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    Narrow Foreskin in Boys or Phimosis - How to Treat it

    By Knut Holt



    By phimosis the foreskin of a boy or man is so narrow in the end that it cannot be pulled down. There are mainly two types of phimosis. In one type, the foreskin is elastic so that it can be stretched wider at least to some extent. In the other type there are scars or indurations around the tip that makes it totally rigid.

    Sometimes the phimosis is partial, so that the foreskin can be pulled down, but not pulled back again. When the foreskin is trapped in a retracted position, it is called paraphimosis. This condition should be regarded as an emergency, since the tight foreskin can cut off the blood supply to the penile head.

    A boy usually have a narrow foreskin in his earliest years and the foreskin also is fixed to the penis head. Gradually the tip widens and the foreskin gets loose so that it can be pulled down. Usually it is possible to withdraw it when the boy is 4-7 years old, and the diagnosis phimosis is therefore usually not done at a very young boy. Phimosis also usually gets away by itself before or during puberty.

    If the opening in the foreskin tip is very narrow, the foreskin will often get inflated by urine during voiding, an occurrence called ballooning. Phimosis can cause inflammation in the foreskin and at the penile head, caused by gathering of smegma and substances from the urine, and subsequent growth of bacteria, but it does not occur in every case. The narrow foreskin can make sex and ejaculation cumbersome.

    In some boys the foreskin just does not widen, so it remains very narrow, and then you usually get the elastic type of phimosis. Other boys or men get infections or inflammations in the foreskin that produce scars and constrictions that make it difficult to pull it down, so you get the rigid type of phimosis. The infections are usually due to bad hygiene.

    The best way of preventing phimosis due to infections and scarring is daily to pull back very gently the foreskin as far as it gets without resistance, wash it well with some mild soap, and then flush it well. The parents should do this on yong boys, while older boys, teens and adults should do this by themselves. One should never try to force the foreskin down, however. Some doctors warn against using any kind of soap and recommend pure water.

    There are great cultural differences regarding treatment of phimosis between the regions of the World. At some places traditional treatment for phimosis has been circumcision. It has however been shown that phimosis can be cured in most instances without surgery, especially the elastic type:

    In boys before puberty, the simplest treatment is daily flushing with clean water under the foreskin to take away impurities, while waiting for the condition to resolve by itself. Complications or special susceptibility for infection, like in diabetic boys, can make more specific treatment necessary at an early age. Some boys may also feel it to be more comfortable after treatment.

    Salves with corticosteroids can also be used 4-6 weeks to make the foreskin softer and combine it with gentle daily attempts to pull the foreskin back. After some weeks the foreskin can usually be pulled back normally in 70% of the cases. On the market you can also find salves based on herbal extracts for the same use.

    A simple traditional and often successful treatment directed at the condition is each day to stretch the tip of the penis mechanically, and also gently pull it back as long as it gets without resistance, usually with the fingers. The method should preferably be done together with flushing and good washing around the tip. Older boys can learn to perform this method themselves.

    By the inelastic type of phimosis some kind of surgery will sometimes be necessary, but in many communities surgery is regarded as the last option due to several factors: It is difficult to obtain a real good result functionally and aesthetically by surgery, regardless of method. There is a risk for complications as infections, bleedings and scarring, and there is a risk connected to anesthesia.

    Circumcision will solve the initial problem, but a full circumcision will alter the penis in a way that the boy or man not always will be pleased with, even when the procedure is fully successful, and this operation also gives the greatest risk for all complications. In addition to the complications mentioned, the exposed penile head will be subjected to mechanical irritation, as a responce grow thicker, and can thereby loose sensitivity. Circumcision will leave a ring of scar just below the penile head that may not look good and feel uncomfortable. Also the reduced amount of skin on the penis can make erections more difficult.

    Often one can cut off an inelastic ring at the tip, and eventually also use the other methods some time afterwards. Some surgeons do a more complicated reshaping of the foreskin to widen it (preputial plasty), and in many countries in Europe this is the recommended method when surgery is necessary.

    When consulting a doctor for treatment of phimosis, one should disqus the methods available to find that which fits best the interest for the patient, which often will be a young boy, and not automatically accept a suggestion for circumcision. If the doctor is rigidly inclined towards circumcision, a second opinion should be consulted.


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    Methods in Use for Penis Enhancement and Improvement

    By Knut Holt


    A fairly common wish by man is to get a larger penis, especially in the erect state, but sometimes also when flaccid. The objective for this can be a penis of less than normal size, causing physiological problems. The common length of an erect penis is from 12.9 to 15.0 cm (5.1 to 5.9 inches), which is shorter that commonly believed. Other times a man thinks he simply will feel more well with a bigger penis, which might be right or wrong. In either case there are many methods used to achieve the wanted result, but none of the methods are well investigated scientifically, so that the judgment of the methods must be based on personal reports from men having tried them.

    A group of methods are based on a daily stretching of the penis in a long period. The mechanical forces thus exerted will stimulate the tissue to get thicker and more robust, which is a basic response from tissues in all body part when subjected to daily mechanical forces. By stretching with a right degree of force, microscopic cavities will also form in the tissues. These will be filled with new cells so that the tissue expands. When stretching the penis to expand it, one must balance the forces so that they are effective, but still not make symptomatic injuries.

    One traditional penis stretch method is sitting with a weight hanging down from the penis in a cord for up to half an hour each day. Usually one uses an elastic ring or lock around the penis just under the penile head to fasten the cord. One can also find arrangements that pull the penis upward with a cord and some elastic mechanism fasted in a belt around the neck or the waist. Using a too heavy weight or pull, using a too tight ring around the penis, or stretching too long each time by these methods can however cause tissue injury or scars. Also the groin area will be stretched, and this can cause unwanted expansion of the tissue also there.

    Also manual manipulations of the penis so that it gets stretched and the blood flow is stimulated has a long tradition. One popular method, called Jelqing or milking, is to massage the penis from the root to the tip with a certain well calculated force. By massaging with one hand and holding back with the other at the groin around the penile root, one avoids an unwanted stretch at the groin tissue. You can easily find manuals with specific instructions for penis massage with the purpose of making the penis larger and more effective. Based on personal reports, one must do these exercises consistently at least 20 minutes each day for several months to get visible enlargement results.

    A too narrow foreskin can be treated by sidewise stretching at the foreskin tip some minutes daily during a period. One must use a certain force, but not so great that it injures the foreskin. The method works best when the foreskin tip is elastic and soft without indurations or scar tissue. The foreskin stretch can be a very effectively treatment of narrow foreskin, especially in younger boys and men.

    A method to expand the penis in length and girth is the use of a penis pump up to half an hour each day in a period. This device is a vacuum pump connected to a cylinder that one places over the penis and with the opening of the cylinder tight against the groin. One makes a partial vacuum in the cylinder which will make the penis expand so that it is stretched to all sides. These devices are also used to gradually correct problems with penile shape such as twisting and curvatures. There is a danger for tissue injury and bleeding inside the penis if one uses a too high vacuum or uses the pump too long.

    Use of penis pumps during 6 months to enlarge the penis in men with a penile length less than 10 CM has been investigated by one scientific study, which concluded that the method was not effective (by Kazem, Hosseini and Alizadeh). In spite of this 30% of the men in the study was satisfied with the results.The use of penis pumps to correct anatomical misconfiguration caused by Peyronie's disease was also investigated in a scientific study, which concluded that the method was effective for this purpose (by the Department of Urology at St Peter's Hospital). This study could also report a lengthening of the penis, even that this was not the objective of the treatment.

    Another enhancement option that uses the stretching principle is the application of a so-called Penis Traction device. These are small and light mechanical devices to be mounted on the male organ and worn some hours each day in a period until the man gets satisfied with the result. The device grips under the penile head and it is also based on the groin around the penile root. The device exerts a gentle traction along the penile shaft with a spring mechanism. These devices are constructed so that they can be bent down or up and shielded under the clothes. By this method one can also straighten a penis that is twisted or bent, for example due to Peyronie's disease.

    The forces used by this method is better controlled than by the use of weights or pumps, so there is little risk of damage caused by restricted blood circulation when used as recommended, and there is no danger of an unwanted stretching in the groin tissue.

    By penis enhancement surgery, the ligament holding the penile base fixed to the groin area is cut, so that a part of the penis usually hidden under the scrotum gets free. This way the visible penis gets longer, but no penile tissue is actually added or expanded. One often also fills crushed fat tissue under the penile skin, which makes the penis thicker. After the surgery the penis appears to be moved to a place further down and it will get less stable. The fat stuffing can get irregular and it will reduce sensibility by shielding out mechanical stimulation.

    For some men the problem with their penile size is actually a problem with inefficient erections so that the penis does not get well enough filled. In that case drugs to make the penis fill itself more completely during erections may help for the problem.

    When the erections get effective, the penis can get considerably longer and thicker in the erect state than before.

    For that purpose one can find pills, transdermal patches and ointments based on herbal ingredients to stimulate erections, or one can try pharmacological products to normalize the erectile potency.There was for some time a belief that penis pills also could get the penile tissue grow larger. Most, if not all, manufacturers have ceased to claim this as an effect.


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    Classical and Modern Standardized Latin Pronunciation

    By Knut Holt

    In Latin the words were pronounced as written. So if you know the sound each letter stood for, you will know how to pronounce it in genuine Roman style.


    The stops p,t,k (and c) were always pronounced the same way. The sounds were the same as the most usual pronounciation in English, but without the breath called aspiration, and therefore they sounded sharper, like the way they are pronounced in the Romance languages. The same is true about the stops b,d,g.

    Latin uses the letter c instead of k in most words.

    C was always pronounced as k, never as s.

    "Ti" was pronounced "ti", never pronounced "tsi".

    Ae was pronounced as the diphtong ai (like the i in the word "mine")

    Oe was pronouced as the diphtong oi (like the oy in "boy")

    Ui was a difting composed of a sound like in "cool" plus an i like in "pit".

    R was a rolled thongue tip r, like the Italian r.

    V was pronounced as English w. U after a consonant was also mostly pronounced as w. Qu was pronounced as kw. In old latin there was not any difference between the letters u and v. U and v were only two styles of writing the same letter. Sometimes you can encounter latin written this way, which sometimes makes it difficult to know how it shall be pronounced. But the letter will in this case mostly be pronounced u between two consonants, and w after a consonant and in the beginning of words.

    J is pronounces as y in "yes". In old writing one often used an i instead of a j. In latin written in this style, i will mostly be pronounced i between two consonants, and j after a consonant and in the beginning of words.

    In late latin m in the end of a word, was not prononced like m. but indicated a nasalization of the vowel before. But it is fine to prononce it as m, because this is the oldest way of pronouncing it.

    If a consonant was written double, it was pronouced longer that a simple written consonant.

    X indicated ks. Z was only used in greek loan words and indicated ts or ds.

    y was most probably pronounces i by most Romans, but the correct pronounciation is like u in french "sur".

    O was a clean vowel, not a diphtong, and was pronounced as the vowel in "more". I was always a clean vowel, lik in "pit". Likewise a was a clean vowel like in "calm". E was a clean vowel like in "bed", but perhaps a litttle narrower. U was a clean vowel like in "cool", but perhaps somewhat longer back in the mouth and somewhat narrower.

    Latin vowels could be short or long, but this was not indicated in script, except in certain instances where a bar was placed over long vowels.

    In latin words, the stress usually fell on the next to last syllable. If the third last syllable had a long vowel, that syllable got the stress.


    During the middle ages and until quite recently, Latin was still used as a litteral and liturgical language. During this time the pronunciation of latin words underwent a gradual change, influenced by the pronunciation of Italian and French. At some time this classically incorrect pronunciation was standardized, and this standard is by now used by scientific communities, the Catholic church and for scientific words of latin origin in the daily language of so-called educated citizens. This standard is as follows:

    Ae is pronounced like the "a" in "hat". Oe is pronounced "e" or as the "eu" in the French word "beurre".

    C is pronounced as s before e, i, ae and oe. In Italia and by the Catholic church it is pronounced as the "ch" in the word "child". Elsewhere c is proniunced "k".

    Ti is pronounced "tsi"

    The difference between long and short vowels is mostly ignored.

    V is pronouced "v", Qu is pronounced "kv", but in Italy and the Catholic church "kw".

    Elswhere the pronunciation is like the classical Latin one.


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