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Subject: JBL

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Date Posted: Friday, February 01, 2013, 08:27: am

It has been about three weeks since I last took an enema. But early this morning before arising my insides began to kick up a fuss. For several days this last week each morning I told my wife I should take a good enema that day. But I had to put it off for one reason or another.
Now again today I will have to cut my normal enema session short. However I got the Jbl bag out and injected about half a bag full before it began to give a bit of crampy pain. I have to leave in about an hour so there will not be enough time for a good cleaning out.

A JBL enema does not take much time to fix and take. My colon tube enema takes much longer as I do a much bigger fill while laying on my bed. There will be no more opportunity until monday to do a very large and complete cleanout as I normally do.

For me, large enemas, 6 quart injected by colon tube, is a satisfying endeavor. Especially in cold weather..I have not had a cold or a bout with the flu this winter. No indigestion or any other health problem, except at times the weather seems to start an arthritic pain period in some certain joints that I injured some years ago.

These enema sites have encouraged me to take the advice of my ex mother in law and everyone else I have talked with about the use of enemas. All I can say is, Enemas work for me!

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[> Subject: Re: JBL

Harry H to Eddie
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Date Posted: Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 11:36: am

hi Eddie,
First I thank you for your comments on the JBL enema bag. I got one of the new models from Klysta. It is working well for me (I was only able to aquire the one hole enema head ... if you find a source for the many hole head for the new model, please let me know). I find that the JBL gives me a very good enema (I enjoy sitting on it while reading a book). I let it flow wide open at first but cut it down to about 1/2 flow as I get to the point that I feel my colon expanding. I find that I can not take the entire bag (there might be two quarts left in the bag when I stand up, move the JBL to the floor, open the toilet lid and let the enema come out). All this takes somewhere between 15 minute and 1/2 an hour. I use the JBL about once a week. As you have noticed this is less time then it takes me to take a coffee enema from my regular bag (about 2 & 1/2 quarts) but as one of our posters used to say "it's an enema, not a race" I enjoy a nice slow enema ... especially if it is coffee. Eddie, I hope you have been able to find time for a nice slow enjoyable enema by now.

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[> [> Subject: Re: JBL

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Date Posted: Saturday, February 16, 2013, 05:58: pm

Harry H, Do you fill your JBL completey full? Mine will hold about 7 quarts. But usually I only take about 4 quarts at most. I like feeling the very warm, almost too hot water as it fills my colon.It seems like that I can never hold any enema once I get up from either the JBL or after using the colon tube equipment that I often use. It seems that I can inject a larger volume enema with the colon tube.

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[> [> [> Subject: Re: JBL

Harry H to Eddie
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Date Posted: Sunday, February 17, 2013, 03:23: pm

Good to hear from you. For me I find that if I do not use much soap (about 1 tablespoon of Dr. Bronner's castile soap) per full JBl (I think Klytra claims 7 quarts capacity but I take no where near that much (maybe 4 quarts). I fill my bag as full as I can get it to get most of the air out. When I feel my colon getting tight I quit. This seems to get me pretty clean. Note that the Klysra JBL bag is natural rubber. They do not recommend the use of essential oils (not sure what that is), or coffee in their bag (might cause deterioration of the natural rubber bag). They recommend just water or soapy water. As I recall you said your JBL was an original. I've read that the original was made of cloth impregnated with rubber. This sounds as if it is pretty strong.

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[> Subject: looking for more information about JBL enemas

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Date Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2013, 09:43: am

I have been checking the internet for as much about JBL enemas and the folks who use them. Does any one have memories of JBL enemas from their childhood? Did any one get a JBL punishment enema as a youngster or thought they being punished by enema? I think most kids considered enemas a punishment any way.

comments please

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[> [> Subject: Re: looking for more information about JBL enemas

To Howard from Eddie
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Date Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013, 11:30: am

Thank you Howard for your reply. These experiences from folks who have taken JBL enemas is what I was looking for. Yesterday I checked the volume of water that my JBL enema bag will hold. It does hold at least 8 quarts and possibily a little more. I never take less then a 5 quart enema and usually it is a 6 quart plus enema. I like my enemas to be very warm so I can feel the warmth inside my colon along with the increasing pressure. I still do a few chores outdoors like feeding my chickens. But I also cut my firewood with a chainsaw every few days. Without the life long enema sessions I would not have the strength to do these activities. Many of my neighbors that I grew up with have had long since given up any outside physical activities. And many of them have passed away.

I can't stress the use of regular enemas too much! A good large volume enema at least once a week is great! More often is even better!
Again I thank you and I hope more people will reply about their JBL enemas as well as enemas in general.

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[> Subject: Re: JBL

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Date Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013, 04:41: am

Hi Eddie,

I hope this satisfies your interest. Note that you are included in my compilation.

The JBL (Joy, Beauty, Life) Cascade Syringe.
Compiled by H. Hamilton.

The $200 price of the JBL (Joy, Beauty, Life) Cascade from Beth Tyler Labs, might keep some people from owning it. I love my JBL Cascade, but have found that it’s not appropriate for a quick enema. For the first use I carefully measured the 5 liters of water I put into the JBL. I felt that it could hold more than that but didn’t want to press my luck with a brand new bag. When I was finished taking in all the water I could, there was about 1 liter of water left in the JBL. I have never been able to completely empty the bag, even by sitting with the JBL on a fluffy pillow. As it is used when one is seated, it requires no hooks or other hanging devices. Many women have told me that the sitting position used for this syringe seems to make it so much easier for them to take the full 4 quarts of water. Some of these women have been able to hold a full 4 quarts for the first time when using this syringe. If you’ve been afraid of taking 4 quarts, the JBL is for you.
From Penny - ESIG newsletter 1997.

You really can hold more from a JBL cascade. I was chronically constipated as a child and I got a LOT of enemas on an original JBL cascade. Mom would fill the bag, which held 5 quarts, lubricate the nozzle and I would be placed on it. She turned the faucet valve around so it was behind me and I couldn’t turn it off. Sitting on that warm bag of water felt relaxing. She always set the flow really slow so it didn’t hurt, but she always put the JBL on a high chair so that my feet didn’t quite touch the ground, and I couldn’t keep my weight off the bag and resist the irrigation. These enemas took time, and were very very effective. I got these up to high school, then they stopped. I’m 47 now, and recently bought an original JBL with the valve, on ebay for a few hundred dollars. It was worth every cent. From Jeanie 2002.

Jeanie is right about getting the JBL as a kid. I spent a lot of time sitting on one while I was growing up. That big rubber bag full of warm water really cleans out your entire colon. I still have the original JBL that Mom made me sit on as a child. Not too many people realise that each JBL cascade came with 2 rectal nozzles, one for adults and a smaller one for children. As the instructions say, the JBL is “The best remedy for constipated children.” Is really is, believe me!!

I have made it somewhat of a ritual to fill my JBL cascade to the brim with really warm soapy water and sit on it. With my slim 115 lb body, as I sit here with the valve just opened a little, the warm water goes in gently and makes me really enjoy filling up. About 15 minutes later, holding 4 quarts, it’s time to go and let it out. From Suzie 2002.

To treat my chronic constipation, my mom bought a JBL Cascade, I got my first ride on it in the 1950’s. Mom was a nurse and the JBL was a new medical device, highly recommended, and she really knew how to use it. She was told by the doctor not to let me get too constipated and she took to giving me my enemas seriously. I hated it at first, but it was really a gentle enema. It came in a wooden box, with a soapstick to lubricate your bottom and 2 black rectal pipes; one for adults and one for kids.

Mom filled it, added a teaspoon of liquid baby shampoo, put the JBL on a high chair in the bathroom, or often in the kitchen so mom could monitor my progress, soaped my bottom and made me sit on it. She made sure that the chair was high enough so my feet didn’t touch the ground, so I couldn’t keep my weight off the bag and stop the flow. My mom turned the control valve around so it stuck out in back instead of in front between my legs; that way she could control it and it would be very difficult for me to reach back and turn it off. She opened the valve and I got the contents of the bag slowly. She adjusted the flow so it was really slow and used a timer to make me hold it.....

Sometimes before the bag was flat, she would stop the flow and let me rest, but that bag had to be flat before I was allowed to get up. I got them quite often, for a long time.

Surprizingly, getting an enema sitting upright is very comfortable and very effective despite what all the nursing books say. The modern ones are $150 or so, I still have our old one and believe it or not, it still works. The modern ones are rubber, the original is rubber covered with a sort of leather. I would love to hang it on the back of the bathroom door, but my enema fetish is a secret. From Sarah – 2005.

Growing up in the 1950’s, I sometimes was constipated..my mom defined constipation as any 2 day period without a good BM. Consequently, I got a lot of enemas and I got them on a JBL Cascade. Two things made the JBL a very effective cleanser of my young colon: one was the stick of soap that came with the device which was soaked in water then slipped into my bum for lubrication (this alone made me want to go) then sitting on that big, warm bag with mom controlling the flow....slow and pretty much without cramping. And being put on a high chair made sure that the JBL delivered all of it’s contents, like it or not. I bought one of the new JBL Cascades, it works but it’s not the same. From Jeri – 2005.

I recall spending a lot of time perched on an original JBL Cascade during my youth. If I was really bound up or just being bratty and uncooperative, the JBL was filled and placed on a highchair...the valve was left sticking out in back so I couldn't shut off the flow but my nanny could adjust it at will. The chair was high enough so that my feet didn't touch the ground so I could't "cheat" and stop the flow by lifting my bum off the bag and a safety belt made sure that I wasn't going anywhere. I generally got the treatment in the kitchen on laundry day; as nanny was ironing I was seated on the JBL getting my bowels slowly filled. The flow was always set at just a trickle and the water was very warm; it was actually a relaxing and comfortable experience. I just hated having visiting moms watch me get a 1/2 hour long enema right in front of them; they knew exactly what was going to happen after I was full. The pottychair was always right there on the floor, ready for action.

I bought an original JBL cascade enema set on ebay a while back. It brought back memories of my childhood. The JBL gives the best enema that I have ever had. Sitting on that warm bag relaxes my bottom and I adjust the valve to allow the solution to slowly fill and warm my colon. I fill it with really, really warm soapy water and have taken the entire amount (which is 4 quarts) many times. I'm quite slim and I weigh 125 lbs and I look pregnant when I finally shut the valve and waddle off to the bathroom. One advantage is that I sometimes sit on the JBL in a long bathrobe and my kids don’t even know that mom is getting her enema!! From Heidi – 2004.

My father believed in large volume enemas, and was only too happy to accommodate my wishes in that department. I took nearly five quarts when he gave me my largest enema as a teenager and still do today. I find it easiest to take five quarts or more (just a little) when standing or sitting. I have a JBL, which I fill to capacity with just under seven quarts. I only use it when I’ve already “cleaned out.” I put it on this computer chair and “have a seat.” The last time I used it, and measured what was left in the bag, I had taken in over 5 ½ quarts. I wasn’t in any pain, just full, and felt I could probably take more. Maybe I could give it a go and see how much more I can handle. From San – 2005.

My daughter and her three kids came for Christmas and my husband and I expected that all three grand kids would get enemas like they usually do when travelling from one state to another.
On Christmas day we open up the gifts and my Husband and I decided to give my daughter and her three kids a special present, which was a JBL enema sit on bag. They were all surprised, but I told them that it was much more comfortable to use this JBL bag than the other combination and over the lap enema, and was much more relaxing and didn't cause the anxiety and possible cramps.

So it wasn't long before it was enema time with the new JBL bag and we all went into the bathroom where the bench was ready and waiting. The oldest 12 yr old granddaughter was first, and her mom helped her get ready. She did very well with the bag and liked it. The next on the bag was the 10 yr old son, and he thought it was much more enjoyable than the old enema bag. The last was the youngest, 8 yr old daughter, and even though hesitant, she agreed to take the enema with the new bag. Her mom helped her get started and from then on she said it was like sitting on a pillow, and having an enema at the same time. She liked it as much as her brother and sister and said that she could look down and see herself taking the enema.

After the kids were finished and gone, my daughter decided to try it, and was very much impressed how fun and comfortable it was. She thanked us for a great gift. It was a successful enemas session, and the kids seemed to like this way of taking an enema, as it was fairly easy for them and I believe they liked being more involved with their own enema. There will be another group enema session in a few days.

Well, my grandkids headed back home last week, but not before another session with the JBL bag. Everyone took their turn sitting on the bag, just like the first go around. It seemed like they were all quicker to get undressed and much more willing to wait their turn to get on the bag. What a change in their attitude from the regular combination OTK enemas they took before.

I used the regular nozzle on the 12 year old granddaughter, and the smaller one on the 10 and 8 yr old. I think my 10 year old grandson liked the adult nozzle just as well. There was no problem about lack of weight to get the enemas into them properly. Everything went quite well, and they all enjoyed watching each other’s experiences and comments while taking their turn on the JBL.
From Janet – 2012.

I have been taking enemas for a very long time but mostly less than 3 quarts. When I finally was able to purchase a very long colon tube, (60 inches), and a large 6 quart enema bag and also a JBL enema bag at the same time, (about last June 2012), constipation was pretty much the norm. Until I started taking very large enemas daily, (as large as I could without pain), the constipation kept coming back. One day I experienced a kind of breakthrough. Apparently a kink in my colon had straightened out and it was easier to inject the full 6 quart enema. There was little or no discomfort after the kink disappeared. I continued the daily high volume enemas for a couple of months. Even with the early morning high volume enemas I usually had a BM before I took the large enema. Two days a week I was unable to do my enemas but the daily BM's were still evacuated just the same.

I started to use a JBL enema bag. It does a pretty good job but it was a little difficult for me to insert the nozzle in my rectum. Usually I filled my JBL enema bag to the full capacity of about 7.5 quarts. At first I would place JBL on the closed toilet seat and sit down on it with difficulty. Then I realized that I needed to use a chair with arms on it. So I put my JBL on a wooden rocking chair that had arms. I was able to sit down very carefully by using the arms of that chair to support my weight as I sat down. Using that chair allowed me to rock back and forth and twist this way and that way to allow the enema solution to fill my colon to capacity with little or no cramps. I dislike cramps! I use the JBL about five times a week.

For a fill from the JBL enema bag it takes the better part of ten minutes or longer. I usually shut the valve off as I begin to feel a sense of fullness. After a couple of minutes the fullness disappears somewhat and then I continue with the fill. I like to sit on the bag and knead my stomach area for several minutes to work the enema solution around and up into my colon as far as possible. There is always one quart left in the bag, so I can hold 6,5 quarts. I always feel good after an enema session, even if I have to do it by myself. From Eddie – 2012.

Note: Sarah and Jeri claimed that when they were children, they had to take the full amount that the bag would deliver. Also Jeanie and Heidi were prevented from turning the valve off. As the original JBL held 5 quarts and delivered 4 quarts, perhaps one should question the accuracy of their claims. It should be realized that the new copy of the JBL, which Eddie purchased, holds almost 8 quarts, when full, and delivers about 6 quarts.

Eddie seems to have discovered what many of the older doctors and therapists have known. That is, just how difficult it is to remove long-standing kinks in the colon, which prevent the proper flushing of the colon walls, unless the fullest enemas are be taken. The discomfort and cramps of large volume enemas, are unavoidable, if really effective and lasting results are to be obtained.

Janet seems to have a very open relationship with her daughter and Grandchildren. They all seem to have accepted the need for regular sessions of thorough colon cleansing. Other families would do well to emulate their example, when it comes to enemas for their children.

Some Published Material on the Need for Large Full Capacity Enemas.

‘No enema is effective unless from a gallon to a gallon and a half (4 to 6 quarts) is injected into the patient’s bowel.’ Many nurses and patients have reported that they could easily inject from 4 to 6 quarts into the colon, without the need for long colon tubes or retention nozzles.
From The Louisville Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery – 1916.

Here are two Medical References, one old and one new and also a Colon Therapist who all believe in the need for taking large enough enemas to stretch the walls of the colon:-

For a domestic enema, or one which is to be used in ordinary cases of habitual constipation, the quantity of fluid injected is important. Most people use too small a quantity. If enough fluid is slowly injected into the intestines to produce very considerable distension, the result can scarcely fail to be perfectly satisfactory. The liquid should completely fill the whole of the colon. It then stimulates by its temperature, fluidity, and the distension it produces, not only the colon and rectum, but indirectly, the whole of the small intestine.
From Boston Medical and Surgical Journal Volume 3 1931 Page 468.

When fluid is passed into the colon, and particularly when it is passed in skillfully, without introducing any air, there is a gradual distention of the organ. An increase in the pressure of the lumen of the bowel has an instantaneous effect on the pressure of the rest of the abdominal contents. Is stretching the colon a good idea? My answer is a clear Yes! The stretching evens out tensions and restores function. One way to improve the overall function and integrated action of the colon is by stretching the organ, and it is quite plain that the only available way for stretching is through the installation of water gradually under slight-to-moderate pressure through the anal canal. Almost certainly this is a way to retrain the bowel.
From Fact, Fiction, Fraud in Modern Medicine - Thomas A. Dorman, MD - 2010

Introducing an enema to full colon capacity will result in a therapeutic distension or expansion of the colon. With repeated enema sessions, this “stretching” process will tend to realign and reconstitute the integrity of the organ within the abdominal cavity towards a normal shape, size, and position. By using gravity along with this stretching action, old kinks, loops, gnarls, or twists of the colon can be corrected. Massaging techniques—especially massaging techniques, which also incorporate gravity—are useful to realign and lift the colon back into a normal position, especially the transverse section. Administering the large enema in the knee-chest position is a good example of how gravity can be used to promote the “re-education” process.
From Kristina Amelong – Certified Colon Therapist – Optimal Health Network – 2010.

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[> [> Subject: Re: JBL

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Date Posted: Tuesday, March 05, 2013, 07:27: am

Great stories.Waiting for my JBL to be delivered any day.

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[> [> [> Subject: Re: JBL

Eddie to Bill
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Date Posted: Tuesday, March 05, 2013, 10:58: am

I'm sure that you will really enjoy your JBL enema bag Bill. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of taking a JBL enema myself right now. It has been a couple of weeks or so since I did a good cleaning out. The constipation is starting to show itself again. I take in as much volume as I can of very warm salt water solution. Sometimes I put a few drops of peppermint oil or maybe a little epsom salt too.

Regardless of what kind of enema bag is used, enemas are really much better then any kind of laxative! You never know when a laxitive will kick in and spoil your day.

Let us know how your JBL bag works for you Bill,

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