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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Two police officers died in Brooklyn yesterday. Thought I might see something about it on here (NT)Guess notSunday, December 21, 06:13:04pm2
Wendy Rene, Soul singerDead at 67Sunday, December 21, 04:42:13pm4
Carleton Mabee, Pulitzer winning historianDead at 99Sunday, December 21, 04:33:24pm2
Happy 104th Birthday! Circus Performer Rosa Bouglione, World War 2 Military Figure Arsene Tchakarian is 98, Novelist Diana Athill is 97, Philosopher Francisco Miro Quesada Cantuarias is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, December 21, 04:28:46pm8
Abbie Simmons-Grayson, Tuskegee University’s oldest living graduateDead at 110Sunday, December 21, 04:26:40pm1
Just come on the wires that the actress Billie Whitelaw has died aged 82 (NT)SherlockSunday, December 21, 02:59:27pm6
OT: Zsa Zsa Gabor has had as many spouses as cats have lives!Has any celebrity, living or dead, ever had more?Sunday, December 21, 02:08:40pm2
Healthwatch: Richard SimmonsWhere is he?Sunday, December 21, 12:39:32pm1
Udo Juergens, German-Language Pop SuperstarDead at 80Sunday, December 21, 12:12:14pm1
Bob Lanier, Ex- Mayor of Houston, Tx.Dead at 89Sunday, December 21, 12:09:40pm2
Emerson Stone, CBS News executive, aged 86 .......Ed TraceySunday, December 21, 12:03:34pm3
Healthwatch: Muhammad AliHospitalized with pneumoniaSunday, December 21, 12:00:11pm3
OT: Most significant celebrity deaths of 2014Here are my choices for the top threeSunday, December 21, 11:58:56am4
Former politician and BBC journalist John Freeman dies aged 99SherlockSunday, December 21, 11:56:22am2
Ardent music studios founder John Fry Dies at 69RussSunday, December 21, 11:55:16am2
Actor/Producer Tony Munafo (1945-2014)Thought I had it right the first time.Sunday, December 21, 11:53:53am4
Woman kills 8 children, 7 of them her ownAustraliaSunday, December 21, 11:51:23am2
OT: Can anyone explain why Bill Withers has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? He had 2 hits, neither of which I would consider to be rock & roll (NT)Meanwhile, Paul Revere & the Raiders are not in the HallSunday, December 21, 11:49:32am24
Three die in crash on way to funeral! ...San Diego County, CASunday, December 21, 07:38:04am1
Decorated Tuskegee Airman Lowell StewardDead at 95Sunday, December 21, 07:09:54am1
TCM Remembers used a clip of Will Geer instead Stefan GieraschLinks insideSaturday, December 20, 04:25:18pm2
Happy 109th Birthday! Businessman/Investor Irving Khan, Politician John Crutcher is 98, Actress Eleonore Hirt is 95, Singer, Little Jimmy Dickens turns 94, (NT)jlpSaturday, December 20, 03:31:05pm20
OT: Will Bill Cosby ever respond directly to the charges by multiple women?And is his former reputation and future career irreperally shattered?Saturday, December 20, 03:21:12pm5
Happy 102nd Birthday! Music Maids Singer Alice Ludes, Actor Donald Tandy is 96, World War 2 Military Figure Victor Desmet is 95, Sculptor Beverly Pepper is 92, Photographer Tonu Vaccaro is 92,. (NT)jlpSaturday, December 20, 12:55:08pm8
Actor Booth Coleman 1923-2014ColtSaturday, December 20, 12:49:53pm5
Arthur Gardner - last surviving actor of 'All Quiet on the Western Front' , died aged 104.DialMForMoviesSaturday, December 20, 12:14:53pm4
Emmy Award winning TV director Larry Auerbach dies at 91. Directed the soap opera Love of Life for it's entire 28 year run on CBS televisionWon an Emmy for One Life To Live in 1984Saturday, December 20, 11:43:27am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, December 20, 11:43:27am
Saturday's pic, David Brenner; was one of my all time favorites. (NT)On the talk shows.Saturday, December 20, 11:37:14am4
Healthwatch: Hockey legend Gordie Howe's health improvesStem cell treatmentSaturday, December 20, 08:01:29am4
Montgomery Clift's twin sister Ethel Clift McGinnis dead at 94 (very interesting obit)RonRadioFriday, December 19, 06:00:58pm4
Stu Erwin, TV producer, son of actors Stuart Erwin and June CollyerDead at 82Friday, December 19, 05:00:44pm8
OT: Vera-EllenDer BingleFriday, December 19, 01:39:11pm11
Actor Loren EwingDies at 77Friday, December 19, 12:30:54pm6
It’s nearing the year-end & as a regular reader, I’d like to take a moment to recognize a couple of board contributors.theJB ()Friday, December 19, 12:17:28pm19
Today's photos (Fri, 19 December): Jim Lange and Geoff Edwards. (NT)Ed TraceyFriday, December 19, 12:12:52pm5
meteorologist Robert Simpson, co-developer of hurricane scaleDies at 102Friday, December 19, 11:49:27am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, December 19, 11:49:27am
Mandy Rice-Davies dies aged 70. Caught up in the Profumo Scandal of 1963 (NT)SherlockFriday, December 19, 11:48:10am4
Larry Smith, legendary early Hip-Hop producer of Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, and othersHe was 63Friday, December 19, 11:20:56am1
In memory of todays honoree. "Mean Town Blues".Johnny Winter.Thursday, December 18, 06:38:27pm3
Happy 102nd Birthday! Photojournalist Paco Cano, World War 2 Military Figure Franciszek Kornicki is 98, Actress Hong Mu turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, December 18, 06:30:07pm10
Stephanie Moseley, December 9,2014.. link ..Thursday, December 18, 05:04:49pm1
John Fry, Record producer (Big Star, Stax artists)Dead at 69Thursday, December 18, 04:28:39pm1
Larry Henley, Lead singer of the NewbeatsDead at 77Thursday, December 18, 04:15:22pm5
Former WBA heavyweight boxing champion Ernie Terrell has died at 75. (NT)Also a singer and record producer. Obit at Chicago Tribune.Thursday, December 18, 04:07:44pm5
Healthwatch: TV weatherman shot in station parking lotEddy, Tx.Thursday, December 18, 01:31:47pm5
Actress Virna LisiDies At 78Thursday, December 18, 01:29:14pm4
Walt Disney died Dec. 15, 1966, his widow Lillian died Dec. 16, 1997, & his nephew, Roy Disney, died Dec. 16, 2009 (NT)Mid- December- bad time to be a Disney!Thursday, December 18, 11:37:27am5
OT: 75 years ago tonight, "Gone With the Wind" premiered in Atlanta (NT)It went on to a little successWednesday, December 17, 06:39:44pm7
Chan Kwok-hung, Cinematographer, drowns on set of Jackie Chan filmHong KongWednesday, December 17, 04:29:43pm1
Dieter E. Grau, Member of the German rocket team that helped build America's space programDead at 101Wednesday, December 17, 04:20:29pm5
Happy 96th Birthday! Duchess Woizlawa Feodora of Mecklenburg, Actress Dusty Anderson is 96, Actress Anne Golen is 93, Actor Otar Koberidze turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, December 17, 01:51:27pm8
Billy Milligan, First person to use multiple personality disorder as a defenseDead at 59Wednesday, December 17, 01:32:25pm2
OT: Chaplin classic movie alert--TCM tonight. 2 movies at 8-9 PM; 9-10:45 PM. (NT)"The Kid", "City Lights".Wednesday, December 17, 01:29:10pm2
Rick Scully, Former manager of the Grateful DeadDead at 73Wednesday, December 17, 12:08:23pm2
OT: The first episode of The Simpsons, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", aired on Dec. 17, 1989 (NT)25 years gao today!Wednesday, December 17, 12:03:49pm1
Richard C. Hottelet, Pioneering journalist of CBS news and the last of the original Murrow's Boys dies at 97.CBS news confirmsWednesday, December 17, 11:53:05am3
OT: Frank Sinatra, Jr. speaks freely about his battle with cancerSays he's completely curedWednesday, December 17, 11:51:19am12
2 tabloids are reporting that Cher is gravely ill & could be dead in 3 mos. (NT).Wednesday, December 17, 11:43:25am12
Archive: Lee Van Cleef, Dec. 16, 1989ActorWednesday, December 17, 11:42:09am3
Arthur Leipzig, Documentary photographerDead at 96Wednesday, December 17, 10:08:45am4
Tuesday's is John Pinette. One of the funniest comics I ever watched (NT)and a tragic loss.Tuesday, December 16, 10:03:26pm3
Larry J. Cano, Restaurateur Who Moved Mexican Food to MassesDead at 90Tuesday, December 16, 09:19:31pm3
Developing: Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves 141 dead:(Tuesday, December 16, 05:11:55pm8
Randy Roberts, TV editor, producer and directorDead at 69Tuesday, December 16, 04:49:43pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, December 16, 04:49:43pm
Who is today's picture please (NT)CTuesday, December 16, 04:48:28pm5
Janis Martin, opera singer dead at 75 Todd ()Tuesday, December 16, 04:16:47pm2
Rare white rhino dies at San Diego zoo, leaving only five on earthLink to full storyTuesday, December 16, 03:28:20pm14
OT: For awhile, I've said that the 1942 birthdate for singer Johnny Rivers was unlikely. He was recording as early as 1958. Well, Ancestry. Com shows John Ramistella (his real name) was born in 1939 (NT)Ah hah!Tuesday, December 16, 01:16:04pm1
Raoul Cita of the HarptonesAge 86Tuesday, December 16, 12:44:21pm4
Happy 101st Birthday! Speed Skater Paul Herrmann, Founder of Literacy Volunteers, Ruth Johnson Colvin is 97, Psychologist Beatrice A. Wright is 97, Politician Lester Menke is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, December 16, 12:11:13pm4
Norman Bridwell Author, cartoonist creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog (NT)Has died at 86. Fox News reports.Tuesday, December 16, 12:00:39pm3
  • Obit -- ., Tuesday, December 16, 12:00:04pm
    • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, December 16, 12:00:39pm
Who is todays picture please? She's beautiful but I don't know her.We used to "mark" todays pictures. Has that stopped?Tuesday, December 16, 07:32:01am6
OT: Google is way abstract today (NT)don't know whyTuesday, December 16, 07:30:39am2
Tom Adams, Actor (The Great Escape")Dead at 76Tuesday, December 16, 06:38:26am8
David Garth, Political ad pioneerDead at 84Monday, December 15, 04:46:34pm2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, December 15, 04:46:34pm
Robert Taylor, Director of ‘Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat’Dead at 70Monday, December 15, 04:43:35pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, December 15, 04:43:35pm
Elvis Presley Backup Singer Millie KirkhamDies at 91Monday, December 15, 04:30:22pm2
Neil Reshen, Manager of Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonDead at 75Monday, December 15, 04:29:09pm2
Happy 97th Birthday! Soprano Hilde Zadek, Painter Cliff Holden is 95, Baseball's Eddie Robinson is 94, Physicist Freeman Dyson is 91, Actress Inge Keller is 91,. (NT)jlpMonday, December 15, 04:24:54pm9
Martha Sigall, AnimatorDies at 97Monday, December 15, 03:26:51pm4
Archive: Glenn Miller, Dec. 15, 1944BandleaderMonday, December 15, 01:11:05pm7
Archive: Tm Moore (Dec 13, 1958) & Spencer Williams Jr. (Dec 13, 1969)The Kingfish and Andrew H. BrownMonday, December 15, 12:34:04pm4
Actress Mary ArdenRIPMonday, December 15, 12:22:47pm7
Archive: Sam Cooke, Dec.11, 1964SingerMonday, December 15, 12:21:16pm7
OT: Cosby's response to the allegationsStrikes me as lame and worseMonday, December 15, 11:43:08am10
Actor Bill Fletcher 1922 still alive?ColtMonday, December 15, 11:38:03am3
Happy 101st Birthday! Chemist Adam Bielanski, Author Rhonda Blumberg is 97, Actor Radu Beligan is 96, Football's Ed Lechner is 95, Trumpeter Chuck Terry is 94, (NT)jlpMonday, December 15, 03:52:33am7
Sy Berger, The father of modern day baseball cardsDead at 91Monday, December 15, 12:46:29am6
Bob Solinger, Hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs)Dead at 88Sunday, December 14, 06:18:33pm1
Fuzzy Thurston, Football player (Green Bay Packers)Dead at 80Sunday, December 14, 03:43:10pm3
OT: In case you missed it, yesterday was 12- 13- 14. There won't be another such sequential date for 89 years (NT)Father TimeSunday, December 14, 03:41:41pm5
Actress Audrey JonesHas died at 95Sunday, December 14, 01:54:45pm2
Albert Gonzales, aka Al Reed, Rockabilly musicianDead at 76Sunday, December 14, 01:28:46pm2
  • "I Love Her So" -- Al Reed & the Blue Notes, Sunday, December 14, 01:28:46pm
Phil Stern, Photographer Who Shot Top StarsDies at 95 (link)Sunday, December 14, 12:09:59pm3
Auburn Football Player Jakell Mitchell shot and killedHe was 18Sunday, December 14, 11:56:52am2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, December 14, 11:56:52am
Evelyn Dahab, Former "Guiding Light" actress, killed in fireShe was 33Sunday, December 14, 11:54:34am3
Martha Goldman Sigall, animatorDead at 97Sunday, December 14, 11:52:04am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, December 14, 11:52:04am
Dominic Di-Natale, Fox News correspondantHe was 43Sunday, December 14, 10:29:37am11
Happy 97th Birthday! Politician C.H. Hermansson, Chemist Alexander M. Cruikshank is 95, Former Sec. of State George Shultz is 94, Physicist Phillip Warren Anderson is 91, (NT)jlpSaturday, December 13, 11:42:14pm9
Sunna Jarman, Comedian, actressDead at 40Saturday, December 13, 11:19:15pm3
Bill bonds, Longtime Detroit news anchorHas diedSaturday, December 13, 05:28:23pm2
Healthwatch: Rep John Dingell 'resting comfortably' after being hospitalized"Under observation"Saturday, December 13, 03:39:21pm5
Archive: Lupe Velez, Dec. 13, 1944ActressSaturday, December 13, 02:16:03pm2
John Hampton, Grammy winning music producerDead at 61Saturday, December 13, 02:06:24pm1
The TCM Remembers 2014LinkSaturday, December 13, 07:22:48am19
Has a more beloved figure ever had their reputation destroyed so thoroughly as Bill Cosby, while they were still alive?I can't think of a oneSaturday, December 13, 05:42:01am36
What Celebrity Death Got Forgotten in 2014?Der BingleFriday, December 12, 11:37:26pm3
Happy 107th Birthday! Composer Roy Douglas, Trade Unionist Maria Burgi is 102, Politician John H. Burns is 101, Photographer Kaoru Usui is 98, TV Host Bob Barker is 91, (NT)jlpFriday, December 12, 04:30:29pm13
Eric Andersson, Sweden's oldest manDead at 109Friday, December 12, 04:21:06pm1
Marion Eichholz, Last known survivor of the 1915 capsizing of the Eastland in the Chicago River that killed 844 peopleDead at 102Friday, December 12, 04:07:49pm1
Bill Taylor, former DJ, appeared of TV's "Hee Haw". ...CancerFriday, December 12, 02:13:50pm1
Dawn Sears, Vocalist for the Time JumpersDead at 53Friday, December 12, 01:12:46pm2
Ethel Clift McGinnis (Twin Sister of Montgomery Clift) Dies at 94LinkFriday, December 12, 01:12:05pm5
Russell Kemmerer, Baseball player (Red Sox, Senators, White Sox)Dead at 84Friday, December 12, 12:30:48pm2
  • Pic. -- ., Friday, December 12, 12:30:48pm
Sergio Fiorentini, Italian actorDead at 80Friday, December 12, 12:28:26pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, December 12, 12:28:26pm
Rose Cochran, Wife of US Sen. Thad CochranHas diedFriday, December 12, 11:37:38am2
Healthwatch: Man falls off roof into stump grinderThat's gotta hurt!Friday, December 12, 10:13:41am2
Dollree Mapp, The reason police need a search warrantDead at around 90Friday, December 12, 09:04:35am4
O.T.: Most mispronounced celebrity nameAnd the winner is? Country singer Tammy Wynette, right?Friday, December 12, 07:48:36am8
Michel du Cille, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalistDead at 58Thursday, December 11, 06:37:25pm1
Italian singer-song writer ‘Pino’ dies on stageHe was 68Thursday, December 11, 06:35:22pm1
Happy 106th Birthday! Director Manoel de Oliveira, Actor Gyula Kovacs is 100, Producer Cliff Michelmore is 95, WW 2 Military Figure Edward Ashmore is 95, Playwright Joe Masteroff is 95, (NT)jlpThursday, December 11, 04:45:37pm12
Jackie Mason age?ColtThursday, December 11, 04:21:52pm9
Isaac Levenbrown, Screening Room Designer for Hollywood’s EliteDead at 65Thursday, December 11, 01:29:11pm2
Brenda Lee (a/k/a Little Miss Dynamite) turns 70Rockin' RobinThursday, December 11, 12:45:07pm4
John Driggs, ex- Mayor of Phoenix, Az.Dead at 87Thursday, December 11, 12:22:45pm1
Did anyone see the "American Masters" bio of Bing Crosby on PBS last night? (NT)It was very goodThursday, December 11, 12:15:56pm8
Current Illinois State Comptroller Judy Baar TopinkaDead at 70Thursday, December 11, 12:06:13pm3
Pro Wrestler Jimmy Del Ray (The Heavenly Bodies) Dies at 52LinkThursday, December 11, 12:04:07pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, December 11, 12:04:07pm
Mary Ann Mobley, Actress and Miss America 1959 dies of cancer at age 75.Thursday, December 11, 11:59:24am22
Top Cryptozoology Deaths of 2014Loren Coleman (lcoleman@maine.rr.com)Thursday, December 11, 11:44:48am1
Anyone know who the earliest living Miss AMerica is? (NT)Is it Bess Myerson (1945) ?Wednesday, December 10, 06:44:42pm6
Edward "Sonny" Bivins, Member of the ManhattansDead at 72Wednesday, December 10, 06:41:48pm7
Remembering Otis Redding (who died 12/10/67)Rockin' RobinWednesday, December 10, 04:15:51pm10
Happy 104th Birthday! Pianist Izabella Zielinska, Actress Erzsi Barony is 100, Actor Patrick Westwood is 90, Conductor Mladen Jagust turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, December 10, 02:00:13pm12
William Salomon, Managing Director for Solomon Brothers. ...Dead at 100Tuesday, December 09, 11:44:01pm1
Has actor Ken Weatherwax died? Seeing lots of reports and tributes on Facebook for Pugsley. (NT)The Addam's FamilyTuesday, December 09, 07:12:54pm16
OT: Interesting 2014 celebrity death pool list ..... almost all are still with us .....And guess who is #1 and still with us!Tuesday, December 09, 06:57:44pm12
On Dec.8, 1984, Vince Neil of Motley Crue was involved in a drunk driving crash that killed Nicholas Dingley, aka "Razzle", drummer for the band Hanoi Rocks30 years ago!Tuesday, December 09, 04:14:56pm1
Archive: Enoch L. Johnson, Dec. 9, 1968Mob boss of Atlantic CityTuesday, December 09, 04:10:28pm2
Dave Behrman, Football player (Bills, Broncos)Dead at 73Tuesday, December 09, 04:05:33pm1
Healthwatch: Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton hurt in car accidentHe was taken away in an ambulanceTuesday, December 09, 01:42:37pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Stylianos Dertmitzakis, Actor Kirk Douglas is 98, Opera Singer Tomislav Neralic is 97, Poet Samuel W. Allen is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, December 09, 11:43:11am8
Healthwatch: Jason White of Green DayCancerTuesday, December 09, 11:26:52am2
Nathaniel Branden, Ayn Rand’s Collaborator and ParamourDead at 84Tuesday, December 09, 11:24:17am1
Actor Eddie RouseDies at 60Tuesday, December 09, 11:18:36am3
Archive: Frances Bavier, Dec. 6, 1989"Aunt Bee"Monday, December 08, 09:25:15pm7
Is this a Facebook Hoax?ColtMonday, December 08, 05:03:19pm7
Songwriter Earl Hayes & woman found dead in apparent murder, suicideLos AngelesMonday, December 08, 04:49:10pm2
Remembering John Lennon (12/8/80) and Casey Kasem's stirring tribute to himRockin' RobinMonday, December 08, 04:38:37pm4
Happy 100th Birthday! Voice Pedagogue Mary Tortorich, Costume Designer Lucia Metsch is 100, Economist T.K. Whitaker is 98, Artist Antonette Martignoni is 96. (NT)jlpMonday, December 08, 04:35:11pm9
Happy 90th Birthday! Composer Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, Cinematographer Jack Couffer is 90, Politician Mario Soares turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, December 08, 04:14:16pm8
Wynn Chamberlain, Artist in paint, on screen & novelsDead at 87Monday, December 08, 01:10:15pm2
OT: There was a massive fire last night at LA's MacArthur Park section (NT)Yes, MacArthur Park was melting in the dark!Monday, December 08, 11:48:40am1
Charlie Flowers, Football player (San Diego Chargers, NY Titans)Dead at 77Monday, December 08, 11:18:43am1
Archive: Werner Klemperer, Dec. 6, 2000Col. KlinkMonday, December 08, 11:10:14am5
Woman who kidnapped a baby from a Pittsburgh hospital 2 years ago dies in prisonDanville, Pa.Monday, December 08, 02:00:20am5
Ralph Baer, Video game pioneerDead at 92Sunday, December 07, 06:32:48pm2
Silvio Zavala, Mexican historian, writerDead at 105Sunday, December 07, 04:40:07pm3
Stella Young, Writer, comedian, disability activistDead at 32Sunday, December 07, 04:23:42pm1
In keeping with today's picture"Bye Bye Love"Sunday, December 07, 01:49:08pm1
OT: December 7, 1941Der BingleSunday, December 07, 12:38:15pm5
Archive: Dee Clark, Dec. 7, 1990SingerSunday, December 07, 12:19:59pm2
  • "Raindrops" -- Dee Clark, Sunday, December 07, 12:19:59pm
12/6/14--Steve Alaimo turns 75Rockin' RobinSaturday, December 06, 07:18:06pm4
Happy 98th Birthday! Track/Field Athlete Alan Sayers, Capo Stephen Orammauta is 98, Sir John Leslie, 4th Baronet is 98, WW2 Military Figure Dean Hess is 97, Football's Nick Drahos is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, December 06, 03:44:56pm9
Archive: Richard Speck, Dec. 5, 1991Mass murdererSaturday, December 06, 03:39:26pm2
Claudia Emerson, Pulitzer-Winning PoetDead at 57Saturday, December 06, 03:32:12pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, December 06, 03:32:12pm
Luke Somers, American hostage, killed during rescue attemptYemenSaturday, December 06, 11:09:27am1
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Mutsuji Yamawaki, Alun Guynne Jones, Baron Chalfont is 95, Actor Peter Hansen is 93, Artist Benjamin Creme is 92, Actor John Keston turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, December 06, 11:04:06am11
Bob Bennett, former head of the Ohio Republican Party75Saturday, December 06, 07:50:07am1
Keith Martin, World's fattest manDead at 44Saturday, December 06, 06:00:38am3
William Henry Harrison, Great- great- great- grandson of Pres. W. H. Harrison, great- grandson of Pres. Benjamin HarrisonDied earlier this year, at 91Friday, December 05, 07:14:30pm4
Lulu Dikana up and coming South African soul singer has died after a short illness, at age 35. (NT)According to multiple news reports; Older sister is singer and X-Factor judge Zonke Dikana.Friday, December 05, 06:41:59pm1
Jim Swink, TCU football legend, has died.He was 78, Obit inside.Friday, December 05, 01:41:31pm2
Healthwatch: Rapper Beanie SigelShotFriday, December 05, 12:52:44pm2
Freddy (Boom Boom) Cannon turns 75Rockin' RobinFriday, December 05, 12:43:46pm12
Manuel De Sica, Composer, son of filmmaker Vittorio De SicaDead at 65Friday, December 05, 11:47:21am2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, December 05, 11:47:21am
Healthwatch: Deerhunter singer Bradford CoxCar accidentFriday, December 05, 11:44:25am1
Healthwatch: Israeli spy Jonathan "Snub" PollardHospitalizedFriday, December 05, 11:43:11am1
Queen Fabiola, Widow of Belgian KingDead at 86Friday, December 05, 11:41:22am2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, December 05, 11:41:22am
Ann Marcus, Emmy-Winning Writer and WGA ActivistDead at 93Friday, December 05, 11:22:17am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, December 05, 11:22:17am
L. Stephen Coles, Leading Researcher of World's Oldest PeopleDead at 73Friday, December 05, 09:45:15am6
OT: Does anyone know why Rusty White's FINDAGRAVE memorial page was deleted? (NT)Curious?Friday, December 05, 05:53:55am7
Paramount's Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony video ---->BuckeyeThursday, December 04, 09:25:41pm7
Damien Gurganious, Appeared on "The Biggest Loser"Dead at 38Thursday, December 04, 07:00:39pm3
It's being reported on KNAC that Lillian Axe guitarist Jon Ster has diedHe was 52Thursday, December 04, 06:11:03pm2
Songwriter Bob MontgomeryDies at 77Thursday, December 04, 06:06:08pm6
Crocodile kills man retrieving gold balls.I found a TitleistThursday, December 04, 04:19:48pm3
Cherry Wainer, Female organist, member of Lord Rockingham's XIDead at 79Thursday, December 04, 04:13:07pm2
Healthwatch: British rocker Ian McLagan (Small Faces)HospitalizedThursday, December 04, 04:05:54pm13
A.J. Cooper, former host of BET’s Teen Summit , candidate for DC City CouncilDead at 34Thursday, December 04, 04:00:18pm1
Healthwatch: Dying basketball player Lauren Hill enters hospice care as cancer fight continuesA legitimate Profile in CourageThursday, December 04, 03:15:57pm3
Sports columnist (and frequent TV analyst) Bryan Burwell, aged 59 ....Ed TraceyThursday, December 04, 01:38:57pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, December 04, 01:38:57pm
Happy 99th Birthday! Politician Virginia deGravelles, Actress Movita is 97, Racing Driver Eric Thompson is 95, Cinematographer Ljube Petkovski is 90, (NT)jlpThursday, December 04, 01:28:00pm7
3 year old boy shoots, kills motherOklahomaThursday, December 04, 01:00:33pm2
Kim Robert Koscki, Stuntman on the 'Austin Powers' FilmsDead at 51Thursday, December 04, 12:46:54pm4
Paul Ferrara, Drummer for Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra, Pete Fountain, Al HirtDead at 76Thursday, December 04, 12:41:11pm2
Family left corpse upstairs for six months expecting resurrectionCanadaThursday, December 04, 12:14:42pm2
Vicente Lenero, Mexican screenwriter (Oscar-nominated 'The Crime of Father Amaro')Dead at 81Thursday, December 04, 12:12:46pm1
Danny Lee, Oscar-winner for special effects (Bedknobs and Broomsticks); also worked on 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"Dies at 95Thursday, December 04, 11:43:07am2
  • Imdb -- ,, Thursday, December 04, 11:43:07am
Former British politician Jeremy Thorpe has died aged 85. Resigned as Liberal Leader over a sensation scandal in which he was accused of conspiring to murder. Acquitted. (NT)SherlockThursday, December 04, 11:41:58am2
  • Obit -- BBC, Thursday, December 04, 11:41:58am
Joanna Dunham, Actress ("The Greatest Story Ever Told")Dead at 78Thursday, December 04, 11:41:14am4
For our film buffs: Does anybody know why the William Desmond Taylor murder has never been made into a movie? (NT)SharonThursday, December 04, 10:25:42am10
Actress, Joanna Dunham (House That Dripped Blood).. link ...Thursday, December 04, 09:16:45am1
Indian jurist V. R. Krishna IyerDead at 100Thursday, December 04, 07:03:47am1
Great Master Go SeigenDead at 100Thursday, December 04, 07:02:56am1
R.I.P. OT: Alabama University's BoTs Kills UAB's Football And 2 Other Men's SportsDavid S.Thursday, December 04, 04:21:54am1
Pete Rodriguez, Football coachDead at 75Wednesday, December 03, 06:22:44pm1
Kazue Ouchi, aka Mariko Niki, Actress ("Teahouse of the August Moon")Dead at 86Wednesday, December 03, 04:50:09pm1
Herman Badillo, Congressman and Fixture of New York Politics, Dies at 85NY TimesWednesday, December 03, 04:36:33pm2
Archive: Madeline Kahn, Dec. 3, 1999ActressWednesday, December 03, 03:54:59pm6
Driver “doing donuts” outside Wal-Mart dies after fiery crashBilly Bad-AssWednesday, December 03, 03:51:55pm14
Doris Rowland, Mother of singer Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child)Dead at 66Wednesday, December 03, 03:31:35pm4
Happy 75th Bday to the great actor Don CalfaColtWednesday, December 03, 01:46:55pm6
Catharine Carson-Sotzing (Sister of Johnny Carson)1923-2014Wednesday, December 03, 11:43:59am4
NHL Hall of Famer Jean Beliveau dies at 83RussWednesday, December 03, 11:32:38am3
OT: Which celebrity passing of 2014, so far, was the saddest for you? (NT)Shirley Temple for meWednesday, December 03, 09:50:00am24
Healthwatch (again): Gordie Howe hospitalized for dehydrationOriginally reported as another major strokeWednesday, December 03, 07:57:09am2
Giulio Questi, Italian director and screenwriter (Django Kill)Dies at 90Wednesday, December 03, 07:44:34am3
  • imdb -- -, Wednesday, December 03, 07:43:38am
    • IMDB Link -- often credited as Giulio Questi, Wednesday, December 03, 07:44:34am
Katherine Bowen McIntyre, Mother of New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyreHas diedTuesday, December 02, 10:23:43pm3
Rolling Stones Saxophonist Bobby KeysDies at 70Tuesday, December 02, 08:51:15pm7
Corinne Quayle, Mother of ex- Vice- Pres. Dan QuayleDead at 92Tuesday, December 02, 05:41:14pm20
Happy 99th Birthday! Prince Mikasa, Journalist Amelia Penichet is 98, Composer Milton DeLugg is 96, Dancer Norman Miller is 95, Businessman Klaus Obermeyer is 95, Animator Jack Davis turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, December 02, 05:32:46pm6
Archive: Desi Arnaz, December 2, 1986Ricky RicardoTuesday, December 02, 05:26:52pm4
Don Laws, Olympic figure skating coachHe was 85Tuesday, December 02, 05:15:51pm2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, December 02, 05:15:51pm
Actor/Comedian Gus LynchDies at 42Tuesday, December 02, 05:12:25pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, December 02, 01:18:25pm
    • Pic -- ., Tuesday, December 02, 05:12:25pm
Nazi fugitive Alois Brunner, now believed to have died four years ago (in Syria) at age 98 .....Ed TraceyMonday, December 01, 08:44:57pm1
People magazine runs Kirk Douglas obituaryOnly problem, he's not deadMonday, December 01, 04:48:16pm7
Cartoonist Brumsic Brandon, Jr. ("Luther")Dies at 87Monday, December 01, 04:20:46pm1
Anthony Marshall, Son of Brooke Astor, went to prison for robbing herDead at 90Monday, December 01, 04:20:29pm3
Happy 98th Birthday! Govt. Official Wan Li, WW2 Military Figure Margot Wolk is 97, Writer Yi-chang Liu is 96, Media Proprietor Ann Cox Chambers is 95, Politician Dusan Dragosavac is 95, (NT)jlpMonday, December 01, 04:13:18pm11
George Hilliard 73, original 2nd tenor of The Tymes (So much in love) (NT)Died September 24, 2014 news of death listed at classicurbanharmony.net and soulfuldetriot.comMonday, December 01, 04:07:58pm4
  • Link -- ., Monday, December 01, 03:57:34pm
Bunta Sugawara, Japanese actorDead at 81Monday, December 01, 04:03:01pm1
Rocky Wood, Horror Writers Association president and Stephen King scholarDead at 55Monday, December 01, 01:48:44pm2
Willie Lewis, Rockabilly singerDead at 68Monday, December 01, 12:05:01pm2
Kent Haruf, WriterDead at 71Monday, December 01, 11:49:19am1
Healthwatch: KC Chiefs player Eric BerryLymphomaMonday, December 01, 11:17:05am1
Juan Carlos Llorca, AP ReporterDead at 40Monday, December 01, 08:03:18am1
Dec 1 2014 Russell Johnson an excellent choice to lead off 2014 memorial month (NT)LemnpiperMonday, December 01, 05:00:33am2
Al Byron, lyricist of Bobby Vinton's hit "Roses Are Red" (NT)DeadSunday, November 30, 06:38:51pm5
Ohio State's football player found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound--in a dumpsterStruggled with concussionsSunday, November 30, 05:00:29pm1
Happy 102nd Birthday! Priest Arturo Paoli, Zionist Activist Loe Hanin is 101, Diplomat/Ambassador Henry Bayle is 99, Architect John C. Harkness is 98, Politician Arne Konrad Eldegard is 97, (NT)jlpSunday, November 30, 04:44:26pm8
Actress Phyllis Davis died last October (NT)According to her brother on imdb message boardsSunday, November 30, 04:35:31pm14
OT: Burt Reynolds, in debt, auctions of itemsIncluding Golden GlobeSunday, November 30, 03:12:51pm7
Carl Reese, Cleveland radio legend83Sunday, November 30, 01:43:00pm1
Healthwatch: Actor Corey Sligh (The Young and the Restless)Hit by a car, beatenSunday, November 30, 12:00:46pm1
Healthwatch: Ex- NY Gov. Mario Cuomo (& father of current Gov.)HospitalizedSunday, November 30, 11:51:04am1
Artist Julian St John24 😞Sunday, November 30, 11:41:58am3
  • Obit and link -- Todd, Saturday, November 29, 07:22:45pm
    • Pic -- ., Sunday, November 30, 11:41:58am
Actor Mordecai LawnerDies at 86Sunday, November 30, 11:40:31am3
Remembering Dick Clark -- Part IRockin' RobinSunday, November 30, 09:21:30am8
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Gertrude Jeanette , '48,'52 Olympic Athlete Carlos Visentin is 96, Producer Jack Harris is 96, Politician Yegor Ligachev is 94, Sportcaster Bob Wolf is 94, (NT)jlpSunday, November 30, 08:02:45am10
Ted North (1916-1975)ColtSunday, November 30, 12:18:05am1
OT: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....BuckeyeSaturday, November 29, 05:34:05pm16
Archive: Jeffrey Dahmer, Nov, 28, 1994Murderer, cannibalSaturday, November 29, 05:26:36pm7
Mary Blake, ActressDead at 98Saturday, November 29, 05:24:07pm3
Natalie Wood drowned on this date in 198133 years ago (a third of a century)Saturday, November 29, 05:22:59pm2
Peggy Drake, ActressDead at 91Saturday, November 29, 05:15:47pm2
David Watson, Actor ("Rawhide")Dead at 74Saturday, November 29, 05:14:38pm2
Frances Nero, Jazz, Soul singerDead at 71Saturday, November 29, 01:43:47pm2
Healthwatch: Freddie Prinze Jr. Recovers From Spinal Surgery"Learning to walk again"Saturday, November 29, 01:40:50pm3
American Idol singer Michael Johns died of enlarged heart and fatty liver. (NT)According to TMZSaturday, November 29, 12:35:48pm1
OT: A few more pics from wedding & special treat!EricSaturday, November 29, 12:25:02pm21
Roberto Gomez Bolanos, aka Chespirito, Mexican comedianDead at 85Saturday, November 29, 12:10:23pm2
Happy 115th Birthday! Supercentenarian Emma Morano-Martinuzzi, Musician Viola Smith is 102, Bassist Coleridge Goode is 100, Director Pierre Gaspard-Huit is 97, Nutritionist Coluthur Gopalan is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, November 29, 12:05:59pm5
Helen Alexander, Actress, social activistDead at 92Saturday, November 29, 11:57:18am1
Remembering George Harrison (1943-2001)Rockin' RobinSaturday, November 29, 11:53:34am4
Lebanese poet, writer Said AklDies at 103Saturday, November 29, 11:46:43am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, November 29, 11:46:43am
Frank Yablans, Producer & Executive at Paramount and MGM/UADies at 79Saturday, November 29, 11:44:59am5
O/T - I wonder if this December will be like last Decemberwith a sudden group of actors passingSaturday, November 29, 10:09:38am3
Puppeteer Bob BakerDies at 90Saturday, November 29, 08:47:23am4
Mental healthwatch: Scott Stapp of CreedPenniless, homeless, can't afford rent or even foodSaturday, November 29, 07:48:17am4
Healthwatch: Woman Allegedly Stabbed Boyfriend for Eating Thanksgiving Dinner Without HerShe had been sleeping off a benderFriday, November 28, 08:39:50pm1
O/T - Did TCM do a "TCM Remembers" for Mike Nichols (NT)I think the only ones this year have been for Garner and BacallFriday, November 28, 07:42:35pm7
Healthwatch: Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader GinsburgUndergoes heart procedureFriday, November 28, 07:33:20pm7
Healthwatch: Actor David Prowse (Played Darth Vader in Star Wars)DementiaFriday, November 28, 05:51:20pm2
Bernie Fleischer (Co-Founder of The Baja Marimba Band)Dies at 82Friday, November 28, 04:19:47pm2
Stanley B. McDonald (Founder of Princess Cruises)Dies at 94Friday, November 28, 04:15:57pm2
  • Pic. -- ., Friday, November 28, 04:15:57pm
Man shot dead after firing at courthouse, Mexican consulateAustin, Tx.Friday, November 28, 01:29:24pm2
Johnny Okura, Japanese musician, actor ("Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence")Dead at 62Friday, November 28, 12:36:00pm1
Healthwatch: Famed restaurateur and former model B. SmithHas Alzheimer's, was missing for a dayFriday, November 28, 12:21:45pm1
James Karen Happy 91st BdayColtFriday, November 28, 12:10:12pm3
Lester Bernstein, Former Newsweek editor, wrote for NY Times & Time magazineDead at 94Friday, November 28, 12:04:27pm2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, November 28, 12:04:27pm
Canadian Supercentenarian Merle Barwis ......dies at 113, one month and one day shy of her 114th birthday.Friday, November 28, 11:56:03am2
Every actor from your favorite holiday movies is deadWash. PostFriday, November 28, 08:33:39am10
Healthwatch: Former Buffalo Bill Darryl TalleyBody "a wreck," Mind "deteriorating"Friday, November 28, 08:33:04am1
Mamie Spears Reynolds, Multimillion-dollar heiress, daughter of US SenatorDead at 72Friday, November 28, 03:19:12am4
Ryan Knight, ‘Real World’ & MTV ‘Challenge’ StarDead at 27Thursday, November 27, 05:25:08pm1
Jerry Fox, Helped nab Squeaky Fromme after her 1975 assassination attempt on Pres. FordDead at 62Thursday, November 27, 01:03:56pm1
On this date in 1978, San Francisco Mayor George Moscone & Supervisor Harvey Milk were murdered by ex- Supervisor Dan WhiteIncredibly, White served only 5 years for his crimeThursday, November 27, 12:32:18pm1
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ethel Farrell, Actress Connie Sawyer is 102, Chess Master Shlomo Smiltiner is 99, Scientist Borys Paton is 96, Bishop Sofron Stefan Mudry turns 91 (NT)jlpThursday, November 27, 11:19:25am4
Bunny Briggs, Tap Dancing VirtuosoDead at 92Thursday, November 27, 11:12:07am2
Phillip Hughes, Australian cricket playerHe was 25Thursday, November 27, 11:00:57am2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, November 27, 11:00:57am
PD James - novelist.TonyThursday, November 27, 11:00:15am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, November 27, 11:00:15am
Claire Barry of The Barry SistersRIPThursday, November 27, 10:16:11am7
Rock singer dies after being electrocuted on stageArgentinaThursday, November 27, 06:39:08am11
Does anyone kno if Lilly Yokoi the famed, Ballerina of the Bicycle is still alive? (NT)Thanks in advance- TOBYWednesday, November 26, 07:15:39pm2
OT: Just a special note--Actress Connie Sawyer will turn 102 tomorrow!And she's still active; her IMDb (link)Wednesday, November 26, 04:24:10pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Sculptor Inge King, WW2 Military Figure Albert Davoust is 98, Politician Daisy L. Elliott is 98, Politician Patricio Aylwin is 96, Intelligence Analyst Benson K. Buffham is 95, (NT)jlpWednesday, November 26, 03:54:13pm8
Annemarie Düringer (1925 - 2014)Grand dame of Viennes "Burgtheater"Wednesday, November 26, 01:29:45pm1
Healthwatch: Racing great A. J. FoytHospitalizedWednesday, November 26, 01:28:21pm1
Nancy H. Teeters, First Woman on Federal Reserve BoardDead at 84Wednesday, November 26, 12:36:54pm1
'Mad' Frankie Fraser, Gangster, associate of the Kray TwinsDead at 90Wednesday, November 26, 12:35:23pm1
Healthwatch: Singer- songwriter Bob MontgomeryIn hospiceWednesday, November 26, 11:27:54am1
Lebanese singer and actress Sabah, one of the Arab world's best-known entertainers, has died aged 87.RussWednesday, November 26, 11:24:36am2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, November 26, 11:24:36am
Someone asked here recently about several female singers, wondering if they were still around. One was Diane Ray, who did ''Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard''Seems she's still aliveWednesday, November 26, 09:48:54am9
Tennis Legend Dorothy "Dodo" Cheney 1916-2014jlpTuesday, November 25, 10:22:06pm3
Archive: Freddie Mercury, Nov. 24, 1991Lead singer of QueenTuesday, November 25, 06:06:10pm6
Hélène Duc, French actressDies at 97Tuesday, November 25, 05:53:44pm3
Born 100 years ago Tuesday (November 25, 1914)--JOLTIN' JOE DIMAGGIORockin' RobinTuesday, November 25, 05:42:11pm6
Happy 100th Birthday! Physician Stanley Ernest Stravzenberg, Producer Domenido Forges Davanzati is 100, Politician Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo is 99, Actress Peggy Lynch is 98, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 25, 01:15:30pm7
OT: Lou and Anne CostelloDer BingleTuesday, November 25, 01:14:01pm5
Larry Kelm, 49, Former L.A. Ram and S.F. 49er killed in hunting accident on saturday. (NT)Story at FoxSports.comTuesday, November 25, 12:53:37pm2
  • Obit -- ., Tuesday, November 25, 12:53:37pm
Happy 106th Birthday! WW2 Welder Edith Kent, Geophysicist Otto Burkard is 106, Dentist Neomi Wigdorowicz-Makowerowa is 102, WW2 Military Figure Johann Schwerdfeger is 100, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 25, 11:39:19am10
Healthwatch: KC Chiefs free safety Eric Berry diagnosed with lymphomaRussTuesday, November 25, 08:16:42am1
Somewhat OT: What are everyone's thoughts right now on the Cosby scandal? Do you believe the accusers or do you want more evidence or do you still believe he couldn't have done anything wrong? (NT)Just testing the temp in the forum so to speak - BuckeyeTuesday, November 25, 05:40:27am16
Incredible String Band Founder Clive Palmer (1943-2014)LinkMonday, November 24, 05:15:38pm1
Healthwatch: Boxing legend Muhammad AliHas lost the ability to speakMonday, November 24, 04:12:59pm3
Remembering JFK--and how his passing affected pop musicRob DurkeeMonday, November 24, 12:04:36pm27
Don Grate, Baseball player (Phil. Phillies)Dead at 91Monday, November 24, 12:01:53pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, November 24, 12:01:53pm
Kevie Durham, aka KL Tha General, RapperDead at 24 (shot)Monday, November 24, 11:55:29am1
Victor Tikhonov, Olympic hockey coachHe was 84Monday, November 24, 11:53:28am3
Former Toronto Maple Leafs coach Pat Quinn dies at 71 (NT)TOBYMonday, November 24, 11:52:44am4
Possible healthwatch: Miguel FerrerAppearing thin & sicklyMonday, November 24, 07:58:21am7
Director Mike Nichols, winner of an Oscar, Emmy, and mutiple Tonys, has died at 83.LgevirtzMonday, November 24, 12:27:18am31
Trapeze Artist Struppi Hanneford (AKA Princess Tajana)1931-2014Sunday, November 23, 07:59:45pm3
Bill Cosby's reputation. Is it dead or on life support? Can you believe it?The Happy ReaperSunday, November 23, 06:04:59pm19
William Spoor, Turned Pillsbury Into a Food Industry GiantDead at 91Sunday, November 23, 04:39:23pm1
Healthwatch: Costa Rica's former president and 1987 Nobel Peace prizewinner, Oscar AriasHospitalized after his pacemaker developed a problemSunday, November 23, 04:37:28pm1
Healthwatch: Ex- DC Mayor Marion BarryHospitalizedSunday, November 23, 01:05:33pm9
Archive: Tommy Boyce, Nov. 23, 1994Singer- songwriter (Boyce & Hart)Sunday, November 23, 12:21:31pm4
Happy 101st Birthday! Writer Anne Clancier, Actress Kimiyo Otsuka is 100, Politician Manuel Ramos is 97, Actress Jacqueline White is 92, Writer Gloria Whelan is 91, Actress Anita Linda turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, November 23, 11:55:43am3
OT: Came across this Ruta Lee site which has some great current pictures with her friends.There are 6 pages (link)Sunday, November 23, 11:43:58am8
Trivia: Can you name a sitcom on today, that has the exact same name as a sitcom that aired back in the early '50'? (NT)?Sunday, November 23, 11:05:43am10
Is actress Mary Jane Croft still living? (NT)wWDISunday, November 23, 11:05:12am4
Bruce Hornsby turns 60…and that's the way it isRockin' RobinSunday, November 23, 06:05:51am1
Happy 101st Birthday! Tennis Player Gardner Mullory, Actress Cecilia Martinez is 101, Skater Jacqueline Vaudecranne is 101, Actress Louise Watson is 95, Korean War Vet. Paul V. Mullancy is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, November 22, 04:43:11pm10
Happy 102 Birthday! Meteorologist/Hurricane Expert Robert Simpson, Actress Theressa Railsback is 101, Theologian Joseph Moingt is 99, Actor Alan Young is 95, Politician Vahit Melih Halefoglu is 95, (NT)jlpSaturday, November 22, 03:37:52pm11
J.E. Freeman (1946-2014)ColtSaturday, November 22, 11:47:15am3
Healthwatch: Freddy Cannon?Just askingFriday, November 21, 05:04:33pm10
Happy 101st Birthday! Artist Tomie Ohtake, Actor Joseph Campanella is 90, Novelist Christopher Tolkin is 90, Actress Mercia Glossop is 90, Writer Ferene Taar turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, November 21, 01:17:54pm11
Healthwatch: U2's BonoNumrous injuries after bike accidentFriday, November 21, 01:16:03pm1
Healthwatch: Joanne WoodwardRavaged by Alzheimer'sFriday, November 21, 12:23:35pm2
Duchess of Alba dies at 88 ToddFriday, November 21, 11:46:40am6
Jimmy Heung, Hong Kong film producer, directorDead at 64Friday, November 21, 11:44:49am1
OT: Betty White's show "Hot in Cleveland" cancelledGuess the star, 92, will have to get another show!Friday, November 21, 09:59:06am11
Dave Appell, Musician (The Applejacks) wrote "Let's Twist Again" & "Mashed Potato Time"Dead at 92Thursday, November 20, 10:45:42pm4
Archive - Director Rusty Meek (1925-2014)Didn't see this posted anywhereThursday, November 20, 09:53:11pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, November 20, 09:53:11pm
Colin Stone, Nephew of Sharon Stone, dead from overdoseHe was 22Thursday, November 20, 07:57:20pm2
Happy 98th Birthday! Rt. AF Gen. Michael J. Ingelido, Politician Raino Olavi Westerholm is 95, Politician Thais Blatnik is 95, Actor Douglas Dick is 94, Musician Tut Taylor is 91, (NT)jlpThursday, November 20, 05:32:31pm11
Pete Harman, Opened first KFC franchiseDead at 95Thursday, November 20, 12:51:36pm1
Marion Knott, last surviving child of Walter & Cordelia Knott, helped design her family's famed California theme park, 'Knott's Berry Farm", dies at 92. ... theChroniclerThursday, November 20, 12:22:27pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, November 20, 12:22:27pm
Healthwatch: Basketball coach Jerry TarkanianHospitalizedThursday, November 20, 11:29:28am1
Richard Pasco, Actor The Gorgon...link...Thursday, November 20, 11:21:03am2
  • Imdb -- ., Thursday, November 20, 11:21:03am
Director Mike Nichols Dies at 83Previous topic starter failed to provide a linkThursday, November 20, 07:36:29am3
Motown singer Jimmy Ruffin dies at age 78wWDIWednesday, November 19, 09:07:45pm9
Pitcher Ray Sadecki, who was a key player in the St. Louis Cardinals 1964 World Series run, dies at 73RussWednesday, November 19, 07:45:33pm3
Actress Mimi WaltersRIPWednesday, November 19, 07:22:45pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, November 19, 07:22:45pm
Archive: Thomas H. Ince, Nov. 19, 1924Film producer, died on William R. Hearst's yachtWednesday, November 19, 04:58:53pm2
Nicki Lee Barbour Foster, Only child of singer Peggy LeeDead at 71Wednesday, November 19, 04:43:44pm7
Health update: Tracy MorganBattling severe brain injury, lawyer saysWednesday, November 19, 01:37:01pm2
Miss Honduras & her sister found dead, days after they disappearedHad been missing since Nov. 13thWednesday, November 19, 11:57:23am2
OT: I just saw Dr. Terry DuBrow on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". I wondered if he was related to Kevin DuBrow of Quiet RiotTurns out, they're brothers!Wednesday, November 19, 10:30:52am3
Actor Ken TakakuraDies at 83Wednesday, November 19, 07:25:30am5
Alice Lee, Alabama lawyer and church leader, sister of Harper Lee ("To Kill a Mockingbird" )Dead at 103Wednesday, November 19, 07:17:53am4
ot: Pa-leasssse someone please change the picture (NT)I'm really hating looking at this guyWednesday, November 19, 06:50:16am4
OT: Charles Manson, 80, to wed 26 year oldA true love match, I'm sureTuesday, November 18, 06:46:17pm3
OT: ‘Godfather’ house goes on the market: Make ‘em an offer they can’t refuseAsking price is a mere $2.9 millionTuesday, November 18, 04:37:55pm1
Just heard it announced on KCRW that legendary animator Arthur Rankin has diedHe was 89Tuesday, November 18, 04:24:11pm5
Casting Director Cathy Henderson-MartinDies at 66Tuesday, November 18, 03:51:13pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 18, 03:51:13pm
Happy 98th Birthday! Baseball's James Moore, Poet Madeline DeFrees is 95, Actor Arnold Alfredsson is 90. Actress Linda Evans and Actress Susan Sullivan turn 72. (NT)jlpTuesday, November 18, 01:27:51pm8
Charles Champlin, noted film critic and writer for LIFE, TIME, and the LA Times, has died.LgevirtzTuesday, November 18, 12:25:55pm5
Alvin Dark, Baseball player (NY Giants) & coach (Oakland A's)Dead at 92Tuesday, November 18, 10:15:33am7
Happy 100th Birthday! Sir Roger Moon.6th Baronet, Actress Colette Fleurio is 98, Biochemist Stanley Cohen is 92, Actor Bobby Cox is 90, Actor Romeu Fernandes turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, November 18, 04:08:28am8
UR Professor Esther Conwell - struck and killed by neighbor's carDead at 92Monday, November 17, 10:19:28pm1
Broadway Remembers Legend Elaine Stritch ToddMonday, November 17, 09:36:42pm1
Bill Frenzel, Ex-Minnesota CongressmanDead at 86Monday, November 17, 04:38:18pm2
Irving Peress, Target of Sen. Joe McCarthy's wrathDead at 97Monday, November 17, 04:35:40pm2
  • Pic -- ., Monday, November 17, 04:35:40pm
Carl Sanders, Ex- Governor of Georgia, lost the 1970 race to Jimmy CarterDead at 89Monday, November 17, 11:25:33am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, November 17, 11:25:33am
Marion Downs, Audiologist responsible for pediatric hearing examsDead at 100Monday, November 17, 11:19:47am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, November 17, 11:19:47am
NOT Dead: Bob Zmuda, best friend and partner-in-crime to comedian Andy KaufmanCaused a bit of a furor this morning on FacebookMonday, November 17, 10:59:22am1
NY Doorman who hit lottery and had his 15 minutes of fame dies of cancerSad. He was only 50Monday, November 17, 06:16:14am1
Healthwatch: Gordie Howe takes turn for the worseLinkSunday, November 16, 07:23:50pm3
Just saw a repeat of "The Family Guy" episode Lauren Bacall guested on. Her character dies at the end (NT)Another star who died in her last performance!Sunday, November 16, 06:30:45pm4
Happy 86 Birthday Clu GulagerColtSunday, November 16, 04:40:13pm7
Buddy Catlett, Jazz bassist performed with Quincy Jones, Count Basie and Louis Armstrong.Dead at 81Sunday, November 16, 04:37:33pm2
Harry Lonsdale, Oregon businessman, lost a US Senate race to Mark HatfieldDead at 82Sunday, November 16, 04:31:44pm1
Healthwatch: Joe Hasselhoff, father of David HasselhoffSeriously illSunday, November 16, 01:53:10pm2
Healthwatch: "Simpsons" co- creator Sam SimonTerminal cancerSunday, November 16, 12:05:05pm1
Henry Wilkerson, One of Aerica's oldest veteransDead at 102Sunday, November 16, 12:02:01pm2
Héctor Arredondo, Mexican actorDead at 44Sunday, November 16, 11:58:04am1
ISIS beheads American hostage Peter KassigReleases new videoSunday, November 16, 11:50:15am2
Glen A. Larson, Creator of TV’s 'Quincy M.E.,' 'Magnum, P.I.' and 'Battlestar Galactica,'Dies at 77 (link)Sunday, November 16, 11:34:42am14
Jimmy Durante's true age revealedFamed comedian and singer born February 10, 1889 not 1893. Story insideSaturday, November 15, 06:54:07pm5
Happy 102nd Birthday! Journalist Gabriella Garland, Indian Supreme Court Justice V.R. Krishna lyer is 99, Professor Emertis Aldo da Rosa is 97, Tennis Player Chet Murphy is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, November 15, 02:16:44pm9
Actress Katie LaymanDies at 65Saturday, November 15, 01:34:48pm4
Rodeo Clown/Actor Troy NaborsDies at 83Saturday, November 15, 11:17:26am3
Healthwatch: Richard SimmonsHasn't been seen in public since JanuarySaturday, November 15, 04:22:25am3
Diem Brown - star of MTV reality competition "Challenge" dead at 32 after long battle with cancertHarrisSaturday, November 15, 12:05:24am1
Mike Burney, Saxophonist played with Wizzard, The Beach Boys, Petula Clark, Chaka Khan, Sammy Davis Jr.Dead at 76Friday, November 14, 04:24:08pm1
Healthwatch: Soccer great PeleHospitalizedFriday, November 14, 03:35:35pm7
Jane Byrne, the only woman ever elected Mayor of Chicago, has died.LgevirtzFriday, November 14, 01:06:41pm6
Nancy O'Connor, Widow of Carroll O'ConnorDies at 84Friday, November 14, 01:01:28pm5
Adam Sigler, Brother of "Sopranos" actress Jamie-Lynn SiglerDead at 41Friday, November 14, 01:00:42pm3
Jerry Alan, Film, TV stuntman, died in Sept.He was 75Friday, November 14, 12:43:32pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, November 14, 12:43:32pm
Happy 99th Birthday! Physician Joseph Barnes, Rt. Lieutenant Gen. Alden G. Glauch is 95, Egyptian Diplomat Boutros Boutros-Ghailis 92, Actor Rolp Schimpf is 90, Businessman John Rigas is 90, (NT)jlpFriday, November 14, 12:09:39pm7
Adam Sigler, 41 older brother of actress Jami-Lynn Sigler (NT)Dead of sudden brain hemorrhage.Sory at People.com and US Weekly.Friday, November 14, 11:22:36am2
Katerina Netolicka, Model, & her 2 dogs, found deadShe was 26Friday, November 14, 11:21:37am2
R.A. Montgomery, publisher of the innovative Choose Your Own Adventure seriesHe was 78Friday, November 14, 11:14:35am2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, November 14, 11:14:35am
Diem Brown has diedShe was 32Friday, November 14, 11:13:40am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, November 14, 11:13:40am
Brian McClellen, Model, actor, dies after he caught fire after climbing atop a Manhattan-bound Metro North trainHe was 21Friday, November 14, 08:01:31am7
TheChronicler: Thanks for fixing the problems with the search and archives functions, and for everything else you do to keep the board tuned up and running. Good on ya, mate! (NT)Longtime lurker, occasional posterFriday, November 14, 06:29:05am2
OT: I'm making a prediction right now, Eddie Redmayne will win next year's Best Actor Oscar for "The Theory of Everything" (NT)He plays Stephen HawkingFriday, November 14, 06:20:06am7
John Castens, subject of AE show, "Intervention", dies of heart attack at 27. ... theChroniclerThursday, November 13, 10:46:01pm2
OT: is Anthony Zerbe still active.. (NT)he has always been one of my favorite actorsThursday, November 13, 06:33:54pm4
Carol Ann Susi Died From Big Bang TheoryDer BingleThursday, November 13, 06:22:31pm10
Healthwatch: Lara Logan of CBS NewsQuarantined for 3 weeks following Ebola reportThursday, November 13, 01:29:09pm2
Ernest Kinoy, Emmy winning TV writerDead at 89Thursday, November 13, 12:17:23pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, November 13, 12:17:23pm
Archive: Karen Silkwood, Nov. 13, 1974Labor activistThursday, November 13, 12:08:41pm4
Little Joe Washington, Blues musicianDead at 75Thursday, November 13, 11:32:10am2
Happy 79th Bday Tom AtkinscoltThursday, November 13, 11:31:10am5
OT: Here's a current pic of Robert B. Smith, who as an 18 year old walked into a beauty salon in Mesa, Az. & killed 5 people, including a 2 year old girl. It was that year's 3rd mass murderNow 66, he's been behind bars for 48 yearsThursday, November 13, 10:13:30am3
Harry Pearson, founder of The Absolute Sound, dies at 77Ted G.Wednesday, November 12, 11:08:59pm2
  • Full obit -- Link, Wednesday, November 12, 11:08:59pm
Author / TV Writer Robert C. Stewart Jr. dies at 75. (Credited with 2 "Gunsmoke" episodes)Link and partial obit (very lengthy)Wednesday, November 12, 10:55:08pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, November 12, 10:55:08pm
Happy 97th Birthday! Painter Dahlov Ipcar, Music Educator Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick is 96, Actor Kazimierz Witkiewicz turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, November 12, 06:54:46pm12
"The Last Dragon" Actor Leo O'BrienDies at 41Wednesday, November 12, 05:55:17pm3
I just saw an interview with George H. W. Bush & son George W. Bush. I don't think the elder Bush has much longer (NT)He just seems so frail & poorlyWednesday, November 12, 04:38:11pm9
Author Anne M. ButlerDies at 75Wednesday, November 12, 04:30:54pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, November 12, 04:30:54pm
Actress/Writer Leigh ChapmanDies at 75Wednesday, November 12, 04:27:58pm3
David Watson, Who Played Cornelius in 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes'Dies at 74. (Story)Wednesday, November 12, 04:27:19pm4
In contrast to the cowardly Brittany Maynard, we have this true story of courageLauren HillWednesday, November 12, 03:47:14pm10
OT: Are these girl singers still around?Just wonderingWednesday, November 12, 03:43:03pm4
O/T - Tonight 94 year old Maureen O'Hara receives an honorary Oscar (NT)I believe she is the second oldest recipient behind Robert Boyle (age 98 when honored)Wednesday, November 12, 02:42:48pm12
Healthwatch: Boxing promotor Don KingSeriously injured in fallWednesday, November 12, 01:46:36pm2
Sort of OT: Write your own obituaryLorenWednesday, November 12, 01:11:46pm1
Rebekah Gibbs, British actressDead at 41 (cancer)Wednesday, November 12, 12:07:17pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, November 12, 11:32:04am
    • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, November 12, 12:07:17pm
Marge Roukema, Ex- Congresswoman from New JerseyDead at 85Wednesday, November 12, 12:06:35pm3
  • Congressional bio -- ., Wednesday, November 12, 12:05:56pm
    • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, November 12, 12:06:35pm
British actor Warren Clarke dies aged 67 (NT)SherlockWednesday, November 12, 11:24:58am2
John Doar, federal lawyer during the civil rights era, aged 92 ......Ed TraceyWednesday, November 12, 11:19:59am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, November 12, 11:19:59am
droog from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange diesWarren Clarke, 67Wednesday, November 12, 11:07:35am2
Just heard it announced on Hot 108 that Sugarhill Gang founder and MC Big Bank Hank has diedDied of cancerWednesday, November 12, 08:12:22am8
OT question: Am I the only one who is completely frustrated with installing new computer stuff?ForestWednesday, November 12, 02:36:18am6
Jonathan Athon, Bassist for Black Tusk, killed in motorcycle accidentHe was 32Tuesday, November 11, 07:53:53pm3
Beverly Blossom, Dancer, choreographerDead at 88Tuesday, November 11, 04:43:15pm2
Christiane Minazzoli, French actressDead at 83Tuesday, November 11, 04:38:55pm1
Michael Lennick, Documentary filmmakerDead at 61Tuesday, November 11, 04:35:20pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, November 11, 04:35:20pm
Happy 107th Birthday! Entrepreneur Gunter Fronius, Sinologist Richard B. Mather is 101, Scientist Robert Fano is 97, Actress Jacqueline Plessis is 96, Singer Louise Tobin is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 11, 04:30:39pm10
John H. Krebs, Former Congressman from Calif.Dead at 87Tuesday, November 11, 01:54:37pm2
Steve Dodd, Australian actor ("Gallipoli", "Quigley Down Under")Dead at 86Tuesday, November 11, 01:51:28pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, November 11, 01:51:28pm
91 year old veteran of WW 2, Korea, & Vietnam beaten to deathNorth Highlands, Calif.Tuesday, November 11, 11:51:48am1
Healthwatch: Brett MichaelsHad Kidney Surgery; Hospitalized 6 Times in 2 WeeksTuesday, November 11, 11:47:34am1
Tomas Young, Iraq War veteran, subject of documentary "Body of War"Dead at 34Monday, November 10, 09:55:33pm2
Jerry Tallmer, Critic Who Created the ObiesDead at 93Monday, November 10, 06:04:17pm1
Happy 100th Birthday Professor/Historian Jean Prieur, Novelist Martha Lindquist is 96, Activist Phyllis Lyon turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, November 10, 06:00:38pm6
Luke Dolan, Ireland's oldest manDead at 108Monday, November 10, 12:30:58pm1
John V. Shields Jr., Turned Trader Joe’s Into National ChainDead at 82Monday, November 10, 12:29:09pm1
Rev. Myles Munroe, 8 others, killed in plane crashFreeport, BahamasMonday, November 10, 11:42:43am4
Just heard it announced on WCBS that Gary McMillian, bassist for garage rockers The Standells, passed away yesterday.He was 76Monday, November 10, 11:32:03am7
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