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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Emmys In Memoriam segment has surprising omissionsLinkTuesday, September 19, 07:24:51am15
Happy Birthday! Actress Rosemary Harris (90) Actor David McCallum (84) Singer Paul Williams (77) Actor Jeremy Irons (69) Actor Scott Colomby (65) (NT)ColtTuesday, September 19, 06:06:26am2
Happy 102nd Birthday! Painter Dufy Ayers. Politician Joseph Zeller is 99, Politician Ali Nakhjavani is 98, Writer Roger Grenier is 98, Politician Willard Kinzie is 98, Sportswriter Roger Angell is 97. (NT)jlpTuesday, September 19, 06:03:33am3
OT: What's your favorite scary movie? (NT)YTuesday, September 19, 05:55:22am5
OT: I can't find any recent news on Betty White.Anyone know how she doing?Monday, September 18, 11:13:45pm2
Soap Opera Writer Matt LabineDies at 58Monday, September 18, 07:25:52pm3
Randy Potter, 53 year old man sat dead in the driver's seat of his truck in a busy parking lot of Kansas City International Airport for 8 monthsWonder if he missed his flight.Monday, September 18, 06:53:27pm1
Archive: Franchot Tone, Sept. 18, 1968ActorMonday, September 18, 04:50:53pm2
Happy Birthday! Actor William O'Malley (86) Actor Robert Blake (84) Singer Frankie Avalon (78) Actor Fred Willard (78) Actress Veronica Carlson (73) Actor Gailard Sartain (71) (NT)ColtMonday, September 18, 04:45:10pm7
Don Ohlmeyer, ‘Monday Night Football’ ProducerDies at 72Monday, September 18, 02:41:17pm4
Is the website Reel Classics messed up for you too? Very frustratingThanksMonday, September 18, 02:36:26pm12
Laudir Soares de Oliveira, Percussionist with ChicagoDead at 77Monday, September 18, 02:23:58pm3
Bill Goodling, Ex- Congressman from Pennsylvania ...Dead at 89.Monday, September 18, 11:58:26am2
Pattie Caruso, Mother of Carson DalyDead at 73Monday, September 18, 11:50:44am2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Monday, September 18, 11:50:44am
Stanislav Petrov, "The Man Who Saved The World"Dead at 77Monday, September 18, 11:43:40am2
Happy Birthday! Actress Pat Crowley (84) Actor Bruce Spence (72) Actress Cassandra Peterson (66) Actress Lynne Griffin (65) (NT)ColtMonday, September 18, 11:28:23am6
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentnearian Grace Jones, Actress Branka Veselinovic is 99, Singer Carlos Rubira Infante is 96, Football's Earle Parsons is 96, Singer Jon Hendricks is 96, (NT)jlpMonday, September 18, 08:14:48am15
Wrestler, manager and commentator Bobby The Brain Heenan dead at 72TOBYSunday, September 17, 09:49:36pm3
Violet Brown, World's Oldest Validated PersonDies at 117Sunday, September 17, 06:42:41pm20
Judy Howard - Rance Howard's Second Wife, Ron's StepmotherDied in January - can't remember if this was posted.Sunday, September 17, 04:05:18pm4
Bonnie Angelo, political journalist who wrote about moms of U.S. presidents, dies at 93Washington Post obitsSunday, September 17, 01:57:38pm3
Royce Osborn, New Orleans filmmaker ("All on a Mardi Gras Day")Dead at 58Sunday, September 17, 01:40:05pm1
Penny Chenery, Owner of 1973 Triple Crown winner SecretariatDead at 95Sunday, September 17, 11:32:42am2
Noted Gospel singer Dr. Rodena Preston, Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) Executive, and half-sister of the late music great Billy Preston, dies. ... theChroniclerSunday, September 17, 11:29:18am2
Brenda Lewis, Operatic soprano and theatre actressDies at 96Sunday, September 17, 11:26:03am3
Writer Jerry Pournelle has died.NikSunday, September 17, 03:38:18am3
NASCAR racer Ted Christopher killed in plane crashHe was 59Saturday, September 16, 05:05:35pm1
Mitchell Flint, US aviator who helped form Israeli Air ForceDead at 94Saturday, September 16, 04:38:49pm1
Albert Speer, Jr. Architect, son of a NaziDead at 83Saturday, September 16, 04:36:17pm1
Shirley Callaway, Broadway Voice Teacher, mother of 2 Tony nominated artistsDead at 84Saturday, September 16, 04:32:57pm2
Kathy Griffin's Sister Joyce DiesHad battled cancerSaturday, September 16, 02:22:18pm7
Actor Harry Dean StantonDies at 91Saturday, September 16, 11:36:57am15
Michelle Rounds, ex-wife of Rosie O'DonnellCommits Suicide at 46Friday, September 15, 04:34:53pm2
Otto Wanz, WrestlerDead at 74Friday, September 15, 01:42:02pm1
Basiil Gogos, Legendary monster artistHas diedFriday, September 15, 01:40:27pm3
Len Wein, Co- creator of Swamp Thing & WolverineDead at 69Friday, September 15, 01:37:34pm2
Happy Birthday! Comedian Norm Crosby (90) Actor Henry Silva (89) Actor Donald O'Brien (87) Actor Henry Darrow (84) Actor Tommy Lee Jones (71) Director Oliver Stone (71) (NT)ColtFriday, September 15, 12:43:59pm9
Healthwatch: Lady Gaga hospitalized for severe painCancels Brazilian performanceFriday, September 15, 12:33:09pm2
Was Vincent Baggetta's death recorded here? (NT)Wiki says he passed away in MayFriday, September 15, 12:07:32pm16
Healthwatch: Heather LocklearHospitalized after a car crashFriday, September 15, 11:36:18am1
Arnold Sagalyn, Onetime assistant to crime-fighter Eliot NessDead at 99Friday, September 15, 11:25:56am1
OT: Jerry Lewis' Illegitimate Daughter, Now Homeless, Reveals How She Learned About Her Dad's DeathSuzan Lewis lives on the streets of PhiladelphiaFriday, September 15, 11:18:52am8
Paul McLean, Financial Times JournalistKilled by a crocodile, aged 24Friday, September 15, 07:22:09am1
Xavier Atencio 1919-2017 Veteran animator and Disney LegendFredrik AnderssonFriday, September 15, 02:15:25am3
Frank Vincent, Actor ("Billy Batts" in "Goodfellas")Dead at 78Thursday, September 14, 06:01:46pm7
Archive: Raymond Burr, Sept. 12, 1993ActorThursday, September 14, 05:24:43pm14
Healthwatch - Larry KingLung CancerThursday, September 14, 05:06:57pm2
Archive: LaWanda Page, Sept. 17, 2002Aunt Esther on "Sanford & Son"Thursday, September 14, 04:24:42pm2
Happy Birthday! Director Daniel Haller (91) Actress Joyce Taylor (85) Actor Walter Koenig (81) Actor Sam Neill (70) (NT)ColtThursday, September 14, 04:19:06pm9
Grant Hart, drummer for Husker DuDead at 56Thursday, September 14, 04:15:08pm3
Happy Birthday! Actor Freddie Jones (90) Actor Ian Holm (86) Actor George Chuvalo (80) Actress Anne Helm (79) Actress Linda Gray (77) Actor Bruce Mahler (67) Actor Joe Pantoliano (66) (NT)ColtThursday, September 14, 12:16:30pm12
Healthwatch: Selena Gomez undergoes kidney transplant in her battle with lupus.Thursday, September 14, 12:05:30pm6
Healthwatch: Opera singer Andrea BocelliFalls off horse, hits head, rushed to hospitalThursday, September 14, 11:54:33am1
Gary Otte, Executed for 1992 double murderOhioThursday, September 14, 11:47:46am1
Joan Epstein, Mother of Kathie Lee GiffordDead at 87Thursday, September 14, 11:05:43am3
Károly Makk, Hungarian directorDead at 91Thursday, September 14, 06:09:44am1
Douglas Dowd 1919-2017 American political economist.Fredrik AnderssonWednesday, September 13, 11:58:54pm1
Happy Birthday! Actress Barbara Bain (86) Actor Gene Dynarski (85) Actor Joe E. Tata (81) Actress Jacqueline Bisset (73) Producer Frank Marshall (71) (NT)ColtWednesday, September 13, 05:18:15pm10
J.P. Donleavy, Writer ("The Ginger Man")Dead at 91Wednesday, September 13, 04:27:23pm1
Jesse Zazu, Frontwoman for Nashville based alt- Country band Those Darlin'sDead at 28 (cancer)Wednesday, September 13, 11:56:00am2
Former New Mexico Senator Pete DomeniciDies at 85Wednesday, September 13, 11:40:46am2
  • Congressional bio -- already has his death date- that's pretty quick for Congress!, Wednesday, September 13, 11:40:46am
Jennifer Daniel, actressDead at 81Wednesday, September 13, 11:38:14am5
Mike Neville, TV news presenterDead at 80Wednesday, September 13, 08:51:59am1
Actor Harvey LevineDies at 78Wednesday, September 13, 06:22:45am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, September 13, 06:22:45am
ARCHIVE: September 6, 1974 ~American-born Hollywood actor Otto Kruger, whose career spanned over five decades playing from suave leads to villain heavys, dies on his 89th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, September 12, 07:09:40pm4
Same-sex Marriage Pioneer Edith Windsor ...Dead at 88.Tuesday, September 12, 06:35:10pm4
Mary Goldberg, Casting director ("Amadeus", Alien")Dead at 72Tuesday, September 12, 06:30:17pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, September 12, 06:30:17pm
Riem De Wolff, Dutch-Indonesian singer (The Blue Diamonds)Dead at 74Tuesday, September 12, 05:33:02pm3
Terence Harvey, British actor ("From Hell")Has diedTuesday, September 12, 04:20:19pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, September 12, 04:20:19pm
8 people shot and killed during a Dallas Cowboy watch party at a home in Plano, TexasSuspect was killed by policeTuesday, September 12, 01:14:04pm3
Morris Ellis, Musician performed with Peabo Bryson, the Chi-Lites, Donny Hathaway, The Dells, Jerry Butler, MoreDead at 88Tuesday, September 12, 12:24:17pm1
Actress Ella Marie MorrisDies at 91Tuesday, September 12, 11:40:21am3
Actor Hansford Rowe dies in car accidentHe was 93Tuesday, September 12, 11:39:16am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, September 12, 11:39:16am
Virgil Howe, Drummer, Son of Steve Howe of YesDead at 42Tuesday, September 12, 11:33:20am1
ARCHIVE: September 11, 2010 ~Versatile actor Kevin McCarthy, known for his many stage performces, and hundreds of film/TV roles spanning six decades, dies at 96. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, September 12, 11:27:32am3
Soap actor Mark LuMara dies ...He was 72.Tuesday, September 12, 11:24:40am4
9/11 Never Forget (NT)Surprised 😳 no mention by our ChronTuesday, September 12, 11:22:19am5
11 year old boy dies after falling into volcanic crater near Naples, Italy. His two parents sucked into hot mud trying to rescue him also die..Tuesday, September 12, 10:16:53am2
Uncontacted Amazon tribe first photographed from the air in 2008 reportedly have been massacred by gold miners in BrazilThe tribe had their first taste of "civilized" humanity.Tuesday, September 12, 10:14:16am2
Sir Peter Hall, founder of the Royal Shakespeare CompanyDead at 86Tuesday, September 12, 08:58:40am2
Jan Brittin, female England cricketerDead at 58Tuesday, September 12, 08:55:11am1
Happy Birthday! Actor Earl Holliman (89) Actor Charles Dierkop (81) Director Brian De Palma (77) Actor Felton Perry (72) Actress Julie Payne (71) Actor Phillip Alford (69) Actor Michael Sacks (69) Actress Amy Madigan (67) (NT)ColtMonday, September 11, 10:21:03pm13
Healthwatch: Comedian Artie LangeWas hospitalized with heart problemsMonday, September 11, 09:18:07pm4
October will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of a beloved TV actor (NT)I'll give you a hint: "Mushi Mushi"Monday, September 11, 04:47:11pm5
Archive: Lorne Greene, Sept. 11, 1987ActorMonday, September 11, 04:13:43pm3
Pierre Bergé, Fashion tycoon and partner (business & personal) of Yves Saint LaurentDead at 86Monday, September 11, 04:03:26pm1
OT: JFK's granddaughter gets married27-year-old Tatiana Schlossberg married 28-year-old George MoranMonday, September 11, 03:50:49pm4
Since the American media can only cover one story at a time, you may not have heard that there was an 8.1 earthquake that struck MexicoAt least 67 deadMonday, September 11, 02:47:13pm3
Mel Didier, Longtime Major League Baseball executiveDead at 90Monday, September 11, 01:28:20pm2
QUESTION: What was the worst natural and/or weather disaster you personally have ever experienced (hurricane/tornado/severe storm/earthquake, etc) ? theChroniclerMonday, September 11, 12:37:22pm13
Daughter of British actor murdered at music festivalDorset, EnglandMonday, September 11, 11:50:49am1
Luisa DeLauro, Ct. Political matriarchDead at 103Monday, September 11, 11:47:22am1
Mike Hodge, Actor and President of SAG New YorkDies at 70Monday, September 11, 11:42:41am10
Paul Carney, son of Art Carney died in JulyNot sure if this was mentioned hereMonday, September 11, 07:41:54am5
Hans Alfredson 1931-2017 Legendary Swedish actor and comedian dead at 86 - end of an era.Fredrik AnderssonMonday, September 11, 12:42:03am1
OT:Name a tv series from the 70's with its regular cast all still alive? (NT)TOBYSunday, September 10, 05:27:46pm10
Happy Birthday! Actor Philip Baker Hall (86) Actor Greg Mullavey (78) Actress Judy Geeson (69) Guitarist Joe Perry (67) (NT)ColtSunday, September 10, 05:22:47pm6
Healthwatch: Actress Busy PhillippsHospitalizedSunday, September 10, 04:57:14pm1
Michael Friedman, composer and lyricistDies at 41Sunday, September 10, 04:33:22pm6
Mark Asay, Executed Aug. 24th for murdering 2 men in 1988FloridaSunday, September 10, 04:19:43pm1
OT: Hurricane Questionaire! Is it both necessary and wise for reporters to be broadcasting TV reports outdoors and putting themselves in danger?(Chron please delete if you feel this is inappropriate)Sunday, September 10, 01:16:41pm5
Pierre Pilote, NHL player ( Blackhawks, Maple Leafs)Dead at 85Sunday, September 10, 12:07:05pm1
Dave Saunders, Cowboy who portrayed Red RyderDies at 84Sunday, September 10, 11:52:48am4
Archive: Burgess Meredith, Sept. 9, 1997ActorSunday, September 10, 08:28:29am10
Eugenio Polgovsky, award-winning filmmaker who cast austere eye on Mexico, dies at 40Washington Post obitsSunday, September 10, 06:02:39am1
Son of fired Fox News host Eric Bolling commits suicideEric Chase Bolling was 19Sunday, September 10, 06:02:01am7
'Mamá Angélica,’ who searched for the dead and disappeared during Peruvian ‘dirty war, dies at 88<Washington Post obitsSunday, September 10, 06:00:48am1
Troy Gentry of COuntryduo montgomery Gentry killed in helicopter crashHe was 50Sunday, September 10, 04:50:04am12
Nicolaas Bloembergen, Dutch-American recipient of 1981 Nobel Prize in PhysicsDies at 97Sunday, September 10, 04:17:36am3
ARCHIVE: September 9, 1975 ~Hollywood character actor John McGiver, who appeared in over 100 film/TV roles, apt in both dramatic and comedic roles, dies at 61, after two decades of screen roles. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, September 09, 07:12:59pm6
Josh Schwartz, Singer- guitarist (Further, Beachwood Sparks, the Summer Hits and the Tyde)Dead at 45Saturday, September 09, 02:18:03pm1
Happy Birthday! Actress Joanne Moore Jordon (89) Actress Mitzi McCall (85) Actress Sylvia Miles (85) Actor Nadim Sawalha (82) Actor Topol (82) (NT)ColtSaturday, September 09, 01:23:10pm6
Archive: Brad Davis, Sept. 8, 1991ActorSaturday, September 09, 11:43:32am13
Country Music Great, Don WilliamsDies At 78Saturday, September 09, 10:41:26am12
Archive: Zero Mostel, Sept. 8, 1977ActorFriday, September 08, 09:41:39pm2
Actor Blake Heron 1982-2017Dead at 35Friday, September 08, 08:56:08pm6
Vera Van Wagner, Oldest NY residentDead at 113Friday, September 08, 06:09:20pm1
Joe DeNucci, Boxer turned politician (longest serving Auditor in Mass. history)Dead at 78Friday, September 08, 06:07:01pm1
Happy 99th Birthday! Musician Bill Graham, Art Collector Media Mladkova is 98, Producer Wolf C. Hartwig is 98, Economist Lyndon LaRouche is 95, Actress Jacqueline Kott turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, September 08, 05:02:09pm10
All 5 former presidents in an appeal for Hurricane Harvey victimsCarter looks good; Bush Sr. looks okFriday, September 08, 03:42:31pm4
ADMIN NOTE: To all Florida board postors/lurkers, stay safe over the weekend. Prepare as best you can. Compared to 1992 devistating Hurricane Andrew, this is a MONSTER. ~Stay safe. ... theChroniclerFriday, September 08, 11:49:34am1
Blossom Elfman, Writer, mother of musician Danny Elfman, died in Apr.She was 91Friday, September 08, 11:32:15am3
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Josefa Santos Gonzalez, Doolittle Pilot Richard E. Cole is 101, Architect Kathe Menzel Jordan is 101, Politician Gerardo Fernandez Albor is 100,. (NT)jlpFriday, September 08, 10:31:03am8
Harry Gittes, Pal of Jack Nicholson, produced 3 of his filmsDead at 81Friday, September 08, 01:00:38am3
Archive: Christy Brown, Sept. 7, 1981Wrote "My Left Foot"Thursday, September 07, 07:01:02pm2
Dong Jimin, Oldest Chinese veteran of World War 2Dead at 113Thursday, September 07, 04:09:18pm2
Drew Wahlroos, NFL player (St. Louis Rams)Dead at 37 (suicide)Thursday, September 07, 04:06:12pm1
Joseph Metheny, Serial killer sold his victim's remains in BBQ sandwichesDead at 62Thursday, September 07, 04:04:03pm4
Archive: Keith Moon, Sept. 7, 1978DrummerThursday, September 07, 12:31:59pm1
Richard Scott, Longtime Studio Publicist, wrote an episode of "Gunsmoke"Dead at 75Thursday, September 07, 11:20:39am2
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, September 07, 11:20:39am
Gene "Stick" Michael, New York Yankee player, manager and general manager suffers heart attackDies at 79Thursday, September 07, 08:37:19am1
Sound Technician Michael MeierDies at 68Thursday, September 07, 08:10:03am2
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, September 07, 08:10:03am
Sugar Ramos, Boxer Remembered for a Fatal FightDies at 75Wednesday, September 06, 08:53:30pm2
Rick Stevens, Was the lead singer of Tower of PowerDead at 77Wednesday, September 06, 06:35:04pm4
Feminist writer Kate Millett diesShe was 82Wednesday, September 06, 06:26:09pm3
Archive: Tom Fogerty, Sept. 6, 1990Member of CCRWednesday, September 06, 06:22:05pm3
OT: Breaking - California parole board grants Leslie van Houten parole. Final decision rests with Governor who overturned her parole last year.SharonWednesday, September 06, 04:57:29pm2
Health Watch:. Jo Dee MessinaCountry SingerWednesday, September 06, 03:57:16pm1
Happy Birthday! Guitarist Roger Waters (74) Actress Jane Curtin (70) Director Tommy Lee Wallace (68) (NT)ColtWednesday, September 06, 03:48:31pm13
Healthwatch: Scott DisickHospitalized, placed on psychiatric holdWednesday, September 06, 02:51:29pm2
  • Full article -- Relinked, Wednesday, September 06, 02:51:29pm
Archive: Leslie McFarlane, 9/06/1977Was the creator of the world famous Hardy Boys Mystery SeriesWednesday, September 06, 02:27:36pm2
Michael Travaglia, "Thrill killer" who murdered 4 people, including a policemanDead at 59Wednesday, September 06, 02:18:44pm1
Jeffrey Tuchman, Directed Bill Clinton bio "The Man From Hope"Dead at 62Wednesday, September 06, 02:16:11pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, September 06, 02:16:11pm
Dr. Jamie Rupp, falls 1,000 feet in Colorado climbing accident. He was one of the only nephrologists in the state of Wyoming.Dies at 55Wednesday, September 06, 08:12:49am1
Carlo Caffarra, Catholic Cardinal who publicly challenged the teachings of Pope Francis. He is the 2nd of four Cardinals to die this year who admonished the moral authority of the current PopeDies at 79Wednesday, September 06, 07:27:24am1
Gastone Moschin, Italian actor ("Godfather, Part 2")Dead at 88Wednesday, September 06, 04:23:52am3
Holger Czukay, the bassist and co-founder of seminal German krautrock pioneers 'Can', died. ...Dead at 79Wednesday, September 06, 01:03:02am1
Happy Birthday! Actor Bob Newhart (88) Actress Carol Lawrence (85) Actor William Devane (78) Actor George Lazenby (78) Actress Raquel Welch (77) (NT)ColtTuesday, September 05, 04:48:18pm7
Archive: Owen T. Edgar, Sept. 3, 1929Last US vet. od the Mex.-Amer. WarTuesday, September 05, 04:31:45pm2
Earl Lindo, Member of Bob Marley's WailersDead at 64Tuesday, September 05, 04:22:35pm1
Happy Birthday! Actor Ronn Carroll (82) Actress Rosenda Monteros (82) Actor Larry Hankin (77) Actress Camilla Carr (75) Actor Richard Gere (68) (NT)ColtTuesday, September 05, 03:34:18pm5
Simeon Wright, Cousin of Emmett Till, Witnessed his cousin's kidnappingHas diedTuesday, September 05, 01:57:09pm3
Shelley Berman, comedian and actorDies at 92Tuesday, September 05, 01:31:40pm37
Hey ChronTonyTuesday, September 05, 01:11:18pm1
ADMIN NOTE: Please do NOT post a header main theme, whether it be an obit OR an archive post WITHOUT a link attached. ~Thank you. (NT) theChroniclerTuesday, September 05, 01:07:13pm1
Larrington Walker, Jamaican born actorDead at 70Tuesday, September 05, 12:45:14pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, September 05, 12:45:14pm
Archive: Mother Teresa, 9/05/1997 (NT)YTuesday, September 05, 12:08:56pm3
Actor Yoshio TsuchiyaDies at 90Tuesday, September 05, 12:04:03pm3
Actor Arne NannestadR.I.P.Tuesday, September 05, 12:01:26pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, September 05, 09:28:33am
    • Pic -- ., Tuesday, September 05, 12:01:26pm
Jack Keil, creator and voice of McGruff the crime dogDies at 94Tuesday, September 05, 11:46:00am2
  • McGruff PSA -- Link, Tuesday, September 05, 11:46:00am
Murray Lerner, film director and producer (1981 Oscar - best documentary)Dies at 90Tuesday, September 05, 10:36:37am2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, September 05, 10:36:37am
Walter Becker dead at 67.Steely DanTuesday, September 05, 05:02:14am14
Today's Pic... The Caricatures. My guesses...Mr. XMonday, September 04, 07:35:46pm12
Dave Hlubek, Founding member of Molly HatchetDead at 66Monday, September 04, 06:53:17pm9
Younger sister of actress Rebecca Gayheart dies in jailKentuckyMonday, September 04, 04:31:10pm2
Marjorie Cooke, Australia’s oldest personDead at 111Monday, September 04, 04:28:27pm1
John Byrne Cooke, author, musician, road manager of Janis Joplin and son of Alistair CookeDies at 76Monday, September 04, 12:10:29pm3
Happy Birthday! Actress Mitzi Gaynor (86) Actor Michael Berryman (69) Actor Alan Blumenfeld (65) (NT)ColtMonday, September 04, 12:08:24pm5
Elizabeth Kemp, actress and drama teacher dies at 65Per her Facebook fan page, Wikipedia, and IMDbMonday, September 04, 11:32:55am11
Susan Vreeland, WriterDead at 71Monday, September 04, 11:28:19am1
Richard Anderson, actor of TV and film including The Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar ManDies at 91Monday, September 04, 10:14:01am27
Dean Eastmond, LGBT activistDead at 21Monday, September 04, 05:20:45am1
Healthwatch! Li'l Wayne"Multiple seizures"Monday, September 04, 02:32:55am1
Jerry Lewis Private Memorial Set for Labor Day at Las Vegas hotel where Lewis last performed as telethon host. A guest list was not provided to the media. ... theChroniclerSunday, September 03, 06:56:29pm4
Poet John Ashbery dies age 90SawdustSunday, September 03, 06:25:12pm2
Happy Birthday! Actor Harry Landers (96) Actress Irene Papas (91) Actor Steve Rowland (85) Actress Valerie Perrine (74) (NT)ColtSunday, September 03, 12:54:54pm5
OT: Has anybody got info about former actress Debra Paget, who lives in Houston/Texas? (NT)Houston/Texas under waterSunday, September 03, 08:42:37am11
Jamaican gay rights activist Dexter Pottinger murdered in his homeTOBYSunday, September 03, 06:03:34am1
OT: Decades is showing "Best of Ed Sullivan Show" starting Mon. Sept. 4.Link to scheduleSunday, September 03, 04:35:25am1
Paul Schaal, MLB 3rd Baseman with the KC Royals, who eventually lost his job to HOF'er George Brett, dies at 74RussSaturday, September 02, 08:18:51pm4
Happy 98th Birthday! Dancer Marge Champion, Journalist Monica Echeverria is 97, Politician Andre Delahaye is 97, Actor Don Avory is 97, Actor Anfried Kramer is 97, Poet Shukrollo is 96, Politician Daniel arap Mol is 93, (NT)jlpSaturday, September 02, 05:51:38pm10
Todd Honeycutt, Bassist for Enfold DarknessDead at 30 (suicide)Saturday, September 02, 04:16:23pm1
ARCHIVE: September 2, 1982 ~Hollywood character actor Jay Novello, known for hi countless ethnic roles -from latin, to Italian, to from, to middle eastern, Novello was a mainstay in Hollywood film/TV roles for four decades, dies at 78. ... theChroniclerSaturday, September 02, 01:41:25pm2
Novella Nelson, actress with roles on stage, television and filmDies at 77Saturday, September 02, 11:34:13am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, September 02, 11:34:13am
Actor Joe Guardino dies at 87Brother of actor Harry Guardino (died 1995)Saturday, September 02, 11:33:04am4
OT: Who is your favorite comedian? (NT)YSaturday, September 02, 10:11:02am11
Healthwatch: Singer Tom JonesCancels US tour due to ill healthFriday, September 01, 06:57:13pm3
Are Jerry Lewis and Don Rickles the last of the entertainment icons from that generation? (NT)is Jerry's passing the end of an eraFriday, September 01, 04:48:54pm23
Happy Birthday! Actor George Maharis (89) Actress Lily Tomlin (78) Actor Don Stroud (74) Actor Beau Starr (73) Actress Susan Backlinie (71) (NT)ColtFriday, September 01, 01:15:06pm7
Healthwatch: Steve Harwell of SmashmouthRushed to hospitalFriday, September 01, 12:42:04pm1
Ann Jellicoe, British writer ("The Knack")Dead at 90Friday, September 01, 12:27:27pm1
Stephanie Slater, Real Estate agent kidnapped in 1992 & kept in a wooden coffin for 8 daysDead at 50Friday, September 01, 12:00:05pm1
Sound Mixer Don SharplessDies at 84Friday, September 01, 11:48:44am3
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, ex-Archbishop of WestminsterDead at 85Friday, September 01, 08:48:25am1
French Author, Cryptozoologist Jean-Paul Debenat DiesBorn 1943Friday, September 01, 07:35:50am2
Happy BIrthday! Actress Betty Lynn (91) Director William Friedkin (82) Actor Elliot Gould (79) Director Joel Schumacher (78) Actress Ellen Geer (76) Director Frank Henenlotter (67) Actress Toni Kalem (67) Actress Deborah Van Valkenburgh (65) (NT)ColtThursday, August 31, 09:32:51pm18
ARCHIVE: August 31, 1997 ~It was 20 years ago today, the world woke to the news of the tragic early death of beloved member of the British royal family, Diana, Princess of Wales. She was only 36. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, August 31, 09:03:25pm7
“Skip” Prokop, Canadian musician (The Paupers, Lighthouse)Dead at 74Thursday, August 31, 08:45:46pm6
Alan Cassell, Australian actor ("Breaker Morant")Dead at 85Thursday, August 31, 06:32:30pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, August 31, 06:32:30pm
OT: Why does Facebook allow "sponsored" ads which are FAKE NEWS?They should absolutely be banned!Thursday, August 31, 04:27:05pm1
Bandleaer, Larry Elgart, Who Kept Swing Up to Date Dies at 95NY TimesThursday, August 31, 04:14:07pm5
Janne 'Loffe' Carlsson, Swedish actor and musicianDead at 80Thursday, August 31, 03:10:28pm1
Norman MacLean, Entertainer and Gaelic championDead at 80Thursday, August 31, 03:08:19pm1
Happy 99th Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Horst Hermann, WW2 Military Figure Joachim Ronneberg is 98, Animator Leonid Shvartsman is 97, Writer Solomon Rozen is 97, Tennis Player Vic Seixas is 94, \ (NT)jlpThursday, August 31, 02:40:02pm10
ARCHIVE: August 31. 2000 ~Canadian-born Hollywood actress Patricia Owens, known for her dumour poise in dramatic Hollywood features, who was best known for famed schlock horror classic, THE FLY (1958), dies at 75. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, August 31, 02:07:48pm1
Healthwatch: Singer TweetHospitalized for blood clotsThursday, August 31, 01:18:30pm1
Alan MacDonald, Film production designerDead at 61Thursday, August 31, 12:35:21pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, August 31, 12:35:21pm
Louise Hay, motivational author, dies at 90.Thursday, August 31, 11:43:09am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, August 31, 11:43:09am
A 64-year-old man left in a wheelchair after surviving hit-n-run a week earlier, was killed as he rolled in his wheelchair down the sidewalk, after 2 cars careen out of control after road crash. ...Stanton, CAThursday, August 31, 10:42:32am1
Stuntman Byron QuisenberryDies at 75Thursday, August 31, 12:55:36am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, August 31, 12:55:36am
It was 20 years ago today (in the US) that word came that Princess Diana had been in a car crash. Too soon word came that she had died (NT).Also killed: Dodi Fayed & driver Henri PaulWednesday, August 30, 05:23:38pm1
Rollie Massamino deadJennifer Collinsformer VWednesday, August 30, 03:46:00pm2
Remembering actor Charles Bronson who died 14 years ago today obit insideColtWednesday, August 30, 03:06:45pm1
Larry Sherman, Actor, publicistDead at 94Wednesday, August 30, 12:30:54pm2
Janet Rains, Tour manager for Adrenaline Mob, dies of injuries from car crash 2 mos. ago that killed group's bassistShe was 48Wednesday, August 30, 12:27:23pm1
Richard Pierce, Musician, friend of Marilyn Manson, shot deadHe was 57Wednesday, August 30, 12:22:43pm1
J.D. Disalvatore, Film producerDead at 51Wednesday, August 30, 12:05:42pm1
Bobby Boyd, Played for the Baltimore ColtsDead at 79Wednesday, August 30, 12:04:23pm1
ARCHIVE: August 29, 1982 ~Swedish-born Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman was born AND died on the date of August 29, dying on her 67th birthday after a long struggle with cancer. ...Bergman, earned 3 Academy Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, 4 Golden Globe Awards, a BAFTA and Tony Award for Best Actress will never be forgotten. ...Tuesday, August 29, 11:55:35pm3
ARCHIVE: August 29, 1987 ~It was 30 years ago today we lost Hollywood star Lee Marvin, known for his countless TV/film gritty film roles life "Point Blank" and "The Professionals", earning an Oscar for the oddly cast "Cat Balou", dies at 63. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, August 29, 06:59:33pm3
Melissa Bell, former lead singer of music group Soul II SoulDies at 53Tuesday, August 29, 12:59:51pm4
Tuesday, August 29 (1967): The Day the Running Stopped (for The Fugitive)78 million people watched (72 percent of the TV audience)Tuesday, August 29, 12:49:47pm3
Archive: Lon Chaney, Aug. 26, 1930"Man of a Thousand Faces"Tuesday, August 29, 12:47:26pm7
Missing: Fisherman Jeff Hathaway and his crew and boat Destination.Link includedTuesday, August 29, 12:39:12pm2
  • jeff -- jim brown, Tuesday, August 29, 12:39:12pm
ARCHIVE: August 29, 2016 ~Gene Wilder died one year ago today. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, August 29, 11:02:17am1
Tsutomu Hata 1935-2017 Japanese former Prime MinisterFredrik AnderssonTuesday, August 29, 10:35:29am2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, August 29, 10:35:29am
Bernard Pomerance, Tony Award winning Playwright of "The Elephant Man."Dies at 76Tuesday, August 29, 09:14:34am3
Swiss Actress Helli Stehle 1907-2017Dead at 109Tuesday, August 29, 08:55:37am1
Jud Heathcote, Head Coach of the Michigan State University Basketball teamDead at 90Tuesday, August 29, 07:16:38am2
Willie Duggan, Irish rugby union playerDead at 67Tuesday, August 29, 05:15:10am1
David Torrence, American Olympic athleteDead at 31Tuesday, August 29, 03:21:13am1
Archive: Sebastian Cabot, Aug., 1977ActorMonday, August 28, 10:42:24pm3
Tobe Hooper 1943-2017 Iconic film director dead at 74.Fredrik AnderssonMonday, August 28, 04:27:06pm18
Healthwatch: Chad Allen, Founding member of the Guess WhoSuffers strokeMonday, August 28, 04:23:16pm2
George Keyworth, Science adviser to Pres. ReaganDead at 77Monday, August 28, 04:19:47pm1
Happy Birthday! Actor Sonny Shroyer (82) Actor Martin West (80) Actor Ken Jenkins (77) Actor Hugo Stiglitz (77) Actor David Soul (74) (NT)ColtMonday, August 28, 04:17:29pm11
Healthwatch: Barbara Rickles, widow late comedian of Don Rickles involved in Malibu crash on PCH. ... theChroniclerMonday, August 28, 11:50:22am2
Syd Silverman, Former publisher & owner of VarietyDead at 85Monday, August 28, 11:49:27am2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, August 28, 11:49:27am
Dave Creighton, Hockey player (Bruins, Rangers)Dead at 87Monday, August 28, 11:48:36am2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, August 28, 11:48:36am
Mireille Darc - French actress has diedon age 79Monday, August 28, 11:47:37am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, August 28, 11:47:37am
Healthwatch: Chuck NorrisSuffers 2 heart attacks in the same dayMonday, August 28, 08:54:42am15
Archive: Brian Epstein, Aug. 27, 1967Beatles managerSunday, August 27, 06:42:25pm1
Robert Haley, EMT who helped lead response to Boston Marathon bombingDead at 63Sunday, August 27, 06:18:48pm1
Lacey Putney, Longest serving legislator in Virginia historyDead at 89Sunday, August 27, 06:16:59pm1
Happy Birthday! Actor Harrison Page (76) Actress Tuesday Weld (74) Actor G.W. Bailey (73) Actress Barbara Bach (70) Wrestler Sgt. Slaughter (69) Actor Charles Fleischer (67) Actor Paul Reubens (65) (NT)ColtSunday, August 27, 02:40:56pm4
Alan Root, Wildlife filmmakerDead at 80Sunday, August 27, 11:14:03am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, August 27, 11:14:03am
ARCHIVE: August 26, 1978 ~Hollywood star french Charles Boyer, whose career included dozens of suave film roles over 3 decades, took his own life 2 days after cancer death of his actress wife Patricia Paterson, and 2 days before his 79th birthday ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, August 27, 10:20:05am4
Wil Cardon, Arizona businessman who ran for U.S. Senate in 2012 against Jeff Flake.Commits suicide at age 45Sunday, August 27, 07:48:18am2
Archive: Singer Laura Branigan, August 26, 2004GloriaSaturday, August 26, 05:05:05pm2
  • "Gloria" -- Laura Branigan, Saturday, August 26, 05:05:05pm
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Zephrine Antonia Thomas, Writer Boris Pahor is 104, Actor Ikunosuke Koizumi is 100, Writer Hutton Gibson is 99, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 26, 05:02:03pm8
Ulla Lund, American supercentenarianDies at 110Saturday, August 26, 04:05:21pm1
Actress Viola Harris dies at 91Widow of Actor Robert H. Harris (died Nov 30, 1981)Saturday, August 26, 03:04:18pm8
Agnes Fenton, Supercentenarian and New Jersey's oldest residentDies at 112Saturday, August 26, 11:52:29am3
OT: What celebrity death, whether expected or not, moved you the most? ...For me, hands down, it was Elvis.Saturday, August 26, 11:46:35am24
Archive: August 25, 1967--George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi party, is assassinatedPortrayed by Marlon Brando in Roots IISaturday, August 26, 07:21:17am4
Bodybuilder Rich Piana died.Hendrik van den HoornFriday, August 25, 10:32:52pm3
Tom Docking, former Lieutenant Governor of Kansas from 1983 to 1987Dies at 63Friday, August 25, 08:30:25pm5
Archive: Paul Muni, Aug. 25, 1967ActorFriday, August 25, 06:10:26pm2
Archive: Aaliyah, Aug. 25, 2001Singer, actressFriday, August 25, 06:02:55pm1
Happy 99th Birthday! '48 Olpmpic Athlete Enrique Mendizabal, Politician Betty Delano Arndt is 97, Engineer Allen B. Rosenstein is 97, Game Show Host Monty Hall is 96, Writer/Scholar Henry J. Abraham is 96, Violinist Ivry Gitlis turns 95. (NT)jlpFriday, August 25, 02:27:40pm5
Charlie Robertson, Ex- Mayor of York, Pa, acquitted of murderDead at 83Friday, August 25, 12:02:47pm1
Chris Whorf, Grammy-Winning Art DirectorDead at 76Friday, August 25, 11:59:11am1
Mark Schlegel, Talent agent for Viola Davis, Debra Messing, found deadHe was 57Friday, August 25, 11:58:16am1
Cecil D. Andrus 1931-2017 Former Secretary of the InteriorFredrik AnderssonFriday, August 25, 11:46:09am2
two Bodybuilders diedHendrik van den HoornFriday, August 25, 05:48:44am1
Jay Thomas, actor appeared on "Cheers", "Murphy Brown", "Mork and Mindy"He was 69Thursday, August 24, 08:43:23pm12
Happy Birthday! Actor William Morgan Sheppard (85) Actress Connie Mason (80) Actress Ronee Blakley (72) Producer Vince McMahon (72) Acrtress Anne Archer (70) Actor Joe Regalbuto (68) (NT)ColtThursday, August 24, 04:31:35pm7
Happy BIrthday! Actress Vera Miles (88) Actress Barbara Eden (86) Actress Marian Collier (76) Actress Sheilah Wells (76) Actress Jeramie Rain (69) Actress Shelley Long (68) Singer Rick Springfield (68) Actor John Snyder (65) (NT)ColtThursday, August 24, 01:04:45pm15
Bernie Styles, Casting director worked with Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, othersDead at 99Thursday, August 24, 11:22:50am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, August 24, 11:22:50am
Jerry Lewis deadNY Daily News tweetThursday, August 24, 10:22:34am44
USS Indianapolis survivor Albert Morris dies at 92, four days before wreckage discovered19/317 Survivors RemainThursday, August 24, 09:37:15am1
OT: Is anyone seeing the eclipse? (NT)YWednesday, August 23, 06:12:51pm13
Dianne Casas, Award winning Children's author, killed in fireShe was 47Wednesday, August 23, 05:12:45pm1
Shane Sieg, former NASCAR Truck series driverHe was 34Wednesday, August 23, 05:09:15pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, August 23, 05:09:15pm
Joe Klein, baseball player for Texas Rangers and Cleveland IndiansDead at 75Wednesday, August 23, 03:31:57pm2
Jazz guitarist John Abercrombie, aged 72 .....Ed TraceyWednesday, August 23, 12:00:07pm2
  • "Timeless" -- John Abercrombie, Wednesday, August 23, 12:00:07pm
Greg Evers, former Florida state Representative and Senator killed in car crashDead at 62Wednesday, August 23, 11:59:28am1
Jim Whelan, NJ state Senator, ex- mayor of Atlantic CityDead at 68Wednesday, August 23, 11:50:08am1
Zach Hollywood, basketball player at Ball State UniversityHe was 19Wednesday, August 23, 09:49:55am1
Bea Wain (1917-2017Der BingleTuesday, August 22, 11:26:10pm7
OT: Write this off as "What fools these mortals be" as USC faculty pull a boner as they MISPELL famed playwrite Wm. Shakespeare's name, dedicated on statue. "To E or not to E"!? ... theChroniclerTuesday, August 22, 10:24:11pm5
Voice Actor Mario Milita 1923-2017Dead at 94Tuesday, August 22, 07:52:53pm2
Thomas Meehan had died (NT)Wrote the musical Annie. (The script not the songs)Tuesday, August 22, 04:47:54pm4
That"s amazing they're having 100 year birthday celebrations. (NT)For John Lee Hooker. Since the census records for 1920,1930, and 1940. Show he was born in 1912.Tuesday, August 22, 04:43:29pm5
Happy 104th Birthday! Animator Milton Quon, Politician Oscar E. Huber is 100, Chemist Martin Pope is 99, Politician Larry Winn is 98, Actress Micheline Presle is 95, Actress Honor Blackman is 92, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 22, 04:41:40pm7
Dallas McCarver, BodybuilderDead at 26Tuesday, August 22, 01:56:22pm1
Rafael Ramirez, Marlins Hall of Fame announcerDead at 94Tuesday, August 22, 01:51:25pm1
OT: Naval researchers have found the lost wreckage of the U.S.S Indianapolis at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean 72 years after it's sinking.Tuesday, August 22, 01:36:49pm9
French actress Nicole Besnardhas died at 89Tuesday, August 22, 12:00:25pm1
OT: What Is the 1st Death you remember hearing live on the news?Der BingleTuesday, August 22, 11:19:05am17
Hey guys. I just want to let you know ill be gone for a week or 2. My great aunt died last night and i have to fly to Washington for the funeral that will be on friday. (NT)See you soon. Kat.Tuesday, August 22, 11:06:33am2
Jesse Boyce, singer/songwriterDead at 69Tuesday, August 22, 10:06:46am3
Cricketer Tom Pritchard 1917-2017Dead at 100Tuesday, August 22, 08:25:52am1
Melissa Traylor, American SupercentenarianDies at 111Tuesday, August 22, 07:34:32am2
  • Full obit -- Condensed Link, Tuesday, August 22, 07:34:32am
Margot Hielscher - German Filmstar & Singer1919-2017Tuesday, August 22, 03:43:22am1
Healthwatch: Mike Patton, lead singer of bands Faith No More, Mr Bungle, And Dead cross, injured in accident before show. ...Otsegolectric98Tuesday, August 22, 02:22:45am2
Actor Jon Shepodd 1925-2017Dead at 92Tuesday, August 22, 12:10:14am11
Happy Birthday! Actor L.Q. Jones (90) Actress Roberta Haynes (88) Actress Marianne Koch (86) Actress Debra Paget (84) Actress Diana Muldaur (79) (NT)ColtMonday, August 21, 10:51:57pm6
OT: A toughie. Bing Crosby. Frank Sinatra. Elvis Presley. (NT)How would you rank them in order of importance (1, 2, 3)?Monday, August 21, 09:55:14pm22
Brian Aldiss, Sci- Fi author, editorDead at 92Monday, August 21, 07:47:52pm3
Happy Birthday! Director Melvin Van Peebles (85) Actor Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward (79) Singer Kenny Rogers (79) Actor Clarence Williams III (78) Director Peter Weir (73) Actress Patty McCormack (72) (NT)ColtMonday, August 21, 04:12:26pm6
ARCHIVE: August 20, 2001 ~It was 16 years ago tonight, approximately 10:00pm (PST) that our board founder BARBARA created our forum community message board, BARBARA'S CELEB OBITS & MEMORIALS. ~Thank you, sweet lady. Sleep, well. (NT) theChroniclerMonday, August 21, 03:21:04pm3
Happy Birthday! Actor William O'Connell (84) Actor Paul Hampton (80) Actor Sam Chew Jr. (75) Actor Ray Wise (70) Singer Robert Plant (69) Actor Patrick Kilpatrick (68) (NT)ColtMonday, August 21, 01:10:07pm8
Healthwatch: Comedian, activist Dick GregoryHospitalized in serious conditionSunday, August 20, 09:52:30pm10
10 U.S. sailors missing as another Navy vessel suffers collision at sea. This time the U.S.S. John S. McCain..Sunday, August 20, 06:46:54pm2
Actress Patricia RainierDies at 76Sunday, August 20, 04:57:24pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, August 20, 04:57:24pm
Paul Oliver, blues historianDead at 90Sunday, August 20, 06:32:01am3
Producer Beth HowardDies at 52Sunday, August 20, 06:01:34am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, August 20, 06:01:34am
Sir Colin Meads, New Zealand rugby playerDead at 81Sunday, August 20, 04:31:32am1
Liz MacKean, ex-BBC reporterDead at 52Sunday, August 20, 03:23:26am1
Kennedy Honors reach a new low this yearIt's officially a pop culture PR racketSaturday, August 19, 08:58:18pm39
OT: For your ear and viewing pleasure "Dear Jerry" recorded in 2015 premieres on axstv tonight.It's on Now. Enjoy your nightSaturday, August 19, 06:08:23pm1
Sonny BurgessSun records artistSaturday, August 19, 05:38:06pm7
Richard Rule, Former Professional Bull Rider, Died From CancerDavid S.Saturday, August 19, 04:12:15pm3
Janusz Glowacki, Playwright & screenwriterDead at 78Saturday, August 19, 03:57:19pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, August 19, 03:57:19pm
Sir Bruce Forsyth, UK TV legendDead at 89Saturday, August 19, 12:31:18pm5
Sonny Landham, Actor ("Predator", 48 Hours")Dead at 76Saturday, August 19, 12:28:28pm11
ARCHIVE: August 19, 1977: Groucho Marx dies ...Sadly, it gets short shrift because of Elvis' deathSaturday, August 19, 12:26:47pm4
Venero (Benny Eggs) Mangano, Longtime underboss of Genovese familyDead at 95Saturday, August 19, 11:46:47am1
Dr. Ruth Pfau: Pakistan's 'Mother Teresa'Dead at 87Friday, August 18, 11:01:37pm3
OT: Next To 2016, What Is The Worst Year For DeathsDer BingleFriday, August 18, 10:51:57pm16
Happy Birthday! Director Roman Polanski (84) Actor Joe Tornatore (83) Actor Robert Redford (81) Actor Martin Mull (74) Actress Teri McMinn (66) (NT)ColtFriday, August 18, 08:11:38pm11
Eric Zumbrunnen, Film Editor and Frequent Spike Jonze CollaboratorDead at 52Friday, August 18, 06:23:36pm3
Stuart Thompson, "Book of Mormon" producer & 6 time Tony winnerDead at 62Friday, August 18, 06:14:13pm1
Archive: Scott McKenzie, Aug. 18, 2012SingerFriday, August 18, 04:42:43pm2
OT: "Twin Peaks" actor arrested for attempted murderSpokane, Wash.Friday, August 18, 11:36:36am1
ARCHIVE: August 17, 1990 ~Entertainer Pearl Bailey, Tony winner whose career spanned 50 years, dies after knee surgery, at age 72. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, August 18, 10:59:34am2
Actor Bruno DamonR.I.P.Friday, August 18, 07:02:33am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, August 18, 07:02:33am
Keyboardist Gordy McJohnFirefighter FredFriday, August 18, 01:18:07am6
Bob Cranston, Underwater Filmmaker, Died On June 2, 2016 From CancerDavid S.Friday, August 18, 12:24:19am3
Bernard Kenny, Was stabbed last year while trying to stop the murder of British MP Jo CoxDead at 79Thursday, August 17, 10:01:05pm3
Healthwatch: Playwright Neil Simon apparently in later stages of Alzheimer's Disease according to ex-wife Marsha MasonHe just turned 90Thursday, August 17, 04:40:00pm5
ARCHIVE: August 17, 1979 ~Actress Vivian Vance, veteran character actress and one of Hollywood's finest 'second bananas' as 'Ethel Mertz', her TV persona of the 1950s, which lives in world-wide for over 60 years now, dies at 70. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, August 17, 04:12:35pm1
Tom Hawkins, Basketball player (LA Lakers)Dead at 80Thursday, August 17, 01:45:59pm1
Happy Birthday! Actress Julianna McCarthy (88) Actress Sondra Blake (81) Actor Robert De Niro (74) Actress Jennifer Rhodes (70) Actor Robert Joy (66) (NT)ColtThursday, August 17, 01:43:45pm4
Archive: Delmer Daves, Aug. 17, 1977Writer, director, producerThursday, August 17, 11:45:46am3
Michael Twomey, Irish comedianDead at 83Thursday, August 17, 11:37:29am1
Lester Williams, Former Patriots Defensive TackleDead at 58Thursday, August 17, 11:28:35am1
Happy Birthday! Actress Ann Blyth (89) Actor Gary Clarke (84) Actress Julie Newmar (84) Actress Lorraine Gary (80) Actor George Eastman (75) Actor Bob Balaban (72) Actor Reginald VelJohnson (65 (NT)ColtThursday, August 17, 11:26:37am12
Healthwatch: Rudy GiulianiHospitalized after a fallThursday, August 17, 08:59:44am6
Archive August 16, 1920: Cleveland Indians shortstop Ray Chapman dies after being hit in the head with a pitch, the only MLB player to die from a beanballRussThursday, August 17, 05:47:25am3
Long Time Rodeo Stock Contractor, Art Alsbaugh Dies From Cancer, 76David S.Thursday, August 17, 05:46:23am1
Clarke Beede, Rodeo Cowboy, Dead At 65David S.Thursday, August 17, 05:41:46am1
Katherine A. Beradino, daughter of late actor and former Pro Baseball player John Beradino, dies at 43. ...She died in January 2017.Wednesday, August 16, 11:12:38pm4
New Evidence found in DB Cooper case!Who do you think DB Cooper is?Wednesday, August 16, 07:33:01pm3
Vern Ehlers, Ex- Congressman from MichiganDead at 83Wednesday, August 16, 04:15:00pm2
ARCHIVE: August 16, 1977 ~It was 40 years ago today the world lost the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley, who died of a drug-enduced heart attack in his Graceland home bathroom, at age 42. ... theChroniclerWednesday, August 16, 02:08:59pm3
Healthwatch: Wrestler Ric Flair ......heart trouble.Wednesday, August 16, 02:00:03pm10
Actress Kira Golovko 1919-2017Dead at 98Wednesday, August 16, 12:27:51pm2
Jo Walker-Meador, Country music matriarchDead at 93Wednesday, August 16, 11:22:28am1
John Heard 'Home Alone' Dad Dead at 72TMZWednesday, August 16, 03:11:26am26
Female stunt driver dies on set of "Deadpool 2"Vancouver, BCTuesday, August 15, 07:40:05pm3
Archive: Clay Shaw, Aug. 15, 1974Alleged JFK conspiratorTuesday, August 15, 06:16:40pm2
Archive: Will Rogers, Aug. 15, 1935HumoristTuesday, August 15, 05:12:03pm1
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Hester Ford, Masters Athlete Donald Pellmann is 102, Psychiatrist Ferdinand Knobloch is 101, Daughter of Founder of Pakistan Dina Wadia is 98, Singer Maria Mucke is 98, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 15, 05:08:38pm8
Frank Broyles, Former Razorback football coach and University of Arkansas Athletic DirectorDead at 92Tuesday, August 15, 01:20:11pm2
Robert Yancy, Son of singer Natalie ColeDead at 39Tuesday, August 15, 01:16:24pm4
Lionel Ritchie might also bail on the Kennedy Center reception at the WHFor some reason, LOLTuesday, August 15, 12:36:07pm1
Actor Joseph BolognaDies at 82Tuesday, August 15, 11:25:53am12
Victor Pemberton, TV writer, producer ("Dr. Who", "Fraggle Rock")Dead at 85Tuesday, August 15, 07:06:36am2
Stephen Wooldridge, Australian Olympic and world track racing champion commits suicideDies at 39Tuesday, August 15, 06:23:53am1
Healthwatch: Willie NelsonCuts concert short due to ill healthMonday, August 14, 07:08:26pm2
Michigan woman killed by hippo while on African safariTanzaniaMonday, August 14, 02:41:47pm3
Happy Birthday! Actor Richard Lee-Sung (87) Actress Candace Hilligoss (82) Actor Steve Martin (72) Actor Antonio Fargas (71) Actor Lou Wagner (69) Director Jim Wynorski (67) (NT)ColtMonday, August 14, 01:15:04pm4
Richard Gordon, authorDead at 95Monday, August 14, 11:39:29am2
Archive: Mickey Mantle, Aug. 13, 1995Baseball greatMonday, August 14, 11:30:34am6
Does anyone know if Ethel Drew is still alive?Wife of Wilfred Hyde WhiteSunday, August 13, 08:45:24pm4
Archive: H G Wells, Aug. 13, 1946WriterSunday, August 13, 04:37:22pm2
Happy BIrthday! Actor Kevin Tighe (73) Actress Gretchen Corbett (72) Actor Peter Iacangelo (69) Actress Jane Carr (67) (NT)ColtSunday, August 13, 04:25:05pm7
John Russo, Former New Jersey Senate President, ran for GovernorDead at 83Sunday, August 13, 04:19:27pm1
Katherine McEnroe, Mother of John McEnroeDead at 81Sunday, August 13, 01:10:11pm2
Woman killed by white supremacist in car attack id'd as Heather Heyer, 32, of VirginiaCharlottesville, Va.Sunday, August 13, 11:43:08am1
Archive: Merv Griffin, Aug. 12, 2007Talk show host, game show producerSaturday, August 12, 05:06:14pm2
Archive: Kyu Sakamoto, Aug. 12, 1985SingerSaturday, August 12, 04:46:22pm2
  • "Sukiyaki" -- Kyu Sakamoto, Saturday, August 12, 04:46:22pm
Happy Birthday! Actress Elizabeth Shepherd (81) Actress Carol Eve Rossen (80) Actor George Hamilton (78) Actor Bruce Solomon (73) Actor Vic Polizos (70) (NT)ColtSaturday, August 12, 04:43:20pm6
John Seelie, Pearl Harbor survivor believed to be the last surviving veteran to witness the attack on Wheeler Army AirfieldDead at 94Saturday, August 12, 04:26:47pm1
Healthwatch: Pat RobertsonHospitalized after falling of a horseSaturday, August 12, 11:44:58am2
Bryan Murray, Former coach of the Detroit Red WingsDead at 74Saturday, August 12, 11:40:57am1
Ed Greene, Winner of 22 Emmy Awards (Sound)Dead at 82Saturday, August 12, 11:38:29am3
Archive: Joe Orton, Aug. 9, 1967WriterFriday, August 11, 10:37:49pm4
OT:Sharknado 5:Global Swarming On Tonight With Nichelle NicholsDavid S.Friday, August 11, 06:38:29pm11
Joel Sadilek, Film producerDead at 48Friday, August 11, 04:30:48pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, August 11, 04:30:48pm
Bodybuilder dies in freak accident when backflip attempt goes awrySouth AfricaFriday, August 11, 04:25:27pm1
Lisa Hamblen Jaserie dies at 79, singer and CEO of Hamblen Music CompanyDaughter of singer/songwriter Stuart Hamblen (1908-1989)Friday, August 11, 04:23:31pm3
Yisrael Kristal, Israeli Recognized as World's Oldest Man, Dies at 113HaaretzFriday, August 11, 01:38:10pm4
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Elizabeth Trankner, Businessman William Coors is 101, Football's Jack Smith is 100, Politician Florence Bjelke-Petersen is 97, Historian Henry Graff is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, August 11, 12:51:10pm7
Healthwatch: US's oldest veteran, Richard Overton, 111Hospitalized with pnuemoniaFriday, August 11, 12:10:27pm1
Anneliese Uhlig, a popular German movie-actress of the nazi-era, has died in Santa Cruz, California , she was 98 years old.BettyFriday, August 11, 09:41:43am2
Andrea Jürgens, German child-star of the 1970's has died , She was 50 years old.BettyFriday, August 11, 09:11:37am2
Glen Campbell dead at 81TOBYThursday, August 10, 08:13:28pm14
Haruo Nakajima, Japanese actor played Godzilla, Mothra and King Kong in 12 Godzilla filmsDies at 88Thursday, August 10, 07:30:09pm8
Thanks for remembering Haruo Nakajima! (NT)J. Peter StuyvesantThursday, August 10, 07:17:15pm2
Archive: On Aug. 10, 1977, the "Summer of Sam" comes to an end when police arrest postal worker David Berkowitz & charge him as the Son of Sam killer who terrorized NYHe killed 6, wounded 7Thursday, August 10, 05:02:56pm1
Happy BIrthday! Actress Rhonda Fleming (94) Actress Lynn Cohen (84) Director Vincent McEveety (88) Actor Arthur Roberts (79) Actress Kathleen Tolan (67) Actor Daniel Hugh Kelly (65) (NT)ColtThursday, August 10, 04:58:21pm6
Anna Mae Swenson, One of NY's oldest residentsDead at 108Thursday, August 10, 04:55:01pm1
OT: two major celebrities die on the same dayThree examples are within this postThursday, August 10, 04:52:06pm25
Angel Nieto, Motorcyclist won 13 Grand Prix championshipsDead at 70Thursday, August 10, 04:50:28pm1
Blanche Blackwell, Ian Fleming's mistressDead at 104Thursday, August 10, 03:32:43pm2
Longtime MLB Umpire Ken Kaiser dies at 72RussThursday, August 10, 11:53:20am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, August 10, 11:53:20am
Betty Warner Sheinbaum, Political activist; daughter of movie mogul Harry WarnerDead at 97Thursday, August 10, 11:48:29am2
James Lee Kreitzburg, Producer / Visual Effects ArtistDies at 55Thursday, August 10, 08:07:50am2
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, August 10, 08:07:50am
Archive: Bernie Mac, Aug. 9, 2008Comedian, actorWednesday, August 09, 10:17:40pm4
Healthwatch: Ginger Wildheart, lead singer for British rock band the Wildhearts, attempted suicideOtsegolectric98Wednesday, August 09, 06:21:09pm1
Kathleen Marie Shea, Film- TV producerDead at 71Wednesday, August 09, 04:56:20pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, August 09, 04:56:20pm
ARCHIVE: August 9, 1969 ~It was in the evening hours on this date 48 years ago, followers of a cult leader slaughtered all the guests and its party hostess, in a bloody night of helter skelter. ...Carnage at 10050 Cielo Dr.Wednesday, August 09, 03:49:18pm4
Fredie Wayne Johnson father of actor Don Johnson dies at 87 in Galena Missouri.Link listed insideWednesday, August 09, 02:03:43pm10
Young Mazi, Rapper, Shot deadAtlantaWednesday, August 09, 01:31:58pm3
Janie Shores, first woman to serve on the Alabama Supreme Court. Was once considered as a possible candidate for the U.S. Supreme CourtDies at 85Wednesday, August 09, 12:20:51pm4
Marty Zeiger, brother of Larry KingDiesWednesday, August 09, 11:47:57am2
Dick MacPherson, football coach at Syracuse University and the NFL, age 86 ...Ed TraceyWednesday, August 09, 11:45:45am2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, August 09, 11:45:45am
Roger Keech, television programme makerDead at 64Wednesday, August 09, 11:44:01am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, August 09, 11:44:01am
Jorge Zorregiueta, father of Queen Maxima of Netherlands, dies 89 jears old. ...Hendrik van den HoornWednesday, August 09, 11:42:59am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, August 09, 11:42:59am
Happy 100th Birthday! Poet Jao Tsung-I. Saxophonist Irv Williams is 98, Accountant Akintola Williams is 98, Painter Gerte Schmidt-Panknin is 97, '52 OLympic Athlete Catherine Pym is 96,Televangelist Ernest Angley turns 96. (NT)jlpWednesday, August 09, 11:39:10am3
Dick Locher, Pulitzer winning Chicago Tribune cartoonist, worked on "Dick Tracy" over 3 decadesDead at 88Wednesday, August 09, 12:00:59am2
Barbara Cook has diedWashington Post obitsTuesday, August 08, 09:05:46pm13
Arlene Gottfried, Photographer, sister of Gilbert GottfriedHas diedTuesday, August 08, 07:20:30pm6
Richard O'Brien, Longtime Fox News creative directorDead at 60Tuesday, August 08, 04:40:00pm1
Archive: Judge Joseph Crater, Vanished Aug. 6, 1930Most famous missing person until Amelia EarhartTuesday, August 08, 04:36:48pm6
LC Cooke, Brother of Sam Cooke, he was also a singerDead at 84Tuesday, August 08, 04:36:33pm3
Singer Bob Wimberly (Rob & Roy)......Dies at 80.Tuesday, August 08, 04:30:36pm7
Archive: Oliver Hardy, Aug. 7, 1957Half of Laurel & HardyTuesday, August 08, 04:18:01pm4
Happy 100th Birthday! Actor Earl Cameron, Politician Kirsten Hertzberg Ask is 98, Actress Dominique Marcas is 97, Novelist Ursule Holden is 96, Historian Gertrude Himmelfarb is 95, Illustrator Gene Deitch is 93, Actor Richard Anderson turns 91. (NT)jlpTuesday, August 08, 03:07:32pm6
Tom Elliott, TV scriptwriterDead at79Tuesday, August 08, 11:31:01am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, August 08, 11:31:01am
Actor Harvey JacksonDies at 79Tuesday, August 08, 10:36:40am2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, August 08, 10:36:40am
OT: Does it bother you that assassins Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley are still ailve?It bothers me a lot.Tuesday, August 08, 09:22:24am15
Arizona woman becomes 55th sent to death row in USTonyTuesday, August 08, 06:46:02am1
Leonard Lavin dies at 97, founder of Alberto-Culver (Alberto VO5, Nexxus, etc...)LinkMonday, August 07, 07:42:45pm2
OT: New documentary about actress Rose MarieShe turns 94 this monthMonday, August 07, 05:42:02pm3
The identity of Jack the Ripper may have just been confirmedLinkMonday, August 07, 04:53:31pm1
Happy 97th Birthday! Dancer Francoise Adret, WW2 Figure Fred Phillips is 97, Politician Wilma Rosbach is 96, Radio Personality Art Laboe is 92, Geneticist M.S. Swaminathan is 92 Politician Amo Houghton is 91, Politician John O. Marsh Jr. is 91, (NT)jlpMonday, August 07, 03:45:26pm6
Archive: Tammy Faye Bakker, July, 2007Co- host, "PTL Club"Monday, August 07, 03:41:00pm5
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Lena Dick, Director Carl Fick is 99, Politician Bill Grayden is 97, Actor Donald O. Campen Jr. is 97, Actress Linda Rodrigues is 97, Actress Anna Maria Alegian is 90, Actor Harald Hagardt turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, August 07, 11:58:27am14
Don Baylor, player and manager for 9 different Major League Baseball teamsDies at 68Monday, August 07, 11:56:20am4
Claudia Pinza Bozzolla dies at 92Daughter of opera singer Ezio Pinza (1892-1957)Monday, August 07, 11:16:43am1
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Mary Niceswanger, Director Patrice Dally is 97, Politician Hubert Germain, Golfer Doug Ford is 95, Singer Ella Jenkins is 93, Actress Inga Landgre is 90, Actor Jan Barto turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, August 07, 11:02:42am5
Archive: Aug. 4, 1892, Fall River,Mass.- Lizzie Borden took an axe....Monday, August 07, 09:05:30am5
Martin Roth, former museum headDead at 62Monday, August 07, 07:52:35am1
Walter Levin, founder and first violin of the LaSalle QuartetDies at 92Monday, August 07, 06:26:20am1
Healthwatch: Jeremy Clarkson, UK TV presenterHospitalised with pneumoniaSunday, August 06, 11:29:24pm1
Betty Cuthbert, Australian athleteDead at 79Sunday, August 06, 11:28:06pm1
Dame Helen Alexander, ex-CBI presidentDead at 60Sunday, August 06, 11:26:34pm1
Darren Daulton, All Star catcher for the Phillies, dies at 55RussSunday, August 06, 08:18:24pm1
Actor Ty Hardin?Reported dead at 87Sunday, August 06, 02:12:59pm25
Healthwatch: Fears for Val Kilmer's health grow after he cancels appearancesActor has cancerSunday, August 06, 01:40:25pm1
Bruno Canfora, Italian composer, conductor, and music arrangerDead at 92Sunday, August 06, 12:06:06pm1
Bernd Witthuser, Italian musicianDead at 73Sunday, August 06, 12:00:14pm1
OT: In the 43 years between 1930- 1973, EIGHT U.S. Presidents died (Taft, Coolidge, FDR, JFK, Hoover, Ike, Truman, LBJ). (NT)In the 44 years since 1973, only THREE Presidents have died- Nixon, Reagan, Ford.Sunday, August 06, 08:45:42am7
ARCHIVE: August 5, 1962 ~Hollywood film star Marilyn Monroe, whose "dumb blonde" persona rose her to superstar status, even over half a century after her death, at age 36. ... theChroniclerSaturday, August 05, 06:12:16pm2
Mark White, Ex- Gov. of TexasDead at 77Saturday, August 05, 04:54:53pm2
OT: LA icon Angelyne's true identity revealed.Hollywood ReporterSaturday, August 05, 02:08:15pm2
Jean-Claude Bouillon, French actorDies at 75Saturday, August 05, 01:10:14pm4
Happy Birthday! Actor Michael Sinelnikoff (89) Actress Pat Heywood (86) Actor Terry Kiser (78) Actress Suze Lanier-Bramlett (70) Actor Brian Patrick Clarke (65) (NT)ColtSaturday, August 05, 12:12:48pm11
Jeff Brotman, founder & chairman of Costco, dies at 74RussSaturday, August 05, 10:27:54am3
Frank Dennis, brother of actress Sandy DennisDies at 88Saturday, August 05, 09:31:44am2
ARCHIVE: August 4, 1999 ~Veteran actor and Hollywood leading man victor Mature, who though never found critical acclaim, but rose to stardom in film noir and adventure roles, dies at 86. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, August 04, 10:43:49pm1
Judith Jones, cookbook editor who brought Julia Child and others to the table, dies at 93Washington Post obituariesFriday, August 04, 06:07:32pm2
Happy BIrthday! Actress Grace Albertson (98) Actress Jane A. Johnston (83) Actress Carol Arthur (82) Actor Frank Vincent (78) Actor Chu Chu Malave (67) (NT)ColtFriday, August 04, 05:37:07pm7
Archive: Lee Hazlewood, Aug. 4, 2007Songwriter, producerFriday, August 04, 04:45:43pm4
Actor Ben MittlemanDies at 67Friday, August 04, 01:18:06pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, August 04, 01:09:38pm
    • Pic -- Link, Friday, August 04, 01:18:06pm
Daniel Licht, TV- film composer ("Dexter", "Children of the Corn")Dead at 60Friday, August 04, 11:42:48am3
  • "Blood Theme" -- Daniel Licht, Friday, August 04, 11:41:58am
    • Imdb -- Link, Friday, August 04, 11:42:48am
Ronnie Keene, BandleaderDead at 91Friday, August 04, 11:37:32am2
Actress Hope Arthur diesEx-Wife of Arthur Frommer (travel books)Friday, August 04, 08:32:27am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, August 04, 08:32:27am
Barbara Sinatra, 4th and final wife of Frank SinatraDies at 90Friday, August 04, 07:27:37am22
Hywell bennett, actorDead at 73Friday, August 04, 05:00:34am3
ARCHIVE: August 4, 1978 ~Comic actor/singer Frank Fontaine, known best with his crazy dialect as the always-inebriated 'Crazy Guggenheim' on TV's "Jackie Gleason Variety Show", but whose superior singing talents entertained audiences for mre, dies suddenly at 58. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, August 04, 04:47:44am1
Ken Wilkinson, Battle of Britain Spitfire pilotDead at 99Friday, August 04, 03:43:52am1
Robert Hardy, actorDead at 85Thursday, August 03, 11:45:58pm13
Bud Moore, NASCAR racer in the 60's & 70'sDead at 75Thursday, August 03, 06:56:12pm4
Happy BIrthday! Singer Tony Bennett (91) Director Elliot Silverstein (90) Actor Steven Berkoff (80) Actor Richard Foronjy (80) Actor Martin Sheen (77) Producer Martha Stewart (76) Actor Philip Casnoff (68) Director John Landis (67) (NT)ColtThursday, August 03, 04:25:40pm6
Healthwatch: Oscar PIstorius hospitalizedChest painsThursday, August 03, 02:52:16pm2
Jim Marrs, JFK conspiracy theorist, UFO researcherDead at 73Thursday, August 03, 02:08:24pm3
Harry Scott, Jr., former NASCAR ownerHe was 51Thursday, August 03, 02:06:58pm1
OT: When a loved one dies, what are some of the lame things people said thinking it would comfort you? ...JoyThursday, August 03, 11:04:09am23
Chuck Loeb, Jazz guitaristDead at 61Thursday, August 03, 04:04:49am3
Tony Cohen, record producerDead at 60Thursday, August 03, 03:29:30am1
Ara Parseghian 1923-2017Football LegendWednesday, August 02, 06:05:12pm6
Who's the woman in the photos?Rockin RobinWednesday, August 02, 05:22:41pm2
Archive: Al Adamson, body found Aug. 2, 1995Horror director whose death was as awful as his filmsWednesday, August 02, 03:49:30pm1
Archive: William S. Burroughs, Aug. 2, 1997WriterWednesday, August 02, 03:41:25pm1
Some 007 passings: Sadanoyama, Jay Milligan and Mona ChongwearyslothWednesday, August 02, 12:46:27pm1
This month marks 20 years since Princess Diana died, & 40 years since Elvis died (NT)2 very big death anniversariesWednesday, August 02, 12:37:27pm23
Rosemary Anne Sisson, TV writer, playwright ("The Six Wives of Henry VIII", "Upstairs, Downstairs")Dead at 93Wednesday, August 02, 12:34:33pm3
Archive: Jim Reeves, July 31, 1964SingerWednesday, August 02, 12:27:35pm4
Glenn Scarpelli, chiropractor who helped 9/11 survivors and wife Patricia jump to their deaths onto East 33rd St, NYCSuicide note: "We Had A Wonderful Life"Wednesday, August 02, 12:23:34pm4
Olga Pronina, Russian Instagram star known for sexy motorcycle stunts, killed in crashShe was 40Wednesday, August 02, 11:34:46am1
John Reaves, Football player (Eagles, Bengals, more)Dead at 67Wednesday, August 02, 11:23:04am1
Actor William HoylandDead at 73Wednesday, August 02, 11:12:03am3
ARCHIVE: August 1, 1966 ~Charles Whitman, a former Marine sharpshooter, took rifles and other weapons to the observation deck atop the Main Building tower at The University of Texas at Austin, and opened fire. It was later determined a simple brain tumor may have caused the carnage. ... theChroniclerWednesday, August 02, 11:08:33am2
Happy Birthday! Actor Nehemiah Persoff (98) Actor Fabio Testi (76) Actor Richard Fancy (74) Actor Max Wright (74) Actress Joanna Cassidy (72) Actress Kathryn Harrold (67) Actor W.K. Stratton (67). (NT)ColtWednesday, August 02, 04:50:36am4
Fresh Kid Ice, Rapper and co-founder of 2 Live Crew dies at 53Me So HornyTuesday, August 01, 06:44:19pm9
Mariann Mayberry, Chicago theater actress who had a few roles in TV and filmDies at 52Tuesday, August 01, 06:29:25pm3
Archive: Francis Gary Powers, Aug. 1, 1977U 2 pilotTuesday, August 01, 02:08:02pm1
Max Barry, son of Nashville, TN mayor Megan Barry dies of overdoseHe was 22Tuesday, August 01, 01:45:09pm1
Son of golfer, commentator David Feherty dies of overdose on 29th birthdayLinkTuesday, August 01, 01:38:49pm1
Producer Donald FactorDies at 82Tuesday, August 01, 01:07:10pm3
Actress Carol VnukDies at 83Tuesday, August 01, 12:49:37pm6
Sam Shepard, Playwright, Director and Academy Award nominated actor for "The Right Stuff."Dies at 73Tuesday, August 01, 12:07:48pm10
ARCHIVE: july 31, 2013 ~Syrian-born American stage and screen actor Michael Ansara, best known for his countless TV roles of the 1950s/60s/70s, dies 12 years after OD of his son (son of actress Barbara Eden). He was 91. ... theChroniclerTuesday, August 01, 11:43:56am3
One of my best friends ever OD this weekend. This is a tough oneI'd sayTuesday, August 01, 10:54:30am4
Legend de cinema Francaise Jeanne Moreau est décčs ŕ l'age 89"La Moreau"Tuesday, August 01, 10:08:29am12
Jerome Golmard, world ranked French tennis player dies of Lou Gehrig's DiseaseHe was 43Tuesday, August 01, 08:12:19am1
Archives: 12345678910 ]

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