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Date Posted: 11:59:17 08/25/09 Tue
Author: ChrissieLinnit ((bashful))
Author Host/IP:
Subject: I'm creeping back into the BtVS fandom in search of long lost fanfic!

*waves* I've crept back on to the Board after three long years absence to ask favours some might call it downright creeping, but I have no shame!

I've had all things BtVS on archived on my old laptop or packed away in a cupboard for a looong time, but my interest in fanfic has been reawakened recently after falling into fantasy books written by JR Ward and Kelley Armstrong. I've read all they have to offer and now I want to re-read all of the old fanfiction I have listed and written reviews of in my fanfic diary.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of a still active fanfic archive site? Virtually all of my bookmarked sites seem to have ceased updating or are gone! Or... can I be really cheeky and list here the titles and authors of the fanfic I'm looking for links to?


p.s. So good to see so many familiar names still here!

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[> I can't help, but... -- Kashmanik, 12:22:57 08/25/09 Tue [1] (

...just wanted to say how nice it is to "see" you again! Hope you're doing well. :-)

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[> [> Heya Kashy... How's ya cuttin'? -- ChrissieLinnit, 12:30:38 08/25/09 Tue [1] (


Hello pet! I'm really well. How's you?

I'm just browsing down the posts... so many familiar names still here! I have a feeling I'll be here more often. Especially if I can get a hold of some of my old list of fanfic. I'm seriously missing my Spiffy!

I nearly posted a quiz... but didn't know if anyone was about.

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[> [> [> You might try... -- Michael, 18:41:32 08/25/09 Tue [1] (


Note that there are a LOT of fanfics there. If I'm interpreting the numbers next to the listing in the "TV" category, there are currently 36,518 Buffy fanfics on the site. Plus 8,267 Angel fanfics.

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[> [> [> [> No... none of the ones I'm looking for are on ff.net or bloodshedverse or fool for love etc -- ChrissieLinnit (*sad*), 06:56:20 08/26/09 Wed [1] (

I think some were withdrawn by the writers themselves and others have been lost when sites have shut down.... boo hoo.

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[> Re: I'm creeping back into the BtVS fandom in search of long lost fanfic! -- ToG, 06:53:22 08/27/09 Thu [1] (

Here are 2 pretty active one's atleast from what I've seen:

Sweet Temptation

">http://www.bloodshedverse.com/index.php> Bloodshedverse

if it was cached at anytime it can be found :


List who the author is that you want I may be able to help with that.

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[> [> Here are some of the authors/stories I can't find, ToG... -- ChrissieLinnit, 15:30:22 08/27/09 Thu [1] (

Jolynn (someone on the BSV mentioned that she might have withdrawn all of her stories because she got a publishing deal...)
Jim Wicked (Hero Trip was a great AU that I never got to the end of...)
Ariane (she removed The Gift from the Dark Dreams site...)
Uisge Beatha (Manifest Destiny was on LJ but I can't find it now)
Lady Wenham (Who We Are Instead, I was reading on an LJ, but I can't recall whose!)
jl1980 (lots of her stories - they MUST be somewhere?!)

I've got lots more in my diary that I can locate in archives, but these authors I've listed here I cannot find anywhere. I wonder if many of them were on LJ's and have moved?

If you can help, ToG, I'd be soooo pleased =D
crackers4jen (Black Lines to Battlefield - no idea where I was reading that one, but I only got up to ch4)

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[> [> [> Re: Here are some of the authors/stories I can't find, ToG... -- ToG, 05:21:18 08/31/09 Mon [1] (

Here are the ones I found I don't know if it's there complete work (meaning all there stories)

Jim Wicked

Ariane The Gift of Magi is there.

Uisge Beatha


The are the only ones I have...

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[> [> [> [> Excellent. I really wanted these. THANK YOU! -- ChrissieLinnit (*dancing the dance of of the silly overjoyed*), 12:58:22 08/31/09 Mon [1] (

So pleased. I'm adding these to my library straight away!

I'm off to Mexico with the Linnits next week for three weeks and you can guess what I'm going to to doing in my hammock while the lads get friendly with the local sea-life, can't you? *grins*

Thanks again, ToG.


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[> Re: I'm creeping back into the BtVS fandom in search of long lost fanfic! -- Molloch, 08:49:47 08/28/09 Fri [1] (

I can't help you either Chrissie, but it's sooooooo good to see you.


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[> [> **WAVES** -- ChrissieLinnit, 12:47:37 08/28/09 Fri [1] (

I'm delighted to be back! Snuck a peek over on the Red Board but just couldn't migrate over there to chat, so I'm talking to myself... and lovely people like you!

What time is it there (aren't you supposed to be in bed now?)

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[> [> [> Re: **WAVES** -- Molloch, 09:10:21 08/29/09 Sat [1] (

When I posted that it was about 12 midnight i think on Friday night the 28th.
It's now 11pm here on saturday night. I think we're about 11 hours in front of you. I remember when i used to chat to Joey B and Spiked Peaches alot we worked out that there was 11 hours difference.

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[> [> [> [> Well you deserve an award for being coherent at midnight! -- ChrissieLinnit, 12:59:04 08/29/09 Sat [1] (

... must be years of TV vampire blood you've ingested!

How goes the night and day for you and yours down there? Hmmm, that made me wonder. We - as in we Brits - all say, "Down Under" when we talk about the Antipides. Do you guys ever refer to Northern Europe as "Up Above"?!!!

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[> Hi Chrissie -- toothy, 00:58:37 08/30/09 Sun [1] (

You didn't mention any of the fanfic I wrote, so I won't tell you where to find it, ha!

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[> [> TOOOOOOTHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D -- ChrissieLinnit, 04:05:03 08/30/09 Sun [1] (

Helooooooooooo Toothy! How are you doin', pet? By golly it quiet as a crypt around here, isn't it?

Still, that means you get more time for writing! And, I'm delighted that you're still doing it. Writing, that is!

Really though, I'm glad to be back and I do intend to hang around for a while. Throw a link my way and I'll refresh myself with some Toothy literary goodness... my reading for the next umpteen months is going to be all in the BtVS/AtS fanfic-verse.


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[> [> [> right back at ya -- toothy, 20:04:57 08/30/09 Sun [1] (

Sorry, I didn't mean to infer I was still writing fanfic.

I have been keeping busy though. I've always loved building furniture, it's in my blood, but I only have time to make a couple pieces per year. So I've gotten into penturning on the side. If you don't know what penturning is, I didn't until a few years ago, I have a website. It's still a work in progress; only about 10 percent of my pens are listed:


I'm so glad to hear from you. I know you had to cut ties quickly. I hope you are doing well.

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[> [> [> [> Those pens AND cases are beautiful! A multi-talented Toothy.... -- ChrissieLinnit, 05:56:50 08/31/09 Mon [1] (

... but we already knew that!

I first though, "Blimey, from writing with a pen to making one? That's what I call a BIG shift in direction." But then I read your 'About' page on the site and it fell into place beautifully.

The writing makes sense too. They're both artistic talents, aren't they?

So frustrating for me because I don't have an artistic bone in my body. I appreciate art in all of it's forms. More so because I cannot emulate it and create original art myself. But that doesn't mean I don't envy you arty types like billy-o!

Since leaving the fandom I've undergone a massive lifestyle and career change and now I no longer commute to the Big City and dabble in commerce (maybe THAT'S why there's a Global Recession - they miss me!!!!!!), instead I've become a teacher *pauses for dramatic effect*

In 2005 I had a pretty serious stroke which left me recuperating for over a year. Then at Christmastime in 2007 miniLinnit suddenly fell into a coma one day. He was rushed into hospital and we discovered his adrenal glands had diseased and ceased to function, totally. This is Addison's Disease. His is the most serious form and although he is stabilised now with lifetime medication he is still liable to fall into Addisonian Crisis (coma). This was my impetus to change my life. I stopped working for a while to care for him... but nine months agominiLinnit told me he didn't need a 24/7 shadow and so I decided to use my business talents/skills for the benefit of the local community. That meant either getting into local politics or offering my services to the local schools. Thank heaven the local high school dragged me on board. I get to tutor two groups of 15-16 year old students each academic year. One group is gifted and talented and the other is a smaller group of disenfranchised *insert troublemakers here* teenagers who are close to falling though the system and becoming criminals or unemployed and unemployable. I'm so enjoying it...

Not quite the gentle artistry I see on your site, but I do now feel as though I'm using my 'art' and making a small difference in a small community. Hey! I've even found one boy who does manga art and has drawn Spike for me! Bonus!

I came back here during Summer Recess, and hope to keep popping back now. Drag back some old friends, make some new ones.


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[> [> [> [> [> RJA is still around somewhere -- toothy, 22:48:15 08/31/09 Mon [1] (

Maybe we can get Kashy to get him to stop by to say Hi.

I'm afraid trying to get this place going is a lost cause. Like trying to stop a receeding tide, but every once and awhile, when the stars a line during a full moon, the tide comes back in, if only for moment.

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[> Re: I'm creeping back into the BtVS fandom in search of long lost fanfic! -- faithsguy, 18:50:48 09/05/09 Sat [1] (


Long time no see!!!

Kashy, what's the season eight link to the episodes we wrote?? I LOVED THOSE!

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[> [> Hello faithsguy! -- ChrissieLinnit, 15:37:23 09/08/09 Tue [1] (

New Episodes! Yay!

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