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Subject Author Date Msgs
so how many people really visit this place?I won't post unless I find that out16:10:49 12/17/17 Sun6

OK, so you want more sex content...here is the SNL Xmas nativity sceneNot for kids ?17:19:16 12/17/17 Sun3

Geez! I didn't think this board could get more boring---and it did! (NT)Double Yawn!!15:44:25 12/16/17 Sat6

When will LAW CLERK apologize for using and abusing sex slaves? (NT)Curious Minds Want to Know20:20:13 12/10/17 Sun7

A pres. who would all but call Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean toilets...."Truth hurts about our pussy grabbing POS president17:52:24 12/16/17 Sat1

CDC bans the words like entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, & science-basedBanning words from pubs will make them go away?16:25:05 12/16/17 Sat3

OK -- Time to get ready for Christmas!!Here's how to do the tree!!!20:21:59 12/15/17 Fri2

I truly hope you can actually find the appropriate answer (((DavidAdeSs21:50:52 12/15/17 Fri3

lying cheating spousecatching on - its now obvious21:16:21 10/29/17 Sun6

Donald Trump’s Support Plummets Among Fox News FansEllen18:09:17 12/15/17 Fri2

Bozo Trump demolished in Alabama! 4th time his guy lost! (NT)Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha....13:48:46 12/13/17 Wed10

Internet NewsShakitaWeree19:55:39 12/15/17 Fri1

Holy Mackerel! I didn't think this would be so hard ((DavidAdeSs19:15:35 12/15/17 Fri1

A polling firm asked voters for the 1st word that came to mind when they hear 'Trump'Jen Hayden14:36:32 12/15/17 Fri3

EngineeringFrancisAnods16:31:02 12/15/17 Fri1

Save me from redoing all these from scratch please (((Jerrypiese16:27:22 12/15/17 Fri1

Toys and CollectiblesRobertNeism15:10:50 12/15/17 Fri1

Charmdate ScamcharmdateKl03:55:48 12/15/17 Fri1

vidmate appDaryllem23:01:18 12/14/17 Thu1

You really are my best shot fellas =(RobertflicS02:00:55 11/21/17 Tue3

Birth of an island.Worth watching.22:41:05 12/12/17 Tue2

How about some tits and ass? (NT)Yada yada yada22:47:09 12/12/17 Tue1

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.Flash15:35:58 12/11/17 Mon11

God punishes bitch Lindsey Vonn with back injury in World Cup raceRateye00:21:32 12/11/17 Mon3

Mooslime's pipe bomb prematurely detonates in NYC subwayYet another Obama era 'refugee'14:58:50 12/11/17 Mon2

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)12:48:53 12/12/17 Tue1

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)08:12:11 12/12/17 Tue1

Trump’s Slurred Speech Tied to Low Battery in Putin’s RemoteAndy Borowitz14:32:47 12/08/17 Fri12

This is the hottest woman in the worldkevinlews14:49:13 12/11/17 Mon1

RadioFrancisPrext10:49:02 12/11/17 Mon1

vidmate appDaryllem08:54:31 12/11/17 Mon1

Here is how we deal with Trump supporters!American patriot21:43:26 12/10/17 Sun3

Al Franken's pick-up line to women.17:22:18 12/10/17 Sun1

Since Sleepy so loves these cartoons, here's another......will it wake him up?...doubt it....ha, ha14:39:01 12/08/17 Fri7

the top Indian chief in CanadaHas A. History13:11:28 12/08/17 Fri2

November nonfarm payrolls rise 228,000 vs. 200,000 est.2.2 million jobs created under President Trump!17:00:44 12/08/17 Fri6

qualified professional essay writerssorry0snergy17:57:34 12/08/17 Fri1

vidmateDaryllem16:03:43 12/08/17 Fri1

I don't think we've met.TaannosJen14:19:03 12/08/17 Fri1

Broad Majority of Americans Support Moving Trump to JerusalemMr. B.10:44:06 12/07/17 Thu5

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)02:21:59 12/08/17 Fri1

The Senate loses another asshole! Franken the abuser leaves in shame! (NT)Rateye20:30:26 12/07/17 Thu3

Here Are 6 Of The Most Radical Provisions In The GOP Tax BillDaniel Marans14:23:59 12/03/17 Sun14

vidmateDaryllem19:40:35 12/07/17 Thu1

What do you consider non-sexual nudity?Rateye14:13:11 12/06/17 Wed2

“Pocahontas” Not a Racial Slur, Says Prominent White ExpertAndy B.15:38:12 11/29/17 Wed18

Does anybody have any tips on how to solve my issue?=(Skinnermok02:31:45 12/07/17 Thu1

You could be my best shot people (((CameronRer23:26:32 12/06/17 Wed1

God punishing liberal, Godless California againRateye14:03:41 12/06/17 Wed3

Nazis Feeling Neglected After Republicans’ Embrace of Child MolestersAB15:05:21 12/06/17 Wed2

Trump’s Lawyer Claims to Be Voice on “Access Hollywood” TapeAndy15:07:18 12/06/17 Wed2

Scribbles by McConnell’s Grandchild Accidentally Incorporated Into G.O.P. Tax BillMr. B.15:09:12 12/06/17 Wed2

God! I didn't realize it could be so difficult =((AlbertDuany14:29:53 12/06/17 Wed1

Distance LearningFrancisPrext14:17:25 12/06/17 Wed1

Have you got any tips on the way to fix my issue?:-/Robertdam14:01:15 12/06/17 Wed1

Met Opera Suspends Child Molesting Faggot James LevineRateye13:43:44 12/05/17 Tue7

Goodness gracious! I didn't think it would be so challenging :((Cameronwag13:57:56 12/06/17 Wed1

Can you help me out? :cSkinnerket13:01:14 12/06/17 Wed1

need your actual helpCharlesmap05:59:32 12/06/17 Wed1

Sorry to say ...barney02:54:43 11/28/17 Tue8

Lawyers sue California because too many wet back children can't read or do basic mathRateye23:45:15 12/05/17 Tue1

need your actual assistanceCharlesmap14:36:24 12/05/17 Tue1

Hey, stop that seagull!He didn't pay!13:33:20 12/05/17 Tue1

This heartless pol supports tax cuts---damn him!Karl Marx15:46:36 12/04/17 Mon2

Dow soars 300 points higher to record as Street cheers Senate passing tax billThank you Trump for making me RICHER!15:35:13 12/04/17 Mon2

Koch Brothers and N.R.A. Reach Timeshare Agreement Over Ownership of Paul RyanAndy B.13:43:57 12/03/17 Sun3

Happy Trump voter celebrates Trump's presidency.Flash21:06:14 11/27/17 Mon7

Pence Asks Jesus to Rapture Him Up Before Mueller Can Indict HimAndy10:25:48 12/02/17 Sat4

Orchidea shop (NT)oprutyssa18:48:48 12/02/17 Sat1

I think Geraldo Rivera may be on to something.We are witnessing a "sex panic".11:15:15 11/30/17 Thu5

Thank you GOP for cutting my taxes and making me richer! (NT)Rateye13:04:18 12/02/17 Sat2

Public defenders file lawsuit over masturbating NegroidsRateye19:08:00 11/29/17 Wed2

Wet Back found 'not guilty' of murder---not surprised--trial in San FranSickoRateye13:57:27 12/01/17 Fri3

Disney Goes Queer: Debuts 'First Boy Princess' in 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil'Rateye20:37:11 11/30/17 Thu3

Talentless Negroids and Wet Backs take over pitiful GrammysRateye00:06:15 11/30/17 Thu8

Negroid music mogul accused (again) of rape--not surprised.Rateye23:06:19 11/30/17 Thu2

Dow jumps 94 points to record high as Wall Street bets on strong economic growthRateye19:34:22 11/29/17 Wed4

Jim Nabors--DOA--TV's first homo out of the closetRateye13:50:02 12/01/17 Fri5

how many people are here?t o administraator23:30:44 11/30/17 Thu4

Adult Education and Lifelong LearningShelbysaf11:47:49 12/01/17 Fri1

MSNBC Trolls Trump With An Obama ‘Merry Christmas’ SupercutNails the Bozo in the process! Funny!14:00:31 11/30/17 Thu2

Donald Trump Jr. shows how he hits the long ball because.......his bozo father taught him this trick.10:20:51 12/01/17 Fri1

need your actual assistTstarkDut21:48:51 11/30/17 Thu1

Who can help me out? =(flashEaser15:00:01 11/30/17 Thu1

Internet NewsShelbyEntix14:22:00 11/30/17 Thu1

essay writers to aid college studentsAntoineadvom14:12:09 11/30/17 Thu1

YO ADMO! Time to put Chirstmas with baby Jesus on the back screens. (NT)That will piss off the liberals here12:55:27 11/30/17 Thu1

Negroid mutilated dad, cut off his penis, then posted selfies after murderRateye19:11:49 11/29/17 Wed1

Faggot Garrison Keillor says he’s been fired over alleged improper behaviorYet liberal pervert bites the dust18:59:13 11/29/17 Wed1

Matt Lauer joins LONG LIST of liberal pervertsWill it ever end?13:46:11 11/29/17 Wed2

The Biggest Tax Scam in HistoryPaul Krugman, via Read 'em and weep!22:27:38 11/28/17 Tue3

Democrats, Pelosi, praise woman abuser CongressmanHAVE THEY NO SHAME?????21:11:31 11/26/17 Sun3

Has anyone noticed?HYOOMAN!!01:02:47 11/25/17 Sat5

make it possible forTstarkDut06:51:02 11/28/17 Tue1

when something is posted here, how many see it? (NT)Just A. Questiona16:46:40 11/27/17 Mon1

Joe Barton (R-Texas) has always been a dick but we didn't ask him to show it to us (NT)Trump supporters are always showing us their dicks00:29:19 11/23/17 Thu8

Make American Great Again -- Impeach Trump!And exile his voters!!!21:58:41 11/25/17 Sat8

Barney & Betty visit AFRICA COLONYThe only white settlement is AFRICAVILLE02:06:38 11/26/17 Sun8

Ivanka to liberals: “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children"Rateye13:58:53 11/16/17 Thu2

Barney: "Betty. What say you let me take your picture."Betty: "Like a new pic for my business cards?"19:44:55 11/24/17 Fri3

Trump Warns That Dumping Roy Moore Could Start a Dangerous Trend of Believing WomenAndy Borowitz18:42:21 11/24/17 Fri3

Ha! Notice how the rightwingnut posters keep talking about "liberals" & sex crimes!Won't work....Trump is toast....and...20:54:54 11/22/17 Wed7

ModelsShelbysaf00:59:24 11/24/17 Fri14

Russia Wanted Trump As President And It Got Him. Now What Does America Do?S. V. Date17:57:02 11/23/17 Thu4

I truly hope it is possible to help me with this :-/flashEaser19:08:05 11/23/17 Thu1

assist with essay writingRoccoset15:36:35 11/23/17 Thu1

It's Time to Revisit Trump's History With WomenDavid S. Cohen22:04:39 11/17/17 Fri16

Trump has nothing better to do at 4:33 AM than to tweet insults to LaVar Ball againReal IMWK16:58:38 11/22/17 Wed3

Liberal Reporter Apologizes for ‘Embarrassing’ TweetLiberal reporters have no shame14:11:34 11/22/17 Wed2

Yet another (sigh) liberal douche bag journalist caught molesting womenWill it ever end with these perverts??03:26:12 11/21/17 Tue8

Another Woman Accused Rep. John Conyers Of Sexual Harassment In Court FilingsThrow this liberal out of Congress!18:02:47 11/22/17 Wed2

Internet NewsShelbyEntix18:50:25 11/22/17 Wed1

really need a person's assistTstarkDut06:18:11 11/22/17 Wed1

Let's take a look at the elite liberalsRateye23:43:59 11/21/17 Tue1

really need your personal assistanceTstarkDut21:08:25 11/21/17 Tue1

Let's take a good look at the Democratic PartyCharlie Rose15:15:34 11/21/17 Tue1

What do Charlie Manson and the Democratic Party have in common?Rateye13:13:39 11/20/17 Mon2

Deep thoughts....Donald Trump00:14:43 11/21/17 Tue3

This girl has been voted as the sexiest in the worldpeteojayy22:06:21 11/20/17 Mon1

i would like one assistMerioNnen15:53:14 11/13/17 Mon5

Woman: Franken grabbed my ass while he was a senatorLet's through this pervert out of office14:36:58 11/20/17 Mon1

Thank you God! Jesse Jackson to die! Racist has Parkinson's diseaseRateye01:46:39 11/20/17 Mon4

Internet NewsByronBloth12:08:58 11/20/17 Mon1

Wife and her sister go to JamaicaMark18:32:37 11/15/17 Wed10

Does this help explain Rateye, and others on this board?David Brooks22:54:03 11/17/17 Fri9

Trump, Moore and Law Clerk---Three of a kindRateye15:06:00 11/18/17 Sat3

Here's some amusement for Law ClerkRateye23:50:26 11/17/17 Fri2

Trump Voters Celebrate Massive Tax Cut for Everyone But ThemAndy11:39:51 11/18/17 Sat2

Christians: Our silence on Roy Moore isn’t enoughDavid Von Drehle19:46:06 11/15/17 Wed21

Chairman Steps Down As Liberal NPR Grapples With Harassment CrisisRateye03:11:30 11/17/17 Fri2
  • Boring (NT) -- Yada. yada. yada, 21:12:42 11/17/17 Fri

A secret international program for examimations of kids under anesthesiaKnut Holt07:19:50 11/17/17 Fri1

All of Baltimore on lock down as Negroid mobs control the cityRateye03:09:13 11/17/17 Fri1

adminadmin01:54:59 11/16/17 Thu5

Democratic Senator Al Franken latest liberal pervert to be caught abusing womenRateye20:01:16 11/16/17 Thu2
  • Wow (NT) -- Definitely not boring, 20:33:07 11/16/17 Thu

8-foot tall Ten Commandments inside Lewisville's Vista Ridge mall inspires shoppersRateye14:49:05 11/16/17 Thu2

Kevin Spacey: Old Vic theatre finds 20 allegations of 'inappropriate behaviour'Yet they renamed silent14:15:20 11/16/17 Thu3

What, me pick on teenage girls?Roy Moore05:36:50 11/15/17 Wed6

Teen PregnancyTr33pGreli18:14:05 11/15/17 Wed1

admo to Rateyeadmo23:41:43 11/11/17 Sat5

something world wide is just not rightStock up on food23:00:29 11/13/17 Mon8

Virginia and New Jersey Elect Governors Totally Lacking Reality-Show ExperienceAB22:30:33 11/08/17 Wed15

buy essay using the webMefozziToppy13:56:34 11/14/17 Tue1

Thanks for the above videos. Especially the one showing NYTimes biasRateye13:48:09 11/14/17 Tue1

Explaining The Devious, Dangerous Propaganda Tactics Employed By Trump And Fox NewsJohn Oliver01:25:07 11/14/17 Tue2

support me with my troubleWendellswomb02:10:11 11/14/17 Tue1

Where have we gone wrong?Jake S.01:10:59 11/12/17 Sun14

How are things?VevoZZVew14:27:36 11/13/17 Mon1

November 8, 2016---The Great Day in America's History!Thanks you God for making it happen!13:33:16 11/08/17 Wed4

new telugu moviesBriansyday23:46:49 11/10/17 Fri1

today news teluguBriansyday23:46:47 11/10/17 Fri1

Tuesday’s election proves it: American politics are a disasterJoe Scarborough (former Congressman R-FL)21:07:46 11/10/17 Fri2

Negroid cadet admits writing racial slurs at Air Force AcademyRateye20:16:17 11/08/17 Wed2

Smoove B don't like this place any more. Smoove B gone (NT)Smoove B00:38:37 11/09/17 Thu8

Three political women--can you guess which two are liberal and which is conservative?Go ahead--take a guess17:08:19 11/05/17 Sun8

Nowhere to go but up?American people22:38:16 11/05/17 Sun6

The Texas shooter didn't have a gun license. He got it illegally.HYOOMAN!!03:54:51 11/08/17 Wed1

Liberal traveled to DC to kill 'all white police' at White House arrestedRateye13:53:18 11/07/17 Tue2

a nut killed people at a Texas churchthat's all that ought to be said about the killer00:18:21 11/07/17 Tue7

Journalist Accuses Rev. Jesse Jackson of Sexual HarassmentLiberals are notorious sexual offenders22:10:41 11/07/17 Tue1

PUSSY GRABBER - Explicit!!X-rated?20:30:15 11/07/17 Tue1

How to Reduce Shootings - Charts, Data, World Stats, What Works!Very worth reading. And easy to do.22:06:50 11/06/17 Mon4

Only Ric Flair had more women then Smoove BSmoove B17:39:14 11/07/17 Tue1

Closer and closer....tick, tick, tick....Igor Bobic20:21:55 11/05/17 Sun8

Vin Scully won't watch NFL football any more thanks to Negroid protestersRateye14:02:07 11/06/17 Mon2

Texas mass killer was a left wing nut job who preached atheismLiberals are dangerous creeps14:25:32 11/06/17 Mon2

I guess there is no intention of the administrator to clean up his board as promised (NT)Tsk Tsk01:47:02 11/04/17 Sat3

Finally a good mass murder-gun nuts killing gun nuts (NT)Best news I have heard all day23:40:46 11/05/17 Sun3

North KoreaI. Wonder00:52:32 11/06/17 Mon5

Left wing nut murders 26 decent churchgoers in Texas. Has the left have no shame?Rateye00:30:22 11/06/17 Mon6

Smoove B just bought his lady hand made silk panties. I went to Morocco to buy themSmoove B14:13:09 11/04/17 Sat4

Raging Trump demands FBI investigate Clinton, uranium – anything but RussiaThe Gardian UK22:32:13 11/03/17 Fri8

cfnmtry this idea15:59:02 11/04/17 Sat4

5 things to know about the GOP’s tax planAlex Thompson23:21:38 11/02/17 Thu11

Poor guy. All pissed off and cannot figure it out.......what to do, what to do?18:42:54 11/03/17 Fri6

DNC proudly boasts: Straight white men shouldn't apply for tech jobs with usRateye01:20:47 11/02/17 Thu6

And the winning continues with Trump nominees until the next toilet flush (NT)Sara Fuckabee's husband arrested for beastiality17:17:34 11/02/17 Thu1

Liberals (especially judges and law clerks) and Muslims celebrateEight dead-15 injured "Allahu Akbar"22:47:32 10/31/17 Tue8

This is how Smoove B smooves his lady after a disagreementSmoove B14:30:19 10/30/17 Mon3

Glad Sara Huckabee had her Halloween mask on today=Oh she didn't?She is just an ugly pig-sorry about that03:10:52 10/31/17 Tue5

tRUMP finally admitted in a tweet that he was "a sick and deranged individual". (NT)Glad that POS finally admitted what we all knew23:14:41 10/31/17 Tue2

Should I begin moderating Political Comments?administrator16:02:45 10/30/17 Mon6

First Manafort, then Flynn and Kushner-can tRump be far behind (NT)Hope they get cells next to each other14:47:35 10/30/17 Mon2

Trump’s answer to the opioid crisis is $57,000 and “just say no”Keegan Hamilton00:48:38 10/27/17 Fri6

Hail to the chief: cyclist gives Trump the middle fingerLaw Clerk -- from the old days....22:34:46 10/29/17 Sun5

4 Republicans Sound an Alarm on Trump. Will Others Follow?Carl Hulse21:22:47 10/25/17 Wed20

Conservative Website 1st Funded Anti-Trump Research by Firm That Produced DossierKENNETH P. VOGEL and MAGGIE HABERMAN00:07:45 10/29/17 Sun2

Fox News’ Ad Revenue PlummetsBrian22:23:43 10/27/17 Fri3

WARNING! This is what happens to you if you get too many botox injectionsAnd the effects are irreversible!15:00:08 10/27/17 Fri2

ADMO! PLEASE take down all misogynist posts NOW! (NT)Harvey Weinstein23:28:53 10/26/17 Thu3

I stayed away all week and came back to find this place is STILL BORING!Yawn23:07:28 10/25/17 Wed5

Yet another liberal MSNBC 'journalist' accused of sexual harassmentWill it ever end?14:10:54 10/26/17 Thu3

Here's an on growing list of liberal sexual predators so farAnd it's just the tip of the iceberg14:29:46 10/26/17 Thu2

Trump has the best memory in the world-he can remember every pussy he has grabbedSara Fuckabee Sanders isn't on the list23:42:53 10/25/17 Wed5

The yellow cheeto says "he has one of the greatest memory of all time"Malaria Tramp is greatest cocksucker of all time23:05:49 10/25/17 Wed2

The Trump dossier was Clinton’s dirtiest political trickCurious Minds Want To Know17:27:55 10/25/17 Wed6

Trump's Populist revolution just gutted a major consumer protection.No more class actions against banks David Gilbert21:17:21 10/25/17 Wed8

Trump called his meeting with the GOP a lovesfest because Malaria blew everone there (NT)That is what ex streetwalkers are trained to do21:00:04 10/25/17 Wed3

The Rosswell Incident . what really happenedKnut Holt19:22:53 10/25/17 Wed3

Yellow cheeto forgets metal & offers metal recipent a BJ from Melanoma Tramp instead (NT)That is all the yellow cheeto has to offer22:17:37 10/23/17 Mon10

Woman Says Harvey Weinstein Forcibly Performed Oral Sex on Her During Her PeriodCurious Minds Want To Know17:38:19 10/25/17 Wed4

New exam forumNikki13:40:48 10/25/17 Wed1

Las Vegas Shooting Massacre the Work of a Conspiracy Involving Many ShootersKnut Holt01:09:56 10/23/17 Mon14

Three things you MUST avoid to remain an intelligent and rational human beingPlato17:28:06 10/19/17 Thu5

POS dotard draft dodger who insults Gold Star families & POWs awards Metal of Honor (NT)Disguisting20:38:46 10/23/17 Mon7

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