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Subject Author Date Msgs
Actor won;t play a fag!....Now watch the Gay community cruxify him!Rateye18:56:12 07/24/14 Thu2

Go into the hospital for a circumcision...come out dicklessRateye19:03:00 07/24/14 Thu1

Homos and Freaks about to get help from Gov CuomoRateye18:30:43 07/24/14 Thu2

For all you with a panty fetishRateye16:25:42 07/23/14 Wed2

Canada's Bairid is stupidThink, please.00:45:07 07/24/14 Thu3

This is for all you horny dudes who want to see more BOOTY shak'n on this boardRateye13:37:19 07/22/14 Tue2

3% of US call themselves "gay"---yet the fags still control our media and our pols!Rateye18:41:59 07/15/14 Tue8

Warsaw GhettoHistory buff14:28:48 07/22/14 Tue2
  • Re: Warsaw Ghetto -- People being killed we care about fetish sex, 00:51:07 07/23/14 Wed

Nude weigh-ins at UFC in front of femalesObserver21:34:45 07/22/14 Tue2

Florida officer charged with having sex with girl, 17, who stayed in his homeRateye19:48:41 07/21/14 Mon6

Ancient Olympics in the NudeBill01:13:48 07/17/14 Thu10

Florida dad finds homo babysitter molesting his son, beats man to a bloody pulpRateye00:26:40 07/21/14 Mon3

Homo cops want picture of 17 yr olds erect pecker!Rateye16:27:49 07/16/14 Wed7

meaningless blogs & articlesgamelord06:00:56 07/19/14 Sat4

Someone shot down the Malaysian passenger planeAnd they deserve to be punished21:44:08 07/20/14 Sun2

mlGWx5 I really enjoy the article post. Will read on...link building (ovOxNOqYMlNBDciwcr)06:06:16 07/19/14 Sat1

This is what happens when perverts become judges!!!Rateye22:33:10 07/14/14 Mon10

This place is getting to be a major yawnComment10:55:03 07/16/14 Wed3

Husband and Wife child molesters!Rateye16:16:52 07/16/14 Wed1

15 of the hotest cougarsChuckles the Clown14:52:46 07/16/14 Wed1

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and DenmarkhOEOaKBZiknTYe (MQvxbIFbPPeaPRfpYm)00:25:05 07/15/14 Tue2

Hot For TeacherGary02:03:52 07/13/14 Sun3

my stepsonJulia15:39:20 07/12/14 Sat7

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkplan cul (LcLjgdAMQyO)19:49:29 07/15/14 Tue1

I think we all ought to thank RateyeCasual Observer04:23:12 07/13/14 Sun7

2% too many homos in the churchRateye13:40:07 07/14/14 Mon1

normal people doing crazy thingsdan213:20:43 07/13/14 Sun2

Homos, freaks and fairies dominate the Emmy nominationsRateye18:30:36 07/10/14 Thu6

"Amateur" sumo wrestlingogden_edsl07:52:55 07/08/14 Tue2

A major medical advancementDon06:54:55 07/11/14 Fri5

More homo propaganda about naked swimmingRateye22:18:42 07/09/14 Wed3

Wife has sex with prisonersKnob - name withheld02:07:59 07/11/14 Fri4

For Rateye and associatesDon07:42:26 07/11/14 Fri2

insert suppositoryJennifer15:04:38 07/08/14 Tue4

Young women's fashions, update, summer 2014Le Voyeur21:29:36 07/08/14 Tue4

Free mindsObserver02:36:08 07/08/14 Tue5

Young women's breasts. Verna? JudyLove?Rateye17:04:07 07/05/14 Sat5

No sex---no World CupRateye17:06:11 07/07/14 Mon1

Do you remember back when...?Lucifer Niggerbastard (The Joyful)21:32:11 07/05/14 Sat4

Re: Girls,which bottom is more beautiful ?Julie21:45:31 05/08/14 Thu39

What's Kim hiding in her pants?Rateye23:42:30 06/29/14 Sun11

Butt augamentation and the likeKnut Holt17:22:26 07/05/14 Sat2

Happy 4th of Julygamelord00:35:40 07/05/14 Sat2
  • Amen (NT) -- The Truth, 15:28:04 07/05/14 Sat

Damn crack houses!Rateye20:38:51 07/03/14 Thu3

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkinstant payday loans (zAHWwPobyL)20:28:59 07/04/14 Fri1

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkinstant payday loans (UjqLrRYhbqxiX)05:53:41 07/04/14 Fri2

University swim test at the start of freshman yearnoody03:29:07 07/04/14 Fri1

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkinstant payday loans (AEeawpnQdtNKu)15:34:57 07/03/14 Thu1

Men's hostel, Toronto, 1971.I recall a CFNM incident09:05:34 07/02/14 Wed4

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkbikearth (gsnfoaOvJ)14:11:35 07/02/14 Wed1

Sorry, Congressman, but we're already a Third World NationRateye18:09:03 07/01/14 Tue3

Billy Joel helps pedestrianJudyLove05:24:00 07/02/14 Wed2

What? Cheapskate Ashton Kutcher can't get a motel room?Rateye23:34:26 06/29/14 Sun3

Watch this and sign up for the REVOLUTION!!!!!!Rateye21:53:25 06/26/14 Thu5

Homos force Chicago Cubs to cancel ballgame. INCREDIBLE!!!Rateye16:41:33 06/29/14 Sun8

Hot mother/daughter duoRateye23:29:36 06/29/14 Sun1

Madonna shows off her boobs--still doesn't realize she's washed up!Rateye22:29:22 06/26/14 Thu2

agreement with anti-Rateyedan204:58:07 06/29/14 Sun1

Beyonce shows off her ass on stage during world tourRateye22:26:40 06/26/14 Thu2

Youngsters can learn a thing or two from 50 yr old Courtney Cox!Rateye22:33:05 06/26/14 Thu2
  • More -- Rateye, 22:37:04 06/26/14 Thu

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and DenmarkPlan cul (shLjSqVbTyQ)19:03:07 06/26/14 Thu1

Wet backs turning USA into a toilet.Rateye14:06:42 06/24/14 Tue5

Another reason I stay away from Greek restaurantsRateye00:22:39 06/24/14 Tue2

British Education system being IslamicisedJones21:26:17 06/24/14 Tue5

One reason 74 year old women shouldn't live in a nudist colonyRateye19:55:21 06/25/14 Wed1

You cant make this stuff up.Don05:23:22 06/24/14 Tue6

Obama extends benefits to pillow biters.Rateye15:50:45 06/22/14 Sun5

rateye was wrongFBI Troll07:17:31 06/21/14 Sat7

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and DenmarkDawne plan cul (CghrvtRcjLT)15:41:56 06/23/14 Mon1

yQposyNRCbWqwrlklo (UUCEspnJXtfekeERg)03:56:29 06/23/14 Mon1

Must Watch Videodan221:16:04 06/14/14 Sat14

Naughty husbandTina09:01:48 06/21/14 Sat4

Total bullshit! Keep the Washington Redskins name!Rateye20:54:59 06/21/14 Sat3

For all you freaks with a spanking fetish--Spanking 101Rateye12:57:29 06/17/14 Tue5

Any Infrequent Forum Readers?AIFR13:44:47 06/12/14 Thu14

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and DenmarkLaverne instant payday loans (pQyuWPGIbgcePnGR)22:09:06 06/20/14 Fri1

Lindsey SIZZLES in Red Bull videoRateye19:48:58 06/19/14 Thu1

Homo porfessor sues historic Black collegeRateye15:17:39 06/19/14 Thu1

For AntiRateye (and all other like deviates)Rateye18:24:04 06/16/14 Mon3

Slut-Shaming Rules for Teenage GirlsMrs.Judy.Love01:16:27 06/16/14 Mon4

Lost & Found BoxDon04:39:50 06/11/14 Wed5

National Guard Not Welcome This Time At San Francisco LGBT Pride WeekendRateye19:50:45 06/16/14 Mon3

LZbVIpOXKOwYhoEPiUptophps (EDXqxicDpENdKul)21:29:29 06/16/14 Mon1

All those who think ex-con Rateye is a closet homo raise their hand (NT)AntiRateye21:24:54 06/16/14 Mon1

Who's the hottest babe on TV?Rateye22:34:42 06/11/14 Wed22

National Guard Not Welcome This Time At San Francisco LGBT Pride WeekendRateye19:48:45 06/16/14 Mon1

Lesbo teacher arrested for having ‘multiple sex encounters’ with female studentRateye17:55:50 06/13/14 Fri5

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and DenmarkTonie Plan Cul (wKFxwyuSIEW)21:18:43 06/15/14 Sun1

I love it when Lezbos go off!Rateye18:26:54 06/15/14 Sun1

Is it normal for boys?Marion06:38:35 06/09/14 Mon15

Topless beach webcamB15:46:47 06/11/14 Wed2

Suddenly a Prudedan201:42:04 06/10/14 Tue14

Exhibitionist wifeAA16:51:30 06/11/14 Wed8

Canadian soldiers return from AfghanistanJust thinking01:06:18 06/12/14 Thu1

New Texas law makes masturbation a crimeJacko22:21:02 06/08/14 Sun12

Lack of Privacy in Men's FacilitiesTom02:38:23 05/13/14 Tue35

Hershey sues marijuana companyMrs.Judy.Love02:36:08 06/09/14 Mon2

Soccer IS a GAY sport!Rateye18:16:59 06/05/14 Thu13

Re: dickflashing videosgamelord00:40:53 06/08/14 Sun2

Private school run by nudist organizationWhat if?21:59:15 06/04/14 Wed11

Reason #107 to keep the wet backs out of the USARateye22:03:46 06/08/14 Sun1

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkinstant payday loans (sqvXPdDdL)02:25:42 06/08/14 Sun1

Mad TV clipRandom person05:06:02 06/06/14 Fri4

Another married slut teacher arrested for sex with student!Rateye16:43:27 06/06/14 Fri1

Here's what happens when perverts mix porn with drivingRateye23:55:22 06/03/14 Tue7

RIP To a true American heroRateye23:05:04 06/04/14 Wed3

Topless feminazi staps Putin!Rateye17:53:51 06/05/14 Thu3

Teacher's bid to have molestation charge dropped nixed by judge!Rateye17:48:28 06/05/14 Thu2

This is what happens when perverts teach your kidsRateye17:31:17 06/05/14 Thu1

Principal annouces to school assembly that he's a homoRateye17:17:58 06/05/14 Thu1

My thoughts on BergdahlRateye15:59:36 06/05/14 Thu2

Shirts, shoes, pickpockets and loose womenJones22:01:41 06/04/14 Wed5

Bra StrapsDon18:47:11 06/04/14 Wed2

Jewish ignoranceGamelord04:38:30 06/02/14 Mon4

Wife starts an affair with co-workerI Practically Orchestrated It12:52:38 06/04/14 Wed3

Wife's new dressI love my wife.15:12:42 06/03/14 Tue3

Separate vacations but togetherWant to relive the thrill of seduction12:52:36 06/02/14 Mon16

Old reports of co-ed nudity in schoolsservalan21:57:18 06/01/14 Sun4

J Lo's boytoy cheats on her with transsexuals..SICK!Rateye21:42:58 06/03/14 Tue1

Staind frontman goes after child molesters during concertRateye23:02:19 06/02/14 Mon8

This is what happens when illegal immigrants take over a countryRateye18:43:00 06/03/14 Tue1

When will they learn? Sex with your student = jail timeRateye18:37:10 06/03/14 Tue1

CyberbullyingJust A. Thought14:04:10 06/02/14 Mon8

Dr. ShannonOf course, The media hates blacks!@04:31:34 06/01/14 Sun8

Homos force bakery to stop making wedding cakes.Rateye15:59:37 06/02/14 Mon2

The next mass murder that occursAntiRateye01:08:25 06/03/14 Tue1

I think it great that Rateye has his own boardAntiRateye21:37:39 05/13/14 Tue28

Illinois joins other states on the Highway to Hell!Rateye13:41:21 06/02/14 Mon1

Le Garcon Sur La Colline (1995)Yellow Fever01:43:45 06/01/14 Sun8

Adjustment TimeDon07:22:01 06/01/14 Sun1

Some girls can't resistCFNM Guy02:27:18 05/30/14 Fri3

They should have cut this perverrted HOMO's pecker off!Rateye22:54:18 05/30/14 Fri2

Women's clothingTeacher17:10:23 05/29/14 Thu19

Scout WillisDr.P.Bear22:55:45 05/29/14 Thu5

Homos thrown out of Texas cafe! YIPPEEEE!!!!Rateye20:56:35 05/29/14 Thu1

John Kerry, you slimeballYou should face justice in the world court10:43:21 05/29/14 Thu5

This is why we think America is full of sh..t.Duh!10:35:28 05/29/14 Thu2

Kerry urges Snowdon to "be a man"Say What?10:22:03 05/29/14 Thu3

Was killer AntiRateye? He too was rejected by women!Rateye12:13:08 05/25/14 Sun6

New Sheriff forms anti-urinating squadPisser03:04:13 05/27/14 Tue6

Circle jerkAlice16:20:19 05/26/14 Mon9

A few things are obvious about RatturdAntiRateye15:43:59 05/27/14 Tue1

When liberals take over a city the perverts run free.Rateye13:34:48 05/27/14 Tue1

The Princess wears no underwear and boy, does Kim have a gigantic ass!Rateye00:28:17 05/27/14 Tue2

For those who like their women on 'plump' size (like AntiRateye)Rateye23:44:49 05/26/14 Mon2

Wife's former loverConcerned23:01:44 05/25/14 Sun3

Memorial Day and the link to poppiesRateye00:04:49 05/26/14 Mon5

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkwww.hacklab.org.uk (LhzsJvkxHzTPda)03:45:17 05/26/14 Mon1

Sick chicks and homos swoon over mass murderer!Rateye18:39:24 05/25/14 Sun1

Naked Homo (AntiRateye?) tries to enter the White HouseRateye12:05:41 05/25/14 Sun1

Yet another reason why homos shouldn't be Boy Scout leadersRateye20:04:33 05/22/14 Thu6

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkwww.jk2011.org.uk (IJtIftGQzVM)11:03:06 05/24/14 Sat1

Re: Camel Toeshorny (YFdlvXfYWzYqf)05:28:30 05/24/14 Sat1

My wife exposed to old neighbourCanuk15:12:02 05/22/14 Thu3

without pantiesvoyeur10:51:22 05/23/14 Fri5

Pervert jailed after tattooing 12-year-old girlRateye22:43:44 05/20/14 Tue9

Mark Cuban criticized by neo nazis for speaking his mind.Rateye20:08:29 05/22/14 Thu2

If in England, stay away from the hospitals or risk death!Rateye12:45:41 05/22/14 Thu3

For all you spanking freaks hereRateye14:27:31 05/21/14 Wed4

For all you HOMOS out thereRateye14:43:23 05/21/14 Wed6

Visas, Immigration, Hoardinggamelord06:01:53 05/19/14 Mon13

untie bikini stringsWhat!13:36:10 05/14/14 Wed9

This cop is a real jagRateye22:57:02 05/20/14 Tue4

Clevage! (not for homo eyes!)Rateye17:21:39 05/19/14 Mon1

Sex and EducationObserver00:40:05 05/14/14 Wed10

Lights, Camera, Erection!Don04:47:51 05/17/14 Sat3

Chopping off penis for rape in Muslim countriesObserver19:56:53 05/17/14 Sat3

Not for homo eyes........Rateye20:48:47 05/15/14 Thu9

my new housegamelord04:13:16 05/17/14 Sat1

QUESTION FOR ADMINInquiring Minds Want to Know20:47:01 05/11/14 Sun30

singing orgasm ?dan206:14:42 05/16/14 Fri3

This place is now kind of staleseeking excitement01:22:45 05/15/14 Thu14

Administrator---CLEAR OUT THE SPAM!!!!!!! (NT)Hormel21:26:42 05/14/14 Wed4

This is what happens when you let 3rd world scum into the USARateye15:20:54 05/14/14 Wed1

Pedophile teacher committed suicide after abusing scores of studentsRateye15:05:06 05/14/14 Wed1

Look but don't stare.Co-worker06:37:43 05/14/14 Wed1

So what? - By Fred ReedTruman20:12:52 05/13/14 Tue2

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkpikavippi (xVlzAogZ)05:52:42 05/13/14 Tue2

If you're NOT a homo you can post on Heretic's and my boardRateye21:26:52 05/13/14 Tue2

Knock it off!Heretic19:27:43 05/08/14 Thu22

Secretary at the YMCA - 1972Historian10:06:13 04/23/14 Wed47

Time for a joke: How does a black woman know when she's pregnant?Truman04:11:22 05/13/14 Tue1

The Shitty Journalism threadGamelord03:50:06 05/12/14 Mon5

This is why soccer IS and ALWAYS will be a 3rd world sportRateye19:24:49 05/05/14 Mon20

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and DenmarkEthan Lord Loans (gPWBQTuBiNqKsirRsD)23:26:54 05/12/14 Mon1

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkrandom (tYshgMmWJeyK)23:22:05 05/12/14 Mon1

Transgender queer wins Eurovision award.Rateye15:24:25 05/11/14 Sun8

Degenerate CaliforniaJones12:40:24 05/05/14 Mon4

MOM DAY-MAY 11Mrs.Judy.Love04:05:41 05/11/14 Sun2

At least one NFL player is standing up for decency!Rateye00:54:37 05/12/14 Mon7

I really love penisRateye05:26:01 05/08/14 Thu24

The St. Louis Fags will rot in hell!Rateye15:20:43 05/11/14 Sun1

Re: Naked Norway, Sweden and Denmarkinstant payday loans (cTIsxRLXg)03:35:41 05/11/14 Sun1

David Duke -- My Ultimate Expose of the Lie of "White Privilege"Truman05:34:24 05/03/14 Sat9

NO HOMOS IN THE NFL!Rateye20:39:32 05/09/14 Fri8

Muslims abduct Christian girls to be used as sex slaves!Rateye17:04:49 05/05/14 Mon4

wife nude in front of another manFascinated15:45:17 05/05/14 Mon11

Support the Beverly Hills Hotel!!!!! Don't let the homos win!Rateye15:12:02 05/09/14 Fri1

Meet Nurse PedoDr.P.Bear06:08:38 05/09/14 Fri2

vDFfbbZmSvlMKMeGOkzinifp (CWcPNGudaKfV)13:20:43 05/07/14 Wed1

Muslims attack the USA again!Rateye20:33:12 05/02/14 Fri6

A victory against homos and perverts!Rateye17:00:53 05/05/14 Mon3

Dead marriageDeaden20:35:06 05/04/14 Sun2

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