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This forum is for current lease holders and applicants to exchange information before starting the re-leasing process.

Once you have found a match, you must complete the re-leasing process through the CTY Office in order to complete an official lease transfer.
Transfers that are not facilitated through CTY management are illegal and subject to judicial action!

The following listings are for female apartments only

Applicants with On-Campus Housing Assignments are given TOP priority for signing a lease. If you have questions, please contact office@umdcourtyards.com.

Subject Author Date Msgs
Releasing Terrapin Row Apartment 2x2 for 2017-2018Annie17:31:41 09/16/17 Sat1
NEED APARTMENT SPRING 2018Jorelle15:26:59 09/08/17 Fri2
Looking to release my 2017-2018 4X4Blossom (Joyful)08:14:31 07/19/17 Wed6
Need Housing for 2017-2018Annie (happy)07:23:17 09/13/17 Wed1
RELEASING TWO (2) 4X2 APARTMENTS FOR SPRING 2018Dania13:20:31 08/30/17 Wed2
Releasing 4x4 ApartmentNaina Thangada14:18:58 08/05/17 Sat2
NEED APARTMENT FALL2017/SPRING2018Bolu (Happy)18:43:15 08/11/17 Fri2
Looking to release apartment for Fall 2017!Emily Blick17:16:45 06/27/17 Tue5
Releasing a 2X2 Deluxe Apartment: Fall 2017-Spring 2018Trisha Biswas07:29:06 08/11/17 Fri1
2x2 DELUXE AVAILABLEDesire05:24:56 08/11/17 Fri1
Releasing 2x2 for Spring 2018 (CTY 200)Abigail Pervaiz09:33:11 08/08/17 Tue1
Looking for Fall 2017Irene00:28:12 05/10/17 Wed4
Looking for Fall/Spring 2017-18 HousingNathalyn20:55:04 07/16/17 Sun6
4x4 apartment available for ReleaseDominique Samuels16:21:54 06/07/17 Wed2
Releasing Courtyards 2x2 Deluxe Apartment for 2017-2018Kellie06:22:05 07/20/17 Thu1
NEED HOUSING FOR 2017-2018 YEAR! Preferably Courtyards 4x2 or 4x4Tiffany Blossom (Tiffany)06:57:35 05/23/17 Tue4
4x4 AVAILABLEBlossom (Desperate)08:48:02 07/19/17 Wed1
Looking for room for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 SemestersAubree06:05:34 05/30/17 Tue2
4X4 AVAILABLEBlossom (Desperate)08:40:52 07/19/17 Wed1
2x2 ROOM AVAILABLE FOR RELEASE FALL 2017 (NT)Victoria13:38:48 07/14/17 Fri2
2017-18 Residents Needing to Re-Lease | Message from The CourtyardsChristopher Mason13:12:26 07/11/17 Tue1
RELEASING FOR 2017-2018Shelby Wilcox10:52:31 07/02/17 Sun1
COURTYARDS 4X4 APT - SUMMER/FALL/SPRINGDeja14:32:50 06/06/17 Tue2
COURTYARDS 4X4 APT - SUMMER/FALL/SPRING [UPDATE!!]Deja11:15:35 06/13/17 Tue1
Need Housing: Fall 2017-Spring 2018Lily Northcutt20:22:29 06/02/17 Fri2
4X2 apartment for June and July $500 a monthHyo kim (jenny)07:42:51 06/02/17 Fri1
Discounted 4x2 Courtyards releasing!Sara Lawless (Desperate)15:35:24 05/30/17 Tue1
Subleasing 4x4 in CTY 200 for June/July for $400/monthJoanne C15:27:18 05/30/17 Tue1
Courtyards 2x2 AVAILABLE THIS SUMMER $600 per monthWaqeelat Gaji06:48:35 05/30/17 Tue1
COURTYARDS 400 $600 a monthSara Shonkwiler16:07:39 05/08/17 Mon3
Looking for June/July SubletterAishu Raveesh18:00:48 05/29/17 Mon2
Re-lease for Commons 7Ankita (Patni)20:13:46 05/26/17 Fri1
room in 4 bed 2 bath at CourtyardsAmelia21:08:41 05/06/17 Sat3
LOOKING FOR HOUSING FALL17-SPRING18Tiffany05:23:36 05/25/17 Thu1
4x2 room spring 2017Gabby07:46:15 01/06/17 Fri3
Looking for a 4X4 room Fall 2017Suzy18:19:42 05/24/17 Wed1
Looking for Someone to Sublet my room in Courtyards 400 for June and JulyCaroline17:12:13 05/24/17 Wed1
2017-2018 school year NEED HOUSINGRomina M16:44:25 05/22/17 Mon1
4x2 AVAILABLE FOR SUMMER - PRICE VERY NEGOTIABLEMaia Parthasarathy06:29:17 05/21/17 Sun1
RELEASE 4 bedroom 4 bathroom for Summer 2017Dominique Samuels08:16:10 05/19/17 Fri1
4x4 Room Available!Makayla Johnson10:09:56 05/18/17 Thu1
Searching for 4x4!! For Fall-SpringHawa Anthony04:33:44 05/03/17 Wed2
Releasing a 4X4 in Building 600Hannah Cummings15:49:01 04/26/17 Wed3
$400/mo for room in 4X2 apartment (Original Price ~750) for JUNE AND JULYGlory Mgboji07:26:43 05/16/17 Tue1
ENTIRE 2bed/2bath for 500 per room!!! SUMMER 2017Emilie13:08:30 05/15/17 Mon1
4x4 APARTMENT TO SUBLEASE JUNE AND JULY 2017!Breanne Thompson13:13:41 03/29/17 Wed2
Releasing 4x4 Apt for Summer 2017Tochi13:24:48 05/14/17 Sun1
2X2 CTY 300 available to sublease SUMMER 2017!Linda Y14:37:47 03/26/17 Sun6
ENTIRE 2bed/2bath available June 1st at discounted price!Emilie11:53:29 05/11/17 Thu1
4x4 room availableElla Colton17:17:04 05/08/17 Mon2
RE-LETTING A 4X2 BUILDING 400 APARTMENT SUMMERCarly M.06:11:42 05/09/17 Tue1
Re-leasing 2x2 apartment for June/July 2017!Lindsey Abdinoor10:33:50 05/05/17 Fri2
Looking for 4x4 or 2x2Samantha15:43:56 05/04/17 Thu1
4x2 Courtyards Apartment for Summer 2017 - $450/Month NegotiableGrace Cha11:13:48 05/04/17 Thu1
Room available in 4x4Nicole05:16:36 03/21/17 Tue3
Re-leasing 4x2 apartment for Summer 2017Madeleine15:14:20 04/17/17 Mon4
SUMMER 2017 SUBLEASE!!Nadya Chehab18:44:54 04/15/17 Sat4
DISCOUNTED 4X2 Room for June and July!Janna Wisniewski14:52:29 05/01/17 Mon1
2x2 STANDARD APARTMENT RE-LEASE FOR SUMMER 2017!Waqeelat (Gaji)14:25:44 05/01/17 Mon1
4X2 SUMMER SUBLEASE!!! Apt 400 Courtyards!Lauren Crowley11:32:15 05/01/17 Mon1
2x2 SUMMER LEASE PRICE NEGOTIABLETemi Olatunji09:20:21 05/01/17 Mon1
Looking for a 4x4Kristina (Bayton)12:55:17 04/29/17 Sat2
Summer Courtyards 4x2 June and July ReleaseNicole Convissar11:31:32 04/29/17 Sat1
Leasing a 4x2 for the summer!Nina Slowey11:19:30 04/28/17 Fri1
2 4x4 Rooms Available end of May, NEGOTIABLE RENTApril Privett17:05:02 03/28/17 Tue2
Releasing a 4X4 in Building 600Valerie Cazeau11:09:21 04/27/17 Thu1
4X4 Second Floor Summer Room Available- Rent negotiatableAdwoa Boateng14:34:53 04/26/17 Wed2
4x2 Room available for JUNE & JULYKaren06:28:36 04/25/17 Tue1
[OFFER] Room available for rent for 2017-2018 School YearBrian Goncalves18:15:08 04/23/17 Sun1
PLEASE TAKE MY LISTOluwaseyi Ogundana (Deperate)14:36:13 04/23/17 Sun2
Two Rooms Available on 4x2 for Summer '17!Justine Grabiec19:37:53 04/21/17 Fri1
One bedroom in 4 bed 2 bath in 400 BulidingAmelia17:47:47 04/20/17 Thu2
4x2 Room Available Fall 2017-Spring 2018 in Commons 2!!!Yasmin09:37:17 04/17/17 Mon1
LOOKING FOR 4x2 or 4x4 FOR FALL 2017-Spring18Tiffany16:24:19 04/11/17 Tue2
Subleasing 1 Room in a 4x4 Spring/Summer 2017 Move-In Ready Building 600Dolapo O. (Urgent!/ MOv)18:49:01 04/12/17 Wed1
Releasing 1 Room in a 4x4 Spring/Summer 2017 Move-In ReadyDolapo O. (Urgent!)18:13:41 04/12/17 Wed1
4X2 AVAILABLE ASAP. 1st Month paid!!!Amber (Booth)08:41:14 04/12/17 Wed2
4x4 ROOM AVAILABLE FOR MAY/JUNE/JULY '17Deja08:32:07 04/12/17 Wed2
4X2 Room, Building 400 available for Summer 2017!! (NT)Keara Miller (:))08:21:16 04/11/17 Tue1
4x2 Available For June and July in Courtyards 400Caroline Massey16:28:46 04/08/17 Sat1
TAKE MY LEASE: PLEASEOluwaseyi Ogudana (Desperate)16:37:44 04/06/17 Thu1
Re-Leasing June and July 2017Kendra Pryor13:12:29 04/05/17 Wed1
4X4 Room, Building 200! For Summer 2017Hawa Anthony (Joyful!)17:23:17 04/03/17 Mon1
4X2 Available to sublease- Summer 2017Lauren Crowley16:07:19 04/03/17 Mon1
4x2 Room available ASAP! (Summer 2017)Ke'Andra T.15:31:23 04/03/17 Mon1
4X4 room building 200 first floor from END OF MAY - JULY 31Catherine Panasenkov (excited)12:49:03 04/03/17 Mon1
Two Rooms Available in 4X2 for Summer '17!Elyse Blume14:15:47 04/02/17 Sun1
4x2 for $731 SUMMER2017Angelica Ceballos (URGENT)14:56:04 03/31/17 Fri2
4x4 SPACE AVAILABLE FOR SUMMER (JUNE/JULY) 2017 AND BEYONDGlory Mgboji19:20:31 03/30/17 Thu1
4X2 room available for Summer 2017Amber08:57:03 03/29/17 Wed1
4x2 Room Spring 2017 AVAILABLE ASAPGabby12:26:47 03/28/17 Tue1
BUILDING 400 4X2 ROOM RE-LEASECarly16:25:30 03/26/17 Sun1
Subleasing 4x2 for summer, FIRST FLOOR. You'll have your own bathroom stillChristine18:13:22 03/25/17 Sat1
4X4 room available for $$750$ for the summer!!Aina Ahanmisi08:53:34 03/25/17 Sat1
4 bedroom 4 bathroom for SUMMER 2017Dominique Samuels04:36:01 03/24/17 Fri1
BEST 4X4 APARTMENT RE-LEASE - JUNE & JULYKimia Abtahi07:26:42 03/22/17 Wed2
4x2 Available in Summer 2017Christine22:21:02 03/18/17 Sat1
4X2 For sublease During Summer 2017Amber Booth16:15:42 02/20/17 Mon3
4 Bed 4 Bath Room for Rent Summer 2017Njeri W.06:30:42 03/15/17 Wed2
Two Beds Available for Summer 2017Kira Vasquez13:37:03 03/07/17 Tue1
4 by 4 room available!! Email me for further questions!Aina Ahanmisi (help)05:46:08 03/07/17 Tue2
2x2 room availableTemi Olatunji12:29:35 02/08/17 Wed3
Great 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom available to release as soon as possibleRachel (Excited)15:10:44 02/27/17 Mon1
4X2 apartment Releasing for Summer 2017Elizabeth Drake00:52:32 02/26/17 Sun1
Affordable 4X2 apartment for spring lease!!!!Aminata Ndiaye16:19:53 11/29/16 Tue4
4 bedroom 2 bathroom room available summer 2017 or soonerRachel (:))04:42:28 02/13/17 Mon1
2X2 QUAD AVAILABLE TO SUBLEASE SUMMER 2017!Liya Asfaw11:44:37 01/31/17 Tue2
4x4 DISCOUNTED & AVAIL. ASAPJessica06:32:17 02/09/17 Thu1
4X2 For sublease During Summer 2017Amber Booth16:38:39 02/08/17 Wed1
Releasing 4x4 Next to Bus Stop ASAP or SUMMERvalerie12:39:14 02/08/17 Wed1
4x2 for $731 SUMMER2017Angelica Ceballos16:58:29 02/07/17 Tue1
ReleaseDolapo O. (Urgent)06:23:29 02/06/17 Mon1
4 bedroom two bathroom mixed gender appartment 2017-2018 school yearEdward Morozov09:21:13 01/27/17 Fri2
2X2 AVAILABLE TO SUBLEASE SUMMER 2017!Liya (Asfaw)10:49:29 01/03/17 Tue3
4x4 Apartment available for release in SUMMER 2017Dominique Samuels09:35:32 01/29/17 Sun1
4x2 Spring 2017 AvailableGabby13:49:32 01/28/17 Sat1
Room available immediately. January rent paid!Lisa12:18:54 01/18/17 Wed2
Re-Leasing 4x2 in the Courtyards for Spring 2017 ($731)Ellyssa Sherman10:30:12 12/06/16 Tue2
4X2 apartment available asapGabby14:55:33 01/24/17 Tue3
4X4 DISCOUNTED & CLOSE TO BUSJessica Young17:52:54 01/20/17 Fri1
Releasing 1 Room in a 4x4 Spring 2017Ifedolapo Ogunjuyigbe21:10:51 01/19/17 Thu2
4X4 AVAILABLE ASAP NEXT TO BUSJessica Young16:09:47 01/19/17 Thu1
4 by 4 room available!! Email me for further questions!Aina Ahanmisi07:58:20 01/19/17 Thu1
2x2 room available for Spring 2017Nikki Santos De Dios15:45:38 12/28/16 Wed3
2X2 AVAILABLE FOR RELEASE ASAPJulie12:40:16 12/26/16 Mon2
Room Swap!!!! 2X2 deluxe for 2X2 deluxeZelda17:40:01 01/05/17 Thu6
4X4 AVAILABLE ASAP NEXT TO BUS Jan rent paid for (NT)Jessica Young (Hopeful)09:37:56 01/07/17 Sat2
4X2 Available in 700 for SPRING!Mary Akpan05:21:22 01/05/17 Thu1
4X4 Apartment for RELEASE FOR SUMMER in 200!!!!Hannah Benzion15:20:46 12/24/16 Sat2
2x2 Available to Sublease Summer 2017!Waqeelat13:24:57 01/03/17 Tue1
January rent paid! Great 4x4 available immediately!Lisa Trapani09:55:22 01/01/17 Sun1
4X4 room available!!Aina Ahanmisi14:09:38 12/22/16 Thu2
4x4 room available immediately!Sophie (desperate)15:32:18 12/26/16 Mon1
2X2 ROOM AVAILABLE JANUARY 2017Danielle08:21:50 11/28/16 Mon4
4x4 apartment room available for springGavriella Colton09:15:25 12/10/16 Sat2
4X4 AVAILABLE ASAP PRICE NEGOTIABLEJessica Young (Hopeful & Desperate)10:46:05 12/15/16 Thu1
4 / 4 for JanuaryThe Courtyards13:16:01 12/12/16 Mon1
4x4 available in courtyards for Spring 2017Emma Stevens12:55:21 12/09/16 Fri1
Looking for a 4x4 2017 spring semesterlilly11:44:37 12/07/16 Wed1
ROOM IN A 4X4 ASAPAliya19:49:38 12/04/16 Sun3
4x2 room available from JanuaryJunze Liu06:23:50 11/03/16 Thu3
Re-leasing spot in Courtyards QuadAbbey Wroten08:38:25 11/02/16 Wed2
4X4 Available starting January 2017!!Justine Dawes17:56:49 12/01/16 Thu1
2X2 Available for Spring 2017!Julie19:39:29 11/28/16 Mon1
4X2 Room Spring 2017 Starting JanuaryGabby12:49:42 11/14/16 Mon4
4X4 AVAILABLE SPRING 2017 1ST FLOOR NEAR BUSJessica Young (Jessica Young)14:47:28 11/22/16 Tue1
LOOKING FOR 4X4 SPRING 2017Chenny Lee14:52:37 10/05/16 Wed2
4X2 room available for the spring semester!Lily Durkee19:06:34 11/17/16 Thu3
4x2 Room - Right Next to Bus StopRachel Patterson10:18:16 11/14/16 Mon2
Releasing My room in a 4x4Brianna12:19:34 11/20/16 Sun1
2X2 AVAILABLE SPRING 2017Diamond11:44:40 11/20/16 Sun1
2x2 room available spring 2017Ally Morey16:55:51 11/16/16 Wed2
LOOKING FOR 2x2 SPRING 2017!Maya14:25:40 11/03/16 Thu3
Releasing 2 bedrooms in a 2x2 apartment for Spring 2017Lauren Lupinski22:02:28 10/11/16 Tue7
Transferring Spring 2017- Need 2 rooms!Alex05:45:27 11/15/16 Tue1
4X4 Room available starting in JanuaryJustine Dawes09:23:09 11/14/16 Mon1
One room available 2x2Danielle16:05:10 11/13/16 Sun1
4X4 Apartment (Spring Semester)Simone Thomas05:04:46 11/11/16 Fri1
Room in 4x4 available beginning in JanuaryBrianna09:03:49 11/07/16 Mon3
2x2 available for SpringDanielle12:28:39 11/06/16 Sun2
4x2 Available for Spring semester!! (NT)Samantha M11:59:12 10/18/16 Tue3
4x4 room availableBrianna Williams07:39:08 11/08/16 Tue1
2 spots in 4 x 2 availableChristine Anderson08:49:43 10/18/16 Tue3
Room in 4 by 4 apartment availableRachel (Excited)10:39:20 10/20/16 Thu2
Releasing 4x2 for Spring 2017Ellyssa Sherman06:04:21 10/26/16 Wed2
4x4 in Courtyards 600 available for spring 2017!Kellen10:11:38 10/22/16 Sat4
2X2 for Fall 2017Julie Gozalo15:56:51 10/21/16 Fri1
Releasing 4x4 Apartment for Spring 2017!!!Kellen Weigand08:06:11 10/11/16 Tue3
4x4 Room Spring 2017Simone Thomas21:36:13 10/06/16 Thu2
4x4 room available !!!Monique08:35:10 10/01/16 Sat3
4X2 AVAILABLE TO SUBLEASE SPRING 2017!diamond11:11:52 10/06/16 Thu1
4X4 room availableRachel (:))12:31:09 10/03/16 Mon1
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