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Welcome to the adoption, here is where you can adopt evil foals.....
You will play them yourself unless said otherwise...


Knuit Holt
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Date Posted: 10:59:47 04/17/17 Mon

Interesting polls about events in childhood, teenhood and adulthood

Collected, edited and analyzed by Knut Holt


Please also see his website with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex



You can use these polls to tell your own history or the history of someone you know about.

Alien abduction - investigation of memories of alien abduction or similar events

Memories of events that may be interpreted as alien abduction are quite common. Some may be from real abduction by non-human beings coming in strange flying vehicles.

Others may be actions done by governmental agencies or mafias for various purposes that have some of the same type of details.

Often one does not remember the abduction as such, but one remembers only some loose details during some kind of ordeal one has been subjected to.

I have made a poll to investigate these memories. If you have experienced something of the kind, please go to the poll and answar. All the answars will be lain out in the massage forum of the poll to be commented further upon.

The address of the poll:



Extended mandatory well-child examination under anesthesia:

In certain areas the health authorities has begun to subject children and teens to extended well-child physicals where one performs several or all of the following procedures: inspections with optical scopes through all or several body openings,ultrasound examinations of most body structures, x-ray taking of joints, EEG and EKG. The kid is often given sedation or even general anesthesia during these extended physicals to make the kid cooperative and to hinder him or her from remembering. Still the kid will remember a lot of details around the procedures and sometimes also from the procedures themselves, because anesthesia never works perfectly, and the kid will always have some symptoms afterwards that tell a lot of what has been done. This poll has the aim of investigating experiences from such ordeals.



Poll about cystoscopy:

By cystoscopy the doctor looks into your bladder with a long instrument. This instrument can be rigid like a stick or flexible. All age groups have cystoscopies. In some comunities a cystoscopy seem to be a mandatory exam at some ages of children and teens. These communities are probably not many yet, but this type of exam seem to increase in frequency, both for special purposes and for mandatory or recomended screening. This poll has the purpose of establishing a picture of the frequence of this type of exam in different age groups and the arrangements during the exam.



Secret medical exams and procedures under anesthesia:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are. This poll has beenlaunched in several sesseions.



Called in for a strange physical or psycological exam:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are.


All the polls also have a message board. The individual stories of each participant will be published here. Here you can add comments or ask questions.

Knut Holt


Please also see his website with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex




Boy, 13 yo, Canada, abducted from cabin at summer camp, probably by government

I am male. It happened at summer camp in Canada. I was 13 at the time.


I was lying in bed in my cabin. I had just gone to the bathroom. Some alien-looking being appeared by me, but I did not see where they came from.

I didn't see the vehicle but I was taken up in a bright light through the roof of the cabin. They floated me along suspended in the air. I suddenly was inside the vehicle or some foreign place without knowing how it happened.


They also took with them other persons, teenagers, together with me. The first room I was in was like a waiting room and me and my other cabin mates were all lying on beds that looked like hospital beds.

When waiting I was strapped down. When waiting I had some device at my urinary opening to keep me empty. When waiting I had some device at my anus to keep me empty. When waiting I had a mask over my mouth and nose. I saw teenage people being prepared together with me.

I was then taken to an operating room with glass walls in it and put onto a table with bright lights over it. They stripped me totally naked. They washed me. They emptied my bladder with a tube inserted into my urinary opening. They emptied my colon with a device inserted through my anus.

Yes it was an operating room like I described before. I could see my cabin mates in other rooms They took off my boxers that I was sleeping in, washed me and then emptyed my bladder and intestines.


They monitored my reactions with devices on my head. They monitored my reactions with devices at different body parts. They tested my reaction with devices at my pelvic area, genitals or rectal zone. They stimulated me with electrodes at various body parts and tested my reactions. I was kept in the same room as before before the tests.

They hooked up wires to me and ran machines over me.


They looked at and felt on my head, face. mouth, eyes, ears and nose. They put instruments onto my eyes and looked into them. They put instruments into my ears. They put instruments into my nose.

They put instruments into my mouth and down into my throut. They put instruments through my mouth and all the way into my stomach. They put instruments through my mouth and down towards my lungs. They stuck some needles into parts of my head or neck. They examined my head with electrodes. They examined my head with something like x-ray or ultrasound equipment. They examined my head and neck in other ways.

I didn't feel anything at all and they were doing the same thing to everyone in different rooms.


They looked and felt at my breast. They examined my breast with something like x-rays or ultrasound equipment. They stuck needles into my breast. They looked and felt at my stomach. They examined my stomach with something like x-ray or ultrasound equipment. They stuck needles into my stomach.

They looked and felt at my back. They examined my back with something like x-ray or ultrasound equipment. They stuck needles into my back. They examined my breast, stomach and back with electrodes. They examined my breast, stomach and back in other ways.

I don't really remember much they seemed to be curious about my belly more than anywhere else.


They looked at and felt at my limbs and joints. They tested my joints by bending, flexing, spreading and twisting my legs, arms, hands and feet in all thinkable direction. They used something like x-ray or ultrasound equipment on my joints and limbs. They stuck needles into my joints and limbs. They examined my joints and limbs with electrodes. They examined my limbs and joints in other ways.

I don't really remember much about what they did except move my arms and legs around.


They looked at and felt at my intimate area. They examined the outside of my genitals and pelvic area with something like x-ray or ultrasound equipment. They inserted a thin and long instrument in through my urinary opening, like a cystoscope.

They stuck something like an ultrasound sond in through my anus. They inserted a thin and long instrument through my anus, like a colonoscope.

They stuck needles into my genitals. They examined my intimate zone in other ways. They put some needles into my balls.


I was lying down on my back the whole time. Sometimes they moved the table to elivate my legs.


I don't remember anything else except they said I would go to sleep
soon and wake up in my bed again.


I do not remember how I got back, but I woke up at the place where they took me.


I felt tired and drawsy when I was back. When I woke up I had my underwear on backwards and they were another boys and I had my appendix removed.My clothes were messed up or put back clumpsily. Some clothes were changed with somebody else's clothes.

I felt totally empty in my stomach as if all the contents in my intestines had been flushed out. We all had small scars where our appendix should have been. Nope not at all.


The kids were most probably examined and used in some secret governmental surveillance project directed on children and teens. The whole procedure followed a standard international protocol used for extensive examination of kids, sometimes as a part of secret projects, but in some communities atound the world as a mandatory procedure all kids go through, but is nevertheless never spoken about to the public.

The fact that the kids did not ask very much about what had happened afterwards is an effect of the anesthesia given. The staff at the camp did not react either, because they knew what was going on. It see,s that governments use summe camps very much to subject kids to such secret projects, and Canada seems to be very much involved in these projects.

The body development status, the stomach area and the intimate area are always of most interest in these projects. They probably stole tissue from the abdominal area, including the apendices, for use in research and for treatment of other patients. This tissue was surely sold through the international organ trade market.

The ordeal most probably began by the staff giving the kids some anesthesia through their evening meal, injected some anetshesia gas into the kabin, or knocked the kid out with some kind of electromagentic rays also bright light over the kids had the effect of knocking them out and making them feel like floating.

Then they came in and carried the kids to a secret medical area, possibly underground. The staff surely disquized themselves by wearing masks and uniforms for the task. Some kind of anesthesi make the patient feel like floating and going towards the roof, for example ketamine.

Knut Holt



Girl, North America, well-child physical with endoscopic examinations through pelvic openings

I am a female. Year 2000 or after. In North America. I was examined in a hospital. Please tell more about the place where you was examined: my regular doctor. My dad took me. The doctor and assistants examined me , while my dad was present. My regular doctor, and she had 3 assistants, also female doctors.


They examined my head, teeth or jaws. They did an orthopedic exam. They examined my organs inside my stomach.vThey examined my genitals and my rectal zone. They did a general examination of my pelvic zones.

They inserted instruments into my urinary opening, not sure what it was. They inserted instruments into my vagina, not a speculum, unsure. They inserted instruments into my rectal openin, not a speculum, unsure.

They performed a neurologic exam with electrodes on my body. They performed an electrocardiogram of my heart. They performed a exam with electrodes on my head. They performed a full functional test of my breathing, heart and blood circulation under workload.

They made interrogations about my social relations and my daily life.

They took ultrasound pictures of the examined areas.


I was totally naked. My positions during the exam: various. standing, laying flat, stirrups. Any strange equipment or arrangements in the exam room? I have no idea what it was.


Firsyly took me and my dad into a room and told me to undress, then took me out into the hall to be weighed and measured. A nurse took all my clothes and shoes.

Thirdly led me and my dad to a different room with a bed. Then took rectal temperature. And then this was done: standing, bending, squatting. They also looked in ears, eyes, mouth. The exam ended with me laying down, legs in stirrups, electrodes monitoring various things, breast, genital, rectal exam.

It took a really really long time. About the reason I have no idea there was nothing wrong with me. I am still confused by how long and thorough it was.


I do not remember exactly how they examined my urinary system, but they did something down there.","they stuck something in there.

They palpated my outer female genitals. They spread my genital lips to look inside. They took speciments (pap smears, etc) from my vagina with an instrument. They performed an outer ultrasound exam of my female genitals and lower tummy area.

They perfomed an ultrasound exam through my vagina. They also applied some gel to my clitoris that made it really engorged, then examined.


They spread my cheeks and examined extarnally my rectal zone. They examined my rectum with an inserted finger. They took some measurements inside my rectum or bowel with a long tube-like instrument.

They did some more things, these were: some thing inserted in my rectum and vagina at the same time, im really not sure what or why.


I was called in for quite another thing, but they also examined my genital and urinary zone. It was just supposed to be a followup. I was called in for quite another thing, but they also examined my rectal zone. It was supposed to be just a followup.

Someone strange person came and performed an intimate exam even though I was called in for quite another reason, my doctor and 3 other doctors, all women.

Someone strange person came and performed a social interrogation even though I was called in for quite another reason. One of the women, not my doctor, asked me lots of questions, lots of really personal questions.

I was brought to orgasm during the exam. The exam took a very long time, and my dad was there the whole time! It was pretty mortifiying.

The exam did not result in any diagnosis, still not sure why or what it was for.

New exams as follow up: Follow up with my primary doctor a month later, that was just a normal exam. nothing was said. No other kind of followup. maybe it was just some sort of study i was volunteered for?


The girl did not tell her age when this occured. Some areas in the world have started to do extended examinations of all children and teens where inspections and specimen taking in the urinaty system, vagina and lower digestive tract is als
o performed. Often the children are called un individually for these exams. They may be mandatory or recommended, depending on community. Interrogation of social relations also is commeon during these exams. One purpose of the exam is surveillance of the young persons in the community for use both by the school and all type of authorities.

But this could also have been a part in ascientific project. It is possible that the parents got money for letting the doughter take part.

Based on the description it looks like 3 things were done in both her urethra, bladder, vagina, anus and lower colon: Ispection with an optical scope, taking of specimens of secretions and microbes, measuring of shapes and sizes to get an exact picture of her development stage.

Boy, 12yo, Texas, taken into alien areal vehicle for psychological processes

I am male, Texas, it happened when I was 12yo, at a Private camp.


I do not remember how the event began, but I remember what soon happened. I saw an alien-looking flying vehicle that approahced me.

It was a neon green brightly glowing disk illuminating entire area, slowly drifted and hovered over the picnic table. Dad was asleep and would not wake up. The disk had 2 protusions like blades from a food processor. It emitted sparks and sounded like many sparklers.

I felt like something happened while I was looking at it. Then it slowly drifted off and disapeared behind a hill.


All happend at the place I was. I did not remember any more thing happening in the first place. But since then, Iv'e had dreans to this day. The interior of the ship is completely plain with no instrumentation except soft illumination emitting from the dome.

No one was present. There was a single seat in the center with only a small slender stationary joystick on the right side.

Later dreams indicate that anything technical is microscopicly integrated into the inner skin of the craft. Levitation devices are sub-microscopicly integrated into the outer skin. I have no idea, so far, what powers this.

Dreams later, I can say that this craft is totaly operated by telephathy, that which isn't preprogramed. It would be impossible to fly it - unless they let you.

I do not remember that they tested me. This may or may not be part of it. When I die, I will be back in 2211. This should give you an idea of the level of technology they posses.

I cannot remember they examined my head or neck. I do not remember they examined my breast, stomach and back. Nothing physical happened so far as I am aware.

I do not remember they examined my limbs and joints. I cannot remember they examined my intimate zone. Again nothing happened that way.

I was totaly free to look around. Nothing but the chair to see. Nothing other than than the dreams telepathically dumped into my head.


I do not remember how I got out, but I woke up at the ground somewhere and walked back.

I jumped into the car noting that the interior lights did not turn on and went to sleep. Dad woke me up in the morning and everthing was normal. Chauked that up to a dream.


The news on the radio mentioned a power failure. I was not brought away.

That was more than 50 years ago. I still have dreams. It did encourage me to pursue engineering and my obsession with audio video recording.

After seeing the object, I was very sleepy and crawled into the car and went to sleep. I felt tired and drawsy when I was back.

Just reoccuring dreans. All pleasant, not nightmares. Some dreams are totalally unaltered reruns, others I had not seen before.


This is surely a happening that occured as remembered, and the dreams that pop up is probably memories from the event that have been repressed.

It is difficult to know how much more that happened that those things so far rememembered

It seems like they experimented with the boy psychologically with waves directed at his nervous system and installed some information too in him this way. They may have made him unconscious that way too and brought him in and out of the craft, or took control of him and made him walk in and out. They obviously depressed the memory of what happened by some type of waves too.

But did aliens using an interdimmentional ship do this, or did the ship belong to a governmental project? If a ship jumps between levels in a dimmention one usually is noe aware of, this may cause bursts of energy that disturbe the electrical grid. The same can be said about governmental contraptions,using some exotic propulsion principle, but operate in a somewhat clupsy way.

It is impossible to decide surely, but the smoothness of deails and microtechnology points to something alien. Also the fact that he did not remember any physical exam as we usually think of it, points to an alien origin, since advanced aliens can surely look through a person with more advanced means.

Knut Holt


Boy, 14yo, North America, appendix unexpectedly taken out at the same time as from his brother, but most probably for tissue harvesting

I am male. It happened when I was an early teen, 14yo, in North America, in 2010 or later. I had an exam or surgery in my stomach area. It was after my identical twin brother had his appendix removed. The procedure happened in a hospital.

The doctor came out to talk to us and tell us how it went he was a little bit concerned because my brothers appendix didn't look to bad so he asked me if i would mind having mine taken out as well so they could compare them. They thought I may have had appendicitis as well as my brother I came in the car with my parents and my brother. my brother and I were both 14 at the time and it happened in august before we started High School.


I was given sedative medicines through my mouth. I was given medication intravenously. They gave me gas through a mask.
They took me to get changed into a hospital gown and surgery cap as soon as I said I would have the procedure and my parents signed the consent form.

After that I was weighed, measured and had my blood pressure taken and they took some blood before taking me to the or. Once there I lay on the table and they put a mask on me and an IV in my arm.


I had some IV for antibiotic pain meds and some for my diabetes too. I woke up with a mask on as did my brother who was awake when I woke up. I had catheter, they kept them in both of us for ad with only a bag attached to them, I had heart monitor. They checked me to see how I was and how much pain I was in


I think I did wake up for a little bit when they were taking my appendix out. I heard them ask for some suction and then the anesthesiologist looked over to me and said: "man I sorry", as he gave me something to put me back under. Afterwards he apologised to me and said he had accidentally adjusted the machine too much and I woke up unexpectedly

I had pain irritation or other problems in my mouth and in my respiratory tract or lungs. I had pain, irritation or other problems in my urethra or bladder and also in my colon or lower stomach.

I had a small incision above my belly button and a bigger one on my right side. yeah they told me they started it laparoscopically and and had to open me because my appendix had ruptured. My brothers was still in tact when they took it out apparently.

No, but I do remember feeling my brother go under the anastasia (Difficult to understand).
The nurses sometimes had trouble telling us a part well we were in the hospital so they gave us different scrub tops to wear.

I had blue and my brother had green. When we left they let us keep them and gave us matching paint we wear them as pajamas most of the time now.


It seems strange that the boy had ruptured appenix whithout having any symptoms. They probably took out his appendix, but most probably because they wanted the tissue for some purpose. It seems that thy took out more than just the appendix, and that was the reason for the bigger incision.


Girl, 10yo, bussed in group from boarding school for extensive inner exams

I am female. It happened in Western Europe, 2015 or later, 10 years old. The exam was announced as a necessary school examination for all kids.

We went there in a bus in group from our school to a special establishment used for these type of exams. All children in my school of the age group haf it.

They washed my body before the exam.I was totally naked through all the procedures. I had to strip totally naked before the exam. I was placed to lay on my back with my legs flexed up, spread and mounted upon two devices. I got IVs, tubes into blood vessels, in an arm. I got a device on a finger or a toe to measure pulse and oxygen in my blood. I got a blood pressure monitor wrapped around an arm or a leg.

I got electrodes on my cheast, my stomach or hip region and my head. I got a tube or wire in through my urethra.I got a tube or sond in through my anus. The anesthesia only took away pain.

They performed an EEC (electroencephalogram) - functional test of the brain with electrodes on the head. They performed an ECG, functional test of the heart function, with electrodes on my chest and other body areas.

They performed an analysis of my breathing and oxygen uptake where I had to breath into a tube. I had to do some physical work, like cycling or running on a threadmill when the ECG and breathing analysis was performed.

They examined me with an ultrasound device or something on my head or neck, my upper body, my stomach area, my shoulder area, my hip area and my legs.

They took x-ray pictures of my chest, stomach, shoulder area, hip area and my limbs.

They used electrodes to record the functions at my head, chest, belly and limbs.

They examined my genitals with an ultrasound device. They had electrodes at my genitals to record functions in this area.

They ispected the inside of my nose with a scope. They took specimens from my nose with a tube. They inspected the inside of my throut with a scope. They took specimens from my throut with a tube.

They inspected the inside of my urethra and bladder with a scope. They took specimens from my urethra and bladder with a tube.

They used a speculum in my vagina. They took specimens from my vagina with a tube. They inspected my vagina with a scope.

They inspected my anus with a speculum. They took specimens from my anus with a tube. They inspected me through my anus with a rigid scope. They inspected me through my anus high up with a flexible scope. They performed a full colonoscopy with a flexible scope.

They inspected me through my vagina with an ultrasound probe. They inspected me through my anus with an ultrasound probe.

The doctor explored my vagina with a finger. The doctor explored my anus with a finger.

They made an opening in my belly button or just under it and inspected the inside of my belly with a scope. They took specimens from the inside of my belly with a needle or tube through a hole in my belly button.

I had IVs into blood vessels. I had electrodes on my head. I had electrodes on my body. I had catheter into my bladder. I had a tube going in through my anus. I had a tube going in through my nose or down into my stomach. I had a tube through a opening in my belly.

I lay with my legs in stirrups some time after the exam. I just lay naked on the exam chair. We drove back with the bus.

I attended public boarding school.


The girl went through the exam recently and she is hardly older than 12 years old by now. It is possible that this report was made by her parents or somebody working at the school or had some connection with the ordeals.

The ordeal follow a standard procedure reported from several parts of the world, and seem to be parts of an international program. These ordeals have a long history, but has been gradualy modernized and made more comprehensive as the technological development has made it possible.

What differ most in these ordeals is the type and degree of anesthesia used. Often general anesthesia is used, but it is fully possible to do them only with some sedating medication plus local anesthesia without causing any pain. It seems that this is prefered at some places to avoid risks and to save time and expenses.

The program seems to be performed around the world on children in certain selected communities and schools and very often boarding schools.

Based on the report it seems that the children lay recovering at the exam table after the exam, forst with full intensive care wquipment, and then just naked, probably under a blanket.

The tubes she had after the main exam, were partly to help her body functions after the main procedure, but also partly to collect specimens of body secretions during some time.

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Subject: Sams Teach Yourself TCPIP In 24 Hours, 4th Edition

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Subject: (2012) INCEST MOM AND SON Perevrted SEXXX

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Subject: Minuscule Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4 DVDRIP

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Subject: Edwins Restaurant Best Caribbean Feast in Canada

Sanita John
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Date Posted: 03:49:01 02/22/12 Wed

You can find the best Caribbean Feast Restaurants in Canada. Take a time a get visited to Edwins Restaurant. We are committed to ensure that your visit to our establishment will be most enjoyable and memorable. All our menu selections are freshly done.

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Subject: Site Yearly Ads

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Date Posted: 04:23:13 01/18/06 Wed

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Subject: +Appearences Often Decieve+

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Date Posted: 17:59:31 10/31/03 Fri

+A pure white filly lays on the ground, her coat glowing. AS you approach you wonder what such a sweet little one is doing in a place like this, and then she looks at you. Her blue eyes glow with malice.+ If you be good flee from my path. If you be strong I ask of you a home. +She says and turns away+

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Subject: Even Love is Deceitful

Love Affair
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Date Posted: 23:13:22 10/29/03 Wed

Love Affair 'Not even the ones you love are faithful'

Name: Love Affair
Nickname: vouge
breed: arabian
age: 2 weeks
gender: filly
Colour: bay
History: her mother had an affair with another stallion her mate was furious and killed the other stallion. When the mother had vouge the stallion refused to have any thing to do with her. She was abandoned.

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  • Approach -- Reb, 15:13:19 10/30/03 Thu
    • trots up -- Love Affair (Vouge), 19:49:36 10/30/03 Thu
Subject: I"ve reached my last resort, soffocation, no breathing

| Last Resort |
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Date Posted: 00:46:12 10/23/03 Thu

a dark liver chestnut mare enters head low to the ground picking the scent of rejected little ones. Knowing one of the scents may well have been hers she shakes her head at the memory. She lifts her head slowly looking for something yet not shore what. Perhaps she might adopt a little one, someone who needs the protection, someone looking for a last resort........

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Subject: >>>>Orphaned Filly<<<<

My Immortal
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Date Posted: 17:10:03 09/21/03 Sun

Thunder claps and the sky is smothered by thick dark stormclouds. As the rain pours down mercilessly on the field, all living things seek shelter. Except for one small gangly little filly. She is very small, no bigger than a fawn. Though her growth was stunted, her legs are long for her size. They are slim and bony, twisted and injured. Her right rear leg is fractured and prevents her to even stand. Her hooves are chipped and worn. Her coat is matted and soaked through. Stains of blood and mud still remain. And black scars that show her past. Every poking bone is visible through her hide. Her misery has famished her. Her face is that of innocence and sorrow. Big black eyes look out in pain and sadness. A past gone, but that will always stalk her. She cannot cry for help nor can she make a future for herself. Near death, My Immortal struggles to sleep...


My Immortal
Gender: filly
Age: 6 months
Color: chestnut
Markings: star (dull)
Sire: Apathy
Dam: Innocent

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Subject: Stumbles in

Fire Star
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Date Posted: 23:03:35 08/30/03 Sat

Name:Fire Star
Age: 4 months
Breed: Arbian
Markings:Small white circle around her let eye
Personality:She is smart and spunky. And is very tough. But is more shy than tough.
Past:Her first mother Star Rage was very sweet. She had died in a wolf attack. Her father then mated with another mare. She was mean and crule. Fire dared not to tell her father. One day her Father found the mare about to slam her hooves hard on his daughters head. He charged at the mare and went into battle. Fire Stars father yelled Get out of here while you can! Fire did not want to leave her father but she did. She was up on a mountain top and whisperd through tears goobye Smokey Fire.
~The foal stumbles in looking for any sing of her father. None she thought. She tried to hold back her tears but one sliped out.~Oh just for get it he proably died anyways.~Another tear slipped down her cheek.~

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Subject: *The young colt...*

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Date Posted: 15:45:20 08/27/03 Wed

* The young colt enters, swiftly walking past everyone so that they could see his strong-built body. His mother had just died and he had been living by himself for over a week searching for water and food. His father had been a strong wild horse but had died in a tradgic accident leaving Casper and his mother to fight for themselves.*

*Personality*-Stubborn and trustworthy

(will show pic later)

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Subject: Are You Ready For This

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Date Posted: 21:19:03 08/09/03 Sat

5 months
2 socks
can be defientand sometimes stubborn, speaks her mind

Young filly entered the feild, orbs dancing about for any danger. Hooves carried her to a luch patch of grass. Cranium lowered as ivories began to tear away at the sweet treat. Audit flick about listening to every sound made. dark coat glistens as the rays of hit strike upon her back. Cranium lifts upon catching a sound, orbs search about for its keeper, a small snort is let out as it's not found. cranium yet again lowers as ivories go back to work.

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Subject: Filly needs a family

Future Bound (Bonnie)
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Date Posted: 07:37:27 08/15/03 Fri

Name= Future Bound
Nickname= Bonnie
breed= arabian
colour= chestnut
eyes= blue/ silver
markings= none
gender= filly

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Subject: (Bring it on)

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Date Posted: 08:37:58 08/09/03 Sat

Name: Catastrophe
NN: Cat
Age: 7 months
Gender: Fae
Breed: Connemara pony
Hue: Dark bay
Markings: None but the dark points typical to bays, grey eyes

(Blinking rapidly in the wavering sunlight, the small filly moved smartly into the area. Cloudy grey occules took in the surroundings while her shrewd brain talked aloud to itself. You can't survive without protectors. You're still little, well, you'll always be little, but you're only a baby. She hid her worry easily behind stormy grey shutters and waited. If no one wanted her, she'd make it on her own, or die trying.)

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Subject: WANTED: Some one who cares

Dark Reflection
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Date Posted: 01:14:02 07/15/03 Tue

Name= Dark Reflection
nn= Jewel of flec
colour= liver chestnut
gender= filly
personality= tough, brave courages but also sweet and loyal when she finds someone she trusts. very playful and exciteable. She has a unique inderpendance about her which is unusal for a foal her age.

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Subject: all alone

Deathly Image
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 23:08:35 06/01/03 Sun

*the colt was now alone his mothers corpse had been take to the under world and he was left behind. he cryed but it was no use he had to be strong for he knew he was a born leader*

name:deathly image
age:5 months

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Subject: The Filly looks out at the meadows from atop the peak, a tear in her eye

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Date Posted: 21:22:15 07/22/03 Tue

She watched the humans lasso her mother and father up like cattle. She only barely escaped. So she came here, in hopes that someone would come along and take her in, as she was very afraid to go back alone.
name: Ebony Ice
nickname: Ebby or Icy
age: 8 months
breed: lipizzaner
color: white
personality: not very trusting, fearful, quiet, yet kind towards others. Also very outgoing and spontaneus, as well as sad most of the time.

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Subject: small filly walk into the area slowly

devils angel
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Date Posted: 12:14:11 06/08/03 Sun

name: devils angel
nn: angel
age: 5 mo
breed: arabian
color: black
persona: klutzy and very curious(sp?)

she walks around for a bit looking for a mom and mabey even a dad too. feelin galone she lays down by a tree and waits for death by starvation

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Subject: FaLl WiTh Me & It.Has.To.Be.Perfect

SpIrIt Of ThE fAlLeN & The.Art.of.War
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Date Posted: 13:23:18 04/06/03 Sun

Youth colt canters into the terra firma at two beat gait. Pillars slow, thus halting the young 'un atop a bluff, o'er looking the territory.

Spirit of the Fallen
SotF, Fallen
6 months
A real leader. Solemn. Not very social. The only one that really understands him is his twin sister. Hand a hand in the death of his birth parents, though those who know don't know why.
Painting of War+Fallen Spirit
Twin Brother to The Art of War


Like a velvet curtant, the mist swirls and lifts as the blood soaked bodice melts from the darkness. Pistions slow, halting the filla by her brother. Darkened optics scan the terarera. Reason? None.

The Art of War
TAoW, Art[ie], War
6 months
Blood bay
Thinks highly of herself. Cunning. Has a twisted mind. Was the one responsivable for her parents' death. Not that her brother didn't help, but she planned it. Smart-mouthed and sassy. No one can tell her what to do.
Painting of War+Fallen Spirit
Twin sister to Spirit of the Fallen

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Subject: .::Slo Tiempo Dir::.

Zorra Vivaz
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Date Posted: 18:24:54 04/10/03 Thu

.::The tiny filly wandered around aimlessly. Her bay coat matted and she appeared slightly malnourished but none the less her spirit remained. Her gaze fell upon everyone with a wonder::.

Name: Zorra Vivaz
More Commonly Called: Zor
Breed: Arabian
Color: Bay
Age: Less then a year
Personality: She's got a fiesty personality that could take her places later in her life. SHe needs guidance from another.

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Subject: shivers

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Date Posted: 18:37:55 04/13/03 Sun

~~~~~*In The darkness, His Knife Will Strike*~~~~~
A scrawny young colt stumbles into the adoptions peak.He hss a homley little face with cold dark eyes like onyx stones. He is rail thin with legs like whisps of smoke. A dagger-shapped gouge lies across his face, for sure to turn into an ugly scar. His coat is ratty with patches of hair missing on his rump shoulders and legs. His mane and tail are uneven and tattared. Even with his unsightly features as a weanling, he is destined for a life of more power then he can imagine and willl grow to be a most powerful leader of the evil horses. Never doubt this one.
Name: Satans Dagger
nickname: Dagger
sexed: colt
age:half a year
colour: broken black pigment with points of brown
linege: Surely unpure.Definantly mustang,and arabian however
pic: coming soon!!

As he turns his dial around to look at the other horses, he lets out a blod-curling cry of mysery and pain. He longs for the other's accaptence

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Subject: >>>Little vixen prods...<<<

>>>HaTeD HeArT<<<
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 14:55:48 03/30/03 Sun

>>>...upon the terra with hate filled in every step. She collapses. *whicker comes from the only air she had left* She was told no-one loved her. Originally she was from the good side. Was told "she was honored to have been born with this small filly". But then she was told "You were a mistake, no one loves you, I should have killed you". She ran away that night to come to the evil's side, but her being so small it was quite alot to bear upon one of god's most deliciate creatures. The filly's once prideful and joyful heart now turned cold to the highest extent. Would someone come for her? Or would they kill her heart like the ones before?

Name:>>>HaTeD HeArT<<<
Breed:Mustang mix
Age:2 monthes
Personality: Can you change her HeArT?

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Subject: Behind My Curtain

Satans Dark Music
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Date Posted: 20:03:38 03/08/03 Sat

A lonely Filly stumbles into the area,She Looks Exhaust but refused to show, She remebers her mothers words You are a MISTAKE you weren't meant to live it was by chance i let you live-i could barely drag you out of the terra no go you can live buhbye never come back the memory burns in her heart making it cold towards anyone,she glances around she would just have to wait till she was old enough to live alone

Name-Satan's Dark Music
Age-3 months
color-black NO MARKS

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Subject: x | d.ouble f.ace | x

x | c.ursed b.lessing | x
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Date Posted: 05:55:00 03/13/03 Thu

Name: Cursed Blessing
NN: Cursed
Age: 2 months
Breed: Egyptian Arab
Gender: Colt
Personality: Spawn of satan himself, a creature of pure evil, cold, heartless, emotionless. Pure Evil, Sire and Dam died in way and he was left to die.

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Subject: *~Heart Of Ice~*

[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 23:31:09 02/28/03 Fri

a Black and white pinto colt watches you from a distance, although only 18 months old you sense a coldness around him that is uncommon in such a young foal, he was abandoned at birth and searches for parents who share his passion for war and hatred. Now it's time for him to come into a world that almost seems made for him-the underworld.

Name= Nicely Iced
Nickname= Ice
Age= 18 months
Breed= pinto
colour= black and white
gender= colt

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Subject: Abandoned at birth

Alkira Saro ( Shiraah Juliet )
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 06:41:07 02/26/03 Wed

Arabian Name: Alkira Saro
Name: Shiraah Juliet
Nick Name: Jewel
Age: 2 days old
Colour: bay
Breed: arabian
Sire: Moon Shaah Dhoh
Dam: Alsirika Moon

A Whisper on the breeze,
A Shadow on the grass.
Don't let her suffer,
Or fade into the past.

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Subject: Hellish Fantasies moonlight gone

Amir Delano| Bint Ambika
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 12:04:30 02/14/03 Fri

colt stands watch over his sister, red eyes strange and distant.

dubbed~Amir Delano*Prince of the night*
personality~hard, strong, expressionless. Doesn't believe in Malussin or True Evil. Believes in Frozen Dreams as King.
stain~black as the dark night

filla sleeps gratefully near her brother's feet

dubbed*Bint Ambika ~daughter of the goddess of destruction~
seasons*same as brother
personality*strong, more friendly than her brother but still quiet, shy. Doesn't believe in True Evil or Malussin, believes in Aerial.
stain*pale white with violet eyes.

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Subject: <^>So^I^Dub^The^Unforgiven<^>

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Date Posted: 17:25:52 01/30/03 Thu

Artist: Metallica
Album: Metallica
Title: The Unforgiven

New blood joins this earth
and quikly he's subdued
through constant pain disgrace
the young boy learns their rules
with time the child draws in
this whipping boy done wrong
deprived of all his thoughts
the young man struggles on and on he's known
a vow unto his own
that never from this day
his will they'll take away
what I've felt
what I've known
never shined through in what I've shown
never be
never see
won't see what might have been
what I've felt
what I've known
never shined through in what I've shown
never free
never me
so I dub thee unforgiven
they dedicate their lives
to running all of his
he tries to please them all
this bitter man he is
throughout his life the same
he's battled constantly
this fight he cannot win
a tired man they see no longer cares
the old man then prepares
to die regretfully
that old man here is me
what I've felt
what I've known
never shined through in what I've shown
never be
never see
won't see what might have been
what I've felt
what I've known
never shined through in what I've shown
never free
never me
so I dub the unforgiven
you labeled me
I'll label you
so I dub the unforgiven

[Filly of ivory stained pelt lays motionless of soft terran of emerald greens. lobs prick as she listens for others.]

The Uunforgiven
Age: 1 month
Side: Evil
Color: Ivory
Breed: Arabian
NN: Unforgiven
Gender: Filly
Other: I will play here if she's adopted

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Subject: [Death Never Comes Quickly; Even When one is "Dead", Life Remains Still.]

Foriegn Screams
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Date Posted: 17:04:32 12/14/02 Sat

[The colt lay in the muddied snow, unmoving. Many took him for dead. Yet within, stirred life.]
Name:Foriegn Screams
Hue:Blood Red Sorrel

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Subject: .storm racing.

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Date Posted: 18:42:22 11/21/02 Thu

.hours of hard running bring the filly here..equal amount should be put to use in sleep..never the case the filly settles down with an ear open she sleeps.

(I'm playing her)

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Subject: Land of Fire and Ice

Forbidden Ice and Desired Fire
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 11:58:15 11/23/02 Sat

Only those that consider themselves outcasts. Ones not wanted by their own kind or even other kinds enter here.

Here is where the ones who have no place to go, Come! here are the lonely one and outcast ones the frightened ones. This land has much grass, fruit hanging from trees, a lake in the center and lots of huntable animals,

Horses who eat meat, and raised by wolves tosses out by their own kind.
Wolves who where forced to leave home
Griffons with no place else to go
Dragons who feel outcast
Mythicals who feel alone
You are all welcome here.

Eat, hunt, Play, Breed, You may do anything here.
Her you are Dark, Light and Neutral all are welcome. All can do their own thing here.


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Subject: ~Dreams So Evil~

Deadly Dreams
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Date Posted: 20:21:33 11/13/02 Wed

Name: Deadly Dreams
Color: Bay with silver eyes
Age: 1 year
Gender: colt
Personality: He is sweet but is more nasty than most and if you see his silver eyes glow watch out you dont know what he will do next. His looking for someone to apodt him since his father killed his mother and he is not able to return he will stay here.

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Subject: Eyes moistened with life, the grey filly solemnly canters into the territory. She scans the area curiously, and rummages through the many thoughts in her mind.

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Date Posted: 15:08:35 10/19/02 Sat

Name: Naoko

Gender: Female

Appearance: A pink, fresh scar from a recent event is slashed across her chest, which mixes quite well with the grey color.

Past: It was clearly unknown, and forever shall be... the one thing revealed is that there was the blood of a unicorn on her father's side of the family, and she had somehow became one, as well.

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Subject: *4 month old filly stumbles and falls to the ground*

lone filly (no name)
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Date Posted: 16:38:25 10/25/02 Fri

Take a look at this foal...mother dead...father to be put down...it was a terrible accident...cared for by gamblers...treated cruelly...escaped...needs love...her only light was an abused stallion who she lost track of in a storm...dying...
*Pedigree lost...breed unknown*

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Subject: Desperate

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Date Posted: 17:14:06 10/10/02 Thu

A newborn colt stumbles in, scratched and injured and desperate for mother's milk. He utters a soft, desperate keening cry- without care he will surely die within a few hours.

Name: Kishiga
Age: Newborn
Gender: Colt
Breed: Russian Arabian mix
Appearance: He possesses a golden buckskin coloring, but looks more like an Andalusian than anything else... he is not a pure Arabian, so you never know. His hide is a rich gold, his mane a thick, soft ebony. His eyes are a beautiful, unusual light blue.
Personality: Ambitious and intelligent, he possesses a quiet cunning that will get him far. More will develop as he grows. :-}

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Subject: (Arrival)

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Date Posted: 23:30:12 10/14/02 Mon

Name: Arvad

Gender: Male

Appearance: The sturdy colt appears to have been dropped into a human washing machine and washed with permanent bleach, so ashen is his pelt. Though, as he grows older the white will change to another color that will remain with him for the rest of his life. Though his he is long-limbed and slender as any female; already as a colt small muscles are spread evenly throughout his small body. His slender muzzle can be definitely recognizable as Arabian, though his tufted ears and silvery saffron eyes appear unearthly. The only other color that lingers upon him is the one golden lock within the whiteness of his mane.

Personality: Arvad is most often found to be straight-faced and blank-eyed. He dislikes telling others of his feelings and emotions, so often they will storm within him until they finally melt away. Following that line of thought, it is hard for the colt to find and keep friends because he trusts almost no one. Occasionally, he will succumb to fits of anger, but otherwise he is - as long as he doesn't feel threatened - a loyal, and steadfast companion. Unfortunately he has another side of him that may develop, or be suppressed, as he grows and matures.

A dark figure, concealed in an overlarge cloak, strides briskly within. A creature grasped in its arms writhes in the confining burlap sack that enfolds even its head. The man - for that is what the cloaked one was - pauses. A devious grin flashes forth from the blackness of the drooping hood and, as if signaled, the man goes down on one knee and carefully places the bundle on the ground. With a quick jerk of gloved fingers, the sack is taken to reveal a colt that glares angerly through the sudden light to where the face of the man should be; fear lines the small foal's eyes.

Laughing quietly, the man presses two fingers between the ears of the colt in mocking farewell. Hastily, and perhaps too quickly for one so young, the colt twists his head to snap at the offending fingers... but the man is already gone. Alone. The colt had known the human for a moment in passing - but he could feel the solitude like steel slashed across his soul. A pitiful mewling whimper is released as the foal strains against the rope that binds him. Pain sears his tender flash and he stops his struggle as if releasing the source.

He lies as still as death itself.

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Subject: The rather lanky filly slipped in, filled with wonder and arcane.

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Date Posted: 23:29:28 10/17/02 Thu

She was exhausted by the lengthy and distant journey. She felt as if she were the Native that was expatriated by the fellow white man. Her darkly shaded grey eyes contrasted with her palomino coat as she expected much kudos for the job well done on her traveling. Wet and marred tail clings to the periphery of her balanced body. The Andalusian repeatedly blinks as she gives a rather pretentious yawn.

Name: Oneida

Gender: Filly

Appearance: Her dappled palomino pelt contrasted well with her slightly darker tinted mane, which was loose and hung well below the normal length. Mentioned before, her darkly shaded grey eyes were abnormally large at times, but other times, they looked rather sickly. Long and lanky legs help carry her brawny body around with ease. Her shade of golden may slowly disperse till it is left as a brightly colored chestnut. Her slender muzzle is notiably recongized as an Andalusian's, the slightly dished out, yet roman-nosed.

Personality: A very concealed filly. Despite the wonder she held inside of her, she disliked to spread it out. She is normally quiet, but if she's with someone she cares for, then she'll chat a little more often then usual. Excercise was a must for Oneida, and she did it quite actively. Everything else in her personality, was well hidden.

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Subject: *No One Knows*

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Date Posted: 20:26:53 09/20/02 Fri

Horribly Dubbed
Queens of the Stone Age
But You Can Call Him
QOTSA or Stone Age
Black w/ Orange Tint
Moons Seen
Blood Lines
Stone Age
Queen of Punk Roq

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Subject: "Just look at you all, disgraces to the Evil race!" +the crimson head shakes in disgust of his peers, and again the haughty voice rings out+ "All of you, coming here sick or injured...you wouldn't last a day!"

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Date Posted: 20:31:37 10/13/02 Sun

+ in the same tone, only a slight difference of loudness, he continues+ "To lead you must be strong, and I see very little strength here, save my own..." + a sinister expression carves into his fine features+ "That is why only the brave must choose me for their own...I am not weak of heart or mind, and neither shall be the one who will take me as their son." + a little chuckle escapes his dark muzzle, as onyx eyes glow with a dark passion+

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Subject: The tall, long-legged filly slipped in inconspicuously. Her dark, tapered gaze narrowed, so reminiscent of her mother's.

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Date Posted: 16:05:35 10/12/02 Sat

She slid down onto the damp earth, struggling to draw her gangly limbs in underneath her, protected by the reaching arms of a nearby poplar. Fear was distant from her mind as she let out a little sigh, allowing her currant-black eyes to droop around the edges. Boredom, though, encompassed her small body like a shroud. It would be a long night.

Her unwavering confidence was beneficial at times like these.

Name: Kireina
Nickname: None
Color: Dappled grey
Mature Height: Unknown
Breed: Brumby
Age: Three months
Personality: Reticent, iconoclastic, self-assured, ambitious

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Subject: ~Dark as She is she is still the Banat er Rih!~

~Banat er Rih~
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Date Posted: 17:06:57 10/05/02 Sat

~Banat er Rih~
Egyption Arabian
1 month

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Subject: *trots in*

Tommy Gun
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Date Posted: 14:01:29 09/29/02 Sun

*a black colt trots into the area*

Name: Tommy Gun
NName: Tommie
Age 10 months
gender colt
color black
Breed Arabian
Side he is pure evil
Past he was born to evil parents he had a twin but during a rough playing session Tommie fataly wounded his brother (it wasnt an accedent) both of his parents died when he was 6 months old

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  • *Trots Up* -- Moonlit Ember, 20:24:21 09/29/02 Sun
    • *Reply* -- Tommie, 20:46:28 09/29/02 Sun
      • *Smiles* -- Moonlit Ember, 20:45:41 09/30/02 Mon
Subject: Greetings

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Date Posted: 18:47:38 09/28/02 Sat

Hello my name is Blade and I am willing to adopt and care for a pure evil colt or fillie. Shakes his small arrogant head. I will teach him my ways of protection and how to survive..........

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Subject: fgh

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Date Posted: 05:14:43 09/25/02 Wed

<"pic src=http://www.geocities.com/hillbillykingoffire/kingoffsidefrontsmall.jpg">

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  • *Here* -- QOTSA*s Playa, 19:40:20 09/25/02 Wed
Subject: a mare trots in... this has pic but same message

dawn's beauty
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Date Posted: 03:07:03 09/18/02 Wed

"if there is a foal that is pure evil i will adopt you and teach you, though i am head strong and independent i will always take on challenges. the question is if you are up the the task!" she nickers and returns home for practice hopeing to have a little foal with her same ambitsion.

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Subject: a mare trots in...

dawn's beauty
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Date Posted: 03:06:02 09/18/02 Wed

"if there is a foal that is pure evil i will adopt you and teach you, though i am head strong and independent i will always take on challenges. the question is if you are up the the task!" she nickers and returns home for practice hopeing to have a little foal with her same ambitsion.

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Subject: A young black filly walks in, her step brave but her eyes weary...............................

Black Ice
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Date Posted: 05:08:49 09/13/02 Fri

Name: Black Ice
NName: Ice
Age: 2 weeks old
gender: filly
breed: arabian
colour: black

She wickers to any that may hear her desperate pleas "Will any one be my mom or dad?"

Abendoned at one and a half weeks, she needs to find parents before it's to late.

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Subject: Strong

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Date Posted: 15:30:11 05/26/02 Sun

Colt of half year canters in, hooves thundering slightly. He snorts lightly, wishing for a home but not knowing here he could fine one.

Name: None
Age: Half year
Gender: Colt
Appearance: Black coat with dark brown/red mane.
Personality: Evil, very intelligent and skillful. He loves to play tricks but knows his boundaries.

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  • Re: Strong -- Dancing Dagger, 15:34:36 06/03/02 Mon
  • Re: Strong -- None, 13:05:50 06/19/02 Wed
  • Re: Strong -- AnY FOAL NEED A GOOD HOME?, 23:10:14 09/16/02 Mon
Subject: !any faol need a good home?~

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Date Posted: 20:34:48 09/16/02 Mon

i would realli like a faol..willing to provide good home..any type of faol is fine

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Subject: Alone

Dealthly Magic
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Date Posted: 23:20:11 05/25/02 Sat

Name: Deathly Magic
NN: Magic or Death
Age: 6 months
Gender: Colt
Appearance: Dark black coat and mane; strong muscular frame even for his young age. Very fast runner.
Personality/Past: His siblings and parents were killed by wolves and never since has he been same. He's very intelligent and shows it quite easily with his movements.

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