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This is a forum for serious poetry and for poetry news. Join us here for monthly poetry exercises and contest updates. All posts are welcome.
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Subject Author Date
BloxawayDevil In Suit18:07:20 04/18/01 Wed
TreeTony ¦:¬{22:48:17 04/20/01 Fri
Tortured PleasureRaphaela23:47:20 04/17/01 Tue
O TheatroHighlander/Rafael/Raphaela00:05:22 04/12/01 Thu
As If Nothing BornGold10:51:21 04/17/01 Tue
WishesGold10:41:58 04/17/01 Tue
Life goes onTralfaz03:42:55 04/17/01 Tue
SubstanceGold09:02:01 04/17/01 Tue
Dream Sequence in BlackTRJ11:17:22 04/16/01 Mon
Dream Sequence in Bruised PurpleTRJ10:49:17 04/16/01 Mon
Dream Sequence in SepiaTRJ10:46:56 04/16/01 Mon
Dream Sequence in GrayTRJ10:41:54 04/16/01 Mon
Shadows Sunning ThemselvesBlackford10:03:02 04/15/01 Sun
Sir ValiantElizabethGray12:27:38 04/11/01 Wed
Copy CatElizabethGray12:24:43 04/11/01 Wed
Porch LightElizabethGray12:25:52 04/11/01 Wed
Wild MineGold11:26:26 04/13/01 Fri
HissGold11:19:37 04/13/01 Fri
Bloody SundayGold10:29:05 04/13/01 Fri
The moon through your eyesDevil In Suit09:09:13 04/13/01 Fri
WantedTralfaz21:09:55 04/12/01 Thu
Phil and the blanksTralfaz23:19:38 04/13/01 Fri
Toys of Indifferent TimeBlackford14:40:12 04/12/01 Thu
Cover-upJjaz13:42:13 04/12/01 Thu
Sonnet No SomethingJjaz23:27:30 04/11/01 Wed
I Love SpringJjaz12:49:33 04/12/01 Thu
LiesXyl12:40:41 04/11/01 Wed
Dream Sequence in CrimsonTRJ10:39:20 04/11/01 Wed
Dream Sequence in WhiteTRJ10:41:29 04/11/01 Wed
Dream Sequence in AzureTRJ10:36:56 04/11/01 Wed
Raindrops FallingTralfaz01:22:06 03/29/01 Thu
The EveRaphaela00:39:54 04/09/01 Mon
DocklandsRaphaela14:38:14 04/10/01 Tue
ReplyDevil In Suit13:16:51 04/10/01 Tue
Call to HecateKatlyn01:22:58 04/10/01 Tue
Looking into your graveUtha Sinner18:08:59 04/09/01 Mon
Unsung heroes hangBuddha15:15:38 04/09/01 Mon
Not eighty degrees again!Blackford10:43:49 04/08/01 Sun
What Kurt FeltTralfaz19:35:58 04/07/01 Sat
BetrayalTralfaz19:11:22 04/07/01 Sat
Great Site for WritersTRJ12:20:24 04/10/01 Tue
Not eighty degrees again!Blackford11:44:38 04/08/01 Sun
DerangementRaphaela09:49:48 04/06/01 Fri
Pearl of HeavenTRJ12:18:32 04/04/01 Wed
Mary of LaconiaEl Diablo Chicken14:24:16 04/05/01 Thu
ConstellationTRJ12:07:05 04/04/01 Wed
Upon Meeting a Ghost in Little Five PointsTRJ09:09:16 04/02/01 Mon
Shit HappensJjaz15:34:35 04/03/01 Tue
DeathTony ¦:¬{20:09:28 04/01/01 Sun
Humor MacabreGold10:41:20 04/01/01 Sun
MurmurGold07:27:00 04/01/01 Sun
Tittle helpNikaem21:22:07 03/29/01 Thu
Brothers of MorningMerrick St. George--(paris)10:58:51 03/28/01 Wed
The Pantoum, my attemptTralfaz00:28:52 03/28/01 Wed
trade showGold20:10:10 04/01/01 Sun
Poetry Exercise for 3/27/01--Music!!!TRJ10:58:57 03/27/01 Tue
Form of the Month for 3/27/01--The PantoumTRJ10:44:09 03/27/01 Tue
Can Poetry Change the World? From Lawrence FerlinghettiTRJ09:03:57 02/06/01 Tue
Floor 6Bluesies11:32:44 03/12/01 Mon
Your ShadowRaphaela12:47:02 03/09/01 Fri
When I lay down to dieTralfaz21:44:27 03/12/01 Mon
I'd laugh at Me, if I were the clown.Mercutio11:35:24 03/14/01 Wed
In Search of FreedomRaphaela06:47:27 03/10/01 Sat
UnderneathedBlackford03:27:21 03/07/01 Wed
Lambs BloodGold09:51:38 03/15/01 Thu
StockingsGold09:55:55 03/15/01 Thu
lost rememberencestanna13:09:45 03/15/01 Thu
T.V.Odetopoetry00:28:21 03/20/01 Tue
EnemyBuddha00:29:44 03/20/01 Tue
Goldencharlotte thompson09:33:05 03/15/01 Thu
I'd laugh at Me, if I were the clown.MercutioS11:32:16 03/14/01 Wed
SightJjaz09:38:09 03/04/01 Sun
In a senseTralfaz15:47:54 03/02/01 Fri
AcquiescenceRaphaela07:30:07 03/03/01 Sat
deadened momentsfuryk09:45:09 02/28/01 Wed
Sad NewsTRJ13:42:31 02/26/01 Mon
InfernoTRJ08:53:42 02/15/01 Thu
PanaceaTRJ08:51:18 02/15/01 Thu
PanaceaTRJ08:51:07 02/15/01 Thu
Melancholy BalloonsMary19:36:01 02/20/01 Tue
Trade showFootlights21:36:49 02/15/01 Thu
My Chaosfuryk09:36:42 02/22/01 Thu
Alex, What Is Writer's Block!Jjaz14:23:32 02/21/01 Wed
Hush (Darkangel)Jjaz11:34:45 02/21/01 Wed
Watching the Sun Rise with You (song)Raphaela08:29:31 02/20/01 Tue
Fury of the StoneFuryk09:49:51 02/16/01 Fri
ZealotTRJ08:50:27 02/15/01 Thu
One Track MindJjaz13:25:28 02/14/01 Wed
ImpossibleTeddy12:23:29 02/14/01 Wed
Boneplayerfuryk (paris)09:23:02 02/14/01 Wed
???Tralfaz18:43:39 02/13/01 Tue
Butterfly LoverRaphaela13:44:25 02/10/01 Sat
MartyrdomTRJ10:12:02 02/12/01 Mon
An Alaskan's Summer EveningBlackford22:05:11 02/11/01 Sun
Descent onto skyBlackford22:05:39 02/11/01 Sun
EnnuiTRJ10:13:58 02/12/01 Mon
Harbingers of SpringTRJ10:13:04 02/12/01 Mon
An Alaskan's Summer EveningBlackford22:04:52 02/11/01 Sun
Descent onto skyBlackford21:54:54 02/11/01 Sun
Parallel PlayBlackford05:38:01 02/11/01 Sun
freakTralfaz14:59:44 02/11/01 Sun
terzanelleAlmond Joy17:48:56 01/30/01 Tue
Torn RoseTralfaz18:43:15 02/01/01 Thu
VirginTralfaz17:52:26 01/26/01 Fri
A moment of seasonsWilliam James Blackford06:35:55 02/07/01 Wed
Belladonna: A QasidaTRJ09:14:32 02/06/01 Tue
Form of the Week 2/6/01-The QasidaTRJ09:13:19 02/06/01 Tue
Full CirclingWilliam James Blackford20:21:55 02/05/01 Mon
Something SpecialTeddy07:15:28 02/05/01 Mon
Baring Thread/RoundelayRafaél16:57:42 02/04/01 Sun
Love in Ottava RimaTRJ16:09:05 02/02/01 Fri
Modem HeartbeatsTeddy12:06:48 02/02/01 Fri
Friday Night at The ChasmRafaél11:48:00 02/02/01 Fri
Form of the WeekTRJ10:12:41 02/02/01 Fri
white horses of midnightPARIS09:38:27 01/30/01 Tue
so terribly self-consciousWindow Pain15:24:33 01/29/01 Mon
Withering Handsparis11:22:20 01/29/01 Mon
ForthwithPARIS09:28:16 01/29/01 Mon
AggressionTony ¦:¬{16:02:36 01/27/01 Sat
Forthwith (NT)PARIS09:26:14 01/29/01 Mon
Stracciato (terzanelle)Rafaél13:23:21 01/28/01 Sun
Form of the Month(Corrected)Isis11:52:28 01/26/01 Fri
Self Portrait in VainLeisa*)11:11:01 01/27/01 Sat
Poet Laureate Shakes up NewsroomIsis11:29:36 01/26/01 Fri
Pride Returnedfuror poeticus02:20:45 01/27/01 Sat
MonsoonRafaél13:51:31 01/26/01 Fri
CindersT.R. Jones07:15:10 12/26/00 Tue
Form of the MonthIsis11:49:01 01/26/01 Fri
Poetry Contests From Poetry MagazineIsis11:35:55 01/26/01 Fri
Dark SecretRaphaela01:54:56 01/06/01 Sat
Shattered DreamsRaphaela13:35:09 12/17/00 Sun
Ah, Hallelujah!T.R. Jones07:14:17 12/26/00 Tue
Boogey ManT.R. Jones07:13:34 12/26/00 Tue
The Dance of Kali and ShivaT.R. Jones07:12:52 12/26/00 Tue
Shades of EdenT.R. Jones07:12:05 12/26/00 Tue
FatasiaT.R. Jones07:10:56 12/26/00 Tue
LigatureT.R. Jones09:58:53 12/14/00 Thu
Ocean Twilight EternityWilliam James Blackford14:31:31 12/07/00 Thu
DarknessJjaz18:22:45 12/11/00 Mon
Sea StormT.R. Jones11:07:02 12/06/00 Wed
Ocean Twilight EternityWilliam James Blackford15:23:44 12/07/00 Thu
Chest of WondersT.R. Jones17:28:55 11/29/00 Wed
NephillimT.R. Jones11:31:28 12/07/00 Thu
The White RoomRaphaela15:23:49 12/03/00 Sun
Bohemian DazeRaphaela15:26:32 12/03/00 Sun
Screaming InsanityRaphaela15:25:01 12/03/00 Sun
Winter Shrouded MoonsWilliam James Blackford19:41:44 12/01/00 Fri
DiabliqueT.R. Jones10:30:05 11/30/00 Thu
DeceptionT.R. Jones10:28:26 11/30/00 Thu
Dead on the Road to GracelandT.R. Jones10:26:18 11/30/00 Thu
Cywydd Deuair FyrionT.R. Jones10:22:48 11/30/00 Thu
Cyhydedd FerT.R. Jones10:20:39 11/30/00 Thu
Cursing MyselfT.R. Jones10:18:05 11/30/00 Thu
Conquistador de la CorizonT.R. Jones17:39:32 11/29/00 Wed
CommonT.R. Jones17:37:54 11/29/00 Wed
Cold Water DescantT.R. Jones17:35:52 11/29/00 Wed
Cinquain II. The Dove of HeavenT.R. Jones17:33:38 11/29/00 Wed
Cinquain I.T.R. Jones17:31:03 11/29/00 Wed
ChronometerT.R. Jones17:30:00 11/29/00 Wed
CelebrationT.R. Jones17:27:26 11/29/00 Wed
Cave of TreasuresT.R. Jones17:24:55 11/29/00 Wed
Burial in the HeavensT.R. Jones17:23:58 11/29/00 Wed
Babylon MadsongT.R. Jones17:22:35 11/29/00 Wed
Amor's CoblaT.R. Jones17:21:23 11/29/00 Wed
A Murder of AngelsT.R.Jones17:19:05 11/29/00 Wed
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