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Innocent sexuality issues

Voy / 87178/ (Physical Examinations)

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Subject Author Date Msgs
Wife exposes her bodyFrequent Flyer11:42:30 04/15/14 Tue3

the small oneHawkeye18:56:11 04/11/14 Fri5

Another child rapist goes to trialRateye21:55:21 03/01/14 Sat25

Idiocy REACHES New HeightsGameLord (I told you so!!!)04:40:47 04/03/14 Thu17

I'm not such a bad guy, afterallA Hitler04:14:56 04/06/14 Sun2

Natives in CanadaJust A. Thought09:15:05 04/07/14 Mon7

Massage for my wifeHubby14:21:39 04/10/14 Thu2

Nude or Naked?Observer02:39:46 04/01/14 Tue5

Wife is friendly with her ex-husbandYour thoughts?06:13:19 04/04/14 Fri9

We would like to formally announce our engagementTruman and Rateye17:22:57 03/29/14 Sat23

Micro Penis???????Josepk23:22:41 01/06/14 Mon6

I'm out of prison!Mr Bear03:22:17 03/19/14 Wed12

This forum's Appearance (& the link)admin15:29:21 03/23/14 Sun8

I found Truman on YouTube!Rateye15:41:10 12/26/13 Thu11

what's in the Newsgamelord04:52:21 03/27/14 Thu7

Draft PhysicalSgt. Jack23:32:44 02/19/14 Wed33

Dr.P.Bear Video training SeriesDr.P.Bear23:43:42 03/30/14 Sun5

Zygote Anatomy For Poser.isotaisaellia11:35:34 03/31/14 Mon1

Detroit Diesel Dd15 Fault Codes.rarelmidor12:08:50 03/29/14 Sat1

How Does Stuff Work Hindi Dubbedelmidor12:06:34 03/29/14 Sat1

Damn illegal immigrantsTruman04:14:53 03/28/14 Fri2

About meAIFR16:09:25 01/11/14 Sat37

What's in the news.gamelord18:20:56 03/20/14 Thu14

Big Mouth -Michelle Obamagary05:37:00 03/26/14 Wed1

debt problemsGary02:56:22 03/24/14 Mon2

Study confirms: Women Suck!eminem04:15:07 02/14/14 Fri10

funny picdan203:50:00 03/21/14 Fri1

Ancient promiscuitydan204:41:16 03/17/14 Mon4

Observations On The Character Of Jesus Christ: Written In The County Of Berksmalmoor16:50:57 03/20/14 Thu1

The Medical School Admission Advisermalmoor16:48:40 03/20/14 Thu1

Gay Rightsgamelord19:59:25 03/14/14 Fri3

What do you think of Alex Jones?gamelord06:09:55 03/14/14 Fri7

Camel ToesSamaraii Stick15:51:57 03/08/14 Sat12

The most important video in a long, long timeGame Lord05:47:43 03/13/14 Thu4


The Ass Hole SongDr.P.Bear21:12:48 03/09/14 Sun4

Gym in Toronto (or was it Montreal?)The late 1960s14:07:09 03/03/14 Mon9

best spell casterpriest Oduma is the great spell caster of the year20:59:36 03/10/14 Mon1

Old homo teacher caught hanking his weiner in front of studentsRateye13:58:22 03/04/14 Tue6

I can Top Judy's pictures !!!!dan223:47:28 03/04/14 Tue1

This is why Putin kicks sand in Obama's face. He knows we have a military of homos.Rateye22:51:09 03/03/14 Mon3

Exam for naughty husbandAmy13:18:36 03/03/14 Mon4

OSCAR ADVERTISINGMrs.Judy.Love00:16:17 03/02/14 Sun2

OMGVerna14:35:20 02/27/14 Thu7
  • Re: OMG -- Rateye, 15:20:51 02/27/14 Thu
  • Re: OMG -- Mrs.Judy.Love, 03:18:21 03/01/14 Sat
  • Re: OMG -- Mrs.Judy.Love, 05:26:25 03/01/14 Sat
    • Re: OMG -- Verna, 13:22:58 03/01/14 Sat
      • Re: OMG -- Rateye, 18:42:28 03/01/14 Sat
  • Re: OMG - big gun -- Jack, 21:37:40 03/01/14 Sat

xRfVfAzOFFZUoRFxnpqcti (qYpGJcFm)16:51:22 03/01/14 Sat1

Home sweet homeRonlon02:20:20 02/27/14 Thu5

The Adventures of PedoBear And FriendsP.Bear04:16:32 02/22/14 Sat11

Mr. Bears thread removedadmin18:25:13 02/25/14 Tue5

Here's another one. I hope he gets raped in prison by a gang of homos.Rateye15:41:15 02/26/14 Wed16

Goddamn child molesters!Rateye15:17:03 02/26/14 Wed10

This time---CUT HIS NUTS OFF!Rateye19:15:33 02/28/14 Fri4

tulCeIWCeoBdKEnwLxWkbgbrad (WyLGWtFpdShvGGvC)17:34:15 02/28/14 Fri1

Arizona----STAND UP FOR MORALITY! STOP THE HOMO MADNESS!Rateye16:54:52 02/26/14 Wed4

Nicole Curtis---Rehab Addict--HGTV---BABE-ALICIOUS!! (NT)Rateye02:49:35 02/28/14 Fri1

Rateye reported to the FBITruman05:25:12 02/25/14 Tue5

cLnJHhhHlbHglnnysu (COPqBBtEJJ)13:03:07 02/27/14 Thu1

Tonsillectomies on young people with extra secret exams or surgeriesKnut Holt10:09:49 02/27/14 Thu1

llXyYeOYQOUwMknuVaifvwqi (ngFTWUmkIJyZJg)15:52:55 02/26/14 Wed1

How China trains kids to become gymnastic athletesKnut Holt20:17:17 02/18/14 Tue5

Dating mistakes women often makedan219:02:49 02/25/14 Tue2

FIND MY KITTYMrs.Judy.Love04:48:32 02/22/14 Sat19

Uganda and Nigeria get it right! We should follow their lead!Rateye22:00:54 02/24/14 Mon1

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Socchi, Russiadan220:39:53 02/24/14 Mon1

I HATE all the Homos who are posting using my nameRateye06:08:48 02/21/14 Fri8

Alien Abduction Memorie Originate from Secret Medical Exams on Children and TeensKnut Holt05:39:07 02/23/14 Sun3

Spread your legs folksKnut Holt18:04:45 02/22/14 Sat5

Shariah LawJones22:25:33 02/21/14 Fri5

AN IMAGE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDSMrs.Judy.Love23:25:21 02/22/14 Sat5

Homos killing sportRateye21:03:00 02/21/14 Fri1

Somewhere I read ...... about ...15:03:20 02/21/14 Fri1

Islam Worldwidegamelord23:11:29 02/20/14 Thu2

HER PARODYMrs.Judy.Love05:30:10 02/21/14 Fri1

Russian sports physicals mixed groupMrs.Judy.Love06:34:19 12/06/13 Fri21

My tire tracksMrs.Judy.Love08:29:23 02/16/14 Sun10

My Television TonightMrs.Judy.Love03:29:15 02/18/14 Tue3

unfortunately kids are watching porn, these daysgary18:28:05 02/16/14 Sun8

GOLDEN BOOKSP.Bear07:32:30 02/11/14 Tue10

Naked man walks into girls locker roomDon08:22:43 02/12/14 Wed8

Child prostitution ring busted---take a look at the deviates some here worshipRateye15:04:07 02/14/14 Fri4

Boffing Rhinosdan207:24:12 02/14/14 Fri1

Just not rightDon19:44:50 02/12/14 Wed3

If my son told me something like that I wouldn't get drunk...I'd shoot heroinRateye18:44:36 02/12/14 Wed1

Fags desecrating OlympicsRateye16:02:10 02/12/14 Wed1

Homo wants to play football.....hope he gets a good ass kickingRateye04:25:29 02/10/14 Mon10

Central Girls High SchoolP.Bear05:18:30 02/11/14 Tue4

Chicago Cubs bend over for the homos!Rateye21:38:55 02/10/14 Mon5

Renaming the forumDon22:51:32 02/03/14 Mon4

Lisa is a Slut. LOLdan215:19:04 02/08/14 Sat6

THE NEW MILITARYMrs.Judy.Love04:28:45 01/25/14 Sat3

Chaperoned for physicalsAlexei14:57:25 01/28/14 Tue36

RIP Philip seymour hoffman.Dead at 46 (NT)Truman23:28:14 02/02/14 Sun14

Truman and I deserve the Congressional Medal of HonorRateye23:06:05 02/07/14 Fri6

Topix "education"dan215:23:46 02/08/14 Sat3

Army PhysicalsSgt. Rock00:12:20 02/04/14 Tue7

Wife and her exgulp!03:46:39 02/05/14 Wed16

? MYSTERY?MESSAGE??05:17:10 02/08/14 Sat2

Why does the RATEYE and TRUMAN impersonator use those names?Clark Kent21:36:42 02/04/14 Tue13

This is what happens to companies who cater to illegal aliens!Rateye16:34:01 02/06/14 Thu2

Finally the truth comes outMrs.Judy.Love06:01:50 02/01/14 Sat14

HRVwHzDtjderDBYaitvjul (YnfYTPhdhkuUL)14:00:01 02/05/14 Wed1

Underware 5K races. This is why college students graduate stupid and joblessRateye14:23:24 02/04/14 Tue5

What was (besides Ellen DeGenerate) the Queerest Stupid Bowel Commercial?Rateye03:39:20 02/03/14 Mon9

Stupid teen jumps off roof, misses pool, now her and mom want your money.Rateye14:32:03 02/04/14 Tue1

Glad to more folks besides myself and gamelord upset with Coke.Rateye18:07:57 02/03/14 Mon6

MoSDXIJgqnbDjiFNRytcpsak (kvZcukbCff)02:24:12 02/04/14 Tue1

Maybe there is still a glimmer of hope for AmericaRateye17:50:43 02/03/14 Mon1

Re: Swim Team SpeedosRalph17:54:05 01/31/14 Fri6

Why does Hollyweird love and protect perverts and child molesters?Rateye17:14:22 02/02/14 Sun5

His mother and grandma will be cheering his Super Bowl performance----from prison.Rateye23:45:35 02/01/14 Sat7

aNzxaVyCVyMybtvhis (fyNYQtaYrrKmqr)08:07:26 02/03/14 Mon1

Multiple Choice QuizGary05:09:06 02/02/14 Sun2

Why America is in the crapper.Rateye00:43:16 02/01/14 Sat5

Yes or No---Do you agree with Putin?Rateye22:21:39 01/19/14 Sun11

RoQTMSZWKFzOXJNPtsHQgkdhrbx (sWMxziLPE)16:29:21 01/31/14 Fri1

YXPKtcRmKcsjXNiXjezldgf (poonMPAzSFFFfDMYF)15:29:23 01/30/14 Thu1

Proof that Cherrios was lyingGamelord00:39:33 01/30/14 Thu4

Am I Homophobic?James21:01:44 01/20/14 Mon21

lesbians sue bakery for refusing to bake them wedding cakeTruman04:42:28 01/29/14 Wed4

hekGSBbGXTIDPUJvmdviyv (AcLUHvdvkVNttbBXNd)10:53:01 01/29/14 Wed1

New wonder braRateye18:53:02 01/28/14 Tue1

I think she should be able to get her kidney backRateye17:10:46 01/28/14 Tue1

OiroTEDImwuNhzTUkYCxgcoldr (QTOEeLgJltmmHC)14:06:09 01/28/14 Tue3

Mrs Love--- (not for the homos on this board)Rateye14:42:03 01/28/14 Tue1

Quite A MasageMitch20:20:59 01/27/14 Mon7

This is what happens when HOMOs are allowed to teach our childrenRateye20:46:47 01/26/14 Sun14

Hollyweird and HOMOs killing marriageRateye20:42:33 01/26/14 Sun4

Chief of police arrestedgary15:56:25 01/25/14 Sat11

FpzODuDJiihGJSPyuyyfsv (IwckHtPZyWpHPHGuI)01:01:28 01/28/14 Tue1

Ron LeGrand (the fake one)Ron LeGrand (the fake one)23:58:49 01/27/14 Mon3

Coed public showers in France (for the poor)My Two Cents15:42:16 01/27/14 Mon1

MeqxOsdvzmFymALvocagdn (SvYBbiAJ)08:41:59 01/27/14 Mon1

ACTION ZONE PANTSMrs.Judy.Love02:13:28 01/26/14 Sun2

YwfWXnscXLxzmGHohvjsju (VGNWAkJsh)15:05:31 01/26/14 Sun1

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr daygambo04:13:46 01/21/14 Tue10

Never trust a homoRateye21:16:22 01/23/14 Thu1

Are these being made with straigts or homos in mind?Rateye18:34:30 01/22/14 Wed6

arrested for File-Sharing site (anti-piracy)dan223:16:46 01/21/14 Tue1

Sugar=fat. Sugar= unhealthy.gary05:14:28 01/21/14 Tue4

Teacher stretching up ballet boysKnut Holt (Not suited for Rateye)14:06:04 01/20/14 Mon6

News headlinesdan223:02:44 01/18/14 Sat6

Medical Marijuana In New York StateMrs.Judy.Love22:51:39 01/05/14 Sun5

Here's yet another examble of homos corrupting our societyRateye18:47:45 01/20/14 Mon1

Time to ban Rateye pleaseThis board sucks04:58:55 01/18/14 Sat8

Sneaky Transformations of Boys to Girls Managed by Dance SchoolsKnut Holt (real and disturbing)14:37:01 01/20/14 Mon1

HOMO Holiday---No Pants Day!Rateye19:15:34 01/15/14 Wed26

Vibrato-therapy back to 1915gary15:22:45 01/18/14 Sat7

RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCEMrs.Judy.Love02:26:33 01/19/14 Sun4

Briefs or Boxers?????StanleyW13:30:42 01/18/14 Sat7

The background on this forumadmin03:17:03 01/17/14 Fri6

Please accept my apologyRateye11:50:22 01/12/14 Sun17

Jesus !!!!!! married this long??dan206:53:53 01/16/14 Thu2

Basic Information about DronesKnut Holt11:25:01 01/15/14 Wed1

Memories of the first time.....Mrs.Judy.Love02:39:36 01/13/14 Mon7

And now a public service announcement ....Mrs.Judy.Love05:42:51 01/14/14 Tue2

Now you Homos are putting crap about on the GenericRateye03:12:51 01/12/14 Sun2

This is why we need to stop third world scum into this countryRateye01:45:35 01/11/14 Sat3

You know what would be great? If this site had the possibility of live chat. (NT)Truman21:51:13 01/07/14 Tue8

Who from here is posting crap about me on the RANT & RAVE board?Rateye14:33:39 01/09/14 Thu12

ytMVqFptdauXesagPPKtbdjjbn (ImAmuelybiE)21:12:32 01/10/14 Fri1

BwdBIjsyGbSbxxxqqb (xRsooUeFmjFTDC)18:19:58 01/10/14 Fri1

Truman working on his computerRateye17:47:24 01/10/14 Fri1

After reading the vile remarks of Truman on the Rant & Rave board.........Rateye17:41:50 01/10/14 Fri1

25 Good Ratings, 1 bad ratinggary16:05:15 01/09/14 Thu3

Sex Toy built into panties creates a 'real buzz'dan219:42:16 01/09/14 Thu3

The Jiews don't control JapanGameLord20:55:12 01/09/14 Thu1

This is what happens to you when you're a druggieRateye16:05:16 01/09/14 Thu1

Naked ballet dancers doing extreme flexingKnut Holt23:04:12 01/06/14 Mon11

Thanks, HOMOS, for costing the US $16 BILLION dollars because of your 'rump riding'!Rateye20:34:59 01/08/14 Wed1

everything is sexual, thoughdan222:46:45 01/04/14 Sat16

Seeking the Republican nomination for President in 2016Mister ZIP (Big Brother Himself)06:10:19 01/06/14 Mon7

Nude swimming at schoolCurious12:03:29 01/07/14 Tue4

curious: where do these pictures originate?dan205:05:23 12/13/13 Fri26

How many posters actually believe ...AIFR20:06:34 01/05/14 Sun12

Hialll HitlerSkeptic01:51:03 01/07/14 Tue1

truman won't like this link...Dan207:23:53 01/03/14 Fri5

You know it occurs to meInquiring Minds want to know15:15:54 01/02/14 Thu19

Whatever happened to Mrs. Judy LoveCurious22:26:01 01/02/14 Thu10

Our Culture Is Sex-Obsessed. We Need To Chill OutMrs.Judy.Love03:07:03 01/05/14 Sun9

Woman has sex with 18 y.o. Studentgamebo03:18:52 01/06/14 Mon1

Here's yet another once fine institution ruined by homos.Rateye18:16:29 01/03/14 Fri10

Man's best friendPet Lover05:25:39 01/04/14 Sat5

Getting naked with a girlfriendNakee00:04:31 01/02/14 Thu12

Happy New YearVoy CFNM Staff12:08:47 01/02/14 Thu4

New Years resolution for this board - kick out TrumanTruman is an asshole04:16:22 01/01/14 Wed5

OK. A new year is about to begin. Can we all get along?Rateye19:31:46 12/31/13 Tue9

Happy New Yearadmin05:03:39 01/01/14 Wed4

FYITruman01:11:47 12/29/13 Sun16

Lord of the Fliesgary07:45:12 12/26/13 Thu32

Merry Christmas !!!! Playlists !!!GameLord05:34:20 12/20/13 Fri11

Everyone insults and attacks ME. I'm the victim here.I'm the only decent person here. (NT)Truman21:48:32 12/23/13 Mon20

Kwanzaa is fake and racist.No one even celebrates is cuz it's crap (NT)Truman23:43:57 12/26/13 Thu1

Merry Christmas and Happy Dawali to all except the Rateye and Truman wannabesRateye14:18:07 12/24/13 Tue14

Can you all lay off the porn links until at least after Christmas?Rateye23:19:55 12/23/13 Mon19

Happy Christmas Twerkdan215:36:29 12/26/13 Thu1

Here's a medical exam we can all appreciateRateye15:23:28 12/24/13 Tue2

Petition to ban Rateye and Truman from this boardFed The Fuck Up02:31:24 12/13/13 Fri39

Pizza with pepperoni and peppers are a full square mealTruman22:01:35 12/23/13 Mon18

HAPPY HOLIDAYSMrs.Judy.Claus20:10:33 12/21/13 Sat33

Alot of CFNM fetishists have a small penis.Why is that? (NT)Truman04:57:33 12/18/13 Wed15

CFNM fetishists have some gay to them.WHy else would they like to see naked men pics? (NT)Truman02:58:04 12/15/13 Sun24

You fucking american pigsobserver03:30:07 12/24/13 Tue1

great comment from My Two Centsadmin00:35:50 12/18/13 Wed21

I need your advice on this please!Paul18:21:06 12/23/13 Mon5

Why do CFNM fetishists make up stories?Truman04:24:55 12/23/13 Mon3

The UnforgivenTruman04:40:41 12/23/13 Mon3

Intro - I remember my motherDeadly09:40:55 12/23/13 Mon6

Hospital vs private clinicTruman04:35:17 12/18/13 Wed7

Oblation Run: back again...gary07:32:10 12/20/13 Fri15

Consider this whenever you're alone at your Computerdan207:12:16 12/21/13 Sat10

Re: am I the only person who hates Walmart?DMC15:55:24 12/19/13 Thu8

Why waste your time?AIFR14:53:09 12/12/13 Thu26

Muslims Immigrants responsible for all the rapes in NorwayTruman00:14:16 12/20/13 Fri7

Yet another example of GAYS wanting to take over schoolsRateye16:56:43 12/19/13 Thu3

Why do students now have physical exams at a doctor's office and not at school?Rateye18:36:08 12/18/13 Wed5

Full Throttle DoucheDa Douche11:05:30 12/12/13 Thu11

They do it for the response they receiveObviously03:00:35 12/18/13 Wed4

Naked Norway, Sweden and DenmarkKnut Holt08:54:25 12/15/13 Sun14

? ? The Mystery Post ? ?Mrs.Judy.Love04:59:31 12/17/13 Tue11

Duck Dynasty head tells it like it is! God bless him!Rateye18:55:23 12/18/13 Wed2

Mental issuesadmin00:20:06 12/18/13 Wed4

CFNM fetishists are nothing but flashers who eventually get arrested (NT)Truman04:22:23 12/18/13 Wed1

Who likes to look at pics of naked men? GAYS.CFNM pics are of naked men. (NT)Truman04:17:44 12/18/13 Wed2

Time to play JeopardyMrs.J.Love07:31:43 12/16/13 Mon17

No funNo fun03:04:59 12/13/13 Fri14

"SWEETHEART HIGH "Mrs.Judy.Love06:17:54 12/16/13 Mon14

Wish granted, Thread removedadmin05:52:27 12/17/13 Tue4

To however is threatening me on the Rant & Rave boardRateye02:10:46 12/15/13 Sun14

I just want to know what chicken shit homo is diss'n me here and on Rant & Rave?Rateye20:42:16 12/13/13 Fri5

ONE IN EVERY GROUPMrs.Judy.Love05:55:16 12/16/13 Mon6

DO YOU BELIEVE ?Mrs.Judy.Love07:10:03 12/16/13 Mon2

Voy FilibusterMrs.Judy.Love07:27:02 12/16/13 Mon1

Child marriagesdan204:59:15 12/13/13 Fri5

Brady Bunch: Alice was a perv?dan222:28:02 12/06/13 Fri3

Sex business run on school time.Rateye22:32:23 12/13/13 Fri1

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.The fake Truman wishes he was me. (NT)Truman04:34:05 12/13/13 Fri4

California becoming a Third World StateObserver10:53:36 11/19/13 Tue2

sex and aggressionboring11:32:01 12/13/13 Fri2

Truman!!!!Rateye01:02:25 12/07/13 Sat22

Am I the only one on this board who thinks Obamacare is a total rip off?Rateye17:23:48 12/12/13 Thu2

Now I have to spend the whole flight listening to some HOMO talking to his 'wife'Rateye21:13:42 12/12/13 Thu1

Transparent yoga pants - tiny pantiesWow!06:08:20 12/12/13 Thu2

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