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Subject Author Date Msgs
Leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda Puzzled Why Trump Has Not Invited Them to White HouseAndy Borowitz05:42:57 07/21/18 Sat5

Another Afro on killing spree in liberal LANew News14:06:36 07/22/18 Sun1

My goodness, ADMO, you've let this board turn into nothing but racism and bigotry.Casual Observer20:41:21 07/20/18 Fri16

Rateye's third favorite- I know Rateye joys them almost as much as he enjoys sheepMother Goose05:12:58 07/21/18 Sat5

Trump demands that Roger Goodell should start controlling his niggers.Rateye14:36:52 07/21/18 Sat1

Majority of American voters approve of TrumpMike Borowitz02:19:36 07/21/18 Sat3

The Trump Train will stay on the track to MAGAMike Borowitz02:34:32 07/21/18 Sat1

Piece of Shit Obama attacks wealthy and their big houses.Rateye20:51:29 07/20/18 Fri4

Rateye's second favoriteMother Goose17:10:14 07/20/18 Fri11

Nigga raps about his crimes on You Tube & Facebook---dumbass gets 12yr sentenceRateye16:05:37 07/19/18 Thu11

Maxine Waters niggas BURN THE FLAG and chant "Black Power"Rateye16:01:04 07/20/18 Fri2

Rateye's favorite nursery rhymnMother Goose15:47:50 07/20/18 Fri6

Nigger complains, White gets fired at Paramount TVRateye16:06:39 07/20/18 Fri1

MFL Niggers again allowed to kneel and shit on the flag during the anthemRateye15:48:47 07/20/18 Fri2

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker to Take Leave for Heart Surgery--I hope he croaksRateye17:28:33 07/19/18 Thu2

"I Was Never This Blatant,” Says Benedict Arnold in HellAndy B.05:09:56 07/20/18 Fri6

Niggers riot in Democratic stronghold ChicagoRateye13:23:17 07/16/18 Mon11

Young liberal shitheads want to retire by 61, but most have nothing savedJust like old liberal shitheads15:27:22 07/18/18 Wed7

San Fransicko to allow Wet Backs to vote. Liberal insane asylum.Rateye23:11:13 07/18/18 Wed3

Pig Oparh among 9 large-scale donors to give $$ to Obama FoundationRateye14:35:27 07/18/18 Wed13

National Guard deployment led to more than 10,000 arrests of Wet Backs,Rateye14:44:56 07/17/18 Tue17

Gun store confronts POS Sacha Baron Cohen after he comes to business in disguiseRateye17:49:03 07/18/18 Wed2

REAL IMWK (and his many alias names) has NEVER posted anything positive about libs!Rateye14:49:17 07/18/18 Wed4

Trump advisor Kudlow says economic growth could top 4% !Thank You President Trump!14:54:43 07/18/18 Wed1

Fag Lesbo 'Batwoman' TV Series in the Works at The CWRateye14:43:20 07/18/18 Wed1

Kim Jong Un Upset to Learn That Trump Is Seeing Other DictatorsTNY07:18:27 07/18/18 Wed1

I've never posted one racist word on this board. There's a smear campaign against me (NT)Rateye13:52:00 07/17/18 Tue11

Trump goes to Europe, takes a dive.What grace, what beauty!22:51:11 07/17/18 Tue1

Another disgraceful embarrassing performance by the worst President in US HistoryTrump is now Putin's bitch21:01:56 07/16/18 Mon2

Warren Is Preparing for 2020. So Are Biden, Booker, Harris and Sanders.NYT15:17:37 07/16/18 Mon14

Another triumphal performance by the best US President we ever had (NT)Thank You President Trump!23:03:02 07/16/18 Mon4

Admo-what is wrong with calling Rateye out for what he really is & what he postsReal IMWK16:53:30 07/16/18 Mon3

Rateye lent some of his sheep to me and fucked me up the ass (NT)Admo17:42:55 07/15/18 Sun10

Liberal shithead Rob Reiner's new movie grosses $41,000!Rateye13:19:01 07/16/18 Mon3

Wet Back Kills Cop in Liberal Massachusetts!Rateye13:29:56 07/16/18 Mon3

Put it this way:Paul Krugman08:36:02 07/15/18 Sun16

Big push back against FemiNazis.Rateye23:09:42 07/13/18 Fri3

Can one get cold sores on the tongue from licking female genitalia (pussy)?Just Ask'n16:19:36 07/09/18 Mon4

Trump Team ‘Still Colluding’ With Russians: Former Fox News Reporter Carl CameronEllen03:27:16 07/16/18 Mon1

Trump reports Monday to Helsinki for his Performance Appraisal from PutinHow marked: Pass/Fail, or A to F?23:43:34 07/14/18 Sat4

adminadmin17:41:29 07/15/18 Sun6

Liberal CEO of Billboard Magazine ousted over sexual misconductRateye18:27:50 07/15/18 Sun3

A good example for America to followAfrica Reporter03:41:17 07/15/18 Sun6

Obama back home at his birth place----KenyaRateye15:16:05 07/15/18 Sun3

Queen Elizabeth Says Bone Spurs Will Prevent Her from Meeting TrumpPainful to report...08:32:12 07/15/18 Sun5

Cali Dems endorse Wet Back over Dianne Feinstein for US SenateRateye13:51:13 07/15/18 Sun1

Anyone -- anyone at all -- doubt that Trump is Putin's stooge?Facts are overwhelming...01:43:10 07/12/18 Thu8

The Kavanough EffectTom Toles13:58:36 07/14/18 Sat5

The Peter Strzok fiasco wrecks the GOP’s bogus conspiracy theoryPaul Waldman22:29:59 07/12/18 Thu17

Today I am going to let Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speak for The Borowitz ReportAndy Borowitz13:19:51 07/14/18 Sat5

Obama tops survey of ‘best presidents’; Trump runs fourthEugene Scott23:07:39 07/12/18 Thu21

Trump's secret agent stares down Kim!Tough man, Trump.07:45:18 07/11/18 Wed7

Not surprisingly, #FakeNews exists in the UKRateye14:56:35 07/13/18 Fri3

London mayor, a Mooslime and a terrorist sympathizer, gets stomped on by TrumpRateye15:00:23 07/13/18 Fri3

Merkel Asks Mueller If There’s Anything She Can Do to HelpNew Yorker00:31:58 07/12/18 Thu9

SUPPORT PAPA JOHN'S!Rateye14:28:44 07/12/18 Thu5

Mail order twat Malaria Tramp follows the Orange Skidmark to Europe to suck cock (NT)Only thing that BJ Queen cunt is good for23:39:57 07/11/18 Wed5

My parole hearing is cumming up soon! Will you testify in my behalf again IMWK?Jerry Sandusky (your butt bro)02:41:43 07/12/18 Thu4

NATO agrees to PRESIDENT TRUMP'S demands and will increase spending.MAGA---THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!14:35:15 07/12/18 Thu3

Black woman attacks Mexican and tells him to go homeObserver17:30:55 07/11/18 Wed7

TRUMP HAMMERS NATO!! Unlike his dickless predecessor who cowtowed to themRateye21:12:04 07/11/18 Wed3

Once again, college liberal wackos shit all over the US flag.Rateye21:01:53 07/11/18 Wed1

STOP KAVANAUGH!Tom T20:26:44 07/11/18 Wed1

The solution to solve America's crime problem is to bring back Segregation LawsKavannaugh17:11:11 07/11/18 Wed2

Why is this BORED so boringly vulgar? I fell asleep just opening the damn site! (NT)Yawn16:01:59 07/11/18 Wed2

The utter hypocrisy of the White Evangelical RightAnne08:13:35 07/10/18 Tue8

Sign-printing business is booming! Thank you crazies!United Printers Union14:14:31 07/10/18 Tue15

American celebrating wedding anniversary killed in Mexico CityCrazy Liberals04:15:55 07/11/18 Wed4

Guess who.bloper05:45:22 07/11/18 Wed2

a new name for Liberalsgamelord06:03:06 07/11/18 Wed1

Rateye calls his sheep Observer, Truth Observer & Just Saying so they can post here (NT)And he can fuck them at the same time00:46:25 07/11/18 Wed4


Teenage and Older Girls | 7-14 Years | Peacockspdh7gfDf4fdrd@gmail.com02:43:39 07/11/18 Wed1

As long as they don't ban sheep fucking, I don't care who is chosen for the SCOTUS (NT)Rateye03:30:04 07/10/18 Tue3

Man Wins “Why Trump Shouldn’t Go to Prison” Essay ContestBoro18:01:21 07/10/18 Tue3

Niggas being Niggas riot during basketball game. Nothing new hereRateye16:30:18 07/10/18 Tue5

latest reportsKnuit Holt16:00:35 07/10/18 Tue2


CFNM is everywhereGary04:57:05 07/08/18 Sun10

China Slaps Two-Thousand-Per-Cent Tariff on Tanning BedsAboy20:29:41 07/09/18 Mon5

Cat Quotes from Care2 Cat LoversCare221:47:19 07/09/18 Mon3

Haitians Trash Their Already Trashed Shit Hole CountryRateye17:33:43 07/09/18 Mon2

I'm patient. But, banning could be soon...admo04:56:43 07/09/18 Mon11

Hours from Trump's SC nominee announcement. 1st wave of liberal suicides predicted2nd wave to come at confirmation21:22:18 07/09/18 Mon8

Unlike me, white liberals are the biggest RACISTS alive!Rateye20:17:58 07/09/18 Mon1

Spic Media Ignores The News of Trump Help In Lowering Their Unemployment RateRateye17:39:33 07/09/18 Mon1

Feminists Clash with Transgender Queers at London Pride ParadeRateye17:27:34 07/09/18 Mon1

Hollyweird still doesn't get it. America doesn't want movies about race and queersRateye18:54:27 07/08/18 Sun5

Crazy liberal priest and his Shine followers shut down major x-presswayRateye01:46:47 07/08/18 Sun9

Trash, trash, nonsense, crazy shit, more crazy shit...I'm exhausted. No one cares.Rateye20:45:58 07/06/18 Fri11

Is PANTS SUIT planning another run? I pray and hope so!!Rateye16:42:00 07/08/18 Sun8

North Korea Calls Talks ‘Regrettable’ After U.S. Says Progress Was MadeTrump was full of shit, as usual, about NK.19:18:37 07/07/18 Sat3

Looks like IMWK spends his day here posting about his obscene fantasies (NT)Truth Observer23:53:56 07/05/18 Thu12

Dems blast booming jobs report, demand more workers get welfareRateye16:36:48 07/06/18 Fri3

Four more days till massive Liberal suicides begin! GREAT DAY FOR AMERICA!Rateye14:13:16 07/06/18 Fri6

Trump: I would offer Warren $1M to prove her Native American heritageRateye13:59:45 07/06/18 Fri2

Left Wing Nut Job ED SCHULTZ Kicks The Bucket! HAPPY DAY!Rateye14:07:37 07/06/18 Fri1

Shines attack Pelosi for not protecting racist Maxine Waters! HILARIOUS!!Rateye14:04:05 07/06/18 Fri1

GOP Senate Comm. confirms deep proof Russia helped Trump, hurt Clinton.Latest proof Trump's a phony, needs removal ASAP20:20:57 07/04/18 Wed9

POS Pruitt finally flushed down the toilet-Is giant turd Trump nextTake Rateye with U (NT)Turds of a feather stick together20:49:20 07/05/18 Thu3

Communist Pig ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ wanted tax cuts for her businessTruth Observer23:52:15 07/05/18 Thu2

President Trump'll meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16 in Helsinki.This should go well.20:12:06 07/05/18 Thu3

Ratfag fucks 4 sheep & sucks 4 dicks to celebrate the 4th (NT)That's the way ex-con fags do it23:36:25 07/04/18 Wed3

My goodness, look at all the racist crap screw-loose Rateye is posting!Who is this sorry fuck? Anyone get him help?20:01:28 07/04/18 Wed2

Trump likes to see err power in his paradesThe other Tom...21:26:06 07/03/18 Tue4

Happy July 4th to all righteous Americans! God Bless President Trump!Rateye13:11:46 07/04/18 Wed5

Happy 4th Of July!!!!Trump's in an ocean of trouble.21:15:24 07/04/18 Wed4

Another black Rapper shot and killed in Toronto CanadaBlack Culture13:00:23 07/04/18 Wed2

New York Times Reassigns Reporter Who Had Sexual Relationship With SourceRateye13:27:08 07/04/18 Wed2

POS NYT once again caught lying. When will it ever end?Rateye13:24:47 07/04/18 Wed1

Trump to scrap unfair Affirmative Action in collegesGreat News23:59:37 07/03/18 Tue5

The result of Canada's liberal diversityObserver12:35:15 07/04/18 Wed3

Admo - thanks for deleting IMWK's obscene repetitive comments (NT)Educated White01:38:08 07/04/18 Wed3

Gas up 63 cent a gallon since last July 4th-Rateye doesn't care (NT)He rides sheep not cars02:16:02 07/04/18 Wed1

Not a bad choice for new Supreme Court judgeMore great news00:14:33 07/04/18 Wed6

With all the shit Rateye aka cum swallow posts here, you know he is unemployed (NT)No one has that much free time if they work01:31:27 07/04/18 Wed1

Eric Trump rushes into NYC traffic to save ailing woman. God bless him!Rateye19:48:46 07/02/18 Mon5

Protests Turn Violent As Liberals Fucks Arrested In Front Of Philly ICE BuildingRateye17:59:58 07/03/18 Tue4

CivilityTommy02:30:18 07/03/18 Tue2

Wet Back arrests down proving Trump's Zero Tolerance was working!Rateye15:58:03 07/02/18 Mon3

A prayer all of us (the righteous) can offer to GodRateye14:41:20 07/02/18 Mon4

Churches are fuming over being taxed by Republicans and TrumpRmuse20:13:06 07/02/18 Mon2

Our current standing on the world stage.Kuper20:04:39 07/02/18 Mon4

Black mooslime terrorist planned attack in Cleveland on the 4thRateye19:44:53 07/02/18 Mon1

I (Rateye) ignore POS REAL IMWK but since he uses so many names here I mightaccidentally respond to some shit he posted19:14:22 07/02/18 Mon1

Liberal (what else) #FakeNews reporter leaving ABC, Another phony bites the dustRateye19:08:47 07/02/18 Mon1

Spics sucker punch man and as he lay unconscious Niggers rob himRateye18:49:03 06/28/18 Thu6

28 yr old homo spic Commie defeats #4 ranking House Dem in primary!Rateye00:06:19 06/28/18 Thu44

Communist Ocasio-Cortez exposed as a liar (like all lefties)--grew up in wealthy townRateye15:54:08 07/02/18 Mon1

Liberal Nazis riot in Portland---attack prayer gatheringTruth Observer16:18:04 07/01/18 Sun2

As usual, Jon Stewart nails it...in this case Trump's hide to the wall......with help from Stephen Colbert....17:36:59 06/29/18 Fri5

Trump cuts White House staff by about 25 percentTruth Observer22:44:12 06/30/18 Sat1

Sick liberal shithead charged with threatening Ajit Pai's familyRateye12:46:54 06/30/18 Sat1

I love it that the shithead liberals on this board are going crazy over Trump (NT)and his upcoming Supreme Court pick02:37:38 06/30/18 Sat1

600 nutcase liberals arrested in Washinfton for unlawful demonstrationSend them to Mexico15:19:36 06/29/18 Fri3

5 dead at paper that thrived on #fake news. Hope this is a wake up callto all other lying liberal rags01:49:57 06/29/18 Fri2

Some crazy liberal confronts me on the street-this is the last thing they'll ever seeRateye00:13:59 06/28/18 Thu1

Federal cops move in on ICE unemployable protest losers in SW PortlandThis happens when you give liberals welfare15:21:09 06/28/18 Thu1

Telemundo spic makes racist gesture as South Korea helps Mexico advance in World CupSend the bastard back over the border15:11:56 06/28/18 Thu1

Another great day for America! Trump to appoint another Supreme Court Justice!MAGA!22:16:10 06/27/18 Wed8

Rateye, if you think that Mexico is only sending drug dealers and rapists, but alsoworry that Mexicans are going to take your job20:35:18 06/27/18 Wed4

Supreme Court upholds Trump's Muslim immigration banTrump victory23:31:57 06/26/18 Tue4

Trump loves Putin - in his own words.Trump bites...18:10:12 06/26/18 Tue3

Are you all stupid because you are BORING or are you BORING because you are stupid? (NT)YAWN!!23:35:43 06/26/18 Tue1

USA---keep it STRAIGHT, keep it CHRISTIAN keep it WHITE! (NT)Rateye01:04:07 06/25/18 Mon3

Sarah Fuckabee Sanders kicked out of VA restaurant-no farm animals allow inside (NT)Real IMWK18:24:08 06/23/18 Sat11

Trump's a racist pig. Mueller will nail his hide to the side of the barn.Ideally, with him still in it....23:07:25 06/25/18 Mon6

Nude Teen List, XXX Cuties, Tiny Nude Teens, Galleries Archive, Tiny Lollipopssjh8kjdh4dst3f@fwc.com08:46:33 06/26/18 Tue1

I bet all the liberals on this board have sore asses from Pride Day (NT)Rateye01:05:42 06/25/18 Mon3

Trump says Wet Backs should be deported with 'no judges or court cases' (NT)MAGA---THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!01:09:33 06/25/18 Mon2

You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pickyour friend's nose -- Rateye00:51:45 06/25/18 Mon1

Trump is a baldfaced liar.Colbert I. King19:49:24 06/23/18 Sat4

I won't degrade myself by responding to the left wing lunacy here--they use my nameRateye00:10:56 06/24/18 Sun5

Raids at businesses to catch Wet Backs continues! THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!Rateye12:54:49 06/24/18 Sun3

Look what queer homo REAL IMWK posted on my voy pageRateye19:56:27 06/23/18 Sat7

We must stop the invasion of Wet Back Spics before it's too late!Rateye13:34:48 06/23/18 Sat7

Netflix comms boss sacked over 'N-word'Liberals against Free Speech15:23:27 06/23/18 Sat3

Fags and their liberal cohorts have succeeded in turning straight kids into queersRateye13:42:10 06/23/18 Sat3

Commie Bastard Bernie Sanders Filthy Rich!Rateye19:28:06 06/22/18 Fri6

Bar Officially Cannot Be LoweredAndy Borowitz19:24:24 06/22/18 Fri8

Which this shocking video as niggers steal kids pool in broad daylightRateye20:50:19 06/22/18 Fri4

Rateye, if you have your own board, why on earth do you infect this one......with such nonsense and cultist trivia?21:07:53 06/22/18 Fri3

Majority of Americans blame Wet Back parents for border crisisRateye14:12:07 06/22/18 Fri3

Message to all God fearing, freedom loving, flag waving Conservatives on this boardRateye14:22:33 06/22/18 Fri3

Washington Post ordered not to cover slavery conditions at Bezo's AMAZONRateye14:08:33 06/22/18 Fri1

Starbucks to close 150 stores due to Shines taking them overRateye22:55:19 06/19/18 Tue9

Liberal (a homo of course) tries to fuck car exhaust pipe. Liberalism is a disease!Rateye03:04:43 06/21/18 Thu3

Trump has a leg up in the immigration debateWow. Bone spurs and all!23:45:41 06/21/18 Thu1

Melania Trump Wears Jacket With ‘I Really Don’t Care’ On It To Visit Immigrant KidsWatch the video...22:28:58 06/21/18 Thu1


NAACP22:12:29 06/21/18 Thu1

Malaria Tramp goes to border-admits she was illegal-asked for asylum in Mexico (NT)Said he grabbed my pussy once too often17:54:53 06/21/18 Thu1

ICE arrests 100+ Wet Backs at meat packing plant in OhioMAGA---THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!14:48:35 06/21/18 Thu3

If Rateye disappears for a while-this is where he wentHe's a good guy-always tending to his sheep16:54:13 06/21/18 Thu1

New Starbucks policyBen Bucks00:22:06 06/21/18 Thu7

Springer Show cancelled! No more watching low life Democrats in action!Rateye14:41:18 06/21/18 Thu1

Latina cleaning ladies etcgary03:41:52 06/21/18 Thu1

Information and advices against RESTLESS LEG SYNDROMEKnut Holt17:59:26 06/20/18 Wed3

ESPN continues ratings slide as niggas take over the programmingRateye22:56:00 06/20/18 Wed3

Poor crybaby fag liberals---they got frightened and scared over a billboard.Rateye22:43:04 06/20/18 Wed3

POS Trump caves-Rateye to be reunited with his sheep- let the sheep fornication begin (NT)Kirstjen Nielsen19:46:43 06/20/18 Wed5

If he were serious about deporting those who entered illegally, he'd deport his wifeJeff Sessions21:45:59 06/20/18 Wed1

Cops fire rubber bullets, tear gas to disperse niggas at XXXTentacion memorialThe "cream" of the Democratic Party18:29:21 06/20/18 Wed2

Trump: solve border xings by putting kids in cages + hang them in border trees!White Culture18:15:18 06/20/18 Wed3

Swedish city 'rape capital' of Europe by Muslim immigrantsto Knut Holt17:06:38 06/19/18 Tue4

More proof liberals are sick fucks that need to be institutionalized permanatelyRateye18:23:32 06/20/18 Wed1

Liberals planning KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER protests--plan on goingand bash in a few heads!16:45:00 06/20/18 Wed1

'About 60 Organizations' Are Considering a Lawsuit Against the racist Nazi SPLCRateye14:57:25 06/20/18 Wed1

Isn't it great how Trump is making little Latin kids cry at the border!White Culture19:28:46 06/19/18 Tue6

Here's a good laugh for you--watch bitch Rachel Maddow cry over wet back kidsRateye13:36:57 06/20/18 Wed1

Here's a look at the cruelty to wet back kids during Obama's reign of terrorRateye13:34:31 06/20/18 Wed1

Observer, Just Saying & Rateye-all the same sheep fucking ex-con POS (NT)Just call them "Cum Swallow"-their favorite drink01:09:32 06/20/18 Wed1

Another "rap star" nigga murderedBlack Culture17:14:14 06/19/18 Tue3

Hey Cum Swallow-do you give you sheep names or do you just love them and leave them (NT)Inquiring Minds Want to Know16:01:05 06/19/18 Tue3

Trump likes the power Kim Jong Un hasTelnaes18:13:32 06/19/18 Tue1

22 shot, 1 dead at Nigga "Arts Festival" in NJRateye17:21:14 06/18/18 Mon4

State by state, Trump's popularity is sinking like a stone...Nate Silver21:14:03 06/17/18 Sun13

Racist Southern Poverty Law Center forced to pay $3.375 million to MuslimLet's hope more law suits will follow14:34:49 06/19/18 Tue2

Employees demand liberal Trillionaire Bezos to stop treating them like slavesRateye14:25:51 06/19/18 Tue1

I am going to refer to you as "Cum Swallow" from now on-got it retard?Just so you'll know it's my post18:55:05 06/18/18 Mon4

Obama’s Immigration Agencies Separated Wet Back Kids From Their Families, TooRateye20:43:22 06/18/18 Mon1

The 7 craziest things Trump said in his White House sidewalk press conferenceAlex Lubben19:11:12 06/15/18 Fri7

US taking in 250 Wet Back kids a day. Let's sell them to the cartels AND......Rateye17:31:34 06/18/18 Mon2

5 Wet Backs Killed in Rollover Crash During Texas Border Patrol ChaseRateye17:23:44 06/18/18 Mon1

INVESTIGATION OF MEDICAL ORDEALS - latest testamonialsKnut Holt09:54:50 06/18/18 Mon1

Will Pelosi run for President or bring Bernie Saunders out of retirement home?Inquirer Report00:01:04 06/18/18 Mon1

This board has gone from BORING to TOXIC. Only the brainless would continue here. (NT)Which are you?23:31:17 06/16/18 Sat4

Admo-tell Rateye to stop using multiple names and just use CUM SWALLOW (NT)That is the only name that fits that fag fucker01:20:22 06/17/18 Sun3

Draft Dodger coward Trump (bone spur or is it bone head) salutes South Korean General (NT)But shits on Canada & everything else decent21:12:15 06/14/18 Thu14

The votes are in as to what Rateye should call himselfMike Pence02:47:29 06/16/18 Sat4

IMWK is still upset over Congress prohibiting the manufacturing of child robots (NT)He had several on order22:08:18 06/15/18 Fri5

Invented by Whites--killed by Blacks. Football brought down to its kneesEverything Shines touch turns to shit.22:31:26 06/15/18 Fri3

Trump says Manifort worked for him for short period of time-49 days-actually was 144 (NT)Soon he'll say he never worked for him at all18:45:01 06/15/18 Fri4

Manifort back to jail where he belongs-Rateye wants to go back for nightly ass fuck (NT)Can Trump be far behind18:13:54 06/15/18 Fri3

This cartoon says it all.Tom Toles21:22:09 06/14/18 Thu5

Trump Agrees to Let Kim Jong Un Have Pence as ManservantAndy Borowitz17:20:22 06/15/18 Fri1

If you want to laugh until your sides split, watch Nicole Wallace lose it, analyzingTrump's video for Kim in Singapore!21:34:56 06/13/18 Wed9

FINALLY! We've found something! A link between Clinton & a well known figureThe Mueller Investigation21:13:35 06/14/18 Thu1

Rateye gets teary eyed when he flushes shit down the toilet cause it's just like him (NT)Orange Skimark21:07:34 06/14/18 Thu1

Happy Birthday to this country's greatest president DONALD TRUMP!The United States of America17:24:50 06/14/18 Thu7

Sean Hannity EVISCERATES Sean HannityTrevor N.20:41:56 06/14/18 Thu1

IG Report: Comey and his agents worked against democracy and for the DNCTruth Observer20:08:01 06/14/18 Thu2


Rubbish infested San Francisco has a black mayorAnother great city ruined by liberals04:07:11 06/14/18 Thu3

This is what happens when a forum (or City or State or Country) is taken over (NT)by Liberals (Shit Forum)13:38:30 05/05/18 Sat7

Rateye is a perfect example of an uneducated fag who can make a living sucking cockHe can afford sheep because he swallows also01:00:16 06/14/18 Thu2

Sara Fuckabee Sanders (aka beast) to leave WH-pissed off because she was pissed on (NT)Sean Spicer04:09:10 06/14/18 Thu1

If Rateye had a life, a viable website & a job would he spend time posting here? (NT)No time to fuck sheep & suck cock then19:03:49 06/13/18 Wed3

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made at least $82 million in outside income in 2017while serving as senior White House advisers.21:19:48 06/13/18 Wed4

June 14--Flag Day. Time to honor our great flag---unless you're a liberalthen you piss on it, step on it or burn it.23:36:03 06/13/18 Wed2

The reason Kim has such allure for Trump.tt21:16:16 06/13/18 Wed1

Food Stamp Enrollment Dips to Lowest Level in 8 Years. MAGA!!!Rateye15:19:06 06/13/18 Wed7

Finally, a president with the guts to stand up to CanadaDana Milbank23:26:06 06/12/18 Tue6

Trump won!Annie16:58:19 06/13/18 Wed2

That ‘special place in hell’ is already occupiedTelnaes23:35:01 06/12/18 Tue2

Trump and Kim are as two silhouettes in the shadeTommy23:31:09 06/12/18 Tue1

CONGRATULATION! All of have been able to maintain your highest level of BOREDOM! (NT)ZZZZZZZZZZ22:43:49 06/12/18 Tue1

Barack Obama, not to be outdone by Trump/Kim, offers to negotiate this dispute.Andy Borowitz23:05:31 06/11/18 Mon3

Thank you President Trump! (NT)The sane members of the world.14:03:14 06/12/18 Tue5

GREAT NEWS-Larry Kudlow suffers a heart attack-hope that POS dies (NT)Lying will get you ever time-is Trump next?01:43:20 06/12/18 Tue9

There’s actually lots of evidence of Trump-Russia collusionMatthew Yglesias16:12:09 06/11/18 Mon7

Obama secretly meets with 2020 contender losersTruth Observer14:20:09 06/11/18 Mon8

I am so excited, I don't have to move out of the countryRateye18:59:35 06/11/18 Mon1

Rateye aka Truth Observer aka Observer aka Just Saying-all the same person (NT)ADMO-WAKE UP & BAN HIM POSTING LIKE THIS00:38:58 06/11/18 Mon8

Kim Jong Un Offers to Host Peace Talks Between United States and CanadaAndy Borowitz16:58:57 06/11/18 Mon1

If Rateye pulls out before ejaculation, is he avoiding cross-breeding?Or did the sheep just get away?14:52:00 06/11/18 Mon2

De Niro gives vulgar, low life rant to liberal Tony audience.They show ignorance with approval13:58:20 06/11/18 Mon3

They celebrate: Macron, Trudeau Say They Will Not Tell Trump Where G-7 After Party IsAndy Borowitz18:12:24 06/09/18 Sat11

Liberals (esp. Democrats) are the most racist, uneducated, bigoted Nazis around todayTruth Observer19:40:17 06/10/18 Sun5

Suggestion for Conservative/Libertarian Posters HereADMO22:14:15 06/09/18 Sat9

An interesting discussion which would please Rateye and IMWK(not so much)Observer13:07:16 06/10/18 Sun2

Donald Trump rejects G7 communique as he brands Justin Trudeau - weak'Observer12:35:58 06/10/18 Sun2

The return of the unbelievable TrumpTom T.19:40:46 06/09/18 Sat1

Want more proof Trump is a traitor and Russian stooge?WaPo17:05:32 06/08/18 Fri8

Hey Rateye-did you decide whether you want to be called "cum swallow" or "fag fuck""Dick up my ass" also would be good for you16:12:29 06/09/18 Sat2

Hey Ratfag-tell us about your favorite prison game-"Hide the soap up my ass" (NT)You said you did that when a dick wasn't available16:18:36 06/09/18 Sat2

Sad news: Fox News star Charles Krauthammer reveals he has weeks to liveRateye20:21:39 06/08/18 Fri2

Time to add the whole Democratic Party to the Gun Control Hall of FameAndy Borowitz14:15:28 06/09/18 Sat1

Bill Clinton Defends Franken---Sexual Abusers Sick Together!It's in the liberal DNA14:10:20 06/09/18 Sat1

Hockey Fan Flashes Her Boobs at Caps Stanley Cup Victory LapBetty Boop15:50:02 06/08/18 Fri1

Cavs/Warriors say they won't go the the White House--but the nigs were never invited!Rateye00:39:51 06/07/18 Thu6

Trump passes out pardons like they were communion wafersAndy Borowitz22:40:45 06/07/18 Thu3

Ratfag doesn't care about EPA regulations-he'll swallow anyone's cum (NT)Scott Pruitt00:02:20 06/08/18 Fri1

Schools Cancel White House Tours, Fearing That Trump Might Teach Kids HistoryAndy Borowitz17:07:26 06/07/18 Thu6

Heidi Fleiss Reflects on 25th Anniversary of Her ArrestJimmy Fiedler18:05:03 06/07/18 Thu2

Here's the DISGUSTING shit RATFAG (AKA REAL IMWK) posted about himself hereRateye00:36:49 06/07/18 Thu3

Rateye fucks sheep and, Trump fucks the American people (NT)They both fuck something/someone they shouldn't00:28:51 06/07/18 Thu4

Outgoing Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz Lists Plans For Becoming PresidentAndy Borowitz14:42:10 06/06/18 Wed7

Rateye asks Trump for an advance pardon when he's arrested for sheep fucking (NT)He knows he will soon be back in jail00:31:54 06/07/18 Thu1

DOJ watchdog finds James Comey defied authority as FBI director, sources sayAttorney General Loretta Lynch also rebuked21:43:17 06/06/18 Wed1

Trump can pardon himself. When he farts in public. Which he does all the time... (NT)...when he talks. So where's our apology, Con Man?17:22:35 06/05/18 Tue7

Philadelphia Eagles Accept Mueller’s Offer to Celebrate With HimAB07:41:45 06/06/18 Wed4

I can't decide whether I like fucking sheep or molesting little boys more (NT)Ratfag-the POS cum swallowing ex-con17:22:41 06/04/18 Mon14

The draft dodging coward is suddenly concerned about patriotism (NT)It's like Rateye suddenly concerned about sheep02:19:46 06/06/18 Wed2

Trump’s Lawyers Argue That He Cannot Be Impeached Because He Was......Never Actually Elected22:29:12 06/05/18 Tue4

McCabe seeks immunity in hearing over his lies in FBI handling of Clinton email probTruth Observer00:17:00 06/06/18 Wed2

Immigration agents arrest 114 WET BACKS in sting at Ohio landscaperRateye22:01:04 06/05/18 Tue1

Shine Rumble at Harlem Funeral Home Spills Onto Street, Leaves Cops Bitten: NYPDRateye20:12:09 06/05/18 Tue1

Disgusting cake REAL IMWK made for the boys he has captive in his basementRateye17:44:24 06/04/18 Mon4

Trump and his phony economyTom Toles16:35:43 06/05/18 Tue1

Bill Clinton Gets 'Testy' Over Monica...."I will not apologize to that woman".Andy Borowitz01:01:01 06/05/18 Tue2

Since the best thing I admitted about myself here is that I was in prison for 6 mnthsRatfag00:46:07 06/05/18 Tue3

Supreme Court sides with baker in fag wedding cake caseRateye16:09:49 06/04/18 Mon5

I really miss being back in prison and being fucked by blacks with large donkey dicks (NT)Ratfag-You know my father was black17:24:07 06/04/18 Mon3

Let us all pray that REAL IMWK stops molesting boys, sucking cock & fucking sheepRateye16:13:02 06/04/18 Mon2

Not all DT supporters are excon fags like Rateye but the're all are uneducated idiots (NT)Real IMWK17:11:11 06/04/18 Mon1

Aunt Jemima Maxine Waters Plays to Empty SeatsRateye16:21:20 06/04/18 Mon1

Why Trump attacks the media, in his own words.Lesley Stahl19:19:02 06/03/18 Sun6

New Far Right Govt in Italy to deport half a million African and Muslim immigrantsObserver16:39:22 06/03/18 Sun5

Hey Ratfag-when you open your mouth-do more lies comes out or cock go in (NT)As an ex-con fag-probably more cocks go in23:43:44 06/03/18 Sun1

Sweden (and Norway) and the way to make sex illegalKnut Holt23:49:06 06/02/18 Sat7

Black unemployment rate hits new record low in May! Record high under Obama!MAGA---THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!14:11:09 06/02/18 Sat4

Nancy Pelosi shouts..."NO MORE WALLS!.." to crowd of Mexican illegalsAndy Borowitz15:37:52 06/03/18 Sun7

Mooslimes don't want guns---they's rather behead you with their knivesComing to your neighborhood.....17:14:39 06/03/18 Sun1

Atlanta Fed Boosts Second Quarter GDP Forecast to 4.8%! Never over 2.2% for Obama (NT)MAGA---THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!14:09:01 06/02/18 Sat3

UN: US inequality reaching a dangerous level due to Trump's 'cruel' measuresThe Guardian UK20:11:35 06/01/18 Fri8

Malaria Tramp hasn't been seen for a month-maybe finally learning to speak EnglishMaybe plastic surgery to fix the ugly face of hers18:18:56 06/01/18 Fri5

Germaine Greer calls for punishment for rape to be reducedThe Guardian UK, Mark Brown, Arts correspondent07:37:35 06/02/18 Sat5

Trump Makes Pence Watch Him Issue Pardons to See How It’s DoneAndy Borowitz19:16:48 06/02/18 Sat3

Negroid's family has compensation dropped from $4 to 4 cents in wrongful death suitThat's still too much!19:29:54 06/02/18 Sat1

Hillary supports white ethnic male for governor over lesbian!Rateye19:52:13 05/31/18 Thu4

The Next Trump PardonsLars19:34:48 06/01/18 Fri5

ADMINISTRATOR here has allowed his board to turn into a vulgar toilet for liberals (NT)Truth Observer13:30:25 06/01/18 Fri3

White House in Panic Mode After TV Star with Racist Twitter Feed Loses JobAndy Borowitz20:14:22 05/30/18 Wed10

Ratfag asks Trump to pardon him for his fag fight so his record will be clean (NT)when arrested for sheep fornication15:32:19 06/01/18 Fri1

U.S. adds 223,000 new jobs as unemployment falls to 18-year low (NT)MAGA---THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP!14:45:04 06/01/18 Fri2

Conspiracy BoardB. Loper18:34:25 05/29/18 Tue6

Ultra liberal MSNBC still protecting homophobic host Joy ReidRateye18:39:12 05/31/18 Thu2

How we knew Ratfag was gay from an early ageRatfag's Mom19:33:24 05/31/18 Thu1

Just when you thought that liberals couldn't get any dumber.....Rateye19:37:52 05/28/18 Mon20

Transgender wet back dies while in US custody--REAL IMWK mournsRateye13:37:39 05/31/18 Thu4

Roseanne Wanted TV Show To Be Canceled, Ex-Husband SaysCarla Baranauckas16:55:20 05/31/18 Thu1

Russian Collusion Finally Exposed!Tom Toles14:30:39 05/31/18 Thu1

Starbucks opens door to homeless, drug problems, black militants and more...Truth Observer16:21:20 05/30/18 Wed1

Starbucks to let non-customer blacks and lowlife liberals to use its toiletsObserver12:17:59 05/29/18 Tue12

White wannabe Negroid arrested for welfare fraudRateye21:03:17 05/25/18 Fri6

POS Roseanne Barr gone-can the Orange Skidmark be far behind? (NT)Best News Today19:11:55 05/29/18 Tue3

Muslim scum on murder rampage .... "Allahu Akbar"Rateye15:36:11 05/29/18 Tue4

The View From Trump's BrainT. Tomorrow19:15:57 05/26/18 Sat13

Memorial Day. And this board is still BORING! (NT)YAWN!!14:06:36 05/28/18 Mon7

N.F.L. Adds First Amendment to List of Banned SubstancesAndy Borowitz19:18:39 05/24/18 Thu15

Memorial Day--God bless our Vets---the ones liberals love to shit and piss on.Rateye13:48:52 05/27/18 Sun5

Trump's Racism on Full Display At The Oval OfficeAndy Borowitz00:45:46 05/26/18 Sat6

Trump decides to settle for a BJ from Stormy rather than the Nobel Peace Prize (NT)That is what he really wanted anyway04:47:58 05/25/18 Fri10

Trump Furious After Nobel Committee Gives Him Participation TrophyAndy Borowitz17:34:03 05/25/18 Fri3

Borowitz, Observer, Truth Observer, Rateye-how many more names do you useDo you have more names or sheep16:51:59 05/25/18 Fri1

King of name calling & insults was upset cause Kim called Pence a "political dummy". (NT)No truer words were ever spoken15:29:25 05/24/18 Thu9

Here's an example of liberals desecrating our moral standardsTruth Observer15:01:22 05/23/18 Wed9

Disgusting coward draft dodger tRump awards Seal metal (NT)He really is a piece of shit19:48:24 05/24/18 Thu7

If reading this does not make you weep, you have no heart, no soul...By Doreen St. Félix, via Law Clerk20:50:56 05/23/18 Wed3

Rather than kiss Kim's ass (like Obama & Clinton did) Trump cancels meetingTruth Observer14:54:03 05/24/18 Thu6

Trump: Stand for anthem or leave the countryPatriot16:50:37 05/24/18 Thu4

Trailer packed with 90 Wet Backs found in TexasRateye22:53:33 05/23/18 Wed2

Trump's Russian Collusion Uncovered!Tom Toles22:13:17 05/23/18 Wed1

HOF Football Coach Wins Lawsuit Against Liberal POS The Daily BeastAnother Liberal #FakeNews Story Exposed18:52:07 05/22/18 Tue6

Trump Playing Robin HoodAnn Telnaes18:58:24 05/23/18 Wed1

Trump wonders who invited Bolton. Oh wait, Trump did.Tom17:24:32 05/23/18 Wed3

Trump Says He Has No Idea Who F.B.I. Informant Might BeAndy Borowitz20:36:59 05/22/18 Tue4

A quick look at all the great things that President Trump as accomplished so farTruth Observer17:37:01 05/21/18 Mon5

How come there are no race riots since Trump was elected President?Curious00:38:23 05/21/18 Mon12

Fag (REAL IMWK?) arrested after pissing on passenger seat in airplaneRateye21:03:31 05/21/18 Mon2

Public Demands Investigation of Why F.B.I. Infiltrators in Trump Campaign...Failed to Prevent Him from Being Elected17:10:10 05/21/18 Mon10

Here is Rateye, playing a trick on Real IMWKCasual Observer22:12:20 05/21/18 Mon1

Help from above.Brendan Loper21:03:11 05/21/18 Mon1

Pope says it's OK to be a fag like REAL IMWK. Homo pedophile priests celebrate!Rateye20:33:41 05/21/18 Mon1

All of IMWK's posts are either about Trump or Rateye (NT)He needs help16:48:45 05/20/18 Sun3

Idiot Trump misspelled wife's name in Tweet-poorly educated supporters don't notice (NT)Real IMWK22:45:39 05/19/18 Sat6

The "I thought I knew Rateye" quizTruth Sayer21:11:09 05/19/18 Sat4

Just like President Trump----Justify wins again---this time the Preakness (NT)Rateye01:11:27 05/20/18 Sun2

Now we know what Trump will say when we learn what he’s hidingDavid Von Drehle16:21:56 05/19/18 Sat4

Lyft driver orders me and Real IMWK out of car for kissing!Andy Borowitz19:09:47 05/19/18 Sat1

Sooo many liberals-----sooo few bullets.Ann Telnaes18:57:30 05/19/18 Sat1

Starbucks to allow freeloading liberals to hangout at its stores --not buying a thingAndy Borowitz18:50:28 05/19/18 Sat1

Obama, FBI illegally spied onTrump's 2016 campaignAndy Borowitz18:42:16 05/19/18 Sat1

Trump Orders Replica Nobel Peace Prize to Display on His DeskAndy Borowitz15:54:34 05/19/18 Sat3

Look what the pervert REAL IMWK left on my boardRateye14:18:35 05/19/18 Sat3

I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery.German Lopez16:00:20 05/19/18 Sat1

Liberal Starbucks caught again showing its racist rootsTruth Observer13:27:18 05/17/18 Thu10

I can't believe that the prince fell in love and married a coonRateye14:21:23 05/19/18 Sat2

Farm bill goes down to defeat in House -means less sheep for Rateye to fuck (NT)Will have to start sucking cock & ass fucking15:11:30 05/19/18 Sat1

Schumer and Pelosi praise MS13 gang bangers.Typical Democrat shitheads01:09:42 05/19/18 Sat1

More children killed at school this year than soldiers killed on the battlefield (NT)Thanks Trump for sucking the NRA's terrorists cock00:17:12 05/19/18 Sat1

Bill Gates: Trump twice asked me the difference between HIV and HPVThe Guardian UK19:40:56 05/18/18 Fri4

Multiple death in Texas school shooting-guns nuts killing their own as God intended (NT)Real IMWK16:24:44 05/18/18 Fri4

The gullible Trump finally finds out Kim Jong Un isn’t ‘honorable’ (NT)Trump's going to get the Nobel piece of shit prize18:34:50 05/16/18 Wed16

Rateye-tell us about your time in jail when you beat up someone who came on to youYou said you gaydar was working overtime that day16:38:08 05/18/18 Fri1

Where Rateye Gets His News...VICE News15:34:21 05/17/18 Thu6

China invests 500 million in Trump project-he wants help ZTE stay in businessMCGA-Make China Great Again18:48:31 05/15/18 Tue5

Exclusive: how rightwing groups wield secret 'toolkit' to plot against US unionsThe Guardian UK16:07:12 05/15/18 Tue10

GREAT NEWS! Harry Reid to soon join John McCain on highway to hell!Rateye14:06:37 05/15/18 Tue5

Malaria Tramp hospitalized to help her speak English so people can understand her (NT)No one knows what in the hell she is saying01:11:10 05/15/18 Tue5

Trump’s evangelical supporters don’t care about infidelitiesAnn17:49:28 05/15/18 Tue2

The SwampJohn Cuneo17:24:32 05/14/18 Mon6

Sotomayor to have shoulder surgery Tuesday---too bad it isn't life threateningRateye21:48:34 04/30/18 Mon6

Five deferment draft dodger tRUMP vs war hero POW McCain-no contest (NT)Real IMWK00:06:21 05/12/18 Sat15

Celebrate STINKO DE MAYO DAY! Turn in a Wet Back to the Feds!Rateye22:02:04 05/05/18 Sat5

Fags like REAL IMWK are nothing but a pedophilia activist.Rateye13:53:17 05/14/18 Mon2

More than half of the tax break savings eaten up by higher gas prices (NT)Thank for President tRump18:34:15 05/12/18 Sat6

The truth about TrumpBill Maher12:50:13 05/12/18 Sat16

ADMO-want to why your bd is shit-you allow Rateye & all his racist anti-semetic postsYet you ban me for calling him a cumswallowing fag17:36:34 05/14/18 Mon1

Clinton, Bush, Obama and TrumpAndy Borowitz17:27:06 05/14/18 Mon1

Trump is right! China really is to blame for millions of lost U.S. manufacturing jobsTruth Observer16:50:43 05/14/18 Mon1

Trump Considering Pulling U.S. Out of ConstitutionAndy Borowitz18:08:37 05/10/18 Thu3

HD Teen Porn Videos - Free Porn Tube with Young Hot Teensfr4jhu9ikj7k@uju.com18:37:42 05/11/18 Fri1

Who is paying Michael Avenatti?Andy Borowitz18:02:39 05/10/18 Thu1

Trump Removes Giuliani from Legal Team by Naming Him New White House DoctorAndy B.14:51:59 05/08/18 Tue7

Job openings in the United States just hit a record! Thank you President Trump!MAGA21:00:49 05/08/18 Tue9

Trump’s Iran-Deal Decision Will Hurt American Businesses and American WorkersJohn Cassidy23:50:27 05/08/18 Tue6

Stock market down, gas prices up=thank the egotistical POS Orange Skidmark for that (NT)Real IMWK23:03:30 05/07/18 Mon6

Over $1,000,000 deposited in Michael Cohen "Stormy" bank account for "pay to play" (NT)Trump and Cohen ask for adjoining cells19:05:11 05/09/18 Wed2

Sarah Huckabee Sanders shows what it is to be a classy lady---Rateye21:38:17 04/30/18 Mon3

Please learn from my mistakes! STD's are no laughing matterAndy Borowitz15:56:14 05/07/18 Mon5

Mueller Reportedly Considering Appropriate Thank-You Gift for GiulianiAndy00:31:03 05/07/18 Mon4

'Trump's going to be forced to resign': Stormy Daniels' lawyer predicts a fallJoanna Walters13:48:04 05/07/18 Mon5

John McCain ready to croke! The devil is waiting with open arms!Andy Borowitz14:16:28 05/06/18 Sun1

All civilized posters are welcome to my boardRateye17:43:11 05/04/18 Fri1

main media are like internet bulliesI Zay02:52:32 05/05/18 Sat2

Between the spam and the left wing bullshit (NT)this board is DOA15:05:07 05/04/18 Fri1

DAMN! This is the most BORING this board has ever been! (NT)ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ03:41:34 05/03/18 Thu4

Malaria Tramp Ok'd 130k payment for a fuck as long as she got 130k also (NT)Faux Snews04:41:51 05/03/18 Thu2

N.R.A. Gun Ban During Pence’s Speech Leaves Him Vulnerable to Bear Attack DeVos WarnsAndy11:03:42 05/01/18 Tue9

Kanye West tells Blacks to get off the Democratic Party PlantationLiberals go crazy and poop in their pants14:52:07 05/02/18 Wed7

younger girls are apparently flirting.gar05:12:39 05/02/18 Wed1

Send the caravan of Wet Backs home and arrest all liberal lawyers helping themRateye01:22:42 05/01/18 Tue3

You wanted crude & vulgar-you voted for pussy grabbing adulterer Orange Skidmark (NT)Anyone who voted for him is no better than him00:11:23 04/30/18 Mon16

Netanyahu Proves Iran Played Ignorant Obama For a SuckerRateye22:03:27 04/30/18 Mon1

South Korean leader says Trump 'can take the Nobel'Rateye21:52:19 04/30/18 Mon1

Save Joy Reid from her liberal 'friends'!Rateye18:50:51 04/30/18 Mon1

Andy Borowitz: The End of TrumpThe New Yorker Festival23:46:45 04/24/18 Tue15

A hundred years ago: Old experiences: The Nannygary01:19:37 04/29/18 Sun1

The real reason why Cosby was convicted.Gary06:10:48 04/27/18 Fri2

Mambasse Koulabalo PataraA name to remember (if you can pronounce it)21:36:55 04/27/18 Fri1

The President's Just-us System.Kuper22:06:55 04/26/18 Thu2

Under qualified poorly vetted Ronny Jackson withdraws his nomination for VA headReal IMWK14:23:49 04/26/18 Thu1

IDEA! Let's leave this board to the left wing nuts for the next 5 days (NT)then come back to see the train wreck02:00:57 04/25/18 Wed3

Left wing nut Waffle House killer caught---shouts "I did it for Hillary"Truth Observer15:19:47 04/24/18 Tue4

Bezos Says When Pee Tape Is Released It Will Be Free for All Amazon Prime MembersAndy23:35:26 04/24/18 Tue1

Liberal media ignores one of their hero's diatribe against the gay communityBeing a liberal means being a hypocrite20:00:41 04/24/18 Tue2

President Trump's Legal TeamPress13:05:20 04/24/18 Tue9

This board is just an endless fight between two persons - No wonder nobody else posts (NT)Observer13:05:15 04/23/18 Mon13

Paging Real IMWK! Paging REAL IMWK! Your made to order suit is ready for pickupCarlo the Tailor22:05:34 04/21/18 Sat5

Present for Mr. Rateye, present for Mr. Rateye!And it will be right up his "alley"!18:02:58 04/19/18 Thu11

It's a shame administrator allows this board to be trash. It used to be a good board. (NT)Former poster, but will no longer be back00:54:37 04/22/18 Sun9

Dem Party to sue Putin, Trump and Wikileaks for election lossDesperate Democrats00:30:37 04/21/18 Sat2

Admin please take action before this forum crashesInformer15:04:40 04/19/18 Thu3

Watch Samantha Bee Explain Why Sean Hannity Might Be A Serial Killer!Samantha Bee15:54:16 04/20/18 Fri3

Aussies show us how it can be doneThomas Sbarra19:57:35 04/04/18 Wed25

Uganda's President Wants to Ban Oral Sex, Says the "Mouth is for Eating"Rateye14:03:24 04/19/18 Thu5

ADMO! When is the banning of REAL IMWK going to start? (NT)Save your board--ban him permanently!15:49:45 04/18/18 Wed3

People are less religious when government is bigger, research saysRateye14:10:35 04/19/18 Thu2

Liberal icon Starbucks hit hard for racial discrimination."Do as I say not as I do"---- CEO Kevin Johnson13:41:43 04/17/18 Tue12

The truth about the gas attack on children in SyriaKnut Holt10:22:34 04/18/18 Wed2

James Comey says he’s no longer a RepublicanAlex Lubben Apr 18, 2018, VICE News16:45:48 04/18/18 Wed2

HannityBloper20:52:40 04/17/18 Tue7

Is ASMR sexual?dan222:47:53 04/17/18 Tue3

Michael Cohen revealed as Rateye's lawyer in sheep molestation caseNo surprise here-could have guessed that one22:48:05 04/16/18 Mon3

Teacher, Supplier of Kiddie Porn to REAL IMWK Shoots Himself-Faced Child Porn ChargesLet's hope REAL IMWK follows his example23:07:09 04/16/18 Mon2

Food Stamp Usage Drops over Half-Million in a Single Month! Thanks to President TrumpLiberals now have to work like conservatives do18:58:22 04/16/18 Mon10

In Searing Interview, James Comey Unleashes Against ‘Morally Unfit’ TrumpNick Visser16:17:58 04/16/18 Mon7

Why girls wear Bikinis on videos.gar04:16:21 04/04/18 Wed10

The New Right is here to stayThe New Right04:19:47 04/14/18 Sat5

Message from the PresidentFemale Observer05:16:17 04/14/18 Sat4

And Now A Musical InterludeFemale Observer04:43:08 04/14/18 Sat2

Amazon Apologizes for Shipping Ten Thousand Copies of Comey’s Book to White HouseAndy20:17:22 04/13/18 Fri3

Serious Question. Why are all liberals shitheads? (NT)Serious answers only. Thank You.23:20:22 04/11/18 Wed4

Fox News Says It Will Decide Trump’s Syria Response in Next Forty-Eight HoursAndy Borowitz22:33:32 04/09/18 Mon8

an update to those silly vagina hatsgamelord02:09:01 04/13/18 Fri3

FBI raided the offices + residence of the president’s personal attorney Michael CohenAnn T.20:58:08 04/11/18 Wed8

Good riddance Paul Ryan aka Eddie Munster (NT)Another toilet floater flushed away21:15:46 04/11/18 Wed7

It was stupid for Obama & Bush to tell our attack plans before they happened (NT)The diarrhea twitter dotard pussy grabber21:19:22 04/11/18 Wed1

Ryan to leave-rats deserting a sinking ship-no one wants to be around Trump (NT)Everyone who cares about the US & has a brain14:26:40 04/11/18 Wed1

A Public Service MessageFemale Observer09:35:47 04/11/18 Wed2

Guys ready for physicalsFemale Observer08:40:50 04/11/18 Wed2

Exotic DancerFemale Observer09:01:39 04/11/18 Wed2

Off with my pantiesFemale Observer08:07:32 04/11/18 Wed2

Smoove B don't like this place any more. Smoove B gone (NT)Smoove B00:38:37 11/09/17 Thu11

Trump to hold parade of those he has insulted, cheated, stiffed for payment & fondled (NT)It would long and go on for hours19:52:51 04/10/18 Tue1

The Deep State and Child Traficking for Organ and Tissue TradeKnut Holt00:58:11 04/10/18 Tue1

AdmoRateye23:24:13 04/07/18 Sat7

Evangelicals to hold a "Fuck god-we now like pussy" parade in DC (NT)They have asked Trump to be the grand marshall23:11:23 04/09/18 Mon1

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