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Subject Author Date Msgs
Trump's Gallup poll ratings hit a low of 35% today-HOW LOW CAN IT GOEveryone except Ratfag-he'll go down with the ship23:24:44 03/29/17 Wed1

Nude Swimming Instructions in NorwayKnut Holt21:17:01 03/28/17 Tue8

Bare bottom spanking in front of non relativesEddie16:24:15 03/29/17 Wed6

Obama = POTUS -- Trump = POSJust saying14:04:50 03/29/17 Wed5

Female nurse's experience with naked malesBetsy RN17:12:33 03/28/17 Tue9

looks like someone here has a problem with his masculinityCarolee18:46:14 03/29/17 Wed2

Anyone else have privacy issue at home?Daniel15:07:38 03/29/17 Wed2

When Ratfag can't find his dildo pacifier he counts sheep he's fucked to get to sleep (NT)Or he drinks a nice warm glass of cum01:48:32 03/29/17 Wed2

Dow at risk of longest losing streak since 1978Thank you President Drumpf17:02:28 03/28/17 Tue6

First Non-Spanking CFNM ExperienceDaniel16:48:41 03/28/17 Tue9

FYI It appears the Sensations 4 women site is down (NT)Tom13:32:24 03/29/17 Wed1

Off topic---LufthanaKnut Holt21:19:25 03/28/17 Tue1

Trump's Approval Rating Drops to New Low of 36%Frank Newport00:58:21 03/28/17 Tue10

Only brain dead idiots think that cutting environmental regs will bring back coal jobReal IMWK19:59:25 03/28/17 Tue1

Looks like Tillerson may be next to go...Copyright 2017 U.S. News & World Report18:46:52 03/28/17 Tue1

Trumpies, maybe you should consider that President Obama wasn't the problem.Dax Daxerson17:37:08 03/26/17 Sun4

Government to punish Sanctuary Cities that protect Wet BacksRateye19:31:10 03/27/17 Mon5

Dumbass Chelsea Clinton thinks photo of Abe Lincoln was 'photo-shopped'! HONEST!Rateye19:36:59 03/27/17 Mon5

Portrait Of The Current AdministrationMolly Crabapple00:05:56 03/28/17 Tue1

Rasmussen poll shows that 45% approve of DT's job performance. 54% disapprove. (NT)That's the poll that Ratfag keeps quoting16:39:22 03/27/17 Mon5

Hey admin now that you're awake -why isn't Ratfag posting as Jerry Sandusky redundant (NT)Or his calling IMWK a child molester?22:31:36 03/24/17 Fri12

Trump presented Angela Merkel a printed 'invoice' for what he thinks they owe NatoHunter19:20:47 03/27/17 Mon1

The fundamental reason Mr. Trump & his allies in Congress now look like such losers.Paul Krugman via Read 'em and weep!17:25:12 03/27/17 Mon3

Our America First Pres. hopes that the ACA fails & that million will be left W/O ins. (NT)He's so pissed that his shit plan never got a vote16:42:30 03/27/17 Mon1

Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity, to his face, that he's bad for AmericaRead 'em and weep!23:55:45 03/26/17 Sun1

Steve Bannon Posted A "Shit List" In WH War Room; And Paul Ryan Is Toast.ursulafaw21:42:17 03/26/17 Sun1

Donald Trump says "Democrats are smiling"-Yes we are-from ear to earReal IMWK20:18:05 03/26/17 Sun1

According to Republicans, Trump is in deep shit and thrashing about.John Wagner, Damian Paletta and Sean Sullivan17:50:10 03/26/17 Sun4

Dealmaker Drumpf-HA HA-he should stick to what he knows best-grabbing pussies (NT)Real IMWK01:08:05 03/26/17 Sun2

Drump kept saying "Only I can fix it"-He can't & won't fix shit (NT)Fuck his poorly educated idiot lemmings04:53:19 03/26/17 Sun2

Real IMWK bought all the kiddie porn I had of little boysJared Fogle20:42:26 03/25/17 Sat4

Why Republicans were in such a hurry on health careMatt O'Brien22:55:32 03/25/17 Sat4

GOP not talking about health-care access - but about buying health-care insurance.Annie15:44:26 03/24/17 Fri2

Thank God I still am covered by the ACA-Trumpcare didn't cover my AIDS treatmentsRatfag22:32:52 03/25/17 Sat1

Both houses of Congress and President Trump & they can't get shit done!Read 'em and weep!19:29:45 03/25/17 Sat1

“I would rarely leave the WH because there’s so much work to be done.” BSReal IMWK15:37:07 03/25/17 Sat1

Don't you just love Trump's epic fail on health careWhat do you say about that Ratfag?05:08:06 03/25/17 Sat1

GREAT NEWS=Ratfag bought all unused copies of the GOP Health Plan to wipe his ass (NT)He won't have to use his fingers & lick them clean01:31:18 03/25/17 Sat1

I've been 12 hrs without a dick in my ass-fags e-mail me at dickinass@Ratfag.com (NT)Ratfag AKA cumswallow20:21:05 03/23/17 Thu5

"Nobody knew health care could be so complicated"-no everybody knew except Drumpf (NT)And his stupid poorly educated supporters23:39:05 03/24/17 Fri1

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (NT)Thank you Pres Drumpf for fucking things up22:35:08 03/24/17 Fri1

If Drumpf can't grab your pussy, he can't close the deal (NT)The poorly educated are always learning22:33:43 03/24/17 Fri1

Deal maker Drumpf-we are going to get so tired of winning-HA HA HA HA HA HAReal IMWK22:27:23 03/24/17 Fri1

GOP just proved it cannot govern with a majority in Congress + Pres...and Trump blames the Democrats!!!!22:21:58 03/24/17 Fri1

Nigger Dad Groomed Sons To Become Pimps: FedsRateye17:12:13 03/24/17 Fri4

I applied to the Guiness Book of World Records for most cum swallowed at one sitting (NT)Ratfag aka cum swallow17:32:30 03/23/17 Thu2

Real IMWK is afraid I'll snitch on him so I can get a reduced sentenceJerry Sandusky14:44:57 03/24/17 Fri1

Drumpf-epic fail on his first legislative attempt (NT)He should back to his first love=pussy grabbing21:12:40 03/23/17 Thu3

The whole board wants to know-has Ratfag had more dicks in his mouth or up his assInquiring Minds Want to Know04:48:42 03/22/17 Wed5

Most people count sheep to go to sleep, Ratfag counts sheep he has fucked (NT)Real IMWK17:27:53 03/23/17 Thu1

Hey Ratfag-does swallowing all that cum give you a sromach ache (NT)We already know its has rotted your brain23:20:49 03/22/17 Wed5

‘There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air’Nicholas Kristof16:57:50 03/23/17 Thu2

I'm having a cock sucking ass fucking gangband Sunday at my trailer behind the dumpRatfag AKA Cum Swallow05:09:13 03/23/17 Thu2

REAL IMWK calls boys his "baby popsicles" or his "mini donut holes" (NT)Jerry Sandusky14:08:14 03/22/17 Wed5

The asshole pussy grabber says "he feels partially vindicated"Only "cum swallow" Ratfag & DOA Gaunt believe him23:15:28 03/22/17 Wed2

The truth about Trump...if you have the balls to read it.Read 'em and weep!18:44:16 03/22/17 Wed3

The final history of the end of all of usWW III00:28:27 03/23/17 Thu5

Diane Sawyer to interview REAL IMWK's favorite 'athlete'Jerry Sandusky15:40:39 03/22/17 Wed2

Still waiting for the left wing loonies to prove Russia hacked the election (NT)Leland Gaunt20:38:23 03/22/17 Wed2

Nunes: Trump transition members were under surveillance during Obama administrationLeland Gaunt20:41:29 03/22/17 Wed2

Five questions after Comey’s testimonyJennifer Rubin, Washington Post22:04:21 03/21/17 Tue3

Trump has no idea how to tend his gardenGarrison Keillor22:17:19 03/21/17 Tue3

Republican shocks panel saying Trump not intelligent enough to be PresidentRead 'em and weep!19:40:46 03/21/17 Tue7

15 year old girl gang raped live on Facebook by jungle niggersRateye19:57:07 03/21/17 Tue2

Wet back provision eliminated from Obamacare rollback. STOP THIS BILL!Rateye23:27:29 03/21/17 Tue3

Time for Republican Congress to admit Trump is delusional and impeach him. (NT)Make America Great Again.19:01:25 03/21/17 Tue2

Democratic Party still in shambles and left for dead.Leland Gaunt15:09:21 03/21/17 Tue4

These whites finally get it about niggersRateye19:20:26 03/21/17 Tue1

Hillary Clinton says she's 'ready to come out of the woods'Leland Gaunt15:25:04 03/21/17 Tue6

Watched the Comey hearings -- Trump is absofuckinglutely fucked!Read 'em and weep!21:26:33 03/20/17 Mon4

I want to makes things perfectly clear-I suck cocks, swallow cum and fuck sheep (NT)Ratfag-the one & only ex-con fag here19:49:15 03/20/17 Mon1

Niggers go nuts again in PhillyRateye14:43:48 03/20/17 Mon4

Billboard at Phoenix Art ShowTruth squad18:55:40 03/19/17 Sun5

linkAdmin02:22:11 03/20/17 Mon8

50 wet backs arrested in Detroit during cock fighting raidRateye15:04:13 03/20/17 Mon3

Where's the "diversity" in 'March Madness'?????Rateye14:56:13 03/20/17 Mon1

WW3Your thoughts, please.10:19:54 03/20/17 Mon1

The White House is a complete mess. Here's why---Howard Fineman22:15:52 03/19/17 Sun1

CounterfeitNewsNetwork host has profanity laced on air meltdownLeland Gaunt15:28:26 03/19/17 Sun4

Why the country is going to hell...Anne Applebaum16:16:24 03/13/17 Mon6

I'm paranoid about someone accusing me ...... of spying21:06:47 03/18/17 Sat1

9 Nigger Teens Arrested After Assault In Downtown Baltimore Caught On TapeRateye19:36:55 03/08/17 Wed6

this isn't national securitygood guy20:35:53 03/18/17 Sat1

for and against Trumpinternet doubter20:04:10 03/18/17 Sat2

The dtr says the tear in my anal canal has healed so I can start ass fucking againRatfag18:56:47 03/18/17 Sat1

Twitter Piles On Trump After ‘Klusterfucken’ Angela Merkel VisitRead 'em and weep!18:08:15 03/18/17 Sat2

Let Bannon Be Bannon!David Brooks14:41:10 03/18/17 Sat7

BIN LADEN WON!I GET IT.01:41:24 03/18/17 Sat5

Rachel Maddow shows more class than any Trumpkin could ever understand.Read 'em and weep!18:47:03 03/17/17 Fri4

Found! The wiretap evidence!Read 'em and weep!21:46:18 03/17/17 Fri1

Trump to cut freebies to liberal shitholes---PBR, NPR, etcRateye15:14:11 03/16/17 Thu6

What a complete fucking embarrassment Trump is as president!I just saw his news conference with Angela Merkel.20:42:09 03/17/17 Fri1

Hey Ratfag-how many sheep have you fucked & how many cocks have you sucked today (NT)The whole board wants to know18:13:06 03/17/17 Fri4

"Wiretap" Donald Trump. Minimum 600 volts. (NT)Make America Great Again!!13:55:22 03/17/17 Fri5

I'm keeping a special cell open for child molesting REAL IMWKRobert Gilmore, Warden Greene State Prison16:04:13 03/15/17 Wed4

Trump hits back at "Poop" Dogg after fake-shooting videoLeland Gaunt16:34:47 03/15/17 Wed2

Donald Trump just got a nice victory, thanks to, of all people, Rachel MaddowLeland Gaunt20:28:01 03/15/17 Wed2

REAL IMWK told me that until you've slept with boys like he does you're not a manJerry Sandusky15:19:19 03/15/17 Wed4

I am the warden at the facility where Jerry Sandusky is incarceratedRobert Gilmore, Warden Greene State Prison01:03:45 03/15/17 Wed7

Trumpcare-FAIL, Trump travel ban-FAIL, Trump wiretap claims-FAIL (NT)Trump & cocksucker Ratfag-losers in life04:47:53 03/16/17 Thu5

The Lesson of Trump’s 1040Teresa Tritch23:02:11 03/15/17 Wed2

Trump tries to deflect attention from the Russia connectionssends out ONLY 2 pages of 2005 tax returns22:07:15 03/15/17 Wed1

REAL IMWK promised to have 3 virgin boys waiting for me when I get out! (NT)Jerry Sandusky15:15:46 03/15/17 Wed2

How many cocks will Ratfag have to suck to pay for health ins. under Drumpf care? (NT)Real IMWK03:27:25 03/14/17 Tue2

Tell Rateye to visit me on visitor's day-I want him to blow me under the tableJerry Sandusky22:24:51 03/13/17 Mon4

Trumpcare would leave 14 million unemployable and poorly educated liberals uninsuredRateye18:53:37 03/14/17 Tue3

Only the very wealthy or very stupid voted for Trump and the GOPGreed Over People's Obamacare replacement.11:24:38 03/14/17 Tue5

Here is the song Real IMWK told me he masturbates to every nightJerry Sandusky21:48:51 03/13/17 Mon7

Ineteresting medical experiences as child, teen or adult - polls to tellKnuit Holt21:08:14 03/12/17 Sun10

ADMO! Great videos! I love it when you show what assholes liberals are (NT)Too bad they're all too stupid & brainwashed13:55:11 03/13/17 Mon4

Nazi white nigger college liberals attack free speechRateye21:33:41 03/13/17 Mon1

Texas Rep. proposes $100 Fine For Men Who MasturbateEd Mazza17:45:39 03/13/17 Mon3

Now we know where Ratfag was this weekend and what he looks likeReal IMWK16:24:41 03/13/17 Mon2

Hey Ratfag-since ur head & gun are both up ur ass-why don't you stick your fingerUp there & pull the trigger & blow your brains out16:11:29 03/13/17 Mon1

The Party Of StupidSocrates, Verona NJ15:50:49 03/13/17 Mon3

The 'No TRUMP Act' Just Introduced in Congress in Response to Presidential CorruptionRead 'em and weep!15:39:05 03/13/17 Mon1

Where's the beef? Where's the cow? Where's the steer? Where's the moo?Leland Gaunt16:36:38 03/12/17 Sun5

Trump has already hurt American democracy — in just 50 daysYour "president" wears an orange rat on his head.22:51:06 03/10/17 Fri2

America's Labor Market Is Getting Better by Almost Any MeasureLeland Gaunt19:24:54 03/10/17 Fri3

152,528,000: Record Number of Employed in February; Participation Rate RisesThank you again, President Trump!15:39:13 03/10/17 Fri3

Liberal POS lawyer finally croaks. I hope all liberals soon follow her leadRateye15:01:27 03/09/17 Thu2

This is what happens when poorly educated liberals (like IMWK) ask for $15 an hourRateye15:07:54 03/09/17 Thu4

Starbucks CEO's refugee comments sour customer views of chain - surveyWell done! Keep boycotting Starbucks!15:46:42 03/10/17 Fri2

US Debt Decreased by More Than $60 Billion Since Trump InaugurationThank you again, President Trump!15:41:15 03/10/17 Fri1

A Bill So Bad It’s AwesomePaul Krugman via Read 'em and Weep11:22:29 03/10/17 Fri2

Trump is next!!Your "president" wears an orange rat on his head.10:12:13 03/10/17 Fri2
  • Evidence mounts... -- Your "president" wears an orange rat on his head., 10:13:28 03/10/17 Fri

It is good to have a White all-American President instead of a Black Muslim (NT)Just Sayin01:41:32 03/10/17 Fri2

Eleven year old girl shows she's much smarter than all liberals put togetherLeland Gaunt23:38:51 03/09/17 Thu1

Why the Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media per Rolling Stone!Leland Gaunt22:27:52 03/09/17 Thu1

why get a prison sentence?Libertarian Dan15:52:37 03/09/17 Thu5

Ivanka Trump clothing line reports record sales!Rateye18:20:59 03/08/17 Wed6

Ratfag is going to lose his health insurance under Drump's planWho cares-he is dying of AIDS anyway04:18:33 03/09/17 Thu1

Remember last year's "Woman of the Year" honoree by the liberal establishment?Leland Gaunt23:13:57 03/08/17 Wed2

New Trump-Ryan Obamacare replacement will hurt Trump voters the most!Proves only the stupid voted for Trump.22:02:37 03/08/17 Wed4

U.S. Falls in U.S. News Best Countries RankingsUS NEWS AND WORLD REPORT10:33:47 03/08/17 Wed3

Trump's first full month in office brings massive employment boom!!Rateye18:13:54 03/08/17 Wed3

Sen. Tim Kaine’s son arrested for rioting!Leland Gaunt16:51:20 03/08/17 Wed3

8 years to design it, GOP's AHCA plan gets lambasted by the health care industry.Why are Republicans so stupid?13:27:12 03/08/17 Wed5

17thAmendment Must Be Repealed To Retire Worn Out/Out Dated/Mundane Dianne Feinstein. (NT)Leland Gaunt16:39:22 03/08/17 Wed2

A song for all white women who like dark meatRateye17:50:24 03/07/17 Tue3

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