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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Welcome all who are civil. Be nice. Be fair. ...Beware who don't dare !
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Happy 116th Birthday! Supercentenarian Emma Morano, Musician Viola Smith is 103, Director Pierre Gaspalan-Huit is 98, Nutritionist Coluthur Gopalan is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, November 30, 05:50:09pm20
Man dies after trying to gold plate his testiclesFirefighter FredMonday, November 30, 05:22:43pm4
Healthwatch: Ex- U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams (R, Florida)Unspecified health issueMonday, November 30, 05:01:00pm1
Healthwatch: Senator Bernie SandersHernia surgeryMonday, November 30, 04:53:24pm1
Healtheatch: Actor Pat HarringtonSuccumbing to Alzheimer's DiseaseMonday, November 30, 04:38:03pm10
Archive: Tiny Tim, Nov. 30, 1996"Singer"Monday, November 30, 04:27:06pm3
Archive: Zeppo Marx, Nov. 30, 1979Youngest Marx brotherMonday, November 30, 04:22:50pm2
Bass singer Ronnie BrightMr. Bass ManMonday, November 30, 04:16:46pm12
Wayne Bickerton, Songwriter, was a member of the Pete Best FourDead at 74Monday, November 30, 04:13:57pm3
Happy 103rd Birthday! Activist Leo Hanin, Actress Ana Milosavljevic is 100, Architect John C. Harkness is 99, Politician Arne Konrad Eldegard is 98, Baseball's Mary Pratt is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, November 30, 04:11:46pm18
Happy Birthday Actress Connie Sawyer!! (NT)103!Monday, November 30, 01:31:22pm7
ADMIN SUGGESTION: When posting a website link, you can remove the "S" after http(s), and it will direct-link. The 's' is for security, so removing it makes it accessible. ~Thank you. (NT) theChroniclerMonday, November 30, 01:22:32pm2
Healthwatch/Possible Obit: Phil Campbell, guitarist for Motorhead, has been reported he's died, but health issues are known about, so who knows...He was/is 54Monday, November 30, 11:38:13am2
Leonid Gurevich Kulikovsky, Reclusive great-grandson of Russian Tsar Alexander IIIDead at 72Monday, November 30, 11:35:42am1
Valentin Mogilny 49, succesful gymnast from the 1980's and 1990's has died.BettyMonday, November 30, 11:32:12am2
Wow, how many of these are still alive?SherlockMonday, November 30, 11:30:49am20
Archive: Wendie Jo Sperber, Nov. 29, 2005ActressMonday, November 30, 11:28:10am3
Prominent Russian film director Eldar Ryazanov dies aged 88TonyMonday, November 30, 11:26:20am2
  • Try this- -- ., Monday, November 30, 11:26:20am
OT: Sad post from Paul Petersen's FB page regarding silent film actress Baby PeggyLinkMonday, November 30, 11:17:22am2
Dutch Movie and TV Actress Yoka Berretty has diedBettyMonday, November 30, 11:12:05am1
"Shallow Hal" Actor Joshua ShintaniDies at 32Monday, November 30, 10:49:54am2
Prolific manga creator Shigeru MizukiDies at 93Monday, November 30, 06:31:09am1
Broadcaster & Game Show Host Jim PerryDies at 82Monday, November 30, 01:45:15am6
ARCHIVE: November 28, 1987 ~Guy Marks, popular actor, comedian, singer and impressionist of the 1960s/70s, remembered for hilarious impressions of cross with Bogart and indian chiefs, dies at 64. ...Bio & VIDEOMonday, November 30, 01:41:38am2
Archive: Herb Vigran, Nov. 29, 1986Character actorSunday, November 29, 03:44:27pm4
Actor & Playwright Albert DannibaleDies at 91Sunday, November 29, 03:05:02pm4
Active shooter situation reported near Planned Parenthood in Colorado SpringsReports of multiple people shotSunday, November 29, 01:06:00pm9
Burglar dies in chimney after homeowner lights fireFresno, Calif.Sunday, November 29, 01:02:29pm1
Man kills waitress who told him he couldn't smokeBiloxi, Miss.Sunday, November 29, 11:42:29am1
Healthwatch: Sinead O'Connor leaves suicide note on her Facebook page, stating she's overdosed as a result of a custody battle and health issues both mental and physicalShe's since been found and is receiving psychiatric helpSunday, November 29, 11:39:32am2
Entertainment Journalist Gloria GreerDies at 87Sunday, November 29, 11:31:24am6
Healthwatch: Gerry Granahan (Dicky Doo and the Don'ts, The Fireflies)Heart attackSunday, November 29, 11:22:37am11
Actor John 'Cha Cha' CiarciaDies at 75Saturday, November 28, 11:10:28pm6
ARCHIVE: November 28, 1942 ~Boston's Coconut Grove Ballroom, popular nightclub turned horrific inferno via a fast-moving fire that left nearly 500 people dead. ...Among dead, cowboy film star Buck Jones, who fell near his chair, dying of his injuries hours later.Saturday, November 28, 08:51:33pm1
Archive: Rosalind Russell, Nov. 28, 1976ActressSaturday, November 28, 08:36:53pm5
ARCHIVE: November 28, 1981 ~Child actor to Hollywood star of films "Miracle on 34th Street", "Rebel Without a Cause" and "West Side Story", a bright career snuffed out by drowning at sea at age 43 ...Bio & VIDEOSaturday, November 28, 08:34:32pm2
Actor Al Markim (Astro in "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet")1927- 2015Saturday, November 28, 08:08:16pm11
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Foy Ingram, Actress Gertrude Jeannette is 101, '48,'52 Olympic Athlete Carlos Visentin is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, November 28, 07:08:02pm17
Archive: Karyn Kupcinet, Nov. 28, 1963ActressSaturday, November 28, 06:19:46pm2
Archive: John Carradine, Nov. 27, 1988ActorSaturday, November 28, 05:58:43pm8
Archive: Jeffrey Dahmer, Nov. 28, 1994Murderer, cannibalSaturday, November 28, 05:39:46pm3
Olene Smith Walker, former Governor of UtahDies at 85Saturday, November 28, 04:32:52pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, November 28, 04:32:52pm
Eldzier Cortor, Painter of Scenes From African-American Social Life ...Dies at 99.Saturday, November 28, 04:27:52pm3
Tommy Gilbert, Longtime pro wrestlerDead at 75Saturday, November 28, 04:20:58pm2
Norman C. Pickering, Refined the Record PlayerDies at 99Saturday, November 28, 03:52:03pm1
Tayva Patch, ActressDead at 62Saturday, November 28, 02:12:37pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, November 28, 02:12:37pm
Maurice Strong, Put climate, environment on the global agendaDead at 86Saturday, November 28, 01:59:16pm1
Norbert Gastell, German actor (Dubbed Homer Simpson)Dead at 86Saturday, November 28, 11:53:50am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, November 28, 11:53:50am
Ingeborg Sjoqvist, oldest living Olympic athlete since the death of Olympian Guo Jie last week.Dies at 103Saturday, November 28, 06:03:54am3
Archive: George Moscone & Harvey Milk, Nov. 27, 1978SF & mayor & supervisor murdered by ex- supervisorSaturday, November 28, 01:15:56am1
Make Up Artist Irene KentDies at 86Saturday, November 28, 12:34:29am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, November 28, 12:34:29am
OT: 52 years ago today: if you were around then and old enough to understand .....where were you when you heard about the events in Dallas?Friday, November 27, 09:32:26pm17
Healthwatch: Rapper Lil BoosieHas cancerFriday, November 27, 09:31:04pm1
Evangeline Moore, Daughter of slain Civil Rights workers. ...Dead at 85.Friday, November 27, 07:09:20pm3
Man lived with dead father's body in house for four monthsNeighbor called police when he saw the son watching TV with father's corpseFriday, November 27, 06:55:24pm1
Vidonne Sherri Tsamis, Was an actress in the 70'sDead at 66Friday, November 27, 06:52:17pm4
Daniel Fleetwood, first star wars fan to see the force awakens, dies at 32Otsegolectric98Friday, November 27, 05:58:35pm4
Sam Mardian, ex- Mayor of Phoenix, Az.Dead at 96Friday, November 27, 12:46:50pm2
  • Pic. -- ., Friday, November 27, 12:46:50pm
Joseph Silverstein, Longtime Boston Symphony Orchestra ConcertmasterDead at 83Friday, November 27, 12:41:25pm1
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ethel Farrell, Actress Connie Sawyer is 103, Actress/Socialite Patricia Havens-Monteagle is 100, Scientist Borys Paton is 97, (NT)jlpFriday, November 27, 11:55:23am8
Healthwatch: Former FIFA president Joao Havelange, 99HospitalizedFriday, November 27, 11:44:50am1
Healthwatch: Motorhead's Phil CampbellHospitalizedFriday, November 27, 11:43:29am2
David West, Made amps for Grand Funk RailroadDead at 71Friday, November 27, 11:40:36am1
Thomas Moss, Virginia politicianDead at 87Friday, November 27, 11:37:09am1
Actor Kerry CaseyDies at 61Friday, November 27, 07:36:51am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, November 27, 07:36:51am
Healthwatch: Ex-Louisiana governor Edwin EdwardsHospitalized with pneumoniaThursday, November 26, 04:23:17pm3
Guy Lewis, Hall of Fame college basketball coachDead at 93Thursday, November 26, 02:50:13pm3
Trivia: Charles M. Schultz was brn the same day that Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon become the first people to enter the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in over 3000 years (NT)Nov. 26, 1922Thursday, November 26, 02:46:02pm3
Mack McCormick, Folklorist, student of Texas BluesDead at 85Thursday, November 26, 12:48:24pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Businessman S. Prestley Blake, Sculptor Inge King is 100, Politician Albert Davoust is 99, Politician Daisy Elliott is 99, (NT)jlpThursday, November 26, 11:46:48am6
Have you witnessed this?ChristyThursday, November 26, 11:14:37am3
Oscar winners who have died in 2015If I am missing anyone please let me knowThursday, November 26, 10:39:39am7
Healthwatch: Baseball Hall of Famer, Rod Carew, hoping to get on the heart donor listafter Heart AttackThursday, November 26, 10:25:12am5
Arthur Brooks of The ImpressionsR.I.PThursday, November 26, 02:04:40am3
Helen Kromer-Sharpe, Playwright and Author1917-2015Wednesday, November 25, 09:43:05pm1
OT: Today (on 40th anniversary) we saw the the newest ROCKY incarnation, CREED, and I gotta say it was surprisingly very good. Director Ryan Coogler went back to its 1976 core, and brought gold. ... theChroniclerWednesday, November 25, 09:25:27pm3
TV Producer Michael MaslandDies at 43Wednesday, November 25, 08:56:45pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, November 25, 08:56:45pm
Warren Miller, Rockabilly singerDead at 78Wednesday, November 25, 04:41:17pm3
Happy 96th Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Keith Lawrence, Actress Noel Neill is 95, Politician Arne Hjorth Sorensen is 95, Politician Mauro Koivisto turns 92. (NT)jlpWednesday, November 25, 04:32:09pm7
Elmo Willians, Film & Televison Editor (Academy Award - High Noon)Dies at 102Wednesday, November 25, 02:42:13pm7
John Delmar Anderson, Oldest survivor of USS Arizona attack at Pearl HarborDead at 98Wednesday, November 25, 02:02:40pm3
John "Wacko" Hurley, Longtime leader of the Boston St. Patrick's Day paradeDead at 85Wednesday, November 25, 01:46:20pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, November 25, 01:46:20pm
Merton Roland Nachman, Attorney in landmark libel caseDead at 91Wednesday, November 25, 01:43:27pm1
Actor Hugh Chapman1927-2015Wednesday, November 25, 01:41:45pm4
Former boxing champion O'Neil 'Supernova' Bell dies after being shot and stabbed in armed robbery in AtlantaHe was 40Wednesday, November 25, 01:35:20pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, November 25, 01:35:20pm
Japanese Actress Setsuko HaraDies at 95Wednesday, November 25, 11:54:28am4
Sly and the Family Stone's Cynthia Robinson Dies at 69LinkWednesday, November 25, 11:46:12am6
HEALTHWATCH Update: Bonnie Brown released from hospital.Sister Maxine's FB post.Wednesday, November 25, 11:44:45am1
Archive - Geraldine Allman (Mother of Duane & Gregg Allman) Dies at 98Don't recall seeing it posted here, apologies if it was.Wednesday, November 25, 11:23:27am6
Healthwatch - St. Louis Rams Player Stedman BaileyShot Twice in the head, in critical conditionWednesday, November 25, 07:46:18am1
Actor David CanaryDies at 77Wednesday, November 25, 06:22:07am17
Archive - Actor & Stuntman Ed Lang (Mar 2, 2013)Don't know if it was mentioned here but IMDb has yet to acknowledge itTuesday, November 24, 10:39:36pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 24, 10:39:36pm
Producer Michael C. Gross (Creator of "Ghostbusters" Logo)Dies at 70Tuesday, November 24, 05:37:00pm4
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 17, 07:21:37pm
Paul Breuninger, head of the props department for tv show Glee, DiesOtsegolectric98Tuesday, November 24, 05:32:39pm4
Actress Belle McDonaldDies at 89Tuesday, November 24, 05:23:40pm5
Former New Giants Linebacker Quincy Monk Passed AwayDavid S.Tuesday, November 24, 04:15:18pm3
OT: Do you recognize this former child actor?LinkTuesday, November 24, 04:06:30pm8
Do you recognize this deceased celebrity?Photo inside -------->Tuesday, November 24, 02:24:29pm8
Country Music Songwriter Ted HarrisDies at 78Tuesday, November 24, 01:01:34pm2
Archive: Pat Morita, Nov. 24, 2005Mr. MiyagiTuesday, November 24, 12:48:53pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Johann Schwerdfeger, Civil Rights Activist Frankie Muse Freeman is 99, Football's John Binotto is 96, Politician Octavio Lepage turns 92. (NT)jlpTuesday, November 24, 12:48:31pm9
Douglass North, Nobel winning economistDead at 95Tuesday, November 24, 12:10:10pm1
Today's Photo, Prolific Character Actor John Dehner, Born Nov 23, 1915IMDb LinkTuesday, November 24, 11:44:26am11
Archive: Big Joe Turner, Nov. 24, 1985Blues singerTuesday, November 24, 11:43:47am4
Willie Royster, Baseball player (Baltimore Orioles)Dead at 61Tuesday, November 24, 11:34:09am1
Today's pic (24 Nov) is just Gross (NT)Somewhat in the spirit of a gentle lampoonTuesday, November 24, 10:17:31am1
OT: Dead Files ~Here's a list of screen dedications at the end of movies, and what they mean. ... theChroniclerTuesday, November 24, 10:03:29am4
Wow I found this 2013 VIDEO on the 50th anniversary of "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" . God bless Mickey (died 6 months later) -what a train wreck! Mick drove the Q&A right off the cliff! -LOL ... theChroniclerTuesday, November 24, 09:26:37am1
ARCHIVE: November 19, 1985 ~Actor Lincoln Perry had a long, albeit controversial, career in Hollywood mainly in low stereotypes as 'Stepin Fetchit', which he later regretted, dies forgotten at 83. ... theChroniclerMonday, November 23, 11:36:04pm9
Healthwatch: Glen Campbellback in hospital after "unbearable" experience at homeMonday, November 23, 10:48:46pm2
Do you recognize this well known deceased person.....?Photo Inside ------->Monday, November 23, 10:20:49pm12
Archive: Shemp Howard, Nov. 22, 1955StoogeMonday, November 23, 09:13:49pm10
Archive: Tommy Boyce, Nov. 23, 1994SongwwriterMonday, November 23, 08:40:32pm3
Archive: Roald Dahl, Nov. 23, 1990Author of many classic children's booksMonday, November 23, 06:35:13pm5
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Maria Szende, Assemblyman Manuel Ramos is 98, WW2 Military Figure Palk Sun-yup is 95, Actress Jacqueline White is 93, Writer Gloria Whelan is 92, (NT)jlpMonday, November 23, 06:31:02pm6
Actress & Singer Nancy 'Chickee' James Dies at 83Link (Viewing full article requires a Log-in)Monday, November 23, 04:54:25pm3
Leonid Kulikovsky, 72, - great-grandson of Tsar Alexander III of Russia. ...SharonMonday, November 23, 04:43:58pm1
Gil Cardinal, Documentary filmmakerDead at 65Monday, November 23, 04:25:47pm1
Hazel Adair, British television writerDies at 95Monday, November 23, 04:01:22pm3
ARCHIVE: November 22, 1997 ~Former INXS frontman of 20 years, Michael Hutchence gained great success, only to throw it away through a pathetic act of a desperate man, dies at 37. ...Bio & VIDEOMonday, November 23, 03:53:57pm10
Adele Mailer, former Wife of Norman MailerDies at 90Monday, November 23, 01:23:43pm5
OT: The family of Pennsylvania baby who suffered from inoperable brain tumor, reveals the tumor's inexplicably reduced, following a kiss on the head from the Pope during September procession. ...Believe it, or not!Monday, November 23, 01:20:28pm1
Robin Stewart, British actorDead at 69Monday, November 23, 12:25:41pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, November 23, 12:25:41pm
I saw it listed at Wikipedia and Find A Grave last night the death of (NT)Film and T.V. actor Rex Reason age 86. apparently came from his official website.Monday, November 23, 12:09:16pm15
Amanda Blackburn, young Indianapolis pastors pregnant wife who was shot during home invasion robbing, dies the following day after doctor's try in vain to save her, and her unborn child. ...The killers of Amanda Blackburn, only 28, are still at large.Monday, November 23, 12:08:16pm5
Archive: The Golden Age Nursing Home fire, Nov. 23, 196363 people killed in fireMonday, November 23, 11:28:14am1
Archive: Sterling Holloway, Nov. 22, 1992Actor, cartoon voice (Winnie the Pooh)Monday, November 23, 11:20:28am7
Archive: Scatman Crothers, Nov. 22, 1986Actor, singer, comedianMonday, November 23, 11:12:00am3
Archive: Mae West, Nov. 22, 1980Actress, director, playwrightSunday, November 22, 03:55:17pm1
Ken Johnson, Baseball player (Reds, Astros, Braves)Dead at 82Sunday, November 22, 03:52:47pm1
Happy 102nd Birthday! Tennis Player Gardner Mulloy, Skater Jacqueline Vaudecrane is 102, Silent Film Actress Louise Watson is 96, Judge Paul V, Mullaney is 96, Director Arthur Hiller is 92, (NT)jlpSunday, November 22, 03:47:06pm9
Happy 87th Bday Clu Gulager My all time fav!!!!!!!!!!! ...ColtSunday, November 22, 12:32:57pm12
Today's pic (Nov.22): Famed award winning UK cinematographer Ossie Morris, would have been 100 today! Shot many fine films like, Oliver and Fiddler on the Roof! (NT)He just died Spring last year, at age 98!Sunday, November 22, 11:47:37am1
Bob Foster, BoxerDead at 76Sunday, November 22, 11:24:32am2
Joseph Silverstein, Violinist and conductorDead at 83Sunday, November 22, 11:17:24am1
Actor, Keith MichellDies at 88 or 89Sunday, November 22, 08:31:03am12
OT: Is Clair Hogan still alive (NT)She sang with Jimmy Dorsey ("Rag Mop" and others)Sunday, November 22, 03:51:31am1
Colt Bruce, PRCA Bareback Rider Died Dec. 4th 2014 at Age 23, and One Of My Facebook FriendsDavid S.Sunday, November 22, 02:38:15am2
OT: celebrities who most people probably think are dead but are really alive (NT)I would suggest that Abe Vigoda tops the listSunday, November 22, 02:35:49am19
Songwriter Bobby BarkerDies at 71Saturday, November 21, 09:27:16pm7
Archive: November 15, 2012 ~Sonny Eliot, longtime Detroit broadcaster. ...JulieSaturday, November 21, 05:25:22pm1
Happy 96th '52 Olympic Athlete Bram Wiertz, Professor K.S. Chandrasekharan is 96, Actor Joseph Campanella is 91, Editor Christopher Tolkien is 91, Writer Lila Garrett is 90, Actor Alan Shayne is 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, November 21, 04:21:57pm8
Germán Robles, Spanish actor ("El Vampiro")Dead at 86Saturday, November 21, 11:51:59am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, November 21, 11:51:59am
Kim Young-sam, Ex- Pres. of South KoreaDead at 87Saturday, November 21, 11:47:43am2
Baby dies when sibling put her in the oven, turn it onHouston, Tx.Saturday, November 21, 11:40:09am2
Austin Kiplinger, Journalist and PublisherDead at 97Saturday, November 21, 11:01:49am1
Here's a list (ones I remember) of memorial services I attended in the last 30+ years. ... theChroniclerSaturday, November 21, 10:14:30am17
Jazz Trumpeter Al AaronsDies at 83Saturday, November 21, 12:21:06am1
ARCHIVE: November 14, 1965 ~Allen B. DuMont, electronics engineer, scientist/inventor best known for improvements to the cathode ray tube in 1931 for use in pioneering television usage, at age 64. ...Today's (Nov. 14) pic.Friday, November 20, 09:07:06pm5
NYPD Lt. Marci Simms, one of the thousands of 1st responders who worked at Ground Zero, spending more than 4 months doing rescue, recovery, and cleanup work, dies of lung cancer, at 51. ... theChroniclerFriday, November 20, 08:47:00pm4
Supercentenarian Wash WesleyDies at 112Friday, November 20, 08:34:27pm5
Happy 96th Birthday! Politician Raino Westerholm, Politician Thais Blatnik is 96, Actor Douglas Dick is 95, Actor Mark Miller is 90, Actor Jerzy Kawka is 90, Actress/Comedian Kaye Ballard turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, November 20, 08:27:53pm22
John Zuccotti, Former New York Deputy Mayor, Dies at 78LinkFriday, November 20, 07:05:18pm2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, November 20, 07:05:18pm
Actor Anthony Carbone AKA Antony Carbone best known for his work on Roger Corman filmsAccording to SSDI died September 8, 2013 age 87. See story inside.Friday, November 20, 06:26:07pm13
Playwright & TV Write James PrideauxDies at 87Friday, November 20, 05:56:03pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, November 20, 05:52:58pm
    • Oops (NT) -- Meant TV Writer, Friday, November 20, 05:56:03pm
Archive: Generalissimo Francisco Franco died 40 years ago today. ...He's still dead!Friday, November 20, 05:16:49pm2
Dave Trupp, Drummer on Zager & Evans hit "In the Year 2525"Dead at 72Friday, November 20, 04:26:16pm3
ARCHIVE: November 20, 1998 ~Rosa Turich, B-actress began stage act, "Felipin Y Rosita", but best known in cameo as 'Carlotta Romero' in 'I LOVE LUCY' episode, dies at 85. ...Brief bio & PHOTOFriday, November 20, 04:22:55pm2
Nicoletta Machiavelli, Italian actress, supposedly descended from famed Renaissance philosopher and author Nicolo MacchiavelliDead at 71Friday, November 20, 01:32:53pm4
Healthwatch: Track coach Jim White (portrayed by Kevin Costner in "McFarland, USA")Heart attackFriday, November 20, 12:33:41pm1
Healthwatch: Kim CattrallUnspecified health problemFriday, November 20, 11:36:13am1
Allen Ertel, ex- Congressman from Penn, ran for GovernorDead at 79Friday, November 20, 10:31:16am2
Ron Hynes, Singer- songwriterDead at 64Friday, November 20, 10:30:18am1
Mastermind of Paris attacks Abdelhamid Abaaoud confirmed deadFranceFriday, November 20, 10:20:01am2
Hee Haw Fiddler Ramona JonesDead at 91Friday, November 20, 10:11:45am3
TV HEADS-UP: TCM schedules a day-long (24-hr) cinematic celebration tribute for Hollywood star Maureen O'Hara -Friday, November 20th, beginning 3AM (PST) ... theChroniclerFriday, November 20, 03:26:18am3
Seymour Lipkin, Pianist and ConductorDead at 88Thursday, November 19, 06:50:43pm3
Ronald Drzewiecki, Played for the Chicago BearsDead at 82Thursday, November 19, 04:28:20pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, November 19, 04:28:20pm
London Lee, ComedianDead at 80Thursday, November 19, 04:20:17pm3
Golfer Dan Halldorson diesHe was 63Thursday, November 19, 04:14:22pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, November 19, 04:14:22pm
Mal Whitfield, Tuskegee Airman and Three-Time Olympic ChampionHe was 91 and father of CNN's Fredricka WhitfieldThursday, November 19, 04:11:17pm5
Archive - Nov 18, 2005 Two Twilight Zone Stars die on the same dayHarold J. Stone ("The Arrival") & Carolyn Kearney ("Ninety Years Without Slumbering")Thursday, November 19, 04:08:12pm5
Joe Cure, Hockey player, appeared in the film "Miracle"Dead at 31 (car accident)Thursday, November 19, 01:09:28pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, November 19, 01:09:28pm
Mitch Agruss, Hosted Sacramento TV kid's show as "Capt. Mitch"Dead at 92Thursday, November 19, 01:08:45pm2
Happy 102nd Birthday! Actress Theressa Railsback, Theologian Joseph Moingt is 100, Politician Vahit Melih Halefoglu is 96, Actor Alan Young is 96, Basketball's Ken Buehler is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, November 19, 12:05:58pm8
Pennsylvania-born Ruth Hartman, who as 'pro girl-baseball player' in her youth, later helped inspire film, "A League of Their Own", dies after horrific traffic mishap with deer! She was 89. ... theChroniclerThursday, November 19, 10:55:36am2
Can you recognize this deceased celebrity?Pic Inside -------->Thursday, November 19, 10:42:37am5
Guo Jie, last surviving Chinese Olympian of the 1936 Summer OlympicsDies at 103Thursday, November 19, 08:55:55am7
Stephen Birmingham, WriterDead at 86Wednesday, November 18, 07:03:07pm2
  • Try this- -- ., Wednesday, November 18, 07:03:07pm
Elon Torrence, former noted Kansas AP newsman, who gained notoriety covering the entire arrest, conviction and execution of the infamous CLUTTER Family murders of 1959, has died at 98. theChroniclerWednesday, November 18, 05:37:52pm4
Who's in the pic today? (NT)She's gorgeous!Wednesday, November 18, 04:54:23pm4
Archive: Fritz Feld, Nov. 18, 1993Character actorWednesday, November 18, 04:36:27pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Composer Leif Solberg, Baseball's James "Red" Moore turns 99. (NT)jlpWednesday, November 18, 04:32:46pm9
Healthwatch: Bonnie Brown, of the family singing group The Browns, diagnosed with lung cancer, in critical care due to procedureNot looking good for her.Wednesday, November 18, 04:15:08pm9
Healthwatch: Michael Lohan (Lindsay's dad)Heart attackWednesday, November 18, 02:23:39pm1
Milton Pitts Crenchaw, One of Last Original Tuskegee Airmen InstructorsDead at 96Wednesday, November 18, 02:17:03pm2
  • Pic. -- ., Wednesday, November 18, 02:17:03pm
Jacqueline Berrien, civil rights lawyer who was President Obama’s chairwoman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), fought for rights of workers, dies from cancer at 53. ... theChroniclerWednesday, November 18, 02:08:26pm7
Former NFL-er Doug Flutie's parents both died of heart attacks yesterdayFather had been ill; mother's death was suddenWednesday, November 18, 02:02:45pm3
Archive: Doug Sahm, Nov. 18, 1999MusicianWednesday, November 18, 01:50:23pm4
Hall of Fame Hockey Player Bert OlmsteadDies at 89Wednesday, November 18, 01:32:17pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, November 18, 01:32:17pm
Hal Turner, Jazz Musician and ArrangerDies at 85Wednesday, November 18, 12:43:09pm2
David VanLanding, former Michael Schenker Group Vocalist, Dies in Car Accident. ...LinkWednesday, November 18, 10:36:40am3
Jack Yufe, half of Trinidadian-born twins separated at birth in 1933, dies at 83. Jack raised in U.S., brother Oskar raised in Nazi German as Hitler Youth, reunited before Oskar's death in 1977. ... theChroniclerWednesday, November 18, 10:15:43am2
Wikileaks releases Sony email regarding Charlie Sheen being HIV positive.Who here had his name in the pool....?Wednesday, November 18, 09:40:04am28
OT: Everything on CNN is called BREAKING NEWSeven when it is assuredly NOT!Wednesday, November 18, 07:48:42am3
OT: Nice to see VOY still goes down periodically/ (NT):-/Wednesday, November 18, 01:21:55am6
Woman dies after using body spray as breath freshenerLinkTuesday, November 17, 10:33:11pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Roger Moon, 6th Baronet of Copsewood Grange, Cricketer Megan Lowe is 100, Actor John Hendrick is 100, Actress Colette Fleuriot is 99, Politician Meyer Rosen is 96 (NT)jlpTuesday, November 17, 07:58:06pm11
QUESTION: What actors have died years before, the real-life people they portrayed on film?? Someone mentioned Perkins/Piersall earlier, any others ? (NT)CuriousTuesday, November 17, 07:57:54pm21
Aaron Shikler, Portrait Artist Known for Images of America’s EliteDead at 93Tuesday, November 17, 07:45:39pm2
Anne Walsh, Pioneering female reporterDead at 93Tuesday, November 17, 07:43:46pm1
Director & Producer William GerrityDies at 86Tuesday, November 17, 07:39:04pm3
Actress Dora DollDead at 93Tuesday, November 17, 07:37:44pm3
Legendary songwriter PF Sloan has diedHe was 70Tuesday, November 17, 07:36:53pm15
Singer Marilyn MarshallDies at 74Tuesday, November 17, 07:09:59pm3
Actor & Model Sam SarpongDies at 35Tuesday, November 17, 08:14:03am6
Doo-Wop Singer & Songwriter Winfield Scott Dies at 95Member of The Cues as Robie KirkTuesday, November 17, 12:10:03am10
OT: Cool pic of Charles Bronson ...ColtMonday, November 16, 03:58:59pm2
Nando Gazzolo, Italian actorDead at 87Monday, November 16, 02:19:04pm1
Music Producer Gene NormanDies at 93Monday, November 16, 01:51:47pm3
Happy 100th Birthday! Writer Jean Fritz, Architect Carter Manny is 97, Painter Robert Wogenshy is 96, Linguist Eric P.Hamo is 95, Actress Patricia Barry is 94, (NT)jlpMonday, November 16, 01:42:57pm8
George Genovese, Baseball player (Wash. Senators) later a scoutDead at 93Monday, November 16, 11:50:00am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, November 16, 11:50:00am
Actress & Singer Betty Ann GroveDies at 86Monday, November 16, 11:36:23am3
O/T: Honorary Oscars awardedSpike Lee, Debbie Reynolds, Gena RowlandsMonday, November 16, 11:25:47am7
Actor Warren Mitchell dies aged 89SherlockMonday, November 16, 09:55:58am6
Gene Amdahl, "Father of the Modern Computer" 1922-2015NikMonday, November 16, 09:21:45am2
Actor Saeed JaffreyDies at 86Monday, November 16, 04:38:46am3
JUST IN: Shootings and at least three bombs blast public venues killing confirmed 18 people! ...Paris, FranceMonday, November 16, 03:26:41am24
Man Killed When Struck in the Face With Home-Made Rocket. ...The 50 year-old was attending the Boy Scouts of America's annual "Rocket Rave" event.Sunday, November 15, 11:59:39pm1
Healthwatch: Alan Arkin suffers mini stroke, misses his new movie premier.TMZ reportingSunday, November 15, 10:50:47pm8
Archive: Jack Finney, Nov. 14, 1995. ...Wrote "The Body Snatchers".Sunday, November 15, 09:15:56pm4
Cynthia Payne, Britain’s best known madamDead at 82Sunday, November 15, 06:30:11pm2
Today's pic: The five Sullivan brothers, all killed when the SS Juneau was sunk on Nov. 13, 1942 (NT)The movie is a real tear jerkerSunday, November 15, 05:34:37pm9
Happy 103rd Birthday! Journalist Gabriella Garland, Director Ram Daryani is 100, Tennis Player Chet Murphy is 98, Sculptor Vittore Bocchetta is 97, Judge Joseph Wapner is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, November 15, 05:08:11pm12
Archive: Bill Doggett, Nov. 13, 1996MusicianSunday, November 15, 03:38:14pm3
  • "Honky Tonk (Part 1 & 2)" -- Bill Doggett, Friday, November 13, 12:40:26pm
    • "Soft" -- Bill Doggett, a quite different sound from Honky Tonk, Sunday, November 15, 03:38:14pm
Doris Adkisson, Widow of Pro Wrestler Jack Adkisson (AKA Fritz Von Erich)Dies at 82Sunday, November 15, 03:08:15pm1
Healthwatch: Ronda RouseyHospitalized after brutal knockoutSunday, November 15, 12:57:31pm2
ARCHIVE: November 15, 1959 ~In the early morning hours, the Clutter family of Holcomb, KS were awakened in their home, by robbers, who later murdered the family of four, sparking a nation-wide manhuntThe case was sensationalized in Truman Capote's best selling book, "In Cold Blood".Sunday, November 15, 12:14:32pm2
Vincent "Don Vito" Margera, star of "Jackass"He was 59Sunday, November 15, 10:46:51am4
Wrestler Nick Bockwinkel.Dead at 80.Sunday, November 15, 06:12:58am1
Actor Robert ParnellDies at 79Sunday, November 15, 03:40:44am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, November 15, 03:40:44am
Archive: Booker T. Washington, Nov. 14, 1915Civil Rights pioneerSunday, November 15, 12:57:55am3
Jamecy “Black Alex” Pierre, Rap and Ragga artistDead at 39Saturday, November 14, 05:33:59pm1
Joel Levesque, Father of singer JoJoDead at 60Saturday, November 14, 05:30:38pm1
Robert Craft dead at 92 - American conductor and writer (NT)I've been reliably informedSaturday, November 14, 05:28:57pm9
Archive: Robert E. Sherwood, Nov. 14, 1955WriterSaturday, November 14, 04:41:08pm4
Archive: Sidney Fox, Nov. 14, 1942ActressSaturday, November 14, 02:57:23pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, November 14, 02:35:25pm
Happy 101st Birthday! Physician Joseph Barnes, Writer Ariadna Tur is 100, Diplomat Boutros Boutros -Ghail is 93, Actress Shinobu Asaji is 90, Writer David Stringer turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, November 14, 01:07:45pm10
Kaylyn Rose Sommer, 24 year old South Carolina mother throws herself off cruise ship after twerk-off contestThe devolving of humanity is in full swing. Link inside.Saturday, November 14, 12:15:00pm1
Marguerite Wabano,One of Canada's oldest residentsDead at 111Saturday, November 14, 12:07:12pm1
Actor Ritch BrinkleyDies at 71Saturday, November 14, 11:47:18am5
Happy 101st Birthday! Actress Amelia Bence, '28 Olympic Athlete Clara Marangoni is 100, WW2 Military Figure William O'Brien is 99, (NT)jlpFriday, November 13, 06:51:44pm11
Can you identify this deceased celebrity?Photo Inside ----->Friday, November 13, 04:32:55pm17
Rose Tobias Shaw, Casting director gave Pierce Brosnan's career a boostDead at 96Friday, November 13, 04:07:10pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, November 13, 04:07:10pm
OT: David Hasselhoff changes name to "David Hoff"Don't hassell him about it!Friday, November 13, 01:01:48pm2
Archive: Don Addrisi, Nov. 13, 1984Singer- songwriterFriday, November 13, 12:38:21pm3
  • "Cherrystone" -- The Addrisi Brothers, Friday, November 13, 12:37:39pm
    • "It's Love" -- Addrisi Brothers, Friday, November 13, 12:38:21pm
OT: In new book Charlotte Rae reveals finding out husband was gay, dealing with death of sonSadFriday, November 13, 11:48:40am1
OT: Pauley Perrette, 'NCIS' Actress, Attacked by 'Psychotic Homeless Man'HollywoodFriday, November 13, 11:36:24am1
Bruce Dayton, Business Magnate & Father of MN GovernorDies at 97Friday, November 13, 11:03:23am3
POSSIBLE Obit: News Outlets reporting US Government is stating that the notorious executioner known as "Jihadi John" has been killed.I hope they killed this scumbag.Friday, November 13, 10:59:57am2
Betsy Drake, Actress, was married to Cary Grant. ...Dead at 92.Friday, November 13, 07:10:56am15
Big Happy 80th BDay for the awsome Tom Atkins tommorrowColtThursday, November 12, 07:51:01pm2
Archive: Martin Luther King, Sr., Nov. 11, 1984Civil Rights activistThursday, November 12, 07:45:42pm3
Archive: Eve Arden, Nov. 12, 1990ActressThursday, November 12, 05:09:29pm2
Martin Beard, bassist of the Sopwith CamelHello, HelloThursday, November 12, 04:31:07pm5
Chuck Pyle, Singer- songwriterDead at 70Thursday, November 12, 04:23:41pm2
  • "Colorado" -- Chuck Pyle, Thursday, November 12, 04:23:41pm
Barr Nobles, Rock ’n’ roll writer and editorDead at 69Thursday, November 12, 04:18:10pm1
René Girard, PhilosopherDead at 91Thursday, November 12, 04:13:58pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, November 12, 04:13:58pm
Healthwatch: Nathaniel Marston, soap opera star critically injured in car accidentSoap Opera CentralThursday, November 12, 02:44:35pm10
Delores Rhoads, Mother of Late Guitarist Randy RhoadsRIPThursday, November 12, 01:42:24pm5
Happy 100th Birthday! Actor Arthur Lawrence, Painter Dahlov Ipcar is 98, Musician Hedley Jones is 98, Engineer Camille Dagenais is 95, Director James Sheldon is 95, (NT)jlpThursday, November 12, 01:06:17pm16
Fire in Bucharest nightclub kills 27, including 2 members of rock bandBucharestThursday, November 12, 12:54:51pm6
Tim Valentine, Ex- Congressman from North CarolinaDead at 89Thursday, November 12, 11:43:18am2
Do you recognize this well known deceased person?Photo Inside ----------->Thursday, November 12, 10:57:49am5
Drummer PHIL 'PHILTHY ANIMAL' TAYLOR Dies At 61Former Motorhead drummerThursday, November 12, 08:43:51am2
Archive: Roger C. Carmel, Nov. 11, 1986Character actorThursday, November 12, 01:43:57am4
ADMIN NOTE: Postors will refrain from offensive language and name calling, or you will be banned. ~Thank you. (NT) theChroniclerThursday, November 12, 01:03:48am7
I'm a big Marx Brothers fan. What is the angle on today's picture with Groucho?Mr. XWednesday, November 11, 08:18:35pm3
Healthwatch: Cardinals great Lou BrockHas part of leg amputatedWednesday, November 11, 04:36:19pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Cinematographer Giuseppe La Torre, Scientist Robert Fano is 98, Actress Jacqueline Plessis is 97, Singer Louise Tobin is 97, Jockey Ovie Scurlock is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, November 11, 04:26:43pm14
Archives: 12345678910 ]

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