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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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OT (only slightly, though): Which film version of "The Producers" do you prefer?Mostel-Wilder (1967) or Lane-Broderick (2005)?Wednesday, August 31, 07:08:53pm2
Yutaka Sada 1911 Is is still alive?Colt (IMDB LINK INSIDE)Wednesday, August 31, 06:45:16pm1
OT: Wow, just found this from Paramount Studio's 75th anniversary alum PHOTO. -Amazing and sad how many of the 70+ are gone now. ... theChroniclerWednesday, August 31, 03:51:54pm55
Roger Tsein, Nobel winning chemistDead at 64Wednesday, August 31, 02:47:26pm1
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Tsukimi Kishi, Politician John S. Wold is 100, Chemist Drago Grdenic is 97, Author Eric Koch is 97,Painter Michel Ciry is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, August 31, 02:44:45pm7
13 years ago Today I lost my Hero RIP Charles Bronson 1921-2003 (NT)ColtWednesday, August 31, 01:56:58pm12
Mel Brooks himself is now the only living cast member from Blazing Saddles (NT)and thats a1974 filmWednesday, August 31, 12:53:54pm8
George Kaczender, Film director ('In Praise of Older Women')Dead at 83Wednesday, August 31, 11:55:59am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, August 31, 11:55:59am
Healthwatch: AC/DC drummer Phil RuddHeart attackWednesday, August 31, 11:52:02am1
19 years ago today - Princess Diana dies. Still saddens me. (NT)SharonWednesday, August 31, 10:33:08am5
Hoot Hester, Fiddle player, performed with Ray Charles, Earl ScruggsDead at 65Wednesday, August 31, 10:25:23am2
Abraham Peck, Survived 9 Nazi concentration campsDies at 91Wednesday, August 31, 10:18:37am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, August 31, 10:18:37am
Actress Irma SandreyR.I.P.Wednesday, August 31, 10:12:12am3
TCM Remembers Video: Gene WilderVideo linkWednesday, August 31, 08:59:20am2
Archive: Douglas Kenney, Aug. 27, 1980Co- founded National LampoonWednesday, August 31, 08:08:17am6
Today's photo: Steven Hill (NT)Saw him in an ep of Dr. Kildare: Playing an Doc from India!Wednesday, August 31, 05:01:53am1
Czech Olympic champion gymnast Vera Caslavska dies aged 74RicardoWednesday, August 31, 01:14:09am1
Actor and disability campaigner Lord Brian RixDies at 92Wednesday, August 31, 12:45:05am4
Gene Wilder (NT)hearing bad rumorsWednesday, August 31, 12:10:27am49
Pianist, Arranger & Composer Irving FieldsDies at 101Tuesday, August 30, 11:58:02pm7
Kinda O/T - I don't think TCM had done a TCM Remembers all year (NT)I think the last one might have been for Omar Sharif last JulyTuesday, August 30, 07:25:13pm3
Is actress Lorna Gray still alive? She was in "The Man They Could Not Hang" (1939) with Boris KarloffIf so, she's 99 years old!Tuesday, August 30, 07:17:46pm4
Dr. Joy Browne, Radio psychologistDied Aug. 27thTuesday, August 30, 06:08:44pm6
Dolores Atiyeh, Widow of Oregon GovernorDead at 92Tuesday, August 30, 03:19:27pm1
Norman Killeen, Former drummer for Canadian metalcore outfit Threat SignalDead at 38Tuesday, August 30, 02:44:43pm2
Archive: Glenn Ford, Aug. 30, 2006ActorTuesday, August 30, 02:38:13pm1
Joe Sutter, Designer of the 747Dies at 95Tuesday, August 30, 02:29:12pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 30, 02:29:12pm
Musician Pat Salerno (Bobby Warren Five) dies at 81LinkTuesday, August 30, 02:27:39pm3
Archive - Singer Gary Cane dies at 75Died April, 2016, but don't know if it was mentioned here.Tuesday, August 30, 12:16:40pm12
Teenager dies after hickey from his girlfriend causes strokeMexico CityTuesday, August 30, 11:38:08am3
Happy 100th Birthday! Production Designer Karel Lier, WW2 Military Figure Horst Hermann is 98, Businessman Harold Atcherley is 98, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 30, 11:34:33am6
Betty Jane France, Widow of NASCAR Chairman and CEO Bill France Jr.Has diedTuesday, August 30, 11:31:28am1
Healthwatch: Entertainer Chris Brown's cheese slip off his cracker? ...Brown barracades in his home as cops surround, as the try to investigate 911 call comes from the house. ...LinkTuesday, August 30, 10:46:59am2
Hilda Lagasse, Mother of chef Emeril LagasseDead at 84Tuesday, August 30, 10:45:48am3
Healthwatch: US Rep. Cresent Hardy, (R, Nevada)Heart attackTuesday, August 30, 10:40:40am1
Happy 106th Birthday! Resistance Fighter Georges Loinger, Cinematographer Wolfgang Suschitzky is 104, Politician Jon Ingar Norlf Myren is 98,. (NT)jlpTuesday, August 30, 10:30:41am12
Barbara (Gulli-Schon) Boyle (Mother of Journey Guitarist Neal Schon)R.I.P.Tuesday, August 30, 10:02:51am1
Is 2016 the year of celebrity deaths?CNNTuesday, August 30, 10:02:17am6
Broadway actor Harvey Pierce 1917 still alive? Can anybody help?Colt (Link TO IMDB) INSIDETuesday, August 30, 09:42:49am3
It's breaking that Mexican singing icon Juan Gabriel has died. More to come... (NT)RussMonday, August 29, 10:08:48pm20
Darrell Ward, ‘Ice Road Truckers’ star killed in plane crash.He was 52Monday, August 29, 12:11:55pm3
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, August 29, 09:49:00am
  • Too sad (NT) -- Too Young, Monday, August 29, 12:11:55pm
Marvin Kaplan has Died!IrwinMonday, August 29, 10:10:13am37
Betty Nixon, Tennessee politician, ran for mayor of NashvilleDead at 80Monday, August 29, 10:00:39am1
145 year old man ready to dieIf true this is amazing- link insideMonday, August 29, 08:48:33am5
ARCHIVE: August 28, 1976 ~It was 40 years ago today we lost Anissa Jones, former child actress known for her role as Buffy on the CBS sitcom Family Affair, ODd at age 18. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, August 29, 07:20:48am13
Mr. Fuji, Wrestler & managerDead at 82Monday, August 29, 06:11:52am2
OT: Charles Osgood, 83 announces retirement as anchor of CBS' "Sunday Morning" after 22 yearsLast day Sept. 25Monday, August 29, 04:05:09am7
James Cronin, Nobel winning physicistDead at 84Sunday, August 28, 11:00:23pm3
Monty Lee Wilkes, well-known sound engineer, succumbs to terminal cancerHe was 54Sunday, August 28, 06:41:03pm1
Jazz Trumpeter Louis SmithDies at 85Sunday, August 28, 05:45:07pm1
Healthwatch: Gabby DouglasHospitalizedSunday, August 28, 04:03:19pm1
William Lenkaitis, Football player (Chargers, Patriots)Dead at 70Sunday, August 28, 03:20:21pm6
Swimmer Nick Thomas dies attempting to swim the English ChannelHe was 45Sunday, August 28, 12:18:07pm2
Construction worker killed on set of 'Blade Runner" sequelHungarySunday, August 28, 11:37:27am1
Healthwatch: Islam Karimov, President of UzbekistanHospitalizedSunday, August 28, 10:36:25am1
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Iris Westman, Actor Ha-Lei Yip is 100, Football's Ben Agajanian is 97, Illustrator Margaret Stones is 96 Actress Elizabeth Ross turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, August 28, 10:28:34am3
Actress Brigid O'Brien dies at 70Daughter of Actors Pat O'Brien & Eloise TaylorSunday, August 28, 10:20:03am4
Cusin of NBA player Dwayne Wade shot deadChicagoSunday, August 28, 10:09:43am8
Civil Rights Activist Bob Santos (Seattle's Gang of Four)Dies at 82Sunday, August 28, 10:04:31am2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, August 28, 10:04:31am
Larry Thompson dies at 76Father of Actor & Comedian Scott 'Carrot Top' ThompsonSunday, August 28, 09:59:36am2
O/T: Maud Linder is still alive at age 92Only daughter of silent film star Max LinderSunday, August 28, 09:58:04am2
John M Jones, 101, oldest surviving 'Merrill's Marauder'...cameronSaturday, August 27, 08:51:43pm2
Happy 104th Birthday! Singer Leo Marjane, Journalist Simeon Booker is 98, Actress Anneliese Uhlig is 98, Businessman Leo R. Futia is 97, Actor Frantisek Miska is 97, Writer Inger Btattstrom is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 27, 05:51:02pm9
Archive: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Aug. 27, 1990GuitaristSaturday, August 27, 05:16:39pm3
Actress Judith-Marie BerganDies at 67Saturday, August 27, 05:11:16pm4
Judith-Marie Bergan, ActressDead at 67Saturday, August 27, 05:09:55pm1
Two catholic nuns found murdered in their Mississippi home in apparent robbery.Saturday, August 27, 03:30:45pm2
HEALTHWATCH: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony RomoBroken bone in his backSaturday, August 27, 01:08:40pm2
  • He's done. -- Teller, Saturday, August 27, 01:08:40pm
Archive: Greg Morris, Aug. 27, 1996ActorSaturday, August 27, 12:32:10pm4
Today's photos: George Montgomery(?) and Martha Raye (NT)Both born 100 years ago todaySaturday, August 27, 10:45:19am5
John Ellenby, Visionary helped create early laptopDead at 75Saturday, August 27, 10:14:51am1
Archive: Ted Knight, Aug. 26, 1986ActorSaturday, August 27, 10:05:57am8
chive: August 26, 2015 ~Reporter Alison Parker and colleague Adam Ward shot and killed on live TV. ...One year ago today!Saturday, August 27, 05:12:30am6
Max Ritvo, Poet chronicled his cancer fightDead at 25Friday, August 26, 10:34:17pm3
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, August 26, 04:54:01pm
Today's pic: Gang moll Virginia Hill (1916- 1966)Gal pal of Bugsy SiegelFriday, August 26, 04:43:18pm2
Happy 106th Birthday! Artist Katherine Fryer, Writer Boris Pahor is 103, Writer Hutton Gibson is 98, Sociologist Maria Isaura Pereira de Queiroz is 98, Arthur Hap Gilliland is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, August 26, 04:08:18pm7
OT: I just found this photo of still working, former 1960s TV sex kitten, and it just hurt my heart ...I know time marches on, but ....oy.Friday, August 26, 01:07:53pm14
Archive: The Preppy killer case, Aug. 26, 1986Robert Chambers murdered Jennifer LevinFriday, August 26, 10:13:49am1
Gilli Smith, Co- founder of -psychedelic band GongDead at 83Friday, August 26, 04:37:10am2
  • 83??? -- Wowcher!, Friday, August 26, 04:37:10am
Sonia RykielFrench fashion designer dead at 86Friday, August 26, 03:07:42am4
Rudy Van Gelder, Jazz recording engineerDead at 91Friday, August 26, 03:02:20am2
ARCHIVE: August 26, 2004 Singer Laura BraniganGloriaFriday, August 26, 02:49:53am2
Michael Leader - EASTENDERS castmember of 31 years, who was widely believed to be the stormtrooper who hits his head on hydraulic door (blooper) in STAR WARS.DialMThursday, August 25, 10:14:53pm1
Happy 99th Birthday! Engineer Waclaw Zalewski, '48 Olympic Athlete Enrique Mendizabal is 98, '48 Olympic Athlete Jaap Rijks is 97, Politician Betty Delamo Arndt is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, August 25, 06:15:05pm5
Woman declared "dead" in 1930 finally dies at 94New JerseyThursday, August 25, 05:36:27pm1
DC Rapper Swipey Shot Dead At 18David S.Thursday, August 25, 03:29:37pm3
Can anyone confirm that Robert Blake appeared on the Tonight Show around 1974 & made a joke about shooting his wife? (NT)Eerie foreshadowingThursday, August 25, 02:43:55pm6
Healthwatch: 'Days of Our Lives' Star Kassie Wesley DePaivaCancerThursday, August 25, 11:39:42am1
Juan Bell, Baseball player (orioles, Phillies, Brewers)Dead at 48Thursday, August 25, 10:58:29am1
Andrea Jaffe, Influential Hollywood Publicist; faher ran Columbia studio, brother produced "Kramer Vs. Kramer"Dead at 66Thursday, August 25, 10:48:46am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, August 25, 10:48:46am
Healthwatch: Archbishop Desmond TutuHospitalizedThursday, August 25, 10:46:07am1
Warren Hinckle, Muckraking SF journalistDead at 77Thursday, August 25, 10:44:21am1
I hope tomorrow's picture is a guy who started a mutiny (NT)"Captain, you're a sick man."Thursday, August 25, 10:35:04am21
Tom Ganley, major Ohio auto dealer and former congressional candidate73Thursday, August 25, 10:28:35am1
Jeanne MartinNancy Sinatra just put it up on Face bookThursday, August 25, 10:01:59am27
Wednesday's pic-Hal Smith. "Otis" from Andy Griffith show. (NT)ForestThursday, August 25, 07:28:34am7
R.I.P. ~Las Vegas' RIVIERA HOTEL & CASINO (1955-2016), although its doors closes a few years back, the condemned property steeped with local history, one of the last of the legendary gaming house. ... theChroniclerThursday, August 25, 06:20:52am2
Healthwatch? Is country singer Holly Dunn critically ill?My friend said she heard that on the radio. But .....Wednesday, August 24, 05:45:27pm11
Massive earthquake hits central Italy, killing at least 159 people. 6.5 magnitude struck about 100 miles southwest of Rome. ...5.5 magnitude aftershocks also reported.Wednesday, August 24, 04:56:38pm1
Daniela Dessì, Italian Opera singerDead at 59Wednesday, August 24, 02:16:21pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, August 24, 02:16:21pm
Happy 101st Birthday! Founder of Mammoth Ski Resort Dave McCoy, Actress Jean Ames is 97, Politician J. Paul Taylor is 96, Photographer Lennart Nilsson is 94, Actor Michael Egan is 90, (NT)jlpWednesday, August 24, 02:10:25pm7
Did people know that Joan Barry is still alive? She sued Chaplin for child support in the early 40s (NT)She has been living in an asylum for over 60 years!Wednesday, August 24, 01:16:33pm28
Walter Scheel, West German President 1974- 79Dead at 97Wednesday, August 24, 10:07:26am2
Steven Hill, Actor of "Law and Order" and "Mission: Impossible" dies at 94Jewish news organization reportingWednesday, August 24, 10:05:58am15
Joyce Carol Thomas,Prize winning author, playwrightDead at 78Wednesday, August 24, 08:55:10am2
ARCHIVE: August 23, 1926 ~It was 90 years ago today, Rudolph Valentino, one of Hollywood's 1st big film stars, and one of its 1st Hollywood unexpected deaths (age 31), creating an eternal icon. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, August 24, 07:23:18am6
ARCHIVE: August 20, 1946 ~Beloved Hollywood comic actor Rags Ragland died from the drink, just 3 days before his 41st birthday, leaving family/friends like Frank Sinatra & Phil Silvers devistated. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, August 23, 11:40:00pm3
Bluegrass Musician Dale Sledd (The Osborne Brothers)Dies at 78Tuesday, August 23, 08:51:54pm4
"Wigologist" to the stars, celeb hairstylist Antwon Jackson dead at 44, likely Lupus related death ...WendyTuesday, August 23, 07:39:37pm1
TV Writer Anna UdellDies at 89Tuesday, August 23, 06:19:46pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, August 23, 06:19:46pm
Nina Ponomareva, First Soviet Olympian to Take GoldDies at 87Tuesday, August 23, 05:00:59pm1
Supercentenarian Marion HunterDies at 110Tuesday, August 23, 04:46:53pm1
Denny Kass, WrestlerDead at 59Tuesday, August 23, 04:46:34pm1
Edmund Russell, One of the dwindling number of Pearl Harbor survivorsDead at 99Tuesday, August 23, 02:59:36pm1
Sir Antony Jay, Co- creator of UK TV's "Yes, Minister"Dead at 86Tuesday, August 23, 02:23:22pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, August 23, 02:23:22pm
Healthwatch: Hearst CastleIn the line of fireTuesday, August 23, 02:18:36pm1
Alexnder Polli, Skydiver & base jumper, killed in crashHe was 31Tuesday, August 23, 02:17:25pm1
Jazz Harmonica Legend Toots ThielemansDies at 94Tuesday, August 23, 01:26:46pm12
Healthwatch: Aretha FranklinCancels upcoming shows due to health concernsTuesday, August 23, 12:53:45pm3
Michael Brooks, Basketball player (Clippers, Pacers)Dead at 58Tuesday, August 23, 10:29:54am1
French Actress Jacqueline Pagnol 1920-2016jlpTuesday, August 23, 10:23:23am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 23, 10:23:23am
Happy 110th Birthday! Chess Master Zoltan Sarosy, Writer G. Venkatasubbiah is 103, Scientist Bernard Fisher is 98, Resistance Fighter Jorgen Kieler is 97, Actress Editha Jarno is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 23, 10:21:51am6
S.R. Nathan, Former President of SingaporeDies at 92Tuesday, August 23, 10:20:20am2
Today's photo (August 23rd) Actor Francis X. Bushman who died on this day in 1966.IMDb LinkTuesday, August 23, 10:18:42am6
Jerry O'Keefe, World War II fighter pilot ace and former Mayor of BiloxiDies at 93Tuesday, August 23, 09:08:52am1
Headley Bennett, Sax Player on Bob Marley's First SongDies at 85Monday, August 22, 06:15:04pm2
Ruth Regina, Makeup Artist for Jackie GleasonDies at 97Monday, August 22, 04:40:14pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, August 22, 04:40:14pm
Singer Bob Eberly Jr.Dies at 73Monday, August 22, 03:53:46pm2
Happy 104th Birthday! '32 Olympic Athlete Simone Schaller, Bartender Hoy Wong is 100, Politician Oscar E. Huber is 99, Chemist Martin Pope is 98, Politician Larry Winn is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, August 22, 03:28:45pm9
Actor Jack Riley ...Dead at 80.Monday, August 22, 03:17:46pm24
Josephine Bonnett, Mother of Late NASCAR Driver Neil Bonnett, Dead At 99David S.Monday, August 22, 07:40:57am2
Last tango icon Horacio Salgán dies at 100Has this been posted?Monday, August 22, 06:00:53am1
RIP Trevor Baker (TV weatherman)Dead at 94Monday, August 22, 04:25:46am1
OT: I just saw a really bad film called "The Phynx" (1970)But check out the cast!Sunday, August 21, 07:16:00pm6
Donald Henderson, Led effort to eradicate smallpoxDead at 87Sunday, August 21, 05:26:30pm1
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ila Jones, Actress Sylvia Guimaraes is 100, Activist Esther Cooper Jackson is 99, '52 Olympic Athlete Fernand Leischen is 97, Historian Vincent Scully is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, August 21, 03:07:07pm8
George Curry, Political & Civil Rights journalistDead at 69Sunday, August 21, 03:04:35pm2
Harry Briggs Jr., A Catalyst for Brown v. Board of EducationDead at 75Sunday, August 21, 03:01:12pm2
J. Preston McCarthy, brother of actor Kevin McCarthyDied in March at age 100Sunday, August 21, 02:54:33pm13
Producer Anne Balfour-Fraser 1923-2016No nameSunday, August 21, 02:51:52pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, August 21, 02:51:52pm
Producer Morton Schindel 1918-2016No nameSunday, August 21, 02:50:53pm2
Donna Wold, who inspired Charles Schulz's 'Little Red-Haired Girl' in 'Peanuts,' dies at 87Charlie BrownSunday, August 21, 11:49:30am3
Tom Searle, Guitarist for the ArchitectsDead at 28 (cancer)Sunday, August 21, 10:23:06am2
Harry Gilmer, Football player (Redskins, Lions)Dead at 90Sunday, August 21, 10:21:31am2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, August 21, 10:21:31am
Jazz Pianist Derek Smith1931-2016Sunday, August 21, 10:14:27am2
Helen Marcovicci, Singer, mother of Andrea MarcovicciDead at 97Sunday, August 21, 10:08:18am4
Rear Admiral Paul Thomas Gillcrist USN RetDies at 87Sunday, August 21, 09:40:00am5
Lilia Cuntapay, dubbed the "Queen of Philippine Horror Movies," dies. ...Dead at 81.Saturday, August 20, 08:58:33pm2
Lou Pearlman, Disgraced Backstreet Boys ImpresarioDies at 62Saturday, August 20, 07:23:11pm5
Healthwatch: NBA reporter Craig SagerCancerSaturday, August 20, 06:28:56pm4
Singer Helen Stuart Marcovicci dies at 97Mother of Actress & Singer Andrea MarcovicciSaturday, August 20, 04:49:24pm1
Archive: Phyliis Diller, Aug. 20, 2012ComedianSaturday, August 20, 04:07:42pm2
Former 3 Doors Down Guitarist Matt RobertsDies at 38Saturday, August 20, 01:44:55pm2
Happy 100th Birthday! Scientist George Rosenkranz, Screenwriter Walter Bernstein is 97, Educator Earle F. Zeigler is 97, Editor Jean Barker is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 20, 01:03:44pm7
Louis Stewart, Jazz guitarist, worked with Benny Goodman, George ShearingDead at 72Saturday, August 20, 10:27:00am2
Today's photo (August 20th) Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Guitarist for Pantera & Damageplan (NT)Shot & killed by crazed fan on Dec 8, 2004 in Columbus, OhioSaturday, August 20, 09:29:23am3
Tuskegee Airman Shelby WestbrookDies at 94Friday, August 19, 07:04:51pm3
Dick Assman dies at 82Featured on "The Late Show with David Letterman" for his odd nameFriday, August 19, 05:57:20pm12
Happy 102nd Birthday! Psychiatrist Margaret Morgan Lawrence, Actress Helen Shingler is 97, Producer Everett Chambers is 90, Businessman Arthur Rock turns 90 (NT)jlpFriday, August 19, 03:05:41pm9
Drummer Bill Nolte (Bill Haley & His Comets)Dies at 75Friday, August 19, 11:29:21am4
John Vessey Jr, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Reagan and current oldest living 4 star Army GeneralDies at 94Friday, August 19, 10:02:48am3
TV Director Norman HallDies at 91Friday, August 19, 09:52:26am3
Actor & Producer Rick CowanDies at 60Friday, August 19, 09:50:15am4
Filmdirector: Arthur Hiller (1923 - 2016)Love Story - directorFriday, August 19, 09:40:18am14
Jo Lynn White (Wife of former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Danny White)Dies at 63Friday, August 19, 07:29:47am1
Guitarist Bob Moore (Bob Moore & The Temps / Cody Brennan & The Temptations)Dies at 81Friday, August 19, 12:44:39am4
Former Nine Inch Nails Keyboardist James WoolleyDies at 50Thursday, August 18, 07:02:10pm12
ARCHIVE: August 16, 1977 ~Elvis Presley, Enterainer regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, referred to as "the King of Rock and Roll", ODs on his toilet at 42. ... theChroniclerThursday, August 18, 06:14:15pm5
Actor & Stuntman Bob TerhuneDies at 87Thursday, August 18, 05:36:58pm4
Thurs. pic: Prolific character actor Don Keefer,who passed away in 2014 at 98!Thursday, August 18, 05:30:23pm4
Victoria McMahon (Ex Wife of Ed McMahon)Dies at 71Thursday, August 18, 02:49:43pm10
Happy 100th Birthday! Historian Neagu Djuvara, Politician Mervyn Lee is 96, Writer Brian Aldiss is 91, Composer Norman Blagman turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, August 18, 09:57:21am4
Jimmy Levine, Musician- songwriterDied Aug. 9thThursday, August 18, 09:50:52am1
Former Fabulous Thunderbirds and Room Full Of Blues bassist Preston Hubbard found dead at his St Louis home.He was 63Thursday, August 18, 09:39:35am2
  • "Tuff Enough" -- The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Thursday, August 18, 09:39:35am
Healthwatch: The son of drug cartel leader El ChapoKidnapppedThursday, August 18, 09:28:08am1
ARCHIVE: August 17, 1979 ~Actress Vivian Vance, veteran television and theater actress and singer, best known as TV's favorite 2nd banana 'Ethel Mertz' on TV's I Love Lucy", dies at 70. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, August 18, 05:05:09am6
Irvine comic Cindy Burns, one of O.C.'s "Funniest Housewives" who sought the humor in agingDies at 61Wednesday, August 17, 07:38:38pm3
Matt Null, CNN Senior Producer Of Early Start, Reported DeadDavid S.Wednesday, August 17, 07:16:09pm5
2016, bad year for 1970's band Sugarloaf. Bassist Bob Raymond died 2-11-2016 @ 69.Guitarist Bob Yeazel died 6-9-2016 @ 69. more info inside.Wednesday, August 17, 05:43:18pm5
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Delphine Gibson, Songwriter Fred Stobaugh is 99, Gov't Official Frederick B. Dent is 94, Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez is 93, Politician Zemin Jiang turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, August 17, 03:15:36pm8
Julia Gnuse (World's Most Tattooed Woman)Dies at 61Wednesday, August 17, 03:02:00pm4
John Timoney, Former Philly Police CommissionerDead at 68Wednesday, August 17, 10:19:21am1
Healthwatch : John Mclaughlin misses 1st show in 34 years of Mclaughlin GroupLemnpiperWednesday, August 17, 02:48:07am11
Actress Gita Hall dies at 82Ex-Wife of Barry Sullivan (died 1994), Mother-in-Law of Jimmy WebbWednesday, August 17, 01:35:00am4
Pic for Tuesday: Barbara and her son, Andy, GibbForestTuesday, August 16, 08:51:17pm5
Actress Patricia EnglishDies at 84Tuesday, August 16, 07:20:16pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, August 16, 07:20:16pm
6 year old kills baby sister; his mother had appeared on reality show called "I'm 55 & Pregnant" back in 2010FloridaTuesday, August 16, 05:05:02pm7
Archive: Merv Griffin, Aug. 12, 2007Talk show hostTuesday, August 16, 02:36:52pm5
John McLaughlin, TV host of The Mcalaughlin Group dies at 89BYE, BYETuesday, August 16, 12:18:45pm1
Happy 102nd Birthday! '36 Olympic Athlete John Lysak, Activist Rosa Tarlovsky de Roisinblit is 97, Playwright Jean-Pierre Gredy is 96, Actress Judita Hahn is 90, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 16, 10:43:28am6
Gerald Grosvenor, British Duke & billionaireDead at 64Tuesday, August 16, 10:30:29am1
OT: Ringo Starr becomes first Beatle great- grandfatherLinkTuesday, August 16, 10:26:16am1
ARCHIVE: August 16, 1956 It's 60 years today Hungarian-born actor Bela Lugosi, 73, known for his countless sinister roles, typecast forever as 'Count Dracula', dies of a drug related heart attack. ...So stereotyped and identified as 'Dracula', Lugosi was laid to rest in iconic vampire costume.Tuesday, August 16, 10:24:16am2
Jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, age 75 .......Ed TraceyTuesday, August 16, 10:15:59am2
Stefan Henze, Olympic silver medalist and Olympic coach in canoe slalomHe was 35Tuesday, August 16, 10:13:45am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 16, 10:13:45am
HEALTHWATCH: Maxine Brown, last living member of The Browns, suffers major injuries in bathtub accidentSister Bonnie died July 16thTuesday, August 16, 07:44:57am1
OT: Silent Film Star Lassie Lou Ahern talks about Restoration of "Little Mickey Grogan" (1927)jlpTuesday, August 16, 07:12:15am9
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Hester Ford, Masters Athlete Donald Pellman is 101, Psychiatrist Ferdinand Knobloch is 100, Daughter of Founder of Pakistan Dina Wadia is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 16, 06:48:05am18
Actress Monica Marko1919-2016Tuesday, August 16, 06:29:17am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, August 16, 06:29:17am
O/T: 105 year old Brunhilde Pomsel gives interviewSecretary to Nazi mastermind Joseph GoebbelsTuesday, August 16, 06:14:28am1
Joao Havelange, Former FIFA PresidentPeleTuesday, August 16, 05:13:04am1
Family of 5 die in Pennsylvania murder-suicide. Including two year old girl who had a heart transplant..Tuesday, August 16, 04:07:51am3
Actor Fyvush Finkel dies at 93EricTuesday, August 16, 01:37:48am14
ARCHIVE: August 16, 2007 ~Jazz drumming great Max Roach, founder of modern jazz who rewrote the rules of drumming, dies after long illness. ...Dead at 83.Tuesday, August 16, 01:25:52am1
Choo Choo Coleman, Baseball player (Mets, Phillies)Dead at 80Monday, August 15, 03:43:58pm3
Robbie Chamberlin, drummer on the first album of Zephyr.Band fronted by Candy Givens and Tommy Bolin died 2-17-16 @ 65. address insideMonday, August 15, 01:15:47pm4
ARCHIVE: August 15, 1916 ~It was 100 years ago today we lost the man who brought us great eating experience. -Charles Guldens, the man who created a new kind of mustard, dies at 68. ...Guldens of Milton, PA, continuously operating mustard brand in the U.S.Monday, August 15, 11:28:18am3
Healthwatch: Rod Gilmore, ESPN broadcaster diagnosed with multiple myeloma.Monday, August 15, 11:11:19am1
D J Official, Christian Hip Hop artistDead at 39Monday, August 15, 10:39:43am1
Famed opera singer Patrice Munsel, who left Spokane for Met fame, dies at 91. ...Dead at 91Monday, August 15, 10:33:57am12
Former British footballer Dalian Atkinson dies ...Tazered to death, aged 48!Monday, August 15, 07:35:17am1
Actor John R. ThompsonDies at 84Monday, August 15, 07:22:46am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, August 15, 07:22:46am
RIP Gary WatsonDead at 21Monday, August 15, 01:30:00am1
Healthwatch: British actor Richard WilsonHeart attack, 80 years oldSunday, August 14, 07:37:10pm4
ARCHIVE: August 14, 1996~I can't believe it's 20 years; seems like yesterday. ESPN Sportscaster Tom Mees drowns trying to save daughter. Neither could swim, but Mees heroically saved her. ... theChroniclerSunday, August 14, 07:31:16pm5
Soul Singer Ruby WintersDead at 74Sunday, August 14, 07:17:24pm2
  • Link -- Inside, Sunday, August 14, 07:17:24pm
Cecile Meloni , Mother of Actor Christopher MeloniDies at 89Sunday, August 14, 06:34:39pm3
Happy 101st Birthday! Theologian Vincent Foy, Conservationist John Craighead is 100, Actress Mary Vago is 100, Illustrator Alice Prevensen is 98, Martial Artist Shugoro Nakazato is 97, (NT)jlpSunday, August 14, 06:30:01pm11
ARCHIVE: August 14, 2006 ~It's been a decade now since we lost prolific actor Bruno Kirby, who died of cancer at 57. He was son of actor Bruce Kirby (b.1928), and was known for versiltile roles. ... theChroniclerSunday, August 14, 02:45:58pm2
Archive: H. G. Wells, Aug. 13, 1946WriterSunday, August 14, 01:21:18pm8
Bernie “Tommy” Thompson Jr., Miami adman who gave birth to the “Coppertone Cutie”Dies at 91Sunday, August 14, 12:42:51pm8
Marion Barry, Jr., son of former DC mayor, dies at the age of 36OverdoseSunday, August 14, 11:08:44am3
Gary Watson, Lead singer of the LappellesDies day before 22nd birthday (drowned)Sunday, August 14, 10:50:07am2
  • "Seventeen" -- The Lappelles, Sunday, August 14, 10:50:07am
Glenn Yarbrough, folk singer "Baby, The Rain Must Fall"Dies at 86Sunday, August 14, 09:45:28am8
Actress Cynthia SzigetiDies at 66Sunday, August 14, 09:44:14am4
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, August 13, 11:35:14pm
    • She was on Seinfeld (NT) -- Libary episode, but I can't find pic, Sunday, August 14, 09:16:45am
      • Pic -- Link, Sunday, August 14, 09:44:14am
TV HEADS: Sat, Aug. 13th TCM cable will air Olivia DeHavilland/Montgomery Clift film, THE HEIRESS (1949) at 5:00pm (PST)! -Great film dirested by Wm. Wyler, earning DeHavilland Best Actress Oscar! ... theChroniclerSunday, August 14, 09:27:50am4
Barbara Gibb, mother of 'The Bee Gees'Dies at 95Saturday, August 13, 10:23:26pm9
Archive: James Roosevelt, Aug. 13, 1991Oldest son of FDR, & his last surviving childSaturday, August 13, 05:30:06pm4
R.I.P. Hilary Lipsitz, Founder of Sunday ProductionsFather of TV Producer & Writer Andrew LipsitzSaturday, August 13, 04:49:23pm2
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Zhou Youguang, Politician Alfred Chupin is 100, Actress Tao Porchon-Lynch is 98, Religious Figure Serafim Fernandes de Araujo is 92, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 13, 03:28:08pm7
Len Steckler, Directed TV commercial of Joe Namth in pantyhoseDead at 88Saturday, August 13, 03:18:23pm3
  • The commercial -- Link, Saturday, August 13, 03:17:17pm
    • Imdb -- ., Saturday, August 13, 03:18:23pm
Michel Richard, Acclaimed Wash. D.C. chefDead at 68Saturday, August 13, 03:14:08pm2
Kenny Baker, Actor Played 'R2-D2'Dies at 83Saturday, August 13, 02:56:19pm7
Former Nebraska Punter, Former Michigan State Punter Killed In A Car Crash, And A Former LSU Player Was InjuredDavid S.Saturday, August 13, 01:25:13pm1
Arizona's Red Shirt Senior Offensive Lineman Dies In His Sleep August 7thDavid S.Saturday, August 13, 01:19:35pm1
Zurlon Tipton, Former Running Back For CMU and Indianapolis Colts, Died June 29th, Accidental ShootingDavid S.Saturday, August 13, 01:17:45pm1
Eric Goll, Chadron State Football Player Dies After Practice At Age 20David S.Saturday, August 13, 01:14:12pm1
Suicide death Cyndi Lauper's husband (NT)☹️Saturday, August 13, 11:25:17am9
Bryan Clauson, sprint car driver - drove in this year's Indy 500He was 27Saturday, August 13, 09:35:26am4
ARCHIVE: August 12, 2014 ~Hollywood star Lauren Bacall, who began as top model, then Bogie's wife, then prolific dramatic & comedic actress, dies at age 89, after a long career of nearly 70 years. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, August 13, 07:06:05am3
Healthwatch: 88-year-old Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda (NT)Takes 12 stitches after a fall last SaturdayFriday, August 12, 08:19:42pm7
Happy 101st Birthday! Inventor Sterling Newberry, Religious Figure Morgan Porteus is 99, Hockey's Augie Herchenratter is 97, Football's Paul Mitchell is 96, Historian Daniel Cordier is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, August 12, 07:56:13pm13
Steve Holloway, Bassist for EldrenDead at 25Friday, August 12, 04:34:45pm2
Actress Sagan LewisDies at 63Friday, August 12, 01:42:29pm6
Blues & Gospel Singer Ruby WilsonDies at 68Friday, August 12, 01:12:32pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Writer Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo, Journalist Edward Pinkowski is 100, Holocaust Survivor Adolf Burger is 99, Astrophysicist Margaret Burbidge is 97, (NT)jlpFriday, August 12, 10:40:14am4
John Saunders, longtime ESPN host and reporterDies at 61Friday, August 12, 10:36:54am18
John Vaccaro, Whose Playhouse of the Ridiculous Gave Anarchy a StageDead at 86Friday, August 12, 10:21:57am1
RIP David Enthoven, the "E" of EG RecordsAlso Robbie Williams' managerFriday, August 12, 01:20:46am1
Archive: Anne Ramsey, Aug. 11, 1988ActressThursday, August 11, 10:31:01pm3
Idiot cop just 2 years in the dep't shoots and kills elderly librarian in public training excercise in front of her friends and husband of 55 years! ...The beloved 73 year old was shot twice, killed by cop previously fired elsewhere for excessive forceThursday, August 11, 06:33:31pm2
Roye Albrighton, British musician (Nektar)Dead at 67Thursday, August 11, 04:10:50pm2
Archive: Peter Cushing, Aug, 11, 1994ActorThursday, August 11, 03:09:24pm2
  • BBC obit -- Link, Thursday, August 11, 03:09:24pm
Archive: Jackson Pollack, Aug. 11, 1956PainterThursday, August 11, 03:03:56pm1
Author Thomas Steinbeck dies at 72Son of John SteinbeckThursday, August 11, 03:02:15pm6
Elyse Miller-Kennedy, Miss World Australia finalist, killed in car crashShe was 17Thursday, August 11, 02:58:39pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Psychoanalyst Stanley Leavy, Businessman William Coors is 100, Football's Jack Smith is 99, Basrball's Luis Olmo is 97, Politician Florence Bjelke-Petersen is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, August 11, 02:56:36pm7
Actress & Singer Mary Cohen (AKA Tina Louise) dies at 91A renowned singer but can't find anything about her.Thursday, August 11, 02:53:18pm14
Convicted Road Rage Killer is Killed in another Road Rage IncidentKarma ChameleonThursday, August 11, 10:13:34am1
Roger Jay Pietschmann, Emmy nominated sound manDead at 71Thursday, August 11, 09:53:38am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, August 11, 09:53:38am
ARCHIVE: August 11, 2006 ~Entertainer/TV Host Mike Douglas, known for his daytime decades-long talk show, dies at age 81 ON his birthday! ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, August 11, 07:47:29am3
ARCHIVE: August 10, 1969 ~The night after the Sharon Tate party murders in the Hollywood Hills, the Manson followers butchered an L.A. couple Lino & Rosemary LaBianco, in their homes. ...BackstoryWednesday, August 10, 04:53:38pm3
HEADS UP: Voy may be down again soon, so be prepared. (NT)Just fair warining.Wednesday, August 10, 04:34:19pm2
Healthwatch: Rockabilly singer Sleepy LaBeefFalls, fractures spineWednesday, August 10, 03:52:29pm1
Healthwatch: 'American Idol' alum JaxThyroid cancerWednesday, August 10, 03:40:28pm1
Cartoonist Jack DavisDies at 91Wednesday, August 10, 09:31:54am10
10 year old son of Kansas state legislator killed on water park rideKansasWednesday, August 10, 05:28:19am9
Jimmy Long, Served 32 years in Louisiana legislature, member of the Long political dynastyDead at 84 (car accident)Tuesday, August 09, 10:18:57pm2
Actor Barry JennerDies at 75Tuesday, August 09, 08:43:25pm7
Fred Schwartz (Fred the Furrier)Dies at 84Tuesday, August 09, 08:06:15pm2
W. Carter Merbreier, Hosted Philadelphia TV kid show as "Captain Noah"Dead at 90Tuesday, August 09, 05:36:01pm3
Bill Dooley, former head football coach at UNC, Virginia Tech, and Wake ForestHe was 82Tuesday, August 09, 03:15:19pm1
Archive: Jerry Garcia, Aug. 9, 1995MusicianTuesday, August 09, 02:16:52pm1
Sharon Tate was murdered on his date in 1969. Here's an interview she & Roman Polanski did with Hugh Hefner on "Playboy After Dark"Imdb says it aired Feb. 7, 1969- just 6 mos. before the murdersTuesday, August 09, 02:11:48pm1
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Armida Sholar, Religious Figure George W. BonDurant is 101, Actress Violet Roditi is 100, Actress Judy Parrish is 100 ,Poet Jao Tsung I. is 99, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 09, 02:07:00pm5
Duke of Westminster, land-ownerDead at 64Tuesday, August 09, 01:40:53pm1
George Yarno, Football player ((Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons, Houston Oilers)Dead at 58Tuesday, August 09, 11:12:48am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 09, 11:12:48am
Donna Gordon, Younger sister of singer Cliff RichardDead at 73Tuesday, August 09, 11:07:08am2
Michael Ronstadt dies at 62Brother of Linda RonstadtTuesday, August 09, 11:04:11am7
Bluegrass Musician Don ParmleyDies at 82Tuesday, August 09, 11:00:24am2
  • "Pretty Red Wing " -- The Bluegrass Cardinals (feat. Don Parmley), Tuesday, August 09, 11:00:24am
Archive: Richard Deacon, Aug. 8, 1984Character actorTuesday, August 09, 10:55:47am2
OT: They finally replaced "scary Lucy" statue originally dedicated in 2009 in Celeron, NY, Lucy Ball's childhood hometown! -Sunday's unveiling of new/improved statue came on Lucy's 105th birthday! ... theChroniclerTuesday, August 09, 09:34:37am6
RIP Hugo Ruben CastellanosMexico Miss World pageant head murdered!Tuesday, August 09, 08:09:05am1
Healthwatch: Noted wrestler "Superstar" Billy Graham......HospitalizedTuesday, August 09, 06:27:12am5
RIP Padraig DugganDead at 67Tuesday, August 09, 05:43:07am1
Author Elliot Tiber ("Taking Woodstock")Dies at 81Tuesday, August 09, 02:29:21am3
ARCHIVE; Aug. 8, 1988 ~British-born Alan Napier, distinguished actor of stage and countless Hollywood screen roles, best known to TV audiences as 'Alfred' in "Batman", died on 8/8/88 at age ...85. >>>Bio & PHOTOSMonday, August 08, 08:56:48pm7
Who are those pictured in today's photo? They seem to be circus performers. (NT)egee33Monday, August 08, 08:26:44pm3
Healthwatch: SF Giants manager Bruce BochyWill miss game due to ilnessMonday, August 08, 05:52:48pm1
Healthwatch "RHOA" star Porshe Williams collapses in parking lotRushed to hospitalMonday, August 08, 05:50:54pm1
Actress Julie Holloway (R.I.P.)Quite accomplished, but can't find any info about her. Looks like another padded obitMonday, August 08, 05:47:25pm2
University of Arizona lineman Zach Hemmila dies in sleep at age 22RussMonday, August 08, 05:43:14pm2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, August 08, 05:43:14pm
OT. BBC begins remake of "Are You Being Served" next month.Mrs. SlocombeMonday, August 08, 04:18:26pm2
Rock critic Jimmy Guterman has died (NT)Not made public yet but have it from a completely reliable sourceMonday, August 08, 04:16:33pm27
Happy 99th Birthday! Actor Earl Cameron, Politician Kirsten Hertzberg Ask is 97, Actress Dominique Marcas is 96, Politician Jacques Hebert is 96, (NT)jlpMonday, August 08, 04:10:14pm9
Edith Tolkin, Studio Exec and Matriarch of Show Business WritersDead at 93Monday, August 08, 03:34:16pm2
B.E. Taylor, MusicianDead at65Monday, August 08, 03:30:25pm2
  • "Vitamin L" -- B. E. Taylor, Monday, August 08, 03:30:25pm
OT: New book published about actor Cary Grant, his life and love life. ...Link ...Monday, August 08, 01:33:14pm1
Marianne Ihlen, Was Leonard Cohen's girlfriend, inspired songsDied July 29thMonday, August 08, 11:56:28am2
Norman Twain, Broadway & film producerDead at 85Monday, August 08, 11:48:06am2
Ricci Martin, Musician Son of Dean MartinDead at 62Monday, August 08, 11:09:35am18
Jonathan D. Krane, Producer of the 'Look Who's Talking' FilmsDies at 65Monday, August 08, 10:42:26am5
Former U.S. Rep. Helen Delich Bentley, R-Maryland dies of brain cancerShe was 92Monday, August 08, 10:19:00am2
RIP Alan Dossor, Liverpool theatre directorDead at 74Monday, August 08, 07:20:54am1
Randy L. Budd, husband of rock throwing victimDead at 55Monday, August 08, 06:42:49am4
Helen Gradwell, reclusive British writer lay dead in her home for 4 months will letters from publishers offering book deals pile up in her mailboxShe was 39Monday, August 08, 06:35:54am1
Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, famed plastic surgeon who pioneered the "Brazilian butt lift" dies one day after carrying the Olympic torchHe was 90Sunday, August 07, 05:55:51pm2
Happy 102nd Birthday! Writer Evaristo de Morales Filho, Pianist Livia Rev is 100, Equestrian Rosemarie Springer is 96, Artist CharlesWyrsch is 96, Politician Mary Louise Hancock is 96 (NT)jlpSunday, August 07, 04:42:24pm15
Richard Fagan, songwriterHe was 69Sunday, August 07, 01:40:37pm4
David Huddleston has died! (NT)Big Lebowski!Sunday, August 07, 11:39:40am24
Archive: Albert Woolson, Aug. 2, 1956Last veteran of the Civil WarSunday, August 07, 10:51:02am18
Happy 99th Birthday! Judge Sevket Muftugil, Encyclopedist/Journalist Keijo Virtamo is 97, Dancer Francoise Adret is 96, Geneticist M.S. Swaminathan is 91, Radio's Art Laboe turns 91. (NT)jlpSunday, August 07, 03:48:42am1
Singer John "Paddy" McCrary dies at 69Son of Actors Tex McCrary & Jinx Falkenburg (both died 2003)Saturday, August 06, 09:32:38pm3
Artist & "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" Writer Barry HeadDies at 79Saturday, August 06, 08:59:41pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, August 06, 08:59:41pm
OBIT: Thurman Munson, New York Yankees, dies in airplane accident while receiving flying lessons.He was 32Saturday, August 06, 07:48:20pm15
O/T, on Decades this weekend they are showing The Rookies. Actor Bruce Fairbairn is listed as dying in 1999. (NT)Actually that was music producer Bruce Fairbairn (1949-1999). Not the actor who is alive born 1947.Saturday, August 06, 06:28:31pm4
Jazz Legend Pete FountainDies at 86Saturday, August 06, 01:18:43pm12
Healthwatch: Charleston church shooter Dylann RoofBeaten in prisonSaturday, August 06, 12:42:50pm7
Victor Thorn, Prominent Anti-Hillary, Clinton researcher, found dead at 54Otsegolectric98Saturday, August 06, 11:13:06am4
Happy 100th Birthday! Actor Fumindo Matsuo, Composer Hidayat Inayat Khan is 99, Politician Hubert Germain is 96, Golf's Doug Ford is 94, Singer Ella James is 92, Actress Patricia Knox is 90, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 06, 08:18:43am4
Healthwatch: Soccer legend PeleWill not attend Olympics opening ceremony due to poor healthSaturday, August 06, 08:11:00am3
ARCHIVE: August 1, 1980 ~Actor Strother Martin best known as supporting player to stars like John Wayne/Paul Newman, in TV & film, best known in COOL HAND LUKE, dies of heart attack at 61. ... theChroniclerSaturday, August 06, 07:39:09am8
Actor & Producer Peter J. ChevalierDies at 50Friday, August 05, 10:30:30pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, August 05, 10:30:30pm
Healthwatch: Exonerated vigilante George Zimmerman was punched in the face by man at local restaurant, who overheard Zimmerman bragging about killing Trevon Martin. ...Sanford, FL.Friday, August 05, 07:52:09pm3
Former U.S. Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio dies of pancreatic cancerHe was 62Friday, August 05, 05:22:31pm4
Ola Florence Welch, was engaged to Richard Nixon in 1930sDied Last June at 102!Friday, August 05, 05:21:45pm10
ARCHIVE: August 3, 2007 ~James T. Callahan, affable character actor of the 1960 through 2000s, remembered by younger TV audiences as the patriarch 'Walter' in TV's CHARLES IN CHARGE, dies at 76. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, August 05, 05:05:08pm3
Archive: Roy Cohn, Aug. 2, 1986Lawyer, aide to Sen. Joe McCarthyFriday, August 05, 05:02:10pm7
Drummer Jerry Reppert (Wayne Cochran, Otis Redding)Dies at 82Friday, August 05, 04:06:16pm3
Guitarist Bruce 'Phantom' Robinson (The PleaZers)Dies at 70Friday, August 05, 03:36:33pm4
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Lena Dick, Politician Bill Grayden is 96, Actor Donald O, Campen Jr. is 96, Writer William Manville is 90, Composer Betsy Jolas turns 90. (NT)No nameFriday, August 05, 02:50:02pm6
Healthwatch:Gregg Allman cancels tour dates"Serious health issues"Friday, August 05, 02:39:17pm1
Robert Crawford Sr.,TV editor (Monkees, Gidget, Maverick); father of Johnny CrawfordDies at 95Friday, August 05, 12:42:58pm6
Gaspar Saladino, Comic book artist for DCHas diedFriday, August 05, 10:47:53am1
ARCHIVE: August 5, 1962 ~Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood's most beloved stars, whose early death only galvanized her memory and persona throughout the globe for generations, OD's at age 36. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, August 05, 10:42:49am1
Tyler Earring, TV film editor ("The Goldbergs", "Muppet Show"), dead at 34. ...RussFriday, August 05, 10:27:52am3
Chris Amon New Zealand Formula 1 racer dies at 73Lemnpiper (Fox news or Yahoo sports )Friday, August 05, 10:26:51am2
  • Obit -- Link, Friday, August 05, 10:26:51am
Healthwatch: Japan's Emperor Akihito may announce rare abdication on MondayCiting old age and inability to carry out the duties of officeFriday, August 05, 10:26:04am2
Actress Gloria DeHaven has diedShe was 91Friday, August 05, 09:46:28am29
Alvin McCall Jr. , Founder of Ryan's SteakhouseDies at 89Friday, August 05, 07:17:15am1
Carman Romano, Member of the ElegantsDead at 76Thursday, August 04, 05:37:20pm4
Healthwatch: Christian rocker Dallas Taylor critically injured in ATV accidentFloridaThursday, August 04, 04:33:46pm1
Jean Antone, Female wrestlerDead ta 73Thursday, August 04, 03:54:26pm1
OT: Cameron Douglas, son of Michael, released from prison after 7 yearsLinkThursday, August 04, 12:52:27pm12
Blake Krikorian, Silicon Valley millionarie entrepreneur dies at 48Heart attack while surfingThursday, August 04, 11:03:33am1
Mel Hurtig, Canadian publisher, author, political activistDead at 84Thursday, August 04, 10:32:05am1
Happy 116th Birthday! Supercentenarian Nabi Tajima, Pianist Irving Fields is 101, Novelist Michel Deon is 97, Actress Grace Albertson is 97, Football's Warren Plunkett is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, August 04, 10:28:48am4
7th oldest living, Baseball Player, Steve NagyDies at 97Thursday, August 04, 10:09:57am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, August 04, 10:09:57am
Rockabilly Singer Bobby MackDies at 83Thursday, August 04, 10:07:58am4
O/T is Kris Jensen still alive?Singer of hit, TortureThursday, August 04, 10:05:38am2
Tennis Player Bobbie Heine Miller 1909-2016jlpWednesday, August 03, 10:40:23pm13
Healthwatch: Kris JennerCar crashWednesday, August 03, 05:37:58pm1
Lenny Bruce died on Aug. 3 1966, at 40. It's amazing how many of Bruce's comedy contemporaries are still alive, 50 years later!A list-Wednesday, August 03, 03:41:46pm9
Qusai Abtini, Syrian child actor, killed in missile strikeHe was 14Wednesday, August 03, 03:09:18pm1
Happy 104th Birthday! Politician Fritz Hellwig, Physicist Cheng Kaijia is 98, Soccer's Bob Gormley is 98, Test Driver Norman Dewis is 96, Football's Marv Levy is 91, Sociologist Alain Touraine is 91, (NT)jlpWednesday, August 03, 03:01:29pm8
Cable TV Pioneer Robert RosencransDies at 89Wednesday, August 03, 12:03:30pm1
5-fatality crash in No.California of Mexico-to-Oregon charter bus, as driver veers into utility pole head-on SLICING THROUGH near entire length through middle of bus! Never seen anyting like this! ...VIDEO & PHOTOTuesday, August 02, 05:46:55pm2
Ahmed Zewail, Nobel winning chemistDead at 70Tuesday, August 02, 04:19:20pm2
  • Obit -- Reuters, Tuesday, August 02, 04:19:20pm
ARCHIVE: August 2, 1978 ~Comic legend Totie Fields, whose self-deprecating humor made her a favorite to audiences, dying after years of heath issues w/diabetes, heart disease and cancer at age 48. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, August 02, 03:54:30pm5
OT: Actor Anton Yelchin’s parents to file wrongful death lawsuit in ‘Star Trek’ actor’s rolling car death. Yelchin was killed when his SUV rolled back onto him as he stood behind vehicle. ... theChroniclerTuesday, August 02, 03:26:11pm3
Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, Succeeded John Paul II as archbishop of KrakowDead at 89Tuesday, August 02, 02:25:57pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 02, 02:25:57pm
Carlos Mendes, Brother of actress Eva MendesDied in Apr, at 53Tuesday, August 02, 12:32:12pm1
Robert E. Short, Production Manager for Daytime Soap OperasDies at 95Tuesday, August 02, 12:02:23pm2
Angelika Schrobsdorff, German-Jewish writerDead at 88Tuesday, August 02, 11:50:34am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 02, 11:50:34am
Today, school shootings are common, but it all began 50 years ago, at the Univ. of Texas...NY TimesTuesday, August 02, 11:43:30am13
Healthwatch: Shannon DohertyReveals her cancer has spreadTuesday, August 02, 11:27:27am3
Happy 101st Birthday! Neville Wigram, 2nd Baron Wigram, Spiritual Leader Dada Vaswani is 98, Inventor Jim Delligatti is 98, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 02, 10:20:22am8
Archive: Francis Gary Powers, Aug. 1, 1977U 2 pilotTuesday, August 02, 10:02:22am2
Forbes Carlile, Australia's oldest OlympianDead at 95Tuesday, August 02, 10:00:45am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 02, 10:00:45am
Tuesday's photo- Dith Pran and Sidney Schanberg- "The Killing Fields" (NT)DarrenTuesday, August 02, 02:34:49am1
ARCHIVE: August 2, 1988 ~TV Personality and healthy living advocate Joe 'the green grocer' Carcione, who died 28 years ago today. Remembered by California TV viewers of the 1970s & 80s. ... theChroniclerTuesday, August 02, 01:00:41am1
Piet de Jong 1915-2016Fredrik AnderssonMonday, August 01, 10:23:22pm1
Émile Derlin Zinsou 1918-2016Fredrik AnderssonMonday, August 01, 10:21:06pm1
Author & Playwright Jim NorthrupDies at 73Monday, August 01, 07:36:36pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, August 01, 07:36:36pm
Bonnie Mandich, Widow of football great Jim "Mad Dog" MandichDead at 61Monday, August 01, 06:14:24pm1
Eric Bergren, Screenwriter ("The Elephant Man")Dead at 62Monday, August 01, 03:10:36pm2
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Agnes Fenton, Producer Athur Brauner is 98, Cameraman Anthony Mavrogadato is 97, Olynpic Athlete Sammy Lee is 96, Actress Meg Randall is 90, (NT)jlpMonday, August 01, 12:51:07pm11
Healthwatch: Wrestler Booker THospitalizedMonday, August 01, 12:46:47pm1
2 brothers of reality star Toya Wright shot & killedNew OrleansMonday, August 01, 12:44:17pm1
Anne of Romania, Wife of King MichaelDead at 92Monday, August 01, 10:37:25am2
Healthwatch: Ex- Singapore Pres. S.R. NathanSuffers stroke, critical conditionMonday, August 01, 10:29:15am1
OT: Good article about Anton Coppola, uncle of Francis Ford Coppola and Talia Shire, now 99 years old. ...TonyMonday, August 01, 04:01:46am10
Mitsugu Akimoto, aka Chiyonofuji, Champion Sumo wrestlerdead at 61Sunday, July 31, 05:50:39pm1
Tom Clegg, British TV directorDead at 81Sunday, July 31, 02:28:55pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, July 31, 02:28:55pm
John Kerr, Writer, son of critic Walter KerrDead at 66Sunday, July 31, 02:28:03pm2
Lucille Dumont, Quebec ChanteuseDead at 97Sunday, July 31, 02:22:45pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Football's (Mexico) Ignacio Trelles, Biochemist Paul D. Boyer is 98, Politician Vicente Almeida d'Eca is 98, Editor Frank Giles is 97, (NT)jlpSunday, July 31, 01:16:36pm9
Archive: Rudy Vallee, July, 1986Crooner, actorSunday, July 31, 12:46:20pm11
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Molly Schmidt, WW2 Military Figure John Chalk is 100, Lawyer Valno Spencer is 96, Baseball's Jim Rivera is 94, Politician Bob Dole is 93, (NT)jlpSunday, July 31, 12:27:43pm36
ARCHIVE: July 30, 1945 ~USS Indianapolis infamously torpedoed after delivering A-bomb ending WWII. Few remember it was the greatest single loss of life at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy. ... theChroniclerSunday, July 31, 12:20:30pm4
Archive: Bud Powell, July 31, 1966Jazz pianistSunday, July 31, 10:35:17am1
Healthwatch: Dina Lohan hospitalizedFamily fears cancerSunday, July 31, 10:26:09am1
Frank Carabetta, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs SaxophonistDies at 71Sunday, July 31, 10:18:19am2
Suzanne Wright, co-founder of Autism SpeaksShe was 69Sunday, July 31, 08:52:57am2
Happy 102nd Birthday! Comic Irwin Corey, Singer Frank Miller is 98, Politician Luis Miquilena is 92, Hockey's Ted Lindsay is 91, Songwriter Mikis Theodorakis turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, July 31, 01:55:18am21
Dave Schwartz, Popular Weather Channel MeteorologistR.I.P.Saturday, July 30, 05:56:14pm4
Melvin Goins, Bluegrass musicianDead at 83Saturday, July 30, 05:52:17pm1
John Craviotto, Founder of Craviotto DrumsDies at 69Saturday, July 30, 05:52:04pm1
Happy 99th Birthday! Football's (Australian) Keith Rae, Sister of Marilyn Monroe, Berniece Baker Miracle is 97, Pathologist Stephen Sternberg is 96, Businessman Henry Bloch is 94, (NT)jlpSaturday, July 30, 01:33:30pm9
Archive: Claudette Colbert, July 30, 1996ActressSaturday, July 30, 12:54:43pm1
Zelda Fichandler, Matriarch of regional theaterDead at 91Saturday, July 30, 12:51:42pm1
Antonio Armstrong, Football player (49ers,Dolphins, Rams) and his wife shot dead by their teenage sonHe was 42Saturday, July 30, 10:24:55am2
Chris Sizemore, Subject of book & Film " Three Faces of Eve."Dies at 89Saturday, July 30, 09:32:55am4
Antonio Armstrong, former NFL and CFL playerHe was 42Saturday, July 30, 08:19:23am1
Hot air balloon crashes in Texas, possibly 16 people killed.Saturday, July 30, 07:47:34am1
Sitcom Writer Dick BensfieldDies at 90Saturday, July 30, 04:48:11am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, July 30, 04:48:11am
E. Melvin Porter, Oklahoma's FIRST black Senator, held seat for 22 years, dies at 86. ...Member of the first class at Vanderbilt University Law School to include African Americans.Saturday, July 30, 02:38:23am1
ARCHIVE: July 28, 1934 ~Famed comedic actress Marie Dressler, who found her biggest success in early Hollywood film, earning Dressler an Oscar for Best Actress a few years before her death, at 65. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, July 30, 12:17:34am5
Archive: Eugene Roche, July 28, 2004Character ActorFriday, July 29, 07:57:52pm8
Singer Judy Spellman Brisco dies at 60Daughter of Singer Benny Spellman (died 2011)Friday, July 29, 07:12:05pm2
Robert Carswell, Negotiator in Iran hostage crisisDead at 87Friday, July 29, 06:58:25pm1
Healthwatch: British Actress Honeysuckle Weeks missingLinkFriday, July 29, 06:56:17pm2
Archive: Harold Sakata, July 29, 1974"Oddjob"Friday, July 29, 02:58:43pm4
OT: 50 years ago today, Bob Dylan reportedly crashed his motorcycle & broke his neckBut mystery surrounds the incident!Friday, July 29, 02:56:05pm1
Man accused of killing congressioanl intern Chandra Levy to be released from prisonTo be deportedFriday, July 29, 02:52:36pm4
Archive: David Niven, July 29, 1983ActorFriday, July 29, 02:51:35pm5
Today's pic: Guitarist Charlie Christian (1916- 1942)BioFriday, July 29, 02:21:00pm3
Archive: Raymod Massey, July 29, 1983ActorFriday, July 29, 01:57:05pm2
Aechive: Cass Eliot, July 29, 1974SingerFriday, July 29, 01:49:03pm1
Healthwatch: Internet celebrity and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Hayes GrierHospitalized after dirt bike accidentFriday, July 29, 10:48:01am1
Fred Tomlinson, Singer- songwriterCo- wrote "The Lumberjack Song" from "Monty Python"Friday, July 29, 10:44:23am2
Actress Betty Glover (1928-2016)Wife of Bruce Glover & Mother of Crispin GloverFriday, July 29, 10:37:09am4
OT: Attempted Reagan assassin John Hinckley freed from mental hospitalWill live with aged motherFriday, July 29, 10:33:51am8
Allan Barnes, Blackbyrds saxophonistD|ead at 66Friday, July 29, 10:31:58am2
R.I.P. ~Chicago's HARPO STUDIOS (1986 - 2016), former studio of Oprah Winfrey Productions headquarters was torn down to the ground this week. The Oprah Winfrey Show debuting TV show there in 1990. ... theChroniclerFriday, July 29, 09:47:11am1
Taylor Terrell, Georgia News anchorDead at 24 - swept over a waterfall in NCFriday, July 29, 09:17:10am4
Voice Actor Ken Barrie ("Postman Pat")Dies at 83Friday, July 29, 08:15:06am5
Happy 106th Birthday! Actress Lupita Tovar, Conductor Jonathan Sternberg is 97, Actress Janine Vienot is 97, Translator Howard Hibbett is 96, Producer Norman Lear is 94, (NT)jlpFriday, July 29, 07:36:09am13
Actress Vivean GrayDies at 92Thursday, July 28, 09:35:48pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, July 28, 09:35:48pm
Doug Griffin, Baseball player (Red Sox)Dead at 69Thursday, July 28, 05:20:17pm3
Archive: Marge Ganser, July 28, 1996Member of the Shangri- LasThursday, July 28, 03:10:39pm2
Jerry Doyle, Radio host, Babylon 5 actorDies at 60Thursday, July 28, 01:42:13pm5
Actor David SpielbergDies at 77Thursday, July 28, 12:46:17pm10
James Alan McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-Winning WriterDies at 72Thursday, July 28, 11:40:08am2
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Honorine Rondello, Attorney David R. Brink is 97, Geologist David McCurdy Baird is 96, Actor Vlasta Velisavljevic is 90, Actor Remo De Angelo turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, July 28, 11:17:51am4
Sam Wheeler, Land speed racer, killed in motorcycle crashHe was 72Thursday, July 28, 11:16:46am1
George Reznik, Jazz musicianDead at 86Thursday, July 28, 10:46:53am1
Picture for Thursday July 28 is of producer David Brown.egee33Thursday, July 28, 09:42:45am2
Joe Powell, British stuntman and actor (1922-2016). ...Fredrik AnderssonThursday, July 28, 09:41:19am3
Chief David Bald Eagle, acted in Dances With WolvesDead at 97Thursday, July 28, 07:26:10am5
Composer Einojuhani Rautavaara has diedTonyThursday, July 28, 06:47:10am1
Pic for Wednesday looks like Ed and Keenan Wynn. (NT)ForestWednesday, July 27, 08:12:05pm10
Archive: Van Heflin, July 23, 1971ActorWednesday, July 27, 07:56:51pm12
Pat Upton of the Spiral StarecaseDead at 75Wednesday, July 27, 06:59:06pm5
Any updates on country singer Holly Dunn? (NT)I heard on the radio she is battling cancer.Wednesday, July 27, 06:08:14pm3
ARchive: July 27, 2003 ~Legendary star of stage, radio, film and TV, Bob Hope died 13 years ago today, just 59 days after his 100th birthday! ...BioWednesday, July 27, 05:28:15pm3
Stephen Gosdin dies at 60Son of Country Singer Vern Gosdin (died 2009)Wednesday, July 27, 04:47:34pm1
Helen Hardon, Australia's oldest OlympianDies at 95Wednesday, July 27, 04:09:34pm1
Richard Thompson, cartoonist and creator of "Cul de Sac" comic stripHe was 58Wednesday, July 27, 03:17:28pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, July 27, 03:17:28pm
Forrest E. Mars Jr., Scion of a Candy EmpireDies at 84Wednesday, July 27, 01:03:59pm3
Daphne Ceeney Hilton, Paralympic athleteShe was 82Wednesday, July 27, 12:58:55pm1
Miss Cleo, TV psychic commercial pitchwoman of the 1990's. "Call Me Now"Dies of cancer at age 53Wednesday, July 27, 12:48:01pm8
Healthwatch: New Zealand actor James RollestonSeriously injured in car crashWednesday, July 27, 11:35:47am1
William Smethurst, producer of The Archers radio seriesAge unknown?Wednesday, July 27, 07:25:36am1
Music Producer Sandy Pearlman . ...Dies at 72Wednesday, July 27, 03:07:26am5
C.-H. Hermansson Swedish politician (1917-2016 ) ...Fredrik AnderssonTuesday, July 26, 11:44:42pm1
TV HEADS UP: Sunday, July 31st BUZZER-TV will air the controversial PRESS YOUR LUCK episodes, the memory/chance game that made the late contestant Michael Larson's record $100+K winnings infamous ... theChroniclerTuesday, July 26, 10:25:52pm2
Actor Ben GerardDies at 83Tuesday, July 26, 06:25:38pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, July 26, 06:25:38pm
Healthwatch: Neil CavutoOpen heart surgeryTuesday, July 26, 02:05:17pm3
Singer & Actress Marni NixonDies at 86Tuesday, July 26, 01:24:23pm17
Frankie Jean Lewis, Younger sister of Jerry Lee LewisDead at 71Tuesday, July 26, 12:54:06pm3
Tom Peterson, Longtime Portland, Ore. retailer & pitchmanDead at 86Tuesday, July 26, 12:07:55pm3
OT: Assignment I'm working on this summer: Viewing classic films that got by me! For first time I finally saw BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK -a western (of sorts) set in present day.One of Tracy's best! ... theChroniclerTuesday, July 26, 11:57:57am24
Producer James Nederlander dies at 94NY PostTuesday, July 26, 11:54:57am4
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ruby Clodfelter, Actress Lorna Gray is 99, Scientist James Lovelock is 97, Astronomer Lubos Perek is 97, Production Designer Karoly Kocsis is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, July 26, 11:32:23am8
Christina Moore, step-daughter (from fourth wife Kristina) of Sir Roger Moore, has died. ...DialMTuesday, July 26, 10:54:22am3
Dwight Jones, Basketball player (Bulls, Hawks, Rockets, Lakers)Dead at 64Tuesday, July 26, 10:47:12am2
Director Joe NapolitanoDies at 67Tuesday, July 26, 10:43:53am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, July 26, 10:43:53am
New Zealand actress Lee Grant dies (1931-2016). ...No nameTuesday, July 26, 10:43:16am2
  • Imdb ... -- Link, Tuesday, July 26, 10:43:16am
JT McNamara, jockey paralysed in 2013Dead at 41Tuesday, July 26, 02:40:45am1
Archive: Child actress Judith Barsi, July 25, 1988One of Hollywood's saddest storiesMonday, July 25, 11:48:17pm2
Luc Hoffmann, Co-Founder of the World Wildlife FoundationR.I.P.Monday, July 25, 05:17:24pm2
Man stabs 64 people at facility for the handicapped in Japan. 19 killed, 45 injuredSagamihara City west of TokyoMonday, July 25, 03:39:56pm5
ARCHIVE: July 25, 1986 ~It was 30 years ago today, Hollywood lost one of its most inventive film directors, when Vincent Minnelli died in his home at age 83. ...One time husband of Judy Garland, father of Liza Minnelli.Monday, July 25, 03:38:45pm3
Veteran reporter recounts Andrea Doria crash, sixty years ago today .....Ed TraceyMonday, July 25, 01:09:01pm5
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Shizue Nagata, Supercentenarian Ana Sara Marquez de Ramirez is 112, Supercentenarian Masazou Nonaka is 111, Actress Merete Skavlan is 96, (NT)jlpMonday, July 25, 12:36:41pm9
I saw an archive archive article on-line for The Hawaiian Star-Bulletin.Tells of death of Joann Dolliver Coogan, daughter of Jackie Coogan and Ann McCormack. Info Inside.Monday, July 25, 12:24:48pm6
Woman Killed In Tiger Attack At China Safari Park. ...VIDEO contains images that may be disturbing.Monday, July 25, 11:47:49am1
Carolyn See, Award-winning Southern California writerDead at 82Monday, July 25, 10:56:23am2
Zema Williams, infamous Washington Redskins’ superfan who attended games for decades in full Native American dress, dies in his sleep. ...He was 75.Monday, July 25, 10:41:51am1
Molly Turner, Florida’s first female TV news anchorDead at 93Monday, July 25, 10:39:56am1
Tim LaHaye, evangelical leader and ‘Left Behind’ co-author, passes at 90Tim LaHaye MinistriesMonday, July 25, 10:36:32am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 25, 10:36:32am
ARCHIVE: July 24, 2012 ~It was 4 years ago, we lost two fugures of 1970s TV, Chad Everett and Sherman Hemsley -born 8 months apart, BOTH dead of lung cancer. ...BiosMonday, July 25, 10:23:57am4
Gary S. PaxtonDead at 77Monday, July 25, 10:19:23am16
Esther McVey (Widow of Actor Tyler McVey)Dies at 99Monday, July 25, 10:02:14am3
Harriet 'Genie' Watson (Widow of Actor Douglass Watson)Dies at 98Monday, July 25, 08:58:59am2
Archive: Vic Morrow, July 23, 1982ActorSunday, July 24, 07:30:37pm9
Guitarist George Victory (The Fatback Band)Dies at 66Sunday, July 24, 04:55:42pm2
Several dead in shooting at Munich mallLinkSunday, July 24, 03:52:30pm5
Carl Falck, Norway's oldest citizenDead at 109Sunday, July 24, 02:57:53pm1
Rockabilly enthusiast Billy PooreDeadSunday, July 24, 02:52:06pm7
Is Today's Photo Bob Eberly? (NT)Singer with Jimmy Dorsey bandSunday, July 24, 02:50:46pm4
Thorbjorn Falldin, Ex- PM of SwedenDead at 90Sunday, July 24, 02:49:15pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, July 24, 02:49:15pm
Fred Ward, Photographer of Presidents, pop stars (not the actor)Dead at 81Sunday, July 24, 02:18:05pm2
Happy 105th Birthday! Radiologist Kazys Ambrozaitis, Mathematician Clarence F. Stephens is 99, Author Antonio Candido is 98,(Laura's Bush's Mother) Jenna Louise Welch is 97 (NT)jlpSunday, July 24, 01:05:15pm8
Archive: Jimmy Drake, aka Nervous Norvus, July 24, 1968SingerSunday, July 24, 12:06:52pm3
  • "Transfusion" -- Nervous Norvus, Sunday, July 24, 12:06:03pm
    • "Ape Call" -- Nervous Norvus, Sunday, July 24, 12:06:52pm
Gussie Mallory, Florida A & M's oldest alumnaDead at 107Sunday, July 24, 11:58:35am1
Nora Canavan, Ireland's oldest citizenDead at 108Sunday, July 24, 11:57:00am1
Archive: Dana Hill, July 15, 1996ActressSunday, July 24, 11:53:27am4
Actor Seamon GlassDies at 90Sunday, July 24, 11:51:44am4
Actress Pat LysingerR.I.P.Sunday, July 24, 11:49:08am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, July 21, 08:26:13pm
  • Picture... -- ...., Sunday, July 24, 11:49:08am
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