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Great Lakes & Northeast Indian Genealogy Forum
Great Lakes & Northeast Indian Genealogy Forum
Welcome - Message board for tribes of the Great Lakes, New England, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvaia, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and the coastlines of Virginia and the Carolinas. Includes tribes such as Micmac, Malecite, Huron, Abenaki, Algonkin, Ojibwa, Chippewa, Nipigon, Ottawa, Winnebago, Fox, Sauk, Kickapoo, Shawnee, Miami, Potawatomi, Iroquois, Powhatan, Chickahominy, Tuscarora, Nottaway, Meherrin, Delaware, Wampanoag, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot and more. SUGGESTION - Send an email to the person whose query you answered to let him or her know. REMEMBER - Genealogy Without Proof is Mythology.

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Boydston & Hatfield (Southern Ohio) Indian ConnectionCrystal Rider (Extremely Curious!)10:39:37 05/27/12 Sun1
DNA Results and Canada informationBonnie08:10:28 05/27/06 Sat3
Johnson, Butts, Tracy, KeepMike Draper10:30:12 04/24/12 Tue1
Celebrated Mohawk Indian MaidenDonald Aikman23:22:46 04/01/06 Sat5
Abenaki/Ouimet Swanton and HenryvilleKrislyn Ouimet Lequin04:54:45 05/10/06 Wed3
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Looking for a FoxMyrna Fairchild09:46:26 08/31/10 Tue1
3X Great Grandfather Ezekiel Raynolds or e. RaynoldsL. Moore (Curious)21:19:16 08/19/10 Thu1
Over 20,000 out-of-print family genealogy publicationsFrank Wilson09:59:24 09/26/09 Sat2
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Bonham King/Angeline LavassieurDean Paddock09:05:46 02/19/10 Fri1
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Searching for proof of Native ancestry - PilonMarie (hopeful)06:46:25 08/17/09 Mon1
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blank space on "color"Bonnie03:34:42 06/10/06 Sat2
I found out I am MiamiDavid Quick (Happy to finally know who I am)07:10:17 03/27/09 Fri1
CherrytreeDorie Sweeney11:02:58 03/20/09 Fri1
family historyjoe desrosiers14:18:44 02/12/06 Sun6
family searchbettyjo (need help)22:38:30 02/13/09 Fri2
family searchbetty (great)22:20:05 02/13/09 Fri1
Pequot IndiansPam15:21:17 08/04/08 Mon3
NEED HELPPat M12:14:08 12/30/08 Tue1
Baits/Bates Family History...need the real Truth!Peggy17:46:11 11/16/08 Sun1
Mericle NameKurtis09:15:19 10/02/08 Thu1
Mohawk ancestryLisa Martin05:31:08 09/09/08 Tue1
Dean - GibsonMaggie07:40:06 08/05/08 Tue1
Robinson/Roberson Surname Southern Band of Tuscarora ConnectionGavin (Hopeful)08:14:47 07/18/08 Fri1
St. RegisDebbie12:50:56 07/14/08 Mon1
Searching for LETITIA (MCKINNEY?) SOWARDSHeather13:27:04 02/17/07 Sat3
Hannah WeedIlean Preston (Inquisitive)17:22:27 12/15/06 Fri3
Coomes, IndianPatience Northern (searching)07:31:31 05/10/08 Sat1
Trying to find a linkChristine Crapser13:13:09 05/05/08 Mon1
Mohawk Roots searchPenny Gruver14:13:31 04/29/08 Tue1
Wamponoag TribeKevin Chalkley12:31:21 03/22/08 Sat1
Looking for Angelle Gravelle married to Michael Smith c: 1860Theresa Entin07:51:10 03/17/08 Mon1
mixed blood?debbie (frustrated)09:35:28 02/19/08 Tue1
Martell's from Canada..Indian connection?Amanda18:21:27 01/07/08 Mon1
looking for Mohawk ancestryDianna Dedic10:19:25 12/29/07 Sat1
Looking for a linkTerry-lyn (Wheeler)Monfet12:40:44 11/19/07 Mon1
Menominee Indian AncestryCory Griggs12:37:44 10/06/06 Fri3
why didn't i askdiana (curious)09:35:25 10/17/07 Wed1
why didn't I askdiana (curious...now)09:28:57 10/17/07 Wed1
Orange Co. N.Y. Indian MarriageLyell R. Webb (Happy)16:25:33 10/16/07 Tue1
was there a marriageVictoria Genereux (courious)11:18:12 03/04/07 Sun3
name: "Cholibeau"Kathleen Miller09:26:15 10/03/06 Tue2
Looking for Miami Tribe ancestryAngela13:08:39 02/04/07 Sun2
In search for infoLeocadie Racicot09:28:13 04/24/07 Tue2
Help please?Sarah15:17:54 05/10/07 Thu2
Searching for native parents of Joseph BattistLorraine Carrington17:03:25 09/08/07 Sat2
Looking for Native American AncestryKay Glover12:28:20 09/25/07 Tue2
John Wilkins, Jr./Indian Marriage late 1700sHerb Meyer08:43:01 09/16/06 Sat2
Searching for Francisco, Cisco, Sisco - NJ/PAMichele Evans-Hoover04:53:41 10/01/06 Sun1
In Search of NativeAmericanFamily HistoryMarcia Stinson17:30:30 03/27/06 Mon2
Prince LlewellynWilliam Dewey (curious and frustrated)07:17:13 08/26/06 Sat1
Family brick wallBrenda Henwood17:16:26 08/18/06 Fri1
Proof of Gautier de Viewville ParentageLucille A. Hoag10:21:04 10/03/05 Mon2
Gerard Rhodes & Knouabenakoda, Miami IndianPat09:21:48 08/04/06 Fri1
Byers Family Indian Ancestry in New Brunswick, Can. or MaineMary L. Brown20:26:31 06/09/06 Fri1
Looking for FamilyTammy Rock07:11:21 10/15/05 Sat1
Connecticut Indian Charles SmithBob09:51:00 06/11/06 Sun1
Indian ancestorsPatricia Yaddow14:25:15 11/25/05 Fri4
Native American familyDiane Croad16:47:23 04/28/06 Fri2
Ancestry of Chief Pacanne/Pacan(Miami)1732-1815?Larry D. Hamilton Coats12:38:04 04/03/06 Mon2
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