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Subject: CPS Norway - About the abusive and murderish child protective system in Norway -

Roy Jevnaker
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Date Posted: 10:32:05 06/25/17 Sun

To read about the abuive child protective service in Norway, about psoriasis and how to cope with psoriasis, Norwegian doctors taking rectal temperature on children, about what the deep state does with your children, about Agenda 21 - the UN plan to establish a ruling elite with all freedoms and enslavement of the majority, please scroll down.


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By Knut Holt

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It is Dangerous to Visit Norway Together With Your Children

Do not visit Norway with your children. They are likely to be taken away from you by the Norwegian CPS system. Child traficking by norwegian authorities is a heavy industry in Norway, and each child taken away is used to gain heavy profit in various ways by people and instances cooperating with the cps system. The following case i just one of many.

What actually happens to children taken is that a whole gang of professional will impose a lot of unneccesary treatment or services upon the child and get heavily paid by the Norwegian state, or the child will be rented out as guinea pig for research by Norwegian or foreign companies or institutes.


The Norwegian CPS system is perhaps the most aggressive child trafficker in the whole world.

I will generally worn anybody to travel to Norway with their children, since this happens also to children of foreigners.

We know that at least 10000 children are taken by the Norwegian CPS each year and oxer 1000 of them are foreign children visiting Norway with their parents. These numbers are horribly high when one conciders that around 60000 children are born in Norway each year.

Those participating in abducting children are granted huge sums of money from the Norwegian state for each child that is taken. Among those are foster care families, police officers, doctors, lawyears, psychologists, certain private agencies and a lot others. Some of these get money or finding children suited for abduction. Others get money for subjecting the child to treatments and services one falsly will claim that the child needs.

Many of the children simply disappear after being taken in Norway and nobody outside the CPS system knows what they then are being used for. But symptoms point to children taken being rented out as guinea pigs for medical experiments by Norwegian and international companies, by research institutes and by deep state agencies, and also used as sources of organs and tissue.

Norwegian roads are frequently being trafficked by dark vans with blacked windows. Many indices point to these vans transporting children and teens taken by the CPS system, and held under general anesthesia under the transport, and brought to secret places. The samne seems to be happening in USA in the same manner.

When they want to abduct a child,they use mainly two menthods. By one method the child, being at school, is lead into a secret room, usually with the healp of the school health service and some authority in the school. There other doctors or nurses are waiting. The child is given anesthesia to put him to sleep. The child is held uncoscious until the school day has passed and most other children have gone home from school. Then one of these dark vans wil come and bring the child away to a seceret place, still in am unconscious state.

In the other method they come with two of these dark vans to the home of the child. One of the vans contains the staff of the CPS agency, the other a police force to help with the abduction. They make the parents open the door. If the door is not opened, they will force themselves inside. They will then hastedly overwhelm the parents and the child and bring him into the vans. There the child is put to sleep and brought away.

In both cases the child is brougt to a secret hospital-like place, were he is held before being transported urther to a more permanent detsiny. The secret place is owned by the CPS agency, or equally often by a company that aids the CPS system. Evidence suggest that many of these secret places are undergraound installations. Norway is full of halls carved out underground or inside miuntais, but very little is told about their use.

It also seems that the air ambulance of Norway is heavily used to transport children taken by the CPS system. It is a fact that this service for a great part is usd for missions ordered by the state and that children held unconscious frequently are those transported by this service.

At that place they will examine the child medically in all thinkable ways. All the time he is held sedated to be passive and to hinder him from remembering what is happening.

During the stay it will be decided how to use the child and where to bring him permanently. Sometimes he will be brought to a foster care home, sometimes to other hospitals or institutions, again under anetshtesia.

The heavy use of ansetshesia on the kids during these prosesse have the aim of holding the child passive, and hindering him from perceiving, remembering and then telling others what ia happening to him.

Since I am activly inestigating these activities, plwase mail me with any information you have at: aquila_grande@yahoo.no


By Knut Holt


Psoriasis - How to Cope With Psoriasis

By Knut Holt



The skin disease psoriasis consists mainly of an increased growth in the outer part of the skin, the epidermis. The symptoms usually appear at several spots at the same time which can be small and round, or wide areas of complicated shape. All parts of the body can be affected, but often around elbows and knees, in the scalp and in skin folds.

An affected area in the skin gets inflamed, thicker and red. On the area thick white flakes, called plaques, develop. The flakes are an abnormally thick outer keratin layer. Sometimes they are so extensive that they hide all the red skin at the affected area.

These flakes tend to fall off and leave sores. Some feel strong itching. Sometimes there are blisters that rupture and leave sores. This is usually not a sign of infection, but sores caused by psoriasis can get infected. People suffering from psoriasis also tend to develop rheumatoid arthritis due to some of the same deeper causes as the psoriasis itself.

The ultimate causes of the disease are poorly understood, but there is a hereditary component. Psoriasis can develop spontaneously, but infections by streptococci, skin injury, emotional stress and some medicines seem to trigger an outbreak. Psoriasis can start at any age, but often between 15 and 40. It tends to be chronic with god and bad periods when first started, and more or less serious.

The basic mechanism of psoriasis seems to be an auto-immune reaction, where the immune system attacks the skin and causes damage and inflammation. The skin reacts by an exaggerated repair activity which produces too many new cells. These are rapidly pushed towards the surface and peel up, making the whole epidermis thicker, and especially will the outer keratin layer develop into thick flakes.

The cell division in the basal part of the epidermis occur every 4-7 day in an affected area, while only every 30 day in an normal area. The symptoms of the disease are caused by the original damage, the inflammation, an increased blood circulation and the over-growth in combination.


Treatment of psoriasis is based on many principles: One tries to dissolve the dry flakes in a gentle manner. One uses methods to alleviate inflammation. One slows down the cell production by various methods. Sometimes one uses methods to decrease basic actions of the immune system. One tries to hinder complications like infection.

By treatment one has the policy of trying out methods that give small side effects even though they may be somewhat less effective, before using the most effective methods that also give stronger side effects and more serious risks. Professionals have however very different policies regarding treatment regimes, and the regime will also be adjusted for the individual patient.

Sufferers from psoriasis experience that various lifestyle components aggravate or lessen the disease, but this varies from person to person. Each sufferer must steadily observe what makes the disease worse or alleviates it, and adjust his lifestyle. A generally healthy lifestyle regarding diet and exercise is recommended, and many experience that slimming to a normal weight makes the condition better. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty-acids, as found in fish and seafood, seems to help many. Reducing consume of alcohol is also recommended sometimes. One should also avoid skin injury or factors that irritate the skin.

Baths, cleansers or washes with various ingredients to dissolve the plaques and to make the skin more elastic are much used by psoriasis. Such baths can contain ingredients like botanic oils, soda, Epsom salt, dead Sea salt, sulfur or wheat bran.

One can find salves with natural ingredients to dissolve plaques, make the skin more elastic, reduce itching, and reduce inflammation so that less plaque is formed. These products vary much in composition, but can contain ingredients like olive oil, argan oil, cod liver oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, rosehip seed oil, cayenne, salicylic acid, allantoin, citrus extract, echinacea, sarsaparilla, lemon dock, vitamin E and many others. Argan oil is also used in pure form for psoriasis treatment.

Salves containing calcipotriol, a derivative of vitamin D3, is often used to decrease the inflammation and the cell formation and thereby the other symptoms of psoriasis. Salves with the drug anthralin (dithranol) which slows down cell division is also a common treatment for psoriasis. These drugs tend however to irritate the skin and anthralin stains everything it comes in contact with.

Salves with corticosteroid hormones which counteracts inflammation are used to treat psoriasis. A side effect of corticosteroids used over a long time is thinning of the skin.

A traditional remedy which still is used for psoriasis are salves or baths containing tar, which has the ability to dissolve plaques and lessen the basic process that lead to formation of plaques. Tar gives however an increased risk for skin cancer.

Ultraviolet light lessen the inflammation and formation of plaques. It can be done by exposing the skin to natural sunshine and by using ultraviolet lamps. Usually one take a bath to dissolve plaques before ultraviolet light is applied. Sea-bath with sunshine exposure afterwards is a natural way of taking this treatment. The most effective UV light is of wavelength 313 nm, but rays of this wavelength give a higher risk of skin cancer. By severe psoriasis tablets or baths with the ingredient psoralen may be used before quick radiation with ultraviolet light. This substance increases the effect of UV light. The combination is called PUVA treatment.

For severe psoriasis that do not respond to outer treatment, systemic treatment through mouth or by injections of medications that reduce cell division and cell maturation is used. Examples of these are derivatives of vitamin A called retinoids and cytostatica like methotrexat in low doses. Systemic treatment by immune suppressing drugs like cyclosporine are also sometimes used for severe psoriasis. These drugs are effective but give side effects for the whole body that can get serious if the treatment is not adjusted accurately. Proneness for infections caused by depression of the immune system is one side effect of these drugs.

In the latest years one has begun using so-called biological drugs for treatment of psoriasis, for example remicade. These drugs consist of antibodies or signal substances that can modify specific internal processes in the tissues, for example the actions of the immune system. The signal substances used to control psoriasis reduce attacks from the immune system on the skin. They also reduce attacks on the joints and are therefore also effective against arthritis related to psoriasis.

These drugs are expensive and one knows little about side effects yet, but they increase proneness to infections. Therefore they are only used by severe psoriasis that does not respond to other treatment.


Knut Holt is an Internet marketer and author with a focus on health items and science. Please see his web-site to find more information and presentation of natural products to treat psoriasis, eczema and similar conditions.


About Norwegaian doctors taking rectal temperature on children

When a child is sick with fever, Norwegian doctors advice the parents to check all the body of the child at regular intervals and alarm the doctor if unusual symptoms occur anywhwere.

It is seldome told explicitly, but such a check clearly also regards the genital and rectal area. The reson for this is that certain serious infective diseases, like meningitis, can give the first symptoms at any part of the body.

When a Norwegian doctor examins a child with fever, or a child that might have fever, heshe nearly always checks the rectal opening and the area around.

The doctor seldome lets a nurse do it, but does it herself.

Usually she will camouflage the check as a rectal temperature taking. Usually she will pull down the payama or underpant when the child is lying a the back. Thus she can see the genital area.

Then she will roll the child onto hisher side and flex hisher legs up, spread the buttocks with fingers and put in the thermometer.

She will usually use a digital thermometer and cover the tip with a long disposable hood, that she usually will put into a plastic bag afterwards and take with her.

I have the impression that the hood also is used to sample specimens of microbes and other substances from the rectal opening that might be sent for analyses without the parents knowing it.

Also this hood is wide enough to induce certain reflexive reactions in the rectal opening of the child, especially a reflexive relaxation or constriction of the opening.

It seems like the doctor also uses such reactions, togeather with the general reaction of the child during this rather intimate handling to make certain sociopsychological diagnoses, for example diagnose or possible child sexual abuse.


And what the doctor see is secretly recorded in a dossier and and notification in that dossier will be used as reason for the Norwegian child protective system to snap the child away.

The Norweagisn CPS system is heavily involved in child trafficking, and every service dealing with children act as a spy agent for this abusive system and gather secretly data so that the CPS system has an excuse for taking the child away with the help of the police.

Of cource heavy amounts of money is involved, provided by the taxes Norwegian citizens pay and the income from the Norwegian oil industry. Every chain in this child trafficking business gets its share of money.

For each child taken away, the Norwegian society grants heavy sums of money to those taking care of the child thereafter, and every child taken away will be surrounded by a swarm of treaters and caregivers of various kind, each given their ample share of money.

In adition the child is likely to be rented out as guinea pig for medial experiments and as donor of tissues to be sold at the international organ distribution network.

A suspicion of child sexual abuse is the magic formula used to snap children away, even of the evidence will not hold in a court.

Knut Holt
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The deep state is systematically dumbing down and breinwashing people from an early age in kidergarten, through the education in primary schools and further on through all stages of education.

The purpose is to make each person a marionette for the globalist agenda, which essentially consist of establishing a global elite with all kind of freedoms, and the majority in slavery for the global elite.

Methods used are drugging, neuropsychological treatments, hypnotic drills and propaganda, and it does not matter if the school system the kids are put through is public or private. They all are subsidiaries of the deep state.

The indoctrinations is then continually enforced by both overt and sublime hypnotic mind controle through mass media.

The propaganda usually handles about concerns for global warming, climate change in general, lack of sustainable use of resources, pollusion, epidemies, destruction of forests and nature, sexual abuse of children and a lot of other things they find suited for indoctrination, and that drastic measures must be used to handle these concerns.

Some of these concerns are real, but the solutions that the globalist manipulate children to accept imply slavery for the great majority.

Some of these mind-controlled persons are eventually placed as marionettes in official power positions to promote the agenda, but in a disguized way to deceive people. These brainwashed executives or politicians are hardly themselves able to understand what they are really promoting, since they are themselves offer for the desception, besides being glad for the money they earn for their work.

What is described here is the situation in Europe as well as that in USA, since the deep state is international and uses UN and other international organizations as headquarters, like EU, NATO, Red Cross, Save the Children and The vatican.

It is necessary for all parents to surveil evrything going on with their children in schools, health centers, hospitals, camps, sports clubs and any institution taking care of their children, and stop any kind of abusive manipulation of mental or physical kind.

By Knut Holt

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ABOUT AGENDA 21 - The UN Plan to Establish a State of International Feudalism

by Knut Holt



The agenda 21 is a global plan made by the elite acting through international organs lim United Nations and European Union.

According to this plan there will be established a small international elite. This elite will be given all freedom to live as they want and use all the resources they want for own good. This elite will constitute the persons and families already having an elite position internationally.

The majority of peoples will be assign to a class that are held poor and given only those resources neded to be able to serve the elite. The plan is to confine ordinary people into narrow secluded areas whith very little living space for each indiviual, and whith allowance only to leave that area to go to work and serve the elite.
There will also be established a middle class with the purpose of surveiling and policing ordinary people so that not anybody of them behaves outside their allowanse. This class will be given some of the provilages of the elite class to keep them loyal.

The land areas all over thw World will be divided in 3 zones with fences between them so that nobody without permission can tresspass.

There will be established secluded megacities that will include some amount of nature an park areas. The megacities will contain gigantic dwelling casern with a very narrow dwelling space for everyone living there. The caserns will basically provide dispachment places for all kind of daily goods every person needs, so that no person will find it strictly necessary to leave the dwelling complex for other than go to work.

Then there will be an outer zone with much more nature. In this zone the mansions of the elite and the houses of the controllers will be situated. The elite and the class of controllers will have all the opportunity to use the natural resources in this zone as recreational areas and areas for activities like hunting and fishing.

The outermost zone will be pure and wild nature untouched by humans, except that the elite will have full permission to use this zone for own recreational resources.

The mate they use is of cource the concern for the environment, but their concern is a fake one.

Agenda 21 is the globalist plan to create the prizon planet.

One way of achieving the goal is to destroy the industries of each country so that people have to lump themselves togeather for the cause of powerty.

Be sure that this group is oparating against many national and local industries, not only whaling and is supported by the glibalists nationally and locally in Norway, which are those defining themselves as the elite.

I am from Norway and those living in Norway right now experience themselves gradually turning effectively poor, because the prices are skyrocketing, especially home prices, while the vages do not follow.

All over Norway they also create fences and road barrs so that people are confined to narrow and easily contrillble routes.

Norwegian children and teens are routinously called in to health checks done under anetsthesia. Durig these health checks the kid is inspected through all body openings with endoscopes. During these inspections the kid is tagged with electronic chips that makes it possible to follow the wearabouts of the kid all the time and also monitor what the kid is doing. This chipping is held secret for the common public. These kind of health checks also occur in USA, Canada and many other European countries.

By the way, one of the chief coordinators for the Agenda-21-program was Gro Harlem Brundtland, an elitist politician from Norway, that also was the prime minister of Norway a ling time.

by Knut Holt



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