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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Danny Leiner, Director of ‘Harold & Kumar’ and ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’Has diedFriday, October 19, 06:38:18pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, October 19, 06:38:18pm
Healthwatch: Actor Bruce Dern falls, rushed to hospitalPossibly fractured hipFriday, October 19, 06:34:48pm2
Don Sandburg, Played Sandy the Tramp, a silent clown on 'Bozo's Circus"Dead at 87Friday, October 19, 06:29:57pm3
Lisbeth Palme, Widow of assassinated Swedish PM Olaf PalmeDead at 87Friday, October 19, 04:45:21pm1
Oct. 19th~Happy Birthday! Actor Tony Lo Bianco (82) Actor Michael Gambon (78) Actor John Lithgow (73) Actor Kenneth Washington (72) (NT)ColtFriday, October 19, 04:39:59pm10
Archive: Son House, Oct. 19, 1988Blues musicianFriday, October 19, 04:33:17pm2
Evelyn Anthony, Writer of Spy ThrillersDead at 92Friday, October 19, 04:24:48pm2
Saudis admit: Wash. Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi is deadWas there any doubt?Friday, October 19, 04:20:27pm1
Lloyd "Hoot" Gibson, Country singerDead at 94Friday, October 19, 01:51:24pm8
OT:White House is haunted former first daughter claims.“It’s haunted! It’s scary, but they came with all good intentions. They were friendly ghosts,”Friday, October 19, 01:21:38pm1
Archive: Gig Young, Oct. 19, 1978ActorFriday, October 19, 01:09:41pm2
ARCHIVE: October 19, 2009 ~Veteran stage, screen actor Joseph Wiseman, prolific thespian whose body of work earned acclaim for 60+ years of stage productions like "Detective Story" (also 1951 film debut), and "In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer", in film he is best known in the self-titled 007 debut spy classic "Dr. No", and in TV efforts like Twilight Zone ('One More Pallbearer'), dies at 91. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, October 19, 12:47:47pm2
Archive: Harold Lockwood, Oct. 19, 1918ActorFriday, October 19, 12:15:20pm2
Randolph Hokanson, Classical pianistDead at 103Friday, October 19, 11:53:37am2
Fredric Stone, Chicago based actorDies at 70Friday, October 19, 11:47:30am3
Cicely Berry, UK dramatic vocal coach (Royal Shakespeare Company)Dead at 92Thursday, October 18, 07:42:32pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, October 18, 07:42:32pm
Margaret Hinxman, Film critic and crime writerDead at 94Thursday, October 18, 07:41:37pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, October 18, 07:41:37pm
Archive: Julie London, Oct. 18, 2000Singer, actressThursday, October 18, 06:32:02pm5
Dominick "Randy" Safuto, original lead singer of Randy & the Rainbows,Pop, Rock & Doo Wopp SiteThursday, October 18, 01:36:09pm12
Son of Godsmack guitarist dies.Thursday, October 18, 12:20:48pm2
Oct. 18th~Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Natsu Kotsuka, Supercentenarian Jeanne Bonnot is 110, Psychologist Jurgis Palaima is 104, Actor Orlando Drummond is 99, Biophysicist Harold Scheraga is 97, (NT)jlpThursday, October 18, 11:22:01am7
Pro Wrestler Dick SlaterDies at 67Thursday, October 18, 11:13:31am2
Bess Truman: Still Our Longest Lived First LadyI'm Still Wild About Harry AND BessThursday, October 18, 11:11:33am2
Actress Kate LansburyDies at 78Thursday, October 18, 11:06:37am3
ARCHIVE: October 17, 1962 ~The little known story of aspiring Hollywood teen actress Darbi Winters, who at 16, was murdered by her stepfather, and whose last wish was to be buried near her idol Marilyn Monroe, which she was -just 2 months after Monroe's early death. ...Brief BioWednesday, October 17, 08:42:51pm12
Archive: Levi Stubbs, Oct. 17, 2008Lead singer, Four TopsWednesday, October 17, 05:04:43pm3
Archive: Tennessee Ernie Ford, Oct. 17, 1991Singer, TV hostWednesday, October 17, 04:36:22pm2
  • "Sixteen Tons" -- Tennesse Ernie Ford, Wednesday, October 17, 04:36:22pm
Oct. 17th~Happy 103rd Birthday! Chemical Engineer John J. McKetta, Actress Marsha Hunt is 101, Musician Lelio Vian is 100, Physicist Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov is 99, Sociologist Charles Y. Glock is 99, Educator Edel Haetta Eriksen is 97, Screenwriter Angel Wagenstein is 96, \ (NT)jlpWednesday, October 17, 04:32:33pm9
Cornelius Gallagher, (D) U.S. Representative from New Jersey from 1959 to 1973Dies at 97Wednesday, October 17, 04:05:21pm4
Nicholas Korda, Emmy winning sound editorDead at 73Wednesday, October 17, 03:56:05pm3
Scotty Bloch, East Coast-based stage and television actressDead at 93Wednesday, October 17, 03:49:42pm3
Dennis Hof owner of famous or infamous if you prefer, Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada.Dead at 72Wednesday, October 17, 11:53:59am13
George T. Smith, Jr., Baritone in the Castaleers, died June 3rdHe was 86Wednesday, October 17, 11:51:26am2
ARCHIVE: October 16, 2010 ~Barbara Billingsley, film, TV, and stage actress, gained prominence in the 1950s movies like "The Bad and the Beautiful", and "The Careless Years", followed by her best known roles of 'June Cleaver', matriarch of TV's "Leave It to Beaver" (1957–63), and her late in life resurge in film "Airplane" (1980), dies at 94. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, October 17, 10:58:11am3
Oli Herbert, Guitarist (All That Remains)Dead at 44Wednesday, October 17, 10:31:58am1
OT: was it posted here that actress Sallie Jones from (NT)Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman had died ?Wednesday, October 17, 09:20:31am1
Kat Arthur, of Hollywood punk-rock band Legal WeaponDead at 62Tuesday, October 16, 05:14:10pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, October 16, 05:14:10pm
Oct.16th~Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarians Louise Schaaf and Renata Bianchi, Writer Henri Vernes is 100, Educator Alicia Dussan de Reichel is 98, Politician Daniel J. Evans is 93, Actress Angela Lansbury is 93,. (NT)jlpTuesday, October 16, 04:53:20pm5
Archive: Shirley Brickley, Oct. 13, 1977Member of the OrlonsTuesday, October 16, 12:06:59pm9
Walter Dee Huddleston, (D) Kentucky, U.S. Senator from 1973 to 1985Dies at 92Tuesday, October 16, 10:46:18am5
Karl Mildenberger, Boxer who fought AliDead at 80Tuesday, October 16, 10:13:12am1
Walter Huddleston, Kentucky Senator who lost to Mitch McConnellDead at 92Tuesday, October 16, 10:11:22am4
Mairead O’Neill, ModelDead at 21Tuesday, October 16, 10:02:08am1
ARCHIVE: October 16, 2006 ~Actor Jack DeLeon, best known for his recurring character 'Marty Morrison' on TV's "Barney Miller" (1975 to 1982). Though the hetero actor appeared in many roles, he seemed to be forever remembered for his quintessential performances as stereotyped gay personas, though he was married with family, dies at 82. …Bio & PHOTOTuesday, October 16, 07:51:21am1
Oct. 15th~Happy 113th Birthday!Supercentenarians Mariannina Genovese, Gustav Gerneth, and Manuel Dionisio da Silvia, Archaeologist Ralph Solecki is 101, Costume Designer Maureen Portoghese is 100,Politician Jack R.Hamlin is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, October 15, 04:55:31pm11
Michael Freedland, Wrote bios of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Katharine Hepburn, Elvis Presley, Gregory Peck, Al Jolson, many moreDead at 83Monday, October 15, 03:34:47pm1
Jonathan Skow, Fashion designer and photographer known as Mr. TurkDead at 55Monday, October 15, 03:31:07pm1
Microsoft Co-Founder and Seattle Seahawks Owner Paul AllenDies at 65Monday, October 15, 03:29:15pm2
Barbara Mastroianni, Costume Designer & Daughter of Marcello MastroianniDies at 66Monday, October 15, 03:27:35pm3
ARCHIVE: October 14, 2014 ~Actress Elizabeth Peña, known for breakthrough roles in 1980s films like "La Bamba" as Ritchie Valens' long-suffering sister-in-law, and the film Down and Out in Beverly Hills" as the love-starved housekeeper 'Maria', and her last recurring role as Sofia Vergara's controlling mother in TV's "Modern Family", and sadly whose career faltered in later years with alcohol, dying of the drink at age 55. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, October 15, 03:22:57pm3
Healthwatch: Sears, the 130 year old retail giant, declares bankruptcyRussMonday, October 15, 07:40:37am1
Archive: Matthew Shepard, Oct. 12, 1998Gay man tortured & left to dieSunday, October 14, 07:49:33pm7
Archive: B.B. Cunningham, Oct. 14, 2012MusicianSunday, October 14, 04:38:51pm3
Oct. 14th~Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Isabel Robalino, Educator Isabella Dryden is 101,WW2 Figure Edward L. Feightner is 99, Actor Armin Dahlen is 99, Military Figure Jeffrey G. Smith is 97, Actor Paul Lavric turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, October 14, 04:32:40pm7
Kelsey Quayle, Model, shot dead while driving her carShe was 28Sunday, October 14, 04:30:24pm2
ARCHIVE: October 14, 1977 ~Bing Crosby, 74, singer and actor, the first multimedia star, Crosby was a leader in record sales, radio ratings, and motion picture grosses from 1931 to 1954, and whose recording of "White Christmas" has sold over 100 million copies around the world, dies minutes after a round of golf in Spain. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, October 14, 03:59:31pm5
Roylee Pate, Comedian, dies two weeks after being shotDallasSunday, October 14, 02:01:09pm3
Archive: Bea Benederet, Oct.13, 1968Her husband died getting ready for her funeralSunday, October 14, 11:39:14am3
Robert Bausch, Writer; his book "Almighty Me" was the basis for the film "Bruce Almighty"Dead at 73Sunday, October 14, 11:21:55am1
Patrick Baumann, Olympic leader key to 2028 Los Angeles GamesDead at 51Sunday, October 14, 11:19:46am1
Audrey Wells, Screenwriter ("The Hate You Give")Dead at 58Sunday, October 14, 10:47:42am5
Was Rapper Ricardo Da Force From The KLF Mentioned On Here? He Died In 2013 Nearly 20 Years After Tammy WynetteDavid S.Sunday, October 14, 04:27:06am2
Don Leo Jonathan, Wrestler known as "The Mormon Giant"Dead at 87Saturday, October 13, 05:39:17pm2
Healthwatch: Jael Strauss, former 'America's Next Top Model' contestantHas incurable stage 4 breast cancer.Saturday, October 13, 04:32:28pm2
William Coors, of the Coors Beer familyDead at 102Saturday, October 13, 04:28:15pm1
Archive: Ed Sullivan, Oct. 13, 1974TV hostSaturday, October 13, 12:09:47pm1
Oct. 13th~Happy 104th Birthday! Avaitor Francesco Volpi, Author Donald Russell is 98, Artist Manuel Bennett is 97, Musician Terry Gibbs is 94, Composer/Musician Lee Konitz is 91, Director Lana Gogoberidze is 90, Writer Giorgio Stegani turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, October 13, 12:06:10pm9
Jim Taylor, Hall of Fame football player with the Green Bay PackersDies at 83Saturday, October 13, 11:29:27am2
Charles Aznavour dies aged 94SherlockSaturday, October 13, 08:28:01am7
Alex Spanos, Real Estate Developmer & Owner of Los Angeles ChargersDies at 95Saturday, October 13, 08:27:33am7
ARCHIVE: October 12, 1969 ~Sonja Henie, Norwegian-born figure skater and Hollywood film star, as a three-time Olympic Champion led to a popular acting career in hit films like Thin Ice (1937), My Lucky Star (1938), and Sun Valley Serenade (1941), became one of the few celebs to die aboard a plane flight, sans crash. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, October 12, 11:42:05pm1
Archive: Gene Vincent, Oct. 12,1971SingerFriday, October 12, 05:22:15pm2
Oct. 12th~Happy 98th Birthday! Politician Winston Backus, Novelist Jean Thuiller is 97, Journalist Logie Bruce Lockhart is 97, Architect Cesar Pelli is 92, Actor Gunther Bauer is 90, Musician Jivan Gasparyan is 90, Actress Muriel Gould is 90, Singer Luiz Vieira is 90, Actor Kajetan Maudr turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, October 12, 05:19:14pm8
Theresa Hightower, Singer, actressDead at 64Friday, October 12, 04:55:30pm2
Carol Hall, Composer-Lyricist of The Best Little Whorehouse in TexasDead at 82Friday, October 12, 11:13:04am3
Pik Botha, Key figure in South Africa's apartheidDead at 86Friday, October 12, 11:07:31am1
James Emswiller, Emmy Award winning sound mixer engineer was killed yesterday after falling two stories on the movie set of "Mister Rogers."He was 61Friday, October 12, 11:04:25am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, October 12, 11:04:25am
Archive: Fernando Lamas, Oct. 8, 1982ActorThursday, October 11, 09:43:00pm5
Healthwatch: Selena GomezHospitalized for mental health treatmentThursday, October 11, 04:24:55pm2
Archive: Neil Hefti, Oct. 11, 2008Film & TV composerThursday, October 11, 03:17:58pm4
Oct.11th~Happy 97th Birthday! Writer Francisco Cavazos, Religious Figure/Activist Thich Nhat Hanh is 92, Gov't. Official William Perry is 91, Actress Yildiz Kenter turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, October 11, 03:12:34pm6
Jeanne Ashworth, American speedskater - first American female speedskater to win an Olympic medalShe was 80Thursday, October 11, 01:23:10pm1
Archive: Richard Denning, Oct. 11, 1998ActorThursday, October 11, 11:23:40am2
ARCHIVE: October 11, 1988 ~It was 30 years ago, the entertainment business lost one its more popular puppeteers, Wayland Flowers, who along with his brash & boozy creation "Madame", appeared on stage and screen throughout the 1970s/80s, ending only with Flowers' death from AIDS complications at age 48. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, October 11, 11:20:25am2
Director & Producer Jerry ThorpeDies at 92Thursday, October 11, 06:42:37am4
Tex Winter, basketball coach led the Bulls and Lakers to NBA championships, and coached Kansas State to 2 Final Fours, dies at 96RussThursday, October 11, 05:58:38am1
Appeals court allows release of film "Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash" ......Ed TraceyThursday, October 11, 04:40:57am1
Actress Peggy McKayDies at 90Wednesday, October 10, 11:55:49pm6
Thomas A. Steitz 1940-2018 Nobel luareate in chemistry 2009.Fredrik AnderssonWednesday, October 10, 11:53:02pm2
Archive: Teresa Graves, Oct. 10, 2002ActressWednesday, October 10, 05:25:15pm2
Adam Burke, Disney/ Pixar animatorHas diedWednesday, October 10, 05:23:50pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, October 10, 05:23:50pm
ARCHIVE: October 10, 1985 ~Famed filmmaker/actor of stage, film and radio Orson Welles, whose impressive career inspired and influenced filmmaking around the world, and whose best remembered film work of "Citizen Kane" (1941), consistently ranked as one of the greatest films ever made, he dies hours after an interview appearance on TV's "Merv Griffin Show", dies at his home at age 70. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, October 10, 04:23:34pm4
Verne Troyer's death ruled a suicideFrom Alcohol abuseWednesday, October 10, 04:11:38pm2
Rick Stein, This just might be the most unusual obit you've ever readDead at 71Wednesday, October 10, 03:01:43pm2
Archive: Marvin Gaye, Sr., Oct. 10, 1998Shot his famous sonWednesday, October 10, 02:54:47pm1
Ira Gasman, Tony nominated lyricistDead at 76Wednesday, October 10, 01:16:53pm2
Raymond Danon, French film producerDead at 88Wednesday, October 10, 01:13:10pm1
Oct. 10th~Happy 100th Birthday! Director Slobodan Jovicic, Director Stanoje Makivic is 100, WW2 Figure Gail Halvorsen is 98, Cricketer Mohammad Amin is 98, Lawyer Arno Hannus is 98, Actor Noah Keen is 98, Politician Anne Haug is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, October 10, 01:10:23pm6
Evelyn Anthony, Writer ("The Tamarind Seed", filmed in 1974 starring Julie Andrews)Dead at 92Wednesday, October 10, 11:38:58am1
Betty Grissom, Widow of Astronaut Virgil 'Gus' Grissom, dies at 91Husband perished in a 1967 fireWednesday, October 10, 11:34:15am2
Makeup Artist Bill Reynolds dies at 87Brother of Actress Debbie Reynolds (died 2016)Wednesday, October 10, 11:26:02am3
So, who was Tuesday's picture lady. (NT)ForestWednesday, October 10, 10:27:26am3
It was years ago I lost a very dear friend, whose death is still felt today, by many. ...Sad.Wednesday, October 10, 10:27:25am1
Oct. 9th~Happy 104th Birthday! Physician/WW2 Figure Guy Charmot, Silent Film Actor Don Marion Davis is 101, Sinologist Istvan Palos is 100, Member of UEFA Pierre Delaunay is 99, Philanthropist Li Dak-sum is 98, (NT)jlpWednesday, October 10, 01:57:32am10
ARCHIVE: October 8, 1983 ~Stage, film, TV Actress Joan Hackett, nominated for the Best Foreign Actress BAFTA for the 1966 film "The Group", nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1981 film, "Only When I Laugh", whose life was tragically cut short by cancer at age 49. …Bio & PHOTOTuesday, October 09, 07:55:04pm2
Actor Keenan CarterDies at 33Tuesday, October 09, 01:25:25pm4
Joseph Tydings, (D) Maryland, U.S. Senator from 1965 to 1971Dies at 90Tuesday, October 09, 12:41:34pm5
Healthwatch: Danielle Spencer (Dee from “What’s Happening “)Emergency Brain Surgery - What IS Happening?Tuesday, October 09, 12:37:04pm2
Celeste Yarnall, longtime TV and Movie ActessDies at 74Tuesday, October 09, 11:29:20am7
Actor & Stuntman Jon MaldonadoDies at 57Tuesday, October 09, 07:40:40am2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, October 09, 07:40:40am
George Taliaferro, first African-American drafted by the NFLHe was 91Tuesday, October 09, 05:17:27am1
Oct. 8th~Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Marilu Dantas, Musician Hal Singer is 99, Author Bathe DeClements is 98, Makeup Artist Vladimir Petrina is 97, Sculptor Paul van Hoeydonck turns 93. (NT)jlpMonday, October 08, 05:59:12pm10
Bernadette Carroll, who sang the 1964 hit "Party Girl"1944-2018Monday, October 08, 05:55:41pm7
Archive: Charles Rocket, Oct. 7, 2005Comedian, actorMonday, October 08, 05:45:04pm9
Archive: Larry Verne, Oct. 8, 2013Recording artistMonday, October 08, 02:52:29pm2
Archive: Smiley Lewis, Oct. 7, 1966SingerMonday, October 08, 02:49:42pm2
Producer Arnold Kopelson (Platoon, The Fugitive)Dies at 83Monday, October 08, 02:08:07pm3
Healthwatch: Ozzy OsbourneHospitalized due to infectionMonday, October 08, 01:24:30pm2
Kyle Dean, adult film porn actorDies at 21Monday, October 08, 12:48:02pm1
Don Sandburg, Last Original 'Bozo' Cast MemberDies at 87Monday, October 08, 10:22:07am3
Oct. 7th~Happy 99th Birthday! Politician Raymond Reirson, Physician Emmanuel Evans-Anfom is 99, Anthropologist Daniel Vidart is 98, Football's (French) Daniel Langrand is 97, Potter Amanda Swimmer is 97, Actor Warren Disbrow Sr. is 97, Actor Sergio Corona is 90, Singer Raymond Levesque turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, October 08, 04:17:23am8
Actor Scott Wilson - 76 - "In Cold Blood" & "The Walking Dead"SharonSunday, October 07, 10:20:05pm14
John Wicks, Frontman for legendary cult British Power Pop band The RecordsNot sure of his ageSunday, October 07, 06:02:41pm2
  • Found this- -- LA Weekly, Sunday, October 07, 06:02:41pm
Healthwatch: Vinny Foti, Former cast member on MTV's The ChallengeHospitalized for heart failureSunday, October 07, 03:48:52pm1
Healthwatch: Recent memoirs reveal singing superstar Tina Turner underwent kidney transplant 18 months ago ...donated by her husband of 30+ year relationship! ...People MagazineSunday, October 07, 03:42:17pm2
  • ... (NT) -- Danny (Louisville), Sunday, October 07, 03:42:17pm
20 die in limo crash horrorSchoharie, N.Y.Sunday, October 07, 03:39:43pm3
ARCHIVE: October 7, 1986 ~Candido Enzo Jacuzzi, inventor of the pump that enabled a whirlpool to be created in a bath as a hydrotherapeutic device for pain relief, and later leisure and simply known as JACUZZI, dies at 83. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, October 07, 03:18:09pm1
Montserrat Caballe 1933-2018 Spanish opera singer.Fredrik AnderssonSunday, October 07, 02:46:38pm3
Llewellyn Scott Walker, father of Wis.Gov. (& briefly, presidential candidate) Scott WalkerHas diedSunday, October 07, 11:19:07am1
Quentin Kenihan, Australian author, actor and disability advocateDead at 43Sunday, October 07, 11:12:15am2
John Gagliardi, College football's winningest coachDead at 91Sunday, October 07, 11:06:27am1
OT: Swimmer Ryan Lochte involved in car crash that sends other driver to the hospitalGainesville, FL.Sunday, October 07, 10:58:05am2
Dorothy Jean "Dottie" McCammon, actressBettySunday, October 07, 05:03:38am1
Oct. 6th~Happy 103rd Birthday! PSUC Member Neus Catala, Author Lee Kingman Natti is 99, Painter Joop Sanders is 97, Football's Alex Wizbicki is 97, Activist/Religious Figure Joseph Lowery is 97, Journalist Julia Dingwort-Nusseck is 97, MOH Recipient Hiroshi H. Miyamura turns 93. (NT)jlpSaturday, October 06, 06:59:15pm8
Archive: Bette Davis, Oct. 6, 1989ActressSaturday, October 06, 05:24:30pm1
Archive: Nelson Riddle, Oct. 6, 1985Composer and arrangerSaturday, October 06, 05:17:35pm2
Archive: Dennis Price, Oct. 6, 1973Actor ("Kind Hearts & Coronets")Saturday, October 06, 05:13:49pm2
Archive: Tod Browning, Oct. 6, 1962Film director ("Dracula", "Freaks")Saturday, October 06, 05:12:46pm2
Archive: Billy Joe Royal, Oct. 6, 2015SingerSaturday, October 06, 05:06:39pm3
OT: Mother of NFL player arrested for stabbing a man in the chestLouisianaSaturday, October 06, 12:13:41pm1
Ed Kenney Jr, Hawaiian singer and actorDies at 85Saturday, October 06, 11:27:20am3
Ray Galton, British TV writer ("Steptoe & Son", Americanized as "Sanford & Son")Dead at 88Saturday, October 06, 11:23:49am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, October 06, 11:23:49am
Best-selling crime writer Amanda Kyle Williams of Decatur died early Friday after a long battle with cancer. ...Dead at 61.Saturday, October 06, 11:02:22am2
ARCHIVE: October 5, 2011 ~Steve Jobs, American entrepreneur and business magnate was the chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and a co-founder of Apple Inc., considered an innovation iconoclast of the 20th AND 21st centruy, dies at 56, after lengthy battle with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, diagnosed in 2003. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, October 06, 01:49:05am1
Disc Jockey Paul Menard (AKA Irving Harrigan)Dies at 81Friday, October 05, 10:30:39pm1
Juan Romero, the busboy who tried to assist RFK after he was shot, dies fifty years later at the age of 68 .......Ed TraceyFriday, October 05, 07:23:45pm7
Will Vinton, Creator of the California RaisinsDead at 70Friday, October 05, 06:17:06pm4
Archive: Oct. 3, 1979 ~Claudia Jennings ......Model, actress.Friday, October 05, 04:15:53pm2
Archive: Jud Strunk, Oct. 5, 1981Singer, songwriterFriday, October 05, 02:21:34pm2
Archive: Eddie Kendricks, Oct. 5, 1992Singer (the Temptations)Friday, October 05, 01:49:54pm2
Hamiet Bluiett, Jazz saxophonistDead at 78Friday, October 05, 01:45:52pm2
Oct. 5th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Resistance Fighter Frances Hure, Writer Siny van Iterson is 99, Politician Ralph Turlington is 98, Musician Vincent DeRosa is 98, Actor Nikolas Dupak is 97, Actress Alena Kautska is 97,Actress Glynis Johns is 95, Politician Antonio Gizenga is 93, (NT)jlpFriday, October 05, 01:44:28pm9
Healthwatch: Meng Hongwei, The head of InterpolMissing for a weekFriday, October 05, 11:48:47am1
John Bryan, CEO of Sara Lee from 1975- 2001Dead at 81Friday, October 05, 11:45:11am1
Cristy Caserta, One time contestant on "The Bachelor"Dead at 38 (seizure)Friday, October 05, 11:37:58am2
Ted Rich, Film Editor & Postproduction VeteranDies at 88Friday, October 05, 11:32:28am3
Archive: Buddy Lester, Oct. 4, 2002Actor, comedianFriday, October 05, 10:26:46am5
Step- son of "Dilbert" cartoonist Scott Adams dies of Fentanyl overdoseJustin Miles was 18Thursday, October 04, 07:20:47pm2
Marty Pattin, Baseball player (Milwaukee Brewers, Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals)Dead at 75Thursday, October 04, 04:41:39pm1
Funeral services will be held for German-US veteran actress Gertraud "Gerte" Riederer-McCann in Munich today. Gerte was mostly a stage actress in Germany and the US and lives for many times in California. (NT)She has died at 107Thursday, October 04, 04:00:50pm1
Rosa Bouglione, Doyenne of a French Circus FamilyDead at 107Thursday, October 04, 01:43:38pm1
Dave Anderson, former New York Times writerHe was 89Thursday, October 04, 01:33:16pm1
Socorro Medrano Guevara, Mexico’s oldest woman, possibly oldest in the WorldDead at 124Thursday, October 04, 12:51:40pm2
Marrissa O’Leary, Producer, actressDead at 61Thursday, October 04, 11:50:33am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, October 04, 11:50:33am
Oct. 4th~Happy 101st Birthday! Writer Maria Teresa Sese, Musician Charles Burrell is 98, Politician Francisco Morales -Berrandez is 97, Actor Hans Kjolaas is 97, Actress Milada Mladova is 97, Director Marlen Khutsiev is 93,. (NT)jlpThursday, October 04, 11:46:05am6
Actress Helen AuerbachDies at 90Thursday, October 04, 11:36:06am3
ARCHIVE: October 4, 1978 ~It's been 40 years now, since "Rocky" Dennis, American boy whose life w/craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, an extremely rare sclerotic bone disorder, whose life was depicted in the acclaimed Hollywood 1985 film "Mask", w/actors Cher and Eric Stoltz, released posthumously 7 years after Rocky's death at 16. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, October 04, 11:34:17am1
C.J. Fuller, running back on Clemson's 2016 national championship football team, dead at 22RussThursday, October 04, 05:48:21am1
Archive: Benjamin Orr, Oct. 3, 2000Member of the CarsWednesday, October 03, 05:00:38pm3
Daniel Acker, Executed for killing girlfriend in 2000TexasWednesday, October 03, 04:59:31pm2
Cathy Conn of Friend & Loverwas born on 30 May 1945, died on 4 July 2018, age 73Wednesday, October 03, 04:52:55pm7
Oct.3rd~Happy 104th Birthday! Surgeon Elsworth Wareham, Sociologist Milton Gordon is 100, Script Supervisor Laszlo Vandor is 100, Writer Raffaele La Capria is 96, Music Producer George Wein is 93, Actress Anna Smolik is 90, Politician Kare Willoch is 90, Actress Yoko Yokota turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, October 03, 04:46:49pm8
Archive: Eddie Platt, oct. 3, 2010MusicianWednesday, October 03, 04:45:15pm2
  • "Cha-Hua-Hua" -- Eddie Platt & His Orchestra, Wednesday, October 03, 04:45:15pm
John Von Ohlen, Jazz drummer (Stan Kenton, Woody Herman)Dead at 77Wednesday, October 03, 04:36:01pm1
ARCHIVE: October 3, 1998 ~It was 20 years today already, Hollywood lost one of its veteran players Roddy McDowall, actor of stage/film/TV beginning as a juvenile in films like "How Green Was My Valley" (1941), and "Lassie Come Home" (1943), later as adult in films like "Planet of the Apes" (1969), and ""Overboard" (1987), and a champion of Hollywood preservation, dies at 70 of lung cancer. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, October 03, 04:29:02pm2
Geoff EmerickBeatles Chief Recording Engineer, Dies at 72Wednesday, October 03, 12:07:12pm2
Leon Lederman, recipient of 1988 Nobel Prize for PhysicsDies at 96Wednesday, October 03, 11:06:58am1
Healthwatch: Violeta Chamorro, Nicaragua’s first female presidentHospitalized after an apparent strokeWednesday, October 03, 11:01:14am4
TV Writer & Producer Mike OppenheimerDies at 98Wednesday, October 03, 08:09:49am1
Film Editor Mark LivolsiDies at 56Wednesday, October 03, 07:18:05am2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, October 03, 07:18:05am
Archive: Paul Hartman, Oct. 2, 1973ActorTuesday, October 02, 07:14:16pm3
Yvonne Suhor, actress "The Young Riders" "Brooklyn Bridge" "Murder, She Wrote"Dies at 56Tuesday, October 02, 07:05:34pm6
Oct. 2nd~Happy 101st Birthday! Composer Francis Jackson, Botanist Hans Guther Aach is 99, Historian Jerome Chen is 99, Politician Tun Tin is 98, MOH recipient Hershel W. Williams is 96, Historian Jan Morris is 92, Politician Frances :"Sissy" Farenthold is 92, Actor Rudy Challenger is 90, Composer Ted Nichols turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, October 02, 04:29:49pm5
John M. Dwyer, Emmy wining, Oscar nominated set decorator for "Star Trek" films & TV showsDead at 83Tuesday, October 02, 04:26:12pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, October 02, 04:26:12pm
Anthony Barnao, Casting director, theatrical producerDead at 65Tuesday, October 02, 04:24:20pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, October 02, 04:24:20pm
Carlotta Florio Johnson, Was an assistant to Michael Eisner, later a Columbia Pictures exec.Dead at 67Tuesday, October 02, 04:20:42pm1
ARCHIVE: October 2, 2017 ~Incredibly it's been ONE year already that we lost Rock's TOM PETTY to an opioid OD, at age 66. He recorded a number of hit singles with the Heartbreakers and as a solo artist, selling more than 80 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. ...Bio & PHOTO/VIDEOTuesday, October 02, 11:28:35am2
Archive: October 2, 1998: Gene Autry dies at 91The Singing CowboyTuesday, October 02, 11:27:12am3
Actor Merv SmithDies at 85Tuesday, October 02, 11:23:46am5
Today's (Oct. 2) Picture is Actor Herb Voland (1918-1981). (NT)His most famous role most likely as 'Dr. Fulton' in 1979 Disney comedy, "The North Avenue Irregulars".Tuesday, October 02, 11:21:17am2
Santana percussionist Gali SanchezDies at 66Tuesday, October 02, 11:18:49am2
Singer Dennis Crawford of The Dauphin TrioDies at 81Tuesday, October 02, 11:15:03am2
OT:Songs That Actually Sound Like The OriginalDavid S.Tuesday, October 02, 10:53:06am9
Graciano "Rocky" Rocchigiani German Box Champion, two-weight world champion, has died in Italy after car accidenthe was 55Tuesday, October 02, 07:43:13am1
Đỗ Mười 1917-2018 Vietnamese politician and former prime minister.Fredrik AnderssonTuesday, October 02, 06:19:06am2
Oct 1st~Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Sari Redey, Actress Veronika Raab is 100, Politician Zou Yu is 98, Hindu Minister Pravrajika Bhaktiprana is 98, Diplomat Cao Keqiang is 97, Actress Maria Domingas is 97, Former President Jimmy Carter is 94, Pianist Max Morath is 92, Actor Manfred Borges is 90, Actor Ed Setrakian is 90, Baseball's Hal Naragon turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, October 01, 07:02:07pm7
Archive: Nick Reynolds, Oct. 1, 2008Member of the Kingston TrioMonday, October 01, 06:06:10pm3
Archive: Al Jackson, Oct. 1, 1975Drummer for Booker T. & the MG'sMonday, October 01, 06:05:09pm3
Songwriter Norman BlagmanDies at 92Monday, October 01, 04:54:43pm3
ARCHIVE: October 1, 1985 ~Acclaimed writer E.B. White, lauded for his essays and short stories, who in 1978 earned a special Pulitzer Prize citing "his letters, essays and the full body of his work", best remembered for his gentle children's stories of "Stuart Little", and "Charlotte's Web", some of the most celebrated of its kind, dies from Alzheimer's disease at age 86. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, October 01, 03:20:58pm1
David Schippers, Republican Party chief counsel in the impeachment of President Bill ClintonDies at 88Monday, October 01, 02:25:29pm1
Peggy Sue Gerron, who was the inspiration for Buddy Holly's classic "Peggy Sue"Passed away this morning; we'll have more info shortlyMonday, October 01, 02:11:27pm10
ARCHIVE: October 1, 1949 ~Buddy Clark, American popular singer of the 1930s & 1940s, whose post-War career blossomed as one of the nation's top crooners with hits like "Linda", sadly killed in a plane crash a few short years later. And whose family was struck by tragedy soon after. ...Bio PHOTOSMonday, October 01, 01:40:11pm4
ARCHIVE: September 30, 1993 ~Yiddish actress Reizl Bozyk, best known for her role in 1988 romantic comedy "Crossing Delancey", starring Peter Riegert and Amy Irving, as her love-lorn granddaughter. Bozyk earned critical acclaim for her performance as 'Bubbe' as she stole every scene, but died a few short years later at age 79. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, October 01, 01:11:31pm3
Producer Marian ReesDies at 90Monday, October 01, 01:06:07pm4
Jerry González, Jazz trumpeter, killed in a fireHe was 69Monday, October 01, 11:25:47am1
Geoffrey Hayes, British TV host, actorDead at 76Monday, October 01, 11:22:22am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, October 01, 11:22:22am
Carlos Ezquerra, Comic Book Artist and Co-Creator of 'Judge Dredd'Dead at 70Monday, October 01, 11:18:10am1
ARCHIVE: October 1, 1993 ~It's been 25 years now since 12 year old Polly Klaas was kidnapped from a slumber party at her own home, raped and murdered by a drifter felon, sparking a statewide search resulting in discovery of her battered body 2 months later, cultimating in capture/conviction of her killer. ...In the wake of the murder, with her family's activism helped pass "3 strikes" laws, legislating California's "Three Strikes Act" signed into law on March 8, 1994.Monday, October 01, 11:10:04am2
Sept. 30th~Happy 105th Birthday! Former 1st Lady of Colombia Cecilia Caballero Blanco, Mathematician Robert K. Guy is 102, Cellist Aldo Parisot is 100, Actress Beryl Mason is 97, Military Figure Gianadelio Maletti is 97, Poet W.S. Merwin is 91, Producer Charles W. Fries turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, September 30, 08:52:22pm15
Roger Robinson, Tony Award winning actorDies at 78Sunday, September 30, 08:14:38pm5
Archive: Ronnie Dawson, Sept. 30, 2003Rockabilly singerSunday, September 30, 05:38:17pm3
James “Big Jim” Wright, Producer, songwriter, and music directorDead at 52Sunday, September 30, 05:12:12pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, September 30, 05:12:12pm
Art "Hambone" Williams, NBA player, aged 78 (due to a stroke) ........Ed TraceySunday, September 30, 05:01:02pm2
  • In tribute- "Hambone" -- Red Saunders and his Orchestra with the Hambone Kids, Sunday, September 30, 05:01:02pm
Healthwatch: Ted TurnerLewy Body DementiaSunday, September 30, 11:48:39am4
ARCHIVE: September 29, 1970 ~Edward Everett Horton, veteran Hollywood character actor had a long career in film, theater, radio, television, and voice work for animated cartoons, dies at 84, after a 40+ year career in film and TV. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, September 30, 11:25:02am4
Headless torso found in topless fish tank.Not the NY PostSaturday, September 29, 09:52:58pm2
Camera Operator Andy ChmuraDies at 72Saturday, September 29, 07:26:08pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, September 29, 07:26:08pm
Sept.29th~Happy 97th Birthday! Writer Grigory Svirsky, Diplomat James Cross is 97, Comic Book Artist Russ Heath is 92, Politician Philip Ruppe is 92, Politician Pete McCloskey is 91, Olympic Athlete Donald Holder is 90, Musician Karel Turnovsky turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, September 29, 06:35:30pm9
Otis Rush, BluesgGuitarist and singerDies at 84Saturday, September 29, 05:55:56pm3
Greg Terrion, Hockey player (Maple Leafs, LA Kings)Dead at 58Saturday, September 29, 04:26:25pm1
Archive: Sylvia Robinson, Sept. 29, 2011Singer, producerSaturday, September 29, 04:23:43pm3
Karyn Dwyer, Canadian actressDies at 43Saturday, September 29, 11:21:03am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, September 29, 11:21:03am
Marty Balin, founder of Jefferson AirplaneHe was 76Saturday, September 29, 11:14:28am9
ARCHIVE: September 29, 2010 ~Greg Giraldo, lawyer-turned-famed stand-up comedian, television personality, best remembered for his appearances on Comedy Central's televised roast specials, dies days after OD, at age 44. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, September 29, 11:10:53am1
ARCHIVE: September 29, 2010 ~It's been 8 long years since we lost our board's Francesca Stewart, known to friends as "SweetFrani", as we mark the date of her passing, she is still sorely missed. ... theChroniclerSaturday, September 29, 10:22:12am3
Sound Mixer Karl SchererDies at 87Saturday, September 29, 07:25:56am2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, September 29, 07:25:56am
Actor Joe AbdoDies at 76Saturday, September 29, 07:20:21am2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, September 29, 07:20:21am
Memphis Civic Leader Phil TrenaryShot to DeathFriday, September 28, 08:58:19pm1
Sept. 28th~Happy 104th Birthday! Historian Marian Fuks, Novelist Ambroise Yxemerry is 101, Foreign Service Officer Mary Seymour Olsted is 99, Historian William Leuchtenburg is 96, Director Vaclav Taborsky is 90, Production Designer Stefan Maritan turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, September 28, 07:08:58pm7
Peter Frame, New York City ballet dancer at teacher commits suicideDies at 61Friday, September 28, 06:46:44pm4
Max Bennett, Jazz bassist, performed with Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Aretha Franklin, Elvis, Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, The Beach Boys, many moreDead at 90Friday, September 28, 05:52:37pm1
Tara Fares, Model, former Miss Baghdad, shot deadShe was 22Friday, September 28, 05:47:07pm1
Archive: Frankie Ford, Sept. 28, 2015SingerFriday, September 28, 04:39:31pm2
  • "Sea Cruise" -- Frankie Ford, Friday, September 28, 04:39:31pm
Archive: Dewey Phillips, Sept. 28, 1968First DJ to play an Elvis Presley recordFriday, September 28, 04:36:20pm2
Archive: Freddie Stowers, Sept. 28, 1918WW 1 soldier, honored over 70 years later for braveryFriday, September 28, 04:30:52pm2
Archive: Pope John Paul 1, Sept. 28, 1978Pope for a monthFriday, September 28, 03:04:39pm3
Maurizio Zanfanti, Italian playboy who claimed to sleep with 6,000 women dies while having sex with a 23 year old in the back seat of a car.He was 63Friday, September 28, 03:03:02pm4
Wayde Sims, basketball player at LSU set to start his junior year, killed in a shooting at age 20RussFriday, September 28, 02:48:16pm1
Wes Hopkins, former Philadelphia Eagles playerDies at 57Friday, September 28, 12:54:58pm1
Julius Whittier, Broke racial barrier in football. Sued N.C.A.A over brain injuriesDies at 68Friday, September 28, 12:51:35pm1
Joe Masteroff, Librettist for "Cabaret"Dead at 98Friday, September 28, 12:44:47pm1
Inge Borkh, German-born Operatic soprano with a powerful voice, who captivated postwar audiences, with a combination of powerful, penetrating voice, beautiful presence and total conviction on stage made her particularly popular. ...Dead at 97.Friday, September 28, 10:41:50am1
Ward Hall, carnival impresario of the sideshow as barker extraordinaire of oddities and amazements and withstood decades of cultural change to be among the last of his kind in the US., dies at 88. ...Gibsonton, FloridaFriday, September 28, 10:24:50am1
ARCHIVE: September 28, 1966 ~Actor Eric Fleming, solid Hollywood player whose career took off on the small screen as his role as trail boss Gil Favor' on TV's "Rawhide". Sadly Fleming, 41, lost his life on feature film location in So.America, in accident in Peru's Huallaga River, found dead days later, some say mutilated some by piranha. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, September 28, 10:11:42am1
OT: Bruce Dern replaces Burt Reynolds In Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’Reynolds died on Sept. 6thFriday, September 28, 09:30:45am9
ARCHIVE: Septembr 27, 1980 ~Gracie Fields, famed UK-born actress, singer and comedienne and star of both cinema and music hall star, who shined for 50 years, as England's premier Grand Dame of the saloon hall singers, finally retiring in her beloved adopted Capri -which she helped vitalize as jewel of the Italian coast, where she died at age 81. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, September 27, 09:14:03pm1
Archive: George “Wydell” Jones, Sept. 27, 2008Lead singer of The EdselsThursday, September 27, 05:36:28pm2
Sept. 27th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Painter Frank Handlen, Engineer Willem van der Oord is 99, Politician John Patterson is 97, Actress Margaret Allworthy is 90, Actor Bernard Brag is 90, Actress Tani Guthrie is 90, Actress Dran Hamilton is 90, Silent Film Actor Garry Watson turns 90 (NT)jlpThursday, September 27, 05:31:46pm9
Cops, firefighters and paramedics swarm Cher's home in Malibu, Calif.Arrest the son of one of her assistants (he supplied drugs to someone who died)Thursday, September 27, 04:56:48pm2
ARCHIVE: September 27, 2017 ~It has been one YEAR since the death of Hugh Hefner, businessman, magazine publisher, and Playboy founder, and whose political activist and philanthropist in several causes and public issues, became a noted icon in pop cluture, dies at 91. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, September 27, 04:49:41pm1
Jan Ellen Lewis, noted expert on Thom.Jefferson/Sally Hemming Families, dies. Her fascination with President Jefferson and his family, led her to organize a groundbreaking conference to reassess his legacy after DNA testing, showed it was likely that he had fathered children with Sally Hemings, one of his slaves. ...She was 69.Thursday, September 27, 03:41:00pm1
Body believed to be missing North Carolina autistic boy found6 year old Maddox Ritch had run off from his dad while at a parkThursday, September 27, 01:37:00pm2
Jimmy "Junior" Markham, Oklahoma Music Hall of FamerDead at 78Thursday, September 27, 01:18:19pm2
Healthwatch: Actress Jaime KingHospitalized for 3 Days After Suffering Injury on SetThursday, September 27, 11:44:41am1
John Cunliffe, Creator of children's TV show "Postman Pat"Dead at 85Thursday, September 27, 11:20:12am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, September 27, 11:20:12am
British Producer & Director Ernest MaxinDies at 95Thursday, September 27, 11:13:17am3
Diane Leather Charles, First Woman to Break 5-Minute MileDead at 85Thursday, September 27, 11:08:09am2
Ira Sabin, Founder of JazzTimes magazineDead at 90Thursday, September 27, 10:46:43am2
Henry Wessel, American photographer and educator made "obdurately spare and often wry black-and-white pictures of vernacular scenes in the American West", in his 50+ year career, dies at 76. ...NYTimes ObitThursday, September 27, 04:23:02am1
Actress, Dancer & Choreographer, Miriam Franklin Nelson, dies at 98Once wife of Gene NelsonWednesday, September 26, 11:23:08pm4
Ronnie Shelton, 1980's serial rapist sentenced to 3,000 years in prisonDies at 57Wednesday, September 26, 07:32:58pm1
Actor Al MatthewsDies at 75Wednesday, September 26, 04:46:44pm11
Archive: (PSA) Flight 182 collides with a private Cessna 172 light aircraft over San Diego, Sept. 25, 1978144 people are killedWednesday, September 26, 04:38:34pm1
Norm Breyfogle - Batman comic artist dead at 58MSN.comWednesday, September 26, 04:19:35pm1
OT: Here is an IMDb link that now offers "predictions list" for the next Oscars 'In Memoriam'. ...LinkWednesday, September 26, 03:38:50pm2
Sept. 26th~Happy 100th Birthday! Bartender Harry Yee, Mathematician Dormina Eberle Spencer is 98, Actress Virginia Carr is 97, Baseball's Bobby Shantz is 93, Cinematographer Istvan Hildebrand is 90, Cameraman VaughnGaddey is 90, Actress Eileen Sands is 90Actor Bob van der Veken turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, September 26, 03:24:28pm7
Healthwatch: Queen Paola of BelgiumSuffers strokeWednesday, September 26, 03:22:18pm1
Norm Gregory, Popular Seattle DJDead at 74Wednesday, September 26, 03:20:26pm2
Archive: Robert Palmer, Sept. 26, 2003SingerWednesday, September 26, 12:55:38pm3
Archive: Paul Newman, Sept. 26, 2008ActorWednesday, September 26, 12:44:56pm3
OT: JUST IN: Entertainer Bill Cosby found GUILTY in Pennsylvania, sentenced to 3-10 in state prison, on sexual assault charges, and now the FIRST high-profile notable convicted in the #metoo movement. …How will the 81 year old hold up, encarcerated? If serving full term, he will be 91 on release.Wednesday, September 26, 11:39:49am5
Archive: John Bonham, Sept. 25, 1980Led Zeppelin drummerWednesday, September 26, 11:38:41am5
Paul John Vasquez, actorDies at 48Wednesday, September 26, 11:28:24am3
Shoki Mokgapa, South Africian actressDies at 34Wednesday, September 26, 11:27:45am2
Ruth Clark, civic leader and philanthropist who founded a personnel agency in Harlem and other minority neighborhoods, dies after battle with cancer. ...Dead at 76.Wednesday, September 26, 11:27:28am1
Helen Clare, British Singer of 1930s and 1940sDies at 101Wednesday, September 26, 11:21:39am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, September 26, 11:21:39am
Healthwatch: Singer Mark Lindsay (The Raiders)Had pacemaker installedWednesday, September 26, 11:20:10am1
Rev. Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon was America's FIRST woman of color to be ordained in the Presbyterian Church. ...Dead at 68.Wednesday, September 26, 10:24:37am1
A truly amazing life, Henry Bawnik, Survivor of Death Camps and an Inferno at Sea, Dies at 92. …NYTimesWednesday, September 26, 10:13:16am1
Joe Willie Hollins, 2nd oldest man in the U.S.Dies at 112Wednesday, September 26, 06:29:32am3
Marie Severin, cocreator of Spider WomanShe was 89Wednesday, September 26, 01:43:32am2
Jack McKinney, Basketball coach (Pacers, Lakers)Dead at 83Tuesday, September 25, 07:43:34pm2
Sept.25th~Happy 104th Birthday! WW2 Figure/Cricketer John Manners, Actor Albert Pierjac is 100, Editor Mili Bonsignori is 100, Editor Betty Ballantine is 99, Mathematician Robert C. Orim is 97, Football's (England) Alf Patrick is 97, Politician Robert H. Renken is 97, Religious Figure Robert Etchegaray is 96, Actor John Ericson is 92, (NT)jlpTuesday, September 25, 06:51:18pm9
Danny Lewicki, Hockey player (Maple Leafs)Dead at 87Tuesday, September 25, 06:43:34pm1
Actor Frank ParkerDies at 79Tuesday, September 25, 05:27:45pm4
Laurie Mitchell 1928-2018 American actressFredrik AnderssonTuesday, September 25, 04:25:52pm6
ARCHIVE: September 25, 1984 ~Hollywood star Walter Pidgeon, two-time Academy Award for Best Actor nominee for his roles in Mrs. Miniver (1942), and Madame Curie (1943), and whose 50 year career included hundreds of film/tv roles, dies at 87, after series of strokes. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, September 25, 04:25:05pm4
Archive: Billy Carter, Sept. 25, 1988Presidential siblingTuesday, September 25, 04:19:16pm5
Zak Kostopoulos, Greek LGBTQ activist and drag performer, dies after a brutal beatingHe was 33Tuesday, September 25, 04:16:31pm1
Archive: Mary Frann, Sept. 23, 1998Actress "Newhart")Tuesday, September 25, 02:04:26pm5
Healthwatch: Vikings DE Everson GriffenHospitalized, undergoing mental health evaluationTuesday, September 25, 12:59:46pm2
ARCHIVE: September 25, 2016 ~Pro MLB player José Fernández, whose short-lived promising pitching career with the Miami Marlins, ended at age 24, killed while intoxicated, boating off the coast of Miami Beach crashing into breaker rocks, dying 5 months before the birth of his first child. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, September 25, 12:53:27pm3
Uno, beloved Beagle who was 2008 Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (NT)Dies at 13Tuesday, September 25, 11:24:19am3
ARCHIVE: September 25, 2001 ~Actress Lani O'Grady, best known as sibling cast member of TV's "Eight Is Enough", and real-life sister of actor/musician Don Grady, dies of prescription OD, a week shy of her 47th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, September 25, 11:15:10am1
Archive: Richard F. Outcault, Sept. 25, 1928Comic strip pioneer ("The Yellow Kid", "Buster Brown"))Tuesday, September 25, 11:08:23am1
ARCHIVE: September 25, 1849~Johann Strauss, Sr, known as the original "Waltz King", along with composer Josef Lanner he helped develop the waltz from a simple peasant dance into a popular symbol of Austrian culture, dies age of 45 from scarlet fever contracted from one of his illegitimate children. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, September 25, 11:05:59am1
ARCHIVE: September 23, 2013 ~Actress Jane Connell, popular character actress of stage, film, and TV, stealing small scenes in BIG screen efforts, notably in her many animated performances in TV's "Bewitched", and films like "Kotch" (1971), and as hilarious 'Agnes Gooch' in film remake "Mame" (1974), and her Tony Award nominated role in "Me and My Girl" (1986-89), dies at 87 ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, September 25, 03:27:27am2
Sept.24th~Happy 101st Birthday! Auto Designer Wesley P. Dahlberg, Politician/Physician Charles Godfrey is 101 Politician Harber H. Hall is 98, Direstor Bert I. Gordon is 96, Writer Laird Koenig turns 91. (NT)jlpTuesday, September 25, 03:18:37am14
ARCHIVE: September 24, 1984 ~Actor Neil Hamilton, veteran of stage, film, and TV, appearing of hundred of Hollywood efforts, best remembered to 1960s small screen audiences as 'Commissioner Gordon' in "Batman", dies at age 85, after suffering a severe asthma attack. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, September 24, 04:17:51pm2
April Freeman, Democratic candidate for Congress, in Florida, dies unexpectedlyShe was 54Monday, September 24, 04:08:05pm1
Roger Mainwood. Filmmaker & animatorDead at 65Monday, September 24, 01:17:28pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, September 24, 01:17:28pm
OT: What did you think of Betty White's appearance on the Emmys? (NT)?Monday, September 24, 12:37:39pm16
Ralph Boyd, Sr, WW 2 veteran, Civil Rights activistDead at 98Monday, September 24, 11:38:46am1
Archive: Robert Bloch, Sept. 23, 1994Writer ("Psycho")Monday, September 24, 11:27:50am2
Producer Gary Kurtz (Star Wars, American Graffiti)Dies at 78Monday, September 24, 11:13:52am3
Tommy McDonald, Pro Football Hall of Fame member. Spent most of his career with the EaglesDies at 84Monday, September 24, 07:09:16am1
Charles K. Kao Nobel 1933-2018 Nobel Laureate in Physics 2009.Fredrik AnderssonSunday, September 23, 11:41:58pm1
Millionaire's teen daughter dies on airplane after allergic reactionShe was 15Sunday, September 23, 07:43:46pm2
Archive: 'Robbie' McIntosh, Sept. 23, 1974Drummer, Average White BandSunday, September 23, 05:08:21pm2
Sept.23rd~Happy 99th Birthday! Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire, Actor George Engelson is 97, (NT)jlpSunday, September 23, 05:03:07pm6
ARCHIVE: September 23, 1978 ~Pro MLB Player Lyman Bostock, played Major League Baseball for four seasons, as an outfielder for the Minnesota Twins (1975–77) and California Angels (1978), whose career was cut short at age 27, when he was shot and killed in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, September 23, 11:12:57am3
Mel Elfin, Editor at Newsweek & US NewsDead at 89Sunday, September 23, 11:03:40am1
Felton Pruett, Played Steel Guitar With Hank WilliamsDies at 89Sunday, September 23, 11:00:39am2
ARCHIVE: September 23, 2002 ~"Bear", the Golden Retriever, one of the HEROES of World Trade Center 911 Search & Rescue, the dog that came into the public eye after he was denied health benefits due to the ultimately fatal ailments he incurred during his rescue efforts, dying a year later at age 11. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, September 23, 10:29:36am1
ARCHIVE: September 20, 1988 ~It was 30 years ago, UK-born rotund actor Roy Kinnear, 54, best known and appreciated in both dramatic and comedic roles, like "The Hill", and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", dies a day after a fatal horse-riding accident on set of a film, led to internal bleeding and subsequent heart failure. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, September 23, 10:07:12am2
ARCHIVE: September 20, 1973 ~It's crazy to know it's now 45 years since folk and rock singer-songwriter Jim Croce was killed in a plane crash. The 30 year old musician earned popularity with hits like, "Time In A Bottle", "Operator", and "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown" -which reachede #1, just months before his death in private plane crash. …Bio & PHOTOSSunday, September 23, 09:57:58am4
Archive: Marion Davies, Sept. 22, 1961ActressSunday, September 23, 08:42:06am3
Pic for Thursday, Sept. 13 -Rosemary Kennedy. (NT)ForestSunday, September 23, 08:39:59am3
ChelseyRai S. Standberry, Actress, TV host, killed in car crash with her 3 childrenShe was 36Sunday, September 23, 04:42:23am4
Arthur Mitchell, who in the 1950s became New York City Ballet’s FIRST African-American principal dancer, later co-founding The Dance Theatre of Harlem, and recipient of Kennedy Center Honor in 1993, dies. ...He was 84.Sunday, September 23, 02:10:19am1
ARCHIVE: September 21, 2007 ~Actress Alice Ghostley, known as veteran of musical stage productions and dramatic films like "To Kill A Mockingbird", but best known for her comic roles as bungling insecure 'Esmeralda' on TV's "Bewitched", and as 'Bernice Clifton' on TV's "Designing Women", dies at 84, after a battles with strokes and cancer. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, September 23, 01:37:28am2
Sept. 20th~Happy 99th Birthday! Businessman Jack Baskin, WW2 Figure Leon Comber is 97, Visionary Justo Gallego Martinez is 93, Actress Lillian Kassan is 90, Director Miodrag Paskuci turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, September 22, 08:55:06pm10
ARCHIVE: September 22, 2008 ~'Girl' singer Connie Haines, whose 200 recordings with up-tempo big band songs with the Harry James and Tommy Dorsey orchestras, and Frank Sinatra, in the heyday of the era, later becoming an ordained minister, dies at 87 after years of suffering neuromuscular disease, and SURVIVED by mother Mildred JaMais (109). ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, September 22, 08:08:42pm2
Poppi Kramer, Comedian and Biggest Loser winnerDies at 46Saturday, September 22, 08:04:45pm12
Healthwatch: It's the Enquirer, so take it for what it's worth-It says actor David Soul ("Starsky & Hutch") is on his deathbedHe's been wheelchair bound for a few years nowSaturday, September 22, 04:13:44pm2
Archive: Eddie Fisher, Sept. 22, 2010SingerSaturday, September 22, 02:43:02pm2
Archive: Gordon Jump, Sept. 22, 2003ActorSaturday, September 22, 02:37:43pm3
Hardy Fox, founder & primary composer for The Residents (A band I love) may have passed away. His home page now says 1945-2018. Maybe he is prophesying.Doc RockSaturday, September 22, 01:57:49pm4
ARCHIVE: September 22, 1692 ~The grand juries of Salem, Massachusettes 'Witch Hunt Trials' indicted eighteen more people on this week of September 1692, resulting in executing 5 of its townspeople by slowly crushing them under large stone -one at a time. ...BackstorySaturday, September 22, 01:28:48pm1
Rick Evans of Zager & Evans fameDied earlier this year?Saturday, September 22, 12:13:38pm5
Archive: Dorothy Lamour, Sept. 22, 1996ActressSaturday, September 22, 11:18:04am1
Archive: George C. Scott, Sept. 22, 1999ActorSaturday, September 22, 11:11:49am1
Sept.22nd~Happy 114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Lessie Brown, Masters Athlete Hidekichi Mryazaki is 108, Politician Moffatt Burriss is 99, Scholar Joshua Blau is 99, Nathaniel Fiennes, 21st Baron Saye and Sale is 98, Park Ranger Betty Reid Soskin is 97, Coast Guard Robert I. Price is 97, Physicist Chen Ning Yang is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, September 22, 11:06:14am7
Chas Hodges, British singer and musicianDies at 74Saturday, September 22, 10:58:36am2
Producer Jo GilbertDies at 63Saturday, September 22, 08:17:10am2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, September 22, 08:17:10am
Actor & Director Shaun O'RiordanDies at 91Saturday, September 22, 08:05:11am2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, September 22, 08:05:11am
Dick Danehe, Football Player & Host of TV's "All Star Golf"Dies at 97Saturday, September 22, 03:42:37am2
  • IMDB -- Link, Saturday, September 22, 03:42:37am
Deputy Aaron Roberts, Featured On Live TV On A&E, Drowned in Flash FloodingDavid S.Friday, September 21, 11:51:55pm1
Actor Ben RawnsleyDies at 85Friday, September 21, 07:12:25pm4
Gamil Ratib, Egyptian-French actor had roles in "Trapeze" and "Lawrence of Arabia."Dies at 91Friday, September 21, 05:59:56pm3
Sept.21st~ Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Helen White, Philosopher Mario Bunge is 99, Politician Kin Yong-ju is 98, Racecar Driver Kenneth McAlpine is 98, Actress Mary Ellen St, Aubin is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, September 21, 04:59:43pm10
Archive: Florence Griffith Joyner, Sept. 21, 1998AthleteFriday, September 21, 04:29:53pm2
French-Egyptian Actor Gamil Eatib dead at 91EGYPTIAN STREETSFriday, September 21, 03:57:46pm1
Pic for Friday 9/21: Rand Brooks (NT)ForestFriday, September 21, 02:39:18pm1
Margaret Vivian, oldest person in AustraliaDies at 112Friday, September 21, 12:28:11pm3
Howard Michaels, real estate broker and founder of The Carlton Group dies of cancerHe was 62Friday, September 21, 12:03:46pm1
Tran Dai Quang, current President of VietnamDies at 61Friday, September 21, 11:38:46am2
Greg Hodnett, Sprint Car Racer killed in crash at Pennsylvania SpeedwayDies at 49Friday, September 21, 11:00:35am1
Emmy in memoriamFull list insideFriday, September 21, 10:03:32am28
ARCHIVE: September 21, 1973 ~Actress Diana Sands, versatile stage & screen player, best remembered as 'Beneatha Younger' Sidney Poitier's sister in the original stage and film versions of Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun" (1961), dies after acclaimed career and rising star, before her life was cute too short, by cancer at age 39. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, September 21, 02:58:47am1
Mohammed Karim Lamrani 1919-2018 Moroccan three time former prime minister.Fredrik AnderssonThursday, September 20, 11:26:33pm1
Drummer Jerry Wiggins (Buck Owens And The Buckaroos) Dies at 73.Husband of country singer Susan RayeThursday, September 20, 08:34:51pm3
Archive: Leonard Skinner, Sept. 20, 2010Inspired name of Rock bandThursday, September 20, 06:39:45pm1
ARCHIVE: September 20, 1793 ~Fletcher Christian, 28, Master's mate on board the infamous HMS Bounty during Lieutenant William Bligh's voyage to Tahiti during 1787–1789, leading to the mutiny on the Bounty, seizing command of the ship from Bligh on April 28, 1789, was later likely murdered while marooned on Pitcairn Island. Christian portrayed notably in American films by Clark Gable, and Marlon Brando. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, September 20, 05:14:08pm1
OT: Thought folks might like to see some recent pics of Kirk Douglas, 101LinkThursday, September 20, 02:20:49pm3
Father of NBA star Richard Jefferson killed in drive-by shootingCompton, Calif.Thursday, September 20, 12:59:20pm2
Archive: Travis Barker & DJ AM plane crash, Sept. 19, 20084 died, they survived (DJ AM died a year later)Thursday, September 20, 12:41:42pm1
Healthwatch: Guitarist Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers Band"Critical but stable" condition after fallThursday, September 20, 11:55:13am1
Archive: Nappy Brown, Sept. 20, 2008SingerThursday, September 20, 11:43:48am2
Robert Venturi, ArchitectDead at 93Thursday, September 20, 11:18:10am1
Venisha Brown, daughter of the "Godfather of Soul" dies of pneumonia after long battles with drug abuse.Dies at 53Thursday, September 20, 11:07:44am2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, September 20, 11:07:44am
John Bullock, voice coach and father of Sandra BullockDies at 93Thursday, September 20, 11:06:46am2
Mass shooting at Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland leaves multiple fatalities..Thursday, September 20, 11:04:00am3
Marilyn Lloyd, (D) Tennessee. U.S. Representative 1975-1995Dies at 89Thursday, September 20, 11:03:09am2
Archive: Danny Flores, Sept. 19, 2006MusicianThursday, September 20, 11:01:16am3
Actor & Stuntman Jack N. YoungDies at 91Thursday, September 20, 10:15:58am4
Jack N Young - Stuntman who doubled for Clark Gable dead at 91Hollywood ReporterThursday, September 20, 10:12:01am2
Actor & Director Richard StefanikDies at 69Wednesday, September 19, 07:10:31pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, September 19, 07:10:31pm
Sept.19th~Happy 100th Birthday! Politician Joseph Zeller, Politician Ali Nakhjavani is 99, Businessman Willard Kinzie is 99, Sportswriter Roger Angell is 98, Businessman Morton Mandell is 97, Writer Hasso Plotze is 97, Politician Andre Chandernagor is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, September 19, 06:18:02pm10
Bill Gable, Radio DJDead at 69Wednesday, September 19, 05:42:04pm2
Archive: Orville Redenbacher, Sept. 19, 1995Popcorn manWednesday, September 19, 05:06:18pm3
OT: Here's an article about the current state of Chevy Chase & hs careerHint: It ain't goodWednesday, September 19, 04:55:53pm1
Archive: Ann Doran, Sept. 19, 2000ActressWednesday, September 19, 03:48:59pm2
Healthwatch: Ex- US Rep. John Dingell ( longest serving member of Congress in its history)Heart attackWednesday, September 19, 03:44:59pm2
Archive: Gram Parsons, Sept. 19, 1973MusicianWednesday, September 19, 03:38:39pm1
Archive: Red Foley, Sept. 19, 1968Country singerWednesday, September 19, 03:36:42pm2
Jon Borge, Chicago cop convicted of torturing suspectsDead at 70Wednesday, September 19, 03:28:58pm1
Sue England, movie (Funny Face) and tv actress.. March 19, 2018 ...link and pictures ..Wednesday, September 19, 03:25:54pm5
Dave Barrett, CBS News radio reporterDead at 63Wednesday, September 19, 03:25:47pm1
ARCHIVE: September 19, 1969 ~Veteran actor Rex Ingram, who graduated from the Northwestern University medical school in 1919 and was the first African-American man to receive a Phi Beta Kappa key from Northwestern University, earned an acclaimed 50+ year screen career, known in later years for his substantial roles, playing both God (in The Green Pastures) and the Devil (in Cabin in the Sky), dies of heart failure at 73. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, September 19, 03:24:54pm1
British Actress, Pamela Ann Davy.. didn't see it posted here ..;. link..Wednesday, September 19, 03:04:02pm4
Question: Was death/obit of character actress Gloria LeRoy ever posted here?? ...She died in May 2018, so are there any published obituaries?Wednesday, September 19, 02:16:44pm5
Keith Nord, Football player (Minn. Vikings)Dead at 61Wednesday, September 19, 11:42:03am1
Today Picture is of course Meeno PeluceVoyagesWednesday, September 19, 11:35:10am5
Denis Norden, British radio and TV writer and presenterDies at 96Wednesday, September 19, 11:32:35am2
Dancer & Choreographer Arthur MitchellDies at 84Wednesday, September 19, 10:06:58am2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, September 19, 10:06:58am
Annette Michelson, Pioneering Film CriticDies at 95Wednesday, September 19, 08:43:42am2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, September 19, 08:43:42am
Zienia Merton, longtime British actress. Death announced on twitter by her agent Barry LangfordDies at 73Tuesday, September 18, 11:18:56pm7
Shirley Schutter, Iowa grandmother dies after she pulls her car out onto the highway and collides with truck driven by her grandsonDies at 88Tuesday, September 18, 07:58:05pm1
Donahue Wildman, Dubbed "The fittest man in America over 75"Dead at 83Tuesday, September 18, 06:17:00pm1
James B. Thayer, WW 2 hero, father of KISS guitaristDead at 96Tuesday, September 18, 06:13:47pm1
Alan Abel, Hoaxer ExtraordinaireDead at 94Tuesday, September 18, 05:23:32pm3
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, September 18, 01:38:18pm
    • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, September 18, 05:23:32pm
Sept.18th~Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Renee LeCalm, Anatonist Johannes W. Rohen is 97, Academician Nermin Abadan Unat is 97, Actress Helga Marlo is 97, Politician Al Quie is 95, Actress Franke Grund is 90, Actress Patricia Roe turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, September 18, 04:45:14pm15
Archive: Charlie Foxx, Sept. 18, 1998MusicianTuesday, September 18, 04:40:26pm2
  • "Mockingbird" -- Inez & Charlie Foxx, Tuesday, September 18, 04:40:26pm
Iris Acker, Actress, TV hostDead at 88Tuesday, September 18, 04:35:50pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, September 18, 04:35:50pm
Archive: Franchot Tone, Sept. 18, 1968ActorTuesday, September 18, 04:34:50pm2
Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, Childhood friend of Queen ElizabethDead at 92Tuesday, September 18, 04:27:14pm3
ARCHIVE: September 18, 1941 ~Fred Karno, English theatre impresario of British music hall of early 20th century, credited with popularizing the custard-pie-in-the-face gag, grooming young comic actors like Stan Laurel, and Charlie Chaplin, dies at 75, of diabetes. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, September 18, 03:47:45pm1
ARCHIVE: September 18, 2004 ~Russ Meyers, campy film director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, photographer, and actor, known primarily for writing and directing a series of popular sexploitation films; busty features like "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!", and "Vixen!", dies at 82 of pneumonia. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, September 18, 03:23:12pm2
MMA Fighter Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto dies of cancerHe was 41Tuesday, September 18, 01:39:52pm1
Maartin Allcock, Musician (Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, Robert Plant)Dead at 61Tuesday, September 18, 01:28:29pm1
Stephen Jeffreys, Playwright ("The Libertine", later a film)Dead at 68Tuesday, September 18, 01:24:20pm1
Celia Barquín, golfer at Iowa State recently crowned European Ladies' Amateur champion, found murdered at 22RussTuesday, September 18, 11:27:10am2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, September 18, 11:27:10am
Bob Morales, Ritchie Valens older brother passes away. Played by Esai Morales in the 1987 film “La Bamba,”Ksat NewsTuesday, September 18, 11:17:28am3
Pasquale Buba, Film Editor on George Romero MoviesDead at 72Monday, September 17, 04:14:00pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, September 17, 04:14:00pm
Sept.17th~Happy 104th Birthday! Journalist Lambert Mascarenhas, Politician Henry Pearce is 101, Actress Reiko Mishima is 100,Cinematographer Helmut Ashley is 99, Producer Agnes Delahaie is 98, Politician Roger H. Zion is 97, Costume Designer Erika Thomasberger is 97, Businessman David Oreck is 95, Actress Neelam is 90 (NT)jlpMonday, September 17, 02:29:28pm6
ARCHIVE: September 17, 1997 ~Red Skelton, American comedy entertainer, best known for his national radio and television acts between 1937 and 1971, dies at 84, after decades of popular acclaim. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, September 17, 01:55:34pm3
ARCHIVE: August 24, 1978 ~It was 40 years ago today, famed bandleader, songwriter, singer, actor trumpeter Louis Prima, 65, died in his native New Orleans of pneumonia after three years in a coma that followed surgery for a brain tumor. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, September 17, 01:49:34pm17
R&N Saxophonist Big Jay McNeelyDies at 91Monday, September 17, 01:44:37pm2
ARCHIVE: September 17, 1989 ~Jovial Jay Stewart, 71, who was Monty Hall's man-Friday for many years of TV's LET'S MAKE A DEAL, as he assisted and announced games and prizes, takes his own life after years of physical affects of carrying all those boxes! ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, September 17, 11:09:43am2
Does anyone kow why all the posts here from July are all gone? (NT)Just wonderingMonday, September 17, 10:26:46am3
Gloria Jean, Actress ("Never Give a Sucker an Even Break")Dead at 92Monday, September 17, 10:22:09am11
Jazz Musician Max BennettDies at 90Monday, September 17, 07:29:33am3
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, September 16, 06:23:24pm
    • IMDb -- -, Monday, September 17, 07:29:33am
Healthwatch: Matthew Perry ("Friends")Hospitalized for the last 3 monthsMonday, September 17, 06:07:47am6
ARCHIVE: September 16, 2002 ~Veteran character actor James Gregory, known primarily for his dramatic roles in films like "The Manchurian Candidate", and the menacing heavily made-up ape in "Planet of the Ape" film series, but fondly remembered best as 'Deputy Inspector Luger' on TV's "Barney Miller", dies at 90. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, September 16, 08:01:12pm2
ARCHIVE: September 16, 1977 ~Maria Callas, American-born Greek soprano, one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century, whose bel canto technique, wide-ranging voice and dramatic interpretations marveled millions for generations, dies at 53, of heart failure via obuse of sleeping meds. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, September 16, 07:01:18pm2
ARCHIVE: September 16, 2009 ~Mary Travers, one-third of the famed American folk group artists 'Peter, Paul, & Mary" (with Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey), one of the most successful folk music groups of the 1960s, dies at 72 of leukemia. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, September 16, 06:57:31pm2
Ryen Aleman, Survived the shooting at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Fla., only to die weeks later in a car accidentHe was 25Sunday, September 16, 05:19:28pm2
Lou Lippa, Actor, director, playwrightDead at 90Sunday, September 16, 05:12:10pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, September 16, 05:12:10pm
Willis Casey, Former San Francisco Police ChiefDead at 80Sunday, September 16, 05:06:29pm1
Warwick Estevam Kerr, Engineer, geneticist, entomologistDead at 96Sunday, September 16, 05:03:51pm1
Lee Delano, Hollywood character actor, whose 30+ screen career developed in dramatic roles, remembered for comedic performances in Mel Brooks films "Silent Movie" (1976), "High Anxiety" (1977), "History of the World: Part I" (1981), and others, dies at 86. ...Died October 2017.Sunday, September 16, 04:16:19pm3
OT: Found this fun VIDEO of character actress Connie Sawyer's memorial service from last Spring! ...Good watch, great end!Sunday, September 16, 02:29:30pm1
Pic for Saturday, Sept. 15: Nipsy Russell. (NT)ForestSunday, September 16, 01:44:17pm8
Randy Edwards, Appeared on History Channel's "Swamp People"Killed in a car crashSunday, September 16, 11:04:48am2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Sunday, September 16, 11:04:48am
ARCHIVE: September 16, 1983 ~Florence Owens Thompson, the famed, though reluctant photographic subject of Dorothea Lange's famous photo "Migrant Mother" (1936), an iconic image of a 32 year old mother's "face of the Great Depression", dies at 83, after years of coming to terms with her unsolicited notoriety. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, September 16, 11:02:35am1
Sept. 16th~Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Grace Jones, Actress Branka Veseinivic is 100, Football's Earle Parsons is 97, (NT)jlpSunday, September 16, 10:58:44am5
Kirin Kiki, Japanese actressDead at 75Sunday, September 16, 10:38:05am1
british actor Dudley Sutton has diedat 85Sunday, September 16, 03:54:37am7
British sctress Jill Melford. Died?DenisSunday, September 16, 03:25:14am1
Archive: George Wallace, Sept. 13, 1998Alabama Governor, Pres. candidateSaturday, September 15, 09:32:49pm4
Sept.11th~Happy 97th Birthday! Businessman George Joseph, Politician Andre Petit is 97, Activist Charles Evers is 96, Songwriter Alan Bergman is 93,Cinematographer Mikhail Gykhberg is 90, Director Edoardo Bruno is 90, Actor Earl Holliman turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, September 15, 07:18:07pm13
Peter Donat, Actor Who Played a Panoply of Roles, Dead at 90NY TimesSaturday, September 15, 06:20:35pm14
Healthwatch: Olivia Newton-JohnCancels concert datesSaturday, September 15, 06:17:34pm16
Archive: Sid Luft, Sept. 15, 2005Film producer, 3rd husband of Judy GarlandSaturday, September 15, 05:34:17pm1
Sept.15th~Happy 101st Birthday! Educator Carola B. Eisenberg, Scientist Yuan-Cheng Fung is 99, Screenwriter Norma Barzman is 98, Olympic Athlete Willy Otto Jordan is 98, (NT)jlpSaturday, September 15, 05:31:06pm7
ARCHIVE: September 15, 1885 ~JUMBO, 25, known as "Jumbo the Elephant" and "Jumbo the Circus Elephant", was a 19th-century male African bush elephant born in Sudan, killed by train attempting to assist younger elephant. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, September 15, 03:29:33pm1
Healthwatch: Hawaiian Princess Abigail Kawânanakoa ruled mentally unfitto manage financial affairs - she's 92Saturday, September 15, 12:29:03pm1
Beverly Bentley, Actress, Game Show model, and wife of Norman Mailer (1963-'80)Dies at 88Saturday, September 15, 11:55:32am4
ARCHIVE: September 15, 2011 ~Cute, tiny, and prolific little old lady Canadian-born Hollywood actress Frances Bay, who began her screen career at 59, and best remembered as Adam Sandler's loving grandmother in the hit comedy "Happy Gilmore", and cantacerous "marble-rye lady" on TV's "Seinfeld", dies at 92. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, September 15, 11:38:24am1
David Yallop, Crime writerDead at 81Saturday, September 15, 11:34:19am3
Frank Serafine, Hollywood sound engineer, dies after being hit by a carHe was 65Saturday, September 15, 11:27:18am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, September 15, 11:27:18am
Evelyn Rodriguez run over as she prepared her daughter's memorialHer daughter was killed by MS-13Saturday, September 15, 11:14:54am1
ARCHIVE: September 15, 1963 ~It was 55 years ago a white supremacist terrorist bombed Montgomery, Alabama's 16th Street Baptist Church, killing 4 little girls, inadvertantly excellerating the Civil Right Movement into legistlative/social action. ...BackstorySaturday, September 15, 10:43:24am1
ARCHIVE: September 14, 2009 ~Actor Henry Gibson, best-known as a cast member on TV's "Laugh-In", and the voice of 'Wilbur' in 1973's "Charlotte's Web", as well as other diverse performances in "The Blues Brothers", and "Magnolia", and whose death from cancer at 73, was overshadowed by death of film star Patrick Swayze on the same day. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, September 15, 10:25:23am4
Archive: Perez Prado, Sept. 14, 1989BandlederSaturday, September 15, 05:40:49am3
TV Writer & Producer Thad Mumford ......Dies at 67.Friday, September 14, 07:45:24pm4
Archive: LaWanda Page, Sept. 14, 2002Sanford & Son's "Aunt Esther"Friday, September 14, 06:10:44pm2
Sept.14th~Happy 106th Birthday! Journalist Edward von Falz-Fein, Playwright Eric Bentley is 102, Diplomat James George is 100, Politician Victor Garber is 99, Olympic Athlete Hans Pfann is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, September 14, 06:00:05pm7
Archive: 2 of Roy Orbison's sons killed in a fire, Sept. 14, 1968His wife had died 2 years earlierFriday, September 14, 05:58:31pm1
ADMIN NOTE: Prayers for those suffering through Hurricane Florence, which hit landfall in Myrtle Beach SC, where I have family, myself. (NT) theChroniclerFriday, September 14, 04:32:56pm4
OT: Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (has appeared in "X- Men" & "Iron Man" films) missingHasn't been seen in public for monthsFriday, September 14, 04:26:10pm1
ARCHIVE: September 14, 1982 ~Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, whose brief 6-year screen career culminated in two Academy Award 'Best Actress' nominations, earning the honor for "Country Girl" in 1954, but soon left Hollywood to become real-life Princess after marrying Prince Ranier of Monoco in 1956, later dying at 52, after suffering stroke while driving. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, September 14, 12:34:19pm1
ARCHIVE: September 14, 1836 ~Former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr Jr., serving during Thomas Jefferson's first term [1801–1805], and the ONLY sitting VP to commit murder by shooting his political rival Alexander Hamilton in a famous duel in 1804, dies 30+ years after the infamous act, at age 80 years old after a debilitating stroke. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, September 14, 12:34:05pm2
ARCHIVE: September 14, 1984 ~Janet Gaynor, Hollywood star Janet Gaynor, whose acclaimed early career earned her the very FIRST Academy Award for Best Actress in 1928, but memorably remembered for originating the role of 'Vicky Lester' in 1937's "A Star Is Born", dies at 84, from auto accident sustained 2 years earlier. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, September 14, 11:51:52am5
Jim Houston, Football player (Cleveland Browns)Dead at 80Friday, September 14, 11:19:54am1
Actress Marin MazzieDies at 57Friday, September 14, 10:33:46am5
Rita Jitendra, Indian academic dies on live TVNY PostFriday, September 14, 10:04:32am2
John Wilcock, Co- founder of the Village Voice ......Dead at 91.Friday, September 14, 04:19:31am2
Actor/Director Donald MonatDies at 90Friday, September 14, 02:52:51am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, September 14, 02:52:51am
Archive: Raymond Burr, Sept. 12, 1993ActorThursday, September 13, 05:03:50pm7
Archive: Philip Ober, Sept. 13, 1982ActorThursday, September 13, 04:56:07pm4
Actress Jane FischerDies at 90Thursday, September 13, 04:51:42pm2
  • IMDb Link -- R.I.P, Thursday, September 13, 04:51:42pm
ARCHIVE: September 13, 1977 ~Famed UK-born conductor Leopold Stokowski, considered one of 20th century's preeminent men of performance of classical music, many remember as silhouetted frontman orchestrating the soundtrack in Disney's FANTASIA, dies at 95 after long distinguished career. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, September 13, 04:51:27pm3
OT: Actress Carole Cook (94) and husband Actor Tom Troupe (90) - both looking amazing, are interviewed by TMZ in Los Angeles and get political...Video link InsideThursday, September 13, 04:46:08pm18
ARCHIVE: September 13, 2015 ~Moses Malone, Pro basketball player who played in both the American Basketball Association (ABA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1974 through 1995, dies at 60, suddenly of heart failure. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, September 13, 04:44:13pm3
Producer Leon BleibergDies at 85Thursday, September 13, 04:39:42pm4
Sept.13th~Happy 99th Birthday! Philosopher Mary Midgley, WW2 Figure Lou Conter is 97, Costume Designer Monique Plotin is 90, Composer Lubus Sluka is 90, Actor Jochen Stern turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, September 13, 04:38:35pm9
Country star Alan Jackson's son-in-law dies in boating accidentFloridaThursday, September 13, 02:28:10pm2
😢 Archive: September 12, 2003 ~On this day 15 years ago, we lost one of the greatest country music singers who ever lived...JOHNNY CASH. He was most famous for "Folsom Prison Blues" and "A Boy Named Sue" and was inducted into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. (NT)May he rest in piece. And never be forgotten.Thursday, September 13, 01:09:58pm16
Healthwatch: Pyotr Verzilov, Member of Russian band Pussy RiotHospitalized, feared poisonedThursday, September 13, 11:29:57am1
Billy O’Dell, Baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves)Dead at 85Thursday, September 13, 11:21:19am2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, September 13, 11:21:19am
ARCHIVE: September 13, 1996 ~It was 22 years ago (unbelievable) prolific entertainer Tupac Shakur, one of the best-selling music artists of all time, amassing over 75 million estimated global sales, dies days after suffering mutliple gunshot wounds, at age 25. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, September 13, 11:14:09am1
MC Overlord, doyen and visionary of the Austin Texas hip-hop sceneDead from unspecified cancerThursday, September 13, 09:16:32am1
I want to know who this gorgeous woman in the Sept. 12th pic is!? (NT)I don't recognize her.Thursday, September 13, 02:55:05am2
Thelma Taylor, grandmother of Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman, dies at 92.Otsegolectric98Wednesday, September 12, 11:22:30pm1
Sept.12th~Happy 100th Birthday! Religious Figure Ephraim Einhorn, Painter Bachir Yelles is 97, Strategist Andrew Marshall is 97, Production Manager Bernardo Ballester is 97, Actor Freddie Jones turns 91, (NT)jlpWednesday, September 12, 06:42:10pm9
ARCHIVE: September 12, 1951 ~This is the account of near-unknown, and forgotten-to-time Korea-War U.S. Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III, who posthumously was awarded the Medal of Honor, earning the honor after sacrificing his life after repeated acts of heroism in Korea campaign, was KIA at tender age of 21. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, September 12, 06:33:23pm2
Ellen Caldwell, daughter of actress Joan Leslie (1925-2015)Dies at 67Wednesday, September 12, 04:39:22pm4
Actress Mela HudsonDies at 31Wednesday, September 12, 04:21:23pm3
ARCHIVE: September 12, 1953 ~It was 65 years ago, veteran stage/screen actor Lewis Stone, whose career began in 1910s, boasting a reputation of 40+ year career, in nearly 200 roles, earning an Oscar nomination in 1930 for semi-silent film "The Patriot", but best known for his role as 'Judge Hardy' in the "Andy Hardy" film series of the 1930's/40s, dies at 73, while chasing teen delinquents off his property. …Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, September 12, 04:11:42pm2
Archive - Actor Bob Swain dies at 70Died Oct 4, 2017, but wasn't mentioned here.Wednesday, September 12, 04:10:08pm3
Former San Antonia Spurs assistant Don Newman dead at 60.Mysanantonio.comWednesday, September 12, 03:46:11pm1
Barbara Gould, model and actress in long running commercialsDies at 81Wednesday, September 12, 02:08:34pm1
Archive: Tom Ewell, Sept. 12, 1994ActorWednesday, September 12, 12:56:48pm4
Actress Margaret Campbell LakeDies at 73Wednesday, September 12, 12:37:48pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, September 12, 12:37:48pm
Actor Earl Lynn NelsonDies at 76Wednesday, September 12, 12:31:05pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, September 12, 12:31:05pm
Actor Sam SherrillDies at 90Wednesday, September 12, 12:06:16pm2
  • IMDb link -- R.I.P., Wednesday, September 12, 12:06:16pm
Archive: John Sylvester White, Sept. 11, 1988Character actorWednesday, September 12, 11:19:28am3
ARCHIVE: September 12, 1992 ~Actor Anthony Perkins, Academy Award (Best Supporting Actor) nominated for his 2nd film, "Friendly Persuasion" (1959), but is best known for his role/performance as 'Norman Bates' in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" (1960), dies at 60, after AIDS diagnosis. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, September 12, 11:16:28am2
OT: Author of the book "How to Murder Your Husband arrested for.....wait for it.....wait for it.....murdering her husband. ...I Ron IckWednesday, September 12, 11:02:32am1
ARCHIVE: September 11, 2003 ~It's been 15 years now since Hollywood lost acclaimed comic actor John Ritter, whose career spanned many comic film and TV roles, best remembered as 'Jack Tripper' on TV's "Three's Company", though he excelled in many projects thereafter, dies of sudden aortic dissection at 64. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, September 12, 08:30:34am8
TCM Remembers Burt Reynolds ...VIDEOWednesday, September 12, 04:02:00am9
Several places reporting Fenella Fielding British actress known for Carry on and The Prisoner amongst others has passed on at 90Was reported to have suffered a stroke on 8/28Tuesday, September 11, 11:07:23pm8
Archive: Lorne Greene, Sept. 11, 1987ActorTuesday, September 11, 05:11:44pm3
Archive: Dane Clark, Sept. 11, 1998ActorTuesday, September 11, 04:28:00pm2
Oliver Hoare, art dealer lover of Princess DianaDies at 73Tuesday, September 11, 04:17:35pm3
ARCHIVE: September 11, 1994 ~Jessica Tandy, English-born Broadway/Hollywood actress, who appeared in over 100 stage productions, and had more than 60 roles in film and TV, originating the TONY-winning performance on Broadway as 'Blanche DuBois' in "A Streetcar Named Desire", and remembered in films like "The Birds", and "Cocoon", dies at 85. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, September 11, 02:27:38pm1
OT: Sally Field claims she was molested by her step- father, actor Jock MahoneyReveals in memoir "In Pieces"Tuesday, September 11, 02:14:41pm4
OT: Found this poignant story on TV's "CBS Sunday Morning" on the late, great athlete Arthur Ashe.VIDEOTuesday, September 11, 01:56:45pm1
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