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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Archive: Dick Martin, May 24, 2008Half of Rowan & MartinThursday, May 24, 04:31:13pm2
AJ Cascio, Blues musician, singerDead at 81Thursday, May 24, 04:28:51pm2
Mildred “Mama Dip” Council, Restaurateur, cookbook authorDead at 89Thursday, May 24, 04:22:32pm1
Former Western Michigan University baseball player Frank QuiliciDead at 79Thursday, May 24, 12:15:34pm3
May 24~Happy Birthday! Actor Dick Curtis (90) Actor Timothy Brown (81) Actor Tommy Chong (80) Singer Bob Dylan (77) Actor Gary Burghoff (75) (NT) (NT)ColtThursday, May 24, 12:12:20pm10
Actor Hudson Lee LongDies at 84Thursday, May 24, 11:58:58am4
William Allee, Former NYPD Chief of DetectivesDies of 9/11-linked leukemiaThursday, May 24, 11:28:15am1
Danny Alvarez, Attorney, dies 1 day after winning nomination as a Judge in Ky.He was 43Thursday, May 24, 11:25:46am1
Actor Robert BirdDies at 64Thursday, May 24, 11:21:46am3
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, May 24, 09:36:11am
    • Clip -- Link, Thursday, May 24, 11:21:46am
Arcive: James Millhollin, May 23, 1993Character actorThursday, May 24, 11:12:35am4
OT: 8 Women accuse Morgan Freeman of sexual misconduct.Breaking News: CNNThursday, May 24, 11:11:06am3
Novelist Richard PeckDies at 84Thursday, May 24, 11:00:52am2
Clint Walker has died according to his Official Facebook page. If someone can post a link to the message there please. (NT)Dies at 90Thursday, May 24, 10:14:55am22
Actress Fiddle ViracolaDies at 81Thursday, May 24, 09:19:50am2
  • IMDb Link -- R.I.P, Thursday, May 24, 09:19:50am
Anne V. Coates, the five-time Academy Award-nominated film editor who won an Oscar for her work on the 1962 classic Lawrence of Arabia ...Dead at 92.Thursday, May 24, 04:52:08am5
William Perrie, ballet dancerDead at 78Thursday, May 24, 04:40:36am1
ARCHIVE: May 23, 1968 ~It was 50 years ago Hollywood lost one of its premier character players, veteran actor James Burke, who always was a great comic relief as cop-on-the-beat or detective, dies at the age of 81. ....Bio & PHOTOThursday, May 24, 03:14:33am2
May23~Happy 102nd Birthday! Writer Maj-Britt Baehrendtz, Poet Naomi Replansky is 100, Psychiatrist Morton Herskowitz is 100 Actress/Producer Lynne Carter-Talman is 100, Writer Ray Lawler is 97, Author Laurin L. Henry is 97, Singer Mac Wiseman is 93, Composer Hans Blum turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, May 23, 08:42:20pm9
British Supercentenarian Bessie Camm dies at 113She was the 10th Oldest Living Person for Just Two DaysWednesday, May 23, 08:28:11pm5
Bill Gold - Master of the Movie Posters, Dead at 97.DialMForMovies.Wednesday, May 23, 06:07:38pm11
Singer Una Pope Tuttle of The Pope SistersDies at 102Wednesday, May 23, 05:26:31pm3
Archive: Moms Mabley, May 23, 1975ComedianWednesday, May 23, 01:25:05pm2
Archive: Bonnie & Clyde, May 23, 1934CriminalsWednesday, May 23, 01:22:10pm1
Archive: Kit Carson, may 23, 1868Soldier, explorer, frontiersmanWednesday, May 23, 01:20:33pm1
Glenn Snoddy, Man behind the "Nashville Sound"Dead at 96Wednesday, May 23, 01:16:21pm2
Glenn Snoddy, the man behind the Nashville soundDies at 96Wednesday, May 23, 01:11:17pm1
Luis Posada Carriles, Anti Castro militant, helped organize the Bay of Pigs invasionDead at 90Wednesday, May 23, 01:09:00pm1
TV and film Director Vincent McEveetyDies at 88Wednesday, May 23, 11:57:47am4
Philip Roth, Pulitzer Prize winning novelistDies at 85Wednesday, May 23, 11:35:34am5
Archive: John Derek, May 22, 1998Actor, directorTuesday, May 22, 04:37:01pm3
Archive: Rocky Graziano, May 22, 1990BoxerTuesday, May 22, 04:25:22pm2
Hawaiian local sitting on his third floor balcony, suffers serious shattered leg injury after being hit by a flying molten ‘lava-bomb’! ...LinkTuesday, May 22, 02:22:01pm3
Sammy Allred of The Geezinslaw BrothersDies at 84Tuesday, May 22, 01:58:06pm3
Dave Garcia, Baseball coach, managerDead at 97Tuesday, May 22, 01:53:39pm1
May 22nd~Happy 102nd Birthday! Actress Anna Teluren, Music Editor Else Blangsted is 98, Actor Borivoj Kristek is 97, Singer Charles Aznavour is 94, Actor Michael Constantine is 91, Business Magnate T. Boone Pickens turns 90, (NT)jlpTuesday, May 22, 01:24:06pm5
ARCHIVE: May 22, 2005 ~Thurl Ravenscroft, famed voice actor/baritone singer whose booming voices was behind TV ad 'Tony the Tiger' cereal commercials for 50+ years, known for his association w/Disney, best remembered for his classic Christmas song, "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" on Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!", dies at 91. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, May 22, 01:17:00pm1
David Weinlick, married a total stranger during Mall of America publicity contest in 1998. He enjoyed 20 years of happy marriage and four children with his bride.Dies of cancer at 48Tuesday, May 22, 11:36:56am1
Richard Goodwin, former JFK & LBJ speechwriter and husband of Doris Kearns Goodwin86, CancerTuesday, May 22, 11:34:16am5
Robert Indiana, Artist known for 'LOVE' seriesDead at 89Tuesday, May 22, 11:29:52am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, May 22, 11:29:52am
Dead: Andy Warhol's "Interview" magazine folds after 49 yearsSad times for magazinesTuesday, May 22, 11:25:54am1
OT: Healthwatch - Joann WoodwardDer BingleTuesday, May 22, 11:14:28am2
May 18th~Happy 104th Birthday! Rocket Scientist Georg von Tiesenhausen , Illustrator Joe Krush is 100, Baseball's Gil Coan is 96, Actor Bill Macy is 96, Actress Pricilla Pointer is 94, Sportcaster Jack Whitaker is 94, (NT)jlpTuesday, May 22, 10:17:12am9
Boom Operator Anthony Marc LialiDies at 55Tuesday, May 22, 08:40:27am2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, May 22, 08:40:27am
Healthwatch (O/T): Jada Pinkett SmithHair lossTuesday, May 22, 08:17:26am1
Joseph Campanella, veteran character actorDies at 93Tuesday, May 22, 08:02:38am15
Paul Mountain, violinist and music teacherDead at 68Tuesday, May 22, 05:12:29am1
David Donnison, government adviser on social policyDead at 92Tuesday, May 22, 05:10:15am1
Actress Patricia MorisonDies at 103Tuesday, May 22, 02:47:20am22
Healthwatch: Ron Beck, L.A. area Lawyer pitchman for LARRY H. PARKER Law Firm, recovering after being shot by disgruntled former partner of their firm. -Beck's partner Major Langer, of their law firm of Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin, Mendoza and Harrison, was killed. ...CBS-TV.comMonday, May 21, 07:23:21pm3
ARCHIVE: May 21, 1973 ~Famed crooner Vaughn Monroe baritone singer, trumpeter, big band leader, actor, and businessman, most popular in the 1940s and 1950s, who had many hit like "Let it Snow...", dies at 61. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, May 21, 07:22:23pm3
ARCHIVE: May 21, 2005 ~Howard Morris, veteran comic actor/writer, remembered as classic comic castmate on 1950's TV's "Your Show of Shows", and his many fun characters in Mel Brooks film, but best known for his role in TV's "The Andy Griffith Show" as 'Ernest T. Bass', dies at 85. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, May 21, 05:45:32pm3
May 21st~Happy 102nd Birthday! Politician Louis Crump, WW2 Figure Mieczyslaw Stachiewiez is 101, Author Margaret J. Baker is 100, Designer Sonja de Lennart is 98, Editor Sashka Popova is 97, Actress Petra Trautmann is 97, Composer Bill Holman is 91, Actress Tamilla Agamirova is 90, Actor Miha Baloh turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, May 21, 04:18:37pm4
Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Barrier-Breaking LawyerDead at 104Monday, May 21, 04:12:01pm1
Healthwatch: Former Yahoo and Warner Bros. chief executive Terry SemelDiagnosed with Alzheimer’s diseaseMonday, May 21, 12:07:48pm1
Antonio Mercero, Emmy winning director and screenwriterDead at 82Monday, May 21, 11:59:31am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, May 21, 11:59:31am
John Gaydon, producerDead at 74Monday, May 21, 11:53:33am2
Anna Maria Ferrero, Italian actress, one of the last remaining cast members of King Vidor's 1956 film "War and Peace."Dies at 84Monday, May 21, 11:51:25am3
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, May 21, 11:50:43am
    • Pic -- ., Monday, May 21, 11:51:25am
Carol Mann, former LPGA golfer and member of the World Golf Hall of FameShe was 77Monday, May 21, 10:22:14am2
Healthwatch: Rachael Bland, BBC presenter"Incurable" cancerMonday, May 21, 08:18:23am1
Maggie Riegler, painter and tapestry-makerDead at 73Monday, May 21, 07:55:24am1
Wanda Wi³komirska, violinistDead at 89Monday, May 21, 07:53:06am1
Sir Roger Eilliott, theoretical physicistDead at 89Monday, May 21, 07:49:57am1
Charlie Russell, a Naturalist Who Lived Among Bears, hoped to show that bears are not inherently aggressive animals. ...Died at 76Monday, May 21, 07:22:00am2
Billy Cannon, NFL player, 1959 Heisman Trophy winner, dentist who served time in prison for counterfeitingDies at 80Monday, May 21, 04:40:10am3
May 20th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Masters Athlete Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ambassador Edwin M. Cronk is 100, WW2 Figure Jal Cursetji is 99, WW2 Figure John Cruickshank is 98, Journalist Flor Isava Fonseca is 97,\ (NT)jlpSunday, May 20, 04:16:48pm8
Healthwatch: Jet LiPhotos of actor fuel speculation about his healthSunday, May 20, 01:09:24pm1
Col Joseph Gordon Clemons Jr. dies at 90.Portrayed by Gregory Peck in "Pork Chop Hill" (1959)Sunday, May 20, 12:06:14pm3
Archive: Henry Jones, May 17, 1999Characer actorSunday, May 20, 11:50:49am2
"Harry and Tonto" Screenwriter Josh GreenfieldDies at 90Sunday, May 20, 10:45:01am9
Healthwatch: NBA Legend Bill RussellRushed to the HospitalSunday, May 20, 07:35:25am2
Stephanie Adams, model and Playboy Miss November 1992 jumps to her death from NYC building along with her 7 year old sonDies at 47Sunday, May 20, 04:45:02am7
Reggie Lewis, Produced Madonna’s debut album and performed with Miles DavisDead at 65Saturday, May 19, 09:24:11pm4
May 19th~ Happy 115th Birthday! Supercentenarian Shimoe Akiyama, Actress Clara Auteri Pepe is 100, Producer Sehih Giz is 100, Politician Mark Andrews is 92, (NT)jlpSaturday, May 19, 04:20:49pm5
Dying: Time, Inc.Once a media powerhouse, now fading awaySaturday, May 19, 01:29:36pm3
Actress & Singer Carol LombardDies at 86Saturday, May 19, 11:59:20am6
Mike Slive, Former Southeastern Conference Commish, Died At 77David S.Saturday, May 19, 11:54:40am1
TV heads up- "American Masters" on PBS this week is about actress- inventor Hedy Lamar. It was better than I expectedAnd it's Hedy, not Hedley!Saturday, May 19, 11:33:19am1
Archive: Dave Berg, May 16, 2002Mad cartoonistSaturday, May 19, 11:24:12am4
OT Royal wedding failure. Kindom Choir, Bishop Curry. Far cry from Kate or Diana. (NT)Royal Family Must be Embarrassed!Saturday, May 19, 11:20:34am7
Stuntman/Actor Jimmy NickersonDies at 68Saturday, May 19, 11:19:20am3
Today's photo: Joe Campanella, with his fellow actor, brother Frank (NT)Frank died in Dec 2006Saturday, May 19, 10:39:29am1
ARCHIVE: May 15, 1988 ~It was 30 years ago Hollywood lost veteran character actor Andrew Duggan, with his imposing 6'5" height made him a favorite in men of autority in westerns, military or cop films & TV, dies at 64, just weeks before his wife's death! ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, May 19, 08:37:19am3
Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Beat era poet, artistDead at 87Friday, May 18, 06:38:46pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, May 18, 06:38:46pm
Bernice Baker Miracle, sister of Marilyn MonroeDies at 98Friday, May 18, 04:28:14pm2
Healthwatch: US Rep. Anthony Brown (Maryland)Suffers a strokeFriday, May 18, 02:44:15pm1
Healthwatch: Writer Andrew Morton (biographies of Princess Diana, Madonna, Tom Cruise)Suffered a stroke during book readingFriday, May 18, 02:42:38pm1
Healthwatch: Former Pro Wrestler Tom McGee severely beaten over parking spotMagee suffered a broken jaw, broken eye socket and concussion.Friday, May 18, 02:38:36pm1
Former NFL fullback Don Testerman diesHe was 65Friday, May 18, 02:26:34pm1
ARCHIVE: May 17, 2004 ~Tony Randall, EMMY Award-winning actor of stage and screen, best remembered as 'Felix Unger' in the TV adaptation of Neil Simon's play "The Odd Couple", and acclaimed Golden Globes nominee for films "Pillow Talk" and "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?", dies at 84. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, May 18, 02:21:05pm3
Yuriko Hoshi, Japanese actress of Godzilla filmsDies at 74Friday, May 18, 02:14:40pm4
Who is today's 100th birthday and why is she being hit in the head with a shovel? (NT)Not recognizing her.Friday, May 18, 11:29:14am13
Mass shooting Santa Fe High School, Texas. Up to 8 killed and several wounded.Friday, May 18, 11:16:42am2
Healthwatch: Betty Lynn, Andy Griffith Museum Facebook page says she is unwell and asking for prayers. (NT)She was scheduled to appear at the museum tomorrow.Friday, May 18, 08:15:00am7
Actress & Singer Tara HazlewoodDies at 32Thursday, May 17, 07:29:42pm4
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, May 17, 08:16:58am
  • How -- Jac, Thursday, May 17, 07:29:42pm
May 17th~Happy 101st Birthday! Dancer Lidija Franklin, Olympic Athlete Lydia Wideman is 98, Psychoanalyst Moustafa Safouan is 97, Actor Johnny Marchand is 97, Opera Singer Gabriel Bacquier is 94,Actor Jacques Ciron turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, May 17, 06:22:17pm7
Archive: Johnny (Guitar) Watson, May 17, 1996MusicianThursday, May 17, 04:20:18pm2
Richard Pipes, Historian of Russia and Reagan AideDead at 94Thursday, May 17, 04:14:16pm1
Animator / Director Gerry WooleryDies at 73Thursday, May 17, 04:10:44pm3
Archive: Abe Burrows, May 17, 1985. ...Broadway writer- directorThursday, May 17, 04:09:52pm3
Hideki Saijo, Japanese singer (did a cover of "YMCA")Dead at 63Thursday, May 17, 12:09:00pm2
  • Here it is! -- You lucky people!, Thursday, May 17, 12:09:00pm
Archive: Lex Barker, May 11, 1973ActorThursday, May 17, 11:46:45am5
Harold Guskin, Acting coach taught Kevin Kline, Glenn Close and James GandolfiniDead at 76Thursday, May 17, 11:38:07am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, May 17, 11:38:07am
Frank McCulloch, Veteran journalist, LA Times editor, last reporter to interview Howard HughesDead at 98Thursday, May 17, 11:35:42am1
Production Designer Greg BlairDies at 57Thursday, May 17, 11:30:09am3
Healthwatch: Singer Burton Cummings (Guess Who)Injured in car crashThursday, May 17, 11:27:18am2
Sinclair Lough, distinguished clinical psychologistDead at 62Thursday, May 17, 05:07:23am1
Karen Finch, founded the Textile Conservation CentreDead at 96Thursday, May 17, 05:06:03am1
Tom Murphy, Irish playwrightDead at 83Thursday, May 17, 05:04:55am1
Khurshid Drabu, Britain’s first Muslim judgeDead at 72Thursday, May 17, 05:03:31am1
Pack of Wiener Dogs maul woman to death.....Wait....they travel in packs!?!Wednesday, May 16, 07:30:11pm4
May 16th~Happy 100th Birthday! Actor William E. Waters, Actress Sugako Takimi is 97, Filmaker/Historian Vijaya Mulay is 97, Politician Dawda Jawara is 94, Astronomer Nancy Roman turns 93. (NT)jlpWednesday, May 16, 05:04:15pm6
Archive: Ernie Freeman, May 15, 1981MusicianWednesday, May 16, 05:03:16pm2
  • "Raunchy" -- Ernie Freeman, Wednesday, May 16, 05:03:16pm
Arthur Manson, Pioneering Marketing ExecutiveDies at 90Wednesday, May 16, 04:49:17pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 16, 04:49:17pm
Chuck Panama, Publicist for Liz Taylor, Henry Fonda and "M*A*S*H"Dead at 93Wednesday, May 16, 04:45:27pm1
Tallmadge Wakeman D’Elia, TV producer, killed after being hit by shrapnel & severely burnt when his vape pen explodedHe was 38Wednesday, May 16, 04:42:34pm1
Fred Flyin Hawaiin Noa, First Hawaiin Roller Derby Star Dead At 85David S.Wednesday, May 16, 03:20:14pm1
Gwen "Skinny Minnie" Miller, Was a member of the LA ThunderbirdsDead at 66Wednesday, May 16, 03:17:19pm2
Leah Napolin, novice playwright who brought "Yentl" to BroadwayDies at 83Wednesday, May 16, 02:13:50pm1
Michael Allen Conley, Who Worked on 'Hour of Power,' 'Blossom' and 'Golden GirlsDies at 73Wednesday, May 16, 01:21:53pm3
Has anyone seen any info about the passing of actress Mary Gregory? The Hollywood Show celebrity meet and greet which she has attended in the past says she died around April 16th. She appeared in 3 Twilight Zones. (NT)I have been out of the country for several weeks and thought maybe I missed her passing but I can't seem to find any info about it.Wednesday, May 16, 01:02:53pm12
Margot Kidder, 69"Superman" co-star [Link]Wednesday, May 16, 12:51:42pm24
Andy Johnson, Football player (New England Patriots)Dead at 65Wednesday, May 16, 11:30:02am1
Peter Byrne, TV actorDead at 90Wednesday, May 16, 11:16:09am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 16, 11:16:09am
Ray Wilson, England footballer (won the World Cup in 1966)Dead at 83Wednesday, May 16, 06:16:20am1
May 15th: Today's pic: Country singer Eddie Arnold, born 100 years ago today. (NT)Also born 100 years ago today, actor Joseph Wiseman ("Dr. No").Wednesday, May 16, 04:29:43am2
  • Eddy -- ., Wednesday, May 16, 04:29:43am
May 15th~Happy 101st Birthday! Psychologist Eleanor Maccoby, Biologist Louis Siminovitch is 98, Religious Figure Nasrallah Sfeir is 98, Actress Silvana Corsini is 97, Actor Jean Dubourdieu is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, May 15, 07:48:00pm9
OT: Mom turns son in for burglary.LinkTuesday, May 15, 06:19:04pm1
ARCHIVE: May 14, 1998 ~This is a REALLY hard one to take. -It was 20 years(!) ago today, the world lost one of the most talented, successful, and influential entertainers of the 20th century -Frank Sinatra, philanthropic Oscar winning actor who sold more than 150 million records worldwide, dies at 82. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, May 15, 04:28:00pm9
Archive: Husband E. Kimmel, May 14, 1968Admiral, scapegoat for Pearl HarborTuesday, May 15, 04:25:59pm1
Crosbie Saint, Retired 4 star genereal, former Commander of Fort HoodDead at 81Tuesday, May 15, 04:21:13pm1
Golf Hall of Famer and Masters champ Doug FordDies at 95Tuesday, May 15, 03:56:55pm2
Glenn Branca, Avante Garde composerDead at 69Tuesday, May 15, 12:48:24pm4
Author Tom WolfeDies at 87Tuesday, May 15, 11:18:52am5
Jlloyd Samuel, footballerKilled in car crash, aged 37Tuesday, May 15, 08:19:15am1
Beth Chatto, prize-winning horticulturistsDead at 94Tuesday, May 15, 04:24:51am1
OT: Actor/Actresses over 80 who played lead role in tv series. -Here's a healthy LIST ....-Hal Linden from Barney Miller had lead role.Tuesday, May 15, 04:17:50am1
Tony "D" Decicco, appeared on CNBC reality show "Staten Island Hustle".Dies at 61Tuesday, May 15, 03:59:27am1
OT: List of charted pop singers 80 and older? ... (NT)Vera Lynn, 100, is probably the oldest.Tuesday, May 15, 01:26:36am4
Archive: Keith Relf, May 14, 1976Lead singer of the YardbirdsMonday, May 14, 05:51:36pm3
Matt Marks, Composer & musicianDead at 38Monday, May 14, 04:25:31pm1
May14th~Happy 104th Birthday! Author Anne Baker, Architect Leopold Wiel is 102, Politician Adnan Pachachi is 95, Director Mrinal Sen is 95, Actress Hannelore Minkus is 90, Writer Sofya Prokofyeva is 90, Actress Susan Dorn turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, May 14, 04:24:02pm9
Healthwatch: Melania TrumpKidney SurgeryMonday, May 14, 03:18:25pm3
Healthwatch: Thomas Markle, father of Meghan MarkleSuffered heart attack, will miss weddingMonday, May 14, 12:31:32pm3
Healthwatch: Former Senator Harry Reid treated for pancreatic cancerDoctor says prognosis is good--Yeah, rightMonday, May 14, 12:07:50pm1
Sound Editor Jim SiracusaDies at 65Monday, May 14, 11:35:21am3
Elaine Edwards, former Louisiana First Lady and U.S Senator for 3 months in 1972Dies at 89Monday, May 14, 11:34:17am4
Will Alsop, architectDead at 70Monday, May 14, 05:02:06am1
Bob Woffinden, journalist and authorDead at 70Monday, May 14, 05:01:02am1
Thomas Andrew, amateur rugby playerDead at 26 (team-mate in a "very" critical condition!)Monday, May 14, 04:44:02am1
Hamp Swain, DJDead at 88Monday, May 14, 02:08:00am1
Ernest Medina, Army Captain acquitted in My Lai massacreDead at 82Sunday, May 13, 05:29:10pm3
Steve Hogan, Mayor of Aurora, Colo., led city through tragedy of 2012 theater massacreDead at 60Sunday, May 13, 05:21:30pm3
Lisa Vanderpump's brother reportedly dies in suspected overdoseFound dead at his home in Gloucestershire, EnglandSunday, May 13, 04:22:02pm1
Archive: lester Flatt, May 11, 1979Bluegrass musicianSunday, May 13, 03:23:28pm7
Pamela Marvin, former wife of actor Lee MarvinDies at 88Sunday, May 13, 02:43:27pm7
Chuck Knox, longtime NFL coach for the Seahawks, Rams & Bills, dies at 86RussSunday, May 13, 02:01:58pm1
May 13th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Marguerite Robertson, Actress Svetlana Pitoeff is 100, Politician Vassos Lyssarides is 98, Actress Kato Fenyes is 97, Actress Joyce Barnham is 97, Actor Orlando Ferandes is 90, (NT)jlpSunday, May 13, 01:03:19pm8
OT: The last episode of "Blue Bloods" marked the acting debut of Jack Schlossberg (grandson of JFK)He played a copSunday, May 13, 12:23:30pm1
OT: Redmond O' Neal (son of Ryan O' Neal & Farrah Fawcett) arrested for robbing a 7-11, drug possessionSanta Monica, Calif.Sunday, May 13, 11:24:16am1
Who is being remembered in today's photo? (NT)egee33Sunday, May 13, 09:58:54am5
Tessa Jowell, English politician, Secretary of State for culture, media, and sport (2001-2007) , MP (1992-2015) and peer (since 2015)Dead at 70Sunday, May 13, 09:36:03am1
Oscar Beregi! (NT)Underrated -- thank you for remembering himSaturday, May 12, 08:04:39pm3
Dead: "Brooklyn 99", "The Mick" & "Last Man on Earth" (NT)All cancelled by FoxSaturday, May 12, 08:03:36pm6
OT: Rosalynn Carter makes first public appearance since intentional surgery in February. She's now oldest-living First Lady at 90.Picture and Video linkSaturday, May 12, 07:54:12pm9
O/T? Scott Hutchison, singerReported missing!Saturday, May 12, 07:15:28pm5
Kevin Tierney, Canadian film producerDead att 67Saturday, May 12, 05:15:13pm1
Dennis Nilsen, Scottish serial killerDead at 72Saturday, May 12, 05:13:12pm1
Maynard Troyer, NASCAR racer & car builderDead at 79Saturday, May 12, 12:55:59pm1
Actress Ulla SallertDies at 95Saturday, May 12, 11:37:49am4
Reg Gadney, scriptwriterDead at 77Saturday, May 12, 11:34:00am3
Peter Mayer, Published Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses"Dead at 82Saturday, May 12, 11:22:41am1
May 12th~Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Svetlana Pitoeff, Attorney Irving Kanarek is 98, Biologist John Tyler Bonner is 98, Politician Leon Heitz is 98, Physicist Fritz Rohrlich is 97, Actress Ruth de Souza is 97, Journalist Pierre Rouanet is 97, Critic John Simon is 93, (NT)jlpSaturday, May 12, 11:18:41am3
ADMIN Please refrain from impersonating others on board. No trolling. (NT) theChroniclerSaturday, May 12, 10:09:38am1
Healthwatch: Scientist David Goodall, 104Planning to end his life in SwitzerlandSaturday, May 12, 07:10:16am9
Producer & Director Joe NardelliDies at 63Friday, May 11, 06:47:49pm3
Archive: Ernie Fields, May 11, 1997MusicianFriday, May 11, 05:31:50pm2
Archive: Chester Gould, May 11, 1985Created "Dick Tracy"Friday, May 11, 04:29:24pm2
Archive: Bob Marley, May 11, 1981Reggae musicianFriday, May 11, 04:26:02pm2
May 11th~Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Richard Arvine Overton, Sports Reporter Per Jorsett is 98, Lawyer Lawrence E. Corbett Jr. is 97, Actress Kirsti Simila is 97, Actor Phil Harvey is 97, Astronomer Anthony Hewish is 94, Writer Ruben Fonseca is 93, (NT)jlpFriday, May 11, 04:09:23pm8
Feral House Publisher and Author Adam Parfrey, 61, DiesSon of actor Woody ParfreyFriday, May 11, 01:33:15pm7
Tom E. Lewis, Australian actorDead at 59Friday, May 11, 11:31:55am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, May 11, 11:31:55am
Seven people found dead in Western AustraliaFour children and three adultsFriday, May 11, 09:56:54am4
Healthwatch: "Monty Python" alum Terry GilliamHospitalized after possible strokeFriday, May 11, 09:41:40am5
Clive Sinclair, authorDead at 70Friday, May 11, 04:53:12am1
Beverly Almond, Bletchley Park codebreakerDead at 99Friday, May 11, 04:50:12am1
ARCHIVE: May 10, 1968 ~It was 50 years ago today, Hollywood lost former child actor Scotty Beckett, who came up in the popular 'Our Gang' short films, and translated to more mainstream legit feature films as a young adult, before his career came to a screeching halt, spiralling into addiction, and an early death at 38, leaving behind 2 sons. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, May 10, 08:18:20pm3
May10th~Happy 97th Birthday! Actor Damian Crismaru, Actress Hazel Ascot is 90, Director Hans Noever is 90, Actor Charles Buck turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, May 10, 07:49:20pm9
Health watch: Author of paranormal and Hollywood bio booksBrad Steiger, 82, is in decline in hospiceThursday, May 10, 06:51:08pm9
Daniel Cohen, Writer who sought justice for Pan Am Bombing victims after his daughter was among the killedDead at 82Thursday, May 10, 06:48:00pm2
Delphine Gibson, Oldest-living AmericanDies at 114Thursday, May 10, 06:44:35pm4
ARCHIVE: May 10, 2001 ~Deborah Walley, actress noted for playing the title role in "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" (1961) and in several Beach Party films, died of esophageal cancer, at her home in Sedona, Arizona, at age 59.Bio & PHOTOThursday, May 10, 05:11:32pm1
Healthwatch: Former UN Amb. Andrew YoungHospitalizedThursday, May 10, 05:00:00pm1
Tom Fletcher, Baseball player (Detroit Tigers)Dead at 75Thursday, May 10, 04:57:54pm1
Kato Khandwala, Music producer, engineer, mixer and songwriterDead at 47 (motorcycle accident)Thursday, May 10, 04:55:04pm2
Art Shay, Whose Camera Captured the Famous and the EverydayDead at 96Thursday, May 10, 04:51:58pm2
Kevin Kamenetz, Was running for Governor of MarylandDead at 60Thursday, May 10, 04:49:47pm2
Nurse charged in death of H.R. McMaster’s fatherPhiladelphiaThursday, May 10, 12:58:10pm1
ARCHIVE: May 9, 1968 ~It was 50 years ago today, we lost Scottish-born Hollywood character actor Finlay Currie, in a career spanning from pre-code days, into the 1960s, with his most memorable roles as convict 'Magwitch' in 1946's "Great Expectations" (1946), and as Cary Grant's best mate in key part in "People Will Talk" (1951). He was 90. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, May 10, 12:38:37pm1
Actress Patricia O'Grady, 84died March 12, 2018Thursday, May 10, 11:55:06am3
John Taylor, architectDead at 88Thursday, May 10, 05:56:16am1
Healthwatch: UK actress Dame Barbara Windsor, 80, has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. ...BBC LinkThursday, May 10, 04:05:54am2
May 9th~Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Sofya Karamash, Baseball's Lillian Luckey is 99, Baseball's Helen Nicol is 98, Director Rudi Kunz is 97, Chemist Manfred Eigen is 91, (NT)jlpWednesday, May 09, 04:48:08pm7
Russell McPhedran, AP photographer who shot iconic photo of balcony terrorist at Munich OlympicsDead at 82Wednesday, May 09, 04:45:25pm2
  • The photo -- Link, Wednesday, May 09, 04:45:25pm
Ben Graves, Drummer (MurderDolls, Dope, Pretty Boy Floyd)Dead at 46Wednesday, May 09, 04:42:39pm1
According to Find A Grave. Kaja Sundsten Meredith. Widow of actor Burgess Meredith. (NT)Died March 26, 2018 in Glenn county Ca. Age 88. She was survived by two children Tala and Jonathan Meredith.Wednesday, May 09, 02:33:06pm4
Stu Boy King, Drummer for 70's band, the DictatorsDead at 64Wednesday, May 09, 12:11:40pm3
Former California Gov. George Deukmejian diesHe was 89Wednesday, May 09, 11:46:57am4
Bob Bura, children's animatorDead at 93Wednesday, May 09, 11:43:20am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 09, 11:43:20am
Harlan Twible, USS Indianapolis Survivor died April 8, 2018 at age 96. ...DarrenWednesday, May 09, 06:32:57am3
Actor Noble CraigDies at 66Tuesday, May 08, 09:46:04pm4
OT: Jan Smithers of "WKRP in Cincinnati" hasn't acted since 1987. I came across this interview from a couple years agoLinkTuesday, May 08, 08:09:33pm5
OT: Anyone else notice Scott Bakula's dramatic weight loss on "NCIS New Orleans"? (NT)Hope it's not another Miguel Ferrer situationTuesday, May 08, 08:00:51pm7
Producer Norman RosmontDies at 93Tuesday, May 08, 07:33:43pm5
Dick Williams, Singer in the Williams Brothers QuartetDies at 91Tuesday, May 08, 06:28:43pm6
ARCHIVE: May 8, 1999 ~Hard to believe it's nearly 20 years since the death of former child actress Dana Plato, who while vacationing w/her young family, she OD'd in the family RV, in front of her mother-in-law's home in Oklahoma. She was only 34. ...BIO & PHOTOS ...Tuesday, May 08, 05:54:08pm1
Gayle Shepherd of the Singing Shepherd Sisters Dies at 81NY TimesTuesday, May 08, 05:49:48pm3
ARCHIVE: It was 25 years ago today, Hollywood lost a little piece of its illustrious heritage when the star of one of its most memorable Silent Films, died. Actress Mary Philbin, who starred as 'Christine Daaé in 1925's "The Phantom of the Opera", passes away at 90. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, May 08, 05:12:36pm3
Rapper Big T has diedNo age givenTuesday, May 08, 04:54:46pm3
May 8th~Happy 106th Birthday! Oldest Blogger Dagny Carlsson, Religious Figure Bernard de Give is 105, Football's (English) Arthur Smith is 103, Politician Jean Maran is 98, Historian Robert Hugh Ferrell is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, May 08, 04:41:35pm9
Nick "Big Bully" Busick, Former WWE wrestler & MMA promoterDead at 63Tuesday, May 08, 02:13:11pm1
Archive: John Walker, May 7, 2011Member of the Walker BrothersTuesday, May 08, 12:04:52pm3
Kennedy cousin murder conviction overturnedMichael Skakel had been convicted of murdering Martha MoxleyTuesday, May 08, 11:52:58am1
Maurane, Belgian singerDead at 57Tuesday, May 08, 11:48:15am2
Healthwatch: Johnny ManzielHospitalizedTuesday, May 08, 11:45:56am1
Sally Mays, concert pianistDead at 88Tuesday, May 08, 11:42:46am2
Archive: Eddie Rabbitt, May 7, 1998Singer- songwriterTuesday, May 08, 11:38:29am3
Art Paul, Graphic designer created bunny logo for PlayboyDead at 93Tuesday, May 08, 05:38:50am2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Tuesday, May 08, 05:38:50am
Michael Moran, political expert and university lecturerDead at 71Tuesday, May 08, 05:35:08am1
Derek Fry, fellow of the Institute of PhysicsDead at 77Tuesday, May 08, 05:33:41am1
Doris Clay, political activistDead at 98Tuesday, May 08, 05:30:36am1
Archive: H. H. Holmes, May 7, 1896Serial killerTuesday, May 08, 04:22:21am6
Steve Coy, musicianDead at 56Tuesday, May 08, 01:48:32am1
Roger Vorce, american talent agent (Johnny Cash, Liberace, Rosemary Clooney), co-founder of the Agency for the Performing ArtsDies at 88Monday, May 07, 08:51:07pm2
May 7th~Happy 101st Birthday! Public Servant Lenox Hewitt, Actor Val Bisoglio turns 92. (NT)jlpMonday, May 07, 04:24:16pm7
Ray Szmanda, Enthusiastic TV pitchman known as "the Menards Guy"Dead at 91Monday, May 07, 04:00:04pm1
ARCHIVE: May 7, 1951 ~Hollywood star Warner Baxter from the Silent era, appearing in more than 100 films between 1914 and 1950, when severe arthritis forced him into drastic early form of treatment with a lobotomy to "ease the pain", instead killing him at 52. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, May 07, 01:46:04pm5
OT: Any authors who have published up to five books or less. (NT)The only one I can think of is Harper Lee. She wrote "To Kill A Mockingbird" (1986) and "Go Set A Watchman" (2014)Monday, May 07, 01:05:26pm4
They are at again at Wikipedia with the surviving silent film actors/actress. (NT)Adding three dead actresses to the list. Dorothy Brock, Helen Rowland, and Sumiko Mizukudo.Monday, May 07, 01:03:36pm9
Sylvia Bloom, who died in 2016, left a $6m fortune on a secretary's salary .....Ed TraceyMonday, May 07, 12:57:47pm4
Personal Note: The twin brother of my oldest friend Dale, passed away over the weekend. Don was one of the nicest, unassuming persons I ever knew. Since childhood, Don and Dale never had/have a cursed word about anyone, and I know Don is out of his life struggles, and now in the peace of God's presence. ~Sleep well, Donny (NT) theChroniclerMonday, May 07, 12:53:56pm2
Charles William Steger Jr., Va. Tech president at the time of the 2007 mass shootingDead at 70Monday, May 07, 11:51:44am1
Ermanno Olmi, Italian film directorDead at 86Monday, May 07, 11:48:53am1
Healthwatch: Reports of John McCain near death ...LinkMonday, May 07, 07:59:55am10
Abi Ofarim, His recording of "Cinderella Rockefella" remained at the top spot for three weeks in the UK in 1968Dead at 80Monday, May 07, 06:33:36am4
Wilson Frost, american politician member of the Chicago City Council (1967-1987)Dead at 92Sunday, May 06, 08:06:01pm1
May 6th~Happy Birthday! Singer Bob Seger (73) Actor Tony King (71) Actor Richard Cox (70) Actor Paul Linke (70) Actor Gregg Henry (66) (NT)ColtSunday, May 06, 05:18:14pm8
Paolo Ferrari, Italian actorDead at 89Sunday, May 06, 04:38:35pm1
Joe Weaver, Veteran Detroit news anchorDead at 89Sunday, May 06, 04:35:07pm1
Edwin Burrows, Pulitzer Prize-winning historianDead at 74Sunday, May 06, 04:34:17pm1
Johnnie Cochran Sr., former executive with the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company, and father of famed defense attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr, who died in 2005. ...Dead at 101.Sunday, May 06, 01:10:18pm2
Dowager Countess of Harewood Patricia Lascelles (husband was cousin to Queen Elizabeth)Dead at 91Sunday, May 06, 12:22:27pm1
Chuck Harder, Florida talk radio hostDead at 75Sunday, May 06, 12:06:53pm2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, May 06, 12:06:53pm
Pierre Rissient, French Director and ProducerDead at 81Sunday, May 06, 12:04:47pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Sunday, May 06, 12:04:47pm
Desmond Saunders, British film & TV director ("Thunderbirds")Dead at 91Sunday, May 06, 12:03:20pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, May 06, 12:03:20pm
NHRA Racer Randy Alexander Dies After Crashing at Over 160 MPHGeorgiaSunday, May 06, 11:57:39am1
Luyanda Ntshangase, south african footballer killed by lightning strikeHe was 21Sunday, May 06, 05:40:24am4
Man killed attempting selfie with bear...Who didn't see THAT one coming....?Sunday, May 06, 04:03:46am6
Judson Allen, Chef featured on the Food NetworkDead at 36Saturday, May 05, 05:12:42pm1
Archive: Jerry Wallace, May 5, 2008SingerSaturday, May 05, 05:10:29pm2
May 5th~Happy 105th Birthday! Politician Arthur L. Thurlow, Masters Athlete Ida Keeling is 103, Architect Martin Grassnick is 101, Actor Klaus Kalima is 100, Hockey's Jim Conacher is 97, Engineer Jojep Kates is 97, Actor Heino Turklo is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, May 05, 05:06:44pm11
At Wikipedia on the entry for rock band Dead or Alive. it is listed in their members section. (NT)The drummer Steve Coy died in 2018. The italian Wiki has a bio for him that lists his death date as May 4, 2018 age 56.Saturday, May 05, 02:32:13pm3
Legendary soccer manager Sir Alex Ferguson seriously illSherlockSaturday, May 05, 12:44:09pm1
Filmmaker Carlos Carvalho killed by a giraffeSouth AfricaSaturday, May 05, 12:25:53pm2
Cathy Godbold, Australian actressDead at 43Saturday, May 05, 12:08:57pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, May 05, 12:08:57pm
Robbie Little, British Film ProducerDead at 79Saturday, May 05, 12:02:19pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, May 05, 12:02:19pm
Ninalee Allen Craig, At the Center of a Famous PhotographDead at 90Saturday, May 05, 12:00:16pm1
Actor John AltamuraDiesFriday, May 04, 09:53:21pm4
OT: One of Britain’s oldest people, age 110, praises ONIONS for her long lifeYou go, girl!Friday, May 04, 05:37:24pm4
May 4th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarians Madeline Anderson and Bernie Nenner, Writer Lyn Cook is 100, Economist Basil L. Yamey is 99, Historian Jihn Brooke is 98, Writer John Goodwin is 97, Actress Christine Smith is 97, (NT)jlpFriday, May 04, 04:39:21pm7
Tony Kinman, Member of punk band the Dils, later a pioneer of "Cowpunk"Has diedFriday, May 04, 12:39:35pm1
Animator Dave MichenerDies at 85Friday, May 04, 11:24:36am3
Dave Michener, 85, Disney animator, nephew of novelist James Michener, died in Feb.He was 85Friday, May 04, 11:23:27am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, May 04, 11:23:27am
Actor Harry LavingtonDies at 91Friday, May 04, 07:53:27am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, May 04, 07:53:27am
Lynn Ready, Mousketeer, died in Feb.He was 73Friday, May 04, 07:33:33am7
Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Brazilian film directorDead at 89Friday, May 04, 04:45:46am1
Lord Temple-Morris, Conservative MPDead at 80Friday, May 04, 04:44:20am1
Archive: Robert Alda, May 3, 1986ActorThursday, May 03, 08:21:42pm3
Alice Provensen, Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator of children’s booksDead at 99Thursday, May 03, 04:17:30pm1
May 3rd~Happy 104th Birthday! Poet Georges-Emmanuel Clancier, Anthroposophist Traute Lafrenz is 99, Politician Ralph Hall is 95, Singer Jane Morgan is 94, Mathematician Isadore Singer is 94, (NT)jlpThursday, May 03, 12:19:28pm6
Frances Hendrickson, widow of actor G. D. SpradlinDies at 94Thursday, May 03, 11:10:12am6
Larry Harvey, Burning Man FounderDies at 70Thursday, May 03, 05:40:01am2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Thursday, May 03, 01:06:00am
Fred Dunning, museum curatorDead at 89Thursday, May 03, 04:31:32am1
Charles de Chassiron, diplomatDead at 69Thursday, May 03, 04:30:22am1
Allister Brebner, tour guide and film-makerDead at 83Thursday, May 03, 04:29:11am1
Swedish Electronic Dance Music Superstar AviciiDies at 28Thursday, May 03, 01:26:03am19
May 2nd~Happy 117th Birthday! (Oldest Living Person) Supercentenarian Chiyo Miyako , Supercentenarian Tane Yonekura is 114, Actor Roger Hamilton is 90, Writer Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, May 02, 06:27:11pm7
Dennis Claridge, Football player (Packers, Falcons)Dead at 76Wednesday, May 02, 05:04:35pm1
A man convicted of stalking Sandra Bullock has killed himself after a police standoffLos AngelesWednesday, May 02, 05:02:25pm1
Kent Burningham, Father of Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules")Has diedWednesday, May 02, 12:44:04pm1
Healthwatch: Shannen DohertyTo Undergo SurgeryWednesday, May 02, 12:17:38pm1
Health update: George H.W. Bush to remain hospitalizedHoustonWednesday, May 02, 12:08:08pm1
Gilbert Klein,Talk show host who introduced Rock & Bowl to San FranciscoDead at 71Wednesday, May 02, 12:06:50pm1
Joe Clokey dies at 56Son of Gumby creators Art Clokey (died 2010) & Ruth Clokey (died 2008)Wednesday, May 02, 09:48:32am4
Cliff Watson, former rugby league playerDead at 78Wednesday, May 02, 07:42:09am1
Graham Gill, pirate radio DJDead at 81Wednesday, May 02, 07:31:02am1
Aaron Traywick, biohackerDead at 28Wednesday, May 02, 05:54:11am1
Walter Holland, academic and doctorDead at 88Wednesday, May 02, 05:08:59am1
John Reardon, newspaper photographer and picture editorDead at 66Wednesday, May 02, 05:07:20am1
OT: Here's a picture from 2018's TCM Flim Festival of Norman Lloyd, 103 & Marsha Hunt, 100LinkWednesday, May 02, 02:41:41am2
Jan Cameron, Australian swimmer and coach, Olympic silver (1964) and Commonwealth Games triple medalist (1966). -PHOTO ...Died suddenly at 70.Tuesday, May 01, 07:43:38pm10
Jabo Starks, Drummer for James BrownDead at 79Tuesday, May 01, 07:08:45pm3
Healthwatch: Mother of comedian Russell BrandSuffers life threatening injuries after car accidentTuesday, May 01, 06:20:29pm3
ARCHIVE: May 1, 1868 ~It was 150 years ago today, Tom Dula, a former Confederate soldier was convicted and hanged for the murder of a local N.Carolina women, though many believe he was innocent, later inspiring a regional folk song "Tom Dooley" commemorationg the infamous/controversial trial of Dula, who was 36. ...BackgroundTuesday, May 01, 04:47:48pm2
Rose Laurens (nee Podwojny), French singerDead at 65Tuesday, May 01, 03:55:06pm3
  • "Africa" -- Rose Laurens, Tuesday, May 01, 01:16:22pm
  • German Obit ... -- Translated text, Tuesday, May 01, 03:55:06pm
TV Director Jack RegasDies at 92Tuesday, May 01, 02:11:39pm5
May 1st~Happy 107th Birthday! Horse Trainer Shizo Uchida, Actor Sam Azouz is 100, Former Prime Minister (Morocco) Mohammed Karim Lamravi is 99, Cricketer Alan Burgess is 98,Archaeologist B.B.Lal is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, May 01, 11:33:08am6
Carlos Gray, Football player (Packers) shot deadHe was 25Tuesday, May 01, 11:19:49am1
Tim Calvert, Guitarist (Nevermore, Forbidden)Dead at 52Tuesday, May 01, 11:18:10am1
Director Lester James PeriesDead at 99Tuesday, May 01, 11:00:59am3
OT: Tonight on Decades channel is the Rose Marie documentary "Wait For Your Laugh" (NT)9 pm (eastern time)Tuesday, May 01, 10:39:01am2
Roy Bentley, footballer (soccer)Dead at 93Tuesday, May 01, 05:12:10am3
Designer Judith Leiber and Artist Husband Gerson Leiber die hours apartDead at 97Monday, April 30, 11:43:12pm7
Noted Texas Jeweler James AveryDies at 96Monday, April 30, 09:51:08pm1
ARCHIVE: April 30, 2012 ~Veteran character actor George Murdock, especially prolific on television, specifically as semi-regular chacter as oily Internal Affairs hawk 'Lt. Scanlon' on TV's "Barney Miller", dies 81. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, April 30, 09:07:50pm1
ARCHIVE: April 30, 1974 ~Accliamed actress Agnes Moorehead, whose six-decade career included work in radio, stage, film, and television, best known for her role as 'Endora' on the TV series "Bewitched", dies at 73, after battle with cancer. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, April 30, 08:07:01pm3
Lonnie "Lil Lonnie" Taylor, Rapper, shot deadHe was 22Monday, April 30, 04:50:36pm1
Archive: Hitler died 73 years ago today — here's how newspapers around the world reactedLinkMonday, April 30, 04:48:57pm1
Apr.30th~Happy 101st Birthday! Biochemist Seymour S. Cohen, Physicist S.Y. Lee is 100, Baseball's Lorenzo Cabrera is 98, WW2 Figure/Author Diet ECman is 98, Lyricist CSheldon Harnick is 94, Actress Cloris Leachman is 92, (NT)jlpMonday, April 30, 04:46:38pm13
Deadly day in Afghanistan: 10 journalists, 1 US soldier, and multiple civilians killed in 4 separate incidentsAfghanistanMonday, April 30, 04:38:28pm1
Jhoon Rhee, ‘Father of American Taekwondo’Dead at 86Monday, April 30, 03:54:54pm1
Apr.29th~Happy 97th Birthday! Astronomer Cornelis de Jager, Dancer ZiZi Jeanmarie is 94, Politician Carrie P. Meek is 92, Musician Big Jay McNeely is 91, Actor Uolevi Vahteristo is 90, Actor Oleg Gorbachenko turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, April 30, 02:55:30pm8
James Hylton, former NASCAR driverHe was 83Monday, April 30, 12:50:48pm3
ARCHIVE: April 30, 1900 ~'Casey' Jones, famed American railroader of the Illinois Central Railroad (IC), killed when his train collided in fog with a stalled freight train near Vaughan, Mississippi. His dramatic death while trying to stop his train, saving the lives of passengers made him a hero into legend, dies at 37. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, April 30, 11:07:56am1
Actress Pamela GidleyChuck CollinsMonday, April 30, 10:35:48am4
PBR Rank Bull, Pearl Harbor Dead At Age 7David S.Monday, April 30, 06:09:12am2
Stuart Devlin, goldsmith and silversmithDead at 86Monday, April 30, 05:51:07am1
Saxophonist Charles Neville, of the Neville Brothers has died. ...He was 79. ...Sunday, April 29, 10:58:25pm3
OT: comedian Bobby RamsenAlive or dead ... seeking infoSunday, April 29, 04:30:12pm4
Archive: Mae Clarke, Apr. 29, 1992ActressSunday, April 29, 12:46:05pm2
Alfie Evans, British child, subject of parental rights case. ...Dead at 1 year.Sunday, April 29, 12:41:37pm1
Luis Garcia Meza, Former Bolivian military dictatorDead at 88Sunday, April 29, 11:31:20am1
Electrical Grip John MulierDies atSunday, April 29, 08:39:45am2
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, April 29, 08:39:45am
Actor Garrett GriffinDies at 79Saturday, April 28, 08:25:48pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, April 28, 08:25:48pm
ARCHIVE: April 27, 2011 (c2010) ~This is the sad, sad story of a Hollywood player, who lived/died alone, who lay dead; unchecked in her home for nearly a year, until found on this date. -Actress Yvette Vickers, whose mediocre film career led to Playboy Playmate of the Month by 1959, but went down from there. Vickers was estimated 81, at time of death. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, April 28, 07:06:26pm1
Film director Michael Anderson dies aged 98SherlockSaturday, April 28, 06:46:00pm5
Apr.28th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Costume Designer Paulette oquatrix, Activist Mildred Persinger is 100, Musician Stephen Wilkinson is 99, Diplot Robert Furlonger is 97, Producer William Beaudine Jr, is 97, Politician William Broomfield, Poet Fina Garcia Marruz is 95, Politician Kenneth Kaunda is 94, Actress Lidia Alfonsi turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, April 28, 05:23:11pm6
Alvaro Arzu, Ex- Pres. of GuatemalaDead at 72Saturday, April 28, 05:03:35pm1
Actress Kristin Harmon Nelson, one-time married to actor/singer Rick Nelson, dies at 72. ...Died last night, according to daughter Tracy's Facebook page.Saturday, April 28, 05:01:00pm10
British Singer / Musician Roy YoungDies at 81Saturday, April 28, 04:58:58pm2
OT: On TCM, I just saw a film I never saw/heard of called, "The Proud Rebel" (1958), a post-Civil War western with Alan Ladd and Olivia de Havilland. It was a kind of 'Ol Yeller' meets 'Shane', co-starring Dean Jagger w/Harry Dean Stanton & Tom Pittman as heavies (copied after Daltons of "My Darling Clemintine"). Anyway ......My real comment is "why I'd never heard of actor Tom Pittman"? Fascinating read!Saturday, April 28, 04:56:38pm6
ARCHIVE: April 26, 1973 ~Actress Irene Ryan, who found success in vaudeville, radio, film, television, and Broadway, best remembered for her Emmy-nominated role as 'Granny Moses' on TV's "The Beverly Hillbillies", dies of brain tumor at only 70. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, April 28, 04:27:31pm7
Rev. James H. Cone, Founder Of Black Liberation TheologyDead at 79Saturday, April 28, 02:25:17pm1
Today's photo: Stafford Repp, aka Chief O'Hara on BatmanOne of his last eps was a guest shot on MASHSaturday, April 28, 10:58:59am8
Actress Doreen WeeseDies at 90Saturday, April 28, 09:05:49am2
Apr.27th~Happy 101st Birthday! Religious Figure Phlipose Mar Chrysostom, Politician Abdelmalek Benhabyles is 97, Critic Paul Branko is 97, Composer Tamas Deak is 90, Actor Yves Letourneau is 90, Cinematographer Brian West turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, April 27, 05:09:57pm5
Healthwatch: Amy Schumer hospitalized.Kidney infectionFriday, April 27, 05:08:59pm4
Producer Paul Junger Witt (The Partridge Family, Soap, Golden Girls)Dies at 77Friday, April 27, 02:34:13pm3
ARCHIVE: April 27, 2015 ~Former child actress Suzanne J. Crough, best known for her role as 'Tracy Partridge' on "The Partridge Family", dies of a rare form of cardiomyopathy -heart failure at 52. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, April 27, 12:40:58pm1
ARCHIVE: April 27, 1965 ~Edward R. Murrow, famed American broadcast journalist/war correspondent, a pioneer who set the gold standard in radio/TV news broadcasting, who after WWII, recruited the finest correspondents who came to be known as 'Murrow Boys', dies just 2 days after his 57th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, April 27, 11:31:05am1
R.I.P. ~The last remnants of Bill Cosby career as 80 year old comedian is found GUILTY of all three counts of rape, facing a possible maximum sentence of 10 years! ...News linkFriday, April 27, 10:32:13am5
Philip Hoff, Ex- Gov. of VermontDead at 93Friday, April 27, 10:12:33am2
Russ Truelove, former NASCAR driverHe was 93Friday, April 27, 08:01:35am1
Gustav Born, pharmacologistDead at 96Friday, April 27, 07:06:16am1
TV Writer/Actor Del Carnes1931 - 2018Thursday, April 26, 04:48:25pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, April 26, 04:48:25pm
Archive: Bobby (Boris) Pickett, Apr. 25, 2007Had a monster hit recordThursday, April 26, 04:12:35pm6
Mike Lanier, One of America's tallest men (7 foot 7)Dead at 48Thursday, April 26, 03:02:14pm4
Apr.26th~Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ellen Gibb, Architect I. M. Pei is 101, Painter Manuel Zorrilla is 99, Artist Maynard Reece is 98, Actor Russell Nype 94/98, Actor Horst Schulze is 97, (NT)jlpThursday, April 26, 02:50:40pm9
ARCHIVE: April 26, 2011 ~Singer/songwriter Phoebe Snow, whose melodic sylings of the 1970s earned her acclaim w/the popular hit "Poetry Man", and who became an advocate for special needs children (her daughter born severely brain damaged), dies of a stroke at 60, just 4 years after her daughter's death. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, April 26, 02:38:31pm2
Marv Rackley, american baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates) ...Dead at 96.Thursday, April 26, 02:35:40pm2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Thursday, April 26, 02:35:40pm
ARCHIVE: April 26, 1989 ~Famed American Comedy Icon Lucille Ball, who in a 50 year Hollywood career was wildly successful in film/TV roles, immortalizing her place in entertainment with her classic ensemble TV sitcom "I Love Lucy", dies at 77. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, April 26, 12:45:59pm4
Golden State Killer case: Ex-cop arrested in serial murder-rape cold caseKiller terrorized state for a decadeThursday, April 26, 11:12:10am5
Scottish Actress Edith MacArthurDies at 92Thursday, April 26, 10:54:37am2
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, April 26, 10:54:37am
Actress Sylvia ShortDies at 90Thursday, April 26, 10:49:30am4
Nabi Tajima, Oldest person in the worldDead at 117Thursday, April 26, 09:38:54am7
Archive: Art Fleming, Apr. 25, 1995Original host of "Jeopardy!"Thursday, April 26, 08:39:36am3
Tom Netherton, singer on Lawrence Welk ShowDies at 70Thursday, April 26, 07:02:04am15
Ernst Eisenmayer, artist and sculptorDead at 97Thursday, April 26, 04:41:52am1
Percy Lamb, physicistDead at 97Thursday, April 26, 04:39:27am1
Archive: Paul Davis, Apr. 22, 2008Singer- songwriterThursday, April 26, 01:49:31am6
Don Bustany (1928-2018)Rob DurkeeThursday, April 26, 01:48:05am11
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1986 ~Harold Arlen, American composer of popular music who composed over 500 songs, a number of which have become known worldwide, highly regarded contributor to the Great American Songbook, with his most famous composition "Over The Rainbow" considered as #1 song of "AFI's Top 100 Films", dies at 81. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, April 25, 06:35:00pm8
Healthwatch: Ford models Fiesta, Taurus, Fusion and Focus all being discontinued for 2019RussWednesday, April 25, 06:19:54pm2
ADMIN NOTE: A plea for our board forum ... theChroniclerWednesday, April 25, 06:05:14pm8
Healthwatch: Barbara BushIn Failing HealthWednesday, April 25, 05:36:16pm13
Oldest Celebs with two living parents. Prince Charles and who else? (NT)now that Mama Bush is goneWednesday, April 25, 05:29:18pm12
Singer Barbara MillsDies at 79Wednesday, April 25, 05:08:38pm4
Apr.25th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Fusa Tatsum, Olympic Athlete Marko Racic is 98, Olympic Athlete Lawrence Allen is 97, Actress Halina Kwiatkowska is 97, Actor Victor Alevy is 97, Cartoonist Albert Uderzo turns 91. (NT)jlpWednesday, April 25, 04:41:27pm6
Archive: George Sanders, Apr. 25, 1972ActorWednesday, April 25, 04:16:58pm3
Archive: Tom Conway, Apr. 22, 1967ActorWednesday, April 25, 03:55:58pm2
Healthwatch: George H. W. BushIIn ICUWednesday, April 25, 12:16:34pm10
Healthwatch: Actor, singer Charles Aznavour, 93HospitalizedWednesday, April 25, 12:01:13pm3
Arthur B. Rubinstein, Film & TV composerDead at 80Wednesday, April 25, 11:24:49am3
Dennis Ramsden, UK stage actorDead at 99Wednesday, April 25, 11:18:45am3
Lionel Hersov, pioneering child psychiatristDead at 95Wednesday, April 25, 05:10:07am1
Dame Daphne Sheldrick, conservationistDead at 83Wednesday, April 25, 05:08:30am1
Character Actress, Naomi Stevens dies at 92Died Jan. 13, 2018Wednesday, April 25, 12:53:26am8
Roy Hawthorne Sr., World War II Navajo Code TalkerDead at 92Tuesday, April 24, 08:21:49pm2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Tuesday, April 24, 08:21:49pm
John Stride, British ActorDies at 81Tuesday, April 24, 07:21:58pm3
Archive: Tommy Noonan, Apr. 24, 1968Comic, actorTuesday, April 24, 06:21:40pm5
Apr.24th~Happy 104th Birthday! Magician Assistant Mio-Yo Miller, Author Hans Von Seggern is 104, Dancer Xenia Tripolitova is 103, Politician Song Ping is 101, Empress of Korea Yi Hae-won is 99, Poet Gabriel Okara is 97, Actress Maria Celeste Leitao is 97, Producer Eric Pleskow is 94, (NT)jlpTuesday, April 24, 04:32:22pm9
Darryl Warren, Actor, musician (drummer for the Buckinghams)Dead at 72Tuesday, April 24, 03:59:28pm1
Charles Zwick, LBJ's last Budget directorDead at 91Tuesday, April 24, 03:54:50pm1
Eugene Leff, Prosecutor in the Love Canal caseDead at 73Tuesday, April 24, 11:47:35am1
Archive: Al Wilson, Apr. 21, 2008Soul singerTuesday, April 24, 11:37:39am2
Emma Smith, British writerDead at 94Tuesday, April 24, 11:34:06am1
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1616 ~William Shakespeare, famed English poet, playwright and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist, often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon", dies on his 52nd birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, April 24, 09:08:09am6
David Russell, craftsman and authorDead at 82Tuesday, April 24, 05:03:10am1
Chaim Neslen, Yiddish writer, teacher and musicianDead at 79Tuesday, April 24, 05:01:50am1
Jazz musician Bob Dorough, ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Performer and WriterDies st 94Monday, April 23, 07:13:28pm6
Van plows into crowd in Toronto. Nine Dead. Suspect in custody.Fox News.Monday, April 23, 06:41:31pm1
ARCHIVE: April 23, 2016 ~Veteran stage/film/TV actress Madeleine Sherwood, whose early Broadway performances earned praise, originating 18 roles in Broadway productions of the 1940s & 50s, earning Obie Award for Best Actress in the 1960s, all while appearing in countless film/TV roles in over 40 year career, best remembered on TV as 'Reverend Mother' on "The Flying Nun", dies at 93. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, April 23, 05:56:08pm1
Apr.23rd~Happy 115th Birthday! Supercentenarian Iso Nakamura, Actress Edeltraud Schubert is 101, Philanthropist Anne Buydens is 99, Eric Grant Yarrow,3rd Baronet is 98, Actor Doudou Babet is 98, Actor Julian Upton is 97, Baseball's Chuck Harmon is 94, Writer Margit Sandemo is 94, Actress Jadniga Romanska turns 90 (NT)jlpMonday, April 23, 05:16:35pm9
Naked Gunman Kills 4 In Waffle House ShootingNashvilleMonday, April 23, 05:13:49pm6
Davey Nelson, Milwaukee Brewers broadcaster and former All-Star infielderDead at 73Monday, April 23, 04:51:04pm3
Archive: Alferd Packer, Apr. 23, 1907Prospector, cannibalMonday, April 23, 03:54:00pm2
Rockabilly Singer Rayburn AnthonyDies at 80Monday, April 23, 03:48:51pm2
  • "Hambone" -- Rayburn Anthony, Monday, April 23, 03:48:51pm
ARCHIVE: April 21, 1977 ~Gummo Marx, vaudevillian performer, actor, comedian and theatrical agent, and the little-known second youngest of the five Marx Brothers, passes a decade after brothers Harpo and Chico Marx, and only 4 months before his famed brother Groucho, dies at 83. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, April 23, 01:53:12pm5
Philip D’Antoni,, Film producer ("The French Connection")Dead at 89Monday, April 23, 01:51:35pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Monday, April 23, 01:51:35pm
Boot hill has an obit for actress Pamela Gidley, but I can't find any other info. ...Colt (Link Inside)Monday, April 23, 01:45:16pm5
Bennie Cunningham, Football player (Pittsburgh Steelers)Dead at 63Monday, April 23, 11:30:54am1
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1993 ~Hard to believe it's now 25 years since the death of César Chávez, civil rights leading founder of UFW, who died of natural causes (after a lifetime of fasting for his cause) at 65. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, April 23, 11:20:35am2
Verne TroyerDied at 49Monday, April 23, 05:47:39am7
David Bailin, physicistDead at 79Monday, April 23, 04:46:11am1
ARCHIVE: April 22, 2002 ~Linda Lovelace, America's first porn star, whose notoriety catapulted after 1972's hardcore porn film "Deep Throat", only to later denounce the adult industry and share her story of personal abuse, dies weeks after violent car crash, at 53. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, April 22, 10:05:28pm1
Archive: Richie Havens, Apr. 22, 2013SingerSunday, April 22, 04:17:49pm2
Healthwatch: Former Malevolent Creaction Singer Brett Hoffman Diagnosed With Stage 4 Colon CancerOtsegolectric98Sunday, April 22, 04:17:02pm1
Apr.22nd~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Sixta Tulia Aguinga de Posada, Football's/Actor Ambrose Schindler is 101, Actor Anthony La Penna is 100, Photographer Per Olov Jansson is 98, Author Fred Kohler is 98, Musician Candido Camero is 97, Actress Meg Barstow is 97, Politician Marcel Garrouste is 97, Actress Charlotte Rae is 92, Actress Martha Farrar turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, April 22, 04:09:30pm7
ARCHIVE: April 22, 2017 ~Actress Erin Moran, best known for her regular role 'as 'Joanie Cunningham' on TV's "Happy Days", dies at 56, after battle with cancer. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, April 22, 03:17:15pm1
Archive: Richard M. Nixon, Apr. 22, 199437th Pres. of the USSunday, April 22, 01:07:01pm4
ARCHIVE: April 22, 1990 ~Albert Salmi, actor of stage/films/TV, known for numerous films like The Unforgiven (1960) and The Outrage (1964), but mainly remembered for TV guest appearances like "Bonanza", "The Big Valley", and "Twilight Zone" (3 episodes), in the end murdering his estranged wife and killing himself, at age 62. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, April 22, 12:45:18pm3
Character actor Charles Tyner died November 8, 2017 at age 92. I have no other info. (NT)It's been reported at both Dial M for Movies, and Wikipedia.Sunday, April 22, 12:19:36pm12
Healthwatch: deejay and poster here Ronnie AllenMajor strokeSunday, April 22, 11:52:01am18
Kevin Colson, Tony-nominated actor; uncle of singer SiaDead at 79Sunday, April 22, 11:50:21am3
  • Imdb -- ., Sunday, April 22, 11:29:28am
  • I met him after -- Aspects of Love..., Sunday, April 22, 11:50:21am
Healthwatch: Danny Farquhar, White Sox pitcherRuptured brain aneurysmSunday, April 22, 11:30:52am1
Al Swift, Ex- Congressman from WashingtonDead at 82Sunday, April 22, 11:26:38am2
Actor George Touliatos dead at 87, He passed away December right before his 88th birthday. What's with all these old actors passing away last year and now just being mentioned? 2017 was a bad year". ...ColtSunday, April 22, 11:16:11am3
Reid Collins, news anchor at CBS (1960-85), and CNN (1985-86), dies at 88RussSunday, April 22, 04:40:20am1
Will Rogers, Mayor of Burbank, Calif.Dead at 60Saturday, April 21, 02:20:30pm3
Actress Lois WheelerDies at 97Saturday, April 21, 01:12:51pm3
Archive: Benny Hill, Apr. 20, 1992ComedianSaturday, April 21, 01:12:09pm4
ARCHIVE: April 21, 1983 ~Veteran actor Slezak often portrayed villains or thugs, most notably the German U-boat captain in Alfred Hitchcock's film Lifeboat (1944), as well as countless film/TV roles in 50 year career, kills himself due to ill health at 80, in the garden of his home. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, April 21, 01:11:10pm3
ARCHIVE: April 21, 2016 ~PRINCE, singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and director, eight-time GRAMMY winner, who sold over 100 million records, died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl at 57, after years of drug abuse. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, April 21, 11:38:35am1
Karen Dawisha, Scholar of modern Russia (wrote "Putin's Kleptocracy")Dead at 68Saturday, April 21, 11:33:12am1
Apr.21st~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Sumire Hishikawa, Actress Helen Lacy is 100, Businessman Tiede Herrema is 97, Queen Elizabeth II is 92, Writer Jose Maria Font is 90, Actress Dee Hartford turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, April 21, 11:26:50am4
Healthwatch - Roberta FlackRory BSaturday, April 21, 11:24:55am3
Actress Rebecca Welles..died Feb. 13, 2017 was posted here??She was 89Saturday, April 21, 04:06:15am5
Sister Marie-Agnes Valois, WWII French heroine - the "angel of Dieppe" dies at 103...cameronSaturday, April 21, 04:01:12am4
Gil Santos, Longtime voice of the New England PatriotsDies on 80th birthdayFriday, April 20, 07:35:35pm6
ARCHIVE: April 20, 1996 ~Christopher Robin Milne, inspiration for Christopher Robin in the Winnie the Pooh books, dies after some years with myasthenia gravis, at age 75. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, April 20, 06:30:52pm2
ARCHIVE: April 20, 1999~Señor Wences, internationally reknowned Spanish ventriloquist entertainer remebered for his numerous appearances of American variety shows, like Ed Sullivan, where he entertained nearly 20 times, in the 1950s & 60s, dies days after his 103 birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, April 20, 05:39:50pm5
Archive: Manfred von Richthofen, Apr. 21, 1918"The Red Baron"Friday, April 20, 05:05:00pm4
Archive: Pinky Lee, Apr. 1993Children's TV hostFriday, April 20, 04:59:53pm1
Archive: Cantinflas, Apr. 20, 1993Comic actorFriday, April 20, 04:58:22pm1
Vladimir Lyakhov, Cosmonaut logged almost a year in Earth orbit living aboard three different space stationsDead at 76Friday, April 20, 04:47:19pm1
Producer and TV Executive Sue ReinerDies at 69Friday, April 20, 04:42:09pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, April 20, 04:42:09pm
Actress Julie Van ZandtDies at 88Friday, April 20, 02:56:21pm10
Alabama executes 83-year-old Walter Leroy Moody, who becomes the oldest inmate executed since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976RussFriday, April 20, 01:14:30pm3
Apr.20th~Happy 98th Birthday!Actor Gianrico Tedeschi, Supreme Court Judge John Paul Stevens is 98, WW2 Figure Kenneth O. Chilstrom is 97, Actress Marianne Hediger is 97, Actor Leslie Phillips is 94, Activist Ruth C Sullivan is 94, Physicist K. Alex Muller is 91, Actor Arvo Kruusement is 90, Actor Pat McCall turns 90.. (NT)jlpFriday, April 20, 12:41:18pm7
British Actor & Television Host Dale WintonDies at 62Friday, April 20, 11:40:59am3
Actor & TV Writer Russell BatesDies at 76Friday, April 20, 07:02:27am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, April 20, 07:02:27am
Earle Bruce, football coach who succeeded Woody Hayes at Ohio State, dies at 87RussFriday, April 20, 06:23:48am1
Archive - Actor Terry Loughlin dies at 73Died June 27, 2017, but don't know if it was mentioned here.Thursday, April 19, 09:32:14pm4
Erin Popovich, wife of San Antonio Spurs Coach Greg Popovich, dies. ...LinkThursday, April 19, 05:12:48pm2
Healthwatch: ‘Dance Moms’ star Abby Lee MillerHospitalizedThursday, April 19, 05:07:49pm2
Celino Villanueva Jaramillo, Believed to be the oldest man in the worldDead at 121Thursday, April 19, 04:19:43pm1
Apr.19th~Happy 103rd Birthday! Professor/WW2 Figure Karl Rawer, Actress Bedriska Wardasova is 100, Politician Haneh Hadad is 99, Actor Hubert de Lapparent is 99, Journalist Ragner Ulstein is 98,Mathematician Martin Barner is 97, Accountant Clem Renouf is 97, TV Host Michel Klein is 97, Actress Virginia Hall is 97, (NT)jlpThursday, April 19, 04:17:02pm13
Ron Medico, Film editor ("Lady in Red", "Alligator")Dead at 71Thursday, April 19, 04:13:46pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, April 19, 04:13:46pm
Rob Matthews, Blind Paralympian Who Won 8 Gold MedalsDead at 56Thursday, April 19, 04:10:32pm1
ARCHIVE: April 19, 1989 ~Dame Daphne du Maurier, English author and playwright, author of many classic tomes, like "Rebecca", "My Cousin Rachel", and "Jamaica Inn", as well as popular short stories ("The Birds", among others), many of which were adapted into classic films, dies at 81. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, April 19, 03:46:18pm1
Tommy Russell, son of Country singer Maxine Brown, from cancer.He was 59Thursday, April 19, 02:25:42pm4
Child of family featured on reality TV show killed in fireUtahThursday, April 19, 12:04:37pm1
ARCHIVE: April 19, 1995 ~Oklahoma City bombing, the domestic terrorist truck bombing on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Ok, killing 168 people (including children), the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil, before 911 attacks of 2001. ...BackstoryThursday, April 19, 11:46:59am3
Archive: Linda McCartney, Apr. 17, 1998Wife of Paul McCartneyThursday, April 19, 05:47:57am7
Bryce Attwell, food photojournalistDead at 75Thursday, April 19, 04:48:54am1
Phil Hay, radio journalistDead at 62Thursday, April 19, 04:47:41am1
Constance Blackwell, historianDead at 83Thursday, April 19, 04:46:23am1
Healthwatch: HHS Secretary Alex Azar ...Hospitalized for 2nd time in less than a week.Thursday, April 19, 12:26:59am1
Actress & Casting Director Barbara Dodd RemsenDies at 88Wednesday, April 18, 08:12:24pm3
Former Pro Wrestler/Manager #1 Paul JonesDies at 76Wednesday, April 18, 06:38:19pm1
Apr.18th~Happy 100th Birthday! Director Shinobu Hashimoto, Economist Samuel L. Myers Sr. is 99, WW2 Figure Jacobs Luitjens is 99, Professor Xu Yuan Chang is 97, Football's Wallace Triplett is 92, Actress Genevieve Cluny is 90, Director Heinz Lieven is 90, Director Alexander Singer is 90, Actor Alex Wilequet is 90, Actor Hub Odekerken is 90, Composer Ervin Jereb turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, April 18, 05:13:13pm6
Randy Scruggs, guitarist and producer; son of Earl Scruggs has died at age 64. Obit inside.Link insideWednesday, April 18, 04:18:19pm5
R.I.P. Harry Anderson of "Night Court" FameChuck CollinsWednesday, April 18, 01:41:02pm21
Willow, Queen Elizabeth's Last Remaining CorgiDies at 14Wednesday, April 18, 01:15:39pm1
Archive: Dick Clark, Apr. 18, 2012TV hostWednesday, April 18, 12:20:06pm1
WWE Hall Of Famer wrestler Bruno Sanmartino Dead At 82David S.Wednesday, April 18, 11:23:31am3
Actress Kathryn KeysDies at 101Wednesday, April 18, 11:22:03am3
Peter Pulitzer, publishing heirDead at 88 (link)Wednesday, April 18, 11:18:15am3
Stephen Doncaster, film and TV designerDead at 98Wednesday, April 18, 11:13:01am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, April 18, 11:13:01am
ARCHIVE: April 18, 1955 ~Albert Einstein, renowned scientist developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics), after stricken w/an abdominal aortic aneurysm said, "It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly", and died soon after at 76. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, April 18, 11:09:48am2
Henri Landwirth, subject of 2016 documentary "Loving Henri"Dies at 91Wednesday, April 18, 05:16:40am2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, April 18, 05:16:40am
ARCHIVE: April 17, 2016 ~Actress Doris Roberts was author, and philanthropist whose career spanned six decades of dozens of TV/films, starting with film, "Something Wild" (1961), and best remembered as 'Marie Barone' on TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond", died at 90. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, April 18, 05:11:42am3
Livia Gollancz, publishing company headDead at 97Wednesday, April 18, 04:45:19am1
James Wishart, composer and university music lecturerDead at 61Wednesday, April 18, 04:43:44am1
Iain Reddish, environmental lobbyistDead at 72Wednesday, April 18, 04:42:08am1
Gwilym Roberts, MPDead at 89Wednesday, April 18, 04:37:47am1
Lawrence Brown, scientistDead at 95Wednesday, April 18, 04:36:52am1
Peter Nicholls, criticDead at 78Wednesday, April 18, 04:35:51am1
R Lee Ermey of Full Metal Jacket fameDead at 74Tuesday, April 17, 04:20:57pm7
Apr.17th~Happy 104th Birthday! Activist Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Historian Frank Popper is 100, Actor Arnold Yarrow is 98, Actor Robert Cunningham is 97, Cinematographer Zijah Bacvic turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, April 17, 04:20:08pm12
Archive: Eddie Cochran, Apr. 17, 1960SingerTuesday, April 17, 04:16:16pm3
ARCHIVE: April 17, 1987 ~Famed comic actor Dick Shawn, who found fame in the 1960s with stand-up gigs, soon making his way to films like "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (1963), "What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?" (1966), and Mel Brooks' "The Producers" in 1968, sadly he died returning back to his stand-up roots, when he dropped dead in front of a live audience, at age 63. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, April 17, 02:07:02pm5
Carl Kasell, NPR NewscasterDead at 84Tuesday, April 17, 01:54:30pm2
Veteran public radio morning announcer Carl Kasell, age 84 ....Ed TraceyTuesday, April 17, 01:08:12pm1
John Amirante, His performances of the national anthem were a staple at New York Rangers home games since 1980Dead at 83Tuesday, April 17, 12:09:50pm1
David Buckel, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ LawyerDies by Setting Himself on Fire in ParkTuesday, April 17, 12:07:57pm1
Healthwatch- Notorious drug lord "El Chapo"Mind deterioratingTuesday, April 17, 12:05:43pm1
Healthwatch: Wrestler Jerry LawlerSuffered a strokeTuesday, April 17, 12:05:22pm7
Ronald Chesney, UK sitcom writerDead at 98Tuesday, April 17, 11:59:02am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, April 17, 11:59:02am
Choi Eun-hee, actressDead at 92Tuesday, April 17, 11:57:33am2
David Edgerton, an early founder of Burger KingDies at 90Tuesday, April 17, 11:52:50am2
Gerald Ayres, Producer of 'The Last Detail' and 'Cisco Pike'Dies at 82Tuesday, April 17, 11:49:43am3
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