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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Happy Birthday! Director Mel Brooks (91) Actor Bruce Davison (71) Actress Kathy Bates (69) Actor David Gautreaux (66) (NT)ColtTuesday, June 27, 10:03:15pm1
OT: Today TCM aired 1946's THE HARVEY GIRLS, and I realized of the 100+ credited and uncredited cast, actress Angela Landsbury may be its sole surviving cast member?! (NT)Odd how neither of its lead actors saw age 50! John Hodiak, 41, & Judy Garland, 47, died too young.Tuesday, June 27, 08:42:06pm6
Dean Flake, Father of US Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ)Dead at 85Tuesday, June 27, 04:32:30pm1
Anthony Young, Pitcher lost record 27 straight games for MetsDead at 51Tuesday, June 27, 04:27:48pm1
Tuskegee Airman George B. Watson Sr.Dies at 96Tuesday, June 27, 04:08:05pm1
Geri Allen, jazz pianist and University of Pittsburgh department chair, age 60 .....Ed TraceyTuesday, June 27, 02:27:14pm1
Michael Nyqvist, Swedish actor ("Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol", "John Wick")Dead at 56Tuesday, June 27, 01:30:25pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, June 27, 01:30:25pm
ARCHIVE: June 27, 2012 ~Actor Don Grady, whose TV career included early membership as a 'Mousekateer' as a child, but best remembered as 'Robbie Douglas' in TV's My Three Sons", dies of cancer at age 68. ... theChroniclerTuesday, June 27, 01:28:40pm2
ARCHIVE: June 27, 2005 ~Shelby Foote, American historian and novelist who wrote The Civil War: A Narrative, a three-volume history of the American Civil War, and who evoked the real-life stories of the American Civil War in Ken Burns' 11-hour 1990 documentary, dies at 88. ... theChroniclerTuesday, June 27, 01:03:53pm1
Paul De Rolf, Child actor, later a choreographerDead at 74Tuesday, June 27, 12:25:00pm3
Archive: Jackie Gleason, June 24, 1987Actor- comedianTuesday, June 27, 12:13:27pm11
Is there an older film with the three top billed actors still living than 1964's 'Marnie'?Tippi Hedren, Sean Connery, and Diane Baker.Tuesday, June 27, 12:10:28pm25
Healthwatch: Aretha FranklinCancels concert, cites health issuesTuesday, June 27, 12:01:08pm1
Happy Birthday! Actress Shirley Anne Field (79) Actor Paul Koslo (73) Actor James Daughton (67) Actor Ken Marshall (67) (NT)ColtTuesday, June 27, 11:37:20am4
Richard Caire, rock 'n' roll musician known as Kai-RayDead at 81Tuesday, June 27, 11:27:37am4
Healthwatch: Son of former Atlanta Braves player Keith Lockhart on life support after being hit in the face by a baseballAtlantaTuesday, June 27, 11:25:17am1
USS Indianapolis Survivor Donald McCall dies at 92Only 21/317 Survivors RemainTuesday, June 27, 03:26:59am2
Health watch: Stefan Karl Stefansson, actor from "Lazytown"StephMonday, June 26, 08:12:48pm3
Loren James, StuntmanDead at 85Monday, June 26, 07:26:31pm7
Marion Goldin, Award winning "60 Minutes" producerDead at 76Monday, June 26, 06:07:45pm1
Salvador Dali to be exhumed amid paternity suit.Can't believe this hasn't already been posted but I searched and could not find it.Monday, June 26, 05:50:07pm8
Happy Birthday! Actor Josef Sommer (83) Actor Clive Francis (71) Actor Leo Rossi (71) Actor Robert Davi (66) (NT)ColtMonday, June 26, 04:44:03pm10
Archive: June 26, 2014 ~Howard Baker Jr., former TN Senator/White House Chief of Staff for President Ronald Reagan dies ...KatMonday, June 26, 04:25:40pm2
Healthwatch: Blackie Dammett, Father of Red Hot Chili Peppers Singer Anthony Kiedis, diagnosed with DementiaOtsegolectric98Monday, June 26, 04:21:13pm2
Elsa Daniel, Argentine actressDead at 80Monday, June 26, 12:50:11pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, June 26, 12:50:11pm
OT: 100 year old crime boss released from prisonWent to prison in 2010- age of 93Monday, June 26, 12:08:10pm1
Happy Bday! Actress June Lockhart (92) Director Norman J. Warren (75) Actor Jimmie Walker (70) (NT)ColtMonday, June 26, 11:43:54am19
William Woodson being reopted dying in Febuary at age 99 (More Inside)ColtMonday, June 26, 11:41:03am5
Actor Hal FryarDies at 90Monday, June 26, 11:37:23am6
Arcive: Colin Clive, June 25, 1937ActorMonday, June 26, 11:18:25am4
OT: Nick Long Jr.PatrickMonday, June 26, 08:37:46am1
A grieving father buried a man he thought was his son --who turned up alive a week later! ... theChroniclerMonday, June 26, 05:40:35am2
Archive: John Fiedler, June 25, 2005Character actorMonday, June 26, 01:36:09am4
In 1976, the Bob Hope special "Joys" aired. The premise was that someone was killing off comedians. It can be seen at YoutubeCheck out how many stars are gone now!Sunday, June 25, 09:59:21pm5
Frank ‘Sandy’ Tatum, U.S. Golf Association officialDies at 96Sunday, June 25, 06:07:34pm1
On June 25, 2009, Farrah Fawcett died at 62. Before that news was a few hours old, Michael Jackson died (NT)Sky Saxon, who died the same day, never had a chance.Sunday, June 25, 04:48:58pm4
Dr. John Sarno, Best selling author tied pain to anxietiesDead at 93Sunday, June 25, 11:48:13am1
Darren Simpson, British celebrity chefHas diedSunday, June 25, 11:47:15am1
Rick Rosenberg, GOP political consultantDead at 32Sunday, June 25, 11:45:38am1
Healthwatch: Son of reggae legend Peter Tosh in a coma with brain damage after a beating by fellow inmateBeating took place in FebruarySunday, June 25, 11:38:46am1
Armando Sciascia, violinist and composerDies at 97Sunday, June 25, 11:31:32am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, June 24, 07:03:59pm
John G. Avildsen, Director of "Rocky"Dead at 81Sunday, June 25, 10:15:07am10
Manson Follower Patricia Krenwinkel denied parole.....again.BuckeyeSunday, June 25, 06:31:27am9
Happy Bday! Actress Bette Ford (80) Actor Georg Stanford Brown (74) Singer Mick Fleetwood (70) Actor Peter Weller (70) Actress Nancy Allen (67) (NT)ColtSaturday, June 24, 08:28:37pm9
Archive: Peter Falk, June 23, 2011ActorSaturday, June 24, 06:49:48pm5
Véronique Robert, Journalist, dies from results from a mine explosion in IraqShe was 54Saturday, June 24, 03:50:43pm1
Quett Masire, Botswana's former PresidentDead at 93Saturday, June 24, 04:17:56am2
Archive: Fred Astaire, June 22, 1987Dancer, actorFriday, June 23, 08:31:39pm8
ARCHIVE: June 22, 1969 ~Judy Garland died 48 years ago today. She was 47 years old at the time. ...DannyR(Louisville)Friday, June 23, 06:19:57pm8
Wendell Burton, ActorDead at 69Friday, June 23, 05:11:11pm5
John R. Quinn, Archbishop of San Francisco 1977- 95Dead at 88Friday, June 23, 04:39:32pm1
Tetsuo Sekigawa, Wrestler known as Mr. PogoDead at 66Friday, June 23, 04:35:04pm1
Hall Of Fame harness driver Herve FilionDead at 77Friday, June 23, 03:47:48pm1
Bill Butler, Oscar-Nominated Film Editor on 'A Clockwork Orange,'Dead at 83Friday, June 23, 03:46:18pm6
Katfish singer Nick KnowltonR.I.PFriday, June 23, 03:17:35pm3
Archive: Betty Shabazz, June 23, 1997Widow of Malcolm XFriday, June 23, 01:30:11pm2
Gabe Pressman, a veteran (and recently active) local NBC reporter in NYC, age 93 ...Ed TraceyFriday, June 23, 12:33:18pm3
Healthwatch: Celebrity chef Ralph PaganoHospitalized after an explosion in the kitchenFriday, June 23, 12:03:05pm1
Happy Bday! Actor James Marcus (75) Actor John Amplas (68) Actor Jim Metzler (66) (NT)ColtFriday, June 23, 11:58:28am6
Healthwatch: Aaron CarterHospitalizedFriday, June 23, 11:32:06am3
Neil Driscoll, Award winning journalistDead at 73Friday, June 23, 11:28:02am1
O.T: 27 story residential Grenfell Tower in London completely engulfed in flames in the middle of the night.Many residents feared trapped and unable to escapeFriday, June 23, 03:14:45am5
Bill Dana, Who Played the Character Jose Jimenez, Dies at 92Hollywood ReporterThursday, June 22, 08:05:18pm40
Actor Howard WittR.I.PThursday, June 22, 06:43:08pm4
Robin Twist, Harry Styles' step-fatherDead at 57Thursday, June 22, 06:37:26pm3
ARCHIVE: June 12, 2014 ~Carla Laemmle, niece of Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle, began her uneventful acting career from 1920s to 1930s, and one of the longest surviving players of the silent film era, notably uttering opeing line in 1931's DRACULA, dies at 104. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, June 22, 05:59:53pm3
R.I.P. ~Jimmy Nalls, founder of the band 'Sea Level', has died. ...Facebook death announcement inside.Thursday, June 22, 05:27:12pm1
ARCHIVE: June 16, 2016 ~Mary Ann King, Miss Mary Ann from the Romper Room show dead at 82. ...BuckeyeThursday, June 22, 04:41:40pm1
Archive: George Carlin, June 22, 2008ComedianThursday, June 22, 04:21:15pm1
Mary "Mama" Valastro, Mother of "Cake Boss" star Buddy ValastroDead at 69Thursday, June 22, 03:59:42pm3
Belton Richard, Cajun musicianDead at 77Thursday, June 22, 01:47:06pm2
Robert "Bo" Wagner, Co-founder of the Atlanta-based group, StarbuckDead at 72Thursday, June 22, 12:01:15pm3
Happy Bday! Actor Wally Campo (96) Actress Barbara Perry (94) Actress Prunella Scales (85) Actor Kris Kristofferson (81) Actor Michael Lerner (76) (NT)ColtThursday, June 22, 11:57:22am8
Clinton Suggs, Navy veteran survived 1985 hijackingDead at 61Thursday, June 22, 11:49:51am1
Jerry Nelson, Astronomer who built advanced telescopesDead at 73Thursday, June 22, 11:47:28am1
Frank Kush, Former Colts and longtime Arizona State head coachDead at 88Thursday, June 22, 11:45:46am1
Actor and former NFL player Keith Loneker Sr.Dies at 46Thursday, June 22, 11:41:04am3
OT: Daniel Day- Lewis retires from actingDidn't he quit once before to repair shoes?Thursday, June 22, 11:36:25am10
Rebecca Burger, fitness bloggerUnknown ageThursday, June 22, 11:21:07am3
Healthwatch! Duke Of EdinburghBack in hospitalThursday, June 22, 05:22:38am6
Chess Master Zoltan SarosyDead at 110Wednesday, June 21, 09:36:25pm2
Happy Bday! Actor Bernie Kopell (84) Actor Monte Markham (82) Actress Mariette Hartley (77) Actor Joe Flaherty (76) Actor Lyman Ward (76) Actress Meredith Baxter (70) Actor Michael Gross (70) (NT)ColtWednesday, June 21, 06:23:06pm16
Archive: Maureen Connolly, June 21, 1969Tennis greatWednesday, June 21, 04:45:13pm1
Archive: Bert Kaempfert, June 21, 1980MusicianWednesday, June 21, 04:36:41pm2
Keith Farnham, Former Illinois state representative serving an eight-year federal term for child pornographyDead at 69Wednesday, June 21, 04:29:46pm1
Ola Lee Murchison, Football player (49ers, Cowboys)Dead at 79Wednesday, June 21, 04:25:47pm1
Actor Jim BrewerDies at 80Wednesday, June 21, 01:56:19pm2
Henry 'Hank' Deutschendorf, Who, with his twin brother, played 'Baby Oscar" in "Ghostbusters 2", commits suicideHe was 29Wednesday, June 21, 11:49:55am2
ARCHIVE: June 21, 1985 ~Businessman/Entrepreneur Hector Boiardi, Italian native, world renowned chef known for his many Italian dishes, remembered affectionately as 'Chef Boyardee', founded food franchise of products, popular to this day, dies at 87. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, June 21, 11:44:35am1
Big Band Singer Harry Prime DiesDer BingleWednesday, June 21, 11:29:32am4
Local firefighter, 29, dies after falling off aerial ladder during training exercise; leaves behind wife and infant son. ...Downtown Los AngelesWednesday, June 21, 10:48:30am1
Former NFL LB Ryan Jones Shot And Killed In Reno.BuckeyeWednesday, June 21, 09:18:46am3
AP is reporting that Otto Warmbier has diedUS student just freed from North KoreaTuesday, June 20, 07:37:05pm8
Chris Murrell, Singer (Count Basie Orchestra)Dead at 61Tuesday, June 20, 04:46:19pm2
Virginia Moyano, Argentine supercentenarian, nation's oldest personDead at 113Tuesday, June 20, 04:41:56pm1
ARCHIVE: June 20, 2001 ~On the morning of June 20, 2001, at 9:50am, police responded to 911 call at the Yates home in the suburban Houston town of Clear Lake, TX, where housewife/mother Andrea Yates, 37, told 911 operators, "I just killed my children." ...Yates was later found not guilty of killing her children (ages 1 - 7) by reason of insanity, and now resides at mental hospital in Kerrville. TX.Tuesday, June 20, 04:32:41pm2
Archive: Jean Arthur, June 19, 1991ActressTuesday, June 20, 03:54:32pm7
Jan Coggeshall, First female mayor of Galveston Tx.Dead at 81Tuesday, June 20, 01:36:11pm1
Healthwatch: Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud OlmertSuffers suspected heart attackTuesday, June 20, 01:31:01pm1
The rapper Prodigy has diedHe was 42Tuesday, June 20, 12:00:18pm5
Healthwatch: Tiger WoodsChecks into clinic for handling pain medsTuesday, June 20, 11:56:30am1
Happy Bday! Actor Martin Landau (89) Actress Bonnie Bartlett (88) Actress Olympia Dukakis (86) Actor James Tolkan (86) Actor Danny Aiello (84) (NT)ColtTuesday, June 20, 11:49:28am10
Prodigy, half of rap duo Mobb DeepHe was 42Tuesday, June 20, 11:43:32am1
Archive: Anton Yelchin, June 19, 2016ActorTuesday, June 20, 11:43:02am4
Physicist Elias BursteinDies at 99Tuesday, June 20, 11:37:24am2
Tony DiCicco, Coach of Women's World Cup ChampsDead at 68Tuesday, June 20, 11:33:05am1
Carla Fendi, One of the five sisters who transformed the family leather goods business into a global luxury fashion houseDead at 79Tuesday, June 20, 11:31:06am1
OT: I miss these great character actors ...Don't you?Tuesday, June 20, 11:27:35am13
Archive: John Wayne, June 11, 1979"The Duke"Tuesday, June 20, 12:05:07am4
Monday's 100th birthday tribute is often-seen character actor Robert Karnes.Died at 62 in 1979. His wiki page...Monday, June 19, 05:42:47pm3
Healthwatch: Bob Barker hospitalized after a fallHe's 92Monday, June 19, 05:28:53pm7
OT: In Recent Interview, Teri Garr opens up about her MS battleVideo linkMonday, June 19, 05:03:27pm4
Simon Nelson, Murdered his 6 children in 1978Dead at 85Monday, June 19, 04:00:41pm2
Brian Cant, British actor, TV host (or "presenter" as the British say)Dead at 83Monday, June 19, 01:18:57pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, June 19, 01:18:57pm
Happy Bday! Actress Gena Rowlands (87) Actress Diana Sowle (87) Actress Daria Nicolodi (67) (NT)ColtMonday, June 19, 01:15:52pm10
Sunday's 100th birthdays are actors Ross Elliot & Richard Boone.Both western stalwarts.Monday, June 19, 12:35:03pm13
Coroner Releases findings on Carrie Fishers DeathJoyMonday, June 19, 11:31:34am5
Tony Liscio, Football player (Dallas Cowboys)Dead at 78Monday, June 19, 11:28:33am1
Larry Grantham, NY Jets great, Super Bowl 3 champDead at 78Monday, June 19, 11:25:11am1
1 Dead, Eight Wounded After A Van Hit People Outside of the Masque In LondonDavid S.Sunday, June 18, 10:00:20pm2
Archive: Thomas Gomez, June 18, 1971ActorSunday, June 18, 05:58:03pm3
Actor Stephen Furst dies ...He was 63.Sunday, June 18, 04:51:42pm16
Happy Bday! Actress Jan D'Arcy (78) Singer Paul McCartney (75) Actress Linda Thorson (70) Director Steve Miner (66) Actress Miriam Flynn (65) Actress Carol Kane (65) Actress Isabella Rossellini (65) (NT)ColtSunday, June 18, 04:44:04pm5
Tim Hague, UFC fighter turned boxerDead at 33Sunday, June 18, 04:37:17pm1
Archive: Nancy Marchand, June 18, 2000ActressSunday, June 18, 01:59:53pm4
Archive: Hank Medress, June 18, 2007Member of the TokensSunday, June 18, 11:35:36am2
Sonny Knight, soul singerDead at 69Sunday, June 18, 11:19:37am3
Venus Ramey, Miss America 1944Dies at 92.Sunday, June 18, 11:17:19am7
Ivan Fandino, Award-winning matador gored after tripping on capeDies at 36Sunday, June 18, 08:42:02am3
Nigel Grainge, record label executiveDead at 70Saturday, June 17, 11:41:02pm2
Charles Thacker, part of a group that designed the first modern personal computer in the early 1970's, dies at 74RussSaturday, June 17, 11:37:33pm1
ARCHIVE: June 17, 1974 ~Actress Pamela Britton, known for her many stage/film and TV roles, but forever remembered as ditzy landlady 'Mrs. Lorelei Brown' in TV's 1960s sitcom, "My Favorite Martian", died just 2 weeks after brain tumor diagnosis, at age 51. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, June 17, 08:02:02pm9
Archive: Jeff Chandler, June 17, 1961ActorSaturday, June 17, 01:59:23pm2
Baldwin Lonsdale, President of VanuatuDead at 67Saturday, June 17, 01:41:28pm1
Helmut Kohl, Germany's ex-chancellorDead at 87Saturday, June 17, 01:39:15pm7
Happy Bday! Actor Peter Lupus (85) Actor Tom Simcox (80) Actor William Lucking (76) Singer Barry Manilow (74) Actor Frank Ashmore (72) Actor Shô Kosugi (69) Actor Joe Piscopo (66) (NT)ColtSaturday, June 17, 11:49:53am3
Gilberto Galimberti, Actor, stuntmanDead at 84Saturday, June 17, 11:39:25am1
Healthwatch: Jim Marrs, JFK conspiracy author"Fighting the good fight," family announcesSaturday, June 17, 11:38:00am2
Healthwatch: Tucker CarlsonEmergency AppendectomySaturday, June 17, 11:31:02am2
Archive: George Reeves, June 16, 1959SupermanSaturday, June 17, 11:30:07am2
Happy 99th Birthday! Derek Barnaer, Baron Barber of Tewkesbury, WW2 Military Figure John Waddy is 97. Writer Margaret Crosland is 97, Politician Patrick Duffy is 97, WW2 Military Figure Peter Le Cheminant is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, June 17, 11:29:23am4
Healthwatch: Jerry Lewis (NT)How is he doing?Saturday, June 17, 12:20:06am18
O.T: Olivia de Havilland nearing 101 becomes the oldest woman to receive a Damehood from the Queen.In the modern honors systemFriday, June 16, 10:38:40pm3
Father Baldwin Lonsdale, current President of the pacific island country of VanuatuDies suddenlyFriday, June 16, 06:58:26pm2
O.T: 7 U.S. sailors missing after Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald collides with merchant ship near Japan.Friday, June 16, 06:41:16pm1
Archive: Nicholas Ray, June 16, 1979Film directorFriday, June 16, 06:19:01pm4
ARCHIVE: June 16, 1915 ~Elmer Booth, VERY early film actor found notoriety in early Silent works of W.D. Griffith, like 1912's "The Musketeers of Pig Alley", cited by many film experts as the FIRST gangster film, his performance paving way for Cagney & Bogart decades later. ...Booth, 32, killed as passenger, in single-car accident, by driver director Tod Browning, ...Friday, June 16, 06:05:34pm2
Mickey Roker, Drummer, performed with Sonny Rollins, Horace Silver, Tommy Flanagan, Herbie Hancock, Ella Fitzgerald, & many othersDead at 84Friday, June 16, 05:36:12pm1
Happy Bday! Actress Annie Cordy (89) Actor Bill Cobbs (83) Actor Michael Culver (79) Actor Lee Paul (78) Actor Mel Novak (75) Actress Joan Van Ark (74) (NT)ColtFriday, June 16, 05:26:55pm11
Archive: Kristen Pfaff, June 16, 1994Bassist for HoleFriday, June 16, 04:25:20pm2
ARCHIVE: June 16, 1939 ~Famed Jazz drummer/orchestra leader Chick Webb, who found success as one of the great pioneers of Swing, all the while battling TB of the spine throughout his life, despite deforming his frame, became a true force in a new era of music, dies at 34. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, June 16, 01:33:40pm2
Archive: Reginald Denny, June 16, 1967ActorFriday, June 16, 01:30:22pm2
Producer/Director George CaseyDies at 84Friday, June 16, 12:41:45pm4
2 members of Ohio family band dead, 1 hospitalized, in murder- attempted suicideBeach City, OhioFriday, June 16, 11:33:29am2
James Hall, PA announcer for of New York Giants & NY YankeesDead at 84Friday, June 16, 11:25:09am1
Art Jackson, World War II Medal of Honor recipientDies at 92. Only 4 WWII Medal of Honor soldiers still alive.Thursday, June 15, 05:04:15pm1
Healthwatch: Red Sox legend Jerry RemyCancer returnsThursday, June 15, 04:44:06pm1
Archive: John B. Connally, June 15, 1993Tex. Gov, wounded with JFKThursday, June 15, 04:40:16pm2
BAT-SIGNAL To Be Lit Over Los Angeles In Honor of Adam West! ...BuckeyeThursday, June 15, 04:37:58pm7
Archive: Victor French, June 15, 1989ActorThursday, June 15, 04:37:37pm2
Joseph "Mad Dog" Sullivan, Mafia hitmanDead at 78Thursday, June 15, 04:31:07pm2
  • Mo' info- -- He was the son of a police detective!, Thursday, June 15, 04:31:07pm
Happy Bday! Actor Antony Carbone (92) Director Rick Rosenthal (68) (NT)ColtThursday, June 15, 04:27:03pm12
ARCHIVE: June 15, 2003 ~Canadian-born Award-winning stage & screen actor Hume Cronyn, whose Hollywood career lasted over 60 years, until his death from cancer, at age 91. ...Married to second wife actress Jessica Tandy, for 52 years.Thursday, June 15, 02:27:53pm1
Actress Anita PallenbergDies at 73Thursday, June 15, 01:18:07pm8
Kirk Jones, Who survived historic Niagara Falls plunge, dies in return 14 years laterHe was 54Thursday, June 15, 01:13:01pm1
ARCHIVE: June 12, 1994 ~It was 23 years ago Nicole Brown-Simpson, ex-wife of OJ Simpson and friend Ron Goldman were butchered in front of her Brentwood home. ...OJ Simpson was arrested, tried and acquitted of the double-murders, later found civilly liable.Thursday, June 15, 12:14:28pm9
Jim Graham, Ex- Wash, DC city councilmanDead at 71Thursday, June 15, 11:54:49am1
Alexey Batalov, Russian actor ("Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears")Dead at 88Thursday, June 15, 11:41:28am1
UPS worker opens fire on co-workers at San Francisco package facilityMultiple people believed killed and woundedThursday, June 15, 11:32:58am2
Jose Greci, Italian actress had roles in Ben-Hur, Hercules and gladiator filmsDies at 76Thursday, June 15, 07:41:54am9
Marian Berkett, Louisiana's oldest lawyer, last survivor of an anti- Huey Long leagueDead at 104Wednesday, June 14, 04:30:07pm1
A.R. Gurney, Playwright ("Love Letters")Dead at 86Wednesday, June 14, 04:27:36pm2
Bennett Morgan, Agent for Jazz greatsDead at 85Wednesday, June 14, 04:16:35pm1
James Galton, Savior of Marvel Comics in the '70'sDead at 92Wednesday, June 14, 04:14:06pm1
Actor Sam BeazleyDies at 101Wednesday, June 14, 04:09:58pm3
ARCHIVE: June 12, 2003 ~Academy Award-winning Hollywood Film Star Gregory Peck, consider one of the most popular film stars from the 1940s to the 1960s, dies after accomplished life, at age 87. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, June 14, 01:46:36pm4
Rick Tuten, Football player (Eagles, Seahawks, Bills, Rams)Dead at 52Wednesday, June 14, 12:45:38pm1
Max Heinzelmann, Poker playerDead at 26Wednesday, June 14, 12:42:32pm1
Gloria Fajardo, Mother of singer Gloria EstefanDead at 88Wednesday, June 14, 12:39:40pm1
Healthwatch: Steve Scalise, Republican politicianInjured in multiple shooting in VirginiaWednesday, June 14, 12:16:47pm5
ARCHIVE: June 13, 1979 ~Former child actress Darla Hood, forever remembered as a member of "Our Gang" fame, dies at the early age of 48, of complications of acute Hep-C, contracted from a blood transfusion after 1979 appendectomy. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, June 14, 11:51:36am4
Healthwatch: Otto Warmbier, Student held prisoner in North KoreaIn a comaWednesday, June 14, 11:46:02am2
Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Survived 1979 bombing that killed her fatherDead at 93Wednesday, June 14, 11:36:19am1
Happy 103rd Birthday! Actress Gisele Casadesus, Dancer Zoe Dell Nutter is 102, Journalist Lise Norgaard is 100, Actress June Spencer is 98. Actress Joan Gates is 97,Actress Tamara Nizsinszky is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, June 14, 11:33:42am5
ARCHIVE: June 10, 2002 ~John Gotti, flashy, Italian-American gangster who became boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City, rose to power only to be toppled by his own, dies in prison at age 61. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, June 14, 11:24:08am4
Happy Bday! Actor Jim Nabors (87) Actor Jack Thibeau (71) Actor Roger Aaron Brown (68) (NT)ColtWednesday, June 14, 11:23:00am4
ARCHIVE: June 12, 2016 ~It was one YEAR ago today, America saw the worst single mass shooting killings in its history, with 49 dead at a gay nightclub from a self-loathing 29 year-old gay shooter. ...WIkiWednesday, June 14, 11:13:14am2
UK actress Doreen Andrew dead at 93. ...Obit & PHOTOWednesday, June 14, 11:11:58am2
  • Imdb -- link, Wednesday, June 14, 11:11:58am
London fireEM DowneyWednesday, June 14, 08:25:29am1
Stars we've lost in 2017And we're only in June!Wednesday, June 14, 04:44:50am3
Healthwatch: Lee Ryan (singer with Blue)Serious complication of tonsillitisWednesday, June 14, 04:41:59am1
TV HEADS-UP: For those who have cable's SHOWTIME premium channel, new biodoc premiers today; "BECOMING CARY GRANT", with new insights on the Hollywood star's life! ...Check local listings! -TRAILER ...Tuesday, June 13, 11:51:07pm3
Though it was announced earlier this year, but the long-awaited RE-internment of Hollywood legend Judy Garland, took place yesterday at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 48 years after her death, and on what would have been her 95th birthday. ...Garland had been interred in NY's Ferncliff Cemetery since 1969.Tuesday, June 13, 11:30:18pm6
America's Got Talent contestant killed in Maryland as passenger in single-car accident today. Driver veered off road leading to one fatality and two injured. ...His audition episode on 'AGT' has yet to air.Tuesday, June 13, 09:28:42pm1
judy garland re buriedKenTuesday, June 13, 07:03:25pm3
OT: Amazing- 2 of the 10 oldest-verified people ever are currently living ...Violet Brown (117 years 94 days) and Nabi Tajima (116 years, 312 days)Tuesday, June 13, 05:28:45pm3
Actress Tessa MallosDies at 73Tuesday, June 13, 04:28:58pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, June 13, 04:28:58pm
O.T. Actress And Norman High School Acting Teacher Olivia Cunningham Was Uncredited For Batman and Laugh InDavid S.Tuesday, June 13, 03:04:14pm3
James Galton, former president and CEO of Marvel EntertainmentDies at 92Tuesday, June 13, 09:29:59am1
Happy Bday! Actor Bob McGrath (85) Actor Malcolm McDowell (74) Director Geoff Murphy (71) Actress Belinda Bauer (67) Actor Richard Thomas (66) (NT)ColtTuesday, June 13, 02:13:08am3
ARCHIVE: June 10, 1976 ~Adolph Zukor, Film mogul and founder of Paramount Pictures, dies at 103. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, June 12, 08:49:37pm23
Folk Singer Rosalie SorrelsDies at 83Monday, June 12, 05:30:13pm2
My guess on today's picture is Gregg Allman (NT),Monday, June 12, 03:06:21pm6
OT: Veteran Broadway musical actress Barbara Cook, 89, announces her retirement. ...NY TimesSunday, June 11, 04:41:36pm2
Adam WestDies at 88Sunday, June 11, 04:13:21pm37
Happy Bday! Actor Johnny Brown (80) Actor Jordan Rhodes (78) Actress Adrienne Barbeau (72) Director Paul Lynch (71) Actor Michael Swan (69) Actor Sherman Howard (68) (NT)ColtSunday, June 11, 01:48:29pm8
ARCHIVE: June 11, 1996 ~Forgotten German-born actress Brigitte Helm, who peaked with the classic epic Silent film, METROPOLIS, whose image of her feminine form became an iconic image from the Silent era of filmmaking, dies at 88. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, June 11, 01:46:39pm1
OT: I just saw an autopsy show about Steve Jobs. It said one reason for his demise was his fruitarian diet weakened him in his battle against cancer. (NT)You could say he died from eating...too many Apples.Sunday, June 11, 01:19:34pm1
Actor Sean RiceDies at 69Sunday, June 11, 12:22:30pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, June 11, 12:22:30pm
Robert E. Fuisz, M.D., Pioneer in Medical Communications and Acclaimed Television ProducerDies at 82Sunday, June 11, 07:15:37am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, June 11, 07:15:37am
Saturday's Photo: I just don't knowJoySaturday, June 10, 08:09:37pm4
Oreo, family cat of Vice President Mike Pence's family, dies at 13RussSaturday, June 10, 07:25:57pm1
Happy Bday! Actress Luciana Paluzzi (80) Actor Mickey Jones (76) Actor Jürgen Prochnow (76) Actor Frankie Faison (68) (NT)ColtSaturday, June 10, 04:50:16pm10
Isabelle Rapin, Who Advanced Concept of an Autism SpectrumDead at 89Saturday, June 10, 04:45:07pm1
ARCHIVE: June 10, 1967 ~It was 50 years ago today, actor Spencer Tracy, 67, considered by many the best of Hollywood's Golden Era, dies one morning in the guest house of friend director George Cukor, just 2 weeks after completing last role in GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, June 10, 01:42:15pm5
Healthwatch: Ex-Top Gear host Richard Hammond injured in Swiss car crashRushed to hospitalSaturday, June 10, 01:40:56pm1
ARCHIVE: June 10, 1971 ~UK-born film actor, best known for tall, suave roles, best remembered by film audiences as unassuming alien 'Klaatu' from another planet in 1951 sci-fi classic, 'THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, dies at 61. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, June 10, 01:31:31pm1
Actress Glenne HeadlyDies at 63Saturday, June 10, 12:35:17pm17
Sam Panopoulos, pizza pioneerDead at 83Saturday, June 10, 12:01:08pm3
Sandra Reemer, Dutch Eurovision singerDead at 66Saturday, June 10, 11:22:34am2
Friday's pic- Actress Herta Ware, widow of Will Geer (Grandpa Walton) (NT)DarrenSaturday, June 10, 12:01:11am8
ARCHIVE: June 7, 1967 ~Dorothy Parker, poet, short story writer, critic, and satirist, best known for her wit, wisecracks and eye for 20th-century urban foibles, dies 50 years ago today. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, June 09, 06:35:19pm7
Hector Wagner, Baseball player (Kansas City Royals)Dead at 48Friday, June 09, 06:23:20pm2
Fred Koenekamp, Oscar-winning cinematographer known for his work on such films as Patton, Papillon and The Towering InfernoDead at 94Friday, June 09, 03:42:47pm3
Producer John HeymanDies at 84Friday, June 09, 03:39:17pm3
TV HEADS-UP: For those who have cable's HBO premium, Carl Reiner's comic documentary "IF YOU'RE NOT IN THE OBIT, EAT BREAKFAST", a study of seniors 90+ ...Check local listings! -TRAILER ...Friday, June 09, 01:25:17pm8
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Katsve Hiraishi, Football's (Australian) Ken Feltscheer is 102, Actor Raul Guillet is 97, Astronomer Guido Munch is 96, Actor Tony Britton is 93, Actress Waltraut Haas is 90, Lawyer Sornell Trope turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, June 09, 12:46:50pm7
Songwriter Norro WilsonDies at 79Friday, June 09, 11:39:25am4
Ron Starr, WrestlerDead at 67Friday, June 09, 11:37:34am1
Archive: Robert Taylor, June 8, 1969ActorFriday, June 09, 08:14:30am3
T.O.P. (Choi Seung-hyun), K-Pop singerIn intensive care from a suspected drug overdoseFriday, June 09, 07:19:15am1
Earl Lestz, Paramount exec. credited with modernizing studioDead at 78Friday, June 09, 04:03:17am4
Carlo Driggs, Lead singer with Paul Revere and the Raiders from 1983 to 2004Dead at 73Thursday, June 08, 11:07:25pm8
Angela Brodie, scientist who helped make major advances in breast cancer treatment, dies at 82Washington Post obitsThursday, June 08, 06:32:03pm1
Archive: Satchel" Paige, June 8, 1982Baseball playerThursday, June 08, 05:02:07pm1
Ex-NFL player James Hardy found dead in riverHe was 31Thursday, June 08, 04:53:06pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, June 08, 04:53:06pm
Happy Bday! Actor Don Kennedy (97) Actor Charles Tyner (92) Actress Peggy Maley (91) Actor Jerry Stiller (90) Actor James Darren (81) Actor Bernie Casey (78) (NT)ColtThursday, June 08, 04:51:55pm21
Rita Riggs, Costume Designer for Alfred Hitchcock and 'The Jeffersons,'Dead at 86Thursday, June 08, 11:52:20am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 08, 11:52:20am
Healthwatch: Phil CollinsFalls and hits headThursday, June 08, 11:49:15am4
Cuban musician Tito PuentesDies at 88Thursday, June 08, 10:47:23am2
Vic Gold, GOP consultant and writer who reveled in political theater, dies at 88Washington Post obituaryWednesday, June 07, 06:44:01pm1
Actor and "Hee Haw" Writer Tom LutzDies at 78Wednesday, June 07, 06:39:48pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, June 07, 06:39:48pm
ARCHIVE: June 7, 1998 ~James Byrd Jr., African-American Jasper, TX resident killed by two racist dragging him to his death, by a chain on the back of their truck, decapitating him. The 'hate crime' helped sparked legistlation bill to pass into law by Pres. Obama in 2009. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, June 07, 06:13:14pm1
ARCHIVE: June 7, 1937 ~It was 80 years ago today, Hollywood lost one of its brightest stars, MGM's Jean Harlow, femme fatale film actress and sex symbol of the 1930s, dies of kidney disease at age 26. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, June 07, 05:41:32pm1
Painter Trento LongarettiDies at 100Wednesday, June 07, 05:21:39pm1
Susan Landau, Producer & managerDead at 65Wednesday, June 07, 05:16:52pm2
Jeff Ziolo, Bassist for Final Dissent, murderedhe was 35Wednesday, June 07, 05:11:42pm1
Healthwatch: Ethan Farmer, Bassist for Lionel RitchieHospitalized after suicide attemptWednesday, June 07, 05:09:48pm1
Howard Marguleas,Introduced Hawaiian pineapples to the mainlandDead at 82Wednesday, June 07, 05:06:49pm1
Charles Simmons, Novelist & criticDead at 92Wednesday, June 07, 05:04:53pm1
Archive: Bob Welch, June 7, 2012MusicianWednesday, June 07, 05:03:11pm3
Happy Bday! Director James Ivory (89) Actress Virginia McKenna (86) Actress Diana Millay (82) Singer Tom Jones (77) (NT)ColtWednesday, June 07, 04:52:59pm9
Author & TV Writer James YaffeDies at 90Wednesday, June 07, 04:26:56pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, June 07, 04:26:56pm
Uk's Davey Lambert, competitive motorcyclist ...Dead at 48 ...Wednesday, June 07, 04:20:58pm2
Archive: Conway Twitty, June 5, 1993SingerWednesday, June 07, 12:55:29pm6
Healthwatch:Stacy KeachFalls ill on stageWednesday, June 07, 12:53:47pm3
OT: Authorities alarmed by dozens of overdoses in Georgia, over the past 48 hours! ...SadWednesday, June 07, 12:23:46pm3
MTV "Road Rules" star Danny Dias found deadDead at 34 (drugs appear to be the cause)Wednesday, June 07, 12:01:31pm1
Archive: Stan Getz, June 6, 1991Jazz musicianWednesday, June 07, 11:45:34am4
John Muir, BBC Radio producerDead at 80Wednesday, June 07, 06:44:34am1
Andy Cunningham, children's TV show creator and starDead at 67Wednesday, June 07, 05:47:09am1
ARCHIVE: June 6, 2005 ~Famed actress of stage/film/TV Anne Bancroft, whose career garnered 5 Ocsar nods (1 win), 8 Golden Globe nods (2 wins), 6 EMMY nods (2 wins), 7 BAFTA nods (3 wins), 3 TONY nods (2 wins), dies at 73 after cancer battle. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, June 06, 07:55:24pm8
Actor Brandon JamesDies at 20Tuesday, June 06, 07:46:49pm3
Tue. pic., Kirk Kerkorian; died 2 years ago at 98. He was worth $4B at the time of his death.His wiki page...Tuesday, June 06, 05:56:23pm2
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Doris Farrar, Writer Giuseppe Aldo Rossi is 104, WW2 Military Figure Jerzy Lastowski is 101, Peter Carrington,6th Baron of Carrington is 98, Actress Doris Merrick is 98, Musician Robert Hugh Willoughby is 96 (NT)jlpTuesday, June 06, 04:35:33pm8
Marilyn Hall, Emmy-winning producer & wife of Monty HallDies at 90Tuesday, June 06, 04:29:36pm4
Beverly Woodward, former NH first ladyDead at 98Tuesday, June 06, 03:56:02pm2
Skipp Pearson, Jazz musicianDead at 79Tuesday, June 06, 01:40:51pm1
Adnan Khashoggi: Saudi billionaire arms dealerDead at 82Tuesday, June 06, 12:22:11pm4
Neil Gordon, Academic & author ("The Company You Keep")Dead at 59Tuesday, June 06, 12:04:58pm1
Has Roger Smith passed?Actor, Ann-Margret's husbandTuesday, June 06, 11:54:36am25
Vin Garbutt, British folksingerDies at 69Tuesday, June 06, 11:52:37am2
Washington Sixolo, African actor had roles in Shaka Zulu mini-series and Ernest Goes to AfricaDies at 83Tuesday, June 06, 11:48:33am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, June 06, 11:48:33am
Happy 99th Birthday! Artist Gladys Maccabe, Actor Carl Ford is 97, WW2 Military Figure James Francis Edwards is 96, Physician P.K.Warrier is 96, Actress Peggy Stewart is 94, Actor Bill Hayes is 92, Gov't. Offiicial Peter G. Peterson is 91, Actress June Harlan is 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, June 06, 11:47:03am5
Lillian Sharkey, American SupercentenarianDies at 110Tuesday, June 06, 11:45:24am2
Healthwatch: Jerry LewisWas hospitlaizedTuesday, June 06, 11:44:18am5
OT: Richard Overton, America's oldest veteran, tells allAt 111, drinks, smokes cigarsTuesday, June 06, 11:42:02am2
Jack Trout, American author and marketing executive hired by the State Department to try and sell the Iraq War to the publicDies at 82Tuesday, June 06, 07:48:30am1
Zhang Tianfu, Chinese agronomist and tea expertDead at 106Tuesday, June 06, 07:47:00am1
Sam Gould, Brexit campaigner and activistDead at 33Tuesday, June 06, 07:33:34am1
Judy Poffo dies at 90, (widow of pro wrestler Angelo Poffo, d. 2010)Mother of Randy "Macho Man" Savage (d. 2011) & Lanny PoffoMonday, June 05, 06:46:15pm1
Orlando Mass Shooting: Multiple fatatalities and injuries as ex-employee opens fire at workplace..Monday, June 05, 04:36:51pm3
ARCHIVE: June 5, 1996 ~Veteran Hollywood character actor Vito Scotti, who played (mainly) comic roles, best remembered in classic 1960s TV roles, dies at 78. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, June 05, 04:02:32pm1
Cheick Tiote, footballerDead at 30Monday, June 05, 03:08:58pm1
Helen Dunmore, WriterDead at 64Monday, June 05, 02:22:36pm1
Herman Starrette, Baseball player (Orioles)Dead at 80Monday, June 05, 02:19:39pm1
Actor Peter SallisDies at 96Monday, June 05, 01:17:57pm5
Archive: Jack Gilford, June 4, 1990ActorMonday, June 05, 11:36:52am5
Lizzie Wood, American SupercentenarianDies at 112Monday, June 05, 11:34:56am3
ARCHIVE: June 4, 1994 ~Italian actor Massimo Troisi, best known internationally for his last swan song Academy Award-nominated film performance in "Il Postino (The Postman)", whose character dies in the film, dies himself of heart ailment at 41. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, June 05, 10:01:45am2
Saul Stermer dies at 97.Holocaust survivor & subject of the film "No Place on Earth".Monday, June 05, 06:20:45am1
Healthwatch: Former L.A.Laker/New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher and “Basketball Wives” reality star Gloria Govan were hurt in crash, as Fisher flips car, and later booked for DUI. ...Accident occurred on 101 Freeway in Los Angeles.Monday, June 05, 03:37:00am1
Today's pic is a very important fellow what you should learn about!Leo Gorcey (1917- 1969)Sunday, June 04, 06:09:28pm11
Jeffrey Campbell, aka Educated Rapper or EMD of rap group UTFODead at 54Sunday, June 04, 04:34:16pm2
Archive: Ronnie Lane, June 4, 1997MusicianSunday, June 04, 04:22:14pm2
Jimmy Piersall, baseball great probably best known for his struggles with mental illness, dies at 87RussSunday, June 04, 04:15:59pm10
Sir Jeffrey Tate, conductorDead at 74Sunday, June 04, 02:17:24pm1
People that have passed away from the TV show InterventionRipSunday, June 04, 02:06:54pm1
Archive: Andres Segovia, June 2, 1987GuitaristSunday, June 04, 02:01:39pm4
Happy Bday! Actor Geoffrey Palmer (90) Actress Morgana King (87) Actor Bruce Dern (81) Actress Michelle Phillips (73) Actress Margie Impert (69) (NT)ColtSunday, June 04, 12:26:49pm8
Tino Insana, Second City alum, some films ("Neighbors", "Three Amigos")Dead at 69Sunday, June 04, 11:54:24am3
David Delfin, Spanish fashion designerDead at 46Sunday, June 04, 11:49:19am1
Actor Vassili LambrinosDies at 91Sunday, June 04, 11:42:24am3
Composer/Pianist Joe ShermanDies at 90Sunday, June 04, 11:39:08am3
Happy 99th Birthday! Country Musician Charlie Aldrich, Actress Helen Marcy is 97, Neurophysiologist Torsten Wiesl is 93, Politician Roscoe Bartlett is 91, Actor Keith Banks id 90, Actor Staton Mui is 90. Singer Suzt Quatro turns 67. (NT)jlpSaturday, June 03, 09:14:41pm5
ARCHIVE: June 3, 2010 ~Rue McClanahan, veteran Hollywood actress who found fame in not one, but three TV series, MAUDE, MAMA's FAMILY, GOLDEN GIRLS (respectively), earning Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress ("Golden Girls") and series' youngest cast member, dies at 76. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, June 03, 07:18:31pm1
ARCHIVE: June 3, 2016 ~Mohammad Ali, regarded as one of the leading heavyweight boxers of the 20th century, remains the only three-time lineal heavyweight champion, having won the title in 1964, 1974, and 1978, dies after Parkinsons battle at 74. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, June 03, 06:09:02pm1
Archive: David Carradine, June 3, 2009ActorSaturday, June 03, 04:42:17pm1
Sonja Sutter, German actressDead at 86Saturday, June 03, 04:39:33pm1
Sara Ehrman, Feisty Liberal With Deep Ties to ClintonsDead at 98Saturday, June 03, 04:34:48pm1
Sally Kellerman lost her husband and daughterSadlySaturday, June 03, 04:24:41pm5
Healthwatch: Trista Sutter ("The Bachelorette")Hospitalized after seizureSaturday, June 03, 02:26:09pm1
Archive: Will Sampson, June 3, 1987ActorSaturday, June 03, 01:03:00pm2
ARCHIVE: June 2, 2012 ~UK-born Hollwood TV personality Richard Dawson, first known to TV audiences as cast member on TV's HOGAN'S HEROES, then made fame as host of TV's FAMILY FEUD, dies at 79. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, June 03, 12:34:10pm7
OT: Is the Dead Rock Stars Club OFFICIALLY dead? I know, deja-vu all over again, but still worth askingIf so, it's a shame :(Saturday, June 03, 11:39:33am6
Barbara Goetz Windom dies at 82 (Ex-wife of actor William Windom, d. 2012)Daughter of producer William Goetz & granddaughter of MGM co-founder Louis B. MayerSaturday, June 03, 11:33:29am8
Does anyone know if Ethel Drew is still alive?Wife of Wilfred Hyde WhiteSaturday, June 03, 09:12:00am3
Here's a story guaranteed to make you feel good! Hazel Plummer of Mass. celebrates her 109th birthday!LinkSaturday, June 03, 08:46:57am2
Director & Producer Maury DexterDies at 89Friday, June 02, 09:39:48pm4
Jack O'Neill, Surf wetsuit pioneerDead at 94Friday, June 02, 04:37:07pm1
Chandraswamy, Guru to Celebrities in the 1980's who fell from favorDead at 66Friday, June 02, 04:35:20pm1
Actress Margaret Ann GarzaDies at 31Friday, June 02, 03:05:57pm4
Fred Kummerow, Early opponent of Trans FatsDead at 102Friday, June 02, 01:18:27pm1
Jack McCloskey, former Detroit Pistons General ManagerDead at 91Friday, June 02, 01:16:53pm1
Healthwatch: Hockey player- sports commentator Bob McGillSuffers strokeFriday, June 02, 12:42:09pm1
Bern Nix, jazz guitarist with Ornette Coleman, age 69 .....Ed TraceyFriday, June 02, 12:39:13pm2
Happy Bday! Actor Richard McKenzie (87) Actress Sally Kellerman (80) Actor Stacy Keach (76) Actor Charles Haid (74) Actor Jerry Mathers (69) (NT)ColtFriday, June 02, 11:52:28am8
Photo for June 2nd - Actor Max Showalter AKA Casey Adams (Died July 30, 2000) (NT)The original Ward Cleaver.Friday, June 02, 11:42:21am7
Healthwatch: Singer BrandyHospitalized after losing consciousness on a planeFriday, June 02, 11:30:33am1
Jiøí Bìlohlávek, conductor for BBCDead at 71Friday, June 02, 01:55:00am1
Happy Bday! Actor Richard Erdman (92) Singer Pat Boone (83) Actor Peter Masterson (83) Actor Morgan Freeman (80) (NT)ColtFriday, June 02, 12:02:36am18
Eddie Lewis of The OlympicsWestern Movies, Baby Do The Philly Dog, etc...Thursday, June 01, 09:33:50pm6
Elena Verdugo has died.Thursday, June 01, 07:50:37pm19
ARCHIVE: June 1, 1943 ~Leslie Howard, famed UK-born Hollywood actor film actor/director/producer, and writer killed by German forces, flying to Bristol, UK, from Lisbon, Portugal, at age 50. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, June 01, 07:33:13pm1
William Hector dies at 100Father of former child actors Jay, Kim & Pat HectorThursday, June 01, 05:32:11pm2
Roberto De Vicenzo, Golfer ......Dead at 94.Thursday, June 01, 04:31:26pm2
Up coming Tony awards memoriam list.Thursday, June 01, 02:10:14pm7
Francesca Sliwa, Mother of Guardian Angels founder Curtis SliwaDead at 94Thursday, June 01, 01:58:33pm2
Vince Deadrick, Sr., Stuntman, actor ("Star Trek", "Dirty Harry")Dead at 84Thursday, June 01, 01:55:30pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 01, 01:55:30pm
Reinhold Hanning, Former SS sergeant convicted of 170,000 counts of accessory to murderDead at 95Thursday, June 01, 01:53:45pm2
Albert Deschesne, Comic book artistDied May 30thThursday, June 01, 01:52:38pm1
Elliot Martin, Prolific Broadway ProducerDead at 93Thursday, June 01, 01:51:31pm1
ARCHIVE: May 29, 1936 ~Former child actor Norman 'Chubby' Chaney' best known as an OUR GANG child actor, a replacement for original chubby Our Gang member Joe Cobb. Chaney later dies after glandular ailment treatment ......a treatment that plummeted his weight from 300lbs to 140lbs in short period. He was only 21. ...Thursday, June 01, 01:49:28pm6
Jiří Bělohlávek, Czech conductorDead at 71Thursday, June 01, 12:09:36pm1
Roy BarracloughDead at 81Thursday, June 01, 12:03:30pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 01, 12:03:30pm
OT: How is Valerie Harper doing? I ask after some of my friends tell me that Olivia Newton-John is doomedYes, it doesn't sound good but .....Thursday, June 01, 11:59:21am4
Singer Curtis Womack of The Valentinos dies at 74Brother of Bobby WomackWednesday, May 31, 07:50:00pm4
Regarding that Barry van Dyke death hoax, heads should roll at the National Enquirer for running with the story without more confirmation (NT).Wednesday, May 31, 07:01:25pm6
Joe Hyams, LOngtime Warner Bros. publicistDead at 90Wednesday, May 31, 04:36:10pm3
Songwriter Joy ByersDies at 82Wednesday, May 31, 04:31:49pm5
3 bodies found at John Lennon's former homeLiverpoolWednesday, May 31, 04:28:46pm1
Songwriter Bob ForsheeDies at 80Wednesday, May 31, 04:26:51pm3
OT: Mary Kay Letourneau Splits from Former Student More Than 20 Years After Illicit AffairHave legally separated and a reconciliation seems unlikelyWednesday, May 31, 04:23:57pm6
The Children Guitarist Kenny Cordary dies in murder-suicide at 62Shot to death by his son.Wednesday, May 31, 03:45:47pm2
The Children Guitarist Kenny Cordray dies in murder-suicide at 62Shot to death by his son.Wednesday, May 31, 03:45:09pm2
Actress Anne Kimbell RelphDies at 84Wednesday, May 31, 02:49:47pm2
  • IMDB -- Link, Wednesday, May 31, 02:49:47pm
Healthwatch: Kevin Jonas, Father of the Jonas BrothersColon cancerWednesday, May 31, 01:55:36pm1
Author Gary Patterson ("The Walrus Was Paul")Dies at 66Wednesday, May 31, 01:37:37pm1
Archive: William Castle, May 31, 1977Producer- directorWednesday, May 31, 12:45:59pm2
Archive: Billy Strayhorn, May 31, 1967Musician, composerWednesday, May 31, 12:43:25pm1
Happy Bday! Actor Clint Eastwood (87) Actress Sharon Gless (74) Actor Tom Berenger (68) Actor Gregory Harrison (67) (NT)ColtWednesday, May 31, 12:35:01pm5
Tom Graham, Former Denver Broncos linebackerHas diedWednesday, May 31, 12:24:39pm1
Healthwatch: Olivia Newton- JohnCancer returns, cancels concertsWednesday, May 31, 12:20:27pm9
Lyn James, Australian actress had a regular role on "The Young Doctors."Dies at 87Wednesday, May 31, 12:15:27pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 31, 12:15:27pm
Archive: Vic Tayback, May 25, 1990Character actorWednesday, May 31, 12:12:02pm4
Sonny West, actor & part of Elvis' Memphis MafiaDies at 79Wednesday, May 31, 11:01:24am5
Arleen Lanzotti of The Delicates - 1944-2017Ronnie AllenTuesday, May 30, 11:06:30pm9
Archive: Claude Rains, May 30, 1967ActorTuesday, May 30, 04:42:59pm1
Michael Ogiens, TV producerDead at 69Tuesday, May 30, 04:26:10pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, May 30, 04:26:10pm
E.L. Woody, "King of the Paparazzi"Dead at 70Tuesday, May 30, 04:22:52pm1
Actor Pat RidleyDies at 82Tuesday, May 30, 03:17:35pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, May 30, 03:17:35pm
Today's pic (Tues.) -Jacque Fresco, a self-taught and passionate industrial designer who envisioned an alternative society where money would be eliminated and resources distributed equitably by computers, died on May 18, at age 101. ...Obit ...Tuesday, May 30, 03:10:44pm4
Actor Robert Michael MorrisDies at 77Tuesday, May 30, 01:40:20pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, May 30, 01:40:20pm
Happy Bday! Actor Jimmy Lydon (94) Actor Clint Walker (90) Actress Ruta Lee (82) Actor Keir Dullea (81) Actress Deanna Lund (80) (NT)ColtTuesday, May 30, 01:23:03pm11
Jahqui Sevilla, Survived Orlando nightclub massacre only to die in a car crashShe was 20Tuesday, May 30, 12:15:26pm2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Tuesday, May 30, 12:15:26pm
Michael Nance, contestant on Season 8 of "The Bachelorette"He was 31Tuesday, May 30, 11:57:31am2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Tuesday, May 30, 11:57:31am
Actress Molly PetersDies at 75Tuesday, May 30, 11:37:07am3
Manuel Noriega, the former Panamanian dictator and convicted drug trafficker who was once one of Central America's most notorious military strongmen, has died in a Panama hospital. ...He was 83.Tuesday, May 30, 11:31:43am2
Frank Deford, legendary sports writer and commentatorDies at 78Tuesday, May 30, 03:58:11am7
OT: Singer-songwriter Dick Feller is no longer a feller?I thought this was a joke. Guess it's true. Only found out today.Monday, May 29, 08:50:46pm3
ARCHIVE: May 29, 1957 ~James Whale, Uk-born film director, theatre director and actor, best remembered for his four classic horror films like "Frankenstein" (1931), and Invisible Man (1933), took his own life in his home swimming pool, at age 67. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, May 29, 06:25:47pm2
OT: Tiger Woods arrested for DUIFloridaMonday, May 29, 06:16:44pm6
John Severson, Surfer Who Illustrated Allure of WavesDead at 83Monday, May 29, 05:15:46pm3
Happy Bday! Actress Nanette Newman (83) Actor Kevin Conway (75) Actress Julie Cobb (70) Actor Anthony Geary (70) Actor Nick Mancuso (69) Actor Robert Axelrod (68) (NT)ColtMonday, May 29, 05:08:25pm10
Constantine Mitsotakis, Ex- PM of GreeceDead at 98Monday, May 29, 03:14:52pm2
Arcive: Audie Murphy, May 28, 1971Most decorated US soldier of WW 2, later an actorMonday, May 29, 12:10:23pm8
Etienne J. Murphy, US Army Ranger, killed in vehicle accident in SyriaHe was 22Monday, May 29, 11:47:05am1
Ken Ackerman, Quintessential Bay Area radio announcerDead at 95Monday, May 29, 11:32:11am2
Actor & Stuntman Jon OvergaauwDies at 31Monday, May 29, 11:29:32am4
John Noakes, Television Presenter, (Blue Peter) (Go with Noakes)Dies at 83Monday, May 29, 06:15:26am1
Not a good day for actor-stuntmen ... Two consecutive death posts (NT)I won't say what I was going to addSunday, May 28, 08:33:33pm2
Stuntman & Actor Bret DavidsonDies at 58Sunday, May 28, 06:58:09pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, May 28, 06:58:09pm
Happy Bday! Actress Carroll Baker (86) Actor Shane Rimmer (85) Actor John Karlen (84) Actress Sondra Locke (73) Actress Patricia Quinn (73) Singer John Fogerty (72) (NT)ColtSunday, May 28, 05:55:21pm8
ARCHIVE: May 26, 2008 ~Academy Award/Emmy-winning actor/director Sydney Pollack, who directed more than 20 films and 10 television shows, acted in over 30 films or shows, and produced over 44 films, dies at 73. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, May 28, 05:27:12pm5
Marcus Intalex, aka Trevino, British DJ & recrd producerHas diedSunday, May 28, 04:35:38pm2
OT: Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor split after 17 years of marriageThey have 2 kidsSunday, May 28, 03:11:19pm5
Sundays Photo Homage ❤️ Victims of the Manchester bomb attack. Link with names and pictures.JoySunday, May 28, 02:50:21pm3
OT: Today we went to public gathering after memorial service for Chris Cornell. Beautiful to see his fans gather graveside, in musical celebration of life.Many tears, many songs, some laughs, ALL celebrating the music ! ~Sleep, well.Sunday, May 28, 02:47:21pm2
Bet i can guess tomorrow's picture! (NT)His initials are J.F.K.Sunday, May 28, 02:24:42pm4
Gregg AllmanDies at 69Sunday, May 28, 02:21:15pm19
8 dead in shooting rampage, including a deputyBrookhaven, Miss.Sunday, May 28, 11:54:30am1
Brian Doyle, WriterDead at 60Sunday, May 28, 11:47:33am1
Racist man cuts the throats of two men on a Portland train who tried to stop him from bullying Muslim women passengers. Both men have died..Sunday, May 28, 11:38:05am7
Today's (May 27) board pic are Waffle House founders businessmen Joe Rogers Sr. (1919-2017) and Tom Forkner (1918-2017), who both died 54 days apart this Spring! ...Waffle House BiosSaturday, May 27, 11:58:19pm1
Happy Bday! Actor Charles Craig (85) Writer Harlan Ellison (83) Actress Lee Meriwether (82) Actor Louis Gossett Jr. (81) (NT)ColtSaturday, May 27, 11:25:37pm14
Bonnie Kalanick, 71, mother of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick dies ...Boating accidentSaturday, May 27, 11:16:15pm1
Record executive Harry Anger dies at 84. Guided careers of Kiss, Boyz II Men, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, others.RussSaturday, May 27, 11:14:12pm2
  • Link ... -- Russ, Saturday, May 27, 11:14:12pm
The Viletones guitarist & vocalist Freddy PompeiiDies at 70Saturday, May 27, 05:00:23pm2
Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher & U.S. Senator Jim BunningDies at 85Saturday, May 27, 04:35:29pm4
Jared Martin 1941-2017 Played "Dusty Farlow" in "Dallas".Fredrik AnderssonSaturday, May 27, 12:28:58pm9
Toni Bertorelli, Italian actor (recently appeared in "The Young Pope")Dead at 69Saturday, May 27, 11:51:39am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, May 27, 11:51:39am
Jazz drummer Mickey Roker (longtime partner of Dizzy Gillespie) ... age 84 ....Ed TraceySaturday, May 27, 11:46:28am2
  • "Grooveyard" -- Joe Pass, Milt Jackson, Ray Brown & Mickey Roker, Saturday, May 27, 11:46:28am
Archive: Charles Nelson Reilly, May 25, 2007Comedic actorSaturday, May 27, 11:41:37am7
Music Director Jimmy DaleDies at 81Saturday, May 27, 11:39:43am3
Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter dies at 89Link to storySaturday, May 27, 11:37:00am3
OT: Blogger Mark Evanier has a good post about Johnny Carson's later yearsAnd why he never returned to TVSaturday, May 27, 09:53:03am4
Archive: Eddie Albert, May 26, 2005ActorFriday, May 26, 05:11:18pm4
Happy Bday! Actor Roy Dotrice (94) Actor Richard Harrison (82) Singer Stevie Nicks (69) Actress Diane Roter (69) Actress Pam Grier (68) Actress Dayle Haddon (68) (NT)ColtFriday, May 26, 05:04:01pm6
Singer Jimmy Hayes of The Persuasions.Dies at 73Friday, May 26, 04:58:49pm3
Archive: Edward Mulhare, May 24, 1997ActorFriday, May 26, 12:14:43pm7
Cortez Kennedy, Pro Football Hall of Fame member with the Seattle SeahawksDies at 48Friday, May 26, 12:12:34pm4
Roger Moore has died - age 89.SharonFriday, May 26, 12:09:35pm23
Denis Johnson, Writer ("Jesus's Son"). ...Dead at 67Friday, May 26, 11:43:58am1
ARCHIVE: May 26, 1952 ~Myron Hunt, architect whose numerous projects include noted landmarks in Southern California (notably Pasadena), including the famed Pasadena's Rose Bowl, Huntington Library, and 200+ other landmarks before his death at 84. ...Bio & PHOTOS of workFriday, May 26, 11:39:32am1
Wiki reports that Chinese American diplomat Juliana Koo has diedShe was 111Friday, May 26, 11:26:25am3
Geraldine Forer Spagnolie dies at 92.Sister of voice actress June Foray.Friday, May 26, 11:22:52am2
ARCHIVE: May 25, 1996 ~Brad Nowell , lead singing frontman for famed 1990s rock band SUBLIME, accidentally ODs from heroin while on the road with band, dies at age 28. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, May 26, 07:39:06am7
Healthwatch: Actress Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")Scary skinny!Friday, May 26, 03:12:25am9
Laura Biagiotti death at 73ital. Fashion DesignerFriday, May 26, 12:47:42am1
Healthwatch: Radio host Clark HowardHospitalizedThursday, May 25, 10:56:31pm3
Jerry Perenchio, Billionaire Media Mogul Behind UnivisionDead at 86Thursday, May 25, 09:39:08pm3
OT: Best Bond - I say Connery hands down. Enjoyed Niven as well. (NT)Moore, Lazenby, not as much.Thursday, May 25, 04:29:44pm5
Nora Mae Lyng, Actress, singerDead at 66Thursday, May 25, 04:24:55pm2
Happy 106th Birthday! Numismatist, Eric P. Newman, '48 Olympic Athlete Aarne Kainlauri is 102,Cinematographer Olrg Gudkov is 100, Politician Borghild Anmarkrud is 99, (NT)jlpThursday, May 25, 01:36:06pm12
Joe Montana, Sr., Father of football greatDead at 85Thursday, May 25, 12:06:29pm2
Roger Boesche, Occidental College teacher taught Barack ObamaDead at 69Thursday, May 25, 11:45:53am1
Lee Urness, FBI agent tracked doen the man who shot VersaceDead at 71Thursday, May 25, 11:44:22am1
What is with Switzerland and British actors?SherlockThursday, May 25, 08:41:59am2
  • Taxes (NT) -- It's called voting with your feet, Thursday, May 25, 08:41:59am
ARCHIVE: May 25, 2011 ~Huguette Clark, reclusive copper heiress. ...Dies at 104.Wednesday, May 24, 10:53:37pm6
"Clerks" Actress Lisa SpoonauerDies at 44Wednesday, May 24, 09:28:33pm9
ARCHIVE: May 24, 1974 ~Duke Ellington, American composer, pianist, and bandleader of a jazz orchestra, which he led from 1923 until his death in a career spanning over fifty years, dies after short illness, at age 75. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, May 24, 05:16:24pm1
Wendell Goodman, Husband of singer Wanda JacksonDied May 21stWednesday, May 24, 04:46:58pm3
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Vera Van Wagner, Architect/Furniture Designer Florence Knoll is 100, Painter Phillip Pearlstein turns 93. (NT)jlpWednesday, May 24, 04:21:48pm9
Joel Edward Dean, Hollywood Producer and AgentDead at 77Wednesday, May 24, 04:07:35pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 24, 04:07:35pm
ARCHIVE: May 23, 1986 ~Eccentric actor/writer Sterling Hayden, whose steller military career launched him as leading man in film noir like "Asphalt Jungle", and "The Killing", and later noted roles in "Dr. Strangelove" and "The Godfather", dies days before his 70th birthday! ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, May 24, 04:05:19pm6
ARCHIVE: May 22, 1967 ~It was 50 years ago we lost Langston Hughes, famed African-American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist, dies after cancer bout, at age 65. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, May 24, 04:04:34pm1
Lawrence Silk, Film & TV editorDead at 86Wednesday, May 24, 01:27:33pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 24, 01:27:33pm
Sonny Randle, former NFL player and college coachDies at 81Wednesday, May 24, 10:39:22am1
Willam Carney, Ex- congressman from NYDead at 74Wednesday, May 24, 10:09:46am2
Larry Wright, Editorial & comic strip cartoonistDead at 77Wednesday, May 24, 10:06:58am1
Joseph W. Kresge, Retired police officer, brother of the Amazing KreskinDead at 75Wednesday, May 24, 10:05:34am1
Re: Today's pic: Richard Kiel had the same dental work in "Silver Streak". I wonder if he filmed "the James Bond movie at the same time (NT).Wednesday, May 24, 09:58:13am1
Dina Merrill, Actress and Philanthropist, Dies at 93NY TimesWednesday, May 24, 08:15:55am21
Alexander Burdonsky, Stalin's grandsonDead at 75Wednesday, May 24, 04:07:59am1
Healthwatch - Richard Overton, Nation's oldest living veteran hospitalizedHe's 111Tuesday, May 23, 08:34:38pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Poet Naomi Replansky, Singer Mac Wiseman is 92, Actor Joseph Roman is 90, Actor Gerald Hiken is 90, Actress Barbara Barrie is 86, Actress Joan Collins is 84, Actress Lauren Chapin turns 72. (NT)jlpTuesday, May 23, 04:21:53pm7
Stephen Johnston, Former President of Goldcrest FilmsDead at 68Tuesday, May 23, 02:18:39pm1
Andrew Tyler, Music writer (NME) turned animal rights activistDead at 70Tuesday, May 23, 02:15:36pm1
Autumn Snyder, Daughter of director- producer Zack Snyder ("Suicide Squad", "Wonder Woman")Dead at 20 (suicide)Tuesday, May 23, 02:13:57pm1
OT: I was watching the film "Silver Streak" (1976) & was shocked how many actors in it are dead! ...ListTuesday, May 23, 01:15:27pm1
Multiple fatalities at Ariana Grande concertManchester, EnglandTuesday, May 23, 12:16:37pm12
Marsh McCall - TV Producer & WriterR.I.PTuesday, May 23, 11:30:36am4
Barbara Smith Conrad, 79Trailblazing Opera SingerTuesday, May 23, 07:50:03am2
Art Director Thomas "Chip" RadaelliDies at 69Tuesday, May 23, 07:44:09am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, May 23, 07:44:09am
Happy 116th Birthday! Supercentenarian Chiyo Miyako, Supercentenarian Tane Yonekura is 113, Wine Critic Michael Broadbent is 90, Director Andres Cseh is 90, Actress Tamara Gladysh is 90, Singer Engelbert Humperdinck turns 81. (NT)jlpTuesday, May 23, 06:14:13am10
Happy Bday! Actor Michael Constantine (90) Actor Richard Benjamin (79) Actress Barbara Parkins (75) Actor John Lazar (71) (NT)ColtTuesday, May 23, 04:31:59am24
ARCHIVE: May 22, 2005 ~The MULTI-talented famed voice actor Thurl Ravenscroft, known for countless animated efforts, noted for long tenure w/Disney, forever fondly remembered for GRINCH song, dies at 89. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, May 22, 07:49:16pm4
Morris "Butch" Stewart, Did music for Oprah, McDonald's & Coca ColaDead at 64Monday, May 22, 04:24:17pm2
ARCHIVE: May 22, 2001 ~Actor Whitman Mayo, best known for his senior citizen role as 'Grady Wilson', on TV's "Sanford and Son", though he was only 42 when he took on the role, dies at 70. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, May 22, 04:21:21pm2
Stack Pierce 1933-2016 American actorFredrik AnderssonMonday, May 22, 03:09:55pm4
Actor & Stuntman Jerry "Jack" CatronDies at 85Monday, May 22, 01:25:32pm14
Bill White, NHL player, coach (Blackhawks)Dead at 77Monday, May 22, 12:35:00pm1
Richard Beale 1920-2017 British veteran actorFredrik AnderssonMonday, May 22, 12:11:38pm3
Welsh Olympian Phillipa Roles diesShe was 39Monday, May 22, 11:35:59am1
Jimmy LaFave, Folk singerDead at 61Monday, May 22, 11:34:10am2
ARCHIVE: May 21, 2005 ~Howard Morris, comic actor, voice actor and director, best known for his (only 5 episode) recurring role as 'Ernest T. Bass' TV's "The Andy Griffith Show", dies at 85. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, May 22, 11:23:25am2
Archive: Robert Webber, May 19, 1989Character actorMonday, May 22, 11:21:40am6
Former Cart And USAC Driver, Indy 500 Rookie of the Year, Jim McElreath Dead At 89David S.Monday, May 22, 10:02:11am3
Nicky Hayden, Ex-MotoGP championDead at 35Monday, May 22, 09:21:45am1
Joy Corning, Iowa politician (Lt. Gov.)Dead at 84Sunday, May 21, 04:43:36pm1
Roland Yearwood, Died climbing Mt. EverestHe was 50Sunday, May 21, 04:41:36pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Louis Crump, Designer Sonja de Lennart is 97, Football's Ara Parseghian is 94, Music Arranger Willis Holman is 90, Singer Leo Sayer turns 69. (NT)jlpSunday, May 21, 03:17:41pm7
Ron Berkeley, Makeup Artist on Richard Burton FilmsDead at 86Sunday, May 21, 01:32:05pm4
Healthwatch: ESPN sportscaster Holly RoweCancer has returned & spreadSunday, May 21, 12:55:04pm1
Healthwatch: former Crimson Tide head coach Gene StallingsSuffers strokeSunday, May 21, 12:52:04pm1
Chana Bloch, Poet, activistDead at 77Sunday, May 21, 12:49:46pm1
Rich Buckler 1949-2017 Comics artist - creator of "Deathlok".Fredrik AnderssonSunday, May 21, 11:57:45am1
Director Michael MessingerDies at 84Sunday, May 21, 11:41:02am3
Emile Degelin, Belgian film directorDies at 90Sunday, May 21, 10:05:57am2
Soundgarden & Audioslave lead singer Chris CornellDies at 52Sunday, May 21, 09:51:35am29
Healthwatch: Tommy Lasorda HospitalizedUndisclosed AilmentSunday, May 21, 02:42:19am3
OT: Anyone know how our longtime contributor to the board, Harris Lentz is doing? It's been a while. (NT)ZSaturday, May 20, 04:57:20pm2
Granddaughter of ex- Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack dies from the fluElla Vilsack was 6 years oldSaturday, May 20, 04:46:06pm1
Archive: Peter Bull, May 20, 1984ActorSaturday, May 20, 04:36:42pm2
Archive: Gilda Radner, May 20, 1989Comedian, actressSaturday, May 20, 04:29:01pm2
Archive: Robin Gibb, 5/20/2012KatSaturday, May 20, 04:24:45pm2
Happy Bday! Actor David Hedison (90) Actor James McEachin (87) Actress Constance Towers (84) Actor Anthony Zerbe (81) (NT)ColtSaturday, May 20, 12:42:36pm14
Lady Gaga's best friend Sonja Durham diesShe had cancerSaturday, May 20, 12:17:55pm1
Birdie Elizabeth Johnson, American Supercentenarian and oldest known person in OregonDies at 110Saturday, May 20, 11:49:04am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, May 20, 11:49:04am
Archive: Frank Gorshin, May 17, 2005ActorSaturday, May 20, 11:16:27am4
ARCHIVE: May 20, 1996 ~UK actor Jon Pertwee, entertainer and cabaret performer, best remembered by TV audiences as the third "Dr. Who", died suddenly while on holiday in U.S., at age 76. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, May 20, 09:33:33am5
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