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Welcometo the Canadian Pheasant, Quail, Partridge & Waterfowl Forum. A forum for all breeders of Canadian Gamebirds & Waterfowl to sell and swap breeding stock, eggs, and chicks. There is a great need to exchange bloodlines in order to keep birds pure and available in Canada. Any US breeders who would be interested and willing in selling to Canadian breeders are very welcome to post. The goal of this forum is to keep the different varieties available for all Canadian fanciers. I have just update my homepage and put it on a new site at www.pschofield.info, Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

Subject: Order legal passports, ID cards, legal driver's licenses, schengen visas ( whatsapp: +19372030970)

Haskel (JACK)
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Date Posted: Sun, December 16 2018, 3:20:58 PST


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Subject: Buy Super Notes Undetectable Counterfeit Banknotes Online ((http://korbatech.com/products.php))

David Hambrock (+1(607) 800 4675)
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Date Posted: Thu, August 23 2018, 0:38:00 PDT


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Date Posted: Thu, May 03 2018, 9:59:42 PDT


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Date Posted: Wed, December 13 2017, 4:00:51 PST

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Subject: Knives for handcraft, kuitchen, work, combat, camping. Sex drugs. RC models and drones

Rigoberta Meduu
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Date Posted: Thu, September 07 2017, 16:53:12 PDT

To read about children and teens secretly being microshipped during mandatory examinations under general anesthesia and to read warnings about corrupt pediatricians, please scroll further down

If the links are not active, please copy them and use them in the address field in your browser.


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Airsoft pistols, rifles, machine guns, tanks, sniper guns for affordable prices:



Interesting polls about events in childhood, teenhood and adulthood

Collected, edited and analyzed by Knut Holt


Please also see his websites with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex




You can use these polls to tell your own history or the history of someone you know about.

Alien abduction - investigation of memories of alien abduction or similar events, like abduction for surveillance and experimentation by governments or mafias



Extended, mandatory well-child examination under anesthesia - where the kid undergo endoscopic inspections in the intimate zone and other body areas, extensive ultrasound inspections, ex-rays of several body zones, intrusive specimen collection and body function testings:



Poll about cystoscopy or bladder inspections in kids and adults:



Secret, intimate, intrusive medical exams and procedures under anesthesia on kids and adults:



Called in for a strange physical or psycological exam:


All the polls also have a message board. The individual stories of each participant will be published here. Here you can add comments or ask questions.

Knut Holt


Please also see his website with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex



Children and Teens Secretly Being Microshipped During Mandatory Examinations under General Anesthesia

A main method to obtein the goals of a worldide feudal order governed by a technocratic elite is to surveil and control children and teens in the moust intimate and direct physical and psychological ways.

In steadily more societies children and teens are called in for a mandatory medical examination under anesthesia where they inspect the kid with endoscopic instruments through all body openings in addition to also use advanced radiological techniques to record all kind of data about the kid. Furthermore psychological and emotional tests are used by these ordeals with the child in a drugged state.

But in addtion they place one or two or more electronic chips into the body of the kid. These chips are then used to monitor the whereabouts of the kid around the clock and also the physiological activities in the body. which says a lot about what the kid does or what other do with the kid at any time. The kids himself or the parents are generally not aware of everything done during these medical ordeals or these chips being placed.

All this seems to be internationally coordinated, and stedily more towns or communities are connected to this program. Often these exams are done when the kid is under anesthesia for some other known procedure, or some dummy explanation is used, so that even the exam itself is secret.

By Knut Holt



Things You Should Know about Your Child's Pediatrician

The common assumption about pediatric professionals are that their foremost objective is the wellfare of you child and to help the parents caring for the wellbeing of the child best possible. This assumptions has however substantial modifications.

First of all the pediatrician will work according to a definition of childrens wellfare opposed upon them by the authorities of the community or by the medical profession. This definition will always be more or less biased by the greed for commercial proffit and by the greed for power and controle upon the child and the parents, and thus the professional wellfare definition will tend to deviate substantially from what is understood as children's wellfare by the parents.

This basis will influence the way the pediatrician examines your child and what decision or suggestion she will make regarding actions upon the child in several ways:

The pediatrician does not only examine your child, but in a way also you, the parent, and your interactions with the child. She will then compare what she sees and hears with a very strict normality scheme, and if she finds even the slightest deviation, she will think about neglect or abuse from the parents upon the child, or about a parent not competent to rise a child, at least not without extra cervices from the community. Her suspicion will be awakened by too little or too much verbal communication between the child and parent, by too little or too much intimacy between the child and parent, by your child being too little or too bashful upon bodily examinations, by a too great degree of scheptisism towards the doctor or her assistants from the child or parents, and by things the child may say to the parent or the pediatrician.

The pediatrician will during the examination constantly assess the status of the child's mental development and compare what she finds with her strict normality scheme. She will expect the child to know, understand, have an interest for and feel certain things deemed appropriate for the age and social class of the child, but not to know, understand, have interests or feelings beyond this. The examination typically has sesions where she talks with the parent and the child where these things are assessed, but this assessment will continue throughout the whole examination.

Likewise she will look for deviations from a strict normality scheme regarding physical development such as length, weight, posture, muscular status and genital development. For some time the pediatric society has regarded fat children as the normal standard, and children that have a healthy weight to be anorectic or showing a symptom of abuse or neglect. But if your child is only slightly fatter than expected, also that will also provoke suspicion.

By these assessments not only deviations that give functional problems will be regarded with suspicion. Also positive deviations that make your child more knowledge-rich, more thoughtful, more able, stronger or more handsome than the average will be looked upon with suspicion. A child or teen that expresses political opinions or politically tending opinions that goes beyond the political indoctrination received from the school will especially evoke suspicion, and likewise expressions of deviating religious opinions.

During the whole of the examination she will do handlings with your child that not only has the purpose of finding specific signs of disease or functional problems, but also to provoke verbal reactions, signs of emotions or physical responces she can use to assess metal and physical deviations form her normality scheme.

During the orthopedic examinations and neurological examinations, the child will be nearly or completely naked. The handlings of the whole body during these parts are rather intimate and especially suited to evoke reactions. Also the pediatricion tend to do these examinations in a way that will provoke reactions of all kind with the clear purpose of watching the reactions to find deviation in the child or in the relationship within hisher family.

The genital and rectal examination will also typically not only have the purpose of finding signs of disease in that region, but also to find signs of development deviations of mental art, signs of abuse , signs of impropriate bahavior or signs of deviating family relationship.

The pediatric profession in many societies is on constant allert to find symptoms of sexual abuse, psychological abuse, neglect of needs or deviations in family dynamics, partly opposed by the political authorities of the society. They also tend to use a rediculously extended definition of sexual abuse or other type of abuse or neglect. Your pediatrician will likely interprete nearly all reactions from your child that deviate from the strict normality scheme as symptoms of abuse.

Every pediatrician have an extensive cooperation with subspecialists within special organ systems of children or within psychology, psychiatry, social work or pedagogy. To a certain extent this is how it should be. But your pediatrician is also likely to work as a kind of sales person for these subspecialists and get provision for every child she refere to them. In this way she can generate a conciderably higher proffit from your child than from the work she alone does. This commercial relationships are likely to bias her diagnosis and her decisions or advices regarding your child.

The exaggeratedly strict normality schemes that your pediatrician is likely to base her work upon, also has such a commercial objective. The stricter you define normality, and the wider you define the abnormal, the more reason will there be to refere a child to services that the medical community can proffit from. Whether such a commercial relationships will bias her decisions, will of course vary according to the moral standard of your pediatricion and according to which extent such relationships are legal in your society, but it is absolutely a factor you should be aware of.

By Knut Holt

To find more information and presentation of smart products for fitnes, health improvement and improvement of sexual satisfaction, please see his web-site:


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Subject: Do you know where you will spend eternity?

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Date Posted: Sat, July 29 2017, 13:20:51 PDT

Where do you think you would spend eternity, if God forbid, you were to die later today?

I am not sending this to you to preach religion. I am asking you if you were standing before a Holy God do you think that He would have an issue with your sin if you were standing in front of a Holy God?

Because that is exactly what the Bible tells us. That a Holy God can not be in the presence of sin. So every human being that has ever lived has had the exact same problem. This sin problem. But do you also know that Jesus Christ offers all of us a free gift, the forgiveness of sin. And faith and belief is all God wants from you. So, do you believe that Jesus was the Son of God who came to earth and lived a perfect life? Do you know that God will accept Christ's perfect life and let Christ be your Advocate, so on Judgement Day God doesn't look at all the bad stuff you've done. Instead, God will look at His perfect Son when He see's you. Because Jesus and His perfection literally stand in our place.

Something like that. I would try to lay it out in the most simple terms so they know what the problem is and what the solution is and how it works.

Then in the last sentence just write a quick sentence like "there really is little difference between you and I, I am a sinner too. But I have accepted Christ's free gift of salvation and I know that I will be with God in eternity. I sincerely hope that this has helped you and I do apologize for being so forward, but I have to share this with you because I'm sure neither of us gets free gifts often. At this point, I would recommend for you a good Bible-based church that can answer any questions you have and will surround you with like-minded believers. Just Google bible church in your local area. God bless you!"

Rom 3:23 :
For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

Now that you know that no one is good in God's eyes, how do we then become good? How do we become vindicated before God? The Bible teaches that we need to have Jesus' righteousness but the only way to do that is to come to Him by faith:

Rom 10:9
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Rom 10:10
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Jesus commands everyone everywhere to repent of their sins, to ask for His forgiveness, and to turn from their sins and to put their faith and trust in Him. Repenting means that you are sincerely sorry for all the bad things you have done in life and you want Jesus to change you into his holiness and righteousness.

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Subject: Black Scorpions for sale:

Brice (Black Scorpions for sale:)
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Date Posted: Tue, July 11 2017, 3:48:11 PDT

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Subject: Paleo diet - how natural is this dieet really and how good is it to keep you healthy?

Knut Holt
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Date Posted: Sat, May 13 2017, 3:26:38 PDT

To read about the paleo diet, orthopedic examination of children with icluded othyer sneaky assessments, about bent or twisted penis as by peyonies disease, organ donation, please scroll down.

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Natural sex drugs for men and women. Products for men and women to amplify sexual drive, feelings, virility and orgasms.



About herbs that can stimulate you sexually, presentation of products based on these herbs



Advices and products that can help straighten out a twisted and bent penis, as by Peyronie's disease.



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Smart masturbation techniques for all the sensual parts you have on and inside yourself


Effective slimming advices: Learn all you need to avoid getting over-weight, to get rid of excessive weight and to remain slim - advices about diet and fat-consuming exercizes.



Affordable parts for your car or other vehicle. Styling equipment, performance upgrade, electrical parts, cabin parts, motor parts, stearing and transmision details, touring comodities



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Help against Hemorrhoid and Stomach Problems. Stomach cleansing products Natural cures or support for: Hemorrhoids, constipation, stomach pain, stomach inflammations, GERD, diarrhoea. Stomach cleansing products. Also products to help for urinary tract infection, yeast infection, men's problems and women's problems.


Paleo Diet, WHat is It and WHat Benefits and Dangers does It Give?

By Knut Holt



In a paleo diet you will eat as people ate before the agriculture was invented. According to the theory, this type of diet is best utilized by the human organisms and does not give intollerance reactions that a modern diet composition often gives.

By a paleo diet you eat like people ate before the agriculture was invented and the purpose of such a diet is to stay young and healthy, loose weight and to help cure chronic diseases.

When you follow a paleo diet (paleolithic diet) you eat the same food, and in the same amounts as people ate before the agricultural area began. Also you do not eat those food types that is thought to have appeared during and after the emergence of agriculture.

The theory tells that this kind of diet is the most natural for human beings. Thereby it will give a person the greatest opportunity to stay young, avoid disease, loose weight, help cure chronic ailments and live long.


In a strict paleo diet you eat animal food like lean meat, fish, seafood, foul and eggs. Furthermore the animals the food is made from must have lived a free life and fed themselves from the nature, or at least an approximately free life like all-year pasturing cattle.

The animal based food is cooked or fried gently, or even eaten raw, as for example like beef tartar or sushi.

In this diet you also eat plant based food like seeds, nuts, mushrooms, almonds, fruit and vegetables. Ideally also this food should be obtained from organisms collected from the nature itself, but organically grown plants are also accepted. The plant foods are eaten raw.

Furthermore you use unrefined oils from nuts, seeds and oily fruits grown organically, including cold-pressed oils from olives, sunflower seeds, almonds, nuts and avocados.

In this diet you do not consume processed or refined food of any kind, including sugar and salt. You do not eat cereals, potatoes, legumes or food made from these, as for example bread. Milk and diary products are also excluded from a pale diet. The theory holds that these food types were not a part of the daily diet before the invention of agriculture.


A paleo diet will give you an abundance of protein, fibers, and most vitamins and minerals. The intake of carbohydrates will be more restricted. Much of your energy will come from fat and sugar included in the natural sources. You will not get too much energy, though, which is good if you struggle to loose weight.

But the exclusion of startch-rich plant food can hinder you from getting enough energy. That can make you lose more weight than what is good, and your body can begin breaking down muscle mass and use it as energy source. If you consume much red meat and little fish and seafood, you can also get a too high intake of saturated fat and cholesterole, and a too small intake of vitamin D. If your intake of plant food is restricted to a few types, you can also get too little calcium.

In a warm climate, and if you are very active physically, you can also get too little salt with a paleo diet without added salt.

A classical paleo diet will also be economically expensive.


It is probably wise to live off a diet composed as near to the paleo-diet as practically and economically possible, but width some modifications:

You should allow yourself to eat some legumes, potatoes, other root tubers, and cereals, but preferably organically grown, and not processed to bread or the like. Legumes and cereals were probably a part of the daily diet from the first appearance of mankind.

If you are very active physically you will also need the starch from these food types to get enough energy. Oat is probably the most valuable cereal to include in the diet.

If you suffer from celiac disease or other types of bad reaction to cereals, you should of course avoid wheat and the cereals you react against.

You should also eat more fish and seafood than meat, in order to avoid a too high consume of saturated fat, and include fat fish to get enough omega-3-fat and vitamin D.

You do not need milk and diary products though. But some diary products will not hurt you unless you suffer from lactose intolerance.

If the climate is warm and you are physically active, you will need to include some salt in the diet, preferably sea-salt.


A paleo diet with the mentioned modifications will best possibly keep you young, healthy and slim. It will give you all nutrients in the right amount, and you avoid consuming artificial ingredients that can destroy your health.

But that does not mean that there does not exist other diet philosophies that are equally good. Among these are diet types where lean milk products play an important role.

Knut Holt is a business consultant and marketer focusing on the health field. At his site there is a lot information useful to improve health and fitness, including slimming and exercise advices. You can also find presentation of products to combat common health issues, to improve fitness and to improve sexual potency and satisfaction.


Source: http://www.eioba.com/a/54t5/paleo-diet-what-is-it-and-what-benefits-and-dangers-does-it-give



By Knut Holt


An orthopedic examination is an integral part of a well-child periodic assessment, and it is also performed both on children and on adults upon special concerns. The extent of the examination varies however much from setting to setting.


Checking gait and other movements is often done first in the examination, but can also be an intergral part of the examinations of the separate body areas. One lets the patiant go from and to the examinator while watching him/her walking in both directions. While the pantient is walking, one plays special attention to the function of the hip area, the knees and simultaneous movement in the spinal column.

One also performs other movement tests of the lower or upper body. One lets the patient kneel down, lift the legs up in foreward and sideways direction, lift the arms up over the head foreward or sidewise, bend and twist the neck.


The part which is nearly always present is the back and spine check, with a main purpose of caching a developing scoliosis as early as possible, but also to check flexibility of the spine in all natural directions, or flexibilities in abnormal directions. The scoliosis exam which is typically done after the gait inspection, is usually done like this:

One first checks if one shoulder is higher than the other. Then one checks if one hip crest is higher than the other. One looks and feels along the spine while the patient is standig upright to see and feel the curvature. Often abnormal twistings and bendings can be seen right away. To be more sure one also lets the patient bend foreward. Where the spine is curved towards one side, one will see a bump on that side of the back, because the bent part of the spine will be pressed outward on that side. By letting the patient do other bends and twistes with the torso, arms and legs, a more complete picture can be made.

By a more thorrough scoliosis test, geometric instruments to check the angles of the misalignments, so-called scoliometers, are used.

During this test the patient must be naked on the back and also on the upper parts of the buttocks. The very best for the diagnosis is a totally naked patient, so that on can also see misalignment of the buttocks that are assosiated with scoliosis, but one usually lets the patient wear underpants and pulls these down more or less at some point in the test. It is generally recommended that children and teens are examined by such a simple test each year.

If scoliosis is detected with such simple tests, and it looks severe enough, one will often do more thorrough examinations, especially with x-ray imaging.


In addition to the back and scoliosis check, the checking of limbs, joints and their function is a main topic by the orthopedic examination, and especially at the legs and the pelvic zone. Usually the patient will wear short briefs only during this examination. In certain settings one prefere to examine children totally naked.

The shoulder and elbow joints will typically be tested in the next stage. Typically the examination of the upper extremities are performed like this, but all the following movements do not necessarily occur or may occur in another sequence:

- One feels along the arms of the patient from shoulders to fingers to check muscle tone, consistency and temperature.

- On lets the patient swing the arms from a position pointing downwards to a position 90 degrees to the body and pointing foreward.

- One instructs the patient to bend the hands up and down, to each side, and to rotate the hands in both directions.

- On lets the patient swing the arms further so they are pointing stright upwards.

- The patient is then instructed to swing the arms down to a 90 degree to the body and pointing out to each side.Often

- Often the examinator also will take hold of the straight arms and swing them in all directions and press somewhat at the extreme points to thet the flexibility of the shoulder joint.

- The examinator may also take hold of the underarms of the patient, and bend the arms in all ways to test the elbow joint.

- Then the patient is asked to flex the elows as far inwards as possible, and then to a 90 degree angle, and then swing the lower arms and hands in a circle in both directions.


Later on one usually checks the hip joints and the legs. The patient will usually be laying on the back on an examination table. One will then do several handlings and bendings of the legs to check range of movement:

- One feels along each legs to test consitency, tone of the muscles and the temperature in the leg.

- With both leg straight out, the examinator swings and stretches the foot outwards and inwards, up and down. One also look under the feet to check for abnormalities.

- The patient lays with straight legs and the examinator spreads the legs as far as possible out to each side.

- One flexes the knees of the patient up in a frog fashion and let hisher soles touch each other. Then the legs are spread down to each side.

- One lets the legs lay straight out on the examination table. With one leg still laying straight, one swings the other straight leg up as far as possible and then down again, and the foot is held so that the calves are maximally stretched.

- While one legs lays straight, one flexes the other leg up and tries to press the knee of that leg as far down towards the chest area as possible, while also trying to press the foot as far as possible down towards the thigh, and the foot is held so that the toes point upwards.

- Whith one leg laying straight, one flexes the other leg up so that the thigh and calve make a 90 degree angle, and then one swings the calve as far as possible inwards and outwards.

- With one leg laying straight, one holds under the foot and over the knee, lets the knee joint be flexed and rotate the leg around.

The same tests are then done with the other leg while the first leg is held straight. Many of these tests are often done in one continuous movement. Often the examinator will repeat each test several times to see if the repetition changes the muscle tone and flexibility.

One also lets the patient lift the straight legs with some downward pressure to test strength.


The standard orthopedic exam is traditionally a manual and visual examination, but in some areas technical instruments are used by now. Ultrasound exam of the knees, hip joints and shoulder joints is standard in many places, especially in Eastern Europe.

The feet are often checked by letting the patient stand on a hightened transparent platform with a oblique mirror at the underside, so that the examinator can look under the feet of the patient.


As said one will sometimes prefere to have a child completely naked during these tests. This has the advantage that one can see if the cleft between the buttocks, the natal cleft, and the vulvar cleft in girls, are alligned normally. But the child might, depending much upon its cultural heritage, feel it to be embarressing being totally naked during these hip and leg tests.

Even though these tests are necessary for a thorrough assessment of the joints of the lower extremities, the very nature of the movements will also give a mechanical stimulation upon the genital organs and upon the area around the anus. The examinator possibly also looks for the nature of the reactions caused by this stimulation, but will never mention that he she so does.

Even though it is never said openly, one possibly also prefere the child to be naked to test his her psychological reactions upon being inspected rather intimately this way, or to see if the movements cause leakage from the urinary tract, the vagina or anus.

The pediatric services in most countries have a standing order form the authorities of being on constant allert for signs of sexual abuse of children or for signs that the children themselves have unwanted sexual habits, and suspect every parent of being abusers. Even though it is never said openly, it seems that the reactions of the child during these tests often are registered and used to assess the possibility of the child being a victim of abuse or of "self-abuse", an obsolete concept that has gained a new popularity among some pediatricians and child psychologists.


Knut Holt is a business consultant and marketer focusing on the health and erotic fields. At his site there is more information about health, fitness and sexuality. You can also find presentation of products to improve health, including sexual health, and of products in the categories hobby, automotive and apparel.


This article is free to copy as long as the author's name and link is present.



By Knut Holt



Peyronie's disease consists of hard, fibrous tissue, called plaques, developing within the penile shaft. The plaques are hard, thickened and stiff areas, actually a kind of internal scarring. In this fibroid tissue also calcium compounds can accumulate, making the plaques even harder.

The Peyronie's disease is also called cavernositis, and also sometimes plastic induration. There is probably a chronic inflammation process that leads to this scarring.

The thickened area has less blood flow than normal penile tissue, and do not fill with blood and swell as the normal spongy areas in the inside of the penis. Therefore the penis swells more at the opposite side, and gets a curvature towards the side containing the plaques when erected.

If the plaques are found at several places, more complex deformations will develop. The abnormal bending, twisting or swelling within the penis, often also lead to painful erections.

Any man from the age of 18 and upwards can develop Peyronie's disease. The average age of men suffering from Peyronie`s disease is 50.


The three main characteristics of cavernositis are:

- One or more small hard lumps underneath the skin, or a continuous hard, stiff and thickened area.

- Abnormal bent or crooked penis when erect. All penises have some curvature, but by this disease, the penile bend increases, and one may get a very curved penis. The penis may be bent as a banana or in an angular fashion. The penile bending is most often up, but may be down, to the left side, to right or sloping.

-The bending is usually to the same side as that of the hard thickened area when the penis is erected.

-The hard areas in the erected penis may look like bumps, making the penis irregular.

- Sometimes the penis bends greatly enough to make sexual intercourse difficult, or impossible.

- Pain during erections caused by the pressure from the hard areas in the penis, or from the stretched skin at the opposite side of the penis.

- One may not notice the bend immediately, as it tends to develop over one to three months and later than the hardness and stiffness of the indurations.

- The plastic induration may progress and cause impotence. Sometimes the Peyroni's disease will clear up by itself, but this may take several years.


The exact cause of the induration is unknown. It's not a sign of an underlying serious condition, and it is not a sexually transmitted infection. It is possible that the disease can begin with an inflammation in the penile tissue. An inflammation may be caused by an allergic or auto-immune reaction. Although the Peyronie's disease is not an infection, an initial infection can damage the penile tissue and cause an inflammation that develops into Peyronie's disease. Men having the inflammatory condition called Systemic Lupus Erytematosus more often get Peyronie's disease.

Vitamin E deficiency seems to be a contributing factor in causing the disease. Diabetes may cause damage of blood vessels, and if this damage occurs in the erectile bodies of the penis, Peyronie's disease can develop. Peyronie's disease is sometimes a side effect of the drug Inderal (propanolol) used against high blood pressure.

Sometimes a physical injury to the penis that causes internal bleeding, or a series of such injuries, is the initial cause. A habit of violent sexual activity may cause such injuries. It is thought that some men may have a genetic disposition to the condition.

Plastic induration of the penis is not a cancer, and cannot cause cancer, however a lump or deformation in your genitals that develops, must be examined.


Not all men with Payronie's disease require treatment. The disease sometimes go away by itself. If the condition is pronounced, it is also difficult to find a remedy that can cure every sign of the disease, but several methods can take away most penis changes associated with Peyronie's. Here is a survey of treatment methods used today.

Tamoxifen - In its early stages of the disease a medication called Tamoxifen has been shown to prevent the formation of the fibrous plaque by Peyronie's disease. This drug is also used in the treatment of breast cancer, but the two conditions are not related.

Vitamin E and B - Vitamin E and B is sometimes effective in easing the pain and as a treatment for the penile deformity by Peyronie's disease.

Verapamil - Verapamil, often used in the treatment of high blood pressure, has been shown to decrease the size of the plaque and decrease the pain when injected directly into the plaque, and thus also improve the penis shape distortion by peyronie's disease.

Shock wave therapy - Extracorporeal shock wave therapy, or ESWT, a new treatment, is being used in some hospitals for the Peyronie's disease. Although the initial results of this new approach to treat Peyronie's disease have been promising, the long-term outcome is still undetermined.

Surgery - This is sometimes considered if Payroni's disease has lasted for a year or more and it hasn't progressed or regressed for at least three months. By the Nesbitt procedure one removes tissue opposite to the curve to straighten the penis. Another procedure involves putting a graft or part of a vein within the fibrous plaque to lengthen this area. In certain cases of Pyrenees disease, surgical insertion of a penile prosthesis (implant) is recommended.

Radiation therapy - This treatment modality has been tried, but the results are unpredictable and sometimes the opposite of the intended one.
Peyronie's Disease and Abnormally Bent Penis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Traction devices - On the market, you can buy mechanical devices to use on the penis some time daily that gently pull upon the penile tissue to straighten out the penis, and thus mending the penis from the curvature caused by Peyronie's disease.

Knut Holt is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items. Please visit this web-sites for natural help against common diseases, for example: Genital problems, Peyronie's, over-weight, acne, eczema, hypothyroidism, fatigue, depression, hemorrhoids, joint pain, hypertension, high cholesterol, circulatory problems, digestive ailments, allergies, menstrual problems, respiratory diseases and more:



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Organ Donation Equal to Termination of Patients Life for Theft of Organs

By Knut Holt



Organ donation is in most cases equal to organ theft from persons that could be saved

Totally healthy organs and tissue of children and young adults is a highly sought for merchandize in the international medical market.

All countries, including USA, Canada and Western European countries and all principal hospitals participate in this trade, and the coordinators earn money.

Officially much of this activity has got a legal ferniss called "organ donation". The idea behind this, is that persons that have happened to got their brain totally killed in some accident or some accute disease excluisively confined to the brain, are decleared dead, and the healthy organs given as a gift.

But this activity is mostly done under false premisses:

- First of all, it is nearly impossible to wait until you are sure the brain is dead without other organs also being degraded. Also the nummber of thrue braindead patients with other healthy organs is to small to cover the demand in the organ network.

- Practically one therefore declears young people with brain injury as brain dead after a few hours without taking the time to really make sure that the patient is brain dead and without trying to treat the brain injury properly and then distributes the healthy organs through the international organ donation network.

- One also declears young persons with brain injury that one knows are not braindead, but that are inconscious, or are held inconscious by medication, as brain dead. And then they take their healthy organs and sell them through the network.

- Therefore most young people decleared as brain dead, are mostly not so and could be saved by proper treatment of the brain injury.

- Thirdly, there is a lot of money involved, both formally legal and plainly illegal in this trade, even though organ donation is seen oficially as a gift.

Tissue and possibly whole organs are also stolen from children that undergo surgery and sold through this network and through totally illegal networks, and all principal hospitals participate. In Northern America and Western Europe doctors mostly take out tissue in a way that makes it difficult to know if this was a part of the main surgery or not, but the patient will suffer by greater complications after the surgery.

In other countries whole organs are extensively stolen with a pretence that it was necessary to remove the organ.

Knut Holt


Tips for Exciting Navel Masturbation

By Knut Holt

If you stick a finger down into your belly bottom you will find a structure that feels like a button. By stimulating this thing and the area under and around in various way, you get a lot of very special sexual feelings deep inside or around your navel.

You can press your finger down there while also moving your finger tip back and forth in all directions. When doing so you will feel that the button flips back and forth a little as you move your finger.

You can move your finger around in a circle down there while pressing downwards.

You will then get feelings in your navel and the stomach parts around, of a very special extatic kind. And these feelings will persist aldo sfter thst you hsve taken your finger out again.

By doing these movements very gently, you feel a very fine-tuned ecstacy in the area.

By moving while pressing down harder, the feelings get sharper in a very exciting way.

By pressing even harder when tickling down in your nevel, you will get feelings that spread downwards your penis tip.

This kind of navel stimulation is fine to do with one hand while you also masturbate your penis width the other, or you can take some moments during your masturbation to only play with your navel.

And of cource you can find your navel with a finger of one hand and have it cosy with the feelings you can create in that area at any occation when one of your hands is free to do so.

By Knut Holt

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Subject: G-spot and Vulva, the female genital parts, learn about them

Knut Holt
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Date Posted: Sun, April 23 2017, 12:12:08 PDT

About the G-Spot - How to Find and Stimulate It

By Knut Holt



The G-spot is an area laying between the urethra and the vagina and around the urethra. The most sensitive point in the area is found 3 inches or 5 cm inside over the upper/front vaginal wall (front if the woman is standing and upper if laying).

The area has a mesh of blood vessels that can fill with blood and engorge. The area has a rich equipment of nerve endings. The urethral sphincter consisting of a grid of crossing muscle bundles lays between this area and the bladder.

At both sides of the urethra, the area has a gland that produces a fluid with the same composition as a man's prostate, the paraurethral glands, which can be defined as a part of the G-spot. The area is also connected to the clitoris with bundles of connective tissue.


The innervation of the G-spot provides for strong sensations of sexual pleasure. These are described by many women as waves of pleasure spreading out from that area and that increase as the excitement increases and increase towards orgasm.

The innervation of the G-spot and the nearby area provides for sensations of many other kind during sex. Some women feel a sensation like the urge to urinate and the good feeling when one lets the urine flow. All these sensations increase when the mesh of blood vessels engorge.

Some women are however not aware of any sensations in the G-spot, and many women learn to recognise these sensations with sexual practice and by experimentation with sexual techniques. Some women also seem to mistake sexual urges coming from the G-spot for urge to urinate.


You can stimulate the G-spot of yourself or your woman by massaging with some force up against the upper/front vaginal wall about 5 cm or 3 inches inside the vagina. The right depth will of course vary from woman to woman, so it is important to try a wider area. One must massage so deep into the tissue that the massage exert a pressure in the area between the vagina and the urethra.

You can reach the right spot with the finger. It is perhaps more easy to stimulate the right spot with a dildo or a vibrator that is curved in the end. By using vibrations, pressure waves will propagate through all the inner areas of the vulva and induce a general physical excitement that you can build further upon when stimulating the G-spot more directly by the tip of the device.


Upon stimulation of thright intensity and length a woman can get an orgasm with the G-spot as the center of the feeling. Since there is an intimate connection between the G-spot and the clitoris, there will usually also be a clitoral component in the orgasm. Sometimes the center of feelings will be in the clitoris also upon G-spot stimulation, but the feelings will still originate from a wider area. Sometimes the woman will feel an intense pleasure in a wide area, including both the G-spot, the clitoris, the bladder area, the thighs and the anus.

G-spot orgasm or orgasm caused by G-spot stimulation is felt to by many women to be much more profound both physically and mentally than a pure clitoral orgasm and the feelings will often reach much farther inside in her body.


Upon stimulation the G-spot gets filled with blood and swells. The swelling increases the excitement, contributes to the general engorgement of the whole vulva and contributes to the stimulation towards orgasm. Also the excretion of lubricating fluid from glands in that area increases by G-point stimulation.

During orgasm some women ejaculate a fluid from their genital organ. The fluid seems mostly to originate from the paraurethral glands that empty themselves through ducts at both sides of the urethra, but some may also originate from small glands around the urethra that open into the urethra. The paraurethral glands make a fluid of nearly the same composition as the man¨s prostate secretions. The paraurethral glands are often depicted to be a part of the G-spot and female ejaculations seems to be particularly common during orgasms that originate in the G-spot.

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The Anatomy and Physiology of The Vulva - The Sexual Organ of Girls and Women

By Knut Holt

The vulva begins over the pubic bone and extends between the legs of the woman far back to only a short distance from the rectal opening. In young girls or some women the vulva begins fairly far up at the lowest part of the belly. As the pubic bone grows during maturing, the vulva is often pushed further downwards between the legs.

The parts of the vulva that are most easily seen are the outer genital lips, called the great lips or the Labia majora. Between the upper parts of the lips lies the clitoris, a knob-like structure with a hood like the penile foreskin. Beneath the clitoris and continuous with the clitoral foreskin are the small or inner genital lips, the Labia minora. These surrounds a deepened area called the vaginal vestibule. The urethra opens in the vaginal vestibule and just beneath the urethral opening is the vaginal opening.


The Labia majora join each other at the lower part of the belly, just over the pubic bone and extend backwards between the woman's legs where they also also join each other. The inner lips, the labia minora, vary much in shape and size. They may extend out from the great lips or lie fully within the area of the great lips.

The inside of the genital lips excrete an oily fluid from sebaceous glands, and there are also sweat glands that deliver salty secretions. This fluids blend with fat-rich skin cells rejected from the inner surface of the lips and friendly bacteria to make a whitish substance called sebum. The sebum has a protective and lubricating function.


The urinary opening is situated between the inner lips in the vestibule some distance from the clitoris, sometimes it is placed even at the upper rim of the vaginal opening. At each side of the urethra there is a gland that secrete the same kind of fluid as the male prostate, the paraurethral glands or Skene's glands. The glands tend to empty themselves before and during orgasm and can this way contribute to the phenomenon called female ejaculation.


The vaginal opening lies just below the urethral orifice. In Jung girls it is mostly closed by a thin membrane called the hymen. The hymen will at some time rupture and leave only residuals at the rim of the vaginal opening. The vagina leads up to the womb or uterus.

The inner vaginal wall consists of an epithelium over an elastic connective tissue sheet and around that there is a sheet of muscles. In the walls of the vagina, there are a lot of glands that secrete a lubricating slime. This secretion tend to increase just before and during puberty. It occurs all the time, but increase during sexual excitement.

The vaginal wall do not have much nerves that can recognize sensations but nerve endings controlling the glands an the muscles.

On both sides of the vagina fairly far back there are situated two glands, the Bartholin's glands, that secrete a slime, especially just before the female orgasm. Also this secretion may contribute to female ejaculation.


The clitoris has a hood like the penile foreskin and this hood can be continuous with the minor lips or extend downwards at both sides of the minor lips so that it look like the women has even one more pair of lips. The visible clitoris has the ability to become blood-filled, engorged and erect just like the penis.

It has a set of erectile bodies that do not only lie within the clitoris but extend inside the structures of the vulva, so that the whole vulva has the ability to get blood-filled and engorged.The erectile bodies are a mesh of very elastic blood vessels in a framework of elastic connective tissue.

In the lower part of the clitoris lies the erectile body corpus bulbospongiosus. This body divides itself into two branches, the bulbs of vestibule, that continue as two great bodies at each side of the vaginal vestibule and frame the urethra and vagina, These bodies are partly surrounded by a muscle called the bulbospongiosus muscle.

In the upper part of the clitoris are the erectile bodies corpora cavernosa at both sides that each extends inside as two bodies, called the crura of clitoris or legs of clitoris. These go along the inner rim of the pubic bone under each of the great lips. These bodies are also partly surrounded by a muscle, the ischiocavernosus muscle..

The clitoris has a very rich density of nerve endings through the whole structure. Many of these lies inside small connective tissue bodies that are capable of transmitting and focusing impulses like pressure and vibration towards the nerve endings.


From the clitoris down at both sides of the urethra towards the upper vaginal wall, goes a sensitive structure with a swampy appearance because of a meshwork of blood vessels. This structure can be stimulated from the clitoral side by pressure and vibration or from within the vagina. The part of this structure laying nearest the vaginal wall is often called the G-spot.

When a women has orgasm, sensations in both the clitoris and the whole structure down to the vaginal wall play a role.Sometimes most of the sensations are registered at the clitoris, and the orgasm is then called a clitoral orgasm. Other times most of the sensations are registered in the area over the vaginal wall, and this type of orgasm is called G-spot orgasm or vaginal orgasm.


The clitoris and the central portions of the vulva are innervated by the perineal nerve which is a branch of the pudendal nerve, a nerve that control many important functions in the pelvic region. The peripheral parts of the vulva is controlled by branches from the posterior femoral cutaneus nerves which also controls the surfaces of the thighs. These nerves contain fibers to transmit sensations, fibers to control voluntary muscles in the vulva and parasympathetic fibers that control glands, blood vessels and involuntary muscular functions.

Much of the blood supply to the vulva comes from the internal pudendal artery on both sides. This artery has branches that go towards the labia, towards the clitoral region towards the rectum and other places in the pelvic area.


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Early Internal Pelvic Exams in Girls and Boys

It is commonly thought that pelvic exams, often called gynecological exams, are something done only with women and first when they have reached maturity.

This is far from the truth in modern societies. Probably most boys and girls in the modern western societies have an internal pelvic exam before the age of 14.

These exams are seldome called gynecological exams or pelvic exams though, partly because they are done for other reasons that such exams in adult women, partly because they are performed in a different way, and partly because authorities like to hide what is really going on.

Many children and teens, and often not even their parents, know that they have had such an exam, because they was given general anesthesia, and a dummy explanation was given.

Also many children go through such exams secretly when they are under anesthesia for other procedures, like dental work, eartube ordeals or tonsil surgery.

But in all such cases there will occur symptoms from the intimate body parts or observations that make both the kid and the parents wonder what has been going on.

Anesthesia never works perfectly, and many persons will get flashbacks from repressed memories of the ordeals later in life, These flashbacks are often misunderstood and can give rise to stories of alien abduction or acusations of innosent persons for sexual abuse.

Also these exams tend to be more extensive than adult gynecological exams. Usually there will be endoscopic inspections through the urethra, the vagina and the anus, taking of internal specimens from these places and ultrasound exams in the same areas.

The inspections will often extend high up in the urinary or the intestinal system. The exams also tend to be combined with similar inspections in other body areas.

The reason for the exams can be symptoms that suggest some disease or congenital malformation, research and surveillance upon the populatioin, or one suspect that the parents or others abuse the child sexually.

In many societies even vage observations of bodily symptoms, behavior changes, deviations from a strict standard of development or unusual observations in the family of the kid will lead to such an exam.

The observations leading to such ordeals need not even be of something negative or problemematic for the child. Often it is enough that something unusual is observed with the child to lead to such intimate assessments.

Some comunities or some schools also seem to have done these exams mandatory at specific age levels.

By Knut Holt

For more information about health, fitness and sexuality, please see this website:




Alien abduction - investigation of memories of alien abduction or similar events

Memories of events that may be interpreted as alien abduction are quite common. Some may be from real abduction by non-human beings coming in strange flying vehicles.

Others may be actions done by governmental agencies or mafias for various purposes that have some of the same type of details.

Often one does not remember the abduction as such, but one remembers only some loose details during some kind of ordeal one has been subjected to.

I have made a poll to investigate these memories. If you have experienced something of the kind, please go to the poll and answar. All the answars will be lain out in the massage forum of the poll to be commented further upon.

The address of the poll:



Extended mandatory well-child examination under anesthesia:

In certain areas the health authorities has begun to subject children and teens to extended well-child physicals where one performs several or all of the following procedures: inspections with optical scopes through all or several body openings,ultrasound examinations of most body structures, x-ray taking of joints, EEG and EKG. The kid is often given sedation or even general anesthesia during these extended physicals to make the kid cooperative and to hinder him or her from remembering. Still the kid will remember a lot of details around the procedures and sometimes also from the procedures themselves, because anesthesia never works perfectly, and the kid will always have some symptoms afterwards that tell a lot of what has been done. This poll has the aim of investigating experiences from such ordeals.



Poll about cystoscopy:

By cystoscopy the doctor looks into your bladder with a long instrument. This instrument can be rigid like a stick or flexible. All age groups have cystoscopies. In some comunities a cystoscopy seem to be a mandatory exam at some ages of children and teens. These communities are probably not many yet, but this type of exam seem to increase in frequency, both for special purposes and for mandatory or recomended screening. This poll has the purpose of establishing a picture of the frequence of this type of exam in different age groups and the arrangements during the exam.



Secret medical exams and procedures under anesthesia:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are. This poll has beenlaunched in several sesseions.



Called in for a strange physical or psycological exam:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are.


All the polls also have a message board. The individual stories of each participant will be published here. Here you can add comments or ask questions. There are already many histories you can read there.

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Subject: Internet Download Manager For Mozilla Firefox 13

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Date Posted: Fri, April 21 2017, 4:38:12 PDT

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Subject: Rangeela Mp3 Free Download Songspk

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Subject: Fukushima nuclear power plant catastrophy evolving out of controle now by primo 2017

Knuit Holt
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Date Posted: Thu, April 20 2017, 11:22:26 PDT

Please scroll down to read about the ongoing Fukushima nuclear catastrophy, about forced and sneaky gender change many boys go through, and advices about influenza vaccine.

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The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster, still developing and worsening.

On 11. of mars 2011 Japan was impacted by a strong earthquake that made damages at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. This led the ractors to be shut down. But the circulation of cooling water for the reactors and the tank storing used fuel rods under water were kept running by electric power from emergency power generators. This vooling is necessary to hinder overheating from the rods that still radiate so strongly that they are constantly warmed.

But soon after a tsunami hit Japan and overflowed much of the structures in the power plant. The combined effect of the earthquake and the tsunami had by now made cracks in the reactor structures themselves and destroyed virtually all infrastructure in the power plant, with the result that the power generators shut down and all connection to the grid was broken. This led to stop in all systems for circulation of cooling water.

After some hours this led to overheating in the reactors and the fuel core melted. The core also melted itself through the bottom of the reactor tank or flowed through cracks already being there after the previous impacts and fell down at the floor of the concrete housing around the reactor. It is not clear if this happened immediately or gradually over some time.

Also the water in the storage tanks for used rods began to evaporate and the situation threatened to cause overheating and melting of the rods also here.

The heat from the core made the water inside the reactor react chemically with metal in the structures leading to production of hydrogen. The atmosphere inside the housing was nitrogen, so this did not lead to any consequence immediately. But eventually air came in through cracks in the housing or tubings. That led to an explosion so that the roof of the concrete housing and the whole reactor building were blown open.

This also lead to a lot of radioactive material being let into the environment, that made it necessary to evacuate large areas around.

After several days of work one managed to provide water cooling of the broken reactors and the storage tanks by provisorial sprincling mechanisms.

Eventually one maneged to make the cooling system of the reactors work again by connecting the generators to new power sources.

But contaminated water is leaking from the cooling system and the ground water is also entering through defects in the system, causing an extra flow of water into the space around the reactors and even more overflow of radioactive water out of the system. The water escaping is stored in provisorial tanks, and these tanks are filling up the area.

But contaminated water also is constantly leaking into the ground without being catched, making the environment steadily more radioactive.

There has since then been a constant fear that the melted fuel could burn through the concrete housing too, or escape into the ground through cracks already in the concrete housing floor, and penetrate into the ground leading to a constant spread of great amounts of nuclear dirt into the environment.

By now it is clear that there has been a constant spread of nuclear vaste from the cracked structures into ground and the environment, and steadily more radioactive isotopes can be detected at the coast or America and elsewhere. This situation has not been reported by the mainstream media as if they had silently agreed to be totally tacid about it. But the truth about the situation has been steadily more reported at Youtube and other online media.

This means that material from the melted core really is escaping into the ground through defects.

Some time during 2016 the circulation system for the water in the tanks where used rodes are stored threatened to stop working. They seemed to have have managed to get the cooling system running again, but it threatens to brake down again at any moment, and the cooling system is only one of several factors which each one has the capacity to lead to a catastophy.

But by primo mars 2017, the situation at Fukushima seems to have got totally out of controle.

The leakage from the three broken reactors are much worse that originally thought. The fuel core has melted and flown through cracks in the reactor tanks in the reactors. It has burned holes through the concrete shield thereunder and it is eating itself down into the ground.

One has managed to unspect under the reactos by now, but not found the fuel just under the reators where it was espected to lie in any great amount, so it must have escaped further downwards and sidewards.

Thereby it has come in contact with ground water, is spreading enormous amount of nuclear dirt though the ground and into the sea, and produces a lot of radioactive steam.

It is possible that the fission process will accelerate, leading to high pressure and a new explosion with virtually everything spread out as pollusion in the environment.

In addition you have those used fuel rods stored in water tanks, which can happen to evaporate and empty, because the cirulation of the water brakes down, and due to the heat from the used rods, starting a fission process also there.

And you have enormous amount of nuclearly polluted water stored in cracky tanks that have begun to leak.

The radiation within the plant also has got to levels where it is nearly impossible to go in, repair and tidy. Even robots used to inspect the situation have broken down due to the radiation.

In reality the situation is out of control and worse that ever and keeps worsening.

by Knut Holt

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Forced Conversions of Boys to Girls - An Increasingly Common Occurense

By Knut Holt



The following information seems unbelievable, but it has been obtained by interviews and conversations with a lot of people going through these ordeals and by comparing their stories to check consistence, so it is by all probability real.

Boys are steadily more often changed into girls by a series of interventions. This kind of ordeal seems to occur in all parts of the world, including USA, UK and Canada. The interventions are typically done as a cooperation between three parts that each have specific interests in the process.

One part is the parents, or more often a single mother, that has the daily care for the boy. The incentives of the parents seem to be a whish to have a daughter with a slim body shape of the same kind boys often have, an aim of making a female ballet or gymnastic artist out of the boy, and economical compensation they get from the other two parts.

Another part is usually certain kind of educational institutions that have the interest of producing girls or women with a fairly small stature, slim body, extremely flexible joints and spine and a juvenile appearance, most typically ballet schools. It seems that boys selected for this form of conversion are given free place at the school.

The third part seems to be medical research institutes that use the procedures and the boys to do gender-related psychological and physiological experiments, to test out new pharmacological regimes and test out new surgical methods. These institutes seem to pay the educational institutions and possible the parents to get access to the boys. The boys also seem to be used as training objects for medical students.

The conversion is typically hided and done secretly for the boys themselves at the initial phases, by use of sedation or general anesthesia, and by letting the boy think medication they get are vitamin pills, vaccination shots or similar.

The conversion that often start at the age of 7-9 is typically done by these means:

- Stopping the puberty and some of the growth by hormone blocking medication through shots or oral pills pretended to be vitamin pills.

- Making his testicles and penis shrink by hormone blocking medication.

- Stopping feelings, erections and other male genital reactions by injecting depots of medication into the prostate, penis, perineum and other genital structures.

- Taking away the prostate and building up inner female organs with a series of small surgical interventions through their penis and urethra, through their anus or by needle-like instruments inserted into the lower stomach or scrotum.

- The injections and surgical interventions are done under anesthesia. The boys are usually told that they only go through some exam that all children have to go through or some other excuse is produced.

- Femininizing medication that works on the body and psychologically.

- Feminizing education and clothing regimes. - Feminizing hypnotic interventions. The hypnotic interventions are often done under some degree of sedation.

- The psychological interventions also have the aim of making the boy believe that he is gradually changing to girl by himself and to whish to become a girl fully.

- At some point castration.

- At some point when the boy appear more like a girl than a boy, the final surgery is done, typicalle just before the normal puberty would have started, but sometimes later.

It is unclear if this kind of conversion will produce fully productive female sexual organs. Most doctors will say this is impossible. It seems however that the most advanced experiments done on these boys have this aim, since the former boys are able to menstruate when the conversion is done.

The interventions are typically done at special clinics or at special sections in a ballet school or other educational institutions. The day-school that the boy attends is usually also informed about he process and may participate. Many of these boys also attend special private day-schools that are more involved than ordinary public schools.

Since these ordeals typically begin whitout the knowledge and the concent of the boy, and since the long term medical outcome of such transformatins are uncertain, one may ask if these ordeals are to be regarded as a kind of child abuse.


Knut Holt is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items. To find information about fitness, health and sex, including more information about urinary and genital issues, and products to improve fitness, health and sexual life, please visit his web-site.



Source: http://www.eioba.com/a/4ec9/forced-conversions-of-boys-to-girls-an-increasingly-common-occurense

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I think transgender persons that have had surgery to should have the right to be treated like the gender they have chosen to be, To discriminate against these persons, as some on the right wing do, is wong and contrary to the principles o a free society.

But that said, I have to point to an abusive enterprice that is going on both in USA, Canada and European countries. Boys are steadily more brought up as girls, while given medications and subjected to a process of stepwise surgeries to transform them to girls. This is done without the boy having any choice and with a sneaky process.

The surgeries, one small step at a time, changes the inside of the boys and make their male genitals fade away in the first period of the process, and the boys do not understand that they are subjected to surgeries, because they are given anesthesia, given a dummy explanation for the anesthesia, and the surgeries are performed with thin endoscopic instruments.

When the boy eventually sees clearly that he actually is gradually becoming like a girl, he is typically brought to believe that this is something occuring naturally for some boys, or that he actually was a girl in the first place, that unfortunately looked like a boy at the outside and that they are helping him to become what he truely is. At this point the endpoint of the surgeries to make outer femele genitals is performed.

This enterprice is typically associated with certein feminist sororities of mothers, certain ballet and gymnastic schools or certain private scjools of the Montessori type. But sometims the educational institution the boy attend begins the process without the parents knowing too. This clandestin enterprice has alreay a long history, bat has taken to nearly industrial proportions in the latest years.

The reason why this is done is tmanyfold: The mothers get a doughter of a special body shape she wants. The educational institutions thereby produce girls with a special body shape that that is wanted in dance and entertainment enterprizes. Medical companies and research institutions use the boys to steal tissue, they use the boys to experiment with new surgical techniques, and they use the process to try new kind of medications.

Knut Holt


Vaccine for Influenza or Flu - Shall you Take IT or Not?

Every year one or more epidermis of influenza appear, often of new types, and usually one is offered a vaccine to prevent against the flu of the season. Here are some moments to consider before taking it.

Influenza is a contagious infection that affects the respiratory system like a cold, but also the rest of the body with symptoms like fever, fatigue, nausea, chills and aches in limbs and joints. It typically last form 7-14 days. It is usually mild, but can get serious and even deadly. The influenza virus is steadily changing, so new types of the disease often occur. The new type emerge in one part of the globe, very often in the east, and spread within months to the whole world.

There is no real good treatment for flu, but each year one is usually offered a vaccine that protects against the most prominent versions of the disease. A new type of vaccine is constructed for each new epidemic. In most countries one tries to get enough amount of vaccines ready for the beginning of the flu season in that country, in America at the beginning of October.

The vaccine is produces as shots that contains dead virus, and as nasal spray that is based on live weakened virus. People is usually unconditionally advised to take the vaccine of the season in America. Im European countries one usually advices only special exposed groups to take the vaccine. The choice to take it is however not so easy, though. Here are some things to consider before accepting the vaccine.

Firstly the vaccine costs money, in some communities more than in others. This cost is usually not a big moment, but should be taken into consideration.

Even without vaccine, most people in a population really does not get sick, so in most cases the money is spoiled, and when old types reoccur, only few get sick.

The vaccine is not totally effective. Studies made at specific epidermis has shown that it is was 61% effective or less in preventing a case, depending on type of virus. Perhaps it still lessened the symptoms and duration in many cases that occurred despite the vaccine. Since it is made new for each season, the real effectiveness is also not well known when used, since it is not time for thorough tests. The vaccine also loses most of its effectiveness at late stages of the season.

The vaccine will give side effects in virtually all cases, even though some of the side effects often not called so. Most people that take the shot get irritation round the place where the shot was set, usually redness, pain and swelling that last up 48 hours. Sometimes, however, the shot gives more serious inflammatory reaction that causes great difficulty of using the limb several days.

People that take the nasal spray will at least get some mild flu symptoms a couple of days, but it can last much longer. This reaction is actually a mild influenza infection.

Not seldom will the shot give general reactions in the body that are not an influenza reaction, but still gives much of the same symptoms as a flu, like aches and fever 24-48 hours after the vaccine.

A certain percentage experience that these symptoms last some days and get as bad as a real flu. In a few cases the influenza-like reactions get serious and life-threatening, and each season a few people actually die from the side effects of the vaccine.

The vaccine usually contains substances that are known to be toxic or to cause serious allergic or auto-immune reaction. The purpose of these substances is partly to inactivate the virus, and partly to enhance the immune reaction from the body against the inactivated virus that the vaccine contains. Repeated doses of the vaccines may cause negative long term effects.

One such substance is mercury. Generally one avoid using mercury in modern vaccines, but it is still often used in vaccines against flu. Flu vaccines are for example strongly suspected to cause narcolepsy in some persons.

Since there never will be enough time to test the vaccine thoroughly, one never knows how serious the complications of the vaccine will be when it is applied for real.

Regarding the decision if one shall take the vaccine for the seasonal flu, one could think in the following manner. The general stance should be not to accept the vaccine for yourself or your children. If however some or more of the following aspects occur, the reason for taking the shot gets greater:

- One has a weak health condition so that an infection is likely to get serious.
- From experience you know that you get the flu every season without vaccine.
- One has experienced before that a flu episode gives serious symptoms.
- The flu of the season has shown to be particularly serious.
- If you have narrowed arteries, the vaccine can possibly reduce the risk of getting a heart attack triggered by influenza.
- A break from the job will cost a considerable amount of money.
- You have people around you at the job or in the family that you expect will be seriously affected by the flu if they get the virus from you.

In each season there uses to be several epidermis, some old types recurring, and often a totally new type. Usually all prevalent strains of the virus is included in the vaccine so that you get a certain protection for several types if you choose to accept the vaccine.


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Source: http://www.eioba.com/a/4mo0/vaccine-for-influenza-or-flu-shall-you-take-it-or-not

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How to Controle Your Fat, sugar and Salt Consume

Most people in the modern societies consume way too much fat, sugar and salt, which greatly increases the risk for serious diseases. Here you can learn how to get total control of your intake of these nutrients.

The high average consume of fat, sugar and salt contributes to a high and still rising frequency of over-weight, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer, even in young people. One reason for this over-consume is the amount of hidden fat, sugar and salt in food products, so that you get much more of them than you think.

In order to keep yourself generally healthy and reduce the risk for these diseases, you need to get an absolute control of how much you consume of these substances.


An adult person needs around 4 grams salt (NaCl) each day. You can use this number when you assess the amount of added salt in the food you buy, and the salt you add to the dishes you cook.

Each of your meals should consist of less than 10% fat, around 30% carbohydrates (starch and sugar) and around 25% protein, measured in weight. The rest 35% will be the content of other nutrients and water in your food. Some experts will recommend more fat and less carbohydrates. But if you choose to get most of your energy from fat, you must be sure you reduce significantly your consume of sugar and starch too.

It is not possible to achieve exactly the ideal amount of fat, carbohydrates and salt in your diet. But by following some principles regarding the food you buy, cook and eat, you can control the composition of your diet well enough.


All your meals should contain protein-rich food like fish, poultry, eggs, mushrooms or meat. Each meal should also contain an equal amount of carbohydrate-rich food like bread, cereals, potatoes, beans or peas. And in each meal you should have some fruit, and vegetables. Some times each week you should eat food rich in healthy fat, like fat fish, sunflower seeds, almonds or nuts. The moderate amount of fat you need will be found naturally in all these food types.

Instead of sugar, use fruit, fresh or dried, like bananas and raisins to sweet your food.

Ideally you should not consume bread bought in the stores, but make dishes from unprocessed cereals, like porridge or muesli, or bake your bread from unprocessed cereals. To these dishes, or self-made bread you can add a minor amount of salt and natural oils.

If you still choose to buy ready made bread, choose whole grain bread, which contains specified natural oils as the only type of fat, without added sugar, and with only small amounts of added salt.

Make all your dishes from natural unprocessed sources. Add only small amount of natural oils and salt when you cook.

Buy meat free from visible fat or cut away the fat you can see.

Fish, meat and vegetables that have been processed or canned, as a rule contain substantially amount of sugar and salt, and usually also fat. If you still chooses to buy canned food, make sure that they do not contain added sugar, fat or salt before you buy it.

Avoid all kind of ready made sweet drinks. Ideally you should press juice from fresh fruit and blend it with water according to your own taste, and use this as your sweet drinks. Do not add sugar. If you still choose to buy ready-made juices, make sure that they do not contain added sugar or salt.

Cookies, candies, ice-cream and cakes consist mostly of fat, sugar and starch. These things should be eaten only at special occasions a couple of times each week, and not be a substantial part of your daily diet.


If you choose to buy ready-made food of some type, you must read the declaration to be reasonably sure about the content, and not trust what the label says. If there is no declaration, the declaration looks incomplete, it does not specify amounts, or the declaration contains some fancy words, do not buy it. If the declaration says something like "vegetable fat", this fat is as a rule industrially processed and unhealthy for you.

Also if the food has a consistency and taste that do not seem to fit the declared content, the declaration is most probably false, and you should avoid the product. For example, a full corn bread should have a firm consistency and not feel soft. A bread without added sugar should not taste distinctly sweet.

The small amount of added fat in your food should be unprocessed oils from olives, sunflowers, almonds, canola, nuts, linen seeds, soy, and other natural oils, and you should vary between these oil types so that you get a good mix of fatty acids in your diet.

Knut Holt is a business consultant and marketer focusing on the health field. At his site there is a lot information useful to improve health and fitness, including slimming and exercise advices. You can also find presentation of products to combat common health issues, to improve fitness and to improve sexual potency and satisfaction.


Well-child Physical Exams With Physiological Testing and Internal Body inspections
By Knut Holt

A yearly well-child health assessment is standard in many societies, usually with an assessment of all body areas, but in a simple and superficial way.

There is however a growing tendency in many societies to call in children at specific age levels for a more thorrough internal examination by use of ultrasound equipment, x-ray, electrodes and inspections through all body openings with optical scopes.

The elected age levels for this type of exam tend to be 6-7, 11-12 and 15-16. These examinations are most often performed in a separat appointment in addition to the standard well-child physical, but some of them are sometimes done in the same appointment as the basic physical.

These more thorrough additions to the standard yearly examination is very seldome told about in media, so people are generally not aware of them, and the parents of the child often get to know about them only when the child is called in.

The following is a survey of what tends to happen during these extended physicals. Few places perform all of the listed procedures, but as the technology is developing steadily more of them seem to be included.

The following information is based on extensive polls made about the exam types people in various countries experience at specific age levels. The details specified are only meant as a documentation of an ongoing trend. It is not meant as some kind of advice about what type of exams children should go through, or as any judgement weather this development is good or bad.


In some societies the parents will be instructed not to give the child food after some time the day before and to give the child some laxative agent to make his stomach empty.


This special exam is likely to start with an structured interview with both the parent and the child, and with cognitive tests. During this part the child will be fully clothed, but in a light way, so that the staff can assess bodily reactions to posed questions. At the end of this preliminary part the child will be clothed down to underwear or given a gown or some light exam clothes that are easy to open or remove.

The exam is likely to proceeed with anthropomorphic measurements with an assessment of the growth patern. This stage will include measurement of weight, height, limb length, and circumferance of all body parts. There will also be measurement of subdermal fat thickness. After this part the chilld is likely clothed down to only briefs around the genitals.

Then there will be assessment of body functions like gait, active flection, ballance, coordination of limb movements and muscular strength. Now there will also be a neurological assessment where the sensitivity in all body parts will be assessed by gentle stimulations. The neurological assesment will end by the lower underwear taken off so that the child is totally naked and the sensitivity of the outer pelvic areas tested.

The stimulation and assessment of reactions by such neurological exams are traditionally done by manually touching with pointed objects. But there is a growing tendency to use electronically stimulating sonds combined with electrodes connected to a computer device to assess reactions

The child will remain without ordinary clothes for the next stages of the examination, but will be offered a gown or carpet to warm and shield when total nakedness is not necessary.


This stage to come now will be a thorrough orthopedic examination, where the shape, flexibility, function and development status of all muscles, joints and bones in the body will be assessed, including the whole pelvic area and the muscles in the pelvic floor. This examination wil include:

-A check of spine curvature to diagnose scoliosis or other deformities, performed with the child in standing and foreward bent posisions.

-Checking of flexibility in the schoulders, armes, spine and hip with the child in standing and sitting posision.

-Assessment of leg and hip joint flexibility with the child laying, performed by probing all possible modes of bending and twisting of the legs.

- A general inspection of the pelvic structure with the legs bent up and spread, including assessment of the alignment of the rectal opening, symmetry of the buttocks, and symmetry of the outer genital structures.

-Ultrasound examination of the major joints in the body, especially the hip joints, knees and shoulder joints.

-Additional ultrasound check of body areas where the forgoing examinations have revealed symptoms of possible problems.


In many societies the child will be given some degree of anesthesia for the rest of the exam, most likely only some calming medication through the mouth or light sedation through an intervenous catheter, or with gas through a mask. The intention of the anesthesia is to make the child calm and relaxed, and to hinder the child from remembering much of the more intimate parts that follow.


After the orthopedic examination there one will perform an outer abdominal assessment whith the following procedure

. Manual palpation and percussion all over the abdominal and renal region with the child laying on the back and laying at the sides with the legs flexed, to assess the shape of the abdominal organs, detect any tissue changes, painful points, muscular tension, masses, fluid accumulation and abnormal accumulation of intestinal content.

- Ultrasound examination of the abdomen with special attention at the bladder and the renal area.


Then there will be a more specific genital assessment with the child laying on the back with the legs flexed up and separeted. The exact posision will vary according to the development stage of the child. For girls this will include:

- Manual palpation of the outer genital area

- Separation of the labia to inspect the inner area of the genitals.

-.Taking specimens form the outer urethra and vagina to analyse secretions and microbeal content.

- Inspection of the vagina with an optical scope.

- For girls in puberty vaginal ultrasound exam.

For boys the genital exam will include

- Manual palpation of the penis, scrotum, testicles and the area down to the anus.

- Retraction of foreskin and spreading uretral opening for inspection.

- Taking specimens form the outer urethra to analyse secretions and microbeal content.

- Taking specimen of prostate fluid with a tube inserted into the urethra, and if necessary with a massage of the prostate with a finger inserted through the anus.

- Palpation of the prostate with a finger inserted through the anus.

- Ultrasound exam of the scrotum, testicles and the area down to the anus.

The child will then undergo cystoscopy where one inspects visually the inside of the urethra and the bladder, and possibly also takes small specimens from the inside walls. For boys there will be a thorrough inspection of the prostate area during this examination. Traditionally cystoscopy has been a difficult examination to undertake, but modern flexible instruments ha made it to an easy and very quick examination. Therefore this type of exam that sounds very intrusive is very likely to be included. During this exam the bladder will be filled with fluid and in that shape also assessed with an outer ultrasound sond.


The physical assessment concludes with the rectal inspection, which will include

- Examination of the anus and interior room with an inserted finger

- Opening of the anus with a speculum for visual inspection and taking specimens.

- Taking specimen from the rectum with an inserted instrument while the speculum is in place

- Flushing the rectum and lower colon clean out content with by means of an inserted tube.

- Internal ultrasound exam to visualize the organs around in the posterior pelvic zone.

- Inspection of the deeper parts of rectum and terminal colon with a flexible optical scope

The instruments used in most of these examinations will take pictures and measurements that are transfered to a computer, stored there and later taken forth for further inspection and diagnosis.


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