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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Welcome all who are civil. Be nice. Be fair. ...Beware who don't dare !
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Healthwatch: NASCAR Hall of Famer David PearsonSuffered a strokeFriday, January 30, 01:17:31pm1
Andrew Fischer, Father of 1st Known Surviving US QuintupletsDead at 89Friday, January 30, 01:06:34pm2
Poet & Songwriter Rod McKuenDies at 81Friday, January 30, 12:47:09pm13
Happy 96th Birthday! Physician Pacifico Marcos, Director Michael Anderson is 95, Actress Dorothy Malone is 91, Football's Bump Elliott turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, January 30, 12:19:41pm3
Robert Ladd, ExecutedTexasFriday, January 30, 12:13:33pm1
Healthwatch: Actor Robbie ColtraneHospitalizedFriday, January 30, 12:11:30pm1
Healthwatch?:The latest Enquirer says Chevy Chase has "9 months to live" (NT)Since he supposedly weighs 320Friday, January 30, 12:08:30pm2
REMEMBRANCE: January 27, 1945 ~Holocaust survivors gathered along with several world leaders today to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation by the Soviet Red Army. ...The infamous camp in Poland was where more than 1 million people, mostly Jews, were killed.Friday, January 30, 12:04:37pm6
Bernice Gordon, legendary crossword puzzle writerDies at 101Friday, January 30, 11:19:49am2
Terry Carter, actor with roles in the TV series Battlestar Galactica and McCloud killed in hit and run accident at age 86.Apparently killed by Death Row Records mogul Suge KnightFriday, January 30, 10:57:11am9
Today's Picture: Alice Herz-Sommer (NT)An Inspiration to AllFriday, January 30, 08:56:18am4
Neil Levang, longtime musician on The Lawrence Welk Show and provided music for dozens of films and TV showsDies at 83Friday, January 30, 05:34:21am5
OT: Actor Joel Gey comes out as gayFather of Jenifer GreyThursday, January 29, 03:33:40pm3
Bill Guisewite, father of 'Cathy' cartoonistDead at 94Thursday, January 29, 01:36:51pm1
Happy 104th Birthday! Artist Kazuya Naka, Writer Masashige Narusawa is 90, Actress Ann Jillian turns 65. (NT)jlpThursday, January 29, 01:04:39pm5
Rose Marie McCoy, Songwriter (Elvis' "Trying To Get To You" and "I Beg Of You" )Dead at 92Thursday, January 29, 12:50:35pm6
Chen Yu-lung, Killed in accident on set of Martin Scorsese's latest filmTaiwanThursday, January 29, 12:46:27pm1
Animator/Director Phil RobinsonRIPThursday, January 29, 12:30:26pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, January 29, 12:30:19pm
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, January 29, 12:30:26pm
Lt. Col. Edward Saylor (Doolittle Raiders)Dies at 94Thursday, January 29, 12:23:59pm2
  • Pic. -- RIP, sir, Thursday, January 29, 12:23:59pm
Colleen McCullough, author of The Thorn Birds, dieswWDIThursday, January 29, 12:22:32pm4
Lotte Hass, Austrian diver and underwater filmmakerDead at 86Thursday, January 29, 12:20:17pm2
Mercy Haystead, British actress of 1950's television and film dies at 84Hollywood ReporterThursday, January 29, 12:14:05pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, January 29, 12:14:05pm
OT: Will Bill Cosby ever respond directly to the charges by multiple women?And is his former reputation and future career irreperally shattered?Thursday, January 29, 10:13:39am16
Geraldine Doucet, Canadian actress and singerDead at 85Wednesday, January 28, 09:22:55pm2
Happy 99th Birthday! Art Historian Florentine Mutherich, Politician Hyun Soong-jong is 96, Actress Anne Jeffreys is 92, Guitarist Robert Bain is 91, Religious Figure Ugo De Censi is 91, (NT)jlpWednesday, January 28, 08:57:28pm14
Happy 104th Birthday! Politician John van Hulst, Japanologist Patrick Lennox Tierney is 101,Bandleader Niels Foss i s99, Politician Ciro Domenico Kroon is 99, Actress Scotty Bloch turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, January 28, 08:06:52pm7
On this date in 1977, comedian Freddie Prinze (star of "Chico & the Man") shot himself. He died the next day (NT)First celeb death to really affect meWednesday, January 28, 07:05:40pm3
Here's some trivia- Pawel Czolgosz, father of McKinley assassin Leon Czolgosz, outlived his son over 40 years, dying in 1944 aged 101!One of Leon's sisters died in 1976, at 100!Wednesday, January 28, 07:01:31pm1
Broadway Producer Peter NeufeldDies at 78Wednesday, January 28, 06:50:11pm2
  • IBDb -- Link, Wednesday, January 28, 06:50:11pm
On this date in 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after take off (NT)29 years ago!Wednesday, January 28, 05:56:29pm4
Kel Nagle, Australian golfer who defeated Arnold Palmer by 1 stroke to win The British Open in 1960 dies at 94.Australian media reportingWednesday, January 28, 04:18:53pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, January 28, 04:18:53pm
Archive: Hal Smith, Jan. 28, 1994Character actorWednesday, January 28, 04:18:11pm4
Archive: Burt Mustin, Jan. 28, 1977Elderly character actorWednesday, January 28, 04:13:15pm4
Yves Chauvin, Received 2005 Nobel Prize for ChemistryDies at 84Wednesday, January 28, 04:10:41pm3
John Myers, ex- Congressman from IndianaDead at 87Wednesday, January 28, 12:15:25pm3
Warren Hill, Executed for killing fellow inmateGeorgiaWednesday, January 28, 12:11:01pm1
L.D. Cox, Survivor of USS Indianapolis sinking, dies at 88only 35/317 survivors remainWednesday, January 28, 11:17:17am2
UPDATE....... Dad is Home Came home yesterday FINALLY...... Yippee....... (NT)noopyandthezoo (Janet Doran)Wednesday, January 28, 04:09:12am2
Any East coasters toughing out the storm? (NT)stay safeWednesday, January 28, 03:11:48am21
In 1978 Scottsdale, Arizona Bob Crane was murdered. Another crime happened there then that took 30 years to solve!The Happy ReaperWednesday, January 28, 02:48:54am1
Nobel laureate and laser inventor Charles Townes dies ......at age 99.Tuesday, January 27, 09:13:16pm5
Luke Martin, Jr., Father was a slave, fought in the Civil War!Dead at 97Tuesday, January 27, 07:41:32pm3
Musician John BilezikjianDies at 66Tuesday, January 27, 04:30:49pm5
Vadim Dorofeyev, Russian actor, dies fighting for ISISHe was 31Tuesday, January 27, 02:50:04pm2
Healthwatch: Richard SimmonsWhere is he?Tuesday, January 27, 02:17:09pm2
Archive: William Nolde, Jan. 27, 1973Last US soldier killed in Vietnam WarTuesday, January 27, 01:39:43pm2
Michael Lambert, Ireland's oldest manDead at 107Tuesday, January 27, 12:44:11pm1
Gunshots fired at city council meeting, 2 police officers shot, gunman killedNew Hope, Minn.Tuesday, January 27, 12:43:34pm2
Healthwatch: Golf Hall of Famer Charlie SiffordSuffers strokeTuesday, January 27, 12:39:57pm1
Marshall Schlom, Script Supervisor for Hitchcock, Kramer and NicholsDead at 86Tuesday, January 27, 12:35:19pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, January 27, 12:35:19pm
Bob Bardo, TV producer (Dick Clark Productions)Dead at 71Tuesday, January 27, 12:32:23pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, January 27, 12:32:23pm
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Maria Salome, Politician Gabriel Paul is 97, Actress Holly Betaudier turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, January 27, 12:29:47pm5
Christopher “Kit” Carson, Chief of staff for radio host Rush LimbaughDead at 56Tuesday, January 27, 12:07:17pm1
Joe Franklin, longtime NYC radio and TV host who helped originate the talk show format has died at age 88. (NT)Just heard on a NYC radio station. Haven't seen anything official yet.Tuesday, January 27, 12:03:03pm25
Cops: Ex-Fox producer kills himself outside NYC headquartersWorked at an Austin, TX affiliateTuesday, January 27, 08:09:11am2
Today's pic: Jeremiah Denton (former Vietnam POW and Alabama senator) (NT)RIPTuesday, January 27, 07:48:23am1
Singer Demis Roussos dies aged 68SherlockTuesday, January 27, 07:28:11am5
OT: Here are the last 5 people born in the 1800'sLinkTuesday, January 27, 03:49:06am4
Bill Monbouquette, Pitched for the Boston Red SoxDead at 78Monday, January 26, 08:13:21pm3
OT: Actress Debbie Reynolds to receive SAG Lifetime Achievement AwardjlpMonday, January 26, 06:26:31pm10
Awwww-today's pic Clarissa Dickson Wright the last of The Two Fat Ladies, youngest person to 'pass the bar' in The UK and a personal fav-died 15 March 2014 (NT)TOBYMonday, January 26, 06:12:37pm8
Octavio Orduno, Oldest bicyclist in Long Beach, Ca., if not the worldDead at 106Monday, January 26, 05:02:38pm2
William Geoghegan, Gave RFK Stadium its nameDead at 90Monday, January 26, 02:06:50pm1
Fatema Qadib, Egypt's oldest personDead at 114Monday, January 26, 01:12:20pm1
Paul Serrano, Musician, recording engineerDead at 82Monday, January 26, 12:55:57pm1
Healthwatch: Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (Nation's longest serving Governor)HospitalizedMonday, January 26, 11:47:15am1
Buddy, Ritchie and Jape death being investigatedRory BMonday, January 26, 11:39:15am4
SAG In Memoriam listMitchMonday, January 26, 11:32:51am7
Happy 93rd Birthday! Geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Actress Ellen Vogel is 93, Pharmacologist Arvid Carlsson is 92, Cinematographer Ivan Barnett is 90, (NT)jlpSunday, January 25, 07:40:38pm6
Archive: Ava Gardner, Jan. 25, 1990ActressSunday, January 25, 07:05:23pm3
Actor Robert Boon1916-2015Sunday, January 25, 04:02:03pm15
Archive: Ray Peterson, Jan. 25, 2005SingerSunday, January 25, 01:36:51pm2
Fridays photo- I don't know his name but isnt he the Japanese soldier who hid in the jungle until the 1970's because he didnt know WWII had ended? (NT)DarrenSunday, January 25, 12:30:43pm12
OT: Freda Rosen - she played Rita in the Honeymooners' "Alice And The Blonde" classic episodeAnything definitive on her status?Sunday, January 25, 12:21:05pm3
Healthwatch: Author Ruth RendellCritical condition after a strokeSunday, January 25, 01:38:05am1
Amy Arnaz, wife of Desi Jr and daughter in law of Lucille Ball has diedBettySaturday, January 24, 11:51:32pm30
Ernie Banks - Mr. CubDead at 83Saturday, January 24, 09:29:34pm9
Frank Mazzola, Film Editor and ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ ActorDead at 79Saturday, January 24, 05:57:22pm6
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Vincenza Balassone-Colucci, Educator Daphne Lorraine Gum is 99, Sailor/Professor Marvin Creamer is 99, Actor Jerry Maren is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, January 24, 05:15:36pm10
Barrie Ingham, actor and voice of ‘Great Mouse DetectiveDies at 83Saturday, January 24, 05:13:01pm4
Toller Cranston, figure skater and painterHe was 65Saturday, January 24, 03:31:19pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, January 24, 03:31:19pm
Anime Voice Actor Rome ElliotDies at 45Saturday, January 24, 01:29:58pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, January 24, 01:29:58pm
Mark Mansfield, Child actor turned CIA spokesmanDead at 56Saturday, January 24, 01:17:55pm1
Father Ye Yaomin, China's oldest priestDead at 105Saturday, January 24, 01:12:36pm1
Archive: Larry Fine, Jan. 24, 1975StoogeSaturday, January 24, 12:27:43pm2
Ann Mara, Matriarch of the NY GiantsHospitalized after a fallSaturday, January 24, 12:18:12pm1
C.J. Bascaglia, guitarist and producer for the band Green Jelly/Green Jello (NT)Has died at 51. according to the site www.geeksofdoom.comSaturday, January 24, 12:15:29pm2
Leatrice Joy Gilbert Fountain, Author and daughter of silent film stars John Gilbert and Leatrice Joy (NT)Has died according the site lastgoddessblogspot.com. She was 90Saturday, January 24, 12:10:41pm3
PBA Hall of Fame charter member Chuck PezzanoDies at 86Saturday, January 24, 12:07:50pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, January 24, 12:07:50pm
Jean Lindenmann, a co-discoverer of interferon, age 90 .....Ed TraceySaturday, January 24, 12:06:56pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, January 24, 12:06:56pm
Ted O'Connell, Guitarist with the Treble MakersDead at 57Saturday, January 24, 12:04:47pm5
Today's Archive: 24th January 1965, Sir Winston Churchill dies aged 90SherlockSaturday, January 24, 12:01:19pm2
OT: IMDB page on oldies living actress is NOT updated with Luise Rainer and Joan FontaineJess sayingSaturday, January 24, 11:38:20am6
Tommy Mason, Pro-Bowl running back, first Minnesota Vikings draft pick in 196175Saturday, January 24, 10:02:26am7
Saudi King Abdullah dies aged 91.Saturday, January 24, 10:00:47am14
SkyMall, 25RussSaturday, January 24, 08:47:52am1
Vince Camuto, 78, Founder of Nine WestNY TimesSaturday, January 24, 03:30:59am1
Composer/Orchestrator Norman Henry MameyDies at 66Saturday, January 24, 12:49:45am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, January 24, 12:49:45am
Director/Producer Richard F. McWhorterDies at 100Saturday, January 24, 12:43:17am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, January 24, 12:43:17am
Happy 109th Birthday! 1906 SF Quake survivor William Del Monte, Asst. Dir, Roy Parkinson is 99, Resistance Fighter/Historian Jean-Louis Cremieux-Brillhac is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, January 23, 11:15:05pm19
Today's photos: Alicia Rhett and Mary Anderson (NT)Both were in GWTW. Just watched Anderson in Lifeboat - she was greatFriday, January 23, 10:49:42pm3
OT: Greta Van Susteren, Rev. Franklin Graham among the passengers when elevator suddenly plunges 4 floorsHanoiFriday, January 23, 04:09:55pm3
Tangerine Dream Founder Edgar FroeseDies at 70Friday, January 23, 04:00:02pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Football's Jim Freeman, Burlesque Dancer Betty Rowland is 99, Photojournalist David Douglas Duncan is 99, Politician Ten Koko Sonoda is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, January 23, 12:29:15pm6
Ian Allen, Former Negativland MemberDead at 56Friday, January 23, 12:19:30pm1
OT: I just discovered that many Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts are on Youtube! (NT)A Great Find for Me!Friday, January 23, 11:12:35am8
Stan Irwin, Producer, manager (Johnny Carson)Dead at 94Friday, January 23, 11:10:56am3
Actress Sandy BalsonDies at 84Friday, January 23, 01:43:40am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, January 23, 01:43:40am
Joe Dowell ("Wooden Heart") turns 75Rockin' RobinThursday, January 22, 10:26:56pm1
OT: This week's Entertainment Weekly has a great interview with Olivia DeHavilland, 98Sadly, she's another celeb who outlived a childThursday, January 22, 07:17:41pm2
This pic of LBJ talking to Walter Cronkite was taken on Jan. 12, 197310 days later, he was deadThursday, January 22, 07:16:39pm13
Peggy Charren, Advocate for children's TVDead at 86Thursday, January 22, 05:07:22pm1
Ruth Manchester, Mother of singer Melissa ManchesterDead at 93Thursday, January 22, 04:47:47pm1
Arnold Prieto, Killer of 3, executedTexasThursday, January 22, 01:47:09pm1
QUESTION: Dead rock and roll bandsPlease readThursday, January 22, 01:25:45pm41
Violetta Degtiareva, Russian tennis playerDead at 23Thursday, January 22, 01:03:16pm2
Pauline Yates, British actressDead at 85Thursday, January 22, 12:32:13pm3
Vince Camuto, Shoe designerDead at 78Thursday, January 22, 12:26:53pm2
John Bayley, Oxford Don was married to writer Iris MurdochDead at 89Thursday, January 22, 12:25:49pm2
Archive: Jack Lord, Jan. 21, 1998Steve McGarrettThursday, January 22, 12:16:00pm4
Former British politician Leon Brittany dies aged 75SherlockThursday, January 22, 12:13:36pm2
Former KY Governor Wendell FordDies at 90Thursday, January 22, 12:07:06pm2
OT: Healthwatch - Bill Belichick's and his team's reputation? The Pats should be DQed from the Super Bowl. ...But of course they won't.Thursday, January 22, 10:33:38am13
Today's photo: Polly Bergen (NT)Kisses for My PresidentWednesday, January 21, 03:25:37pm5
Melvin Gordon, CEO of Tootsie Roll Industries Inc.Dead at 95Wednesday, January 21, 01:38:55pm1
Happy 96th Birthday! World War 2 Military Figure Eric Brown, Musician/Actor Lennie Bluett is 96, Baseball's Sam Mele turns 93. (NT)jlpWednesday, January 21, 12:21:18pm4
Healthwatch: Actor Brian BlessedCollapsed on stageWednesday, January 21, 12:09:19pm1
Healthwatch: Lindsay LohanHospitalizedWednesday, January 21, 12:06:24pm1
Shanice Clark, Univ. of Pa. basketball playerChewing gum may have played a role in her deathWednesday, January 21, 12:04:33pm5
Happy 96th Birthday! Singer Lucille Dumont, Politician Harry M. Moss is 96, Poet Marcos Ana is 95, Bandleader Ray Anthony is 93,. (NT)jlpWednesday, January 21, 12:00:44pm20
Alice Bernard, Louisiana's last known Orphan Train riderDead at 98Wednesday, January 21, 10:58:46am5
Sarah Kemp, Australian actressDied Jan. 9thWednesday, January 21, 09:11:23am3
I found on Imdb that actress Kay Johnson died Jan. 20, 1980, at 56. She was married to Russell Johnson (Gilligan's Professor)She was in TZ episode "Night of the Meek"Tuesday, January 20, 11:23:29pm9
Actor Don HarronDies at 90Tuesday, January 20, 08:40:02pm21
50 year ago (January 20, 1965), legendary DJ Alan Freed diedRockin' RobinTuesday, January 20, 05:51:47pm13
Alice K. Turner, Fiction editor at Playboy for two decadesDead at 75Tuesday, January 20, 05:16:13pm2
Dallas Taylor, former Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young DrummerDies at 66Tuesday, January 20, 05:10:24pm9
Paul Campbell, Actor who appeared in " "The Fighter" & "American Hustle", killed by police, after stabbing his mother to deathHe was 49Tuesday, January 20, 05:03:33pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, January 20, 05:03:33pm
OT: Recent Jerry Lewis picLinkTuesday, January 20, 04:54:23pm9
Darren Shahlavi, Martial Artist in ‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Arrow’Dead at 42Tuesday, January 20, 12:21:02pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, January 20, 12:21:02pm
Ricardo dos Santos, pro surferDead at 24 (gun shot)Tuesday, January 20, 12:01:32pm2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, January 20, 12:01:32pm
Healthwatch: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffeHospitalized after he was thrown from horseTuesday, January 20, 09:14:08am7
TMZ reporting that Peter Mayhew is hospitalized with pneumonia (NT)He played ChewbaccaTuesday, January 20, 02:35:23am4
Ward Swingle, Jazz musicianDead at 87Monday, January 19, 06:39:33pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Computer Designer Harry Huskey, Musician Shep Shepherd is 98, Conservationist Leo Drey is 98, Politician Roberto Marcelo Levingston is 95, Diplomat Javier Perez de Cuellar is 95, (NT)jlpMonday, January 19, 05:03:27pm12
Harry DeMaso, former Michigan State SenatorDies at 93Monday, January 19, 03:39:04pm1
Don Albosta, Ex- US Rep.(D, Mich)Dead at 89Monday, January 19, 03:13:05pm3
Herbert Harris, Ex- US Rep. (D, Va.)Dead at 88Monday, January 19, 03:12:31pm3
Anne Kirkbride, British actressDead at 60Monday, January 19, 02:06:17pm2
British actress Anne Kirkbride dies aged 60SherlockMonday, January 19, 02:05:32pm1
Conrad Johnson, Oldest Man in the USADead at 110Monday, January 19, 01:22:10pm16
Robert Manzon, Last surviving driver from Formula One's debut world championship season in 1950Dead at 97Monday, January 19, 01:04:21pm2
  • Pic. -- ., Monday, January 19, 01:04:21pm
Philippe Vocanson, French Supercentenarian and oldest living man in Europe dies at 110 (NT)Liberation Newspaper of France confirms.Monday, January 19, 12:50:33pm2
Origa - Russian singer and voice actressDead at 44 (lung cancer)Monday, January 19, 11:51:25am2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, January 19, 11:51:25am
Tony Verna, Inventor of Instant TV ReplayDies at 81Monday, January 19, 11:50:36am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, January 19, 11:50:36am
Director/Producer Gene LaskoRIPMonday, January 19, 07:44:33am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, January 19, 07:44:33am
Greg Plitt dead: Fitness model and Hollywood actor killed by trainRicardoMonday, January 19, 05:12:34am7
joe kirkwood Jr (1920-2006) ????ColtSunday, January 18, 08:30:39pm3
Healthwatch (me)Rory BSunday, January 18, 05:20:12pm11
Walt Peregoy, Cartoonist worked for Disney, Hanna- BarberaDead at 89Sunday, January 18, 04:58:25pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Sunday, January 18, 04:58:25pm
Former Entertainment Executive Alan HirschfieldDies at 79Sunday, January 18, 04:51:02pm2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, January 18, 04:51:02pm
Ed Call actor (Help)ColtSunday, January 18, 04:17:42pm1
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Gladys Hooper, Physicist Edward J. Lofgren is 101, WW2 Military Figure Kenneth Mayhew is 98, Composer Richard LaSalle is 97, Composer Juan Orrego-Salas is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, January 18, 02:13:49pm7
Music producer and rapper ASAP Yams dead at 26 (NT)Rolling Stone magazine reports, drug overdose suspectedSunday, January 18, 02:01:51pm2
Mary Evelyn Parker, Louisiana’s first female state treasurerDead at 94Sunday, January 18, 12:12:46pm1
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Johanna Klink, Mathematician Ivan Vidav is 97, Canadian Football's Tony Golab is 96, Politician Luis Echeverria Alvarez is 93, Actress Betty White is 93. (NT)jlpSunday, January 18, 11:37:49am14
Jazz Musician & Music Editor George Probert ("Dallas", "Lost in Space")Dies at 87Saturday, January 17, 06:55:09pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, January 17, 06:50:42pm
Camille Cook, Singer, wife of ex- congressmanDead at 68Saturday, January 17, 04:53:15pm1
Jean-Claude Baker, Adopted son of Josephine BakerDead at 71Saturday, January 17, 04:30:10pm2
Don Harron, Canadian actor- writerDead at 90Saturday, January 17, 04:27:18pm1
Rebecca Lockhart, Utah Speaker of the HouseDead at 46 (rare neurodegenerative disease)Saturday, January 17, 02:58:24pm1
Anyone know if Jane Garfield, granddaughter of Pres. James A. Garfield, is still alive today?She'd be over 100 nowSaturday, January 17, 02:45:33pm5
Archive: Ted Cassidy, Jan. 16, 1979"Lurch"Saturday, January 17, 02:27:23pm6
Healthwatch: Muhammad AliBack in hospitalSaturday, January 17, 02:15:53pm3
Actress Patsy GarrettDies at 93Saturday, January 17, 02:14:34pm10
Archive: Billy Stewart, Jan. 17, 1970SingerSaturday, January 17, 02:12:37pm2
Actress Faten HamamaDies at 83Saturday, January 17, 01:54:50pm2
George Dickerson 1933-2015ColtSaturday, January 17, 01:37:28pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, January 17, 01:37:28pm
Today's pic please (NT)WhoSaturday, January 17, 01:12:42pm4
Stuart Loory, Globe-trotting journalist and CNN executiveDead at 82Saturday, January 17, 12:09:08pm1
Songwriter Dixie Hall (Wife of Tom T.)Dies at 80Saturday, January 17, 12:07:26pm2
Healthwatch: Civil Rights leader Rev. Dr. Joseph LoweryHospitalizedSaturday, January 17, 12:04:59pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Director Leslie H. Martinson, Gunnery Officer Susan Ahn Cuddy is 99, Virologist Karl Maramorosch is 99, '48 Olympic Athlete Bill Lucas is 98, Politician Wim Aantjes turns 92. (NT)jlpSaturday, January 17, 06:59:09am9
Singer Vincent Ferrizzi ( Vinnie Rome And The Rainbeaus )Dies at 75Saturday, January 17, 03:14:18am1
Archive: Glenn Corbett, Jan. 16, 1993ActorSaturday, January 17, 02:05:22am11
OT" "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" did NOT! Publisher is pulling the book. (NT)But wjhat can you expect from someone whose name is Malarkey?Friday, January 16, 07:29:58pm6
R&R deathsJim RuffaloFriday, January 16, 04:31:05pm2
Andrew Brannan, ExecutedGeorgiaFriday, January 16, 04:15:58pm3
Kim Fowley, Music Impresario and Runaways Manager, Dies at 75LinkFriday, January 16, 02:37:04pm12
Archive: Les Baxter, Jan.15, 1996Film, TV composerFriday, January 16, 02:30:43pm3
Archive - Harry Nilsson January 15 1994.Jump Into The FireFriday, January 16, 02:20:26pm3
OT: Nico CharisseDer BingleFriday, January 16, 01:59:13pm4
British Supercentenarian Ethel LangDies at 114Friday, January 16, 01:46:05pm7
Frances Dillinger Thompson Dies at 92Sister of John DillingerFriday, January 16, 01:13:08pm6
Chikao Ôtsuka, Japanese actorDead at 85Friday, January 16, 11:37:10am1
Wed. pic: Werner Franz, last surviving crew member from the Hindenburg.Link to the story of his death at 92; August, 2014.Friday, January 16, 09:23:02am11
Unconfirmed: Ervin Drake, songwriter, 95 ToddFriday, January 16, 02:47:17am12
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Ann Shepherd, '48 Olympic Athlete Sulo Leppanen is 99, Actress Elaine Riley is 98, Politician Lee Teng-hui is 92, (NT)jlpThursday, January 15, 04:31:32pm12
Al Bendich, Lawyer defended Lenny Bruce's comedyDead at 85Thursday, January 15, 04:23:32pm2
TV Director Sid SmithDies at 93Thursday, January 15, 04:20:50pm3
OT (Somewhat): Ailing Glen Campbell nominated for an Oscar for Best SongWill the sympathy vote win it for him?Thursday, January 15, 03:39:51pm12
Two Tuskegee Airmen die on same day in Los AngelesBoth were 91Thursday, January 15, 01:28:58pm4
Body of Aspiring Mexican Actress Found Decomposing in a Drinking Water TankMexico CityThursday, January 15, 01:12:14pm1
Healthwatch: Writer Ruth RendellCritical condition after strokeThursday, January 15, 12:01:08pm1
Archive: Agatha Christie, Jan. 12, 1976Greatest mystery author of all timeThursday, January 15, 08:46:05am8
TV Director/Producer Wes KenneyDies at 89Thursday, January 15, 01:38:44am4
Balloon with note to late father travels 435 miles. ... theChroniclerThursday, January 15, 01:33:44am2
Site about famous crimes👍Thursday, January 15, 01:08:36am1
Jefferson Airplane Manager Bill ThompsonDies at 70Wednesday, January 14, 06:02:36pm3
Robert White, Was US Ambassador to Paraguay & El SalvadorDead at 88Wednesday, January 14, 04:50:41pm2
  • Pic. -- ., Wednesday, January 14, 04:50:41pm
Happy 101st Birthday! Sports Shooter Madga Fedor, Architect Mohammed Saleh Makiya is 101, Politician Baptist Hempfling is 97, Mountaineer Fred Beckey is 93, Actress Carole Cook is 91, (NT)jlpWednesday, January 14, 04:43:24pm9
Puerto Rican Activist Isabel Rosado MoralesDies at 107Wednesday, January 14, 04:37:40pm2
Darrell Winfield - Marlboro ManDies at 85Wednesday, January 14, 04:34:06pm3
Willie "Popsy" Dixon, Longtime drummer and vocalist for the soul and blues band The Holmes BrothersDead at 72Wednesday, January 14, 01:26:06pm3
Michelle Sima Yan, Hong Kong actressDead at 51Wednesday, January 14, 01:14:26pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, January 14, 01:14:26pm
Jason Chin, Theater actor, directorDead at 46Wednesday, January 14, 01:07:22pm2
Chic Littlewood, New Zealand actor ("King Kong", "30 Days of Night")Dead at 84Wednesday, January 14, 01:03:16pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, January 14, 01:03:16pm
Lou Miliano, Longtime CBS Radio News reporterDead at 67Wednesday, January 14, 12:02:49pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, January 14, 12:02:49pm
A. J. Masters, Singer- songwriterDead at 64Wednesday, January 14, 12:01:02pm2
  • "Back Home" -- A. J. Masters, Wednesday, January 14, 12:01:02pm
Robert Kinoshita, Robot Designer for 'Forbidden Planet' and 'Lost in Space'Dead at 100Wednesday, January 14, 11:54:11am7
Pianist & Composer Frank GlazerDies at 99Wednesday, January 14, 11:51:11am2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, January 14, 11:51:11am
Trevor Ward-Davies, best known as Dozy, from the 60s pop group Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, has died70Wednesday, January 14, 11:48:35am2
Doug Cunningham, Football player (49ers, Redskins)Dead at 69Tuesday, January 13, 07:03:47pm2
Maureen Budway, Jazz singerDead at 51Tuesday, January 13, 05:06:11pm2
Al Ferrier, Rockabilly singerDead at 80Tuesday, January 13, 04:41:07pm3
British actor Lance Percival dies at 81. Starred in the film Darling Lili with Julie Andrews and appeared with Rod Taylor in The V.I.P's.Tuesday, January 13, 03:14:17pm7
OT: Darwin candidate?? ...Quickest Karma in history?Tuesday, January 13, 02:50:11pm3
Teen dies day after Eminem fulfills wishRochester Hills, MITuesday, January 13, 01:37:10pm1
Timothy Patrick Moynihan, Son of late US Sen. Daniel Patrick MoynihanDead at 58Tuesday, January 13, 01:35:09pm2
Archive - Actress Louise Kane 1921-2014 (Don't know if this was posted or not)Randolph ScottTuesday, January 13, 01:15:51pm4
Elderly woman's decomposing body found in house she shared with daughterHad been dead over a yearTuesday, January 13, 01:04:27pm2
Possible healthwatch: Chuck BerryHasn't performed regular gig in 3 monthsTuesday, January 13, 12:11:01pm1
Beauty queen dies after botched liposuction surgery that was part of pageant prizeEcuadorTuesday, January 13, 12:06:09pm1
Happy 109th Birthday! Linguist Zhou Youguang, '36 Olympic Athlete Liselotte Landbeck is 99, Educator Yuan Baohua is 99, '48 Olympic Athlete Kim Seong-jip is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, January 13, 11:56:47am5
Al Martinez, Los Angeles Times columnist & TV WriterDies at 85Tuesday, January 13, 11:45:57am4
Anita Ekberg ? Wikipedia is showing her as having diedwWDITuesday, January 13, 11:42:56am21
OT: *ahem* How 'bout those Buckeys.....!?! (NT)BuckeyeMonday, January 12, 11:53:14pm2
Actor Micheal Biehn daddy again at 58ColtMonday, January 12, 08:45:31pm9
Turner Classic Movies will honor the late Luise Rainer with a day of movie tributes on Monday, January 12, her 104th birthday..Monday, January 12, 07:00:07pm7
OT: Can anyone guess who this actress is?Trivia time!Monday, January 12, 05:55:48pm9
Producer Bernard WilliamsDies at 72Monday, January 12, 03:49:56pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, January 12, 03:49:56pm
OT: OK, THIS is the craziest first-week-of-the-year-OBITS, I ever remembered!!! ... theChroniclerMonday, January 12, 02:01:45pm8
Kool And The Gang Trombonist Clifford AdamsDies at 62Monday, January 12, 12:53:43pm3
  • "Get Down On it" -- Link, Monday, January 12, 12:52:02pm
  • "Joanna" -- Kool and the Gang, Monday, January 12, 12:53:43pm
Just caught a "Dragnet" episode with Dirk Rambo. I checked Imdb, & saw that it aired on Feb. 16, 1967, only 11 days after Rambo died in a car crashJust the factsMonday, January 12, 12:30:36pm9
Gladys Mary Wilson, Baroness Wilson of Rievauly/Poet is 99, '48 Olympic Athlete Ricardo Cabot Boix is 98, Chemist Ralph Pearson is 96, Director Matti Kassila is 91,. (NT)jlpMonday, January 12, 12:12:47pm9
Joe Bell, WW 2 veteran & viral video starDead at 95Monday, January 12, 11:46:23am2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, January 12, 11:46:23am
Former Child Actor Malcolm Hutton1928-2014Monday, January 12, 11:44:11am7
Neil Young & Bob Dylan Bassist Tim DrummondDies at 74Monday, January 12, 11:26:53am1
TV Producer/Writer Brian Clemens ("The Avengers")Dies at 83Monday, January 12, 11:25:33am3
Healthwatch: Wayne Jackson (The Memphis Horns)HospitalizedMonday, January 12, 04:10:49am1
Italian actress Dolly Grey still alive at 110?She was born Clara GalassiSunday, January 11, 09:55:58pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! NY Times Crosswords Constructor Bernice Gordon, Actress Irmgard Forst is 100, Cricketer Leonard Oakley is 99, Author Ann Tompert is 97, Baseball's Neil Berry is 93, (NT)jlpSunday, January 11, 12:07:46pm6
Actor and comedian Taylor Negron has died at age 58?His cousin, Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night has announced his death on Facebook.Sunday, January 11, 12:00:17pm12
Healthwatch: Ex- Miami Dolphin Rob KonradFalls off boat, swims 9 miles to shore, hospitalizedSunday, January 11, 11:51:09am1
Roller Derby Legend Annis “Big Red” JensenDies at 93Sunday, January 11, 11:42:13am2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, January 11, 11:42:13am
Curtis LeeDead?Sunday, January 11, 11:35:54am15
Songwriter & Producer Ed PenneyDies at 89Sunday, January 11, 10:34:55am2
Animator Christopher Moeller ("The Simpsons", "King of the Hill")1967-2014Sunday, January 11, 10:16:48am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, January 11, 10:16:48am
Elizabeth Kaltman, PR ExecDead at 41 (cancer)Sunday, January 11, 10:08:22am1
Lowell 'Bud' Paxson (Founder of ION TV & The Home Shopping Network)Dies at 80Saturday, January 10, 06:20:38pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, January 10, 06:20:38pm
Robert Stone, Writer ("Dog Soldiers")Dead at 77Saturday, January 10, 05:59:35pm3
Producer Samuel Goldwyn Jr.Dies at 88Saturday, January 10, 04:53:22pm4
Takao Saito, Cinematographer on 18 Kurosawa FilmsDead at 85Saturday, January 10, 04:09:19pm2
Francesco Rosi, Italian film directorDead at 92Saturday, January 10, 04:08:03pm3
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, January 10, 04:06:52pm
    • Imdb -- ., Saturday, January 10, 04:08:03pm
Robert V. Keeley, Outspoken AmbassadorDead at 85Saturday, January 10, 04:07:39pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, January 10, 04:07:39pm
Happy 103rd Birthday! Philanthropist Jessie Lichauco, Director Robert Darene is 101, Writer Momcilo llic is 100, Artist Eldzier Cortor is 99, Politician Saul Cherniack is 98, (NT)jlpSaturday, January 10, 04:05:56pm10
Archive: Madeline Kahn, Dec. 3, 1999ActressSaturday, January 10, 03:48:48pm13
Healthwatch: JC Penny. Shuttering 39 stores and laying off 2,250.RussSaturday, January 10, 12:00:15pm9
HOLY HOT LEGS! ROD STEWART TURNS 70!!!!!Rockin' RobinSaturday, January 10, 08:56:47am8
Roy Tarpley, NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks in the late 80's and early 90's, has died at age 50RussFriday, January 09, 09:08:38pm5
Archive: Jesse White, Jan.9, 1997Character actorFriday, January 09, 06:11:43pm3
Rod Taylor?LemnpiperFriday, January 09, 05:00:39pm24
Happy 91st Birthday! Actress Anne Vernon, Costume Designer Ina Stein is 90, Novelist Judith Krantz is 87, Folk Singer Joan Baez turns 74. (NT)jlpFriday, January 09, 04:31:27pm15
Patrick Gowers, Film, TV composerDead at 78Friday, January 09, 01:13:35pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, January 09, 01:13:35pm
Richard Meade, Olympic gold medal-winning equestrian riderHe was 76Friday, January 09, 11:14:27am2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, January 09, 11:14:27am
Broadway Dancer Nicole Barth1937-2014Friday, January 09, 11:12:36am2
OT: A goofy Voy Board called "Heroes And Zeroes"Tubby Tecker just posted there about the Patheticnics!Friday, January 09, 08:40:13am2
Actor Lance Percival (Voiced Paul & Ringo in "The Beatles")1933-2014Friday, January 09, 08:11:24am2
Archive: Terry-Thomas, Jan.8, 1990ActorFriday, January 09, 07:10:48am5
Khan Bonfils, Jedi Master Saesee Tin in Star War The phantom menace. (NT)Collapsed and died during a stage production in London. London Evening StandardFriday, January 09, 06:54:19am5
Actor Terry Becker dies at 93. Had a regular role on the TV series Voyage To The Bottom of the SeaGroman Eden Mortuary has his obit with picture. Say he died 12/30/14. No mention of acting careerFriday, January 09, 06:34:41am7
OT: Detroit News leaving 97 year old building.Friday, January 09, 03:40:44am1
Health watch: Andrae CrouchGospel legendThursday, January 08, 07:39:10pm5
Tonight on CNN (9:00 PM Eastern) - documentary on the life/death of Roger Ebert .....Ed TraceyThursday, January 08, 05:51:42pm7
J.P. Parise, Hockey Coach & Player (and father of MN Wild player Zach Parise)Dies at 73Thursday, January 08, 05:26:40pm3
Tomorrow would've been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday! (NT)Hard to believe!Thursday, January 08, 04:32:55pm5
Joe McGovern, Top Surfing photographerDead at 64Thursday, January 08, 04:27:05pm1
William Boeing, Jr., Son of aerospace pioneer William Boeing Sr.Dead at 92Thursday, January 08, 04:25:31pm1
Happy 94th Birthday! Artist Pierre-Yves Tremois, Pianist Abbey Simon is 93, Actor Larry Storch is 92, Actor Ron Moody is 91, Actress Rica Martens is 90, Singer Ramon Blackburn is 90, (NT)jlpThursday, January 08, 04:22:49pm13
Ray Gipson, Member of the Bob-O-Links who became The G-ClefsDead at 77Thursday, January 08, 04:17:29pm4
OT: Connecticut cancer case - should a 17-year-old be compelled to undergo chemo if she does not want to?State Supreme court says YESThursday, January 08, 02:29:36pm2
ADMIN NOTE: A collective concern I’d like to share with Barbara’s Obits & Memorial community. ... theChroniclerThursday, January 08, 12:47:20pm37
Radio Actress Joan Lazer ( "My Son Jeep" )Dies at 78Thursday, January 08, 11:45:12am3
12 dead in terror attack on office of French magazineParisThursday, January 08, 11:39:40am2
Ray McFall, Owned Liverpool's Cavern Club (where the Beatles got ther start)Dead at 88Thursday, January 08, 11:35:39am2
Healthwatch: Yankees prospect Ty HensleyHospitalized after 'brutal attack"Thursday, January 08, 11:30:09am1
D Day veteran, Bernard Jordan dies. Made headlines for his "escape" to visit the Normandy BeachesSherlockThursday, January 08, 11:28:17am3
Leo Tindemans, Ex- PM of BelgiumDead at 92Thursday, January 08, 11:25:40am2
Lee Israel, writer known for biographiesDies at 75Thursday, January 08, 10:55:04am4
Francesca Hilton dies at 67, Zsa Zsa survivesDaveThursday, January 08, 10:34:24am26
Former WV Governor Arch A. Moore Jr.LinkWednesday, January 07, 07:03:35pm4
O/T - George and Barbara Bush married 70 yearsLongest presidential marriageWednesday, January 07, 06:43:07pm13
Former Dallas Cowboy Jethro PughDies at 70Wednesday, January 07, 06:40:37pm4
Happy 96th Birthday! Politician Siddhi Savetsila, Holocaust Survivor Jules Schelvis is 94, Actor Geoffrey Bayldon is 91, (NT)jlpWednesday, January 07, 04:29:40pm6
Abbie Grayson, Alabama's oldest personDead at 110Wednesday, January 07, 04:27:48pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, January 07, 04:27:48pm
Vlastimila Èešková, Oldest person in CzechoslovakiaDead at 109Wednesday, January 07, 04:25:33pm2
Today's Picture: Luise Rainer (great picture, BTW) (NT)The one legacy.com is using is awful IMOWednesday, January 07, 03:47:42pm12
Tim Roberts, WrestlerDead at 48Wednesday, January 07, 01:36:19pm3
Trevor Smith, British actor, found deadHad been reported missingWednesday, January 07, 01:25:23pm3
Actor & Voiceover Artist Bob Magruder (1933-2015)Narrator of "Cheaters"Wednesday, January 07, 12:40:47pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, January 07, 12:40:47pm
Reggae Singer & Producer King SportyDies at 71Wednesday, January 07, 11:43:10am2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, January 07, 11:43:10am
Actor/Stuntman Bill Hart1934-2015Wednesday, January 07, 11:38:14am3
Corinne Quayle, Mother of ex- Vice- Pres. Dan QuayleDead at 92Wednesday, January 07, 11:00:52am26
OT: --If you have ME-TV-- "NBC Mystery Movie" ALERT. (NT)McCloud and Banacek at 12:30 a.m. each night; Eastern Time.Wednesday, January 07, 10:37:52am16
Found!!! Two silent film actresses at Wikipedia as possibly living.Baby Helen Rowland (1919-1978) and Virginia Marshall (1918-1982) Story InsideTuesday, January 06, 09:06:53pm10
Abram Weinrib, Holocaust SurvivorDies at 102Tuesday, January 06, 07:19:54pm3
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, January 06, 10:22:57am
    • Such (NT) -- a smile, Tuesday, January 06, 07:19:54pm
Jaws actress 109?ColtTuesday, January 06, 06:57:01pm6
Joe Attanasio, Actor, singer, father of Oscar nominated screenwriterDead at 89Tuesday, January 06, 05:26:54pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Tuesday, January 06, 05:26:54pm
Healthwatch: U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R, Miss.)HospitalizedTuesday, January 06, 05:16:35pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Aimo Aleksi Laiho, Politician Don Edwards is 100, Director B.K. Adarsh turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, January 06, 05:13:29pm5
Young & Restless actor Beau Kazer63 😞Tuesday, January 06, 03:02:31pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, January 06, 03:02:31pm
OT: It seems national notables have died every day since the new year??Some 'notables' bigger than others, but NO slow news week for Obits, for sure!Tuesday, January 06, 01:48:00pm1
Elvis Presley’s bandleader Joe Guercio diesLinkTuesday, January 06, 11:24:46am3
Today's photos: NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos (NT)Thank you for properly honoring themTuesday, January 06, 10:32:09am3
Top Reagan Adviser and Author, Martin Anderson, Dies at 78Dies at 78Tuesday, January 06, 10:28:04am4
Bishop Bernard J. McLaughlinDead at 102Tuesday, January 06, 10:26:30am2
  • Pic. -- ., Tuesday, January 06, 10:26:30am
Stu Miller, former San Francisco Giants All-Star, dies at 87LinkMonday, January 05, 07:58:19pm5
Alina Claire Kupchak, Daughter of LA Lakers GM Mitch KupchakDead at 15 (unspecified illness)Monday, January 05, 06:51:01pm1
Bess Myerson dies at 90 on December 14th ToddMonday, January 05, 06:10:41pm16
Difficult to find recent pictures of celebs involved in scandalsBess MyersonMonday, January 05, 06:02:50pm4
Allie Sherman, Coached the NY Giants in the '60'sDead at 91Monday, January 05, 06:00:57pm4
Hank Peters, Former Orioles GMDead at 90Monday, January 05, 05:59:19pm4
Happy 112th BIrthday! Supercentenarian Hama Takebayash, Politician Fan Xuji is 101, Painter Henryk Musialowscz is 101, Bandleader Dal Richards is 97, '36 Olympic Athlete Jennie Caputo is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, January 05, 05:58:16pm7
Michele Serros, WriterDead at 48Monday, January 05, 04:57:39pm2
Julia Neary, ActressDead at 50Monday, January 05, 04:14:45pm2
OT-flu updateOMG!Monday, January 05, 02:56:15pm6
Roger Kitter, British actorDead at 64Monday, January 05, 02:14:44pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, January 05, 02:14:44pm
Bridget Turner, British actressDead at 75Monday, January 05, 02:06:40pm4
Yolanda Donlan, american actress who gained greater fame in british films (NT)Died December 30, 2014 age 94 obit by U.K. GuardianMonday, January 05, 02:05:07pm4
Perry Damone, Son of singer Vic Damone & actress Pier AngeliDead at 59Monday, January 05, 01:08:40pm10
Lance Diamond, Singer, performed with the Goo Goo DollsDied Jan. 4thMonday, January 05, 12:35:55pm1
My local newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, didn't run obits for Edward Hermann, Donna Douglas, or Little Jimmy Dickens (NT)SadMonday, January 05, 12:21:08pm3
OT: Zsa Zsa Gabor has had as many spouses as cats have lives!Has any celebrity, living or dead, ever had more?Monday, January 05, 11:20:30am9
ESPN's Stuart ScottDead at 49 from cancerMonday, January 05, 11:01:32am6
Ronnie Berlack, 20, and Bryce Astle, 19, U.S. Ski Team prospectsKilled in avalancheMonday, January 05, 10:53:12am1
Donna Douglas - 81 ...Real or Hoax?LinksMonday, January 05, 10:04:28am15
OT: I just saw tonight, there was a significant quake in your neck of the woods, Buckeye. Everything good? (NT) theChroniclerSunday, January 04, 09:47:52pm3
Beautiful white tiger. Is it a tiger from Siegfried & Roy? (NT)He's at the Bridge nowSunday, January 04, 07:54:40pm2
Healthwatch: Cop adjusting gun in Ohio elevator accidentally shoots himself in stomachD'ohSunday, January 04, 05:36:11pm1
Health update: George H. W. BushReleased from hospitalSunday, January 04, 04:53:02pm12
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Meg Mundy, Actor John Wynyard is 100, Politician Lester L. Wolff is 96, Folklorist George Malcolm Laws is 96, Politician Charles Thone is 91, (NT)jlpSunday, January 04, 04:51:37pm9
Rene Vautier, French film directorDead at 86Sunday, January 04, 04:46:34pm2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, January 04, 04:46:34pm
Bryan Caldwell, Football player (Houston Oilers)Dead at 54Sunday, January 04, 04:45:57pm2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, January 04, 04:45:57pm
Bernice Madigan, Fifth oldest person in the WorldDead at 115Sunday, January 04, 03:25:19pm13
OT: Bono says he may never play guitar againStill rcovering from last year's bike accidentSunday, January 04, 02:31:43pm1
Boris Morukov, CosmonautDead at 64Sunday, January 04, 02:21:25pm2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, January 04, 02:21:25pm
Mercury Records Co-Founder Irwin SteinbergDies at 94Sunday, January 04, 02:10:16pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, January 04, 02:10:16pm
Acting Edward Hermann (1943-2014)Der BingleSunday, January 04, 01:39:31pm24
OT: I posted awhile back that Dave Bartholomew, 94, was my pic for oldest rock & roller. I forgot about John Zacherle, 96!"Dinner With Drac"Sunday, January 04, 12:46:21pm2
Little Jimmy Dickens, Oldest member of Country Music Hall of Fame dies at 94The Tennessean.Sunday, January 04, 12:31:55pm20
Edward Brooke, First black US Senator since Reconstruction, oldest ex- US SenatorDead at 95Saturday, January 03, 09:47:52pm9
Happy 99th Birthday! Producer Mag Bodard, Statistician D.J. Finney is 97, Writer Bianca Penco is 97, Actress Dorothy Morrison s 96, Poster Designer Bill Gold is 94, (NT)jlpSaturday, January 03, 05:03:17pm3
Matthew Cogley lead singer, guitarist for U.K. alt. band Failsafe (NT)Died suddenly new year's day age 30; obit at U.K. Daily Mirror.Saturday, January 03, 01:01:49pm2
  • Obit -- Link, Saturday, January 03, 01:01:49pm
Wow, I think the troll posted her death a few weeks ago. (NT)-Saturday, January 03, 12:52:40pm2
90 year old twins die two hours apart on Christmas DayIn IllinoisSaturday, January 03, 11:30:33am5
Géry Leuliet, World's oldest bishopDead at 104Saturday, January 03, 07:03:42am4
Big Joe Siedlik, Host of "The Big Joe Polka Show"Dies at 80Saturday, January 03, 06:58:49am2
Joanne Borgella (NT)Season 7 contestant deadFriday, January 02, 11:12:38pm2
Healthwatch: Little Jimmy Dickens, Country Music Hall of Fame member hospitalized in critical conditionPerformed on December 20 for his 94th birthday celebrationFriday, January 02, 05:30:27pm5
Archive: Miriam Seegar - Silent Film StarDied 1-2-2011 aged 103Friday, January 02, 05:12:13pm1
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Kane Tanaka, Rt. US Army Brigadier Gen. Albin Irzyk is 98, Typographer Gudrun Zapf-von Hesse is 97, Author Clyde Martin is 97, Designer Katherine Westphal is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, January 02, 04:45:10pm5
Poet Miller Williams ( father of singer Lucinda Williams)1930-2015Friday, January 02, 04:23:25pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, January 02, 04:23:25pm
Christine Cavanaugh, voice actressDead at 51Friday, January 02, 02:18:48pm13
Kevin Cross AKA Kevlaar 7 rapper and music producer (NT)Died December 23, 2014 age 37 according to Allhiphop.comFriday, January 02, 01:58:18pm4
Here is the video from CBS's "Sunday Morning" annual "Hail and Farewell" segment ....Ed TraceyFriday, January 02, 01:25:59pm14
Albeth Paris, oldest member of the Paris SistersFacebook page says she died December 5Friday, January 02, 01:08:33pm10
Mario Cuomo, Ex- Governor of New YorkDead at 82Friday, January 02, 11:55:01am8
Henry Strzelecki, Musician- songwriter, wrote "Long Tall Texan"Died Dec. 30th (injuries caused by hit & run driver)Friday, January 02, 10:33:52am2
Healthwatch: Sen. Harry Reid Injured After Exercise Accident at HomeBroke a number of ribs and bones in his faceFriday, January 02, 09:40:36am1
Merrill Womach, Gospel singer, survived 1961 plane crashDead at 87Thursday, January 01, 06:41:21pm8
Ninón Sevilla, Cuban born actressDead at 85Thursday, January 01, 04:55:24pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, January 01, 04:55:24pm
Guitarist Jeff GolubDies at 59Thursday, January 01, 04:50:04pm5
First victim of AirAsia crash identified. ...Weather stalls search for AirAsia black boxes; first victim buried.Thursday, January 01, 03:23:09pm1
Omar Karami, Ex- PM of LebanonDead at 80Thursday, January 01, 02:48:06pm5
Happy 103rd Birthday! Printmaker Manuel Rodriquez Sr. Pianist Matilde Capuis is 102, Cinematographer Ralph Woolsey is 101, Professor Fazlollah Reza is 100, Politician Otto Libal is 98, (NT)jlpThursday, January 01, 01:17:26pm9
Bob Usher, Baseball player (Cincinatti Reds)Dead at 89Thursday, January 01, 12:26:06pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, January 01, 12:26:06pm
Bob Hall, Harlem GlobetrotterDead at 87Thursday, January 01, 12:22:48pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, January 01, 12:22:48pm
Actor Bernard KayDies at 86Thursday, January 01, 12:09:38pm3
Longtime Red Sox scout Bill Enos dies at 94RussThursday, January 01, 11:56:54am3
Blues Musician Melvin JacksonDies at 79Thursday, January 01, 11:53:54am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, January 01, 11:53:54am
Blues Guitarist Alvin JettDies at 54Thursday, January 01, 11:51:31am2
Newlywed man, 95, dies after wife taken awayLegal dispute from wife's familyWednesday, December 31, 09:28:21pm1
OT: How about everyone here make a New Year's Resolutionto be civil to everyone else on this board in 2015?Wednesday, December 31, 08:03:43pm8
Tom LaBrie, Hosted TV Late Show in SacramentoHas diedWednesday, December 31, 06:20:49pm4
Healthwatch: Saudi King AbdullahHospitalizedWednesday, December 31, 04:03:32pm1
Happy 98th Birthday! Author Helen Eustis, Actress Suzy Delair is 97. Football's Ray Graves is 96, Author Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne is 96, Religious Figure Fred Secombe is 96, (NT)jlpWednesday, December 31, 04:00:15pm6
Michael Kennedy, Music writerDead at 88Wednesday, December 31, 12:32:06pm2
Archive - Ricky Nelson Dec 31, 1985TellerWednesday, December 31, 12:28:04pm5
Passing Scene of 2014Der BingleWednesday, December 31, 12:21:53pm7
8th Duke of Wellington, Arthur Valerian Wellesley has died, age 99.SharonWednesday, December 31, 12:13:02pm2
Luise Rainer, Hollywood golden era Oscar winner, dies aged 104wWDIWednesday, December 31, 12:11:45pm21
OT-anybody else had this blasted influenza A? Get a shot; you don't want this. I can see how it could kill weaker folks. On 3 meds & (NT)coughing up my toenailsWednesday, December 31, 09:03:30am4
TV Director/Producer Stan NeufeldDies at 91Tuesday, December 30, 10:54:56pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, December 30, 10:54:56pm
Happy 104th Birthday! Surgeon Howard W. Jones, Conductor David Willcocks is 95, Cartoonist Marc Sleen is 92, Writer Roza Budantsseva is 90, Actress Bazsa Kiss turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, December 30, 05:18:28pm11
Howard Schultz, TV producer ("Studs", "Dating Naked")Dead at 61Tuesday, December 30, 05:17:05pm5
Artist, Voice Actress, Former Miss Michigan Patricia Hill BurnettDead at 94Tuesday, December 30, 05:07:30pm2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, December 30, 05:07:30pm
Rhodes Reason, ActorDead at 84Tuesday, December 30, 02:43:49pm16
Great photo of Bob Hoskins. One of his lesser-known roles, but one of which he was most proud...RoyceTuesday, December 30, 01:05:19pm1
Ciriaca Maria Zapata, Oldest person in ColombiaDead at 116Tuesday, December 30, 12:55:45pm1
James Bond Stuntman Richard GraydonDies at 92Tuesday, December 30, 11:38:03am2
Golfer, Tom Nieporte won 1967 Bob Hope Desert ClassicDies at 86Tuesday, December 30, 11:34:18am2
Man killed over Cowboys-Redskins game on SundayAnother tight grip on realityTuesday, December 30, 11:07:22am1
A 2014 celeb death mostly overlooked.TellerMonday, December 29, 11:38:06pm2
Archive; William Demarest, Dec. 28, 1983Character actorMonday, December 29, 07:09:08pm5
Helen Harris, Hollywood Activist for the BlindDead at 78Monday, December 29, 06:37:51pm1
Dave Comer, Photographer helped turn New Zealand into Middle-earth for the 'Lord of the Rings' & 'Hobbit' filmsDead at 58Monday, December 29, 06:36:39pm1
Frankie Randall, Singer and actor. Starred in the film Wild on the Beach. Sang versions of the theme songs for TV shows Flipper and Bewitched.Dies at 76Monday, December 29, 06:28:38pm4
Whatever happened to Darren's Celebrity Drawings?That was a great blogMonday, December 29, 06:02:07pm4
Fred Hawkins, who played on PGA Tour, dies at 91LinkMonday, December 29, 05:59:13pm1
Archive: Euell Gibbons, Dec. 29, 1975Health food enthusiastMonday, December 29, 04:47:20pm4
Happy 101st Birthday! Philologist Otto Hiltbrnner, Illustrator Daihachi Ohta is 96, USMC Lieutenant Gen,Leo J. Dulacki is 96, Actor Mike Nussbaum is 91, Journalist Freddy Buache turns 90, (NT)jlpMonday, December 29, 03:59:48pm9
Patty Thomas, 92 Dancer, and last of Bob Hope's WWII Entertainment TroupeWII (NT)Died March 29, 2014; Obituary at Orange County Register Dignity Memorials.Monday, December 29, 03:20:07pm6
Ronnie Bedford, Jazz drummer (Performed with Louis Prima, Benny Goodman, Benny Carter)Dead at 83Monday, December 29, 11:33:08am2
  • "Beautiful Love" -- Ronnie Bedford and Friends, Monday, December 29, 11:33:08am
Al Belletto, Saxophonist and bandleaderDead at 86Monday, December 29, 11:32:03am2
Archive: Dennis Wilson, Dec. 28, 1983Beach BoyMonday, December 29, 11:13:41am3
Timothy Dowd, Cop who led ‘Son of Sam’ investigationDies at 99Monday, December 29, 10:21:40am1
Archive: Peter Lawford, Dec. 24, 1984Actor, Rat Packer, Kennedy in- lawMonday, December 29, 06:51:02am8
Actress Ellen Ross died March 4, 2014 per IMDBShe was 101 - does anyone have an obit?Sunday, December 28, 08:33:45pm1
Update To Cryptozoology Deaths of 2014: Moore, Timm, and KeechLorenSunday, December 28, 04:45:17pm1
Another Intervention death. BrookeRipSunday, December 28, 04:35:41pm4
Archive: Jack Benny, Dec. 26, 1974ComedianSunday, December 28, 03:02:06pm12
Dick Dale, Singer, saxophonist, performer on The Lawrence Welk Show from 1951 to 1982Dies at 88Sunday, December 28, 03:01:11pm13
Happy 95th Birthday! Composer Inocente Carreno, Football's Al Wistert is 94, Writer Stan Lee is 92, Director Norbert Terry turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, December 28, 01:29:06pm6
OT: Chris Rock files for divorceMarried nearly 20 yearsSunday, December 28, 01:27:45pm1
Healthwatch: Boyfriend of "Mob Wives" star Natalie Guercio stabbedBrooklynSunday, December 28, 01:26:23pm1
Archive: Jerry Orbach, Dec. 28, 2004ActorSunday, December 28, 12:19:52pm2
Another plane goes missing over Asia. 162 people aboardBBC says plane requested unusual flight path before disappearingSunday, December 28, 09:10:02am3
Merla Zellerbach, Wroter, philanthropist, TV personalityDead at 84Saturday, December 27, 10:07:15pm5
Archive: Hank Garland, Dec. 27, 2004GuitaristSaturday, December 27, 05:08:10pm3
Prediction: Artist Margaret Keane, 87, will either die while "Big Eyes" is playing in theaters, or shortly after it's released on videoIt's her storySaturday, December 27, 05:02:52pm1
Happy 105th Birthday! French Sports Leader Jean Clerfeuille, World War 2 Military Figure Margot Wolk is 97, Actor Alan Hood turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, December 27, 03:21:35pm10
Claude Frank, PianistDead at 89Saturday, December 27, 01:30:39pm2
Odd Knut Ronning, husband of actress and writer Peg LynchDied in July at age 96Saturday, December 27, 12:14:02pm3
David Ryall, British actorDead at 79Saturday, December 27, 12:06:27pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, December 27, 12:06:27pm
OT: Dick Van Dyke, 89, grabs healthy green smoothie while running errands Todd ()Sunday, December 28, 09:18:47am6
Riff West, Was a member of Molly Hatchet, FoghatDead at 64Saturday, December 27, 11:54:40am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, December 27, 11:54:40am
Former Globetrotters star "Showboat" Hall diesDead at 87Saturday, December 27, 11:53:42am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, December 27, 11:53:42am
Archive: Curtis Mayfield, Dec. 26, 1999Singer, songwriterSaturday, December 27, 11:52:44am3
  • "Superfly" -- Curtis Mayfield, Friday, December 26, 04:49:29pm
    • "Gypsy Woman" -- The Impressions, Saturday, December 27, 11:52:44am
TCM Remembers used a clip of Will Geer instead Stefan GieraschLinks insideFriday, December 26, 09:14:23pm4
To everyone on the board...StephFriday, December 26, 06:14:31pm5
OT: Vera-EllenDer BingleFriday, December 26, 06:05:42pm12
Harry S Truman died on this day in 1972, Gerald Ford died on his day in 2006 (NT)2 Veeps who became PresidentFriday, December 26, 04:51:42pm10
Archive: Elsa Lanchester, Dec. 26, 1986ActressFriday, December 26, 04:46:32pm2
Mildred Frances Defina Malatesta, sister of Dolores Hope, sister in-law of Bob Hope died November 16, 2014 (NT)Age 103. Obits at dignity memorial.com-Holy Cross cemetery and Legacy.comFriday, December 26, 04:38:04pm4
Perp Watch: Dustin Diamond (Screech on Saved by the Bell) charged with stabbing man in bar.BuckeyeFriday, December 26, 03:57:12pm1
Healthwatch: Former President George H.W. Bush (NT)Rushed to HospitalFriday, December 26, 03:41:24pm12
Happy 96th Birthday Lady Elizabeth Clyde, Archdeacon of Chester, Leslie Williams is 95, Politician Samuel H. Young is 92, Football's Frank Broyles turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, December 26, 01:41:21pm8
Jazz Clarinet Player Buddy DeFrancoDies at 91Friday, December 26, 12:24:50pm3
  • "The Nearness of You" -- Buddy DeFranco Quintet, Thursday, December 25, 07:04:40pm
    • Pic -- Link, Friday, December 26, 12:24:50pm
Jim Edwards, Ex- Gov. of South CarolinaDead at 87Friday, December 26, 11:16:03am3
Actor Stephen "Steve" Wootton died April 14, 2014He was 68Friday, December 26, 08:23:14am6
Happy 98th Birthday! Actor Edward Burnham, Gov't. Official George S. Vest is 96, Physicist Robert N. Hall is 95, Musician Curly Seckler is 95, Historian Rene Girard is 91, (NT)jlpFriday, December 26, 01:18:09am14
Howard G. Barnes, Film, TV & Radio ProducerDead at 100Thursday, December 25, 06:04:55pm1
George Miller, Ex- Mayor of Tucson, Az.Dead at 92Thursday, December 25, 05:56:31pm1
Woman dies afer crack pipe is removed from her vaginaFloridaThursday, December 25, 05:54:09pm1
OT: Queen Elizabeth II mentions Game of Thrones in her Christmas message. Todd ()Thursday, December 25, 05:51:51pm2
Hicks Ervin, TV producerDead at 39Thursday, December 25, 12:00:08pm6
Partial list of famous people who died on Christmas eve day...BuckeyeThursday, December 25, 11:54:28am9
Greg Reuter, Broadway actor ("Chicago", "The Producers")Dead at 43Thursday, December 25, 11:53:38am2
Alberta Adams, Detroit's Queen of the BluesDead at 97Thursday, December 25, 11:50:25am2
25 years ago today, brutal Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was murdered Mussolini-styleA fitting endThursday, December 25, 09:28:20am1
OT: a Howdy Doody broadcastNo, it's actually Marilyn Monroe on the Jack Benny Show!Thursday, December 25, 08:30:09am3
  • Lol (NT) -- 🙉😎, Wednesday, December 24, 11:10:26pm
  • Thx (NT) -- :), Thursday, December 25, 08:30:09am
Actress Sethma Caspers 1915-2014jlpThursday, December 25, 07:38:42am2
  • IMDB -- Betty, Thursday, December 25, 07:38:42am
OT: Are Big Todd Russell and Milt Moss still alive?Russell was host of "Rootie Kazootie"; Moss did "I can't believe I ate the whole thing"Thursday, December 25, 06:37:32am4
Ot:Marilyn Monroe on Jack Benny ShowHappy HolidaysWednesday, December 24, 11:11:19pm4
From alt.obits, Actress, Rosella Towne, 96unconfirmedWednesday, December 24, 10:53:41pm11
OT: 200 years ago today, the Treaty of Ghent was signed, ending the War of 1812. And 100 years ago today was the "Christmas Truce'" of WW 1Enemies put down their guns, sang Christmas carols, played soccerWednesday, December 24, 08:05:56pm4
Today's pic: Richard Attenborough (NT)As Santy ClausWednesday, December 24, 05:02:53pm2
Archive: The late, great Johnny Ace, Dec. 25, 1954Rock & Roll's first casualtyWednesday, December 24, 04:38:37pm2
Janet Barreto, Former “Most Wanted” woman, dies 4 mos. after captureShe was 43Wednesday, December 24, 02:05:19pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, December 24, 02:05:19pm
Maximo Munzi, TV & film CinematographerDead at 57Wednesday, December 24, 01:10:36pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Wednesday, December 24, 01:10:36pm
Larry Smith, legendary early Hip-Hop producer of Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, and othersHe was 63Wednesday, December 24, 01:03:52pm2
Happy 114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ora Holland, Actress Pearlie Norton is 100, Painter Pierre Soulages is 95, Musician Dave Bartholomew is 94, Director Jonas Mekas is 92, (NT)jlpWednesday, December 24, 01:02:43pm8
Merry Christmas folk🎅 (NT)CherWednesday, December 24, 11:54:56am3
Mike Elliott, Comedian, actor ("Billy Elliot")Dead at 68Wednesday, December 24, 11:51:28am5
Healthwatch: Famed Batman Artist Norm BreyfogleSuffers StrokeWednesday, December 24, 11:45:25am1
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Frank Pierpoint Appleby, Author C.Y. Lee is 97, Politician Helmut Schmidt is 96, Illustrator Peggy Fortnum is 95, (NT)jlpWednesday, December 24, 07:41:50am9
Anna Stoehr, One of the last people born in the 19th century has died at age 114.Minnesota's KARE TV reportingWednesday, December 24, 07:04:56am4
HEALTHWATCH: Merlin Ferry, son of Bryan Ferry, fighting for his life after horrific car accident.He is 24Tuesday, December 23, 06:58:38pm2
  • Mo' info- -- ., Tuesday, December 23, 06:58:38pm
Actor/Writer Jeremy LloydDies at 84Tuesday, December 23, 06:55:03pm6
Jo Jo Benson, R& B singerDead at 76Tuesday, December 23, 05:31:13pm4
Talent Agent Eleanor Kilgallen (Sister of Dorothy)1919-2014Tuesday, December 23, 12:29:26pm6
Actress Vera Gebuhr 1916-2014jlpTuesday, December 23, 12:01:26pm4
BREAKING: Just heard on KCRW that legendary singer Joe Cocker has died.A major loss!Tuesday, December 23, 11:52:47am12
Healthwatch: Melanie Brown (Mel B. of the Spice Girls)Hospitalized after accidental overdoseTuesday, December 23, 06:12:44am2
Emmy-Winning Director Joseph SargentDies at 89Tuesday, December 23, 06:11:09am9
Update on my dad..........noopyandthezoo (Janet Doran)Monday, December 22, 09:27:52pm5
Former ABC Executive Brandon StoddardDies at 77Monday, December 22, 06:47:03pm2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, December 22, 06:47:03pm
Archive: Harry Langdon, Dec. 22, 1944ComedianMonday, December 22, 03:54:25pm2
Singer Joe Cocker has died. (NT)Francis.Monday, December 22, 12:47:22pm4
Happy 104th Birthday! Harmonicist Elder Roma Wilson, Critic/Educator Louise Cowan is 98, Anthropologist Jean Malaurie is 92, Politician Jim Wright is 92, Stage Director Frank Corsaro is 90, (NT)jlpMonday, December 22, 11:58:48am5
Donald Albosta, Ex- US Rep. (D, Minn.)Dead at 89Monday, December 22, 11:57:20am3
Archives: 12345678910 ]

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