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Subject Author Date Msgs
Trump signed bill proclaiming inauguration day a "National Day of Patriotic Devotion" (NT)Can this asshole ever stop stroking his own ego16:27:20 01/24/17 Tue1

Leftists have ruined this board (NT)God01:36:59 01/23/17 Mon9

Is there a state coup going on in USA and allied countries?Knut Holt10:07:53 01/23/17 Mon2

Time to let the liberal dumbass here swim in his (their) own shit. (NT)America is GREAT AGAIN!23:19:41 01/20/17 Fri7

From now on only uneducated losers and misfits -- liberals-- will be posting here. (NT)Dan16:23:01 01/22/17 Sun3

charmingdateCharlesKl (charmingdate)17:26:23 01/22/17 Sun1

PillbilliesBill Maher11:20:01 01/21/17 Sat6

Best signs from the women's marchWashington Post23:05:53 01/21/17 Sat3

Development of athletes from kids by strict training regimes, drugs and surgeryk13:31:11 01/22/17 Sun1

aPeyeznbTcJIutHtqinwcogbq (hlvCRZGvJO)13:02:01 01/22/17 Sun1

idateasia inboxStephensoms04:04:43 01/22/17 Sun1

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what the shithead Trump means by "the Americancarnage" he's going to fix?19:16:24 01/20/17 Fri12

ChnloveChngogophef14:49:34 01/21/17 Sat1

Do you know any ex-cons who aren't POS-I'm no different (NT)Rateye23:33:06 01/20/17 Fri1

Great to hear a President say "we" rather than the Obama "I ....I...I....I......." (NT)America is GREAT AGAIN!22:41:00 01/20/17 Fri2

AMERICA FIRST! (NT)Dumbocrats and liberal shitheads last!22:54:55 01/20/17 Fri2

I grab pussy and use it as a humidor for my cigars!Bill Clinton16:08:33 01/20/17 Fri5

Great Speach - Great President (NT)Thank You Mr. Trump20:10:48 01/20/17 Fri6

If Real IMWK spent as much time studying English as he does trolling for little boys (NT)He might than pass a GED exam21:57:16 01/20/17 Fri2

Elegant Melania overshadows Michelle as First LadyKing Trump20:15:45 01/20/17 Fri4

President Trump's approval rating at 56% and climbing!Rateye19:26:33 01/20/17 Fri4

God Bless President Trump! (NT)A18:10:15 01/20/17 Fri3

Trump to cut Arts and Humanities budget-no surprise thereHis white trash base doesn't need no learning05:29:44 01/20/17 Fri9

God Bless President Trump! (NT)America is GREAT AGAIN!18:10:45 01/20/17 Fri3

Really great pussy grabbing opportunity for Drumpf with the women's march on Sat. (NT)He will certainly have his hands full04:05:54 01/20/17 Fri11

I won't be at the inauguration-I will be looking for sheep to fuckRateye17:29:23 01/19/17 Thu3

Trump first exective action tomorrow will be to legalize sheep fucking just for me (NT)Rateye02:17:00 01/20/17 Fri1

Trump just paid 25M to settle the Trump U lawsuit so he can devote more time (NT)to ruining the country & pussy grabbing18:00:18 01/19/17 Thu3

If President Trump is an idiot & knows nothing about the job he is about to assumeCan his cabinet nominees be far behind18:57:38 01/19/17 Thu1

The Political Expert of Fake News in AmericaSAPNA MAHESHWARI17:41:33 01/19/17 Thu2

Thank you, President Obama. Job well done!Inquiring Minds Want to Know14:50:08 01/19/17 Thu3

This is the most ominous Inauguration Day in modern historyE. J. Dionne14:44:32 01/19/17 Thu3

Trump Jobs Boom Continues Before Inauguration Day! Making America Great Again!Rateye14:19:12 01/18/17 Wed10

NYT: Davos Elite Fret About Inequality Over Vintage Wine and CanapésInquiring Minds Want to Know22:00:50 01/18/17 Wed2

I'm not doing no 'perp walk' for trump (NT)Inquiring Minds Want to Know21:34:16 01/18/17 Wed2

Donald Trump says day one of his administration will be MondayWhart happened to Friday, Saturday & Sunday18:52:36 01/18/17 Wed3

Trump makes a complete fool of himself in London. On a question about heroes...Read 'em and weep!17:24:40 01/18/17 Wed3

Shame on Trump for attacking an icon!Inquiring Minds Want to Know19:26:48 01/18/17 Wed1

Violent Offender Task Force searching for convicted child molester. Real IMWK?Please help us find him!19:23:56 01/18/17 Wed1

ADMO: Thanks for posting the above video about Real IMWK's hero--Jimmy SavileRateye17:03:34 01/18/17 Wed5

Amid packing boxes, sobs and tears, cry babies leaving White HouseInquiring Minds Want to Know19:12:24 01/18/17 Wed1

2,000 GM workers to lose their jobs on Inauguration DayThank you President elect Drumpf18:46:22 01/18/17 Wed1

Shithead liberal sets himself on fire--then puts it out. Typical no balls DimocratRateye16:58:04 01/18/17 Wed5

Blacks lament the Obama presidency----now see only hope is with TrumpRateye16:22:25 01/18/17 Wed3

Admo-pls confirm to Rateye that there are mutiple anti-Trump posters on this boardHe's 2 busy swallowing cum to think any different17:09:31 01/18/17 Wed1

Turning the tables on the pussy grabber in chiefOnly fair given the many pussies he's grabbed00:53:53 01/18/17 Wed8

IMF BOOSTS GROWTH FORECAST FOR US, CITES TRUMP IMPACTThank you again, President Trump!18:01:58 01/16/17 Mon12

Obama commutes sentence of fag queen Chelsea ManningRateye13:26:00 01/18/17 Wed1

Magician Penn Jillette worked with Trump—'However bad you think he is, he's worse'Walter Einenkel19:39:45 01/17/17 Tue3

Nigs in Chiraq honor MLK---10 dead, 39 wondedRateye18:14:20 01/17/17 Tue2

Want to buy a new housing or sell a house? Some advices to find the right timeKnut Holt16:24:01 01/17/17 Tue3

Obama rushes to fill dozens of federal jobs with cronies before leaving officeRateye18:10:21 01/17/17 Tue1

Sinking New York Slime cutting budget and newsroom staffRateye18:05:24 01/17/17 Tue1

Stop obsessing over ‘secrets’ about Trump & Russia. What we already know is terribleAnne Applebaum09:24:23 01/16/17 Mon15

Here's a good one -- TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE of Obama's presidency.Casual Observer -- You draw the lines yourself..18:36:07 01/15/17 Sun11

Rateye celebrated his love of blacks & MLK by taking 2 black dicks up his ass (NT)He would have taken 3, but he ran out of lube00:47:34 01/17/17 Tue1

17 Wounded, 7 Killed in MLK Weekend Shootings Across ChicagoRateye14:45:34 01/16/17 Mon5

Why would Trump say he loved the poorly educated if they weren't his major supporters (NT)Anyone who thinks differently is an complete idiot16:47:41 01/16/17 Mon1

MLK jr and Bill Clinton. Ebony and Ivory. The top 'pussy grabbers' of all time. (NT)Rateye14:39:00 01/16/17 Mon1

Trump's brilliant press conference -- outa the park!at last!08:25:04 01/15/17 Sun6

NYE Bash at Real IMWK! BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!NAMBLA23:49:40 12/31/16 Sat9

Florida Man ( AKA Rateye) Accused Of Repeatedly Sexually Assaulting Pit BullSo you have moved on from sheep02:07:10 01/16/17 Mon1

Today's liberal celebrities, a herd of lightweights lacking actual and real talent..Leland Gaunt22:21:58 01/14/17 Sat5

I left the corral gate open and all my sheep escaped (NT)Does anyone have a sheep or 2 I can borrow tonite01:40:51 01/16/17 Mon1

Only trailer park white trash losers like our favorite racist ex-con still like TrumpShows what all knew-he is an idiot17:12:50 01/15/17 Sun3

Meet the biker hosting the biggest pro-Trump demonstration at the inaugurationLeland Gaunt13:42:17 01/15/17 Sun7

Celebrate Martin Luther King DayRateye15:12:55 01/15/17 Sun4

Canada has legalized oral sex with pets as long as no penetration is involvedAll Rateye has to do is move 2 Canada & blow sheep20:25:49 01/14/17 Sat3

Trump shuts up racist civil rights nigga!Rateye15:18:04 01/15/17 Sun2

Why Hillary lostdan203:14:51 01/13/17 Fri19

Drunk, Stoned and Stupid....how liberals go through life. (NT)Leland Gaunt22:18:59 01/14/17 Sat1

Peeing on Kelly Ann Conway's face doesn't effect Trump's ability to grab her pussy (NT)But it does explain the way her face looks20:36:28 01/14/17 Sat1

Sen. Ted Cruz rips the Dumbocrats a new asshole! MUST SEE!Rateye18:46:44 01/14/17 Sat1

Donald Trump's Medical DelusionsPaul Krugman14:39:55 01/14/17 Sat1

Most Americans believe Russia hacked election to help Trump.Quinnipiac14:26:06 01/14/17 Sat1

Tickets for the Inauguration!Patrick Chappatte12:28:02 01/14/17 Sat1

Get us some help! PLEASE!!!!Inquiring Minds Want to Know ...et al23:14:38 01/13/17 Fri3


Trump as President - At The WheelBarry Blitt20:33:20 01/13/17 Fri2

The hypocrisy of Republican "ethics"Nick B.20:38:04 01/13/17 Fri2

Liberal homo teacher only gets probation for sexually abusing boy..WARNING!Rateye19:30:17 01/13/17 Fri1

ADMO!!!!Rateye21:25:45 01/12/17 Thu12

“Mexico absolutely will not pay for the wall 'Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto16:00:25 01/13/17 Fri7

Read for yourself what a traitor the orange asshole isQuickest impeachment in US history coming04:54:14 01/11/17 Wed9

Donald Trump's Approval Nose-DiveNote the "Personal Finances" line!!!17:57:03 01/12/17 Thu7

The reports of DT & golden showers are likely true. Maybe the story will trickle out (NT)Will his next press conf. will have a live stream00:19:45 01/13/17 Fri1

Pew Report: Religion Plummeted in America During Godless Obama EraRateye23:46:36 01/12/17 Thu1

Poorly educated, welfare cheating liberals to protest Trump inaugurationRateye23:42:37 01/12/17 Thu1

Biggest fraud ever perpetrated on America---Obamacare--near deathRateye22:27:58 01/12/17 Thu2

Where is Melania-the simpe answer is "No one is asking or gives a shit."Can't understand a word she says anyway21:33:01 01/12/17 Thu3

The FBI must be closing in on INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOWRateye22:43:55 01/12/17 Thu2

Trump encourages people to piss in hotel rooms to pander to his base most of which (NT)Haven't seen or ever used indoor plumbing22:57:00 01/11/17 Wed3

Agent Orange, aka Donald Trump, to America: I Won, Accountability Is OverJ. Chait16:24:25 01/12/17 Thu1

How to eat to be healthy, strong, in good condition and sexyKnut Holt22:21:45 01/11/17 Wed1

Trump fills last cabinet post naming Rateye Secretary of Agriculture (NT)Because of his extensive experience with sheep22:21:39 01/11/17 Wed1

Post election strategy for the DemsLeland Gaunt20:13:34 01/11/17 Wed3

Goes around/comes around: Guess who’s now accusing others of spreading ‘fake news’Erik Wemple21:18:13 01/11/17 Wed3

Trump is headed for scandal and corruption, very quickly.Greg Sargent20:53:03 01/11/17 Wed1

Doctors steadily more use endoscopic exams to screen children at well-child physicalsDr. Mirijamayan Khan (Dangers and benefits)19:40:01 01/11/17 Wed1

Do not move to Norway to live and work there, it is unpleasant and dangerousKnut Holt12:25:09 01/11/17 Wed3

Trump complains about leaks-very appropriate for some into golden showers (NT)Golden showers, pssuy grabbing-some classy POTUS15:50:47 01/11/17 Wed1

When Rateye found out Trump gave "Golden Showers" he immediately called him (NT)Figured it would go perfectly because he ate shit15:01:50 01/11/17 Wed1

Forty degrees in Chicago now with pouring rain and 50 MPH winds....... (NT)what God thinks of Obama's BS speech tonight20:53:09 01/10/17 Tue2

Early pelvic exams in boys and girls and secret physicals under anesthesiaKnuit Holt12:21:32 01/11/17 Wed1

Media say hacked emails are critical, but can't say whyLeland Gaunt21:31:13 01/10/17 Tue2

Surrogate Delivers Baby For Fag CoupleRateye23:16:49 01/10/17 Tue2

MMA fighters rip whore Streep a new assholeRateye23:22:39 01/10/17 Tue2

Black pastors rally in Washington for AG nominee Jeff SessionsLeland Gaunt21:27:55 01/10/17 Tue1

Liberal Strongholds Chicago, New York in Worst Financial Shape Among Large US CitiesLeland Gaunt14:10:35 01/10/17 Tue5

Dumbocrats lining up to see which one can be the biggest moron during Session hearingRateye16:36:58 01/10/17 Tue2

Meryl Streep---bully and condescending whore...no wonder liberals are losersRateye16:45:13 01/10/17 Tue3

Obama lies about sending tanks to Russian border with PolandLeland Gaunt14:05:45 01/10/17 Tue4

Meryl Streep strips the bark off TrumpJennifer Rubin14:51:17 01/10/17 Tue1

Oh shit-now we have diarrhea post Leland to contend withSome please takes this old fart's computer away14:49:01 01/10/17 Tue1

How to remove Trump from officeRichard Cohen14:38:28 01/10/17 Tue2

U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980Leland Gaunt13:53:21 01/10/17 Tue4

democracy - the majority rules.not exactly06:17:46 01/10/17 Tue4

Meryl Streep gives Globe speech to her poorly educated followersRateye14:47:16 01/09/17 Mon8

Jack Ma chats with Trump about how to create 1 million US jobs over 5 yearsCan't Wait Till Obama Finally Leaves19:57:56 01/09/17 Mon2

Hillary still refuses to take her medicineLeland Gaunt00:17:36 01/10/17 Tue2

Dumbocrats paying $5K for free Obama farewell bullshit speech ticket!Rateye19:29:57 01/09/17 Mon2

Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder or TARDSigmund Freud19:05:47 01/09/17 Mon2

Trump's trying to ram his cabinet nom. through like Rateye sticks things up his ass (NT)Fast and hard18:33:00 01/09/17 Mon1

Kelly Ann Cuntway says Streep's speech "incited people’s worst instincts,” (NT)It's what happens when the orange asshole talks18:07:52 01/09/17 Mon1

Fiat to invest $1 billion in Michigan, Ohio plants, create 2,000 jobsThank you again, President Trump!14:51:19 01/09/17 Mon3

Meryl Streep rips Trump a new asshole with her speech at the Golden Globes (NT)If he wasn't a big enough asshole as it was04:21:09 01/09/17 Mon9

Four Niggas in Chicago accused of hate crimes in video attack streamed on FacebookRateye14:26:19 01/08/17 Sun6

On Jan 20th the flag will fly once again!Rateye14:22:33 01/08/17 Sun3

Since Ivanka Trump is going to have the 1st lady's office in the White House (NT)Does that mean DT is going to fuck her-he wants to18:07:13 01/08/17 Sun1

Kelly Ann Cuntway is the typical Drumpf blond bimbo advisor (NT)Her bra size is greater than her IQ18:04:33 01/08/17 Sun1

Obama set for pardon frenzy as he leaves office--gangbangers, pimps & drug dealersHis final shit on America16:18:14 01/08/17 Sun3

Why the Jewish Elite hates TrumpDuke12:51:57 01/08/17 Sun7

U.S. Ethics Office Struggled to Gain Access to Trump Team, Emails ShowSurprise -- they won't give financial infomation!17:02:53 01/08/17 Sun1

One chart shows how Obama’s job performance compares with his predecessorsIf you want a job, elect Democrats.14:00:52 01/08/17 Sun3

When someone first told Drumpf about tweets-he thought they said twats (NT)Told them he knew about them re his many affairs03:51:54 01/08/17 Sun3

Trump national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized multiple sources in 2012 book (NT)The apple doesn't fall far from the tree19:46:50 01/07/17 Sat1

If Obama is a Muslim, is Trump a Russian spy?Kathleen Parker18:06:03 01/07/17 Sat7

Fox News nighttime lineup has shed its last element of real journalismJennifer Rubin18:50:54 01/07/17 Sat3

Trump Finds That Attack-Dog Strategy Has Its LimitsTrump has his ass handed to him.17:08:49 01/07/17 Sat1

Drumpf doesn't need a White House Dog-he has got Melania (NT)She is already trained not poop on the carpet17:07:49 01/07/17 Sat1

Trump, Putin, and the Big HackDavid Remnick08:11:30 01/07/17 Sat3

Putin Ordered ‘Influence Campaign’ Aimed at U.S. Election, Report SaysDavid Sanger10:16:01 01/07/17 Sat4

CdkVGRDKhBTuvgZikmfhsreon (SVwwiqkftIsFJCo)13:30:48 01/07/17 Sat1

Mitch McConnell is taking a page out of Trump’s playbookAnn T.08:04:59 01/07/17 Sat1

Drumpf requiring all politically appointed ambassadors to leave by Jan 20 (NT)So he can appoint more clueless idiots04:21:44 01/07/17 Sat1

Rateye is teaching Melania Trump how to speak English (NT)In return she's teaching him to deep throat cocks00:06:05 01/07/17 Sat1

Who's more poorly educated then a Dumbocrat? (NT)Ans: A Dumbocrat who's also an accountant15:26:13 01/05/17 Thu10

How many DT supporters will die due to lack of medical care when the ACA is repealedNot enough-they all deserve to die23:47:51 01/06/17 Fri1

Why is DT tweeting about ratings on the Apprentice TV show (NT)Because he is narcissistic fucking idiot23:43:18 01/06/17 Fri1

My God, Donald Trump is a fucking idiot!Republican voters are TRAITORS!15:53:24 01/06/17 Fri9

Can't wait for all DT supporters to lose their ACA ins. & die due to lack of med care (NT)They were born stupid & they will die stupid23:03:04 01/06/17 Fri1

Record 95,102,000 Not in Labor Force; Number Grew 18% Since Obama Took Office in 2009Poorly educated Dumbocrats love Obama for this15:07:47 01/06/17 Fri4

I am soooo pissed off at my wifeBill Clinton20:52:23 01/06/17 Fri1

Dumbocrats waiting in zero temps for tickets to hear Obama's bullshit once morePrez goes to Dumbocratic base--the poorly educated19:11:04 01/06/17 Fri3

Which one of the following statements about our good friend Rateye is trueEverything you ever to wanted to know about Rateye15:54:23 01/06/17 Fri1

What Obama won’t tell you about his legacyBut working white Americans know15:20:01 01/06/17 Fri1

US drops more bombs in Obama’s final year of office than in 2015Sweden wants Nobel peace prize back15:13:07 01/06/17 Fri1

Obama is taking a cue from Donald Trump ... he's building himself a wall.Wants to keep 'poorly educated' followers away15:10:34 01/06/17 Fri1

Trump is good. Assange helped him. So Assange is good. (NT)Thanks idiots for electing this asshole14:46:56 01/06/17 Fri6

Rateye must have had a lot of black dicks up his ass in prisonTo make him such a racist13:50:50 01/05/17 Thu6

ADMO! Stop Real IMWK from crapping on this board. Delete and ban NOW! (NT)Rateye15:08:15 01/05/17 Thu3

When are all the liberals who promised to leave the US if Trump was elected going?Rateye15:11:32 01/05/17 Thu3

Trump doesn't believe in intelligence because it is one of many things he lacks (NT)He can get what he wants by grabbing pussies00:00:25 01/06/17 Fri4

The pussy grabber will ask Congress not Mexico to pay for the wall (NT)Another lie that his brain dead supporters ate up04:33:00 01/06/17 Fri2

The lies and corruption of the pussy grabber will never endBut his idiot stupid supporter could care less05:16:39 01/06/17 Fri2

Can we exchange info, Real Imwk? i may have something that will interest uPredo Bear19:25:11 01/05/17 Thu6

Republicans to defund Planned Parenhood (NT)Trump's Pussy Grabbing is all the care women need22:12:54 01/05/17 Thu3

Agent Orange Sides With Julian Assange On DNC HacksNYTimes17:05:11 01/04/17 Wed17

Endangered species?Tom T.23:18:39 01/04/17 Wed4

Trump is too lazy or stupid to do research before he lets go with verbal diarrheaOnly 4,440 Chevy Cruises were built in Mexico14:25:45 01/04/17 Wed6

America won't be safe till January 20th (NT)Inquiring minds already know02:40:48 01/05/17 Thu2

Girl, 10yo, bussed in group from boarding school for extensive inner examsKnut Holt (Investigation report)00:13:40 12/25/16 Sun8

Obamacare an Obamanation! Ninety percent want it repealed and replacedRateye16:03:42 01/04/17 Wed2

Nine MSNBC Personalities Had Tax Liens Filed Against ThemLiberals think they should be exempt from taxes14:25:40 01/04/17 Wed3

erections and naked swimmingjimj (even my penis was afraid)23:22:22 01/03/17 Tue3

Journalists Exposed By WikiLeaks Will Now Cover Trump White HouseNo wonder why only dimwits read the liberal press23:31:46 01/02/17 Mon11

Assange: Source For WikiLeaks Was Not Russian Government.14:34:58 01/03/17 Tue7

The Rateye in prison quizC if you know the answers to ? re Rateye in prison01:21:44 01/04/17 Wed1

10 questions Trump should be asked at his press conference — if he ever holds itPaul Waldman20:55:58 01/03/17 Tue2

In political Washington, 2017 will be the year of the chickenRichard Cohen19:50:40 01/03/17 Tue2

Ford cancels Mexico plant. Will create 700 U.S. jobs in 'vote of confidence' in TrumpThank you again, President Trump!17:38:19 01/03/17 Tue3

Drain the swamp? My ass - let's gut the Ethics CommitteeBob Goodlatte (R-Va), Chairman House Judiciary Com09:00:54 01/03/17 Tue5

Reading Rateye's posts is like him jacking off (NT)Both are exercises in futility and no one cares15:59:47 01/03/17 Tue1

U.S. Conservatives Outnumber Liberals by Narrowing MarginAmericans already getting smarter since Nov.14:29:57 01/03/17 Tue2

Obama's hometown ends with 762 homicides;Democrat controlled Chicago a national disgrace15:44:31 01/02/17 Mon6

Are All GOP Presidents Scoundrels? Nixon’s Vietnam Treachery!!JOHN A. FARRELL08:31:51 01/02/17 Mon7

HERE'S A GREAT PICTURE FOR YOUR MASTHEAD!!By Fokozatos siker22:18:00 01/02/17 Mon2

Trump’s Press Secretary Begs The American People To Stop Mocking Donald TrumpJason Easley22:07:00 01/02/17 Mon2

Sean Spicer Pleads for Post Election Civility - Please "Stop Mocking Donald Trump"By ARodinFan22:00:28 01/02/17 Mon2

For a narcissist like DT there is no objective other than satisfaction of his own ego (NT)Putin knows this & is playing him like a guitar20:56:44 01/02/17 Mon1

DC homeless double under Obama/Democrats21 more days of Obama pain for the USA15:36:46 01/02/17 Mon2

Drumpf sells acess to President elect at New Year's eve party at Mar Largo resortWhy does that surprise anybody?16:47:18 01/02/17 Mon1

Liberal feminazis bash Steve Martin for calling Carrie Fisher "beautiful"Liberals are morons. Steve Martin has no balls.14:26:27 01/02/17 Mon3

AP NEW YEAR'S POLL: AMERICANS ENTER 2017 ON OPTIMISTIC NOTEAmericans eagerly awaiting Obama to leave04:03:51 01/02/17 Mon4

Trump Inauguration Poster PublishedYou can buy them now!20:31:19 01/01/17 Sun9

Great new video postings, ADMO. Shows how shameful and pitiful liberals truly are. (NT)Oliver Stone14:06:45 01/02/17 Mon1

Snatching Health Care Away From MillionsPaul Krugman21:14:32 12/31/16 Sat11

Rateye would wish everyone a Happy New Year except he has a dick in his mouth (NT)Or a mouth full of cum or both04:48:21 01/01/17 Sun6

Pope urges faithful to help youth find purpose---REAL IMWK volunteers (NT)He's starting a naked youth camp for boys14:56:09 01/01/17 Sun2

Boy is my ass going to be sore tomorrowAnyone got any extra anal lube I can borrow00:28:50 01/01/17 Sun5

Rateye-tell us a little more about your prison timeInquiring Minds Already Know20:41:18 12/31/16 Sat2

I am going to stick a firecracker up my ass & light it at midnight (NT)The ex-con sheep fucker20:44:58 12/31/16 Sat2

Rateye leave my rear alone-go back to menBa Ba Black Sheep20:42:55 12/31/16 Sat1

Twenty one more days before we get rid of the WORST US President we ever had. (NT)Inquiring Minds Already Know19:21:41 12/31/16 Sat2

WASHINGTON POST STIRS FEAR AFTER FALSE REPORT OF POWER GRID HACK BY RUSSIAtory quickly falls apart after investigation19:29:37 12/31/16 Sat5

Uber driver stopped child sex trafficking in Elk Grove-Rateye arrested (NT)Apple doesn't fall far from the pussy grabber tree00:32:07 12/31/16 Sat5

Trump is hiding something about his relationship with Putin/RussiaThat is why he is praising/kissing up to him18:24:35 12/31/16 Sat2

FBI Analysis Fingers Russian Spy Agencies For U.S. Election HacksReport included samples of malicious computer code18:27:12 12/31/16 Sat2

Here it isMeester Superman05:41:30 12/31/16 Sat2

Putin admits hacking US for Trump. Takes medicine Obama dished out.Says he hopes Trump will be nicer to him.21:27:13 12/30/16 Fri16

Jeff Sessions Omits Decades Of Records For His AG Confirmation HearingHe once argued that doing this is a felony.16:30:19 12/31/16 Sat2

ChooseMeester Superman06:18:57 12/31/16 Sat2

whoMeester Superman06:28:56 12/31/16 Sat2

Honest dialogueMeester Superman06:48:16 12/31/16 Sat2

Real IMWK shows off his new uniform at NAMBLA's Xmas partyNAMBLA23:18:51 12/30/16 Fri4

kBIsCKTspOmKBarnypok (pUmyQWtjSvEA)13:07:22 12/31/16 Sat1

Rateye turned down Trump's appt for "Secretary of Pussy Grabbing" (NT)I only grab & suck cocks Rateye said00:34:04 12/31/16 Sat1

Congrads for being such as dick & an asshole at the same timeSupporting Trump got you that distinction00:26:48 12/31/16 Sat1

Trump sends Rateye and a sheep to Putin with a note saying (NT)Tell Rateye to do his usual thing to the sheep00:22:41 12/31/16 Sat1

Real IMWK is a life long Boy Scout. He scouts boys for us to meet.NAMBLA23:16:14 12/30/16 Fri1

Rateye to fuck sheep live at 10:00 on Fox News (NT)Guess they ran out of lies on which to report22:44:07 12/30/16 Fri1

Obama under pressure to prove Russian interference in electionBarak has team of fiction writers working OT14:47:47 12/29/16 Thu10

GOP Congressman says Russian hackers did what media should have done.Hayley Miller17:49:12 12/30/16 Fri3

Out of ideas, Trump askes Rateye to fuck a sheep & give BJs at Inauguration (NT)Melania will be there giving BJs also17:46:43 12/30/16 Fri1


Real IMWK has a lot in common with the little boys he molests.Like them he too has a small penis15:32:26 12/30/16 Fri1

lSbHZkDBEcIVtcmzgqsclb (fAbBqDGjykZLi)10:15:13 12/30/16 Fri1

The Rest of America, Sarah004, Socrates & Ct Fly Fisher are all the same sick trollSigmund Freud16:24:31 12/28/16 Wed7

Trump has released a malevolent spirit upon the land.The Rest Of America16:16:26 12/28/16 Wed5

Our Man of the Year, once again, is REAL IMWK!NAMBLA15:44:53 12/28/16 Wed3

There's no mystery to how Trump will govern.Socrates15:50:53 12/28/16 Wed4

Malls across the country were shaken by mass nigga brawlsChaos and violence21:08:12 12/27/16 Tue8

Re: Nigger football player at Baylor caught whipping his dog with a belt.Tom10:04:48 12/28/16 Wed4

U.S. Consumer Confidence Jumps to Highest Level Since 2001Thank you again, President Trump!21:12:32 12/27/16 Tue5

Tesla, Panasonic to make solar cells in Buffalo, New YorkThank you again, President Trump!21:10:12 12/27/16 Tue3

Trump takes credit for making Rateye gay (NT)We all know he was a fag long before that20:10:48 12/27/16 Tue1

Rateye goes to emergency room with a yule log stuck up his assDr. Kildare19:58:37 12/27/16 Tue1

I have given up fucking sheep-too difficult to find (NT)So I am sticking with gerbiling and blow jobs15:13:48 12/27/16 Tue3

Which one of these items did Rateye find under his X-mas treeI know it's amazing anyone would give him a gift04:46:26 12/27/16 Tue1

I would wish this board a Merry Christmas but only Adm and I are true believers (NT)the rest (Real IMWK) are liberal satanists15:37:34 12/24/16 Sat6

George Michael's original arrest in 1998 was when he was caught fucking RateyeIn the ass which Rateye loves the most00:43:57 12/27/16 Tue1

Fags, Freaks and Child Molesters Mourn the Death of George MichaelReal IMWK slits penis in anguish22:53:46 12/26/16 Mon1

AdmoAIFR05:00:03 12/26/16 Mon3

Trump communication director resigns after admitting to grabbing pussy on the side (NT)At least he had decency to do the correct thing20:45:11 12/25/16 Sun1

This is the cover of the Christmas card I sent to Donald J. TrumpVladimir Putin15:48:41 12/24/16 Sat6

Trump's Worst Pick? -- Jeff Sessions for Attorney General??George Will15:37:36 12/24/16 Sat3

Question: How do drain the swamp in DC? Trump's Answer: Fill it with billionaires...ha, ha, ha...05:58:48 12/25/16 Sun1

Thank you God for giving Trump to us to Make America Great Again (NT)Rateye14:19:47 12/23/16 Fri6

OXnKiYZjOjrozkereavwc (OqWcnBHNFEEaFz)04:42:30 12/24/16 Sat1

Tump sends Rateye over to Russia to suck Putin's dickWas going to send Melania02:35:01 12/24/16 Sat1

My #1 wish for this Christmas seasonRateye14:23:41 12/23/16 Fri6

Rateye will stick a X-mas tree up his ass tomorrow (NT)It gets him in the spirit of the season21:58:03 12/23/16 Fri1

Rateye is moving to Australia because he heard there are more sheep there than people (NT)A sheep fucker's paradise21:52:06 12/23/16 Fri1

Huma and Hillary have 5 hour lesbo trystI wonder which one strapped on the dildo20:54:55 12/23/16 Fri2

I was wrong-Rateye has no room for his head up his ass-he has his gun up there (NT)Maybe he will fart & blow his brains out21:48:46 12/23/16 Fri1

Donald Trump will be president because James Comey and Loretta Lynch were scaredPaul Waldman20:11:48 12/23/16 Fri2

Putin admits he elected Trump. He and Trump exchange love notes over Christmas. Trumpswoons..."Oh, Vlad, you are so handsome & strong!"18:44:14 12/23/16 Fri1

Satan and his evil child molesting follower Real IMWK have taken over this board (NT)Pray hard for their demise18:21:34 12/23/16 Fri1

Comey should resignDana M.14:46:08 12/22/16 Thu11

Liberal shits like Real IMWK smash nativity scenes, abduct baby Jesus in PA, TN, NHSt. Peter23:24:11 12/22/16 Thu2

ADMO:Thanks for posting the horrific videos-Liberals have sure fucked up this country (NT)Inquiring Minds Want to Know23:29:19 12/22/16 Thu2

Give Hillary a Participation Trophy!Leland Gaunt00:41:24 12/23/16 Fri2

The Fake News Times... (New York)Leland Gaunt00:43:44 12/23/16 Fri2

Trump annouces Rateye as Director of oral and anal sex (NT)Said with his experience the choice was obvious22:37:05 12/22/16 Thu6

Dimocrats voice choice to lead party for 2020 presidential elections---NO ONE!Already admitting Trump gets re-elected19:29:27 12/22/16 Thu3

Real IMWK.... arrested for child molestation? Could be himThis creep fits Real IMWK's MO18:02:15 12/22/16 Thu5

Rateye arrested for fucking reindeer in a nativity scene at a churchI sat on Santa lap and tried to feel his dick20:46:41 12/22/16 Thu1

Trump does it again! More jobs coming to the USA.Uncle Sam19:23:43 12/22/16 Thu2

Faggot liberal goes bonkers on plane carrying Ivanka and her childrenToo bad Homeland Security didn't shoot him19:59:30 12/22/16 Thu2

OK, I admit it, Trump lost the popular vote. He's a loser, just like me.Just telling it like it is,17:46:15 12/22/16 Thu2

Boeing backs down and tells Trump it will cut costs of Air Force OneJust telling it like it is17:52:22 12/22/16 Thu3

Real IMWK loves Christmas vacation time. (NT)It keeps him busy looking boys to molest.17:57:11 12/22/16 Thu1

Trump Org is amping up the pressure on foreign gov. to put more money in DT’s pocket.Plus Melania gives you a free BJ18:58:31 12/20/16 Tue15

Dimocrats are sure a bunch of pious self serving losersJust telling it like it is17:37:58 12/22/16 Thu5

e BEAT Clinton by 3 million votes outside of California and New YorkReal America21:32:29 12/21/16 Wed8

Ryan’s disingenuous ‘repeal and delay’ plan for ObamacareWorried14:55:49 12/22/16 Thu2

Trump names Conway to top White House post (NT)Need someones pussy to grab since Melania is away13:42:05 12/22/16 Thu1

Abduction of children and teens for experimentation by governmental agenciesKnut Holt18:18:25 12/21/16 Wed4

Portion from a letter to the editor which describes Donald Trump perfectlyJust Saying....23:57:21 12/21/16 Wed1

Trump's sons: Uday and Qusay Trump!Ann T.18:07:08 12/21/16 Wed1

Obama flooding America with wet backs and terrorist sympathizersJust telling it like it is15:30:10 12/21/16 Wed2

Trump's CabinetBrian McF.17:38:23 12/21/16 Wed1

Repealing the ACA would affect peope who voted for Trump the mostHA HA HA-those idiots will get what they deserve05:31:02 12/21/16 Wed6

Here’s The Law That Poses The Greatest Threat To Donald Trump. The Stock Act’s...author explains the insider trading law15:57:20 12/21/16 Wed1

Time to End the Electoral CollegeBy THE EDITORIAL BOARD, New York Times23:32:20 12/20/16 Tue5

Piss off a liberal today--wish everyone a "Merry Christmas"! (NT)Kris Kringle17:00:29 12/20/16 Tue5

GOP = Greed Over PrinciplesNativeSon16:53:13 12/20/16 Tue5

Admo-Rateye requesting posting nude little boy pics shows himself as a pervertAnd should make this board popular with the police14:39:24 12/20/16 Tue5

This site used to be a magnet for pedophiles like Real IMWKIt took a long time to clean it up-but one remains16:11:26 12/20/16 Tue2

Rateye is trying to decide between sheep and menHe likes both15:55:36 12/20/16 Tue1

Rateye arrested for sticking a cross up his ass in front of Trump TowerHe said he was showing his loyalty to Trump14:30:43 12/20/16 Tue2

Trump to Limit All Intelligence Briefings to 140-CharactersTed C.21:25:09 12/18/16 Sun7

Poorly educated dumb shit liberals like Real IMWK still don't realize they lost. (NT)Let's hope they leave the USA as promised14:04:23 12/20/16 Tue2

Rateye to vows to suck the number of dicks Trump got in Electoral votes in a week (NT)That will be a decrease over the previous week22:47:21 12/19/16 Mon3

White males for Hillary--faggots, tranvestites, pedophiles and dumb shits (NT)No wonder why the bitch lost03:20:10 12/20/16 Tue3

Under pressure, Kuwait cancels event at 4 Seasons, switches to Trump’s D.C hotel (NT)Big Surprise03:58:17 12/20/16 Tue2

Rateye climbed up and is sitting on a flag pole to celebrate Drumpf's victoryWith the flag pole halfway up his ass22:44:23 12/19/16 Mon1

Electoral College voters change votes---away from Hillary!!!Trump holds steady. Liberals shitheads lose again22:40:59 12/19/16 Mon1

Hey Ratturd-how come you are the only asshole posting positive things about DrumpfSimple-because you are the only asshole here21:45:19 12/19/16 Mon3

Obama's terrorist Muslim brothers kill 9 in Berlin Christmas MarketIt's a peaceful religion---just ask Obama22:03:04 12/19/16 Mon2

It's official---Electoral College goes for Trump as planned. (NT)Snowflake liberals in a tizzy!22:04:33 12/19/16 Mon3

Trump wins...liberal shitheads lose (NT)Again.22:08:29 12/19/16 Mon2

When Real IMWK can't find a little boy to have sex withHe turns to a male robot for comfort20:12:11 12/19/16 Mon2

My conversion therapy failed with Rateye-he is 100% gayMike Pence15:19:43 12/19/16 Mon7

And now for some serious video -- cats opening their Christmas presents!Noel20:36:22 12/19/16 Mon2

Rateye carted off to jail after found in bed with a dog, a pig & his 10 yr old sister (NT)He said when taken-"Take me back where I belong"18:12:41 12/19/16 Mon1

Hillary Clinton losers need to quit whining about the Electoral CollegeFounding Fathers got it right and Cali is proof16:32:10 12/19/16 Mon5

Real IMWK once worked for Michael Jackson at his home.Tito14:37:39 12/19/16 Mon2

Hillary't popular vote total shows how poorly educated America is now (NT)Trump will 'fire' all liberal teachers14:04:04 12/19/16 Mon4

Trump needs to investigate Obama over his covert meddling in the Israeli electionsBen Netanyahu20:13:43 12/17/16 Sat3

Donald Trump ChristmasSNL21:57:25 12/18/16 Sun2

LAXATIVE SUPPOSITORYJessica17:54:37 12/18/16 Sun7

Remember Hillary's 'fake news' that the Benghazi attack was started over a video? (NT)No wonder she lost the election20:08:49 12/17/16 Sat4

Finally Drumpf has finished his "Look What an Asshole I am" tour (NT)What a jerkoff-just like those who supported him15:55:12 12/18/16 Sun1

Donald Trump: The Russian PoodleNick Kristof15:26:17 12/18/16 Sun5

"unpresidented"-Hey Rateye-your hero is a poorly educated idiot (NT)Same as you-except he is going to ruin the country05:55:04 12/18/16 Sun3

I know it s getting late, but what shall we get Rateye for X-mas?Even an ex-con racist fag deserves a present23:48:56 12/16/16 Fri7

Putin is putting up billboards all over eastern Europe and Russia.Celebrating his victory!12:23:19 12/17/16 Sat8

Report: 820,000 criminal illegals, 84% with felonies, serious misdemeanorsObama's Sorrowful Legacy20:16:53 12/17/16 Sat1

Girl, 15 yo, abducted at forrest trail and examined medically by aliens or governmentKnut Holt (Investigation report)12:26:26 12/17/16 Sat1

HTWYrbxMfoBRhnchtyjzmnr (UjUTsmhsHx)05:45:45 12/17/16 Sat1

Obamas milk taxpayers one more time before being shown the door at the White HouseShame on them22:08:10 12/16/16 Fri2

Useful Idiots GalorePaul Krugman18:17:29 12/16/16 Fri4

FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win electionToo bad they didn't say so when it when it counted20:53:17 12/16/16 Fri5

Real IMWK once had a job in a day care center for childrenRob Sherman22:02:22 12/16/16 Fri1

An Open Letter To ‘Mr.’ Trump: WTF Is Wrong With You!?Andy Ostroy21:38:20 12/16/16 Fri2

Wikileaks confirms Rateye fucks sheep, sucks cock, swallows cum & is gay (NT)Knew it all the time20:00:59 12/16/16 Fri1

Real question: Does Trump really want to be president?I don't think he does.02:20:40 12/16/16 Fri9

Rateye tries to give Trump a blowjob but chokes on all his bullshit (NT)Trump likes ex-con racists like Rateye17:23:04 12/16/16 Fri1

Every Christmas Real IMWK gets a job as a mall Santa Claus (NT)So he can molest the little boys on his lap16:45:48 12/15/16 Thu6

Dear God. Please makes this a joyous Christmas by inflicting Real IMWK with AIDSThank you.15:28:20 12/14/16 Wed6

Clinton hosts party for all the losers who wasted big money on her.And stiffed them for the party bill!17:11:48 12/16/16 Fri1

Democratic donors call for Clinton campaign post-mortemGeorge Soros17:06:26 12/16/16 Fri1

‘Infuriating’: John Podesta Unleashes On ‘Deeply Broken’ FBIRebecca Shapiro15:15:03 12/16/16 Fri6

U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election HackNBC News14:17:31 12/15/16 Thu5

America has been played!Ann13:55:06 12/14/16 Wed7

Please Rateye leave our flock alone and go back to men (NT)Ba Ba Black Sheep01:50:30 12/15/16 Thu1

We liberals MUST stand with Hillary on the election resultsIt's our duty19:14:30 12/14/16 Wed4

Magnitude 5.0 earthquake strikes near The Geysers, CaliforniaGod is punishing sinful California19:19:25 12/14/16 Wed1

Trump shuns scientists, taps 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant.......to oversee nuclear weapons19:10:19 12/14/16 Wed1

If Trump bans sheep fucking Rateye is out of luck-he has to find a new animal then (NT)Baaaaaad News04:31:52 12/14/16 Wed3

Nazi college professor under attackJosef Goebbels14:29:33 12/14/16 Wed2

Thank you God for giving us President Trump and for giving Satan the Clintons (NT)Rateye17:46:47 12/13/16 Tue2

Baseball bans rookies dressing up like fags.Rateye14:11:51 12/13/16 Tue6

I love to come here and laugh at all the Hillary losersRateye22:47:11 12/12/16 Mon6

‘Real America’ is its own bubbleRichard Cohen17:17:19 12/13/16 Tue11

A ‘Dark Cloud Of Illegitimacy’ Hangs Over Trump’s PresidencyBob R.10:56:56 12/13/16 Tue4

Rateye will be in the hospital a few days for anal tightening surgery-wish him well. (NT)Rateye's mom20:32:33 12/08/16 Thu2

Utterly disgraceful behavior by the fucking idiot GOP nonpresident!Trump's voters are a disgrace!18:51:05 12/08/16 Thu11

Dear God. When you punish Real IMWK please make it a slow, painful death.Rateye17:27:23 12/12/16 Mon6

Completed Wisconsin recount widens Donald Trump's lead by 131 votesMore anguish for you poor snowflakes22:53:50 12/12/16 Mon2

This article has the facts and figures of "why Hillary lost". They might surpise you.And it ends with a very interesting conclusion.15:37:37 12/12/16 Mon5

When Rateye calls me a fag with no provocation, I am going to hit him back hardIf it gets me banned, so be it07:08:24 12/09/16 Fri3

New York Times Hires Reporter Who Sent Stories To Clinton Staffers For ApprovalNo small wonder why the NYT is a joke!17:13:08 12/12/16 Mon1

What Trump would do if he were serious about creating jobs,raising wages, and fixing our rigged economy.16:25:51 12/10/16 Sat8

“Watch what we do, not what we say.”Donald Trump15:04:22 12/12/16 Mon1

A Transcendent Patti Smith Accepts Bob Dylan’s Nobel PrizeCasual Observer21:03:05 12/11/16 Sun1

Re -- the video above about pedophiliaGreg Aisch14:18:47 12/10/16 Sat2
  • Hilarious! -- Casual Observer, 14:58:06 12/10/16 Sat

ADMO. In the spirit of Christmas and our Savior's birth......Rateye21:55:17 12/08/16 Thu6

The face of today's Democratic PartyHRC14:48:24 12/08/16 Thu3

Obama family travel, vacations, cross $85 million markExpedia16:09:00 12/06/16 Tue17

John F. Kelly picked to head Department of Homeland Security and round up wet backsRateye18:48:59 12/07/16 Wed4

ADMO: thank you for the above video exposing Real IMWK's pedophilia (NT)the boy next door15:08:01 12/08/16 Thu2

With Biden in the chair on Jan. 3, Senate can confirm a renominated Merrick Garland.Here's how.16:20:29 12/08/16 Thu1

Sad news. Greg Lake died of cancer. RIPForschende Köpfe wissen wollen15:39:34 12/08/16 Thu1

Black employees file discrimination suit against alt left CNN!!!I love it!23:32:45 12/07/16 Wed3

US Steel wants to accelerate investments, bring back jobs, CEO saysThank you again, President Trump14:24:49 12/08/16 Thu3

jCUPJZSdqTUNonmMRBzqlzoflsl (kTfyPRgzdoeoGvFnut)11:43:40 12/08/16 Thu1

Dow, S&P and transports close at all-time highs as stocks surge more than 1%Thank you again, President Trump!23:28:11 12/07/16 Wed2

Are they still giving physical exams to students?Just Curious13:53:00 12/03/16 Sat10

Thank you, Trump voters, for this wonderful jokeGarrison Keillor18:18:59 12/07/16 Wed2

For once the liberal media got it right!Poor Richard17:06:10 12/07/16 Wed1

Trump’s Taiwan phone call was long planned, say people who were involvedAnne Gearan13:37:11 12/05/16 Mon4

Powerful ! At least one GOP elector will not vote for Donald Trump. Good for him!Frank B. Ivans12:44:05 12/06/16 Tue1

Thank you, President Trump, for making America great AND rich again!Dow Jones15:53:38 12/05/16 Mon7

Professor who called Trump election now predicts impeachmentAllan Lichtman22:12:13 12/03/16 Sat5

I am STILL upset over the election. Help me make it through the night (NT)Forschende Köpfe wissen wollen18:37:59 12/05/16 Mon3

Let the wars begin: Exactly the right attitude Democrats need for taking on TrumpJamie Raskin10:24:32 12/05/16 Mon4

Donald And Sean -- Together Forever (or at least a couple of years...)The Dalai Mama11:29:49 12/05/16 Mon1

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