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About VoyForums Privacy

About VoyForums Privacy

May 26, 2018

As you may have noticed, VoyForums asks a bit of information about you when you sign up for a forum or create a member account. This information, which you provide, includes basic identifying information such as your name, gender, birthdate, country, zipcode, occupation, challenge questions, etc. We have, as of yet, used this information primarily for account verification (for example, recovery of lost passwords) or so we can know a bit about the members of VoyForums when dealing with them; however, we reserve the right to use it for advertisement placement in the future. For member accounts, this information may be chosen, by the user, to be displayed in a "public profile". Visitors web-browsers also report standard information which may be retained in logs or other records such as posts and account information. This information includes but is not limited to: IP addresses, referrer URLs, and sometimes proxy forward information. Information provided by you can be edited in the forum admin area, or member login area. In the case that this information is not editable online, such as when a user posts anonymously, the present options available to modify or remove that information primarily include contacting the admin, for instance, to remove your message or make it publically unavailable ("unapprove" it), or to contact VoyForums directly. Except for information we receive from your computer at the time of access (IP address, browser, referer URL if any, etc.), the information users provide, by the nature of our service, is for public display, and you provide explicit consent for this display. Voyager Info-Systems, 311. N. Robertson Blvd. #778, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211 or .

VoyForums policy is to keep information belonging to a forum admin or users private; for instance, information like the e-mail address, zip code, etc. are not made available to the public, although the admin may choose to display information, such as IPs, or the member may choose which information is publicly available.

We ask minimal information, and release this only in cases such as required by law, system/network security, or as intended by the user implicitly for public display. It is our general policy to provide notice of subpoenas, court orders, or other requests or demands for information provided by you or your computers. This notice may be private, or public if means of private notice fail or are unavailable, or the matter requires public attention as determined by Voyager's sole discretion and in good faith.

We do not sell lists of e-mail addresses -- these are collected for purposes like account activity (lost passwords, verification, etc.) and for periodic e-mails related to VoyForums.

User-Accountability and User IP/host information-release:

VoyForums keeps IP/host/proxy information from users visiting and posting messages along with each message itself -- the IP may be displayed in a forum at the forum admin's option. Admins may also select to make name and e-mail addresses you provide in your post public or anonymous. The IP information stored along with your message is retained as long as the message is retained on our system; in low-activity boards, this may be indefinite as most messageboards use a rotation-system to expire old messages. As such, if you desire a post of yours removed, you must request its removal either by the admin of the board itself or by Voyager directly. Additionally, your browser, when it connects to our website, provides a browser version -- this may be stored in our logs for about two years, at present.

Additionally, the abuse of our system for anonymous posting of messages has forced us to consider releasing IP/host information of users, at our sole discretion, at the request of complaining users in cases deemed necessary by Voyager. Previously, while our policy has always allowed for this, we had a rule to only release this information upon police or court order. However, the IP information is and has never been considered private, for an admin can at any time set a forum to display such information publically. Our main reason for the possible release of IP/hostname information is to increase on the quality of our system by enforcing user-responsibility and accountability for their own posted content. Please be advised, attempts to hide your IP/host for the purpose of posting content in violation of our User Agreement is considered a violation of this policy. Please understand that VoyForums is a private system and it is a tedious chore for the few of us to maintain, improve, manage, and at the same time support and babysit when our agreement or policy are violated. By performing such activities, you are making our lives more difficult and suppressing our abilities to provide this free service to the public.

Forum and message deletion:

Forums and/or messages may be deleted at any time by the forum admin.

Advertiser access:

Because advertisements are loaded from advertisers, visitors' systems connect to their machines and, thus, our advertisers may know what IP address a visitor uses -- this basically means they may know your Internet Provider or hostname.

If you have any specific questions regarding VoyForums privacy policy, please contact us. We may change this page at any time to reflect our current policy.


More information is covered in our User Agreement.

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