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Date Posted: 17:07:19 10/26/16 Wed
Author: Jeff Taylor
Author Host/IP:
Subject: Week 8 FCS

This is long and extreme, but I hope you will enjoy it. I have a mix of Charles' and my own here to represent the helmets so far.


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[> Re: Week 8 FCS -- Jeff Taylor, 08:19:36 10/29/16 Sat (

I updated a couple of mistakes.

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[> [> Week 8 FBS -- No name, 08:22:28 10/29/16 Sat (

I have added the FBS teams through week 8.


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[> 2016 FBS helmets--Week 7 & 8 -- Nameless, 13:12:11 10/29/16 Sat (

Thanks for doing the FCS branch again, Jeff. Looking good as usual.

Let's get the updated orders in before I fall any further behind. These are the current orders that I have so far; I'm still unsure about the status of the California helmets (whether they're the same or are using two different shells). Changes for the past two weeks are indicated.

Atlantic Coast
Boston College: BAA-AAC-A [week 7 idle]
*Clemson: AAA-AAA-A [week 8 idle]
Florida State: AAA-AAA-A [week 8 idle]
*Louisville: BBF-FFG-F [G=black shell, red old English “L”, no stripe, black mask, http://www.goduke.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?PALBID=1989158&DB_OEM_ID=4200]
North Carolina State: CCJ-JLJ-C
Syracuse: GCC-DHC-CD
Wake Forest: EAA-EAE-A [week 8 idle]

Duke: FFB-BBD-F [week 8 idle]
Georgia Tech: AAA-BAB-B [week 8 idle]
Miami (FL): AAA-AAA-A
*North Carolina: LLL-MML-MM
Pittsburgh: ABB-BAC-A [week 8 idle]
Virginia: IJJ-IJJ-I
*Virginia Tech: HWT-XHT-H

American Athletic
Cincinnati: KKJ-HGH-L [week 7 idle] [L=black shell, white numerals, two red stripes, black mask, http://www.gobearcats.com/view.gal?id=198224]
Connecticut: DEE-FDD-DD
East Carolina: GDH-EGI-J [week 7 idle; game v. Navy moved to 11/19] [I=“G” with a larger pirate logo, http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1102; J= “D” with a larger pirate logo, http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1105]
*South Florida: LFF-IGM-JI
Temple: LML-LNO-LL
Central Florida: BCD-CBB-D
Houston: GIA-GJB-GA
Memphis: DJK-DLM-N [M=“A” with a chrome grey mask, http://tulanegreenwave.com/galleries/?gallery=537; N=“D” with a white shell, http://www.navysports.com/view.gal?id=198199]
Navy: AAA-AAA [week 7 idle; game v. ECU moved to 11/19]
Southern Methodist: AAA-GAH-I [week 7 idle][I=blue matte shell, pink mustang logo, no stripe, blue mask, http://www.uhcougars.com/view.gal?id=198212]
Tulane: BBC-DEF-B [F=“E” with a grey mask, http://tulanegreenwave.com/galleries/?gallery=537]
Tulsa: DID-IJJ-I

Big Ten
Indiana: LAJ-CGM-N [M=red shell, grey numbers, no stripe, white mask, http://iuhoosiers.com/galleries/?gallery=3031; N=“I” with a grey mask, http://wac.b63f.edgecastcdn.net/80B63F/iuhoosiers-com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/10/22/CAD23789.JPG]
Maryland: HHH-HHJ-J
*Michigan: AAA-AAA-A [week 7 idle]
Michigan State: AAA-AAA-A
*Ohio State: AAA-AAA-A
Penn State: AAA-AAA-A [week 7 idle]
Rutgers: QAA-AAR-AQ

Illinois: GGF-LGL-L
Minnesota: ABA-AAB-A
*Nebraska: AAA-BAA-A
Northwestern: BCJ-DBK-K [K=“D” with a purple shell, http://admin.nusports.com/galleries/?gallery=1295]
Purdue: ABA-GAA-B
Wisconsin: AAA-AAA-D

Big 12
*Baylor: AJE-FDI [week 8 idle]
Iowa State: ACA-AAD-E [week 8 idle] [E=“A” with a red mask, http://boards.sportslogos.net/uploads/monthly_2016_10/image.thumb.jpeg.f5d073b16773ca219fee8d873d7e2d90.jpeg]
Kansas: JOL-MPP-Q [Q=blue matte shell, small normal Jayhawk on left side, white numerals on right, white-red-white stripe, white mask, http://www.kuathletics.com/galleries/?gallery=755]
Kansas State: AAA-AAA-A
Oklahoma: AAA-AAB-A [B=“9/20/14” helmet]
Oklahoma State: COP-NQK-K [week 7 idle]
Texas: AAA-AAA-A
Texas Christian: NLK-NQN-K [week 7 idle]
Texas Tech: AMB-NLB-A
*West Virginia: IAA-CCA

Conference USA
Charlotte: AAB-ABD-DB
Florida Atlantic: HEG-HHG-G [week 8 idle]
Florida International: ACC-BAD-CA
Marshall: AAA-AAA-B [B=“10/3/15” helmet]
Middle Tennessee: IKI-FFG-E
Old Dominion: DJ[F1]-[F1]DD-D [week 7 idle]
Western Kentucky: ABA-AAA-BA

Louisiana Tech: DDF-DGD-DD
North Texas: GGG-FGG-E [week 7 idle]
Southern Mississippi: EEE-EEE-E [week 8 idle]
Texas-El Paso: CAA-CAA-A [week 7 idle]
Texas-San Antonio: AGA-GAA-A

Akron: JKJ-KLM-JN [N=“J” with a white mask, http://www.gozips.com/sports/fball/2016-17/photos/0019/index]
Bowling Green: EMG-GEN-HO [O=“E” with a brown-white-brown stripe, http://www.bgsufalcons.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/10/22/A86Y4770c.jpg]
Buffalo: JKK-GAL-M [L=“J” with a white shell, http://ubbulls.com/sports/fball/2016-17/photos/0005/index; M=“A” with a white stripe, http://ubbulls.com/sports/fball/2016-17/niu_pic.jpg]
Kent State: BCC-BDE-EF [F=the “1987-1988” helmet with a white shell, http://www.kentstatesports.com/images/2016/10/22/rp_primary_DSC_3270.jpg]
Miami (OH): EFE-EGF-EF

Ball State: IJK-LML-KN [N=“K” with a red mask, http://www.gozips.com/sports/fball/2016-17/photos/0019/index]
Central Michigan: ABA-ACA-CA
Eastern Michigan: LLL-LLM-NL [N=flat black shell, metallic floorboard-textured “E”, green stripe, black mask, http://www.emueagles.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/10/15/Roback_vs_Ohio.jpg]
Northern Illinois: GJI-GKD-HD
*Toledo: QRR-RST-T [T=“P” with a blue-to-yellow airbrush shell, http://utrockets.com/galleries/?gallery=335]
*Western Michigan: TTU-VWX-UP

Mountain West
Air Force: HIA-AJJ-A
*Boise State: FGF-GFL-G [L=“A” with a chrome grey mask, http://broncosports.cstv.com/view.gal?id=198028]
Colorado State: AAB-AAA-AA
New Mexico: HIG-JJK-L [K=white shell, teal monocolored logo on both sides, red-teal-red stripe, red mask, http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/afa/sports/m-footbl/auto_player/12172140.jpeg; L=“A” with a flat grey shell]
Utah State: BHI-BBA-E [week 7 idle]
Wyoming: QQQ-QQQ-Q [week 7 idle]

Fresno State: AAA-DAD-DD
Hawaii: BBB-BBB-BB
Nevada: BBB-BBB-BB
*San Diego State: AAA-AAA-A
San Jose State: AAA-AAA-AA
Nevada-Las Vegas: ABA-ACB-CA

California: ABB-BAB-A [week 7 idle]
Oregon: H[AH][AI]-[AJ][AK][AL]-U [week 7 idle]
Oregon State: FGE-EEG-G
Stanford: AAA-ABA-A
*Washington: AAA-AAA-A [week 7 idle]
Washington State: ECF-GHG-F

Arizona: DDH-BEB-E [week 8 idle]
Arizona State: ARA-QKL-SJ [S=white shell, enlarged white pitchfork on right side, white numerals on left, no stripe, white mask, http://www.thesundevils.com/galleries/default.aspx?gallery=1016]
*Colorado: AEA-HHG-AG
California-Los Angeles: AAA-AAA-AA
Southern California: AAA-AAA-A [week 8 idle]

Florida: AAA-BAA [week 8 idle]
Georgia: AAA-AAA-A [week 8 idle]
Kentucky: FGF-FGG-H [week 7 idle] [H=“E” with new “UK” logo, http://hailstate.com/galleries/?gallery=1454]
Missouri: CAB-ACA-A
South Carolina: BBC-ACA-A [week 7 idle]
Tennessee: AAA-BAA-A [week 8 idle]
Vanderbilt: GFE-AEE-EA*-***

*Alabama: AAA-AAA-AA
Arkansas: AAA-AAA-AA
Auburn: AAA-AAA-A [week 7 idle]
Louisiana State: AAB-AAC-A [C=the “10/22/11” helmet proper]
Mississippi: AAA-AAB-B [B=powder blue helmet]
Mississippi State: JJJ-KJK-L [L=the “2004-2007” helmets with no stripe and white mask, http://hailstate.com/galleries/?gallery=1454]
*Texas A&M: AFB-AJA-A [week 7 idle]

Sun Belt
*Appalachian State: ABA-AAA-C [C=“A” with a pink ribbon within the “A” logo, http://image.cdnllnwnl.xosnetwork.com/pics33/800/XA/XAXEEUUQMVKCIKM.20161022234251.jpg]
Arkansas State: IBA-JBK [week 7 idle] [K=“B” with a white shell, http://usajaguars.com/galleries/?gallery=623]
Georgia Southern: CAA-AAA-A
Georgia State: JII-III-J
Louisiana-Lafayette: NLP-LNQ-L
Louisiana-Monroe: GGG-GHE-E
New Mexico State: CCC-CDD-E [E=“D” with a white cowboy head on right, http://nmstatesports.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/10/22/IMG_9760.JPG]
South Alabama: ABC-CDB-B
Texas State: CFC-EED-D
*Troy: CAC-DAE-E [E=“C” with a white shell, http://troytrojans.com/galleries/?gallery=835]

Army West Point: AAA-AAA-A
Brigham Young: AAA-AAA-AA
Massachusetts: FBF-BFF-FF
Notre Dame: AAA-AAA-A [week 8 idle]

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[> [> Re: 2016 FBS helmets--Week 7 & 8 -- Jeff Taylor, 13:40:42 10/29/16 Sat (

I was on vacation this week, and wasted the whole thing doing this. The 60+ hour weeks of work have left me exhausted. As for Cal, I believe they are wearing their flat blues all year. Yes, the lighting has it so hard to see, as I had my sites which made it impossible to tell. I will have to see what happens to me to finish the year, or have a year end only add. Keep up the good work.

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[> [> [> Re: California & North Carolina -- Nameless, 15:36:41 10/29/16 Sat (

"Wasted"? Your work here is excellent. I can only describe what's on the new helmets because I don't have your artistic skills on the new designs. I'm not as punctual on the orders this year due to other commitments myself.

Thanks for the definitive answer on California. The lighting did alter the matte design upon closer glance, and so the Golden Bears get all A's.

And it appears that North Carolina had a tweak in their game against Virginia; their white mask became light blue:


Changes will be reflected on the next set of orders, if I can get them in time.

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[> [> [> [> Re: California & North Carolina -- Jeff Taylor, 09:05:12 10/30/16 Sun (

I said wasted because I had a lot to do around the house and did nothing. I am no artist. I have been using Illustrator for 20 years, and still cannot do much on it. I use photoshop and crop Charles' or I have a template I use when I have something totally new. Anyway, I went through your list and mine and had to make 4 changes to mine. I did find these for you. North Carolina W8, blue facemask, not white
Virginia Tech No H, different stripe pattern, seperated
East Carolina has wore the larger pirate all year
UCF 6th game was new helmet with knight on one side, and different color logo on other
FAU game 5 wore red helmet, not blue http://www.fiusports.com/galleries/?gallery=165
Akron game 7 also wore N
Eastern Michigan wore white M helmets in game 4 against Wyoming
Northern Illinois wore chrome mask for game 8
Western Michigan had brown mask in game 7
Air Force wore their A helmets week 1, blue helmets week 5 and grey helmets week 6
Idaho wore D week 1
UL Monroe wore Maroon mask week 3 and 4 “H” Making week 5 “I” and week 7 maroon mask

Most school sites are cutting back on good photos, and you have to search all over. With Charles only doing ones when he gets a proper copy of the logo, and it is a good idea, he may never be able to keep up with all of the changes.

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[> [> [> [> [> Re: Addressing the corrections -- Nameless, 15:26:27 11/01/16 Tue (

With regards to the previous corrections:

Virginia Tech: Minute difference in stripes, but it’s there. It appears that Mr. Arey also believes “H” was used… To sync with your update, the new helmet is now labeled as “W” (as “‘V’ with a maroon mask”) and changes are made to the timeline to bump the other letters back by one. Although that could change with what Mr. Arey has now updated with…

ECU: I have confirmed all large pirate decals for 2016; another rearrangement of letters and we’re good to go there.

UCF: That’s what I get when I assumed one side on the left says “UCF” and must be that particular helmet we’ve seen before…

FAU: New helmet has now been designated “I”.

Air Force: Huh, they never wore the F-22 Raptor pattern? Or was that a concept helmet only? The other changes have been made.

Idaho: With that correction, all letters are shifted up one (I’m assuming the gold “2015-” helmet is still considered an alternate and will be designated “B”).

ULM: Must have missed the maroon mask earlier. Changes have been made to the order again.

And I already have the correct orders for NIU and WMU with the mask discrepancies. Next thread will have all the updated orders again, just in time before the MAC starts their slate of Tuesday night games.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> Re: Addressing the corrections -- Jeff Taylor, 20:08:52 11/01/16 Tue (

Life was much more simple in the 70s when I started drawing them out with colored pencils. One helmet all year. I know it is a bit nit picky on VT, but all their '16 helmets have the same stripe patterns. I have been all over the Air Force site, and saw pics for the game, and no raptor helmet. Just that ugly bomber helmet they wore for their 2nd game. I have missed a facemask or 2 myself. You get use to seeing one thing, and that subtle change is quickly overseen.

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[> 2016 FBS helmets--Week 9 -- Nameless, 15:51:49 11/01/16 Tue (

...and here we go with the FBS helmets as of the end of October. Thanks to Jeff, there are a lot of corrections made and shifting of helmet orders. There also needs to be a double-check of the Virginia Tech group now that there were gaps in the stripe sequence.

Atlantic Coast
Boston College: BAA-AAC-AA
*Clemson: AAA-AAA-AA
Florida State: AAA-AAA-AA
*Louisville: BBF-FFG-FB
North Carolina State: CCJ-JLJ-CC
Syracuse: GCC-DHC-CD [week 9 idle]
Wake Forest: EAA-EAE-AA

Georgia Tech: AAA-BAB-BA
Miami (FL): AAA-AAA-AA
*North Carolina: LLL-MML-MN [week 9 idle]
Pittsburgh: ABB-BAC-AB
Virginia: HII-HII-HH
*Virginia Tech: WXT-YWT-WW [New order: W=“V” with a maroon mask, http://www.pittsburghpanthers.com/view.gal?id=198350; X=black matte shell, hokiestone “VT”, white-hokiestone-white stripe, black mask,https://lintvwavy.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/virginia-tech-tenness_epst-1.jpg?w=650; Y=“S” with the logo of “A”& white-orange-burgundy-orange-white tapered stripe, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CtIP3YFWIAE9gMj.jpg]

American Athletic
Cincinnati: KKJ-HGH-LM [M=“A” with white numerals on the left side, http://www.gobearcats.com/view.gal?id=198465]
Connecticut: DEE-FDD-DDE
East Carolina: HIJ-JHH-IH [New order: H=“G” with a larger pirate logo, http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1102; I=“D” with a larger pirate logo, http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1105; J=“E” with a larger pirate logo, http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1097]
*South Florida: LFF-IGM-JIG
*Temple: LML-LNO-LLL
Central Florida: BCD-CBE-DC [New order: B=the “2007-2015” helmet with a larger logo and tapered stripe,http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/jeremy-boykins-of-the-ucf-knights-breaks-up-a-pass-intended-for-of-picture-id598993960; C=“B” with a dark grey shell and dark grey mask, http://cdn.fansided.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/148/files/2016/09/9531296-wilton-speight-ncaa-football-central-florida-michigan.jpg; D=“B” with a gold shell and black mask, http://ucfknights.photoshelter.com/gallery/09-17-vs-Maryland/G0000A8MJdygcnQg/C0000u40SHRJiUBM; E=“B” with a knight head on right side and mirror-colored “UCF” on left, http://ucfknights.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/10-15-vs-Temple/G0000WFNacdTMpHA/I0000C3eOMFDOIgc/C0000u40SHRJiUBM]

*Houston: GIA-GJB-GAA
Memphis: DJK-DLM-NO [O=white shell, pink M-tiger on both sides, no stripe, chrome blue mask, http://gotigersgo.com/galleries/?gallery=989]
Southern Methodist: AAA-GAH-IJ [J=“B” with Texas flag in mustang, http://tulane.sidearmsports.com/galleries/?gallery=539]
Tulane: BBC-DEF-BB
*Tulsa: DID-IJJ-IJ

Big Ten
Indiana: LAJ-CGM-NC
Maryland: HHH-HHJ-JK
*Michigan: AAA-AAA-AA
Michigan State: AAA-AAA-AA
*Ohio State: AAA-AAA-AA
*Penn State: AAA-AAA-AA
Rutgers: QAA-AAR-AQ [week 9 idle]

Illinois: GGF-LGL-LM [M=“I” with a blue shell, http://www.fightingillini.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/10/29/3.jpg]
Iowa: AAA-AAA-AA [week 9 idle]
*Minnesota: ABA-AAB-AA
*Nebraska: AAA-BAA-AA
Northwestern: BCJ-DBK-KB
Purdue: ABA-GAA-BB
*Wisconsin: AAA-AAA-DA

Big 12
*Baylor: AJE-FDI-I
Iowa State: ACA-AAD-EA
Kansas: JOL-MPP-QL
Kansas State: AAA-AAA-AA
*Oklahoma: AAA-AAB-AA
*Oklahoma State: COP-NQK-KR [R=“1980-1983” helmet, https://www.flickr.com/photos/osuathletics/sets/72157675854616515]
Texas Christian: NLK-NQN-KN
Texas Tech: AMB-NLB-AA
*West Virginia: IAA-CCA-A

Conference USA
Charlotte: AAB-ABD-DB [week 9 idle]
Florida Atlantic: HEG-HIG-GI [New order: H=“D” with blue mask and blue Florida outline on left side, http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/fau/sports/m-footbl/auto_rwdbsilarge/12071800.jpeg; I=“F” with blue Florida outline on left side, http://www.fiusports.com/galleries/?gallery=165]
Florida International: ACC-BAD-CAC
Marshall: AAA-AAA-BA
*Middle Tennessee: IKI-FFG-EI
Old Dominion: DJ[F1]-[F1]DD-DD
*Western Kentucky: ABA-AAA-BAA

*Louisiana Tech: DDF-DGD-DDD
North Texas: GGG-FGG-EG
Southern Mississippi: EEE-EEE-EE
Texas-El Paso: CAA-CAA-AB
Texas-San Antonio: AGA-GAA-AH [H=black shell, orange monocolored roadrunner head on both sides, no stripe, chrome orange mask, http://jeffhuehn.photoshelter.com/gallery/161029-North-Texas-UTSA-Football/G0000m4bVQFMZNno]

Bowling Green: EMG-GEN-HO [week 9 idle]
Buffalo: JKK-GAL-MN [N=“J” with a blue chrome mask, http://ubbulls.com/sports/fball/2016-17/photos/0006/index]
Kent State: BCC-BDE-EFF

Ball State: IJK-LML-KN [week 9 idle]
Central Michigan: ABA-ACA-CAA
Eastern Michigan: LLL-MLN-OLL [New order: L=“G” with a silver stripe and silver mask, https://cdn0.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/PLVVTdeu4rcgTmN0sjS45C3NC9g=/cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/7039563/mvsu14.0.jpg; M= “L” with a white shell, http://www.emueagles.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/9/23/StoryPhoto_Eriksen.jpg; N=“2000-2001” helmet; O=flat black shell, metallic floorboard-textured “E”, green stripe, black mask, http://www.emueagles.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/10/15/Roback_vs_Ohio.jpg]
Northern Illinois: GJI-GKD-HD [week 9 idle]
*Toledo: QRR-RST-TS
*Western Michigan: TTU-VWX-UP [week 9 idle]

Mountain West
Air Force: AHA-AIG-AA [New order: H=Flying Tigers “sharktooth” pattern; I=the “10/1/11” helmets with all blue and grey parts reversed, http://www.goairforcefalcons.com/view.gal?id=197774]
*Boise State: FGF-GFL-GF
Colorado State: AAB-AAA-AA [week 9 idle]
New Mexico: HIG-JJK-LM [M=“A” with a white shell, http://www.staradvertiser.com/2016/10/29/photo-galleries/hawaii-football-vs-new-mexico-oct-29/]
Utah State: BHI-BBA-EJ [J=“I” with a blue shell, http://www.utahstateaggies.com/view.gal?id=198409]
*Wyoming: QQQ-QQQ-QQ*

Fresno State: AAA-DAD-DDF
Hawaii: BBB-BBB-BBD [D=Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary design: white shell, blue “12-7-41” on left, 100th Infantry Battalion insignia on right, black mask]
Nevada: BBB-BBB-BB [week 9 idle]
*San Diego State: AAA-AAA-AA
San Jose State: AAA-AAA-AAA
Nevada-Las Vegas: ABA-ACB-CAB

California: AAA-AAA-AA
Oregon: H[AH][AI]-[AJ][AK][AL]-UH
Oregon State: FGE-EEG-GH [H=grey shell, grey beaver head, no stripe, black mask, http://boards.sportslogos.net/uploads/monthly_2016_10/IMG_2454.JPG.d35f260273dd90e9c2430027a3985ee8.JPG]
Stanford: AAA-ABA-AA
*Washington: AAA-AAA-AA
*Washington State: ECF-GHG-FC

Arizona: DDH-BEB-EB
Arizona State: ARA-QKL-SJT [T=brown chrome shell, white fork, three white stripes, white mask, http://boards.sportslogos.net/uploads/monthly_2016_10/IMG_2460.JPG.72b120e1bfd6e6d0f0bc39807ff42a35.JPG]
*Colorado: AEA-HHG-AG [week 9 idle]
California-Los Angeles: AAA-AAA-AA [week 9 idle]
Southern California: AAA-AAA-AA

*Florida: AAA-BAA-A
Georgia: AAA-AAA-AA
Kentucky: FGF-FGG-HF
Missouri: CAB-ACA-AA
South Carolina: BBC-ACA-AC
Tennessee: AAA-BAA-AA
Vanderbilt: GFE-AEE-EA [week 9 idle]

*Alabama: AAA-AAA-AA [week 9 idle]
Arkansas: AAA-AAA-AA [week 9 idle]
*Auburn: AAA-AAA-AA
Louisiana State: AAB-AAC-A [week 9 idle]
Mississippi: AAA-AAB-BA
Mississippi State: JJJ-KJK-LJ
*Texas A&M: AFB-AJA-AA

Sun Belt
*Appalachian State: ABA-AAA-CA
Arkansas State: IBA-JBK-L [L=“A” with a red chrome mask, http://image.cdnllnwnl.xosnetwork.com/pics33/800/SH/SHQNRDDKCFKUBPR.20161030023414.jpg]
Georgia Southern: CAA-AAA-AA
Georgia State: JII-III-JJ
Idaho: BCD-DBB-BB [week 9 idle] [New order: B=gold “2015-” helmet; C=grey matte shell, gold “IDAHO”, no stripe, grey mask, http://www.govandals.com/galleries/?gallery=329; D=“B” with a gold shell, http://www.wsucougars.com/galleries/?gallery=2028]
Louisiana-Lafayette: NLP-LNQ-L [week 9 idle]
Louisiana-Monroe: GGH-HIE-HE [New order: G=“A” with “ULM” added beneath the hawk head, http://image.cdnllnwnl.xosnetwork.com/pics33/640/QF/QFUJDRBETWIBLQR.20160904055204.jpg; H=“G” with a maroon mask, http://image.cdnllnwnl.xosnetwork.com/pics33/640/XN/XNFNLKHIKCTUNME.20160918031602.jpg; I=“G” with a pink hawk head, http://www.govandals.com/galleries/?gallery=340]
New Mexico State: CCC-CDD-EE
South Alabama: ABC-CDB-BA
Texas State: CFC-EED-D [week 9 idle]
*Troy: CAC-DAE-E [week 9 idle]

Army West Point: AAA-AAA-AA
Brigham Young: AAA-AAA-AA [week 9 idle]
Massachusetts: FBF-BFF-FFB
Notre Dame: AAA-AAA-AA

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[> [> FCS helmets--Week 9 -- Jeff Taylor, 17:44:14 11/02/16 Wed (