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Subject: Re: Free Data Entry Project. Invest Rs. 100 only & earn 1,000,00 Rs. per month.

kamal (happy)
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Date Posted: 12:59:08 06/24/13 Mon
In reply to: ERANNA 's message, "Re: Free Data Entry Project. Invest Rs. 100 only & earn 1,000,00 Rs. per month." on 05:05:50 12/06/12 Thu

>>>>>>This exclusive offer is for people living within
>>>>>>India. (Especially meant for house wives and
>>>>>>as well as meant for all.) Please read this mail
>>>>>>completely patiently and donít come to a
>>>>>>before that.
>>>>>>Dear Friend,
>>>>>>In the present days economic situation all are
>>>>>>struggling hard to earn money. Even if one has job
>>>>>>is looking for means to earn part time additional
>>>>>>income. Here is an offer for you. This is an
>>>>>>opportunity for house wives, students and even
>>>>>>employed persons to ear a good income working at
>>>>>>leisure times. Please read this entire letter
>>>>>>This exclusive offer is for people living within
>>>>>>A few weeks back, I was browsing through
>>>>>>came across an article similar to this that said,
>>>>>>could make Lakhs of Rupees within weeks with only
>>>>>>initial investment of Rs.100! it said that by
>>>>>>the amount I will get the details of many online
>>>>>>companies providing data entry projects and other
>>>>>>of online works. And also the company provides an
>>>>>>opportunity to earn through by itself also. I
>>>>>>previously tried to make a search by my self but
>>>>>>took 6 to 7 hours i.e. a cost of 160 rupees but
>>>>>>not get full length information. So I thought of
>>>>>>sending the amount and receive the information as
>>>>>>getting it effortlessly and I can start working
>>>>>>online. Also I thought if this is a scam what I am
>>>>>>going to loose is 100 rupees which is not at all a
>>>>>>amount know-a-days.
>>>>>>The article said that you send Rs.20 to the Main
>>>>>>Database Address stated below and to each of the
>>>>>>4 sub addresses stated in the article. You then
>>>>>>#1 name and address and move the other four
>>>>>>up, that is 4 becomes 3, 3 becomes 2, 2 becomes 1.
>>>>>>#4 will be blank. Place your own name and address
>>>>>>the bottom of the list at #4, and post the article
>>>>>>at least 300 newsgroups. (There are about a
>>>>>>No doubt, that was it. So after thinking it over,
>>>>>>thought about trying it. I figured what have I got
>>>>>>lose Rs.100, right? I thought it is equal to the
>>>>>>amount what I am spending for filling fuel in my
>>>>>>vehicle or spending at a restaurant. Then I
>>>>>>the merely Rs.100. I got the details; the Company
>>>>>>provides an opportunity to earn in two ways. It
>>>>>>us the details of the companies providing online
>>>>>>and then allows us to work for it also. By
>>>>>>the names as I said above we will be getting M.O
>>>>>>passing on this information to many others who are
>>>>>>need of such information but not being able to get
>>>>>>by news groups or many similar means. Then I
>>>>>>working for two of the companies which it sent me
>>>>>>then started working for this firm also.
>>>>>>Well GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! Within 7 days, I started
>>>>>>getting money order. I was shocked! I figured it
>>>>>>end soon, but the money just kept coming in. In my
>>>>>>first week, I made about Rs.500 which is 5 times
>>>>>>money I invested. By the end second week I had
>>>>>>total over Rs.8, 000. In the third week I had over
>>>>>>Rs.72, 000.00 and it's still growing. This is now
>>>>>>fourth week and I have made a total of just over
>>>>>>12,000.00 and it's still coming in rapidly. Itís
>>>>>>certainly worth Rs.100 .I spent more than that on
>>>>>>lottery, but I never got anything back.
>>>>>>So you too want to join if so, Here is what to do
>>>>>>STEP 1:
>>>>>>Money Order Rs 20 each to below five members
>>>>>>main database don't forget to write down your
>>>>>>address in the money order form.
>>>>>>Main Database Address
>>>>>>* Mr. Srikant Sekhar Sahoo,
>>>>>>Co-B.C. Bisoi
>>>>>>At-British Radio Lane,
>>>>>>Samanta Sahi, New Colony.
>>>>>>Sub Addresses:
>>>>>>(Please change the address to whom you have send
>>>>>>Sub Addresses
>>>>>>Main Database Address
>>>>>>* Mr. Srikant Sekhar Sahoo,
>>>>>>At-British Radio Lane,
>>>>>>Samanta Sahi, New Colony.
>>>>>>#1) G. Madhava Krishna
>>>>>>21-11-51/A, Lecture's colony
>>>>>>Andhra Pradesh
>>>>>>#2)Dolevardhan Majhi
>>>>>>Flat No. 307,
>>>>>>Basundhara Apartment,
>>>>>>Rasulgarh Square, Bhubaneswar,
>>>>>>Pin 751010.
>>>>>>#3)Anupama P.S.
>>>>>>Cheenkallel House,
>>>>>>MeluKavumattom. P.O,
>>>>>>Kottayam District-686652,
>>>>>> #4) Sudhir Tarachand Dongre
>>>>>>Khare Town,
>>>>>>Kalamana Road, Ranala,
>>>>>>State: Maharashtra
>>>>>>UPLINER. Communicate with Mr Srikant with the same
>>>>>>email as you you have written in MO. Itís
>>>>>>for better and speed transaction. Write down the
>>>>>>and address of your upliner with MO no and date to
>>>>>>whom you have sent MO throught the email id you
>>>>>>written in MO. Also write down your name e with
>>>>>>address in the same mail.
>>>>>>STEP 2:
>>>>>>Now go to Sub Addresses and take the #1 name off
>>>>>>(delete) the list that you see above, move the
>>>>>>names up (4 becomes 3, 3 becomes 2, 2 becomes 1)
>>>>>>add YOUR Name as number 4 on the list. Try to
>>>>>>that you don't change the Main Database Address.
>>>>>>for example You are deleting Santilata, Then comes
>>>>>>Krishna 1, Dolevardhan becomes 2, Anupama becomes
>>>>>>and insert your name in the place of #4 *)
>>>>>>STEP 3:
>>>>>>Send an E-mail to->earnfromindia123@yahoo.com,
>>>>>>the subject "Include Me in Main Database" and with
>>>>>>Description "I have sent to you and to the other 4
>>>>>>up-line members a sum of Rupees 20 each by Money
>>>>>>Order." In the mail also write down the member
>>>>>>with MO No to whom you have send money. Also write
>>>>>>down the date of sending MO. This will enhance the
>>>>>>communication skill and increase the speed of
>>>>>>transaction. Send this mail only after you have
>>>>>>postal money order with money to the main member
>>>>>>to the other 4 up-line members. Remember to
>>>>>>the name and address of the 4 up liner to whom you
>>>>>>have send money. MENTION YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN
>>>>>>STEP 4:
>>>>>>i) You will receive a message from
>>>>>>earnfromindia123@yahoo.com immediately, and we
>>>>>>include you in our Main Database, after the
>>>>>>confirmation of the payments of all up liners
>>>>>>ii) I will send you a list of Newsgroups where you
>>>>>>post the message,
>>>>>>iii) Send you instruction on how to post the
>>>>>>iv) Send you details about other data entry,
>>>>>>transcription, back-office, free subscription
>>>>>>programs, online trades, businesses and about
>>>>>>projects on Net and offline as and when it is
>>>>>>available and other details, after making
>>>>>>cross-checks and after confirming the receipt of
>>>>>>order from you. If you do not get any reply from
>>>>>>even after 10 days from the date of sending Postal
>>>>>>Mail/Courier, send a mail to
>>>>>>earnfromindia123@yahoo.com with the subject 'I
>>>>>>not received confirmation'. We would take
>>>>>>actions immediately."
>>>>>>STEP 5:
>>>>>>Now, post your amended article to minimum 300
>>>>>>newsgroups. (There are nearly 25,000 newsgroups
>>>>>>will provide you 300)) All you need is 300, but
>>>>>>remember, the more you post, and the more money
>>>>>>you a list of Newsgroups, forums, boards to Post
>>>>>>Message and other instructions and help on how to
>>>>>>the message, on the confirmation of your Postal
>>>>>>1) Why should I pay money for this?
>>>>>>We are providing vast information regarding online
>>>>>>offline jobs and we are not doing social service.
>>>>>>ask you to pay our members a mere consultation fee
>>>>>>Rs 20 each for 5 members as they are working in
>>>>>>collecting the information and passing it to many
>>>>>>people. If one sits searching for this information
>>>>>>takes 5 to 6 hours and the cost of internet also
>>>>>>be equal to 100 or 120. Once you become member you
>>>>>>can do the other jobs and work for us and earn.
>>>>>>Collecting 20 rupees for each member is very much
>>>>>>legal as we are charging consultancy fee only for
>>>>>>adding you name in the main database and giving
>>>>>>details of other jobs.
>>>>>>2) Why should I post to 300 Newsgroups? It is
>>>>>>Out of 300 postings, say you receive only 10%
>>>>>>that is 30 replies (a very low example). So then
>>>>>>make Rs 600 with your name at #4 on the letter.
>>>>>>each of the 30 persons who just sent you Rs.20.00
>>>>>>each, make the MINIMUM 300 postings, each with
>>>>>>name at #3 and only 10 persons respond to each of
>>>>>>original 10, that is another Rs.6000 for you Now
>>>>>>10 each make 300 MINIMUM posts with your name at
>>>>>>and only get 10% replies each, It will bring in an
>>>>>>additional Rs.18, 00,000! Now, those 10% persons
>>>>>>around and post the MINIMUM 300 with your name at
>>>>>>and only receive 10% replies each, you will make
>>>>>>additional Rs.54, 00,000! OK, Imagine in case you
>>>>>>in more than 300 newsgroups and get more than 10%
>>>>>>response. Sky is the limit. With an original
>>>>>>investment of only Rs.100! AMAZING! You can too
>>>>>>a Millionaire. (There are a million news groups
>>>>>>tell you should post in 300 news groups only at a
>>>>>>minimum. And even you can send this message
>>>>>>mails to your friends and others and they too can
>>>>>>under you.)
>>>>>>3) Is there any training programme?
>>>>>>Yes. The training manual containing how to work
>>>>>>earn one and half lakhs and more in 2 months
>>>>>>for 15 hours per month will be sent to you as soon
>>>>>>you join as a member( you an even earn more of you
>>>>>>work more). Remember this is not sent by the
>>>>>>I developed mine own methodology and earning a lot
>>>>>>money through it. I want you too to earn and so I
>>>>>>provide you that if you rely up on me and send the
>>>>>>as said above. You can earn one and half lakhs for
>>>>>>every two months you work.
>>>>>>4) What are the benefits I'm getting by joining
>>>>>>You get many benefits by joining this program.
>>>>>>are i) You can earn a lot by your down-line
>>>>>>this program. ii) Your Email Id, Name and Address
>>>>>>be included in the main database maintained by Mr.
>>>>>>Srikant. iii) As a member of the main database you
>>>>>>will get information's and reports about new jobs
>>>>>>business opportunities on Net and offline work.
>>>>>>will include new business opportunities in Data
>>>>>>Typing Jobs, Data Transcription, Data Warehousing,
>>>>>>Email Processing, Programming, Referral Programs,
>>>>>>Money making opportunities, Work from Home
>>>>>>and so on. iv) By joining in any of the above said
>>>>>>programs (e.g., Data Entry), you can make another
>>>>>>million. v) You will receive these reports as and
>>>>>>the opportunities are available. And itís left up
>>>>>>you to join or not. Some may require investment
>>>>>>some may not.
>>>>>>5) Is there any end to this programme?
>>>>>>No, the online companies increase the jobs and
>>>>>>the foreign projects will be done in India. So the
>>>>>>importance for these companies increase. As they
>>>>>>employ full length employees for these projects
>>>>>>go for people doing online data entry jobs and
>>>>>>you join these companies you can work for all the
>>>>>>projects that these companies deal. At the present
>>>>>>situation where the government jobs are decreasing
>>>>>>this turns out to be a great help to earn income.
>>>>>>programme continues as many will be in need of the
>>>>>>information of such companies.
>>>>>>6) How much can I earn from this?
>>>>>>By working to different online companies you can
>>>>>>according to the work you do. Working for our
>>>>>>because of our training programme one can a
>>>>>>50000 doing the minimum work. If you can work more
>>>>>>can earn more. At an average one can earn 1.5
>>>>>>2 months.
>>>>>>7) Is there any time limit to get my name enrolled
>>>>>>the main database by paying a fee of Rs 100? Good
>>>>>>question. There is no time limit from our side.
>>>>>>what happens is when the offer passes among many
>>>>>>people and they start joining the number of
>>>>>>increase. Also as we told early we can only
>>>>>>the information of the companies offering both
>>>>>>and offline jobs. We have no tie-ups with them so
>>>>>>canít make them wait till your turn come. So they
>>>>>>recruit of first come first serve basis. And they
>>>>>>stop once the openings get filled. Then we canít
>>>>>>any thing. So what I advise you is as it is only a
>>>>>>matter of hundred rupees just send the money now
>>>>>>rupees each to five addresses) and get enrolled
>>>>>>Then you can opt from among the offers and as well
>>>>>>work for us also and earn much income just working
>>>>>>part time for 3-4 hours a day.
>>>>>>8) What will happen if anybody alters the Names in
>>>>>>list dishonestly?
>>>>>>Don't worry about that. This is a full-proof plan.
>>>>>>have a specialized system of program for tracking
>>>>>>members, their down-line and the direction in
>>>>>>moves on. So, it is very easy for us to find out
>>>>>>sudden deviations in it. Further, we have a system
>>>>>>making cross-checks periodically. So any
>>>>>>can be found out easily. And again, we have
>>>>>>system to check whether the newly joined member
>>>>>>sent the payment to his/her up-line member.
>>>>>>Any body who tries to do any misrepresentation,
>>>>>>malpractices and misconduct will immediately be
>>>>>>terminated from the main database and will be
>>>>>>the offensive database maintained. By the
>>>>>>from main database and legal action will be taken
>>>>>>against him/her. Some People have tried to put
>>>>>>friends/relatives names on all five thinking that
>>>>>>could get all the money. But it does not work this
>>>>>>way. The software is designed in that way.
>>>>>>donít loose a million for the sake of just 20
>>>>>>9) I donít have sufficient time but interested to
>>>>>>If you donít have time but interested in the plan
>>>>>>mail to notension@aceresponse.com with subject "No
>>>>>>TENSIONINCOME" Mr. Srikant will give the details
>>>>>>within fraction of seconds.
>>>>>>(The greatest part of this program is to become
>>>>>>millionaire without doing anything for details
>>>>>>With subject ďno tension incomeĒ wait for 5
>>>>>>check also the ďbulkĒ or InboxĒ folder the message
>>>>>>go to bulk folder of your email)
>>>>>>10) Should I have mine own PC at home?
>>>>>>Not necessary. If you have a pc and internet
>>>>>>connection you can work from home. Or else your
>>>>>>even do this from a cyber cafť also. And also you
>>>>>>not have knowledge of any soft ware. Only basic
>>>>>>knowledge in word is enough to work with many of
>>>>>>companies and with us too.
>>>>>>11) What about taxes and other things?
>>>>>>Itís all left up to you and you have to deal it
>>>>>>12) O from so and soÖ Can I join this program?
>>>>>>This program is meant for people within India. You
>>>>>>be from any part of India.
>>>>>>We will send you a list of Newsgroups (web sites),
>>>>>>forums, and boards to Post this Message and other
>>>>>>instructions and help on how to post the message,
>>>>>>after the confirmation of your Money Order.
>>>>>>So, donít miss your chance.
>>>>>>I am advising this to you as I am earning money
>>>>>>want to offer this to others also. In this plan
>>>>>>are just required to invest 100 rupees. I firstly
>>>>>>hesitated but what I thought is 100 is just what I
>>>>>>spend when I get fuel in my vehicle once or go to
>>>>>>restaurant or cinema. So I invested. And now I am
>>>>>>earning lot more than that. In addition to this I
>>>>>>having lot of information regarding data entry
>>>>>>projects and online and offline programmes and
>>>>>>with them. In India to day all are wishing to earn
>>>>>>part time income. But all other plans are too
>>>>>>And this is a matter of just 100 rupees which even
>>>>>>student can invest. We made you many offers before
>>>>>>never insisted on joining them. We just advised
>>>>>>left it to you choice. But I am strongly insisting
>>>>>>this as it helps you in earning better part time
>>>>>>income by just investing Rs 100 which is not at
>>>>>>big amount. I know the value of the money and
>>>>>>this as it helps you in earning additional income.
>>>>>>only one qualification that one should posses to
>>>>>>this is zeal to work and earn money. All the
>>>>>>training will be provided by us. And lastly what I
>>>>>>want to tell you is one must have confidence in
>>>>>>himself and seriousness to earn money. Unless it
>>>>>>present it is use less knowing and receiving
>>>>>>like this. I think you have such interest and so
>>>>>>gave me your mail id. And if I cause any
>>>>>>or trouble to you by sending this mail please
>>>>>>me. Once again I request you to join the program
>>>>>>worry whether you can do or not I will personally
>>>>>>provide you training how to work and earn. You can
>>>>>>earn 1.5 lakhs in 2 months if you follow just 50%
>>>>>>training I provide you.
>>>>>> So please donít hesitate.
>>>>>>Join Now!

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