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Is Obama conspiring to give away the Internet to globalists ?????

Subject Author Date Msgs
Rateye has diarrhea of the idiot posts again-must have swallow too much cum (NT)Excons do that-they learned to suck cock in prison02:02:16 10/23/16 Sun2

Gettysburg: Trump will sue his sex accusers; US will pay for Mexico wall!Trump's an asshole19:04:02 10/22/16 Sat3

Madonna to give blow jobs for Hillary votes. I wish I wasn't Gay!Inquiring Minds Want to Know01:17:03 10/23/16 Sun1

Obama Admits To Rigged Elections Back In 2008Inquiring Minds Want to Know01:13:06 10/23/16 Sun1

Trump kicked Hillary's fat ass at Wednesday's debate (NT)Just telling it like it is14:45:24 10/20/16 Thu16

Some Lucrative TV Show Pitches For Donald TrumpTV Guide16:47:31 10/22/16 Sat1

My son Rateye tried the two finger pussy grab on me tonight-one finger in each hole (NT)Then I sucked his cock01:34:43 10/22/16 Sat1

Clinton Foundation Paid Women Less Than Men!The Clintons are hypocrites19:06:18 10/21/16 Fri2

Richard Branson based on personal experience fears most Trump's "vindictive streak"It all comes out...20:42:32 10/21/16 Fri3

Hoe to make lawcalory and goodtasting tuna or chicken saladKnut Holt13:11:57 10/21/16 Fri3

Hillary chops Donald into little, itty-bitty pieces at the Al Smith dinner.Trump's an asshole. And about to lose big time.13:00:00 10/21/16 Fri4

Hillary tour bus dumps human shit into storm drainAssholes for Hillary13:48:37 10/19/16 Wed8

Issues which should be addressed by Donald TrumpDr. Shannon (Fathers Initiative)23:14:56 10/19/16 Wed7

Unfortunately these two ladies won't be able to vote for HillaryAssholes for Hillary17:15:38 10/19/16 Wed8

Issues which should be addressed by Donald TrumpDr. Shannon (Fathers Initiative)02:43:15 10/13/16 Thu22

Air Trump: A Short PlayGarry Trudeau19:33:54 10/19/16 Wed1

Drumpf can lie about anything cause his supporters are too stupid to know any better (NT)GOP now stands for "Grab Our Pussy"16:24:16 10/19/16 Wed3

Trump spirals into ideological psychosisMichael Gerson13:21:16 10/18/16 Tue5

Liberal low lives go bonkers over statue of fat naked Hillary. Hilarious Video!Assholes for Hillary21:11:33 10/18/16 Tue5

Poorly educated Hillary supporters destroy and loot car with Trump stickers on itAssholes for Hillary23:36:09 10/17/16 Mon3

Liberal Shoots At Car, Then Realizes It's His Friend: 'Aw Man, My Bad!' [VIDEO]Assholes for Hillary18:35:34 10/18/16 Tue1

TimelineOoops...16:28:04 10/18/16 Tue1

The People Who Know How To Actually Rig An Election Say Trump Is Wrong“The stuff he is talking about, it is ridiculous.”13:37:12 10/18/16 Tue1

Trump accuser's claim totally debunked.Lame liberal media will ignore it.20:32:23 10/15/16 Sat8

Poorly educated liberal Nazis burn GOP headquartersAssholes for Hillary18:34:18 10/17/16 Mon4

Politico Reporter Offered Clinton Camp Chance to Edit StoryAssholes for Hillary20:52:41 10/17/16 Mon1

NY Times 11/9/16 Headline: Trump walks off his Tower balcony!He cannot fly afterall! Full story follows...12:44:18 10/16/16 Sun5

Attacks on Trump are Red Herrings to divert Hillary's email scandals (NT)And they are not working20:23:09 10/15/16 Sat2

KllwQXrESQObkolxqe (RIOFeslriNyaPCXAYi)00:36:42 10/16/16 Sun1

Stay Tuned: A Running List Of The Women Who’ve Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual AssaultTrump's an asshole08:01:18 10/15/16 Sat7

Donald Trump Complains Election Is Rigged, As His Polling TanksTrump's an asshole17:09:55 10/15/16 Sat2

Bill Maher just said GOP now stands for "Grab Our Pussy". (NT)Real IMWK03:07:12 10/15/16 Sat4

Girl, Western Europe, 6-16yo, participating in medical surveillance projectKnut Holt (Investigation report)12:04:56 10/15/16 Sat1

Donald Trump's One And Only Newpaper EndorsementTrump's an asshole08:24:21 10/15/16 Sat1

I am the type of decent American, for which people on this board are looking. (NT)"Pussy grabbing" Drumpf17:50:26 10/14/16 Fri5

LA Times Poll: Clinton has HUGE lead over Trump among poorly educated votersNot surprising.16:28:44 10/14/16 Fri5

Sanders supporters ready to tip the election to Trump!Bernie's Revenge22:34:26 10/14/16 Fri1

Donald Trump is the grown-up version of every pain-in-the-ass kid.Bill Maher18:52:15 10/14/16 Fri1

The ass end of American politics...The Economist15:21:15 10/14/16 Fri1

Confession of the White Male VoterWilliam Falk18:50:06 10/13/16 Thu2

Donald Trump taking legal steps to change his first name to King.American Heraldry09:41:24 10/13/16 Thu3

Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize in literature!!!The Boston Globe11:45:07 10/13/16 Thu1

Experiences with CYSTOSCOPIES or BLADDER INSPECTION at various age levelsKnut Holt (Investigation results)15:43:19 10/10/16 Mon8

Trump: After I'm Elected, Jail Time for Hillary and GOP defectors!Fox News09:32:28 10/13/16 Thu1

Real IMWK calls into the Savage Nation.This should be on top of this board15:50:31 10/12/16 Wed1

Trump -"The only way I can lose if I’m caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy." (NT)Rateye has done both14:15:20 10/12/16 Wed2

Real IMWK EXCLUSIVE! Obama exposes his big dick for me!YUMMY! IMWK now knows!14:17:59 10/12/16 Wed1

Pussy KO's TrumpIllma Gore22:32:41 10/11/16 Tue8

ADMIN Please delete all the vulgar, sick profanity posts by Real IMWKGod Save America17:39:25 10/11/16 Tue4

Hill’s Shills: Leaks Have Exposed Journalists In Clinton’s CornerGod Save America From Liberals13:21:09 10/12/16 Wed1

Donald Trump is four centuries too lateGarrison Keillor13:14:30 10/12/16 Wed2

ADMIN Please post this video of Danney Williams...Bill Clinton's bastard son.God Save America From Liberals17:45:27 10/11/16 Tue3

Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Is A Ludicrous Windfall For The One PercentFBI (not one of the 1% -- are you?)22:15:17 10/11/16 Tue1

FBII love it -- very funny!22:08:54 10/11/16 Tue1

Your idiotic posts from conservative rags only confirms your lack of educationReal IMWK23:56:24 10/10/16 Mon6

Poor Real IMWK.. all the old fag can post about is cocks, assholes and cum.God Save America From Liberals and Queers15:20:30 10/11/16 Tue4

Oh, Donald J. is suuuuch a gentleman! What is a "pussy", by the way?Rateye19:20:50 10/08/16 Sat16

a6VShd I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely lovedfake tits (ZYgIuZFusAEgZ)02:18:44 10/11/16 Tue1

Few examples of Hillary Clinton's vulgarity and despicable treatment of employeesGod Save America From Liberals23:16:27 10/10/16 Mon1

The look when a serial rapist spots his former preyGod Save America From Liberals23:04:56 10/10/16 Mon1

Fly lands on face of human fecesGod Save America From Liberals22:31:43 10/10/16 Mon1

ADMIN> If you don't start banning you will be shut downVoy.com21:04:12 10/10/16 Mon2

ADMO Real IMWK posts are almost as vulgar as Bill Clinton's rape of womenGod Save America From Liberals17:34:02 10/10/16 Mon2

Admo-how about posting the Drumpf "grabbing pussy" video (NT)or better yet a "grabbing penis" video for Rateye17:11:07 10/10/16 Mon1

QBxYFu I value the blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.hello flflex (BOZxbBJmxRLuldlHNtg)17:06:20 10/10/16 Mon1

Ryan finally shows some balls & says he done with Drumpf (NT)Only uneducated POS like Rateye support Drumpf16:06:08 10/10/16 Mon1

Admo: Flush everything on this board and start over with a clean slateGod Save America20:05:09 10/09/16 Sun4

A new low, even for Donald TrumpTrump's an asshole12:50:05 10/10/16 Mon1

Fact checking Trump + Clinton -- Guess Who Loses?WaPo10:35:09 10/10/16 Mon2

SfHeAh I really liked your blog.Much thanks again. Really Cool.greal lana (HMiFzdLqCdZYPeKlEj)16:00:22 08/03/16 Wed2

What did someone put in Chuck Todd's coffee??Kos10:02:25 10/10/16 Mon1

Five Important Videos on the headeradmo15:14:49 10/09/16 Sun6

Happy 75th Birthday, Jesse Jackson! I LOVE YOU!Real IMWK23:18:12 10/08/16 Sat1

Narrow foreskin or phimosis in children and adults and how to treat the conditionKnut Holt10:55:57 10/07/16 Fri5

The elite wants a MARIONETTE PRESIDENT and Hillary Clinton is their choise.Knuit Holt12:34:31 10/08/16 Sat1

I tried to teach Real IMWK grammar but he was too busy wacking off under his deskReal IMWK's teacher22:24:49 10/07/16 Fri2

I dressing up as Hillary Clinton this HalloweenIMWK13:39:06 10/06/16 Thu16

Debt Under Obama Up $9,000,000,000,000Assholes for Hillary18:13:07 10/07/16 Fri6

This is the real Hillary that we all have come to loveAssholes for Hillary18:05:39 10/07/16 Fri4

Biden Tells Rally Crowd: I Know Some of You Are Not Crazy About HillaryAssholes for Hillary18:07:53 10/07/16 Fri1

Attorney: Trump worth 'more alive to us than dead'FBI21:01:33 10/06/16 Thu2

Both Barrels!POW!07:51:37 10/06/16 Thu5

Al Gore to campaign for ClintonAssholes for Hillary23:40:30 10/05/16 Wed2

This is where I earned my digree in acccounttinInquiring Minds Want to Know22:25:22 10/04/16 Tue9

If ratye stopps postin here than i have to ansewer my own post againn! (NT)Inquiring Minds Want to Know23:42:49 10/04/16 Tue3

FYI: Without gays there wood be no accounntents! (NT)Inquiring Minds Want to Know12:32:50 10/04/16 Tue7

Trump is a fraud. And a fascist.Trump's an asshole08:17:46 10/04/16 Tue1

My asshole was violated so many times while was gone I have stand up to type insults (NT)Rateye21:23:10 10/03/16 Mon3

I forgot to tell everyone- I am the new Pres. of the "Excon cocksuckers for Trump" (NT)Rateye00:24:12 10/04/16 Tue1

God my asshole is sore-result of my butt fuck for Trump weekend (NT)Rateye23:07:02 10/03/16 Mon1

Actually I was out on the stump for Trump-fucking & sucking for the gay voteRateye21:32:43 10/03/16 Mon4

Shocking Trump video! How low can they go??Trump's an asshole12:09:26 10/03/16 Mon7


Republicans Wonder If Trump Can Recover From ‘Worst Week’Trump's an asshole12:46:55 10/03/16 Mon3

Braless Kim Kardashian shows off her ample cleavageOriginal IMWK14:55:19 10/02/16 Sun2

Fact Check?Casual Observer01:02:59 10/03/16 Mon3

Tax-Dodger-In-Chief? I actually feel sorry for Trump's lemmings!Trump's an asshole22:30:55 10/02/16 Sun2

ORGAN DONATION equal to ORGAN THEFT from persons that could be savedKnuit Holt17:46:09 10/02/16 Sun1

Girl, North Am, extensive pelvic and development exam for medical trialKnuit Holt (Latest investigation rep)16:12:37 09/15/16 Thu11

Charlotte McKinney---probably no one here is interested but just in case....Original IMWK18:44:44 09/30/16 Fri8

Trump Tax Records Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two DecadesTrump's an asshole07:35:08 10/02/16 Sun2

The clear and present danger of Donald TrumpWashington Post Editorial Board...18:17:07 10/01/16 Sat1

Reid Congratulates GOP For Eight Years Obstructing The First Black PresidentTrump's an asshole20:51:36 09/29/16 Thu2

Rateye's last post on his own board was 9/21-hmm-Maybe he's really is in jail again (NT)Just Wondering....00:44:29 09/29/16 Thu2

There’s A Toxic Caterpillar That Looks Like Trump (Seriously)Trump's an asshole22:27:17 09/28/16 Wed1

Trump was not prepared for arguably the most important debate of his lifeReal IMWK13:47:03 09/28/16 Wed2

Drumpf's supporters prove they're idiot deplorables if they think he won the debate (NT)Real IMWK00:43:45 09/28/16 Wed1

She cleaned the floor with him. Trump for dogcatcher! (NT)Trump's an asshole03:02:08 09/27/16 Tue5

Is Trump intentionally cutting his own throat with his new campaign poster?Is he trying to lose?07:58:45 09/26/16 Mon1

RE: blacks have been screwed for 350 years.Gamelord03:53:25 09/25/16 Sun4

I just realized somethingRateye21:15:32 09/23/16 Fri4

Great choice of header videos, ADMO! (NT)Rateye18:52:05 09/21/16 Wed3

The police are out of fucking control!Pissed off!20:04:52 09/23/16 Fri1

Niggers savagely beat white teen girls at BlackLivesMatter rallyObama is a piece of shit13:14:28 09/22/16 Thu12

Inside scoop on Donald J. TrumpFBI21:26:47 09/22/16 Thu2

Liberal pervert Weiner carried on an online sex relationship with a 15-year-old girlRateye21:31:28 09/21/16 Wed12

One more riot, one more bombing and just give the keys to the White House to Trump (NT)Trump for President14:21:12 09/22/16 Thu2

Strangers In Our Midst - The People Speak, Ian McKellen performanceFBI08:20:09 09/22/16 Thu1

Ayone who believes the shit Trump is shoveling has to be a poorly educated idiotReal IMWK19:06:38 09/21/16 Wed2

Bwtween gas chambers & Skittles, Donald Turd Jr. shows he's an asshole also (NT)Malaria Trump00:36:04 09/21/16 Wed4

This one's going VIRAL on YouTube!Rateye17:00:00 09/19/16 Mon16

Trump used charitable contributions for business legal settlements (NT)Trump is the king of the assholes16:02:12 09/20/16 Tue6

Clinton campaign raced through $50 million last month...only to sink in the polls!Obama is a piece of shit13:13:57 09/21/16 Wed1

Black cop shoots nigger----niggers loot and riot in CharlotteObama is a piece of shit13:03:13 09/21/16 Wed1

George H.W. Bush to vote for Hillary ClintonTrump's an asshole17:21:36 09/20/16 Tue1

Hillary attempts to 'morph' herself into Donald TrumpObama is a piece of shit23:10:40 09/19/16 Mon1


The more Mooslimes bomb the USA, the easier it is for Trump to be elected President (NT)Obama is a piece of shit16:32:50 09/19/16 Mon2

I want to sincerely apologize to all that I offendedRateye12:02:39 09/19/16 Mon5

Obama's Muslim brother captured in shoot out.Obama is a piece of shit16:29:03 09/19/16 Mon2

Obama remains silent as his Muslim brothers bomb away in NYCObama is a piece of shit15:11:49 09/19/16 Mon3

More than 800 immigrants using fraudulant names mistakenly granted citizenshipObama is a piece of shit15:20:45 09/19/16 Mon1

Trevor Noah Absolutely DESTROYS Donald TrumpTrump's an asshole16:08:06 09/16/16 Fri16

Trump Surrenders On Birther ScamVerna03:07:35 09/17/16 Sat10

Obama spent 8 years shitting on blacks. Now he wants them to support his 'legacy'Rateye01:43:39 09/19/16 Mon1

Let's all take a moment and pray for HillaryRev. Harmony21:55:12 09/12/16 Mon5

Muslim attacks shoppers with a knife at Minnesota mallObama is a piece of shit13:16:13 09/18/16 Sun9

The best description why Trump acts like he doesReal IMWK15:51:11 09/18/16 Sun4

Pigs shot in Philly and Texas. None dead yet but hoping.Law Clerk13:08:48 09/17/16 Sat3

Trump and PutinTrump's an asshole18:12:03 09/17/16 Sat1

I'm finding pants suits sexier by the minute (NT)Law Clerk22:36:49 09/15/16 Thu13

David Brock Offers Money for New Dirt on Donald TrumpTrump's an asshole23:34:48 09/16/16 Fri5

Trump’s absurd claim: 92 million Americans represent a ‘nation of jobless Americans’Trump's an asshole19:17:27 09/16/16 Fri1

Warren Asks Newly-Chatty FBI Director to Explain Why DOJ Didn’t Prosecute BankstersTrump's an asshole08:26:59 09/15/16 Thu4

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival Dates Announced.the Original IMWK01:34:00 09/16/16 Fri1

article: the real deplorablesdan204:27:58 09/12/16 Mon13

I guess Trump was right. Ford moving all small car production to MexicoLaw Clerk14:39:22 09/15/16 Thu1

Mexico builds its own wall against migrantsInquiring Minds Want to Know00:02:28 09/15/16 Thu1

President Obama vs Kim Jung UnLaw Clerk22:11:53 09/14/16 Wed1

Obama is a genius! Vote for Hillary!Trump's an asshole21:13:20 09/13/16 Tue4

But what do you really think of the Clintons, Sec. Powell?Snowden19:18:24 09/14/16 Wed1

KISS tells liberals to go fuck themselves. Very heart warming.Rateye00:46:38 09/13/16 Tue1

Donald Trump Calls For No Debate Moderators As Pressure Mounts To Fact-Check HimTrump's an asshole21:46:26 09/12/16 Mon1

Hillary has one last chance to save this nation and it looks good that it will happenRateye19:07:09 09/12/16 Mon1

Norway - the mosy dangerous country in the WorldKnuit Holt18:42:06 09/11/16 Sun6

Watching 911 revisited on History Channel. Still shocking .. Still sad (NT)Original IMWK00:26:47 09/12/16 Mon2

Good JokeReal IMWK01:01:57 09/12/16 Mon4

sMPqxzxBVEukbflc (pJlBjKnhRilAq)02:58:32 09/12/16 Mon1

Wells Fargo Just Made The Case For Elizabeth Warren’s Bank AgencyTrump's an asshole18:47:16 09/10/16 Sat1

The View From Trump TowerTrump's an asshole17:55:08 09/10/16 Sat1

OK-I graduated from the Univ of suck my dick & majored in ass fucking (NT)Rateye03:36:42 09/08/16 Thu18

Donald Trump goes on Russian TV to complain about the United StatesTrump's an asshole19:29:05 09/09/16 Fri3

Niggers being niggers caught on video brawling outside Wrigley Field in ChicagoRateye18:06:40 09/09/16 Fri1


Trump is a corrupt fraud, and the media lets him off the hook!Trump's an asshole10:50:34 09/08/16 Thu4

Chelsea Clinton--the acorn doesn't fall too far from the treeRateye13:49:28 09/09/16 Fri1

ADMO. How about posting a weekly spelling lesson video for Real IMWK?Rateye11:32:14 09/08/16 Thu6

Trump Leads Clinton Among Military and Veteran VotersRateye22:12:13 09/07/16 Wed2

Trump has been practicing for the debates like nobody ever hasTrump's an asshole13:09:03 09/07/16 Wed18

POS Obama tanks our economy in favor of bringing in more wet backs and MoooslimesRateye14:53:34 09/07/16 Wed2

Worse Than the Depression: 1 in 6 Working Age Males Has No Job Under POS ObamaRateye14:45:45 09/07/16 Wed2

Marilyn Monroe's JFK dress to be auctioned off.the Original IMWK18:34:04 09/07/16 Wed1

Filipino President calls out Obama by name..... "A son of a bitch"!Rateye19:51:09 09/06/16 Tue5

Niggers in the NewsRateye19:22:45 09/06/16 Tue2

Don't waste your vote. Hillary Clinton ready to croak!Rateye19:30:27 09/06/16 Tue2

11 Fun Facts About Breaststhe Original IMWK23:22:52 09/05/16 Mon10

Trump funneling contributions through his own businesses-ripping off contributorsTrump is a crook15:35:32 09/06/16 Tue3

About the G-SPOT, all you need to know to find it and use itKnut Holt13:35:59 09/06/16 Tue2

It is getting increasingly clear that Trump does not really want to win.Trump's an asshole20:59:11 09/01/16 Thu7

I am TOTALLY CONFUSED! Which IMWK is my butt hole buddy? (NT)Law Clerk12:33:49 09/05/16 Mon5

I'm waiting for Lelend to die so I can have sex with a dead body-always wanted thatRateye18:55:46 09/05/16 Mon2

Watch The Rock sing this beautiful love song to HillaryReal IMWK15:36:26 09/05/16 Mon1

I see Law Clerk is back here from another child molesting trip in BangkokTime to let him and Real IMWK stroke each other13:32:33 09/02/16 Fri14

Many of you have e-mailed me to ask me why I am voting for Trump-here is whyRateye04:17:31 09/05/16 Mon1

Drumpf-goes from a racist to a friend of the blacks-Can this happen to Rateye? (NT)Just Asking....16:14:56 09/03/16 Sat12

After too long of an absence I'm back,Original IMWK12:43:47 09/04/16 Sun2

Zeno's Paradox is in full bloom today (NT)Original IMWK01:35:27 09/04/16 Sun1

Trump outsourced his products & jobs to 12 different countriesReal IMWK18:35:32 09/02/16 Fri1

Trump didn't have the guts to push the wall issue with the Mexican PresidentReal IMWK22:24:20 09/01/16 Thu1

Yet another nigger football player charged with felony animal crueltyRateye16:46:33 08/27/16 Sat33

Drumpf poorly educated supporters are too stupid to know he can't build that wallReal IMWK19:19:46 09/01/16 Thu1

Alt left YOUTUBE to censor free speech & impose politically correct guidelinesWinston Smith19:12:48 09/01/16 Thu1

Shine Colin Kaepernick Set to Sit Out Anthem Again on 'Military Night' in San DiegoRateye14:45:48 09/01/16 Thu1

Hillary's lies catching up with her. Her poll support down to 39%Rasmussen14:00:51 09/01/16 Thu1

Chicken shit Drumpf wimps out re asking Mexico to pay for wall (NT)We all knew he was a pussy01:08:44 09/01/16 Thu2

The Mexican President told Trump to stick the wall up his ass- (NT)And Trump told him it would fit02:19:09 09/01/16 Thu1

ADMO Please put up this video of CNN's liberal lying and editing the newsWolf Blitzer15:52:00 08/30/16 Tue3

Boy, 17yo, North America, assessment of all body parts under anesthesiaKnuit Holt (Ivestigation report)15:46:05 08/31/16 Wed1

Trump tells anti-American NFL player to leave USSave America (Vote Trump)19:45:47 08/30/16 Tue4

Anthony Weiner found to be sexting some asshole named RateyeDaily Male22:36:46 08/29/16 Mon6

My mother and father socializing with a racist and bigot.Diane Reynolds16:50:26 08/29/16 Mon2

Huma cuts off her Weiner. Democratic liberal scum still sexting his peckerRateye21:46:14 08/29/16 Mon3

Nigger confesses to murdering white nuns. #NunLivesMatterRateye19:21:15 08/29/16 Mon1

White Lives Matter To Be Listed As Hate Group By Southern Poverty Law CenterRateye17:12:56 08/29/16 Mon1

jCGFeKkEZjwYonodvy (KcUspKvpwWbMVh)04:38:38 08/29/16 Mon1

Final: Calgary 30, Hamilton 24. Stampeders now 7-1-1 (NT)Rateye02:13:27 08/29/16 Mon1

Mooslime scum 'shouts Allahu Akbar' as he attacks couple at music festivalRateye00:21:05 08/29/16 Mon1

Nigger SF Giant QB refuses to stand for the national anthemRateye16:43:58 08/28/16 Sun7

Babs to relocate to Australia after Trump's election in November!Rateye20:38:39 08/28/16 Sun1

Drumpf doctors letter on his healthReal IMWK14:44:11 08/24/16 Wed9

We can all make America great again by buying Trump's shitty clothes made overseas (NT)Real IMWK18:28:09 08/25/16 Thu13

my brother-in-law...spankingNicole10:46:22 08/09/16 Tue3

Trump's going to put everyone to work & then not pay them-like he did in his business (NT)Real IMWK20:46:32 08/27/16 Sat1

Trump just said he has a movement going-I agree-A bowel movement (NT)Real IMWK20:44:15 08/27/16 Sat1

How do I get a Drumpf Make America Great hat-I've run out of TP to wipe my ass (NT)Rateye20:15:41 08/27/16 Sat1

Bill Clinton bombed Iran as a distraction from Lewinsky mess----Hillary's top aideDiane Reynolds13:50:16 08/27/16 Sat4

Clinton lead shrinks by 7% in 3 days!!Diane Reynolds15:51:28 08/27/16 Sat1

Nigger football player at Baylor caught whipping his dog with a belt.Rateye00:01:33 08/21/16 Sun6

Taught by liberal teachers, 60% of today's college students certifiably crazyRateye13:23:11 08/27/16 Sat2

FINAL: Blue Bombers 32 Alouettes 18. Fourth straight Winnipeg win (NT)Rateye03:08:56 08/27/16 Sat2

Republicans to Pull Money from Trump Ads and Spend it on AlcoholMore breaking News02:55:17 08/27/16 Sat2

Pence Recaptured After Fleeing Trump Campaign BusBreaking News02:45:13 08/27/16 Sat1

Someone sent me this jokeRateye17:31:26 08/26/16 Fri2

KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary ClintonDiane Reynolds17:09:14 08/26/16 Fri1

WOW! You think you heard it all about niggers. Thanks for the above video (NT)Rateye16:24:30 08/26/16 Fri1

Who's Rateye going to vote for now that Drumpf is courting the black & hispanic vote? (NT)Inquiring Minds Want to Know17:27:08 08/25/16 Thu1

Investigative poll about extended and intrusive mandatory well-child examinationsKnut Holt12:21:20 08/24/16 Wed11

Thanks for posting the video showing the rioting niggers in Milwaukee (NT)Rateye19:10:15 08/23/16 Tue6

DISGUSTING!!CNN18:27:27 08/23/16 Tue3

YO! IMWK--FYI--I'm leaving your posts up on my brd to show all what a dick you are. (NT)Rateye00:19:59 08/20/16 Sat14

Closing CeremonyTrump's an asshole22:58:28 08/22/16 Mon2
  • YAWN (NT) -- Grow up, 14:38:08 08/23/16 Tue

Trump hires Rateye (who is gay) to head outreach effort to gay communityBillery22:09:46 08/22/16 Mon2
  • YAWN (NT) -- Grow up, 22:29:02 08/22/16 Mon

Colin Powell: "Hillary Clinton is a lying sack of shit"CNN11:19:50 08/22/16 Mon1

Trump wants Rateye deported-Rateye tell mother to suck Trump's dick so he can stay (NT)Where is Melenia-She's on the BJ for vote tour03:39:36 08/22/16 Mon1

Drumpf & Rateye are the same-they both don't pay any taxesJust Saying...17:55:17 08/21/16 Sun1

Obama comes to Louisiana to check out the massive floodingVote Trump (Save America)16:16:33 08/21/16 Sun2

Trump takes back lead over Ly'n Hillary in latest poll!Vote Trump (Save America)00:29:39 08/21/16 Sun3

Rateye wins "clean & jerk" at Olympics-1st he jerked him off then licked him clean (NT)Just Saying....17:57:18 08/19/16 Fri2

Real IMWK and I just got engaged! Here's a picture of the ring I gave himTrump's an asshole00:14:32 08/19/16 Fri5

Louisiana drowns in flood waters while asshole Obama plays golf.Save America (Vote Trump)01:04:07 08/19/16 Fri6

Only an asshole like Trump wears a baseball cap with a suit (NT)Like Rateye walking around with a dick up his ass15:16:08 08/19/16 Fri1

If Drumpf were a great businessman, he wouldn't had have 3 campaign mgrs in 60 daysTrump is a cocksucker14:45:12 08/19/16 Fri1

kmrfjzglHiswfsgMfTmzfifyxx (kkFGlzJXH)14:00:53 08/19/16 Fri1

Nude Trump statutes-the emperor has no ballsReal IMWK18:38:16 08/18/16 Thu1

Trump & Christie Make A deal At Taxpayer's ExpenseVerna01:50:10 08/18/16 Thu4

3 campaign mgrs in 3 months-multiple bankruptcies-Drumpt was, is & is still a POS (NT)Billery23:31:37 08/17/16 Wed1

Christie to join Trump at intelligence briefing because they are serving donuts (NT)I'm with stupid (Trump)15:07:25 08/17/16 Wed1

1st time Trump & word intelligence ever used in same sentenceReal IMWK15:03:19 08/17/16 Wed1

Trump losing big-why else would he replace his whole campaign staff?Real IMWK14:48:07 08/17/16 Wed1

The Clintons released their tax returns-why won't that shithead Trump release hisReal IMWK16:18:55 08/12/16 Fri14

ALL VOTERS MUST WATCH THIS - Insane HillarySave America (Vote Trump)09:44:43 08/17/16 Wed2

Nationalism And Globalisation ||farrjocbyvfrctjkqvliqwsr03:10:03 08/17/16 Wed1

Ailes advising Trump in return for a BJ from MelaniaBillery21:08:40 08/16/16 Tue1

Paul the melodious oneVerna14:17:09 08/16/16 Tue2

Trump can certainly read a teleprompter speech that someone else wroteReal IMWK19:57:56 08/15/16 Mon1

21 Famous Women Who Married Gay Men Without RealizingGay Stars11:18:22 08/15/16 Mon2

Too much Trump?FBI19:02:07 08/13/16 Sat1

'As Sweden segregates swimming pools to accommodate MuslimsLiberalism and Diversity14:52:29 08/13/16 Sat1

cWhxFMzsOarvtmypwgjsae (ZbFOewgbstAqSgCxo)23:31:16 08/12/16 Fri1

Ungrateful Nigga disrespects America on medal podiumRateye19:41:13 08/12/16 Fri2

I'm back from Bangkok, limp and rejectedLaw Clerk13:12:57 08/12/16 Fri4

Trump Exposes Trump!Trump's an asshole12:15:43 08/11/16 Thu5

Re: How left wing Nazis like Zukerberg suppress the newsJimmiXS (vgGhkJzQFqrwWSugpT)03:56:37 08/12/16 Fri1

wnHTatrBLyGPDoKUJimmiXS (nWtelrgoQMkJAmc)03:53:24 08/12/16 Fri1

nnDFopVnsXvUJimmiXS (RwnjWTKiMrUtOqoDRN)03:52:56 08/12/16 Fri1

Re: Swimsuits in the old daysChuckie02:34:46 08/12/16 Fri2

zjwwzJAtoNjqWgdTmAJimmiXS (xZzdfUEtfAZBCTmsH)02:31:30 08/12/16 Fri1

mVyrrvwPaqUJimmiXS (deKhlqXtufldMM)02:27:52 08/12/16 Fri1

Anti-Gay, anti-USA father of Orlando terrorist mass murderer supports Clinton#TerroristsForHillary16:58:23 08/09/16 Tue10

Rateye! I want the job you advertised for a cock sucker!Real IMWK11:40:33 08/11/16 Thu7

Only those whose life is shit like Cum Swallow Rateye believe what Trump is shovelingReal IMWK15:16:32 08/11/16 Thu1

New GOP Campaign poster.The Chosen one18:03:30 08/10/16 Wed3

Malia Obama a pothead just like her old manCaught smok'n joint at Lollapalooza15:46:22 08/10/16 Wed2

xFNPwtRqjdJimmiXS (YpUwWXZVZDQLeuVn)00:35:31 08/10/16 Wed1

All (except the flaming fags IMKN and Law Clerk) are invited to my boardRateye20:22:01 08/07/16 Sun9

That cocksucker is on TV talking now-no I don't mean Rateye-the other cocksuckerJsut Saying....16:19:02 08/08/16 Mon2

Top Nazi leader: Trump will be a ‘real opportunity’ for white nationalists (NT)Rateye19:02:17 08/07/16 Sun2

We've seen your wife tits-either show us your taxes or your wife's pussy (NT)I bet they both stink17:18:27 08/08/16 Mon1

Tell Drumpf to stop making his shitty clothes overseasJust Saying....16:52:52 08/08/16 Mon1

Fareed Zakaria's very interesting analysis of Trump -- Trump is a bullshit artistTrump's an asshole00:17:33 08/08/16 Mon2

Now we know why Rateye has been missing from this board-he is at the OlympicsJust Saying...21:28:29 08/06/16 Sat3

Melania will suck the dick or lick the pussy of anyone who will vote for me (NT)Donald Trump19:56:15 08/07/16 Sun2

I won the "cum swallowing" competition at the OlympicsRateye19:34:00 08/07/16 Sun1

Did you see the way that idiot Trump read his endorsement for Ryan etc last nightReal IMWK22:38:32 08/06/16 Sat1

Both Melania Trump & Rateye suckadick are in this country illegally (NT)INS21:38:46 08/06/16 Sat1

SWEDEN - The self destruction of a Liberal Nation - Warning to AmericaSave America (Vote Trump)22:30:07 08/05/16 Fri9

Moroccan Muslim Olympic athlete tries to rape two Brazilian hotel chambermaidsLiberal Diversity19:22:43 08/06/16 Sat1

This has to be my all time favorite cartoon........Trump's an asshole18:45:03 08/06/16 Sat3

Republican strategist calls Trump "a loudmouthed dick" on CNN!Trump's an asshole17:40:21 08/05/16 Fri7

Let's leave Inquiring Minds and Trump's an Asshole alone here to jag each other offAsk Amy21:51:38 08/02/16 Tue3

Someone must have flushed that turd Rateye down the toilet-hope he is gone for good (NT)Ding dong-the wicked witch is dead21:14:58 08/04/16 Thu6

The only secret video I ever saw was Melania sucking and fucking a horse (NT)Donald Drumpf02:03:28 08/05/16 Fri1

Katrina (dick in mouth) Pierson-"Obama caused the death of US born Iranian soldier"Real IMWK13:44:17 08/04/16 Thu1

My Heroes - T & PRateye13:06:47 08/04/16 Thu2

SES9B9 You have brought up a very good details , thankyou for the post.huba buba (GKGsHUXGQbck)03:12:56 08/04/16 Thu1

Obama commutes prison terms of his fellow stonersWillie Nelson23:12:22 08/03/16 Wed1

Girl, 11yo, Latin America, examination of chest and pelvic areaKnut Holt (Investigation report)11:56:39 07/29/16 Fri7

qiTeHp Really enjoyed this blog article.Really thank you! Will read onpron master (HmMsKQeJhlEZDZTzR)18:05:11 08/03/16 Wed1

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