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Date Posted: 16:14:20 11/14/12 Wed
Author: Myxtress
Subject: Hello??????

Where did everyone go? The chairs are empty.

Okay. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, and yes, sad when I scroll down the page and can see two years of activity on the main board. I miss…so much. What’ll it take to get some help to pick up the chairs? Who wants to sit in them? And who wants to have some fun with the craft?

I have a few ideas that I’d like to incorporate onto the board, but I need to have some participation. So…this is my plan – I’m going to experiment. And I’m going to post. And I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I am not alone.

So in keeping with all that, in the first reply you will find a bit of something to read.

And so that’s that.

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[> This way please >>> -- Myxtress, 16:18:15 11/14/12 Wed

Excerpt from working title ‘Mirrors’
by E.M. Sawatzky © 2012 All rights reserved.
Posted for critiquing purposes only and does not constitute publication.

Weakened, it would be easy to succumb. Arousal like I never knew existed gave strength to us both. Why was I turning away from pleasure?

Because it wouldn’t be pleasure for Fallon. I couldn’t explore my passion while exploiting his. I wouldn’t use him.

In order to keep my lust from him I had to take him to bed.

I thought of the first room I went to when I escaped from his childhood torture chamber. The sheets were as soft as anything I’d ever felt. The scent of passion lingered in the air, a healthy fragrance of which Fallon had never partaken. My shackles were gone; my fears were immaterial.

I opened my arms; I felt the heat of his body. His weight pressed me into the mattress; his eyes dilated back to black.

“Look into my eyes, Fallon. See the truth you know is there.”

“No.” Fallon’s gaze lingered on my lips. “It’s too dangerous, Heather.”

Please, Fallon. I need you. I wrapped my arms around his neck, threading his hair through my fingers. With a desperate need to get closer, I used that tether to pull myself tight up against his chest.

He groaned, pressing his hips harder into me. I know. Then he kissed me, a gentle brush of lips at odds with the passion urging us on. I know everything, My Pet.

I felt his breath on my throat. Frantic for him to kiss me there I tilted my head back.

“Where’s Darian?” Fallon whispered the words in the way of a lover, but the context and tone were all wrong. He sounded worried.

Guilt jerked me out of the moment; I attempted to push Fallon away. Darian! Damn it! Fallon, he’s be—

Sudden tension in his shoulders screamed a warning, but it was too late. He’s been what? Playing a game he’s not strong enough to win. I’d never give you to a weak male like him, especially when I always meant to keep you for myself.

I knew that was a down-right lie. Fallon was trying to smooth over my screw up. He isn’t the lover you are. Can you imagine he wanted me to choose him over you? I bit Fallon’s neck, scoffing in my mind as if the notion was inconceivable. But don’t worry. Your plan is working. The Senate of Peers locked him back up.

Fallon rolled us on the bed; his fingers dug into my hips, pressing me down while he grinded hard up against me. I knew when I claimed you that you’d free me. Darian really was an idiot to not recognize how strong you are.

The bed underneath us disappeared; wind stripped us of our clothes as we fell into a dark void, the pressure pulling us apart.

Wrap your legs around me, My Pet.

I did, gasping at the sensation, feeling like I was spinning out of control. I imagined we were in a circus ring, uncoiling from a length of silk suspended high on the ceiling of a coliseum dome. Fallon stopped our descent at the last possible moment. If I listened, I could hear the applause of the crowd. Our breath coming in ragged pants, it took a few moments to grasp the situation. We hung suspended in mid-air by a slim piece of fabric wrapped around Fallon’s arm and were swaying back and forth from the momentum.

His other arm was around my waist, holding me tight to him. When I looked down there was nothing but blackness.

Even though I felt safe in his arms, I squirmed closer. “Okay, I’m confused. Did we mean to tick off the Senate? And what’s up with your ‘plunging us into nothingness’ thing?” I glanced at Fallon, expecting to see the familiar taunting grin.

Instead, his face was a mask of stoicism. “Get us to Darian.”

I looked upward. The dome was gone; the fabric holding us up was the only thing visible, and darkness was encroaching on it as well. “Sure. No problem.”

“Glad to hear it.” My Pet, as much as I love your creativity, these…costumes are a problem. If anything is going to be slick beneath my finders…

I hitched upward, securing my grip around his neck, visualizing bare skin against bare skin. Just your fingers? Unable to help myself, and not wanting to even if I could, I kissed him. Taste me, Fallon. Take a deep breath and give up your safekeeping to me for as long as we will it.

My mouth opened underneath his. Screw this not any part of him could be inside me. I could do better than that.

He released the line tethering us to the Senate’s world.

Lust like I never knew existed slammed into me as Fallon disappeared with his last breath into me.

Alone, and burning, I visualized the shimmering surface of the ocean. Then I dove; like a competitor in the Olympics, my entry was perfect with nary a splash. Cool water teased my skin, easing the heightened sensation of Fallon’s power.

Lust fed the adrenaline, his power increased my abilities, combined strength meant he was twice as strong. Long before I ran out of breath, the water was gone, evaporated by the heat of our need. I grabbed hold of the edge of the mirror, pulling myself up and out, right into Darian’s prison. He was there in a heartbeat, bringing me into a bone-crunching hug.

“My Heart?”

Oh, Fallon had some back peddling to do. I didn’t have to look into Darian’s eyes to know his most private fantasies. Heightened sensations gave me insight into what Darian desired, without the need to waste time. It was so simple, so basic. I existed to give him pleasure. It was the only reason I lived. It was why I existed.

I found myself in the same position with him as I had Fallon. My hands tight in his hair, I yanked his head back to kiss him with all the pent up need I possessed. He responded with a groan, desires amplified back. My legs tightened around him. His fingers dug in as he supported my body against his. Clothes disappeared. Passion scented the non-existent air.

Hands clapped together. Once. Twice. Cadmus’s scent preceded him into the cell. “Well, what a pretty picture! It’s our troublesome female swapping out males again.”

Go away.

“You’re looking a little strung out Heather.”

My fingers caressed Darian’s face. “Darian, we have company.”

It was a shame, covering that magnificent body with fabric. But I did. And like a travesty, I cupped his face between my palms, breaking the connection and resting my forehead against his. When I regained a semblance of control, I pulled back enough to watch the clarity return to Darian’s eyes. As much as he wanted me, he didn’t want to be taken by Fallon’s power, and truth be damned, I controlled it.

Like a junkie looking for the next fix, my attention shifted to Cadmus. I envisioned Fallon’s mocking grin, and felt the female equivalent seductive simper. “Strung out? Me? Never.”

Cadmus’s eyes narrowed. “Where’s Fallon?”

My smile widened. I licked my lips, power rippling through me when his gaze tracked to the subtle invitation. With patience and anticipation born of knowledge, I waited until Darian had regained his sense of self. With every beat of his heart he lowered his arms, sliding me down his body until my feet settled once again on the floor.

Then the male emerged; the instinctive need to protect rose to the fore. Darian stepped away from me, putting himself in front of Cadmus. “You’re not needed here, Sentinel.”

Unable to resist, I slid my hands around Darian’s waist, my fingers tracing the firm definition of muscles, the power inside me relishing the shiver coursing through him. Heat from his back welcomed me as I pressed against him, stretching up to kiss his neck and whisper in his ear. “It’s okay. I know what to do with him.”


I smiled at the clear reprimand, but I was already resolved to what the future held. Unable to tolerate a male not being within my touch, I shrank the room until Cadmus was within reach. My hand gripped Cadmus’s, and I allowed him to pull me against him, then I put the cell back to right.

“This is the last time I will repeat myself, Heather. Where’s Fallon?”

What a surprise. Not. The Sentinels arms felt protective as well, his scent carrying the untraceable concern he possessed for me.

I laughed. With Lust inside me, I was invincible. “You males really need to learn what makes you tick.” I glanced at Darian across the room. “While I appreciate your advice, getting Fallon to use his powe—”

“Heather, you didn’t!”

“No Darian, Fallon and I haven’t experienced that pleasure. We’ve experienced an even greater one.”

Cadmus’s eyes narrowed in contemplation. “You resisted Lust?”

“Actually, no. I welcomed hi—”

Darian’s anxiety reached me across the room. “I warned you what would happen, Heather. Fallon is lost to us all now.”

It was hard not to laugh at such an absurdity. “Oh really?” I left Cadmus and brought Darian to my side, wrapping my arms around his neck. “You are my lover, my fantasy and my dream. If I wished it, you would be male honoured to act on it.” I kissed him, letting my vision go black, seeing the reflections inside. “You can’t tell me no. Don’t make me prove it.”

Yanked back by Cadmus, my attention once more shifted to him, but before I could touch him he pushed me away. Crippling pain brought me to my knees, amplifying my arousal, intensifying sensations I wanted to experience. Lust ignited to ease the pain.

“What game are you playing?”

“No! Cadmus, take her in your arms, now!”

“Sorry, Darian. That’s Fallon’s gig.”

“Damn you for a fool! She won’t use him.”

“So I am to become another one of her victims?”

“It’s okay Cadmus.” It hurt to whisper. “I don’t want you.”

“Touch her! She needs physical contact!”

“Why don’t you do it then Darian?”

“I can’t. It’s not me she needs!”

“Temptation…as I…promised…I…collared my…mates.”

Once more lust roared for release at the warmth and strength of Cadmus’s fingers on my arm hauling me to my feet. He grabbed my shoulders forcing me to face him. A rough hand gripped my jaw. Bliss enfolded me in the darkness, tempering lust to a manageable level.

“What the fuck?” His fingers tightened. “Look into my eyes. See the tr—”

“No! don—”

“Oh Cadmus.” Tears spilled from my eyes. Love for the man holding me blossomed. I allowed my blind gaze to rove over his face, learning every curve and hard angle. My fingers followed. “What have they done to you?”

Mirrors imploded at Darian’s will. “Damn it!”

“Heather! Look at me!” In a panic, Cadmus tore his gaze away from mine to beseech Darian. “You…you ca—”

“See. Yes. Damn it all to hell!” Darian snorted, disgusted. “And that means, oh brilliant Sentinel, that she’s looked into your heart and is honour bound to carry out your vile desires.”

“Stop it, Heather.” Cadmus forced my hands away, as if repulsed by my touch. Unable to bear the rejection, I crumpled to the floor, and wrapping my arms around my legs, rocked back and forth in agony.

Darian help me. Cadmus is hurting.

Darian sat down beside me, drawing me close, sheltering me from the hurt with his magic. “She has asked for my help. Will you accept?”

“And you call me a fool?”

“Yes or no, Cadmus. She’s hurting too.”

I shook my head. “I’m okay. His emotions took me by surprise.” I wiped the moisture away from my eyes with the back of my hand. “He doesn’t want any help. Or love. He thin—”

“Darian, tell me you didn’t? You wouldn’t share your powers with her before you claimed her, would you?”

Darian looked up at Cadmus. “I don’t know what she sees in your eyes, but she believes in you, therefore, however much it disgusts me, I do as well. I can’t hurt you.”

“And what about Big Bro?”

“Fallon can’t…won’t hurt you either.” I reached for Cadmus’s hand, heartened when his fingers clasped around mine. “Trust me; playing with you isn’t on his agenda.”

Cadmus smiled, in spite of himself. I was getting used to seeing without sight. Lust inside me was harder to control; impatient, he wanted out. Heat spread through my body, reminding me of the visions Fallon had projected in my mind. Mirrored shards morphed into sharp rocks beneath us.

Unfulfilled desire crested, washing over me in a wave almost orgasmic. Despite myself, my eyes closed, an evocative moan bringing the attention of both males to me in the most primitive, beautiful way. Arousal spiced the air. Tempting. Teasing. Tormenting. Heat shifted, burning behind my eyes, cooling with the thought of how much I loved the blue of Fallon’s.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Cadmus took a deep breath as if fighting for control he no longer possessed. “Her eyes changed colour!”

“Very observant Cadmus.” Darian pulled me tighter to his chest.

“How is that possible?”

“It’s obvious isn’t it?”

“Fallon shared his power with her.” Cadmus took a deep breath. His scent changed to anger. “What the hell is a matter with you two? How could you give your powers to a mortal woman?”

“Don’t get so riled, Cadmus.” My back arched; the call of Darian’s passion changed my eyes back to the obsidian of his. “You’re guilty of it as well.” And I’m a female, not a woman.

Cadmus waved away the correction as inconsequential. “How do you figure?”

“Remember in the tangle of lust and love, Temptation won’t be denied? Seems I couldn’t resist you, either.”

“The kiss we shared?”

Anger flared in Darian. “You bastard!” He went from holding me on the floor to standing feet away with his hand clenched around Cadmus’s throat. Cadmus broke free, shoving Darian back.

On my hands and knees, I crawled toward them, reaching for Darian’s leg to calm him. Sex and violence was a combination I didn’t want to be a part of. With Fallon’s powers riding me hard, I waved my arm out to the side. Images revealed themselves in detail, reflected in the few remaining mirrors, testifying to the truth.

While I struggled with the force inside me, Cadmus and Darian watched in growing awareness. From far away, I heard the words again, the whispered plea. I felt the pull of him, remembered how Darian, Fallon and Cadmus merged.

“How dare you! The Senate was right. You threaten everything and everyone you touch! Damn Fallon for his interference.”

“I’m sorry Cadmus.” I sobbed in exquisite agony. “Fallon warned me, but I could see no other way.”

“I want a judgement.”

My whimpers turned to moans. “Too late.” The low and husky tone of my voice was like an aphrodisiac. “Getting to the Senate of Peers doesn’t matter anymore. If they want you back, they’ll have to come through me.”

“Heather, you don’t understand.”

“Oh, I understand. I understand that if they truly had any sway over us, none of this would have happened. I understand they fear needlessly. I understand they have lost control.”

Darian’s fingers gripped my hair. “My Heart, they control all.” Strands slipped through his fingers in despair.

“They collar the weak. The strong belong to me.” If you don’t believe me, ask for your precious judgement.

Cadmus widened his stance and flung his arms wide; his yell shook the cell walls. “I, Cadmus, Commander of the Elite Sentinel, and High Counsellor to the Senate, demand an audience to determine the guilt of the half mortal female, Heather!” The remaining mirrors shattered. Broken fragments cascaded to the floor, littering the rocks with glittering reflections. He went to step on the splinters, but the force of his desire to please me prevented him. and brought him to his knees.

Despair brought him to his knees. “Heather.” His voice was nothing more than a ragged plea. “Release me. Please. I am not enough for you. You deserve so much more than I can provide.”

As if time had even less meaning for me then before, I was aware of the approaching malice, the magic of varying scents, coming for us. It seemed claiming Cadmus as mine was the final catalyst to get them to act.

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[> Re: Hello?????? -- Lady Morilka, 10:06:49 01/25/13 Fri

I'm still here somehow. I just have so much on my plate that I rarly find idle times to write. Bu I started something the other day and hope to have it ready to post soon.
To explain my absents, I have been exeptionally busy. We are expecting our second child, the first one is having trouble sleeping again so I am really tired most of the time. On top of that, I am working on the knitting pattern road, and started just recently to offer my handmade stuff for sale on a local craftmarked (didn't sell much jet, but already got the offer for a second market). Plus my parents are in the middle of building a new house/home and moving and we are planning and working on moving into the old one. (My father is/was ill and they wanted to build there retirementhome while there is still plenty of time to enjoy it.)
But I do hope that things settle down a bit soon since I am tired on runnig on minimum 110%.
Hugs Lady Morilka

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[> [> It's a girl!!! -- Lady Morilka, 14:46:52 05/19/13 Sun

Leona was born in the 8th and is a healthy little bundle.
Hugs to you all
Lady Morilka

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