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Date Posted: 15:10:01 05/09/05 Mon
Subject: Re: Jah Rastafari King Selassie I is the Almighty God
In reply to: Janice Beckford 's message, "Re: Jah Rastafari King Selassie I is the Almighty God" on 13:27:21 05/09/05 Mon

>>HAILE SELASSIE 1st the first Ras Tafari
>>(Remanifested in 1892- Disappeared in 1975).
>>Haile Selassie 1st was born Lidj Tafari Makonnen on
>>July 23, 1892, near
>>Harar, Ethiopia. For unto us a Child is Born And unto
>>Ethiopia this son was
>>given. Because his father was right-hand man to
>>Emperor Menelik II, he was
>>quickly given the responsibilities of a young nobleman
>>fulfilling Isaiah 9
>>that the Government shall be upon this child's
>>shoulders. Being born a male
>>child by the age old Orthodoxical tradition of the
>>ancient of days was
>>Blessed as no doubt the Priest only knew that Ras
>>Makonnen had brought his
>>child on the Ethiopian Sabbath day Haile Selassie day
>>the 7th day of the new
>>month Nahase so as this is within the perfection of
>>the faith the priest
>>called him by his spiritual name Haile Selassie not
>>realizing the Haile of
>>the Child of whom the prophets had spoken.
>>Child to be Feared
>>It was in 1892 in the province of Harrar that I&I
>>saviour Lidj Tafari
>>Makonnen was born to Ras Makonnen and Waizero
>>Yeshemabeth in the Ejarssa
>>Gora region near the city. This child was a direct
>>descendant of the
>>Biblical King Solomon of Jerusalem's union with the
>>legendary Sabean Queen
>>Makeda (Sheba) of the southern most region of the
>>Ethiopian Highlands.
>>Lidj Tafari was an exceptionally bright and handsome
>>child, extraordinarily
>>soft spoken and was noted for his behavioral patterns
>>of regard for elders
>>and honour for his father Ras Makonnen.
>>Tracing his lineage as far as iration Jesse is listed
>>among his forefathers
>>earthically, whom I&I recall was noted as being one of
>>the Blackest Jew of
>>all times.
>>Lidj Tafari was to also fulfill prophesy as the
>>Ethiopian Coptic Church gave
>>him the name of Haile Selassie 1st meaning Power of
>>the Trinity.
>>See Isiah Chapter 9 verse 5:-
>>"For unto I&I a child is born and unto I&I a son is
>>and the government shall be upon his shoulders and his
>>name shall be called Wonderful Councilor,
>>Mighty Janhoy. Everlasting Father and Prince of
>>Lidj Tafari maneuvered his way to a position of
>>political indispensability
>>and as Regent Plenipotentiary, ushered Ethiopia into
>>the League of Nations.
>>As a youth Lidj Tafari was granted minor and major
>>appointments as Governor
>>of Selale, a little corner of the realm located to the
>>north west of Addis
>>Ababa. He also served in the southern regions of
>>Governor of Sidamo
>>Province not far from Shashamanie.
>>Innumerable stories have been told in relation to Lidj
>>Tafari and rumors
>>cropped up in Addis that even Tafari's trusted
>>personal councilors assigned
>>to the child was terrified of him; reluctant to shake
>>his hands or gaze upon
>>his stark features. His sparse beard and penetrating
>>almost black eyes and
>>wild bushy locks, and perfectly proportioned frame.
>>Eldritch tales began to
>>circulate about Tafari's boyhood, the most notable
>>concerning his supposed
>>ability to speak to animals. During his youth, it was
>>claimed that he was
>>seen on more than one occasion in the bush conversing
>>with leopards and
>>lions and the fierce jungle beats becoming docile at
>>his feet.
>>It was further stated that as a young student, Tafari
>>was extraordinarily
>>bright and confident at his lessons and had truly
>>astounded the priest,
>>Monsignor Jerome, his tutor, with the heights of his
>>knowledge concerning
>>religious and mystical matters. Not only could he
>>quote freely from the
>>Book of Kufale, the Book of Enoch, Hermas the
>>Shepherd, Judith,
>>Ecclesiasticus, Tobit, the Metsahfa Berhan (Book of
>>Light), the Sixth and
>>Seventh Book of Moses, the Book of Eden (secretly
>>deleted from Genesis
>>during the Dark Ages), all thirty-one books of the
>>Hebrew Bible, the
>>twenty-one Canonical Books of the New Testament, plus
>>numerous Apocryphal
>>and pseudo-pictographic books. On one occasions a
>>priest asked Tafari where
>>he got his knowledge. Tafari's reply was, he got much
>>of it at the time of
>>his baptism, conducted, according to tradition, on the
>>fortieth day of his
>>life. The Kes (priest) who presided at the ceremony
>>had opened Tafari's
>>eyes with the first touch of Holy Chrism, then
>>everything that ensued, was
>>comprehensible to the infant, as if he was an adult.
>>He remembered the
>>priest pronouncing his surname and then his baptismal
>>name, Haile Selassie
>>1st, and then he blew softly in his face to ward off
>>evil spirits. This was
>>the instant Tafari claimed he felt himself enveloped
>>by a golden glow and as
>>the priest began to anoint him, water touching his
>>forehead, breast
>>shoulders and all other thirty-seven prescribed
>>places, he felt his
>>knowledge increase, filling him up like a vessel and
>>endowing him with a
>>great sense of clarity about creation and the final
>>purpose of man.
>>When the birds, the beasts and even the insects began
>>to greet him and speak
>>to him, reminding him of what he already knew. When
>>asked which was the
>>first creature to speak to him, Tafari replied by
>>requesting a sheet of
>>paper and some pastels and began to draw with
>>extraordinary accuracy, the
>>picture of a bird, it resembled a dove, but with
>>exotic multicolored
>>plumage. The priest was about to ask Tafari what sort
>>of bird it was, when
>>he was dumbfounded as it flew out through the nearby
>>window, disappearing
>>into the sky. The Chief Priests arranged meetings with
>>him to question and perhaps catch him with what they
>>supposed might be
>>blasphemous mischief or pagan magic.
>>At one of these meetings, Lidj Tafari is said to have
>>made it quite clear
>>that he was well acquainted with the rare manuscripts
>>of Abba Aragaive and
>>other Coptic Monks, known as the Nine Saints, who
>>entered Ethiopia in 480 AD
>>and founded the first monasteries in Tigre province.
>>He also revealed that
>>he was acquainted with the occult applications of Urim
>>and Thummim and the
>>Mezuzah, as well as the use of the magic words
>>Gematria and Notarilon in
>>Egypt, necromancy and also the magical names Adonay,
>>El, Elohe. He
>>exhibited familiarity with the Cabalistic doctrines
>>and the writings in
>>Gilgamesh. The pagan rituals surrounding the worship
>>of Isis, of the
>>serpent Arwe and of the Abyssinian gods of Earth,
>>(Meder), Sea (Beher) and
>>War (Mahrem), as well as the Arcane of astrology and
>>numerology, but most
>>importantly, Tafari exhibited to the priest his
>>overstanding of the central
>>messages in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Book
>>of Two Ways. At one
>>stage, an old Abmnet (or Abbot) allegedly asked to
>>examine Tafari's palm.
>>He saw that there was stigmata there and that the
>>lifeline backed up on
>>itself in an emblem of infinity. Tafari whispered a
>>word in the Abbot's ear
>>and all color drained from the old man's face. He left
>>the room apparently
>>in shock, refusing to return or to speak to his
>>colleagues. Tafari
>>addressed a monk who had served in the Cathedral at
>>Axum here the Ark is
>>kept. Tafari described to him, in Cushite, the Kedusta
>>Kedussan, the Holy
>>of Holies or Inner Sanctum where the Tabot, the Ark is
>>kept and recited
>>various inscriptions written upon it. Close to
>>fainting with shock at what
>>Tafari had disclosed, the monk is said to have covered
>>his ears, to shut out
>>these blasphemous revelations and he and the rest of
>>priests hurriedly
>>dispersed. Later, they made a pact among themselves to
>>do everything within
>>their authority to keep the young Tafari from ever
>>being in power in the
>>land, as he was considered too dangerous, dangerous
>>beyond belief. The
>>stories about Tafari's childhood encounters with
>>priests, his occult, wise
>>mind and uncanny powers, spread like wildfire
>>throughout Ethiopia.
>>By 1910 he was governor of his native province. He was
>>married in 1911 to
>>Waezaro Wolleta Mennen which has produced six children
>>three boys and three
>>girls When the Emperor Menelik 2nd's daughter Zauditu
>>mistakenly became
>>empress in 1916, Ethiopia had again defied the wishes
>>of their
>>Geneologicical Ancestors Solomon and Sheba as they
>>wished for male only to
>>rule from Menelik 1st henceforth, But the Madane Alem
>>our Kiddus Ammanuel ,
>>Djedjazmach Tafari was Appointed and crowned Regent
>>and heir to the Throne
>>of glory. In 1923 he brought Ethiopia into the League
>>of Nations, and in
>>1924 he visited Europe as the first Imperial member of
>>Ethiopia to travel
>>abroad. He expanded his personal status on his return
>>by setting about and
>>accomplishing the building of his first school in
>>All was Prophesied by the
>>(Jahmeckcaan Ethiopian)
>>During this era he was an inspiration to the
>>Ethiopians domiciled on the
>>caribbean slave island colony of Jamaica . One of
>>these was Marcus Mosiah
>>Garvey who is regarded as a prophet by Jamaica's
>>Afro-Ethiopian community.
>>He told the people to look to Africa where a Black
>>King shall be crowned
>>King of King's and Lord of Lords for this is the
>>beginning of the Black
>>man's Salvation. The words of Marcus Garvey spread
>>throughout the entire
>>World and soon 'The Blackman' the official newspaper
>>of the U.N.I.A. began
>>to circulate worldwide opening the eyes of many Black
>>people worldwide ,
>>even African leaders ie: Hon Kwame Nkrumah was
>>inspired to form the Pan
>>African Congress which spearheaded Ghana's
>>independence. So there was this
>>faithfully anticipated yearning from the Ethiopians of
>>the diaspora. to see
>>the fulfillment of Garvey's vision.
>>H.I.M. was crowned with the title of Negus of Ethiopia
>>in 1928, and upon
>>Zauditu's death in 1930 he was crowned Emperor Haile
>>Selassie Andennia. The
>>name means "Might of the Trinity." Ethiopia is an
>>Ancient Biblical Orthodox
>>nation, and the Emperor is descended from ancient
>>Israel's Kings. Another of
>>his numerous titles is The Conquering Lion of Judah
>>Elect of God and the
>>light of the World.
>>At this same time the mobilization of the scattered
>>Ethiopians domiciled on
>>the Caribbean slave plantation colonies began to plea
>>and cry out for their
>>freedom , but throuh the evil strategies of colonalist
>>nation responsible
>>for evil deeds like the Slave trade and plunder and
>>rape of Africa instead
>>of taking the Ethiopians to Africa where they
>>originated instead gave them
>>emancipation but never Repatriation , without any
>>economic strength to get
>>home . Repatriation to Ethiopia was again the Focussed
>>An Ethiopian of the Jamaican Community Hon. Ras
>>Leonard P. Howell
>>personally made the journey attending the coronation
>>ceremony in 1930 and on
>>his retun to Jamaica took to the streets proclaiming
>>and professing Haile
>>Selassie 1st to be the All-mighty thus the faith of
>>the Ancient Rastafari
>>patriarchs was strengthened and many took to the hills
>>in persuit of their
>>divine objective, praises to the King Of Kings
>>Colonialism in Africa was at it's full swing and so
>>the Great Chief of all
>>African tribes Haile Selassie 1st formed the
>>Nyahbinghi which was to stamp
>>colonialism out of Africa. This was a secret order
>>which vowed "Death and
>>judgement to Black and White Downpressers" At this
>>same time the exiled
>>Ethiopians in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean
>>began to cry out louder
>>for recognition of their blessed loving Ethiopian
>>Orthodox faith in Haile
>>Selassie 1st , be Arbb , be Wold , be Menfes-Kiddus
>>In 1930 as the country prepared to carry out
>>Rastafari's vow on the event of
>>his Coronation, at which stage in his life he decided
>>to take his baptismal
>>name Haile Selassie 1st, POWER of the TRINITY his
>>official title,
>>Addis Ababa or Ethiopia, for that matter - had never
>>seen anything quite
>>like it.
>>Nowadays, we who live here are quite accustomed to
>>grand occasions of state,
>>due to Ethiopia&Mac226;s important role in African and
>>world affairs.
>>But in 1930, 42 years ago, important international
>>conferences and visits of
>>foreign leaders were unheard of in Addis Ababa. All
>>that changed on
>>November 2 1930, when Negus Tafari Makonnen formally
>>became His Imperial
>>Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia.
>>At that time, Ethipia&Mac226;s 38- year old monarch
>>was already a legendary figure
>>inEurope, since his visit there in 1942 as Prince
>>Regent Ras Tafari, and
>>since his accession as king in 1928. He had brought
>>the word „negus‰ into
>>the English and French languages. He was regarded
>>then, in circles that
>>ordinarily had few kind words for Afirca or Africans,
>>as an intelligen,
>>immensely dignified, benovelent and modernizing ruler
>>who would do great
>>things for his ancient country.
>>Perhaps with this in mind, Emperor Haile Selassie I,
>>after acceding to the
>>throne on the death of Empress Zauditu in April 1930,
>>and after waiting out
>>the rains which made any state occasion impossible,
>>set out to make his
>>Coronation and event which would introduce Ethiopia to
>>the modern world, and
>>the world to Ethiopia.
>>The first thing to be done, after inviting friendly
>>countries to send
>>delegation to the Coronation, was to make Addis Ababa
>>ready, The city, then
>>only about 40 years old, and housing population of
>>200,00, was little more
>>than a cluster of villages, connected by several
>>trails, sprawling across
>>the foothills of Entoto. At the centre, and on the
>>highest point, was the
>>Gebbi, the Imperial Palace built by Menenlik, looking
>>very much as it does
>>That year, after the rains, feverish activity overtook
>>Addis Ababa,
>>Ethiopia&Mac226;s first tarmac roads appeared linking
>>the Palace with the mother
>>church of the Empire, St George&Mac226;s Cathedral
>>(which also looked just as it
>>does today), where the Coronation would take place.
>>The railway line from Djibouti had reached Addis Ababa
>>not long before, and
>>a station at the Addis Ababa terminus had just been
>>opened earlier that
>>year. Before it, almost where it stands today, stood
>>the gold Lion of Judah
>>statue. The Emperor had decided that his distinguished
>>guests should arrive
>>in Addis Ababa by train, and the station and the road
>>leading into town from
>>it, were mad ready.
>>There were two hotels, the Hotel de France (described
>>by one visitor as a
>>„place of primitive but cordial hospitality, kept by a
>>young Frenchman and
>>his wife who have seen better days as traders in hides
>>and coffee at
>>Djibouti‰) and the Imperial kept by a Greek. A third
>>hotel was under
>>construction (although it wasn&Mac226;t quite ready in
>>time for the Coronation).
>>Consequently, arrangements were made to accommodate
>>the guests at their
>>countries&Mac226; legations or in private homes.
>>The city police, who in those days directed traffic
>>from little covered
>>boxes in the middle of the road, were outfitted in
>>smart uniforms. Soldiers
>>of the army stepped into new khaki uniforms. The
>>Imperial Guard practiced
>>ceremonial drill under the instruction of Ethiopians
>>who had been trained in
>>the King&Mac226;s African Rifles in Kenya.
>>Ethiopia&Mac226;s first electric street lights were
>>installed in the capital, and
>>triumphal arches of canvas and plywood were erected
>>all about the city.
>>Steamrollers smoothed over the city&Mac226;s newly
>>tarred streets, and the Emperor
>>inspected their progress, as he still inspects various
>>projects today. The
>>construction activity of that of September and October
>>paved much of the way
>>for Addis Ababa as we know today.
>>Finally, November arrived, and special express trains
>>began steaming into
>>Addis Ababa from Djibouti, after crossing the fierce
>>sandy lowlands and the
>>Awash Valley, carrying special clothes ordered by the
>>foreign residents of
>>Addis Ababa for the Coronation, gifts from foreign
>>heads of state, and the
>>delegations of foreign lands.
>>The delegations were beyond anything Ethiopia could
>>have anticipated. The
>>outside world had responded to Ethiopia&Mac226;s
>>invitation by sending their most
>>distinguished personages.
>>From Italy - which in fine short years would ravage
>>Ethiopia in one of the
>>most brutal invasions in history - came the Crown
>>Prince, bearing gifts from
>>his King and Queen not only for the new Emperor and
>>Empress, but for their
>>children as well.
>>From France came Marshal Franchet d&Mac226;Espery.
>>There were representatives of
>>Germany, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan,
>>Egypt and Greece. From
>>the United States, representing President Hoover, came
>>a special ambassador,
>>Mr H Murray Jacoby.
>>But the most distinguished (and the tallest) party of
>>all came from Great
>>Britain, led by Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, the
>>son of King George V.
>>With them came the Marine band of the cruiser HMS
>>Effingham, who were to
>>play at all the Coronation events.
>>Ethiopia&Mac226;s neighbours sent delegations of high
>>rank. From the then
>>Anglo-Egyptian Sudan to the west came Governor-General
>>Sir John Maffey: from
>>the former British Somaliland to the east came
>>Governor Sir Harold
>>Most of the delegations were met at the railway
>>station by the 14-year old
>>Crown Prince Asfawassen, but the representatives of
>>Britain, France and
>>Italy - the three countries with colonies on
>>Ethiopia&Mac226;s borders - were
>>greeted by the Emperor. All were met by a contingent
>>of elegantly
>>turned-out troops, and a drum -and -bugle band which
>>played their national
>>All the guests were in full dress when they stepped
>>off the train. They had
>>come across the desert from Djibouti in more
>>comfortable clothes, but each
>>time, the trains bearing them would stop in Akaki, the
>>last station before
>>Addis, to allow them to shave and dress.
>>Mr Evelyn Waugh, the British satirical novelist, who
>>was later to become
>>„author of mischief.‰ And who was on his first news
>>paper assignment -
>>joining dozens of journalists who crowded into Addis
>>Ababa for the
>>Coronation, even as they do today for OAU meetings -
>>was on one of the
>>trains and described the scene this way;
>>„Tin trunks and dressing-cases appeared again, valets
>>ran between the
>>luggage-van and the sleeping cars. The Dutch Minister
>>soon appeared at the
>>side of the line in cocked hat and gold braid, the
>>Egyptian in tarboosh and
>>epaulettes, the Japanese in evening coats and white
>>waistcoats and top hats;
>>the chiefs (of delegation) inspected their
>>subordinates, then all got into
>>the train again and proceeded.‰
>>It is safe to say that Akaki had never seen such
>>pageantry before and hasn&Mac226;t
>>On arrival in Addis Ababa, the delegations were taken
>>from the station to
>>their lodgings. Mr Waugh found disconcertedly that he
>>had not been provided
>>fro, and he ended up paying two pounds for a night for
>>a room in an
>>out-building of the Imperial. He was lucky. Prices had
>>soared, and one
>>hotel was charging four pounds a day per head.
>>The government had had to issue an order to taxi
>>driver - who had
>>proliferated in anticipation of the brisk Coronation
>>business, and who have
>>been with us ever since - setting the upward limit of
>>the fares they could
>>decently charge.
>>The important visitors, of course, didn&Mac226;t have
>>to worry about riding in
>>taxis, as they had their own cars laid on. The Duke of
>>Gloucester was
>>provided with a Rolls-Royce, the Italian prince with
>>an Isotta-Fraschini and
>>the French marshal with a Renault.
>>While the Ethiopian government was making a conscious
>>effort to invite
>>foreign dignitaries to witness the Coronation, the
>>people were preparing for
>>the grand occasion.
>>From all over the countryside, the great Rases and
>>chiefs descended on the
>>capital, with their legions of retainers, who camped
>>in the hills 20 miles
>>outside of town. If the foreign guests had their brass
>>and braid and top
>>hats, the Ethiopian nobles had their velvet cloaks,
>>lion&Mac226;s mane headgear,
>>and silver and gold-studded rhinoceros skin shields.
>>They also carried
>>swords and spears, and like every able-bodied adult
>>male in Addis Ababa at
>>the time, guns.
>>For some of these people, it was no easy task getting
>>into Addis Ababa in
>>time for the Coronation. The governor of Tigre, Ras
>>Gugsa, who was assigned
>>to escort the visiting American party, had taken
>>longer to reach Addis from
>>his province than his charges had coming from New
>>In the days leading up to the Coronation, which was to
>>be on a Sunday, the
>>foreign dignitaries laid wreaths at the tombs of
>>Menelik II and Zauditu at
>>the Menelik Mausoleum, Addis&Mac226;s most monumental
>>They also called at the Palace to present to His
>>Imperial Majesty the gifts
>>they bore from their heads of state. From
>>Britain&Mac226;s King George came a gold
>>scepter, inscribed in Amharic, for the Emperor, and an
>>ivory one for the
>>Germany sent a signed portrait of General von
>>Hindenburg and 800 bottles of
>>Rhine wine. The Greeks sent a modern statuette in
>>bronze; the Italians, an
>>aeroplane (no one could have perceived the irony of
>>this). The American,
>>typically, gave samples of their mechanical ingenuity;
>>cinema projectors,
>>radios, typewriters and refrigerators. American
>>business firms, seeing a
>>chance for promotion of their wares, made individual
>>gifts. The moguls of
>>Hollywood sent a complete print of the leading picture
>>of the day. Ben Hur.
>>The first major even of the actual Coronation
>>programme was the unveiling of
>>the gold equestrian statue of Emperor Menelik II. The
>>statue, described as
>>one of the finest of its type in the world, had been
>>erected in a square
>>adjacent St George&Mac226;s Cathedral.
>>After the Emperor unveiled the 30 foot high statue,
>>throngs of people - many
>>of them on their first visit to Addis - approached it
>>to marvel at it, as
>>they had at the electric lights and motorcars
>>they&Mac226;d never seen before.
>>On the eve of the Coronation, the Emperor and Empress
>>Menen drove to St
>>George&Mac226;s to begin their long all-night vigil.
>>All through the night, as Their Majesties prayed in
>>seclusion, people made
>>their way through the city to the Cathedral. Arising
>>at 5:30 a.m. the next
>>morning, one of the foreign guests watched them from
>>his window, making
>>their way in great crowds in the soft dawn light,
>>their white shammas
>>accented by the glow of the streetlamps, some riding
>>horses, some mules,
>>others walking.
>>The foreign delegations were up early to dress for the
>>ceremony. Dress for
>>the occasion was haphazard to an extent which would
>>not be tolerated today.
>>Most of the men wore morning coats, but some appeared
>>in evening dress, and
>>one or two were in dinner jackets. The American
>>minister to Ethiopia, Mr
>>Addison Southard, one of those in evening dress, wrote
>>„Embarressment over actual or imaginary comment of
>>spectators at this
>>turning day into night matters little after the first
>>few years‰ in
>>The few European women at the Coronation ceremony also
>>varied in dress, but
>>one of them caused the biggest stir by appearing in a
>>tweed suit and a sun
>>helmet bedecked with a miniature American flag.
>>The visiting royalty and military officers appeared in
>>full, resplendent
>>uniform. The Duke of Gloucester, in the uniform of the
>>10th Hussars,
>>although Evelyn Waugh wrote that there was a very
>>smart Swede carrying a
>>silver helmet.
>>The Coronation took place in a canvas structure added
>>on to the westend of
>>the Cathedral. It was 200 feet long, and variously
>>described as a marquee,
>>a pavilion, an auditorium, an anexe, and by Mr Waugh,
>>a tent.
>>The pavilion, shall we call it, was lushly furnished
>>in hangings and
>>carpets, and provided amply for the seating of
>>officials and guests. The
>>best description of how it looked on that Sunday
>>morning came from W. Robert
>>Moore, who was in Addis Ababa to photograph the event
>>for the National
>>Geographic Society of Washington:
>>When Haile Selassie 1st came to the throne of
>>Ethiopia, he was a progressive
>>ruler and the hope of all the world and every young
>>Ethiopian's hoping to
>>modernize their country began to have faith in their
>>In 1931 a new constitution was promulgated , This was
>>to grant more power to
>>the Ethiopian at home who instead of recognizing the
>>full purpose greatly
>>limited the powers of the parliament and at this same
>>time the Emperor made
>>provision for the faithful Ethiopians of the Western
>>Hemisphere by granting
>>500 Gashas of fertile soil to anyone wishing to settle
>>in Ethiopia and
>>develop the land , Thus within a few years through the
>>lack of co-operation
>>, Sabotage , Attempted Coups , internal and other
>>tribal differences it had
>>never been strengthened to the fullest as Ethiopians
>>domiciled had no
>>finances to do this as a mass exodus.
>>At this time however The Afro-American Ethiopian
>>interest was being promoted
>>as the first group started to visit Ethiopia since the
>>coronation , some had
>>stayed on with their view on the land granted to them.
>>His rule was interrupted in 1935 by Italy's invasion
>>of Ethiopia , which
>>forced him into to proving that as the Psalm 24 states
>>"the lord is mighty
>>in battle" and after leading Ethiopia's patriotic
>>warriors on the
>>battlefield as the only modern leader to do so , he
>>decided to travel to
>>England in order to set the truth straight and expose
>>the evil of the
>>perpetrators. He diplomatically put Brirain and the
>>rest of the league of
>>nations under siege even though many history books put
>>it that he went into
>>exile. During this time he recieved several honours
>>ie: Knight of the
>>Garter, Field Marshall of the British Army and while
>>he lived in Bath
>>England this neatly dwarfed any importance this
>>Historic place had
>>concerning the crowning of the earlier English King
>>Edgar, this was nothing
>>compared to having Haile Selassie 1st the King of
>>Kings and Lord of Lords
>>this place is now reknown as the town in which Emperor
>>Haile Selassie 1st
>>lived outside of Mount Zion.
>>He repremanded the Nations at Geneva with his
>>unrivalled personality and
>>diplomacy for the Ethiopian Cause, he told them
>>"International Morality is at stake"
>>During all this the Ethiopians of Jamaica and the rest
>>of the world
>>especially Afro- Americans rose to the call as
>>volunteer Ethiopians fighting
>>for right and soon the need for organising this
>>support was imperative.
>>Having a strong Black Power source in Harlem, New
>>York, through the U.N.I.A.
>>and other Black and Hebrew communities the
>>mobilization of the volunteers
>>was priority and so while in Britain Haile Selassie
>>1st sent an emissary one
>>Lidj Araya Abebe to New York to Doctor Malaku Bayen an
>>Ethiopian Scholar,
>>relative and physian with instruction to form an
>>organization which was to
>>co-ordinate all the relief efforts ,enlist the
>>volunteers and to stem the
>>flood of uncontrolled fund raising in the name of Aid
>>and support for
>>Ethiopia-Italian war.
>>In 1937 Ethiopian World Federation Inc. was founded
>>for this purpose and
>>Charters were granted to Ethiopians of the diaspora.
>>He returned in 1941 when Ethiopian's of the Diaspora
>>especially Ethiopians
>>in Jamaica under the banner of the British West Indian
>>Regiment, with some
>>British officers and patriotic Ethiopian troops
>>recaptured the capital.
>>Although restored as Emperor, he had to re-create the
>>authority he had once
>>In 1955 he issued a new constitution, giving himself
>>all governing
>>This same year H.I.M. again extended his invitation to
>>the Ethiopians of the
>>western hemisphere to return home to Shashemane , the
>>Voice of Rastafari
>>sons and daughters cry could be heard Repatriation to
>>Ethiopia. Through
>>Ethiopian World Federation's office this was again
>>Highlighted Emperor Haile
>>Selassie 1st efforts to free the Ethiopians of the
>>diaspora is unrivalled ,
>>he ruled with great magnificence except for an army
>>revolt in December 1960,
>>Tafari stemmed this and went on to recieve a
>>delegation of Ethiopian's of
>>the diaspora including Rastafarian bretherens from
>>Jamaica on their fact
>>finding mission to Africa in 1961, he recieved them on
>>21st of April in his
>>palace. Haile Selassie 1st along with the Abunna
>>Basillios both met with the
>>delegates and on one occasion the Abunna stated that
>>if it is the bible that
>>we take our teachings from we should continue. They
>>were presented with
>>white Ethiopian robes as a living proof that they were
>>not only visitors but
>>Ethiopians while Jahnoi when approached on this most
>>delecate topic of the
>>Rastafarian faith said who am I to deny their faith.
>>In 1963 His Imperial Majesty hosted the founding of
>>the O.A.U. alongside the
>>other fathers of the African Liberation struggle and
>>in 1965 he was honoured
>>by the people of Malawi with the title of Geat Chief
>>of Africa.
>>On the 21st April 1966 exactly 5 years after visit of
>>the Rastafarian
>>delegation The King of King's was ready to redeem the
>>Ethiopians of the
>>diaspora especially the Rastafari adherents in the
>>Caribbean who with great
>>jubillation lauded the Emperor in an unclassifiable
>>manner he was now the
>>most important visitor the entire Caribbean had ever
>>hosted . He visited
>>Haiti , Trinidad & Tobago and in Jamaica he was
>>presented with the keys of
>>the City of Kingston (King's town) , for Psalm 68 had
>>been fulfilled ,"Let
>>God Arise and let all his enemies be scattered. " In
>>this same year on his
>>return he made one of the most powerful and patriotic
>>Throne Speeches on
>>November 2nd 1966 emphasizing to the Ethiopian Nation
>>the need forReform ,
>>National unity , morality , and progress through
>>Religion , Education ,
>>Agriculture Industry and Commerce.
>>In 1970 His Imperial Majesty knowing the concern of
>>the Ethiopians outside
>>Ethiopia decided to give to the western Ethiopian
>>communities the
>>opportunity to worship like their brothers at home by
>>sending the Ethiopian
>>Orthodox Church to the western Hemisphere which
>>greatly inspired people of
>>the diaspora many of who were baptised accepting the
>>Ancient Orthodox faith
>>of Ethiopia
>>to rest of ruled with little opposition until 1974,
>>when he decided to
>>manifest the words of prophesy , " A King shall reign
>>and prosper for 40
>>years and execute judgement and justice in all the
>>earth thus by doing the
>>disappearing act Haile Selassie 1st knew that it was
>>the end of and era of
>>Carnal mindednesss.
>>He under uncertain circumstances to the Ethiopian
>>masses remained a captive
>>in his own palace,
>>Welcoming a provisional military government on Aug.
>>27, 1975 who was to
>>execute vengeance on those who deserved to be placed
>>in the Just Judgement
>>of The One Amlaak as the Government shall be upon his
>>By this manifestation of the personage and subsequent
>>end of his visible
>>reign he had invisibly become a virtual diety ,
>>working hard towards
>>overthrowing the old constitution and taking all power
>>into his own hands.
>>For of a truth he is King of King's and Lord of Lords
>>and those that are
>>with H.I.M. are called faithful and true.
>>.Love Rastafari

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