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Elevated Therapy International Feedback
Elevated Therapy International Session Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to give Michael and the public some feedback!

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This Feedback area is a new concept (Elevated Therapy leading the way again!) on the Internet in being transparent, open and honest (not your usual testimonials), thus giving my clients a chance `in real time` to share and write about their varied session(s), training, healing,
supervision and experience with me and the results as they so wish to report.
It is not necessary to leave an email address but I would appreciate clients leaving their First Name, so I can identify them - Thank You!


However, it is moderated - not to block any criticism if any should arise but to block spam and inappropriate postings only.

As this area was only opened in October 2006, these will only be some of the latest selection of the many genuine and positive comments
I have received from my clients over the years through referrals, in writing, verbally and by email.
If it is applicable, fitting and necessary, I will respond here publically to a posting within the ethics of confidentiality. - Dr. Michael G Millett

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Subject: Very thankful Michael

Tony (Very very grateful)
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Date Posted: 15:20:24 01/10/13 Thu

What you have done for me is amazing and I thank God you came to Grantham with your work. Thank you so much Michael for everything.

Tony K

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Subject: Fantastic session

Sandra M in Grantham (very happy)
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Date Posted: 01:09:02 03/22/12 Thu

Found Michael lovely to meet and so warm and friendly. His centre in Dudley Road was very very atmospheric and comfortable. Very importantly I am benefitting greatly from our hypnotherapy sessions.

I highly recommended him !!

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Subject: Thanks alot

June (Really delighted)
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Date Posted: 15:41:06 03/21/12 Wed

Hi ya Michael,
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful hypnotherapy sessions we had recently and I do feel like a million dollars now after them all !! Thank you.
As you know I had been to two local hypnotherapists here in the town and one in Nottingham but the results weren`t great and not what I wanted. With you it was different from the outset and the results are exciting !!
Stuart is coming to you next week now for some of the same.
Thank you again. Great to have you in Grantham ! June xx

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Subject: You changed my life!

Richie P (Full of happiness)
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Date Posted: 23:44:32 08/11/10 Wed

Well, I have to say this, my visit to you 2 years ago certainly changed my thinking and changed/turned my life around. All those disbeliefs I had in myself changed as soon as I left your surgery. Everything changed happy go lucky and my mindset forever has been one of change and also how I have progressed steadily in life. When I got to Victoria Station, the first thing that happened and it was so very strange, I saw this shop called Lush, and my head said to me why don't you buy something for you and make yourself feel good. Never had done that before, treat myself. From there on its been one hell of journey. My life is so full of happiness.

At the time, I was studying a BSc fulltime in Swansea which I actually graduated from in 2009 and if it wasn't for Fliss Jay who recommended you to me and of course yourself, for helping me, I would have never done it or finished it. I never got to thank Fliss Jay for recommending you to me, but if you do see or hear from her, can you please pass my love on and tell her thank you – thank you – thank you.

From graduating, I`m now in Ulsan, South Korea and teaching English to kids and adults alike, so rewarding and also a good way to raise funds for my MBA which I intend to do in April 2011.

None of the above would ever happened without you Michael or Fliss Jay and I owe both of you so much for turning my life around.

Thank you again.

Richie P
See more

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Subject: In the present now

Nahid (Happy)
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Date Posted: 22:58:48 05/15/10 Sat

Good morning Dr

Hope you are well. I would like to say that meeting you is one of the best thing that has happend in my life. Since yesterday, I do not feel guilty or angry . I have also managed to protect my rights and stop the building work that we were not happy about. More importantly, I think about present and member of family and people who are important to me. You are also one of them. I wish all the best for you and your family in the future.

Thank you
With kindest regard


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Subject: Changed my life!

Eva P (Supported)
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Date Posted: 11:29:22 05/15/10 Sat


Thank you for your dedicated mental support yesterday. I really can't believe that all these issues that I was suffering for many years are gone in one day. It really changed my life into a very positive aspect that I've always dreamed of. Your session also gave me a great opportunity to understand the true meaning of unconditional love.

I forgot to ask you one more thing when I was there yesterday. I would like to purchase a hypnosis CD (the chakra balancing one) before I leave the UK. Do you have any hypnosis CD that is similar to what I had at the session yesterday, or is it possible to record one for me with the same background music? Please let me know.

Faithfully yours,

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Subject: Telephone Work

Jacqui B (With Thanks)
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Date Posted: 23:46:18 08/16/09 Sun

I would recommend Michael to anyone who has a problem, be it large or small. He is willing to adapt his approach, to the best course of action that will help you. He is open to 'the weird and the wonderful' things that happen in life and always willing to help. He makes no judgement of you, what's bothering you or your past way of handling it, which is so refreshing, builds confidence and gives you back your faith in yourself.

Whatever troubles or crossroads, past or present, that are on your pathway in life, Michael is one of the best signposts!

Thank you Michael for your ongoing help.


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Subject: Past Life Regression Session

Simon H (Excited)
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Date Posted: 05:52:13 08/14/09 Fri


I am excited that an idle search for Lady Alicia (arabella) revealed a Lady Alicia Lisle tried by Judge Jeffries for high treason and subsequently beheaded in 1685.

The name and date are accurate and this all seems to have happened down in Winchester (a place I have always fancied).

I thought you might be interested. Simon.

ps thanks once again for a great session

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Subject: I require a bit of guidance

JUDY BLAIS (inquisitive)
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Date Posted: 08:59:59 11/18/08 Tue

I was looking for assistance on the web and came across your site, it had some of the answers I was looking for. I do natural energy healing sessions for other people and lately some of the treatments have taken the client into a past life to heal a problem they are dealing with in this life. They 'see' an issue which needs to be resolved and released, this is an area that was not covered in any of the courses I attended, so I have been doing what I can but was wondering if you can give me any tidbit of knowledge around this, is there something specific I need to do or should I just continue to let the universal energy do its stuff and follow whatever gives me?
Your guidance would be greatly apprieated.
Judy Blais

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Subject: Anxiety Issues

Lydia De Marco (Feeling empowered)
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Date Posted: 00:58:54 08/31/08 Sun

Michael helped me to release anxiety triggered by a traumatic event three years previously. In just one session of EFT, he helped me to achieve what two years of therapy failed to do. Michael got to the heart of the matter very quickly and guided me gently and safely in releasing it.

Having sessions with him has opened my mind to the benefits of EFT and I now feel so much more empowered whenever fear or anxiety arises in my daily life (which is quite often!). Michael is a very wise and patient teacher and has an extremely compassionate approach.

If you are struggling with fears or emotional issues, I would recommend Michael without hesitation. He is highly experienced and and very understanding and is truly committed to helping his clients overcome their problems and lead happier lives.

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Subject: The best I could find, thank you

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Date Posted: 10:47:34 12/03/07 Mon

Thank you, I was reluctant to see a therpist as I knew my being pagan would bring more than one therapist to thinking I'm mad, or anyway woulnd't understand my state of mind, but I've felt understood with you.
And apart from understanding itself, you've taken out of my mind much more that what I believed there was, and that was causing damage.
I sincerley hope I won't need counselling again, but if I'll, then I know where to come.
Thank you and blessings.

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Subject: CD. Healing: Inner Child

Lisa (Magical)
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Date Posted: 23:05:26 11/05/07 Mon

Just wanted to say thank you for the cd, it was magical!
"Healing: Inner Child.
It took me to places I thought I had forgotton and unconvered some memories that are proving very insightful in this healing work.

I am thinking to book an appointment to see you but wonder if it's poss to talk to you briefly regarding this to see how suitable it is etc..?

Many thanks.

Kind regards,


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Subject: Thank you for Loving Animals

Nita Hontiveros-Lichauco (Thank you)
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Date Posted: 00:12:46 10/28/07 Sun

Dear Dr. Millett,

As an animal rights/welfare advocate, I simply wish to tell you that the universe is blessed to have a personality with your credentials.

Your fame and position can make people who are indifferent / opposed to the natural rights of animals to humane treatment sit up, notice, and perhaps change.

Thank you, Sir.

Sincerely yours,

Nita Hontiveros-Lichauco
The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Founded in 1954 by British Educator Muriel Jay.

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Subject: MET Practitioner Training

Steve Sullivan (Total Enjoyment)
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Date Posted: 08:57:11 08/26/07 Sun

Dear Michael,
I would first like to say how much I enjoyed the two days John and I spent with you. In fact I was looking forward to the second day and that is a first. I enjoyed the way you taught on your courses, laid back, relaxed with lots of knowledge, wisdom and humour. Many Thanks.

I look forward to further courses with you.

Your sincerely,

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Subject: Our Video Session

Shelia in NYC (So pleased)
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Date Posted: 06:38:00 08/25/07 Sat

Dear Michael,
I just wanted to say a very big `thank you` for our video session using Skype this morning. It is the first time ever I have used this sort of service.
Well done to you for providing an excellent medium of help for people like me too far away to see you in London.
I found your advice and thoughts most helpful and I am feeling better for it. I will be carrying out what we discussed and will book another Video Session with you as a follow-up in September.

Again, thank you so much Michael for your kindness and direct advice, I so enjoyed meeting you online.

Shelia in Flushing, New York.

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Subject: Past life healing

Julie de Souza -Manchester (Happy)
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Date Posted: 08:32:08 08/15/07 Wed

Michael is a very special gifted man. This is my first session with him. He has a tremendous ability to take a person on the highest level that he took me on...the dimension of PURE LIGHT. It was billiant! I had seen that dimension in my dreams but never felt it before. I went to see him with regards to healing of past life trauma. I had been for past life regression before to another great guy who also helped me face this demon that haunted me all my life in repeated nightmares since childhood. The past life regression that shook the foundations I stand on. It took me a few months to digest the truth that I had faced. During the long session with Michael I was able to heal myself, and to release the built in anger, and sadness during the session. I was able to forgive the concerned individual who was connected to my pastlife whom I recognise to be alive in this lifetime. I was able to face him protected by my spirit guides and was surprised to know that Archangel Gabriel has been my guide since childhood. I always sensed a powerful angel presence that has been my shadow since my near death experience when I was a kid, but did not realise until now. I thank Michael with all my heart for providing such a great service to troubled souls like me. Julie de Souza

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Subject: First-Rate Practitioner

L. Mayhew
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Date Posted: 04:30:56 08/15/07 Wed

Having been a health writer for many years I have interviewed, been treated by and spent time with an inordinate amount of health and wellbeing practitioners. Before I embarked on my career, between the ages of 16-19, I had seen twenty orthodox and complementary health experts for my own health problems. In short, the volume of practitioners I have encountered is colossal and there is quite literally no-one who I rate as highly as Michael.
I had seen some of the country’s most esteemed clinical hypnotherapists and until seeing Michael thought I was unhypnotisable.
I have come to learn it is not the practice - hypnosis, EFT, acupuncture – choose any discipline - that can help where other things have failed – rather it is the individual practitioner. Michael is in an entirely different stratosphere to many practitioners I have encountered and I simply wish he could be cloned so more people could benefit from him.
He helped me kick a habit that had wreaked havoc with day-to-day living for five years – one which many others had tried to help with and failed – for this, I will always be indescribably grateful. He not only listens but really hears everything you say. And he has an extraordinary ability to zero-in on key issues that need addressing during a hypnosis session to get results.
I would recommend him to anybody battling with any form of emotional, psychological or mental affliction from the seemingly small and mundane to the deeply complex.
To anyone who is wary of practices in the ‘alternative’ field, I would urge them to put aside all scepticism and pre-judgment because Michael is also one of the most down-to-earth, sensible practitioners I have encountered in both orthodox and complementary medical fields.
L. Mayhew, Journalist

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Subject: A huge help in my recovery

Andy G (The Sceptic)
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Date Posted: 11:09:27 07/27/07 Fri

The reason I went to see Dr Millett was because I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years and it was not getting any better. Ever the sceptic going to see an alternative therapists was a big step! It was through sheer desparation. Normal GPs just could not help. They would prescribe you drugs because thats all they know and the people they referred me too were useless. I turned to Dr Millett as a last resort but looking back, I`m so glad I did. He took my problem seriously which was a first, and immediatly a relief. We then talked in depth about the possible causes of what triggered these problems and got to work on it using EFT which was so alien to me. I thought it would not work. It works by tapping meridian points on your body a bit like acupucture. The session took about 1 hour and a half and was really helpful. It was not a cure but a huge help in my recovery, it gave me self belief and was my first steps to my now recovery. Quite pricey about 85 pounds but worth every penny. I believe you can`t put a price on your well being and this certainly helped. I believe I would not be where I am if it was not for that hour and a half. He specialises in many areas such as hypnosis, eft, counselling I could go on. I now have an open mind and recommend people to give it a go.

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Subject: EFT Training

Nilgun (Impressed)
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Date Posted: 08:02:39 10/05/06 Thu

Dear Michael,

Thank you very much for wonderful EFT Practitioner training I received from you. I have already started putting the information I have learned from you into very good use by helping friends and clients. I am getting incredible results.

Training with you was much enjoyable and informative. I found the contents of training was very much enriched by your natural desire to help people and your knowledge as a professional psychotherapist. What a wonderful combination. Keep up the good work and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me this incredible technique.

Love and blessings


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Subject: The passing of loved ones and friends

Carole Arnold (so sad so shocked)
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Date Posted: 14:49:00 07/05/07 Thu


I was so sorry to read of your fathers death and Jenny's also. I only found out by browsing through the Candle memorials (in Jenny's case) and on another page (your father). I had sent my other emails to you not realising so please forgive me if I seemed a little insensitive I had no idea Jenny had passed away.

Condolences to you Michael on your loss even if they are a little late.

Take care Michael,

Carole Arnold

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Subject: A Big BIG Thank you to Elevated Therapy

Beverley (Wonderful!)
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Date Posted: 09:38:01 06/18/07 Mon

I am writing to thank you so very much Dr. Michael and your Elevated Therapy for all the wonderful sessions we have had together.
It has been so helpful to me on my journey and sorting myself out.
Sometimes we need direct advice and specific guidance about what is really bothering us. YOU, your work and approach are geared exactly for that!

I particularly found our hypnotherapy sessions the peak of it all and will remember the session where you took me on alternative outcomes and this changed everything!

Dr. Michael, thank you so very much indeed for my life. It is working now and so am I - working to have the right life for me.

With Love,

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Subject: MET Practitioner Training

Shirley (Estatic)
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Date Posted: 02:16:13 06/15/07 Fri

I just received your email to tell me that I was successful in passing my AMT certification exam. Thank you so much and what a great teacher you are!

I am pleased to have this opportunity to say a very big 'THANK YOU'. The one to one trainig that I received from you was fantastic. Your presentation of the material was thorough and very clear and easy to understand. You made me feel very comfortable and able to ask any 'stupid' questions that came to mind.

I really enjoyed the two days of training and wish it could have gone on for longer. I will definately be back to complete the next stage as I would not consider going to anyone else. While completing my case study I knew exactly what needed ot be done and felt comfortable dealing with any emotional issues that arise with any of my clients now.

Michael, I have had the opportunity to know you as my therapist and also as a teacher, you are wonderful and I know that I would be so happy to recommend anyone to you as I know they would have awesome results. Thank you once again.

With Love and Warmth

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Subject: I look forward to working with you next time

Peter T (Amazed)
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Date Posted: 08:35:17 05/07/07 Mon

I've found the results with EFT amazing. I'm really putting it to use and the energy tremors in my chest have really calmed down. Alot of issues are coming through for releasing and the resulting freeing up of energy is quite awesome. Quite simply I'm happier, more relaxed and feel so empowered. I'm also sleeping better and not waking up with this terrible tightness in my chest.

For the first time in a year and a half I'm feeling this amazing capacity to move forward and excited about life again - and I sense this is only the beginning.

I've also had two remarkable experiences, one when I was driving home after my session, the other the next day following my own tapping, when I experienced such profound peace and everything being exactly as it should be.

I look forward to working with you next time.

Again, many thanks,

Peter T

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Subject: Smoking Cessation

Dean (Energised)
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Date Posted: 23:30:09 10/06/06 Fri

Hi Michael,
My name is Dean, I came to you in January 2004 for a Smoking Cessation Session. Since then, I have not smoked or even felt a single craving. Thank you very much!

I now wake up in the morning, feeling energised and happy, whereas while I was a smoker, I felt groggy and it took about 15 minutes to wake up. It really is amazing, especially when you consider that I was on a 30 a day habit.

Again, thank you so very much.

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Subject: Thank you so much

David Seymour (So focused)
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Date Posted: 13:49:42 01/13/07 Sat

I wish to say thank you so very much Michael. My time with you is something I will remember always!
I can only say thank you so very much at this time as when I think of our time together over a few sessions before Christmas I feel so emotiomal (in a positive way) and tears fill my eyes literally.

Al you said was so right and I appreciate your non-judgemental directness. The honestly and clarity of your advice was palpable.

I am making the changes and adjustments to things that we talked about (it`s scary but feels right now) - at last!

Yours in respect and complete appreciation,

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Subject: If you're having doubts about making an appointment!

Aidan (Gob-smacked!)
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Date Posted: 12:55:37 11/07/06 Tue

I have had a number of sessions with Michael over the past four or five years. Each session was totally differnent and for different issues. I recommend Michael to friends and colleagues; some make an appointment and some doubt! Doubt is understandable but, as long as you do doubt, the issue will remain. What can go wrong? I believe that most people who hesitate are(naturally) afraid of the anguish/pain they may have to undergo during the session. Possibly! But what is that compared to living life permanently with an issue?

Take the plunge and book an appointment. I have never left a session with Michael and felt upset.

Michael has an amazing gift and skill of being able to locate what the issue is - I have more than once arrived at a session with an issue in mind only to be told that another issue is causing my problem - it always was!!

Michael thank you - you are radically improving the quality of life for me and so many others.

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Subject: Feeling Clearer

Ellie R
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Date Posted: 11:17:21 11/04/06 Sat

I went to Michael to see for the smoking cessation session in late September. Since then I have not even thought about having a cigarette. The session was incredibly thorough and although at times difficult it was still enjoyable! Since then, and as a result I think of facing the issues behind my smoking habit, certain issues have come to the forefront. As a result I contacted Michael for another session which involved 90 minutes of a combination of meridian therapy and hypnotherapy. The session was very revealing, relieving and has provided clarity with issues that were blocking me. Michael provides a very safe, non-judgemental and generous environment in which to really discover and develop parts of yourself. Thank you Michael.

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Subject: Wonderful!

Lorraine Simons (Content)
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Date Posted: 12:06:50 10/28/06 Sat

My experience with the treatment from Michael Millett was wonderful! Travelling a long way to see him was a very difficult decision. But once I met him, I knew I was in good hands. He really worked to help me get to the root of my eating disorder, and taught me healthy ways to cope and take care of myself. I am very grateful to Michael for leading me down the road to recovery.

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Subject: Thankyou!

Liz Hogon (Liz)
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Date Posted: 12:32:42 10/25/06 Wed

Thanks Michael for a wonderful past life regression. It was fantastic working with you - I felt safe, relaxed and comfortable. Since our session there have been further insights into the root cause of my problem and I am absolutely delighted with my internal changes. Thank you so much!

I would also like to express my appreciation for the wonderful Advanced MET Practitioner training undertaken with you last week. Your explanations were clear and concise and I look forward to continuing my studies with you next year.

Kindest regards, Liz x

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Subject: Fantastic Session

Nana (Relieved)
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Date Posted: 07:37:09 10/12/06 Thu

I went to Michael for a past life regression, not knowing what to expect, but knowing that I needed help. I believe I was guided to find Michael. I have been feeling "stuck", and have felt that way at various points in my life. And I intuitively knew that it was due to some deeper issue. I thought that the cause of feeling "stuck" originated in a past life, and for a large part of the session I didn't feel that we were making progress at all. Thankfully Michael's experience in this work guided me through the process, and we were able to uncover the root cause of the problem. Michael then facilitated the process of healing for me, and it was such a HUGE relief for me coming out of the session. I feel like a whole weight has been lifted from me, and I have overcome a major issue in my life which wouldn't have been possible via traditional methods of therapy and counselling. Thank you Michael. That was an amazing session!

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Subject: Telephone Service

Gretchen (Not alone anymore!)
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Date Posted: 08:45:46 10/08/06 Sun


I thank you for your assistance. I was struggling when I found your website and didn't know where to turn. The information that I read here helped me to feel that I was not alone in my troubling experience. Talking with you by phone helped me tremendously. I believe that the Goddess was really looking out for me when she led me to you.

With kindest regards,

Eugene, Oregon. USA

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Subject: AMT Certification Training

Jean McNeil (Fantastic!)
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Date Posted: 03:20:04 10/08/06 Sun

Hi Michael

I just received your email to tell me that I was successful in passing my AMT certification exam. Good news for me and also yet more proof of what a great teacher you are!

I am pleased to have this opportunity to say a very big 'THANK YOU'. The one to one trainig that I received from you was superb. Your presentation of the material was thorough and very clear and easy to understand. You made me feel very comfortable and able to ask any 'stupid' questions that came to mind.

I really enjoyed the two days of training and wish it could have gone on for longer. I will definately be back to complete the next stage as I would not consider going to anyone else. I now feel very confident when working with my clients and encouraged to do more.

Michael, you are a genuinely lovely man and your sincerity and generosity of spirit of spirit shine through. Thank you once again.

Kindest regards


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Subject: Thank You

Miriam from Ealing (Happy)
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Date Posted: 08:09:43 10/03/06 Tue

I remember that first therapy session I had with Dr. Michael some years ago.

I was really anxious and wondered if this therapist could really help me. I was very cynical about everything and had tried many therapists.

After many years of vastly improved good health, I have Dr. Michael to thank for this now.

Within minutes after meeting Dr. Michael I was at ease and felt very relaxed and comfortable. It was like coming home!
This never changed through our sessions.

I am a regular visitor to this site over the years just to keep in touch with things and was delighted to see this new facility and here I am using it!

Without doubt I will always highly recommend Dr. Michael. Sometimes words are not enough. I never got back to thank you Dr. Michael personally even though I sent many people to see you, so now here I am saying a great big THANK YOU at last!

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Subject: Healing

Jennifer Macdonald (Happy)
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Date Posted: 06:14:50 10/03/06 Tue

I would like to say abig thank you to you Michael for all the healing we have done over several years and especially your help in getting me to quit smoking, will always be very grateful to you.Thank you.

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Subject: Australia calling!

Dean Hughes (Clarity)
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Date Posted: 01:14:17 10/03/06 Tue

Hi Everyone.

I had a telephone session with Michael last week for an hour. I couldn`t believe I could talk with Michael in London via a local telephone line here in Sydney.
The miracles of the modern world!

Thank you very much indeed Michael. Our session with your Elevated Therapy was really helpful to me and has clarified much of my confusion.

Would like to book again before the end of October, so I`ll contact you directly.

Best regards,
Dean in Randolph, New South Wales.

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Subject: Great Service

Sue K (Feeling so well)
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Date Posted: 00:25:32 10/03/06 Tue

Michael was so easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable in his company. £80 for a two hour session was very, very reasonable and the results were well worth it for me! In fact I have never felt so well. We are to do some more work and I am really looking forward to that. Great service, great results and a lovely guy!

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Subject: Want to say Thank You

Brendan (In Appreciation)
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Date Posted: 00:23:45 10/03/06 Tue

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for our sessions. It has been a pleasure, and an honour to have met such an honest, genuine, and caring person who successfully devotes his life to helping and healing others. I feel like you have re-instilled my core confidence and healed my emotions. I feel brand new! Thank you again for everything... your work is amazing! I'll never forget you, and will forever be appreciative. Brendan.

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