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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Happy 99th Birthday! NASA/Apollo Engineer Milton Rosen, WW 2 Military Figure Rolf Hermichen is 96, Politician David Buckson is 94, Cardinal Gilberto Augstoni is 92, Actor Leonardo Villar is 90, (NT)jlpFriday, July 25, 04:51:17am2
Healthwatch: Johann "Hans" Breyer, 89 year old Nazi war crimes suspectHospitalizedThursday, July 24, 09:06:56pm9
Archive: Nervous Norvus, July 24, 1968SingerThursday, July 24, 09:04:26pm5
Supercentenarian Bernice Madigan turns 115 today!More info inside!Thursday, July 24, 08:48:38pm4
Man convicted of killing his mother, living with corpse for six monthsNorman BatesThursday, July 24, 08:40:55pm1
1932 Olympic Athlete Helen Johns Carroll 1914-2014jlpThursday, July 24, 07:02:43pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, July 24, 07:02:43pm
Norman Leyden, American bid-band musicianDies at 96Thursday, July 24, 04:32:50pm4
Happy 115th Birthday! Supercentenarian Bernice Madigan, Physician Kazys Ambrozaitis is 103, Holocaust survivor Hermann Scheipers is 101, Pharmarcologist Frances Oldam Kelsey is 100,. (NT)jlpThursday, July 24, 03:22:05pm8
Inmate's execution took nearly 2 hoursArizonaThursday, July 24, 02:07:11pm3
Archive: Peter Sellers, July 24, 1980Comic geniusThursday, July 24, 01:56:30pm2
Haris Suleman, Teen attempting world flight record, killed in lane crashHe was 17Thursday, July 24, 01:45:17pm2
Bill Thompson, "Wallace" of long-running Arizona kids show "Wallace and Ladmo"Dies at 82Thursday, July 24, 01:37:11pm3
*Need confirmation* Noel Black - Cannes and Oscar nominated director of short film 'Skaterdater' (1965) ?DialMForMoviesThursday, July 24, 01:31:04pm3
OT-False Death Rumor Dept: Mariela Castro is NOT on the missing Air Algerie flightDaughter of Raul Castro, niece of FidelThursday, July 24, 09:27:29am1
Archive: Vic Morrow, July 23, 1982ActorThursday, July 24, 08:34:30am4
Tap Canutt, Stuntman, son of legendary stuntman Yakima CanuttDead at 81Thursday, July 24, 08:29:51am4
Robert Van Ezell, Guitarist and singer with 1960s rock band Tom and the CatsDead at 70Wednesday, July 23, 04:22:40pm2
Healthwatch: Basketball player, coach Michael CooperTongue cancerWednesday, July 23, 04:17:58pm1
Gene Walker, Saxophonist performed with King Curtis, Aretha FranklinDead at 76Wednesday, July 23, 04:07:41pm1
Healthwatch: ZZ Top's Dusty HillTo undergo surgeryWednesday, July 23, 04:03:09pm4
Darwin alert: Man found dead in dumpster at landfill four days after disappearing from stadium concertFell five floors into one while in "a highly intoxicated state"Wednesday, July 23, 02:44:45pm2
Fan posts video of him pissing on former NFL owner Art Modell's graveModell moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1995-96Wednesday, July 23, 01:51:09pm1
Actress Dora BryanDies at 91Wednesday, July 23, 01:28:54pm2
Time flies dept: It was 30 years ago today Vanessa Williams resigned as Miss America30 years!Wednesday, July 23, 01:07:20pm1
Actress Dora Bryan 1923-2014jlpWednesday, July 23, 01:04:06pm3
Lucie Roussel, Canadian mayorDead at 51 from wasp attackWednesday, July 23, 11:31:48am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, July 23, 11:31:48am
Happy 102nd Birthday! Literary Critic M.H. Abrams, WW2 Military Figure Joseph McDivitt is 97, Linguist Morris Halle is 91,Actress Sarita Vara is 90, Actress Sonja Gehricke turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, July 23, 11:30:27am4
Healthwatch: Denver Broncos owner Pat BowlenAlzheimersWednesday, July 23, 06:28:19am1
Former Dallas Cowboy Robert NewhouseDies at 64Tuesday, July 22, 09:24:13pm3
Dan Borislow Dies at 52Inventor of MagicJackTuesday, July 22, 07:52:57pm3
George Riddle, Country singer and songwriterDead at 78Tuesday, July 22, 07:49:53pm4
Healthwatch: Santana & Steely Dan drummer Dennis ChambersHospitalizedTuesday, July 22, 06:34:05pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Operatic Soprano Licia Albanese, Politician Giovanni Bersani is 100, WW2 Military Figure John Chalk is 98, Politician Bob Dole is 91, Actress Vera Kubankova turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, July 22, 04:34:59pm9
Thomas Berger Author of "Little Big Man"Dies at 89Tuesday, July 22, 04:31:23pm6
Madeline Amgott, TV producerDead at 92Tuesday, July 22, 04:30:01pm3
John M. Coyne, One of the longest serving Mayors in the US (Mayor of Brooklyn, Ohio, 1948- 99)Dead at 97Tuesday, July 22, 04:29:21pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, July 22, 04:29:21pm
Archive: Wayne Morse, July 22, 1974US SenatorTuesday, July 22, 04:26:13pm3
George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed....By BeetlesCDHTuesday, July 22, 04:20:26pm3
Archive: John Dillinger, July 22, 1934Public Enemy # 1Tuesday, July 22, 11:45:39am2
OT: Archives appear to be missing many posts!For instance, try to find Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.Tuesday, July 22, 11:23:23am2
Casey Kasem's body is missing, daughter saysPoor guy can't rest in peaceTuesday, July 22, 09:45:25am9
James Garner has diedLorenTuesday, July 22, 08:32:05am33
Untouchables actor Steve London dead or alive?Wikipedia has him dying on June 6, 2014 age 83. To add to the confusion see story insideTuesday, July 22, 03:43:34am5
OT: Tattoo removal surges 440% over the last decadeWho couldn't have seen this coming?Monday, July 21, 08:50:04pm3
Verified - Actress Elaine Stritch1925-2014Monday, July 21, 06:44:37pm23
ADMIN NOTE: It's with a humbled heart, that I regret not posting my annual tribute recognizing our BARBARA's memorial date of her passing. I missed posting it a few weeks ago. ... theChroniclerMonday, July 21, 06:12:29pm1
Healthwatch: Basketball great Bill RussellHospitalizedMonday, July 21, 06:00:57pm10
In light of Rusty's sudden death..............noopyandthezoo (Janet Doran)Monday, July 21, 03:13:28pm22
Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak, who played the daughter of Mel Gibson in the 2000 film “The Patriot, died on Saturday. She was 21. ...Der BingleMonday, July 21, 02:15:13pm10
"Patriot"actress Skye McCole BartusiakDead at 21Monday, July 21, 01:24:19pm2
Healthwatch: Tim Alexander, Drummer for PrimusHeart attackMonday, July 21, 01:23:42pm2
Happy 95th Birthday! Entrepreneur Pentland Hick, Singer Kay Starr is 92, Baseball's Jim Rivera is 92, Chemist Rudolph D. Marcus is 91, Editor Boris Tesija is 90, (NT)jlpMonday, July 21, 01:15:04pm8
Anybody hear that a Malaysian plane was shot down? (NT)295 killedMonday, July 21, 12:12:51pm15
Álex Angulo, Spnish actor ("Pan's Labyrinth")Dead at 61 (car accident)Monday, July 21, 12:10:40pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 21, 12:10:40pm
Mae Schrock, supercentenarianDead at 110Monday, July 21, 11:51:39am5
Vic Atiyeh, Ex- Governor of OregonDead at 91Monday, July 21, 11:45:48am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 21, 11:45:48am
Aldi supermarket chain co-founder Karl Albrecht Dies at 94Germany's richest manMonday, July 21, 11:37:27am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 21, 11:37:27am
John Fasano Writer | Producer | DirectorDies, age 52Monday, July 21, 11:34:03am3
  • More on Fasano -- Deadline's obit, Monday, July 21, 01:30:12am
    • Imdb -- Link, Monday, July 21, 11:34:03am
Happy 99 Birthday! Ascetic Dobri Dobrev, Govt. Official Alan S. Boyd is 92, Writer Thomas Berger is 90, Actress Vivean Gray is 90, Actress Dame Diana Rigg turns 76. (NT)jlpSunday, July 20, 03:54:22pm6
Archive - Jack WardenJuly 19, 2006Sunday, July 20, 03:39:49pm6
Paul Fleiss, Father of "Hollywood Madam" Heidi FleissDead at 80Sunday, July 20, 11:24:49am3
Helter Skelter Author Curt GentryDies at 83Sunday, July 20, 11:20:32am2
Actress Vanna Bonta1958-2014Sunday, July 20, 11:18:03am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, July 20, 05:00:08am
    • Pic -- Link, Sunday, July 20, 11:18:03am
Report: blues guitarist Johnny Winter, age 70? .......Ed TraceySunday, July 20, 11:02:26am16
Happy 102nd Birthday! Historian Peter Leo Gerety, Zoologist Percy M. Butler is 102, Actor Karl Hellmich is 100, Historian Gu Changsheng is 95, Politician Ron Searle is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, July 19, 04:25:27pm7
Stephanie Powers has been very vague as to the identity of her fatherHe was still Photographer/Special Effects man Morrison B. Paul AKA M.B. Paul (9-3-1909-2-26-1993)Saturday, July 19, 02:28:45pm2
Man convicted of killing former Little Rascal Jay R. Smith dies in prisonNevadaSaturday, July 19, 02:01:53pm4
Archive:/Bobby Fuller, July 18, 1966MusicianSaturday, July 19, 01:33:25pm2
Archive: Rebecca Schaeffer, July 18, 1989ActressSaturday, July 19, 01:18:25pm4
Archive: Joe Flynn, July 19, 1974ActorSaturday, July 19, 12:29:26pm2
Jazz Trumpeter Lionel Ferbos 1911-2014jlpSaturday, July 19, 11:45:04am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, July 19, 11:45:04am
Archive: Massacre at the McDonald's, July 18, 198421 killed, 19 woundedSaturday, July 19, 09:24:20am5
Bob Torrance, golf coach & father of Sam TorranceDies at 82Saturday, July 19, 05:17:48am1
Scott Marks, TV cameraman became a Turner executiveAtlanta Journal-ConstitutionFriday, July 18, 09:56:18pm1
Happy 98th Birthday! Physicist Charles Kittel, Economist Paul Streeten is 97, Hockey's John Mahaffy is 96, Astronaut/Politician John Glenn is 93, Producer Michael Medwin is 91, (NT)jlpFriday, July 18, 09:30:13pm8
Healthwatch: Scott DisickWas hospitalized for alcohol poisoningFriday, July 18, 09:17:54pm5
Treadwell Covington 1926-2014 (TV Cartoon Producer)CDHFriday, July 18, 06:11:26pm4
red Ordway, NASA engineer and ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ adviserDead at 87Friday, July 18, 05:59:17pm2
Cornell Borchers (1925 - 2014)TSFriday, July 18, 01:05:28pm6
Claudine Bouche, editor of 'Jules et Jim' and 'Shoot the Piano Player', has died aged 88 according to French reports.DialMForMoviesFriday, July 18, 11:30:16am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, July 18, 11:30:16am
John Walton, Australian actorDead at 62Thursday, July 17, 08:43:05pm5
Astronaut Hank Hartsfield, led first flight of space shuttle Discovery, dies at 80CDHThursday, July 17, 06:30:02pm2
Happy 103rd Birthday! Trumpeter Lionel Ferbos, Playwright Yang Jiang is 103, Businessman John P. Harbin is 97, Military Figure Kenan Evren is 97, Ornithologist Chandler Robbins is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, July 17, 06:28:29pm7
TV Writer Jerry McNeely (1928-2014)CDHThursday, July 17, 04:26:08pm3
Richard Nichols, Longtime manger of the RootsDead at 55Thursday, July 17, 03:59:38pm1
Hans Funck, German film editorDead at 61Thursday, July 17, 01:09:50pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, July 17, 01:09:50pm
Tom Rolf, Oscar winning film editor ("The Right Stuff")Dead at 82Thursday, July 17, 01:06:42pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, July 17, 01:06:42pm
Archive: John F. Kennedy, Jr., July 16, 1999Son of JFKThursday, July 17, 11:24:13am7
Elaine Stritch has died (NT)hearing it from a trustworthy sourceThursday, July 17, 10:13:31am2
Archive - Don Rich (Guitarist for Buck Owens) July 17, 1974CDHThursday, July 17, 06:38:38am2
Lennie Sogoloff Dies at 90 (Owner of Jazz Club Lennie's on the Turnpike)CDHWednesday, July 16, 06:09:04pm1
Healthwatch: Alice Cooper guitarist Dick WagnerHeart surgeryWednesday, July 16, 06:05:53pm1
Archive: Harry Chapin, July 16, 1981SingerWednesday, July 16, 03:43:28pm2
Paul Gibson, NYC Deputy Mayor in the '70'sDead at 86Wednesday, July 16, 03:40:18pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, July 16, 03:40:18pm
Rusty's last post. It was posted on his Facebook page.Wednesday, July 16, 02:43:56pm17
Vonda Phelps, listed on wikipedia as a possible living silent movie actressAccording to SSDI she died September 2, 2004 age 89Wednesday, July 16, 01:47:58pm4
Happy 98th Birthday! Writer Manilo Cancogni, Voice Artist William Woodson is 97, Actress Iva Withers is 97, NASA Adminstrator George Mueller is 96, Singer Muzeyyen Senar is 96, (NT)jlpWednesday, July 16, 01:41:42pm5
James MacGregor Burns, Scholar of Presidents and Leadership, Dies at 95EricWednesday, July 16, 01:39:22pm7
"Pat" Hosley Kibbe, ActressDead at 90Wednesday, July 16, 12:54:23pm4
Rusty's ObituaryLawrence Russell WhiteWednesday, July 16, 10:02:57am5
Jack Tocco, convicted head of Detroit MafiaDead at 87Tuesday, July 15, 07:26:53pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, July 15, 07:26:53pm
Healthwatch: Former Secretary of State Henry KissingerUndergoes Heart SurgeryTuesday, July 15, 05:37:12pm1
Archibald "Archie" Andrews, to die in the comicsWill take bullet meant for gay palTuesday, July 15, 03:42:14pm3
It's with much sadness I announce according to his Facebook page our very own Rusty White has passed. (NT)KristianTuesday, July 15, 03:01:00pm49
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ruby Clawson, Psychiatrist Heniz Leferenz is 101, Historian Robet Conquest is 97, Neuropsychologist Brenda Milner is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, July 15, 11:38:32am8
Archive: Bert Convy, July 15, 1991Actor, game show hostTuesday, July 15, 11:06:35am3
Archive: Christine Chubbuck, July 15, 1974Committed suicide on airTuesday, July 15, 11:03:05am1
Archive: Robert Wadlow, July 15, 1940Tallest man who ever lived (8 ft, 11 inches)Tuesday, July 15, 11:01:39am1
Robert Roe, Ex- Congressman from New JerseyDead at 90Tuesday, July 15, 10:55:28am2
Billy Joel's momTonyTuesday, July 15, 10:50:38am6
Faraj al-Shibli, Suspect in 2012 Benghazi attack on US EmbassyFound deadTuesday, July 15, 10:48:40am1
Gary Lee, Longtime motor sports broadcasterDead at 63Tuesday, July 15, 10:47:18am1
Actor Philip DeWilde (1971-2014)CDHMonday, July 14, 07:42:28pm5
Happy 102nd Birthday! Singer Buddy Moreno, Scientist Jay Forrester is 96, Politician K.R.Gowri Amma is 95, (NT)jlpMonday, July 14, 07:02:35pm6
Howard Siler, Original coach of the Jamaican bobsled teamDead at 69Monday, July 14, 06:54:06pm2
TMZ reports: Dave Legeno is death!Harry Potter actorMonday, July 14, 06:52:04pm8
Martin Tahse, Emmy winning producerHas diedMonday, July 14, 06:51:17pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, July 14, 06:51:17pm
Harlem Globetrotters' long-time foil, "Coach" Red Klotz93Monday, July 14, 04:34:25pm4
OT: Former President George W. BushUndergoes Partial Knee Replacement SurgeryMonday, July 14, 01:06:52pm1
Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Prize-winning authorDead at 90Monday, July 14, 12:43:07pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 14, 12:43:07pm
Alice Coachman Davis, 1st black woman to win Olympic gold, dies at 90CDHMonday, July 14, 12:40:47pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 14, 12:40:47pm
Thousands of Miami Heat fans have been seriously injured falling off the team bandwagon!! (NT)LeBron James returns to ClevelandMonday, July 14, 06:38:36am7
Healthwath: Daryl Dragon, aka the Captain of Captain & TenillecHas debilitating neurological diseaseMonday, July 14, 05:54:41am7
Dead Body Falls out of Coroner Van, Lands in RoadFEASTERVILLE, PaSunday, July 13, 08:45:47pm1
Lorin Maazel dead at 84 (NT)ConductorSunday, July 13, 06:19:03pm4
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Peggy Blythe, Writer Marcia Brown is 96, Politician Hau Pei-tsun is 95, Dancer Anna Halpin is 94, Danish PM Anker Jorgensen is 92, (NT)jlpSunday, July 13, 03:48:26pm5
Healthwatch: Bobby BrownLeaves New Edition tour for medical reasonsSunday, July 13, 01:27:28pm1
Anna Lois Henderson, One of the Oldest AmericansDead at 114Sunday, July 13, 01:05:56pm2
Kenneth Gray, Ex- US congressman (D, Illinois)Dead at 89Sunday, July 13, 12:50:48pm2
Tommy Ramone, the last surviving original member of punk band the Ramones, dies aged 62ErikSunday, July 13, 12:13:14pm10
Archive: Bob Crane, June 29, 1978ActorSunday, July 13, 11:15:08am10
John Spinks from the band The Outfield dies at age 60BuddySaturday, July 12, 11:51:26pm3
Actor Bob Cawley (1928-2014)CDHSaturday, July 12, 11:18:00pm2
  • IMDb Link -- CDH, Saturday, July 12, 11:18:00pm
Actor Gary Hollis (1940-2014)CDHSaturday, July 12, 04:28:23pm7
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Seisuke Okuno, Basketball's Charlie Hoefer is 97, WW2 Military Figure Luigi Gorrini is 97, Novelist Doris Grumback is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, July 12, 04:25:19pm7
Bob Hastings, "McHale's Navy" actorDead at 89Saturday, July 12, 04:24:08pm16
Actor S. Marc Jordan 1931-2014CDHSaturday, July 12, 02:45:11pm6
Charlie Haden, Jazz bassistDead at 76Saturday, July 12, 12:05:11pm6
Ray Lonnen, British actorDead at 74Saturday, July 12, 11:52:06am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, July 12, 11:52:06am
Louis Nigro, Father of singer- songwriter Laura Nyro (died 1997)Dead at 98Saturday, July 12, 11:48:54am2
Historically: at what time does the "In Memoriam" segment run (in PT or otherwise) .. does anyone know? (NT)Ed TraceyFriday, July 11, 10:55:29pm36
John Seigenthaler, Journalist, author, confidant of Robert KennedyDead at 86Friday, July 11, 04:31:09pm4
Happy 98th Birthday! Politician Gough Whitlam, Lawyer/Educator Mortimer Caplin is 98, 1936 Olympic Athlete Hans Maier is 98, Author Richard Pipes is 91, Actor Tab Hunter turns 83. (NT)jlpFriday, July 11, 12:57:59pm7
Healthwatch: Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto (Yellow magic Orchestra, film scores)Throat cancerFriday, July 11, 12:24:24pm2
Archive: Laurence Kerr Olivier, July 11, 1989ActorFriday, July 11, 11:58:50am1
Archive: Savannah, July 11, 1994Adult film actressFriday, July 11, 11:42:48am1
Lewis Hall, Direct descendant of Lewis Morris, a New York signer of the Declaration of IndependenceDead at 85Friday, July 11, 11:35:12am2
Harry Potter actor David LegenoDeadFriday, July 11, 11:34:22am1
Dead: The Miami Heat - LeBron chooses to return to home town Cleveland Cavaliers. (NT)Bosh to Houston Next?Friday, July 11, 11:33:20am1
Baseball Player Don LenhardtDies at 91Friday, July 11, 11:30:09am2
Harry Whittaker, British child actorDead at 3Friday, July 11, 11:28:57am1
OT: Just flew in from Kauai, and boy are my arms tired! ...I was on same flight as musical producing idol of mine -Rick Rubin! ... theChroniclerFriday, July 11, 11:23:19am2
Happy 100th Birthday! Director Aage Jessen, Diplomat Dayton S. Mak is 97, Journalist James Aldridge is 96, Professor Emeritus Frank L. Lambert is 96, Baron Mackie of Benshire is 95, (NT)jlpFriday, July 11, 10:26:08am12
TMZ reports Boyfriend of 'Glee' Star Becca Tobin Found Dead in Philly Hotel. ...Another who 'checked out' in hotel.Friday, July 11, 07:36:29am2
100 years ago, on July 11, 1914, 19-year-old George Herman “Babe” Ruth played his first major league baseball game as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. (NT)The Sultan of SwatThursday, July 10, 06:22:09pm1
Zohra Sehgal, Indian actress, dies at 102EricThursday, July 10, 06:11:05pm4
Eileen Ford, Founder of Ford Modeling AgencyDead at 92Thursday, July 10, 04:13:18pm3
Ken Thorne, Oscar winning film composerDead at 90Thursday, July 10, 04:10:39pm4
Healthwatch: AC/DC's Malcom YoungHospitalizedThursday, July 10, 01:06:47pm1
Archive: Rod Steiger, July 9, 2002ActorThursday, July 10, 12:32:55pm6
Actress Rosemary Murphy dies at 87CDHThursday, July 10, 11:34:16am9
Jackson Beale, Worked behind the scenes on such shows as “House,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “True Blood”Dead at 46Wednesday, July 09, 06:22:10pm1
Happy 96th Birthday! Yachtman Czeslaw Marchaj, Businessman Tor Tank-Nielsen is 96, Actor Ed Ames turns 87. (NT)jlpWednesday, July 09, 06:14:46pm6
Richard Jones, Voice of Disney's "Pinocchio"Dead at 87Wednesday, July 09, 06:13:16pm6
Archive: Isabel Sanford, July 9, 2004Played "Weezy"Wednesday, July 09, 02:59:16pm2
Healthwatch: Frank StalloneEnters rehabWednesday, July 09, 02:32:55pm1
Tom Veryzer, Baseball player (Detroit Tigers)Dead at 61Wednesday, July 09, 01:58:23pm2
Actor Joseph Alfasa 1914-2014jlpWednesday, July 09, 12:37:23pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, July 09, 12:37:01pm
    • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, July 09, 12:37:23pm
Country Music Singer Lois Johnson (Duet Partner of Hank Williams, Jr.)CDHWednesday, July 09, 08:59:44am3
Actress Lois Geary 1929-2014CDHWednesday, July 09, 08:53:26am3
  • photo -- Doc West, Monday, June 30, 05:17:03pm
    • Imdb -- Link, Monday, June 30, 05:20:16pm
et partner of Country Music Singer Lois Johnson (Duet partner of Hank Williams, Jr.)CDHWednesday, July 09, 06:00:59am2
Anyone hear anything about singer Cathy Brasher dying last year?She recorded as the Murmaids (after "Popsicles & Icicles")Tuesday, July 08, 10:38:04pm4
2 First Ladies died on July 8- Grace Coolidge (in 1957) & Betty Ford (in 2011) (NT).Tuesday, July 08, 06:45:11pm3
Actor Ed Morgan 1926-2013 (Don't know if this was already posted)CDHTuesday, July 08, 05:40:47pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, July 08, 05:40:47pm
Happy 99th Birthday! Artist Frank Calloway, Actress Jean Rouverol is 98, Politician Marion Hartzos Smoak is 98, WW2 Military Figure Arthur Bussecke is 96, Cartoonist Irwin Hasen is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, July 08, 04:43:08pm9
Richard Cowsill, twin brother of Bob Cowsill, and the Cowsills' road manager.Passed away in his sleepTuesday, July 08, 04:39:38pm11
Former actress Jane Poni Adams passes in May.Tuesday, July 08, 04:37:42pm3
Here's a good essay about Marty Allen & Steve RossiWorth it for the pic of Marty Allen with normal hair!Tuesday, July 08, 04:26:33pm1
Archive: Franciscus, July 8, 1991ActorTuesday, July 08, 03:32:17pm7
Actor Don Matheson ("Land of the Giants")1929-2014Tuesday, July 08, 01:42:06pm8
George Morrison, Acting Teacher to Gene Hackman, Edie Falco, othersDead at 96Tuesday, July 08, 01:40:14pm1
Michael Henry Wilson, Documentary filmmaker and authorDead at 67Tuesday, July 08, 01:37:47pm1
Hank LoConti, founder of the Cleveland Agora, dies at 84CDHTuesday, July 08, 01:24:00pm1
Former Idaho Governor John Evans Dies at 89CDHTuesday, July 08, 01:10:12pm1
Archive: Dick Sargent, July 8, 1994The second DarrenTuesday, July 08, 12:19:09pm3
Archive: Deborah Gail Stone, July 8, 1974Disneyland performer, killed on stageTuesday, July 08, 12:15:31pm1
Man dies after hot dog eating contestSuth DakotaTuesday, July 08, 11:37:21am2
Actor Vince Davis 1954-2014CDHMonday, July 07, 08:19:51pm2
  • IMDb -- CDH, Monday, July 07, 08:19:51pm
I'd be willing to bet that "Young Man With a Horn" (1950) is the earliest film with not one, not 2, but 3 major stars still living (NT)Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Doris DayMonday, July 07, 07:39:48pm7
Norman Sheffield, First manager of QueenDead at 75Monday, July 07, 06:26:35pm1
Happy 98th Birthday! Julia Ruth Stevens (Daughter of Babe Ruth ), Gov't Official William T. Coleman Jr. is 94, Golfer Sandy Tatum is 94, Cinematographer David Samuelson is 90, (NT)jlpMonday, July 07, 03:42:08pm5
Actor Jimmy Hayes 1928-2014 (IMDb says he died in 2000)CDH (Sorry if already posted, search feature only goes back a few months)Monday, July 07, 01:58:08pm2
  • IMDb -- CDH, Monday, July 07, 01:58:08pm
Actor Robert Porter 1940-2014CDHMonday, July 07, 12:44:27pm3
Kathy Stobart, British Jazz musicianDead at 89Monday, July 07, 11:32:15am2
  • "Arbeia" -- Kathy Stobart, Monday, July 07, 11:32:15am
Dave Bickers, Motocross star and James Bond stuntmanDead at 76Monday, July 07, 11:29:18am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 07, 11:29:18am
Alfredo Di Stéfano, Soccer greatDead at 88Monday, July 07, 11:28:24am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 07, 11:28:24am
Eduard Shevardnadze dies aged 86SherlockMonday, July 07, 11:20:46am3
Happy 96th Birthday! Economist J. Dewey Daane, Military Figure Winton W. Marshall is 95, Actress Nancy Davis AKA Nancy Reagan is 93, Actor William Schallert is 92, Actress Dellas Reese turns 83. (NT)jlpSunday, July 06, 09:32:23pm12
Archive: Buddy Ebsen, July 6, 2003ActorSunday, July 06, 06:49:23pm3
OT: "Forrest Gump" premiered 20 years ago today"Life is just a box of choc- lates"Sunday, July 06, 06:16:51pm2
Archive: Mrs. Elva Miller, July 5, 1997"Singer"Sunday, July 06, 04:51:06pm7
Archive: Hartford circus fire, July 6, 1944An estimated 167-169 people died and more than 700 were injuredSunday, July 06, 03:51:50pm4
Alan Dixon, Ex- US Senator (D, Ilinois)Dead at 86Sunday, July 06, 03:24:25pm2
Arthur Gelb, Critic and Editor Who Shaped The NY TimesDead at 90Sunday, July 06, 02:21:34pm2
Sound editor Paul Apted diesSon of movie director Michael AptedSunday, July 06, 11:06:00am2
Healthwatch: Portia de RossiRecently entered rehabSaturday, July 05, 06:46:20pm1
Actress Katherine Helmond (“Who’s the Boss,” “Soap”) is 85 todayOther birthdays, July 5-Saturday, July 05, 06:26:58pm6
OT: Hard as it may be to believe, the pilot episode of "Seinfeld" aired 25 years ago today (NT)As "The Seinfeld Chronicles"Saturday, July 05, 04:14:10pm2
OT: 75 years ago today, one of the most famous speeches of all time"I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth..."Saturday, July 05, 04:09:22pm2
Archive: Mildred Dunnock, July 5, 1991ActressSaturday, July 05, 01:25:38pm2
Archive: Carole Landis, July 5, 1948ActressSaturday, July 05, 01:17:54pm1
Shirley "muggsy" Coates of Our Gang comedies is still alive.Setting the record straight (see story inside)Saturday, July 05, 01:14:22pm1
Interesting article on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both dying on 7/4/1826"Thomas Jefferson survives"Saturday, July 05, 12:03:15pm10
Kindergarten teacher stabbed to death in front of her classFranceSaturday, July 05, 11:40:02am1
Archive: Joan Crawford, May 10, 1977ActressSaturday, July 05, 05:26:21am9
OT: Gertrude Weaver, 116, named oldest person in US, 2nd oldest in worldArkansasFriday, July 04, 07:38:41pm6
Healthwatch: Tennis player Victoria DuvalHodgkin’s lymphoma cancerFriday, July 04, 06:51:45pm1
Healthwatch: Neymar - Brazil's best player and biggest starFractures vertebrae in Brazil's quarterfinal win over ColombiaFriday, July 04, 06:47:16pm1
Gerald Robinson, Catholic priest convicted of killing a nun in 1980Dead at 76Friday, July 04, 06:41:02pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Actor Otto Falvay, Poet Said Akl is 102, Politician James Harvey is 92, Cinematographer Stjepan Katusie is 90, Writer Delia Fiallo is 90, Actress Eva Marie Saint turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, July 04, 02:26:39pm5
Paul S. Amos, a Co-Founder of AflacDead at 88Friday, July 04, 12:22:37pm1
Lou Brown, father of Nicole Brown Simpson, dead at 90 ToddFriday, July 04, 12:17:18pm1
You heard of that dad who left his infant son in a hot car to boil to death?I say execute him the same way!Friday, July 04, 11:49:56am1
Richard Mellon Scaife, Billionaire famous for attacks against Bill ClintonDead at 82Friday, July 04, 11:38:13am4
Michael Burrell, who played the headmaster in Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' (1982), has died aged 77.DialMForMoviesFriday, July 04, 11:30:51am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, July 04, 11:30:51am
Betty Cody, Country singerDead at 92Friday, July 04, 11:30:12am4
OT: Healthwatch: Rolf Harris ("Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport") , 84, could spend the rest of his life in prisonGuilty of sex crimesFriday, July 04, 09:58:47am9
OT: Can I ask a serious question - what is with the Twilight Zone obsession?Serious QuestionFriday, July 04, 06:40:05am16
Paul Horn - Grammy-winning Jazz Flutist dies at 84CDHThursday, July 03, 07:58:34pm4
Somewhat OT: American Apparel Apologizes for Sharing Picture of Challenger Explosion to Celebrate Fourth of JulyGave the obligatory apologyThursday, July 03, 07:45:02pm1
James Harness, regularly appeared on reality show "Gold Rush", dies at 57RussThursday, July 03, 06:46:54pm1
Archive: Amelia Earhart, JUly 2, 1937AviatorThursday, July 03, 06:43:29pm5
Archive - Johnny Russell, Country Singer-Songwriter Wrote "Act Naturally"CDHThursday, July 03, 05:27:31pm2
Archive: Jim Backus, July 3, 1989Mr. Howell, Mr. MagooThursday, July 03, 05:13:17pm4
Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones died July 3, 1969. And Jim Morrison of the Doors died July 3. 1971 (NT)RIP, guysThursday, July 03, 05:09:26pm5
Archive: Ross Martin, July 3, 1981ActorThursday, July 03, 05:09:16pm7
Archive: James Daly, July 3, 1978ActorThursday, July 03, 04:50:49pm2
Louis Zamperini, WW2 prisoner of war, Olympian and subject of upcoming film 'Unbroken', has died at 97.DialMForMoviesThursday, July 03, 04:24:23pm4
Happy 98th Birthday! Basketball's John Kundla, Astronomer Walter H. Haas is 97, Anthropologist Paul Gebhard is 97, Academic President Albert N. Whiting is 97, Cartoonist Andre Harvec turns 96. (NT)jlpThursday, July 03, 04:03:43pm4
Five Years Ago: John A. Keel DiesFamed author of The Mothman PropheciesThursday, July 03, 02:19:20pm1
Healthwatch: Billy Talbot, Bassist for Neil Young and Crazy HorseSuffers strokeThursday, July 03, 01:11:30pm1
Hi- Five singer in custody after wife found deadHouston, TexasThursday, July 03, 11:38:53am2
Writer Walter Dean Myers has died. When my son was younger he received MONSTER for Christmas one year. I read it after him. Great book.NikThursday, July 03, 11:25:01am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, July 03, 11:25:01am
Jim Brosnan baseball relief pitcher and "writer", wrote The Long SeasonNikThursday, July 03, 11:23:54am3
Composer Mitzie Welch ("The Carol Burnett Show") Dies at 82CDHThursday, July 03, 11:21:05am5
Famous People In CasketDer BingleThursday, July 03, 08:31:09am3
Chad Brown has diedHe was 52Wednesday, July 02, 02:38:26pm4
Archive: Michael Landon - July 1, 1993 - and yes, Gone Too Soon!SharonWednesday, July 02, 01:57:33pm6
Kenny Kingston, "Psychic to the stars"Dead at 87Wednesday, July 02, 01:17:52pm3
Stephen Gaskin, Founder of 'The Farm", one of the US's oldest surviving communesDead at 79Wednesday, July 02, 01:08:33pm1
Golfer, Errie Ball who played in First Masters..80 years agoDies at 103Wednesday, July 02, 12:27:30pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Ashalata Wabgaonkar, 8th Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley is 99, Fashion Designer Pierre Cardinb is 92, Actress Polly Holliday turns 77. (NT)jlpWednesday, July 02, 11:28:19am4
Healthwatch: Gregg AllmanHospitalizedWednesday, July 02, 11:26:14am1
Gilles Ségal - last surviving cast member of Topkapi (1964) has died. Played mute acrobat GiulioDialMForMoviesWednesday, July 02, 11:14:03am3
Former Child Actress Terry Burnham 1949-2013 (Starred in the TZ episode "Nightmare as a Child")CDHWednesday, July 02, 11:06:22am3
Healthwatch: JP Morgan CEO Jamie DimonThroat CancerWednesday, July 02, 07:56:53am1
OT: April/May were such slow celeb-death times. BUT recently, ...Ann B. Davis, Don Zimmer, Maya Angelou, Carla Laemmle, Bob Welch, Marilyn Beck, Martha Hyer, Jimmy Scott, Ruby Dee, and Ultra Violet! (NT)...And now Casey Kasem, in the first 2 weeks of June 2014!Wednesday, July 02, 01:11:59am4
Do you think when Kirk Douglas dies, he'll get the obits he deserves, or will the media give it short shrift, like they do with most folks who die in their 90's??Tuesday, July 01, 07:42:16pm6
Jeffrey Ressner, Writer for Time, Rolling Stone, Us WeeklyDead at 56Tuesday, July 01, 07:06:44pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, July 01, 07:06:44pm
Former baseball executive Frank Cashen91Tuesday, July 01, 06:01:32pm2
Mick Jagger said about the Monty Python reunion, 'Just a bunch of wrinkly old men"Charlie WattsTuesday, July 01, 05:51:38pm3
Director and screenwriter Paul Mazursky dies at 84CDHTuesday, July 01, 04:05:19pm7
OT: Healthwatch: What is left of Chuck Berry's careerWarning: this is sad and hard to watchTuesday, July 01, 01:53:09pm14
Archive: Wolfman Jack, July 1, 1995Howlin' radio deejayTuesday, July 01, 10:56:28am2
Archive: Robert Mitchum, July 1, 1997ActorTuesday, July 01, 10:54:12am2
Happy 100th Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Thomas Pearson, Actress Olivia de Havilland is 98, Mathematician Dorothy Maharam is 97, Politician T. N. Viswanatha is 95, (NT)jlpTuesday, July 01, 10:51:14am7
Frank Robinson, Wrote "THe Glass Inferno" (filmed as 'The Towering Inferno")Dead at 87Tuesday, July 01, 10:43:12am7
Patricia Joyce Tiernan Cox Shapiro 82 widow of actor Wally Cox (1924-1973)According to IMDB under trivia facts died October 7, 2013.Tuesday, July 01, 07:59:53am5
Actor Neal Arden 1909-2014jlpMonday, June 30, 07:50:51pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, June 30, 07:50:51pm
Actress Gail Grate 1959-2014CDHMonday, June 30, 05:19:10pm2
Former Dodgers and Twins Pitcher Bobby Castillo dies at 59CDHMonday, June 30, 04:11:16pm4
Today's birthdays, June 30-Happy birthdays!Monday, June 30, 03:56:13pm4
Archive - Gale GordonJune 30, 1995Monday, June 30, 03:50:36pm4
Archive: Buddy Hackett, June 30, 2003ComedianMonday, June 30, 03:50:07pm1
Archive: Gale Gordon, June 30, 1995Blustery character actorMonday, June 30, 02:58:41pm1
Archive: George (Spanky) McFarland, June 30, 1993Little RascalMonday, June 30, 02:57:43pm1
Archive: Alberta King, June 30, 1974Mother of MLK, also murderedMonday, June 30, 02:43:23pm2
Philip Lutzenkirchen, 23, member of Auburn's 2010 college football championship team, killed in car crashRussMonday, June 30, 02:33:47pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, June 30, 02:33:47pm
Robert Downey Jr.'s 20-year-old son arrested for cocaine possessionLike father, like son...think about it, won't you?Monday, June 30, 11:18:59am2
Meshach TaylorStephMonday, June 30, 10:17:53am31
Healthwatch: Famed ufologist, TV commentator Stan Friedman suffers heart attackin New Brunswick, CanadaMonday, June 30, 03:38:04am1
Archive: Jayne Mansfield, June 29, 1967ActressMonday, June 30, 02:24:09am8
Archive: Roscoe C. "Fatty" Arbuckle, June 29, 1933ComedianSunday, June 29, 05:52:58pm4
Healthwatch: Actress Sylvia MilesHospitalizedSunday, June 29, 05:51:27pm4
Did anyone here post about actor Victor Izay? He has extensive list of credits on IMDbSupposedly died Jan 20, 2014 at age 90 but I can't find anything that confirms it.Sunday, June 29, 03:38:46pm6
BREAKING: R&B great Bobby WomackHe was 70Sunday, June 29, 11:47:50am18
Healthwatch: Pope FrancisCancels 3 events due to illnessSunday, June 29, 11:43:21am4
Happy 97th Birthday! Politician Ling Yum, WW2 AF Figure Frances W. Nye is 96, WW2 Military Figure Gene La Rogue is 96, WW2 Military Figure John Vessey Jr. is 92, (NT)jlpSunday, June 29, 11:41:36am6
love the latest memorial photo - one of my all time favorite actors (NT)wWDISunday, June 29, 11:24:32am2
OT: I was wondering: is the Harris on here (NT)the same one who writes the obituary books each yearSaturday, June 28, 09:02:49pm23
Healthwatch: Fan hit by lightning prior to Columbus Crew soccer match, which was postponedCritical conditionSaturday, June 28, 08:09:51pm1
Former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker has diedwWDISaturday, June 28, 06:06:55pm12
Frank Sutton and Rod Serling both died on this date--one year apart (NT)Sutton in '74, Serling the following yearSaturday, June 28, 05:48:18pm13
Anne G. Sterling, Wolf Man (1941) actress (NT)March 12,2014 .. didn't see it listed beforeSaturday, June 28, 02:26:13pm4
Robert Gardner, Documentary filmmakerDead at 88Saturday, June 28, 02:14:17pm1
archive: Archduke Franz Ferdinand, June 28, 1914His murder set off WW 1Saturday, June 28, 02:09:28pm2
Happy 98th Birthday! Baron Frizgerald, Actor Peter Thomas is 90, Actor Marvin Silbersher is 90, Comedian/Producer/Director/Actor Mel Brooks turns 88. (NT)jlpSaturday, June 28, 12:43:17pm3
Archive: Jack Lemmon, June 27, 2001ActorSaturday, June 28, 09:10:39am3
Healthwatch: Actress Elena Verdugo ("Marcus Welby")Tabloid says she's dyingFriday, June 27, 05:12:51pm3
Archive: John Entwistle, June 27, 2002Bassist for the WhoFriday, June 27, 04:30:13pm2
Happy 100th Birthday! Ceramicist Rose Cabat, Actor Jos Borelli is 100, Director Antonio Attanasi is 100, Activist Grace Lee Boggs is 99, Rugby Player Marcel Volot is 97, (NT)jlpFriday, June 27, 04:24:57pm8
OT: The "You are missing the video converter" Google adsHave you downloaded it? Is it safe?Friday, June 27, 04:17:02pm2
Betty Jane Bassett, Mother of actress Angela BassettDead at 78Friday, June 27, 04:15:38pm1
RIP Peter de Rome, The 'Grandfather of Gay Porn'Indie Wire (blog)Friday, June 27, 01:27:37pm5
Mental healthwatch: Fading actor Shia La BeoufArrested for criminal trespass, harassment, and disorderly conductFriday, June 27, 01:21:48pm2
OT: Film historian John Cocchi missingLast seen Apr. 16thFriday, June 27, 01:13:37pm5
OT: Amelia Earhart flies again!Namesake will circle GlobeFriday, June 27, 12:13:18pm5
Rollin King, co-founder of Southwest Airlines, has died.Obit inside. Dallasnews.comFriday, June 27, 11:44:05am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, June 27, 11:44:05am
Steve Viksten Dead: 'Hey Arnold!' Voice Actor Dies At 54The Huffington Post | By Tyler McCarthyFriday, June 27, 11:42:56am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, June 27, 11:42:56am
Gina Collens, ActressDead at 90Friday, June 27, 11:42:02am7
Mark Mayfield - Tea Partier who posted photos of Thad Cochran's bedridden wifeDead at 58 - suicideFriday, June 27, 11:41:19am2
Etta Hulme, acclaimed Star-Telegram cartoonist, diesFort Worth Star TelegramThursday, June 26, 06:05:22pm1
Lillian Feldshuh, Mother of actress Tovah FeldshuhDead at 103Thursday, June 26, 04:52:36pm2
Bob Mischak, Football player (New York Giants, New York Titans, Oakland Raiders).Dead at 81Thursday, June 26, 04:32:23pm2
Happy 104th Birthday! Philanthropist Margaret Dunning, Historian George Athan Billias is 95, Painter Joe Lasker is 95, Makeup Artist Dick Smith is 92, Actress Leah Weatherby turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, June 26, 04:23:57pm7
Broadway Composer Mary Rodgers Guettel Passes Away at 83TonyThursday, June 26, 02:23:35pm4
Johnnie M. Walters, I.R.S. Chief Resisted Nixon’s PressureDead at 94Thursday, June 26, 01:32:40pm2
Cliff Dunn, Member of the Dreamlovers, sang back up on "The Twist"Died June 22ndThursday, June 26, 01:28:21pm2
Lee McBee, Blues musicianDead at 63Thursday, June 26, 11:51:24am1
Julius Rudel, Grammy winning orchestra conductorDead at 93Thursday, June 26, 11:47:26am1
Actor Jacques Begerac Dies at 87CDHThursday, June 26, 09:53:41am6
Legendary Actor Eli WallachDies at 98Thursday, June 26, 09:51:13am22
Pete Special, Was in a band with John BelushiDead at 62Wednesday, June 25, 06:22:38pm2
Husband of "America's Next Top Model" contestant kills self, weeks after wife spotted hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprioCalif.Wednesday, June 25, 04:00:08pm1
Shogo Kubo, Skateboarding legend whose crew was immortalized in the movie "Dogtown and Z-Boys"Dead at 54Wednesday, June 25, 03:57:52pm1
Five years ago today, Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett died (NT)5 years!Wednesday, June 25, 01:54:18pm10
Archive: John Fiedler, June 25, 2005Meek charcter actorWednesday, June 25, 01:06:43pm3
Archive - Jackie Gleason (The Great One)June 24, 1987Wednesday, June 25, 11:35:44am12
John McClure, Grammy winning record producerDead at 84Wednesday, June 25, 11:27:43am2
Happy 97th Birthday! Author Claude Seignolle, British Intelligence Director Arthur Bonsall is 97, Songwriter Sid Tepper is 96, Actress (Silent) Lassie Lou Ahern is 94, (NT)jlpWednesday, June 25, 11:24:30am4
Survivor contestant Caleb Bankston diesAt 26Wednesday, June 25, 11:16:08am4
100th Birthday of Frances Oldham Kelsey, Who Prevented The Thalidomide Tragedy in the US.Larry GevirtzWednesday, June 25, 11:13:52am2
Actor Leonard Simon1936-2014Wednesday, June 25, 08:15:57am4
Woman killed en route to bachelorette party. ... theChroniclerWednesday, June 25, 12:08:36am1
Writer Karen Sykes disappears on Mt. RainierWashingtonTuesday, June 24, 08:29:40pm5
45 Years AgoDer BingleTuesday, June 24, 08:18:21pm11
Happy 97th Birthday! Chess Master Cesar Boutteville, Political Scientist David Easton is 97, Actor Al Molinaro is 95, General Earl E. Anderson is 95, (NT)jlpTuesday, June 24, 07:08:41pm10
Terry Richards - the swordsman famously shot by Indiana Jones in 'Raiders', has died.DialMForMoviesTuesday, June 24, 05:51:11pm5
Amadee Wohlschlaeger, CartoonistDead at 102Tuesday, June 24, 03:58:58pm1
Healthwatch: Former U.S. Attorney General & former Pennsylvania Governor Dick ThornburghSuffers strokeTuesday, June 24, 03:47:08pm1
Felix Dennis, Flamboyant builder of magazine empire, including "Maxim"Dead at 67Tuesday, June 24, 03:39:58pm1
Archive: Brian Keith, June 24, 1997ActorTuesday, June 24, 03:37:15pm7
Archive: Paul Winchell , June 24, 2005Actor, ventriloquistTuesday, June 24, 11:45:53am2
Archive: David Tomlinson, June 24, 2000ActorTuesday, June 24, 11:43:29am2
Healthwatch: Jailed football player Aaron HernandezBriefly hospitalizedTuesday, June 24, 11:34:57am1
Healthwatch: Ex- GMA host Joan LundenCancerTuesday, June 24, 11:32:56am1
June 24th: Anniversary for ufologists' deathsIn 2014, 67th birthday of start of "flying saucer" era in 1947Tuesday, June 24, 10:10:49am2
Comedian Steve RossiDies at 82Tuesday, June 24, 01:22:06am11
Folk Singer & Guitarist Dylan ToddDies at 89Monday, June 23, 07:01:48pm2
Family and friends honor Casey Kasem at memorial service. ...People.comMonday, June 23, 05:13:13pm4
Darn CaptchaHow can I enter the text when there isn't any?Monday, June 23, 05:06:51pm5
Teenie Hodges, Songwriter ("Take Me to the River", "Love & Happiness")Dead at 68Monday, June 23, 11:36:13am2
Happy 98th Birthday! '60,'64 Olympic Athlete Hans Mohr, Band Leader Al G. Wright is 98, Politician Paul Findley is 93, Actor Jacques Foto is 90, Actress Zofia Stefanska turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, June 23, 11:21:10am2
Sody Clampett, Widow of Bob Clampett ("Beanie & Cecil")Has diedMonday, June 23, 11:19:36am3
Cryptozoology Forum's Gerry Bacon Diesat 59Monday, June 23, 09:17:14am1
Jazz Saxophonist Johnnie Gray dies at 94Played on Sgt Pepper LpMonday, June 23, 03:27:19am1
Happy 98th Birthday! Novelist Helen Norris, Advertising Executive Lester Wunderman turns 94. (NT)jlpSunday, June 22, 04:32:41pm8
Fouad Ajami, 68, Middle East scholar and Hoover Institution senior fellowStatement by John Raisian, Director of the Hoover Institution, Stanford UniversitySunday, June 22, 04:32:22pm1
James Nelson, Sound editor, producer ("The China Syndrome")Dead at 82Sunday, June 22, 04:26:28pm3
Nate EsformesJobeSunday, June 22, 03:30:00pm4
Archive: Carroll O'Connor,June 21, 2001Played Archie BunkerSunday, June 22, 12:14:44pm5
Healthwatch: Percy SledgeCancels concert due to illnessSunday, June 22, 11:40:01am1
Healthwatch: Merry Clayton, Backup singer for the Rolling Stones, member of Ray Charles's RaelettesCar crashSunday, June 22, 11:39:08am1
Jimmy C. Newman, long-time Grand Ole Opry star86Sunday, June 22, 11:35:52am4
Healthwatch: Pope Francis, who excommunicated all members of the Italian Mafia.Nice knowin' ya!Sunday, June 22, 06:33:13am3
Horace Silver, Jazz musicianDead at 85Saturday, June 21, 08:18:59pm14
Happy 97th Birthday! Politician Peter Sim, Mountaineer Dee Molenaar is 96, Race Car Champion Landy Scott is 95, Sound Tech Taisto Lindegren is 90, Actor Gyorgyi Fay is 90, Actor Jean Vilmont turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, June 21, 06:34:28pm6
Healthwatch: Football player Jim McMahonEarly onset dementiaSaturday, June 21, 04:42:33pm1
Archive: James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael "Mickey" Schwerner, June 21, 1964Murdered Civil Rights workersSaturday, June 21, 04:30:22pm3
Actress Patsy Byrne dies. ...1933-2014Saturday, June 21, 03:09:43pm4
Healthwatch: Ex- DWTS co- host Samantha HarrisCancer has spreadSaturday, June 21, 01:57:16pm1
Mickey Deems - Comedian and Actor who starred in the comedy series "Mack & Myer for Hire", died April 14, 2014HarrisSaturday, June 21, 12:03:23pm23
Gerry Conlon, Wrongly jailed for 15 years for pub bombingDead at 60Saturday, June 21, 11:28:12am2
Nate Estimada -- One of the stars of the male revue "Men of the Strip"Suicide (drove off cliff)Saturday, June 21, 11:26:42am1
Healthwatch: Tracy Morgan in critical condition after car crashCNN ReportsSaturday, June 21, 02:23:40am15
Health update: Glen CampbellCondition deterioratesFriday, June 20, 05:53:44pm3
Anthony Goldschmidt, Designer of Iconic Movie PostersDead at 72Friday, June 20, 04:48:07pm2
Heatlhwatch: Dan Dotson of "Storage Wars"Double brain aneurysmFriday, June 20, 02:55:30pm1
Healthwatch: Georgia Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in the PenisDarwin callingFriday, June 20, 11:53:24am8
Composer Johnny Mann1928-2014Friday, June 20, 11:28:40am15
Man kills self at Arlington National CemeteryArlington, Va.Friday, June 20, 11:25:53am1
Dr. Lorna Wing, Broadened views of autism, coined "Asperger's Syndrome"Dead at 85Friday, June 20, 11:24:20am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, June 20, 11:24:20am
Happy 100th Birthday! Archaeologist Muazzez Ilmiye Cig, Memorist Clarissa Eden is 94, Historian Peter Gay is 91, Sculptor Fritz Koenig turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, June 20, 11:17:27am3
OT: What exactly is a "Darwin Award"?Francis (I wish to be enlightened so that I can "lighten up")Friday, June 20, 11:16:11am2
Songwriter Gerry Goffin1939-2014Friday, June 20, 11:14:58am13
John Ruthell Henry, Executed, 3rd executon this weekFloridaFriday, June 20, 11:13:21am1
Healthwatch: Harrison Ford rushed to hospitalDuring filming of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’Friday, June 20, 11:11:04am11
Kevlar inventor Stephanie Kwolek has died.She was 90. AP obit inside.Friday, June 20, 11:09:34am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, June 20, 11:09:34am
OT: What exactly is a "Darwin award"? (NT)Francis (I wish to be enlightened so I canFriday, June 20, 11:02:23am2
Bigfoot on the East Coast's Rick Berry DiesSuddenly, one day before 51st birthdayFriday, June 20, 04:05:04am1
Archive: June 19, 1964- Sen. Ted Kennedy votes in favor of the Civil Rights Act, then boards a planeIt crashes, 2 die, Kennedy severely injuredThursday, June 19, 06:06:21pm1
Barry Moss, Broadway & TV Casting director, was Adam Sandler's first managerDead at 74Thursday, June 19, 06:01:16pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 19, 06:01:16pm
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Olympe Amaury, Religious Figure Paivo Parvianen is 102, Actress Emlen Davies is 98, Historian Lee Fries Dinsmore is 98, Director Katherine Stenholm is 97, (NT)jlpThursday, June 19, 04:54:04pm7
Jeffrey Wickham, British actorDead at 80Thursday, June 19, 11:40:21am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 19, 11:40:21am
Gloryette Clark - Film & TV Editor/Director1934-2014Thursday, June 19, 11:27:41am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 19, 11:27:41am
Charles Barsotti, Cartoonist for the New YorkerDead at 80Thursday, June 19, 06:09:13am3
Richard Durrett, Reporter for ESPNDead at 38Wednesday, June 18, 05:29:11pm2
New dad shot and killed at celebration for his newborn's homecomingTellerWednesday, June 18, 04:21:04pm1
Healthwatch: DWTS dancer Mark BallasMotorcycle accidentWednesday, June 18, 04:02:39pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Dzogchen Master, Chatral Rinpoche, Composer Romsan Toi is 98, Religoius Figure Gardner C. Taylor is 96, Painter Gordon A. Smith is 95, Director Rolf von Sydow turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, June 18, 02:07:57pm5
Marcus Wellons, ExecutedGeorgiaWednesday, June 18, 02:04:44pm1
Archive: Alan Berg, June 18, 1984Murdered radio hostWednesday, June 18, 12:21:21pm1
Jimmy Scott, Jazz singerDead at 88Wednesday, June 18, 01:29:27am5
Happy 99th Birthday! '36 Olympic Athlete Ernst Berndt, Rugby Official Bernard Marie is 96, Art Director Gene Allen is 96, Baron Barber of Tewesbury is 96, Painter Louis Nallaro is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, June 17, 11:36:12pm6
Actress Pauline Wagner 1910-2014, Fay Wray's stunt double in King Kong (1933)jlpTuesday, June 17, 07:19:02pm5
Stanley Marsh 3 dies at 76Creator of Cadillac RanchTuesday, June 17, 06:50:19pm1
Daniel Keyes wrote Flowers for Algernon, which became the movie Charly with Cliff Robertson and Claire Bloom.NikTuesday, June 17, 06:31:43pm17
Cameron Fox dies at age 36Gay Porn StarTuesday, June 17, 05:00:47pm3
Larry Zeidel, Hockey player (Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers)Dead at 86Tuesday, June 17, 04:26:00pm1
Stanley March 3, creator of "Cadillac Ranch"76Tuesday, June 17, 03:24:37pm2
  • Marsh (NT) -- Fatty Mc Fingers, Tuesday, June 17, 03:24:37pm
20 years ago today, OJ Simpson stopped being best known for football, "Naked Gun" movies, & Hertz Rent a Car ads (NT)Kato KaelinTuesday, June 17, 11:25:30am4
Healthwatch: Former Dallas Cowboy and Chicago Bear Marion BarberHospitalized for mental observationTuesday, June 17, 11:22:16am1
Parking garage where Bob Woodward met with Deep Throat to be torn downRosslyn, Va.Tuesday, June 17, 11:14:21am2
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Casey KasemOn son Mike Kasem's Facebook PageTuesday, June 17, 09:10:46am32
Tony Gwynn dead at 54 ToddMonday, June 16, 10:47:10pm8
Happy 94th Birthday! Theologian Franz Xaver Ertl, Politician Wayne Mixson turns 92. (NT)jlpMonday, June 16, 09:30:47pm8
Gustave Tassell, Jackie Kennedy wore his designsDead at 88Monday, June 16, 02:34:40pm2
William Roth, Shipping heir, ran for Calif. Governor in 1974, losing nomination to Jerry BrownDead at 97Monday, June 16, 02:28:06pm1
Raymond Fox age 98 Nascar owner Of 1960 Daytona winning car (NT)Lemnpiper (Nascar car owner trifecta inside )Monday, June 16, 02:13:11pm3
Radio Pioneer Tom Rounds (1936-2014)Rob DurkeeMonday, June 16, 07:14:07am6
Ultra Violet dies at 78 ToddSunday, June 15, 08:28:49pm3
Anyone know if actress Joyce Murray (b. 1911) is alive?QuestionSunday, June 15, 07:43:09pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Painter Czeslaw Szachnitowski, Dancer/Choreographer Nini Theilade is 99, Composer Horacio Salgan is 98, Psychiatrist Einfrid Perstolen is 97, (NT)jlpSunday, June 15, 06:06:24pm5
OT: Ohio grandma who shoved feces into girl's mouth sentenced to prisonGrandma's a real looker--NOTSunday, June 15, 04:05:06pm3
Rodney Thomas, Football player (Oilers, Titans and Falcons)Dead at 41Sunday, June 15, 11:11:22am1
Archive: Adlai E. Stevenson, June 14, 1914Vice- Pres. of USSunday, June 15, 11:05:23am4
Actor Francis Matthews Dies at 86Voice of "Captain Scarlet"Sunday, June 15, 11:03:34am4
Petty thief killed hours after jury accidently acquits him with wrong paperwork! ...Killed in family fight.Sunday, June 15, 11:02:33am2
Silent Film Actress Carla LaemmleDies at 104Sunday, June 15, 08:57:13am11
Who is pic? Is it DJ? (NT)XzSunday, June 15, 12:17:26am3
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Gisele Casadesus, Journalist Lise Norgaard is 97, Businessman Tom Forkner is 96, Politician Fernand Tardy is 95, Hockey's Jack Riley is 95, Architect Kevin Roche is 92, (NT)jlpSaturday, June 14, 04:40:38pm6
Archive: Henry Mancini, June 14, 1994Film, TV composerSaturday, June 14, 02:21:56pm4
Mark Balllinger, Baseball player ( Cleveland Indians, California Angels and Kansas City Royals)Dead at 65Saturday, June 14, 12:23:10pm5
British actor Sam Kelly dies aged 70.SherlockSaturday, June 14, 11:35:34am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, June 14, 11:35:34am
Former Steelers Coach Chuck NollDies at 82Saturday, June 14, 09:37:13am2
"Celebrities" whose reputation have been destroyed after death?SherlockSaturday, June 14, 07:42:49am36
Eddie Leroy; Blinky in the Bowery Boys series died on October 10, 1998 age 66Per SSDI; according to birth and census record born Leroy Edward Dubins January 2, 1932Friday, June 13, 06:23:05pm3
Archive: Darla Hood, June 13, 1979Little RascalFriday, June 13, 04:59:26pm1
Archive: Matthew Garber, June 13, 1977Child actor, "Mary Poppins"Friday, June 13, 04:58:08pm1
Eric Hill, Creator of Spot the DogDead at 86Friday, June 13, 04:47:45pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Yitzhak Pundak, Director Flippo Walter Ratti is 100, Lexicographer Barbara Reynolds is 100, Politician Ronald Henry Atkins turns 98, (NT)jlpFriday, June 13, 04:43:35pm4
Jim Keays, Australian musician (The Master's Apprentices)Dead at 67Friday, June 13, 12:37:11pm2
Kefee, gospel singer diesNever recovered from pregnancy comaFriday, June 13, 12:32:03pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, June 13, 12:32:03pm
Actress Veronica LazarDies at 75Friday, June 13, 12:30:46pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, June 13, 12:30:46pm
Anybody following the developments with poor Casey Kasem? Court battles continued this week - he's now off feeding tubes, etc.link insideFriday, June 13, 11:44:37am12
Richard Rockefeller, great-grandson of John D. RockefellerKilled in Plane CrashFriday, June 13, 10:52:21am3
Actress Ruby Dee1924-2014Friday, June 13, 04:22:46am18
Happy 100th Birthday! Actor Shep Houghton, Military Leader Oscar Mendoza Azurdia is 97, Journalist William Mandel is 97, Pianist Jan van Dijk is 96, Comedian Gordie Tapp is 92, (NT)jlpThursday, June 12, 07:14:48pm10
NASCAR Owner Junie DonlaveyDies at 90Thursday, June 12, 06:28:17pm4
Happy 101st Birthday! Businessman Jean Panhard, Chinese Go Master Go Seign is 100, Banker David Rockefeller is 99, Politician Raul H. Castro is 98, Artist Gottfied Honegger is 97, (NT)jlpThursday, June 12, 05:23:36pm10
Healthwatch: US Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R, Miss)Brain surgeryThursday, June 12, 12:06:34pm1
OT: John Adams, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, & tomorrow, George HW BushAll Presidents who lived to their 90'sThursday, June 12, 11:15:07am2
Happy 101st Birthday! Activist/Writer Elsie Tu, Activist George Houser is 98, Actor Gerorges Aubert is 97, WW2 Figure Erwin Kressmann is 96, Actress Younde Donlan i s94,. (NT)jlpThursday, June 12, 01:19:31am6
Carmelo Flores Laura, Old GuyPossibly 123, Likely 107Wednesday, June 11, 08:51:44pm1
Woman pinned, dies while directing 8-year-old to back vehicle out of drivewayI hate to sound cruel but this is a Darwin Award Candidate for sureWednesday, June 11, 08:32:52pm1
Cubie Burke, Member of the Five StairstepsDead at 49Wednesday, June 11, 07:06:47pm7
Great interview with Irving KahnThe oldest living person famous for something other than being oldWednesday, June 11, 06:40:02pm4
Happy 97th Birthday! Politician Fernand Bethouin, Politician Gerd Kirste is 96, Singer/Actress Patachou is 96, Finance Minister Esko Rekola is 95, TV Personality Maggie Griffin is 94, (NT)jlpWednesday, June 11, 06:33:41pm10
Healthwatch: Astronaut & US Sen. John GlennHas heart valve replacement surgeryWednesday, June 11, 06:22:37pm1
Tony Awards - In Memoriam segmentCreated but not shown publiclyWednesday, June 11, 04:41:54pm4
Archive: John Wayne, June 11, 1979ActorWednesday, June 11, 04:24:51pm12
Happy 99th Birthday! Composer Ebbe Grims-land, Dendrologist Bob Berry is 98, Mathematician Horst Schubert is 95, Director Tony Charmoli is 92, Politician Bernard F. Grabowski turns 91. (NT)jlpWednesday, June 11, 01:36:09pm5
Healthwatch: Red Sox hitting coach Greg ColbrunnSuffers strokeWednesday, June 11, 12:38:21pm1
Healthwatch: Husband of US Sen. Claire McCaskillHospitalizedWednesday, June 11, 12:36:45pm1
Healthwatch: Mea Deakin, 28, injured in drive-by shootingShe appeared in the "Real Housewives of Vancouver"Wednesday, June 11, 08:01:40am1
Former MLB Pitcher Bob WelchDies at 57Wednesday, June 11, 07:13:46am12
Oscar nominees (or winners) from 1950-1955 still livingTonyTuesday, June 10, 05:49:51pm5
Alan Douglas, Music producer (Jimi Hendrix)Dead at 81Tuesday, June 10, 04:36:00pm1
Two police officers and one civilian shot & killed by male- female duo, who then killed themselvesLas VegasTuesday, June 10, 11:19:47am2
Myles J. Ambrose, Nixn's first "Drug Czar"Dead at 87Tuesday, June 10, 11:18:18am2
Ilse von Glatz - Canadian Actress in the War of the Worlds TV series - died on May 2, 2014HarrisTuesday, June 10, 11:08:01am3
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, June 10, 11:07:17am
    • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, June 10, 11:08:01am
Actor Rik MayallDies at 56Tuesday, June 10, 07:18:22am8
Martha Hyer - Starred with Zsa Zsa Gabor in Picture Mommy Dead - died at 89HarrisMonday, June 09, 06:52:00pm6
Felisa Vanoff, Dancer, choreographer, theatrical producerDead at 89Monday, June 09, 06:23:00pm2
Happy 102nd Birthday! Ornithologist Phillip Hollom, Aircraft Designer Jean Delemontez is 96, Actor Tony Britton is 90, Happy Rockefeller turns 88. (NT)jlpMonday, June 09, 04:26:38pm7
Healthwatch: James WoodsHospitalizedMonday, June 09, 04:23:03pm3
Ann B. Davis1926-2014Monday, June 09, 02:35:19pm47
June 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of a murder that set off a world war, & the 20th anniversary of a double homicide.Monday, June 09, 12:58:36pm3
Healthwatch: Chevy Chase balloons to 300 lbs, was rushed to hospital in AprilWhat's wrong?Monday, June 09, 12:50:14pm4
Healthwatch: Writer Jeffrey ArcherProstate cancerMonday, June 09, 12:45:10pm1
Archive: D- DAY, June 6, 1944Normandy landingsMonday, June 09, 12:33:09pm6
OT: "Jurassic Park" actor arrested for rape, kidnapping of 13 year old girlLinkMonday, June 09, 11:38:17am1
Healthwatch: Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken RouenHospitalized after ATV accidentMonday, June 09, 11:34:57am1
Karen DeCrow, Ex- President of NOWDead at 76Monday, June 09, 11:20:09am3
OT: I'm planning to travel and need a good travel website -for mainly airfare deals. Any good PERSONAL recommondations? I tried main ones -Priceline, etc (NT) theChroniclerMonday, June 09, 06:01:19am3
Jayare, Rapper with Cali Swag DistrictDead at 25Sunday, June 08, 10:13:07pm3
Epainette Mbeki, Mother of South African Prime MinisterDead at 98Sunday, June 08, 07:44:35pm1
Alexander Imich, Oldest man in the worldDead at 111Sunday, June 08, 07:09:12pm4
, Jesse Davis Armistead, Buddy Holly's optometristDead at 98Sunday, June 08, 06:18:48pm3
OT: California Chrome's Triple Crown hopes ..... dead .....and thanks co-owner and sore loser Steve Coburn behavior, I am not disappointedSunday, June 08, 05:03:46pm6
OT: does anyone remember in the 1970's whenactor Jim Davis did a commercial for, I think a coffee..Sunday, June 08, 04:26:42pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Activist/Poet Kayyar Kinhanno Rai, Director Jean Dasque is 96, Lawyer Wladyslaw Siemaszko is 96, Russian Catholic Priest George (Bryanehabinov) is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, June 08, 04:19:38pm11
Sandi Fullerton, TV directorDied May 18thSunday, June 08, 03:55:08pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, June 08, 03:55:08pm
Bill Traut, President of Chicago's Dunwich and Wooden Nickel Records,Dead at 85Sunday, June 08, 12:11:57pm1
Healthwatch: WWE Hall of Famer Jim RossHospitalized for '"stroke-like symptoms"Sunday, June 08, 11:24:51am1
Jacques Herlin, French actorDead at 86Sunday, June 08, 11:15:09am2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, June 08, 11:15:09am
Healthwatch:South African Pres. Jacob ZumaHospitalizedSunday, June 08, 11:11:11am1
Jesus ‘Chucho’ Perales, Guitarist for Mando & the Chili PeppersDead at 78Sunday, June 08, 11:08:28am3
Cliff Severn - actor who played the bully who breaks Roddy McDowall's pencil box in HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY + famously is asked by Scrooge 'is it Xmas day?' in A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1938), has died.DialMForMoviesSaturday, June 07, 09:37:15pm3
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Sotomi Hara, Producer Arthur Gardner is 104, Baron Rochester is 98, Author/Detective Roger Berniche is 98, (NT)jlpSaturday, June 07, 02:39:09pm6
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