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Date Posted: 03:25:12 12/22/04 Wed
Author: mo
Subject: Re: maria duval
In reply to: eriko 's message, "Re: maria duval" on 03:47:51 10/30/04 Sat


Here below and in one single file, is a compact and consistent representation of the material about the Maria Duval business that can be found in the internet. Two major sources are the german aerger-forum and Kevin Harrington's astrocat pages. Please understand that I have interpreted and extrapolated the actual data too, thus expressing an opinion. My purpose has been to present the most simple and straightforward storyline that fits the data.

This is an uppdate of a file that appeared first in the german Aerger Forum.


The MARIA DUVAL business is indeed a business. There are people who get their living out of it, both employers and employees. This situation makes a net profit necessary, and in order to maximize it, questionable and unethical practices are used. Let's look at the broad view first, without details.

There is allways one single individual or firm at the end of the chain of deals, contracts and money flow, a prime mover if you like. It is unknown if Maria Duval is a prime mover, or if she is just used, but she is involved. The prime mover hides its true identity through deals and contracts with diverse firms.

Then there is the mailing list business. It means that there are broker firms, who hire customer lists, in other words names and addresses of people, who sometimes have bought something by mail. The lists are arranged by customer interest, what kinds of goods the person is interested in. Every direct marketing firm or manufacturer of mail order goods keeps these lists, and many exchance or sell list contents to other interested firms through brokers. This explains also how you can get Maria Duval mailings, even if you have not posted a single Maria Duval coupon. If you reply to any Maria Duval advertisement, your name is soon found in some brokers' lists, and you will be bombed by rather occult offers from all kinds of strange persons besides Maria Duval. After all, anybody can aspire to the status of a prime mover, buy suitable name and address lists, make an arrangement with a low morale mailing firm, and try to make good money.

So there are low morale firms too that take care of the actual efforts of marketing, arranging advertisements, receiving replies, building customer lists, posting, manufacturing, customer service, book keeping, etc... It it not necessary, that all activities are handled in one place, by one firm, by a firm or firms owned by the prime mover, or that the firms exist for only this purpose. There is a network of persons and firms involved.

The firms hide themselves behind the name Maria Duval, a french psychic of some fame. In all the stages of their interaction with a customer they make it appear as if the customer were in direct contact with Maria Duval. Maria Duval is involved in this business, but in actual life there is only some professional add-writer who (as I believe) composes the marketing letters, and the rest is normal low craft office routine, receiving replies, handling orders, sending goods, marketing, book keeping, etc...


We are now ready to go into details. Some named firms are or have been the actual business, and others are or have been business partners. Some of the provided information may be out of date, when you read this. Bright light makes the shadows seek new names and shapes...

Harmonie Ltd (formerly HealthTips Ltd) is a private company, registered in Hongkong. Harmonie Ltd uses at least the following business names: Inner Circle, Maria Duval, Marie-France, Nicole Delya, Dyna Centre, Victoria Collection, Intermail and Harmonie. In about 1997 Maria Duval sold her business out to Health Tips according to french authorities.

Harmonie Ltd is the THE FIRM in the Maria Duval business. They have service providers (lettershops, data entry, customer service, check & credit card processors) in 6 different countries, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Hong Kong. Justin Parkes is the Marketing Director of Health Tips. Health tips uses a highly efficient and automated marketing and selling system. Once you reply to a Maria Duval advert, you are put on an automatic series of offers, and every now and then or so you get one more of their bogus offers, automatically from their computers, no matter what you do!

They even repeat the same offers after a while! Every vendor has easy access to the business database at any time, and Harmonie Ltd is able to monitor vendor activities in real-time. They can set-up in an hour a new campaign where a chain of 15 adverts go out on an automatically timed basis once a new prospect, like a new fake voyant name, comes in. Repeat campaigns take 15 minutes to set-up.

The Hong Kong Company Register says that Health Tips Limited (C.R. No.: 630812) was incorporated as a limited company in Hong Kong on 26 November 1997. It has changed its name to 'Harmonie Limited' on 6 February 2002 and is still on the register of companies maintained by the registry as at the date 18th October 2002. The authorised share capital of Harmonie Ltd is HK$10,000 and issued share capital is HK$2. The shareholders are BMS Copyrights SA and Cup Investments Inc. These shareholders each have HK$1 of shares. I wonder who holds the shares worth HK$9998. Harmonie Ltd has its registered office in 29th Floor, Wing On Centre, 111 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong.

BMS Copyrights SA. ,C/o Ballard & Ballard, 2nd Floor El Dorado Building, Elvira Mendez & 52nd Street, Panama, Republic of Panama. Until 31.10.2001: North Services Limited, 8th Floor, Henley Building, 5 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong.

Cup Investments Inc. ,C/o Ballard & Ballard, 2nd Floor El Dorado Building, Elvira Mendez & 52nd Street, Panama, Republic of Panama. Until 31/10/2001: South Services Limited, 8th Floor, Henley Building, 5 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong.

Ballard & Ballard are multinational lawyers, with a branch in Switzerland.

The Astroforce Hldg Bv, Postbus 1836 bv Roosendaal, 4700 NL, phone (0344) 491223, fax (0344) 493981, is a firm in Netherlands. The domain name mariaduval.com is registered for Astroforce Hldg Bv. The companies register in Netherlands gives more names in connection with Astroforce Hldg Bv, Prolight Concepts Bv and Koetsheid Beheer Bv, both in Parklaan 9, Roosendaal, Netherlands.

The following is speculation. The abbreviation Hldg probably translates into holding, and should mean that this particular Astroforce firm owns something, perhaps some of the other Astroforces, licences and other stuff like that. They or some other firm have also generously sold out licences to various other and independent firms, who locally and rather by them selves, as it seems, take care of the actual business activities. I would say that the lisences cover the commercial rights for the names or trademarks of Astroforce and Maria Duval, the occult education material and services of Maria Duval, and some computer programs that utilize astrological and occult knowledge from Maria Duval.

There is an another holding firm in Switzerland, Astroforce Holding SA. It is a "Socit anonyme" in the commerce register of Lausanne, registered 19.11.1992, federal number CH-550-0087949-9, dossier number H992/03732. The firm holds several registered "Astroforce" trademarks. The former version of the company name was DHS direct home shopping SA, who made business around 1993 using the name Anne Chamfort. Astroforce Holding SA has given several different addresses to trademark registiers. The international trademark registration has the address as 4, avenue de la Provence, CH-1007 Lausanne, Switzerland. The Norwegian register has the address as Marterey, rue 38, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland, phone 021 320 30 31 In swiss company register the address is Rue Marterey 38, Lausanne, Switzerland c/o Fiduciaire Beluche S.A. The description of Astroforce Holding activities names acquisition, administration and selling of portfolios; financing of firms. Kamen Troller, born in Starrkirch-Wil, lives in Cologne, was the first director with the right of individual signature. Grald Dubey, born in Gletterens, lives in Gletterens, has currently the administartive function of Astroforce Holding and has the right of individual signature. The revisor is DELOITTE & TOUCHE SA in Meyrin

Fiduciaire Beluche is a type of company that well could take care of the liquidation of an obsolete firm. See my ruminations later on the role of Grald Dubey.

The firm Zenium Holding owns the french trade marks Anne Chamfort and Nicole Delya, perhaps some others too. Anne Chamfort and Nicole Delya are trade names used in this business.

ASTROFORCE SA is a "Socit anonyme" in the commerce register of Lausanne, registered 10.1.1996, federal number CH-550-0045490-2, dossier number H996/00077. The address is Cit de la Rosire 2, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland, c/o Dubey Gestion S.A. The capital in 100 shares each CHF 1000, all in the possession of Astroforce Holding. If I've understood right, the Astroforce has received by contract 18.12.1995, and according to balance 30.6.1995, actives CHF 3'895'424 and passives CHF 3'069'915 and a net active CHF 825'509 from DHS direct home shopping S.A.of Lausanne (that is Astroforce Holding) in excange of 100 shares. The description of Astroforce activities names promotion, distribution and selling of works, merchandice or consumption service that is related to astrology, especially by selling through correspondence; the buy, sell and utilisation of authoring and edition rights, trademarks, certificates and licenses; printing and distribution of all kind of documents and all kinds of activities that are related to astrologie. The revisor is DELOITTE & TOUCHE SA in Meyrin. Astroforce SA doesn't exist anymore, the firm is liquidated. Grald Dubey, born in Gletterens, lives in Gletterens, is the named administrator and liquefier of both Astroforces. He is the president of Dubey Gestion S.A., which firm offers financial services like accounting; fiscal, organisational, administrative and management advice; arbitration servises; etc.

Astroforce Inc is a domestic business corporation, registered 07/06/1995 in New York, USA. Information from the NY companies register: Astroforce Inc, 459 COLUMBUS AVENUE #512 NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10024. Principal Executive Office is by INFOGEST/TANGELDB.COM, 65 WEST 83RD STREET #4A NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10024

The Astroforce Scandinavia ApS is the local Maria Duval agent in Denmark. The domain names astroforce.dk and madiaduval.dk are registered for Astroforce Scandinavia ApS. Astroforce Scandinavia ApS, Mileparken 22, 2740 Skovlunde, phone +45 44 53 47 07, fax: +45 44 53 47 14, mail@astroforce.dk

There is in Austria a publishing company, Astroforce Verlag GmbH, established 1997. The company postbox address is exactly the same as the reply address in Austrian Maria Duval advertisements. The firm Maria Duval Leserservice shares the same address. The domain names mariaduval.de, astroforce.de, mariaduval.at and astroforce.at are registered for Astroforce Verlag GmbH, Kellhofstrasse 7, (postbox) or Senderstrasse 26 (office) 6922 Wolfurt, Vorarlberg, Austria, phone 05 574 801 20, fax 05 574 801 25.

Deveers was established in France 17.8.1998. Deveers' commercial names were Mage Eriam, Nicole Delya, Nicole Bouquet, Maria Duval and Marie (France?). Their announced activity was commerce by mail. Starting capital was 7622 Euros. Firm director was Olivier Variot, born 27.4.1964. Variot is even today active in the direct marketing business. Deveers was liquidated 3.5.1999, surprisingly soon, at the same date with an other firm of Variot.

Societe Europeenne Vente par Correspondance was established 14.9.1994 in France. Maria Duval, Nicole Bouquet and Mage Eriam were the commersial names of that firm. Starting capital was 7622 Euros. The firm operated in Boulogne and seems to have changed its directors a couple times. The directors were Petral Industrial Holding Corporation BV represented by Erwin San Giorgi, born 03.07.1943, another was Horthel Systems BV represented by Ellen Hansen, and the third was Seera SA. The Societe Europeenne Vente par Correspondance was liquidated 3.10.2000.

The firm MH Direkt e-commerce+fulfillment services GmbH & Co in Lauterbach near Wolfurt operates in Maria Duval business too. They work on a contract with Astroforce Verlag. Contact information is Reitschulstrasse 7 A-6923 Lauterach, Austria, phone.+43 5574 801-131, fax:.+43 5574 801-6, email mh@mhdirekt.com, www.mhdirekt.com

Licon or Linden Consulting is a general direct marketing firm in Bonn, Germany. It seems that they have something to do with Maria Duval posting, marketing and customer service. Their operations cover or covered Austria, Germany, Scandinavian countries and Switzerland. The firm employs less than 10 persons. Contact information is Licon - Linden Consulting, Auguststrasse 1, 53229 Bonn, Germany, phone 02 2897 320, fax: 02 2897 322 90, mail@linden-consulting.de, www.linden-consulting.de

JWN Data is a danish direct marketing firm, that for some time distributed the Maria Duval and Marie France offers in Scandinavia, in Denmark, Finland, Norge and Sweden. They are now out of the contract, and the Hansen family in Denmark has taken this task. So far the only information on the Hansens is their name.

The role of the firm APM Heiner in Bonn is somewhat unclear. It seems that they administer some of the involved domains like mariaduval.de, astroforce.de and their own.This firm is of interest too because of a certain Jrn Heiner. APM Heiner, Auguststrasse 1, 53229 Bonn, Germany, www.apm-heiner.de

France Informatique, 36 Avenue Henri Matisse, 06200 Nice, France, handles the replies from Finnish customers at least. The firm sells horoscopes and predictions too, but deny any contacts with Harmonie ltd. Maria Duval has one residence near Nice, in Callas; a nice coincidence, isn't it?

The firm Market Development was Maria Duval's Italian agent. The firm was liquidated or put in the liquidation process in summer 2002. They had an exclusive licence for the commercialization in Italy of the name, image and the services of Maria Duval. The service item consists for example of a computer program for the determination of individual lucky numbers. The knowledge embedded in the computer program comes from Maria Duval. The computer program is said to compute individual lucky numbers based on the personal data, that characterizes a customer. The italian register of companies gives following information when searched with the term market development: It is uncertain if this is the same Market Development we are here discussing: M & D MARKET & DEVELOPMENT S.R.L, VIALE STRASBURGO 111 - PALERMO (PA) - 90146. The nature of the business is organization, attendance, management and performances of real services to the private companies and the public agencies. That much can be found in the register, but it is informed elsewhere that Umberto Savoia was the managing director of our Market Development. Umberto has said that 100% of the brand is in the hands of a british firm in London, AF Export Limited. AF Export Ltd declares however that they are only the shareholders of Market Development Srl.

AF EXPORT LIMITED, 3 PRINCETON STREET, HOLBORN, LONDON WC1L 3AX is a private limited company. The company register No. is 03823933 and the date of Incorporation 06/08/1999. The nature of business is to hold companies including head offices. No information of managers or owners is given in internet. The firm is active.

The firm Trebbau in Germany is a listbroker. They keep for rent mailing lists owned by various firms, that is names and addresses of customers or interested. They offer two astroforce customer lists, one for Germany, one for Austria Contact info: Trebbau Direktmarketing, Schnhauser Strae 21 50968 Kln, Germany, phone (0221) 3 76 46-0, fax: (0221) 3 76 46-334, email info@trebbau.de, www.trebbau.de

There is a french list broker ITL in Oberschaeffolsheim. They have put in internet some interesting customer databases for hire too. The Astroforce Suisse Allemande database consists of german speaking swiss astroforce customers. The total number of names is over 45 000, 40% men. The names are collected from press and mailings. The Astroforce Suisse Romande database consists of french speaking astroforce customers. The total number of names is over 39 000, 40% men. I believe this and the previous are Maria Duval's customer databases. The Marnell database consist of the customers of Nicole Bouquet, Anne Delaroche and Maria Duval. The total number of names is over 446 000. ITL is found in 13 Rue du Canal , 67203 Oberschaeffolsheim, France, phone +33(0)3 88 77 48 58 , fax +33(0)3 88 77 48 55 , www.itl.fr

Braillard in Belgium keeps for rent an Astroforce mailing list, that contains the names and addressess of Maria Duval's customers in Belgium and Netherlands. About half of the people there, who get that free talisman, actually buys something too. S.A. Willy Braillard N.V., AV.JOSEPH JONGENLAAN 51A , 1180 BRUSSELS, BELGIUM phone (02) 332 36 60, fax (02) 332 19 70, info@braillard.be, www.braillard.be

In Australia we find Global Contact solutions. They rent two Astroforce lists. The first list consists of 76900 people in France and Holland, who have reacted to an advert of Maria Duval. They receive a free talisman and a prediction for the future. The second list is compiled via off the pages advertising in some of Australia's major newspapers and magazines. 174359 customers, 85% Female, 15% Male. The responders have received information relating to their Astrology and numerology interests from a "world famous" clairvoyant. Average purchase is 85.00 australian dollars. Contact info is Global Contact Solutions, postal address PO Box 31 Kelvin Grove, QLD, 4059, AUSTRALIA, office 2/45 Cairns Street Red Hill, Queensland, 4059 AUSTRALIA, phone +61 7 3367 1745 , fax +61 7 3876 6631, email: info@globalcontact.biz, site www.globalcontact.biz

The american list broker AllMedia has in astrology category an astroforce mailing list for Schweitz, all 310500 Astroforce customers. Maria Duval is not mentioned but I believe this is the same stuff. AllMedia is found in 17060 Dallas Parkway, Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75248-1905 USA, email: listmgmt@allmediainc.com, www.allmediainc.com

Another american list broker Namebank International has in U.K. lists category an Astroforce mailing list too, with 450 000 names for the United Kingdom. NameBank International is found in 14 W. Mt. Vernon Place Baltimore, MD 21201 USA , phone 410-783-8460, fax 410-783-8464, email tgholston@namebank.com, www.namebank.com

These lists really are prolific, because the same 450 000 british names can be get from the british Avongate too. Avongate Ltd, 10 Manor Way Blackheath London, SE3 9EF United Kingdom, phone: (+44) (0)20 8852 6713, fax: (+44) (0)20 8297 8001, email: Lindsay@avongate.com, www.avongate.com

An Astroforce customer list can be rented from The Great Australian List Company, Level 1, Suite 1, 7 Hudson Lane, Terrigal NSW 2260, Australia, phone +61 2 4385 8123, fax +61 2 4385 8123, email listinfo@greataussielist.com.au, www.greataussielist.com.au/home.asp

Parker Marketing International Pty Ltd is the Australian representative for AstroForce Inc, a mail order company based in the United States. Parker Marketing International Pty Ltd, of 15/3460 Pacific Highway, Springwood, Queensland, Australia. The Maria Duval business uses a marketing software that is developed by Kelvin Parker from Parker marketing International, if I'm right.

The German firm DMM - Direct Media Marketing says in their reference of satisfied business partners that Maria Duval and Marie France are their customers. The reference is available in their internet site. DMM is situated in Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 24, D-63225 Langen, Germany. The director is Holger Weishaupt, phone 06103-2053 818, mail h.weishaupt@d-m-m.de.

The french firm COMMERCIAL-DATABASE in Nantes hires three Maria Duval customer address lists, from Holland, United Kingdom and Belgium. Their contact information is www.commercial-database.com, Atlanpole, BP 80755, 44307 Nantes Cedex 3, FR 72439317967 RCS NANTES - CNIL n 794143, phone +2 40 180 168. Their site, www.commercial-database.com.fr, is registered for PC ET ASSOCIES, 9 rue Alfred Kastler, 44307 Nantes Cedex, FR, and it seems that the name COMMERCIAL-DATABASE is just one of the many trade names of PC ET ASSOCIES. The director of PC ET ASSOCIES is Philippe Prevel, phone +33 2 40 18 01 68.

Direct Health Organization started the business in Canada 1.1.1992. They use the post box address 38 Auriga Drive, Suite 264 Nepean , ON K2E 8A5, Canada. Phone (514)282-1464 and fax (514) 282-2003. The Principal is Patrice Runner. DHO is a mail-order and catalog shoppping firm. The products of this company are usually weight loss devices, personal wealth enhancement schemes, psychic advice or smoking cessation devices. Maria Duval is a client of Direct Health Organization in USA and in Canada.

Direct Health Organization in Canada does business as United Research Centre and possibly with other names too.

National Parapsychology Center has the same address in Canada as DHO, which is 38 Auriga Drive, Suite 264 Nepean , ON K2E 8A5, Canada. Type of business is shopping services by mail order & catalog. This is not necessarily a complete list, but the firm does business also as:

Marie Duvall
Columbus Health Center
Continental Research Center
Columbus Research Center
New Opportunities Publications
National Health Institute
Anne D'arques Psychic
Angel Inspirational Center
Lourdes Research Organization
Dr Bernard Kingston's Method

The USA office of Direct Health Organization started business 1.1.1993. Their address is:
435 West 46th Street New York, NY 10036, USA. This may be a post pox too. Phones(514) 282-1464, (888) 636-0669, fax (514) 333-9795.

The DHO NY president is Patrice Runner. DHO NY is a mail order and catalog shopping firm. The firm offers a number of products through mail order, including astrological forecasts, weight loss remedies, religious and devotional objects, and back pain treatments. The Direct Health Organization in New York makes business under the following names. The list is not necessarily complete.

American Heritage Society
American Winners Club
Angel Inspirational Center
Back Treatment Center
Bio Science Health & Beauty Center
BioScience Health & Beauty Center / Bio Science
Columbus Health Center
Direct Marketing Concept
Fatima Research
Guardian Angel
Kensington Court Jewelers
La Grande Dame
La Grande Mystique
Lourdes Research Organization
Maria Duval c/o National Parapsychology Center
National Parapsychology Center
New Opportunities Publication
North Stone Jewelers
Northstone Jewelers
Personalized Columbus Weight Loss Program
Seer Patrick Guerin
Solaris Ultimate Optics
United Research Center

This information pertaining to Direct Health Organization comes from the Better Business Bureau files in USA and Canada. But it's most peculiar that I was unable to find the firm Direct Health Organisation in the company registers in New York or Canada, even considering that the Canada register files in internet may be based on voluntary registration and thus incomplete. The DHO just might be another trade name! Probably the other mentioned names will not be found either.

In the past, the DHO President Patrice Runner was repeatedly involved with diet scams in USA and Canada. In the mid-1990s, Runner and a Daniel Sousse were involved with various companies that paid large fines in the United States and Canada for selling bogus diet products.

Infogest was one of the Patrice Runner diet scam firms. The firm Infogest in USA has changed its name to Transaction Smartware, Inc. I believe that they are the real USA agent of the Maria Duval business and, in this case, a service provider to Health Tips. Their address is 65 WEST 83RD ST NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10024-5237. The Chairman or Chief Executive Officer is Niels Christensen. A couple of years ago in the very same office, alongside Infogest, resided also the firm Astroforce Inc. whose chief was Albert Koetsheid from Astroforce Benelux B.V. in Roosendahl Holland. Albert Koetsheid is a well known name in the Maria Duval business! I didn't find Infogest or Transaction smartware in the Canadian company register.

International Fulfilment Services Pte Ltd in Singapore is the Maria Duval business agent for customers in Australia, Japan, and propably some more asian countries. The official business records affirm the existence of International Fulfilment Services Pte Ltd, company number 199704165Z. The Singapore records offer more information only for a fee.

This firm handles also the Phytopharma Slim-Gel Patch scam business from the Slimming Science and Research Centre. In 2002, investigative television reporters in Canada were able to trace what happened to orders mailed to Phytopharma. They reported that the principals in the scheme, operating as a company named Infogest, were Patrice Runner and Daniel Sousse (who acknowledged that they are the North American representatives of Phytopharma). Sousse was involved with various companies a few years ago that were assessed large fines in the United States and Canada for selling bogus diet products, including one called the Svelt Patch. Runner was Sousse's boss at that time. Souse picks up the mail at the Infogest post office box, and his name appears on the contract for the rental. Phytopharma is a company registered in Panama. Finally, all of this activity revolves around Infogest in Montreal and Daniel Sousse and Patrice Runner.

The following contact information can be found in the net: Phytopharma C/o International Fulfilment Services, Asia Pacific Customer Care Centre, Singapore Post Centre - PO Box 199 Singapore 914008. Fax Singapore 001 165 6741 1900. Phone Australia 1300-556-997. For Slim Gel Patch or just to make any enquiry, contact a customer service officer at 0011 65 7433816 if you are calling from Australia, or 65 7433816 if International.

The firm Intarno B.V takes care of the Maria Duval replies to postbox 101 in Rupchen Netherlands. It seems that they are some sort of packing company Contact info: Intarno B.V., Expeditieweg 6, 4715 RM Rucphen, Netherlands, phone: 0165-343220, fax: 0165-342321

Once upon a time there was a Maria Duval customer service center in Hilden, Germany. The name is unknown, but the following information comes from someone who worked there for a while. The firm in question was a direct marketing firm. Their contracts with Astroforce, Bodywell, etc ceased about six years ago (about 1996). The contract covered Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The informant says that Astroforce has the rights by some contract to use Maria Duval's name. I assume that such a contract is by necessity only possible with Maria Duval. The practice in Hilden was, that the magical formulas, horoscopes, etc were printed out of the firm computers, there was no assistance from Maria Duval. The customer calls were answered with lies, and nonexisting names were used in phone conversations, in order to hide the real names and addresses. The firm in Hilden advertised at that time in many german papers and offered free lucky talismans or horoscopes. A postbox address was used to collect the replies. Afterwards the bombing of customers with letters begann. They also sold or hired customer data to other firms.

There must be more firms in other countries, that are connected with this business too, in some way.


The Maria Duval business used the name Anne Cramford in the nineteens, but the face in the photo was Maria Duval. When Maria Duval started using her own name, they changed the photo. Since the European consumer protection organisation ICPEN started 2003 their international action against the marketing of Maria Duval, the business started 2004 to use the name Divinah and a new photo of Maria Duval. Other known names that the business has used are Nicole Delya and Marie France. In their case the photos were not of Maria Duval.


This is a world wide business. Imagine for a while what the following list of known involved countries means in terms of cashflow, number of employees, number of customers, etc...

Argentina, Australia 175 000, Austria 70 000, Belgium 46000, Canada, China, Czech, Danmark, Finland 20 000, France, Germany about 200 000, Great Britain 450 000, Hungary, Hong Kong, Italy 120 000, Netherlands 55 000, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland 310 000, Taiwan, USA. and propably most of the rest European countries. The number behind tells the total number of people who have got at least the free amulet. About 10 - 40% of them seem to actually buy something too!!! I estimate that the total number of contactees must well exceed 2 000 000!


The main reason to register trademarks is to protect against piratism and plagiarism, when the products and services are perceived to be of extraordinary quality, refinement and value, and made or performed with excuisite craftmanship and skill. What a contrast to actual public opinion!

Maria Duval and Astroforce are international trademarks. Both are found in the Madrid system of international trademarks, www.wipo.org.

Some data on trademark Maria Duval:

Registered: 29.3.1995 for 10 years
Holder: Maria Duval
Representative: Grard BONNEAU, CABINET BONNEAU 7, Avenue Gazan, F-06600 ANTIBES (FR
Classification: Pharmaceutical, veterinary and hygienic products, dietetic substances of medical use, food for babies, plasters, material for bandages, materials to plumb the teeth and for dental prints, disinfectants, products for the destruction of nuisance animals, fungicides, weedkillers. *** Clothes, shoes, hats. *** Astrologie, parapsychology, radiesthesy, cartomancy, clairvoyance, futurology.
Applies to: Austria, Bulgaria, Benelux, Switzerland, China, Czech, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Vietnam, Serbia

Some data on trademark Astroforce:

Registered: 29.1.1997 for 10 years
Holder: AstroForce Holding SA
Representative: Dr. Andrea Egger, 5, chemin des Chavanus, CH-1297 Founex (CH)
Classification: Recorded audio cassettes, recorded video cassettes, recorded compact disks and CD-ROMs on astrology, numerology and emotional and health forecasts *** Jewels and other ornaments in the form of stones or of crystals. *** Books and magazines on subjects such as the emotional and health astrology, numerology and forecasts. *** Services in the field of astrology, numerology, emotional and health forecasts.
Applies to: Austria, Bulgaria, Benelux, Cuba, Czech, Germany, Spain, France, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, North Korea, Liechtenstein, Marocco, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia

Notethat at least Australia, USA and other states in both Americas, Baltia and Scandinavia are missing. Many are covered by separate trademark registrations. We start with Canada.


Trade mark application 0834662 Maria Duval
Filing Date: 24.1.1997
Formalization Date: 12.2.1997
Inactivation Date: 12.2.1997 (This trade mark has been abandoned)
Services: Astrology, parapsychology, radiesthsie, cartomancy, clair-voyance, futurology.(since 1995)
Applicant: Maria Duval, LES QUATRE CHEMINS, 83830 CALLAS, FRANCE
Representative for service: SMART & BIGGAR


Trade mark application 0853249 Astroforce
Filing Date: 1.8.1997
Formalization Date: 15.8.1997
Inactivation Date: 21.8.2000 (This trade mark has been abandoned)
List of gods and/or services: Pre-recorded audio, video, compact disc and CD-ROM recordings featuring topics related to astrology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting; books and magazines on topics related to astrology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting; symbolic ornaments in the form of stones and crystals *** Astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm services rendered by mail and telephone
Representative for service: GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON LLP

Finnland (They don't say much, the finns...)

Trade mark 208013 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 26.07.1996
Registration Date: 31.10.1997
Next Renewal Date: 31.10.2007
Classes are badly reported, but they seem to cover the usual
Holder: Astroforce Holding SA, Lausanne, Switzerland
Agent: Kolster Oy Ab

Great Britain:

Trade mark 2039829 MARIA DUVAL
Filing Date: 04.10.1995
Registration Date: 23.08.1996
Next Renewal Date: 04.10.2005
List of goods and/or services: Advertising services; business management and business administration services; office function services; prospectus and sample distribution services; advisory services; information services; document duplication services; data processing file management services; organisation services relating to advertising or business expositions. *** Telecommunications services; press agency services; services relating to communications by data processing terminals. *** Services relating to the provision of entertainment, sporting or cultural activities; book and magazine publishing services; services relating to film, theatre and show production; agency services for artists; film, record and CD hire services; rental of film projection apparatus; rental of show and stage scenery and accessories; services relating to the organisation and management of symposia, conferences and meetings; services relating to the organisation of cultural or educational expositions. *** Astrology services; parapsychology services; divination services; cartomancy services; clairvoyance services; futurology services; printing services; services relating to the provision and hire of a data base service centre.
Proprietor: Maria Duval, L'estagnol, Les Quatre Chemins,83830 Callas,France
Agent: W.P. Thompson & Co, 55 Drury Lane,London,WC2B 5SQ

Trade mark 2103695 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 25.06.1996
Registration Date: 20.06.1997
Next Renewal Date: 25.06.2006
List of goods and/or services: Pre-recorded audio, video, compact disc and CD-ROM recordings featuring topics related inter alia to astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting. *** Ornaments in the form of stones. *** Books and magazines on topics related inter alia to astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting. ***
Ornaments in the form of crystals.
Proprietor: Astroforce Holding S.A. Ave de Provence 4,1007 Lausanne,Switzerland
Agent: Fry Heath & Spence LLP, The Gables,Massetts Road,Horley,Surrey,RH6 7DQ
Service: Fry Heath & Spence LLP

Trade mark 2107544 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 13.08.1996
Registration Date: 28.02.1997
Next Renewal Date: 13.08.2006
List of goods and/or services: Services relating to astrology, numerology and biorhythm phenomena; and the preparation of reports relating to these services.
Proprietor: Astroforce Holding S.A.
Agent: Fry Heath & Spence LLP
Service: Fry Heath & Spence LLP


Astroforce is a registered trademark in Norway since 1998. The owner of the trademark is Astroforce Holding SA, Lausanne, Switzerland. The holder of the trademark in Norway is Bryn & Aarflot AS, Kongens gate 15 PB 449 Sentrum N-0104 Oslo, phone 22 00 31 00, fax 22 00 31 31, email mailto@baa.no, www.baa.no. Bryn & Aarflot AS is a firm that provides trademark, design right, patent, etc services.

The trademark astroforce is characterized by following goods and services:

Audio and video CD and CDROM disks with contents related to astrology, numerology, and psychic and biorytmic computations and predictions.
Books and papers with contents related to the same topics.
Crystal and rock ornaments.
Health and beauty care, consultation and advice, health and manicure services, Beautysalongs.

Sweden (They say even less than the finns...)

Trade mark 0322400 ASTROFORCE
Classes are badly reported, but they seem to cover the usual topics
Holder: Astroforce Holding SA, Lausanne, Switzerland


A great deal of the customer reply addresses seem to be post boxes, very possibly all. This is another example of the hiding nature of the firms. Questions are, why and what are they hiding and from whom?

The reply address for Australia is: c/o Astroforce, 199 Toorak Road, Suite 90, South Yarra, VIC 3141, Australia

Austria: Kellhofstrasse 7, 6922 Wolfurt, Vorarlberg, Austria
Phone 05 574 801 20, Fax 05 574 801 25

Belgium: Boite Postal 112, 2910 Essen, Belgium

Belgium: Chemin du Tunnel 39, case postale, CH-1185 Monmt-sur-Rolle, Schwitzerland
Fax 022 994 51 09, email info@mariaduval.ch

Finland: 36 Avenue Henri Matisse, 06200 Nice, France, Phone 45 44 53 34 40, email info@mariaduval.dk This address is a postbox, hosted by France Informatique. The firm sells horoscopes and predictions, but deny any contacts with Health Tips ltd.

Canada: 1951 Huron Church Rd,.Windsor, ON ,N9C 1J6

Germany: c/o WMV, Postfach 1411, 53351 Rheinbach, Germany, Fax 0043 5574 801 25, email info@mariaduval.de

Germany: Postfach 102134, 40012 Dusseldorf, Germany, Fax 0211 900 7327

Great Britain: PO Box 30, Alton, Hampshire. GU34 4PX UK. Several other addresses have been used during the last two years.

Hong Kong: Spring Room 3-6, G/F, Pacific Trade Centre, 2 Kai Hing Rd., Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Netherlands: p/a Postbus 101, 4715 Rupchen, Netherlands

Netherlands: Antwoordnr 10408, 4800 vb Breda, Netherlands

New Zealand: 63 Remuera Road, Suite 118, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand

Switzerland: Postfach Champ Colin 12, 1260 Nyon 2, AMPD174 , Switzerland

USA: 371W 46th Street Ground Floor, New York, NY 100036-8310, USA
another is: 11064 QueensBlvd.#400 Forest Hills, N.y.11375-6347
yet another is: 55 Madison Ave Ste400#4070 Morriston, NJ 07960-7348


Alberto Rumschisky Rabinovitz is an argentino, born 17.9.1926. His address is Santiago Bernabeu, 6 ESC 1 PZ PL, Madrid 28036, Spain. He is the director of Astroforce Ltd and Harmonie Ltd. This position puts him at the center of this business. If you have any unfinished business, displeasure or need to speak with Maria Duval or Astroforce, contact him if other means fail.

A dutchman, Albert Theofiel Koetsheid, born 14.11.1953, Juvenaatlaan 86, Oudenbush, 4731 CV, Netherlands, is the chairman or chief executive officer of Astroforce Inc in USA. He may have the same post in Astroforce Hldg Bv in Netherlands too.

Thomas Tat-Cheong Ma, Block 10, 31H, Metro City Phase 2,Tseung Kwun O, Kowloon, Hong Kong, is the co-director and the secretary of Harmony Ltd.

Kamen Troller was the director of the swiss Astroforce Holding SA.

Laurent Horvath was the director of the swiss Astroforce or Astroforce SA 1996-1997.

Jacques Mailland (jmail@wanadoo.fr) is the administrative contact person for the mariaduval.com domain. A danish interview presented him as an astroforce chief, but the man himself denies that.

Jrn Heiner (APM, Auguststrasse 1, 53229 Bonn, Germany) is the administrative contact person for mariaduval.de, astroforce.de and apm-heiner.de domain names.

The same Jrn Heiner often visited the unknown firm in Hilden too, together with an unknown woman. He was introduced and treated as the big boss of the business. Maria Duval herself did never visit the firm.

Kaj Hvolgaard (mail@astroforce.dk) is the director of the Astroforce Scandinavia ApS in Denmark I believe.

Lasse Hvolgaard (mail@astroforce.dk) is the administrative contact person for astroforce.dk and madiaduval.dk domains. Kaj and Lasse are probably brothers or father and son.

Franz Linden (mail@linden-consulting.de) is the director of Licon.

Burkhard Fritz is the director of Astroforce Verlag, and a temporary director of MH Direkt e-commerce+fulfillment services GmbH & Co.

Jan Werum is the director of JWN Data.

Please see the firms section for more names.

Continues in PART 2

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