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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Happy Bday! Actor Bruce Kirby (89) Director Richard Donner (87) Actress Shirley MacLaine (83) Actor Michael Parks (77) Singer Barbara Streisand (75) (NT)ColtMonday, April 24, 05:31:31am4
Happy 103rd Birthday! Magician Assistant Moi-Yo Miller, WW2 Figure/Author Hans von Seggern is 103, Journalist Salvador Borrego is 102, Ballerina Ksenia Tripolitova is 102, Politician Song Ping is 100, Actor Vladimir Kolosov is 100, (NT)jlpMonday, April 24, 04:22:32am2
Happy Bday! Actor Alan Oppenheimer (87) Actor Gene Collins (85) Actor David Birney (78) Actor Lee Majors (78) Actress Joyce DeWitt (68) (NT)coltMonday, April 24, 03:08:12am18
Erin MoranDead at 56Monday, April 24, 02:46:35am37
French Actress, Yvonne Monlaur, Brides of Dracula, Dead At 77David S.Sunday, April 23, 09:15:01pm4
Student dies in hammer throw accident at college track-and-field event Wheaton, Ill.Sunday, April 23, 07:31:43pm2
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1993 ~Cesar Chavez, American labor leader/activist who co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (aka; UFW), helped bring the plight of migrant workers in U.S. to the social conscious, dies at 66. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, April 23, 06:30:27pm2
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1616 ~William Shakespeare, poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist, is thought to have died on his 52nd birthday! ..."...Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy."Sunday, April 23, 06:28:23pm2
Sailor killed in Pearl Harbor attack over 75 years ago, finally ID'd and given proper burial near his Chicago area home. ...Michael Galajdik, a Navy Fireman 1st Class, was killed while aboard the USS Oklahoma during the Dec. 7, 1941.Sunday, April 23, 05:55:38pm7
Paul Hebert, french canadian actor dies at 92. (NT)Death listed at Alt. Obituaries and Wikipedia. Don't know where original link came from.Sunday, April 23, 05:53:23pm4
Kate O' Beirne, Conservative punditDead at 68Sunday, April 23, 01:08:14pm2
Chuck Wielgus, executive director of USA SwimmingHe was 67Sunday, April 23, 01:07:54pm1
Actress Maureen SteindlerDies at 92Sunday, April 23, 12:27:52pm4
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1990 ~Paulette Goddard, Academy Award nominated actress of stage & screen, gained notoriety w/many films at Paramount Studios, and as one-time wife of Charlie Chaplin, before retiring to Switzerland, dying at 79. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, April 23, 12:11:20pm1
Gustavo Rojo, Uruguayan actor who had roles in several American filmsDies at 93Sunday, April 23, 11:12:40am4
Happy 97th Birthday Photographer Per Olov Jansson, Jazz Musician Candido Camero is 97, Baseball's Chuck Harmon is 93, Actress Charlotte Rae is 92, Actress Jill Freud is 90, Actor James Russell is 90,. (NT)jlpSunday, April 23, 10:52:19am11
Actress Gloria CamdenDies at 92Sunday, April 23, 05:41:24am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, April 23, 05:41:24am
ARCHIVE: April 22, 2004 ~Pat Tillman, Pro NFL star turned Army Rangers, remembered for his stellar college/NFL career, killed in negligent 'friendly fire' in Afghanistan. He was only 27. ...His military covered-up death was investigated years later, when the facts were finally released.Saturday, April 22, 11:27:47pm1
OT: Just realised Ray Charles never actually sings the chorus in HIT THE ROAD JACK. What other songs has a main artist NOT singing the chorus (NT)DIalMSaturday, April 22, 11:05:36pm3
Harold Fairweather dies at 97Eldest Son of Violet Brown, World's oldest citizenSaturday, April 22, 06:41:43pm15
Archive: Richard M. Nixon, Apr. 22, 199437th Pres. of the USSaturday, April 22, 03:13:07pm4
Cecilia Alvear, Longtime NBC journalistDead at 77Saturday, April 22, 02:54:13pm1
Gary Thomas, Prosecutor paralyzed in 1970 courthouse shootoutDead at 79Saturday, April 22, 01:50:41pm1
Accordionist and actor Dick ContinoNikSaturday, April 22, 01:23:43pm3
R.I.P. (1949-2017) ~Penis of former Olympic Athlete Bruce Jenner, now reassigned as Caitlyn Jenner, reveals she had sexual reasignment surgery 12 weeks ago. ..."...It’s just a penis. It has no special gifts or use for me other than what I have said before, the ability to take a whiz in the woods." -C.JennerSaturday, April 22, 10:23:39am10
OT: Today is Earth Day & the 111th anniversary of Eddie Albert's birth (died in 2005). He was active in Earth Dayand apparently participated in its creation.Saturday, April 22, 05:23:50am1
Michele Scarponi, former Giro d’Italia winner, dies after collision with vanRicardoSaturday, April 22, 04:16:49am1
Main Ingredient Lead Singer Cuba Gooding Sr.Dies at 72Friday, April 21, 10:42:05pm13
ARCHIVE: April 21, 2016 ~It was ONE year ago today we lost PRINCE, Minnesota-born singer-songwriter, actor, philanthropist, record producer, musical innovator, who was known for countless hits, ODs at 57. ...Memorial Services planned for Sunday April 23, 2017 at his Paisley Park.Friday, April 21, 06:28:22pm1
Ledell Lee, Executed for murdering woman in 1993ArkansasFriday, April 21, 05:55:13pm1
Eddie Macon, First black athlete to play for the Chicago Bears. ...Dead at 90.Friday, April 21, 05:45:28pm3
Happy 100th Birthday! Football's/Actor Ambrose Schindler, Guitarist Mundell Lowe is 95, Queen Elizabeth is 91, Actor Herbert Kerr is 90, Actress Suzanne Sarrocca is 90, Critic/Playwright Robert Brustein is 90, (NT)jlpFriday, April 21, 04:51:30pm9
Happy 103rd Birthday!Activist Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Artist William Pachner is 102, Actor Bob Cunningham is 100, Physician Martha Kyrle is 100, Historian Frank Popper is 99, Actor Arnold Yarrow is 97, (NT)jlpFriday, April 21, 04:14:25pm14
Aaron Hernandez kills himself in prisonBreakingFriday, April 21, 02:42:00pm17
OT: Touching story from CBS Sunday Morning of late NFL player Konrad Reuland's final post-mortem gift, to another pro athlete! ...Tear jerker story ...Friday, April 21, 02:37:15pm1
Comic actor Patton Oswalt, widower of writer Michelle McNamara, will complete her book on the notorious 'Golden Gate' serial killer, highlighted on Saturday's CBS "48 Hours". ...Check for time/local listings Saturday April 22...Friday, April 21, 01:35:43pm2
Skeeter Swift, Basketball player, coachDead at 70Friday, April 21, 11:49:30am1
Sandy Gallin, Emmy Award winning Producer and talent managerDies at 76Friday, April 21, 11:40:24am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, April 21, 11:40:24am
Lawrence J. Hogan, former U.S. Congressman from Maryland and father of current governorDies at 88Friday, April 21, 11:38:39am4
Esther Miller, concert violinist and Maryland supercentenarianDies at 110Friday, April 21, 11:37:12am5
Former Arkansas Congressman, Jay Dickey Dead At 77David S.Friday, April 21, 11:34:50am2
Ellen Mae Boenig, Texas SupercentenarianDies at 111Friday, April 21, 07:41:28am3
Healthwatch: Ugo Ehiogu: Former England footballerCollapsed in trainingFriday, April 21, 03:07:10am2
Happy 97th Birthday! Actor Gianrico Tedeschi, Frm. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is 97, Actress Brownie Dene is 97, Actor Leslie Phillips is 93, Activist Ruth C. Sullivan is 93, (NT)jlpThursday, April 20, 09:24:37pm10
OT: R.I.P ~Bill O'Reilly's "The O'Reilly Factor" (1996-2017) on TV 's Fox News Channel, dead at 21. ....MaryThursday, April 20, 05:24:23pm13
ARCHIVE: April 20, 1992 ~UK comic star Benny Hill, whose broad humor captured the popularity internationally, dies alone of kidney failure, at his home, at age 68. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, April 20, 05:17:05pm5
Paulie Gigante, Chef competed on "Hell's Kitchen" last yearDead at 36Thursday, April 20, 04:48:51pm2
Albert Freedman, Producer of "Tic Tac Dough" , "Twenty-One" & Penthouse EditorDies at 95Thursday, April 20, 04:35:43pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, April 20, 04:35:43pm
Scotty Miller, Songwriter & drummer (Instant Funk)Dead at 65Thursday, April 20, 04:34:30pm2
Bill Anderson, Football player (Redskins, Packers)Dead at 80Thursday, April 20, 04:26:53pm6
The shootings at Columbine High School occurred 18 years ago today. This year's Columbine senior class is the last ones who would have been alive at the time (NT)Most were born in 1999Thursday, April 20, 04:24:55pm2
Lyda Ann Thomas, Ex- Mayor of Galveston, Tx.Dead at 80Thursday, April 20, 12:22:51pm1
Healthwatch: Buffalo Bills lineman Cyrus Kouandjio hospitalized after police find him in fieldBuffalo, NYThursday, April 20, 12:19:32pm1
Healthwatch: Singer David Peel ("I Like Marijuana")Heart attack , in critical conditionThursday, April 20, 12:19:27pm8
Film Producer James GolffDies at 59Thursday, April 20, 12:05:34pm3
Tom Fleming, 2-time winner of New York City marathon drops dead while coaching middle school track meet.Dies at 65Thursday, April 20, 08:43:29am1
Dorrance Hamilton, Campbell Soup heiress and philanthropistDies at 88Thursday, April 20, 08:34:37am5
Germaine Mason, former British Olympic athleteDead at 34Thursday, April 20, 07:38:39am1
Film Producer Earl GlickDies at 95Wednesday, April 19, 10:38:04pm2
Happy 104th Birthday! Communications Specialist Karl Rawer, Politician Hanch Hadad is 98, Actor Hubert De Lapparent is 98, Journalist Ragnar Ulstein is 97, Actress Maria Csiky is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, April 19, 09:27:03pm7
Without a doubt this is the strangest obit I've ever read.R.I.P Earth, died 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri (Link)Wednesday, April 19, 07:22:03pm2
Ruth Sulzberger Holmberg, Newspaper PublisherDead at 96Wednesday, April 19, 04:27:44pm1
JC Spink, Producer of "The Hangover"Dead at 45Wednesday, April 19, 12:42:09pm2
David Rodgers, Ex- Mayor of Spokane, Wash.Dead at 93Wednesday, April 19, 11:54:48am1
Katie Bodenbender, 7th oldest validated AmericanDies days before her 112th birthdayWednesday, April 19, 11:49:30am2
Healthwatch: Former President George H.W. BushHospitalized AgainWednesday, April 19, 11:43:19am14
Former Ohio State men’s gymnast, Larry Mayer has died, he was 24BettyWednesday, April 19, 11:29:37am1
Donna Belle Hall, Obit says she acted in films & TV ("Remington Steele", "Love Boat")Dead at 62Wednesday, April 19, 08:02:49am4
Matt "Rosey" Anoa'i, WWE professional wrestlerDies at 47Tuesday, April 18, 05:32:03pm4
Cops hunt for thug who broadcast fatal shooting of old man LIVE on Facebook! ...The punk bitch shooter is at large in Cleveland, OH area.Tuesday, April 18, 02:30:46pm11
UK actress Jane Freeman. ...Dead at 81.Tuesday, April 18, 02:20:38pm2
Happy 102nd Birthday! Scientist Kathe Vogeler-Seelig, Politician Edmund Jones is 99, Actor Murray Westgate is 99, Screenwriter Shinobu Hashimoto is 99, (NT)jlpTuesday, April 18, 01:06:46pm6
Trish Vradenburg, TV sitcom writer (NT)Dies at 70Tuesday, April 18, 12:39:19pm3
  • Obit -- Hollywood Reporter, Tuesday, April 18, 12:37:51pm
    • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, April 18, 12:39:19pm
Dawson Mathis, Ex- Congressman from GeorgiaDead at 76Tuesday, April 18, 11:40:23am2
Actor Emilio Del PozoDies at 68Tuesday, April 18, 11:31:49am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, April 18, 09:46:34am
    • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, April 18, 11:31:49am
Wanting to give comfort to dying Oregon man, loved ones whisper in his ear that Donald Trump has been impeached, dying in peace. Final gestured added to obituary. ...NY Daily NewsTuesday, April 18, 10:32:04am1
Healthwatch: Richard SimmonsHospitalized for severe indigestionTuesday, April 18, 09:43:04am1
Photo for April 18th, Actress Lola AlbrightIMDb LinkTuesday, April 18, 09:21:23am3
Michael Bogdanov, theatre directordead at 78Tuesday, April 18, 04:11:36am1
Archive: Dick Shawn, Apr. 17, 1987Actor- comedianMonday, April 17, 06:33:01pm8
Liz Taylor’s Ex-Husband Larry Fortensky died in July 2016 at 64I think this was a rumor...now here's an obitMonday, April 17, 04:49:04pm6
Bernard "Bud" Wiser, Writer & producer on "One Day at a Time"Dead at 87Monday, April 17, 04:44:25pm2
Healthwatch: Singer- songwriter Billy Joe ShaverHospitalized over Heart IssuesMonday, April 17, 12:11:19pm1
Arcan Cetin, Who shot 5 people in a Washingtton state mall last year, hangs himself in jailHe was 20Monday, April 17, 11:54:09am1
Guitarist Allan HoldsworthDies at 70Monday, April 17, 07:45:21am3
Ginnai Boncompagni, television and radio presenter, director, writer and a lyricistDead at 84Monday, April 17, 03:44:23am1
Sister of Celtics' Isaiah Thomas dies in car accidentChyna Thomas was 22Sunday, April 16, 06:49:19pm2
Photo for April 16th - HAPPY 100th to actor Barry Nelson, who died in 2007. ...IMDb & Wiki LinksSunday, April 16, 06:45:57pm2
Actor Clifton JamesDies at 96Sunday, April 16, 04:25:32pm21
Italys oldest woman, Emma MorenoDead at 117Sunday, April 16, 04:01:04pm26
Piero Gatti, Designer of the iconic sacco 'beanbag' chairDead at 77Sunday, April 16, 03:26:16pm4
Happy 98th Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Edward Simons Fulmer, Diplomat James B. Engle is 98, Historian Ivor Forbes Guest is 97, Tennis Player Bill Sidwell is 97, Actor Peter Mark Richman is 90, (NT)jlpSunday, April 16, 02:09:13pm5
Motown Songwriter & Producer Sylvia MoyR.I.PSunday, April 16, 02:04:34pm3
Alan Henderson, Member of Them (Van Morrison's group)Dead at 74Sunday, April 16, 01:11:06pm8
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Celebrates 90th Birthday!He is Second Longest-Lived PopeSunday, April 16, 01:05:12pm4
ARCHIVE: April 16, 1985 ~Actor Scott Brady, actor best known for his tough guy roles in western/cop/gangster roles, along with his brother Lawrence Tierney (family name), veteran career for 5 decades, dies at 60. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, April 16, 12:45:19pm1
Healthwatch: I can't find published articles on writer/actor Buck Henry's health, but he alarmed many fans last week by his appearance at the TCM Film Festival, screening 50th anniversary of THE GRADUATE. ...PHOTOS ...Sunday, April 16, 12:01:49pm3
RIP Mr. Tambourine Man--Bruce Langhorne, legendary NYC musician, and inspiration behind one of Dylan's greatest songs. ...He was 79.Sunday, April 16, 08:17:24am4
Robert Osborne, Beloved Host of Turner Classic Movies, Dies at 84Hollywood ReporterSunday, April 16, 01:44:54am25
Happy 100th Birthday! Holocaust Survivor Tadeusz Szymanski, Military Figure Arjan Singh is 98, Novelist Emyr Humphreys is 98, WW2 D-Day Veteran Hector Duff is 98, WW2 Military Figure Ken Potts is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, April 15, 04:52:13pm7
OT: Which actors that are older than 85 are still acting? (NT)All I can come up with is Betty White who is 95 and she appeared in BonesSaturday, April 15, 04:44:14pm28
TV HEAS-UP: Monday, April 17th ~Guest TCM Programmer, veteran actor William Daniels, who recently turned 90, will host the cable network's evening of scheduled listings! ...Check local listings!Saturday, April 15, 02:52:07pm1
Vic Barnhart, Played for the Pittsburgh PiratesDead at 94Saturday, April 15, 01:00:14pm2
Ex- NFL plaer Todd heap accidentally eruns over, kills 3 year old daughterMesa, Az.Saturday, April 15, 12:34:08pm1
Today's Mast Photo Hans ConriedPatrickSaturday, April 15, 11:56:52am2
Shizue Nagata, one of Japan's oldest citizensDies at 113Saturday, April 15, 11:55:06am2
ARCHIVE: April 15, 1984 ~Famed UK comedian Tommy Cooper, who gained fame with comedic magician routines, and gained macabre mortality by literally dying on stage during a LIVE performance. He was 63. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, April 15, 11:52:33am1
Barry ‘Frosty’ Smith, drummerDead at 71Saturday, April 15, 08:52:06am1
Photo for April 14th - Actress Valerie HobsonIMDb LinkFriday, April 14, 09:12:49pm5
Re: the photo at the top, who's the girl in the white dress standing next to Rosie O'Donnell? (NT)She looks like that singer Sheryl Crow--is that who it is?Friday, April 14, 08:26:20pm2
Darren Lebrecht, ActorDead at 46Friday, April 14, 05:18:35pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, April 14, 05:18:35pm
Happy 107th Birthday! Masters Athlete Stanislaw Kowalski, Actor William Graeff Jr. is 100, Golf's Roberto De Vicenzo is 94, Philosopher Mary Warnock is 93, Actress Gloria Jean is 91, (NT)jlpFriday, April 14, 05:11:56pm8
Archive: Don Ho, Apr. 14, 2007SingerFriday, April 14, 04:34:13pm2
Archive: Burl Ives, Apr. 14, 1995Singer- actorFriday, April 14, 04:30:30pm2
Archive: Thurston Harris, Apr. 14, 1990SingerFriday, April 14, 04:27:00pm2
Helen Pond, Broadways set designerDead at 92Friday, April 14, 12:58:06pm1
Teddy Getty Gaston, 4th wife of magnate J. Paul Getty, wrote a memoir of himDead at 103Friday, April 14, 12:37:20pm10
Actor Ralph VotrianDies at 82Friday, April 14, 12:14:20pm15
Healthwatch: Hall of Fame Former MLB player Lou Brock battling cancerPaulFriday, April 14, 12:05:35pm1
Guitarist J. Geils of The J. Geils BandDies at 71Friday, April 14, 11:36:26am26
Danny Guice, Mississippi politician (State House, Mayor of Biloxi)Dead at 92Friday, April 14, 11:31:25am1
Kathleen Cassello, Opera singer, one of the "Three Sopranos"Dead at 58Friday, April 14, 11:29:04am1
Politician Jim Scott dies at 78Can someone find good link ? All I've got is wiki linkFriday, April 14, 11:27:21am2
  • Obit -- Link, Friday, April 14, 11:27:21am
Charlie Murphy, Stand-up comedian and brother of EddieDead at 57Friday, April 14, 08:59:08am9
Mika Vainio, Founder of Pan-Sonic and electronic auteurDead at 53Thursday, April 13, 07:08:10pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Composer Minette Allton, Politician Li Rui is 100, Politician Liam Cosgrave is 97, Musician Ken Nordine is 97, Choreographer Stanley Donen is 93, (NT)jlpThursday, April 13, 05:34:18pm8
Dan Rooney, Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steelers ownerDies at 84Thursday, April 13, 04:58:35pm6
Healthwatch: Emmy winning TV producer Sandy GallinHospitalized (cancer)Thursday, April 13, 04:16:11pm1
Archive: Diamond Jim Brady, Apr. 13, 1917Businessman, financier, and philanthropistThursday, April 13, 01:54:07pm1
Mirian Ortiz Cepeda, Wife of Giants’ Hall of Famer Orlando CepedaDead at 62Thursday, April 13, 01:35:29pm1
Tom Coyne, Grammy winning music engineerHas diedThursday, April 13, 01:26:34pm1
Toby Smith, Keyboardist & co- founder of JamiroquaiDead at 46Thursday, April 13, 12:11:30pm2
Patricia McKissack, Prolific AuthorDead at 72Thursday, April 13, 12:08:13pm1
Bob Wootton, Guitarist for Johnny CashDies at 75Thursday, April 13, 12:05:42pm2
Art Director Rodger MausDies at 84Thursday, April 13, 12:01:13pm3
Today's pic: R.G. Armstrong (NT)Versatile character actorThursday, April 13, 11:02:52am2
OT: Living Celebrities With Living Mothers 90+ (NT)Interesting Topic!Thursday, April 13, 06:56:07am25
Lisa Donnelly, Singer- songwriterDead at 37Thursday, April 13, 05:54:17am5
Peggy Pataki, Mother of ex- NY Gov. George Pataki (briefly a Presidential candidate in 2016)Dead at 101Wednesday, April 12, 10:57:03pm9
Actor John ShearinDies at 72Wednesday, April 12, 10:40:19pm4
Larry Sharpe, WrestlerDead at 66Wednesday, April 12, 09:17:24pm3
Happy 107th Birthday! Painter Gillo Dorfles, Politician Irma Rapuzzi is 107, '36 Olympic Athlete Gretel Bergmann is 103, Writer Beverly Cleary is 101, Editor John W. Holmes is 100, (NT)jlpWednesday, April 12, 08:22:44pm9
Jeff Ginman, lead singer of The Esquires (Rock Band)Dies at 74Wednesday, April 12, 07:15:35pm6
Sheila Abdus-Salaam, first Muslim female judge found dead in the Hudson RiverShe was 65Wednesday, April 12, 05:30:35pm1
Healthwatch: Actor, singer Earl Sinks (the Crickets)Reported "very ill"Wednesday, April 12, 04:23:11pm3
Susan Schorpen, Mother of Carlie Brucia, Florida Girl Killed in High-Profile 2004 CaseDead at 47 (drug overdose)Wednesday, April 12, 04:01:05pm1
ARCHIVE: April 12, 1959 ~Hollywood actor James Gleason, film veteran for decades playing street wise, wise guy as thug, cop, or working Joe, dies at 76. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, April 12, 03:49:03pm1
Michael Ballhaus, prolific Oscar nominated cinematographerDies at 81Wednesday, April 12, 11:58:23am4
Clay Adler, Appeared on MTV show "Newport Harbor"Dead at 27 (suicide)Wednesday, April 12, 11:39:38am4
Banner Thomas, former bass player for Molly HatchetDies at 63Wednesday, April 12, 10:29:07am2
Prolific Westerns Actor & Stuntman Walter "Jimmie" BoothDies at 91Wednesday, April 12, 09:54:18am4
Dorothy Mengering, David Letterman's MomDead at 95Wednesday, April 12, 09:49:09am6
actor Peter Hansenhas died at 96Tuesday, April 11, 11:56:42pm11
Sadly a big day for deaths. J. Geils, Linda Hopkins, Letterman's mom (NT):(Tuesday, April 11, 09:50:05pm4
Joseph Rascoff, Business manager and tour producer for a roster of music powerhouses, including the Rolling Stones, U2 and Paul SimonDead at 71Tuesday, April 11, 07:05:09pm1
Actress Linda HopkinsDies at 92Tuesday, April 11, 06:57:54pm8
Joe Mantegna's mother, Mary AnnDead at 101Tuesday, April 11, 04:49:59pm8
Happy 100th Birthday! Espionage Figure Morton Sobell, Politician Jean-Claude Servan is 98, Politician Michel Durafour is 97, Businessman David H. Murdock is 94, (NT)jlpTuesday, April 11, 01:37:32pm8
Archive: Kurt Vonnegut, Apr. 11, 2007WriterTuesday, April 11, 12:39:20pm1
Carolyn Kelly, Daughter of cartoonist Walt Kelly ("Pogo") drew the strip after he diedDied Apr. 9thTuesday, April 11, 11:29:33am3
Last week, the show "Feud" had Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis singing "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" on the Andy Williams ShowHere's the real thing!Tuesday, April 11, 11:14:13am29
ARCHIVE: April 10, 1975 ~Famed Hollywood character actress Marjorie Main, best known for her classic frump character of 'Ma Kettle', scoring fame in the popular 'Ma & Pa Kettle' film series, dies at 85. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, April 11, 11:13:32am4
Singer & Concert Promoter Billy Fields dies at 86Also managed Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, Neil Diamond & Whitney HoustonTuesday, April 11, 10:09:16am1
Archive: Sam Kinison, Apr. 10, 1992ComedianTuesday, April 11, 04:28:46am8
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Kame Ganeko, Author Draja Mickaharic is 105, Activist H.S. Doreswamy is 99, Resistance Fighter Cecile Rol-Tanguy is 98, Cinematographer Anatoli Kaznin is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, April 10, 06:52:02pm5
Bill Sutherland, NHL player (Flyers)Dead at 82Monday, April 10, 06:16:12pm1
Guy O' Sullivan, Reality TV producerDead at 49Monday, April 10, 04:17:58pm1
Couple married 71 years die 4 minutes apartAmazing how often this happensMonday, April 10, 04:16:15pm1
Possible healthwatch: Former baseball player Otis Nixon missingGeorgiaMonday, April 10, 01:02:20pm2
  • Found -- Link, Monday, April 10, 01:02:20pm
Healthwatch: Hugh Hefner (91 today)In declining healthMonday, April 10, 12:56:50pm7
Producer & Writer Philip M. BreenDies at 82Monday, April 10, 12:49:35pm3
Activist Amy AshworthDies at 92Monday, April 10, 12:47:08pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, April 10, 12:47:08pm
Cook County Judge Raymond Myles, 66, shot deadChicagoMonday, April 10, 12:14:29pm1
Healthwatch: Singer Wattie Buchan of British punk legends The ExploitedHospitalized, "serious heart condition"Monday, April 10, 12:01:24pm1
Carmen Chacon, Spain's first female Defense MinisterDead at 46Monday, April 10, 11:58:05am1
Info on R&B singer and songwriter Billy Bland? ..."Let The Little Girl Dance".Monday, April 10, 11:48:55am7
John Clarke, Comedian, screenwriterDead at 68Monday, April 10, 05:30:26am5
Chuck Berry, Pioneering Rock and Roll singer, musician, songwriterDies at 90Monday, April 10, 04:40:40am9
David Parry-Jones, sports (rugby union) broadcasterDead at 83Monday, April 10, 04:17:21am1
Brian Matthew, radio broadcasting legendDead at 88Monday, April 10, 02:17:06am8
Happy 101st Birthday! Historian Jan Kancewicz, Composer Tadashi Kinoshita is 101, Businessman Francis J. Sehn is 99, Publisher Hugh Hefner is 91, Politician Harris Wofford is 91, Actor Carlo Croccolo turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, April 09, 10:16:09pm6
ARCHIVE: April 9, 2011 ~Famed director Sidney Lumet, over 50 films to his credit, nominated for multiple Oscar nominations, one time son-in-law to Lena Horne, and husband to Gloria Vanderbilt, dies at 86. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, April 09, 09:52:45pm1
Healthwatch: Teri GarrSuffering the terrible effects of multiple sclerosisSunday, April 09, 05:46:10pm3
Archive: Albert popwell, Apr. 9, 1999ActorSunday, April 09, 04:43:48pm2
Actor Lee FarrDies at 89Sunday, April 09, 04:30:17pm13
Sunday's tribute pic is actor Brad Dexter.Died in 2002 at 85.Sunday, April 09, 03:10:49pm6
Armida Brunson Sholar, North Carolina's oldest personDead at 111Sunday, April 09, 01:58:48pm1
Chris Bevington, Spotify exec., killed in Stockholm attackhe was 41Sunday, April 09, 01:23:33pm1
Drummer Thomas "TNT" TribbleDies at 95Sunday, April 09, 11:52:09am3
Actor David BrainardDies at 61Sunday, April 09, 11:50:27am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, April 09, 06:20:12am
    • Pic -- Link, Sunday, April 09, 11:50:27am
Actor Richard JamisonDies at 73Sunday, April 09, 11:46:53am5
Indian news anchor learns that her husband was killed in an accident that she is live reporting on.CNN linkSunday, April 09, 08:05:24am1
TV HEADS-UP: On TV's ANTENNA Channel Saturday, April 8th -Airing of classic JOHNNY CARSON episode with Rickles, Frank Sinatra, Olivia Newton-John, and David Janssen! -~Check local listing.Originally aired November 12, 1976.Sunday, April 09, 06:54:45am15
Gospel Singer Ben SpeerDies at 86Sunday, April 09, 04:02:12am2
John Glenn laid to rest today at Arlington National Cemetery.Saturday, April 08, 08:15:22pm10
OT: Which authors that are older than 70 are still writing books? (NT)KatSaturday, April 08, 08:05:47pm20
ARCHIVE: April 8, 1997 ~It's 20 years now, Laura Nyro, songwriter, singer had commercial success w/artists such as Barbra Streisand and The 5th Dimension recording her songs, like her mother died of ovarian cancer at age 49. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, April 08, 07:22:42pm3
Allen Griffiths, 1990s-era guitarist for Tears For Fears, died last week (Didn't see it reported here)He was 57Saturday, April 08, 04:47:54pm3
Roger Steele, Child actor in the '40'sDead at 87Saturday, April 08, 04:42:19pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, April 08, 04:42:19pm
Rupert Cornwell, Journalist, author, brother of John Le Carre (real name, David Cornwell)Dead at 71Saturday, April 08, 04:35:47pm1
Tim Alexander, former producer/pianist for Asleep At The Wheel, Reverend Horton HeatHe was 51Saturday, April 08, 03:22:11pm1
I am back after loosing home plus major health scareColtSaturday, April 08, 01:58:23pm7
Happy 100th Birthday! Dancer William H. Vaux, Historian Charles P. Roland is 99, Pathologist Ronald Karslake Starr Wood is 98, Politician Fred Moore is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, April 08, 01:02:32pm11
ARCHIVE: April 8, 2013 ~Annette Funicello, actress singer, best remembered as child performer from Disney's Mickey Mouse Club, but went on to adult career success in her own rite, dies at 70 after long battle w/MS. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, April 08, 12:28:02pm4
Archive: Barry Nelson, Apr. 7, 2007ActorSaturday, April 08, 12:26:00pm10
Georgy Grechko, Russian cosmonautDead at 85Saturday, April 08, 12:16:19pm1
Actress Yahee (Fernandes-Baxter)1950-2017Saturday, April 08, 11:56:17am3
Two major "D" celebrities died today: Don Rickles and David Peel (NT)A sad day indeedSaturday, April 08, 11:53:57am4
Actor Christopher Morahan dies at 872nd cast member of The Jewel in the Crown to die in one daySaturday, April 08, 11:15:19am4
We missed the anniversary of character actor Dabbs Greer's 100th birthday on April 2nd.Wiki BioSaturday, April 08, 05:45:50am3
Don RicklesDead at 90Friday, April 07, 11:25:16pm36
Tim Pigott-Smith, award winning British actorDies at 70Friday, April 07, 07:27:49pm8
Archive: Brenda Benet, Apr. 7, 1982ActressFriday, April 07, 07:15:41pm2
Singer Beverly BeaDies at 74Friday, April 07, 07:14:01pm2
Derrick Jensen, NFL player, two-time Super Bowl winner with the Raiders.Dies of ALS at 60Friday, April 07, 07:12:12pm1
Chelsea Brown, TV actress best remembered for "Laugh-In."Dies at 69Friday, April 07, 06:28:32pm14
Actress & Dancer Mary MenziesDies at 88Friday, April 07, 04:33:52pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, April 07, 04:33:52pm
Actor Arturo Tamez Jr.Dies at 75Friday, April 07, 02:45:19pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, April 07, 02:45:19pm
This week was a bad. On Monday my dog attacked my baby chick and it died the next day and now my goat is dying. (NT)Anyone else having a bad week?Friday, April 07, 02:19:21pm4
Glenn O’Brien, Writer, editor (Interview, Rolling Stone)Dead at 70Friday, April 07, 01:21:04pm2
Lorraine Pearce, First White House Curator, Hired by the KennedysDead at 82Friday, April 07, 01:14:26pm2
Happy 99th Birthday! Baseball's Bobby Doerr, Actress Monica Schildt is 97, Writer Gerd Focke turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, April 07, 12:52:11pm13
Dave Gove, ex- NHL player, dies of heroin overdoseHe was 38Friday, April 07, 12:32:33pm1
Bob Cerv, New York Yankee and Kansas City Athletics baseball playerDies at 91Friday, April 07, 10:01:55am2
OT: I think we could use a little pick-me-up for Friday.SharonFriday, April 07, 09:23:07am2
Carl Clark, WWII hero recognized 6 decades later.Dies at 100Friday, April 07, 03:16:47am2
Lehman "Tiny Lynn" Lynn Denison, bandleaderDead at 76Friday, April 07, 02:30:27am1
Margaret Wambui Kenyatta, Daughter of Jomo KenyattaDead at 89Thursday, April 06, 05:19:04pm1
Memé Perlini, Italian actor- directorDead at 69 (suicide)Thursday, April 06, 05:17:54pm1
Mary Anderson, Helped launch outdoor retailer REIDead at 107Thursday, April 06, 05:10:22pm1
Archive: Merle Haggard, 4/06/2016Died on his 79th birthdayThursday, April 06, 04:49:11pm3
Actor Tony Molina Jr.Dies at 46Thursday, April 06, 04:19:36pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, April 06, 01:54:10pm
    • PHOTO ... -- Link, Thursday, April 06, 04:19:36pm
Archive - Country Music Legend Tammy Wynette (April 6, 1998)"Today I Started Loving You Again" - Merle Haggard & Tammy Wynette (Link)Thursday, April 06, 03:24:26pm1
Stuntman Harry DaleyDies at 81Thursday, April 06, 01:46:22pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, April 06, 01:46:22pm
Healthwatch: Verne Troyer ("Mini Me")Hospitalized for alcoholismThursday, April 06, 01:45:37pm2
Paul O' Neill, Music producer (Trans- Siberian Orchestra)Dead at 61Thursday, April 06, 01:42:37pm4
Healthwatch: Buffalo Sabres' Kyle OkposoHospitalized and in intensive careThursday, April 06, 12:24:42pm1
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Beinvenida Vergara Jaen de Cano, Scientist Barys Kit is 107, Cricket Player Thelma McKenzie is 102, Actress Caren Marsh Doll is 98, (NT)jlpThursday, April 06, 12:19:14pm10
L.A.-based Auntie Fee, 59, foulmouthed YouTube Cooking Sensation, Dead at 59. ...Died March 17th.Thursday, April 06, 10:52:19am2
Lola Albright (1924-2017)glamorous Hollywood actress has diedThursday, April 06, 04:37:21am13
OT: Least surprising headline ever: "Barry Manilow comes out as gay"LinkThursday, April 06, 04:33:37am6
Nice tribute to the Great Robert Bloch, a favorite author of mine since I was a kid. (NT)NikWednesday, April 05, 05:29:05pm8
Politician William Walaska (NT)Dead at 70Wednesday, April 05, 05:19:07pm10
Archive: Danny Rapp, Apr. 1983Lead singer, Danny & the JuniorsWednesday, April 05, 05:11:07pm2
  • "At the Hop" -- Danny & The Juniors, Wednesday, April 05, 05:11:07pm
Joe Harris, Creator of the Trix Rabbit and Producer of 'Underdog"Dies at 89Wednesday, April 05, 05:03:41pm6
Amy Ridenour, Conservative activistDead at 57Wednesday, April 05, 04:21:59pm3
Tim Parnell, British racerDead at 84Wednesday, April 05, 01:55:45pm1
Archive: Allen Ginsberg, Apr. 5, 1997Beat Generation PoetWednesday, April 05, 01:53:58pm1
Ice hockey player ilkka SinisaloDies at 58Wednesday, April 05, 12:41:58pm1
Happy 98th Birthday! Director Lester James Peries, Cinematographer Stan Waterman is 94, Producer Roger Corman turns 91. (NT)jlpWednesday, April 05, 12:28:15pm4
Brenda Jones, of singing group the Jones GirlsHit by car, diesWednesday, April 05, 12:24:36pm2
Healthwatch: Jackie Chan's daughter hospitalized after suicide attemptHong KongWednesday, April 05, 12:03:31pm1
John T. Knx, Longtime Claif. AssemblymanDead at 92Wednesday, April 05, 12:02:01pm2
Reene Schisgal, Producer, wife of playwrighy Murray SchisgalDead at 88Wednesday, April 05, 11:57:59am2
ARCHIVE: April 5, 2006 ~Gene Pitney, singer-songwriter, musician, and sound, made his mark with big hit, "Town Without Pity", died at 66. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, April 05, 11:51:07am2
Archive: Warren Oates, Apr. 3, 1982Character actorWednesday, April 05, 10:53:36am9
Egyptian film critic Samir FaridDead at 73Wednesday, April 05, 10:11:25am1
Found this nice obituary today...ErikTuesday, April 04, 11:54:34pm1
Radley Metzger, Erotic filmmaker ("The Opening of Misty Beethoven")Dead at 88Tuesday, April 04, 10:52:46pm4
College student dies after choking in pancake eating contestCaitlin Nelson was 21Tuesday, April 04, 08:23:35pm9
Ikutaro Kakehashi, Founder of Japanese music company Roland,Dead at 87Tuesday, April 04, 07:28:37pm3
Healthwatch: Thomas S. Monson, President of the Mormon ChucrhHospitalizedTuesday, April 04, 05:09:14pm1
Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong dies in prison, was serving life for bizarre case in which a pizza delivery man was forced to rob bank, then blown upShe was 68Tuesday, April 04, 05:04:44pm4
Archive: Sarah Vaughan, Apr. 3, 1990SingerTuesday, April 04, 05:00:47pm3
KetchupPossibly missed from this forumTuesday, April 04, 04:58:27pm12
Happy 105th Birthday! Scientist Wilfried de Beaucair, Botanist David W. Goodall is 102, Actress Cheres Macia is 100, Actor Gene Reynolds is 94, Actress Noreen Nash is 93, Actress Monique Chaumette turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, April 04, 04:26:47pm8
Former MLB Player Roy SieversDies at 90Tuesday, April 04, 04:24:59pm3
Ralph Archbold, Actor who portrayed Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia for decadesDead at 75Tuesday, April 04, 04:23:07pm4
Jean Rouverol, ActressDead at 100Tuesday, April 04, 02:15:57pm22
Dafydd Dafis, Welsh actor, singerDead at 50 (suicide)Tuesday, April 04, 02:01:37pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, April 04, 02:01:37pm
Gösta Ekman, Swedish actor, directorDead at 77Tuesday, April 04, 02:00:46pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, April 04, 02:00:46pm
Jerry Tammen, Drummer for the Fabulous FlippersDead at 72Tuesday, April 04, 01:37:00pm2
Healthwatch - Former Dodgers star Pedro Guerrero in critical condition after brain hemorrhageLinkTuesday, April 04, 11:35:50am2
Werner Stiller, East German spy and defector, dies at 69Washington Post obitsTuesday, April 04, 04:11:08am1
Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Acclaimed Russian poetDead at 84Monday, April 03, 08:43:34pm3
Supercentenarian Belle McCormickDies at 110Monday, April 03, 07:30:21pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, April 03, 07:30:21pm
Happy 103rd Birthday! Air Force Lieutenant General Harry E, Goldsworthy, WW2 Military Figure Edward Rowny is 100, Composer Enrique Iturriaga is 99, Professor Ehsan Yarshater is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, April 03, 05:50:43pm24
Actor Bobby HarwellDies at 85Monday, April 03, 04:58:18pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, April 03, 03:31:42pm
    • Pic -- Link, Monday, April 03, 04:58:18pm
Leonard Litwin, NY real estate mogulDead at 102Monday, April 03, 11:46:11am1
Politician Sharon Ambrose (NT)Dies at 77Monday, April 03, 11:44:53am2
Doris Day discovers she will actually be 95 tomorrowBorn in 1922Monday, April 03, 11:23:23am10
Sheila Bond, Tony winning actressDead at 90Monday, April 03, 04:06:36am4
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, April 02, 05:00:51pm
  • IMDB -- Ricardo, Monday, April 03, 02:50:45am
    • ImDB... -- Link, Monday, April 03, 04:06:36am
Former NASCAR Driver Sam ArdDies at 78Sunday, April 02, 06:33:57pm3
Aleksei Abrikosov, receipient of 2003 Nobel Prize in PhysicsDies at 88Sunday, April 02, 05:00:06pm3
Oliver Nome, Comic book artistDied Mar. 24thSunday, April 02, 04:59:35pm1
Ikutaro Kakehashi: Roland founder and music pioneer dies (link inside) aged 87guitargirlSunday, April 02, 04:52:19pm1
Alexei Abrikosov, Nobel Laureate in PhysicsDead at 88Sunday, April 02, 04:11:22pm1
Avo Uvezian, Obit claims he wrote "Strangers in the Night", a hit for Frank SinatraDead at 91Sunday, April 02, 03:15:20pm2
Atlanta Radio Legend Rhubarb JonesDies at 65Sunday, April 02, 02:56:30pm1
Lonnie Brooks, Blues musicianDead at 83Sunday, April 02, 01:14:13pm2
Darcus Howe, British black power activistDead at 74Sunday, April 02, 01:10:14pm1
Leta Nolen, American Supercentenarian, 6th oldest living U.S residentDies at 112Sunday, April 02, 12:09:56pm6
Duggie Chapman, British actor, producerDead at 81Sunday, April 02, 12:07:01pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, April 02, 12:07:01pm
Gary Nunez, Singer, collapses & dies on stageHe was 39Sunday, April 02, 12:00:13pm1
Raudha Athif,Model & medical studentDead at 21 (suicide)Sunday, April 02, 11:58:30am1
Gary Austin, founder of The GroundlingsDies at 75Sunday, April 02, 11:47:08am2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, April 02, 11:47:08am
Infanta Alicia, Dowager Duchess of Calabria & Aunt of King Juan CarlosDead at 99Saturday, April 01, 08:06:38pm1
Ruth Shaheen Downs, Wife of Broadcaster Hugh DownsDies at 95Saturday, April 01, 07:53:57pm4
Producer Mitchell Brower dies at 89Died April 2, 2016. Just now being made publicSaturday, April 01, 05:53:51pm3
Nick Ackerman, Bassist for the VirginsHas diedSaturday, April 01, 04:08:25pm2
Rosie Hamlin, Lead singer of Rosie & the OriginalsDead at 71Saturday, April 01, 04:05:14pm7
This archive page includes the previouly-displayed drop-down linksHope you find this usefulSaturday, April 01, 03:10:00pm7
Archive: Jerry Paris, Mar. 31, 1986Actor- directorSaturday, April 01, 02:34:48pm1
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Yoshiyo Bessho, Humanitarian Shivakumara Swami is 110, Marathon Runner Fauja Singh is 106, Politician Milt Earnhart is 99, Intelligence Agent Jean Rousseau is 98, (NT)jlpSaturday, April 01, 02:28:53pm10
ARCHIVE: April 1, 1984 ~Marvin Gaye, American singer, songwriter and record producer, help shape the sound of R&B and Soul in the 1960s/70s, was killed on this day by his abusive father -just 1 day before his 45th birthday. ...Many in his family believe the self-destructive Gaye gave his father the gun, with belief he would one day certainly kill his son. -He did.Saturday, April 01, 02:23:58pm2
Terry Fischer Siegel dies at 70Lead Singer for The Murmaids ("Popsicles and Icicles")Saturday, April 01, 01:41:18pm13
Fred Gerace, Member of Little Joey & the FlipsDead at 69 (?)Saturday, April 01, 01:34:02pm5
CNN just reported that a plane carrying George Clooney, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise has crashed in the Sea of JapanOMG! This is one of the worst tragedies ever!Saturday, April 01, 12:05:07pm3
James Rosenquist, Pop Art pioneerDead at 83Saturday, April 01, 11:38:16am1
Archive: Scott Joplin, Apr. 1, 1917MusicianSaturday, April 01, 11:37:09am2
George Rodriguez, Was a member of Doo Wop group, the RoommatesDead at 75Saturday, April 01, 11:26:21am4
Healthwatch: Joni Mitchell frail in a wheelchair since a 2015 stroke withdrew her from public, makes rare appearance at Elton John's recent 70th BD party bash. ...Poor thing ...Saturday, April 01, 11:18:31am7
Happy 98th Birthday! Politician B.J. Khatal-Patil, Physicist Ernest Courant is 97, Actress Joan Harris is 97, Politician William Milliken is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, April 01, 09:51:07am11
Ruben Amaro, Sr, Baseball player (Phillies)Dead at 81Saturday, April 01, 06:18:52am4
William Coleman Jr. civil rights lawyer who served as Ford's Secretary of TransportationDies at 96Saturday, April 01, 12:36:35am5
OT: Breaking: TMZ reports after previously undisclosed recount, "La La Land" set to be awarded Best Picture Oscar on Wednesday, April 5th. "Moonlight" may keep their award.TMZ reporting, not yet confirmed elsewhereSaturday, April 01, 12:30:03am5
Happy 105th Birthday! Lawyer/Politician Giannis Papadimitriou,Actor Joachim Tomaschewsky is 98, Journalist Marga Minco is 97, Actress Simone Chobillon is 97, Actress Maria Ekes is 97, (NT)jlpFriday, March 31, 08:07:53pm10
Chron - you mentioned that you are ill. Gonna be OK?? Sure hope so. (NT)Danny (Louisville)Friday, March 31, 08:07:39pm3
Gilbert Baker, gay artist and activist who created the rainbow flag of the LGBT community in 1978Dies at 65Friday, March 31, 04:16:19pm2
Archive: Paul Henreid, Mar. 29, 1992ActorFriday, March 31, 02:10:35pm3
Archive: Bill Griggs, Mar. 29, 2011Buddy Holly expert, friend to this groupFriday, March 31, 01:32:17pm1
Champion cyclist Mike Hall killedTOBYFriday, March 31, 11:48:41am1
Francine Hughes Wilson, who inspired 'The Burning Bed,'Dies at 69Friday, March 31, 11:43:20am3
William Powell, Author of "The Anarchist Cookbook", died last July, not widely reported until nowHe was 66Friday, March 31, 11:42:23am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, March 31, 11:42:23am
Healthwatch: Eric Clapton appears frail as he's wheelchaired though airportCancels concerts due to "bronchitis"Friday, March 31, 11:39:55am1
Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher's funeral will be broadcast live Saturday, March 25th at 1pm PST at Debbie's official website DebbieReynolds.com (NT).Friday, March 31, 11:36:16am15
John Harrison, Tuskegee airmanDead at 96Friday, March 31, 11:32:12am2
'Power Rangers' star Ricardo Medina Jr. gets six years for murder of his roommate. ...Medina stabbed his roommate Joshua Sutter, 36, in the gut with a sword.Friday, March 31, 11:23:56am1
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Shin Matsushita, "48 Olympic Athlete Martin Biles is 98, Composer Harold Van Heuvelen is 98, Dancer Henry Danton is 98, Businessman Ingvar Kamprad is 91, (NT)jlpFriday, March 31, 11:20:33am7
Roger Wilkins, Civil Rights leaderDead at 85Thursday, March 30, 07:34:12pm5
Healthwatch: Georgia Holt (Mother of Cher)Cher drops out of film to care for ailing motherThursday, March 30, 11:57:11am3
OT: How many times has the President & Vice- President had the same first name? (NT)Careful! This is tricky!Thursday, March 30, 09:00:35am4
Healthwatch: Donald Harvey, "Angel of Death" who plead guilty to killing 24 patients at Cincinnati's Drake HospitalHospitalizedThursday, March 30, 08:42:28am3
Your Internet Privacy has passed away.Rest in PeaceWednesday, March 29, 08:28:43pm10
Happy 104th Birthday! Actor Pappuktty Bhagavathar, Actor Sam Beazley is 101, Politician Lloyd McCuiston is 99, Businessman William S. Anderson is 98, (NT)jlpWednesday, March 29, 04:49:20pm5
Betty Barry- Deal, Pioneering (there's that word again) female JudgeDead at 95Wednesday, March 29, 04:35:52pm1
3 Storm Chasers Killed In Crash In TexasDavid S.Wednesday, March 29, 04:33:17pm10
Carolyn Rush, Wife of US Rep Bobby RushDead at 68Wednesday, March 29, 04:26:20pm3
Actor David FarrowDies at 87Wednesday, March 29, 04:21:28pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, March 29, 04:21:28pm
Willie Porter, Oldest Miami Dolphins fanDead at 105Wednesday, March 29, 02:00:46pm11
Daniel Booth, aka Sweetie, Beloved New York Drag QueenDead at 51Wednesday, March 29, 12:15:15pm2
Actress Christine Kaufmann, former wife of Tony CurtisDies at 72Tuesday, March 28, 08:57:27pm5
Charles “Pug” Ravenel, Ran for Governor of SC in 1974 & lost (first Dem to lose the governorship since 1876)Dead at 79Tuesday, March 28, 06:55:50pm2
Christy Mihos, Ran twice for Governor of Mass.Dead at 67Tuesday, March 28, 06:52:50pm1
John Crutcher, Kansas politician (Lt. Gov.)Dead at 100Tuesday, March 28, 06:50:23pm1
Bill Minor, Journalist called the conscience of MississippiDead at 94Tuesday, March 28, 06:38:04pm1
Archive: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mar. 28, 196934th Pres. of the USTuesday, March 28, 06:07:18pm7
Archive: Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Mar, 28, 1974Blues singer, guitaristTuesday, March 28, 04:34:42pm3
Actress Darlene CatesDies at 69Tuesday, March 28, 04:19:44pm7
Politician Steve Vaillancourt (NT)Dies at 65Tuesday, March 28, 04:13:20pm2
  • Obit -- Link, Tuesday, March 28, 04:13:20pm
Happy 104th Birthday! Artist Toko Shinoda, Jeremy Hutchinson, Baron Hutchinson of Lullington is 102, Pingpongist/Activist Jan Zdzislaw Targosinski is 102, (NT)jlpTuesday, March 28, 02:45:34pm5
Arthur Blythe, Jazz saxophonistDead at 76Tuesday, March 28, 12:58:56pm1
Noreen Fraser, TV producer ("Entertainment Tonight")Dead at 63Tuesday, March 28, 11:37:23am1
Janine Sutto, Canadian actressDies at 95Tuesday, March 28, 11:27:39am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, March 28, 11:27:39am
William McPherson, Pulitzer-winning book critic who chronicled his decline into poverty, dies at 84Washington PostTuesday, March 28, 10:30:25am1
Ahmed Kathrada, South African Anti-Apartheid ActivistHe was 87Tuesday, March 28, 09:59:15am2
  • What a hero (NT) -- He wanted to free South Africans from Apaartheid so he could enslave them under communism, Tuesday, March 28, 09:59:15am
German actress Christine KaufmannDeath at 72Tuesday, March 28, 01:17:37am1
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercenenarian Madeleine Ragon, Composer Georges Savaria is 101, Psychologist Reva Gerstein is 100, Writer Gerald Schnitzer is 100, Architect Poul Hultberg is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, March 27, 08:22:54pm7
Screewriter Allan WeissDies at 90Monday, March 27, 08:18:34pm6
Paul Laganowski, Guitarist for thrash metal band RealmDead at 53Monday, March 27, 07:55:26pm4
OT: Recently discovered film shows first color footage of a US PresidentFrom the 1920'sMonday, March 27, 06:53:55pm1
John Van de Camp, Calif politician (Atty. Gen., ran for Governor)Dead at 81Monday, March 27, 05:05:36pm1
Ms. Peggy from the TLC show "Myrtle Manor" has passed away.As reported on their Facebook page.Monday, March 27, 05:04:38pm1
James Burns, Judge, Son of Hawaii's 2nd GovernorDead at 79Monday, March 27, 05:03:08pm1
Augustina Castro, Sister of Fidel & RaulDead at 78Monday, March 27, 04:36:28pm1
OT: Where Are They Now? Child Actor Clay O'Brien, Hardy Fimps From The CowboysDavid S.Monday, March 27, 04:33:34pm2
Chet Cunningham, Author of over 450 booksDead at 88Monday, March 27, 04:32:49pm1
Brandy Rusher, former contestant on "America's Next Top Model", shot, in critical condition; 2 others killedHoustonMonday, March 27, 01:36:34pm1
Archive- March 27, 2002 Milton Berle, Dudley Moore & Billy Wilder (NT)One of the worst days ever for celebrity deaths (if not the worst)Monday, March 27, 12:52:09pm7
Clem Curtis, former lead singer of the FoundationsDies at 76Monday, March 27, 12:08:48pm3
Jimmy Dotson, Blues musicianDead at 82Monday, March 27, 11:53:17am1
David Storey, Author of "This Sporting Life" (filmed in 1963 starring Richard Harris)Dead at 83Monday, March 27, 11:51:33am1
Does anyone know what RL Stine's address is? My 12 year old son wants to write to him and we cant find an address? (NT)YMonday, March 27, 11:49:43am2
Alessandro Alessandroni, Italian musician and composer of film scoresDies at 92Monday, March 27, 11:42:57am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, March 27, 11:42:57am
Tony Terran, Trumpet player, Film, TV session man, last surviving member of the I Love Lucy Show OrchestraDead at 90Sunday, March 26, 07:13:23pm4
Archive: Dean Paul Martin, Mar. 21, 1987Singer, actor, athleteSunday, March 26, 06:08:14pm3
Erik Howell, ActorDead at 75Sunday, March 26, 06:04:34pm3
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Tomoe Iwata, Supercentenarian Mathilde Lartigue is 112, Politician Martin Harty is 98, (NT)jlpSunday, March 26, 06:02:39pm13
Alex Tizon, Pulitzer Prize awarded reporterDead at 57Sunday, March 26, 01:30:37pm1
Todd Frohwirth, Baseball player (Orioles, Phillies)Dead at 54Sunday, March 26, 01:25:41pm1
Vincent Falcone, Conductor For Frank Sinatra, Dead At 78David S.Sunday, March 26, 12:07:23pm2
Actress Bronia WheelerDies at 91Sunday, March 26, 12:03:52pm4
Emi Canyn Mars, Backup Singer for Mötley Crüe & ex-wife of guitarist Mick MarsDies at 62Sunday, March 26, 11:59:47am2
Healthwatch: Actor Antonio Banderas Suffers Heart AttackDavid S.Sunday, March 26, 11:56:50am2
Western Actor Sam Lloyd SR Dead At 91David S.Sunday, March 26, 11:54:59am3
OT: people almost certainly deceased but without any Internet confirmation. i hereby submit one example. A BIG one.The guy who sang the 1955 hit "Seventeen."Sunday, March 26, 11:51:27am8
Sol Negrin, Cinematographer & ProducerDies at 88Sunday, March 26, 11:06:51am3
Dave Steele, USAC Midgets, Former NASCAR And Indy Driver Two Time Silver Crown Champ, Killed In Race Crash In Florida, Dead At 42David S.Sunday, March 26, 07:15:47am1
OT: Beware of hoax ads on Facebook. Why they are permitted is a mystery to me.Robert DeNiro is very much ALIVE, thank you..Sunday, March 26, 06:05:54am1
Dial M for Murder is on for you DialM (NT)AlfredSaturday, March 25, 11:39:26pm3
Jose "Tony" Zardon, The Last Living Washington Senators' Baseball Player, Dead 94David S.Saturday, March 25, 05:25:20pm7
Actress Perry Sheehan AdairR.I.PSaturday, March 25, 05:06:41pm5
Gary Doak, Hockey playerDead at 71Saturday, March 25, 05:03:07pm1
Archive: Heaven's Gate's cult commits mass suicide, Mar., 1997Wanted to reach spacecraft following Comet Hale–BoppSaturday, March 25, 04:34:44pm1
Robin O' Hara, Producer of independent filmsDead at 62Saturday, March 25, 04:28:12pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, March 25, 04:28:12pm
Jonathan Strasser, Violinist, appeared in the film "Fame"Dead at 70Saturday, March 25, 02:12:02pm1
Wikipedia is showing death of Beat Generation poet Joanne Kyger. (NT)On March 22, Age 82. Can't find Link?Saturday, March 25, 01:24:39pm2
We may be back, but links still aren't clickable. (NT)None are working so far.Saturday, March 25, 09:33:36am15
Actor Sandy WebsterDies at 94Saturday, March 25, 07:05:14am3
Richard Roth, Producer Of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother, Outland And Blue Velvet, Dead At 76David S.Saturday, March 25, 06:58:49am2
Tomas Milian, Cuban-Italian Actor of Django..Kill If You Live, Fools Rush In and Amistad, Dead At 84David S.Friday, March 24, 10:31:06pm2
Actor Tony RusselDies at 91Friday, March 24, 09:30:50pm7
GET TV is airing the "Gertrude Berg Show" from 1961. It's a rare chance to see Karyn Kupcinet, who co- starred on the show & died mysteriously in 1963 (NT).Friday, March 24, 08:14:47pm2
Columnist and Author Jimmy BreslinDies at 88Friday, March 24, 07:07:36pm2
Healthwatch: Cancer: German actress Christine Kaufmann (72) is in coma!Ex of Hollywoodlegend Tony CurtisFriday, March 24, 07:06:20pm2
Using captchas is a great idea. It should totally eliminate the malicious messages that have plagued this place.I only wish the captchas were more readable!Friday, March 24, 05:28:33pm5
World War 2 Veteran Andy Coogan (NT)Dead at 99Friday, March 24, 05:10:41pm1
David Rockefeller, banker, philanthropist and patriarch of Rockefeller familyDies at 101Friday, March 24, 04:58:31pm4
Aloysius “Lucky” Gordon, Major player in the Profumo- Christine Keeler affairDead at 85Friday, March 24, 04:53:38pm2
Don Hunstein, Who Photographed Great MusiciansDies at 88Friday, March 24, 04:43:06pm2
Denis McGrath, Syfy's 'Continuum,' 'Aftermath' WriterDead at 48Friday, March 24, 04:40:25pm1
Robert Brian Clark, "Catfish" star, killed in a motorcycle accident last Dec.He was 33Friday, March 24, 04:34:29pm1
Healthwatch: Gregg AllmanCancels all concert dates for 2017 (health reasons)Friday, March 24, 04:30:36pm1
Ruth Bochner dies at 91Widow of Actor Lloyd Bochner (died 2005), Mother of Hart & Paul BochnerFriday, March 24, 04:25:31pm2
We're Back! (NT)wearyslothFriday, March 24, 03:58:57pm10
Producer Richard A. RothDies at 76Friday, March 24, 01:37:22pm3
Roy Rodriguez, Father of "Modern Family actor Rico Rodriguez ("Manny")Dead at 52Friday, March 24, 01:20:30pm1
Angela Stevens 1950s actressdied 2016 known since last decemberFriday, March 24, 01:15:34pm3
Actor Gary BayerDies at 72Friday, March 24, 01:11:31pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, March 24, 01:11:31pm
Robert Day (95) Film- & TV director has died (NT)widower of actress Dorothy Provine (1935-2010)Friday, March 24, 01:10:00pm2
Healthwatch: Suge KnightHospitalizedFriday, March 24, 12:50:50pm1
Don Warden, Dolly Parton's manager, steel guitarist for Porter WagonerDead at 87Friday, March 24, 12:49:33pm1
Pete Shotton, Member of The Quarrymen (pre- Beatles)Dead at 75Friday, March 24, 12:44:07pm2
Michael Tuchner, Film & TV directorDead at 84Friday, March 24, 12:42:19pm2
Jackie Pung, Hawaii's First Lady of GolfDead at 95Friday, March 24, 12:32:59pm1
Dallas Green, Baseball player and manager of the Phillies, Yankees, MetsDies at 82Friday, March 24, 12:31:04pm3
Chuck Barris, game show host and creator, author and song writerDies at 87Friday, March 24, 12:28:13pm5
Healthwatch: Football great Gale SayersDementiaFriday, March 24, 12:25:48pm1
Former Boston Drummer Sib HashianDies at 67Friday, March 24, 12:19:26pm2
Happy 107th Birthday! Entrepreneur Herbert Kreibich, Resistance Fighter/Activist Irmgard Heydorn is 101, Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti is 98, Politician Neal Smith is 97, Writer Wilson Harris is 96, . (NT)jlpFriday, March 24, 12:14:48pm3
Lawrence Montaigne, Actor of "Star Trek" "The Great Escape" "Escape to Witch Mountain" dies at 86Full articleFriday, March 24, 12:13:11pm4
Former US Representative from Texas Eligio "Kika" de la Garza, 89Died March 13Friday, March 24, 12:12:45pm2
Clay Matthew SR, Former NFL Player, Dead At 88David S.Friday, March 24, 10:15:16am1
Jan Ross, Wife of WWE Legend Jim Ross, Dead At 55David S.Friday, March 24, 10:13:02am1
David D'Amato, featured in the documentary TickledDead suddenly at 55Friday, March 24, 07:44:04am1
Kudos to David S. for his efforts. He deserves praise for stepping in.Thanks!Friday, March 24, 07:22:53am2
Chandler Robbins, birdwatcher extraordinaire, dies at 98Washington PostFriday, March 24, 05:21:40am1
Olympic Champion Sovjet Gymnast Yelena Naimushina Dies at 52RicardoFriday, March 24, 03:33:59am2
  • Video -- ricardo, Friday, March 24, 03:33:59am
Pete Hamilton, American race car driver and 1970 Daytona 500 winnerDies at 74Thursday, March 23, 09:51:37pm1
Joey Alves, Guitarist (Y & T)Dead at 63Sunday, March 12, 05:27:46pm3
Singer Joni Sledge (Sister Sledge)Dies at 60Sunday, March 12, 05:25:30pm13
Happy 98th Birthday! Journalist Donald Zec, Historian Nguyen Dinh Da U is 97, Actress Pearl Hay is 97, Actor Valeri Pushkaryov is 97, Physicist Leo Esaki is 92, Politician G. William Whitehurst turns 92. (NT)jlpSunday, March 12, 04:24:51pm14
Guitarist Evan Johns .......Dead at 60.Sunday, March 12, 04:15:42pm3
Mari Evans, PoetDead at 93Sunday, March 12, 02:07:08pm1
Angel Parra, Chilean singer and guitaristDead at 73Sunday, March 12, 02:04:37pm1
Nicolas Cage's son arrested for DUI, hit & runWeston Cage is 26Sunday, March 12, 12:31:34pm1
Actress Kitty CourboisDies at 79Sunday, March 12, 12:13:53pm3
  • Mo' info- -- ., Sunday, March 12, 12:13:02pm
    • Pic -- Link, Sunday, March 12, 12:13:53pm
Lloyd Conover, Inventor of tetracyclineDead at 93Sunday, March 12, 12:11:09pm1
Archive: Betty Hutton, Mar. 11, 2007Actress, singerSaturday, March 11, 07:32:19pm4
Bill Hands, Baseball player (Cubs, Giants, Twins, Rangers)Dead at 76Saturday, March 11, 07:26:30pm8
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Rosina Lazzarini, WW2 Military Figure James Megellas is 100, Last Nuremberg Prosecutor Benjamin B. Ferencz is 97, Physicist Nicolaas Bloembergen is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, March 11, 04:53:27pm12
Dick Hentges, North Dakota politician (State House, mayor of Fargo)Dead at 82Saturday, March 11, 04:50:16pm1
Healthwatch: Stan LeeCancels appearance for "health issues"Saturday, March 11, 04:47:36pm3
John Forgeham, British actor of TV and filmDies at 75Saturday, March 11, 04:44:26pm4
Tony Haygarth, British actor of TV, film, theatreDies at 72Saturday, March 11, 04:41:42pm7
Healthwatch: Winnie MandelaHospitalizedSaturday, March 11, 02:07:33pm2
Bill Webb, Emmy winning Baseball Director for Fox SportsDead at 70Saturday, March 11, 02:06:16pm1
Healthwatch: Illusionist Criss Angel Rushed to Hospital After Losing Consciousness Onstage in Stunt Gone Wrong. ...VegasSaturday, March 11, 01:56:10pm1
Carol Field, Cookbook authorDead at 76Saturday, March 11, 11:42:18am1
Richard Wagamese, Award-winning Ojibway author and journalistDead at 61Saturday, March 11, 11:37:00am1
"Bridges of Madison County" author Robert WallerDies at 77Saturday, March 11, 11:34:11am4
ARCHIVE: March 10, 1984 ~June Marlowe, Hollywood film actress who began her career during the silent film era, most well known role was that of "Miss Crabtree", in the Our Gang shorts, dies at 82. ... theChroniclerSaturday, March 11, 11:24:53am3
Archive: Corey Haim, Mar. 10, 2010ActorSaturday, March 11, 10:48:42am5
Archive: Andy Gibb, Mar. 10, 1988SingerSaturday, March 11, 07:44:15am3
Healthwatch: A recluse for years, not seen by friends or family since 2014, Social Services were called on famed fitness guru Richard Simmons at his Hollywood home. ...LAPD visit Simmons at his home on 'welfare check' for his safety, and report he is "perfectly fine".Saturday, March 11, 02:59:29am1
Healthwatch: Singer Ciara involved in car accidentLos AngelesSaturday, March 11, 02:52:46am2
Fred Weintraub, Financed "Woodstock", helped discover Bruce LeeDead at 88Saturday, March 11, 02:44:59am3
OT: Robert Blake, 83, to wed for third time2nd wife, Bonny Bakley, was murdered in 2001Friday, March 10, 06:50:34pm6
Rolando Ruiz, Executed for hired killing of a woman in 1992TexasFriday, March 10, 04:42:41pm1
Director & Writer Bertram Salzman dies at 85Died Nov 29, 2016.Friday, March 10, 02:21:23pm4
Tony Lorenzo, Guitarist for Sons of AzraelDead at 30 (5 years after being shot during a robbery)Friday, March 10, 01:25:40pm1
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