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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Hatsuno Goto, Photographer Tsuneko Sasamoto is 101, Cricketer Hirendranath Sadhu is 100, Politician James D. Martin is 97, Educationalist Phyllis Wallbank is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, September 01, 04:50:42am2
Former ABC Network President John SiasDies at 88Tuesday, September 01, 01:39:59am1
Author and TV Writer Rhoda LermanDies at 79Monday, August 31, 10:45:56pm1
Healthwatch: Actor Dan Haggerty battling cancer. Sets up fundraising page for donations for his careGrizzly AdamsMonday, August 31, 09:48:47pm4
Healthwatch: Actor Randolph Mantooth ("Emergency!")CancerMonday, August 31, 09:19:53pm5
Cipe Lincovsky, Argentine actressDead at 85Monday, August 31, 07:40:53pm1
Wes Craven - maestro behind Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and Scream franchise, has died aged 76DialMMonday, August 31, 06:50:33pm6
OT: ADMIN NOTE: Considering the runaway thread this worthy thread has snaked into, I thought I would condense all your information to include more, if needed. ~Thanks to whomever created list. ... (NT) theChroniclerMonday, August 31, 06:41:08pm5
Marcy Borders, 9/11 Dust LadyDead at 42Monday, August 31, 05:09:02pm7
Happy 100th Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Heinrich Ruhl, Politician John S. Wold is 99, Painter Michel Ciry is 96, Chemist Drago Grdrnic is 96, Author Eric Koch is 96, (NT)jlpMonday, August 31, 03:02:59pm6
Archive:127 years ago today the body of Mary Ann Nichols is discovered in Bucks Row , Whitechapel . Most historians believe her to be the first of the Jack the Ripper murders. (NT)BuckeyeMonday, August 31, 12:46:15pm3
Ed Fadeley, Oregon politician & juristDead at 85Monday, August 31, 11:28:50am1
Former Maryland Governor Marvin MandelDies at 95Monday, August 31, 11:15:46am3
Princess Diana - August 31, 1997 - 18 years ago - Gone Way Too Soon!SharonMonday, August 31, 10:36:48am4
Charlie Carlson - Weird Florida author and moreActor, Producer, Writer, Performer, VeteranMonday, August 31, 06:34:01am1
OT: Can anything done about calls from "Microsoft" or "Windows" (you know ow the scam)Now they are coming before 8 in the morning!Monday, August 31, 05:14:03am1
Has Dr Wayne Dyer died? (notice on his Facebook page in the last few minutes)...not on any news source...RonRadioSunday, August 30, 11:27:16pm13
Happy 105th Birthday! Resistance Fighter Georges Loinger, Photographer Wolfgang Suschitzky is 103, Politician Jon Ingar Noralf Myren is 97, Physicist Clemens C.J. Roothaan is 97, (NT)jlpSunday, August 30, 10:50:49pm11
James L. Flanagan, Acoustical PioneerDies at 89Sunday, August 30, 08:07:11pm1
Breaking News - WDBJ Virginia reporter & camerman shot on airSharonSunday, August 30, 05:31:35pm27
Charles Bronson 1921-2003 12 years already wow. My all time fav (NT)coltSunday, August 30, 05:05:32pm6
Nelson Shanks, Painter, did portraits of Princess Diana, Bill ClintonDead at 77Sunday, August 30, 04:50:06pm2
Happy 98th Birthday Politician Denis Healey, WW2 Military Figure Horst Hermann is 97, Businessman Harold Artcherley is 97, WW2 Military Figure Joachim Ronneberg is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, August 30, 04:30:34pm5
Noah Davis, Painter, founder of the Underground MuseumDead at 32Sunday, August 30, 04:20:24pm1
Broadway veteran actor Joshua Park dies at 38.Sunday, August 30, 03:03:30pm2
Healthwatch: Golfer John DalyHospitalized after collapsing on golf courseSunday, August 30, 11:54:18am1
Healthwatch: Florence LaRue of the 5th DimensionHip replacement surgerySunday, August 30, 11:52:12am1
Oliver Sacks, famed neurologist and authorHe was 82Sunday, August 30, 11:47:23am3
Roger Ferriter, Creator of L'eggsDies at 82Sunday, August 30, 11:46:14am2
Archive: Lee Marvin, Aug. 29, 1987Movie tough guySunday, August 30, 11:44:32am4
Kyle Jean-Baptiste, History-Making 'Les Miserables' Actor, Dies at 21The Broadway newcomer died from falling off his mother's fire escape.Sunday, August 30, 11:41:54am9
Archive: Charles Boyer, Aug. 26, 1978ActorSunday, August 30, 03:55:45am3
Arhive: Jumpin' Gene Simmons, Aug. 29, 2006SingerSaturday, August 29, 04:17:31pm3
Dr. Joel Fort, Psychiatrist testified in Tex Watson, Patty Hearst trialsDead at 86Saturday, August 29, 11:36:55am1
Todays picture (NT)Who isSaturday, August 29, 09:00:05am6
Al Arbour, former NHL player and NY Islanders CoachDies at 82Saturday, August 29, 08:54:41am5
Healthwatch: Shane MacGowan, The Pogues' frontman/Breaks pelvis after "complicated dance move"Saturday, August 29, 05:40:34am1
Archive: Emmett Till, Aug. 28, 1955His murder galvanized Civil Rights movementFriday, August 28, 10:06:03pm3
Pamela Brandt, Rock musician and food writerDead at 68Friday, August 28, 04:32:29pm2
Archive: Robert Shaw, Aug. 28, 1978ActorFriday, August 28, 04:15:44pm2
Archive: Robert Walker, Aug. 28, 1951ActorFriday, August 28, 04:14:17pm2
  • Tribute -- "Movie Legends", Friday, August 28, 04:14:17pm
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Emilia Zucchetti, Politician/Professor Bror Ole Wasz-Hockert is 97, Football's Ben Agajanian is 96, Foreign Service Officer Jean Mary Wilkowski is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, August 28, 02:03:40pm8
Archive: John Huston, Aug. 28, 1987Actor, director, writerFriday, August 28, 01:21:41pm6
Healthwatch: Billy Miller of Norton RecordsSeriously ill, had leg amputatedFriday, August 28, 12:53:50pm1
ARCHIVE: August 28, 1985 ~Actress of stage and screen Ruth Gordon, best remembered for her brash, cantankerous, dry wit roles, dies at 88. ... theChroniclerFriday, August 28, 12:45:29pm3
Peter Kern, Austrian actor, directorDead at 66Friday, August 28, 12:41:24pm2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, August 28, 12:41:24pm
T.C. Williams, Emmy winning makeup artistDead at 49Friday, August 28, 12:39:10pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, August 28, 12:39:10pm
Today's pic: Beautiful Melody Patterson. Did you know she appeared nude in "The Cycle Savages" (1969)?LinkFriday, August 28, 11:27:28am4
Composer Sid SiegelDies at 88Friday, August 28, 11:23:53am2
Guitarist Al BrunoDies at 78Friday, August 28, 11:22:11am3
The website 'Dead or Alive' needs a major update. -Here is a correct list of notables alive over 85. ...ColtThursday, August 27, 10:36:37pm9
Darryl Dawkins, Basketball player, coachDead at 58Thursday, August 27, 09:34:27pm3
Who's your Favorite Celebs who are no longer with us? (List Inside)ColtThursday, August 27, 09:30:32pm18
Today's Photo - Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan (NT)Oct 3, 1954 - Aug 27, 1990Thursday, August 27, 09:28:49pm8
Beth Ann O'Hara, Mother of actress & comedian Sarah SilvermanDead at 73Thursday, August 27, 09:22:39pm2
Archive: Laura Branigan, August 26, 2004jlpThursday, August 27, 07:44:47pm10
Archive: Brian Epstein, Aug. 27, 1967Beatles managerThursday, August 27, 06:04:55pm2
Jerry LeBloch Drummer for The Frost, Rare EarthDead at 66Thursday, August 27, 05:26:13pm2
One of panda twins born recently has diedWashington, DCThursday, August 27, 05:12:59pm1
Archive - Greg Morris, Sept 27, 1933 - Aug 27, 1996Barney CollierThursday, August 27, 05:07:44pm2
Happy 103rd Birthday! Singer Leo Marjane, Sculptor Pierre Nocca is 99, Journalist Simone Booker is 97, Football's Vern Foltz is 97, Actress Anneliese Uhlig is 97, Businessman Leo R. Futia turns 96. (NT)jlpThursday, August 27, 02:28:28pm9
Louis Paul, Member of 60's group, The GuilloteensDead at 67 (car accident)Thursday, August 27, 01:16:44pm2
  • "Hey You" -- The Guilloteens, Thursday, August 27, 01:16:44pm
Breaking- Civil Rights Activist Amelia Boynton RobinsonDies at 104Thursday, August 27, 11:45:18am5
Frank E. Petersen, First Black General in MarinesDead at 83Thursday, August 27, 11:44:09am2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, August 27, 11:44:09am
Cop, Mayor's Sister Killed, Two Others StabbedSunset, La.Thursday, August 27, 11:40:31am2
Guest stars who died before the episode they were in was broadcast?SherlockThursday, August 27, 11:15:23am39
Erika Zuchold, East German gymnast, who competed at the 1968 & 1972 Olympics has diedRicardoThursday, August 27, 11:15:19am1
Major Updates on My lists for IMDB, Any help is always welcomecoltThursday, August 27, 07:50:33am1
Airman Paul Royle 1914-2015jlpThursday, August 27, 05:53:57am1
Tobias Strebel, who spent 100K to make himself look like Justin BieberFound dead after being reported missingThursday, August 27, 02:25:16am2
Happy 105th Birthday! Artist Kathryn Fryer, Singer/Actress Deva-Dassy is 104, Poet Boris Pahor is 102, Writer Hutton Gibson is 97, Physician Katherine Johnson is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, August 26, 04:37:30pm9
Visual Effects Artist Richard CohenDies at 63Wednesday, August 26, 12:50:21pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, August 26, 12:50:21pm
TV Producer Howard LipstoneDies at 87Wednesday, August 26, 11:39:38am3
OT: Odd, today I found obit for Edward Everrett Horton III, though the noted actor (1886-1970) of same name (who was a Jr) had never married, nor had childred?But was born in So.Cal, near Hollywood in 1920s, but to 'different named' parents?? Weird? Just me?Wednesday, August 26, 09:37:05am14
Jim Massey, former NASCAR driverHe was 85Wednesday, August 26, 08:47:59am1
Ruth M. Harrison, My English Instructor At Arkansas Tech, Died August 22nd At 69David S.Wednesday, August 26, 02:17:54am1
Healthwatch: IndyCar driver Justin WilsonHit in head by debris, "unconscious and unresponsive"...presently in a coma.Wednesday, August 26, 12:57:24am10
TV Director Bud YorkinDies at 89Wednesday, August 26, 12:24:02am14
Police captain Michael Gorhum kills self after Ashley Madison leakSan Antonio, TexasTuesday, August 25, 11:46:41pm6
Dr. James 'Red' Duke Dies at 86The Dennis Weaver series "Buck James" was supposedly based on himTuesday, August 25, 06:06:44pm2
Archive: Samantha Smith, Aug. 25, 1985Peace activist, actressTuesday, August 25, 04:28:40pm3
Healthwatch: Alan Frew, Lead singer of Glass TigerSuffers strokeTuesday, August 25, 04:14:21pm2
Curtis Smith, Man who jumped White House fence last March, shot deadPennsylvaniaTuesday, August 25, 01:34:54pm2
Happy 98th Birthday! Designer/Engineer Waclaw Zalewski, '48 Olympic Athlete Enrique Mendizabal is 97, '48 Olympic Athlete Jaap Rijks is 96, Scholar Henry J. Abraham is 94, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 25, 01:07:50pm7
Colin Fry, British TV MediumDead at 53Tuesday, August 25, 12:02:28pm1
Archive: Hal Kalin, Aug. 23, 2005SingerTuesday, August 25, 11:44:24am4
Edward O' Donnell, Father of Rosie O' DonnellDead at 81Tuesday, August 25, 07:21:04am4
Film Producer Gerald GreenDies at 83Tuesday, August 25, 04:20:03am4
Happy 100th Birthday! Skier Dave McCoy, Cinematographer/Photographer Lennart Nilsson turns 93. (NT)jlpMonday, August 24, 03:57:32pm4
Archive: Kathleen Freeman, Aug. 23, 2001ActressMonday, August 24, 11:56:16am8
Mark Costello, Oklahoma politician, stabbed to death by sonHe was 59Monday, August 24, 11:36:10am2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, August 24, 11:36:10am
Archive: Francis X. Bushman, Aug. 23, 1966ActorMonday, August 24, 11:29:36am8
Archive: David Rose, Aug. 23, 1990Film- TV ComposerMonday, August 24, 11:24:01am5
Happy 109th Birthday! Chess Master Zoltan Sarosy, Lexicographer G. Venkatasubbaiah is 102, Scientist Bernard Fisher is 97, Physician/Resistance Fighter Jorgen Kieleris 96, Detective Jim Leavelle is 95 (NT)jlpSunday, August 23, 07:00:54pm16
Valerie Harper makes it to another birthday. Turns 76 today. Was given 3 months to live in March of 2013.Defying the odds or just luckySunday, August 23, 01:47:23pm4
Jimmy Evert, Father of tennis star Chris EvertDead at 91Sunday, August 23, 11:28:49am2
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