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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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OT: My dad goes to a doctor named Valeska Armisen. I jokingly asked him to ask her if she was related to Fred Armisen of SNL & Portlandia. He came back from a check up & told me she was his sister! (NT)DanTuesday, September 02, 06:44:33pm4
Archive: Russ Columbo, Sept. 2, 1934SingerTuesday, September 02, 06:35:05pm8
Archive: Jerry Reed, Sept. 1, 2008Singer, actorTuesday, September 02, 06:05:00pm5
Fatally stabbed K-9 Kye gets full burial honorsThe Happy ReaperTuesday, September 02, 06:00:49pm7
Dorothy Brock - b. 1920 - still alive?If so, she is another living silent film starTuesday, September 02, 05:47:32pm1
Happy 102nd Birthday! Physician Ingeborg Rapoport, Football's Don Lonney is 98, Dancer Marge Champion is 95, Politician Otis A. Leggett turns 95. (NT)jlpTuesday, September 02, 05:04:08pm8
OT: lack of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for those who postCan't anything be done?Tuesday, September 02, 04:56:09pm4
Happy 102nd Birthday! Actor Katsumi Tezuka, Writer Peter Stursberg is 101, Actor Alfredo Varelli is 100, WW2 Military Figure Heinrich Ruhl is 99, Politician James S. Wold is 98, (NT)jlpTuesday, September 02, 04:08:34pm9
Survivor Lead Singer Jimi JamisonDies at 63Tuesday, September 02, 03:48:27pm10
Gottfried John, German actor, appearded in James Bond film "GoldenEye"Dead at 72Tuesday, September 02, 03:31:06pm3
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, September 02, 03:29:29pm
Art Gallery artist/manager Alicia Louise Cipicchio, 29.At Burning ManTuesday, September 02, 03:00:07pm1
BREAKING: Steven Sotloff executed by Isis, with executioner mocking America and Obama (NT)This should never have happened.Tuesday, September 02, 01:42:15pm11
Archive: Alvin York, Sept. 2, 1964Hero of WW 1Tuesday, September 02, 01:28:28pm5
WW 2 began 75 years ago today (NT).Tuesday, September 02, 12:52:33pm9
Mike Majchrowitz, Fox News Radio’s White House CorrespondentDead at 51Tuesday, September 02, 12:31:56pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, September 02, 12:31:56pm
Claire Hersch Franklin, Bonnie Franklin's motherDead at 102 (in June)Tuesday, September 02, 12:24:02pm6
Cricketer Norman Gordon 1911-2014jlpTuesday, September 02, 11:25:28am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, September 02, 11:25:28am
BREAKING: Just heard on KCRW just now that legendary comedienne Joan Rivers has had a massive stroke and is in critical condition, with a poor outcome expected (NT)Will keep you updatedTuesday, September 02, 10:23:18am56
Ken Rees, inspiration for "The Great Escape", dies93Tuesday, September 02, 05:30:02am1
Archive: Terry, Sept. 1, 1945Played Toto in "Wizard of Oz"Monday, September 01, 04:25:48pm2
Happy 100th Birthday! Photographer Tsuneko Sasamoto, Cricketer Hirendranath Sadhu is 99, Tennis Player Dorothy Cheney is 98, Politician James D. Martin is 96, Earl of Lisburne is 96, (NT)jlpMonday, September 01, 02:54:49pm8
Carol Vadnais, Hockey player ( Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins, NY Rangers)Dead at 68Monday, September 01, 02:38:41pm3
Charles Bowden, Non-fiction writer and journalistDead at 69Monday, September 01, 12:31:23pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, September 01, 12:31:23pm
Archive: Martha, Sept. 1, 1914Last known living passenger pigeonMonday, September 01, 12:22:47pm4
Comic Book Artist Stan GoldbergDies at 82Monday, September 01, 12:14:09pm5
TMZ: Robin Williams -- Suicide Was 'Spontaneous' ... NOT Premeditated.BuckeyeSunday, August 31, 11:30:55pm13
Healthwatch: Owner of lost wallet stabs man who found itThanks--for nothingSunday, August 31, 09:01:34pm5
Is Mexican woman world's oldest?Claims she was born Aug. 31, 1887Sunday, August 31, 12:23:25pm1
Archive: Billy Laughlin, Aug. 31, 1948"Froggy" in the Little RascalsSunday, August 31, 12:09:24pm1
Actress Victoria Mallory Dies at 64 ToddSunday, August 31, 12:00:24pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, August 31, 11:59:50am
    • Pic -- Link, Sunday, August 31, 12:00:24pm
It was a Labor Day weekend, just like now, in 1997, when the news came that Princess Diana had been in a car crashToo soon, we learned she had diedSunday, August 31, 11:53:57am6
Al Carrell ( 1925-2014 )The Super HandymanSunday, August 31, 11:49:53am2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, August 31, 11:49:53am
Mary M. "Mig" MothersbaughMother of Devo's Mark MothersbaughSunday, August 31, 08:38:14am1
Man killed, two others injured in Wayne County golf cart crashOhioSunday, August 31, 08:35:26am1
Archive: Charles Bronson, Aug. 30, 2003Movie Tough GuySaturday, August 30, 08:02:46pm5
Archive: Johnny Burnette, Aug. 14, 1964MusicianSaturday, August 30, 06:05:23pm5
Customer dies by falling tiles at Menards in Chesterfield TownshipMichiganSaturday, August 30, 05:57:04pm1
Happy 97th Birthday! Politician Denis Healey, WW 2 Military Figure Horst Hermann is 96, Businessman Harold Atcherley is 96, WW 2 Military Figure Joachim Ronneberg is 95,, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 30, 05:41:45pm7
Archive: Abraham Zapruder, Aug. 30, 1970Filmed most famous home movie in historySaturday, August 30, 01:20:07pm2
Interesting that when Ed Wood's ex- wife, Norma McCarty died a few months ago, her death was reported in both Variety & the Hollywood Reporter. Neither paper reported Ed's death in 1978 (NT)Just shows how his fame has grown since then!Saturday, August 30, 12:47:36pm1
William Broad, Father of Billy IdolDead at 90Saturday, August 30, 12:41:26pm2
Glenn Cornick, Played bass for Jethro TullDead at 67Saturday, August 30, 11:30:31am4
any infoColtFriday, August 29, 10:54:46pm12
Happy 104th Birthday! Resistance Fighter Georges Loinger, Cinematographer Wolfgang Suschitzky is 102, Physicist Clemens C.J. Roothaan is 96, Historian Pierre Thillet is 96, Dancer Sono Osato is 95, (NT)jlpFriday, August 29, 05:16:20pm11
Larry Heath, TV Editor1925-2014Friday, August 29, 04:32:58pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, August 29, 04:32:58pm
Werner Franz, Last surviving Hindenburg crash crew member dies at 92CDHFriday, August 29, 04:31:24pm4
Trivia: Can you name the cast member of "The Munsters" who had a parent whose name appeared on US currency? (NT)I know, easy question!Friday, August 29, 12:56:52pm4
At age 116 years and 176 days, Misao Okawa has become the oldest verified Japanese person in recorded history.LgevirtzFriday, August 29, 12:50:02pm5
Emmy In Memoriam List44 names totalFriday, August 29, 12:48:01pm38
James H. Grohl, Journalist, father of Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)Dead at 75Friday, August 29, 11:39:37am1
Cold War spy John Walker dies in prisonHe was 77Friday, August 29, 11:29:46am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, August 29, 11:29:46am
Bill Kerr - one of the last members of Hancock Half Hour, and who spoke the first words, as the athletics coach, in Gallipoli (1981) has died.DialMForMoviesFriday, August 29, 11:10:44am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, August 29, 11:10:44am
Mystery Writer Jeremiah Healy, Creator of P.I. John Francis CuddyDies at 66Friday, August 29, 11:08:50am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, August 29, 11:08:50am
Never made it to board, but Mary Rodgers, 83, daughter of famed composer Richard Rodgers, died on June 26th. Noted writer and composer in her own rite. ... theChroniclerThursday, August 28, 11:33:09pm8
O/T - Maureen O'Hara and Harry Belafonte to receive Honorary OscarsAlso director Hayao Miyazaki and writer Jean-Claude CarrièreThursday, August 28, 11:20:40pm6
Healthwatch: Wrestler Jake "The Snake" RobertsHospitalized with double pneumoniaThursday, August 28, 05:18:39pm1
Happy 97th Birthday! Politician John R. Hansen, Emeritus Professor Bror Ole Wasz-Hocert is 96, Foreign Service Officer Jean Mary Wilkowski is 95, Football's Ben Agajanian turns 95. (NT)jlpThursday, August 28, 03:21:20pm6
OT: R.I.P. to 'common-law' status of celeb couple Brad & Angelina, as Pitt and Jolie marry before family and friends in sunny France. ...About time! Engaged 28 months!!Thursday, August 28, 01:10:45pm5
TV Writer Bill Stratton1930-2014Thursday, August 28, 11:45:57am3
Orlons lead singer Rosetta Hightower Green 70 died August 2, in London (NT)Listed at Wikipedia and at some BBC music sitesThursday, August 28, 10:43:57am10
Rosanna Rolle Carter 1918-?ColtThursday, August 28, 06:36:50am4
Tim "Rawbiz" Williams bassist for Suicidal Tendencies since 2011 has died (NT)According to the band's facebook page.Wednesday, August 27, 08:17:14pm3
Actor Stephen LeeDies at 58Wednesday, August 27, 07:47:21pm12
Healthwatch: Dusty Hill of ZZ TopInjured in fallWednesday, August 27, 06:45:35pm1
Archive: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Aug. 27, 1990GuitaristWednesday, August 27, 04:21:25pm1
Inmate dies after eating fellow prisoner’s underwearDarwin Candidate?Wednesday, August 27, 04:03:47pm6
Ex-Packers voice Ted MooreDies at 87Wednesday, August 27, 01:51:58pm1
Philippine de Rothschild, Scion of the vaunted winemaking familyDead at 80Wednesday, August 27, 01:00:27pm1
William Greaves, TV host and filmmakerDead at 87Wednesday, August 27, 12:58:25pm1
Cameraman for "Cops" TV show shot & killed filming shootoutOmaha, Neb.Wednesday, August 27, 11:54:33am4
Happy 102nd Birthday! Singer Leo Marjane, Sculptor Pierre Nocca is 98, Businessman Leo R. Futra is 95, Actor Max Brent turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, August 27, 11:29:03am3
Lyricist and composer Sandy Wilson dies aged 90 ToddWednesday, August 27, 11:22:07am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, August 27, 11:22:07am
2014 Emmy Memorial ReelLemnpiperWednesday, August 27, 07:03:47am25
Buddy MacMaster, Renowned fiddlerDead at 89Tuesday, August 26, 09:02:23pm3
Archive: Charles Lindbergh, Aug. 26, 1974AviatorTuesday, August 26, 07:47:47pm3
Trumpeter Warren "Porgy" JonesDies at 74Tuesday, August 26, 07:13:10pm1
Happy 104th Birthday! Artist Katherine Fryer, Writer Boris Pahor is 101, Writer Hutton Gibson is 96, Author Hap Gilliland is 96, Scientist Katherine Johnson is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, August 26, 04:42:57pm6
Tomorrow marks 50 years since LBJ was nominated for President, "Mary Poppins" was released, & Gracie Allen diedBig news dayTuesday, August 26, 04:40:14pm2
"Tommy" Talmadge Gough of the CrestsDeadTuesday, August 26, 04:36:24pm3
Buddy MacMaster, Renowned fiddlerDead at 89Tuesday, August 26, 01:25:04pm2
Healthwatch: Conrad Hilton (Brother of Paris)Seriously injured in car crashTuesday, August 26, 01:11:33pm1
Desmond O'Grady, Irish poet, appeared in film "La Dolce Vita"Has diedTuesday, August 26, 01:06:24pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 26, 01:06:24pm
Lyndam Gregory, ActorDead at 59Tuesday, August 26, 01:05:15pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, August 26, 01:05:15pm
Actor Richard Attenborough has died at age 90. (NT)BBC newsTuesday, August 26, 12:39:36pm21
Healthwatch: Joran Van der SlootOn hunger strikeTuesday, August 26, 12:05:41pm2
Healthwatch: Ex- FBI director Louis FreehHospitalized after car crashTuesday, August 26, 11:49:04am1
Archive - Stu Gilliam (1943-2013), Actor & frequent game show panelistDidn't see it posted hereTuesday, August 26, 11:42:58am4
World's tallest man Leonid Stadnyk dies at 44 was 8'5" (NT)Obituary at London Daily MirrorTuesday, August 26, 11:02:40am4
Archive - Actor Jon Locke (1927-2013)Another one I didn't see postedTuesday, August 26, 11:00:43am2
Leonid Stadnyk, world’s tallest man 8 feet, 5 inches, has died aged 44.The Happy ReaperTuesday, August 26, 10:23:04am2
Richard McKenzie Alive or Dead?ColtTuesday, August 26, 09:42:26am12
Archive--Laura Branigan 1957-2004jlpTuesday, August 26, 09:15:52am1
Seriously? Maya Angelou in the "In Memoriam" segment??? (NT)I forgot which TV show she was onMonday, August 25, 07:21:01pm4
California Earthquake ..... 6.0 .....many injuries but no deaths reported thus farMonday, August 25, 06:16:09pm11
Archive: George Lincoln Rockwell, Aug. 25, 1967American Nazi Party founderMonday, August 25, 04:04:18pm2
Florence McCoy, North Carolina's oldest residentDead at 113Monday, August 25, 12:13:58pm1
Jessie Tarantini Curry, One of Florida's oldest residentsDead at 109Monday, August 25, 12:12:52pm1
Healthwatch: MTV star Diem BrownColon CancerMonday, August 25, 12:09:09pm1
Healthwatch: Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown misses last nights pre-season game due to medical issues.BuckeyeMonday, August 25, 11:55:30am1
Happy 100th Birthday! Assistant Dir. Henry Silk, '48 Olympic Athlete Edrique Mendizabal is 96, '48 Olympic Athlete Jaap Rijks is 95, Judiciary Scholar Henry J. Abraham is 93 (NT)jlpMonday, August 25, 11:49:35am6
Archive; Ted Kennedy, Aug. 25, 2009US SenatorMonday, August 25, 11:29:06am4
Saddest year for the death of major Hollywood/film stars?SherlockMonday, August 25, 11:12:33am7
TV Director Bill DavisDies at 81Monday, August 25, 11:07:07am3
Anyone know if Long Dong Silver is still alive? (NT)Clarence T.Monday, August 25, 11:05:19am2
Question - is Bonar Bain still alive?Twin brother of Conrad BainMonday, August 25, 10:37:19am2
Eugenia M. "Gigi" Harris - mother of Emmylou HarrisDead at 92Sunday, August 24, 08:45:29pm1
Healthwatch: Museum of Modern Art intern Cindy YehBrain dead after falling off a roof while at a partySunday, August 24, 05:31:43pm1
Healthwatch: Suge Knight out of surgery after being shot six times at Hollywood nightclub party hosted by Chris BrownDeath Row Records founderSunday, August 24, 05:26:46pm5
Healthwatch: Southern Cal athletic director (and former quarterback) Pat HadenHospitalized twice in last two daysSunday, August 24, 04:58:02pm1
Astronaut Steven NagelDies at 67Sunday, August 24, 04:41:44pm10
John Sperling, Founder of Univ of PhoenixDead at 93Sunday, August 24, 04:33:29pm1
Archive: Gary Crosby, Aug. 24, 1995ActorSunday, August 24, 01:06:36pm4
Archive: Louis prima, Aug. 24, 1978MusicianSunday, August 24, 11:28:41am2
Archive: E. G. Marshall, Aug. 24, 1998ActorSunday, August 24, 11:26:31am1
Happy 101st Birthday! WW2 Resistance Fighter Dirk Heerlijn, Skier Dave McCoy is 99, Race Car Driver Marion MacDonald is 96, Cinematographer Lennart Nilsson turns 92. (NT)jlpSunday, August 24, 11:22:49am3
Healthwatch: Nicki Minaj back up dancer hospitalized after snake biteSnake was used in routineSaturday, August 23, 09:45:55pm5
Bluegrass musician Greg Corbett has passed away, played banjo for several bands including The Country Gentlemen.No link but I knew him personally.Saturday, August 23, 08:10:37pm1
John Blake Jr., Versatile Jazz ViolinistDead at 67Saturday, August 23, 06:33:14pm2
Jean Redpath, Scottish folk singerDead at 77Saturday, August 23, 06:31:57pm2
OT: 200 years ago today, with the British nearing Wash., DC,, Dolley Madison flees the White HouseTaking only Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington with herSaturday, August 23, 06:16:30pm2
Michael A. Hoey, Screenwriter, producer, son of Dennis hoey ("Lestrade" in the Sherlock Holmes films with Basil Rathbone)Dead at 79Saturday, August 23, 06:09:44pm6
OT: "Get Christie Love!" mini-marathon on Saturday on Centric Channel. (NT)10 a.m.-8 p.m. Eastern.Saturday, August 23, 01:56:54pm6
Robert John "Bobby" Howard Organist played with Randy Travis and Link Wray (NT)Died April 1, 2014 age 64 obituary at meaningful funerals.netSaturday, August 23, 01:38:02pm5
Barry Frischer, Lead camera operator on SNL for 40 yearsDied July 8thSaturday, August 23, 11:55:38am4
Happy 101st Birthday! Lexicographer G, Venkatasubbaiah, Historian Sheppard Frere is 98, Scientist Bernard Fisher is 96, Physician/WW2 resistance fighter Jorgen Kieler is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 23, 11:31:59am5
Greek lexicographer Emmanuel Kriaras dies at 107EricSaturday, August 23, 11:14:07am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, August 23, 11:14:07am
Derek Rieth, Percussionist for Pink MartiniHas diedSaturday, August 23, 11:09:31am4
Don Cannon, Philadelphia radio legendDead at 74Saturday, August 23, 08:01:05am5
Actor Philip DeWilde (1971-2014)CDHFriday, August 22, 09:26:26pm12
Healthwatch: Actor Leslie PhillipsSuffers strokeFriday, August 22, 07:55:58pm2
Heathwatch: Jamie FarrRussFriday, August 22, 07:17:55pm4
Happy 102nd Birthday! '32 Olympic Athlete Simone Schaller, Bartender/Media Personality Hoy Wong is 98, Chemist Martin Pope is 96, Politician Larry Winn is 95, (NT)jlpFriday, August 22, 07:10:49pm5
Louis Castellaneta, Father of actor Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simpson)Dead at 99Friday, August 22, 04:30:57pm1
Terry Kyne, Director of "Red Skelton Show"Dies at 83Friday, August 22, 01:59:48pm3
Joseph J. Fauliso, Connecticut politician (Lt. Gov.)Dead at 98Friday, August 22, 11:30:22am1
Robert Sherrill, Left wing journalistDead at 89Friday, August 22, 11:28:04am1
Archive: Buford Pusser, Aug. 21, 1974He "walked tall"Friday, August 22, 11:21:54am3
Serial killer Robert Hansen diesHe was 75Thursday, August 21, 04:04:47pm2
Happy 98th Birthday! Politician Scott Barr, Activist Esther Cooper Jackson is 97, '52 Olympic Athlete Fernand Leischen is 95, Painter Albert Irvin is 92, (NT)jlpThursday, August 21, 01:32:00pm6
Former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds dies aged 81. PM from 1992-94 (NT)SherlockThursday, August 21, 01:28:12pm3
  • Obit -- NY Times, Thursday, August 21, 11:39:11am
    • Pic -- ., Thursday, August 21, 01:28:12pm
Tom Pevsner, Executive producer on several James Bond filmsDead at 87Thursday, August 21, 01:27:32pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, August 20, 12:59:06pm
Brian G. Hutton, Actor, Director ("Where Eagles Dare" & "Kelly's Heroes")Dead at 79Thursday, August 21, 01:26:20pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, August 20, 01:32:30pm
    • Pic -- Link, Thursday, August 21, 01:26:20pm
American cardinal who served as governor of Vatican City Edmund Szoka has died.He was 86. AP obit inside.Thursday, August 21, 01:22:11pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, August 21, 01:22:11pm
Healthwatch: 20/20 Anchor Elizabeth Vargas To Enter RehabSecond Time In A YearThursday, August 21, 11:41:49am4
Lauren Bacall funeral...Danny (Louisville)Thursday, August 21, 10:41:19am3
Robin Williams cremated -- Ashes Scattered At SeaPer TMZ website (Story and link inside)Thursday, August 21, 09:26:31am4
Found great siteCemetery guideWednesday, August 20, 09:21:15pm6
Don Pardo deadTonyWednesday, August 20, 08:01:51pm32
Brian G. Hutton, Director of Where Eagles Dare and Kelly's HeroesDies at 79 / VarietyWednesday, August 20, 06:33:42pm2
I found something Rusty White is on...............Link Insidenoopyandthezoo (Janet Doran)Wednesday, August 20, 05:10:07pm1
Happy 98th Birthday! Scientist George Rosenkranz, Politician Thomas G. Morris is 95, Screenwriter Walter Bernstein is 95, Actor Giorgio Albertazzi is 91, Mathematician Tom M. Apostol turns 91 (NT)jlpWednesday, August 20, 04:46:17pm5
Dead: Leonard Maltin's Movie book (published since 1969)Killed by the internetWednesday, August 20, 04:44:26pm2
American journalist James Foley reportedly beheaded by ISISABCWednesday, August 20, 02:20:33pm5
Charles Young, Journalist for Rolling Stone & PlayboyDead at 63Wednesday, August 20, 01:36:36pm1
Kent State football player found dead in his roomUndisclosed medical conditionWednesday, August 20, 01:30:02pm1
O/T - Guinness names new world's oldest man111 year old Sakari Momoi of JapanWednesday, August 20, 01:25:59pm2
Francine Beers 1924-2014coltWednesday, August 20, 12:23:40pm10
Pamela Loo Mayer, Theatrical Booking Agent, granddaughter of Run Run ShawDead at 52Wednesday, August 20, 12:09:03pm2
Happy 99th Birthday! Historian Maria Rostworowski, Actor Earl Cameron is 97, Politician Kirsten Hertzberg Ask is 96, Martial Artist Ciriaco Canete is 96. Historian Gertrude Himmelfarb is 92, (NT)jlpWednesday, August 20, 11:41:44am5
Archive: Groucho Marx, Aug. 19, 1977ComedianWednesday, August 20, 11:38:22am4
B. K. S. Iyengar, helped bring yoga to the WestDead at 95 or 96Wednesday, August 20, 06:32:35am1
Death in the Pope's FamilyLorenTuesday, August 19, 05:29:19pm1
Madeleine Collinson, Actress ("Twins of Evil") Playboy Playmate in Oct., 1970 (with her twin sister)Dead at 62Tuesday, August 19, 04:45:36pm3
Happy 90th Birthday! Director Aloisio T. de Carvalho, Actor L.Q. Jones is 87, Bill Clinton is 68. Tipper Gore turns 66 (NT)jlpTuesday, August 19, 04:04:22pm6
Healthwatch: "Survivor China" winner Todd HerzogSevere alcoholismTuesday, August 19, 01:14:03pm7
Fernand J. St Germain, ex- Congreeman from Rhode IslandDead at 86Tuesday, August 19, 01:09:55pm2
3 members of Pope Francis's family killed in car crashArgentinaTuesday, August 19, 12:02:43pm1
Alan Landsburg, Creator of In Search Of...,DiesLorenTuesday, August 19, 11:54:25am6
Ralph Morman Lead Vocalist for The Joe Perry Project and Savoy Brown has died at age 65. (NT)News of his death listed at The Daily Independent .com site.Tuesday, August 19, 11:49:19am2
  • Obit -- Link, Tuesday, August 19, 11:49:19am
Johnny Thunder and The Heartbreakers bassist Billy Rath has died at age 66 (NT)News of his death listed at Ultimate Classic Rock; Hollywood.com antiMusic.com and other sitesTuesday, August 19, 11:48:10am2
  • Link -- ., Tuesday, August 19, 11:48:10am
Jerry Lumpe, Who Played in Two World Series With Yankees, Dies at 81NY TimesTuesday, August 19, 11:42:14am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, August 19, 11:42:14am
Casey Kasem's body is missing, daughter saysPoor guy can't rest in peaceTuesday, August 19, 11:36:25am16
Liz Holzman (1953-2014)Director/Producer of "Animaniacs" & "Pinky and the Brain"Tuesday, August 19, 12:24:59am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, August 19, 12:24:59am
Cancer victim jokingly jabs at family and friends in obituaryThe obit was rejected by his hometown paperMonday, August 18, 07:09:23pm1
Healthwatch: Baseball great Minnie MinosoHospitalized after boat mishapMonday, August 18, 07:07:39pm6
Sophie Masloff, ex- Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pa.Dead at 96Monday, August 18, 07:00:42pm3
RIP: Sophie Masloff - Ex Mayor Of PittsburghDer BingleMonday, August 18, 06:59:39pm1
Former Vermont Senator Jim JeffordsDead at 80Monday, August 18, 05:05:58pm5
I forgot that Robin Williams appeared in this videoSeems ironic nowMonday, August 18, 02:10:10pm14
Egbertje Leutscher-De Vries, Oldest person in the NetherlandsDead at 111Monday, August 18, 01:37:44pm1
Happy 103rd Birthday! Activist Amelia Boynton Robinson, Actor Don Keefer is 98, Historian Neagu Djuvara is 98, Actress Alina Kulik is 90, Former First Lady Rosaylnn Carter turns 87. (NT)jlpMonday, August 18, 12:50:13pm6
Healthwatch: 19-year-old landscaper stabbed by 70-year-oldOver grass clippingsMonday, August 18, 11:14:00am3
Joanie Spina, Magician, worked with David CopperfieldDead at 61Monday, August 18, 11:13:23am2
San Francisco 49ers fan dies of heart attack during preseason game (NT)First game at the new Levi's StadiumMonday, August 18, 09:47:20am2
Man had sex with up to 100 dead womenOhioMonday, August 18, 09:41:35am3
Anybody else hoping someone dies from this now-annoying ice bucket challenge? (NT)Just donate your damn money to ALS!Sunday, August 17, 11:09:51pm7
Archive: Ray Chapman, Aug. 17, 1920Only MLB player to die from an injury recieved during a gameSunday, August 17, 04:16:16pm1
Archive: Azaria Chamberlain, Aug. 17, 1980Reportedly killed by a dingoSunday, August 17, 04:14:32pm1
Archive: Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Aug. 12, 1944Eldest of Joe & Rose Kennedy's 9 kidsSunday, August 17, 04:12:04pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Geologist Yves Fortier, Author Barbee Carleton is 97, Chinese Royal Jin Youzhi is 96, Emeritus Professor Michael John Wise is 96, Photographer Lida Moser is 94, (NT)jlpSunday, August 17, 04:08:23pm7
Steve Furmanski, lead guitarist of The Buoys ("Timothy")He was 62Sunday, August 17, 04:01:56pm15
Healthwatch: Veteran comic book artist Stan Goldberg ("Archie")StrokeSunday, August 17, 12:54:15pm1
Rapper Francisco Mercedez killed in drive by shootingNew YorkSunday, August 17, 11:34:22am1
RIP Lauren Bacall! (NT)She was 89Sunday, August 17, 11:29:26am7
No, Celebrity Deaths Do Not Come in ThreesNew York TimesSunday, August 17, 09:53:42am12
Robin Williams killed self 7 years (almost to the day) after his older brother diedSome say he never recovered from his deathSaturday, August 16, 10:14:44pm7
Acress Arlene Martel dies at 78LinkSaturday, August 16, 05:56:18pm18
OT: Yesterday marked th 75th anniversary of the Hollywood premiere of "The Wizard of Oz"And this song was heard for the first timeSaturday, August 16, 05:45:27pm1
Licia Albanese (1909 - 2014)SopranoSaturday, August 16, 03:29:23pm2
Licia Albanese, Exalted Soprano, Is Dead at 105NY TimesSaturday, August 16, 03:12:28pm1
Happy 98th birthday to Don KeeferAnthony turned him into a Jack-in-the-box!Saturday, August 16, 01:49:20pm6
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Helen F. Holt, Writer Marija Tucakovic is 100, '36 Olympic Athlete John Lysak is 100, Physicist Robert Sproull is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 16, 12:33:50pm5
Mary MacCracken, Wrote about children with disabilities, several stories were made into TV moviesDead at 88Saturday, August 16, 12:28:22pm1
Actor Lew Brown1925-2014Saturday, August 16, 12:20:51pm8
Jan Ekier, Pianist, composerDead at 100Saturday, August 16, 11:56:00am1
Rick Parashar, Music producer (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Blind Melon)Dead at 50Saturday, August 16, 11:54:47am1
Healthwatch: NASCAR racer Ryan TruexHospitalized after crashSaturday, August 16, 11:50:34am1
Healthwatch: Aerosmith drummer Joey KramerHeart problemsSaturday, August 16, 11:48:01am1
OT: 100 years ago today, the Panama Canal opened (NT)A man, a plan, a canal: PanamaSaturday, August 16, 11:45:37am2
Marjorie Stapp (1921 - 2014)actressSaturday, August 16, 11:34:10am3
  • . (NT) -- Looks familiar, Saturday, August 16, 08:55:37am
    • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, August 16, 11:34:10am
On this date, two American icons died 29 years apart (NT)Babe Ruth (1948) and Elvis Presley (1977)Saturday, August 16, 11:31:59am2
Star Trek's "T'Pring" dies, Sci-fi babe Arlene MartelPlayed Spock's fiance' - BuckeyeSaturday, August 16, 09:38:14am1
Westboro Baptist Church planning to protest Robin Williams' funeralIt amazes me how so misguided and hatefilled some people areSaturday, August 16, 09:18:48am2
ARCHIVE: On this date in 1935, Will Rogers & Wiley Post were killed in a plane crash in Point Barrrow, Alaska. ...Humorist & aviatorFriday, August 15, 07:45:50pm2
George Nicholaw general manager of KNX (1070 AM) here in LA dead at 86.Locals will remember him - BuckeyeFriday, August 15, 05:00:42pm3
I don't recall if the death of Playboy's July, 1978, Playmate Karen Morton was mentioned here. Seems she died earlier this year at 55LinkFriday, August 15, 04:13:32pm6
Peter McAlevey, Film producer ('Flatliners,' 'Double Impact' , 'Radio Flyer')Dead at 58Friday, August 15, 03:40:56pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, August 15, 03:40:56pm
Happy 99th Birthday! Masters Athlete Donald Pellman, Psychiatrist Ferdinand Knobloch is 98, Journalist Menie Gregoire is 95, Actress Rose Marie is 91, Activist Phyliss Schalafly is 90, (NT)jlpFriday, August 15, 03:37:31pm4
Healthwatch: Josh Gracin, American Idol FinalistLeaves suicide note on Facebook. Found alive, concerts canceledFriday, August 15, 03:27:53pm2
  • Weird... (NT) -- I'm glad he didn't go through with it., Friday, August 15, 03:27:53pm
Johnny Ray Allen, Bassist and songwriter for the SubdudesDead at 56Friday, August 15, 01:01:29pm1
Healthwatch: Tallulah Willis, Youngest daughter of Bruce Willis & Demi MooreIn rehab for drugs & alcoholFriday, August 15, 11:31:02am1
George Hansen, Ex- congressman from Idaho, lost Senate race to Frank Church, later served 15 mos. in prisonDead at 83Friday, August 15, 11:12:37am2
Healthwatch: Football player Kyle McCarthyCancerFriday, August 15, 11:08:19am1
Jay Adams, Legendary skater portrayed in film "Lords of Dogtown"Dead at 53Friday, August 15, 11:03:43am1
Robert Richards, Marine filmed urinating on Taliban corpses, found deadHe was 28Friday, August 15, 11:01:49am1
Lauren Bacall (NT)Dead at 89Friday, August 15, 07:33:04am38
Columba Dominguez, Mexican Film LegendDead at 85Thursday, August 14, 05:22:34pm2
OT: Golfers fight over "casual water" ruleA real gentleman's gameThursday, August 14, 04:43:37pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Poet Hans Kristiansen, Illustrator Alice Provense is 96, Martial Artist Shugoro Nakazato is 95, Poet Julia Hartwig is 93, (NT)jlpThursday, August 14, 04:04:09pm7
Reports that Robin Williams has died (NT)wowThursday, August 14, 12:53:33pm74
Gilles Ségal - last surviving cast member of Topkapi (1964) has died. Played mute acrobat GiulioDialMForMoviesThursday, August 14, 10:41:43am8
Until yesterday, "Young Man With a Horn" (1950) was one of the earliest films with 3 stars still living- Kirk Douglas, Doris Day, & Lauren Bacall (NT)It's now reduced to 2 starsWednesday, August 13, 07:16:45pm2
Happy 100th Birthday! Prod. Mgr Norman Spencer, Politician Alfred Chupin is 98, WW2 Military Figure Vincent P. de Poix is 98, Author George E. Mendenhall is 98, Politician Rafael Moreno Valle is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, August 13, 04:31:32pm5
Myrtle Young ,The potato chip lady dies at 90. (You may have seen her on "The Tonight Show")She thought Johnny was munching on her prized chips!Wednesday, August 13, 04:27:27pm6
2014 0bituary "twofers"Thought this was interestingWednesday, August 13, 04:17:20pm5
Leonard Jackson (1928-2013)ColtWednesday, August 13, 01:06:47pm1
Edith Flagg, "Million Dollar Listing" starDead at 94Wednesday, August 13, 12:47:52pm1
Brazilain Presidential candidate Eduardo Campos killed in plane crashSao Paulo, BrazilWednesday, August 13, 10:56:47am1
Deaths come in threes (sadly) (NT)Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, Ed NelsonWednesday, August 13, 10:54:34am12
How many Oscar winners (actors, actresses) have committed suicide? (NT)Robin Williams, Gig Young, and...?Wednesday, August 13, 10:49:19am11
ADMIN NOTE: Please refrain from posting curse words on the board. Easy way to get temporarily -or permanently- banned from the board. Use your indoor words. ~Thank you for your cooperation. (NT) theChroniclerTuesday, August 12, 11:20:57pm1
OT/ Prof Irwin Corey's 100th birthday party👍Tuesday, August 12, 10:46:52pm1
Henry Stone, Record Company Executive (TK) and Producer Dies at 93Link (Obit is 4 pages)Tuesday, August 12, 06:25:29pm4
Actor Ed Nelson dIES AT 85CDHTuesday, August 12, 05:57:52pm10
RIP Robin Williams! (NT)They're saying suicide! (shocked and sad)Tuesday, August 12, 05:38:32pm2
There's a photo online of a very dejected looking Robin Williams, sitting -reportedly- in a real AA meeting (NT)What an incredible violation of trust. 1st to take a photo in a meeting, then to sell it!Tuesday, August 12, 05:25:02pm2
Was Philip Seymour Hoffman the last shocking 'young' death? (NT)Died in February at 46Tuesday, August 12, 05:23:58pm5
Healthwatch: Porn star Christy MackHospitalized after MMA fighter attacks herTuesday, August 12, 03:08:20pm3
Happy 101st Birthday! Director Richard L. Bare, Writer/Teacher Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo is 99, Writer Edward Pinkowski is 98, Holocaust survivor Adolf Burger is 97, Songwriter Roy C. Bennett is 96, . (NT)jlpTuesday, August 12, 02:58:49pm4
Singer Yvette Giraud 1916-2014jlpTuesday, August 12, 02:53:19pm2
Former American Idol contestant Michael JohnsDead at 35 (suspected blood clot)Tuesday, August 12, 12:29:41pm13
Joe Viskocil, Oscar winning Special Effects artist (for "Independaence Day")Dead at 61Tuesday, August 12, 10:10:11am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, August 12, 10:10:11am
Healthwatch: Bob Weir, cancels all touring plans due to health reasonsHe may soon find out if the dead really are grateful!Monday, August 11, 09:56:35pm12
BREAKING: NASCAR's Tony Stewart allegedly hits, kills driver at race in New YorkThis will rock the NASCAR world and possibly Stewart's careerMonday, August 11, 05:47:22pm9
Healthwatch: Former baseball catcher Darren Daulton treated at Philly hospital, then releasedDiagnosed with a brain tumor last yearMonday, August 11, 05:18:26pm1
Dotty Lynch, CBS News veteranDead at 69Monday, August 11, 03:46:02pm1
Dan Lynch, Editorial cartoonistDead at 67Monday, August 11, 03:44:01pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Hilary Eaves, Businessman William Coors is 98, Football's Jack Smith is 97, Hockey's Connie Dion is 96, Baseball's Luis Olmo is 95, TV Reporter Stan Chambers turns 91. (NT)jlpMonday, August 11, 03:40:00pm7
Ann Rowan, Irish actressDead at 85Monday, August 11, 03:35:17pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, August 11, 10:55:04am
    • Pic -- Link, Monday, August 11, 03:35:17pm
JJ Murphy, "Game of Thrones" actorDead at 86Monday, August 11, 03:33:11pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, August 11, 10:50:16am
    • Pic -- Link, Monday, August 11, 03:33:11pm
Interesting article on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both dying on 7/4/1826"Thomas Jefferson survives"Monday, August 11, 12:37:48pm15
Man who ran for Governor of California this year arrested for shooting that left a man wounded, a horse deadPrather, Calif.Monday, August 11, 12:10:36pm1
Healthwatch: Thailand's King hospitalizedWorld's longest-reigning monarchMonday, August 11, 11:08:35am1
(OT) Question for Twilight Zone Fans. Was The Time Element Better Than all 156 episodes of the series?A guy on another board says yes but I strongly disagree. It was better than some but not all.Monday, August 11, 09:19:08am3
OT: Robin Hylton is best known for playing Mel Brooks's secretary in "Blazing Saddles". Thought some folks (especially the males) might enjoy this scene of her from "Mean Mother" (1974)She was hot!Sunday, August 10, 07:29:41pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Inventor Sterling Newberry, Soprano Agnes Giebel is 93, Actress Rhonda Fleming is 91, Actress Pat Parrish is 90, Actress Rosy Parrish is 90, Actor Ray Hastings turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, August 10, 05:31:11pm5
Kenneth Gray, Longtime congressman from IllinoisDead at 89Sunday, August 10, 05:27:46pm3
Robert A. Roe, Longtime congressman from New JerseyDead at 90Sunday, August 10, 05:22:36pm2
Catherine Gregg, Wife of a New Hampshire Governor, mother of anotherDead at 96Sunday, August 10, 05:18:50pm1
Chris Christie aide dies in murder- suicideNew JerseySunday, August 10, 05:16:24pm2
Maricia Valeur, One of New York's oldest residentsDead at 108Sunday, August 10, 05:14:12pm1
Reginald Drake, Britain's oldest WWII prisoner of war, held captive at camp immortalized in "The Great Escape"Dead at 100Sunday, August 10, 05:12:01pm1
Thursday is Charlie Chaplin day on TCM (NT)WooHooSunday, August 10, 05:05:02pm2
OT: David Duchovny & Tea Leoni divorcingI heard he was a womanizerSunday, August 10, 03:30:09pm10
David Weidman, Animator ("Mr. Magoo", "Crusader Rabbit", "Wacky Races")Dead at 93Sunday, August 10, 02:32:56pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, August 10, 02:32:56pm
OT: Mini-movie marathon; "Lone Wolf" starring Warren William as Michael Lanyard (1894-1948). Saturday on "GetTV". (NT)Starting at 5:30 a.m. Eastern - 4 movies.Sunday, August 10, 01:47:41pm4
OT: Mother & cousin of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in head on crash with drunk driverBoth hospitalized, but survivedSunday, August 10, 01:04:43pm1
Philip Hurlic, 'Our Gang' child, who acted opp Oliver Hardy + Harry Langdon in ZENOBIA, has died at 86.DialMForMoviesSunday, August 10, 01:03:07pm3
Maria Kolokouri, aka Tristessa, Vocalist for AstarteHas died (leukemia)Sunday, August 10, 12:18:16pm1
D.C. Police Rule James Brady’s Death a HomicideHow long before this gets tossed?Sunday, August 10, 12:16:10pm11
Actor Charles Keating (NT)Age 72Sunday, August 10, 04:48:13am7
OT Trivia question, what do Dan Aykroyd , Tricia Helfer, Jacqui Hurley, Ashton Kutcher and Joseph Stalin all have in common? (NT)kristianSaturday, August 09, 11:06:12pm11
45 years ago tonight, August 8-9 followers of Cult leader Charles Manson creep into actress Sharon Tate's home in Benedict Cyn and brutally slaughter everyone they find inside. (NT)Groundskeeper William Garretson is the only survivor - BuckeyeSaturday, August 09, 09:26:23pm6
Archive: Jerry Garcia, Aug. 9, 1995Grateful Dead founderSaturday, August 09, 08:14:51pm3
Luis Fernando Muñoz Castro, clarinetist for Banda Los Recoditos, was killed in a car accident on July 25. He was 25.RussSaturday, August 09, 07:56:11pm2
Archive: Bill Chase, Aug. 9, 1974Musician, killed in plane crashSaturday, August 09, 06:29:40pm3
Archive: Tony Mottola, Aug. 9, 2004GuitaristSaturday, August 09, 06:28:20pm2
Archive: Patrick B. Kennedy, Aug. 9, 1963Last child of a Pres. to die while father was in officeSaturday, August 09, 06:19:07pm2
Happy 99th Birthday! Preacher George W. BonDurant, Politician Kazimierz Olszewski is 97, Poet Jao Tsung-I is 97, Composer Irv Williams is 95, Studies Expert Wm Theodore de Bary is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, August 09, 04:37:30pm7
Happy 93rd Birthday! Guitarist Manitas de Plata, Actress Adrian Ricard is 90, Voice Actor Stan Freberg turns 88. (NT)jlpSaturday, August 09, 11:12:54am8
Marianne Edwards Provencio 82 child actress in Our Gang comedies (NT)Died November 8, 2013 according friend and Our Gang historian Bob SatterfieldSaturday, August 09, 11:11:37am2
Norma McCarty - wife of Ed Wood in 1955, has died aged 92. Was the air stewardess in 'Plan 9 from Outer Space'DialMForMoviesSaturday, August 09, 09:35:44am3
Actor Norm Skaggs (1955-2013)CDHSaturday, August 09, 08:04:43am4
OT: Michael O'Sullivan ("Hang 'em High) (NT)a little liate July, 1971 ... link ...Saturday, August 09, 06:18:13am3
Actor Dennis Lipscomb (1942-2014)CDHSaturday, August 09, 06:13:34am3
Actress Bea Silvern (1926-2013)CDHSaturday, August 09, 05:15:31am3
Actress Laura Waterbury (1947-2013)CDHSaturday, August 09, 05:15:15am3
Actor Ron Castro (1942-2013)CDHSaturday, August 09, 05:14:53am3
Menahem Golan, Producer of 1980s Action Movies, Dies at 85CDHFriday, August 08, 09:07:03pm5
Child actor Jackie Hanlon (1916-2012) really the last surviving actor from The General(1926)The story co-star fellow child actor Jackie Lowe (1923-1962) inside.Friday, August 08, 04:15:30pm2
Archive: Alan Napier, Aug. 8, 1988Batman's "Alfred"Friday, August 08, 04:09:26pm6
Archive: Richard Deacon, Aug. 8, 1984Character actorFriday, August 08, 01:58:42pm3
Archive: Fay Wray, Aug. 8, 2004Had the biggest co- star in HollywoodFriday, August 08, 01:01:42pm2
Archive: Alan Napier, Aug. 8, 1987Batman's "Alfred"Friday, August 08, 12:54:35pm2
Opera Diva Cristina Deutekom dies at 82RicardoFriday, August 08, 11:30:57am2
Danny Murphy, Quadriplegic actor ("There's Something About Mary")Dead at 59Friday, August 08, 10:37:20am2
Richard Marowitz, Helped liberate Dachau, found Hitler's top hatDead at 88Friday, August 08, 10:30:40am1
Archive: Oliver Hardy, Aug. 7, 1957Comic actorFriday, August 08, 09:34:41am5
Healthwatch: Miami Marlins pitcher Dan JenningsHospitalized after hit in the head by a line driveFriday, August 08, 07:43:45am1
Margaret Wozniak, Mother of Apple co- founder Steve WozniakDead at 91Thursday, August 07, 08:33:11pm2
OT: are you skeptical about the "definitive" report that Malaysia Flight 370 crashed in the Indian Ocean? (NT)Must admit I amThursday, August 07, 08:30:46pm11
Pro Wrestler Ken Lucas Dies at 73CDHThursday, August 07, 04:11:33pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, August 07, 04:11:33pm
Comedian Rich Ceisler Dies at 58CDHThursday, August 07, 01:52:16pm2
Archive; Joi Lansing, Aug. 7, 1972ActressThursday, August 07, 01:26:50pm2
Healthwatch: Lady GagaHospitalizedThursday, August 07, 01:20:11pm1
OT: Can you name a rock band whose name is alliterative?Two examples are in the message: BB and TTThursday, August 07, 01:20:08pm19
Jazz Pianist Kenny Drew Jr. (Mingus Big Band, Stanley Turrentine), age 56 ....Ed TraceyThursday, August 07, 01:16:04pm3
Karen X. Gaylord, Actress in "Yankee Doodle Dandy", "Secret life of Walter Mitty"Reported dead at 93Thursday, August 07, 06:27:26am4
Eddie Wallace dies at 90 (Member of The Sunshine Boys)CDHWednesday, August 06, 10:45:28pm2
  • IMDb Link -- CDH, Wednesday, August 06, 10:45:28pm
Author Dorothy Salisbury Davis 1916-2014jlpWednesday, August 06, 09:36:02pm3
Marilyn Burns (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) DiedColtWednesday, August 06, 06:22:18pm7
Eroni Kumana, Saved John F. Kennedy's life during WWIIDead at 93Wednesday, August 06, 06:18:11pm3
Archive: Rick James, Aug. 6, 2004SingerWednesday, August 06, 04:43:54pm4
2 star General killed in AfghanistanHighest ranking soldier killed in the warWednesday, August 06, 04:37:28pm2
Archive: Ellen Wilson, Aug. 6, 1914First LadyWednesday, August 06, 04:12:51pm4
Laura Plimpton, Younger sister of Martha StewartDead at 59Wednesday, August 06, 02:15:07pm3
Guitarist Jake Hooker of The Arrows died 8-4-2014Co-writer of I Love Rock n RollWednesday, August 06, 02:10:40pm4
Dogs that killed jogger are euthanizedLivonia, MichiganWednesday, August 06, 12:40:49pm1
Happy 103rd Birthday! Cricketer Norman Gordon, Professor Emeritus Borje Steenberg is 102, Actor Fumindo Matsuo is 98, Composer Hidayat Inayat Khan is 97, Golfer Doug Ford is 92, (NT)jlpWednesday, August 06, 11:04:41am4
Dr. Jesse Steinfeld, US Surgeon General 1969- 73Dead at 87Wednesday, August 06, 11:00:06am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, August 06, 11:00:06am
Lorna Best, One of Canada's oldest residentsDead at 111Wednesday, August 06, 10:50:59am1
It was 69 years ago today that today's picture, Theodore Van Kirk & the other members of the Enola Gay flew off into history (NT).Wednesday, August 06, 10:46:35am1
Journalist Chapman Pincher 1914-2014jlpWednesday, August 06, 10:45:13am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, August 06, 10:45:13am
Patricia Krenwinkel gives first on-camera interview.BuckeyeTuesday, August 05, 11:23:34pm3
Michael Worthington executed in Missouri for 1995 murderRussTuesday, August 05, 10:51:00pm1
Archive: Marilyn Monroe, Aug. 5, 1962Actress, sex symbolTuesday, August 05, 07:32:01pm8
Happy 95th Birthday! Businessman David Morgenthaler, Actress Daphne Korol is 90, WW 2 Figure John Bernhim, Actor John Saxon turns 79 (NT)jlpTuesday, August 05, 06:25:16pm6
Archive: Richard Burton, Aug.5, 1984ActorTuesday, August 05, 04:28:13pm2
Steve Post, Sardonic NYC radio personalityDead at 70Tuesday, August 05, 04:17:35pm1
James Brady has died. Age 73. (NT)Just read on ABC at facebook.Tuesday, August 05, 04:13:17pm18
There are no veterans left from WWI on the 100th anniversary of it beginning...SherlockTuesday, August 05, 03:11:26pm7
Healthwatch: New Orleans Saints owner Tom BensonHospitalizedTuesday, August 05, 02:13:35pm1
Married 62 years, couple die 4 hours apartBakersfield, Calif.Tuesday, August 05, 02:11:53pm1
Ed Joyce, President of CBS News 1983–1985Dead at 81Tuesday, August 05, 02:06:17pm2
Carlos Deal, Appeared on "Hardcore Pawn Chicago"Dead at 48Tuesday, August 05, 01:53:36pm1
Darwin alert: Man Attempts Gun Selfie, Dies by AccidentCan't wait for the "official" Darwin asshole to rear his headTuesday, August 05, 01:50:02pm1
Actor Walter MasseyDies at 86Tuesday, August 05, 10:32:49am5
Jess Marlow, Los Angeles news anchorDead at 84Tuesday, August 05, 09:40:46am4
OT: Can you name a rock musician whose last name rhymes with the band he was in? (NT)Trivia time!Monday, August 04, 11:30:23pm15
OT: 70 years ago today, Ann Frank and four others were arrested after they had been hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse . (NT)Someone had betrayed them and tipped off the GestapoMonday, August 04, 09:13:54pm3
Archive: Totie Fields, Aug. 2, 1978ComedianMonday, August 04, 09:12:05pm5
Mae Schrock, supercentenarianDead at 110Monday, August 04, 04:27:52pm6
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame returning Alan Freed's ashes to familyOn exhibit since 2002Monday, August 04, 04:25:49pm2
Maureen Spillane, Widow of Mickey SpillaneDead at 78Monday, August 04, 04:09:14pm6
OT: The strange death of Pres. Warren G. Harding. ...On August 2, 1923, Harding died in a San Francisco hotel room.Monday, August 04, 01:34:35pm10
50 years ago today, the bodies of the three civil rights workers were found after a search of 44 days (NT)Schwerner, Goodman and ChaneyMonday, August 04, 12:48:03pm3
Archive: Bobby Van, July 31, 1980Actor, dancer, game show hostMonday, August 04, 12:22:25pm5
Arcnhive: Carolyn Jones, Aug. 3, 1983ActressMonday, August 04, 11:30:30am9
Happy 102nd Birthday! Writer Daniel Aaron, '36 Olympic Athlete Olga Toros is 100, Pianist Irving Fields is 99, Photographer Rebecca Lepkoff is 98, Actress Bouboule is 97, Businessman Karl Wlaschek 97, (NT)jlpMonday, August 04, 08:16:05am6
Yvette Lebon (1910 - 2014)French filmactressSunday, August 03, 09:25:50pm3
Archive: Strother Martin, Aug. 1, 1980Character actorSunday, August 03, 04:45:04pm25
Healthwatch: ex- DC mayor Marion Barry hospitalized after car accidentWash, DCSunday, August 03, 04:33:58pm2
Johnny Rebb, Australian rock singerDead at 79Sunday, August 03, 04:30:01pm3
Happy 102nd Birthday! Politician Fritz Hellwig, Physicist Cheng Kaijia is 96, Soccer's Bob Gormley is 96, Writer P. D. James is 94, Writer Jean Gruault is 90, (NT)jlpSunday, August 03, 03:45:37pm6
Healthwatch: Actor Anwan Glover ("The Wire")Stabbed & beatenSunday, August 03, 03:41:49pm1
Healthwatch: Musician Dr. JohnHospitalizedSunday, August 03, 03:27:47pm2
Archive: Lenny Bruce, Aug. 3, 1966ComedianSunday, August 03, 02:03:20pm4
Billie Letts, Writer ("Where the Heart Is")Dead at 76Sunday, August 03, 10:53:44am1
Rod de¡¯Ath, Drummer for Rory GallagherDead at 64Saturday, August 02, 08:11:57pm2
The Paradise Syndrome: Celebrity SuicidesA look at the recent Belzer & Barrymore deathsSaturday, August 02, 06:54:20pm1
Bill Laughery, Bigfoot Searcher, DiesAt 92 - LinkSaturday, August 02, 06:52:03pm1
Frank Wappat (1930-2014)Der BingleSaturday, August 02, 06:46:07pm1
Walt Martin, Oscar-nominated sound mixer worked on several Clint Eastwood filmsDead at 69Saturday, August 02, 06:20:16pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, August 02, 06:20:16pm
Make-Up Artist Dick Smith1922-2014Saturday, August 02, 06:13:00pm5
Former British DJ and TV presenter Mike Smith dies aged 59 (NT)SherlockSaturday, August 02, 03:22:23pm2
  • Obit -- BBC, Saturday, August 02, 03:22:23pm
Jim Frederick, Ex- editor of Time wrote critically acclaimed book about Iraq WarDead at 42Saturday, August 02, 12:09:00pm1
Today's birthdays, Aug. 2-Happy birthdays!Saturday, August 02, 12:06:40pm6
Archive: Frances Farmer, Aug. 1, 1970Troubled actressSaturday, August 02, 09:21:58am4
Archive - NY Yankee Great Thurman Munson, August 2, 1979 (YouTube Link)One of the saddest days of my life.Saturday, August 02, 08:43:22am3
Pete Van Wieren, long-time Atlanta Braves announcerCancer, 69Saturday, August 02, 08:42:48am1
Archive: Aug, 1, 1966- Univ. of Texas"There's a sniper in the tower!"Friday, August 01, 07:34:33pm4
OT: Healthwatch: Facebook?Is it down?Friday, August 01, 04:22:47pm3
Actor-director Geoffrey Holder is 84 today. Singer Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is 83Other birthdays, Aug. 1-Friday, August 01, 04:22:11pm3
Donald Mirisch, Film, TV producerDead at 67Friday, August 01, 04:19:38pm1
Guitarist Velma Smith dies at 87CDHFriday, August 01, 04:15:38pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, August 01, 04:15:38pm
Sitcom Writer Rick Mittleman1930-2014Friday, August 01, 12:41:44pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, August 01, 12:41:44pm
Ed Sprinkle, "Meanest Man in Pro Football"Dead at 90Friday, August 01, 10:16:37am2
Healthwatch: Mary Tyler MooreFading fastFriday, August 01, 09:00:16am6
Question for the People on the board who have lost a parentStephFriday, August 01, 06:40:49am5
Idris Muhammad, Jazz drummerDead at 74Friday, August 01, 03:42:51am8
In light of Rusty's sudden death..............noopyandthezoo (Janet Doran)Thursday, July 31, 09:34:16pm30
TV Writer and Producer1919-2014Thursday, July 31, 07:21:16pm3
Archive: Jim Reeves, July 31, 1964SingerThursday, July 31, 06:03:24pm4
Hilda Greening, One of England's oldest residentsDead at 109Thursday, July 31, 12:42:58pm2
Edith Ritchie, Oldest twin in the worldDead at 104Thursday, July 31, 12:40:30pm1
Elizabeth Heaney, Ireland's oldest personDead at 108Thursday, July 31, 12:38:51pm1
Radio Host Len Belzer Dies at 73Brother of Richard BelzerThursday, July 31, 12:34:37pm4
TV producer Robert Halmi, Sr. has died.He was 90. AP obit inside.Thursday, July 31, 12:17:40pm5
Actor/Painter Richard Mckenzie; son in-law of Fred Astaire (NT)Is still alive lives in florida with his wife.Death date listed at Wikipedia is in errorThursday, July 31, 11:59:17am1
Happy 101st Birthday! Banker Heinrich Treichl, Mexican Footballer Ignacio Trelles is 98, Dentist Irving Peress is 97, Biochemist Paul D. Boyer is 96, Politician Vicente Almeida d'Eca is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, July 31, 11:51:13am5
Kenny Ireland, Scottish actorDead at 68Thursday, July 31, 11:43:00am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, July 31, 11:43:00am
Arthur Shafman, Brought Mummenschanz to AmericaDead at 75Thursday, July 31, 11:39:47am1
Jay Maeder, Last writer of the comic strip “Annie"Dead at 67Thursday, July 31, 11:38:40am1
Robert Drew, Father of Cinema VeriteDead at 90Thursday, July 31, 11:35:20am4
Astronaut Hank Hartsfield, led first flight of space shuttle Discovery, dies at 80CDHThursday, July 31, 11:33:21am3
Filmmaker Robert Drew has died.He was 90. AP obit inside.Thursday, July 31, 09:46:23am2
Astronaut Hank Hartsfield has died.He was 80. Legacy.com obit inside.Thursday, July 31, 06:42:40am1
Jessica Barrymore, half-sister to Drew Barrymore, found dead from apparent suicideShe was 48Thursday, July 31, 05:25:01am6
Actor James ShigetaDies at 81Wednesday, July 30, 10:25:09pm12
Tom Arnold's Aunt, David Lee Roth's Uncle and Richard Belzer's Brother. Slow news day? (NT)Judge Wapner's AuntWednesday, July 30, 09:12:37pm7
TV Producer Robert Halmi Sr.1924-2014Wednesday, July 30, 06:44:42pm4
World War 1 began 100 years ago today (NT)My great- grandfather's warWednesday, July 30, 05:08:05pm11
Happy 96th Birthday!!! Psychologist Ursula Schiopu, Marilyn Monroe's half-sister Berniece Baker Miracle is 95, Businessman Henry Bloch turns 92. (NT)jlpWednesday, July 30, 04:42:25pm9
Manny Roth, Nightclub owner (Cafe Wha?), uncle of David Lee RothDead at 95Wednesday, July 30, 04:28:48pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, July 30, 04:28:48pm
Philip Marshak, Directed "Dracula Sucks"Dead at 80Wednesday, July 30, 01:29:45pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, July 30, 01:29:45pm
Healthwatch: Alice Cooper guitarist Dick WagnerHeart surgeryWednesday, July 30, 01:19:51pm5
Kay Cooper, Actress, Aunt of Tom ArnoldDead at 72Wednesday, July 30, 12:19:52pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, July 30, 12:19:52pm
Martin Tahse, Producer of Afterschool SpecialsHas diedWednesday, July 30, 12:17:57pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, July 30, 12:17:57pm
Archive: Cass Elliot, July 29, 1974SingerWednesday, July 30, 12:07:05pm5
Archive: Harold Sakata, July 29, 1982Played "Odd Job"Wednesday, July 30, 11:10:35am2
Healthwatch: Boxer Joe RiggsSelf inflicted gunshotWednesday, July 30, 09:39:27am3
Sheik Umar Khan, chief Sierra Leonean doctorDead at 39 after contracting the Ebola virusWednesday, July 30, 06:52:48am1
Isn't it strange that Tina Louise and Barbara Feldon are older than Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale and Anna Maria Alberghetti? (NT).Wednesday, July 30, 06:40:04am5
Famed Canadian crooner Michael Bublé Fights Back Tears Onstage After Grandmother's Death. ...VIDEO of tearful Bublé at recent concert.Wednesday, July 30, 12:18:38am1
Archive: Bob Hope, July 27, 2003Comic, actorTuesday, July 29, 08:34:13pm10
Former Virginia congressman Caldwell Butler has died.He was 89. AP obit inside.Tuesday, July 29, 07:39:38pm5
Theodore Van Kirk, the last surviving crew member of the Enola Gray that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, has died at 93. (NT)LgevirtzTuesday, July 29, 06:47:55pm6
Walter Franklin Hohl, Father of musician Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates, Dies at age 95DarrenTuesday, July 29, 06:23:20pm1
OT: The IFC channel is airing "Batman" 4 times a day! (NT)Same Bat time, same Bat channel!Tuesday, July 29, 04:20:39pm4
Archive: Marie Dressler, July 28, 1934ActressTuesday, July 29, 02:41:17pm3
Actress Jane La Verne still aliveBorn in 1922Tuesday, July 29, 02:03:01pm3
"Professor" Irwin Corey turns 100 Tuesday!Happy Birthday!Tuesday, July 29, 01:28:21pm15
Louise Shivers, Writer of the SouthDead at 84Tuesday, July 29, 11:51:37am1
Wah Wah Jones, Versatile athleteDead at 88Tuesday, July 29, 11:50:12am1
Sally Farmiloe, British actressDead at 60Tuesday, July 29, 11:44:59am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, July 29, 11:44:59am
OT: has anyone heard how Sean Connery is doing? (NT)he's never in the news anymoreTuesday, July 29, 11:30:26am2
Actot James ShigetaDies at 81Monday, July 28, 08:11:13pm2
Margaret Rau, WriterDead at 105Monday, July 28, 05:56:13pm1
Bill Renna, 89, played with Yankees, Athletics and Red SoxLinkMonday, July 28, 05:53:16pm2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, July 28, 05:53:16pm
Art Schult, 86 baseball player (Yankees, Reds)LinkMonday, July 28, 05:52:06pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 28, 05:52:06pm
"All My Children" Director Jack CoffeyDies at 87Monday, July 28, 05:51:04pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, July 28, 05:51:04pm
Don't think this was poster here- Iris Wagner, great- granddaughter of composer Richard Wagner, died earlier this yearShe was 71Monday, July 28, 05:49:51pm1
Margot Adler, An NPR Journalist For three decadesDead at 68Monday, July 28, 04:57:31pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Physicist Charles Hard Townes, Actress Janine Vienot is 95, Director Andrew V. McLaglen is 94, Songwriter Irving Burgie turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, July 28, 03:34:26pm5
Kristina Fetters, Sentenced to life in prison at age 15 for murdering her great- auntDead at 34Monday, July 28, 03:33:17pm2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, July 28, 03:33:17pm
Ross Burden, Chef famous for appearances on BBC shows including MasterChefDead at 45Monday, July 28, 03:26:42pm3
Torrin Lawrence 25, sprinter/runner killed in car crash after being hit by big rig (NT)Listed at TMZ and Red and BlackMonday, July 28, 03:23:43pm2
  • Mo' info- -- ., Monday, July 28, 03:23:43pm
Karen Walter Goodwin, Producer of Broadway hitsDead at 66Monday, July 28, 11:26:58am1
Kyozan Joshu Sasaki, Japanese-born American Rinzai Zen teacher.Dies at 107Monday, July 28, 08:11:40am1
Reports that Peter Marquardt, who played the drug lord 'Moco' in EL MARIACHI has died aged 50.DialMForMoviesMonday, July 28, 01:34:32am3
Happy 104th Birthday! Actress Lupita Tovar, Anthropologist Jack Goody is 95, Politician William Erb Bledsoe is 95, Conductor Jonathan Sternberg is 95, Biologist Susumu Ito is 95, (NT)jlpSunday, July 27, 03:56:39pm12
Don "Dirt" Lanier, Lead guitarist with the Rhythm OrchidsDead at 78Sunday, July 27, 03:53:46pm3
  • "Party Doll" -- Buddy Knox & the Rhythm Orchids, Sunday, July 27, 11:27:55am
    • "Hula Love" -- Buddy Knox, Sunday, July 27, 03:53:46pm
Healthwatch: Pat Torpey, drummer for Mr. BigParkinson'sSunday, July 27, 03:50:30pm1
Carlo Bergonziturned 90 a couple of weeks agoSunday, July 27, 03:42:16pm3
Ollie Fretter, founder of Detroit area Fretter Appliances - Sunday, June 29, 2014Dead at 91Sunday, July 27, 03:39:38pm1
James Govan, Memphis Soul singerDead at 64Sunday, July 27, 03:38:09pm2
Martin Hoffmann, US Army Secretary in the '70'sDead at 82Sunday, July 27, 01:03:22pm2
Paul Schell, ex- Mayor of SeattleDead at 76Sunday, July 27, 01:01:27pm2
Hero doctor shoots, critically injures crazed gunmanDarby, Pa.Sunday, July 27, 11:11:44am10
Bel Kaufman, Noted Teacher & Author, dies at 103EricSaturday, July 26, 09:13:32pm3
OT: How many "Bond Girls" have passed on? I can only think of one or two. (NT)That's an impressive feat for a 52 year old series!Saturday, July 26, 07:52:51pm5
Archive: Ed Gein, July 26, 1984PsychoSaturday, July 26, 06:55:45pm3
Happy 97th Birthday! Blues Singer Alberta Adams, Actress Lorna Gray is 97, Actress Marjorie Lord is 96, Scientist James Lovelock is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, July 26, 04:29:57pm11
Healthwatch: Actor Louis MandylorHospitalizedSaturday, July 26, 03:58:13pm2
Healthwatch: Pauley Perrette ("NCIS")HospitalizedSaturday, July 26, 03:57:42pm1
Archive: Robert Lincoln, July 26, 1926Son of AbrahamSaturday, July 26, 03:52:33pm5
Augie Rodriguez, Half of a Mambo TeamDead at 86Saturday, July 26, 03:50:37pm2
  • Film clip -- Link, Saturday, July 26, 03:50:37pm
OT: Senility prayer(It's a quiet Saturday so I hope it's okay to post this)Saturday, July 26, 12:10:54pm1
Dana Krueger Grossman, Actress, singerDead at 74Saturday, July 26, 11:38:55am1
Healthwatch: White Sox owner Jerry ReinsdorfHospitalizedSaturday, July 26, 11:36:27am1
Man sentenced to 18 months for stealing urns from gravesitesGhoulieSaturday, July 26, 10:46:34am1
James Garner memorial marathon on Encore Westerns today! (NT)Maverick until 8:00 p.m.; then movies thru midnight.Saturday, July 26, 06:14:23am2
Archive: Nervous Norvus, July 24, 1968SingerFriday, July 25, 07:55:12pm6
Elderly man fatally shoots pregnant burglarLong Beach, Calif.Friday, July 25, 05:50:25pm2
Archive: "Big Mama" Thornton, July 25, 1984SingerFriday, July 25, 04:43:02pm4
Happy 99th Birthday! NASA/Apollo Engineer Milton Rosen, WW 2 Military Figure Rolf Hermichen is 96, Politician David Buckson is 94, Cardinal Gilberto Augstoni is 92, Actor Leonardo Villar is 90, (NT)jlpFriday, July 25, 03:25:51pm8
Dale Schlueter, NBA playerDead at 68Friday, July 25, 11:21:13am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, July 25, 11:21:13am
Supercentenarian Bernice Madigan turns 115 today!More info inside!Friday, July 25, 11:14:03am5
Haris Suleman, Teen attempting world flight record, killed in lane crashHe was 17Friday, July 25, 09:27:13am3
Healthwatch: Johann "Hans" Breyer, 89 year old Nazi war crimes suspectHospitalizedThursday, July 24, 09:06:56pm9
Man convicted of killing his mother, living with corpse for six monthsNorman BatesThursday, July 24, 08:40:55pm1
1932 Olympic Athlete Helen Johns Carroll 1914-2014jlpThursday, July 24, 07:02:43pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, July 24, 07:02:43pm
Norman Leyden, American bid-band musicianDies at 96Thursday, July 24, 04:32:50pm4
Happy 115th Birthday! Supercentenarian Bernice Madigan, Physician Kazys Ambrozaitis is 103, Holocaust survivor Hermann Scheipers is 101, Pharmarcologist Frances Oldam Kelsey is 100,. (NT)jlpThursday, July 24, 03:22:05pm8
Inmate's execution took nearly 2 hoursArizonaThursday, July 24, 02:07:11pm3
Archive: Peter Sellers, July 24, 1980Comic geniusThursday, July 24, 01:56:30pm2
Bill Thompson, "Wallace" of long-running Arizona kids show "Wallace and Ladmo"Dies at 82Thursday, July 24, 01:37:11pm3
*Need confirmation* Noel Black - Cannes and Oscar nominated director of short film 'Skaterdater' (1965) ?DialMForMoviesThursday, July 24, 01:31:04pm3
OT-False Death Rumor Dept: Mariela Castro is NOT on the missing Air Algerie flightDaughter of Raul Castro, niece of FidelThursday, July 24, 09:27:29am1
Archive: Vic Morrow, July 23, 1982ActorThursday, July 24, 08:34:30am4
Tap Canutt, Stuntman, son of legendary stuntman Yakima CanuttDead at 81Thursday, July 24, 08:29:51am4
Robert Van Ezell, Guitarist and singer with 1960s rock band Tom and the CatsDead at 70Wednesday, July 23, 04:22:40pm2
Healthwatch: Basketball player, coach Michael CooperTongue cancerWednesday, July 23, 04:17:58pm1
Gene Walker, Saxophonist performed with King Curtis, Aretha FranklinDead at 76Wednesday, July 23, 04:07:41pm1
Healthwatch: ZZ Top's Dusty HillTo undergo surgeryWednesday, July 23, 04:03:09pm4
Darwin alert: Man found dead in dumpster at landfill four days after disappearing from stadium concertFell five floors into one while in "a highly intoxicated state"Wednesday, July 23, 02:44:45pm2
Fan posts video of him pissing on former NFL owner Art Modell's graveModell moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1995-96Wednesday, July 23, 01:51:09pm1
Actress Dora BryanDies at 91Wednesday, July 23, 01:28:54pm2
Time flies dept: It was 30 years ago today Vanessa Williams resigned as Miss America30 years!Wednesday, July 23, 01:07:20pm1
Actress Dora Bryan 1923-2014jlpWednesday, July 23, 01:04:06pm3
Lucie Roussel, Canadian mayorDead at 51 from wasp attackWednesday, July 23, 11:31:48am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, July 23, 11:31:48am
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