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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Welcome all who are civil. Be nice. Be fair. ...Beware who don't dare !
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Happy 100th Birthday! Painter Saloua Raouda Choucair, Diplomat Pierre Maillard is 100, Poet Yves Bonnefoy is 93, Photographer Marc Riboud is 93, Politician Ogden R. Reid is 91, (NT)jlpFriday, June 24, 11:48:57am7
Michael Herr, wrote classic Vietnam book "Dispatches"Dead at 76Friday, June 24, 11:36:17am3
HEALTHWATCH: Sinead O'Connor leaves suicide note, calls friends saying she's done, is going to jump from bridge, and has disappeared after having been seen near bridgeChicago police searching for herFriday, June 24, 11:10:50am9
Marc Feldman, Lost the Libertarian nomination for President to Gary Johnson last monthDead at 56Friday, June 24, 10:51:40am1
Mike Flynn, Conservative journalist, activist, ran for congressDead at 48Friday, June 24, 10:49:44am1
Bluegrass Legend Ralph StanleyDies at 89Friday, June 24, 10:41:14am5
Actor Gordon Connell dies at 93Widower of Actress Jane Connell (died 2013)Friday, June 24, 10:39:08am3
  • IBDb & IMDb -- Links, Thursday, June 23, 04:21:04pm
    • Pic -- Link, Friday, June 24, 10:39:08am
OT - Error creating post lock. Anyone know what this means? I get it when I reply to a post. (NT)ThanksFriday, June 24, 09:38:37am3
Deejay Dan Daniel, a legendary WMCA (NYC) "Good Guy"has died suddenlyFriday, June 24, 08:17:04am9
Goro Hasegawa, Creator of Classic Board Game OthelloDies at 83Thursday, June 23, 10:50:17pm3
Original actor outliving subsequent actors playing the same character?SherlockThursday, June 23, 06:23:11pm31
Archive: Ed McMahon, June 23, 2009Tonight Show sidekickThursday, June 23, 06:01:14pm4
Healthwatch: Ex- US Rep. Helen Bentley, 92In hospice careThursday, June 23, 02:43:09pm1
Archive: Peter Falk, June 23, 2011ActorThursday, June 23, 02:29:35pm2
Archive: Aaron Spelling, June 23, 2006TV producerThursday, June 23, 11:15:14am2
David Thatcher, One-of-Two Surviving Doolittle RaidersDies at 94Thursday, June 23, 11:11:24am7
Happy 101st Birthday! Artist Frances GABe, Band Director Al G. Wright is 100, Politician Paul Findley is 95, Geneticist Oliver Smithies is 91, Costume Designer Arnaldo Pomodovo is 90, (NT)jlpThursday, June 23, 11:07:05am5
Jim Boyd, Singer- songwriterDead at 60Thursday, June 23, 10:22:19am1
Harry Rabinowitz, TV and Film Composer and ConductorDies at 100Thursday, June 23, 10:19:31am5
RIP Ramblin' Rhodes McKinnon, Don McKinnon who died June 15Dead at 82Thursday, June 23, 12:05:01am4
Stacey Caster, "Black Widow" killed 2 husbands, died in prisonShe was 48Wednesday, June 22, 06:18:35pm3
QUESTION: I recently saw an old (June 1972) Dick Cavett interview with Robert Mitchum, where they spoke of a friend who shot himself days earlier. Any knowledge who it was?? (NT) theChroniclerWednesday, June 22, 05:40:22pm40
Actress Sharon DouglasDies at 95Wednesday, June 22, 03:30:33pm3
Happy 101st Birthday! Pianist Randolph Hokanson, Advertising Executive Lester Wunderman is 96, Producer George Englund turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, June 22, 01:21:10pm9
Leo Brennan, Father of EnyaDead at 90Wednesday, June 22, 01:06:48pm2
Freddy Powers, Songwriter and Guitarist for Merle Haggard's Band, The StrangersDies at 84Wednesday, June 22, 10:00:59am2
Jeep that killed 'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin was flagged for recal with safety problems. ...CNN w/PHOTOWednesday, June 22, 09:31:58am2
RIP Lois Smith, encouraged Lindsay Anderson to direct ...Dead at 96.Wednesday, June 22, 09:11:55am3
Singer and TV Host Pierre LalondeDies at 75Wednesday, June 22, 09:02:31am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, June 22, 09:02:31am
Bill Ham, Former manager of ZZ TopDead at 79Wednesday, June 22, 08:58:42am2
Healthwatch: Actress Selma BlairRemoved from plane on stretcherWednesday, June 22, 07:21:16am8
RIP Amjad Sabri, Sufi singerShot dead by gunmenWednesday, June 22, 05:31:23am1
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Elizabeth Collot, Photographer Tehan Fou-li is 100, Mountaineer Dee Molenaar is 98, Inventor Josephine Webb is 98, (NT)jlpTuesday, June 21, 10:20:53pm8
Jerome Teasley, Drummer for Motown, R&B LegendsDies at 67Tuesday, June 21, 10:16:15pm2
Trumpeter Wayne Jackson, Half of Memphis Horns DuoDies at 74Tuesday, June 21, 10:12:00pm2
Archive: Carroll O'Connor,June 21, 2001ActorTuesday, June 21, 06:17:52pm2
Supercentenarian and Iowa's Oldest Resident, Emma HoughDies at 111Tuesday, June 21, 06:16:24pm1
Archive: John Lee Hooker,, June 21, 2001BluesmanTuesday, June 21, 06:11:06pm2
Archive: Madman Muntz, June 20, 1987Used car salesman, zany ad pitchmanTuesday, June 21, 06:06:30pm1
Archive: Hector Boiardi, June 21, 1985"Chef Boy-Ar-Dee"Tuesday, June 21, 06:03:24pm1
"Star Trek " Actor Anton Yelchin (Chekov)Dies in car accident at 27Tuesday, June 21, 01:27:50pm28
Author Wendy Leigh (Celeb Biographer) Possible Suicide-Link insideRGTuesday, June 21, 10:51:19am1
Happy 102nd Birthday! Archaeologist Muazzez Ilmiye Gig, Actress Jane Walsh is 100,UK Actor Bruce Gordon is 97 Politician Richard H. Walter is 96, Poet Ricaredo Demetullo is 96, (NT)jlpMonday, June 20, 08:58:16pm11
ARCHIVE: June 20, 2001 ~It was 15 years ago, America discovers mother killed her 5 children by tub drowning. Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity, committed to loon bin, since. ...Yates' children ranged from 7 years, to 6 months old.Monday, June 20, 05:07:38pm3
Janet Waldo - voice of Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop, Josie (from The Pussycats), and Princess from Battle of the Planets, has died at 96DialMMonday, June 20, 04:28:54pm12
How many celebs died in their 70's & were survived by BOTH parents? (NT)Jack Linkletter is the only one I can think of!Monday, June 20, 03:34:17pm7
Li Suqing, Claimant to be the world's oldest personDead at 117 (?)Monday, June 20, 02:30:42pm1
Robert Reardon, Nation's oldest flight attendantDead at 90Monday, June 20, 02:27:10pm1
"The Voice Mexico" Singer Alejandro "Jano" Fuentes shot and killedHe was 41Monday, June 20, 11:57:31am8
Bob Williamson, British comedian, musicianDead at 67Monday, June 20, 10:29:06am1
what is going on with this forum. I have seen no new postings since June 1. Is it me? (NT)vintagemichaelMonday, June 20, 06:57:50am9
RIP Sam King, Notting Hill Carnival founderDead at 90Monday, June 20, 04:09:52am1
Linda Foa, mother of NCIS: Los Angeles actor Barrett FoaR.I.P.Sunday, June 19, 11:03:18pm1
ADMIN NOTE: I just noticed that LifeInLegacy website has US for THE message board link at their heading! ~Wow, PRAISE from Caesar! I love that site! ... theChroniclerSunday, June 19, 03:20:18pm9
Today's Photo (June 19th) Actor Ed Wynn who died on this day in 1966. (NT)A star of Vaudeville who only took up acting at the urging of his son, Keenan.Sunday, June 19, 02:43:04pm9
Happy 100th Birthday! Foreign Service Officer Lee Fries Dismore, WW2 Military Figure/Businessman Rolf Noskwith is 97, Historian Arno Mayer turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, June 19, 12:01:15pm3
Desmond Heeley, Tony winning costume designerDead at 85Sunday, June 19, 10:24:19am1
Arthur Beavis, Special Effects Artist.Dies at 91Sunday, June 19, 08:59:25am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, June 19, 08:59:25am
Actor Ron Lester in Critical Condition (TMZ)Rory BSaturday, June 18, 06:01:57pm7
Con Astone, Singer, musician, appeared in the Alan Freed film "Mr. Rock & Roll" (backing up Teddy Randazzo)Dead at 79Saturday, June 18, 05:06:43pm1
Paul Cox - Australian filmmaker of LONELY HEARTS, INNOCENT, MOLOKAI, MAN OF FLOWERS, has diedDialMSaturday, June 18, 04:22:00pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, June 18, 04:22:00pm
Susana Duijm, Winner of miss World 1955Dead at 79Saturday, June 18, 04:20:48pm5
Richard Selzer, Surgeon turned writerDead at 87Saturday, June 18, 03:46:57pm1
Rhoda Blumberg, Award-winning children’s authorDead at 98Saturday, June 18, 03:43:34pm1
Donald Shea, Retired NYPD cop who captured famous bank robber Willie SuttonDead at 90Saturday, June 18, 03:41:02pm2
Happy 98th Birthday! Composer Roman Toi, Painter Gordon A. Smith is 97, Writer Lode Van Den Bergh is 96, Writer Dick Bensfield is 90, Actress Ivanka Mezan is 90, Choreographer Agnes Robez is 90, (NT)jlpSaturday, June 18, 03:36:00pm7
Brian Rading, Bassist for the Five Man Electrical BandDead at 69Saturday, June 18, 03:34:04pm3
Happy 98th Birthday! Derek Barber, Baron Barber of Tewkesbury, Painter Louis Nallard is 98,WW2 Military Figure John Moffat is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, June 18, 03:30:32pm8
Happy 102nd Birthday! Pianist Eleanor Sokoloff, Politician Eva Estrada-Kalaw is 96, Politician Wayne Mixson is 94, Writer Jean d'Ormesson is 91, Actress Fatheya Chahine is 90, (NT)jlpSaturday, June 18, 01:01:52pm6
Singer Attrell Cordes ("Prince Be", PM Dawn)Dies at 46Saturday, June 18, 08:50:10am4
Romper Room Hostess Mary Ann King (Los Angeles)Dies at 82Saturday, June 18, 07:06:19am3
Drummer Kim Venable (K-Otics, Classics IV)Dies at 71Friday, June 17, 09:43:37pm3
Muhammad Ali, dies at 74DialMFriday, June 17, 09:36:53pm12
Bill Richmond, aged 94 - co-wrote 7 Jerry Lewis films, including THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. (He portrayed Stan Laurel in The Bellboy)DialMFriday, June 17, 06:15:12pm5
Author Robert Emmet LongDies at 82Friday, June 17, 05:48:53pm1
Joaquin Jackson, Iconic Texas Lawman and ActorDies at 80Friday, June 17, 04:05:54pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, June 17, 04:05:54pm
Healthwatch: Status Quo guitarist Rick ParfittSuffers heart attackFriday, June 17, 03:38:28pm2
Healthwatch: Deep Purple drummer Ian PaiceSuffers strokeFriday, June 17, 03:34:53pm1
Ronnie Claire Edwards - Corabeth Godsey from "The Waltons" dies at 87.SharonFriday, June 17, 03:28:17pm9
Archive: Jack Parsons, rocket engineer, occultist, spy, all-around weirdoKilled in mysterious explosionFriday, June 17, 01:53:52pm1
Lois Duncan, author of dark teen novels, dies at 82; best known work, "I Know What You Did Last Summer"I loved her work!Friday, June 17, 01:22:18pm1
Healthwatch: Musician Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic, Talking Heads)Lung cancerFriday, June 17, 01:00:41pm2
Viktor Korchnoi, Chess giant who drew Soviet ireDead at 85Friday, June 17, 11:38:30am1
Jeffrey Lynn, Grandson of Loretta LynnDead at 47Friday, June 17, 11:34:25am9
Healthwatch: Singer Meatloaf collapses onstage during Edmonton performance. Rushed to hospital by ambulance. (NT)CBC reportingFriday, June 17, 11:30:12am8
Ruben Aguirre, Mexican actorDead at 82Friday, June 17, 10:42:33am1
ARCHIVE: June 17, 1915/16 ~Depending on what source, it would have been ill-fated Country star David "Stringbean" Akeman 100 birthday (according to grave)! ...He, and his wife Estelle were killed by home intruders in 1973.Friday, June 17, 09:27:51am1
Mike Chapman, Longtime Bassist for Garth BrooksDies at 63Friday, June 17, 08:12:55am1
I vote we ditch VOY and go somewhere else. Facebook? Anywhere? (NT)ErikFriday, June 17, 06:34:53am24
OT - How are you accessing the site? (NT)I can only do so from my phone, not with my PC.Thursday, June 16, 09:42:25pm4
Healthwatch: Meat LoafCollapsed onstageThursday, June 16, 08:34:24pm2
  • Nevermind -- I see I just missed the boat posting about it..., Thursday, June 16, 08:34:24pm
OT: is singer Janice Harper ("Bon Voyage") still alive? (NT)I loved her recordingsThursday, June 16, 07:05:48pm6
Bobby Curtola, Canadian singerDead at 73Thursday, June 16, 05:34:02pm2
Adrian Posse, Music producer, songwriterDead at 67Thursday, June 16, 05:19:32pm1
Richard O. Linke, Andy Griffith's Longtime Manager & TAGS Producer.Dies at 98Thursday, June 16, 05:09:31pm4
OT: it's so nice to have everybody back on board (NT)YayThursday, June 16, 04:28:37pm2
Healthwatch: British Politician Jo Cox in critical condition after attackShe was shot and stabbed by a 52 year old manThursday, June 16, 03:50:41pm4
Chris Warren, Singer of D- Generation X theme songDead at 49Thursday, June 16, 03:37:30pm2
Morris Jennings, Studio drummer for Chess RecordsDead at 77Thursday, June 16, 03:35:05pm2
Marcy Vosburgh Myers, TV writerDead at 64Thursday, June 16, 03:32:59pm2
Leonard hill, Film- TV producerDead at 68Thursday, June 16, 03:29:16pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 16, 03:29:16pm
Former Pro Wrestler Gypsy Joe dies at 82LinkThursday, June 16, 12:53:54pm1
Harry Falk - TV director, and first husband of Patty Duke, has died at 83No nameThursday, June 16, 12:49:07pm3
Harry Peel, Noted Memphis drummerDead at 56Thursday, June 16, 12:37:10pm1
Phyllis Curtin, Opera singerDead at 94Thursday, June 16, 12:33:35pm1
Dave Swarbrick, British musician ( Fairport Convention)Dead at 75Thursday, June 16, 12:29:35pm1
Curley Johnson, Football player (NY Jets) played in 1969 Super BowlDead at 80Thursday, June 16, 12:26:52pm1
Fred Caruso, Writer and producer of “The Big Gay Musical"Dead at 41 (suicide)Thursday, June 16, 12:23:15pm1
Gordie Howe has died. RIP.He was 88. Obit inside.Thursday, June 16, 12:22:20pm3
Dana Giacchetto, "Stockbroker to the stars"Dead at 53Thursday, June 16, 12:20:54pm1
Novelist Lois Duncan ("I Know What You Did Last Summer)1934-2016Thursday, June 16, 11:00:00am4
  • IMDb -- No name (Link), Thursday, June 16, 12:39:37am
    • Pic -- ., Thursday, June 16, 10:28:18am
  • L.A. Times Obit -- Link, Thursday, June 16, 11:00:00am
Former Miss USA Contestant Samantha ‘Sami’ EdwardsDead at 37Thursday, June 16, 10:56:32am1
Mary MacLeod, British actressDead at 78Thursday, June 16, 10:51:46am3
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 16, 10:49:06am
    • Pic -- ., Thursday, June 16, 10:51:46am
Yumi Shirakawa, Japanese actress (appeared in "Rodan")Dead at 79Thursday, June 16, 10:50:15am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, June 16, 10:50:15am
Anatol Kovarsky, New Yorker Cartoonist for DecadesDead at 97Thursday, June 16, 10:41:26am1
Mittie Dailey, Oklahoma's oldest residentDead at 109Thursday, June 16, 10:39:02am1
Theresa Saldana, - 'Raging Bull', 'The Commish'.DialMThursday, June 16, 10:36:50am5
Actor Jim GoughDies at 85Thursday, June 16, 10:31:47am3
OT: I; just glad the website is back, I was holding my brethe (NT), this is better than ANY newspaper or any other forumsThursday, June 16, 10:31:41am4
ADMIN NOTE: Thank you for your continued patience. If you're reading this, VOY is finally getting their 'sea legs' back from unprecedented board outage. Still not 100%, but likely soon back to normal.THE CHRONICLERThursday, June 16, 09:47:52am21
Ann Morgan Guilbert - prolific actressDead at 87Thursday, June 16, 09:13:14am3
Actor Richard ReedDies at 78Thursday, June 16, 07:48:36am3
The Voice singer Christina Grimmie, shot dead after Florida showDialMThursday, June 16, 06:39:57am4
Lincoln "Chips" Moman, Music producer, songwriterDead at 79Wednesday, June 15, 11:58:53pm6
Today's picture: Marilyn Monroe - had she aged (NT)Sister Berniece Baker Miracle willl be 97 next monthWednesday, June 15, 11:40:35pm11
Henry McCullogh, Guitarist for WingsDead at 72Wednesday, June 15, 08:28:03pm3
Helen Chavez, Widow of Cesar ChavezDead at 88Wednesday, June 15, 05:46:13pm1
Michu Meszaros, Actor who played "Alf"Dead at 76Wednesday, June 15, 05:33:55pm4
Actress Ann Morgan Guilbert (The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Nanny)Dies at 87Wednesday, June 15, 05:28:45pm5
What happened with this site? It wouldn't load the last several days. (NT)obitcheckerWednesday, June 15, 05:26:29pm2
Welcome back I've missed everyone! Even the troll... (NT)jlpWednesday, June 15, 04:54:51pm2
Test (NT)HelloWednesday, June 15, 04:54:02pm1
Actress Ronnie Claire Edwards 1933-2016jlpWednesday, June 15, 04:14:22pm1
Stuart Anderson, Restauranteur (Black Angus)Dead at 93Wednesday, June 15, 03:59:30pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, June 15, 03:59:30pm
Darcie Denkert, Broadway Producer and MGM ExecutiveDead at 61Wednesday, June 15, 03:55:53pm1
Margaret Vinci Heldt, Creator of lofty beehive hairdoDead at 98Wednesday, June 15, 03:53:50pm1
Bretagne, Believed to be the last 9- 11 search dogEuthanzedWednesday, June 15, 03:51:18pm1
Marina Malfatti - Italian horror film starDialMWednesday, June 15, 03:49:50pm2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, June 15, 03:49:50pm
Healthwatch: Little Wayne hospitalizedHad 2 seizures on planeWednesday, June 15, 03:48:08pm1
Gorge Voinovich, Ex- Gov. & Senator from OhioDead at 79Wednesday, June 15, 03:46:55pm3
Wendy Leigh, Celebrity biographer, fell to her death from a balcony in late MayShe was 65Wednesday, June 15, 03:38:21pm1
Peter Shaffer - writer of Amadeus and Equus - died aged 90DialMWednesday, June 15, 03:36:57pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, June 15, 03:36:57pm
Willis Pyle - famed animator who drew Pinocchio, Fantasia, Mr Magoo - died aged 101DialMWednesday, June 15, 03:35:20pm2
Maj Axelsson Hagman, widow of Actor Larry HagmanDies at 88Wednesday, June 15, 03:33:53pm2
Our long national nightmare is over!!!! (NT)SharonWednesday, June 15, 03:26:31pm2
Director & Producer Allan WertheimDies at 73Tuesday, June 07, 12:13:47am3
Actor & Choreographer Andre FuentesDies at 40Wednesday, June 01, 03:41:45pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, June 01, 03:41:45pm
Margaret Smith, Mother of Actor & Singer Tone LocR.I.P.Wednesday, June 01, 03:22:03pm2
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Meta Dishman, Activist Max Levitas is 101, Actress Ivy Bethune is 98, Film Editor Morton Tubor is 96, Actress Joan Copeland is 94, Actor Richard Erdman is 91, (NT)jlpWednesday, June 01, 02:38:44pm9
John Walton, Pearl Harbor attack survivor dies in New Jersey car crash at age 101WWII veteran died on Memorial Day when he crashed into a firehouse where he once served as CaptainWednesday, June 01, 02:27:12pm4
Ralph Ketner, Co- founder of Food LionDead at 95Wednesday, June 01, 02:12:36pm9
Stage Manager for Toto has died. Ramon Boo Valdez passed away unexpectedly.Inside is from their facebook pageWednesday, June 01, 01:58:13pm8
Archive: Alan Blakley, June 1, 1996Member of the TremeloesWednesday, June 01, 12:29:08pm3
Archive: David Ruffin, June 1, 1991Member of the TemptationsWednesday, June 01, 12:24:33pm2
Archive: Nate Nelson, June 1, 1984Singer with the Flamingos, PlattersWednesday, June 01, 12:21:01pm2
OT: This has to be a rarity! Three brothers all served in World War 2, all three alive today!Ages 98, 96, & 92!Wednesday, June 01, 12:06:58pm1
JUST IN: The UCLA campus was locked down Wednesday morning at 10:00am PST after a shooting involving two victims. ...Stay tuned ...Wednesday, June 01, 12:04:45pm3
Jules Browde, Attorney for Nelson MandelaDead at 98Wednesday, June 01, 10:40:37am2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, June 01, 10:40:37am
Peter Owen, Powerhouse publisherDead at 89Wednesday, June 01, 10:39:30am2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, June 01, 10:39:30am
Connie Kopelov, Member of First Same-Sex Couple Wed in NYCDead at 90Wednesday, June 01, 10:34:13am2
Baroness Marion Lambert, Renowned art collector, dies after being hit by busShe was 73Wednesday, June 01, 10:30:59am1
ARCHIVE: May 31, 2001~ Actress/famed TV panelist Arlene Francis, known for her long-standing role as a panelist on the television game show What's My Line?, dies at 93. ...BioWednesday, June 01, 10:25:35am2
Happy 104th Birthday! Football's (French) Lucien Perpere, Lawyer Grazbyle Venelauskaite is 104, Actor Hannes Schiel is 102, Painter Carmen Herrera is 101, Historian Bernard Lewis is 100, (NT)jlpWednesday, June 01, 10:23:01am14
RIP Eddie O'Hara, led campaign to return Eldin MarblesDead at 78Wednesday, June 01, 05:04:50am4
Healthwatch: Trinity Broadcasting Network's Jan CrouchSuffers life threatening strokeWednesday, June 01, 03:02:30am7
Kenne Fant - Swedish actor, directorFredrik AnderssonTuesday, May 31, 10:16:40pm1
Actor & Jazz Singer Jimmy BorgesDies at 80Tuesday, May 31, 04:53:57pm5
Carla Lane, British TV writerDead at 87Tuesday, May 31, 03:51:00pm2
  • Imdb -- link, Tuesday, May 31, 03:51:00pm
Actor Dennis KellyDies at 72Tuesday, May 31, 03:17:59pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, May 31, 03:17:59pm
Thomas Fekete, Surfer Blood guitaristDead at 27Tuesday, May 31, 03:12:25pm2
  • "Swim" -- Surfer Blood, Tuesday, May 31, 03:12:25pm
Andrew Gosling, British TV directorDead at 71Tuesday, May 31, 03:09:49pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, May 31, 03:09:49pm
Is it my imagination, or does it seem like Voy goes down every May 31? (NT)?Tuesday, May 31, 03:07:35pm1
Alan Devereaux, British actorDead at 75Tuesday, May 31, 03:05:28pm1
Former Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Player Rick MacLeishDies at 66Tuesday, May 31, 03:03:59pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, May 31, 03:03:59pm
Former Cook Counyy, Chicago Judge Louis B. Garippo dies at 84Presided Over John Wayne Gacy Murder TrialTuesday, May 31, 03:02:03pm3
Michael Dann, former CBS TV ProgrammerDies at 94Tuesday, May 31, 02:59:23pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, May 30, 04:49:28pm
    • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, May 31, 02:59:23pm
Jean Christy, 8th oldest verified American supercentenarianDies at 111Monday, May 30, 06:01:43pm4
Robert Birchard, Film editor, historianDead at 66Monday, May 30, 04:14:47pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, May 30, 04:14:47pm
Happy 114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Giuseppina Projetto, Supercentenarian Masamitsu Yoshida is 112, '48,'52 Olympic Athlete Martin Lundstrom is 98, Musician Joe McQueen is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, May 30, 04:10:59pm11
Arhive: Audie Murphy, May 28, 1971War hero, actorMonday, May 30, 04:03:59pm6
Melanie Dickie, Possibly Oregon's oldest residentDead at 109Monday, May 30, 02:43:23pm2
Tom Lysiak, Hockey player (Flames, Blackhawks)Dead at 63Monday, May 30, 11:12:25am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, May 30, 11:12:25am
Makiko Futaki, Japanese animatorDead at 57Monday, May 30, 11:07:57am1
Actress Beth HowlandDies at 74Monday, May 30, 09:06:26am46
Irving Benson, One of the Last Survivors of VaudevilleDead at 102Monday, May 30, 02:59:49am10
Archive: Jeff Buckley, May 29, 1997Singer- songwriterSunday, May 29, 05:43:54pm2
Coy Lutz, Rodeo rider, killed during performanceHe was 19Sunday, May 29, 03:23:07pm2
Happy 97th Birthday! Scientist Jacques Genest, Actor Clifton James is 95, Critic Eduardo Lourengo is 93, Musician Eugene Wright is 93, Actress Catherine Boyle is 90,Actor Louis Velle is 90, (NT)jlpSunday, May 29, 03:19:41pm9
Frank Modell, Cartoonist for the New YorkerDead at 98Sunday, May 29, 12:47:34pm2
Bryce Dejean-Jones, New Orleans Pelicans playerHe was 23Sunday, May 29, 12:39:35pm10
Horror as boy enters gorilla enclosure at zoo, dragged around by creature until it's shot deadCincinnatiSunday, May 29, 10:44:15am1
ARCHIVE: May 29, 2008 ~Funnyman Harvey Korman, best know as member of TV's classic comedy troup of THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW sketch comedy show, and many memorable film roles, dies at 81. ...BioSunday, May 29, 10:39:59am3
College football coach Don Horton (Boston College & North Carolina State) dies at 58RussSunday, May 29, 10:37:51am2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, May 29, 10:37:51am
ARCHIVE: May 27, 1969 ~Actor Jeffrey Hunter, known mainly in roles in "The Searchers", as Jesus Christ in biopic "King of Kings", dies at 42 after a freak fall in his home. ...BioSaturday, May 28, 04:43:20pm3
Actor & Director Giorgio AlbertazziDies at 92Saturday, May 28, 04:40:07pm3
Martin Revson, Co-Founder of RevlonDies at 105Saturday, May 28, 04:38:52pm2
Archive: Phil Hartman, May 28, 1998Comedic actorSaturday, May 28, 03:07:05pm2
Happy 103rd Birthday! Holocaust Survivor Marco Feingold, Military Figure Hubert Faure is 102, Dancer Dorothy Foy is 99, Religious Figure Wilbur Wong Yan Choy is 98, (NT)jlpSaturday, May 28, 02:57:57pm13
ARCHIVE: May 28, 1996 ~It's 20 years ago we lost Animal Actor Buck, the dog from Fox's hit TV show, "Married with Children", who died at 13 , just 9 moths after retiring from his hit TV series. ...BioSaturday, May 28, 10:52:12am2
Dr. Howard S. Mele, Princeton doctor who treated John Nash ("A Beautiful Mind") for mental illness diesDead at 88Saturday, May 28, 10:50:00am1
Jane Fawcett, British decoder who helped to doom the BismarckDead at 95Saturday, May 28, 10:47:59am2
Cassandra Butts, Former Deputy White House CounselDead at 50Saturday, May 28, 10:45:40am2
Man dies after being stung by bees over 1,000 timesThat poor, poor man!Saturday, May 28, 05:08:41am3
Archive: Bradley Nowell, May 25, 1996Sublime lead singerSaturday, May 28, 12:02:35am4
Actress Rosanna HuffmanDies at 77Friday, May 27, 11:51:40pm11
Another celeb mom dies. Timberwolves Ricky Rubio’s mom Tona Vives, 56, dies after lung cancer through the last season, seeing doctors in both Minnesota and Spain, where she died on Wednesday. ...Rubio had his best Timberwolves season in 2015 while trying to help his mother with the treatments.Friday, May 27, 05:30:28pm1
ARCHIVE: May 27, 2011 ~Actor Jeff Conaway, best remembered on film as 'Kenickie' in 1978's GREASE, and on TV's TAXI as 'Bobby Wheeler', later suffered addiction and health problems dying at 60...BioFriday, May 27, 05:28:24pm5
Tony Gable, Musician gave Kenny G his startDead at 64Friday, May 27, 05:26:05pm1
Rapper/producer Mally Mall lost his exotic caracal cat in recent housefire. The sorrow compounded by Ckark County FD posting of caracal carcass on social media. ... theChroniclerFriday, May 27, 05:09:23pm2
Archive: Paul Gleason, May 27, 2006ActorFriday, May 27, 04:49:57pm4
Ohio Players' bassist Marshall "Rock" Jones, 75Dayton.comFriday, May 27, 03:24:11pm2
Mike Barnett, Co-Founder of The LettermenDies at 89Friday, May 27, 03:20:09pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, May 27, 03:20:09pm
OT: Dr. Henry Heimlich, 96 uses Heimlich maneuver for first time on 87 year oldVideo LinkFriday, May 27, 03:12:53pm4
BREAKING NEWS: Legendary female character actor Angela Paton dead at 86Stay tuned for round-the-clock coverageFriday, May 27, 01:02:07pm7
Happy 108th Birthday! Businessman Carl Falck, Author Herman Wouk is 101, Retired Banker Alfred John Ellis is 101, Politician Yasuhiro Nakasone is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, May 27, 12:26:13pm10
Petra Davies, British actress dies ...Fredrik AnderssonThursday, May 26, 11:49:05pm2
Bronwyn FitzSimons, Daughter of Maureen O' HaraDies less than a year after her motherThursday, May 26, 07:06:24pm6
Cicillia Laurent, Contender for world's oldest personDead at 120 (?)Thursday, May 26, 04:15:20pm1
OT: Glad to see GOOGLE doodle honors swing king Frankie Manning's birthday. He died in 2009. I saw him recently in Ken Burns' 2000 JAZZ doc. He and Norma Miller interviews were priceless! ... theChroniclerThursday, May 26, 04:04:38pm1
Happy 100th Birthday! Historian Halil Inalcik, Journalist Ted Knap is 96, Actor Roy Dotrice is 93, Actor Alec McCowen turns 91. (NT)jlpThursday, May 26, 03:56:30pm8
It's Rocket's Birthday today. He passed "old" sometime ago and is now in the ancient catagory. He doesn't post here much cuz' of the troll...or he can't see to hit the keys, One of those things. (NT)But he still checks the site - BuckeyeThursday, May 26, 03:55:01pm5
Melvin Rector, 'Memphis Belle' gunner revisits England, dies at Battle of Britain BunkerHe was 94Thursday, May 26, 03:09:22pm2
OT: Well we hit 3,000,000 hits today, folks. ~Thanks for the ride! (NT) theChroniclerThursday, May 26, 02:05:59pm15
Lewis Fiander, Australian actorDead at 78Thursday, May 26, 11:25:20am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, May 26, 11:25:20am
Mel Lazarus, Cartoonist ("Momma")Dead at 93Thursday, May 26, 11:23:20am14
Betty Sue Palmer, Mother of Johnny DeppHas diedThursday, May 26, 10:48:23am10
Marcus Gordon, "Mississippi Burning" JudgeDead at 84Thursday, May 26, 10:47:11am1
RIP Peggy Spencer, star of Come DancingDead at 95Thursday, May 26, 10:45:22am2
Archive: Desmond Dekker, May 25, 2006SingerThursday, May 26, 07:32:06am3
  • "Israelites" -- Desmond Dekker, Wednesday, May 25, 02:56:43pm
    • "It Mek" -- another catchy ditty by Desmond, Thursday, May 26, 07:32:06am
Loris Capovilla, Oldest living Catholic Cardinal, was private secretary of Pope John XXIIIDies at 100Thursday, May 26, 07:01:38am1
One Fatally Shot and Three Wounded at T.I. Concert at NYC's Irving Plaza. ... theChroniclerThursday, May 26, 12:23:34am1
Actress Nancy Dow dies at 79Mother of Jennifer AnistonWednesday, May 25, 10:31:15pm4
Little girl, rose still in hand, found in coffin beneath SF home from the 1880s. ... theChroniclerWednesday, May 25, 05:35:30pm1
Happy 102nd Birthday! Asst. Director Leon Bijou, '48 Olympic Athlete Aarne Lainlauri is 101, Actor Kevin O'Morrison is 100, Actor Pierre Gay is 100, (NT)jlpWednesday, May 25, 03:00:24pm9
Archive: Vic Tayback, May 25, 1990ActorWednesday, May 25, 02:53:12pm5
Yang Jiang, Chinese writerDead at 104Wednesday, May 25, 01:01:03pm2
Deva Dassy, French Opera StarDies at 104Wednesday, May 25, 10:47:22am2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, May 25, 10:47:22am
Actor Buck KartalianDies at 93Wednesday, May 25, 01:03:16am7
George Wildman, Cartoonist ("Popeye")Dead at 88Tuesday, May 24, 07:11:04pm3
Actor Joe FleishakerDies at 62Tuesday, May 24, 06:51:30pm3
Mr. Ed's Alan Young dies at 96Rory BTuesday, May 24, 06:23:12pm21
Healthwatch: Gord Downie, Canadian rock musicianTerminal brain cancerTuesday, May 24, 06:08:24pm5
Archives: 12345678910 ]

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