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Date Posted: 11:13:27 01/11/17 Wed
Author: Nameless
Author Host/IP:
Subject: NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision: 2016 complete orders

The CFP National Championship game ends with Clemson exacting revenge on Alabama; the Tigers won the title, closing out the eighteenth year of helmet-watching under the Helmet Project. Both teams wore their normal helmets as expected.

The following posts contain the final combined summaries for the 128 teams of the 2016 season of the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision, previously known as Division I-A, in the order of their respective finishes in the conference.

All new helmet designs for this season will have the descriptors for each new designation followed by a letter denoting its order, unless the team has relatively few (or no) helmet changes for the season, in which the team will have the number of games with their usual design after the dates of their introduced new designs. Any new designs currently not up on the Helmet Project site will also contain a link to a photo gallery or picture depicting the helmet.

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[> Atlantic Coast Conference -- Nameless, 11:15:12 01/11/17 Wed (

Clemson: all fifteen games were normal
Louisville: BBF-FFG-FBF-HBF-F [F=chrome red shell, white monocolored logo, no stripe, chrome red mask; G=black shell, red old English “L”, no stripe, black mask; H=“F” with all red parts black]
Florida State: all thirteen games were normal
North Carolina State: CCJ-JLJ-CCK-CJJ-C [L=“1986-98” helmet]
Wake Forest: EAA-EAE-AAE-EAA-E
Boston College: BAA-AAC-AAA-AAA-A [B=“A” with Irish knots on the stripe, http://boards.sportslogos.net/uploads/monthly_2016_09/image.thumb.jpeg.641f8006dabde9ecc04433d4fa0bed58.jpeg; C=“A” with a paisley pattern stripe (also worn in 2015)]
Syracuse: GCC-DHC-CDH-IDC [H=“G” with a white mask; I=“G” with a digital camouflage patterned “S”]

Virginia Tech: YWT-XYT-YYY-XYY-YZ [what is currently designated as “V” was not used this year, Y=the “1987-1998” helmets with a maroon mask, http://www.pittsburghpanthers.com/view.gal?id=198350; W=black matte shell, hokiestone “VT”, white-hokiestone-white stripe, black mask; X=“S” with the logo of “A” and white-orange-burgundy-orange-white tapered stripe; Z=white shell, maroon “VT”, maroon-white-orange-white-maroon stripe, maroon mask, http://boards.sportslogos.net/uploads/monthly_2016_12/IMG_2664.thumb.JPG.52a7d5165d5e40bb65d6db4d781af3d4.JPG]
North Carolina: LLL-MML-MNO-LLP-L [N=“M” with a light blue mask; O=“M” with reversed colors in argyle stripe, http://www.goheels.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?ATCLID=211276495&SPSID=667864&SPID=12962&DB_LANG=C&SITE=UNC&DB_OEM_ID=3350&PALBID=2010959; P=black shell, normal logo, reversed-color argyle stripe, black mask]
Miami (FL): all thirteen games were normal (A)
Pittsburgh: ABB-BAC-ABA-ACA-B [A=normal, B=blue shell, gold “Pitt”, gold stripe, blue mask; C=“1993-1996” helmet with a yellow shell]
Georgia Tech: AAA-BAB-BAA-AAA-B
Duke: FFB-BBD-FBH-IDF [H=grey shell, 88th Infantry Division insignia on sides, mirror stripe, black mask; I=“G” with all blue and white parts reversed]
Virginia: HII-HII-HHI-JII [H=blue shell, orange “V” & white swords on right, white numerals on left, white-orange-white stripe, grey mask; I=white shell, orange “V” & blue swords on right, blue numerals on left, blue-orange-blue stripe, grey mask; J=orange shell, white “V” and blue swords on right, white numerals on left, blue-white-blue stripe, grey mask]

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[> American Athletic Conference -- Nameless, 11:16:16 01/11/17 Wed (

Temple: LML-LNO-LLL-MML-LP [N=“M” with a black mask, http://wac.b63f.edgecastcdn.net/80B63F/owlsports-com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/10/1/FullSizeRender.jpg; O=black-to-crimson airbrush shell, crimson “T”, no stripe, black mask, http://owlsports.com/galleries/?gallery=998; P=white shell, patriotic “T”, patriotic stripe, crimson mask, http://www.wakeforestsports.com/view.gal?id=200648]
South Florida: LFF-IGM-JIG-GIG-I [L=“H” with a green matte shell, http://image.cdnllnwnl.xosnetwork.com/pics33/0/VZ/VZUTLSINMOTOCRY.20160904032500.jpg; M=“F” with a gold chrome mask, http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1102]
Central Florida: BCD-CBE-DCF-GEH-I [A is now “2007-2015”; B=the “2007-2015” helmet with a larger logo and tapered stripe,http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/jeremy-boykins-of-the-ucf-knights-breaks-up-a-pass-intended-for-of-picture-id598993960; C=“B” with a dark grey shell and dark grey mask, http://cdn.fansided.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/148/files/2016/09/9531296-wilton-speight-ncaa-football-central-florida-michigan.jpg; D=“B” with a gold shell and black mask, http://ucfknights.photoshelter.com/gallery/09-17-vs-Maryland/G0000A8MJdygcnQg/C0000u40SHRJiUBM; E=“B” with a knight head on right side and mirror-colored “UCF” on left, http://ucfknights.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/10-15-vs-Temple/G0000WFNacdTMpHA/I0000C3eOMFDOIgc/C0000u40SHRJiUBM; F=“E” with a black shell and gold knight head on both sides, http://ucfknights.photoshelter.com/gallery/11-05-vs-Tulane/G0000oIXzXkreMrI/C0000u40SHRJiUBM; G=gold shell, patriotic “UCF” on left, one of the five U.S. military branch seals (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) on right, no stripe, black mask, http://boards.sportslogos.net/uploads/monthly_2016_11/UCF.PNG.9d6f0232f772d3d52768367724379282.PNG; H=gold shell, new “UCF”-Florida logo on both sides, black pointed stripe, black mask, http://www.gousfbulls.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?SPSID=37331&SPID=2981&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=7700&PALBID=2031458; I=“B” with a black shell and black mask, http://www.mcclatchy-wires.com/wire_photos/b9y1gx/picture121594627/ALTERNATES/FREE_640/Cure_Bowl_Football_93964.jpg]
Cincinnati: KKJ-HGH-LMJ-JHJ [K=“G” with a white mask, http://www.gobearcats.com/view.gal?id=196499; L=black shell, white numerals, two red stripes, black mask, http://www.gobearcats.com/view.gal?id=198224; M=“A” with white numerals on the left side, http://www.gobearcats.com/view.gal?id=198465]
Connecticut: DEE-FDD-DDE-FEE
East Carolina: HIJ-JHH-IHJ-KII [H=“G” with a larger pirate logo (purple/yellow), http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1102; I=“D” with a larger pirate logo (purple/purple), http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1105; J=“E” with a larger pirate logo (white/purple), http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1097; K=“J” with a patriotic logo, http://ecupirates.com/galleries/?gallery=1112]

Navy: 12/10/16 game vs. Army was a yellow shell, yellow anchor, blue stripe with yellow stars, blue mask; all thirteen other games were normal
Tulsa: DID-IJJ-IJI-DIJ-I [I=the “2011-2012” helmets with a blue mask, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CsA3X6JW8AAuG-Y.jpg; J=black matte shell, blue cursive “Tulsa”, no stripe, black mask, http://tulsahurricane.com/galleries/?gallery=620]
Memphis: DJK-DLM-NOG-FPQ-R [J=blue matte shell, retro “MSU”/tiger logo with white letters, no stripe, chrome silver mask, http://www.gotigersgo.com/galleries/?gallery=987l; K=“F” with a “901” on left, http://boards.sportslogos.net/uploads/monthly_2016_09/M0016635381--246064.JPG.6a05a890bda655f3f4bc679ba670c9dc.JPG; L=white shell, enlarged blue monocolor M-tiger on right, blue numerals on left, no stripe, chrome blue mask, http://wac.b63f.edgecastcdn.net/80B63F/gotigersgo-com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary2&image_path=/images/2016/10/6/10_6_16vs_Temple_2ndHalf_MS_11.jpg; M=“A” with a chrome grey mask, http://tulanegreenwave.com/galleries/?gallery=537; N=“D” with a white shell, http://www.navysports.com/view.gal?id=198199; O=white shell, pink M-tiger on both sides, no stripe, chrome blue mask, http://gotigersgo.com/galleries/?gallery=989; P=white shell, blue numerals on both sides, blue tapered stripe, blue mask, http://wac.b63f.edgecastcdn.net/00B63F/allaccess/theamerican-12aeef4d-8083-450c-97c1-e81b5ad952a5-thumbnail.jpg; Q=the Cincinnati Bengals helmet with a mirror shell, http://www.uhcougars.com/view.gal?id=199633; R=“L” with a normal-colored M-tiger; https://cdn.ampproject.org/i/media.zenfs.com/en/homerun/feed_manager_auto_publish_494/9d29f57ad8fc0f3432c97187991349e2]
Houston: GIA-GJB-GAA-KJH-L [I=“D” with a patriotic stripe and red chrome mask, http://boards.sportslogos.net/uploads/monthly_2016_09/image.thumb.jpeg.d99b4bb49f5a7b6417d866a9ea8d4598.jpeg; J=red shell, grey “UH”, grey stripe, grey mask, http://www.uhcougars.com/view.gal?id=197487; K=red shell, new abstract cougar head, no stripe, red mask, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxFrr96UoAAs0Li.jpg; L=white shell, red enlarged monocolored cougar head on both sides, no stripe, red mask, http://www.uhcougars.com/view.gal?id=200391]
Southern Methodist: AAA-GAH-IJA-DKL [G=blue matte shell, red mustang with silver Dallas skyline, no stripe, silver mask, http://cdn.newsday.com/polopoly_fs/1.12359146.1474687669!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/display_960/image.jpg; H=“A” with a blue Dallas skyline in the red mustang logo, http://tulsahurricane.com/galleries/?gallery=620; I=blue matte shell, pink mustang, no stripe, blue mask, http://www.uhcougars.com/view.gal?id=198212; J=“B” with Texas flag in mustang, http://tulane.sidearmsports.com/galleries/?gallery=539; K=flat grey shell, red mustang, no stripe, chrome red mask, http://image.cdnllnwnl.xosnetwork.com/pics33/0/OL/OLVUDTKDITUZMOP.20161120043633.jpg; L=“E” with a red mask, http://www.navysports.com/view.gal?id=199702]
Tulane: BBC-DEF-BBC-CDF [A is now “2015” only; B=white shell with angry wave mascot, white mask; C=green matte shell, angry wave mascot, blue-white-blue stripe, white mask, http://www.navysports.com/view.gal?id=197156; D=“B” with a light blue mask, http://tulane.sidearmsports.com/galleries/?gallery=528; E=the “1998-2009” helmets with a blue-white-blue stripe and white mask, http://umassathletics.com/galleries/?gallery=1949; F=“E” with a grey mask, http://tulanegreenwave.com/galleries/?gallery=537]

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[> Big Ten Conference -- Nameless, 11:16:56 01/11/17 Wed (

Pennsylvania State: all fourteen games were normal
Ohio State: 11/5/16 and 11/26/16 used a blank black helmet and black mask; all eleven other games were normal (A)
Michigan: all thirteen games were normal
Indiana: MAJ-CGN-OCI-JAP-G [N=red shell, grey numbers, no stripe, white mask, http://iuhoosiers.com/galleries/?gallery=3031; O=“I” with a grey mask, http://wac.b63f.edgecastcdn.net/80B63F/iuhoosiers-com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2016/10/22/CAD23789.JPG; P=“H” with red numerals from “F” on the right side, http://iuhoosiers.com/galleries/?gallery=3067]
Maryland: HHH-HHJ-JKH-LHJ-H [L=red monocolored version of “J”, black mask, http://www.umterps.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?SPSID=716327&SPID=120713&DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=29700&PALBID=2018058]
Michigan State: 11/12/16 and 11/26/16 used the “9/12/15” helmet; all ten other games were normal
Rutgers: QAA-AAR-AQA-QAQ [Q=“D” with the normal red “R” logo, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jA1_OeLPilk/maxresdefault.jpg; R=black matte shell, silver knight head, no stripe, black mask, http://www.mgoblue.com/view.gal?id=197793]

Wisconsin: 10/22/16 used helmet D; all thirteen other games were normal (A)
Iowa: 11/12/16 used the “11/5/11” helmet; all twelve other games were normal
Nebraska: 9/24/16 used the normal helmet with a chrome grey mask and no stripe; all twelve other games were normal (A)
Minnesota: ABA-AAB-AAA-BBA-B
Northwestern: BCJ-DBK-KBK-AID-F [J=”G” without a stripe, http://admin.nusports.com/galleries/?gallery=1289; K=“D” with a purple shell, http://admin.nusports.com/galleries/?gallery=1295]
Illinois: GGF-LGL-LMG-GHH [L=“F” with a white mask; M=“I” with a blue shell]

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[> Big 12 Conference -- Nameless, 11:17:35 01/11/17 Wed (