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Subject Author Date Msgs
photograph of the Yeargamelord04:53:52 06/30/15 Tue5

This board - at one time-was different13:59:25 07/04/15 Sat6


Celebrating 4th of JulyJudy.Love22:35:18 07/04/15 Sat2

Rocks are funny!Bill Bains13:29:25 07/01/15 Wed4

My new car goes 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds...Bill Bains15:40:53 07/01/15 Wed14

This is why 6 out of 10 find Hillary untrustworthyLeland Gaunt21:47:31 07/02/15 Thu12

One of Obama's favorite niggers!Rateye16:28:28 07/03/15 Fri1

Montana man inspired by same-sex marriage ruling requests right to wed two wivesRateye16:02:25 07/03/15 Fri1

A look at how liberal educators have dumb down this countryLeland Gaunt22:01:43 07/02/15 Thu4

spectator families at Bare to Breakersdan204:55:37 06/26/15 Fri16

Ten Days In JuneLaw Clerk23:55:04 06/27/15 Sat22

Donald Trump's remarks about illegals.dan214:09:03 06/28/15 Sun10

Now the real fight on Obamacare begins!!Bill Bains13:44:26 07/01/15 Wed6

'Who cares?' is the new asswipe 'Inquiring Minds'Rateye13:46:15 07/01/15 Wed3

The poor you know...Law Clerk13:45:02 06/30/15 Tue2

Losers flying their flag lose...Law Clerk14:35:17 06/30/15 Tue2

Even the homo and liberal asswipe crowds couldn't stop this beloved chain!rateye21:34:30 06/30/15 Tue2

The Clintons are a money making industry that produces nothing.Rateye19:21:52 06/30/15 Tue2

Guess the race of this mob that tore apart a Wal-MartRateye22:43:28 06/30/15 Tue2

Statue of former SC DEMOCRAT PARTY governor vandalizedLeland Gaunt23:46:27 06/30/15 Tue1

Thanks to Democratic leaders these US cities maybe the next GreeceAdam Smith16:31:50 06/30/15 Tue2

More racial tension and violence explodes under Obama's watchRateye15:23:40 06/30/15 Tue2

Bitch Michelle O announces MORE foreign trips! Will milk taxpayers till the end.Rateye15:19:19 06/30/15 Tue1

Once again Obama lies and liberals eat his shitRateye02:39:34 06/30/15 Tue3

Public education by the best!Law Clerk13:23:44 06/30/15 Tue1

White Queers and Black Queers attack each other during Chicago homo paradeRateye23:36:22 06/29/15 Mon1

Supreme Court allows liberals and wet backs to steal electionsRateye23:29:11 06/29/15 Mon1

The Supreme Court finally got one right.rateye20:05:03 06/29/15 Mon3

What's next for the liberal, homo, deviate, pedophile crowd?rateye19:57:22 06/28/15 Sun8

Once again free speech and honesty are stifled by liberal and wet back loonies.Rateye20:25:15 06/29/15 Mon1

Check your plane before takeoff...Law Clerk20:27:53 06/28/15 Sun3

Triumphant week for President Obama! Hurray!Law Clerk13:18:40 06/27/15 Sat13

Sadly, Satan and the homos win again.Rateye17:18:56 06/26/15 Fri9

Bristol Palin knocked up aqainInquiring Minds Want to Know16:00:11 06/27/15 Sat4

ADMO: Thank you for posting Charlette's video on liberal brainwashing of children!Rateye12:27:19 06/27/15 Sat1

Should the US mandate integration? Singapore did.Law Clerk14:32:29 06/26/15 Fri9

Obamacare triumphs, is now locked in. But will Repubs still make fools of themselves?Law Clerk12:55:10 06/26/15 Fri2

Attenborough on Climate ChangeBill Bains14:00:58 06/26/15 Fri1

But if anyone wants to REALLY know JOAN BAEZ, you can't beat this!Law Clerk19:50:09 06/25/15 Thu4

Sexy ballet video...https://vimeo.com/10581332313:14:03 06/26/15 Fri2

Why is USA so into hatred and violence?Just Asking08:09:34 06/23/15 Tue11

Black Racism Growing Under ObamaRateye14:29:55 06/25/15 Thu7

You'll LOVE these Joan Baez cartoons by the FAMOUS Al Capp!Rateye18:39:26 06/25/15 Thu2

Law Clerk's favorite singer a child abuser. Figures.Rateye20:23:25 06/24/15 Wed10

Obama allows wet back sex offenders to stay in the US.Rateye20:27:30 06/24/15 Wed3

Joan Baez sings Bob Dylan...one of the best albums of all time.Law Clerk22:32:29 06/24/15 Wed2

Rateye's mom let him fuck her in the ass & gave him BJs & this caused him to be gayRateye's Dad03:34:49 06/24/15 Wed10

It takes growing up and practice to take those corners...Law Clerk20:17:06 06/24/15 Wed1

Last night at Fenway ParkLaw Clerk20:12:39 06/24/15 Wed1

Admo-So you gave in to that POS Rateye demands without banning him-figuresInquiring Minds Want to Know03:15:08 06/24/15 Wed2

Obama now wants to talk directly with his terrorist buddies who hold hostagesRateye19:45:44 06/24/15 Wed1

Woman Flashes Uniformed Police OfficerYellow Fever17:25:19 06/24/15 Wed1

Obama's birth place knee deep in poverty! He can't spare a dime to help.Rateye18:36:21 06/22/15 Mon7

We need to care less about ISIS and more about home terrorists!Law Clerk17:30:16 06/23/15 Tue4

Hillary lives on millions yet pays staff nothing!Rateye20:41:02 06/23/15 Tue2

She does stunts over Sochi at 16:30 in.Law Clerk20:26:27 06/23/15 Tue4

Who is in charge here, anyway!Law Clerk20:07:25 06/23/15 Tue1

Roof’s inspiration: The Council of Conservative Citizens + its pandering politicians.Law Clerk11:37:23 06/22/15 Mon3

NBC says only blacks shoot people! Shows bias of media!Law Clerk10:36:59 06/22/15 Mon4

Black Privilege YES! White Privilege NO!Rateye21:34:24 06/21/15 Sun7

Obama 'niggerized'! I love it when shines dump on each other!Rateye00:21:20 06/23/15 Tue1

Liberals, Guns, Racism!! A Confederacy Of DenialLaw Clerk10:59:02 06/22/15 Mon5

Finally! Some Muslims who are making sense!Rateye19:32:22 06/22/15 Mon2

Happy Fathers DayJudy.Love23:15:39 06/21/15 Sun6

The most beautiful river in the world? - the Soca river in SloveniaLaw Clerk11:21:53 06/22/15 Mon1

Thanks to the liberal jags on the Supreme Court, Roof won't do time or be executed.Rateye16:50:41 06/21/15 Sun3

Racists: Stay tuned to Fox News...Law Clerk08:44:05 06/19/15 Fri15

Wow! More proof here on how ignorant liberals really are.Rateye21:42:21 06/21/15 Sun1

If you want an honest news report on the Charleston shootings, try this!Law Clerk08:57:09 06/19/15 Fri20

Shines go 'Wild West' in Detroit. One dead, 10 shot at kid's birthday party!Rateye17:31:13 06/21/15 Sun1

What would you do if the National Landmark Commission made your home a homo shrine?Rateye16:39:44 06/21/15 Sun2

My goodness -- Roof's website sounds like some of this board's weirdos!!Law Clerk20:49:56 06/20/15 Sat12

Miley Cyrus Dating Victoria’s Secret ModelJudy.Love01:15:20 06/20/15 Sat3

Medical examBetty12:26:31 06/17/15 Wed16

To Gamelord and other sane posters here.Rateye19:29:29 06/18/15 Thu8

Japanese T.V. WTF?shane18:24:29 06/19/15 Fri6

No Neil Young Songs For TrumpJudy.Love02:41:05 06/21/15 Sun1

Multiculturalism in actionHaas07:39:43 06/20/15 Sat4

Age of children modestyRaymond21:59:45 04/25/15 Sat68

Six memorable Martha Stewart moments....Rateye22:36:30 06/19/15 Fri1

Another busy day at the office. Time to reeelax...Law Clerk16:03:57 06/19/15 Fri1

Living with spies!Law Clerk21:20:22 06/17/15 Wed4

Finally a candidate speaking on the issues both parties ignoreRateye15:49:01 06/17/15 Wed11

The cunning of white supremacy? Or, did Dylann Roof pick the day for his murders?Law Clerk17:50:01 06/18/15 Thu3

BIG NEWS LEAKJudy.Love02:08:18 06/19/15 Fri4

THANK YOU BIG TIME for the Ramzpaul video on race!Rateye21:26:15 06/18/15 Thu1

"He was quiet, strange, very unsocial and everyone thought he was on drugs,FBI19:59:45 06/18/15 Thu2

Dylann Roof =Rateye???? Could be (NT)??????19:41:24 06/18/15 Thu1

What dumb ass white liberals deny about this trade bill.Rateye19:19:25 06/18/15 Thu1

Dems get their payoff $$$ from Obama and his lobby,Rateye18:44:56 06/18/15 Thu2

This the same type of racial hatred toward blacks that Rateye posts every dayInquiring Minds Wants to Know18:07:14 06/18/15 Thu3

You cannot deny the facts! Obama/Holder responsible for increase in racial tensionsRateye18:38:08 06/18/15 Thu2

Admin -- I loved the John Oliver video on chickens. Thanks. (NT)Law Clerk16:54:19 06/16/15 Tue8

Crazy ass liberals. Only on MSNBC can a white person be black.Rateye17:21:26 06/15/15 Mon3

ADMO: Too bad that video on illegals came too lateRateye14:09:48 06/16/15 Tue5

How to easily clear up welfare fraud!Rateye19:55:05 06/17/15 Wed2

Dates for your calenderCalendar Girl09:57:06 06/16/15 Tue7

Husband forced her to perform 'sex acts'. What do you expect when you marry a shine?rateye19:23:36 06/17/15 Wed2

Last time I was in Tasmania I played basketball and...Law Clerk15:14:55 06/15/15 Mon2

WHAT A NUT JOB! NAACP Imposter Sued School Over Race ClaimsRateye03:17:01 06/16/15 Tue1

How many hands to you think it would take to give Kim a good spanking?Rateye16:00:50 06/15/15 Mon2

10 Hollyweird stars you never knew were fags!Rateye14:47:27 06/15/15 Mon5

(SAD TO NOTE) Grand Ole Opry member Jim Ed Brown dies at 81Leland Gaunt18:47:56 06/15/15 Mon1

The video of this Tranny is down right hilarious!Rateye16:12:41 06/15/15 Mon1

Open letter to Rateye: So what if you are gay? It's OK!Law Clerk22:14:02 06/11/15 Thu15

Again, everyone's welcome to post on my boardsRateye14:19:12 06/12/15 Fri10

Today is Flag Day!Rateye20:10:58 06/14/15 Sun1

Liberal and Black Anchor Refers to Dallas Gunman’s Actions as ‘Courageous and Brave’Rateye19:09:37 06/14/15 Sun1

ADMO: Nice choice on posting the TOMORROWLAND videoRateye20:02:04 06/13/15 Sat3

Michael Sam leaves football team. AIDS related no doubt.Rateye19:55:04 06/13/15 Sat1

White Ho tries to pass herself off as black by lying and kinking her hair.Rateye21:00:03 06/12/15 Fri5

Cindy Brady spills the details on The Brady Bunch's offscreen hookupsJudy.Love05:16:06 06/13/15 Sat2

Obama shows the world how corrupt and morally bankrupt he really is....Rateye19:32:58 06/12/15 Fri5

brief Breast in Concertdan201:08:15 06/13/15 Sat4

Dedicated to the Mean People(Lighten Up)Judy.Lots.Of.Love04:02:27 06/13/15 Sat3

Near vertical take-off?Law Clerk08:14:50 06/12/15 Fri1


Short Film: No BikiniYellow Fever17:10:22 06/11/15 Thu2

Very bad weather...Law Clerk12:25:49 06/11/15 Thu2

I'm in love !!!!dan205:02:59 06/11/15 Thu5

a request for Image Removaladmo00:32:26 06/08/15 Mon17

Why no one wants to hire shinesRateye17:46:16 06/10/15 Wed2

Reason #2,745 on why Obama will go down as worst US president everRateye17:55:11 06/10/15 Wed1

Suggestion to Admin - Good VibrationsLaw Clerk19:47:14 06/09/15 Tue5

I take a bike ride....Law Clerk01:45:42 06/10/15 Wed1

Let's remember D-Day before liberals erase it from our history.15:20:01 06/07/15 Sun11

Libya refugees - we are to blameJust saying ...09:36:02 06/09/15 Tue4

Anyone tired of the recent BS here can post on my boardsrateye21:29:52 06/08/15 Mon8

This 'Ho' denied access to her prom because of her dress.Rateye14:25:35 06/09/15 Tue1

N.Y. girl 'barbarically' raped by teen gangsters from El Salvador--THANKS OBAMA!Rateye14:02:43 06/09/15 Tue1

Pedophile Alert: Video shows kids cavorting in their PJ's, genitals exposed!Sigmund01:31:45 06/08/15 Mon9

Judy's Profound Thought for the DayJudy.Love04:14:08 06/09/15 Tue1

Heidi Klum looking 'hot' on the beach.18:06:50 06/08/15 Mon11

Republican UtopiaBill Bains19:02:26 05/30/15 Sat17

The mouth that almost brought down a presidency.22:46:03 06/08/15 Mon1

Seinfeld on liberals and comedy.22:42:17 06/08/15 Mon1

A Republican who makes sense on some issues...Law Clerk22:08:45 06/05/15 Fri15

The real worldLinda McG.21:04:02 06/02/15 Tue22

War, death and the current peace.Law Clerk14:16:13 06/07/15 Sun1

Enough nonsense...here is the important stuff!Law Clerk12:37:12 06/07/15 Sun1

dominant wifeNancy16:21:06 06/05/15 Fri3

Air Force tracks ISIS 'moron' postJudy.Love04:32:39 06/06/15 Sat1

Cute conservative couple show they can dance!Linda McG.19:55:39 06/05/15 Fri3

Bruce Jenner in drag on Married With Children 20 years ago!Rateye22:02:11 06/03/15 Wed7

ADMO: THANK YOU so much for the George Will video above!Rateye00:45:37 06/05/15 Fri3

Liberal school takes kids to adult novelty store for sex ed lessonRateye01:08:47 06/04/15 Thu7

Have another kid, pray to God-that will satisfy most jerkoffs including Rateye19 is not enough05:10:10 06/05/15 Fri1

nude at ymcaRetired Accountant12:53:29 06/04/15 Thu5

FLASH-Duggars to have another child to see if their son is cured19 obviously isn't enough21:53:45 06/04/15 Thu2

Mother and two calfs...very rareSeth23:06:11 06/04/15 Thu1

Liberals hate this quote..22:26:04 06/04/15 Thu1

Teacher gives extra credit for student selfies with parents sex toys!Rateye20:19:09 06/04/15 Thu1

100 Muslim pigs, including CAIR leader, caught in child sex stingRateye01:03:27 06/04/15 Thu3

Advice for "."Rateye19:44:41 06/03/15 Wed4

Sorry, but Bruce is not a womanrateye21:01:17 06/03/15 Wed1

Murder rate in NYC through the roof under Dem De BlasioRateye19:41:22 06/03/15 Wed1

America has had enough of the Kenyan.13:26:18 06/03/15 Wed2

Plane flies backward over French Open, 2015Linda McG.21:18:10 06/02/15 Tue3

There is truth in thisInquiring Minds Want to Know05:11:20 06/02/15 Tue4

Michelle Obama Shows Her Penis On The Ellen ShowYou be the judge23:44:17 05/28/15 Thu6

Fat ass Kardashian pregnant---hasn't she done enough damage to the world?Rateye19:55:45 06/01/15 Mon2

'Call me Caitlyn': Bruce Jenner unveiled as a woman in busty basque and underwearRateye19:59:35 06/01/15 Mon1

Like Pelosi, Boehner--neocon Hastert needs to see some jail time.13:25:36 05/29/15 Fri17

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