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Subject: A Birthday Spanking

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Date Posted: 01:42:14 04/15/17 Sat

"Well, Ms. Charline, I'm heading home for a day," I said.
"Isn't it a bit too soon, sir?" she asked. Ms. Charline was a school secretary, dedicated to keeping the whole thing running smoothly. Actually, I thought that she's much more vital to the school than me. A headmaster was more or less a ceremonial figure these days, epecially an old man like me who could no longer really connect with the children. I always swore that I won't become one of those people who pine for the "good old days", but the new days, while maybe not WORSE, were at least incomprehensible. Computers and smartphones scare me. Sometimes, I have nightmares when I come to class and there are no children at all, just their phones, lying on their desks, learning instead of them.
"I know it's early," I acknowledged. "But I have plans for today."
"Well, sir, could you please stay for a bit longer? You have three students here, waiting for discipline."
I paused. "Three students? Are you sure that's not a mistake?"
Our school DID have a policy that allowed corporal punishment of students. It always had that policy, but as time went by, it got tighter and tighter. When I started here, teachers could spank the students basically for any reason at all -- or even for no reason at all. At that time, it was good for our school's reputation, but the tide of public opinion has changed. And so the right to spank got more and more limited. Currently, I was the only one in school who could still do it. But even then, I rarely did. When teachers sent an unruly student to me, it was usually after some particularly atrocious misbehaviour, and even then, I usually resolved the problem with a warning. The old school paddle seen use maybe ten times per year? And I suspected that as the more conservative members of the school board start to die out, it will be eventually completely abolished.
Three students at the same time, that was absolutely unheard of. And in fact, I SHOULD have heard of it -- every time a teacher sent a student here, they gave me a ring beforehand to explain what the problem was.
"All right," I said, "send them in."
The students entered my office. All of them were girls, and all of them were girls I knew well.
"Mia Fairlong, Diana Steel, and Pauline Walker?" I said, in surprise. "You are the last ones I'd expect in here."
All three were straight A-students with no disciplinary problems at all. So what were they doing here?
"Yes, sir," said the oldest one, Mia. "But we're still here."
"So, what happened?" I asked. "Who sent you here?"
"Actually, sir, no one did," explained Diana. "We came of our own accord."
"Is there any problem?" I asked.
"Yes, there is!" said Pauline. "It required some detective work, sir, but we came here to give you this!"
She put a bag on my desk and pulled out a box. She opened it and to my surprise, I saw a cake.
"Happy birthday, sir!" cried all three together.
"What?" I was completely speechless.
"Sir, it's your birthday today?" asked Ms. Charline surprisedly.
"Well, yes, it is, but..."
"I didn't know that!" she said, sounding a bit offended. "And I'm supposed to know everything about this school!"
"Look, it's no big deal," I said. "I just... I don't like celebrating birthdays."
"Why?" asked Mia. "Birthdays are awesome!"
"For you, they are," I said with a sad smile. "For you, birthday means you're one year closer to being adults. For me, well, it's just that I'm one year further from my young days."
"Awww... but that's too pessimistic."
"It's the truth," I said. "Plus, I don't really have a family to celebrate with."
"But you have the school! The school is like a family!"
I just shook my head. No. School was NOT like a family.
"We didn't get you any candles," said Pauline apologetically. "I wanted to, but they said it could cause problems if we lit them in the school."
"Oh, yes," I said. "The smoke detectors are VERY sensitive, I'm afraid. We all remember the incident in chemistry lab last year, don't we?"
"But," continued Pauline, "we decided to give you a present."
"Girls, that's really good of you, but it's really not necessary..."
"Our present is a birthday spanking, sir!" said Diana excitedly.
That stopped me in my tracks.
"A birthday... spanking?"
Were they joking?
"Um, perhaps we said it wrong," said Mia quickly. "We don't mean that WE should spank YOU..."
"Well, I sure hope so!"
"...but perhaps you could spank us?"
"Spank you?" I repeated. "Why would I do that?"
"Why would you do that? Um, well..."
I sighed. "Ladies, you might have a wrong idea about what I do here. Corporal punishment of unruly students is one of my duties, yes, but it's not one I particularly enjoy. In fact, it would be grossly inappropriate to enjoy it."
"But you have to, sir!" said Diana. "It's tradition!"
"A headmaster paddling his students on his birthday is most definitely NOT a tradition, either here or at any place I know," I objected.
"Oh, come on, sir!" said Ms. Charline. "Don't be a wet blanket!"
I blinked. "Excuse me?"
"These girls are just curious. They heard the stories about your paddlings, so they decided to try it. Is that so wrong?"
"Stories? What STORIES? What stories are being told about me?"
"Oh, just relax, sir! I'm sure they are all delightful. Plus, the girls are in your office and I'm here as a witness. Technically, you have full right to paddle them."
I sighed. I could see that arguing with this four-woman task force would take more time that just caving in to their demands.
"All right then. In the light of you being such good students, I suppose I could grant your wish."
Although it would be really more appropriate for BAD students, I thought.
"How many swats should I give you?"
"Tradition is one for each year of your age, sir, plus one to grow on."
"Really?" I asked gravely. "I would let you know that I'm sixty-seven, young lady."
That seemed to shake them a bit. "Sixty...seven?"
"Yes. And even if I were to divide it among the three of you, it would still be way over twelve swats which, I have to say, is the maximum I ever gave -- and it's many years since I did even that."
"Technically, sir, you don't have to use the paddle," said Ms. Charline.
"You could just spank them with your hand. It's allowed in the school rules."
"I don't remember that part."
"Sir, your job is to enforce the rules. It's MY job to know them. Let me see..."
She did some magic with her computer. "Here."
I looked there.
"Corporal punishment shall consist of either:
1) 3-12 swats with the school paddle over clothed bottom of the student, or
2) 10-20 swats with hand over bared bottom of the student."
"Over BARED bottom?" I read, aghast. "Ms. Charline, are you sure that is correct?"
"Oh, yes. This statute was added when our school got merged with Dewhill Elementary in 1973. Their policy was bare-bottom spankings so it got added here."
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but we only merged with Dewhill Elementary for two years or so while they tore down their old school building and built a new one."
"That's correct. But the change in the policy was, technically, never repealed."
"Probably because no one noticed it."
"Well, *I* did, sir."
I was beginning to understand.
"Ms. Charline, you lied to me."
"You said you didn't know about my birthday, but that wasn't true, was it? You DID know about it! You colluded with these girls, and you researched the corporal punishment status beforehand. You know what? Fine. I didn't want to do this, but fine. You're going to get what you want."
I closed my eyes and breathed.
"So... Mia. My age plus one to grow on, right?"
"Y-Yes," she said. Something in my tone of voice caused her to grow nervous.
"So that's seventeen for each of you."
"Seventeen?" asked Pauline. "But seventeen times three is..."
"Oh, you seem to have made a mistake," I said, interrupting her. "I didn't say times THREE."
"What do you mean?" asked Diana.
"I mean that I've known Ms. Charline here for a long time. I've known her when she was a freckled, pig-tailed Anne Charline who studied at this very school, which TECHNICALLLY -- her favorite word -- makes her ALSO a student."
"Now wait a minute," protested Ms. Charline. "I mean, I graduated years ago! I'm no longer a student here!"
"True, but maybe your perfect memory will recall a certain celebration we had the last year?"
"A celebration?"
"Clive Gruber, our former student, was awarded a Pulitzer prize for his journalistic accomplishments. And we invited him here... it was YOUR idea, as I remember, and he gave a little speech, and then we presented him a little certificate."
I opened my desk's drawer and rummaged in it for a while.
"Ah, here it is. Ms. Anne Charline, it is my honor to give you, for your faithful service, this certificate, which, incidentally, pronounces you a honor STUDENT of this school in all perpetuity. I believe you will find that your beloved school rules give me full authority to give this honor to whoever I please."
It was satisfying to see that woman's jaw drop.

"W-What?" she stammered. "H-How...?"
"Oh, it's very simple, really," I said. "Because I, Ms. Charline, am the headmaster of this school. And that, believe it or not, requires me to NOT be a complete idiot!"
I slapped my hand on my desk. "Do you remember how you stepped in that bucket two years ago, Ms. Charline?"
"Huh? What? Bucket?"
"The janitor has left a bucket with soap water outside my office while he was cleaning the hall. You didn't notice it and stepped into it. You swore at that poor man and called him names. And then, in the next school budget, you tried to smuggle in a line that would give him a substantial pay cut. Oh, you didn't think I would notice that, but I did because, once again, this is MY school and it is my JOB to know everything that happens here! You realize I could have fired you on the spot just for that? But no, I decided to keep you on, but of course I tipped the janitor off about what you tried to do. So here's a tip for you: next time you plan a 'surprise' for me, perhaps don't do it in the hall where a janitor with major grudge towards you works? Because I assure you that he ran right back here and told me."
The three girls -- four, if I include Ms. Charline, and I think at this point, I should, cowered at the door. Oh, yes, they didn't expect this, did they? Their poor, old, silly headmaster still had teeth! And strong right hand, as they were about to find out.
"Well, I don't know just how sincere you were, or if you just wanted to embarrass me and you counted on that I wouldn't really go along with the spanking, but as I said: Sixty-seven plus one to grow on is sixty-eight, and that's seventeen for each of the FOUR of you. We'll go in the order of age, so Pauline, you go first."
She stepped up, nervous. She knew that she bit off more than she could chew, but did I feel sorry for her? Not in the least.
"Now, I should, by all rights, turn you over my lap and spank your bottom like a naughty little schoolchild you are, but unfortunately, the sort of office chairs we get nowadays are not really good for this. So we're going to do it like the paddlings -- I shall ask you to bend over my desk, please."
Shaking, Pauline did.
"Now, that skirt is going to go up, yes, and the knickers will go down. We have to obey the rules, after all. So go on, Pauline."
This was actually the most important moment. Will she do it or won't she? She didn't have to, she could simply refuse to go along with any of this, and if she did, well, that would be it. If they changed their minds, I could do nothing about that. But if Pauline bared her bottom, it would press the others to go along with the spanking. Especially Ms. Charline. I had a long list of grievances with that woman.
And Pauline... yes, she got back up and then she reached her hands to her bottom and pulled down her knickers, she pulled them right to her knees, in fact, and then she went back over and flipped her skirt up.
I stepped towards her and pressed a hand to her back to keep her down.
"Seventeen, was it?"
"Yes, sir."
I looked towards the two waiting students and one waiting "student". "Now, our time here is not unlimited, so Diana, I'd suggest you to get your knickers down while you're waiting. Pauline, you ready?"
"Wait a second!" said Ms. Charline.
"Yes, anything you want to say, Ms. Charline?"
She nodded. "Just one thing, sir. Girls, two-three!"
And they all started to sing.
"For he's a jolly good fellow..."
Maybe I was wrong about them... even about Ms. Charline. Maybe they really didn't want anything more than give me a memorable birthday.
Tears appeared in my eyes, which was wrong. It was not my eyes that should be tearful now.
I slapped my hand on Pauline's bottom. It was a firm, young bottom, and I was glad to have this opportunity -- though I wouldn't admit it aloud.
The birthday song sounded throughout the office, interrupted by seventeen hard smacks and seventeen squeals.
These girls were seniors and mere seventeen spanks were not enough to make them cry. Still, Pauline's face was red and her cheeks had a few tears.
"Diana!" I commanded.
She took Pauline's place over the desk and I noticed that her knickers were already down. She flipped up her skirt.
"Again!" said Ms. Charline and Pauline took over Diana's part in the singing.
"For he's a jolly good fellow..."
Diana had the best figure out of the girls -- actually, she could probably beat even Ms. Charline in that regards -- and spanking her was a delight. Seventeen smacks have gone in the blink of an eye and I really wanted to continue -- but no. I shouldn't behave more improperly than I already did.
The girls switched easily and I had a third bare bottom to spank.
"For he's a jolly good fellow..."
Actually, it's not easy to count the spanks when people are singing right next to you! But I am a professional. I am a teacher and a headmaster. And I might be old, but I still know how to spank properly, damn it!
All three girls were now standing back up, rubbing their bare bottoms. I nodded to Ms. Charline.
"Oh, alright," she smiled. "I'm guilty as charged, sir."
She wore pants, not uniform skirts, so she had to take it all down, but her mature bottom was worth it.
As I started to smack her, the three-girl chorus went to a teary crescendo.
"...which nobody can deny!"

* * *

"You're late, Jim."
"I'm sorry," I said. "You see, some girls at school decided to throw me a birthday party..."
My doctor smiled. "Was it a good one?"
"Yes, actually. The best birthday party I ever had. I brought you a bit of cake."
"Well, it's good that it was a good birthday, Jim, because..."
I nodded. "I know. I had the feeling."
"The tests just didn't work out, Jim. I'm sorry."
"Well, as they say, it's good to go out with a smack."
"It's 'with a bang', Jim."
"Oh, I know that. Just a private joke."

* * *

It's damn inconvenient, I tell you, but what can I do? It's my fault that I haven't retired yet, so now that I've had my brithday party -- my LAST birthday party, apparently -- it's my job to find a successor. Perhaps Anne Charline could be a worthy one after all. Would she use more corporal punishment? Or abolish it altogether? In the weeks and months to come, we will have many, many long talks, I can imagine.
So much to take care of before, well, before I'll have to take that final leave.

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