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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Weste Ross Erickson, Appeared On Terror In The Woods On Destination Channel, Dead At 34 On January 23 2017David S.Sunday, March 18, 01:38:31am3
Mar.18th~Happy 105th Birthday! WW2 Figure Richard Hardegen, Physician Benjamin Cabrera is 98, Actor Erich Winn is 97, Songwriter John Kander is 91, Architect Gustav Peichl is 90, Actress Gizella Turoczi is 90, Actress Peggy Dow turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, March 18, 12:00:39am3
Mike MacDonald, Canadian actor and comedianDies at 63Saturday, March 17, 09:22:52pm2
ARCHIVE: March 17, 1965 ~Amos Alonzo Stagg, the 'Father of American Football', creating basically the template of coaching and fielding the sport (as it is today), while also pioneering coaching in basketball and baseball of the day, worked well into mid-20th century, living to ripe old age of 102! ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, March 17, 08:15:09pm1
Actress Margery BondDies at 87Saturday, March 17, 05:38:49pm4
Healthwatch: Aretha FranklinCancels Upcoming Concerts on Doctor's OrdersSaturday, March 17, 05:06:18pm1
Archive: Alex Chilton, Mar. 17, 2010SingerSaturday, March 17, 04:37:11pm2
Archive: Samuel George Jr., Mar. 17, 1982Lead singer of the CapitolsSaturday, March 17, 04:32:47pm2
  • "Cool Jerk" -- The Capitols, Saturday, March 17, 04:32:47pm
Mar.17th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Anna Medwenitsch, WW2 Figure Mike Hoare is 99, Composer Edino Kruger is 90, Cinematographer Anatoliy Kuznetsov is 90, Writer Lida Winiewicz turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, March 17, 04:27:24pm10
Archive: Terry Stafford, Mar. 17, 1996SingerSaturday, March 17, 04:24:05pm3
Archive: Helen Hayes, Mar. 17, 1993ActressSaturday, March 17, 04:22:10pm3
ARCHIVE: March 17, 1990 ~Capucine, beautiful European actress model, known for her dramatic as well as comic films, though mostly played the elegant lead in films like "The Lion" and "The Pink Panther", died alone in her Swiss apartment highrise, where she leapt from her 8th floor apartment to her death, at 62. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, March 17, 02:04:09pm2
Sammy Williams, Tony winning actor ("A Chorus LIne")Dead at 69Saturday, March 17, 12:16:25pm4
OT: NCAA #1 seed opening round perfectionDeadSaturday, March 17, 09:37:31am4
OT: I believe that it's either today or tomorrow that Jimmy Carter will pass up Gerald Ford & become 2nd longest lived President (NT)George H. W. Bush is longest livedSaturday, March 17, 09:31:51am7
Phan Văn Khải 1933-2018 Vietnameser prime minister between 1997 and 2006.Fredrik AnderssonSaturday, March 17, 03:20:05am1
Hubert de Givenchy, French fashion designer of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace KellyDies at 91Saturday, March 17, 02:32:57am3
Stephen Hawking has died at age 76BBC linkFriday, March 16, 10:29:50pm21
Bronson La Follette, Former Wisconsin Attorney GeneralDead at 82Friday, March 16, 10:00:51pm3
Mar.16th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Rosena Hankerson, Actress Patricia Walthall is 100, Scientist Max D. Liston is 100, Activist Eric Aarons is 99, Filmmaker Gudrun Parker is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, March 16, 09:57:38pm7
Healthwatch: Renee Baio, Wife Of Scott BaioSuffering From A Brain DiseaseFriday, March 16, 07:57:19pm3
Healthwatch: Actor Irrfan KhanNeuroendocrine tumourFriday, March 16, 07:30:39pm3
Craig Mack, rapperDead at 46Friday, March 16, 05:39:10pm7
Mar.12th~Happy 99th Birthday! Journalist Donald Zec, Historian Nguyen Dinh Dau is 98, WW2 Figure Algimantas Dailide is 97, Physicist Leo Esaki is 93, Politician G. William Whitehurst is 93, Politician George Ariyoshi is 92, Screenwriter Michele D'Glor is 90, Actress Renata Kulakowska turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, March 16, 05:02:35pm11
Adrian Lamo, Computer hacker best known for passing on information that led to the arrest of Chelsea ManningDead at 37Friday, March 16, 04:27:25pm1
Florence "Shutsy" Reynolds, Pioneering female pilot in WW 2Dead at 95Friday, March 16, 04:24:59pm1
OT: Anyone see the bizarre "Today" show interview with a frail Burt Reynolds?It was sadFriday, March 16, 04:07:46pm4
Viral Video Star "Snake Whisperer" dead from .... wait for it......snake bite. Who didn't see that coming?Besides him I mean...Friday, March 16, 03:34:37pm3
Carlton Gary, Executed for the rape & murder of 3 women in 1977 & 1978GeorgiaFriday, March 16, 03:26:25pm2
Healthwatch: US Rep. Louise Slaughter, Oldest member of Congress (88)Hospitalized after a fallFriday, March 16, 12:15:22pm4
ARCHIVE: March 16, 1971 ~Hollywood film star and our board mascot Bebe Daniels, whose marriage with fellow actor Ben Lyons, made the Hollywood blockbuster couple of their day, dies at 70. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, March 16, 12:06:10pm2
looks like cool old Indian actor Ned Romero died last November. (Link Inside)1926-2017 (Colt)Friday, March 16, 12:02:22pm3
Charles Manson's grandson wins custody battle over his body.Plans on cremating the Murderer and Cult leader and spreading the ashesFriday, March 16, 12:00:52pm3
Healthwatch: Hillary ClintonFractures wrist after trippingFriday, March 16, 11:37:31am2
Actor Ned Romero died in November 2017? Not sure if it was mentioned here.Boot Hill Blog posted an obit todayFriday, March 16, 09:59:07am4
Animator / Voice Actor Edward FaiginDies at 95Friday, March 16, 07:31:59am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, March 16, 07:31:59am
Actor Sean Garrison, know for "Dundee and The Culhane" (1967)Dead at 80Friday, March 16, 06:45:31am5
Paul White, A & R Capitol Records, CanadaDead at 85Friday, March 16, 06:38:21am1
Gloria Cordes Elliott, AAGPBL player.Dies at 86Friday, March 16, 05:52:50am1
Davide Astori, one of Italy's top football stars, dies suddenly at 31RussFriday, March 16, 02:13:10am2
Archive: Peter Graves, Mar. 14, 2010ActorThursday, March 15, 09:22:20pm9
New Orleans Saints Owner Tom BensonDies at 90Thursday, March 15, 08:04:10pm6
Ed Charles, Major League Baseball player with Kansas City Athletics and New York MetsDies at 84Thursday, March 15, 06:06:43pm3
Mar.15th~Happy 104th Birthday! Politician Cecile Goldet, Judge Heinrich List is 103, Actress Eva Gyulanyi is 103, Cameraman Jan Olejniczak is 100, Activist Frances Crowe is 99, Olympic Athlete Winfred Jordan is 98, (NT)jlpThursday, March 15, 05:37:18pm12
Healthwatch: Racer A. J. FoytHospitalized after attack by killer beesThursday, March 15, 04:43:26pm1
Michael Getler, Journalist (The Washington Post, The New York Times International Edition, PBS)Dead at 82Thursday, March 15, 04:39:01pm2
Jimmy “The Wiz” Wisner, Pianist, songwriter, producer, arrangerDead at 86Thursday, March 15, 04:26:05pm3
OT: Recently came across this new YouTube contributor who has an interesting way of honoring the Hollywood dead. ...ALL his VIDEOS in the year he's been posting, are fascinating.Thursday, March 15, 12:39:16pm1
Nobel Prize winner hospitalized, wife found deceased, some nine hours after they had been reported missingIllinoisThursday, March 15, 12:16:09pm1
OT: "Jeopardy" contestant played "Mike Teavee" in "Willy Wonka" & Alex never mentioned it!Augustus GloopThursday, March 15, 11:53:26am1
Augie Garrido, College baseball's all-time winningest coachDead at 79Thursday, March 15, 11:40:15am1
Ken Flach, American tennis player and championDies at 54Thursday, March 15, 11:39:27am3
Claudia Fontaine, UK singerDead at 57Thursday, March 15, 11:18:20am3
John Christopher Ludwick, man who claimed to help bury Natalee Holloway's body in Aruba in 2005. He has been stabbed to death in Florida while trying to kidnap another woman.Dies at 32Thursday, March 15, 09:01:50am4
Liam O'Flynn, Irish musician, performed with Kate Bush, Emmylou Harris and Dire Straits' Mark KnopflerDead at 72Wednesday, March 14, 04:40:56pm2
Mar.14th~Happy 100 Birthday! Engineer Josko Battestin,Actress Ulla Gauglitz is 97 MOH Recipient Joe M. Jackson is 95, Director Alain Boudet is 90, Actress Georgie Jean LaRue is 90, Astronaut Frank Borman is 90, Actress Liza Szatmari turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, March 14, 04:39:31pm13
Matt Dike, Co-founder of the Los Angeles hip-hop label Delicious Vinyl and producer and mixer who worked on the Beastie Boys’ 1989 album “Paul’s Boutique"Dead at 55Wednesday, March 14, 01:46:35pm2
Gary Lambert, GuitaristDead at 82Wednesday, March 14, 01:37:03pm2
Barbara Wersba, Author of more than two dozen books for young peopleDead at 85Wednesday, March 14, 01:31:06pm1
Michael Fleisher, Comic book writer ( The Spectre, Jonah Hex and many others)Dead at 75Wednesday, March 14, 12:07:21pm1
Paul Winarski, local Pennsylvania actor, director and producerDies at 48Wednesday, March 14, 07:14:45am2
  • IMDb -- only one credit - Macbeth, Wednesday, March 14, 07:14:45am
Jim Bowen, UK comedian and TV hostDead at 80Wednesday, March 14, 06:51:22am1
Mar.13th~Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Ingeborg Engholm, Scholar Jack P. Lewis is 99, Cartoonist Al Jaffee is 97, Actor Spiro Grgurevic is 97, Actress Isa Marlene is 97, Drummer Roy Haynes is 93, Mathematician John Tate is 93, Soundman Walter A. Gest is 90, Actor Minoru Ito is 90, Actor Douglas Rain is 90, Actress Kalantan is 90 (NT)jlpWednesday, March 14, 03:55:56am13
TV Writer Andy LewisDies at 92Tuesday, March 13, 08:48:43pm3
Actor Shawn ContoisKilled in car accident at 33Tuesday, March 13, 05:04:11pm4
Togo West, Jr., Served as Sec of the Army & Sec. of Veteran's AffairsDead at 75Tuesday, March 13, 04:53:57pm2
Child Care Expert, pediatrician & author T. Berry BrazeltonDies at 99Tuesday, March 13, 04:50:46pm2
Singer & Composer Keith TextorDies at 96Tuesday, March 13, 04:45:23pm3
Archive: John Holmes, Mar. 13, 1988Porn starTuesday, March 13, 04:03:52pm2
Nokie Edwards, Founding member and guitarist with the VenturesDead at 82Tuesday, March 13, 03:46:33pm9
Oskar Groening, Nazi guard and "bookkeeper of Auschwitz"Dies at 96Tuesday, March 13, 02:21:15pm5
Ivan Davis, Classical pianistDead at 86Tuesday, March 13, 01:57:16pm4
Archive: John Cazale, Mar. 12, 1978ActorTuesday, March 13, 12:46:31pm6
Joan D. Neville , Daughter of a Hollywood director and silent screen starBettyTuesday, March 13, 12:22:18pm3
Healthwatch: Comics legend Stan Lee ...Beset by health, financial woesTuesday, March 13, 11:58:24am10
Actor Billi GordonDies at 63Tuesday, March 13, 10:39:28am6
Actor & Comedian Ken DoddDies at 90Monday, March 12, 06:42:16pm6
Mar.11th~Happy 101st Birthday! WW2 Figure James Megellas, Lawyer Benjamin Ferencz is 98, Religious Figure Jozef Tomko is 94. Director Vlada Petric is 90, Actress Ruth Alvarez is 90, Cinematographer Nina Berestowska is 90, Author Dusty Sklar turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, March 12, 05:52:06pm15
Archive: Lloyd Bridges, Mar. 10, 1998ActorMonday, March 12, 05:04:16pm4
OT: This is the slowest obit news year in a long time (NT)Jess sayingMonday, March 12, 04:59:06pm4
Way OT on slow news day: Judge rules winner of $560M Powerball jackpot can stay anonymous. ...Thoughts?Monday, March 12, 04:54:57pm5
Siegfried Rauch , German Actor , has died.RicardoMonday, March 12, 04:02:18pm4
Oleg Tabakov, Russian Actor & director ("Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears")Dead at 82Monday, March 12, 12:46:25pm4
Floyd J. Carter, Tuskegee Airman And NYPD DetectiveDead at 95Monday, March 12, 12:25:52pm1
A Houston spinster is reported missing in 2015, after friends and co-workers claim they haven't seen her in days/weeks. Her car, ID, and cell phone are left behind in her two-story house, where she lived alone. Within months, her property now in shambles from neglect, fell into foreclosure. ...After 2+ years she was found dead ...but where? Story will freak you out!Monday, March 12, 11:29:15am3
Garech de Brún, record label founderDead at 78Monday, March 12, 03:59:13am1
Healthwatch: Singer Tim McGraw collapses on stage in Ireland."super dehydrated,"Sunday, March 11, 10:04:21pm1
Mary H. Rosenblum, science fiction and mystery writer killed in single engine plane crashShe was 65Sunday, March 11, 07:50:55pm1
Director Robert ScheererDies at 89Sunday, March 11, 07:40:01pm4
Peter Moon, Hawaiian music virtuosoDies at 73Sunday, March 11, 07:02:52pm1
Kate Wilhelm, award winning science fiction and fantasy writer. Her husband, Damon Knight wrote the short story "To Serve Man" that became a classic "Twilight Zone" episode.She was 89Sunday, March 11, 06:42:39pm1
OT: CBS News did a story about John Tyler's grandson, still alive todayHarrison Tyler, 89, doesn't say much, but it's nice to see himSunday, March 11, 02:26:51pm2
  • That's cool (NT) -- That ghostly image was interesting too - thanks for sharing, Sunday, March 11, 02:26:51pm
Donald Collins, Maine politician, father of Sen. Susan CollinsDead at 92Sunday, March 11, 01:02:23pm1
Millie Dunn Veasey, civil rights activist and one of the 855 black women veterans of WWIIDies at 100Sunday, March 11, 12:43:54pm2
Healthwatch: Former NFL player Mark GastineauDiagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's diseaseSunday, March 11, 11:48:55am2
Healthwatch: Actress /Singer Lorna LuftCollapses After Concert in LondonSunday, March 11, 11:45:32am5
ARCHIVE: March 11, 1979 ~It was nearly 40 years ago veteran Hollywood chatacter actor Victor Kilian was brutally beaten to death after thugs broke into his small Hollywood apartment, just days after his 88th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, March 11, 11:43:28am1
Well-known concert promoter Brian Murphy dies at 70RussSaturday, March 10, 10:43:38pm1
Mar.3rd~Happy 99th Birthday! Journalist Mary Cosh, Production Manger Joseph C. Cavalier is 97, Culinary Writer Diana Kennedy is 95, Former PM (Japan) Tomilchi Murayama is 94, (NT)jlpSaturday, March 10, 09:21:16pm10
Donna Butterworth, Child actress, worked with Elvis & Jerry LewisDead at 62Saturday, March 10, 08:25:22pm10
Mar.10th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Hide Morkuma, Resistance Fighter Zbibniew Scibor-Rylski is 101, Writer Edith Iglauer is 101, Singer/Actress Addie Seamon is 100, Former 1st Lady (Chile) Leonor Oyarzum is 99, Olympic Athlete Antonio Cosentino is 99, WW2 Figure Robert Cardenas is 98, Hispanist Gabriel Jackson is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, March 10, 08:00:35pm7
Chuck Campion, Adviser to Democratic presidential campaignsDead at 62Saturday, March 10, 05:42:24pm1
OT: Show of hands, who's going to watch the OJ Confession show on FOX this Sunday night? ...And does anybody here really still believe he didn't do it...?Saturday, March 10, 04:51:13pm4
Archive: March 9, 1996: George Burns dies at 1001896-1996Saturday, March 10, 12:12:34pm14
Gary Burden, Grammy winning artist (album covers for Neil Young, the Doors)Dead at 84Saturday, March 10, 11:30:20am1
Brandon Davis, TV producerHas diedSaturday, March 10, 11:26:23am1
Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, catholic nun embroiled in nasty legal battle with singer Katy Perry over convent property. Sister dropped dead during the court hearing today.Dies at 89Saturday, March 10, 11:23:56am4
Toys 'R' Us, 70RussSaturday, March 10, 10:56:44am3
George Sinner, Governor of North Dakota 1985-1992Dies at 89Friday, March 09, 07:35:24pm2
Actress Nancy MarlowDies at 95Friday, March 09, 06:59:41pm8
Ronnie Franklin, 1979 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winning jockeyDies at 58Friday, March 09, 06:46:13pm1
Chris Gedney, former NFL player with Chicago Bears and Arizona CardinalsDies at 47Friday, March 09, 06:39:19pm1
Actress Mary Ruth KizziarR.I.P.Friday, March 09, 06:21:05pm4
Alan Gershwin, claimed to be illegitimate son of George GershwinDies at 91Friday, March 09, 06:13:44pm10
Stuntman Ben MillerDies at 78Friday, March 09, 06:12:04pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, March 09, 06:12:04pm
Actor W. Kirk AveryDies at 89Friday, March 09, 05:44:41pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, March 09, 05:44:41pm
Mar. 8th, July 4, & Dec. 26 are the only dates on which more than one President diedMore insideFriday, March 09, 04:53:43pm2
Mar.9th~Happy 99th Birthday! Silent Film Actor Silas Hathaway, Religious Figure Erwin Schild is 98, Geneticist Evelyn M. Witkin is 97, Politician James L. Buckley is 95, Director Vladimir Geric turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, March 09, 03:11:45pm11
Actor Adam TaylorDies at 75Friday, March 09, 01:27:48pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, March 09, 01:27:48pm
Healthwatch: Sevendust & Snot guitarist Sonny MayoSuffers 2 heart attacksFriday, March 09, 12:44:34pm1
ARCHIVE: March 8, 1993 ~It was 25 years ago the Jazz world lost Billy Eckstine, one of its last of the great crooners, dies at 78. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, March 09, 11:43:28am1
Archive: Norman "Hurricane" Smith, Mar. 3, 2008Music producer, engineer, singerFriday, March 09, 11:22:15am4
Sir John Sulston, human genome pioneerDead at 75Friday, March 09, 08:31:28am1
Tom Reese has died according to a post by The Twilight Zone Museum. The actor was 89. (NT)No official obit as of yet.Thursday, March 08, 06:10:46pm13
D’Wayne Swear, Agent Inspired Scott Bakula's ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ CharacterDead at 60Thursday, March 08, 05:23:50pm2
Mar.8th~Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Therese Fenners, Poet Pham Thi Trinh is 104, Olympic Athlete Ingemar Hedberg is 98, Politician Sergio Onofre Jarpa is 97, Businesswoman Frantiska Garlikova is 97, Pianist Dick Hyman is 91, (NT)jlpThursday, March 08, 01:21:19pm10
Jeff St John, Australian musicianDead at 71Thursday, March 08, 12:51:53pm2
Charles Thone, Governor of Nebraska 1979-1983, U.S. Representative 1971-1979Dies at 94Thursday, March 08, 12:02:00pm3
Dwana Pusser, public speaker and daughter of famed "Walking Tall" Sheriff Buford PusserDies unexpectedlyThursday, March 08, 11:48:47am2
Costume designer Clifford CaponeR.I.PThursday, March 08, 11:45:56am5
John H. Buchanan Jr, (R) U.S. Representative from Alabama from 1965 to 1981Dies at 89Thursday, March 08, 11:40:28am2
Russ Solomon, founder of Tower RecordsDies at 92Thursday, March 08, 10:40:58am6
Tip of the hat to Chron, love today's pictures tribute to Tower RecordsMr. XThursday, March 08, 09:51:12am1
OT: 93-year old Eva Marie Saint to present Oscar tonight!Article inside...Thursday, March 08, 06:26:31am43
Archive: Harris Glenn Milstead, aka Divine, Mar. 7, 1988Drag queen, actorThursday, March 08, 05:02:30am2
Healthwatch: U.S. Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi announces April, 1, 2018 resignation due to failing health.Wednesday, March 07, 07:09:44pm8
Mar.7th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Lawyer Marie-Therese Bouquin, Activist Ruth Dayan is 101, Artist Warrington Colescott is 97, Actress Marianne Inger is 97, Religious Figure Thomas Keating is 95, Cameraman Emmanuel Metaxes is 90, and Actress Elin Reimer turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, March 07, 05:48:56pm8
Jesús López-Cobos, World Renowned ConductorDead at 78Wednesday, March 07, 05:16:18pm2
Archive: On Mar. 6, 1978, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt leaves a courthouse in Lawrenceville, Ga. (where he is facing obscenity charges) when he is shot by a sniper. Flynt's attorney was also hitFlynt was crippled for lifeWednesday, March 07, 05:13:45pm13
Imogene Powers Johnson, Billionaire, Heir To Cleaning Products Empire (Pledge, Windex)Dead at 87Wednesday, March 07, 05:12:33pm1
Archive: Claude King, Mar. 7, 2013SingerWednesday, March 07, 04:37:49pm3
Dead: British music magazine New Music ExpressDead after 65 yearsWednesday, March 07, 04:23:44pm2
Amelia Earhart mystery solved?Scientist '99 percent' sure bones found belong to aviatorWednesday, March 07, 01:51:07pm2
Woody Durham, longtime commentator for UNC ("Voice of the Tar Heels")He was 76Wednesday, March 07, 12:14:26pm3
Healthwatch: Tori SpellingHospitalized after nervous breakdownWednesday, March 07, 12:13:55pm2
Screenwriter & Producer Paul De MeoDies at 64Wednesday, March 07, 12:05:40pm4
Healthwatch: Tommy Lee (Motley Crue)Hospitalized after bloody brawl with sonWednesday, March 07, 12:01:04pm1
Huguette Masson, verified supercentenarian, 2nd oldest person in FranceDies at 113Wednesday, March 07, 11:54:50am2
Dorka Nieradzik, Film & TV makeup artist ("Dr. Who")Dead at 68Wednesday, March 07, 11:49:07am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, March 07, 11:49:07am
Reynaldo Bignone, brief military Dictator of Argentina in 1982 and 1983Dies at 90Wednesday, March 07, 11:35:05am2
George Downing, Hawaii surfing pioneer and environmental activistDies at 87Wednesday, March 07, 06:05:33am1
Fr. Jacques Clemens, World's oldest catholic priestDies at 108Wednesday, March 07, 05:53:47am2
  • Obit -- ., Wednesday, March 07, 05:53:47am
Dorka Nieradzik, make-up artistDead at 68Wednesday, March 07, 05:20:59am1
Mike Walker, National Enquirer gossip columnistHas diedTuesday, March 06, 04:45:51pm2
Harry J. Ufland, veteran film producer of "Last Temptation of Christ" and Michael Jackson's "Bad" videoDies at 81Tuesday, March 06, 04:40:58pm5
Actress Pat Englund dies at 92Daughter of Actress Mabel Albertson (died 1982)Tuesday, March 06, 04:39:26pm8
Gillo Dorfles, Italian art critic, painter and philosopherDead at 107Tuesday, March 06, 04:38:07pm1
Harry Ufland, Film producer ("Last Temptation of Christ")Dead at 81Tuesday, March 06, 04:36:03pm2
John Boyd, Milliner who made Princess Diana a fashion iconDead at 92Tuesday, March 06, 04:34:39pm1
Mar.6th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Marquerite Bailly, Actress Mary Ward is 103, Artist Manuel Bromberg is 101, (NT)jlpTuesday, March 06, 04:29:44pm6
OT: The morons at wikipedia are back to putting dead people on the list. (NT)On the living silent film performers. Jerks!Tuesday, March 06, 04:28:25pm2
Lena Dick, 4th oldest validated American supercentenarianDies at 112Tuesday, March 06, 01:26:35pm3
Archive: Harrison Ford, Dec. 2, 1957 ...ActorTuesday, March 06, 11:57:40am4
Van McLain, founding member of Shooting StarR.I.PTuesday, March 06, 11:30:19am1
Tony winning actress Ruthie Ann Miles injured, her 4 year old daughter & another child killed in crashNew YorkTuesday, March 06, 11:09:16am1
Trevor Baylis, inventor of the wind-up radioDead at 80Tuesday, March 06, 06:05:57am1
Actor & musician Norman PantoDies at 88Tuesday, March 06, 03:50:47am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, March 06, 03:50:47am
Kjerstin Dellert 1925-2017 Swedish opera singer, Swedish voice of Tintin's Bianca CastafioreFredrik AnderssonMonday, March 05, 11:45:50pm2
Healthwatch: Rapper Rick RossHospitalized, serious conditionMonday, March 05, 05:02:27pm5
Andre S. Labarthe, French actor, director, producerDies at 86Monday, March 05, 04:53:57pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, March 05, 04:53:57pm
Man shoots himself near the White House, later diesWash, DCMonday, March 05, 04:09:35pm3
Mar.5th~Happy 99th Birthday! Olympic Athlete Peter Florjancic, Politician Robert F. Ruth i 97, Politician Berkley Bedell is 97, Poet David Ferry is 94, Actor John Craig is 90,Actor Ray MacDonnell turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, March 05, 04:07:37pm9
Sir William McAlpine 6th Baronet, British engineering constructive executive, M.D. of Sir Robert McAlpineDies at 82Monday, March 05, 12:06:16pm1
Bob Tillerson, father of Sec. of State Rex Tillerson ...Dead at 91.Monday, March 05, 11:10:00am2
Mar.4th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Maria Branyas Morea, Former Ambassador George W. Landau is 98, Businessman Richard Devos is 92, Writer Fred Kassak is 90, Actor Patrick Stiven turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, March 04, 04:39:05pm6
ARCHIVE: March 4, 1945 ~Noted Hollywood director began his way up through the RKO ranks as asst.director, but soon directing musical hits, best known for Astaire-Rogers musicals "The Gay Divorcee", "Top Hat" (1935), "Follow the Fleet" (1936), "Shall We Dance" (1937), and "Carefree" (1938). But a week into directing "Blue Skies", died playing cards with his wife. He was 44. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, March 04, 02:53:01pm2
Actress Joy Lane (Our Gang Follies of 1936, Laurel & Hardy's Babes in Toyland)Dies at 90Sunday, March 04, 01:50:00pm6
Archive: Horst Buchholz, Mar. 3, 2003ActorSunday, March 04, 12:43:31pm5
David Ogden Stiers, actor of television and filmDies at 75Sunday, March 04, 12:26:15pm22
Sir Roger Bannister 1929-2018, first to run the mile under 4 minutesSherlockSunday, March 04, 11:37:11am4
Consultant / TV Director Enid RothDies at 87Sunday, March 04, 11:34:53am4
Actress Bette HenritzeDies at 93Sunday, March 04, 11:29:52am3
Mary Jorden, New Jersey supercentenarianDies at 112Sunday, March 04, 08:25:21am1
TV Producer Bruce Connal.Dies at 61Sunday, March 04, 04:53:44am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, March 04, 04:53:44am
Eddie Kritzer, TV Producer & creator of Rockline radio program.Dies at 77Sunday, March 04, 04:41:11am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, March 04, 04:41:11am
Sammy Stewart, Pitched for the OriolesDead at 63Saturday, March 03, 08:09:05pm3
Gillo Dorfles, art criticDead at 107Saturday, March 03, 07:27:21pm1
Archive: Johnny Preston, Mar. 3, 2011SingerSaturday, March 03, 03:57:07pm2
ARCHIVE: March 3, 1966 ~Comic actress Alice Pearce could make a career out of a post-nasal drip, or just a side-glance, but this scene-stealing character comedienne was one of the best Broadway and Hollywood had to offer. But sadly, as she finally enjoyed popular acclaim, she was dead of cancer at 48. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, March 03, 03:45:00pm5
Billy Herrington, porn film actor dies in accidentHe was 49Saturday, March 03, 03:43:12pm1
Alva Campbell, Ohio death row inmate dies, 3 mos. after execution was haltedHe was 69Saturday, March 03, 02:58:03pm1
Emma Hannigan, Irish writerDead at 45Saturday, March 03, 02:56:21pm1
Archive: Fred W. Friendly, Mar. 3, 1998CBS Executive and Pioneer in TV NewsSaturday, March 03, 02:54:51pm1
William Willis, Studio musician with Sun Records, member of Bill Black's ComboDead at 79Saturday, March 03, 01:48:56pm5
Tommy Russell, son of Country singer Maxine Brown, from cancer.He was 59Saturday, March 03, 12:59:17pm3
Jacqueline Desmarais, philanthropist and richest woman in CanadaDies at 89Saturday, March 03, 09:42:19am1
Sharry Konopski, Playboy Playmate for Aug, 1987, died last Aug. at 49Not sure it was ever posted hereSaturday, March 03, 07:41:50am13
John Ridgely Howard, who retired as a special investigator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other government agencies, and first born son to actress Dorothy Lamour and businessman William R. Howard III, dies at 82. ...Obit & PHOTOSaturday, March 03, 04:19:53am2
Bill Burkette, Member of the VoguesDead at 75Friday, March 02, 06:26:33pm9
William H.T. "Bucky" Bush, brother of former President George H.W. BushDies at 79Friday, March 02, 05:45:55pm8
Mar.2nd~Happy 101st Birthday! Screenwriter Harriet Frank Jr. Politician Babiker Avvadalla is 101, Holocaust Survivor Max Webb is 101, Politician Cesar Depietri is 97, Politician,Cornelius Edward Gallagher is 97, Actor Gert Gutschow turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, March 02, 05:24:23pm5
Archive: Hank Ballard, Mar. 2, 2003MusicianFriday, March 02, 04:47:52pm3
John C. Mula, Emmy-winning art director and production designerDead at 75Friday, March 02, 04:40:25pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, March 02, 04:40:25pm
Brandon Jenkins, singer-songwriterDies at 48Friday, March 02, 04:34:34pm2
  • "No More" -- Brandon Jenkins, Friday, March 02, 04:34:34pm
Ronnie Prophet, Canadian country music singerDies at 80Friday, March 02, 04:32:31pm2
Marc L. Marks, (R) U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania from 1977 to 1983Dies at 91Friday, March 02, 04:27:06pm2
Dorne Dibble, former Detriot Lions football starDies at 88Friday, March 02, 01:48:06pm1
Lerone Bennett, Historian, biographerDead at 89Friday, March 02, 12:31:12pm2
ARCHIVE: March 2, 1999 ~Dusty Springfield, the blue-eyed soul singer whose distinctive sensual mezzo-soprano sound, who at her peak was one of the most successful British female performers, with six top 20 singles on the US Billboard Hot 100, and 16 on the UK Singles Chart from 1963-1989, dies after recurrence of cancer, at age 59. ...Her work with Burt Bacharach was one of music's finest collaborations of the mid-20th century!Friday, March 02, 11:14:52am3
Was former Discovery Tv Series host Frank Buxton's death Jan 2, 2018 mentioned here? (NT)Lemnpiper (Discovery was an educational show in it's day)Friday, March 02, 06:54:25am5
Harvey Schmidt, Broadway composer ("The Fantasticks")Dead at 88Thursday, March 01, 03:27:11pm5
Bessie Nolan, Appeared in documentary "Older Than Ireland"Dead at 106Thursday, March 01, 01:07:48pm1
Robert Buchel, Weighed over 800 lbs., died during filming for "My 600 lb Life"He was 41Thursday, March 01, 12:59:03pm1
Mar.1st~Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Ann Marsters, Surveyor Walter Smith is 98, Musician Charlie Rice is 98, WW2 Figure William Harbison is 97, Singer Lucine Amara is 93, Actor Robert Clary is 92, Singer Harry Belafonte is 91, Actor Leonid Persiyaninov is 90, Actor Norman Shore is 90, Actor Philippe Tesson turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, March 01, 12:44:15pm5
Barry Crimmins, comedian, activistDies at 64Thursday, March 01, 12:40:43pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, March 01, 12:40:43pm
Healthwatch: Actress Lexie Stevenson ("The Young & the Restless")HospitalizedThursday, March 01, 12:02:48pm1
Bruce Margolis, 20th Century Fox TV ExecutiveDead at 64Thursday, March 01, 12:00:38pm1
Emma Chambers, British television actressDies at 53Thursday, March 01, 10:06:18am6
Feb,28th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Poet Jozefa Rog, Attorney Bentley Kassal is 101, Production Mgr. Irenee Leriche is 100, WW2 Figure Brian Urquhart is 99, Plant Pathologist Theodor Otto Diener is 97, NASA Engineer Christopher C. Kraft Jr. is 94, Mathematician Louis Nirenberg is 93, (NT)jlpThursday, March 01, 07:43:23am12
ARCHIVE: February 26, 1993 ~It was 25 years ago we lost a fine American actress of stage and screen Constance Ford, who died at 69. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, March 01, 06:06:39am8
Chron - you were here just the other day, now...more...DannyR (Louisville)Wednesday, February 28, 07:26:59pm7
Sean Lavery, New York City Ballet star who's career was cut short by illnessDies at 61Wednesday, February 28, 05:39:43pm1
Archive: Zara Cully, Feb. 28, 1978ActressWednesday, February 28, 05:04:36pm2
Enrique Castro González, Spanish soccer player & kidnap victimDead at 68Wednesday, February 28, 04:23:35pm1
Archive: Mike Smith, Feb. 28, 2008Lead singer, Dave Clark FiveWednesday, February 28, 04:21:58pm2
  • "Glad All Over" -- The Dave Clark Five, Wednesday, February 28, 04:21:58pm
Joe Gilmartin, Basketball analyst and sportswriter (Phoenix Suns)Dead at 88Wednesday, February 28, 04:16:45pm1
Richard Glickman, Ffilm lighting innovatorDead at 91Wednesday, February 28, 04:15:01pm2
David Zwick, Environmentalist/clean water advocate; associate of Ralph NaderDead at 75Wednesday, February 28, 04:14:19pm1
Keith English, american politician, member of the Missouri House of Representatives (2013-2017)He was 50Wednesday, February 28, 02:29:10pm2
Teen hid in closet during Florida school shooting, nearly 70 years after her grandfather survived first U.S. mass shootingGrandpa survived Howard Unruh rampage of 1949Wednesday, February 28, 02:13:26pm1
Healthwatch: Kevin Smith suffers massive heart attack.Wednesday, February 28, 01:41:30pm7
Cynthia Heimel, Writer ("Sex Tips For Girls")Dead at 70Wednesday, February 28, 11:27:03am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, February 28, 11:27:03am
Dr. Phil McGraw's Sister-in-Law Dies 17 Years After Surviving a 'Horrible' Random Acid Attack ...SadWednesday, February 28, 10:54:13am1
Peter Miles, British character actorDies at 89Tuesday, February 27, 11:56:38pm4
Director Lewis Gilbert, 97Various sources are reporting his death.Tuesday, February 27, 08:19:24pm11
Healthwatch: deejay and poster here Ronnie AllenMajor strokeTuesday, February 27, 05:51:07pm10
Feb.27th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Sanae Uchiyama, WW2 Resistance Fighter Elisabeth Hartnagel is 98, Businessman Eka Tjipta Widjaja is 97, Actor John Aristedes is 90, Conductor Rene Clemencic is 90, Actress Linda Douglas is 90, Composer Jacques Iakovidis turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, February 27, 04:58:14pm5
Benjamin Melniker, Emmy winning producer of TV and film, former MGM ExecutiveDies at 104Tuesday, February 27, 03:52:00pm7
Jack Hamilton, former major league pitcher. One of his errant pitches all but ended the career of Red Sox Tony Conigliaro.Dies at 79Tuesday, February 27, 01:17:06pm3
Archive: J.T. Walsh, Feb. 27, 1998ActorTuesday, February 27, 12:44:16pm3
Lassie Lou Ahern, Child Actress of the 1920sDies at 97Tuesday, February 27, 12:17:58pm17
Healthwatch: Heather Locklear's life spinning out of controlTMZTuesday, February 27, 12:03:42pm5
Helen Jackson, widow of U.S. Senator Henry Jackson who ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1972 and 1976Dies at 84Tuesday, February 27, 11:41:21am3
Mies Bouwman, Dutch TV presenterDead at 88Tuesday, February 27, 05:20:39am1
Penny Vincenzi, authorDead at 78Tuesday, February 27, 04:57:46am1
Ensa Cosby, Bill Cosby's daughterDead at 44Monday, February 26, 11:50:36pm11
Archive: Bill Paxton, Feb. 25, 2017ActorMonday, February 26, 10:49:18pm5
James Colby, american actor, (Patriots Day, Tower Heist, Law&Order)Dead at 56Monday, February 26, 09:42:46pm3
  • Full article -- Link, Monday, February 26, 09:27:31pm
    • IMDb -- Link, Monday, February 26, 09:42:46pm
Archive: Cornell Gunter, Feb. 26, 1990Member of The CoastersMonday, February 26, 01:28:32pm2
Feb.26th~ Happy 107th Birthday! Olympic Athlete Mien Schopman-Klaver, Theologian Lloyd Geering is 100, Actor Otto Preuss is 100, Archaeologist Jacob W. Gruber is 97, Game Show Host Tom Kennedy is 91, Actress Monique Leyrae is 90, Actor Francis Linel is 90, Actor Karl Ludwig Hochner turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, February 26, 01:22:39pm6
ARCHIVE: February 26, 2017 ~Judge Wapner, American judge/TV personality, who was the first presiding judge of the ongoing reality court show, "The People's Court", dies at 97. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, February 26, 11:49:53am3
ARCHIVE: Febraury 22, 1995 ~Actor Ed Flanders, best known for his role as 'Donald Westphall' in TV's "St. Elsewhere", kills self at 60. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, February 26, 11:41:00am2
Nanette FabrayDies at 97Monday, February 26, 11:15:55am39
Ronald Ilitch, son of billionaire Little Caesar's founder found dead in hotel room surrounded by drugsHe was 61Monday, February 26, 11:04:23am6
Sridevi, one of Bollywood's most celebrated actresses dies suddenly of heart attackShe was 54Monday, February 26, 10:47:32am11
Bud Luckey, animator and voice actor dies at 83Son's Facebook message announcing his dad's death insideMonday, February 26, 05:32:19am12
Scott Westgarth, boxerDead at 31Monday, February 26, 02:55:26am1
Trefor Selway,Welsh actorDead at 86Sunday, February 25, 04:25:35pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, February 25, 04:25:35pm
Barbara Alston, Original lead singer of the CrystalsHas diedSunday, February 25, 04:25:28pm16
Feb.25th~Happy 112th Birthday! Margaret Vivian, Director Mohammed Hussain is 100, Basketball Coach Tex Winter is 96, Sociologist Nathan Glazer is 95, Politician Shehu Shagari i 93, Actress Bibiane Zeller turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, February 25, 11:52:30am5
DeWitt Hale, american politician, member of the Texas house of representative S (1939-1940, 1953-1978)Dead at 100Sunday, February 25, 11:35:22am2
Myrtle Pringle, mother of actress Joan PringleDies at 106Sunday, February 25, 11:26:57am3
Healthwatch: Rupert Murdoch bedridden after fall on son’s yachtFell around New Year'sSunday, February 25, 08:46:46am3
Actress, Toni Gilman died March 2017 at 93Was it posted here?Sunday, February 25, 01:39:48am3
OT: February 24th - Only day when two well known Hollywood personalities died on the same day twice? John Charles Daly and George Gobel both die in 1991. Dennis Weaver and Don Knotts die in 2006 (NT)Dennis Weaver and Don Knotts checked out at almost the exact same lifespan.Saturday, February 24, 09:36:55pm7
Archive: Henny Youngman, Feb. 24, 1998ComedianSaturday, February 24, 07:16:56pm2
Archive: Webb Pierce, Feb. 24, 1991Country singerSaturday, February 24, 06:24:48pm4
Healthwatch: Legendary British comedian and intellectual Stephen FryHas been treated for aggressive prostate cancerSaturday, February 24, 06:18:55pm3
Feb. 24th~Happy 99th Birthday! Politician Sharda Mukherjee, Baseball Coach Joe Ferebee is 99, Fortune FitzRoy, Duchess of Grafton is 98, Makeup Artist Don L. Cash is 98, WW2 Figure Dick Van Orden is 97, Cinematographer Paul Solbjerghpj is 97, Poet Etel Adnan is 93, Actor Karlheinz Fiege turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, February 24, 04:45:20pm12
Sir Durward Knowles, Bahamian sailor, oldest living Olympic Gold MedalistDies at 100Saturday, February 24, 03:39:22pm1
Healhwatch: Former NFL player Jonathan Martin hospitalized following perceived Instagram threatHe's the one who accused teammates of bullying himSaturday, February 24, 11:59:42am1
Feb.23rd~Happy 98th Birthday! Lawyer Paul Gerin-Lajoie, Makeup Artist Miloslav Jandera is 97, Actor Jack Rader is 97,Writer Robert Langbaum is 94, Actress Jutta Zech is 90, Race Car Driver Hans Herrmann turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, February 24, 11:46:41am13
Feb 8th~Happy 98th Birthday! Businessman Tony Murray, Politician Nethmije Hoyha is 97, Philosopher Hans Albert is 97, Actor Joe Turner is 97, Baseball's Betsy Jochum is 97, Poet Lisel Mueller is94, Politician Khamtai Siphandon is 94, (NT)jlpSaturday, February 24, 10:16:53am18
Eddy Amoo, singer of the 1970's English soul band "The Real Thing"Dies at 74Saturday, February 24, 09:30:05am3
Feb.22nd.~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Lillian Cox, Poet Gerald Stern is 93, Historian Miguel Leon-Portilla is 92, Actor Paul Dooley is 90, Writer Irving H. Greenfield is 90, Musician Ron Bowden turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, February 23, 06:26:43pm10
Breaking: Billy Graham has died at 99. ...Obit LinkFriday, February 23, 04:58:44pm18
Harriet Fier, Was editor of Rolling StoneDead at 67Friday, February 23, 04:24:25pm1
Healthwatch: Artie Lange (again)HospitalizedFriday, February 23, 12:09:10pm4
Healthwatch: Actor Stephen FryHas'Aggressive' Prostate CancerFriday, February 23, 11:46:40am1
Eric Branch, Executed for murdering a college student in 1993FloridaFriday, February 23, 11:41:48am1
Today's photo's: Robert Wadlow, the tallest verified human being ever at 8'11" (NT)RussFriday, February 23, 11:39:24am8
Richard E. Taylor, recipient of 1990 Nobel Prize in PhysicsDies at 88Friday, February 23, 07:51:39am1
Comedian Marty AllenHe was 95Friday, February 23, 03:14:42am28
Bev Dolan, pioneer in the golf car industryDies at 90Thursday, February 22, 04:50:30pm1
George Kaufman, Chairman of New York's Kaufman Astoria StudiosDies at 89Thursday, February 22, 04:45:24pm1
Archive: Chuck Jones, Feb. 22, 2002Animation producer- directorThursday, February 22, 04:23:48pm1
ARCHIVE: February 21, 2008 ~Ben Chapman, best known as playing the Gill-man on land in the 1954 horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon, dies at 79. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, February 22, 11:39:26am1
Anastasia Cecati, GQ and Playboy model murdered by dentist husband in Moldova. He commits suicide by jumping out a window.She was 31Thursday, February 22, 11:37:55am3
Feb.21st~Happy 99th Birthday! Politician Malcolm E. Beard, Actor Rolf Sand is 98, Metallurgist Sir Rupert Myers is 97, WW2 Figure Leroy J. Manor is 97, Actor Jean-Michel Rankovitch is 97, Politician William Winter is 95, Politician Robert Mugabe is 94, Designer Givenchy is 91, Actor Robert Dariday turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, February 21, 09:09:07pm7
Archive: Murray Kaufman, Feb. 21, 1982Radio DJWednesday, February 21, 05:04:28pm3
Healthwatch: NO Saints, Pelicans owner Tom BensonHospitalized with Flu SymptomsWednesday, February 21, 01:54:19pm1
Healthwatch: Baseball Hall of Famer Orlando CepedaHospitalizedWednesday, February 21, 01:52:59pm2
Scott J. Campbell, ActorDead at 33 (suicide)Wednesday, February 21, 01:21:17pm4
ARCHIVE: February 21, 2002 ...Daniel Pearl, ill-fated Journalist for The Wall Street Journal with American and Israeli citizenship, who was kidnapped by terrorists and later murdered in Pakistan. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, February 21, 01:14:32pm1
Healthwatch: Wendy WilliamsGrave's DiseaseWednesday, February 21, 01:00:53pm2
J. Clay Smith Jr., forceful EEOC leader and Howard University law dean, dies at 75Washington PostWednesday, February 21, 11:48:25am1
Ren Osugi, prolific Japanese actorDies at 66Wednesday, February 21, 11:46:23am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, February 21, 11:46:23am
Peggy Cooper Cafritz, grande dame of the Washington arts and education scene, dies at 70Washington Post obitsWednesday, February 21, 11:45:29am1
Herbert Engel, 3rd oldest man in the U.S.Dies on the eve of his 111th birthdayWednesday, February 21, 10:43:02am1
Fred Carr, former Green Bay Packers linebackerDies at 71Wednesday, February 21, 09:57:16am1
Hon. Ednyfed Hudson Davies, MPDead at 88Wednesday, February 21, 05:43:03am1
Judy Blame, English stylist and art directorDies at 58Tuesday, February 20, 05:04:45pm4
O/T: Two additional living silent film actorsMitchTuesday, February 20, 04:58:10pm5
Helen Sloane Dudman, Journalist and broadcasting executiveDead at 93Tuesday, February 20, 04:14:58pm1
Feb.20th~Happy 104th Birthday! Painter Gertrude Goodrich, Dancer Jean Erdman is 102, Harpist Juan Vicente Torrealba is 101, Actress Inga-Liisa Laukka is 100, Actress Vera Valdor is 100, Theologician Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani is 99, Politician Luis Bedoya Reyes is 99, Actor Conrad San Martin is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, February 20, 04:12:16pm10
Harry Blevins, american politician, member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1998-2001) and Senate (2001-2013)Dead at 82Tuesday, February 20, 08:17:24am1
Raimund Herincx 1927-2018 Opera singerFredrik AnderssonMonday, February 19, 11:30:44pm1
Healthwatch: CHRON....Spinal surgery. Thoughrs & prayers for speedy/healthy rehab!? I'll be a lil loopy as moderator (for some opinions -nothing new) in next few days. So, I ask for patience ~Thank you. theChroniclerMonday, February 19, 05:55:56pm21
Feb.19th~Happy 100th Birthday! Silent Film Actress Fay McKenzie, Activist Hema Bharli is 99, Civil Works Worker William Gianelli is 99, Writer Lamberto Antonelli is 97, Composer Gyorgy Kurtag turns 92. (NT)jlpMonday, February 19, 04:27:09pm9
Gunter Blobel, Recipient 1999 Nobel Prize in Physiology/MedicineDies at 81Monday, February 19, 03:21:39pm3
Larry Lolley, american state judge, member of the Louisiana Circuit Courts of Appeal (2003-2017)Dead at 71Monday, February 19, 01:37:17pm2
Healthwatch: Actor, comedian Colin QuinnSuffers heart attackMonday, February 19, 12:54:52pm1
Max Desfor, Pulitzer Prize winning war photographerDies at 104Monday, February 19, 12:21:15pm2
Little Sammy Davis, american blues singer-songwriter and harmonicist (NT)Dies at 89Monday, February 19, 12:19:43pm2
  • Obit -- ., Monday, February 19, 12:19:43pm
Cliff Russell, Detroit radio hostDead at 61Monday, February 19, 11:46:21am1
Roy Hobbs, News anchor (Atlanta)Dead at 64Monday, February 19, 11:44:52am2
Stormin MC, rapperDead from cancerMonday, February 19, 08:43:45am1
Archive: Harry Caray, Feb. 18, 1998SportscasterMonday, February 19, 07:41:34am4
Lorna Birchley, BBC journalistDead at 60Monday, February 19, 05:32:06am1
Feb.17th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Painter Vladas Meskenas, Economist Leonard W. Hein is 102, Tattoo Artist Whang-od 100, Advocate Anne Glenn is 98, Director Borge Ring is 97, Actor Herbert Kofer is 97, Economist Joao Dias Rosas is 97, Actor Hal Holbrook is 93, Songwriter Tom Jones is 90, Actor Hans O, Sjoberg turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, February 18, 06:31:51pm12
Singer Frankie Burke (The Tempos)Dies at 83Sunday, February 18, 04:28:43pm4
Feb, 18th~Happy 100th Birthday! Test Pilot Robert E. Thacker, Football's Ken Casanega is 97, Politician John Warner is 91, Actress June Alden is 90, Qriter Eeva Kilpi is 90, Writer Aldo Falivena turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, February 18, 04:27:52pm9
Boyd Jarvis, american music producer (Herbie Hancock, La Toya Jackson, Johnny Kemp)Dies at 59Sunday, February 18, 02:21:41pm1
Healthwatch: Former First Lady Rosalynn CarterHospitalized After Surgery on Small IntestineSunday, February 18, 01:36:20pm3
Didier Lockwood, Jazz violinistDead at 62Sunday, February 18, 12:48:23pm2
  • "The Kid" -- Didier Lockwood, Sunday, February 18, 12:48:23pm
Archive: Mindy McCready, Feb. 17, 2013Country singerSaturday, February 17, 03:13:15pm2
Archive: Ray Barretto, Feb. 17, 2006MusicianSaturday, February 17, 01:41:45pm2
  • "El Watusi" -- Ray Baretto, Saturday, February 17, 01:41:45pm
Wisconsin Golf Legend, Tommy VeechDies at 88Saturday, February 17, 01:34:56pm1
Archive: McLean Stevenson, Feb. 15, 1996Played Col. Blake on "MASH"Saturday, February 17, 12:20:23pm2
Man who accused Seattle Mayor of sexual abuse found dead in motelAuburn, Wash.Saturday, February 17, 11:47:51am1
Pat O’Haire, Longtime NY Daily News theater reporter, inspiration for a character in the “Brenda Starr” comic stripDead at 91Saturday, February 17, 11:36:19am1
Actor Richard GloverDies at 64Saturday, February 17, 07:48:17am2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, February 17, 07:48:17am
Tina Louise Bomberry, indigenous Canadian actressDies at 52Friday, February 16, 10:09:15pm5
Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwean politician and opposition leader, prime minister (2009-2013)Dead at 65Friday, February 16, 10:01:54pm2
Patricia Frustaci, California woman who gave birth to America's first septupletsDies at 63Friday, February 16, 06:46:48pm1
Greg Smyth, former NHL playerDies at 51Friday, February 16, 06:19:53pm1
Feb.16th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Christine Hoscheid, Actress Penny Gill is 100, Author Natalia Rolleczek is 99, Rose Breeder David Austin is 91, Production Desif\gner Laszlo Duba is 90, Businessman Edzard Reuter is 90, Actress Eva Ingeborg Schultz is 90 Socialite Contessa Cristiana Brandolini turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, February 16, 05:19:03pm6
Archive: Tony Sheridan, Feb. 16, 2013SingerFriday, February 16, 04:27:37pm2
  • "My Bonnie" -- Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers (aka, Beatles), Friday, February 16, 04:27:37pm
Archive; Roger Bowen, Feb. 16, 1996Played Col. Blake in "MASH" (film)Friday, February 16, 04:22:15pm1
Today would have been our Micki's 62nd birthdayRussFriday, February 16, 03:32:07pm5
Leo Cahill american-canadian football coach (Toronto Argonauts)Dead at 89Friday, February 16, 01:09:14pm1
Healthwatch: Ex- US Sen. Al FrankenRushed to hospitalFriday, February 16, 01:04:57pm1
Sue Barton, Publicist worked for director Robert Altman and appeared in the film "Nashville"Dead at 79Friday, February 16, 11:33:20am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, February 16, 11:33:20am
Margot Schlesinger, one of the few remaining Holocaust survivors on Schindler's listDies at 99Friday, February 16, 08:16:44am2
Feb.15th~Happy Birthday! Actress Claire Bloom (87) Actress Sherry Jackson (76) Actress Jane Seymour (67) Film Nerd Colt (36) (NT)ColtThursday, February 15, 07:45:18pm9
Jack Hynes, the "dean" of Boston TV newsDies at 88Thursday, February 15, 06:51:32pm2
High school shooting in Parkland Florida: 17 dead:(Thursday, February 15, 05:25:15pm4
Edward M. Abroms, American film editor, (Blue Thunder, The Sugarland Express, Street Fighter) (NT)Dead at 82Thursday, February 15, 04:31:00pm3
Donald Carter, Dallas Mavericks' co-founder and first majority ownerDead at 84Thursday, February 15, 01:34:07pm1
Dennis Stuart Murphy, Producer on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'The Bridge,'Dead at 72Thursday, February 15, 11:47:28am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, February 15, 11:47:28am
Victor Milán, aka Robert Baron, Sci- Fi- Fantasy authorDead at 63Thursday, February 15, 11:44:30am1
Today's photo: Allan Arbus (NT)Best known as MASH's Dr. Sidney FriedmanThursday, February 15, 11:36:58am2
Lt. Jim Downing, second oldest Pearl Harbor survivorDies at 104Wednesday, February 14, 05:54:06pm2
Vic Damone has diedHe was 89Wednesday, February 14, 05:48:55pm15
Tito Francona, former Major League Baseball player and father of Terry FranconaDies at 84Wednesday, February 14, 05:24:06pm3
Feb.14th~Happy 99th Birthday! Author Miroslav Zikmund, Conductor Albert J. McNeil is 98, Educator Frank A. Demarco is 97, Politician Ingi Tryggvason is 97, Politician Hazel McCallion is 97, Activist Ovidiu Creanga is 97, Journalist Hugh Downs is 97, Sculptor John Henry Waddell is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, February 14, 04:02:11pm7
Klaasje van der Wal, Bassist for Shocking BlueDead at 69Wednesday, February 14, 12:12:50pm4
Ruud Lubbers, the Netherlands' longest-serving Prime MinisterDead at 78Wednesday, February 14, 11:46:21am2
Ben Agajanian, Football player (Eagles, Steelers, Giants, Packers, more)Dead at 98Wednesday, February 14, 11:43:07am1
Scott Boyer, musicianDead at 70Wednesday, February 14, 11:22:07am2
Golfer Bill Haas and actor Luke Wilson injured in a 2-vehicle Ferrari crash that killed onelate last night, in Los Angeles. ...CNNWednesday, February 14, 07:28:44am1
Nini Theilade, Danish ballet dancer and choreographerDies at 102Wednesday, February 14, 04:10:46am7
Prince Henrik of Denmark dies. Refuses to be buried next to his Queen wife after fight with her over his royal title.He was 83Wednesday, February 14, 03:33:02am6
ARCHIVE: February 12, 2014 ~Famed comic actor Sid Caesar, best known for two pioneering 1950s live television series: Your Show of Shows, which was a 90-minute weekly show watched by 60 million people, and its successor, Caesar's Hour, both of which influenced later generations of comedians, dies at 91. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, February 14, 03:23:11am3
Feb.13th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Thelma McLeod, Journalist Ruth Geede is 102, Singer Rene Doria is 97, Test Pilot Chuck Yeager is 95, Composer Gerald Fried turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, February 13, 08:34:50pm9
Archive: Dale Hawkins, Feb. 13, 2010Singer- songwriterTuesday, February 13, 04:38:40pm3
  • "Susie Q" -- Dale Hawkins, Tuesday, February 13, 04:37:48pm
    • "La-Do-Dada" -- Dale Hawkins, Tuesday, February 13, 04:38:40pm
Healthwatch: Judas Priest guitarist Glenn TiptonParkinson’s diseaseTuesday, February 13, 04:33:10pm1
Tom Rapp, Pearls before SwineDead at 70Tuesday, February 13, 11:47:37am2
German Movie & Television actress Marie Gruber has died, she was 62BettyTuesday, February 13, 10:31:18am2
  • PHOTO ... -- Ruhe in Frieden, Tuesday, February 13, 10:31:18am
ARCHIVE: February 6, 1976 ~Noted Jazz musician/composer Vince Guaraldi, best remembered by most for his association with Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" television specials, and its memorable Jazz-infused music, co-writing the classic "Christmastime Is Here". He was 47. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, February 13, 10:27:39am3
Archive: Reg Presley, Feb. 3, 2013Lead singer of the TroggsTuesday, February 13, 09:26:04am4
Bill Crider, American author and crime novelistDies at 76Tuesday, February 13, 04:53:20am1
Archive: Bill Haley, Feb. 9, 1981MusicianMonday, February 12, 09:18:54pm4
ARCHIVE: February 12, 2011 ~Betty Garrett, actress, comedian, singer and dancer who originally performed on Broadway before being signed to a film contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, who went on to enjoy second wave on TV in the 1970s/80s, dies at 91. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, February 12, 07:01:49pm2
Ron Scott, longtime Hollywood publicist for Mindy Cohn, John Stamos, David Hasselhoff, Tyler Henry, Jeanne Cooper, Joan Collins, Jason BatemanDies at 74Monday, February 12, 06:06:39pm1
Archive: Charles M. Schulz, Feb. 12, 2000Created the greatest comic strip of all timeMonday, February 12, 05:13:00pm3
Archive: Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Feb. 12, 2000Rock's Wild ManMonday, February 12, 05:11:15pm3
Archive - Actor Ron Foster (85)Died Feb 26, 2015, but don't recall seeing it here and Rocket hasn't added it to his Boot Hill site.Monday, February 12, 04:26:20pm2
Jon D. Fox (R) U.S Representative from Pennsylvania 1995-1999Dies at 70Monday, February 12, 04:22:39pm2
Archive: Sal Mineo, Feb. 12, 1976ActorMonday, February 12, 02:05:10pm2
OT: Vanessa Trump taken to hospital as precaution after white powder sent to her homeThe substance was deemed to be non-hazardousMonday, February 12, 01:54:08pm1
Jeff Bell, Republican Presidential speechwriter and former candidate for U.S. Senate from New JerseyDies at 74Monday, February 12, 01:49:09pm3
Archive: Grant Wood, Feb. 12, 1942PainterMonday, February 12, 01:46:22pm2
Feb, 12th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Kameo Oya, Psychologist Olivia Hooker is 103, Guitarist Bill Pittman is 98, Actress Betty Jaynes is 97, Director Franco Zeffirelli is 95, Writer Charles Van Doren is 92, Actor Heinz Baumann is 90. (NT)jlpMonday, February 12, 12:58:26pm5
British Actor Kenneth HaighDies at 86Monday, February 12, 12:50:40pm8
Daryle Singletary, country music singer with several Top 40 hits dies unexpectedlyHe was 46Monday, February 12, 11:52:49am3
Archive: February 12, 1993 ~Jamie Bulger: two year old toddler murdered 25 years ago today. ...SherlockMonday, February 12, 11:49:03am2
Actor Donnelly Rhodes (Battlestar Galactica, Soap)Dead at 80Monday, February 12, 11:46:37am15
Jan Maxwell, five time Tony Award nominated actressDies at 61Sunday, February 11, 10:19:05pm7
Archive: William Conrad, Feb. 11, 1994Hefty actorSunday, February 11, 10:14:58pm8
Accused Killer: Teen Posted a Craiglist Ad Asking to Be MurderedColoradoSunday, February 11, 06:37:35pm2
ARCHIVE: February 10, 2008 ~Roy Scheider, who gained fame for his leading and supporting roles in several iconic films from the 1970s, like "The Seven-ups", "The Marathon Man", Jaws", "The French Connection" and "All That Jazz" (latter 2 earned Oscar nods) , a lifelong smoker, dies after long battle with cancer, at 75. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, February 11, 06:01:34pm10
Feb. 11th~Happy114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Lucille Randon, Supercentenarian Rosalie Esposito is 111. Actress Lynne Berkeley is 100. Pianist Elenora Eksanishvili is 99, Author George Mandel is 98, Designer Judith Leiber is 97, Poet Jehan Despert is 97, Sociologist Pablo Gonzalez Casanova is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, February 11, 04:58:17pm12
ARCHIVE: February 11, 1994 ~Sorrell Booke, solid character actor in drama and comedy alike, but whose talents culminated toward the end of his life in his best remembered role, as the bafoonish 'Mayor Boss Hogg' in TV's "The Dukes of Hazard", dies after battle with cancer, at only 64. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, February 11, 04:19:42pm5
Healthwatch: Bounty hunter Leonard PadillaSuffered a debilitating strokeSunday, February 11, 01:34:54pm1
Alia Mae Hilton, American blues singer and guitaristDies at 86Sunday, February 11, 01:15:56pm1
❗Flu Casualties up to 53. (NT)Get vaccinated.Sunday, February 11, 10:51:32am12
Actress Nina DovaDies at 97Sunday, February 11, 07:40:58am2
Healthwatch: Sally Kirkland injured in fall at radio station. Requires surgery..Saturday, February 10, 09:16:18pm8
Chris Cattrall, Brother of actress Kim Cattrall, found deadHe was 55Saturday, February 10, 05:48:52pm2
Actor John Gavin (Psycho, Imitation of Life) ...Dead at 86.Saturday, February 10, 03:56:07pm21
Wally Moon, Baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers)Dead at 87Saturday, February 10, 12:55:01pm3
ARCHIVE: February 10, 1912 ~Today, we recognize Sir Joseph Lister, the noted British surgeon and a pioneer of antiseptics, and promoted the idea of sterile surgery, successfully introduced carbolic acid (phenol) to sterilise surgical instruments and to clean wounds, dies at 84. ...BioSaturday, February 10, 12:28:21pm1
Feb.10th~Happy 100th Birthday! Olympic Athlete Gretchen Hehenberger, Actress Kyoko Szumura is 100, Architect William Merriweather Pena is 99, Artist Sally Pierone is 97, Actor Janoslav Mikulin is 97, Baseball's Randy Jackson is 92, Singer Leontyne Price is 91,\ (NT)jlpSaturday, February 10, 11:45:53am5
Johann Johannsson, two time Academy Award nominated Icelandic composerDies at 48Saturday, February 10, 11:26:14am3
Kuni Onose, validated Japanese supercentenarianDies at 113Saturday, February 10, 10:44:39am1
Dorothy Helen West, American SupercentenarianDies at 110Saturday, February 10, 10:38:05am1
Healthwatch: 60's NY Met Buddy HarrelsonAlzheimer’sSaturday, February 10, 06:35:46am2
Gospel singer Jim Hill has diedBettySaturday, February 10, 04:59:16am1
Reg Cathey, Emmy winning actor for "House of Cards."Dies at 59Saturday, February 10, 02:08:23am5
Actress Lyla Hay OwenDies at 84Friday, February 09, 04:58:53pm2
Feb.9th~Happy 101st Birthday! Diplomat John Banks Elliott, Former 1st Lady of Malta Maria Wirth Tabone is 98, Comedian Woody Woodbury is 98 Actor Hans Waldherr is 97, Actor Frantisek Kropacek is 97, Actor Dick Balduzzi is 90, (NT)jlpFriday, February 09, 04:28:55pm10
OT: New revelations now public that the late famed actor Marlon Brando had brief affairs with comic Richard Pryor, writer James Baldwin, even Marvin Gaye! Quincy Jones, Pryor's widow, and others confirm accounts. ...New Quincy Jones interview tells all.Friday, February 09, 03:25:33pm6
Craig MacGregor, Bassist for FoghatDead at 68Friday, February 09, 01:07:51pm3
ARCHIVE: February 9, 2003 ~Now forgotten Olympiad and Czech-born Hollywood actress Vera Ralston, who during the 1936 Berlin Olympic skating competition, was asked by Hitler if she'd "skate for the swastika"? She replied, "I'd rather skate ON the swastika", pissing off the Führer! She dies at 83. ...Her brief life in the spotlight, would make a great biopic!Friday, February 09, 12:08:14pm5
Lovebug Starski, Rapper, DJ, coined the term "Hip Hop"Dead at 57Friday, February 09, 11:31:12am1
Algia Mae Hinton, Blues musicianShe was 88Friday, February 09, 11:22:10am2
David Kernell, university student who hacked Sarah Palin in 2008Dies at 30Friday, February 09, 11:18:28am2
Olivia Burt, competitive sailorKilled aged 20Friday, February 09, 09:15:31am1
Geraldine Stephenson, dancer and choreographerDead at 93Friday, February 09, 06:07:58am1
OT: Paul Simon latest musician to retire from touringJoins Neil Diamond & Elton JohnThursday, February 08, 08:22:25pm9
Jarrod Bannister, Australian javelin throwerHe was 33Thursday, February 08, 07:14:40pm1
Pat Torpey, Drummer and founding member of Mr. BigDead at 64Thursday, February 08, 05:21:35pm2
Emma Primas, Texas supercentenarian, met Pres. Obama in 2015Dead at 112Thursday, February 08, 05:21:23pm2
Leon Ndugu Chancler, Drummer-heard on Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"Dead at 65Thursday, February 08, 05:18:25pm2
  • "Billie Jean" -- Michael Jackson, Thursday, February 08, 05:18:25pm
Jill Messick former Producer and executive at Paramount Pictures dead by suicide at 50.Deadline.comThursday, February 08, 05:16:08pm3
Ruth Elma Cummings, Mother of Rep. Elijah CummingsDead at 91Thursday, February 08, 05:10:37pm1
Healthwatch: Actor and Musician Mickey Jones near death according to Facebook posts from his son Rick and film producer Nick Plantico (NT)I am unable to post links to the messages.. If anyone is able I would appreciate it.Thursday, February 08, 03:10:49pm17
ARCHIVE: February 8, 2011 ~R&B singer Marvin Sease, who started as a gospel artist, joining a gospel group called the Five Gospel Crowns, but found huge following for his very secular sex-charged Soul sensation song, "Candy Licker", along with X-rated lyrics, dies a week before 65th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, February 08, 02:04:05pm1
ARCHIVE: February 8, 1987 ~Harriet MacGibbon, veteran stage, film, TV actress, rivaling contemporaries like Norma Varden and Eleanor Audley, and best known as the insufferably snobbish, "blue-blooded Bostonian" 'Mrs. Margaret Drysdale' on TV's "Beverly Hillbillies", dies at 81. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, February 08, 12:44:39pm2
Archive: Del Shannon, Feb. 8, 1990Singer- songwriterThursday, February 08, 12:29:07pm3
ARCHIVE: Febraury 8, 1985 ~Marvin Miller, veteran actor and voice talent, best remembered for voicing Robby the Robot in the 1956 sci-film "Forbidden Planet", and as Paul Frees' generous millionaire J. B. Tipton, Jr., on TV's "The Millionaire", dies at 71. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, February 08, 12:02:02pm1
R.J. Adelman, Son of former NBA coach Rick Adelman -- & an assistant NBA coach, dies after being hit by a carHe was 44Thursday, February 08, 11:58:21am1
Where are this week and last week's entries??? Everything OK?Steven GordonThursday, February 08, 11:43:18am4
ARCHIVE: February 8, 1918 ~In tribute to Freddie Blassie’s 100th BD! ...WWEThursday, February 08, 10:30:07am2
John Perry Barlow, Grateful Dead lyricist and Internet activistDies at 70Thursday, February 08, 07:24:02am3
ARCHIVE: February 6, 1960 ~Talented R&B singer/songwriter Jesse Belvin, who shot to success with his smooth stylings rivaling Sam Cooke in his day, was killed in car accident along with his wife, after a racially-charged Arkansas interracial concert. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, February 08, 12:05:14am1
ARCHIVE: February 7, 1999 ~Bobby Troup, actor, jazz pianist, singer and songwriter, best known for writing the popular standard "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66", dies at 80. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, February 07, 06:15:47pm4
ARCHIVE: February 7, 1968 - Hollywood's "Rebel" Nick Adams died 50 years ago today at age 36.Starred in two TV series and was nominated for an OscarWednesday, February 07, 05:02:52pm1
ADMIN NOTE: Apologies to inadvertantly deleting tribute to late actor Nick Adams. It was an error, so please repost if you like. (NT) theChroniclerWednesday, February 07, 04:57:04pm1
Feb.7th~Happy 106th Birthday! Roberta McCain, Activist Maria Mirecka-Lory's is 102, Sculptor Jacqueline Diffring is 98, Historian Jean Richard is 97, Swimmer Trude Malcorps is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, February 07, 04:19:09pm7
Vicki Joyce, Big Band SingerDead at 102Wednesday, February 07, 03:06:59pm3
Actress Rita O'ConnorDies at 72Wednesday, February 07, 02:09:09pm4
OT: Predictions for Super Bowl LII? (maybe it should be called the FLUper Bowl)Chron, if you feel not appropriate, please delete, I won't feel be hurtWednesday, February 07, 02:04:22pm15
James Skaggs, Actor, stuntmanDead at 86Wednesday, February 07, 01:18:45pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, February 07, 01:18:45pm
Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, Black Lives Matter activist who snatched Confederate flag from protester on live TVFatally shot in LouisianaWednesday, February 07, 11:54:55am1
Archive: King George VI, Feb. 6, 1952King of the British Commonwealth from 1936- 1952Wednesday, February 07, 11:42:29am2
Archive: Carl Wilson, Feb. 6, 1998Beach BoyWednesday, February 07, 11:35:18am4
Healthwatch: "Son of Sam" killer David BerkowitzReported to be "on his deathbed" (we can only hope)Wednesday, February 07, 05:07:38am12
Feb.6th~Happy 101st Birthday! Engineer Arnold Spielberg, Mobster John Franzcse is 101, Physicist Gordon Van Wylen is 98, Actress Anna Takacs is 97, Writer Denis Norden is 96, \ (NT)jlpWednesday, February 07, 04:41:21am9
Grant Fell, former Headless Chickens musicianDead from cancer at 56Wednesday, February 07, 01:45:35am1
Reuben Armstrong, Drummer with Frankie and the SpinnersDead at 66Tuesday, February 06, 07:47:02pm4
Archive: Falco, Feb. 6, 1998SingerTuesday, February 06, 04:58:27pm4
ARCHIVE: February 6, 1918 ~It was 100 years ago we lost iconic eccentric Austrian painter of his time Gustav Klimt, whose vibrant masterpiece, "The Kiss" has been replicated and celebated for a century. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, February 06, 01:12:22pm1
'Dancing with the Stars' tour bus involved in massive pileup that killed 1 driverAmes, IowaTuesday, February 06, 12:02:09pm1
Jeremy Nunley, Football player (Houston Oilers, Carolina Panthers)Dead at 46Tuesday, February 06, 11:53:17am1
Joe Knollenberg, Ex- Congressman from MichiganDead at 84Tuesday, February 06, 11:51:30am2
Roy Dietzel, american baseball player (Washington Senators)Dies at 87Tuesday, February 06, 11:47:31am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, February 06, 11:47:31am
John Mahoney dies at 77Hollywood ReporterTuesday, February 06, 11:45:45am9
ARCHIVE: January 26, 2016 ~Character actor Abe Vigoda, best known as ill-fated 'Tessio' in 1972 classic film, "The Godfather", and memorable comic role as 'Det. Phil Fish' on TV's "Barney Miller, succumbed to old age, when he died in his sleep at age 94. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, February 06, 11:09:09am13
Porn star Jerry Butler dies, was married to "Addams Family" actress Lisa LoringDead at 58Tuesday, February 06, 07:41:35am11
Bob Morrow, canadian politician, mayor of Hamilton, Ontario, (1982-2000)Dead at 71Monday, February 05, 08:42:26pm1
Feb.5th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Sumie Yabune, Primatologist Milton Thiago de Mello is 102, Psychologist Melvin Seeman is 100, Geologist Dirk de Waard is 99, Scientist Lise Thiry is 97, Fencing Coach Zbigniew Czajkowski is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, February 05, 06:39:41pm10
Dorothy Malone, Academy Award winnerDies at 92Monday, February 05, 04:31:20pm48
Archive: Doug McClure, Feb. 5, 1995Cowboy actorMonday, February 05, 02:00:32pm1
Archive: Frank (Killer Joe) Piro, Feb. 5, 1989DancerMonday, February 05, 01:57:31pm2
  • "Killer Joe" -- The Rocky Fellers, Monday, February 05, 01:57:31pm
Laurin Pepper, american baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates)Dead at 88Monday, February 05, 01:26:33pm1
Jim Stillwater Ohio State great and fist Lomardi Award winner dead.Columbus DispatchMonday, February 05, 01:21:49pm2
Today's photo: Ida Lupino, Actress/Director (NT)She testified at Thelma Todd's inquestMonday, February 05, 01:23:32am6
A New 48 Hours on Saturday now claiming that Robert Wagner is a "person of interest" in Natalie Wood's death.SharonSunday, February 04, 09:42:09pm16
Dr. Isadore RosenfeldDies at 91Sunday, February 04, 05:57:09pm5
Television producer James Rich Jr.Dies at 70Sunday, February 04, 01:56:56pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, February 04, 01:56:56pm
Mary Carlisle is 104 tomorrowIncredible!Sunday, February 04, 01:54:31pm11
ARCHIVE: February 4, 1959 ~UK-born Hollywood actress Una O'Connor, always best known as the domestic in the stately manor, ready to squawk and crow in hysteria, enjoyed decades of screen roles from 1930s through the 1950s, dies at 78. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, February 04, 01:32:15pm1
Dr. Amber McWilliams, New Zealand actress who starred in the "New Adventures of Black Beauty."Dies at 42Sunday, February 04, 01:28:28pm1
Ndugu Chancler, drummer on Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."Dies at 65Sunday, February 04, 01:19:20pm1
Edwin Jackson, Colts football player killed by drunk driverHe was 26Sunday, February 04, 01:13:59pm1
Healthwatch: Pat Robertson suffers stroke, expected to recoverSend in your donations and Pat will feel betterSunday, February 04, 12:15:42pm3
Feb.4th~Happy 99th Birthday! Pilot Bomber Jo Lancaster, Actor Raymond Baillet is 99, Linguist Gilbert Lazard is 98, Businessman Basant Kumar Birla is 97, Actor Jacques Brunet is 97, Politician Belisario Betancur is 95, Producer Arthur Cohn is 91, Actor David Ketchum turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, February 04, 11:45:44am5
ARCHIVE: February 3, 1989 ~Actor/Director John Cassavettes, pioneer of American independent film, pioneered the use of improvisation and realistic cinéma vérité style, and an actor of note in films like "The Dirty Dozen", "Rosemary's Baby", and "Tempest", dies of the drink at 59. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, February 04, 11:29:21am3
ARCHIVE: February 4, 1983 ~It was 35 years ago we lost one of America's most beloved singers, Karen Carpenter who solo or along with her brother Richard, earned 7 Grammy Awards, taking home 3 trophies, dies after years of eating disorder, at 32. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, February 04, 11:10:06am2
Archive: Al Lewis, Feb. 3, 2006"Grandpa Munster"Saturday, February 03, 08:53:58pm4
Healthwatch: The singer known as "Pink"She has the fluSaturday, February 03, 05:24:29pm2
Dahaud Sharr, Was drummer for Van Morrison, SNL bandHas diedSaturday, February 03, 04:47:21pm1
Feb.3rd~Happy 106th/104th Birthday! Actress Mary Carlisle,Poet Martin Greenberg is 100, Poet John Millett is 97, Scientist George E. Felton is 97, Stuntman John Taylor is 97, Actor Kenneth Anger is 91, Writer Milo Milani turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, February 03, 04:43:21pm12
ARCHIVE: February 1, 1966 ~Buster Keaton, famed comic actor, comedian, film director, producer, screenwriter, and stunt performer, best known for his silent films, considered in the Top 3 of his era, diesBio & PHOTOSaturday, February 03, 04:26:32pm15
Archive: Lana Clarkson, Feb. 3, 2003Actress murdered by Phil SpectorSaturday, February 03, 02:54:48pm2
Archive: Joe Meek, Feb. 3, 1967Music producerSaturday, February 03, 02:50:48pm3
Director R. Robert RosenbaumDies at 89Saturday, February 03, 02:49:06pm5
ARCHIVE: February 3, 1959 ~The Day The Music Died; budding musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, together w/pilot Roger Peterson, killed in a snowy Iowa field. ...BackstorySaturday, February 03, 01:18:32pm6
Healthwatch: Lady GagaCancels 10 concerts, suffering from 'severe pain'Saturday, February 03, 12:38:32pm1
Former Fox News Eric Bolling opens up about son's deathHappened just hours after he was fired from FoxSaturday, February 03, 07:55:48am1
Stan Lee rushed to hospitalTOBYSaturday, February 03, 03:45:21am5
Feb.2nd~Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Do Muoi, Arthur Karl Dunz is 101, Equestrian John Russell is 98, Dancer Yuriko i 98, Businesman Neil Davey is 97, Politician Vaiery Giscard d' Estaing is 92, Actor Sebastian Fischer is 90, Actor David Scott turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, February 02, 09:20:12pm7
Archive: Boris Karloff, Feb. 2, 1969Horror actorFriday, February 02, 07:18:14pm2
Raymond Wallace Shuman, served the 18th longest U.S. prison sentence at nearly 60 yearsDies at 83Friday, February 02, 06:56:02pm2
Donald Savastano, Dies 3 weeks after winning $1,000,000 lotteryHe was 51Friday, February 02, 06:38:05pm12
Cliff Bourland, America's oldest living Olympic gold medalistDies at 97Friday, February 02, 05:37:29pm1
Dennis Edwards, a former lead singer of The TemptationsDies at 75Friday, February 02, 04:04:21pm7
ARCHIVE: February 2, 2014 ~Actor/director/producer Philip Seymour Hoffman, whose FOUR Academy nominations, finally earned him an Oscar for 'Best Actor' for 2006's "CAPOTE", as well as a BAFTA and Golden Globe, was found dead discovered with a syringe in his arm, ODd after years of herion abuse, at age 46. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, February 02, 03:46:51pm2
Siister of CNN journalist Don Lemon dies in accidental drowningShe was 58Friday, February 02, 02:56:52pm2
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