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Washington Grassroots Electronic Network
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Subject Author Date
Abortion or a Hysterectomy? the baby killers need to be stoppedJackie08:09:48 01/22/17 Sun
•Inauguration 2017: The Swearing In of President Donald TrumpJohn W. Slagle (beyond happy)10:17:35 01/20/17 Fri
Praying for the Peaceful transfer of government…………..Jackie07:40:19 01/20/17 Fri
My take on Health Care - Education and a few other points.Jackie10:46:22 01/17/17 Tue
Get the Feds out of *education*Jackie09:25:35 01/17/17 Tue
Kentucky’s Right-to-Work Earthquake Reverberates Across State LinesJackie Comments on this issue11:53:52 01/10/17 Tue
Kentucky's right to work, mandatory unionsJohn W. Slagle03:56:45 01/11/17 Wed
America, a Constitutional RepublicJohn W. Slagle11:55:43 01/08/17 Sun
ED:A study in Education & Jackie's comments on sameJackie10:03:36 01/05/17 Thu
Fake NewsLynn08:17:54 12/18/16 Sun
Will You Tell Them????Jackie09:13:15 01/03/17 Tue
Jackie comments on the Franklin Graham article on recent deathsJackie09:01:45 12/29/16 Thu
The Unpopular Truthby Greg Laurie11:15:26 12/26/16 Mon
Christmas Day and ThreatsJohn W. Slagle03:33:17 12/25/16 Sun
Obama warns Trump not to overuse executive orderscomments by Jackie20:30:52 12/19/16 Mon
A PRESIDENCY BASED ENTIRELY ON FRAUDby J.B.Williams - comments by Jackie20:27:41 12/19/16 Mon
Why The Bill Of Rights Is FailingJackie09:44:17 12/17/16 Sat
What is EducationLynn16:54:24 12/16/16 Fri
Is EDUCATION FUNDING like a PIG IN A POKE?????Jackie10:17:55 12/16/16 Fri
Hillary's Rushin' HackingJackie07:48:53 12/16/16 Fri
The CON-CON as explained by Justice Roy MooreJackie10:14:45 12/08/16 Thu
Pension shortages and other political shortagesJackie10:08:54 12/10/16 Sat
The Rainbow Mafia Claims Another VictimJackie08:02:13 12/10/16 Sat
Government Murder & Destruction is initiated and thrivesby Joe McCutchen14:02:47 12/01/16 Thu
He’s going to “drain the swamp”…no he’s not.from Joe McCutchen15:41:40 11/29/16 Tue
WHY OUR FOUNDERS GAVE US THE ELECTORAL COLLEGEby Kelleigh Nelson06:40:46 11/28/16 Mon
The latest money campaign by Stein and ClintonJackie16:58:54 11/26/16 Sat
PROTESTORS - how they are treated or mistreated....Jackie17:10:07 11/25/16 Fri
My morning RANT about the *F* word.Jackie08:48:00 11/22/16 Tue
Sanctuary city mayors prepare for clash with TrumpJohn W. Slagle (Happy)17:57:39 11/17/16 Thu
Wall or Fence, U.S. Border SecurityJohn W. Slagle (happy)04:45:02 11/17/16 Thu
Happiness is a Choiceby Adrian Rogers10:29:52 11/16/16 Wed
Wall or Fence, U.S. Border SecurityJohn W. Slagle (Pleased with Election results)16:59:59 11/14/16 Mon
News Update from CanadaJackie10:36:29 11/13/16 Sun
Jackie's Call to PrayerJackie07:43:37 11/11/16 Fri
The Morning AfterJackie07:41:00 11/09/16 Wed
America needs C.P.R. [Christian Prayer Revival]Jackie08:29:07 11/08/16 Tue
WHAT WILL THEY DO NOW????Mike Gaddy09:26:13 11/07/16 Mon
The Walls of EVIL are being dismantledJackie09:29:02 11/05/16 Sat
The WHORE of Babylon - Hillary ClintonJackie07:25:58 11/04/16 Fri
Lynch continues the Janet Reno style of *just-us*Jackie07:15:10 11/03/16 Thu
How to DRAIN THE SEPTIC TANK CALLED VOTINGJackie09:29:57 11/01/16 Tue
Trump calls for special session of Congress to repeal ObamaCareJackie10:31:33 11/01/16 Tue
Transgender transparency = DELUSIONJackie18:54:13 10/28/16 Fri
Roy Moore, Attorney Walk Out Over Objectionsfrom Christian News08:45:50 10/28/16 Fri
Keystone Pipeline - BAD FOR AMERICAJackie09:24:40 10/27/16 Thu
There is no place for me in Hillary's AmericaBy Lawrence Sellin,11:50:48 10/26/16 Wed
Ignorance! Stupidity!Barb (Anderson)19:20:41 10/24/16 Mon
Trumps 100 day outlineJackie09:59:37 10/22/16 Sat
Hillary hopes you have forgotten. Have you????Jackie17:56:11 10/21/16 Fri
Trump is todays' Harrison Bergeron - or Samson - or WAKE UP CALL.Jackie10:35:59 10/21/16 Fri
The American (S)election ProcessLynn09:47:33 10/21/16 Fri
Corporate Media: The Whore on The Street CornerLynn05:42:28 10/21/16 Fri
How to *UN-RIG* the electionsJackie16:16:00 10/18/16 Tue
Silencers and how they workJackie07:21:01 10/17/16 Mon
Nineveh or America - Samson or TrumpJackie12:27:23 10/16/16 Sun
Trump accusers - so busted!Lynn12:30:50 10/15/16 Sat
1997 - The re-emergence of Hillary Rodham ClintonGary10:37:21 10/15/16 Sat
The hypocrisy of the mainstream mediaLynn08:31:23 10/12/16 Wed
My opposition to Women in Leadership RolesJackie Juntti10:51:48 10/02/16 Sun
Casting Call For Anita Hillby Ann Coulter08:24:57 10/13/16 Thu
Government Of The People, By The People, And For The People: Will It Endure?by Lawrence Sellin via EMAIL12:23:43 10/11/16 Tue
This is a crime that could sink Hillaryby Jon Rappoport07:25:32 10/11/16 Tue
Spokane City Council Celebrates First Indigenous People's DayLynn15:25:57 10/10/16 Mon
Franklin Cover-up - Political Sexual DevianceLynn09:18:16 10/10/16 Mon
Some of my Trap Line addressesJackie06:42:14 10/10/16 Mon
Trump vs Bill and Hillary ClintonLynn09:32:51 10/09/16 Sun
Treason or Sex - which is worse???Jackie08:38:19 10/08/16 Sat
What our Founding Fathers died for and we handed over to the Globalists.Jackie08:59:54 10/09/16 Sun
Treason/reverse Sedition/guys locker room talk, which will sink our nationMillie Karnop (Unsettled)19:54:42 10/08/16 Sat
Signs and Portentsby Charlie Daniels09:25:42 10/05/16 Wed
The Next President?Eric Bonner07:31:26 10/01/16 Sat
Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?by Greg Laurie07:44:36 10/01/16 Sat
We Need to Amend the Johnson Amendment So the IRS Will Allow Free Speechby Tony Perkins09:40:03 09/29/16 Thu
HAS MIGHTY CASEY STRUCK OUT?By Coach Dave Daubenmire08:24:31 09/29/16 Thu
FBI Director James Comey Has His Glenn Beck Momentby Lawrence Sellin08:06:08 09/29/16 Thu
Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger tweets protesters should be treated 'like animals' (Jon Humbert)Lynn08:01:55 09/23/16 Fri
Oil Company Lied About Safety of DAPL –By Justin Gardner - comment by Jackie11:21:22 09/28/16 Wed
Re: RORY - Standing OSue Kennedy (Grateful)10:31:05 09/28/16 Wed
HILLARY THE POLITICIAN Vs. TRUMP THE PRESIDENTby Kelleigh Nelson10:22:58 09/28/16 Wed
Questions to ask of Hillary ClintonLynn14:41:45 09/27/16 Tue
The morning after the first presidential debateLynn07:47:53 09/27/16 Tue
Tonight’s Debate: Watch the StagingBy Jon Rappoport08:11:06 09/26/16 Mon
Today's Globalists are yesterdays BabyloniansJackie13:11:14 09/25/16 Sun
Cascade Mall shooting and concealed carryGary08:40:00 09/25/16 Sun
A Nation's Greatnessby Charlie Daniels08:16:16 09/24/16 Sat
Why are out-of-state Charlotte rioters not being prosecuted for crossing state lines ?By James Longstreet10:17:21 09/23/16 Fri
Stop CDC’s Request for Mandatory Drugging or Detention!!!!via email12:41:39 09/22/16 Thu
Sipsey Street Now Closed for BusinessJackie07:48:54 09/21/16 Wed
Read the ‘News in the Sky’comments by Jackie - article by Judi McLeod07:52:09 09/22/16 Thu
Brockovich: Water, Water – Everywhere, but…Erin Brockovich11:41:12 09/21/16 Wed
Re: No more Sipsey St.Sue Kennedy (sad)09:29:29 09/21/16 Wed
Wikileaks - Clinton to make Abedin Secratary of State!Gary09:04:39 09/20/16 Tue
Where did DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Get Five Hundred Grand to Donate to the DNC?by COUNTER JIHAD08:39:14 09/20/16 Tue
The weekend attacks in AmericaLynn07:30:55 09/19/16 Mon
The Age of Anything Goes - Is This The end?Dr. David Jeremiah06:07:17 09/18/16 Sun
PRAY - FAST - VOTEJentezen Franklin05:33:33 09/18/16 Sun
RORY - Sand & Waterby Rory of Joey & Rory16:09:21 09/17/16 Sat
Dec. 1: When 4th Amendment will be destroyedDevvy Kidd08:53:14 09/17/16 Sat
Defeating ISIS And Embracing Operational Ambiguityby Lawrence Sellin07:47:17 09/17/16 Sat
HILLARY IS TOAST - PEOPLE ARE WAKING UPby Coach Dave Daubenmire07:21:14 09/15/16 Thu
Going Around, Coming Aroundby Charlie Daniels09:53:43 09/14/16 Wed
People are trying to impose Islamic blasphemy law right here in Canada, RIGHT NOW!Gary18:15:32 09/12/16 Mon
Mosul: Averting A Humanitarian & Governance Nightmare After We Winby Lawrence Sellin07:53:22 09/13/16 Tue
Hillary Clinton Abruptly Leaves 9/11 Ceremony - Reports Say She Fainted on Way to Vanby Devvy14:26:06 09/11/16 Sun
The antithesis of what our Founding Fathers designed.Joe McCutchen13:10:16 09/11/16 Sun
Chicago Is Officially Twice As Deadly For Black People Than America’s Policecomments by Jackie08:20:19 09/08/16 Thu
Rick Does HillaryJackie06:46:34 09/08/16 Thu
Colleges Creating SEGREGATED BLACK HOUSINGGary18:41:21 09/07/16 Wed
Smart Cities: Spying Is Just The BeginningC15:25:49 09/07/16 Wed
Hillary's Lifelong Persecutionby Charlie Daniels14:16:21 09/07/16 Wed
"Diary of a Skid Row Cop"Jackie09:01:29 09/07/16 Wed
If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.by Ronald Reagan08:38:18 09/07/16 Wed
Why Donald Trump appeals to ordinary Americansby Lawrence Sellin08:34:13 09/07/16 Wed
a new beginning for WGENJackie06:42:17 08/30/16 Tue
Picrture This - What is the difference???Jackie10:09:05 09/06/16 Tue
Kaepernick's national anthem protestJackie07:06:24 09/02/16 Fri
Trumps Immigration Speech 8/31/16Jackie07:52:20 09/01/16 Thu
I'm BAAACK - I thinkJackie07:55:46 08/29/16 Mon
NAFTA Roll Call vote Nov. 18, 1993Jackie06:50:38 09/01/16 Thu
Benefits of Local Bee Pollen and local honeyJackie11:26:14 08/30/16 Tue
Trump's reading of THE SNAKE last night is going viralJackie08:42:41 08/31/16 Wed
Head Lice ? ?Jackie08:29:13 08/31/16 Wed
Shurf Joe wins primaryJackie07:09:27 08/31/16 Wed
How to self-deport millions of illegalsby Devvy Kidd09:38:28 08/30/16 Tue
Regarding the Article, “You Can’t Handle It”by cominus07:58:04 08/30/16 Tue
We need to bring back the POSSEJackie Juntti11:31:06 07/18/16 Mon
Are You a Citizen Of The State Of Denial??Jackie Juntti08:00:36 06/26/16 Sun
Presidential ACCESS ballot requirementsJackie09:41:39 02/23/16 Tue
SP: Rubio & Cruz and Natural Born statusJackie10:14:14 02/22/16 Mon
Marcobot, the heavily scripted robotic candidateby sundance07:22:26 02/23/16 Tue
Cruz Asks Judge to Reject Texas Birther Challengefrom News Max07:13:25 02/23/16 Tue
WHAT IS A DECLARATIONIST?~Barbara McCutchen11:51:46 02/21/16 Sun
What the Phoenix mother who watched her 12-year-old kill himself wants you to knowLynn Finney11:24:38 02/21/16 Sun
Are you a C I N O ????Jackie Juntti09:36:19 02/21/16 Sun
THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ON THE NEWS 2/20/16Mike Gaddy12:42:20 02/20/16 Sat
What is the *Golden Calf* you worship?Jackie Juntti10:16:53 02/20/16 Sat
STOP using the word CONSERVATIVE!~Barbara McCutchen via email10:28:43 02/19/16 Fri
Good To Hear From YouFrank Neudecker06:03:40 02/14/16 Sun
Did Ted Cruz enter the U.S. illegally in 1974?Jackie07:43:16 02/12/16 Fri
STAR WARS - or - JESUS CHRIST?Jackie09:20:29 12/18/15 Fri
The shut down of conservative Email listsJackie05:43:45 10/29/15 Thu
The Magical Medicinal Properties Of Cayenne Pepper For Cancer, Digestion, Heart Disease & MoreJackie07:47:12 10/27/15 Tue
What is all the flap about a 10 MILLION acre land grab?Jackie06:43:46 10/27/15 Tue
Obama Got 'Whatever He Wanted' in Budget DealJackie06:15:41 10/27/15 Tue
BONER - the Barn CleanerJackie06:13:24 10/27/15 Tue
USSW - United Satanic States of the World.Jackie05:42:40 10/27/15 Tue
PERS: Two books I am recommendingJackie08:04:35 09/23/15 Wed
What America Never Learned on 9/11by Kit Lange07:31:37 09/11/15 Fri
End Foreign aid to any nation who sends their ILLEGALS here to AmericaJackie09:58:53 08/19/15 Wed
Illegal aliensWilliam Riley (Saving the America we knew)18:08:25 08/18/15 Tue
how to fix the Southern Border and remove ILLEGALSJackie06:56:56 08/17/15 Mon
Preview of Coming Afflictions/AttractionsJackie Juntti11:51:34 08/09/15 Sun
Hammonds Headed For Jail On Criminal Charges Filed By BLM on Normally Minor Fire Issues.Jackie07:05:31 06/20/15 Sat
Info for group opposing ACAJackie11:42:08 06/08/15 Mon
ETERNAL LIFE AT YARD-SALE PRICESBy Coach Dave Daubenmire10:57:47 03/19/15 Thu
The difference between those of Christ and those of Satan.Jackie11:43:43 01/10/15 Sat
Spiritual WarfareJackie Juntti07:09:41 10/19/14 Sun
Why are BLACK players so abusive????Jackie Juntti08:59:12 09/13/14 Sat
The ILLEGALS are todays LOCUSTS devouring our land.Jackie Juntti07:03:05 11/22/13 Fri
The SNAKE will SmileGordy09:00:10 01/13/14 Mon
Inluenza vaccine - is it really so smart?Knut Holt03:47:12 12/18/13 Wed
Deception and the teaching of acceptance of itJackie Juntti09:41:54 12/10/13 Tue
Birth of a New Traditionvia Jackie07:05:52 11/22/13 Fri
God Uses Cracked Potsvia Jackie07:01:34 11/22/13 Fri
One country? Or two? by Mike VanderboeghJackie09:54:24 10/20/13 Sun
CAIR has Changed Its Name to... Wait for it... WTF!Jackie08:32:29 09/24/13 Tue
Taking on the Race-baitersby Lynn Stuter16:32:07 08/23/13 Fri
Ted Cruz - not a NATURAL BORN citizenJackie Juntti07:44:54 08/20/13 Tue
GOP lawmaker invites rodeo clown who mocked Obama to perform in TexasWhat your ISP wouldn't deliver to you14:54:02 08/14/13 Wed
There is only one way to stop Hillary ClintonLawrence Sellin11:22:52 08/13/13 Tue
Temporary solution to Email problemsJackie06:23:22 08/07/13 Wed
EL shut me down AGAIN this morning 7/6/13Jackie06:48:01 07/06/13 Sat
The post Bellesouth and ATT wouldn't deliverJackie Juntti06:10:02 07/24/13 Wed
Earthlink has once again shut my account downJackie07:51:10 07/05/13 Fri
My morning thoughts on political standsJackie Juntti07:27:23 07/04/13 Thu
Trouble sending Email to WGEN??Jackie10:10:01 05/22/13 Wed
If you only have 5 hours left to live - the first thing you wiil doJackie15:34:08 04/05/13 Fri
We are paying for the rope which will hang usJackie Juntti07:34:02 03/04/13 Mon
The Trojan Horse of Political Party'sJackie Juntti10:11:26 08/14/12 Tue
When you wish someone HAPPY NEW YEAR - what are you wishing for themJackie Juntti07:27:26 12/26/12 Wed
The ENEMY WITHINJackie Juntti06:13:50 06/16/12 Sat
A Stealth Coup d'État in the United Statesby Lawrence Sellin07:05:48 06/23/12 Sat
Why did Sandy Hook happen?Jackie Juntti07:17:36 12/18/12 Tue
Have you read your "Owners Manual"?Jackie Juntti08:53:42 12/14/12 Fri
Choose you this day whom you will vote for - EVIL or GodJackie Juntti08:34:37 10/09/12 Tue
Can you filter out the poison in that drink with your teeth?Jackie Juntti05:53:16 10/06/12 Sat
It all tastes like sawdustJackie Juntti10:45:41 10/05/12 Fri
OBAMA AND THE PINK SWASTIKA'SJackie Juntti05:47:31 09/14/12 Fri
Hitler's Germany and Obama's AmericaJackie Juntti14:45:07 09/13/12 Thu
Are you going to vote for the Lesser Two Evils?Jackie Juntti08:39:25 09/10/12 Mon
NEW AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASSJackie Juntti10:10:02 08/14/12 Tue
The Red-White & Blue of DECEPTIONJackie Juntti10:08:41 08/14/12 Tue
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