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To access the forum admin area, VoyForums sets a browser cookie.

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More information:

If you are using IE, you should make sure cookies are enabled by selecting: Tools > Settings > Privacy > Custom.

If you are using Opera, goto: File > Preferences > Privacy, and enable cookies. Opera is available as a free download, has been around for years and is well-developed-- it is also more secure than IE--protecting you and your computer. You can download it for free, install, and even uninstall if you don't want it, without hassle.

Other browsers include:
  · Mozilla, a stable browser developed by the open-source community. Open source is also the way of the Linux operating system as well as FreeBSD, NetBSD, etc. All are free open source quality operating systems developed by a world-wide community of programmers.
  · ELinks, a text-only browser. Very fast, and it supports tables.

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