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Date Posted: 08:40:56 11/19/17 Sun

Puerto Rico Universal Beauty

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Hugh (happy)
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Date Posted: 06:35:26 10/11/17 Wed

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Subject: Norwegian athlete teams - extensive use of dope

Roar Kangegård
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Date Posted: 04:06:02 08/26/17 Sat

To read about the dope case of Therese Johaug, the Norwegian ski queen, good tips for wonderful masturbation, about children being microchipped during examinations under general anesthesia, about the status of Hillary Clinton, please scroll down


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Johaug, the Norwegian ski Queen and her punishment for use of dope

The lady got caught for use of dope in early autumn 2016

Her explanation for the positive test was a salve she used that contained the prohibited substance clostibol and that she used it after advice from her doctor without knowing it contained a prohibited substance, and without checking herself because she trusted her doctor. This explanation is backed up by the medical team of the skiers and the leaders.

Her final sentence is to be locked out from organized training and competition in 18 months from the positive test.

The explanation given by Johaug, the medical team and the leaders is difficult to believe. Accordimg to that explanation several check points failed: Firstly the medical team did not take with them the standard salve, even though they knew it would be needed. Secondly the farmacist did not point to the doctor that bought the salve that it contained a prohibited substance, even that she knew it and the doctor came to get advice for a useable product. Thirdly the doctor did not read on the package and the instructions for use, so that he could detect it, and also give right advice to Johaug. Forthly Johaug did not check the package and the instruction for use herself either.

There are also other odd points in the story, for example that Johaug threw the package and instruction for use away and that no others in the team felt any need for such salve after having trained in a highly sun-exposed landscape. A sequence of so many failed check points and oddities is highly improbable. The judge board probably does not believe the story, and that influenced the decision.

One must seriously ask if the medical support team used dope with this substance generally on all the athletes, that Johaug was the unlucky to be tested and that the purchase of the salve and the explanation is a cover operation, that Johaug is forced to stay with for her own sake an loyality.

We know for sure that the team generally uses one sort of dope after order from the doctors, namely asthma medication, which makes one question the ethics of the doctors supporting the team. They have got accept for this use, but it is highly controversial, Johaug was interviewed two weeks before she was caught about the use of asthma medication. Based on her wording, it sounded that she was concerned about it. In the same interview she said bastantly that she always checks every medication or supplement she is told to use, which also makes the explanation for the positive test odd.

Asthma medication is also extensively and regularly used as dope in all organized condition sport in Norway, also at children and teens, and Norway is burdened by many tragical events within organized sport, in all age classes, and all levels due to overload made possible by medical trickery.

Knut Holt



Advanced masturbation Tips for Men and Women

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Masturbation can be much more than just a method of getting a quick orgasm. It can be a long lasting and intensely pleasurable experience, if you do it the right way. You can have a great masturbation experience alone, together with your wife or together with a friend. You can also mutually masturbate each other. Here are some tips you can use to get as high an experience as possible.

- Set apart some good time for your masturbation. Also do it in a warm and comfortable place. Tune the light in the room to a relaxing and pleasurable level, but do not let it be totally dark.

- Sit down in a relaxed manner some minutes to stress down. Listen to some relaxing music or look at some erotic pictures. A cup of coffee or tea at this point can help you stress down and at the same time help arouse your sexual excitement.

- Then gently take off all your clothes one by one in the same relaxed mood. Begin taking off your shirt, then your pants, then your undershirt, and at last strip yourself completely naked by pulling off your underpants.

- Then lay or sit down completely naked in a relaxed position. You can also choose to sit down at first in a chair, and later on during your masturbation you can lay yourself comfortably down on the bed or some other good place.

- Begin your masturbation by caressing several of your sensual body parts, like your breast and breast nipples, the area under your shoulders, your stomach area, your buttocks and your thighs. Then gently approach your more intimate zones with caressing movements.

- Then begin caressing and stimulating your genitals or your rectal zones. Spread opens your closed areas to get to the most intimate points in your body by your fingers. But still do it all in a relaxed manner without the aim of reaching the orgasm.

-You will by now feel an intense pleasure in your intimate zones that radiate up into your stomach, down into your thighs and up along your spinal column.

- Take from time to time your hands away from your intimate zones to caress other body parts. When doing so you can also stretch out your body in several ways. By stretching your limbs and at the same time caressing your body, you stimulate a lot of erotic points around in your body that add to the intensity and deepness of your total experience.

- Eventually the time has come to stimulate your intimate points more strongly. Now intensely masturbate your most sensual points so that you nearly reach the orgasm. Just before the orgasm is about to occur, you stop the stimulation and relax completely some moments. You can repeat this action many times. With some training you can even stimulate yourself so that you get a little orgasm that do not take away your arousal.

- By now you may have reached a mental and physical sexual ecstasy of an incredible intensity that comprises your whole body and mind.

- Eventually the time has come to complete the experience with a big orgasm. Just stimulate your sexual organs strongly and continually until you reach your full climax.

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Tips for Exciting Navel Masturbation

By Knut Holt

If you stick a finger down into your belly bottom you will find a structure that feels like a button. By stimulating this thing and the area under and around in various way, you get a lot of very special sexual feelings deep inside or around your navel.

You can press your finger down there while also moving your finger tip back and forth in all directions. When doing so you will feel that the button flips back and forth a little as you move your finger.

You can move your finger around in a circle down there while pressing downwards.

You will then get feelings in your navel and the stomach parts around, of a very special extatic kind. And these feelings will persist aldo sfter thst you hsve taken your finger out again.

By doing these movements very gently, you feel a very fine-tuned ecstacy in the area.

By moving while pressing down harder, the feelings get sharper in a very exciting way.

By pressing even harder when tickling down in your nevel, you will get feelings that spread downwards your penis tip.

This kind of navel stimulation is fine to do with one hand while you also masturbate your penis width the other, or you can take some moments during your masturbation to only play with your navel.

And of cource you can find your navel with a finger of one hand and have it cosy with the feelings you can create in that area at any occation when one of your hands is free to do so.

By Knut Holt
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Advice for Good Anal Sex and Masturbation

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Health, fitness and sex tips:


The area between your buttock cheeks, the immediate surroundings of your anus, the anus itself and your rectum is highly sensual to erotic stimulation. It some way this area is even more sensual than the genitals, because even slight caresses at this area can give strong feelings.

The skin and muscles at both sides of the rectal opening is highly sensitive. The point just in front of the anus gives a strong emotional response when you poke at it. A man will often have a little grove at that point that you can poke into. The anus itself has the most sensitive skin in your whole body, and the sphincter muscle gives a lot of good feeling when stretched out.

Before the front wall some way inside the anus, a man will also have the prostate. The deepest point of the anus is sensitive in a very special way. Stimulation here gives very strong feelings that reach the whole pelvic region coupled with profound mental emotions.

You seldom get any orgasm from this area, even though it does sometimes happens, but you are very likely feel a strong and persistent physical and mental excitement upon proper stimulation, and such stimulation will also intensify a genital orgasm. Here are some general principles you should follow both when you have anal sex with a partner or when you use this area for masturbation:

- You must firstly be in a position where your rectal area is easy to get to. Then you must relax as much as possible. Then open the area even more by pulling the buttock cheeks apart so that you feel a slight stretch. Begin caressing gently the inner sides of the cheeks and gradually caress steadily nearer to the rear opening.

- It is not necessary to enter through the anus to make a lot of pleasure. If you do it, you proceed in a gentle manner through the opening and towards the deep parts of the rectum. For a joyful rectal intrusion, the rectal spinster must relax well. By pressing cautiously with a finger or a rounded object towards the anal orifice, the spinster will usually relax and the object goes easily through.

- You will discover that the rectum has several strongly sensible points along the way to the deepest area. By caressing inside the anus towards the prostate area or the vagina, you will also stimulate feelings in the genital region. While you steadily proceed towards the most intimate and deepest areas, you also move a little in and out, use circulating movements and poke at special sensible points.

- After having teased up your feeling with gentle stimulation and caresses, you can gradually stimulate harder to influence points deeper inside the tissues. You can also tense your muscles in the anal area, first gently and then more intensely. Such an intensified action will typically give you a peak feeling that can resemble an orgasm, but the feeling has another flavor with stronger mental impacts than genital orgasms.

- After such an intensified action you can begin anew with a relaxed and gentle approach. You can do this many times, and each time your feelings will get stronger and spread to wider areas in your body from your rear region.

There are many ways to caress and stimulate your anorectal region. You can caress yourself or your partner with a finger, you can use a dildo or another smooth long object with a rounded tip. And you can have intercourse using the penis between the cheeks of your partner or insert the penis into the anus.

If you use an object inside the rectum, it must not have a shape and size so that it cannot easily get trapped inside and difficult to get out again. Some special anal dildos have barres that hinder a too deep insertion or a long handle that always will be outside.

It is not necessary to use a very thick object in the anus to get strong feelings. This region is so sensible that even a very thin object gives great responses. A thicker objects will however stretch the muscles more and give a deeper stimulation inside the tissues so that you can experience other feelings than when you use a thin object.

The object you use or the rectal opening must be well lubricated, preferably with a water based lubricator. You can also lubricate dildos and the like with natural oily substances that do not irritate, like vazeline.

When you have sex in the anorectal region, you should be clean. If you want to insert something through the rectum, the anus should be empty. It is not strictly necessary to flush the anus with water before you have anal sex, but some people prefer to do so by a enema syringe. You must use a condom if you or your partner use to have sex with more than only one person or you are not sure you can trust your partner one hundred percent.

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How to Use Your Foreskin during Masturbation

If you are not circumcized, you can use your foreskin several ways during masturbation.

Young boys usually have a foreskin that covers the penis head completely, even when the penis is erect. As a teenage matures, the penile shaft tends to grow more than the foreskin. The result is a foreskin that covers the penis head only when the penis is faccid, and even then often only partially.

But in some boys the foreskin is so long that it still can cover the penile head when they have become mature men. In others the foreskin grows in the same rate as the rest of the penis so that it still covers the penile head in adulthood. In both cases it can however normally be retracted to unvover the head.

It is a misconsumption that it is unfortunate for a man to have a foreskin like a young boy, and that this hindesr normal function during intercource. This is not true. On the contrary a long forskin gives wider opportunities when you masturbate.

When the penis is still flaccid, all men can slid the foreskin back and forth over the penile head, and thus stimulate the head and the inside of the foreskin in a smooth way.

If you have a long forskin you can still slide it back and forth over the head when it gets erect, and thus continue the smooth stimulation, if whanted until you reach orgasm.

You can also move your fingers down to the penile shaft and continue sliding the skin up and down there. If you have a short foreskin this will be the natural opportunity to use. You can get an extra funny feeling in your penis by sometimes pushing the skin somewhat firmer down and held it in that position a while.

As long as the penis is not too firmly erect, you can grab the tip of the foreskin between two fingers an play with it in several ways, like rolling it between your fingers, keep squeesing gently and relaxing with your fingers and alot of other small handlings at the tip.


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Children and Teens Being Microshipped During Mandatory Examinations under General Anesthesia

A main method to obtein the goals of a worldide feudal order governed by a technocratic elite is to surveil and control children and teens in the moust intimate and direct physical and psychological ways.

In steadily more societies children and teens are called in for a mandatory medical examination under anesthesia where they inspect the kid with endoscopic instruments through all body openings in addition to also use advanced radiological techniques to record all kind of data about the kid. Furthermore psychological and emotional tests are used by these ordeals with the child in a drugged state.

But in addtion they place one or two or more electronic chips into the body of the kid. These chips are then used to monitor the whereabouts of the kid around the clock and also the physiological activities in the body. which says a lot about what the kid does or what other do with the kid at any time. The kids himself or the parents are generally not aware of everything done during these medical ordeals or these chips being placed.

All this seems to be internationally coordinated, and stedily more towns or communities are connected to this program. Often these exams are done when the kid is under anesthesia for some other known procedure, or some dummy explanation is used, so that even the exam itself is secret.

By Knut Holt




Hillary Clinton Is a Zombi Controlled by Deep State Forces

During all of the presidential campain it was pretty clear for everybody that watched with open eyes that this Hillary Clinton was not mentally and physically in control of herself, that she is utterly sick and reduced mentally and physically, and that she is under some kind of medical and social administration by others. Furthermore it was pretty clear that somebody sitting in the background and swirling around her controlled everything she said and did, which means she was and is nothing but a mere Zombi. Hillary eas once a highly intelligent person with ample manipulative skills, faculties that now exist only as ghostly reflexes of what she once was.

She was meant only to be an outward face, while some team behind her, of which Obama surely is a main member was planning to convey the real presidentilal functions. Obama's shadow government was thus not meant to derail Trump in the first place, but to excert the real power with Hillary as a practical tool. But when Hillary did not win as expected, their plans changed to circumvent Tump instead. But Obama himself is probably not very much in charge either, but acts as a servant for more powerful forces within that shadow government.

Knut Holt



Av Knut Holt



Den norske befolkningen sosialiseres sytematisk til å tro at norsk idrett er fri for dop og medisinsk juksemakeri, og når visse episoder likevel opptrer, forklares det med at det var eet uhell, eller i verste fall en individuell avviker.

Men desverre må en trekke konklusjonen om at norsk idrett er gjennomyret av en systemtisk dopkultur styrt av ledelsen og idrettsmedisinerne når en en nøye betrakter den ofte bråkvikke muskelutviklingen de på toppen ofte har i perioder, krymping av kjønnsorganer og bryst, en overmaskulinisert kroppsfasong også hos damer, overvekst av knokkelstrukturer i ansiktet, hyppig mental utsabilitet, håravfall, hudproblemer og hjertesviktepisoder som bagatelliseres men ikke så sjelden ender tragisk.

En ser det samme skje med ungdom som er utvalgt av klubber og ledelse til å bli kommende idrettsstjerner.

Visse type dop, som for eksempel astmamedisin har en klart å få aksept for via visse unntaksbestemmelser i regelverket, men symptomene er så overtydlige at en må konkludere at det er så mye mer.

Men vet idrettsutøverne selv hva som gjøres med dem? Vet ungdom innen idrettsjilkøet og deres foreldre hva om skjer med dem hvis barnet inkalles til undersøkelse under natkose, hvilket skjer hyppig med barn og ungdom fortiden, vet de hva vitaminpillene de får virkelig inneholder, eller den fulle hensikten med spøyter de får.

Jeg tror ikke det. jeg tror mye også gjøres i hemmelighet som det ikke fortelles om, hverken til utøverne selv eller deres pårørende

Jeg driver forresten aktiv etterforskning av ting som skjer med barn og ungdom innen idrettsmiljøer og andre steder, spesielt merklige eller ekstreme medisinske undersøkelser og manipulasjoner. Hvis noe har hendt deg eller noen du vet om, fortell om det som svar på denne ertikkelen.

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Date Posted: 07:43:26 08/20/17 Sun

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Subject: Miss World 1952

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Date Posted: 01:29:52 08/19/17 Sat


Este video fue creado para divertirse. Es como me habria imaginado que fue Miss Mundo 1952. Algunas de las fotos son reales y los puntajes fueron todos inventados. Espero que les guste el video y gracias por verlo.

This video was created to have fun. It's how I would have imagined Miss World 1952 to be. Some of the photos are real and the scores were all of them made up. I hope you like the video and thank you for watching.

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Subject: Miss Universe 1952

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Date Posted: 10:10:11 08/11/17 Fri


Este video fue creado para divertirse. Es como me habria imaginado que fue Miss Universe 1952. Algunas de las fotos son reales y los puntajes fueron todos inventados. Espero que les guste el video.

This video was created to have fun. It's how I would have imagined Miss Universe 1952 to be. Some of the photos are real and all the scores were made up. I hope you like the video.

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Subject: Miss Grand Slam 1951

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Date Posted: 08:42:22 08/04/17 Fri


This video was created to have fun. The contestants who were finalists in Miss World 1951 have the chance to be Miss Grand Slam 1951. Also, we'll see the Ranking Miss World 1951 and Country Of The Year 1951.

Este video fue creado para divertirse. Las concursantes que fueron finalistas en Miss Mundo 1951 tienen la posibilidad de ser Miss Grand Slam 1951. Tambien, veremos el Ranking Miss Mundo 1951 y el Pais Del Año 1951.

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Subject: MISS WORLD 1951

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Date Posted: 07:59:31 07/27/17 Thu


This video was created to have fun. It's how I would have imagined Miss World 1951 to be. Some of the photos are real and the scores were all of them made up. I hope you like the video and thank you for watching.

Este video fue creado para divertirse. Es como me habria imaginado que fue Miss Mundo 1951. Algunas de las fotos son reales y los puntajes fueron todos inventados. Espero que les guste el video y gracias por verlo.

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ramsey (dickson)
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Date Posted: 20:07:38 07/24/17 Mon

Solicitar un préstamo en un 3%, para pagar las facturas o iniciar un negocio? Para más información Responder a este E-mail: ramseydickson@outlook.com

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Date Posted: 00:40:15 06/10/17 Sat

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Subject: SAL GARCIA top model dominicana representara su pais en MIS UNIVERSO 2016

Fue electa el Domingo 24 de Abril
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Date Posted: 23:22:38 04/26/16 Tue

 photo 70344ba5-5677-4c70-9aaf-72d1ef0b6dee_zpsdpkgncqo.png

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Francisco "Pachito"...
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Date Posted: 23:20:44 05/01/16 Sun

Miss Universe Maniaticos!!!

Finalmente! Aqu est!!! Como lo prometimos! Nuestro primer video especializado sobre lo ocurrido el fatdico 20 de Diciembre del 2015 durante el Miss Universo mas controversial de toda la historia!

Preguntas, hiptesis y conjeturas nunca resueltas y dejadas en el tintero. Hablamos sin pelos en la lengua y exponemos nuestros diferentes puntos de vista! Esperamos que te diviertas con el ilustrativo y sustancioso video donde no dejamos nada al aire y donde cuestionamos los sucesos sin reservas!

Disfrtalo y danos tus opiniones y comentarios. Gracias por observamos y aqu te dejamos este con este manjar de informacin MISS UNIVERSE MANIATICO!!! Para que te deleites y te unas a nosotros en esta pasin que tenemos en comn!


Francisco "Pachito", Carlos Andres, Alcy, Andy, David y Juan Diego!!!



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Subject: prstamos

Dale Donnell (http://www.voy.com/213424/)
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Date Posted: 13:23:17 04/14/16 Thu

Soy Dale Donnell de Estado Unidos, ciudadano, quiero utilizar este gran medio para anunciar este prestamista Sr. John Hawkins, que es realmente un Dios envi a mi familia. Hace dos semanas yo estaba en busca de un prstamo de internet donde me han timado de $ 2,450.00, nunca pens que alguna vez voy a solicitar un prstamo en Internet de nuevo antes de conocer a un post sobre este prestamista hecha por uno Andrew Nicholas que tambin tiene un prstamo de ellos, entonces me dio un intento de nuevo, despus de procesamiento de prstamos, me pidieron para proporcionar ms detalles bancarios y me tarjeta que lo hice y para mi mayor sorpresa, se le concedi un prstamo de $ 50,000.00 al principio pens que era una broma hasta que llegu al banco para confirmar y era verdad, estaba abrumado de alegra. As que quiero que todos los que deseen un prstamo y son capaces de devolver los fondos a su debido tiempo para ponerse en contacto con: johnhawkinsloanfirm@yahoo.com o en los llamas en +1 (904) 5521213 y ser partcipe de mi testimonio God Bless John Hawkins Prstamo Firma Plc

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Date Posted: 12:23:46 12/01/14 Mon


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Date Posted: 20:54:16 07/06/14 Sun

Estamos tambien en Facebook y Twitter


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Subject: Lucha De Reinas / FOX LIFE Primera Temporada

Love it!
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Date Posted: 13:31:54 06/17/14 Tue

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Subject: nzdf

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Date Posted: 21:14:58 05/07/14 Wed


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Subject: fdsz

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Date Posted: 22:33:44 05/06/14 Tue


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Subject: bx

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Date Posted: 22:31:09 05/06/14 Tue

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Subject: Universal Republic Pageant 2015 photo UNIVERSALREPUBLICPAGEANT2015_zps557a84b6.png

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Date Posted: 23:52:13 04/28/14 Mon

We are by preselecting directors around Amrica.

Contact us:

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Subject: [FULL] Sextape Cyril Rouhani Marsha Vadhanapanich Downloading

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Date Posted: 05:52:47 03/31/14 Mon

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Subject: Whitesnake Slide It In 25th Anniversary Edition 2009

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Date Posted: 10:23:53 03/29/14 Sat

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Subject: Der Orden Der Rotkaeppchen Sammleredition

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Date Posted: 10:22:40 03/29/14 Sat

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Subject: Sophie Ristelhueber's Obsessions.(Brief Article): An Article From: Queen's Quarterly

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Date Posted: 02:39:34 03/20/14 Thu

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Subject: Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011: Library Edition (Occupational Outlook Handbook (G P O))

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Date Posted: 02:38:51 03/20/14 Thu

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Subject: American Feminists

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Date Posted: 02:37:39 03/20/14 Thu

American Feminists > http://tinyurl.com/lhtry9k

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Subject: Josselyn Garciglia Miss Mexico 2014 Universe, Hara el papel de La Moley Mexicana en Austin Powers #4... "El Moley Mole Mexicano"...Felicidades a La Moley!

Austin Powers
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Date Posted: 21:57:39 03/11/14 Tue

 photo MEX.jpg

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Subject: Ytala Narjjara Miss Amazonas 2014 (Miss Brasil 2014)

Misslogos do Brasil (Seorita Amazoas 2014)
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Date Posted: 15:41:29 03/09/14 Sun

Ytala Narjjara 20, estudiante de ingeniera en la universidad Mabiental Estacio de Ro de Janeiro (Brasil), gan el concurso de Miss Amazonas 2014, superando a 19 candidatos ..

Ytala sigue su trayectoria en una preparacin intensiva. Ytala fue el primer candidato para el ttulo de Miss Brasil 2014 al ser elegido, uno de los favoritos para ganar an con sus 1,78 metros, piel blanca, cabello rubio oscuro, 90 busto, 58 de cintura, 87 de cadera .. . amaznica Belleza promete dar trabajo en el miss Brasil, prevista para agosto-septiembre fecha meiado an no revelados, por su parte los estados brasileos elegirn a sus seoritas, Ytala sigue su preparacin hacia el miss Brasil 2014

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Belleza Colombiana
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Date Posted: 16:37:23 01/13/14 Mon


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Subject: Informacin

Francia REGINA
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Date Posted: 10:11:24 12/13/13 Fri


Quiero saludarles cordialmente en su pgina. Asimismo quisiera pedirles si tienen alguna informacin de la visita de la reinante MISS SUPRANATIONAL Mutya Datul a su bello pais.

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