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Subject Author Date Msgs
chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)04:48:55 08/18/17 Fri1

The Lessons of HistoryJeff B.18:22:23 08/17/17 Thu4

MS-13 alt left Nazi Democrats arrested by DOJ---all were brought here by ObamaRateye19:30:40 08/16/17 Wed6

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)18:26:41 08/17/17 Thu1

Survey-I voted for Trump because (pick one)Time Magazine17:34:25 08/17/17 Thu1

I love watching the alt left Nazis going bonkers over President Trump!Rateye19:12:23 08/16/17 Wed2

latamdate.comGeorgewarma09:57:52 08/17/17 Thu1

latamdate reviewGeorgewarma06:50:00 08/17/17 Thu1

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)00:45:38 08/17/17 Thu1

Nigroes being Nigroes at Chicago basketball game--CAUTION VIOLENT VIDEORateye19:08:09 08/16/17 Wed1

How to report potential violence against the President or CongressJames Comey22:16:19 06/14/17 Wed9

'What was your reaction when your father was fucking Monica Lewinsky?'Rodrigo Duterte14:05:17 05/31/17 Wed8

White Nationalists standing up to left wing Nazis!Time to take back America!!!12:41:43 08/15/17 Tue4

wife exposed on Vancouver tripCalgarian20:09:38 08/10/17 Thu6

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)11:19:03 08/16/17 Wed1

latamdate.comGeorgewarma20:16:44 08/15/17 Tue1

University of San Francisco to host blacks-only student orientationTrue diversity on college campuses19:11:59 08/15/17 Tue1

Trump approval falls to lowest level ever in Gallup pollGeorge18:19:26 08/15/17 Tue2

latamdate reviewGeorgewarma14:16:46 08/15/17 Tue1

Send a message to all illegals and their Nazi supports (NT)Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaigo NOW!12:37:39 08/15/17 Tue1

WOW -- Rightwingnut posts aplenty here. They know they're a small minorityand now they've been condemned all over the US!20:51:25 08/14/17 Mon3

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)08:00:18 08/15/17 Tue1

Trump continues his working vacationAnnie Oakley23:08:25 08/14/17 Mon1

Let's not be like the Jews were in GermanyKill the liberal Nazis NOW! Ask questions later.14:22:49 08/14/17 Mon1

The RIGHT needs to start arming themselves at their rallies (NT)Shoot any left wing Nazis that try to stop them.13:14:14 08/14/17 Mon1

idateasiaidateasiaKl (idateasia)08:45:44 05/31/17 Wed3

Suspect in Va. death was a Nazi sympathizer, teacher saysTough luck mental defectives, he's 1 of yours04:19:37 08/14/17 Mon1

Not all Trump supporters are racists, but all racists are Trump supporters.How far apart are their numbers?19:52:20 08/13/17 Sun3

Pocahontas Warren pisses on Clinton and embraces the Nazi takeover of the Dem PartyTom Perez (aka Adolph Perez)21:32:16 08/13/17 Sun1

Great Republican Hero (and Nazi)Donald Trump20:03:49 08/13/17 Sun2

Three Nazis dead in W. Virginia...it's a small startbut we could do much better.13:43:22 08/13/17 Sun4

A GO FUND ME account will soon be up for this brave patriot (NT)Please give as much as you can!!!13:51:44 08/13/17 Sun2

White nationalist rally at University of VirginiaHot News09:45:56 08/12/17 Sat10

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)13:17:14 08/13/17 Sun1

Donald Trump loves the alt right, Putin, Russia, Nazis + can't criticize any of them!Impeach the cocksucker - Make America Great Again!08:14:15 08/13/17 Sun1

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)06:31:04 08/13/17 Sun1

Former GOP Sen. Gordon Humphrey: ‘Seriously Sick’ Trump Must Be Replaced ASAPGordon Humphrey17:53:04 08/11/17 Fri3

Quinnipiac Poll: View of Donald Trump? - The No. 1 response was “idiot.”Eric Anthamatten16:25:12 06/12/17 Mon22

Charmdate ScamcharmdateKl05:40:12 08/12/17 Sat1

How the Democratic Party is destroying AmericaADMO17:17:42 06/11/17 Sun12

You guys better not be here because I'm a start shooting n------."I will come back with 20 n-----.22:39:23 08/11/17 Fri1

The 144 million people who like Trump bestDana Milbank14:55:43 08/09/17 Wed4

charmdate scamcharmdateKl17:10:15 08/11/17 Fri1

Any intelligent poster has long left this left wing septic tank (NT)Please turn out the lights.21:38:36 08/09/17 Wed2

latamdate reviewGeorgewarma12:58:11 08/11/17 Fri1

latamdate.comGeorgewarma10:49:59 08/11/17 Fri1

latamdate.comGeorgewarma23:19:55 08/10/17 Thu1

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)22:57:37 08/10/17 Thu1

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)22:19:06 08/10/17 Thu1

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)12:25:37 08/10/17 Thu1

New York Times guilty of large screw-up on climate-change storyHarrison E. Salisbury04:11:51 08/10/17 Thu1

Prof: ‘college campuses are not free speech areas’Law Clerk23:31:01 05/11/17 Thu8

CHarmdate ScamcharmdateKl00:28:06 08/10/17 Thu1

Trump’s base is drifting away — and may never returnJennifer Rubin20:44:24 08/09/17 Wed1

Wild CardAnnie Oakley19:36:41 08/09/17 Wed2

ADMO -- Who the hell is "charmdate" (and variations) who keeps posting gibberish?His nonsense keeps messing up the board.16:10:02 08/09/17 Wed2

Trump Fires FBI DirectorVerna02:29:22 05/10/17 Wed50

latamdate reviewGeorgewarma18:17:44 08/09/17 Wed1

Sessions rips Dem committee members new assholes during witch hunt (NT)Making America Great Again03:10:15 06/14/17 Wed4

CHARMDATEcharmdateKl15:11:22 08/09/17 Wed1

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)05:55:19 08/09/17 Wed1

Is it time for me to drain the swamp here and do some banning? (NT)ADMe20:34:37 08/08/17 Tue3

Schools get steadily more like mental and gynecological hospitalsKnut Holt22:51:44 08/08/17 Tue2

Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Opens to Low Numbers at Box OfficeThis turd of a movie smells to high heaven!18:20:47 08/08/17 Tue4

Maxine Waters Won’t Rule Out All-Nigro PartyRateye21:32:04 08/07/17 Mon4

1.1 million go off food stamps under Trump. New work rules the main reasonDemocrats would rather starve than work!14:58:30 08/08/17 Tue3


Real IMWK's one man pro-pedophile play gets trashed in ChicagoRateye01:04:43 08/08/17 Tue3

Polls with stories about extreme or strange medical exams on kids and adultsKnut Holt13:12:25 08/08/17 Tue1

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)11:37:37 08/08/17 Tue1

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)07:07:15 08/08/17 Tue1

CHARMdatecharmdateKl04:53:37 08/08/17 Tue1

A new worlds record-6 cocks in my ass & 5 loads of cum swallowed in 1day (NT)Rateye01:35:22 08/08/17 Tue1

Working vacationAnnie Oakley15:54:58 08/07/17 Mon5

Another record day! Thank you President Trump for making working Americans wealthyRateye21:37:13 08/07/17 Mon3

Conference Board’s index hit the second highest reading since 2000U.S. Consumer Confidence Rose in July15:52:33 08/06/17 Sun6

Here's a topic about medical students and nudityHYOOMAN!!02:53:25 08/07/17 Mon2

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)13:04:31 08/07/17 Mon1

Charmdate ScamcharmdateKl08:33:59 08/06/17 Sun1

CharmDatecharmdateKl22:34:40 08/05/17 Sat1

CHarmdate ScamcharmdateKl21:18:38 08/05/17 Sat1

Why Is Donald Trump Still So Horribly Witless About the World?Robin Wright19:19:29 08/05/17 Sat1

Democrats (the party with no programs) fear Russia probe blowbackAnnie17:41:19 08/05/17 Sat2

CharmDatecharmdateKl17:19:35 08/05/17 Sat1

Fox News Host Sent Unsolicited Lewd Text Messages To Colleagues, Sources SayYashar Ali16:47:11 08/05/17 Sat1

Yet another record day in the stock market. Thank you Mr Trump for making us wealthy (NT)Working America00:53:38 08/05/17 Sat3

Jessica Shears strips off completely nakedJimmy Olsen01:15:06 08/05/17 Sat2

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)08:45:02 08/05/17 Sat1

CHARMDATE SCAMcharmdateKl03:26:14 08/05/17 Sat1

A Day In The Life...Annie15:30:31 08/03/17 Thu4

Obamacare Rage in RetrospectPaul Krugman, via Read 'em and weep!19:16:35 08/04/17 Fri4

I'll bet any amount of money this was RateyeMaybe he is done with sheep16:17:15 08/03/17 Thu5

West Virginia Governor to Switch from Democrat to RepublicanSmart Man22:50:49 08/03/17 Thu1

charmdate ScamcharmdateKl17:35:06 08/03/17 Thu1

Hey Admo, lovely video up above....I don't see a thing....Rateye15:32:21 08/03/17 Thu1

Kate Moss's little sister looking HOT!Jimmy Olsen14:09:51 08/03/17 Thu1

Trump lies about calls from the Boy Scouts and the President of Mexico (NT)He lies about everything-never tells the truth00:29:29 08/03/17 Thu2

Man who raped, killed child is publicly executed at point blank rangeJimmy Olsen23:06:59 08/01/17 Tue5

Jess Shears goes topless after telling fans she wants her boobs ‘re-done’Jimmy Olsen18:05:30 08/02/17 Wed1

No chaos said Drumpf-HA HA HA-only his poorly educated idiots believe that (NT)LMAO23:57:33 07/31/17 Mon11

Drumpf said the White House is a "real dump"-No one is forcing that POS to stay (NT)Flush all the toilets to get rid of him & the turd04:11:03 08/02/17 Wed1

Remember you told us you broke the prison record for taking it up the ass in 1 day (NT)Ratfag-please repost04:08:36 08/02/17 Wed1

Boyfriend of missing woman hid corpse in freezer as new girlfriend moved inJimmy Olsen19:35:50 08/01/17 Tue2

Jury hears details of mom who died after beach threesomeJimmy Olsen23:00:16 08/01/17 Tue2

charmdate ScamcharmdateKl11:34:29 08/01/17 Tue1

CHARMDATE SCAMcharmdateKl05:59:34 08/01/17 Tue1

lovely spermPaola. My favorite.23:29:14 07/31/17 Mon1

Even the rightwing Rasmussen poll says Trump is in the shitter!Drudge21:35:31 07/31/17 Mon1

Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal erupts as she threatens police chief!Yet another Dem sorry episode12:59:59 07/31/17 Mon2

Mooch is out, gone, fini-HA HA HA HA-can this administration be any more fucked up?LMAO19:48:17 07/31/17 Mon1

Trump doesn’t bother to disguise his thuggish instinctsJennifer Rubin18:46:19 07/31/17 Mon2

Dow opens at record high as Wall Street cheers strong earnings season (NT)Thank you President Trump!15:04:53 07/31/17 Mon4

Failing to repeal the ACA Republican's true colors finally laid bare for all to see (NT)An impotent bunch of incompetent idiots & losers17:17:27 07/29/17 Sat6

Gosh. Do you think she means his middle finger?Kathleen Parker17:17:13 07/30/17 Sun7

Who need comedy on TV when Drumpf & his merry band of misfits is on dailyLMAO04:11:27 07/29/17 Sat2

Anything that gives Drumpf a case of twitter diarrhea is good for this country (NT)Put that winey little bitch to bed W/O his supper18:12:25 07/29/17 Sat4

language (terms of service)admo05:29:38 07/28/17 Fri5

CHARMDATE SCAMcharmdateKl14:36:05 07/30/17 Sun1

Dont think I can even spellripped on a full gummy bear.04:56:32 07/30/17 Sun2

CHARMdatecharmdateKl04:48:14 07/30/17 Sun1

Charmdate ScamcharmdateKl10:31:49 07/29/17 Sat1

Only the uneducated and dim witted use vulgarity (NT)Which is why liberals use it all the time.20:22:27 07/25/17 Tue5

Zero for two-HA HA HA HA-Drumpf/Republicans fail again to repeal the ACABecause the Republican bill is shit21:20:55 07/26/17 Wed4

Who Trump is really aiming forTelnaes18:55:22 07/28/17 Fri1

Mooch doesn't like Resse pubic hair in his coffee (NT)Malaria Tramp04:45:52 07/28/17 Fri1

Another win for President Trump and America---no tranny queers in the military! (NT)Now he has to clear out the regular fags19:51:54 07/27/17 Thu2

Real IMWK loves of his life---little boys and accounting (NT)He loves to count his little boys02:53:56 07/28/17 Fri2

Here are just some of President Trump's many victories and accomplishmentsRateye00:47:56 07/26/17 Wed8

Drumpf's afraid he'll grab a pussy & wind up with a hand full of cock. (NT)That is why he is afraid of transgender01:01:58 07/27/17 Thu3

Having a large uneducated population is good for Democrats but bad for our business (NT)The New York Times19:49:44 07/26/17 Wed4

The ugly way Trump’s rise and Putin’s are connectedAnne Applebaum22:18:55 07/25/17 Tue6

Canadian asks question about expensive dairy productsIN CANADA22:27:21 07/24/17 Mon3

Hey, Mike. Keep sucking on this!Don J.16:59:39 07/26/17 Wed4

The perks of the presidency according to TrumpAT17:17:35 07/26/17 Wed1

Trump cares little about experience in filling jobs- his idiot base could cares lessTrump is making this country a 3rd world shithole14:54:51 07/24/17 Mon6

Trump is in way over his head, and he knows it! USA Today Poll:42% favor impeachment now, 42% against!16:13:35 07/25/17 Tue7

Love those diarrhea tweet storms by our unhinged pussy grabber in chief (NT)Anything that pissed that asshole off is good18:38:44 07/24/17 Mon2

Trump is a POS and anyone who voted for him & still supports him is a fucking idiot (NT)His supporters are brain dead retard idiots20:40:56 07/24/17 Mon1

Anything that causes our POS President to fire off a diarrhea tweet storm is good (NT)Only confirms what a thin skinned idiot he is18:28:17 07/24/17 Mon1

As the lies & investigations pile up, his supporters are more stupid than we thoughtTrump is making us the laughing stock of the world18:25:42 07/24/17 Mon1

Trump goes off on Republicans in tweetstorm for failing to 'protect' himover 'phony Russian Witch Hunt' -- Harrison Jacobs15:14:52 07/24/17 Mon1

Stop Trumpcare! My little boys need free medical care!The Real IMWK13:39:58 07/22/17 Sat4

White House orders extra black hair dye for Munchkin and Mooch (NT)Plus the orange piss Drump uses for his hair23:12:39 07/23/17 Sun3

Sean like the wind...Annie18:46:41 07/22/17 Sat3

9 wet backs die in trailer in San AntonioToo bad it wasn't more23:27:21 07/23/17 Sun1

Rateye is trying to have sex with either Silly Ann Cuntway or Sarah Fuckabee Sanders (NT)Not much of an improvement over sheep02:18:10 07/22/17 Sat3

Where did all the intelligent posters go to? (NT)Only the seriously stupid here now17:43:24 07/19/17 Wed4

White woman calls police for help---Mooslime cop murders herLiberals silent --including mayor00:29:33 07/22/17 Sat2

What should Republicans do now? Apologize and go away.Tom Toles16:01:53 07/20/17 Thu7

Truth To The WordRead 'em and weep!15:04:46 07/17/17 Mon3

vacation nudity questionolder guy12:55:59 07/12/17 Wed13

FREE ALL BLACK PRISONERS! (NT)Freedom For OJ!!!04:28:11 07/21/17 Fri1

HA HA HA HA-the Republicans prove once again they are the party of shitThe Truth Sayer20:51:28 07/18/17 Tue5

Dumbass Trump blames the Democrats for Trumpcare defeat.GOP controls Congress.20:09:03 07/18/17 Tue2

Answer me thisHYOOMAN!!00:31:53 07/13/17 Thu16

I wonder why no intelligent people post here anymore. (NT)Just left wingnuts and other liberal crazies15:08:20 07/16/17 Sun9

My First Non-Spanking CFNM ExperienceMitchell16:22:02 06/28/17 Wed5

Which hunt?tommy14:49:34 07/15/17 Sat1

This Diagram Predicts What's Next For Donald Trump Jr.Stephen C.17:56:15 07/12/17 Wed4


World Trade Center buildings fell by a planned internal demolisionKnut Holt01:18:30 07/14/17 Fri5

PicHYOOMAN!!00:43:06 07/13/17 Thu2

Cookie MonsterHYOOMAN!!03:43:54 07/14/17 Fri1

ADMIN--one of your videos went down, (NT)Read 'em & weep!15:27:43 07/10/17 Mon11

Another gutless chicken shit liberal threatens the PresidentAll liberals are fags and fuck-ups20:37:11 07/12/17 Wed1

Thank you REAL IMWK for the pictures you secretly passed on to me!Jerry Sandusky16:38:04 07/11/17 Tue6

Russian lawyer: "I was NOT from the Kremlin---had no info on Clinton"Read 'em & weep!16:16:16 07/11/17 Tue4

Trump’s Son Met w/ Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Info on ClintonJO BECKER, MATT APUZZO, ADAM GOLDMAN14:01:17 07/10/17 Mon15

Criticizing Sharia is 'hate speech,' Georgetown students sayThose crazy liberals are at it again!13:39:49 07/11/17 Tue1

Federal prosecutors step up probe of land deal pushed by wife of Bernie SandersRead 'em & weep!13:20:14 07/11/17 Tue1

Trump puts hat on Marine after wind carries it awayNo way Clinton or Obama would show this much class13:09:17 07/10/17 Mon2

Men and Republicans Are the Best Tippers---Not Surprising!Read 'em & weep!15:35:47 07/10/17 Mon1

Biggest disaster for USA: 9/11 attack or Trump becomes president?Vote Now!15:01:45 07/10/17 Mon2

Ban Liftedadmin06:04:39 07/10/17 Mon3

FBI arrests yet another looney liberal for threatening US SenatorRead 'em & weep!15:40:47 07/09/17 Sun3

Australian journalist demolishes Trump at G20: 'biggest threat to the west'Rateye18:38:18 07/09/17 Sun2

No erections at the y (as at nudist resorts)It was like this ...22:12:35 06/18/17 Sun26

Thank you ADMO for posting the above videos exposing the liberal disease (NT)God Bless Colin Flaherty15:17:27 07/09/17 Sun2

Agenda-21 - the global plan of the elite to enslave uis allKnuit Holt03:14:31 07/09/17 Sun2

Homo gives birth to his own daughterHeaven help us!14:33:25 07/08/17 Sat2

Illinois to rename part of Expressway for a niggerThe Real IMWK20:54:30 07/06/17 Thu10

100,000 worthless liberals descend on HamburgRead 'em & weep!20:45:22 07/06/17 Thu8

Putin asks for proof of Russian meddling in US elections--of course there is noneBut that won't stop left wing nuts say'n there is21:25:20 07/07/17 Fri5

US nonfarm payrolls total 222,000 in June vs 179,000 expectedTrump--Making America Great Again!!!14:04:27 07/07/17 Fri3

America was sinking into Chaos under Obama- Worst PresidentObserver19:49:43 07/07/17 Fri4

Barack Obama ranked 12th overall by C-span historians.Read 'em and weep!16:18:49 07/05/17 Wed12

Impeachment May Not Be The Only Way To Oust Trump From OfficeRateye15:59:28 07/06/17 Thu6

Effort to bar child marriage in California runs into opposition---ME!The Real IMWK14:57:51 07/07/17 Fri2

I want to thank all you sheep fuckers out for visiting my sheep fuckers websiteRateye01:26:19 07/07/17 Fri3

Imagine if the shoe were on the other footPeter Olotka13:34:07 07/07/17 Fri3

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)02:16:53 04/26/17 Wed5

Hopes of ‘Trump Bump’ for U.S. Economy Shrink as Growth Forecasts FadeRateye16:38:32 07/06/17 Thu4

POS liberals are celebrating Malia Obama instead of Independence DayTypical of the loser left04:38:09 07/06/17 Thu5

Send me an e-mail if you love sheep like I do (NT)Rateye23:46:12 07/03/17 Mon5

After series of rapes by Muslim men, festival considering women only eventKnut Holt15:53:01 07/06/17 Thu1

Administrator. You allowed liberal crazies to kill your board. Goodbye (NT)Butler19:24:55 07/05/17 Wed4

we are missing something with the Pres.here it is14:24:30 07/04/17 Tue6

Obama's weak pussy foreign policies emboldened No. Korea (NT)Now Trump has to clean up his mess00:36:20 07/06/17 Thu1

Nigger murders cop in NYC--liberal's cheer as America mourns (NT)Read 'em and weep00:16:03 07/06/17 Thu1

Number of US citizens fleeing to Canada less than during Obama fiasco presidencyRead it and weep16:05:11 07/05/17 Wed1

Bizarre. Absurd. Ridiculous. Embarrassing. Trump.Kathleen Parker15:38:39 07/05/17 Wed3

What makes Trump go?Ann T.15:20:55 07/05/17 Wed2

“We love you, Hillary!” the crowd called to the former presidential candidate.Nina Golgowski21:38:26 07/04/17 Tue4

God Bless America and God Bless President Trump!Uncle Sam14:46:48 07/04/17 Tue2

"How the Left Lost Its Mind" ----Liberal Atlantic MagazineRateye20:00:49 07/03/17 Mon2

Thanks to President Trump the Wet Backs are staying home!Rateye20:21:49 07/03/17 Mon7

Wave our flag on the 4th of July--It's drives shithead liberals crazy! (NT)Rateye20:31:37 07/03/17 Mon3

Justice Kennedy Tells October 2018 Clerkship Applicants He’s Considering Retirement (NT)Rateye20:24:24 07/03/17 Mon3

Trump offers help for critically ill British child--God Bless President Trump Again!Rateye20:30:28 07/03/17 Mon2

Buzz Aldrin’s many faces during Trump’s space speech – videoThe Guardian18:36:47 07/03/17 Mon2

Cruella de TrumpMaureen Dowd19:18:50 07/02/17 Sun15

Thank you ADMO for posting the above videos exposing the liberal disease (NT)Rateye20:06:14 07/03/17 Mon2

Back to the real world.....some posts left here and elsewhere.....Leon18:17:28 06/30/17 Fri12

Trump followers...tw01:09:31 07/03/17 Mon5

True but embarrassing storyLeon18:55:59 07/02/17 Sun3

Any leg men out there? World's longest female legs?Butler01:31:53 07/01/17 Sat5

Donald Trump is not well (very worth reading)Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough15:36:02 06/30/17 Fri12

President Trump, Melting Under CriticismEditorial, NY Times14:56:20 07/01/17 Sat1

private emailsadmo04:23:01 06/30/17 Fri11

Rateye doesn't count sheep to go to sleep-he counts sheep he has fucked that day (NT)Truman14:26:15 06/30/17 Fri3

Donny Goes to School - The President Show -Comedy Central23:36:49 06/29/17 Thu2

Maxine Waters says ‘700 BILLION’ will lose coverage with O’care reformJust another dumbass clueless Democrat00:01:54 06/30/17 Fri1

Trump has an obsession with blood coming from a women's body-like a 13 yr old boyThe truth sayer20:02:53 06/29/17 Thu2

FAKE NEWS -- FROM & ABOUT DONALD DIPSHIT!!!Jen Hayden17:32:19 06/28/17 Wed14

I like this sex board (NT)Oxi Clean04:21:53 06/21/17 Wed4

The Doctor hates Trump's Healthcare billdan203:25:47 06/29/17 Thu2

Enjoying regular sex 'can help prevent heart disease' but there's bad news for womenButler13:26:00 06/26/17 Mon4

Donald DipshitAnn & Tom23:54:03 06/27/17 Tue4

What an abolutely terrible president Trump is. We screwed up bad by supporting him.So I agree this board should focus on sex instead.22:11:16 06/23/17 Fri19

We want wife to have extra-marital sexSorry Us21:12:44 06/23/17 Fri9

Washinton Swamp all out against TrumpAmerica needs change from the Obama Swamp shit13:33:04 06/26/17 Mon3

Would you have sex with an over weight person?JFT03:28:31 06/25/17 Sun5

President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive ListDAVID LEONHARDT and STUART A. THOMPSON21:29:17 06/25/17 Sun4

face and penisperhaps insightful - part one15:30:49 06/25/17 Sun4

Stephen Colbert Announces Possible Run For U.S. Presidency On Russian TVMary Papenfuss23:58:23 06/24/17 Sat1

The only manly time to be erectIs When Making out with Women13:09:27 06/20/17 Tue20

Trump Assassination Threats: Illinois Man Charged After Facebook PostsWhat left wing nut here will be the next arrested?02:06:55 06/23/17 Fri4

Double standard at hospitals regarding being nakedJFT16:13:59 06/23/17 Fri1

denim skirts and cut off denim shortsorganic20:53:05 06/21/17 Wed3

LPGA tells golfer to tone down her image......I hope she tells them to shove it!Oxi Clean21:52:31 06/21/17 Wed2

Hottie HeidiButler20:44:24 06/21/17 Wed2

Porn Stars--are there any out there?Oxi Clean04:32:29 06/21/17 Wed4

The coverup, the crime, the criminal, etc.Tom14:52:08 06/21/17 Wed8

Speaking of Yoga PantsLeon22:58:04 06/20/17 Tue2

Gay bondage sex gone badButler01:15:28 06/21/17 Wed2


Make witch hunts great again.Alexandra Petri22:35:28 06/16/17 Fri16

Herbs that can stimulate you sexuallyNorwegian Wood21:51:11 06/19/17 Mon2

Not much stuff about sexy women hereIs this now just for stuff about racist politics?04:13:41 06/17/17 Sat3

Help Wanted: Senior Trump Administration Position.JM Rainsbury21:44:56 06/18/17 Sun3

The Danger of Ignoring Alex JonesCHARLES J. SYKES21:36:00 06/18/17 Sun2

The country is frighteningly polarized. This is why.Fareed Zakaria21:13:22 06/16/17 Fri3

Is Trump really crazy, or is he just acting that way?Read 'em and weep!18:05:47 06/16/17 Fri5

the Mexican wallI thought he said he'd get it built (Really confused.)06:40:54 06/16/17 Fri4

PrivacyHart01:05:22 06/13/17 Tue9

My only WARNING! Post at your own risk.ADMO13:45:19 06/15/17 Thu5

House Majority Whip Scalise shot at congressional baseball practice (NT)ADMO--Give HS Real IMWK's IP address--#1 suspect14:50:17 06/14/17 Wed8

America’s opinion of Trump as president keeps slippingGallup23:05:52 06/13/17 Tue5

"I'm a House Nigger"Bill Maher20:08:51 06/03/17 Sat7

My list of non-sexual nudityGayle18:02:37 06/12/17 Mon6

Trump's days are numbered. Comey demolished him.I watched the whole thing.22:12:50 06/08/17 Thu14

Norway to ban full-face Muslim veil in all schoolsKnut Holt16:36:58 06/12/17 Mon2

Why Comey’s testimony was utterly devastating to TrumpRuth Marcus16:51:10 06/10/17 Sat8


CNN severs ties with POS hostWolf13:47:29 06/10/17 Sat4

Comey Debunks NYT Report About Trump Campaign Having Repeated Contacts With Russians#Fake News23:16:37 06/08/17 Thu4

Why does every commercial on TV have to have a nigger in it?Bill Maher18:22:37 06/06/17 Tue4

Man ‘disguised himself in a burka so he could lure boy, 11, from Abu Dhabi mosqueMuhammad02:48:46 06/09/17 Fri5

1,2,3I'll explain15:35:28 06/04/17 Sun15

PK Subban 'niggerfies' professional hockeyBill Maher18:12:58 06/06/17 Tue2

Where Are the United States Attorneys? (Has Trump lost his mind?)New York Times Editorial Board12:03:38 06/06/17 Tue9

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)02:48:06 04/17/17 Mon4

Mooslime screaming 'Allahu Akbar' charged in Toronto store attackBan all Mooslimes now!23:46:59 06/06/17 Tue1

85 percent drop in food stamp participation after work requirements restarted 424Democrat Gravy Train Comes to a Halt23:39:28 06/06/17 Tue1

Dem Lawmaker Walks Out of Town Hall Event After Crowd Starts Chanting “We Love Trump!Making America Great Again!!!18:33:07 06/06/17 Tue1

"progressive" nut job caught leaking US secrets. Give her the chair!Benedict Arnold18:04:35 06/06/17 Tue2

Trump nominates Rateye for Sec of Agriculture but gives him an ethics waiverSilly Ann Conway17:05:28 06/06/17 Tue1

Massachusetts: The nation’s leader in public educationJack Edmonston13:21:19 06/06/17 Tue1

What should be the Democrats programs?Nancy Parker00:57:34 06/06/17 Tue2

Why do you suppose Trump lied through his teeth about the Paris Accord?Here are the facts...08:05:53 06/03/17 Sat9

Tobin Smith, Former Fox Paid Contributor, Confirms What We Always Suspected About Foxazindy22:47:05 06/05/17 Mon1

Trump wanted to preside over an economic boom What if growth stalls before it starts?Wonkblog17:59:21 06/05/17 Mon3

Since Trump took office my accounting business has doubled!The Real IMWK20:56:38 06/04/17 Sun5

CNN Creates #FakeNews in London Following Terror Attacks, Stages Muslim ProtestersCNN--the place gullible liberals get their news15:45:36 06/05/17 Mon1

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)13:02:49 04/20/17 Thu4

Fox News Host Disavows Internment Camps, After Panelists Suggest Rounding Up MuslimsMarina Fang00:41:07 06/05/17 Mon1

Idiot President Tweets Idiotic Crap This Morning After London Attackdurrati20:36:38 06/04/17 Sun3

PM May says "enough is enough" after London Muslims kill sevenTime to ban ALL Muslimes from the US21:04:03 06/04/17 Sun2

"Trump's Incompetence Won't Save Our Democracy:" Masha Gessen for the New York TimesDartagnan20:47:19 06/04/17 Sun3

The American dream? Top 20% pulling away from the rest, study findsRichard Reeves20:03:55 06/04/17 Sun2

Ramadan the bloodiest "Holy" season on the globeDaniel Pearl18:31:01 06/04/17 Sun1

Baseball legend Jimmy Piersall RIPInquiring Minds Want to Know18:14:42 06/04/17 Sun2

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)09:28:13 06/04/17 Sun1

Here is the TRUTH about Paris that I hid from my idiot readersJeff Bezos18:50:13 06/03/17 Sat3

Secret Service going after Kathy (cunt) Griffin..is Real IMWK next?Rateye23:18:53 06/02/17 Fri4

Almost half of Americans die nearly broke.....the other have are conservativesgaylord18:37:21 06/02/17 Fri2

Thank you, President Trump, for making me rich along with conservative America (NT)Daddy Warbucks20:39:56 06/02/17 Fri2

Trump shows his true colors...Ann T.13:55:26 06/02/17 Fri8

I LOVE watching left wing nut assholes go ballistic over Trump! (NT)Sheila E22:47:39 06/01/17 Thu2

Thank you, President Trump, for showing me what an asshole I was for following Obama (NT)Inquiring Minds Want to Know21:06:20 06/01/17 Thu4

CNN Fires Kunt Kathy GriffinInquiring Minds Want to Know21:02:21 05/31/17 Wed6

Nigger fabricates racist note at St. Olaf college.Inquiring Minds Want to Know23:56:59 05/11/17 Thu4

Drumpf & fag ex-con Rateye have something in common. They both are shit (NT)Melania sucks cock20:40:46 06/01/17 Thu1

As long as I can fuck sheep & swallow cum, I don't care about climate changeRateye20:17:10 06/01/17 Thu1

Thank you, President Trump, for making America Great Again! (NT)Jimmy Carter23:49:51 05/04/17 Thu7

latamdate reviewGeorgewarma14:44:30 06/01/17 Thu1

Obamas Buy D.C. House For $8.1M --Community organizing pays! (NT)The Real IMWK13:25:49 06/01/17 Thu1

Cavfefe is the name of the sound made when I pull my dick out of a sheep's ass (NT)Rateye00:51:32 06/01/17 Thu2

I really hoped the cold war was overJust think of the good all that $ could have done12:21:59 06/01/17 Thu1

Speaking of pulling out of the climate accord, wish my father would have pulled outRateye00:15:08 06/01/17 Thu1

h8hoqy7gMichaelMerne22:00:55 05/31/17 Wed1

Forget Drumpf-Rateye invented the word Cavfefe-it means ass fucking dead bodies (NT)His favorite pasttime besides sheep fucking19:59:45 05/31/17 Wed2

CHNLOVE----can you post some pictures of little boys for me? (NT)The Real IMWK20:49:09 05/31/17 Wed1

I am a sheep fucking ex-con who posts under Real IMWK cause I am a POS (NT)Rateye20:38:47 05/31/17 Wed1

chnlovechnloveKl (chnlove)19:56:52 05/31/17 Wed1

Margaret Court says 'tennis is full of lesbians' as row escalatesThe Real IMWK19:37:27 05/31/17 Wed3

One of "my" boys called me "poppa" today! It made me cream in my pants with joy! (NT)The Real IMWK13:57:53 05/31/17 Wed2

charmingdatecharmingdateKl (charmingdate)19:03:01 05/31/17 Wed1

Don't know what "covfefe" means but Rateye has sucked it & stuck it up his ass (NT)As he has done with everything he owns15:55:52 05/31/17 Wed2

Trump: Is he unfit for office?The Week, May 2621:30:23 05/30/17 Tue3

Huma wants her Weiner back! Proof liberals love us child molesters!Real IMWK14:08:41 05/31/17 Wed1

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