x lighted reticle rubber armored scope with flip up lens caps and M-16 carry handle mounts.

I will do everything I can to provide these scopes to Active Duty personnel, including shipments to APO/FPO addresses. Please email me for details.

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ASVAB -- Keith, 04:19:26 11/16/03 Sun

I got a 76 on my ASVAB what does that actually mean ?

[ Edit | View ]

Dad's dying of lung cancer "MOM NEEDS HELP" -- Sondra, 18:10:33 12/03/03 Wed

[ Edit | View ]

DAD'S DYING FROM LUNG CANCER "MOM NEEDS HELP" -- Sondra, 18:21:13 12/03/03 Wed

Hello, I don't know if any of you can help me, I'm
looking for any information on widow's who lost there mate from cancer caused while in NAM. My Dad is dying and we are running out of time. Is there help for my mom, how will she live on such a drop in his pay when he is gone? PLEASE HELP! Sincerely Sondra Shelton

[ Edit | View ]

marines and females -- lisa, 11:46:06 12/09/03 Tue

i am going up for admin sep because of the emotional and physical abuse that has happened since i've been in..this
process is causing me more depreesion then when i did't tell
anyone what had happened. it's sad how this system fails people. to many woman walk around with secrets they shouldn't have to keep just to save there careers.

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drug testing -- primo, 05:24:56 01/07/04 Wed

what is the drug testing like for a new recruit in the army

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Military History -- Nathan Byerly, 10:39:42 02/09/04 Mon

Check out this new company selling military stuff. I have seen their products first hand at a recent WWII reenactment. Great Stuff. http://www.soldierandwar.com

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looking for an old friend -- Laura, 03:41:24 03/23/04 Tue

I'm looking for an old friend BM2 Mark A Gray was stationed on the Holy Loch in 1989, moved shortly after to cecilfield air base. any information on his whereabouts would be great to hear. I dont have any idea of where else to go to find him. All help gratefully recieved.

[ Edit | View ]

ASVAB preparation -- Owen, 01:44:26 04/02/04 Fri

I am an American living in Ireland and have met with US Army recruiters. In April 2004 I may be taking the ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and am wondering if there is a rating out there on the multitude of books and courses for sale to prepare for the test.

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Iraqi Freedom Tribute Video -- Brian Anderson, 12:27:35 04/19/04 Mon

A video I made dedicated to the men & women serving in support of Iraqi Freedom.


[ Edit | View ]

Iraqi Freedom Tribute Video -- Brian Anderson, 23:20:48 04/19/04 Mon


[ Edit | View ]

BAD NEWS FOR ME -- BILL GIANNANGELI, 02:25:30 10/22/04 Fri


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Personal hygiene in Iraq, Kuwait, etc. -- Linda, 02:25:34 10/29/04 Fri

I hear that our troops overseas don't have shower facilities available. Is this true? www.anysoldier.com has a lot of requests for baby wipes. They're kind of small for all-over bathing. I've found a neat product on the American Legion Emblem Sales website. It's called Combat Bath. I've sent some over to some of our military from the anysolider.com website and have tried them out myself.

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question -- Sami, 21:50:39 12/23/04 Thu

What does "paying your footing" means im doing a project..its a navy term. so can somebody tell me that means

[ Edit | View ]

Question -- victor, 12:00:41 08/11/05 Thu

The general consensus that outsiders should not come to just collect information, but should
have resources to give the communities (called “Paying your Footing” by one respondent).
The outsider is anyone from outside of the parish. This concept of ‘outsider’ is a very
interesting one and can be observed in communities inhabited by Maroons, not only in
Portland, but also in Accompong, St. Elizabeth.

This is general but it means that in order for somone to give you must recieve same as give and take without paying money. typicly used in the navy due to ther is no need for money at sea, in the old days that is......

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Army/military Experiences -- Jennifer Lynn, 07:13:53 09/28/05 Wed

I am doing an interview for a college class on experiences and impacts the army/military had on a soldier.
Interview someone who has been in the army and try to uncover the impact their service had on their lives. You can ask questions like, "What were your plans for the future before you entered the military? How did you plans change after your experiences? How do you think your military service changed (or didn't change) your view of the world and what you wanted to do with your life? Did your experiences in the military have a short term or long term impact on you life? If yes, how" These are just a few of the questions off of the top of my head that you can ask. You probably can think of others.

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respect -- big andy, 04:39:01 03/11/06 Sat

to all you vietnam vets .may god shine on all of you for the courage you have shown. big andy glasgow scotland.

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STATIONED ON USNS SATURN -- sKERNS, 20:19:19 07/28/06 Fri

Anyone ever been stationed on USNS saturn or any other navy supple ship?

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STATIONED ON USNS SATURN -- sKERNS, 20:20:58 07/28/06 Fri

Anyone ever been stationed on USNS saturn or any other navy supple ship? I am asking because my son is stationed on it and I was trying to get some information about it. Or at least where I could go find out.

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Save military history -- Robert P. Fondes Tel 1-888-258-0091 (www.savemilitaryhistory.com), 20:37:49 09/14/06 Thu

General Colin L. Powell wrote me two letters about my work. From the Attic to Military Museums How to Honor your Family by Donating and Preserving Military History.

visit: www.savemilitaryhistory.co

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www.USVetSpace.com -- gulfvet02, 04:12:48 02/15/07 Thu

Hi All!

Just wanted to let you know of a brand new site for veterans that was recently launched by Veterans National Radio: http://www.USVetSpace.com

It's just a fun place to connect with other vets, find long lost vet buddies, form clubs, participate in forums, polls, and more. It's free to join and supports veteran charities, so I thought I'd spread the word.

Take care

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child support -- roland, 11:13:47 09/12/07 Wed

can texas state law deduct child support from my veterans dissability pension?

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hey dose anyone know of a chat room for military spouses, my husband just legt for iraq and im new here and cant find anything like that, thanks

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Anyone in the army from 61 to 64 -- jimdclass1, 23:35:27 02/08/09 Sun

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mac flights -- beatrice woods, 03:56:59 06/16/09 Tue

can divorice military spouse fly mac flihts?

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mac fights -- beatricewoods, 03:59:32 06/16/09 Tue

Can divorice military spouse with full military benefits fly mac flights?

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how are you today

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We swore to protect and defend the Constitution, with our lives, from "all enemies, foreign and domestic." Bush and Cheney committed 9/11 (Viz. "The New Pearl Harbor," Griffin, Ph.D.) and the Navy Yard's gallows yet await their necks. Only ignorant hicks and yokels unworthy of the name "American," or traitors against the People and Constitution avoid the proven truth that even legitimate Vet, Jesse Ventura is putting out on his TV show with millions of true Americans watching and learning, about the traitors in the CIA led by Nixon, GHWBush, and LBJ who assassinated John Kennedy to send us to die in VN, too. Service in Our Armed Forces is a high calling, unless we allow ourselves to be duped by treason and corruption to serve evil - becoming mercenaries and thugs feeding off the taxpayers rather than noble American warriors. Our Creed includes "Annuit Coeptis," G-d is watching. Let's earn our pay and obey the Oath: Death for treason.

[ Edit | View ]

talking to the troops -- Tonya, 21:45:06 02/24/12 Fri

Can anyone tell me how I can chat with troops overseas without being connected to a dating site. I might be single but that doesn't mean I want to throw myself on any one. Please help if you can.

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