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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Just heard on WAXQ a DJ announce that Joey Molland, the last surviving member of Badfinger, has died of an apparent heart attack. (NT)He was 67Saturday, November 01, 06:21:45am1
Happy 99th Birthday! Politician Nelia Penman, '36 Olympic Athlete Jos Romersa is 99, WW2 Military Figure Erich Rudorffer is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, November 01, 06:08:41am3
OT: questions about Len Bennett and WCBS TV in the 50sReceived this from a friend, can anyone help?Friday, October 31, 10:00:33pm4
Healthwatch: John Spinello, Creator of board game "Operation"Needs an operationFriday, October 31, 09:57:10pm4
Archive: Harry Houdini, Oct. 31, 1926Magician, escape artistFriday, October 31, 09:54:35pm3
Happy 97th Birthday! Historian William H. McNeill, Mathematician Magnus Wenninger turns 95. (NT)jlpFriday, October 31, 04:25:38pm5
Musical Director Ian FraserDies at 81Friday, October 31, 04:19:55pm3
BREAKING: Legendary Cream bass player Jack BruceHe was 71Friday, October 31, 12:08:37pm13
Warren Anderson, Head of Union Carbide at the time of the 1984 Bhopal, India disaster (gas leak killed thousands)Dead at 92Friday, October 31, 11:03:43am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, October 31, 11:03:43am
My Dad.............noopyandthezoo (Janet Doran)Friday, October 31, 04:55:39am8
Jan- Michael Vincent had leg amputated 2 years agoSays he nearly diedThursday, October 30, 09:00:08pm2
Don Bracken, Fotball player (Packers, Rams)Dead at 52Thursday, October 30, 06:40:33pm3
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, October 30, 06:40:13pm
  • "Football" (NT) -- sigh..., Thursday, October 30, 06:40:33pm
Former Pro Wrestler & Promoter Bob GeigelDies at 90Thursday, October 30, 05:33:17pm1
Michael McCarty, ActorDead at 68Thursday, October 30, 03:39:44pm4
Bernard Mayes, Founder of first suicide hotlineDead at 85Thursday, October 30, 12:39:43pm1
Fragment found appears to be from Amelia Earhart's planeShe vanished July 2, 1937Thursday, October 30, 12:34:56pm5
Happy 114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Goldie Steinberg, Crickter Eileen Whelan is 103, Physician Wanda Blenska is 103, Jockey Edgar Britt is 101, Actress Cia Jatzko turns 100. (NT)jlpThursday, October 30, 11:37:47am6
Violet Robbins, Australia's oldest personDead at 112Thursday, October 30, 11:01:42am1
Thomas Menino, former five-time Mayor of BostonDies at 71Thursday, October 30, 10:39:54am2
Chronicler - I've tried emailing you multiple times, but I can't seem to get by that damn 'captcha' checkIt's about the 'search' and 'archive' functions not workingThursday, October 30, 02:02:09am3
Archive: Duane Allman, Oct. 29, 1971MusicianWednesday, October 29, 04:57:09pm2
Miguel Paredes, Executed for triple slayingTexasWednesday, October 29, 04:52:48pm1
Jeff Robinson, Baseball player (Detroit Tigers)Dead at 52Wednesday, October 29, 03:02:57pm2
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ana Vela-Rubio, Businessman Leonard H. Lavin is 95, Chemist Carl Djerassi is 91, Cameraman Tadeusz Jakuczyn is 90, Actor Ole Hoffmann turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, October 29, 01:17:56pm6
Joy Saunders (Silver), actress dies at 89 ToddWednesday, October 29, 12:26:42pm14
Michael Sata, President of ZambiaDead at 77Wednesday, October 29, 11:51:29am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 29, 11:51:29am
Man beheads woman, then jumps in front of trainNew YorkWednesday, October 29, 11:50:30am1
Actor Ted BeniadesDies at 91Wednesday, October 29, 11:39:26am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, October 29, 07:02:06am
    • Pic -- ., Wednesday, October 29, 11:39:26am
Supercentenarian Helen LettingaDies at 111Wednesday, October 29, 11:34:57am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 29, 11:34:57am
Actress Audrey LongMarried to Leslie Charteris, the writer who created the sleuth Simon Templar, “The Saint”.Wednesday, October 29, 10:19:20am2
Healthwatch - Jose CansecoAccidentally loses middle finger while cleaning gunTuesday, October 28, 09:01:21pm3
Healthwatch: Gordie Howe suffers serious strokeTexasTuesday, October 28, 06:19:08pm1
Actress Elizabeth Norment1952-2014Tuesday, October 28, 05:48:52pm8
Happy 101st Birthday! Animator Don Lusk, Actor Kurt Weitkamp is 100, Cyclist Sjefke Janssen is 95, Composer Gerchon Kingsley is 92, Direstor Lino Lioncello Ghirerdini turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, October 28, 04:33:09pm8
Gordy Soltau, Football plaer (49'ers)Dead at 89Tuesday, October 28, 04:11:21pm3
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, October 28, 04:10:55pm
  • "player" (NT) -- ., Tuesday, October 28, 04:11:21pm
Daniel Boulanger, French writer, actorDead at 92Tuesday, October 28, 04:10:10pm2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, October 28, 04:10:10pm
Jim Paxson, Sr., NBA player (Lakers) both sons also played in the NBADead at 81Tuesday, October 28, 04:09:20pm2
OT: Rumors of Judd Nelson's Death Are FalseBorn in Portland, Maine; Still AliveTuesday, October 28, 03:57:27pm2
Carroll Waller, Wife of former Mississippi Governor Bill WallerDies at 87Tuesday, October 28, 03:53:36pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, October 28, 03:53:36pm
Victor Holchak, Actor & sports journalistDied in Sept., at 74Tuesday, October 28, 12:30:46pm3
Actress Jane KellemLinkTuesday, October 28, 11:49:10am4
Marcia Strassman, Actress (Mrs. Kotter on "Welcome Back, Kotter")Dead at 66Tuesday, October 28, 11:41:19am23
Frank Mankiewicz, Aide to Robert Kennedy, father to Ben and JoshDead at 90Tuesday, October 28, 07:46:43am6
OT: I attended a wedding yesterday and the guest list was a WHO'S WHO of Classic TVPictures Inside - EricTuesday, October 28, 01:52:57am14
OT: In just 12 days, the great Norman Lloyd will be 100!Here's a new tribute to him. (link to Hollywood Reporter story)Monday, October 27, 06:55:20pm3
Healthwatch: "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt SutterRushed to hospitalMonday, October 27, 04:58:00pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Historian Joe Medicine Crow, Politician Tim M. Babcock is 95, Actress Nanette Fabray is 94, Writer Elena Rzhevskaya is 94, Scientist Jeremiah Stamler is 94, (NT)jlpMonday, October 27, 04:14:30pm8
Starke Taylor, Ex- Mayor of Dallas, Tx.Dead at 92Monday, October 27, 04:12:40pm2
Mo Collins, Football player (Oakland Raiders)Dead at 38Sunday, October 26, 09:27:17pm2
Cardinals rookie outfielder Oscar Taveras dies in a car crash.NikSunday, October 26, 08:01:18pm3
Dale Dorman, Boston radio legendDead at 71Sunday, October 26, 12:58:12pm1
Healthwatch: WP's Ben Bradlee in hospice careAlzheimer's, dimentia, among his problemsSunday, October 26, 12:40:55pm7
Archive: Wilbert Harrison, Oct. 26, 1994SingerSunday, October 26, 11:43:06am2
  • "Kansas City" -- Wilbert Harrison, Sunday, October 26, 11:43:06am
Happy 101st Birthday! Entomologist Colin Butler, Politician Mario Biaggi is 99, Actress Diana Serra Cary is 96, Politician Edward Brooke is 95, Iranian Royal Ashraf Pahlavi is 95, (NT)jlpSunday, October 26, 11:39:22am8
Johnny Lee Clary, aka Johnny Angel, Wrestler, preacher, ex- Ku Klux Klan leaderDead at 55Sunday, October 26, 11:31:19am2
Sheriff deputy killed in line of duty, 26 years to-the-day after his cop police officer father died while on job. ... theChroniclerSunday, October 26, 11:15:45am2
Joan Quigley, Astrologer who advised the ReagansDead at 87Sunday, October 26, 08:07:25am4
LSU Fan Dies In Endzone Stands Following Upset Win Over Ole MissDidn't make it to run onto the fieldSunday, October 26, 08:05:03am2
OOT: How 'bout a new movie with 3 established stars aged: 88, 89, & 93?Here's one & the names. (w/LINK)Saturday, October 25, 06:03:50pm3
Healthwatch:Lisa Flynt, daughter of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, in critical condition after Ohio car crashShe is 47Saturday, October 25, 03:58:03pm7
Healthwatch: Rapper Young Dirty Bastard (Son, naturally, of Ol' Dirty Bastard)Testicular cancerSaturday, October 25, 01:04:22pm2
Healthwatch: Boxer Iran BarkleySuffers strokeSaturday, October 25, 01:00:05pm1
Happy 104th Birthday! Animator Tyrus Wong, Artist Eric Bransby is 98, Politician Ingri Lande is 96, Photographer Arthur Leipzig is 96, Politician Luis H. Alvarez is 95, King Michael of Romania is 93, (NT)jlpSaturday, October 25, 12:56:20pm4
Archive: Raul Julia, Oct. 24, 1994ActorSaturday, October 25, 12:21:09pm4
Healthwatch: "Duck Dynasty" star Jep RobertsonHospitalized after seizureSaturday, October 25, 11:36:59am1
Actor Victor Holchak1940-2014Saturday, October 25, 11:21:03am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, October 25, 01:06:41am
    • Pic -- Link, Saturday, October 25, 11:21:03am
Couple married 73 years die 28 hours apartCincinnati, OhioFriday, October 24, 10:04:25pm5
Supercentenarian Opal Thompson, California's Oldest ResidentDies at 113Friday, October 24, 07:59:59pm3
Nelle Robinson, Wales's oldest personDead at 109Friday, October 24, 05:03:38pm1
Roscoe Cassidy, One of America's oldest WW 2 veteransDead at 107Friday, October 24, 05:02:12pm1
Clark McEntire, Father of Reba McEntireDead at 86Friday, October 24, 04:59:36pm1
Aldo Sarabia, member of the regional Mexican band Banda El Recodo, killedRussFriday, October 24, 04:31:00pm2
Happy 99th Birthday! Educator William Brantley Aycock, Frm, Ambassador William McCormick Blair Jr. is 98, Educator/Nurse Helen Glass is 97, Writer Felice Holman is 95, (NT)jlpFriday, October 24, 02:12:16pm4
Henry Bailey, Actor, shot deadHe was 32Friday, October 24, 02:09:57pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, October 24, 02:09:57pm
Julie Rae Jennings-Burdette daughter of Waylon Jennings died October 3, at age 56. (NT)According to Legacy.com obituary from The Fort Worth Star-TelegramFriday, October 24, 01:26:36pm2
  • Obit -- Link, Friday, October 24, 01:26:36pm
Former CNN, Fox News Anchor Terry Keenan Dies at 53CDHFriday, October 24, 01:17:38pm5
Robert Gallagher, Decorated soldier from 'Black Hawk Down' battle in SomaliaDead at 52Friday, October 24, 12:41:21pm1
Healthwatch - "What's Happening!!" Actress Danielle SpencerBreast CancerFriday, October 24, 11:19:08am2
OT: Detroit News leaving 97 year old building.Thursday, October 23, 09:31:44pm1
Healthwatch Update: Former Five-Time Boston Mayor Tom MeninoSuspends Cancer TreatmentThursday, October 23, 08:12:19pm2
Archive: My Step Father -October 25, 2012Der BingleThursday, October 23, 07:56:04pm4
Rick Stone, Was Bobby Fuller's road mangerDied Oct. 20thThursday, October 23, 05:05:21pm1
John 'Bull' Bramlett, Football player (Dolphins, Patriots, Falcons)Dead at 73Thursday, October 23, 04:43:40pm2
Jean Sawyer Hayes, Mother of Diane SawyerDead at 94Thursday, October 23, 04:40:15pm1
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Tou Tajiri, Supercentenarian Adelaida Gonzalez-Alonso is 112, Singer Katie Lee is 95, Actress Coleen Gray is 92, Composer Ned Rorem is 91, (NT)jlpThursday, October 23, 01:33:50pm8
Archive: David box, Oct. 23, 1964SingerThursday, October 23, 01:25:39pm2
Singer Alvin Stardust1942-2014Thursday, October 23, 12:14:08pm3
Archive: Robert Lansing, Oct. 23, 1994ActorThursday, October 23, 11:31:08am3
Contrary to what you may read, Betty White has not DIED!!!!!She DYED!!!!!Thursday, October 23, 11:25:52am4
OT: Renee Zellweger's radically different looksUnrecognizable nowThursday, October 23, 11:24:03am2
René Burri, Photographer of Picasso and Che GuevaraDead at 81Thursday, October 23, 11:08:08am2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, October 23, 11:08:08am
Steve Curry, Actor ("Hair" on Broadway) appeared on show's posterDead at 68Thursday, October 23, 11:05:48am5
Archive: Soupy Sales, Oct. 22, 2009ComedianThursday, October 23, 11:01:39am5
I need prayers for my family.........noopyandthezoo (Janet Doran) (sad and very emotional)Thursday, October 23, 01:31:55am12
Elizabeth Pena has died at 53 (according to Wiki) (NT)TonyThursday, October 23, 01:03:40am20
Texas musician Len Snider has passed awayTom D.Wednesday, October 22, 07:29:20pm1
Sadly, I will not be posting here any more under my name(The real) Ronnie AllenWednesday, October 22, 07:27:10pm14
Archive: Maxene Andrews of The Andrews Sisters - Oct. 21, 1995Der BingleWednesday, October 22, 04:35:38pm3
Various music sites are reporting the death of Scary kids scaring kids vocalist (NT)Tyson Stevens he was 29. Was currently fronting new band Coma PrevailWednesday, October 22, 04:34:42pm3
  • Mo info- -- Linl, Wednesday, October 22, 11:58:11am
Alfred Wertheimer, Photographer noted for pictures of Elvis PresleyDead at 85Wednesday, October 22, 04:32:36pm3
Raphael Ravenscroft, Sax Player on Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street,"Dies at 60Wednesday, October 22, 04:31:32pm10
Archive: Cleavon Little, Oct. 22, 1992ActorWednesday, October 22, 04:27:05pm2
Archive: Mary Wickes, Oct. 22, 1995Character actressWednesday, October 22, 04:26:19pm2
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Emma Otis, Jurist George N. Leighton is 102, Writer Fanita English is 98, Mathematician Jacques Deny is 98, Poet Rene de Obaldia is 96, . (NT)jlpWednesday, October 22, 04:11:12pm11
Dennis Biodrowski, Football player (KC Chiefs) played in first Super BowlDead at 74Wednesday, October 22, 04:06:48pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, October 22, 04:06:48pm
Gunman dead in Canadian Parliament shootingShots reported at other Ottawa sitesWednesday, October 22, 03:14:56pm2
Lilli Carati, Italian actressDead at 58Wednesday, October 22, 12:02:54pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 22, 12:02:54pm
Archive: Pretty Boy Floyd, Oct. 22, 1934GangsterWednesday, October 22, 11:24:39am2
Artie CatanzaritaDrummer for the Brooklyn BridgeTuesday, October 21, 09:16:45pm9
Kit Carson, Actor, filmmaker, was married to Karen BlackDead at 73Tuesday, October 21, 05:35:35pm5
Nelson Bunker Hunt, Texas oilmanDead at 88Tuesday, October 21, 05:33:27pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Politician Ettore Tenchio, Politician Gabriele Pescatore is 98, Baseball's Eddie Carnett is 98, Journalist Eliane Victor is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, October 21, 04:25:54pm9
Heather Joy, Model, adult actressDead at 29Tuesday, October 21, 04:24:12pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, October 21, 04:24:12pm
Indian soccer player dies following goal celebrationD'oh!!!Tuesday, October 21, 04:18:23pm3
Serious questions arise over new DNA evidence reporting to indentify Jack the Ripper suspect. Link inside ----->BuckeyeTuesday, October 21, 02:48:41pm1
Ex- Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris missingWas on a road trip to SeattleTuesday, October 21, 12:40:48pm2
Healthwatch: Ex- Boston mayor Tom MeninoHospitalizedTuesday, October 21, 11:11:37am1
Kamara James, 2004 Olympic FencerDead at 29Tuesday, October 21, 11:09:12am2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, October 21, 11:09:12am
Total chief executive Christophe de Margerie killed in Moscow plane crashHe was 63Tuesday, October 21, 06:10:44am1
Iconic Fashion designer to the stars, Oscar de la Renta ... (NT)...dead at 82.Tuesday, October 21, 05:06:31am4
Gerard Parkes, Fraggle Rock actor, dead at 90EricMonday, October 20, 07:49:51pm3
Wrestler "Ox" Baker passes away at age 80.TellerMonday, October 20, 07:37:44pm4
Archive: Ronnie Van Zant, Oct. 20, 1977Lynyrd Skynyrd lead singerMonday, October 20, 07:10:28pm5
Happy 102nd Birthday! Businesswoman Bitten Clausen, Aerospace Engineer James C. Floyd is 100, Diplomat Charles J. Pilliod Jr. is 96, Author John Hammond Moore is 90. Actor Veikko Jaaskelainen is 90, . (NT)jlpMonday, October 20, 04:50:13pm6
Healthwatch: Tori SpellingHospitalizedMonday, October 20, 04:20:23pm3
Healthwatch: Actor Nicholas Brendon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")Going to rehab, after arrestMonday, October 20, 04:15:44pm1
Gough Whitlam, Ex- PM of AustraliaDead at 98Monday, October 20, 03:39:35pm2
Drag Racer Raymond BeadleDies at 70Monday, October 20, 03:36:55pm2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, October 20, 03:36:55pm
Barbara Thompson Eisenhower Foltz, 88, ex-daughter-in-law of President EisenhowerEricMonday, October 20, 03:36:05pm4
Archive: Herbert Hoover, Oct. 20, 196431st Pres. of USMonday, October 20, 03:33:10pm2
Reggae Singer John Holt ( The Paragons )Dies at 69Monday, October 20, 03:29:46pm3
British actress Lynda Bellingham dies aged 66 from colon cancer (NT)SherlockMonday, October 20, 03:27:08pm3
  • Obit -- BBC, Monday, October 20, 03:26:37pm
    • Imdb -- Link, Monday, October 20, 03:27:08pm
O/T - In one week (on 10/25) Luise Rainer becomes the longest-lived person to receive an OscarSurpassing film editor Margaret BoothMonday, October 20, 09:55:37am11
Lou Lucier, Baseball player (Red Sox)Dead at 96Sunday, October 19, 12:36:51pm3
'Sista’ Monica Parker, Singer of blues, soul and gospelDead at 58Sunday, October 19, 12:30:48pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Hans-Alwin Ketels, Oceanographer Walter Munk is 97, Theologian Rene Laurentin is 97, Mathematician Shardchandra Shanker Shrikhande is 97,. (NT)jlpSunday, October 19, 12:26:31pm6
Edward Regan, Longtime NY state Comptroller, briefly ran for GovernorDead at 84Sunday, October 19, 12:24:57pm2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, October 19, 12:24:57pm
Healthwatch: Rapper Ahmad "Real" Givens (star of VH1's "Real Chance of Love")CancerSunday, October 19, 11:27:52am1
Retired football coach killed in car crash outside a football game his son was coachingAfter wife lost control of their carSunday, October 19, 07:22:35am1
Happy 99th Birthday! Singer/Actor Thomas Round, Politician Martin D. Buth is 98, Writer Albino Bernadini is 98,Frm. Greek PM Constantine Mitsotakis is 96, Actor Orlando Drummond is 95, (NT)jlpSunday, October 19, 07:10:03am10
Singer Dale Ward ("A Letter to Sherry") reportedly died earlier this year.Saturday, October 18, 09:47:48pm3
Actress Misty Upham missing; hasn't been seen in nearly a weekShe was in "August Osage County"Saturday, October 18, 07:17:43pm9
Geoff Nugent, Guitarist for 60's Liverpool band, The UndertakersDead at 71Saturday, October 18, 05:12:08pm3
American Idol Contestant Joanne BorgellaDies at 32Saturday, October 18, 04:26:41pm3
Remains found in search for missing UVA student Hannah Graham.SharonSaturday, October 18, 04:24:35pm1
Archive: Jon-Erik Hexum, Oct. 18, 1984ActorSaturday, October 18, 12:17:34pm2
Banjo Player / Songwriter Paul CraftDies at 76Saturday, October 18, 12:00:08pm3
Elbert Drungo, Football player (Oilers, Bills)Dead at 71Saturday, October 18, 11:42:31am2
Anna Nakagawa, Japanese actress ("Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah")Dead at 49Saturday, October 18, 11:28:48am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, October 18, 11:28:48am
16 people die at concert, organizer later kills himselfSouth KoreaSaturday, October 18, 10:37:41am1
Archive: Loma Prieta earthquake, Oct. 17, 198963 deaths and 3,757 injuriesSaturday, October 18, 10:34:40am2
Tim Hauser of The Manhattan Transfer (NT)dead per facebookFriday, October 17, 10:30:30pm17
Happy 99th Birthday! Baseball's Mike Sandlock, Engine Designer Winnett Boyd is 98, Actress Marsha Hunt is 97, Screenwriter Angel Wagenstein is 92, (NT)jlpFriday, October 17, 07:31:46pm4
Sumi Haru, ActressDead at 75Friday, October 17, 11:39:43am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, October 17, 11:39:43am
Marilyn Beck, Longtime Hollywood columnistDead at 85Friday, October 17, 11:39:05am4
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, June 01, 01:05:18pm
  • R.I.P. (NT) -- Army Archerd, Thursday, June 05, 06:28:38pm
UPDATE*****My Dad Is Still Critical....... Prayers Still Needed*****noopyandthezoo (Janet Doran)Friday, October 17, 11:31:13am3
Pianist & Composer Jay FlippinDies at 68Friday, October 17, 11:25:54am2
Author Milton Bass1923-2014Thursday, October 16, 05:54:25pm2
Healthwatch: Mary Tyler MooreHospitalized, bedriddenThursday, October 16, 05:52:56pm4
(OT)John Brown, Killer of "Hee Haw" Star Stringbean Granted ParoleLinkThursday, October 16, 04:49:18pm3
Joan Rivers died from 'therapeutic complications,' medical examiner saysCan we talk...from the graveThursday, October 16, 12:20:40pm1
Augie Johnson; leader of disco, jazz-funk band Side Effect (NT)Died October 10, in his sleep age 66.Obit at eurweb.com anf soultracks.comThursday, October 16, 11:15:18am4
Happy 101st Birthday! Veterinarian Ernst Michael Lang, Chemist Ulrich Freimuth is 100, Developer Leonard Litwin is 100, Soprano Geori-Boue is 96, Writer Henri Vernes is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, October 16, 11:07:09am7
11th Duke of Marlborough - John George Vanderbilt Henry Spencer-Churchill has died at 88.SharonThursday, October 16, 10:58:39am2
Which famous death make you go "awwwww" when you heard they had died? For me, it was Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly And Jimmy Stewart. (NT)FrancisWednesday, October 15, 09:08:58pm32
Happy 114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Anna Stoehr, Supercentenarians Florence Pittaway and Suto Sato are 112, Archaeologist Ralph Solecki is 97, Writer Agustina Bessa-Luis is 92, (NT)jlpWednesday, October 15, 07:55:51pm15
Is Wikipedia the only source regarding the passing of Shirley Ellis?Can't find any other reports of her passingWednesday, October 15, 07:40:16pm11
Archive: Cole Porter, Oct. 15, 1964composerWednesday, October 15, 04:14:06pm1
Marie Dubois, French actressDead at 77Wednesday, October 15, 04:11:31pm3
Marcus Kevyn Lewis, Son of musician Ramsey LewisDied Oct. 12thWednesday, October 15, 04:06:05pm2
Bob Orrison and Gary McLarty, Veteran Hollywood stuntmen, killed in car crashRancho Cordova, Calif.Wednesday, October 15, 03:52:23pm5
Susan Jackson, Film producerDead at 54Wednesday, October 15, 12:40:52pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, October 15, 12:40:52pm
Musician Paul Revere, of 'Paul Revere and the Raiders' dead at 76. (link included) ...wWDIWednesday, October 15, 12:38:40pm34
Gabrielle Reidy, Irish actressDead at 54Wednesday, October 15, 12:34:47pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, October 15, 12:34:47pm
Actor Jason Jurman1979-2014Wednesday, October 15, 12:30:14pm4
4 maniac teenagers murder over 900 chickens with golf clubsWhy?Wednesday, October 15, 12:25:06pm2
Healthwatch: McDonald's coffee cup in Canada contained dead mouseI'm loving itWednesday, October 15, 12:23:03pm5
10 year old boy charged with murder of 90 year old womanDamascus Township, Pa.Wednesday, October 15, 11:50:05am2
Valeri Karpov, Hockey player (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)Dead at 43Wednesday, October 15, 11:35:42am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 15, 11:35:42am
Aki Jones, Played for the Washington RedskinsDead at 31Wednesday, October 15, 11:31:09am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 15, 11:31:09am
Man who was stabbing bus passengers shot dead by state trooperConnecticutWednesday, October 15, 11:26:05am1
Producer / Writer Alain Siritzky1941-2014Wednesday, October 15, 11:15:23am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, October 15, 11:15:23am
Archive: Walter Pidgeon, Sept. 25, 1984ActorWednesday, October 15, 08:32:17am11
Healthwatch: 2nd U.S. patient tests positive for EbolaTexas health care worker had cared for Duncan (link)Wednesday, October 15, 01:15:31am11
Camel kills a person at a beach report ... and he did not smoke itOuchlous*Tuesday, October 14, 11:25:16pm4
Actors over 80: Then and now. From 80 to 97. Photos.The Happy ReaperTuesday, October 14, 08:41:05pm4
Film Editor Oscar "Pete" Denenberg1927-2014Tuesday, October 14, 05:26:49pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, October 14, 05:26:49pm
Happy 99th Birthday! Louis Cardinal Francesco Capovilla, '36,'48 Olympic Athlete Gadre Gabric is 97, Tennis Player Thelma Coyne Long is 96, WW 2 Military Figure Edward L. Feightner is 95, (NT)jlpTuesday, October 14, 04:51:29pm11
Doug Butzier, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Iowa, killed in plane crashDubuque, Ia.Tuesday, October 14, 04:12:49pm2
David Greenglass, Spy who helped seal the Rosenbergs’ doom (he was Ethel's brother)Dead at 92Tuesday, October 14, 04:09:09pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, October 14, 04:09:09pm
Archive: Ed Sullivan, Oct. 13, 1974TV hostTuesday, October 14, 04:05:19pm3
OT: 113 year old woman had to fake her age to get on FacebookShe turns 114 tomorrow!Tuesday, October 14, 03:34:59pm3
Mark Bell; Performer with electronic house band LFO. (NT)Producer (Bjork) has died.Death list at Warp, MixBag, and Fact magazines.Tuesday, October 14, 03:31:44pm5
Ikey Owens, Keyboardist for Jack White, found deadHe was 38Tuesday, October 14, 02:32:31pm4
Healthwatch: Boxer Leon SpinksHospitalizedTuesday, October 14, 10:18:54am1
Marian Seldes Dies at 86 ToddTuesday, October 14, 06:34:21am10
Sad story I found in today's paper: ~Finally, a gravestone for little Viola Vanclief ...Toddler finally honored.Tuesday, October 14, 12:20:57am1
Teen killed after haunted hayride, flips over. ...Oakland, MaineTuesday, October 14, 12:15:54am1
Happy 96th Birthday! Actor Etienne Bierry, Football's John Darton is 96, Writer Heinz Gerstinger is 95, Composer Gilberto Mendes is 92, Ambassador Robin Chandler Duke is 91, . (NT)jlpMonday, October 13, 06:36:48pm11
OT:Aren't there presently TWO living Ebola patients in this countryThe news reports are very confusing, they talk of ONLY ONEMonday, October 13, 05:05:40pm2
David Jones, Hollywood florist with a roster of famous clients that included Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael JacksonDead at 78Monday, October 13, 04:54:21pm2
Stuart Gordon, violinist The Korgis, Peter Gabriel die August 28, age 63 (NT)Passing listed at Sonicstate.comMonday, October 13, 04:05:56pm4
Healthwatch: Writer Harlan EllisonSuffers a strokeMonday, October 13, 03:16:13pm2
Jan Hooks of "SNL" and "Designing Women" dead at 57 per TMZDaveMonday, October 13, 03:13:05pm42
Tommy Lewis; literally came off the bench to tackle an opposing player in the 1954 Cotton Bowl83Monday, October 13, 02:08:08pm1
Roy Bray, Pianist for Gospel group The Southman Quartet, killed in crashLebanon, Ind.Monday, October 13, 12:54:52pm2
Louis Murillo, Member of the Karl Wallenda high wire troupe, Lloyd Bridges's stunt double in "The Great Wallendas"Dead at 83Monday, October 13, 12:47:26pm1
Bill Hader & Kristen Wiig introduced an SNL tribute to Jan Hooks: a dream sequence w/Phil Hartman. Very nice. (NT)Ed TraceyMonday, October 13, 12:43:11pm8
Andrea de Cesaris, Racer known for wrecks and lossesDead at 55 (motorcycle crash)Monday, October 13, 11:26:19am2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, October 13, 11:26:19am
Rita Shane, Opera singerDead at 78Monday, October 13, 11:23:34am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, October 13, 11:23:34am
Leonard Delaney, Drummer for surf band, the TornadoesDead at 71Monday, October 13, 11:17:30am4
Happy 99th Birthday! Composer Jose Bragato, Artist Tony Rafty is 99, Hockey's Eddie Barry is 95, Producer William O. Harbach is 95, Businesswoman Jean Nidetch is 91, (NT)jlpSunday, October 12, 09:00:12pm6
Lincoln “Style” Scott, Reggae drummerHas diedSunday, October 12, 04:20:23pm1
Healthwatch: Boxer Joe Bugner (fought Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier)Heart attackSunday, October 12, 04:16:03pm1
Stanley Chase, Tony winning Broadway, film producerDead at 87Sunday, October 12, 01:52:58pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, October 12, 01:49:13pm
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, October 12, 01:52:58pm
Jackie Baugh, Film & TV production executiveDead at 65Sunday, October 12, 01:51:54pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, October 12, 01:45:54pm
    • Pic -- Link, Sunday, October 12, 01:51:54pm
Jerry Braunstein, Was Don Ri cklesDead at 90Sunday, October 12, 01:50:59pm2
Prayers needed for my family........noopyandthezoo (Janet Doran)Sunday, October 12, 12:38:45pm2
Man playing a zombie struck & killed by a busIdahoSunday, October 12, 11:53:09am2
OT: At what age did your birthday stop being "happy" or "special"?For me, I would say about 21Sunday, October 12, 11:42:41am12
Pee Wee Johnson, Nightclub owner, George Jones's friend & road managerDead at 84Sunday, October 12, 11:41:04am1
Archive: Redd Foxx, Oct. 11, 1991ComedianSunday, October 12, 12:12:02am4
News just breaking African american producer and actor Ike Jones (NT)Has died at 84. Claimed to be widower of actress Inger Stevens. LA times reportsSaturday, October 11, 08:11:24pm6
Healthwatch: ex-Soviet leader Mikhail GorbachevHospitalized, says he's in deteriorating health.Saturday, October 11, 05:27:23pm1
Archive: Neil hefti, Oct. 11, 2008Film, TV composerSaturday, October 11, 04:35:08pm4
Happy 102nd Birthday! Singer Fedora Aleman, Poet/'36 Olympic Athlete Hans Sroiber is 96, Politician Roald Schultz is 95, Politician Howard G. Swafford is 95, WW2 Military Figure Hans Krohn is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, October 11, 11:51:23am9
Michael Pebley, aka Trigz, Celebrity tattoo artist, shot deadHe was 40Saturday, October 11, 11:33:18am1
Pavel Landovsky, Czech actor, anti-communist dissident & friend of late president & playwright Vaclav HavelDead at 78Saturday, October 11, 11:29:38am1
Ray K. Metzker, Art photographerDead at 83Saturday, October 11, 11:24:07am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, October 11, 11:24:07am
Siegfried Lenz, German writerDead at 88Saturday, October 11, 11:22:21am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, October 11, 11:22:21am
Carolyn Kizer, Pulitzer Prize-winning poetDead at 89Saturday, October 11, 11:20:42am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, October 11, 11:20:42am
Archive: Teresa Graves, Oct. 10, 2002ActressSaturday, October 11, 11:12:50am11
Healthwatch: Man Shot 15 Minutes After Finishing 15-Year Prison SentenceBang BangSaturday, October 11, 10:45:14am1
Healthwatch: Amand Bynes Hospitalized on Psychiatric Hold.BuckeyeFriday, October 10, 09:10:20pm2
  • good (NT) -- should be much safer for her, Friday, October 10, 09:10:20pm
Ultravox' Midge Ure's Birthday today!DaphneHFriday, October 10, 08:07:12pm4
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Matsuyo Kageyama, Journalist Claire Hollingworth is 103, Composer Giovanni Militello is 100, Professor Gaston Mialaret is 96, Artist Jack Bridger Chalker is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, October 10, 04:20:19pm9
Eddie Cantor died Oct. 10, 1964. Here's a guy who was a huge star in the first of the 20th century,& is now pretty much forgotten in a space of 50 years. (NT)Fame can be fleetingFriday, October 10, 04:17:24pm3
Lari Ketner, NBA player (Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers)Dead at 37 (colon cancer)Friday, October 10, 04:14:59pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, October 10, 04:14:59pm
10 years ago today, Christopher Reeve died. (NT)SherlockFriday, October 10, 03:57:45pm4
'Baby Doc' Duvalier dies at 63 ToddFriday, October 10, 03:50:45pm9
Archive - Yul Brynner and Orson Welles ( Oct 10, 1985 )Two legends on the same dayFriday, October 10, 12:44:47pm5
Linda Hornbuckle, Soul and Gospel singerDead at 59Friday, October 10, 12:39:06pm2
Comer Cottrell, Popularied the the Jheri curlDead at 82Friday, October 10, 12:06:47pm2
Harley Clark, Popularized Texas Longhorn "Hook 'em" hand signDead at 78Friday, October 10, 11:41:18am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, October 10, 11:41:18am
Peter Peyser, Ex- congressman from New York, ran for the Senate, lostDead at 93Thursday, October 09, 05:56:52pm5
Happy 103rd Birthday! Physician Osamu Nagano, Military Leader Telmo Vargas is 102, Writer Edgard Pisami is 96, Writer Marianne Alopaeus is 96, Actor Jason Wingreen is 94, (NT)jlpThursday, October 09, 04:22:31pm22
Iva Withers, a Standby to the Rescue on Broadway, Dies at 97NY TimesThursday, October 09, 02:24:18pm3
Interesting website made me think of y'allJeanThursday, October 09, 11:43:08am1
Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Author of children's booksDead at 87Thursday, October 09, 11:29:42am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, October 09, 11:29:42am
OT: Probably dead--Actor Stephen Collins (Seventh Heaven)'s careerAdmits sexually abusing underage girl, exposing himself twiceThursday, October 09, 09:08:15am21
OT: 'Addams Family' Hopefuls: Photos From Auditions for a Classic TV Show (TIME)I'll bet SOMEONE here can identify some of the unidentified actors and actresses!Wednesday, October 08, 07:05:53pm19
Benedict J. Groeschel, Priest & author, TV hostDead at 81Wednesday, October 08, 05:04:56pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 08, 05:04:56pm
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Nina Kowalik, Chemist Jens C. Skou is 96, Jazz Bandleader Hal Singer is 95, Actor Andre Valmy is 95, Actor Franz Behrens turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, October 08, 04:26:25pm6
Dallas Ebola Patient Thomas DuncanHas diedWednesday, October 08, 04:23:34pm4
Archive: Wendell Willkie, Oct. 8, 19441940 GOP Pres. nomineeWednesday, October 08, 04:21:53pm4
Healthwatch: Singer Morrissey treated for cancer"If I die, I die" he saysWednesday, October 08, 01:09:22pm1
Healthwatch: NBC News said last night that Glen Campbell is in the late Stage 6 of Alzheimers. They said Stage 7 is deathSaid he no longer speaksWednesday, October 08, 01:06:08pm3
Diane Nyland, Canadian actressDead at 70Wednesday, October 08, 12:37:44pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 08, 12:37:44pm
Lou Whitney, Musician, studio ownerDead at 72Wednesday, October 08, 11:17:18am1
Vic Braden, Tennis player, teacherDead at 85Wednesday, October 08, 11:10:28am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 08, 11:10:28am
Legendary Racehorse CigarDies at 24Wednesday, October 08, 09:01:44am1
O/T - SNL paid tribute to Joan Rivers last night (NT)Still nothing for Don PardoWednesday, October 08, 08:36:30am12
Actor / Dancer Geoffrey HolderDies at 84Wednesday, October 08, 01:29:50am8
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Toshie Yorimitsu, Journalist Ruth Gruber is 103, Frm First Lady of Columbia Cecilia Cabllero Blanco is 101, Sociologist Hassen Abdulaziz al-Saaty is 98, (NT)jlpWednesday, October 08, 01:23:55am11
Actress who starred in Jurassic Park III dies in her sleep aged 40Sarah Goldberg also appeared in 7th Heaven, Without A Trace, 90210 and HouseTuesday, October 07, 07:32:03pm4
Happy 98th Birthday! 14th Baronet of Clevedon, Sir Hereward Wake, Philosopher Harry V. Jaffe is 96, Actor Robert Casper turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, October 07, 05:54:20pm5
Anna Przybylska, Polish actress and modelDead at 35 (cancer)Tuesday, October 07, 11:59:15am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, October 07, 11:59:15am
Healthwatch: B.B. KingFalls ill during concert, cancels remaining showsTuesday, October 07, 05:20:57am9
Bill Campbell, Voice of Philadelphia sportsDead at 91Monday, October 06, 06:24:43pm3
New Zealand Supercentenarian Peg GriffinDies at 110Monday, October 06, 06:12:12pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, October 06, 06:12:12pm
Archive: Nelson Riddle, Oct. 6, 1985Composer and ArrangerMonday, October 06, 04:17:45pm2
Happy 96th Birthday! Olympic Athlete '56.'60, '64.Joe Wheater, Author Lee Kingsman Natti is 95, Golf Instructor Manuel de la Torre is 93, Activist Joseph Lowery is 93, Writer Yasar Kemal is 91, (NT)jlpMonday, October 06, 04:14:03pm7
Sophia Yin, Veterinarian appeared frequently on Animal Planet's "Weird, True & Freaky"Dead at 48 (suicide)Monday, October 06, 04:08:32pm2
Bill Fiore, ActorHas diedMonday, October 06, 01:39:25pm10
ISIS beheads British hostage Alan HenningSavages!Monday, October 06, 11:06:50am6
Marine Cpl. Jordan Spears first US military casuality in war on ISISHe was 21Monday, October 06, 11:05:35am2
Healthwatch: Gerry Marsden, of Gerry & the Pacemakers"Serious medical condition"Monday, October 06, 11:05:04am2
Healthwatch: US Rep. Ralph Hall, oldest member of Congress (91)Hospitalized after a car crashMonday, October 06, 11:04:13am2
Actor Michael McCarty dies at 68 ToddMonday, October 06, 08:53:04am3
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, September 27, 11:14:59am
  • Mike McCarty -- Donna England (Remembrance), Monday, October 06, 08:53:04am
Happy 101st Birthday! Social Worker Poornima Aruind Pakvasa, Military Leader Zhang Zhen is 100, Australian Judge Kenneth Jacobs is 97, Writer Siny van Iterson is 95, Actress Glynis Johns is 91, (NT)jlpSunday, October 05, 04:05:13pm11
Jess Rand ( 1925-2014 )Manager of Sam Cooke & Producer of "The Plunderers."Sunday, October 05, 10:56:41am5
Archive: Roddy McDowall (NT)October 3,1998Sunday, October 05, 12:01:09am10
Kevin "Pig Virus" Metheny -- the inspiration for Howard Stern's nemesis in "Private Parts"Dead at 60Saturday, October 04, 04:37:03pm1
Archive: Graham Chapman, Oct. 4, 1989Monty Python memberSaturday, October 04, 04:34:28pm2
OT: Anyone know the movie with the biggest celebrity cast?ErikSaturday, October 04, 04:32:59pm17
Archive: J. Frank Wilson, Oct. 4, 1991SingerSaturday, October 04, 04:31:11pm3
Happy 103rd Birthday! Physician Hinohara Shigeak, Resistance Fighter Rose Warfman is 98, Politician Jean Canfield is 96, Frm. Peruvian Pres. Francisco Morales Bermudez is 93, (NT)jlpSaturday, October 04, 02:16:47pm7
Peter Knecht, Lawyer whose clients included Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, Ike Turner, Ryan and Tatum O’Neal, Robert Blake, Charles Bronson, Rob Lowe and Robert Downey Jr.Dead at 78Saturday, October 04, 02:15:19pm2
Michael Goldberg, Screenwriter ("Cool Runnings")Dead at 55Saturday, October 04, 02:13:03pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, October 04, 02:13:03pm
Just FYI, but the Obits archives are still missing the posts from early May through mid August (NT)The available archives are from March through 1 May 2014Saturday, October 04, 02:02:28pm7
Healthwatch: Thailand's King (World's longest reigning monarch)HospitalizedSaturday, October 04, 11:34:10am1
Art Director John J. Lloyd1922-2014Saturday, October 04, 11:31:06am3
"7th Heaven" Actress Sarah Danielle Goldberg (Madison)1974-2014Saturday, October 04, 11:17:14am7
Who is the picture at top of the page, sorry I missed it. (NT)kristianSaturday, October 04, 09:21:15am3
O/T - Does anyone here edit Wiki?I have a questionSaturday, October 04, 08:59:16am3
George Roberts, Trombonist performed on film soundtracks (Jaws, Close Encounters)Dead at 86Saturday, October 04, 12:10:26am4
Healthwatch: Ex- Minnesota Twins manager Tom KellySuffers strokeFriday, October 03, 09:20:36pm2
OT: Statue of Ed Sullivan stolen from Television AcademyLos AngelesFriday, October 03, 08:39:32pm3
Archive: John Ashley, Oct. 3, 1997Actor, singerFriday, October 03, 05:20:36pm3
Singer Lynsey de PaulDies at 64Friday, October 03, 04:53:33pm6
Archive: Janet Leigh, Oct. 3, 2004ActressFriday, October 03, 04:51:07pm2
Possible healthwatch: New photos show Pam Anderson looking guant, shockingly frailLinkFriday, October 03, 04:47:06pm1
Happy 99th Birthday! Composer Ben Molar, Actor Prince C. Spencer is 97, Author Molly L. Cone is 96, Holocaust Survivor Kazimierz Piechowski is 95, Writer Raffaele La Capria is 92, (NT)jlpFriday, October 03, 01:36:46pm11
Mark Loomis, Guitarist for the Chocolate WatchbandHas diedFriday, October 03, 01:27:46pm4
Carlos Lopez, "Hunger Games" stuntman, falls to his deathHe was 25Friday, October 03, 11:28:41am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, October 03, 11:28:41am
Healthwatch: NBC cameraman diagnosed with EbolaDr Nancy Snyderman quarenteenedFriday, October 03, 11:26:01am1
Cathy Potler, NYC jail watchdog, has died.She was 61. AP obit inside.Friday, October 03, 11:21:25am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, October 03, 11:21:25am
Saturday morning cartoons, RIPOnce a TV staple, now goneFriday, October 03, 10:11:16am22
Healthwatch: Barbara WaltersRumors of senile dementiaThursday, October 02, 06:17:48pm2
Happy 99th Birthday! Author/Businessman Chuck Williams, Composer Francis Jackson is 97, Politician Carroll C. Newton is 96, Botanist Hans Gunther Aach is 95, (NT)jlpThursday, October 02, 05:59:00pm9
Martin Perl, Nobel winning physicistDead at 87Thursday, October 02, 05:07:10pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, October 02, 05:07:10pm
Archive - Jim Croce ( 1943-1973 )"Operator' , "Time in a Bottle" ( Links)Thursday, October 02, 01:42:23pm7
Archive: Gene Autry, Oct. 2, 1998Singing cowboyThursday, October 02, 12:42:50pm4
Archive: Nipsey Russell, Oct. 2, 2005ComedianThursday, October 02, 12:08:24pm2
Archive: Rock Hudson, Oct. 2, 1985ActorThursday, October 02, 12:02:10pm2
Wally Hergesheimer, Hockey player (NY Rangers)Dead at 87Thursday, October 02, 11:32:42am1
Archive - George Grizzard ( Oct 2, 2007 ), Also from NCDied on my birthday & starred in the first Twilight Zone episode I ever saw ( "In His Image")Thursday, October 02, 11:27:19am2
  • Obit -- ., Thursday, October 02, 11:27:19am
Floyd "Creeky" Creekmore, World's oldest performing clownDead at 98Thursday, October 02, 09:23:27am6
OT: Anyone watching Ken Burns's "The Roosevelts" this week? (NT)By the way, Teddy became President 113 years ago todayWednesday, October 01, 07:04:58pm25
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Eudoxie Baboul, Supercentenarian Masayo Ito is 112, Actor Maciej Maciejewski is 100, Psychologist Jerome Bruner is 99, Actor Yot Lim is 90, (NT)jlpWednesday, October 01, 06:34:20pm2
Daniel Crespo, Mayor of Bell Gardens, Calif, shot dead by his wifeHe was 45Wednesday, October 01, 01:48:03pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, October 01, 01:48:03pm
Geraldine "Jerrie" Mock, first female pilot to fly solo around the world88Wednesday, October 01, 11:45:09am3
OT: October 1st - Jimmy Carter turns 90; becomes sixth President to do so (NT)Adams, Hoover, Reagan, Ford, H.W. BushWednesday, October 01, 11:43:53am19
George "Shotgun" Shuba, former outfielder for the Brooklyn Dodgers89Wednesday, October 01, 08:55:08am5
ARCHIVE: September 29, 2010 ~It was 4 years ago that we lost our SweetFrani, the heart of our Voy board. Francesca "SweetFrani" Stewart, you are always missed, and never forgotten! ... theChroniclerWednesday, October 01, 02:15:16am9
Healthwatch: Jim Ed Brown, brother of the sibling vocal trio The BrownsHas Lung CancerTuesday, September 30, 08:27:05pm3
Archive: James Dean, Sept. 30, 1955ActorTuesday, September 30, 07:40:58pm7
OT: When was the last time a boy under 15 resided at the White House? (NT)?Tuesday, September 30, 04:38:55pm2
Actor / TV Writer Paul Savage1925-2014Tuesday, September 30, 03:31:11pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, September 30, 03:31:11pm
Is Roberta Quinlan still alive?I enjoyed some of her recordsTuesday, September 30, 12:28:03pm2
Cara Silverman, Film editorDead at 54Tuesday, September 30, 11:34:39am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, September 30, 11:34:39am
Possible healtwatch: North Korean leader Kim Jong UnHasn't been seen in public in 3 weeksTuesday, September 30, 11:20:49am2
OT: What's wrong with the Archives pages of the site? It appears that posts from May-mid Aug are gone. (NT)Only archived posts now are from 01 May 14 and earlierTuesday, September 30, 11:13:09am2
Healthwatch: Amanda Bynes arrested for DUI overnight, found with marijuana in her system as well....BuckeyeTuesday, September 30, 10:22:47am2
Phoenix pet cow dies after being hit with softballs - In honor of...you knowLorenTuesday, September 30, 09:24:30am4
Archive: Adolph "Harpo" Marx, Sept. 28, 1964ComedianMonday, September 29, 06:38:32pm11
Archive: Scott Muni, Sept. 28, 2004Radio DJMonday, September 29, 05:14:13pm4
Mexican painter Luis Nishizawa dies at 96EricMonday, September 29, 04:54:57pm1
Ivy Clapham, one of Britain's oldest residentsDead at 111Monday, September 29, 04:08:27pm1
OT: Horrifying prison pics of Phil SpectorHe looks insane!Monday, September 29, 03:01:51pm10
Happy 102nd Birthday! Actor Lukas Ammann, Composer Guy Luypaerts is 97, Singer/Actress Margot Hielscher is 95, WW2 Military Figure Alfons Bialetzki is 95, Politician John W. Drummond is 95, (NT)jlpMonday, September 29, 01:31:01pm7
Dan Goossen, Boxing promotorDead at 64Monday, September 29, 01:23:54pm1
Woman in Greece possible buried too quickly....Link insideMonday, September 29, 01:17:37pm1
Curtis W. Hansen,63 Co-Founder of radio station WEBE 108 in Bridgeport Connecticut.Son of beat generation icon Neal Cassady (1926-1968) has diedMonday, September 29, 01:09:13pm2
  • Died April 30, 2014 (NT) -- Son from Cassady's brief marriage to Diana Hansen (1923-1974), Monday, September 29, 01:09:13pm
Eileen McKenna, Child actressDead at 61Monday, September 29, 11:45:06am1
Maggie Stables, British actress ("Dr. Who")Has diedMonday, September 29, 11:32:58am1
Jim Boeke, NFL player turned character actorDead at 76Monday, September 29, 11:25:55am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, September 29, 11:25:55am
On SNL, Don Pardo was only noted in a photo ... Darrell Hammond was himself; didn't try an impersonation. (NT)Ed TraceyMonday, September 29, 10:46:41am8
Tom Signorelli 1935-2010ColtMonday, September 29, 10:44:22am4
Healthwatch...meFirefighter FredMonday, September 29, 04:04:53am10
Archive: Richard W. Sears, Sept. 28, 1914Co- founded Sears, RoebuckSunday, September 28, 04:12:19pm1
Michael Harari, Israeli intelligence agent who led the hit squad that was sent to avenge the murders of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympic GamesDead at 87Sunday, September 28, 04:09:11pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, September 28, 04:09:11pm
Happy 100th Birthday! Historian Marian Fuks, Historian Mary Seymour Olsted is 95, Historian William Leuchtenburg is 92, Frm. Surinamesa PM Jules Sedeney is 92, Writer Barbara Noack is 90, (NT)jlpSunday, September 28, 01:33:46pm6
OT: George Clooney gets marriedMarries Amal AlamuddinSunday, September 28, 01:32:38pm1
Poet Dannie Abse dies at 91EricSunday, September 28, 01:25:58pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, September 28, 01:25:58pm
Robin William's famous friends and family gathered for a private memorial Saturday in San Franciscoper TMZ website (S/L inside)Sunday, September 28, 12:28:11pm1
Singer Tommy Gough (Talmoudge E. Gough) died 8-24-2014 in Flint, MI of throat cancer. He was a member of The Crests who did "Sixteen Candles".I don't remember seeing his passing listed here.Sunday, September 28, 12:27:02pm2
Healthwatch: MTV Reality star Diem BrownHospitalized (Cancer)Sunday, September 28, 12:06:03pm1
4 college softball players killed in bus crashDavis, Okla.Sunday, September 28, 12:03:58pm1
Gerald Larue, Early advocate for Right to DieDead at 98Sunday, September 28, 12:02:23pm2
Television Writer Sam Hall (Dark Shadows, One Life to Live)Dies at 93Sunday, September 28, 11:53:03am5
Chronicler-Thanks for honoring Don Keefer. Character actors never really get proper tributes. (NT)They deserve it for their hard work.Sunday, September 28, 11:49:23am4
Al Suomi, Oldest living NHL player since 2010 (Chicago Blackhawks)Dead at 100Sunday, September 28, 11:44:06am2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, September 28, 11:44:06am
Ed Call (A nightmare on Elm Street) actorColtSunday, September 28, 02:10:15am1
OT: Former 'First Kid' Chelsea Clinton gives birth to her first baby, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky was born at Lennox Hospital in Manhattan. ~PHOTO ... theChroniclerSunday, September 28, 01:10:19am1
Robert Downey Jr.'s mother actress Elsie Ann Ford-Downey has died at age 80. (NT)Reported by E Online and The Hollywood ReporterSaturday, September 27, 06:31:14pm7
Happy 100th Birthday! Production Manager Pat Moyna, Painter Frank Handlen is 98, Actress Mary Brodel is 97, Actress Jayne Meadows turns 94/95 (?) (NT)jlpSaturday, September 27, 02:41:46pm4
Healthwatch: Ex- US Rep. James TraficantCritical condition after tractor accidentSaturday, September 27, 11:35:22am10
OT: 50 years ago tonight, The Warren Commission officially released its report on the JFK assassination (NT)...and the arguments still go onSaturday, September 27, 11:21:13am2
Archive September 26, 2003: Singer Robert Palmer dies at 54RussSaturday, September 27, 11:13:36am3
Actor Don Keefer1916-2014Saturday, September 27, 10:46:19am10
Happy 96th Birthday! TV Horror Host John Zacherle, Silent Film Child Actor Jack C. Edwards is 94, Actor Herbert von Strohmer turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, September 26, 06:57:21pm8
Musician Milton CardonaDies at 69Friday, September 26, 05:57:40pm1
Malcolm Young leaves AC/DC due to health issuesTellerFriday, September 26, 05:04:08pm5
Archive: Billy Carter, Sept. 25, 1988Brother of Jimmy CarterFriday, September 26, 04:39:29pm4
Becky Malkovich, Journalist, sister of John MalkovichDead at 53Friday, September 26, 03:46:04pm1
PeggyAkers, aka Drake, ActressDead at 91Friday, September 26, 01:20:08pm3
Healthwatch - Actress Barbra BarrieIncurable lung disease (IPF)Friday, September 26, 01:16:02pm10
Assheton Gorton, Oscar nominated production designer and art directorDead at 84Friday, September 26, 01:14:37pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, September 26, 01:14:37pm
Hungarian Supercentenarian Gallai RezsoDies at 110Friday, September 26, 11:42:46am3
Archive: John Bonham, Sept. 25, 1980Led Zeppelin drummerThursday, September 25, 04:28:41pm2
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Elena Lucena, Publisher/Editor Betty Ballantine is 95, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray is 92, Stage Director Norman Ayrton is 90, Actor Francesco Rigamonti is 90, (NT)jlpThursday, September 25, 04:22:58pm7
New York News reporter John Slattery 63 (NT)Heart attackThursday, September 25, 04:21:50pm7
German Supercentenarian Frieda SzwillusDies at 112Thursday, September 25, 09:22:01am2
Archive: Neil Hamilton, Sept. 24, 1984Commissioner GordonWednesday, September 24, 07:28:34pm6
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Ilse Holtmann, Biologist Andrew Benson is 97, IBM Exe. H. Tyler Marcy is 96, Percussionist Jack Costanzo is 95, Director Bert I. Gordon is 92, (NT)jlpWednesday, September 24, 05:06:09pm12
Scott Ross, All-America linebacker for USC who played on three Rose Bowl teamsDead at 45Wednesday, September 24, 04:21:37pm2
Archive: George Spahn, Sept. 22, 1974Rancher, housed Manson's "Family"Wednesday, September 24, 01:37:20pm4
OT: Question About The BeheadingsDer BingleWednesday, September 24, 12:02:34pm3
Conductor Christopher Hogwood diesHe was 73Wednesday, September 24, 12:00:54pm2
Last surviving Mitford Sister, Deborah Mitford, the Duchess of Devonshire dies aged 94.SherlockWednesday, September 24, 11:57:53am2
Archive: Dorothy Lamour, Sept. 22, 1996ActressWednesday, September 24, 11:55:19am9
Loretta Stamos, John Stamos' motherDead at 75Wednesday, September 24, 11:52:33am3
  • Rip (NT) -- ., Wednesday, September 24, 09:31:15am
    • Obit -- ABC News, Wednesday, September 24, 11:52:33am
Rob Bironas, kicker for the Tennessee Titans, killed in car crash. He was 36.RussWednesday, September 24, 08:42:32am4
Man, 55, who served 23 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit dies from asthma attack - just days before he was set to start $124million lawsuitWilliam Lopez, from the Bronx and a father of one, was freed from prison in January 2013Wednesday, September 24, 06:16:44am1
Skip E. Lowe, Talk Show Host and Inspiration for Martin Short’s Jiminy GlickDead at 85Wednesday, September 24, 05:00:20am6
Several websites are repoting the death of Eric Lynch AKA Eric the Midget or Eric the Actor at age 39. (NT)Was a regular on Howard Stern's radio show.Tuesday, September 23, 05:09:54pm10
Actress Irit Levi1947-2014Tuesday, September 23, 04:42:04pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, September 23, 04:42:04pm
J. California Cooper, 82StephTuesday, September 23, 04:30:11pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, September 23, 04:30:11pm
Healthwatch: Wrestler Bobby EatonHeart attackTuesday, September 23, 02:49:26pm5
Archive: Cliff Arquette, aka Charley Weaver, Sept. 23, 1974ComedianTuesday, September 23, 02:33:03pm8
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ruth Newman, Singer Sally Sweetland is 103, '36 Olympic Athlete Sandor Tarics is 101, Actress Louise Latham is 92, (NT)jlpTuesday, September 23, 01:38:13pm10
Audrey Long 1922-2014ColtTuesday, September 23, 11:50:00am5
Rich Ilczyszyn, CNBC and 'Futures Now' contributorDead at 46Tuesday, September 23, 11:30:55am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, September 23, 11:30:55am
Eric Lynch, aka Eric the Midget, Member of Howard Stern's Wack PackDead at 39Tuesday, September 23, 11:24:05am4
Archive: George C. Scott, Sept. 22, 1999ActorTuesday, September 23, 11:23:12am2
Happy 105th Birthday! Linguist Charles Muller, Actor Alfredo DeSoto is 100, Journalist Richard C. Hottelet is 97, Entomologist Charles Duncan Michener is 96, (NT)jlpMonday, September 22, 10:23:54pm11
Basketball Player Caldwell JonesDies at 64Monday, September 22, 06:54:34pm3
George Blackwell, Musician, jingle writerDead at 69Monday, September 22, 04:22:04pm2
OT: Bruce & Kris Jenner divorceTMZMonday, September 22, 04:21:15pm1
Wife of CBS exec. dies after being struck by bicyclistNew YorkMonday, September 22, 11:17:34am1
SCTV Writer Sheldon PatinkinDies at 79Monday, September 22, 11:11:17am5
Actress Polly Bergen diesShe was 84Sunday, September 21, 10:59:23pm16
Archive: Walter Brennan, Sept. 21, 1974Character actorSunday, September 21, 10:58:16pm8
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Masa Iseri, Journalist Austin H. Kiplinger is 96, Politician Ali Nakhjavani is 95, Writer Roger Grenier is 95, Politician Eugene V. Clark is 95, (NT)jlpSunday, September 21, 09:09:14pm13
Jeremy Ball, Actor ("The Matrix") turned politicianDead at 45 (car crash)Sunday, September 21, 04:39:31pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, September 21, 04:39:31pm
George Sluizer 82, dutch film director directed Dark Blood, Crimetime, and TheVanishing (NT)Wikipediahas listed him dying on September 20, I see nothing the web.Sunday, September 21, 04:29:30pm3
Archive: Alice Ghostley, Sept. 21, 2007ActressSunday, September 21, 04:26:43pm2
Archive: Jacqueline Susann, Sept, 21, 1974WriterSunday, September 21, 04:24:17pm1
Healthwatch: Ex- King of NepalSuffers heart attackSunday, September 21, 04:16:23pm1
Happy 97 Birthday! Product Designer Sara Little Turnbull, Philosopher Mario Bunge is 95, Actor Jack Collins is 91, Politician A. Linwood Holton Jr. is 90, Writer Bernard Nowak turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, September 21, 02:19:40pm8
Linda Griffiths, Canadian actressDead at 60Sunday, September 21, 02:14:00pm5
Knt Wolkowski, aka Nolan, ActorDead at 24Sunday, September 21, 09:35:30am4
Archive: Danny Flores, Sept. 19, 2006MusicianSaturday, September 20, 11:56:01pm6
Happy 100th Birthday! Politician Ken Hechler, Viticultrist Maurice Fontaine is 95, Folklorist Isidor Levin is 95,Singer Helen Grayco is 90, Cinematographer Sergei Zajtsev is 90, (NT)jlpSaturday, September 20, 05:29:11pm8
Firefighter injured in Ice Bucket challenge dies.TellerSaturday, September 20, 04:20:04pm1
Healthwatch: Baseball Hall of Famer Willie McCoveyRecovering from an infectionSaturday, September 20, 12:05:37pm1
Healthwatch: Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil RobertsonHospitalized With Mystery AilmentSaturday, September 20, 11:36:54am8
Guinter Kahn, invented Minoxidil (Rogaine)HarrySaturday, September 20, 11:16:38am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, September 20, 11:16:38am
Charlann Harting Carroll, Wife of ex Kentucky governorDead at 81Friday, September 19, 05:47:29pm2
Jacque Batt, wife of former Idaho Gov. Phil BattHas diedFriday, September 19, 04:03:47pm2
OT: Darrell Hammond to replace Don Pardo as SNL announcerShow premieres Sept. 27thFriday, September 19, 03:59:12pm9
Slush Puppie Creator Will RadliffDies at 74Friday, September 19, 03:48:07pm2
Archive: Travis Barker & DJ AM plane crash, Sept. 19, 2008They survived, 4 others were killedFriday, September 19, 12:14:37pm3
Jazz Musician Kenny WheelerDies at 84Friday, September 19, 11:36:59am2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, September 19, 11:36:59am
Musician / Composer Johnny RotellaDies at 94Thursday, September 18, 08:35:49pm3
OT - A fascinating article on the six oldest living people on earth; born in the 1800s !cameronThursday, September 18, 08:34:25pm6
Pamela Immel, Actress ("Zombies Vs. Strippers")Dead at 58Thursday, September 18, 04:33:53pm2
Happy 97th Birthday! Voice Actress June Foray, Actress Renee Le Calm is 96, Politician Al Quie is 91, Actress Eloísa Mafalda turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, September 18, 04:10:05pm10
Healthwatch: Singer George Hamilton 4thSuffers heart attackThursday, September 18, 04:06:47pm17
Healthwatch: Toronto mayor Rob FordHospitalized (stomach tumor)Thursday, September 18, 02:57:26pm6
Lisa Coleman, Executed for torturing, starving boyTexasThursday, September 18, 11:40:45am1
Healthwatch: Liza Minelli breaks back in freak accidentMisses Joan Rivers' funeralThursday, September 18, 10:54:24am8
Joan Rivers has star-studded send-off in NYC memorial services today. ... theChroniclerThursday, September 18, 03:38:59am4
Healthwatch: Singer August AlsinaCollapses during concert, multiple siezuresWednesday, September 17, 09:08:10pm2
  • Siz (NT) -- zurp?, Wednesday, September 17, 09:08:10pm
Sound City Studios Owner Tom SkeeterHas Passed AwayWednesday, September 17, 07:59:40pm12
TV Writer Lee MadduxDies at 68Wednesday, September 17, 04:51:24pm3
David G.B. Brown, TV writerDead at 67Wednesday, September 17, 04:50:08pm4
Gospel Singer Mary Tom Speer-Reid Dies at 88Member of The Speer FamilyWednesday, September 17, 04:48:14pm2
Happy 103rd Birthday! Politician Konrad Storemark, Photographer Ata Kando is 101, Politician Henry George Pearce is 97, Novelist Ib Melchior is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, September 17, 04:13:57pm10
Archive: Al Casey, Sept. 17, 2006GuitaristWednesday, September 17, 04:09:13pm2
Archive: Jessie Hill, Sept. 17, 1996SingerWednesday, September 17, 04:05:26pm2
Voice Actor Buster JonesDies at 71Wednesday, September 17, 04:00:36pm3
Buster Jones, Actor (“Super Friends”)Dead at 71Wednesday, September 17, 03:59:29pm1
Darrell Zwerling, Actor ("Chinatown")Dead at 86Wednesday, September 17, 02:27:58pm5
John Anderson, Ex- Governor of KansasDead at 97Wednesday, September 17, 12:29:48pm4
Bea Best, Member of the Jive FiveDied Sept. 15thWednesday, September 17, 11:40:29am2
Jazz Singer Jackie CainDies at 86Wednesday, September 17, 11:29:57am3
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, September 17, 11:21:29am
Archive: Marc Bolan, Sept. 16, 1977SingerWednesday, September 17, 11:15:46am3
Elizabeth Kerr, actress who played Mindy's grandmother in Mork and Mindy may have lived to 100.Dates at IMDB are in error.See story inside.Wednesday, September 17, 09:50:47am4
OT: Stanley the Cat could use some help -The Happy ReaperWednesday, September 17, 08:32:44am2
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Helen Wheat, Politician Eddie Filgate is 99, Football's William Daley is 95, Singer/Lyricist Jon Hendricks is 93, Director Guy Hamilton is 92, (NT)jlpTuesday, September 16, 04:01:29pm8
Renee Paris played best friend of Sylvester Stallone's fiance in The Lords of Flatbush.Girlfriend of Perry King in the film. Died May 16,2011 age 66. Obituary info listed inside.Tuesday, September 16, 12:33:57pm2
Urban Outfitters issues apology for selling red-splattered Kent State University sweatshirtMay 4, 1970 ring a bell???Tuesday, September 16, 12:24:28pm3
Thomas Hale Boggs, Son of US Rep. Hale Boggs, brother of Cokie RobertsDead at 73Tuesday, September 16, 11:19:46am6
Character actor Darrell Zwerling, dies at 85. played Faye Dunaway's husband in Chinatown. (NT)Some sources say born 1929 others say 1928; Some sources say he died May 2014 others say April 2014Tuesday, September 16, 11:12:26am1
Woman notices foul odor in her car, opens trunk, finds dead bodyRiverside, Calif.Tuesday, September 16, 11:06:37am1
Lonnie Lynn, Known to hip-hop fans for his soulful spoken-word poems on rapper son Common's albumsDead at 71Tuesday, September 16, 11:04:40am2
O/T - 2014 Kennedy Center Honorees announcedAl Green, Tom Hanks, Patricia McBride, Lily Tomlin, StingTuesday, September 16, 10:43:01am35
OT (somewhat): Belgium grants jailed rapist, murderer euthanasia for "incurable" psychological conditionWas denied treatment at specialized facility, but a court approved desired euthanasia (S/L inside)Tuesday, September 16, 07:49:04am1
"The Great Escape" Actor Angus Lennie1930-2014Tuesday, September 16, 06:28:20am9
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Kiyo Oshiro, Auto Exe. Yutaka Katayama is 105, Acoustics Engineer Leo Beranek is 100, Cricket Statistician Anandji Dossa is 98, (NT)jlpTuesday, September 16, 12:23:23am7
Kendall Francois, Serial killerDead at 43Monday, September 15, 06:42:56pm2
  • photos: -- The Happy Reaper, Monday, September 15, 06:42:56pm
Heathwatch - Ric Flair has surgery.TellerMonday, September 15, 04:13:13pm1
Tony Auth, Pulitzer winning cartoonistDead at 72Monday, September 15, 03:39:18pm8
Robeert "Throb" Young, Guitarist for Primal ScreamHas diedMonday, September 15, 03:31:47pm1
Composer / Producer Bob Crewe1931-2014Monday, September 15, 02:27:50pm8
Prince Nikolay Romanovich, Oldest descendant of Russia's Romanov royal dynastyDead at 92Monday, September 15, 12:40:57pm1
Teddy Riedel, aka Redell, MusicianDead at 77Monday, September 15, 12:07:39pm3
Man dies at sperm bank after 4th donation in 10 days(speechless)Sunday, September 14, 05:13:16pm9
Healthwatch: Golfer Greg NormanNearly severs hand in chain saw accidentSunday, September 14, 04:49:09pm3
Davie Lee White, Drummer for Sid King & the Five StringsDead at 80Sunday, September 14, 04:41:04pm3
Happy 102nd Birthday Journalist Eduard von Falz-Fein, Basque pelota player Francisco Larranaga is 101, Critic/Playwright Eric Bentley is 98, Actor Josefino Cenizal is 95, (NT)jlpSunday, September 14, 04:23:43pm7
Actor Denny Miller1934-2014Sunday, September 14, 02:29:40pm23
Healthwatch: Former golfer Greg Norman almost cuts his hand off with a chainsawMissed his artery by a fraction of an inch.Sunday, September 14, 02:25:08pm1
BREAKING: CNN reporting that ISIS has beheaded third hostage journalist, David Cawthorne Haines (NT)DisgracefulSunday, September 14, 01:41:33pm6
Healthwatch: Pia ZadoraIntensive Care after fall from golf cartSunday, September 14, 12:35:55pm11
"Barney Miller" Co-Creator Theodore J. Flicker1930-2014Sunday, September 14, 12:32:59pm5
Healthwatch: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-BlakeHospitalized, chest painsSunday, September 14, 12:17:41pm2
Ian Gillan, Roxy Music Bassist John GustafasonDies at 72Sunday, September 14, 12:13:06pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, September 14, 12:13:06pm
Yoshiko Yamaguchi aka Shirley Yamaguchi, actressdead at 94Sunday, September 14, 02:42:38am4
Actor Del RoyDies at 92Sunday, September 14, 01:59:52am3
Frank Jenkins, Poet & Playwright, husband of actress Lynn LamiltonDead at 89Saturday, September 13, 05:31:26pm8
Happy 103rd Birthday! Actor Urho Harkola, Actor Aszparuh Sarjev is 100, Psychologist Lauri Rauhala is 100, Educator Robert H. Shaffer is 99, Composer Ray Charles is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, September 13, 04:53:13pm12
Man feeds ex- girlfriend her dogRedding, Calif.Saturday, September 13, 04:45:14pm1
Shelley Riley Moore, wife of former West Virginia Gov. Arch Moore JrDead at 88Saturday, September 13, 04:35:33pm2
Dr Ian Paisley has died, one of the towering figures of Northern Irish politics for a number of decades. (NT)SherlockSaturday, September 13, 01:38:23pm4
Frank Torre, Played for Milwaukie Braves, older brother of Yankees Hall of Fame skipper Joe TorreDead at 82Saturday, September 13, 12:35:48pm3
Iconic jazz pianist Joe Sample has died in Houston. He was 75.JazzonlineSaturday, September 13, 12:16:05pm3
Bob Cain, former CNN anchor, 80Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionSaturday, September 13, 12:11:55pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, September 13, 12:11:55pm
John Bardon, British actorDead at 75Saturday, September 13, 12:10:18pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, September 12, 11:44:21am
    • RIP (NT) -- ., Saturday, September 13, 12:10:18pm
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