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Subject Author Date Msgs
Boy, 16yo, SE Asia, subjected to intrusive procedures in youth prisonKnut Holt (Investigation report)05:13:19 10/16/18 Tue1

Your Vote! Which of these two has the fattest ass?One vote only please!01:21:25 10/16/18 Tue1

I'm tired of Wanking Off....wanker17:37:52 10/11/18 Thu12

Patriotic Americans beat the crap out of Portland Antifa NazisRateye22:03:50 10/14/18 Sun6

Pocahontis Warren claims grandmother 10 generations back was a squaw.Rateye16:04:39 10/15/18 Mon2

Trump leads rally in PA while hurricane Michael comes ashore in FL!What a complete fucking asshole Trump is!18:42:27 10/12/18 Fri8

Test Post (NT)tolavwrq00:33:57 10/14/18 Sun1

Stock market loses 1,300 points in last 2 trading sessions-Thank you President Trump (NT)Warren Buffet21:33:52 10/11/18 Thu5

In the NFL this team offers the best return on investment (sorry, Chicago Bears fans)Touch Down Tony15:02:20 10/12/18 Fri2

zeqegfri (NT)Getting A Loan08:19:52 10/12/18 Fri1

Test Post (NT)tolaxgnk08:00:37 10/12/18 Fri1

A crazy liberal douche bad teacher wants to know who of her ilk will kill KavanaughRateye16:14:10 10/11/18 Thu2

New Rulesadmin15:34:39 10/07/18 Sun6

cfurhwak (NT)Direct Lender Loans06:52:43 10/10/18 Wed1

Smutty Young Young ~ Naturist Girls ~ Hairy Nudist Girls 10 ~ 18~20wdil6slwsh06:30:28 10/10/18 Wed1

Thank you President Trump and GOP Senators for giving us Brett Kavanaugh!Glad to see liberal loonies and dykes go crazy21:24:59 10/06/18 Sat3

Unemployment rate hits the lowest level since 1969! Thank you President Trump!Only welfare Dems refuse to work17:59:07 10/05/18 Fri4

The Child Houses of the Norwegian Government, Statens BarnehusKnut Holt13:48:29 10/05/18 Fri4

FBI investigation finds no evidence of Kavanaugh's accusersKavanaugh to be confirmed on Saturday00:57:19 10/05/18 Fri4

NY Times destroys Trump with a 1.5 year investigation of his $$DAVID BARSTOW, SUSANNE CRAIG & RUSS BUETTNER05:43:21 10/03/18 Wed7

Nike gets another blow from a sports rapist it contractsNick Nike00:49:32 10/05/18 Fri1

Gay Canada enlists goats in parksIMWK paradise23:54:07 10/02/18 Tue10

Another accuser steps forward.Tom Toles15:12:33 09/30/18 Sun6

US ends diplomatic visas for UN same-sex partnersMake America Clean Again23:27:28 10/02/18 Tue1

Kanye West Delivers Pro-Trump speech on ‘SNLRateye16:02:40 10/01/18 Mon1

Liberals want to paint the Statue of Liberty black - say it is racistJane Black (NYT correspondent)12:29:21 10/01/18 Mon1

As a black man, I'm embarrassed by those AFRICAN AMERICANS above. (NT)Rateye (repost)20:09:16 09/29/18 Sat5

Nigger kills two Mississippi police officers.As a black man I am truly embarrassed by this17:55:50 09/30/18 Sun3

Trump says he & Kim Jung Un fell in love-I agree (NT)He's fucked Trump & US in the ass10:25:23 09/30/18 Sun4

I believe her!Tom Toles15:16:12 09/30/18 Sun1

Man complains about humiliation by female staff in prisonAnn Sheepton (NYT Reporter)11:49:02 09/30/18 Sun1

Accuser: " Dr Christine Blasey Ford raped me 6 times when I was her student!"Borowitz Report14:02:17 09/27/18 Thu4

Please rate my husbands underwear and genitalsBetty14:18:37 09/29/18 Sat5

How Russia Helped Swing the Election for TrumpJane Mayer, TNY02:20:03 09/26/18 Wed8

This board needs to lighten up -- "How to give a cat a pill"Bob Story19:28:26 09/21/18 Fri13

Pieces of shit Obama / Hillary go on fear mongering spreeand the shithead liberals eat it up17:04:47 09/25/18 Tue1

Seven-year-old stuns crowd with US national anthem before LA Galaxy gameObserver11:00:44 09/25/18 Tue2

Looks like IMWK either was permanently banned here or he died a violent death (NT)Let's hope it's the latter.14:23:56 09/24/18 Mon9

I did it !!! I did it !!!! Naming the Lib...Gamelord06:28:13 09/21/18 Fri16

Sister 14yo and brother 12yo, Idaho USA - puberty- and psychological check togetherKnut Holt (Research report)01:35:15 09/21/18 Fri1

possible mass banning soon?admin01:15:21 09/21/18 Fri1

ADMO - LIKE I SAID....You awake over there??21:30:17 09/18/18 Tue15

In wake of Hurricane Florence niggers having a field day looting--watch videoRateye16:50:13 09/16/18 Sun13

Here's a photo of IMWK that I took of him last Halloween. (not for kid or sheep eyes)Little Bo Peep20:15:31 09/15/18 Sat8

This board is having a breath of fresh air without that vulgar maniac IMWK (NT)But for how long?20:24:33 09/13/18 Thu13

Two kneeling African Americans during sundays gamesRateye (repost)20:06:39 09/17/18 Mon5

Finally revealed! Like REAL IMWK, Bert and Ernie are faggots!Rateye18:13:17 09/18/18 Tue2

expect comments to be removedadmin21:17:29 09/15/18 Sat3

Trump is a "fucking idiot" + so is anyone who disagrees because theypay no attention to the real news.08:15:16 09/13/18 Thu17

temporarily stopping Captcha log-inadmin (RE: Ann)06:33:20 09/15/18 Sat2

Taco Bell employee refuses to help client who doesn’t speak SpanishRateye13:10:57 09/15/18 Sat2

President Trump Bans Welfare For ImmigrantsMiguel Pelosi06:11:38 09/15/18 Sat2

What Happens When Democrats Run Your State?Sheepa Cortez06:28:52 09/15/18 Sat2

Led by Obama the Democrats plan for taking back CongressTom Toles14:06:58 09/14/18 Fri2


Trump's dream....SIPRESS22:50:36 09/14/18 Fri1

I wish I could draw like thisTom Toles22:35:29 09/14/18 Fri1

The president preps for hurricane FlorenceNick21:45:59 09/13/18 Thu8

Democrats want expanded Social Security and Medicare for alTax The Rich!!!20:42:50 09/13/18 Thu9

Widow Of Fallen Cop Just Left Nike Speechless And Kaepernick HumiliatedBan NiggerNike20:56:11 09/13/18 Thu1

Michael Moore Accused of Stiffing, Smearing Vendors: ‘All I Would Like Is to Be Paid’Rateye14:34:28 09/13/18 Thu5

Jobless Migrant Family Of 10 Demands Mansion from City CouncilDiversity21:43:09 09/11/18 Tue5

Yet another high ranking media liberal caught sexually abusing a womanRateye14:31:50 09/13/18 Thu1

ADMO--Let me get this straight....I can't say "nigger" (even though I am one) ...... (NT)Rateye20:07:26 09/07/18 Fri4

Playboy stripping down to 4 issues per year in 2019IMWK wants them to change the logo to a sheep21:45:41 09/11/18 Tue1

Another Muslim knife attacker injures 7 in ParisLiberal Europe03:56:09 09/10/18 Mon4

MAGA!! U.S. incomes rise as poverty rate declines in 2017Thank You Trump For Saving Us From Obama Disasters18:10:20 09/12/18 Wed1

Great to hear a real president, Barack Obama, give a speech again - 7 key pointsThis post is off-limits to you, Rateye. Stay away20:09:33 09/08/18 Sat14

Comrade Bernie Sanders' Commie son get ass whipped in primaryRateye14:56:01 09/12/18 Wed4

Two health scares at US airports tied to scum Mecca pilgrimsRateye23:04:55 09/08/18 Sat3

This bored is like a bad fungus--it keeps growing with more and more boredom (NT)YAWN!!13:40:46 09/11/18 Tue4

Trump removes Muslim Federal judge for trying to implement Sharia Law in AmericaAl Sheepton00:01:50 09/12/18 Wed2

Pepsi Unveils Massive, Immersive Football Program--NO KNEELING HONORED!Rateye (repost)05:25:27 09/10/18 Mon11

Nigger Serena Williams protests after losing US Tennis FinalPolitical Correctness22:33:23 09/09/18 Sun9

Observer & Just Saying are releasing a tell all book about Rateye.They asked me input on possible titles00:16:22 09/05/18 Wed8

Everyone knows Rateye isn't black-just says he is to use the "N" wordAny black wouldn't post the racist shit he does22:14:08 09/07/18 Fri13

Over $200 Million Seized As Delta Force Raids Obama’s StrongholdNews hidden by liberal media02:06:00 09/10/18 Mon6

Hillary MORTIFIED After Learning ALL Her ‘Deleted’ Emails FOUNDBreaking News02:12:24 09/10/18 Mon2

Far Right Party makes large gains in Sweden's general electionEurope in revolt against Immigration22:43:32 09/09/18 Sun1

Liberal shitheads trying to rewrite Alamo history and brainwash school kidsRateye15:54:43 09/09/18 Sun2

Gucci Mane- Street Nigger (Official Video)--dis 1 4 U--REAL IMWK punk assRateye21:47:46 09/09/18 Sun1

Assaults on ICE, Border Patrol surge as Wet Backs get more violentRateye23:06:42 09/08/18 Sat1

National Park Service edited inauguration photos after Trump, Spicer callsReal IMWK21:14:01 09/08/18 Sat1

I'm not biasedadmo06:33:43 09/07/18 Fri13

U.S. adds 201,000 jobs as worker wages accelerate to nine-year highMAGA---THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!20:22:21 09/07/18 Fri3

ADMO -- I think you are right to ban "n****r" from this board.Casual Observer20:31:54 09/07/18 Fri3

Nike shares fall after Kaepernick ad campaign announcedNiggerNike09:31:17 09/07/18 Fri6

Another black woman replaces a Senate veteran as Democratic nomineeDem Black Senate01:28:58 09/06/18 Thu9

New York Times Has History of Exaggerating Seniority of Anonymous OfficialsHarrison Evans Salisbury22:17:40 09/06/18 Thu4

The ShadowEllis Rosen18:56:42 09/06/18 Thu3

Diversity = WeaknessRateye17:57:33 09/03/18 Mon19

Sports / Wrestling / Fifa _ 2018 - 12 - 18 yearss4foilgisr17:32:33 09/06/18 Thu1

REAL IMWK stole all my sheep then fucked them all in the assLittle Bo Peep00:39:43 09/05/18 Wed6

Here's what happens when homos like REAL IMWK think they are lumber jacksRateye00:11:02 09/06/18 Thu4

“I wish Hillary had won the election instead of Trump” (NT)said no one with a brain02:53:38 09/06/18 Thu1

Take this NIKE!Real Americans13:47:45 09/05/18 Wed5

Biggest Shocker From Woodward’s BookKuper18:39:31 09/05/18 Wed5

Ha! Maybe God's had enough of this asshole in the White House!Or is it Zeus?19:42:19 09/05/18 Wed1

Left wing Nazi intentionally crashes truck into Fox studio then goes on rantingLiberals are what's killing America16:03:05 09/05/18 Wed1

Nigger and liberal mob rule during Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Senate sessionAl Sheepton17:29:02 09/04/18 Tue6

When REAL IMWK isn't fucking sheep he's blowing Kaepernick or Schumer (NT)Rateye20:29:10 09/04/18 Tue4

Read WP summary of Bernstein's new book-Trump is more unhinged than we thoughtReal IMWK16:42:59 09/04/18 Tue6

Nike suffers #justburnit backlash over Kaepernick advertising campaignAl Sheepton17:52:06 09/04/18 Tue1

Nike to feature kneeling nigger Kaepernick in ads. Piss on Nike and boycott them (NT)Rateye00:22:33 09/04/18 Tue6

Clinton-Jesse Jackson-Al Sharpton-Louis Farrakan-sitting together at Aretha's funeralRateye20:50:37 08/31/18 Fri10

White and black niggers in joint protest over Arthea's pastorRateye23:32:56 09/03/18 Mon2

ADMO--Thanks for posting the video on race mixing and advertising (NT)Rateye15:27:01 09/03/18 Mon4

Trump blasts Sessions over indictments of 2 of his earliest congressional supportersSince they kissed butt they shouldn't be indicted21:27:07 09/03/18 Mon1

Black Bishop gropes Ariana Grande at Aretha funeralBlack Culture News20:40:25 09/01/18 Sat9

If Trump took a shit on Pence's head, Pence would say thanks for the hat (NT)So would Rateye, but then he would eat it02:47:15 09/01/18 Sat12

When the hell are they finally going to bury the Wet Back lover McCain? (NT)Rateye14:48:08 09/01/18 Sat8

REAL IMWK gets his posts erased here AGAIN! (NT)When will this dipwad ever learn?00:02:53 08/31/18 Fri6

Why is Trump acting so strange lately?Some say he acts very troubled.16:30:52 08/31/18 Fri3

Videos found on web - Adult 18+vidyut11:14:05 09/01/18 Sat3

Spanking Is Part of Black CultureNYT Article13:19:15 08/31/18 Fri8

The Plan to Impeach TrumpTom Toles18:26:09 08/31/18 Fri3

American political consultant admits foreign money was funneled into Trump inaugural (NT)No collusion-right deplorable retards idiots?22:51:58 08/31/18 Fri1

Buy American!It's worked great for me!19:06:00 08/31/18 Fri1

What is this girl watching?gamelord02:42:23 08/31/18 Fri2

Consumer confidence high due Bernanke, Obama & Yellen- public servants of integrity. (NT)Read 'em and weep!17:08:00 08/28/18 Tue12

Why the Left Loves Islam EXPLAINEDInsane Liberals16:05:39 08/30/18 Thu1

Somalis in Minnesota Steal Millions in Welfare Scam, Money Goes To TerroristsDiversity00:22:56 08/30/18 Thu4

Why does IMWK aka Mr.Sheep hate Trump so much? (NT)Curious05:56:22 08/28/18 Tue2

One of the better ones......Tom Toles14:56:29 08/30/18 Thu1

Letter From German Nurse on Muslim InvadersDiversity01:00:13 08/30/18 Thu2

Norway Gvt. on Verge of Collapse After Minister to Revoke Citizenship to TerroristsNot Knut00:31:04 08/30/18 Thu6

Coca Cola Buys Moxie----heaven help us!Rateye16:15:49 08/29/18 Wed2

Thank you so much for the above video exposing the lunacy of the left. (NT)Karl Marx14:36:21 08/29/18 Wed1

No Matter How Big a Hammer You Use You Can't Pound Sense Into Stupid Liberals (NT)That's the Sad Truth18:26:22 08/28/18 Tue1

US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high---Thank You President Trump!Read it and weep Dumbocrats!16:58:35 08/28/18 Tue1

Bone Spurs Trump disgraces himself yet again by displaying the flag at full mast.Everywhere else it's half mast. Trump's despicable18:12:45 08/27/18 Mon8

Germans rise up against Immigration and Muslim immigrant crimesDeutch Reporter07:17:29 08/28/18 Tue2

CNN conspires with Lanny Davis to form a #FakeNews tag teamRateye13:14:00 08/28/18 Tue1

Trump rejected plans for a White House statement praising McCain (NT)Cause he's a petty egotistical POS cocksucker02:09:34 08/27/18 Mon9

I'm glad to see the videos are back. Too bad the left wind nuts won't watch them (NT)If they did they'd become educated16:30:55 08/27/18 Mon4

Don't Take is personally....Admin06:20:18 08/25/18 Sat12

Our Hard Working MediaTom Toles16:46:01 08/27/18 Mon1

This is what happens when you elect a Mooslime mayor and have massive immigrationRateye22:57:38 08/26/18 Sun2

POS Obama now praises McCain---but it was a different Barry during the campaignRateye22:02:42 08/26/18 Sun1

RIP John McCainShitlord04:15:53 08/26/18 Sun3

The end is finally here---McCain ready to join fellow RINO liberals in hellRateye19:01:59 08/25/18 Sat8

Liberal controlled SF pays workers $185k each to pick up liberal street shitI wonder how much one makes picking up IMWK's shit15:10:51 08/23/18 Thu5

Pope Under Fire----Homos killed Catholic ChurchRateye18:59:03 08/25/18 Sat2

Elizabeth Hurley looking mighty fine at 53Rateye20:03:51 08/25/18 Sat4

Preteen boys used as guinea pigs in intrusive research project - Eastern EuropeKnut Holt19:36:43 08/24/18 Fri2

This board can be only described by one word....Sad (NT).13:41:26 08/21/18 Tue25


Wet Back arrested in killing college girl in Iowa. Liberals run to depend him.Rateye20:05:35 08/23/18 Thu1

Another child separated from her parents.Tom Toles15:13:44 08/23/18 Thu1

Rateye-the racist bigot ex-con is always mentioning "God" and "decent people"Let's see whether his BS hold water22:50:30 08/22/18 Wed4

Is Trump thinking ahead?Emily F.19:55:07 08/22/18 Wed1

Security ClearanceTom Toles18:15:04 08/22/18 Wed2

"I hire only the best people" said Donald J. TrumpReal IMWK15:50:32 08/22/18 Wed1

M-A-G-A=My Attorney Got Arrested. Don't you just love it? (NT)Real IMWK14:09:35 08/22/18 Wed1

Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted publisher of white nationalists at his home (NT)But Trump said Neo-Nazis are very fine people?13:54:21 08/22/18 Wed1

Cystoscopy plus inspection through anus, vagina getting mandatory for all preteensKnut Holt13:24:55 08/22/18 Wed1

Malaria upset Trump paid $ 280,000 to porn stars to silence them (NT)I could have used it for English lessons she said00:25:06 08/22/18 Wed1

Rep. Hunter (R-Calif.) indicted on charges he used campaign money for pers. expenses (NT)Today can't get any better can it23:47:11 08/21/18 Tue1

Great day for American-MAGA-Make American Guilty Again-HA HA HA (NT)Real IMWK23:38:26 08/21/18 Tue1

GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY (NT)Take that you POS idiot Trump deplorables21:56:52 08/21/18 Tue1

Women "aren't offended" by male nudity.dan220:45:22 08/21/18 Tue1

Cohen to plead guilty to criminal charges-turd doesn't fall far from the Trump toilet (NT)Donald jr aka Douchebag Mcfuckface is next19:18:59 08/21/18 Tue1

Putin Reportedly Close to Firing GiulianiAdmo15:50:31 08/21/18 Tue1

Pruitt called the White House once from his $43,000 phone booth, records show (NT)Asked Trump if Malaria could blow him23:01:33 08/20/18 Mon1

Trump says boarder agents "speak perfect English"Too bad his illegal alien cunt wife doesn't21:32:47 08/20/18 Mon1

ADMINISTRATOR -- Why do you continue to allow these filthy posts by IMWK? (NT)Just Curious19:31:38 08/20/18 Mon2

I support Rateyes right to stick his dick in any animal vegetable or mineral he wants (NT)John Brennan18:52:40 08/20/18 Mon1

ADMINISTRATOR -- Clean Up Your Board or We Will Shut It Down. (NT)Voy.Com21:43:57 08/17/18 Fri8

Real IMWK (aka sheepfag) must have gone to the same school as Al SharptonNeither one can spell 3rd grade words19:49:15 08/19/18 Sun2

Looks like the Sheepfag has been banned again from this site (NT)Too bad it's too late to save it14:35:56 08/19/18 Sun4

President Trump Goes After Communist Controlled Social MediaPravda14:37:33 08/18/18 Sat2

Girl, 5-15yo, NA, intrusive exams, tissue theft, sexual abuse by governmental teamKnut Holt16:44:38 08/17/18 Fri2

Four children stabbed in south London with one boy being ‘disembowelled’This is what you get with a Muslim mayor15:04:13 08/17/18 Fri3

Youth unemployment at 52 year low!MAGA---THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!15:00:43 08/17/18 Fri1

JammiesBurns22:17:44 08/10/18 Fri9

Taxpayers’ bill for Trump Jr.'s business trip to India: $32,000 and counting (NT)As big a waste as a wall and a parade15:09:50 08/17/18 Fri1

Trump's $ 92,000,000 POS military parade has been cancelled (NT)Putin said he couldn't come03:56:23 08/17/18 Fri1

We will be opening an investigation concerning collusion among US newspapersThe Mueller Investigation20:57:01 08/16/18 Thu1

Piece of shit Peter Strzok flushed down the toilet. More liberal shits to follow.The Mueller Investigation23:47:48 08/13/18 Mon5

African immigrant named as London terrorist attackerLiberal Diversity20:13:14 08/15/18 Wed3

Airline boots drunk, vulgar nigger rapper from flight---he claims 'racism'Rateye15:38:36 08/15/18 Wed3

Tina Louise at 84Rateye23:03:08 08/15/18 Wed1

Four shot in argument at Philadelphia WalmartLaw Clerk20:22:10 08/15/18 Wed2

SF forming Shit Patrol to keep sidewalks clean--another Dem city that is unlivableRateye14:07:35 08/15/18 Wed1

How homos killed the Catholic ChurchRateye14:00:56 08/15/18 Wed1

Vermont Dems nominate a tranny fag for Gov!Rateye13:52:12 08/15/18 Wed1

Donald Trump denies being a racist after calling African nations ShitholesPolitical Correctness06:28:07 08/15/18 Wed2

Shithole Chicago sues Trump Tower for water useAl Capone06:11:02 08/15/18 Wed2

More insane and hilarious complaints by liberals against TrumpWashingloo Post06:19:26 08/15/18 Wed1

Rateye-have the perfect girl for you to help you with your sheep addiction-AmarosaSarah Sanders00:13:34 08/14/18 Tue3

Liberal Logic 101Bernie Sanders16:04:04 08/14/18 Tue1

The new NFL LogoColin Rand Kaepernick15:53:53 08/14/18 Tue1

Maniac Pocahontas draws ire of police federationWho will she call for help? Al Sharpton?00:05:09 08/14/18 Tue2

More proof that the Russia Investigation is a scum set-upBen Johnson21:19:52 08/13/18 Mon4

We are getting very close to the end! (than maybe not)The Mueller Investigation20:44:20 08/13/18 Mon1

God bless and PROTECT all you patriotic marchers tomorrow in DC! (NT)Patrick Henry14:46:35 08/11/18 Sat3

"Does this swimsuit make my ass look large?" she asksRateye14:04:38 08/13/18 Mon2

Yet another high ranking Democrat caught sexually abusing a womanRateye13:09:52 08/13/18 Mon2

With all the time Rateye spends posting here, it's obvious he has no job & no life (NT)Between self abuse, his sheep & posting no doubt03:17:16 08/12/18 Sun4

Putting sex in sexagenarian: Madonna still shocks at 60Rateye15:23:58 08/12/18 Sun1

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