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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Happy Bday! Actor Charles Craig (85) Writer Harlan Ellison (83) Actress Lee Meriwether (82) Actor Louis Gossett Jr. (81) (NT)ColtSaturday, May 27, 11:25:37pm14
Bonnie Kalanick, 71, mother of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick dies ...Boating accidentSaturday, May 27, 11:16:15pm1
Record executive Harry Anger dies at 84. Guided careers of Kiss, Boyz II Men, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, others.RussSaturday, May 27, 11:14:12pm2
  • Link ... -- Russ, Saturday, May 27, 11:14:12pm
Happy Bday! Actress Carroll Baker (86) Actor Shane Rimmer (85) Actor John Karlen (84) Actress Sondra Locke (73) Actress Patricia Quinn (73) Singer John Fogerty (72) (NT)ColtSaturday, May 27, 10:28:40pm1
OT: Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor split after 17 years of marriageThey have 2 kidsSaturday, May 27, 07:21:33pm3
Racist man cuts the throats of two men on a Portland train who tried to stop him from bullying Muslim women passengers. Both men have died..Saturday, May 27, 05:10:57pm6
The Viletones guitarist & vocalist Freddy PompeiiDies at 70Saturday, May 27, 05:00:23pm2
Gregg AllmanDies at 69Saturday, May 27, 04:43:34pm16
Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher & U.S. Senator Jim BunningDies at 85Saturday, May 27, 04:35:29pm4
Jared Martin 1941-2017 Played "Dusty Farlow" in "Dallas".Fredrik AnderssonSaturday, May 27, 12:28:58pm9
Toni Bertorelli, Italian actor (recently appeared in "The Young Pope")Dead at 69Saturday, May 27, 11:51:39am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, May 27, 11:51:39am
Jazz drummer Mickey Roker (longtime partner of Dizzy Gillespie) ... age 84 ....Ed TraceySaturday, May 27, 11:46:28am2
  • "Grooveyard" -- Joe Pass, Milt Jackson, Ray Brown & Mickey Roker, Saturday, May 27, 11:46:28am
Archive: Charles Nelson Reilly, May 25, 2007Comedic actorSaturday, May 27, 11:41:37am7
Music Director Jimmy DaleDies at 81Saturday, May 27, 11:39:43am3
Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter dies at 89Link to storySaturday, May 27, 11:37:00am3
OT: Blogger Mark Evanier has a good post about Johnny Carson's later yearsAnd why he never returned to TVSaturday, May 27, 09:53:03am4
OT: Today we went to public gathering after memorial service for Chris Cornell. Beautiful to see his fans gather graveside, in musical celebration of life.Many tears, many songs, some laughs, ALL celebrating the music ! ~Sleep, well.Friday, May 26, 09:12:35pm1
Archive: Eddie Albert, May 26, 2005ActorFriday, May 26, 05:11:18pm4
Happy Bday! Actor Roy Dotrice (94) Actor Richard Harrison (82) Singer Stevie Nicks (69) Actress Diane Roter (69) Actress Pam Grier (68) Actress Dayle Haddon (68) (NT)ColtFriday, May 26, 05:04:01pm6
Singer Jimmy Hayes of The Persuasions.Dies at 73Friday, May 26, 04:58:49pm3
Archive: Edward Mulhare, May 24, 1997ActorFriday, May 26, 12:14:43pm7
Cortez Kennedy, Pro Football Hall of Fame member with the Seattle SeahawksDies at 48Friday, May 26, 12:12:34pm4
Roger Moore has died - age 89.SharonFriday, May 26, 12:09:35pm23
Denis Johnson, Writer ("Jesus's Son"). ...Dead at 67Friday, May 26, 11:43:58am1
ARCHIVE: May 26, 1952 ~Myron Hunt, architect whose numerous projects include noted landmarks in Southern California (notably Pasadena), including the famed Pasadena's Rose Bowl, Huntington Library, and 200+ other landmarks before his death at 84. ...Bio & PHOTOS of workFriday, May 26, 11:39:32am1
Wiki reports that Chinese American diplomat Juliana Koo has diedShe was 111Friday, May 26, 11:26:25am3
Geraldine Forer Spagnolie dies at 92.Sister of voice actress June Foray.Friday, May 26, 11:22:52am2
ARCHIVE: May 25, 1996 ~Brad Nowell , lead singing frontman for famed 1990s rock band SUBLIME, accidentally ODs from heroin while on the road with band, dies at age 28. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, May 26, 07:39:06am7
Healthwatch: Actress Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")Scary skinny!Friday, May 26, 03:12:25am9
Laura Biagiotti death at 73ital. Fashion DesignerFriday, May 26, 12:47:42am1
Healthwatch: Radio host Clark HowardHospitalizedThursday, May 25, 10:56:31pm3
Jerry Perenchio, Billionaire Media Mogul Behind UnivisionDead at 86Thursday, May 25, 09:39:08pm3
OT: Best Bond - I say Connery hands down. Enjoyed Niven as well. (NT)Moore, Lazenby, not as much.Thursday, May 25, 04:29:44pm5
Archive: Vic Tayback, May 25, 1990Character actorThursday, May 25, 04:29:32pm2
Nora Mae Lyng, Actress, singerDead at 66Thursday, May 25, 04:24:55pm2
Happy 106th Birthday! Numismatist, Eric P. Newman, '48 Olympic Athlete Aarne Kainlauri is 102,Cinematographer Olrg Gudkov is 100, Politician Borghild Anmarkrud is 99, (NT)jlpThursday, May 25, 01:36:06pm12
Joe Montana, Sr., Father of football greatDead at 85Thursday, May 25, 12:06:29pm2
Roger Boesche, Occidental College teacher taught Barack ObamaDead at 69Thursday, May 25, 11:45:53am1
Lee Urness, FBI agent tracked doen the man who shot VersaceDead at 71Thursday, May 25, 11:44:22am1
What is with Switzerland and British actors?SherlockThursday, May 25, 08:41:59am2
  • Taxes (NT) -- It's called voting with your feet, Thursday, May 25, 08:41:59am
ARCHIVE: May 25, 2011 ~Huguette Clark, reclusive copper heiress. ...Dies at 104.Wednesday, May 24, 10:53:37pm6
"Clerks" Actress Lisa SpoonauerDies at 44Wednesday, May 24, 09:28:33pm9
ARCHIVE: May 24, 1974 ~Duke Ellington, American composer, pianist, and bandleader of a jazz orchestra, which he led from 1923 until his death in a career spanning over fifty years, dies after short illness, at age 75. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, May 24, 05:16:24pm1
Wendell Goodman, Husband of singer Wanda JacksonDied May 21stWednesday, May 24, 04:46:58pm3
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Vera Van Wagner, Architect/Furniture Designer Florence Knoll is 100, Painter Phillip Pearlstein turns 93. (NT)jlpWednesday, May 24, 04:21:48pm9
Joel Edward Dean, Hollywood Producer and AgentDead at 77Wednesday, May 24, 04:07:35pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 24, 04:07:35pm
ARCHIVE: May 23, 1986 ~Eccentric actor/writer Sterling Hayden, whose steller military career launched him as leading man in film noir like "Asphalt Jungle", and "The Killing", and later noted roles in "Dr. Strangelove" and "The Godfather", dies days before his 70th birthday! ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, May 24, 04:05:19pm6
ARCHIVE: May 22, 1967 ~It was 50 years ago we lost Langston Hughes, famed African-American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist, dies after cancer bout, at age 65. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, May 24, 04:04:34pm1
Lawrence Silk, Film & TV editorDead at 86Wednesday, May 24, 01:27:33pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 24, 01:27:33pm
Sonny Randle, former NFL player and college coachDies at 81Wednesday, May 24, 10:39:22am1
Willam Carney, Ex- congressman from NYDead at 74Wednesday, May 24, 10:09:46am2
Larry Wright, Editorial & comic strip cartoonistDead at 77Wednesday, May 24, 10:06:58am1
Joseph W. Kresge, Retired police officer, brother of the Amazing KreskinDead at 75Wednesday, May 24, 10:05:34am1
Re: Today's pic: Richard Kiel had the same dental work in "Silver Streak". I wonder if he filmed "the James Bond movie at the same time (NT).Wednesday, May 24, 09:58:13am1
Dina Merrill, Actress and Philanthropist, Dies at 93NY TimesWednesday, May 24, 08:15:55am21
Alexander Burdonsky, Stalin's grandsonDead at 75Wednesday, May 24, 04:07:59am1
Healthwatch - Richard Overton, Nation's oldest living veteran hospitalizedHe's 111Tuesday, May 23, 08:34:38pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Poet Naomi Replansky, Singer Mac Wiseman is 92, Actor Joseph Roman is 90, Actor Gerald Hiken is 90, Actress Barbara Barrie is 86, Actress Joan Collins is 84, Actress Lauren Chapin turns 72. (NT)jlpTuesday, May 23, 04:21:53pm7
Stephen Johnston, Former President of Goldcrest FilmsDead at 68Tuesday, May 23, 02:18:39pm1
Andrew Tyler, Music writer (NME) turned animal rights activistDead at 70Tuesday, May 23, 02:15:36pm1
Autumn Snyder, Daughter of director- producer Zack Snyder ("Suicide Squad", "Wonder Woman")Dead at 20 (suicide)Tuesday, May 23, 02:13:57pm1
OT: I was watching the film "Silver Streak" (1976) & was shocked how many actors in it are dead! ...ListTuesday, May 23, 01:15:27pm1
Multiple fatalities at Ariana Grande concertManchester, EnglandTuesday, May 23, 12:16:37pm12
Marsh McCall - TV Producer & WriterR.I.PTuesday, May 23, 11:30:36am4
Barbara Smith Conrad, 79Trailblazing Opera SingerTuesday, May 23, 07:50:03am2
Art Director Thomas "Chip" RadaelliDies at 69Tuesday, May 23, 07:44:09am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, May 23, 07:44:09am
Happy 116th Birthday! Supercentenarian Chiyo Miyako, Supercentenarian Tane Yonekura is 113, Wine Critic Michael Broadbent is 90, Director Andres Cseh is 90, Actress Tamara Gladysh is 90, Singer Engelbert Humperdinck turns 81. (NT)jlpTuesday, May 23, 06:14:13am10
Happy Bday! Actor Michael Constantine (90) Actor Richard Benjamin (79) Actress Barbara Parkins (75) Actor John Lazar (71) (NT)ColtTuesday, May 23, 04:31:59am24
ARCHIVE: May 22, 2005 ~The MULTI-talented famed voice actor Thurl Ravenscroft, known for countless animated efforts, noted for long tenure w/Disney, forever fondly remembered for GRINCH song, dies at 89. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, May 22, 07:49:16pm4
Morris "Butch" Stewart, Did music for Oprah, McDonald's & Coca ColaDead at 64Monday, May 22, 04:24:17pm2
ARCHIVE: May 22, 2001 ~Actor Whitman Mayo, best known for his senior citizen role as 'Grady Wilson', on TV's "Sanford and Son", though he was only 42 when he took on the role, dies at 70. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, May 22, 04:21:21pm2
Stack Pierce 1933-2016 American actorFredrik AnderssonMonday, May 22, 03:09:55pm4
Actor & Stuntman Jerry "Jack" CatronDies at 85Monday, May 22, 01:25:32pm14
Bill White, NHL player, coach (Blackhawks)Dead at 77Monday, May 22, 12:35:00pm1
Richard Beale 1920-2017 British veteran actorFredrik AnderssonMonday, May 22, 12:11:38pm3
Welsh Olympian Phillipa Roles diesShe was 39Monday, May 22, 11:35:59am1
Jimmy LaFave, Folk singerDead at 61Monday, May 22, 11:34:10am2
ARCHIVE: May 21, 2005 ~Howard Morris, comic actor, voice actor and director, best known for his (only 5 episode) recurring role as 'Ernest T. Bass' TV's "The Andy Griffith Show", dies at 85. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, May 22, 11:23:25am2
Archive: Robert Webber, May 19, 1989Character actorMonday, May 22, 11:21:40am6
Former Cart And USAC Driver, Indy 500 Rookie of the Year, Jim McElreath Dead At 89David S.Monday, May 22, 10:02:11am3
Nicky Hayden, Ex-MotoGP championDead at 35Monday, May 22, 09:21:45am1
Joy Corning, Iowa politician (Lt. Gov.)Dead at 84Sunday, May 21, 04:43:36pm1
Roland Yearwood, Died climbing Mt. EverestHe was 50Sunday, May 21, 04:41:36pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Louis Crump, Designer Sonja de Lennart is 97, Football's Ara Parseghian is 94, Music Arranger Willis Holman is 90, Singer Leo Sayer turns 69. (NT)jlpSunday, May 21, 03:17:41pm7
Ron Berkeley, Makeup Artist on Richard Burton FilmsDead at 86Sunday, May 21, 01:32:05pm4
Healthwatch: ESPN sportscaster Holly RoweCancer has returned & spreadSunday, May 21, 12:55:04pm1
Healthwatch: former Crimson Tide head coach Gene StallingsSuffers strokeSunday, May 21, 12:52:04pm1
Chana Bloch, Poet, activistDead at 77Sunday, May 21, 12:49:46pm1
Rich Buckler 1949-2017 Comics artist - creator of "Deathlok".Fredrik AnderssonSunday, May 21, 11:57:45am1
Director Michael MessingerDies at 84Sunday, May 21, 11:41:02am3
Emile Degelin, Belgian film directorDies at 90Sunday, May 21, 10:05:57am2
Soundgarden & Audioslave lead singer Chris CornellDies at 52Sunday, May 21, 09:51:35am29
Healthwatch: Tommy Lasorda HospitalizedUndisclosed AilmentSunday, May 21, 02:42:19am3
OT: Anyone know how our longtime contributor to the board, Harris Lentz is doing? It's been a while. (NT)ZSaturday, May 20, 04:57:20pm2
Granddaughter of ex- Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack dies from the fluElla Vilsack was 6 years oldSaturday, May 20, 04:46:06pm1
Archive: Peter Bull, May 20, 1984ActorSaturday, May 20, 04:36:42pm2
Archive: Gilda Radner, May 20, 1989Comedian, actressSaturday, May 20, 04:29:01pm2
Archive: Robin Gibb, 5/20/2012KatSaturday, May 20, 04:24:45pm2
Happy Bday! Actor David Hedison (90) Actor James McEachin (87) Actress Constance Towers (84) Actor Anthony Zerbe (81) (NT)ColtSaturday, May 20, 12:42:36pm14
Lady Gaga's best friend Sonja Durham diesShe had cancerSaturday, May 20, 12:17:55pm1
Birdie Elizabeth Johnson, American Supercentenarian and oldest known person in OregonDies at 110Saturday, May 20, 11:49:04am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, May 20, 11:49:04am
Archive: Frank Gorshin, May 17, 2005ActorSaturday, May 20, 11:16:27am4
ARCHIVE: May 20, 1996 ~UK actor Jon Pertwee, entertainer and cabaret performer, best remembered by TV audiences as the third "Dr. Who", died suddenly while on holiday in U.S., at age 76. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, May 20, 09:33:33am5
Bob Kuzava, 1940s-1950s Baseball PlayerDead at 93Saturday, May 20, 07:22:06am2
  • Pic. -- Link, Saturday, May 20, 07:22:06am
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Teresa Gauchia Simo, Scientist Georg von Tiesenhansen is 103, 3rd Baron Cullen of Ashbourne is 101, Actor Lee Miller is 100, Illustrator Joe Krush is 99, (NT)jlpFriday, May 19, 08:33:59pm14
Drummer Bill Dowdy (The 3 Sounds)Dies at 84Friday, May 19, 08:13:27pm2
Ed Mierkowicz: Last living member of the Detroit Tigers’ 1945 World Series championship teamDead at 93Friday, May 19, 07:10:26pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, May 19, 07:10:26pm
Archive:On May 19, 1992, Amy Fisher, 17 year old "Long Island Lolita" shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face25 years ago!Friday, May 19, 06:09:06pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Agi Polly, Actress Jana Romanova is 97, Actress Eva Telbisz is 97, Politician Mark Andrews is 91, Author Miriam Marx is 90, Composer Wolfram Heicking is 90 (NT)jlpFriday, May 19, 06:02:56pm12
ARCHIVE: May 19, 2016 ~It was ONE year ago, we lost Hollywood actor Alan Young, player in MANY feature films, who's best remembered for his (only) 5 season TV sitcom, MR.ED, dies at ripe age of 96. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, May 19, 04:44:50pm6
Archive: Frank Guida, May 19, 2007Music producer, songwriterFriday, May 19, 04:42:27pm2
Wayne Walker, Football player, sportscasterDead at 80Friday, May 19, 04:33:42pm1
Michael Mantenuto-actor in movie Miracle died April 24th.RJ SadFriday, May 19, 03:52:27pm7
Healthwatch: Princess Diana’s former lover James Hewitt (rumored to be the real father of Prince Harry)Fighting for life after a severe heart attack and strokeFriday, May 19, 03:41:40pm2
Elinor Bunin Munroe, Her Opening Titles Grabbed Film and TV ViewersShe was in her mid- 90'sFriday, May 19, 01:23:44pm2
Geoffrey Bayldon, prolific British actorDies at 93Friday, May 19, 12:03:54pm9
Stanley Greene, Award-Winning PhotojournalistDead at 68Friday, May 19, 11:59:17am1
Jim McElreath, RacerDead at 89Friday, May 19, 11:58:01am1
Michael Bliss, Historian, authorDead at 76Friday, May 19, 11:54:56am1
ARCHIVE: May 17, 1947 ~It was 70 years, Seabiscuit, famed Thoroughbred, the unlikely champion, symbol of hope in the Great Depression, sparking TWO big Hollywood films, within and beyond his lifetime, which ended a week before his 14th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, May 19, 11:53:01am2
Archive: Alabama Gov. George Wallace is shot in Laurel, Md. on May 15, 1972Was campaigning for PresidentFriday, May 19, 11:51:05am6
Archive: May 19, 1994: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Dies at 64Former First LadyFriday, May 19, 11:47:45am4
Frankie Paul, reggae artistDead at 52Friday, May 19, 11:41:58am2
Michael Wearing, TV ProducerDead at 78Friday, May 19, 11:38:34am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, May 19, 11:38:34am
Breaking: Roger Ailes has died (NT)Age 77Friday, May 19, 11:37:10am18
OT: What film/ TV show is this quote from? (Inside)It's driving me nuts!Friday, May 19, 11:34:55am3
  • F-Troop (NT) -- ., Thursday, May 18, 07:05:26pm
    • THANKS! -- Krazy Kat, Friday, May 19, 11:34:55am
Archive: Elizabeth Montgomery, May 18, 1995ActressFriday, May 19, 11:33:21am2
Marilyn Lewis, Hamburger Hamlet co-founder who is credited with creating the gourmet burgerDead at 87Friday, May 19, 11:30:07am2
Shep Houghton being reported dying last december at 102ColtFriday, May 19, 10:23:16am23
OT: Will you miss "The Greatest Show On Earth"?It's final act will be SundayFriday, May 19, 09:33:23am4
Lynn Wilson, graphic designerDead at 53Friday, May 19, 05:51:03am1
Jeanne Button, Designer of Whimsical CostumesDead at 86Friday, May 19, 05:35:00am2
Tommy Ross, footballer, scorer of world's fastest hat-trick!Dead at 71 (Friday, May 19, 05:03:44am1
Robbie Souter, drummerDead at 68Friday, May 19, 02:41:02am1
Archive: Elisha Cook Jr., May 18, 1995Character actorFriday, May 19, 12:51:07am5
Health watch: Sen Mazie Hirono (HI)Kidney cancerThursday, May 18, 04:54:44pm4
Archive: Arthur O'Connell, May 18, 1981Character actorThursday, May 18, 04:31:42pm4
Archive: Worst school massacre in US, on May 18, 1927, in Bath, Mich.44 killed, 58 injuredThursday, May 18, 02:04:13pm1
ADMIN NOTE: Whomever is posting main subject bios or obits WITHOUT an obit/bio link, your post will be deleted, and you will be banned. (NT)Thank you.Thursday, May 18, 01:44:05pm2
Archive: Steve Forrest, 5/18/2013 (NT)YThursday, May 18, 12:12:01pm4
Beatrice Trum Hunter, ‘Natural Foods Cookbook’ AuthorDead at 98Thursday, May 18, 12:08:44pm1
Archive: Harry Truman, 5/18/1980 (NT)YThursday, May 18, 12:07:18pm5
Actor Erwin FullerDies at 86Thursday, May 18, 12:02:09pm4
Corki Casey O'Dell, pioneering female guitarist who played with Duane EddyDead at 80Thursday, May 18, 11:47:26am3
Healthwatch:Former MotoGP Champion Nicky Hayden In Medical Induced Coma After His Bicycle Crashed Into A CarDavid S.Thursday, May 18, 11:40:13am1
ARCHIVE: May 17, 2004 ~Tony Randall, stage/film/TV actor, producer, and director, best known for his role as Felix Unger in the television adaptation of Neil Simon's play The Odd Couple, dies at 84. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, May 18, 03:12:57am7
Rhodri Morgan, former Welsh Assembly First MinisterDead at 77Thursday, May 18, 02:15:56am1
Jean Fritz 1915-2017 Childrens authorFredrik AnderssonWednesday, May 17, 11:27:19pm1
Happy Bday! Actress Joan Blackman (79) Actress Grace Zabriskie (76) (NT)ColtWednesday, May 17, 08:52:34pm12
Archive: Donna Summer, May 17, 2012SingerWednesday, May 17, 05:25:13pm2
Viktor Gorbatko, Russian cosmonautDead at 82Wednesday, May 17, 05:14:50pm1
Activist and feminist Roxcy BoltonDies at 90Wednesday, May 17, 05:11:04pm2
Joan Rackmil dies at 91Mother of TV writer/producer David CraneWednesday, May 17, 05:06:14pm2
Former NASCAR driver Bruce Hill; was the NASCAR Rookie of the Year in 1975He was 67Wednesday, May 17, 03:22:25pm1
Healthwatch: North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, 54, collapses during race, requires CPR. ...Elected to office in 2014.Wednesday, May 17, 02:18:39pm1
Robert Carter, Father of singers Aaron & Nick CarterDead at 65Wednesday, May 17, 02:12:41pm2
Archive: Lawrence Welk, May 17, 1992TV bandleaderWednesday, May 17, 01:40:27pm2
Harry Archinal, Served as president of Buena Vista International, the foreign distribution arm of the Walt Disney StudiosDead at 88Wednesday, May 17, 11:41:10am1
Author & "Outer Limits" writer Louis Charbonneau (AKA Carter Travis Young)Dies at 93Wednesday, May 17, 11:36:38am3
Archive: Eliot Ness, May 16, 1957UntouchableWednesday, May 17, 11:34:40am2
today's picture: Lou Duva, boxing trainer and manager who handled nineteen world champions.BioWednesday, May 17, 10:16:31am1
Gospel Singer Rosa Nell Speer Powell (The Speer Siblings)Dies at 94Wednesday, May 17, 07:36:17am1
Is pic for Tuesday Julian Bond? (NT)ForestTuesday, May 16, 06:13:30pm2
OT: What are you reading right now? (NT)BoredTuesday, May 16, 06:03:15pm27
Cecelia Kuhn, Drummer for female punk band FrightwigDead at 61Tuesday, May 16, 04:33:14pm2
  • "Crawford" -- Frightwig, Tuesday, May 16, 04:33:14pm
Helen Lee Davis, Sang with Big BandsDead at 95Tuesday, May 16, 04:31:11pm2
ARCHIVE: May 16, 1985 ~Margaret Hamilton, Hollywood character actress extrordinaire, whose screen career lasted 50 years, best known as 'Wiked Witch" in 1939's THE WIZARD OF OZ, dies at 82. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, May 16, 04:25:32pm3
Leona Rupe-Apostoleris, founder of Ebb & Mona-Lee RecordsDies at 94Tuesday, May 16, 04:21:22pm4
Archive: Marv Johnson, May 16, 1993SingerTuesday, May 16, 04:19:47pm2
ARCHIVE: May 16, 1990 ~It was 27 years ago, entertainment world lost two giants of the industry -Sammy Davis Jr, 64, & Jim Henson, 53, both die hours apart, on different parts of the country. ...Bios & PHOTOSTuesday, May 16, 03:53:23pm5
Healthwatch: Wrestler Scott HallHospitalizedTuesday, May 16, 01:55:40pm1
Happy 99th Birthday! Politician Tom Moore Jr. Politician Dwada Jawara is 93, Astronomer Nancy Roman is 92, Actress Erzsi Mathe is 90, Cinematographer Georgi Rusunov is 90, (NT)jlpTuesday, May 16, 01:20:45pm13
Healthwatch: ESPN's Shelley SmithHospitalized, possible strokeTuesday, May 16, 01:06:11pm3
Leonard Ross, Wyoming's oldest manDead at 107Tuesday, May 16, 11:42:19am1
Neil Rolde, Historian, politicianDead at 84Tuesday, May 16, 11:38:11am1
Doug Somers, Pro wrestlerDead at 65Tuesday, May 16, 11:36:12am1
Film & TV sound editor Jack CheapDies at 89Tuesday, May 16, 11:18:25am3
Penn State Frat student falls downstairs, Frat members wait 12 hours before calling 911Kat.Tuesday, May 16, 11:00:57am14
Actor Oleg VidovDies at 73Tuesday, May 16, 10:39:32am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, May 16, 06:44:23am
ARCHIVE: May 14, 1982 ~It was 35 years ago, we lost a solid veteran Hollywood player Hugh Beaumont, a staple in many supporting feature film roles, but forever remembered as 'Ward Cleaver' in TV's LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. He was 73. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, May 16, 10:23:08am2
Lou Duva, Boxing Hall of Famer, handled 19 champsDead at 94Tuesday, May 16, 07:13:16am4
Today's HAPPY 100th ~Actor George Gaynes, best remembered to film audiences as 'Commandant Eric Lassard' in "Police Academy" films, and as hack actor 'John Van Horn' in 1988's "Tootsie", also on TV's "Punky Brewster"! ...Gaynes died at his home in North Bend, Washington on February 15, 2016. He was 98Tuesday, May 16, 12:46:06am4
Former head of Paramount Brad Grey dead at 59 - cancerBuckeyeTuesday, May 16, 12:10:39am5
Archive: Royal Dano, May 15, 1994Character actorMonday, May 15, 09:57:29pm3
Ian Brady, British child serial killer known as The Moors MurderDies at 79Monday, May 15, 04:46:50pm8
Archive: Ronald Lacey, May 15, 1991Character actorMonday, May 15, 04:44:28pm2
Keith Mitchell, Drummer (Mazzy Star)Has diedMonday, May 15, 04:31:17pm4
Happy 101st Birthday! Masters Athlete Ida Keeling is 102, Psychologist Eleanor Maccoby is 100, Biologist Louis Siminovitch is 97, Writer Paul Colin is 97, Writer Jakucho Setouchi is 95, Director Siefried Hartman turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, May 15, 04:29:45pm10
Healthwatch: Actor, singer Earl Sinks (the Crickets)Reported "very ill"Monday, May 15, 12:26:59pm8
OT: David Hasselhoff's daughter arrested for DUI after passing out on freewayLike father, like daughterMonday, May 15, 12:23:20pm1
Actor John CyganDies at 63Monday, May 15, 12:23:11pm3
  • IMDb -- Was in "The Commish", Monday, May 15, 09:54:09am
    • Pic -- -, Monday, May 15, 10:48:31am
Actor Powers BootheDies at 68Monday, May 15, 11:54:39am9
Archive: May 14, 1998 - Frank Sinatra dies at 82Old Blue EyesMonday, May 15, 11:06:25am6
OT: Has anyone seen a recent pic of once sexy actress Colleen Camp?Check it out...Monday, May 15, 10:28:00am15
Comedian/Singer Burt Holiday (The Gaylords, Gaylord & Holiday)Dies at 90Monday, May 15, 06:25:51am5
It was announced during the Royal's game this afternoon that former major league umpire Steve Palermo had died at age 67 (NT)RussSunday, May 14, 08:44:16pm4
Actor Al NalbandianDies at 95Sunday, May 14, 06:00:47pm4
ARCHIVE: May 14, 2003 ~On this date, entertainment world lost two notable players -popular screen actor Robert Stack and UK stage/film actress Wendy Hiller, dying hours apart on different continents. ...Bios & PHOTOSSunday, May 14, 05:50:59pm4
ARCHIVE: May 14, 2015 ~Fames guitarist bluesman BB King, renowned for his fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato that influenced generations of electric blues guitarists, dies at 89. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, May 14, 04:14:05pm1
ARCHIVE: May 14, 1987 ~Rita Hayworth, Hollywood star who achieved fame during the 1940s as one of the era's top stars, appearing in a total of 61 films, over the next 37 years, dies after years battling Alzheimers, at age 68. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, May 14, 02:58:14pm4
Molly Schmidt, American SupercentenarianDies at 111Sunday, May 14, 02:17:23pm1
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all our Mothers who contribute or just lurk! ...We hope you have a Special Day!Sunday, May 14, 02:02:24pm1
Indian-born (Khalid Ibrahim) actor Cal Bellini, cast in roles of mostly foreigners, Native Americans, or ethnic minorities, primarily on American television of the 1960s-80s rumored to have died at 81. ...BecksySunday, May 14, 01:26:39pm2
Carol Newhouse, Wife of Rep. Dan Newhouse (R, Wash.)Dead at 62Sunday, May 14, 01:04:10pm1
Happy Bday! Actress Siân Phillips (84) Actor Lloyd Battista (80) Writer Victor Miller (77) Director George Lucas (73) Actress Francesca Annis (72) Director Joseph Zito (71) Actor Walter Olkewicz (69) (NT)ColtSunday, May 14, 11:38:20am9
Wayne Van Dyke, Pro wrestlerDead at 29Sunday, May 14, 11:29:01am1
Jimmy Copley, Drummer performed with Jeff Beck, othersDead at 64Sunday, May 14, 11:19:37am1
Archive: BB King, 5/14/2015 (NT)YSunday, May 14, 11:13:21am2
Peter Dinklage to star in HBO biopic about Herve Villechaize"Fantasy Island" star committed suicide in 1993Sunday, May 14, 10:50:45am8
Healthwatch: NASCAR driver Aric AlmirolaHad to be extracted from his car after wreck last night; airlifted to hospitalSunday, May 14, 10:15:36am2
Healthwatch: Tony BennettCancels concert over illnessSunday, May 14, 05:12:15am3
I was watching the movie "Crazy Horse" (1955) today & saw that Suzan Ball was in it. I looked her up & saw that it was her last film. She died that same year at 22, from cancer (NT)By the way, she was a cousin of Lucille Ball's (and she was married to Richard Long)Saturday, May 13, 09:57:55pm8
ARCHIVE: May 13, 1961 ~Hollywood star Gary Cooper known for his natural, authentic, understated acting style performances, whose career spanned 35 years, dies after long battle w/cancer, one week after his 60th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, May 13, 08:07:13pm3
Healthwatch: Olivia Newton- JohnCancels concerts, cites health issuesSaturday, May 13, 07:38:19pm3
Actress & Singer Jane NormanDies at 83Saturday, May 13, 07:19:47pm2
Happy 99th Birthday! Actress Svetlana Pitoeff, Politician Vassos Lyssardes is 97, WW2 Military Figure Karl-Ludwig Barths is 97, Director Alberto Caldana turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, May 13, 04:45:58pm11
Nicholas Sand, Chemist Who Sought to Bring LSD to the WorldDead at 75Saturday, May 13, 04:34:26pm1
Archive: Virginia O' Hanlon, May 13, 1971"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"Saturday, May 13, 12:52:10pm1
Long time Browns/Ravens wide receiver Michael Jackson killed in motorcycle accident. He was 48RussSaturday, May 13, 12:20:48pm4
ARCHIVE: May 13, 1972 ~Dan Blocker, American television actor and Korean War veteran, best remembered to Fans as 'Hoss Cartwright' on long-running western series BONANZA, dies suddenly at 43. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, May 13, 12:09:06pm2
Michael Dwayne Jackson, former NFL player with Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens killed in motorcycle accidentDies at 48Friday, May 12, 09:00:12pm2
Yale Lary, Pro Football Hall of Fame member of the Detriot LionsDies at 86Friday, May 12, 08:57:44pm1
Teddy Getty Gaston, 4th wife of magnate J. Paul Getty, wrote a memoir of himDead at 103Friday, May 12, 07:57:16pm11
OT: This was too weird not to post! Peter Lorre & Vampira on the Red Skelton Show in 1955, doing a parody of "The Honeymooners"! ...LinkFriday, May 12, 07:48:57pm2
Yale Lary, Politician (Texas House of Representatives and football player (Detroit Lions)Dead at 86Friday, May 12, 07:26:39pm1
Archive: Timothy Carey, May 11, 1994Character actorFriday, May 12, 06:55:06pm4
Archive: Erich von Stroheim, May 12, 1957Director, actorFriday, May 12, 04:35:26pm2
Archive: Perry Como, May 12, 2001Singer, TV hostFriday, May 12, 04:29:29pm2
William David Brohn, Tony awarded music arranger and orchestrator ("Ragtime", "Wicked", "Miss Saigon")Dead at 84Friday, May 12, 04:26:53pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, May 12, 04:26:53pm
Songwriter Dorothy Sea GazeleyDies at 83Friday, May 12, 04:20:36pm2
Happy 106th Birthday! Pilot Dorothy Rungeling, Engineer Tadashi Sasaki is 102, Defense Attorney Irving Kanarek is 97, Biologist John Tyler Bonner is 97, Politician Leon Heitz is 97 (NT)jlpFriday, May 12, 04:15:37pm10
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Richard Overton, Sports Reporter Per Jorsett is 97, Astronomer Antony Hewish is 93, Writer Ruben Fonseca is 92, Comedian Mort Sahk turns 90 (NT)jlpFriday, May 12, 03:47:16pm14
ARCHIVE: May 11, 2006 ~Actor/writer Frankie Thomas, played both lead and supporting roles on Broadway, radio, film and TV, best known for his TV serial as "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet", dies after stroke, at age 85. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, May 12, 03:45:40pm4
Mauno Koivisto, Ex- Pres. of FinlandDead at 93Friday, May 12, 01:13:09pm2
Judith Stein, Author on Liberalism and EconomicsDead at 77Friday, May 12, 01:09:59pm1
ARCHIVE: May 12, 1992 ~It was 25 years ago, actor Robert Reed, America lost one of its favorite TV dads, after 30 years of Hollywood roles, TV's "Brady Bunch" patriarch 'Mike Brady' dies at 59. ...Unbeknownst to most of his fans, Reed was a closeted homosexual who died of AIDS complications.Friday, May 12, 01:08:14pm3
Actor Frank ZiegerDies at 41Friday, May 12, 12:26:03pm3
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, May 12, 09:31:08am
    • PHOTO ... -- Link, Friday, May 12, 12:26:03pm
Yoshimitsu Banno, 'Godzilla vs the Smog Monster' DirectorDies at 86Friday, May 12, 11:36:19am4
Politician Edward YoungDies at 96Friday, May 12, 08:03:25am2
Has this been verified? Wikipedia says former 60s teen idol Sajid Khan (Maya) died in 2015.No death date reported on imdb.Friday, May 12, 01:18:21am8
Actor and Holocaust Survivor Curt LowensDies at 91Friday, May 12, 12:40:44am6
Casey Thomas, 24, pro baseball hopeful, drafted by the Oakland Athletics last summer, played 37 games in Arizona Rookie League -1st rung of pro baseball’s stepping-stone to the big leagues, dies suddenly of heart ailment. ...Son of A's veteran scout, Tom Thomas.Thursday, May 11, 10:42:41pm4
Healthwatch: Frank the Tank of "Flip or Flop"CancerThursday, May 11, 07:33:59pm3
ARCHIVE: May 11, 1981 ~Raggae pioneer icon Bob Marley, achieved international fame and acclaim, blending mostly reggae, ska and rocksteady in his compositions, dies from cancer at 36. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, May 11, 01:51:09pm2
Georgie Collins, Canadian Actress. ...Dies at 91.Thursday, May 11, 12:54:52pm3
TV Producer Douglas Netter1921-2017Thursday, May 11, 11:27:46am3
Greg Forristall (R), current member of Iowa House of RepresentativesDies at 67Thursday, May 11, 08:46:56am1
ARCHIVE: May 10, 1994 ~John Wayne Gacy, serial killer and rapist, sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978, executed on this date at age 52. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, May 10, 09:13:10pm5
OT NOTE: Fascinating new documentary about the interesting world of the Obits desk at the Times obituary staff. Documentary OBIT is playing in limited release. ...VIDEOWednesday, May 10, 08:41:39pm6
Robert Miles, Italian trance producer, dead at 47Otsegolectric98Wednesday, May 10, 07:27:00pm3
ARCHIVE: May 10, 2001 ~Actress Deborah Walley, noted for playing the title role in "Gidget" films, sadly dies of cancer, at young age of 57. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, May 10, 05:29:38pm3
Happy Bday! Actor Robert Sampson (84) Actor David Clennon (74) Actress Marion Ramsey (70) Actress Meg Foster (69) Director Joseph Ruben (67) (NT)ColtWednesday, May 10, 04:17:58pm10
Archive: Joan Crawford, May 10, 1977Mommie DearestWednesday, May 10, 03:48:13pm5
Michael Parks, Singer and ActorDies at 77Wednesday, May 10, 01:51:18pm18
Wilburn K. Ross, Medal of Honor recipientDies at 94Wednesday, May 10, 01:43:04pm2
Healthwatch: Shark Tank's Daymond JohnThyroid cancerWednesday, May 10, 12:45:05pm1
Actor Kenny MillerDies at 85Wednesday, May 10, 12:06:53pm8
Robert Marta, Robert D. Marta, Camera Operator on ‘Hart to Hart,’ ‘The Jerk"Dead at 73Wednesday, May 10, 11:55:02am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, May 10, 11:55:02am
Ed Young, (R) Former U.S. Representative from South CarolinaDies at 96Wednesday, May 10, 11:28:47am2
Katherine Berman dies in car accident at 67Wife of ESPN's Chris BermanWednesday, May 10, 11:22:13am4
Dave Penn, Jazz Saxophonist / MusicianDies at 92Wednesday, May 10, 11:09:28am3
Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, former star on MTV reality show seriesDies at 45Wednesday, May 10, 10:57:03am3
Archive : 54 years ago : May 1963 The sad end of beautiful Hollywood Goldwyn Girl, Mary Lou DixBettyWednesday, May 10, 10:52:51am1
Richard Basciano, Times Square Pornography MagnateDead at 91Wednesday, May 10, 10:27:12am2
Bob Owens, Prominent Pro-2nd Amendment writer shoots himselfDies at 46Wednesday, May 10, 08:53:52am2
  • Test (NT) -- D, Wednesday, May 10, 08:53:52am
Nelson Xavier, Brazilian actorDies at 75Wednesday, May 10, 08:24:55am1
Archive: Neil Bogart, May 8, 1982Singer turned record exec.Tuesday, May 09, 11:04:05pm7
Alan Meltzer, Economist, historianDead at 89Tuesday, May 09, 07:11:29pm1
ARCHIVE: May 9, 1968 ~Veteran Scottish-born Hollywood actor Finlay Currie, largely forgotten, but whose versiltile talent lives on in films like "Great Expectations" and "People Will Talk", dies at 90. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, May 09, 05:35:17pm4
Nora Mae Lyng, Broadway actress, also acted on a soap opera ("Loving")Dead at 66Tuesday, May 09, 04:46:49pm1
Allan B. Schwartz, Film & TV producerDead at 77Tuesday, May 09, 04:08:33pm1
Michigan Rep. John KivelaDead at 47 (suicide)Tuesday, May 09, 02:14:36pm1
Archive: Edmond O'Brien, May 9, 1985ActorTuesday, May 09, 02:00:06pm3
Archive: Herschel Bernardi, May 9, 1986ActorTuesday, May 09, 01:57:49pm2
Joe Harris, Creator of the Trix Rabbit and Producer of 'Underdog"Dies at 89Tuesday, May 09, 01:22:33pm7
Happy 100th Birthday! Neuroscientist Alex Karczman, Production Designer Igor Zelenskiy is 100, World War 2 Military Figure Michael Dauncey is 97, Actor Frank Carter is 97. (NT)jlpTuesday, May 09, 01:19:38pm9
Mary Tsonis, Greek actress appeared in Oscar nominated filmDead at 30Tuesday, May 09, 01:14:35pm1
George Irvine, Basketball player, coachDead at 69Tuesday, May 09, 11:38:44am1
Thomas Melville, Antiwar protester and one of the "Catonsville Nine’Dead at 86Tuesday, May 09, 11:34:04am1
Stanley Weston, Creator of "GI Joe" & "Thundercats"Dead at 84Tuesday, May 09, 11:22:55am2
Archive: Dolph Sweet, May 8, 1985ActorTuesday, May 09, 11:21:01am2
Pepe The FrogHe was 12Tuesday, May 09, 11:19:30am6
Archive: George Peppard, May 8, 1994ActorTuesday, May 09, 11:16:41am2
William Hjortsberg, novelist and screenwriterDead at 76Tuesday, May 09, 09:15:59am2
Larry Kidwell, lead singer of Lawrence And The ArabiansDead at 80Tuesday, May 09, 05:28:53am4
TV Producer Cheryl SteinDies at 70Tuesday, May 09, 12:21:59am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, May 09, 12:21:59am
Former Desert Rose Band bassist Bill BrysonDies at 70Monday, May 08, 09:07:34pm2
Actor Steve Sandor 1937-2017Dies at 79Monday, May 08, 08:45:34pm7
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Alice Ducat, Blogger Dagny Carlsson is 105, Religious Figure Bernard de Give is 104,Cinematographer Ramananda Sengupta is 101, Politician Renate Haubleiter-Malluche is 100, (NT)jlpMonday, May 08, 05:05:50pm11
John D. Molson, Former owner of the Montreal CandiensDead at 88Monday, May 08, 04:25:51pm1
ARCHIVE: May 8, 1967 ~50 years ago today, we lost Laverne Andrews, 55, to cancer, who along with her sisters Maxene & Patty, the "The Andrews Sisters" were arguably the most popular 'girl singers' of WWII era. ...Eldest LaVerne had founded the original group, and often acted as the peacemaker among the three during the sisters' lives.Monday, May 08, 02:08:45pm2
Archive: May 6,, 1937- a pleasant day in Lakehurst, NJ-- Herbert Morrison is describing the arrival of the Hindenburg to his radio audience, when suddenly..."OH THE HUMANITY!"Monday, May 08, 12:17:44pm2
ARCHIVE: May 8, 2008 ~Country Crooner Eddy Arnold, scored 147 songs on the Billboard country music charts, second only to George Jones. Arnold, who sold more than 85 million records, dies a week before his 90th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, May 08, 12:14:58pm3
OT: Can anybody help me with an obit? It seems actress Gloria Charles died in Decemeber. If anybody can find me more details on this, I would be very grateful? ...Colt (Link Inside)Monday, May 08, 12:14:04pm2
Happy Bday! Actor Tony KIng (70) Actor Paul Linke (69) Actor Gregg Henry (65) (NT)ColtMonday, May 08, 12:00:48pm9
Mildred Dresselhaus, Physicist and MIT professor who received Presidential Medal of FreedomDies at 86Monday, May 08, 12:00:40pm5
Wycliffe Noble, drummer for the Joy Strings (and architect)Dead at unknown ageMonday, May 08, 08:50:06am1
Deborah "Big Red" Cotton, writerDead at 52Monday, May 08, 08:46:23am1
OT: Veteran Broadway musical actress Barbara Cook, 89, announces her retirement. ...NY TimesSunday, May 07, 08:50:49pm1
Irish medical doctor, Joseph BarnesDead at 102Sunday, May 07, 05:47:42pm1
Peter Spier, Illustrator of Children’s BooksDead at 89Sunday, May 07, 04:40:53pm1
Archive: George "Goober" Lindsay, May 6, 2012ActorSunday, May 07, 04:38:28pm2
Today's photo - Actor David Tomlinson (NT)Born 100 years ago today (died June 24, 2000)Sunday, May 07, 03:32:08pm3
Archive: Sinking of the RMS Lusitania, May 7, 19151,198 of the 1,959 people aboard killed, leaving 761 survivors.Sunday, May 07, 02:58:13pm2
Happy Bday! Actor Val Bisoglio (91) Actor Ted Richert (85) Actor Roger Perry (84) Director Ruggero Deodato (78) (NT)ColtSunday, May 07, 02:54:27pm12
Gholamreza Pahlavi, Half brother to the last Shah of IranDead at 93Sunday, May 07, 02:48:30pm1
Toby Kimball, former UConn basketball star (and NBA player), aged 74 ....Ed TraceySunday, May 07, 02:27:55pm1
William Laden, 1940s actorDies at 97Sunday, May 07, 01:58:12pm4
OT: Tonight on 60 Minutes, Ben Ferencz, 97; Last Living Nuremberg Prosecutor.Video linkSunday, May 07, 10:58:23am1
Today's photo: Sinatra lackey Jilly Rizzo--killed by a drunk driver on his 75th birthdayBody was burned beyond recognitionSunday, May 07, 09:08:50am8
Happy Bday! Actor John O'Leary (91) Actress Pat Carroll (90) Actor Will Hutchins (87) Actor Michael Murphy (79) (NT)ColtSunday, May 07, 02:00:52am13
Actress Mary Betten dies at 81Link (very brief notice)Saturday, May 06, 11:24:25pm4
Marlene 25 years ago (NT)Berlin, 27.12.1901 - Paris, 06.05.1992Saturday, May 06, 08:00:05pm5
Shirley Chi Weiss, Worked on several TV shows, including "Criminal Minds"Dead at 36Saturday, May 06, 07:04:06pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, May 06, 07:04:06pm
Quinn O'Hara RIPwearyslothSaturday, May 06, 06:40:25pm15
Steven Holcomb, Olympic Bobsledder ChampionDead at 37Saturday, May 06, 06:27:32pm1
Actor Don Gordon.Saturday, May 06, 04:56:26pm23
Min Bahadur Sherchan dies on Mt. Everest, was attempting to reclaim title as oldest person to climb itHe was 85Saturday, May 06, 03:17:52pm7
Steven Holcomb, US Olympic bobsledding gold medalistHe was 37Saturday, May 06, 03:08:34pm1
Ashley McNeely, former contestant on reality shows found dead in house full of drugsDies at 35Saturday, May 06, 01:17:21pm2
Economist William BaumolDies at 95Saturday, May 06, 12:30:01pm1
Cel Revuelta, former Black Flag bassistHas diedSaturday, May 06, 11:43:52am1
Val Jellay 1927-2017 Australian actressFredrik AnderssonSaturday, May 06, 11:30:33am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, May 06, 11:30:33am
Edward Sherin, Pulitzer Prize-Winning theater director; also directed films & TVDead at 87Saturday, May 06, 11:29:21am6
Basketball Player and Evangelist Jay CartyDead at 75Saturday, May 06, 08:41:12am1
Beryl Te Wiata, New Zealand actressDies at 92Friday, May 05, 06:50:03pm5
Actor & Dancer Larry BillmanDies at 78Friday, May 05, 06:39:17pm3
U.S. Navy Seal killed in Somalia. First U.S combat death there since the 1993 Black Hawk Down battle..Friday, May 05, 05:52:10pm1
Healthwatch: Loretta Lynn suffers strokeSharonFriday, May 05, 05:10:45pm2
Robert Wilson, Father of actors Luke, Owen & Andrew WilsonDies at 75Friday, May 05, 05:02:05pm2
Corinne Erhel, French Parliament member drops dead during speech of endorsement for upcoming French Presidential election.She was 50Friday, May 05, 04:01:18pm1
OT: Happy news. This has been a very slow year for major celeb obits and even serious health watches. We are in the month of May. (NT)Let's pray it stays that way!Friday, May 05, 03:41:50pm6
Adolph Kiefer, Gold medalist at 1936 OlympicsDead at 98Friday, May 05, 02:50:43pm4
Dorothy Mengering, David Letterman's MomDead at 95Friday, May 05, 02:47:22pm7
Actor David MacklinR.I.PFriday, May 05, 01:41:48pm14
8 charged with manslaughter after fraternity hazing death at Penn State.Friday, May 05, 12:07:11pm1
ARCHIVE: May 4, 1975 ~Comic actor Moe Howard, best known as one/third and head of popular comedy team, "The Three Stooges, who died on this date, at age 77. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, May 05, 11:55:24am7
Edward Crawford, Ferguson, Mo, protester in "iconic" photo, found deadHe was 27 (apparent self inflicted gunshot wound)Friday, May 05, 11:45:46am1
Police Officer, Richard PenningtonDies at 69Friday, May 05, 11:31:33am2
Mario Maglieri, Owner of famed Sunset Strip's Whiskey A Go GoDead at 93Friday, May 05, 11:29:40am1
Jay E. Disbrow, Comics ArtistDies at 91Friday, May 05, 11:24:25am2
ARCHIVE: May 4, 1970 ~Infamous and dark event in American history; Kent State killings by National Guards, of unarmed students of the Ohio state university. ...Backstory & PHOTOSFriday, May 05, 11:16:29am2
  • "Ohio" -- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Friday, May 05, 11:16:29am
Dr. Julius Yougner, Polio vaccine virologist on Salk teamDies at 96Friday, May 05, 09:45:58am1
Actress LORNA Gray / Adrian Booth has died. ...BettyFriday, May 05, 03:44:13am19
O.T: Happy Days cast reunites to hold small Memorial for Erin MoranPicture link insideFriday, May 05, 03:10:34am23
Lawrence "Jack" Imel dies at 84"Lawrence Welk Show" performer and producerFriday, May 05, 02:10:06am3
Lucy Casado, matriarch of Lucy's El Adobe Cafe and an L.A. fixture outside Paramount Studio, dies at 91. ...R.I.P.Thursday, May 04, 09:08:38pm1
French Actor Victor Lanoux (Cousin Cousine)Dead at 80Thursday, May 04, 08:41:30pm2
James Goin Jr. - Obituary Notes Child ActorDies at 91Thursday, May 04, 06:36:05pm1
Archive: Alvy Moore, May 4, 1997Character actorThursday, May 04, 04:20:44pm2
Actress & Singer Daliah Lavi GansDies at 76Thursday, May 04, 03:38:28pm7
Archive: Cathryn Damon, May 4, 1987Actress ("Soap")Thursday, May 04, 01:56:53pm3
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Anna Maria Rosati,Poet Ana Enriqueta Teran is 99, Writer Lyn Cook is 99, Economist Basil Yamey is 98, WW2 Military Figure Gerhard Krems is 97, (NT)jlpThursday, May 04, 01:39:50pm9
Bruce Hall, Veteran CBS newsmanDead at 76Thursday, May 04, 12:50:41pm1
Lionel Augustus "Saxa" Martin, saxophonistDead at 87Thursday, May 04, 12:50:38pm2
TV Writer Tam SpivaDies at 84Thursday, May 04, 12:16:01pm4
Archive: George Murphy, May 3, 1992Actor turned politcianThursday, May 04, 11:59:08am2
Leo K. Thorsness, former Washington State Senator, Vietnam prisoner of war and Medal of Honor recipientDies at 85Thursday, May 04, 11:53:22am6
Archive: Robert Alda, May 3, 1986ActorThursday, May 04, 11:47:00am2
Amidst erroneous news of a Royal demise, this morning officials at Buckingham Palace announce Prince Philip, to step down from carrying out royal engagements. ...The Duke of Edinburgh, 95, is retiring from royal duties in the Fall, Buckingham Palace has announced.Thursday, May 04, 11:37:42am4
Rosemary Frankau, British actressDies at 84Thursday, May 04, 11:33:21am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, May 04, 11:33:21am
Alabama actress Boots Carroll dies; she had role in 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter'AL.comThursday, May 04, 11:28:43am3
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, May 04, 08:34:09am
    • Pic -- Link, Thursday, May 04, 11:28:43am
Victor Lanoux, French actorDies at 80Thursday, May 04, 11:21:47am3
ARCHIVE: May 2, 1998 ~Maidie Norman, actress of stage/film/TV, accomplishes player, best known as 'Elvira', determined, but ill-fated housekeeper in 1962's WHATEVER BECAME OF BABY JANE?", dies at 85. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, May 04, 09:27:30am5
Moray Watson, British actorDead at 88Thursday, May 04, 02:55:14am4
Happy 103rd Birthday! Poet/Journalist Georges-Emmanuel Clancier, Journalist Richard Dudman is 99, Physician/White Rose WW2 Figure Traute Laffenz is 98, Politician Ralph Hall is 94, Singer Jane Morgan is 93, (NT)jlpWednesday, May 03, 11:40:55pm6
OT: ARCHIVE: May 1, 1967 ~It was 50 years ago today Elvis, 32, & Priscilla, 21, wed! ..."Caught in a Trap"!Wednesday, May 03, 06:39:56pm3
Actor James BurnettDies at 48Wednesday, May 03, 06:37:51pm3
Swiss Actor Lukas Ammann 1912-2017World Oldest ActorWednesday, May 03, 05:54:41pm5
Tony Alamo, Christian Ministery founder and convicted child sex offenderDies at 82Wednesday, May 03, 05:48:19pm1
OT: a serious question about typos. I am in my mid-70s and finding it very difficult to type even a simple sentence correctly without making one or more typos. Even if I proofread I often don't see the typo(s).Is this normal? Have any of you who may be around my age "been there"?Wednesday, May 03, 05:35:23pm16
Colonel Bruce Hampton, leader of Hampton Grease Band, dies of heart attack onstage at his birthday party celebrationHe was 70Wednesday, May 03, 04:05:25pm3
Bill Scott, starter in 1976 Indy 500, dies at 68. ...Lemnpiper (per Indianapolis motor speedway)Wednesday, May 03, 02:40:32pm1
Anne Anka, former wife of Paul AnkaDies at 74Wednesday, May 03, 08:13:51am4
Sam Mele, Former Major League Baseball player and managerDies at 95Wednesday, May 03, 03:52:00am2
Who is the woman with the great smile? (NT)NikWednesday, May 03, 03:47:52am3
Jidéhem 1935-2017 Belgian comics artistFredrik AnderssonTuesday, May 02, 11:32:41pm1
Kevin Garcia, Bassist for band Grandaddy, dead at 41Otsegolectric98Tuesday, May 02, 11:20:18pm1
Healthwatch: Senator Dick Durbin of IllinoisAtrial FlutterTuesday, May 02, 09:17:44pm1
OT: QUESTION ...Think hard.Tuesday, May 02, 07:55:46pm11
Healthwatch: William John Kimmel, baby boy recovering from heart surgery days after his birth. Father Jimmy Kimmel gave a tearful monolgue last night sharing his family's scarey medical emergency. -VIDEO ...Billy Kimmel was born with a defective heart -prognosis good.Tuesday, May 02, 03:40:14pm1
ARCHIVE: May 2, 1998 ~Now forgotten, Award-winning original veteran CNN broadcaster Don Harrison, dies after many years battle with cancer. He was 60. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, May 02, 03:02:29pm2
Pierre Gaspard-Huit, French film director and screenwriterDies at 99Tuesday, May 02, 11:00:20am2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, May 02, 11:00:20am
French Director & Screenwriter Pierre Gaspard-HuitDeath at 99Tuesday, May 02, 10:59:11am1
ARCHIVE: May 2, 2012 ~Junior Seau, former NFL 10-time All-Pro, 12-time Pro Bowl selection favorite, despondent of the erratic behavior in his later years, kills himself with gunshot to the heart. ...Seau spared suicide shot to the head, so study may be done to his brain for CTE research.Tuesday, May 02, 10:48:07am3
Healthwatch?: Rapper J Reaper 'missing on Dartmoor'Aged 35Tuesday, May 02, 08:10:19am1
James Morris, UK's longest-serving patientDead at 75Tuesday, May 02, 08:06:51am1
Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher's funeral will be broadcast live Saturday, March 25th at 1pm PST at Debbie's official website DebbieReynolds.com (NT).Monday, May 01, 08:35:25pm17
Happy Bday! Actress Danielle Darrieux (100) Actor Stephen Macht (75) Actor Douglas Barr (68) Actor John Diehl (67) Actor Dann Florek (67) (NT)ColtMonday, May 01, 05:24:02pm10
Jean Stein, author and one time assistant to Elia Kazan jumps to her death in NYCDies at 83Monday, May 01, 05:00:34pm5
Charles Lyons, Jr., Producer of 1956's "Flesh and the Spur"Dies at 88Monday, May 01, 03:12:32pm3
  • IMDb -- link, Sunday, April 30, 08:53:58am
  • Great find! (NT) -- Thanks!, Monday, May 01, 03:12:32pm
Healhwatch: Racer John Andretti (nephew of Mario Andretti)Colon cancer, has spread to his liverMonday, May 01, 02:55:32pm1
Grave of actress Romy Schneider desecratedBettyMonday, May 01, 02:01:06pm3
Actress Mary Stanton AllenDies at 88Monday, May 01, 01:52:32pm2
Mbah Gotho, Indonesian man who unverifiably claimed to be the world's oldest human at age 146BBC obitMonday, May 01, 01:03:58pm9
Joe Leonard 1971&1972 Indy car champ &3 Times AMA motorcycle champLemnpiper (Indystar.com)Monday, May 01, 12:18:59pm1
Ray Kogovsek, Ex- Congressman from ColoradoDead at 75Monday, May 01, 11:26:58am2
Mike Lowry, Ex. Gov. of WashingtonDead at 78Monday, May 01, 11:23:17am2
OT: Why was the 'NONAGENARIANS & CENTENARIANS' link removed? (NT)TonyMonday, May 01, 11:07:36am8
Katherine A. Beradino, daughter of late actor and former Pro Baseball player John Beradino, dies at 43. ...She died in January 2017.Monday, May 01, 07:33:10am3
Archive: Ed Begley, Sr., Apr. 28, 1970Character actorSunday, April 30, 07:31:02pm6
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Lillian Howell Stubbs, Singer Bea Wain is 100, Politician.Diplomat Marta Brilej is 100, Engineer/Inventor S.Y. Lee is 99, Photographer Joan Colom is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, April 30, 06:57:00pm8
Archive: Agnes Moorehead, Apr. 30, 1974ActressSunday, April 30, 06:55:57pm3
Archive: Muddy Waters, Apr. 30, 1983Blues musicianSunday, April 30, 05:34:48pm2
Archive: Inger Stevens, Apr. 30, 1970ActressSunday, April 30, 05:29:02pm1
OT: Nice lil article today on Kirk Douglas and wife Anne, and their new book on 7 decades of love. ...LinkSunday, April 30, 03:30:24pm2
Today's photos: Cuba Gooding and Linda Hopkins (NT)RussSunday, April 30, 11:35:38am2
Norman Hatch, WWII PhotographerDies at 96Sunday, April 30, 08:43:31am2
  • IMDb -- link, Sunday, April 30, 08:43:31am
Andrew F. Bertinelli, father of ValerieDied in DecemberSunday, April 30, 08:00:27am3
Famed Swiss climber Ueli Steck killed near Mount EverestHe was 40Sunday, April 30, 07:59:32am1
Actress Priscilla Mohan ProsserR.I.PSaturday, April 29, 06:28:38pm3
OT: I miss these great character actors ...Don't you?Saturday, April 29, 06:08:23pm11
Archive: Anthony Mann, Apr. 29, 1967Film directorSaturday, April 29, 05:06:32pm4
Happy Bday! Actor Richard Kline (73) Actor Reb Brown (69) Actress Nora Dunn (65) (NT)coltSaturday, April 29, 04:56:50pm11
Rapper Zoe Realla dies a week after being shotHe was 32Saturday, April 29, 04:26:10pm1
Vito Acconci, Performance Artist and Uncommon ArchitectDead at 77Saturday, April 29, 04:20:53pm1
Archive: J. B. Lenoir, Apr. 29, 1967Blues musicianSaturday, April 29, 01:47:15pm3
We missed the anniversary of character actor Dabbs Greer's 100th birthday on April 2nd.Wiki BioSaturday, April 29, 01:44:05pm11
Archive: Alfred Hitchcock, Apr. 29, 1980Master of SuspenseSaturday, April 29, 01:39:18pm3
Archive: Mae Clarke, Apr. 29, 1992ActressSaturday, April 29, 01:23:46pm4
ARCHIVE: April 29, 1992 ~It was 25 years ago today, L.A. Riots sparked after reaction to acquittal of cops on trial for Rodney King beating; and residual affects of no jail time for shop owner killer of teen Latasha Harlins. ...The events pushed for widespread change throughout U.S. on police proceedures.Saturday, April 29, 11:51:45am2
Joseph "Ray" Perry, Father of ex- Tex. Gov ( & current Energy Sec.) Rick PerryDead at 92Saturday, April 29, 11:49:05am1
Chad Young, Pro cyclist, killed in crashHe was 21Saturday, April 29, 11:43:04am1
Archive: Mike Royko, Apr. 29, 1997ColumnistSaturday, April 29, 11:38:27am4
Reality star Chris Soules of BACHELOR/DANCING W/THE STARS arrested for killing farmer by hit and run a tractor in rural Iowa. ...Soules, suspected drunk, rear ends John Deere tractor with his pickup, and flees, later arrested for felony.Saturday, April 29, 09:01:53am10
Calep Emphrey Jr., Longtime drummer for BB KingDead at 67Friday, April 28, 06:45:19pm2
  • Drum Battle -- Tony Coleman - Calep Emphrey, Friday, April 28, 06:45:19pm
Florence Finch, Unsung War Hero Who Took On JapaneseDead at 101Friday, April 28, 05:17:28pm1
Health Update: Shannen Doherty announces cancer remission on her social mediaMessage insideFriday, April 28, 05:05:28pm1
Actor Eric MasonDies at 90Friday, April 28, 04:47:32pm4
Luis Olmo, 4th oldest living Major League Baseball player and 1st Puerto Rican to play in a World SeriesDies at 97Friday, April 28, 03:23:39pm4
Happy 101st Birthday! Costume Designer Paulette Coquatrix, Activist Mildred Persinger is 99, Engineer Franz Pacher is 98, Conductor Stephen Wilkinson is 98, Actress Ann-Margaret Bergendahl is 97, Politician William Broomfield is 95, (NT)jlpFriday, April 28, 02:57:22pm6
Healthwatch - Actress Charlotte Rae diagnosed with bone cancer.LinkFriday, April 28, 01:27:22pm9
Kenneth Williams, Executed4th person executed in Arkansas in 8 daysFriday, April 28, 12:15:15pm1
Healthwatch Update: Former President George H.W. BushDischarged from HospitalFriday, April 28, 11:50:22am1
Today's photo: Robert Cornthwaite, character actor who usually played some snobby or smarmy villain-type (NT)Born 100 years ago todayFriday, April 28, 11:40:54am6
Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, Famed Texas lawyerDead at 90Friday, April 28, 11:36:04am2
Jon Muldowney, Son of racing legend Shirley MuldowneyDead at 59Friday, April 28, 11:30:15am1
Comic strip artist Bob Young ("Tim Tyler's Luck")Dies at 96Friday, April 28, 11:27:14am1
Archive: Stanley Adams, Apr. 27, 1977Character actorFriday, April 28, 04:52:15am5
Trustin Howard, Actor, director aka "Slick Slavin"Dead at 93Thursday, April 27, 06:54:33pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, April 27, 06:53:07pm
Happy 99th Birthday! Religious Figure Philipose Mar Chrysostom, Actor Harry McCrillis is 90, Actress Bakiye Fayasof is 90, Writer Lev Mitrofanov turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, April 27, 05:08:58pm13
OT: Lana Wood, Actress & sister of Natalie Wood, now homelessLinkThursday, April 27, 04:34:12pm7
Waffle House co-founder Tom ForknerDies at 99Thursday, April 27, 04:18:04pm2
Guitarist Allan HoldsworthDies at 70Thursday, April 27, 02:38:49pm4
Dorrance Hamilton, Campbell Soup heiress and philanthropistDies at 88Thursday, April 27, 01:13:03pm9
Wiki reports that silent film actor Billy Watson died April 25 2007Though I'm not sure that's correctThursday, April 27, 12:44:50pm6
Columnist and Author Jimmy BreslinDies at 88Thursday, April 27, 12:43:52pm3
Healthwatch: Elton John just released from hospital after 12 day hospitalization for serious bacterial infectionWas in intensive care for several daysThursday, April 27, 12:30:39pm3
Joe Stead, folk singerUnknown ageThursday, April 27, 11:35:50am2
Leo Baxendale, comic artistDead at 86Thursday, April 27, 05:10:11am1
Vinod Khanna, Bollywood actorDead at 70Thursday, April 27, 02:51:27am2
S.F. school volunteer/advocate Dana Woldow, drew national attention when she fought to rid California schools of junk food. As activist helped form Student Nutrition & Physical Activity Committee, tackling childhood health issues.Woldow died of ovarian cancer at 65.Thursday, April 27, 02:47:02am1
Guitarist Ted Demos (C.C. And The Chasers, Apple Pie Motherhood Band)Dies at 71Thursday, April 27, 12:37:45am2
Barkley L. Hendricks, a painter who gave new representation to ordinary black men and women, memorializing them in portraits that echoed the grand manner of the old masters. ...He was 72.Thursday, April 27, 12:03:13am1
Archive: Bea Arthur April 25, 2009NTWednesday, April 26, 11:41:04pm7
"Silence of the Lamb's" Director Jonathan DemmeDies at 73Wednesday, April 26, 08:10:14pm12
Accordionist and actor Dick ContinoNikWednesday, April 26, 07:44:39pm6
Actress Kathleen Crowley1929-2017Wednesday, April 26, 07:41:05pm18
United Airlines kills another passenger experience! -Simon, son of Darius the world's largest rabbit, was found dead after transatlantic flight from London to Chicago. ...And it doesn't help United's PR, that the big bunny was black.Wednesday, April 26, 07:31:59pm8
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ellen Gibb, Architect I.M. Pei is 100, Painter Manuel Zorrilla is 98, Artist Maynard Reece is 97, Actress Claudette Falco is 97, Actor Russell Nype is 93, Football's John Ralston turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, April 26, 05:10:13pm10
Norman Hatch, Marine who captured horror & heroism on filmDead at 96Wednesday, April 26, 05:05:45pm1
Cynthia Sinatra, Ex- wife of Frank Sinatra, Jr.Has diedWednesday, April 26, 05:03:37pm8
Erin Moran cause of death: Aggressive throat cancer. ...Husband says...more insideWednesday, April 26, 03:49:01pm9
When I was 8 or 9 my elementary school showed The Blob in the auditorium one Saturday- kind of interesting to say the least in retrospect.JoyWednesday, April 26, 02:30:27pm1
Archive: April 26, 1989 - Lucille Ball Dies at 77First Lady of TelevisionWednesday, April 26, 01:57:57pm6
ARCHIVE: April 25, 1970 ~Gypsy Rose Lee, world's most famous strip tease artist of her time, who with her sister actress June Havoc, took Hollywood by storm in 1940s, dies at 59. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, April 26, 01:25:53pm4
Archive: Bobby "Boris" Pickett, Apr. 25, 2007SingerWednesday, April 26, 11:55:17am6
Kerry Turman, Bass player for the Temptations for 33 yearsDead at 59Wednesday, April 26, 11:53:06am2
Author and scholar Benjamin Barber, aged 77 ....Ed TraceyTuesday, April 25, 08:28:12pm1
Erin MoranDead at 56Tuesday, April 25, 06:27:51pm43
Martha Lavey, Actress- directorDead at 60Tuesday, April 25, 05:00:34pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, April 25, 04:59:48pm
    • Pic -- ., Tuesday, April 25, 05:00:34pm
Happy 100th Birthday Actor Robert Hebert, '48 Olympic Athlete Marko Racic is 97, Editor/Author Stanley M. Rumbough Jr. is 97, Writer Albert Uderzo is 90, Writer Peter Yeldham is 90, (NT)jlpTuesday, April 25, 04:20:43pm6
Henry Chung, Hunanese culinary pioneerDead at 99Tuesday, April 25, 04:11:23pm1
OT: Sunday night's miniseries finale of FX's "FEUD: Bette & Joan" was brilliant in ending the saga of the late Crawford & Davis! Creator Ryan Murphy depicted the ending of their lives with honesty and pathos. ...Well done!Tuesday, April 25, 04:09:12pm15
Sasha Lakovic, Canadian professional hockey player. Had a small role in the film "Miracle."Dies at 45Tuesday, April 25, 03:29:30pm1
Ken Sears, Basketball player (Knicks)Dead at 83Tuesday, April 25, 02:06:26pm1
Elena Rzhevskaya, Russian writer and translator who worked on the Soviet team who identified Hitler's body in 1945Dies at 97Tuesday, April 25, 01:22:54pm2
Chris Bearde, TV writer, producer ("Laugh In", "The Gong Show")Dead at 80Tuesday, April 25, 12:19:25pm6
Actor Bucky WalshDies at 90Tuesday, April 25, 12:19:04pm3
Jack Jones, Executed for 1995 rape & murderArkansaTuesday, April 25, 11:59:08am2
Dennis Edwards, Judge Who Presided Over Trial of Lennon’s KillerDies at 95Monday, April 24, 08:43:03pm1
Archive: Bud Abbott, Apr. 24, 1974Comedian, actorMonday, April 24, 07:34:26pm6
Happy 103rd Birthday! Magician Assistant Moi-Yo Miller, WW2 Figure/Author Hans von Seggern is 103, Journalist Salvador Borrego is 102, Ballerina Ksenia Tripolitova is 102, Politician Song Ping is 100, Actor Vladimir Kolosov is 100, (NT)jlpMonday, April 24, 06:58:09pm15
Archive: Pat Paulsen, Apr. 24, 1997ComedianMonday, April 24, 04:41:20pm3
Healthwatch: Greg Allman reportedly enters hospice.Monday, April 24, 04:09:20pm4
William Hjortsberg, Novelist and ScreenwriterDies at 76Monday, April 24, 02:59:42pm3
Robert Persig, Author of 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance'Dead at 88Monday, April 24, 02:05:31pm2
Actor Joe Jafo CarriereDies at 45Monday, April 24, 01:39:54pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, April 24, 01:39:54pm
Peter Walker, authorDead at 80Monday, April 24, 08:58:19am1
Harold Fairweather dies at 97Eldest Son of Violet Brown, World's oldest citizenMonday, April 24, 07:16:00am16
French Actress, Yvonne Monlaur, Brides of Dracula, Dead At 77David S.Sunday, April 23, 09:15:01pm4
Student dies in hammer throw accident at college track-and-field event Wheaton, Ill.Sunday, April 23, 07:31:43pm2
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1993 ~Cesar Chavez, American labor leader/activist who co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (aka; UFW), helped bring the plight of migrant workers in U.S. to the social conscious, dies at 66. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, April 23, 06:30:27pm2
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1616 ~William Shakespeare, poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist, is thought to have died on his 52nd birthday! ..."...Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy."Sunday, April 23, 06:28:23pm2
Sailor killed in Pearl Harbor attack over 75 years ago, finally ID'd and given proper burial near his Chicago area home. ...Michael Galajdik, a Navy Fireman 1st Class, was killed while aboard the USS Oklahoma during the Dec. 7, 1941.Sunday, April 23, 05:55:38pm7
Paul Hebert, french canadian actor dies at 92. (NT)Death listed at Alt. Obituaries and Wikipedia. Don't know where original link came from.Sunday, April 23, 05:53:23pm4
Kate O' Beirne, Conservative punditDead at 68Sunday, April 23, 01:08:14pm2
Chuck Wielgus, executive director of USA SwimmingHe was 67Sunday, April 23, 01:07:54pm1
Actress Maureen SteindlerDies at 92Sunday, April 23, 12:27:52pm4
ARCHIVE: April 23, 1990 ~Paulette Goddard, Academy Award nominated actress of stage & screen, gained notoriety w/many films at Paramount Studios, and as one-time wife of Charlie Chaplin, before retiring to Switzerland, dying at 79. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, April 23, 12:11:20pm1
Gustavo Rojo, Uruguayan actor who had roles in several American filmsDies at 93Sunday, April 23, 11:12:40am4
Archives: 12345678910 ]

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