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Subject: Afterlife, Talking to the other side

Jay Pitts (enlightened)
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Date Posted: 21:06:11 01/17/10 Sun

On June 28, 2009 my mother crossed over. Before she left I asked her to
contact me from the other side if she could. She did and still does.
This is no joke. This is a breakthrough. Literally. I had this
agreement with my mother for years. One of the last times I spoke with
her she told me she thought she would be gone soon. I told her when she
got to the other side to look for the technicians. In the chats I am spikestuf she is repitts.

spikestuf: You log in, then you are gone almost right away. Must be a
touchy interface between this side and yours. Wish I knew how to fix
spikestuf: can you talk?
repitts: Serve others.
spikestuf: hello??? mom???
spikestuf: don't know how to begin doing that
spikestuf: fought the IRS for years, all it did was keep me poor
spikestuf: i have some issues concerning public health to take to city
spikestuf: tell me what you think i should do
spikestuf: i am all ears
repitts: Others not yourself
spikestuf: you can't be more specific?
repitts: fill a need
spikestuf: jesus was here to serve others, got him murdered by the
spikestuf: and no one would step up to defend him
spikestuf: a poor loser like me can fill a need?
spikestuf: i use to like to think so, still do i guess
repitts: Each can
spikestuf: give all our family their my love
repitts: Start small
spikestuf: like hospice work?
spikestuf: sitting with the sick and dying?
spikestuf: or take on some monsters?
repitts: Small then grow with it
spikestuf: what cause?
repitts: Others
spikestuf: find william cooper on that side
spikestuf: he was my mentor
spikestuf: milton william cooper
spikestuf: he was trying to be selfless
spikestuf: or seemed to be
repitts: Focus
spikestuf: i can barely focus just on paying my bills, but i see your
general point
repitts: Look inside not at "mentors"
spikestuf: so there are things to find inside me i don't know about
repitts: Focus
spikestuf: focus in what way?
repitts: Improving self to allow serving others
spikestuf: that i understand
spikestuf: somewhat
spikestuf: don't leave now
spikestuf: please
spikestuf: have you made an effort to contact lori yet?
repitts: Ponder your personal improvement
spikestuf: okay
repitts: Opportunities abound
spikestuf: i will have to become a hermit for awhile but I can do it
repitts: Stay connected to others
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: i am almost always worried and depressed. I will just have
to try harder to rise above that
repitts: Don't fight just to fight
repitts: Find the joy in little things
spikestuf: i already know how to do that
repitts: Snow is beautiful
spikestuf: haha, yes mom it is
repitts: Laughter is music
spikestuf: i will enjoy the snow even more when the transmission in my
car finishes dying, lol
spikestuf: i love music
spikestuf: i learned a harmonica song for you, Song Sung Blue by Neil
repitts: Diamonds are a girls best friend
spikestuf: must be why i don't have a girlfriend, lol
repitts: People can be diamonds
spikestuf: yes, but just because i find one i think is one doesn't mean
they are
spikestuf: my judgement is only human
repitts: You be the diamond. Look inside
spikestuf: have you tried to email Lori?
repitts: Dreams can comfort some
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
repitts: Dreams can comfort some. To each their own connection
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
spikestuf: trying to make sure i am not talking to some kind of bot
spikestuf: have you tried to email lori?
repitts: No need. Dreams can comfort some.
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: did grandmaw tell you i spoke with her in a dream, several
years ago?
repitts: All things are possible in dreams
spikestuf: I still want you to email lori.
spikestuf: i don't care who tells you on that side it's a bad idea
repitts: Rest, dream, love yourself. Peace
spikestuf: dont leave
spikestuf: who was that old woman poking around your place after you
crossed over?
repitts: Never leave. Always there. Peace
spikestuf: there is no peace on this side but what we find in ourselves
repitts: Look inside. Don't fight just to fight
repitts: Peace. Learn to be still
spikestuf: do you always know when i am near my computer?
spikestuf: i mean, if you want to?
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: stop making me cry, lol
repitts: Tears can clear the way
spikestuf: somehow i know you are right
repitts: Rest, peace, patience
spikestuf: why email me and not lori, makes me look like a fruitcake,
repitts: Dreams can comfort some. Each has their own path
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: you know i am going to send all this to lori
spikestuf: so anything you want to say to her, say
spikestuf: her and i talk now
repitts: Connections, peace, tranquility
spikestuf: dont stop there
repitts: Look inside, find your path, persevere
spikestuf: if it's my path, then isn't it a selfish path?
repitts: All have a path
repitts: Use your path for good
spikestuf: i thought i have been
spikestuf: don't know what to change about what i do other than
cleaning up my personal life
repitts: Waste not intellect and energy on fighting
spikestuf: that i understand
repitts: Look inside. Find clear path
spikestuf: i am surrounded by conflict and turmoil, fear and insecurity
repitts: Look inside
spikestuf: look inside for what?
repitts: Path free of conflict
repitts: Fear, insecurity part of progress
repitts: Grow past these
spikestuf: this world is set up to keep us in negativity
repitts: Look inside. You determine your outlook.
spikestuf: was grandmaw right when she said faith could move mountains?
repitts: Faith is peace, tranquility
repitts: Mountains are transient
spikestuf: yes they are, all things must pass
repitts: Focus on the peace, not the mountains
spikestuf: okay
spikestuf: what can you tell me about the other side?
repitts: Rest now. Awaken and be peaceful
spikestuf: are you censored in what you can say to me?
repitts: Live one day at a time. Strive for a single clean, selfless
repitts: Grow daily
spikestuf: what kind of job should i be looking for?
repitts: What needs done?
spikestuf: nothing selfless about the struggle to survive
spikestuf: on this side
spikestuf: what needs done? I use to think i knew.
repitts: Rest, dream, awaken positive and determined to help
spikestuf: okay you need to go now?
repitts: You have needs. Rest, work positively
spikestuf: it seems to me a truly selfless person would have no need
whatsoever for this world
repitts: One needs to take care of oneself to be able to help others
repitts: Rest
spikestuf: can we talk again soon?
repitts: I am always in your heart
repitts: Rest.
spikestuf: what do you do with your time on that side?
repitts: Rest now. Dream, awaken refreshed and focused
spikestuf: okay, so you don't want to play question and answer anymore
right now?
repitts: Rest. Have peaceful day. Help one person
spikestuf: help them to what extent?
spikestuf: i mean, i deliver people pizza all day
repitts: One small, selfless gesture can make a difference. Rest.
spikestuf: okay
repitts is typing a message.
repitts: Rest peacefully........
spikestuf: i will mom
spikestuf: still don't know what you do with all your time on that side
repitts has signed out. (1/6/2010 9:19 PM)

I sent mom an email last night. Asked her: what was the name I had for
chocolate milk as a small child? Got a reply on instant messenger this
morning. Her first word...

spikestuf: good morning mom. Although I wonder if you have night and
day on that side. Maybe it's somewhat different.
repitts has signed back in. (1/11/2010 11:51 AM)

repitts: Cochibur

[pronounced: Koch-e-bur] -Jay

spikestuf: thats right
spikestuf: no doubt whatsoever i am talking with my mother
spikestuf: makes my heart soar
spikestuf: now i can stop letting people make me feel bad for claiming
i still talk to my mom
spikestuf: i may be poor but i am an enlightened man
spikestuf: you know there are a thousand question i want to ask you
spikestuf: lori is going to flip out, lol
spikestuf: tell scott i really miss his guitar since i play harmonica
every day now
spikestuf: i better get out of this room and start my day
spikestuf: Love you mom!!!
repitts: Patience
repitts is typing a message.
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: thank you mom

repitts: =)
spikestuf: hi mom
spikestuf: wish i had your happiness, lol
repitts: Takes time
spikestuf: i'd have to lock myself in a room, drink nothing but water,
and fast for a week just to get my system clean again
spikestuf: my health isn't that great, mental, spiritual, or physical
repitts: Physical?
spikestuf: i smoke over a pack a day and putting on weight
spikestuf: i got back problems too
spikestuf: a few weeks ago i slipped and fell out of bed which is 4
feet above the floor, landed on the back of a metal chair under my left
spikestuf: i could barely walk for two weeks
spikestuf: think i had blood in my urine too
spikestuf: but don't worry about that, it's all transient, lol
spikestuf: and cousin doug who i rent from, he makes 5 times the money
i do, and he is 5 times the negative person
spikestuf: he is wrecklessly decadent
spikestuf: dad wont let me stay in his basement
spikestuf: so you know why i say my family doesn't need me
repitts: So not true
repitts: Patience, focus, sobriety
spikestuf: use to have my college transcript for my job hunt, someone
stole my backpack out of my car couple of years ago, it was in it
spikestuf: cant get another because my student loan is in default
spikestuf: and with the best paying companys doing credit checks to
deny those employment with bad credit makes me feel doomed sometimes
repitts: Look within, serve others
spikestuf: it gives me some comfort to know you are still with me
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: "You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking
that brought upon the problem." -Albert Einstein
spikestuf: I am trying to take your advice to heart.
repitts: Takes time
spikestuf: You learned much about the human race on that side you
didn't know from this side?
repitts: Definitely
spikestuf: Well, it doesn't seem right those of us on this side are
denied that knowledge.
repitts: Be determined
spikestuf: You always seem to know when i am near my computer, don't
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I knew you were going to say that, lol.
spikestuf: I guess you know everything i say to other people too.
spikestuf: long pause... lol
spikestuf: I can still laugh at myself. At my general condition in all
this we humans swim around in.
repitts: Laughter is good
spikestuf: I don't get enough of it for sure.
spikestuf: No wonder i want to hang out at the bar and drink.
repitts: Not good
spikestuf: Can you post any links from youtube you recommend?
spikestuf: Can you watch youtube on that side?
spikestuf: Ever heard of a book by Gary Renard called "The
Disappearence of the Universe"?
spikestuf: i gotta pee, brb
repitts: Remember, patience, focus, sobriety, help others
spikestuf: knowing the path is one thing, walking it is another, but of
course you are right
spikestuf: I will be back in a little while
spikestuf: i don't know how much attention you are capable of giving me
from there, or want to, or to what degree
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: will we always be able to talk like this?
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: is there really a mystery planet coming to cull the earth in
spikestuf: you knew that question was coming, lol
spikestuf: i am going to go down the street and buy a lottery ticket,
back soon.
repitts has signed out. (1/12/2010 6:18 PM)

Last message received on 1/12 at 6:15 PM
spikestuf: should i care about my dog so much or get rid of him?
spikestuf: dad has told me i should get rid of my dog, over and over

spikestuf: you caught me at a friends house helping them with their
computers, lol
spikestuf: I was just reading about some of the stuff NASAs space junk
has been finding in space.
spikestuf: Say anything you want, please. lol
spikestuf: Whats on your mind?
repitts: Focus, patience, sobriety
spikestuf: not 100% sure about the focus part but the other two parts i
am more easy with
spikestuf: trying to stay busy with productive hobbies and out of the
spikestuf: sat night though is karaoke night at the bar, i practice my
solo song and tune to get better with the band
spikestuf: bills open door
spikestuf: i do the mick jagger thing, sing and play harmonica
spikestuf: maybe by focus you mean i should get a new resume together
repitts: =)
spikestuf: lol
spikestuf: i got fri and sat off
spikestuf: but i kinda like the little loser jobs i take, no one
expects very much of me, lol
spikestuf: buddha said all pain in life comes from wanting things
spikestuf: i will shut up a bit let you say something
repitts: Family, focus, patience, sobriety...
repitts: laughter
spikestuf: are you allowed only a certain number of original words per
spikestuf: LOL
spikestuf: you can't just email me a road map of how to live my life,
repitts: Prayer
spikestuf: now there is a new word here
spikestuf: how is the correct way to pray, to offer up ones idols
before God?
repitts: Listen to your heart
spikestuf: i hope you don't talk to me like this only because you know
i will be dead soon or some ironic reality like that
spikestuf: i don't have any plans for killing myself soon
repitts: Absolutely not, you have a future.
spikestuf: If i get aggressive in the job market, alot of people are
not going to like me.
repitts: Don't fight just to fight.
spikestuf: like some of the people i interview with
spikestuf: okay, i will not focus on the negative
repitts: =)
spikestuf: to hell with i will bug the city for a job till they hire me
spikestuf: what do you think about me doing substitute teaching?
repitts: Continue to focus...
repitts has signed out. (1/13/2010 7:58 PM)

spikestuf: all the bad vibrations in our family have got to go. This
family must heal.
spikestuf: welcome back mom
spikestuf: you asked me to look inside. I found family issues first.
spikestuf: and i figured out what to pray for last night too
spikestuf: please say something
repitts: =) You are headed in the right direction.
spikestuf: this isn't easy. I promise to stay on the path.
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I am praying for my higher self to take charge of my life,
and the lives of those I affect.
spikestuf: I have a long difficult road ahead of me with this.
repitts: Focus, patience, sobriety.
repitts has signed out. (1/15/2010 3:37 PM)

[This entry is a partial reconstruction of our chat because like a
stupid person I forgot to save the chat before I closed the box]

spikestuf: what was the first elementary school lori went to?
repitts: babeck
spikestuf: what was dad's favorite walt disney character to imitate
repitts: donald duck
spikestuf: what was the first car dad bought you when we lived on
repitts: blue sunbird
spikestuf: what were our house numbers on delhi and maplewood
repitts: 808 and 304
spikestuf: what did i hit scott in the eye with when we were children
on delhi drive?
repitts: lawn jart
spikestuf: when your brother tim had a motorcycle wreck and you and
corky went to see him where was he?
repitts: Nevada
spikestuf: when we lived on Maplewood and you first went back to work,
where was that?
repitts: Middletown News Agency

01/16/10 11:00pm

spikestuf: like a stupid person i closed the chat box before saving
last night. So later on today i would like to repeat some of that
spikestuf: i did turn the auto-log back on so it will never happen
spikestuf: that was a wonderful chat we had last nite, mad at myself
for dropping the ball
spikestuf: i will be back much later today, meeting a new friend for
the first time
spikestuf: back
spikestuf: waiting patiently
spikestuf: still waiting patiently
spikestuf: anxious to talk
spikestuf: welcome back mom
spikestuf: what was dad's favorite cartoon character to imitate?
repitts: Donald Duck
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: who were our neighbors on each side of us on delhi drive?
repitts: Burt and Leturgy
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: what did I hit scott in the eye with in the back yard as
small children?
repitts: Lawn Jart.
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: where did you go back to work at when we lived on maplewood?
repitts: Middletown News Agency
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: Who is my sister Lori's biological father?
repitts: Don Mays
spikestuf: yup
spikestuf: funny i could not remember his name until the exact moment
you started to type it, lol
spikestuf: you are my hero mom!!!
repitts: Unique individual
spikestuf: isn't everyone?
repitts: =)
repitts: Sober?
spikestuf: absolutely, even missing karaoke night
spikestuf: flat broke too, lol
repitts: Happiness comes from within.
spikestuf: it certainly does
repitts: Job?
spikestuf: i work at dominos now
spikestuf: pizza driver
spikestuf: looking for a better job
spikestuf: not easy since for a 40 year old my resume is a sick joke
spikestuf: hate to change the subject but i gotta say...
spikestuf: the team who have labored so long to help us make this
connection must be some of the finest minds amoung the human race
spikestuf: i wonder how many teslas and edisons and einsteins are there
helping us
spikestuf: restores great faith in the human race in my heart
spikestuf: my cup runneth over
spikestuf: please give them my admiration and gratitude
spikestuf: and you found them!!!
spikestuf: this is the cutting edge of human progress in my opinion
spikestuf: this is there with the discovery the earth is a sphere and
rotates around the sun, or bigger
spikestuf: this is the bridge between science and religion
spikestuf: where the rubber meets the road in the progress of human
understanding of the universe and of itself
repitts: =)
spikestuf: i am so happy you agree, makes my heart soar!!!
spikestuf: i have to share these chat with everyone, the world
repitts: Well, focus, patience, sobriety and
repitts: Always in your heart
spikestuf: I love you mom!!!
repitts has signed out. (1/16/2010 11:05 PM)

Last message received on 1/16 at 11:04 PM

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Re: Afterlife, Talking to the other sideJay Pitts19:43:39 03/08/11 Tue

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