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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Suzanna Leigh, British actress who co-starred with Elvis PresleyDies at 72Tuesday, December 12, 09:56:30am1
Actor Clifford DavidDies at 89Tuesday, December 12, 09:08:02am6
Macon Brock, Dollar Tree co-founderDead at 75Tuesday, December 12, 08:17:24am3
"The Sopranos" Actress Frances EsemplareDies at 83Tuesday, December 12, 07:43:51am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, December 12, 07:43:51am
Ed Lee, the mayor of San Francisco, dies suddenly at age 65 ....Ed TraceyTuesday, December 12, 03:52:11am1
Happy Birthday! TV Host Bob Barker (94) Actor Brandon Maggart (84) Singer Dionne Warwick (77) Actor Gianni Russo (74) Actor Wings Hauser (70) Actor Bill Nighy (68) Actress Darleen Carr (67) Actress Sarah Douglas (65) (NT)ColtTuesday, December 12, 02:21:46am4
Steve Reevis, Native American actorDies at 56Tuesday, December 12, 01:37:14am7
ARCHIVE: December 11, 1991 ~Diminutive actor/performer Pat Walshe, who began his film career as a youth in Silent Films, but whose 'claim to fame' did not come until he was cast as 'Nikko' head of the evil flying monkeys in 1938's THE WIZARD OF OZ, died at 91. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, December 11, 08:41:27pm5
Happy 98th Birthday! Playwright Joe Masteroff, Horticulturist Lady Anne Berry is 98, Politician Yang Side is 96, Olympic Athlete Lars Hindmar is 96, Writer Seymour Topping is 96, Actor Dilip Kumar is 95, (NT)jlpMonday, December 11, 07:05:59pm13
OT: Healthwatch? Am I the only one who thinks that Erin Burnett wasn't talking "exactly right" this evening on TV?She was talking very fast and at times was hard to understand.Monday, December 11, 06:19:24pm2
Grant Munro, Oscar winning animatorDead at 94Monday, December 11, 04:51:56pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, December 11, 04:51:56pm
Beverlee Dean, Manager and casting executive who discovered and then helped guide the careers of Jim Caviezel and Reese WitherspoonDead at 79Monday, December 11, 04:48:45pm1
Leon Rhodes, Guitarist with Ernest Tubb's Texas TroubadoursDead at 85Monday, December 11, 04:04:55pm4
Bruce Brown, surfer and filmmaker (Endless Summer)Dead at 80Monday, December 11, 12:46:51pm4
Keith Chegwin, TC presenterDead at 60Monday, December 11, 12:45:02pm3
Wu Yongning, Daredevil, plunges to his death from skyscraperChinaMonday, December 11, 12:38:13pm1
Bob Seidemann, Who shot iconic images of Janis Joplin and the Grateful DeadDead at 75Monday, December 11, 12:34:47pm2
Vera Katz, Ex- Mayor of Portland, Ore.Dead at 84Monday, December 11, 11:33:20am1
Charles Green, better known on Youtube as Angry Grandpa, dead at 67.Otsegolectric98Sunday, December 10, 10:23:35pm2
19-year-old Malaysian model falls to her death in the nudeBettySunday, December 10, 03:00:09pm1
Simeon Booker, Took the photo of Emmett Till in his coffinDead at 99Sunday, December 10, 01:07:39pm2
Max Clifford, UK's best-known celebrity publicist whose clients included OJ Simpson, dies in prison hospitalHe was 74Sunday, December 10, 11:52:55am1
Heathwatch: Chris ReaRory BSunday, December 10, 11:50:13am1
Archive: Otis Redding, December 10, 1967Died in a plane crashSunday, December 10, 11:50:12am2
Happy 99th Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Fergus Anckorn, Writer Vladimir Kapitanovsky is 97 Scientist Howard Fredeen is 96,Artist James Foortt turns 96. (NT)jlpSunday, December 10, 11:47:46am3
Archive: December 8, 1980 John LennonE.M. DowneySunday, December 10, 11:45:50am2
Archive: Mike Mazurki, Dec. 9, 1990 ...Tough guy actorSunday, December 10, 11:44:46am4
Healthwatch: Actor Timothy Omundson ("Psych")Suffered a stroke earlier this yearSunday, December 10, 11:43:28am2
Archive: Vincent Gardenia, Dec. 9, 1992Character actorSunday, December 10, 11:21:28am7
Happy 104th Birthday! Photographer Cynthia Chalk, Archaeologist Pal Patay is 103, Actor Kirk Douglas is 101, Politician Jose Luis Suarez Molina turns 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, December 09, 09:11:16pm11
OT: Two vents (1) hoax deaths and (2) companies that send you unsolicited emails and do not let you unsubscribeI feel like that guy in "Network" - madder than hell :)Saturday, December 09, 09:07:16pm7
ARCHIVE: Dec. 9, 1944 ~Actor Laird Cregar ...Film heavySaturday, December 09, 05:10:10pm1
Harold "Tubby" Raymond, former University of Delaware football coachHe was 92Saturday, December 09, 12:59:30pm1
Leonid Bronevoi, Russian actorDead at 88Saturday, December 09, 12:15:58pm1
Atsutoshi Nishida, Ex- President of ToshibaDead at 73Saturday, December 09, 12:14:01pm1
ARCHIVE: December 8, 2016 ~It was ONE year ago we lost John Glenn, 95, U.S. Marine Corps aviator, engineer, astronaut, and U.S Senator from Ohio, who in 1962, became the first American to orbit the Earth, circling it three times. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, December 09, 11:58:39am4
OT: Possibly the worst recent sexual offender of all got sentenced to 60 years behind barsHe will likely die in prison for what he did: good riddanceSaturday, December 09, 09:20:46am2
Johnny Hallyday, French singer and actorDies at 74Saturday, December 09, 07:42:13am5
Archive: Marty Robbins, Dec. 8, 1982SingerFriday, December 08, 09:07:14pm3
OT: A 60's dance party!Too cool!Friday, December 08, 06:23:30pm2
Sunny Murray, Jazz drummer played with Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Cecil TaylorDead at 81Friday, December 08, 04:10:37pm1
ARCHIVE: December 6, 2004 ~Dimebag Darrell, rock musician/ songwriter who was a co-founder of Pantera alongside his brother Vinnie Paul, and founder of Damageplan, shot dead in cold blood on stage, at age 38. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, December 08, 03:01:34pm2
Conrad Brooks reported dead via social media. No official obit yet. If true, it would be another in a string of Ed Wood deaths this year.He was 86Friday, December 08, 02:49:37pm13
August Ames, Porn starDead at 23Friday, December 08, 01:54:19pm16
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarians Florence Ivy Cook and Alice Ostlund, Artist Antoinette Martignoni is 99, Olympic Athlete Ivar Martinsen is 97, Actress Valeria Valeri is 96, Olympic Athlete Henry Nordin is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, December 08, 01:28:04pm6
Way OT: Bombshell new May/December Hollywood couple shocks many in industry/fans, alike! ...LinkFriday, December 08, 01:23:35pm1
John B. Anderson, Congressman who ran for President in 1980Dies at 95Friday, December 08, 01:22:32pm11
Healthwatch: Artie LangeDer BingleFriday, December 08, 12:29:24pm1
Juan Luis Buñuel, French film directorDead at 83Friday, December 08, 12:15:10pm2
Christine Keeler, former model at heart of Profumo affairDead at 75Friday, December 08, 12:11:34pm10
Jerome Crowe, FBI agent who delivered the ransom money in the Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnappingDead at 93Friday, December 08, 12:09:15pm2
Archive: Harry Morgan, Dec. 7, 2011Character actorFriday, December 08, 12:04:38pm5
Mike Pence's Cat, PickleDead at 16Friday, December 08, 11:51:01am1
ARCHIVE: December 8, 1983 ~Hollywood character actor Slim Pickens, at home with dramas ("One Eyed Jacks", "The Getaway") as well as comedies ("Dr. Strangelove", "Blazing Saddles"), dies at 64. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, December 08, 11:45:20am2
ARCHIVE: October 16, 1992 ~Veteran stage/screen actress Shirley Booth, whose acclaimed career on Broadway and Hollywood, earned her a Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe and Oscar awards for her stage and screeen efforts, dies after long illness at her home in North Chatham, MA, at age 94. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, December 08, 09:43:01am6
Tracy Stallard, Pitched seven seasons in the big leagues and was best known for giving up Roger Maris’ record-setting 61st home run in 1961Dead at 80Friday, December 08, 04:06:08am7
What do you think should be done with Manson’sRemains?Thursday, December 07, 11:09:28pm4
Archive: Ken Weatherwax, Dec. 7, 2014"Pugsley"Thursday, December 07, 02:03:39pm3
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Edelgard Huber von Gerdorff, Painter Giorgio Michetti is 105, Novelist Liu Yichang is 99, WW2 Military Figure Charles McGee is 98, Civil Servant Frederick Atkinson is 98, Meteorologist Lyndon Wainwright is 98, (NT)jlpThursday, December 07, 01:04:01pm7
W. Watts Biggers Jr., Musician, son of "Underdog" creatorDead at 61Thursday, December 07, 12:30:58pm2
Eric Concklin, Theater director (Harvey Fierstein’s "Torch Song Trilogy")Has diedThursday, December 07, 12:26:59pm1
Ernest Finney Jr., Civil Rights LawyerDead at 86Thursday, December 07, 12:23:14pm1
Heather Snyder, Was wounded in 2012 Aurora, Co. theater shootingDead at 31Thursday, December 07, 12:19:57pm1
Prize-winning author-critic William Gass (The Tunnel)Dies at 93Thursday, December 07, 12:16:06pm2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, December 07, 12:16:06pm
OT: Found this Youtube: Color Behind the Scenes video of "The Andy Griffith Show"LinkThursday, December 07, 12:14:29pm4
ARCHIVE: 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. ...E.M. DowneyThursday, December 07, 12:12:04pm3
OT: Member of the Lovin' Spoonful arrested for possessing child pornArkansasThursday, December 07, 07:22:47am1
OT: Were Richard Dawson's kisses on the lips a form of sexual harassment?To me, he was the best "Family Feud" host ..... but .....Thursday, December 07, 06:25:12am3
Happy Birthday! Actor Leon Russom (76) Actor James Naughton (72) Actress JoBeth Williams (69) Actress Gina Hecht (65) (NT)ColtWednesday, December 06, 09:24:15pm9
OT: What was your favorite author or actor when you were a kid or teenager? (NT)KatWednesday, December 06, 05:17:52pm21
Alice May Bicknell, One of Canada's oldest residentsDead at 110Wednesday, December 06, 04:43:10pm1
Mickey Carroll, Journalist who witnessed Oswald shootingDead at 86Wednesday, December 06, 12:09:11pm2
OT: I was unsure if the obit of NY actor Ben Hammer was ever posted here? ...Hammer died 3 months ago, with little obit info.Wednesday, December 06, 12:01:08pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, December 06, 12:01:08pm
Pamela Addison, widow of Oscar-winning composer John AddisonDies at 93Wednesday, December 06, 10:38:07am3
Austrian actor Hannes SchielDies at 103Wednesday, December 06, 09:37:18am2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, December 06, 09:37:18am
Cartoonist Fran HopperDies at 95Wednesday, December 06, 09:32:15am2
Ron Meyer, Former Indianapolis Colts head coachDead at 76Wednesday, December 06, 07:35:44am1
ARCHIVE: December 5, 1927 ~It was 90 years ago, Hollywood lost a gutsy film stuntman of that Silent Era, Lew Penn was killed when his motorcycle skidded beneath oncoming truck! The industry repaid his valor by leaving his hidden grave unmarked for decades! ...Little is known today of his life, but suffice I'm likely the only soul on Earth recognizing his death, today.Wednesday, December 06, 03:47:01am2
Musician Chester Bennington Autopsy Released: Reveals Traces of Alcohol and Ecstasy ...MSN Link ...Tuesday, December 05, 08:29:57pm1
OT: Just came across this long lost PHOTO of Hollywood giants in a most compromising pose! ...WARNING: May be offensive to the sensitive.Tuesday, December 05, 08:13:38pm1
Late TV HEADS UP: Sun. Nov. 3rd -Carol Burnett Show 50th Anniversary Special tonight on CBS!Set the DVR!Tuesday, December 05, 06:11:26pm13
Beverlee Dean, Manager and Casting ExecutiveDies at 79Tuesday, December 05, 05:02:41pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, December 05, 05:02:41pm
Happy Birthday! Singer Little Richard (85) Actor Howard Ryshpan (85) Actor John Erwin (81) Actress Morgan Brittany (66) (NT)ColtTuesday, December 05, 04:50:45pm7
Meic Povey, Welsh Actor and playwrightDead at 67Tuesday, December 05, 04:46:48pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, December 05, 04:46:48pm
Harold 'Hal' Fabriz, FBI agent investigated JFK assassination, investigated Civil Rights cases in Mississippi in the 60'sDead at 85Tuesday, December 05, 04:41:51pm1
Steve Elmore, Broadway actor for more than 30 yearsDies at 84Tuesday, December 05, 04:33:45pm3
Today's NEW photo: Bert Lahr (NT)Died on 12/4/67Tuesday, December 05, 03:10:32pm15
Healthwatch: Singer John MayerRushed to hospital for emergency surgeryTuesday, December 05, 02:03:39pm2
King Michael of Romania has died - age 96SharonTuesday, December 05, 01:57:03pm4
Archive: December 4, 1984: Voice Actor Jack Mercer dies at 74Voice of PopeyeTuesday, December 05, 11:57:28am3
Archive: Nelson Mandela 12/05/2013Died 4 years agoTuesday, December 05, 10:04:53am1
Jean d'Ormesson, French writer and columnistDies at 92Tuesday, December 05, 09:09:51am2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, December 05, 09:09:51am
Jon Hendricks, Jazz singer and songwriterDies at 96Tuesday, December 05, 03:29:14am5
ADMIN NOTE: No trolling, please. (NT) theChroniclerMonday, December 04, 09:31:11pm4
ARCHIVE: December 4, 2015 ~Prolific actor Robert Loggia, who was at home in both drama ("Scarface"/"Jagged Edge") and comedy ("BIG"/"Return to Me"), spent many years on stage, before hitting big in Hollywood, dies of Alzheimers complications, at 85. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, December 04, 08:40:42pm2
Actress Judith MooreDies at 73Monday, December 04, 07:30:14pm3
Happy Birthday! Actor Ned Romero (91) Actress Dena Dietrich (89) Actor Robert Kya-Hill (87) Actor Max Baer Jr. (80) Actress Corinne Marchand (80) Actor Donnelly Rhodes (80) (NT)ColtMonday, December 04, 05:26:44pm11
Archive: Frank Zappa, Dec. 4, 1993MusicianMonday, December 04, 04:55:42pm2
R.I.P. Findagrave OLD Format dead. ...So far, IMO, the NEW format both sucks & blows. (K.I.S.S. -Keep It Simple Stupid)Monday, December 04, 02:30:14pm13
Ali Abdullah SalehFormer President of YemenMonday, December 04, 12:35:10pm3
Barbara Hoyt, one time member of the Manson Family who testified against them in court dead at 65.Debra Tate's Facebook Page & WikipediaMonday, December 04, 12:28:21pm1
Sheila Farebrother, mother of Elton JohnDies at 92Monday, December 04, 12:22:53pm4
Shashi Kapoor, longtime Indian actorDies at 79Monday, December 04, 11:55:11am2
Healthwatch: NASCAR Hall of Famer Jack IngramHospitalized after car accidentMonday, December 04, 11:41:28am1
According to most sources, Movita was born on April 12, 1916, more than 100 years ago. So why is her 100th birthday being commemorated today?? (NT)PuzzledMonday, December 04, 10:00:05am3
Operatic tenor William BlankenshipDies at 89Monday, December 04, 08:54:15am1
Top Ten Cryptozoology DeathsOf 2017Monday, December 04, 02:46:23am3
Horror film Director Ulli Lommel has died 1944-2017 (Link Inside)ColtSunday, December 03, 07:40:07pm1
Happy Birthday! Actor Eugene Iglesias (91) Director Jean-Luc Godard (87) Actor Nicolas Coster (84) Actor Shelly Desai (82) Actor Tony Mordente (82) Singer Ozzy Osbourne (69) Actress Heather Menzies-Urich (68) Actor Eugene Clark (66) (NT)ColtSunday, December 03, 06:42:03pm8
Marianne Means, Political columnist and trailblazing White House correspondentDead at 83Sunday, December 03, 06:25:58pm4
Archive: 11 killed in stampede at Who concert, Dec. 3, 1979In CincinnatiSunday, December 03, 05:19:10pm1
ARCHIVE: December 3, 1999 ~Famed comic and musical actress Madeline Kahn, known for her ecclectic selection of film roles, like "Blazing Saddles", "Young Frankenstein", and "Paper Moon", for which she was nominated for an Oscar, dies of cancer, at 57. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, December 03, 02:35:31pm4
OT: Celeb sighting! Here at L.A.s Farmer's Market and spotted IN COLD BLOOD's Scott Wilson having early supper, alone! (NT) theChroniclerSunday, December 03, 02:09:04pm12
Actress Sandra WhiteDies at 87Sunday, December 03, 02:00:20pm8
ARCHIVE: December 3, 2002 ~Ill-fated Ireland-born Hollywood actor Glenn Quinn, known for playing 'Mark Healy' on TV's "Roseanne", and as 'Doyle', a half-demon, on "Angel", dies of Heroin OD, at age 32. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, December 03, 01:44:53pm1
Actor Jim Nabors, aged 87 .....Ed TraceySunday, December 03, 11:07:43am14
Biddy White Lennon, Irish actress turned writerHas diedSunday, December 03, 10:55:09am2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link ..., Sunday, December 03, 10:55:09am
Jazz guitarist & composer Mundell LoweDies at 95Sunday, December 03, 10:40:56am4
Happy Birthday! Actor Richard Venture (94) Actor Jerry Douglas (85) Actor Wallace Shawn (74) Singer Neil Young (72) (NT)ColtSunday, December 03, 10:14:34am12
W. Marvin Watson Jr., LBJ Advisor & Postmaster General (1968-69)Dies at 93Sunday, December 03, 10:13:55am7
OT: CR. 45 years building a career. one day losing it all. Is this the biggest and quickest fall ever? (NT)I know, this is a questionnaire, but I feel a relevant one!Sunday, December 03, 10:12:51am16
Actress and singer Della ReeseDies at86Sunday, December 03, 10:12:10am25
Archive: Raymond Burr, Sept. 12, 1993ActorSunday, December 03, 10:11:25am17
Mitch Margo of the TokensDead at 70Sunday, December 03, 10:10:36am7
Malcolm Young, Co founder and Rhythm Guitarist of Australian Rock Band AC/DC, Dies at 64 from dementiaOtsegolectric98Sunday, December 03, 10:09:58am7
Bobby Doerr, Hall of Fame player for the Boston Red Sox, aged 99 ....Ed TraceySunday, December 03, 10:09:19am11
Plane owned by former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay crashes in the Gulf of MexicoNot known if Halladay was on boardSunday, December 03, 10:08:28am10
Coroner: Son of former Fox News personality Eric Bolling died of "a mix of cocaine and fentanyl""Had a history of drug abuse"Sunday, December 03, 10:07:38am11
Actor Bill RobersonDies at 59Sunday, December 03, 10:06:55am11
Actress Dorothy GordonDies at 91Sunday, December 03, 10:06:06am8
Happy 101st Birthday! Parliamentarian Hamida Habibullah, Politician Allen Dines is 96,Actress Kaye Ballard is 92, Actor Mark Miller is 92, Actress Judith Magre is 91, Actress Estelle Parsons is 90, Director Walter Heynowski is 90, Actress Lysa Baugher is 90, (NT)jlpSunday, December 03, 10:05:07am12
very sad: German actress Karin Dor (79) has died monday evening in a nursing home in MunichHitchcock & 007-ActressSunday, December 03, 10:04:16am13
If 2016 was the year of the unexpected death (Bowie, Prince, George Michael...) then 2017 has been the year of people who hung on for a long long time finally letting go (NT)Chuck Berry, Fats Domono, Rickles, Hefner, Nabors...Sunday, December 03, 10:03:20am9
Musician/actor David Cassidy dead ....APSunday, December 03, 10:00:43am35
ARCHIVE: November 25, 2016 ~It was a year ago we lost veteran actor Ron Glass, best known in the ensemble award-winning TV comedy series, BARNEY MILLER, as 'Det. Ron Harris', for 7 years. A longtime smoker, Glass died of respitory failure at 71. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, December 03, 09:59:36am20
Archive: Marty Feldman, Dec. 2, 1982Comic actorSunday, December 03, 02:12:19am4
ARCHIVE: December 2, 2000 ~Actress Gail Fisher, one of the 1st black women to play substantive roles in American television, best known for playing the role of 'Peggy Fair' on TV's "Mannix", earning an EMMY, the 1st black woman to win, dies of from renal failure at 65. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, December 02, 11:21:32pm2
Happy Birthday! Actress Jackie Joseph (84) Actor Billy Green Bush (82) Actress Judy Parfitt (82) Actor Barry Newman (79) Actor Dakin Matthews (77) (NT)ColtSaturday, December 02, 11:16:27pm11
ADMIN NOTE: I welcome all criticism and suggestions on our board, but please refrain from giving in to the lowest form of expression -use of profane name calling. ~Thank you. (NT) theChroniclerSaturday, December 02, 09:45:23pm16
Jimmy Durante was sued for $5,000 for what was effectively the 1935 version of sexual harassmentNot sure how it turned outSaturday, December 02, 09:43:35pm1
Robert Oswald, Brother of Lee Harvey OswaldDead at 83Saturday, December 02, 08:44:25pm4
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian George Feldman, Journalist Amelia Penichet is 101, Avaitor Jean Burns is 98, Dancer Norma Miller is 98, Businessman Klaus Obermeyer is 98, Socialite Verena Wagner Lafferentz is 97, (NT)jlpSaturday, December 02, 07:36:10pm6
Perry Wallace (1948-2017) -- 50 Years ago Saturday (12/2/67), he was the SEC's first black basketball playerRobert TheronSaturday, December 02, 06:40:24pm2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Saturday, December 02, 06:40:24pm
OT: R.I.P. (1927-2017) ~Hollywood Dog Training School founded by legendary film animal trainer Carl Spitz, who brought Toto of "Wizard of Oz", and others to the film world, closes after 90 years! ...VIDEOSaturday, December 02, 06:19:47pm3
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Yvonne Guillaumin, Animator Don Lusk is 104, Chemist Gerhard Dickel is 104, Politician Bertus Brandsen is 103, Rosie the Riveter Elinor Otto is 98, (NT)jlpSaturday, December 02, 06:10:13pm13
20 plus feared dead in church shootingTexasSaturday, December 02, 06:05:25pm11
Happy 105th Birthday! Actress Connie Sawyer, Scientist Borys Paton is 99, Actress Valeria Driecna is 97, Assyriologist James Kinnier Wilson is 96, Filmmaker Claude Lanzmann is 92, Writer Alvin Goldman is 90, Actor Alexander Harris turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, December 02, 06:04:26pm13
QUESTION: Has anybody noticed that when you Google a notable with the word 'grave', the search NO LONGER offers Findagrave, where it was ALWAYS the go-to first offered before? (NT)Google now offering little boost to the site, where before they always offered it?Saturday, December 02, 05:59:32pm2
Archive: Billy Halop, Nov. 9, 1976ActorSaturday, December 02, 05:55:08pm5
Happy 106th Birthday! Cyclist Robert Marchand, Businessman S. Prestley Blake is 103, Politician Albert Davoust is 101, Hematologist Slobodan Obradov is 99, Pianist Leopold Kozlowski is 99, Intelligence Analyst Officer Bemson K. Buffham is 98, (NT)jlpSaturday, December 02, 05:54:42pm13
Actor James KisickiDies at 79Saturday, December 02, 05:53:09pm4
TV Producer/Writer Bunny StiversDies at 93Saturday, December 02, 05:50:21pm3
OT: Will 'Marjorie Prime' send Lois Smith, 87, to the Oscars?Christoper Plummer holds record for beginner win at 82Saturday, December 02, 05:42:12pm6
ARCHIVE: December 2, 1986 ~Musician/Actor/Producer Desi Arnaz, Cuban immigrant who came to America as a laborer, parlayed his natural talents into a successful musical career, soon moving to film, later married America's favorite red-head, helping innovate TV, dies at 69. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, December 02, 05:41:39pm4
Happy 105th Birthday! Musician Viola Smith, Nutritionist Coluthur Gopalan is 99, Politician Yegor Ligachyov, Journalist Christine de Rivoyre is 96, Astrologer Jackie Stallone is 96, Baseball's Irv Noren is 93, Politician Beji Caid Essebsi is 91, (NT)jlpSaturday, December 02, 05:40:14pm11
Heakthwatch: Embattled congressman John Conyers (longest serving House member)HospitlaizedSaturday, December 02, 05:36:34pm1
Shawn Jones, Gospel singer, collapses & dies during a performanceHe was 32Saturday, December 02, 04:53:31pm3
  • Wow (NT) -- That’s really sad, Saturday, December 02, 02:15:49pm
Les Whitten, investigative reporter arrested by FBI and spied on by CIA, dies at 89Washington Post obitsSaturday, December 02, 02:10:10pm3
Actress Joyce JohnsonDies at 85Saturday, December 02, 01:42:51pm3
Archive: Harrison Ford, Dec. 2, 1957 ...ActorSaturday, December 02, 01:15:23pm3
Norman Baker, Pilot adventurer killed in plane crash; explorer on Thor Heyerdahl expeditionHe was 89Saturday, December 02, 11:51:42am1
ARCHIVE: December 1, 2016 ~Character actor Don Calfa, best known for smarmy criminal types, as in such screen projects as 1976's "Foul Play", or TV's "Barney Miller", equally apt in comedy and dramas, dies just 2 days before his 77th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, December 01, 08:47:41pm2
Music Executive John PrestonDies at 67Friday, December 01, 12:50:32pm2
New York model found dead with throat slashedJamiacaFriday, December 01, 12:48:20pm1
Linda Abromson, Ex- Mayor of Portland, Me.Dead at 78Friday, December 01, 12:01:12pm1
ARCHIVE: December 1, 2011 ~Hollywood character actor Bill McKinney, whose most famous role was the sadistic mountain man in 1972's "Deliverance", followed my countless films, many in Clint Eastwood films, dies at 80. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, December 01, 11:50:30am1
Happy Birthday! Actor James Greene (91) Actress Allyn Ann McLerie (91) Actor Woody Allen (82) Actress Bette Midler (72) Actor Treat Williams (66) (NT)ColtFriday, December 01, 11:45:15am3
ARCHIVE: December 1, 1958 ~One of America's most horrific school fires happened at Our Lady of the Angels School of Chicago, ILL, killing 92 pupils and 3 nuns, with many more were injured when they jumped from second-floor windows. ...Backstory and the heartbreaking press photo that circulated globally.Friday, December 01, 10:42:12am2
Anthony Harvey, Film Director and EditorDies at 87Friday, December 01, 10:09:29am11
Vincent Scully, Yale scholar who explored architecture’s humanizing force, dies at 97 ...Washington Post obituariesFriday, December 01, 10:03:57am1
Blues Legend Robert Bilbo Walker Dead at 80. ...LinkThursday, November 30, 09:56:25pm2
Happy 100th Birthday! Politician Arne Konrad Eldegard, Editor George Fisher is 100,Baseball's (AAGPBL) Mary Pratt is 99, NASA Official Arnold Frutkin is 99, Politician Stephane Bonduel is 98, (NT)jlpThursday, November 30, 04:36:21pm8
Charles Merrill, philanthropist, educator and son of one of the founders of Merrill LynchDies at 97Thursday, November 30, 09:01:40am1
Marina Popovich, record breaking Soviet pilotDies at 86Thursday, November 30, 08:37:28am2
Slobodan Praljak, war criminalDead at 72Thursday, November 30, 08:25:04am4
OT: While surfing the web I found an interesting Voy "vent" board called "Hereos And Zeroes" on which you can rate celebrities as Heroes or Zeroes. A nice extension to some "OT" posts hereYou can guess how Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Bill O'Factor, Ben McAdoo and a female Nascar driver rate!Wednesday, November 29, 09:43:25pm2
Died on Nov. 29- Natalie Wood (1981) Cary Grant (1986) Ralph Bellamy (1991) Gene Rayburn (1999) George Harrison (2001) (NT)RIP to allWednesday, November 29, 05:58:52pm4
Former tennis great Pancho Segura died on Nov. 18thAt age 96Wednesday, November 29, 05:41:17pm1
With all the other news, you may have missed that Tampa police believe they've caught the serial killerShot four peopleWednesday, November 29, 05:10:39pm3
Wayne Mosley, Co-founder of Rocky Rococo RestaurantsDead at 70Wednesday, November 29, 04:26:24pm1
Robert Popwell, Guitarist, The Young Rascals and The CrusadersDeadat 70Wednesday, November 29, 01:22:26pm3
Healthwatch: Billy BushHospitalized After Being Struck by a Golf BallWednesday, November 29, 01:15:51pm4
Healthwatch: Robin Leach ("Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous")Hospitalized after a strokeWednesday, November 29, 12:31:22pm1
Wednesdays pic- Country Music picker Merle Travis, who wrote "Sixteen Tons" and "Dark as a Dungeon" (NT)darrenWednesday, November 29, 12:28:06pm3
Barbara Dunn-Leonard, TV producer ("The People's Court")Dead at 60Wednesday, November 29, 12:24:31pm1
Archive: Leslie Nielsen, Nov. 28, 2010ActorWednesday, November 29, 12:18:54pm6
Shadia, Egyptian singer, actressDead at 86Wednesday, November 29, 12:14:01pm1
Bud Moore, NASCAR Hall of Fame car owner and decorated WWII veteranDies at 92Tuesday, November 28, 05:12:09pm2
Ruth Bancroft, American landscape architect.Dies at 109Tuesday, November 28, 05:10:03pm2
Archive: Jeffrey Dahmer, Nov. 28, 1994Murderer, cannibalTuesday, November 28, 05:07:56pm2
Happy Birthday! Actor James Karen (94) Producer Berry Gordy (88) Actor William Sargent (87) Singer Randy Newman (74) Director Joe Dante (71) Band Leader Paul Shaffer (68) Actor Ed Harris (67) Actress S. Epatha Merkerson (65) (NT)ColtTuesday, November 28, 04:55:39pm9
Celebrity elephant kills ownerThailandTuesday, November 28, 04:00:59pm3
Fernande Blackburn, widow of actor Royce Blackburn (The Blackburn Twins)Dies at 91Tuesday, November 28, 12:59:29pm3
Dave Cloutier, former NFL player with the PatriotsDies at 78Tuesday, November 28, 12:22:32pm1
Actress Valve AndreDies at 94Tuesday, November 28, 09:41:32am2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, November 28, 09:41:32am
OT: Found this recent article in the Times about Jerry Lee Lewis concert last week, reviewing it as great, with Kris Kristopherson joing 'the Killer' for an unscheduled duet on stage! ...LinkTuesday, November 28, 09:08:28am4
Anthony Senerchia, early inspiration for the ALS ice bucket challenge fundraiserDies at 46Tuesday, November 28, 07:04:30am1
Julio Oscar Mechoso, character actor in TV and filmDies at 62Monday, November 27, 07:59:53pm7
Carol Neblett, American operatic starDies at 71Monday, November 27, 04:38:28pm2
Warren Spannaus, Former Minnesota Attorney General & Gubernatorial candidate, longtime friend & associate of Walter MondaleDead at 86Monday, November 27, 03:27:48pm1
Wesley Fox, Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipientDead at 86Monday, November 27, 12:42:56pm1
Bill Harris, former Ohio state legislator who served as President of the Ohio Senate from 2005 to 2010Dies at 83Monday, November 27, 10:01:13am1
R.I.P Laura Montalban, daughter of Ricardo Montalban (died 2009)LinkSunday, November 26, 06:54:05pm3
Jazz Pianist John Coates Jr.Dies at 79Sunday, November 26, 06:35:12pm2
Wood Moy, Asian American Acting Pioneer And Star Of ‘Chan Is Missing’Dead at 99Sunday, November 26, 05:08:43pm3
Lady Ursula d’Abo, last-living maid of honor at coronation of King George VIDies at 100Sunday, November 26, 04:25:05pm6
Man survived Las Vegas massacre- only to die weeks later, killed by a hit & run driverNevadaSunday, November 26, 03:56:10pm4
2 injured in new york mall shootingKatSunday, November 26, 03:33:12pm1
Archive: November 24, 2016 ~We lost Florence Henderson One Year Ago Today! ...RIP Mrs. BradySunday, November 26, 03:09:12pm8
Harry Pregerson, One of the most liberal federal appeals court judges in the nationDead at 94Sunday, November 26, 01:03:48pm2
Steve "Snapper" Jones, Basketball player, sports analystDead at 75Sunday, November 26, 12:29:35pm1
Actor Dan FitzgeraldDies at 88Sunday, November 26, 11:34:09am5
Rance Howard - father of Ron & Clint - age 89SharonSunday, November 26, 10:52:08am16
Actress & Dancer Gemze de LappeDies at 95Sunday, November 26, 08:32:10am2
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, November 26, 08:32:10am
It's being reported that singer Wayne Cochran has diedHe wrote "The Last Kiss" ( a hit for J. Frank Wilson & Pearl Jam)Sunday, November 26, 08:04:29am10
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Actor/Director Ken ShapiroDies at 75Saturday, November 25, 02:23:19pm7
John Thierry, Football player (Chicago Bears)Dead at 46Saturday, November 25, 12:34:29pm1
Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, baseball player (Phillies) killed in a car accidentHe was 34Saturday, November 25, 11:47:32am1
Happy 101st Birthday! Singer Heinz Maria Lins, Actress Betty Bodel is 98, Politician Arne Hjorth Sorensen is 97, Entrepreneur Stanley Ho is 96, WW2 RAF Officer George "Johnny" Johnson is 96, Actor Terry Kilburn is 91, Playwright Murray Schisgal is 91 (NT)jlpSaturday, November 25, 11:43:56am7
Actor Jerry MickelsenDies at 82Saturday, November 25, 05:40:52am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, November 25, 05:40:52am
Happy 101st Birthday! Activist Frankie Muse Freeman, Politician John P. Yates is 96, Physicist Tsung-Dao-Lee is 91. (NT)jlpSaturday, November 25, 01:30:04am7
Archive: Freddie Mercury, Nov. 24, 1991Lead singer of QueenFriday, November 24, 05:20:09pm3
Peter Baldwin, Emmy winning TV directorDead at 86Friday, November 24, 04:50:48pm2
Izabella Zielińska, Polish pianistDies at 106Friday, November 24, 04:30:53pm1
Bobbie Sterne: Cincinnati's first full-term female mayorDead at 97Friday, November 24, 01:36:06pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, November 24, 01:36:06pm
Emma Couture, Won "Jeopardy Kids" wek in 2011Dead at 19Friday, November 24, 01:29:37pm1
Actress Beth BoydDies at 90Friday, November 24, 01:22:12pm5
Healthwatch:: VH 1 star Kamal GivensAttacked by monkeys, rushed to hospitalFriday, November 24, 12:21:39pm1
Tommy Keene, Singer-songwriter, musicianDies at 59Friday, November 24, 11:48:56am3
ADMIN NOTE: Happy THANKSGIVING ~Have a blessed day, to all! (NT) theChroniclerFriday, November 24, 10:23:57am5
Craig Tieszen, South Dakota State Senator drowns along with his brother-in-law in the Cook IslandsHe was 68Thursday, November 23, 01:22:44pm3
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentemarian Beulah Meloche, Writer Leonidas Veliaroutis is 101, Sophie Templar Kuh (Daughter of Otto Gross) is 101, Psychiatrist Piak Sun-yup is 97, Politician Lois North is 96, Actress Jacqueline White is 95, (NT)jlpThursday, November 23, 12:55:32pm4
Novelist Harry Blamires 1916-2017Dead at 101Thursday, November 23, 12:25:12pm2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Thursday, November 23, 12:25:12pm
Actress Stela PopescuDead at 81Thursday, November 23, 08:39:38am1
ARCHIVE: November 21, 1982 ~Actress Lee Patrick, popular as amiable blonde in films like 1945's "Mildred Pierce", but gained popularity on 1950s TV's "Topper", dies a day before her 81st birthday. ...Best known on film in supporting role as 'Mrs. Upson' in 1958 film classic, "Auntie Mame"!Wednesday, November 22, 10:23:32pm2
Record Producer George AvakianDies at 98Wednesday, November 22, 08:41:57pm4
Archive: Bill Bixby, Nov. 21, 1993Actor- directorWednesday, November 22, 07:19:26pm3
Maurice Hinchey, former U.S. Representative from New YorkDies at 79Wednesday, November 22, 04:21:19pm2
JFK died 54 years ago today. His brother was murdered less than 5 years later. Here' s "Two Brothers" by Bobby JenzenSee if you can listen without tearing upWednesday, November 22, 03:34:27pm3
Mona Fong, Hong Kong film producer and widow of Run Run ShawDies at 83Wednesday, November 22, 01:48:15pm4
Happy Birthday! Actor Michael Callan (82) Actor Allen Garfield (78) Director Terry Gilliam (77) Actor John Apicella (69) (NT)ColtWednesday, November 22, 01:30:20pm8
Iola Gregory, Welsh actressDead at 71Wednesday, November 22, 01:12:08pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, November 22, 01:12:08pm
Peter Berling, German actor and writer who worked often with Klaus KinskiDies at 83Wednesday, November 22, 11:52:53am3
Writer Jean Anglade 1915-2017Dead at 102Wednesday, November 22, 11:51:54am2
  • Pic -- ., Wednesday, November 22, 11:51:54am
Actor Buzz BelmondoDies at 70Wednesday, November 22, 11:46:34am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 21, 07:16:44pm
    • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, November 22, 11:46:34am
Happy Birthday! Actor Joseph Campanella (93) Actor Niall Toibin (88) Actress Marlo Thomas (80) Director Gus Trikonis (80) Actor Jack Kehoe (79) Director John Hough (76) Actress Juliet Mills (76) Actor Michael Cavanaugh (75) (NT)ColtWednesday, November 22, 07:36:27am10
Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Russian Opera starDies at 55Wednesday, November 22, 06:55:04am2
Possibly healthwatch: Aretha FranklinLots of "doom and gloom" rumors being debunkedTuesday, November 21, 04:52:48pm1
Luis Bacalov, Oscar winning film composerDead at 84Tuesday, November 21, 04:45:05pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, November 21, 04:41:32pm
Archive: Harry Von Zell, Nov. 21, 1981Actor, radio- TV announcerTuesday, November 21, 04:32:56pm2
Today’s Pic: Actress Dorothy Arnold. She was beautiful! Reminds me of Myna Loy (NT)(NT)Tuesday, November 21, 04:23:56pm3
Healthwatch: King Harald of NorwayHospitalizedTuesday, November 21, 12:48:00pm1
Healthwatch: Bill Ward of Black SabbathHospitalized With Heart ProblemsTuesday, November 21, 12:46:03pm1
Healthwatch: CMA Musician of the Year Mac McAnallyHeart attackTuesday, November 21, 12:43:40pm1
Healthwatch: Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5, R.E.MSuffers StrokeTuesday, November 21, 12:41:25pm1
Songwriter Hank HunterDies at 88Tuesday, November 21, 12:19:06pm5
Rodney Bewes, British actorDies at 79Tuesday, November 21, 11:52:12am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, November 21, 11:52:12am
Iris Campbell, former First Lady of South CarolinaDies at 77Tuesday, November 21, 11:30:41am1
OT: Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Celebrate 70th Wedding AnniversaryHappy Anniversary!Tuesday, November 21, 08:50:50am7
Jacob Thompson, cancer-stricken Maine boy who asked for and received thousands of Christmas cards, dies at 9RussMonday, November 20, 07:55:15pm1
Steve Dahl, Singer- musician (Red Dogs) turned talent agentDead at 71Monday, November 20, 06:44:16pm3
Baseball Player Bob BorkowskiDies at 91Monday, November 20, 06:27:00pm2
Documentary Film Producer Carl A. Charlson Jr.Dies at 76Monday, November 20, 06:02:05pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, November 20, 06:02:05pm
Whitey Glan, Drummer for Alice Cooper & Lou ReedDead at 71Monday, November 20, 04:51:17pm2
TV alert: The Sundance Channel just aired a 2 part documentary about the slaying of the Clutter family of Holcomb, Ks.They were all murdered "In Cold Blood"Monday, November 20, 04:46:03pm1
ARCHIVE: November 20, 2008 ~Character actress June Vincent, often cast as a femme fatale, TV Guide once referred to her as "Television's Favorite Homewrecker", because of her many roles on TV playing someone trying to steal away a husband or boyfriend, dies at 88. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, November 20, 04:42:07pm2
Ex-NFL receiver Terry Glenn dead after Dallas-area wreckHe was 43Monday, November 20, 04:29:01pm2
WWF wrestler Kamala fighting for his life...TOBYMonday, November 20, 04:25:20pm1
Frank 'The Tank' Miller, of "Flip or Flop"Has diedMonday, November 20, 12:45:11pm2
Mark Milsome, veteran cinematographer and cameraman dies in filming stunt accident.Monday, November 20, 12:36:01pm3
Warren "Pete" Moore, Member of Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesDead at 78Monday, November 20, 12:18:01pm5
ARCHIVE: November 17, 1998 ~Veteran actress Esther Rolle, best known as 'Florida Evans' TV's "Maude, and its spin-off series "Good Times", and was the first awarded an Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie in that category, dies a week after 78th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, November 20, 11:39:49am3
ADMIN NOTE: Any issues with my moderating, general or specific issues, please refer to my email, for response. ~Thank you. (NT) theChroniclerMonday, November 20, 11:34:10am1
Country Music Star Mel TillisDies at 85Monday, November 20, 10:09:53am9
Former Tennis-Star Jana Novotna ......dead at 49.Monday, November 20, 09:21:25am4
Former NFL player Terry Glenn killed in car crash.He was 43Monday, November 20, 07:26:09am1
Earle Hyman, Emmy and Tony nominated actor who played Bill Cosby's father on "The Cosby Show."Dies at 91Monday, November 20, 07:10:14am8
Ben Riley, jazz drummer for Thelonious Monk and Stan Getz, age 84 .....Ed TraceySunday, November 19, 11:39:07pm2
Archive: Reggie Nalser, Nov. 19, 1991Character actorSunday, November 19, 04:42:19pm1
Archive: Thomas Ince, Nov. 19, 1924Film director- producer, died mysterioudly on W R Hearst's yachtSunday, November 19, 04:37:49pm1
Archive: Emma Lazarus, Nov. 19, 1887PoetSunday, November 19, 04:35:11pm2
Happy Birthday! Actor William Russell (93) Actor Charles Bateman (87) Producer Larry King (84) TV Host Dick Cavett (81) Producer Ted Turner (79) (NT)ColtSunday, November 19, 04:23:43pm5
Healthwatch: David CassidyCritical condition, organ failureSunday, November 19, 03:49:51pm9
Happy Birthday! Director Robert Butler (90) Actor Clu Gulager (89) Actress Joanna Pettet (75) Actor Steve Railsback (72) Actress Barbara Leigh (71) Actor David Leisure (67) Actor Miguel Sandoval (66) (NT)ColtSunday, November 19, 03:28:38pm10
Healthwatch: Kendra WilkinsonRushed to hospitalSunday, November 19, 12:27:14pm1
Francis Davis Millet, Educator who was named after his grandfather - painter and Titanic victim, Francis MilletDies at 100Sunday, November 19, 10:36:26am1
Today's photo: Indira Ghandi (NT)Assassinated in 1984Sunday, November 19, 09:40:52am1
OT: celebrity death hardly noticed because a "bigger" (and unexpected) death occurred the same day (NT)Farrah Fawcett -- Michael Jackson got all the "play" ..... other examples?Sunday, November 19, 09:39:34am16
Archive: Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., Nov. 18, 1969Kennedy patriarchSaturday, November 18, 07:05:13pm2
Archive: Doug Sahm, Nov, 18, 1999MusicianSaturday, November 18, 04:39:42pm2
Archive: Jonestown mas murder & suicides, Nov. 18, 1978Over 900 diedSaturday, November 18, 04:28:57pm1
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Isabelle Boizeau, Physician George Nagobads is 96, Cinematographer Alessandro D'Eva turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, November 18, 04:22:53pm5
Actress Ann Wedgeworth has died.SharonSaturday, November 18, 04:11:31pm14
ARCHIVE: November 18, 1922 ~Marcel Proust, French novelist, critic, and essayist best known for his monumental novel À la recherche du temps perdu (In Search of Lost Time; earlier rendered as Remembrance of Things Past), published in seven parts between 1913 and 1927, dies at 51. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, November 18, 04:09:39pm2
Tunisian-born fashion designer Azzedine Alaia, age 77 ....Ed TraceySaturday, November 18, 01:08:59pm1
Wendy Pepper, Contestant On First Season Of ‘Project Runway’Dead at 53Saturday, November 18, 11:49:08am1
Bobby Baker, a protegé of LBJ (then fell hard in scandal), aged 89 .....Ed TraceySaturday, November 18, 11:47:26am3
Gustav Åhr, also known as Lil Peep, reported dead at 21 from a overdose.Otsegolectric98Saturday, November 18, 07:21:47am12
Today's photo: "Jungle Jim" Rivera, who had actually served five years for rape before he ever played major league baseball (NT)Then was falsely charged with rape again in 1952Saturday, November 18, 07:11:46am1
Gillian Rolton, two-time Olympic gold medalist in equestrianShe was 61Saturday, November 18, 06:03:03am1
Naim Suleymanoglu, three-time Olympic weightlifting gold medalistHe was 50Saturday, November 18, 05:47:08am1
Robert D. Raiford, radio broadcaster and actorDies at 89Saturday, November 18, 04:27:41am5
Little Mama, World's oldest chimpanzeeDies at 79Friday, November 17, 10:33:27pm9
JC Caroline, Foorball player (Chicago Bears)Dead at 84Friday, November 17, 08:12:56pm1
ARCHIVE: November 17, 1971 ~Veteran Hollywood UK-born thrice Oscar-nominated actress Gladys Cooper, best known as matrons in films from the 1930s to TV of the 1960s, notably in 3 classic TWILIGHT ZONE episodes, dies at 82. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, November 17, 05:34:21pm4
Hiromi Tsuru, Japanese actressDead at 57Friday, November 17, 04:44:30pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, November 17, 04:44:30pm
Happy Birthday! Actor Robert Brown (91) Actor Rance Howard (89) Director Martin Scorsese (75) Actress Lauren Hutton (74) Actor Danny DeVito (73) Producer Lorne Michaels (73) Actor Stephen Root (66) (NT)ColtFriday, November 17, 01:25:48pm10
Healthwatch: Former World number one golfer Luke DonaldHospitalized, chest painsFriday, November 17, 12:00:43pm1
Salvatore "Toto" Riina, Mafia "Boss of Bosses"Dead at 87Friday, November 17, 11:59:53am3
Healthwatch: Accused murderer Robert DurstHospitalizedFriday, November 17, 11:42:01am1
Gary the Goat, Australian comedianDead at 6Friday, November 17, 11:40:09am1
Healthwatch: Jesse Jackson diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.Friday, November 17, 11:36:54am1
Kenneth Ryskamp, Federal judge known for controversial segregation rulingsDead at 85Friday, November 17, 11:31:40am1
ARCHIVE: November 17, 1917 ~Famed artist Auguste Rodin, progenitor of modern sculpture, best known for his massive sculpture 'The Thinker', dies 100 years ago today, 5 days after his 77th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, November 17, 11:13:08am2
Franciszek Kornicki, Polish fighter pilot during World War IIDies at 100Friday, November 17, 10:38:02am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, November 17, 10:38:02am
Edward S. Herman, economist and media critic, co-wrote ‘Manufacturing Consent,’Dies at 92Friday, November 17, 09:05:22am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, November 17, 09:05:22am
Archive: Clark Gable, Nov. 16, 1960ActorFriday, November 17, 06:51:44am7
Archive: Cora Witherspoon, Nov. 16, 1957Actress ("The Bank Dick")Friday, November 17, 01:39:49am3
Politician Greg StandridgeDead at 50Thursday, November 16, 08:30:06pm1
Billy “Stix” Nicks, Drummer for Jr. Walker & the All- Stars 1965- 76Dead at 82Thursday, November 16, 04:36:49pm4
Michael "Dik Mik" Davies, Hawkwind keyboardistDead at unknown ageThursday, November 16, 04:30:14pm2
Healthwatch: Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom RidgeEmergency heart surgeryThursday, November 16, 01:50:36pm1
UN diplomat falls to his death from balcony after ‘trust game’ goes wrongNew YorkThursday, November 16, 12:56:29pm2
  • Full text -- R.I.P., Thursday, November 16, 12:56:29pm
Ferdie Pacheco, the ‘Fight Doctor’ and Muhammad Ali’s physicianDead at 89Thursday, November 16, 12:05:30pm2
Bill Cashmore, British actorDead at 56Thursday, November 16, 12:03:51pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, November 16, 12:03:51pm
French Actor Robert HirschDies at 92Thursday, November 16, 11:51:13am3
Joy Lofthouse, WWII Spitfire pilotDead at 94Thursday, November 16, 09:18:28am1
Numismatist Eric P. NewmanDead at 106Thursday, November 16, 08:55:35am1
Actor Don RimgaleDies at 77Thursday, November 16, 07:01:50am3
ARCHIVE: November 12, 1942 ~It was 75 years ago today, the 5 Sullivan brothers, WWII sailors serving together on the USS Juneau (CL-52), were all killed in action, when their light cruiser USS Junea, was torpedoed by the Japanese, later changing rules of siblings serving TOGETHER in military. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, November 15, 07:05:07pm7
80 year old man kills his 100 year old motherNigerWednesday, November 15, 04:41:55pm6
Singer Fred Cole (The Lollipop Shoppe, Dead Moon)Dies at 69Wednesday, November 15, 03:32:08pm6
ARCHIVE: November 13, 1983 ~'Junior' Samples, comedian best known for his 14-year run on TV's "Hee-Haw", tubby comic died of a heart attack, at the age of 57. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, November 15, 02:34:38pm4
Roger Adler, Guitarist; appeared in "Groundhog Day"Dead at 63Wednesday, November 15, 01:55:53pm2
  • IMDb -- 'Groundhod Day' was his only film role., Wednesday, November 15, 01:55:53pm
Archive: Lionel Barrymore, Nov. 15 1954ActorWednesday, November 15, 01:27:56pm2
Archive: Tyrone power, Nov. 15, 1958ActorWednesday, November 15, 01:17:20pm2
Patrick Hannon, ExecuttedFloridaWednesday, November 15, 01:16:37pm2
Frans Krajcberg, Polish-born Brazilian artistDies at 96Wednesday, November 15, 12:47:44pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, November 15, 12:47:44pm
Happy 100th Birthday! !Actor Ray Weaver, Sculptor Vittore Bocchetta is 99, Professor Leo Marx is 98, Writer Zdenka Zebre is 97, Football's (English) Colin Collindridge is 97, Painter Wayne Thiebaud is 97, Politician Agustin Tellez Cruces is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, November 15, 12:18:05pm10
Thomas J. Hudner Jr., US Navy captain and pilot earned Medal of Honor (Korean War), awarded in 1950 after his plane came under enemy fire, crash-landed in an unsuccessful effort to save the life of his wingman and friend, Ensign Jesse Brown (1st black combat pilot). ...Dies at 93.Wednesday, November 15, 12:08:35pm2
Rafael Garcia, Boxing trainer (Floyd Mayweather, others)Dead at 88Wednesday, November 15, 12:01:40pm1
Keith Barron, British actor of TV and filmDies at 83Wednesday, November 15, 11:47:04am4
According to her son-in-law austrian actress Erika Remberg has died in Benidorm hospital in Spain last friday, her former husband Gustave Rojo died a few months ago and widow of director Sidney A. Hayers (1921-2000)no official obit. its report on German wikipedia in the historyWednesday, November 15, 11:29:19am3
Angel Rissoff, Singer (aka Little Leopold)Died Nov. 11thWednesday, November 15, 10:22:42am3
TV Director Harry EggartDies at 79Wednesday, November 15, 03:39:48am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, November 15, 03:39:48am
Weste Ross Erickson, Appeared On Terror In The Woods On Destination Channel, Dead At 34 On January 23 2017David S.Tuesday, November 14, 08:51:09pm1
Jim Rivera, Baseball player (White Sox)Dead at 96Tuesday, November 14, 05:30:03pm1
Janet Lupo Playboy PlaymateNovember 1975Tuesday, November 14, 02:35:46pm6
Nancy Zieman, host of "Sewing with Nancy"She was 64Tuesday, November 14, 01:39:46pm1
Archive: Ronnie Burns, Nov. 14, 2007Son of George Burns & Gracie AllenTuesday, November 14, 01:26:40pm4
Jeremy Hutchinson, Lawyer defended "Lady Chatterley's Lover" against obscenity chargesDead at 102Tuesday, November 14, 01:16:15pm1
Archive: Johnny Mack Brown, Nov. 14, 1974Cowboy actorTuesday, November 14, 12:26:48pm1
Happy Birthday! Actress Kathleen Hughes (89) Actor Gary Grubbs (68) Actress Sandahl Bergman (66) (NT)ColtTuesday, November 14, 12:21:15pm4
College basketball coach Jeff Capel Jr. dies at 64, two years after being diagnosed with ALSResident Sports GuyTuesday, November 14, 09:18:51am1
Liz Smith Has Died FinallyShe was 94Tuesday, November 14, 02:17:15am9
Hans Vermeulen, Dutch musicianDead at 70Tuesday, November 14, 01:36:24am9
Scott Fredericks, Irish actor ("Dr. Who")Dead at 74Monday, November 13, 04:21:01pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, November 13, 04:21:01pm
David Poisson, French alpine skierDead at 35Monday, November 13, 03:26:54pm1
Happy Birthday! Actor Clifford A. Pellow (89) Actor J.A. Preston (85) Actor Karl-Otto Alberty (84) Actor Tom Atkins (82) Actor Joe Mantegna (70) (NT)ColtMonday, November 13, 01:01:38pm6
Happy 100th Birthday! Composer Julien-Francois Zbinden, Actress Jacqueline Plessis is 99, Singer Louise Tobin is 99, Tennis Player Albert Ritzenberg is 99, (NT)jlpMonday, November 13, 12:02:13pm17
Geoffrey Alexander Rowley-Conwy, 9th Baron LangfordDies at 105Monday, November 13, 11:26:30am3
Chuck Mosley, former 'Faith No More' FrontmanDies a 57Monday, November 13, 09:55:32am5
Henry Badenhorst, Gaydar founderDead at 51Monday, November 13, 09:15:16am1
Heatlthwatch! Liam Miller, Scottish soccerball playerCancer, aged 36Monday, November 13, 05:14:50am1
Floyd Crawford, Hockey player, 3 of his sons were also in the NHLDead at 88Sunday, November 12, 01:39:06pm2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, November 12, 01:39:06pm
Nate Hobgood-Chittick, Football player (Rams)Dead at 42Sunday, November 12, 01:38:11pm2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, November 12, 01:38:11pm
Rance Pless, Baseball player (Athletics) scout (Braves)Dead at 91Sunday, November 12, 01:37:03pm2
Kirti Nidhi Bistha, Ex- PM of NepalDead at 90Sunday, November 12, 01:36:05pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, November 12, 01:36:05pm
Healthwatch: Carrie Underwood injured in a fallRushed to hospitalSunday, November 12, 12:47:37pm1
ARCHIVE: November 12, 1970 ~Does anyone remember the event of Oregon's "exploding whale", after local governments authority brain-trusts of the day, came up with the brilliant idea to blow up dead beached whale ...with a half ton of dynamite!? ...VIDEOSunday, November 12, 11:44:17am2
Shyla Stylez, Porn starDead at 35Sunday, November 12, 12:11:03am5
Actor= director Frank Corsaro diesHe was 92Saturday, November 11, 07:00:40pm3
Ila Jones, Georgia's oldest citizenDead at 114Saturday, November 11, 04:08:00pm2
'Little Women: Atlanta' star charged with DUI in fatal crash that killed Coast GuardsmanVirginia Beach, Va.Saturday, November 11, 04:00:25pm1
Richard Gordon, Gemini and Apollo AstronautDies at 88Saturday, November 11, 01:02:04pm5
Rick Stelmaszek, Baseball player (Rangers, Angels) coach (Twins)Dead at 69Saturday, November 11, 12:13:37pm2
Debra Chasnoff, Oscar winning documentary filmmakerDead at 60Saturday, November 11, 11:49:19am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, November 11, 11:49:19am
Brandon Wentz, Mayor of Mount Carbon, Pa.Dead at 23Saturday, November 11, 11:36:15am7
Sylvia Miles age update. For years I have seen fans debate her age. Well the answer is here. She is not 85 she is 93. Great actress (Link Inside)ColtSaturday, November 11, 05:48:19am4
ARCHIVE: November 10, 2006 ~Grammy Award-winning R&B star gerald Levert, dies after misused mix of prescribed and over-counter medication, at age 40. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, November 11, 12:04:00am2
ARCHIVE: November 10, 1964 ~Jimmie Dodd, was best known as the amaible and musical MC of the popular 1950s Walt Disney TV series "The Mickey Mouse Club", dies after bout w/cancer, at age 54. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, November 10, 07:23:32pm1
OT: New biopic, "All The Money In The World" about the late J. Paul Getty and family through the 1970s kidnapping event, is recasting the lead -a first in Hollywood history for a FULLY completed film. ...The now Hollywood pariah Kevin Specey scens to be digitally erased, later adding Christopher Plummer acting.Friday, November 10, 06:05:17pm3
Happy Birthday! Composer Ennio Morricone (89) Actress Pippa Scott (82) Actor Albert Hall (80) Actor John Dennis Johnston (72) Writer Jack Ketchum (71) (NT)ColtFriday, November 10, 05:25:51pm7
Ray Lovelock handsome actor in it. Film and TVdied at 67Friday, November 10, 02:15:50pm6
Leslie Fuller, makeup artistDies at 70Friday, November 10, 11:52:00am3
Venezuela-born MBL prospect Daniel Flores, a 17-year-old catcher, who was recently signed into Boston Red Sox minor club for $3.1M, dies after short bout with cancer. ...PHOTOFriday, November 10, 11:40:27am2
Opera Singer Louis RoneyDead at 96Friday, November 10, 11:03:20am1
John Hillerman from "Magnum PI" dead at 84.SharonThursday, November 09, 11:45:30pm7
Happy 99th Birthday! Activist Su Beng, Actress Eva Todor is 98, Businessman Aloysio de Andrade Faria is 97, Actor Alfons Biber is 97, Journalist Elizabeth Hawley is 94, Photographer Robert Frank turns 93, (NT)jlpThursday, November 09, 10:05:52pm6
Joe Fortunato, Chicago Bears greatDead at 87Thursday, November 09, 07:09:39pm2
Pat Hutchins, Children's author-illustratorDead at 75Thursday, November 09, 07:07:53pm1
Ray Robinson, Sports writer (bios of Lou Gehrig, Knute Rockne)Dead at 96Thursday, November 09, 07:04:49pm1
Producer William FryeDies at 96Thursday, November 09, 05:37:45pm7
ARCHIVE: November 9, 1942 ~Hollywood character actress Edna May Oliver, known for her spinster matriarch roles in MANY films, always gave memorable performances, even earning an Oscar nod for her 1939 portrayal of 'Mrs. Mc Klennar' rugged settler in John Ford's "Drums Along the Mohawk", dies ON her 59th birthday, of terminal intestinal ailment. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, November 09, 05:24:10pm5
Craig T. Rumar, Agent for Stallone and SchwarzeneggerDead at 85Thursday, November 09, 04:32:23pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, November 09, 04:32:23pm
Paul Buckmaster, Arranger for David Bowie and Elton John ...Dead at 71.Thursday, November 09, 02:14:10pm3
Happy 103rd Birthday! Actor Norman Lloyd, Badminton Player Teoh Seng Khoon is 99, Businessman Anders Bjorgerd is 97, Baseball's Wally Westlake is 97, Producer Walter Mirisch is 96, Screenwriter Jozef Hen is 94, Hockey's Johnny Bower is 93, Comedian Ken Dodd is 90, Actor Jorgen Reenberg is 90, Politician Lal Krishna Advani turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, November 09, 12:29:14pm7
Singer Janis Hansen (Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66)Dies at 74Thursday, November 09, 12:11:00pm10
106 year old man dies after a fire in his homeBaltimoreThursday, November 09, 11:52:33am2
Archive: Dwight Frye, Nov. 7, 1943Character actorThursday, November 09, 11:42:12am9
German Actor Hans-Michael Rehberg has diedRicardoThursday, November 09, 11:37:46am2
Pentti "Whitey" Glan, session drummerDead at 71Thursday, November 09, 11:28:27am2
Actor Brad Harris has died ......at age 84.Thursday, November 09, 11:26:08am3
  • Full obit -- R.I.P., Wednesday, November 08, 05:02:27am
    • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, November 09, 11:26:08am
I'll ask a 27th time. Why did you delete a birthday thread that was posted first? (NT)No answer, huh?Wednesday, November 08, 09:03:50pm1
Today's photo: Character actor Tito Vandis (NT)Usually played Greeks, Italians, other ethnicitiesWednesday, November 08, 04:06:34pm3
NOT DEAD: Olivia Newton John's old beauWent missing in 2005...found in MexicoWednesday, November 08, 01:47:04pm3
Film Assistant J. Patrick CollDies at 72Wednesday, November 08, 10:33:06am2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, November 08, 10:33:06am
Antonio Carluccio, chefDead at 80Wednesday, November 08, 09:22:35am1
Robert De Cormier, Composer And Renowned Music DirectorDead at 95Tuesday, November 07, 05:15:23pm3
Fanya Gottesfeld Heller, Holocaust survivor and authorDies at 93Tuesday, November 07, 04:32:17pm3
  • IMDb -- She was the subject of a 2009 documentary "Teenage Witness: The Fanya Heller Story", Friday, November 03, 08:13:15am
  • God bless her, now and forever. ... -- Never forget!, Tuesday, November 07, 04:32:17pm
Archive: Jack Kelly, Nov. 7, 1992ActorTuesday, November 07, 04:19:46pm2
Last Sunday's "Family Guy" featured the voices of Carrie Fisher (died in Dec.) & Adam West (died in June) (NT)Shows how long these episodes take to be madeTuesday, November 07, 03:37:47pm1
Jane Dudley, Nashville socialiteDead at 92Tuesday, November 07, 01:51:38pm3
ARCHIVE: November 6, 1991 ~Hollywood Gene Tierney, became a big star, culminating in an Oscar nod for her memorable performance in "Leave Her to Heaven" (1945), but couldn't save her from a later life of mental illness and alcohol, and crippling guilt over a mentally-challenged child. Tierney died after a lifetime of chain-smoking, at 70. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, November 07, 12:20:50pm4
Robert Knight dead at 72Everlasting LoveTuesday, November 07, 12:06:46pm5
Frank Liberto, the "Father of Nachos"Dead at 84Tuesday, November 07, 11:45:10am1
ARCHIVE: November 6, 2007 ~George Osmond, patriarch of the Osmond entertainment family of Utah, fathered 9 children, and survived by 55 grandchildren, and 48 great-grandchildren, widowed, he dies a month after 90th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, November 07, 11:35:45am3
Carl Sargeant, sacked Welsh Labour ministerDead at 49 (probable suicide)Tuesday, November 07, 07:11:04am1
Healthwatch: Jimmy Fallon's motherReportedly ill. Tonight Show taping cancelledMonday, November 06, 10:05:55pm13
Roberta Danza, wife of Screenwriter & Director Jeremy Leven. ...Dies at 74Monday, November 06, 08:02:58pm1
Healthwatch: ‘Eight Is Enough’ Star Susan RichardsonGravely illMonday, November 06, 06:00:15pm3
Anna Diggs Taylor, Trailblazing Detroit federal JudgeDead at 84Monday, November 06, 05:21:15pm1
Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud , Saudi PrinceDead at 44 (est.) - helicopter crashMonday, November 06, 04:49:52pm2
ARCHIVE: October 31, 1963 ~UK-born Hollywood actor Henry Daniell, who appeared in 100s of screen roles from the late 1920, until the eve of his death hours after his filming his role in MY FAIR LADY, dying in the early hours of Halloween 1963, at age 69. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, November 06, 03:22:32pm9
Robert Getchell, Oscar nominated screenwriter ("Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore")Dead at 81Monday, November 06, 01:30:52pm2
Happy Birthday! Actor John Lasell (89) Actress June Squibb (88) Actress Carolyn Stellar (83) Actress Sally Field (71) Actress Carolyn Seymour (70) (NT)ColtMonday, November 06, 12:57:52pm7
1950s actress Helene Stanton passed away last junewould been 92 today (04.11)Monday, November 06, 12:48:27pm8
Hollywood 1930s Child Star Juanita Quigley passed away1931-2017Monday, November 06, 12:08:50pm15
Popular teen singer, vlogger Hannah Stone, dies in Syracuse NY. ...She was only 16.Monday, November 06, 11:40:23am2
ARCHIVE: November 5, 2003 ~Bobby Hatfield, one half of the Righteous Brothers, who sang the tenor part for the duo, and whose most recognizable work is his 1965 recording of "Unchained Melody" which he performed as a solo, dies of cocaine overdose induced heart attack, at 63. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, November 06, 11:37:49am3
Healthwatch: Sen Rand Paul injured after he's assaulted in his homeSuspect is in custodyMonday, November 06, 11:34:29am2
89 & 91 in 2017StephMonday, November 06, 10:08:49am5
Archive: Johnny Horton, Nov. 5, 1960SingerMonday, November 06, 01:18:39am4
R.I.P. Boeing 747 Passenger Flights (1969-2017) as the reign of the 'Queen of the Skies' is in the final days (Tues. Nov. 7) of her reign. ...Cargo uses of the famed jumbo jet will continue.Sunday, November 05, 11:53:43pm2
Happy 97th Birthday! WW2 Figure Lauren Bruner, Scientist Friedrich Stelzner is 96, Lawyer David Campion Acheson is 96, WW2 Figure Hugh Cunningham is 96, Hockey's Howie Meeker is 94, Singer Kjerstin Dellert turns 92. (NT)jlpSunday, November 05, 07:34:33pm5
Dudley Simpson, TV composer ("Dr. Who")Dead at 95Sunday, November 05, 06:19:59pm1
6 cousins of the murdered singer Selena drowned during Hurricane HarveyTexasSunday, November 05, 06:15:44pm1
Healthwatch: Lamar OdomCollapsed at nightclubSunday, November 05, 05:21:57pm4
ARCHIVE: November 5, 1605 ~"Remember, remember, The Fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot; For I see no reason Why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot." ...Guy Fawkes NightSunday, November 05, 05:13:50pm1
Lewis D' Antoni, Father of Houson Rockets coach & a West Virginia Hall of Fame High School coachDead at 103Sunday, November 05, 04:25:49pm1
Aechive: Bobby Nunn, Nov. 5, 1986Member of the CoastersSunday, November 05, 04:10:50pm2
Happy 98th Birthday! Actress Elisa Lamotte, Violinist Kato Havas is 97, Actress Leonor Borrero turns 97. (NT)jlpSunday, November 05, 04:07:01pm10
Today's picture (Sun.Nov.5) ground-breaking aviator Jacqueline Auriol (died 2000). ...RussSunday, November 05, 02:06:40pm2
Nancy Friday, Auhor of Feminist themed booksDead at 84Sunday, November 05, 01:29:34pm1
Healthwatch: Matt Damon's father "gravely ill"Actor misses award show to be with familySunday, November 05, 12:55:31pm1
'Tokyo' Joe Daigo, WrestlerDead at 75Sunday, November 05, 11:24:45am1
Actress & Game Show Hostess Pat WhiteDies at 83Sunday, November 05, 11:12:54am5
Keith Wilder, co-founder of the band 'Heatwave'Dies at 68Sunday, November 05, 07:58:01am8
Saturday's Pic- Actor Leonardo Cimino- Loved him in "V" and as the "Scary German Guy" in The Monster Squad! (NT)DarrenSaturday, November 04, 05:42:05pm6
Roger Garland, Artist provided the cover illustrations for The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, & other Tolkien booksDead at 67Saturday, November 04, 04:53:25pm1
Jon Rossi, Vocalist and guitarist of doom metal band PilgrimDead at 26Saturday, November 04, 04:46:28pm1
Dr. John Risher, Oldest alum of the Univ. of VirginiaDead at 107Saturday, November 04, 04:39:08pm2
Archive: H. Richard Hornberger, aka Richard Hooker, Nov. 4, 1997Wrote "MASH"Saturday, November 04, 04:37:35pm1
Healthwatch: Fighter C J Hancock has to be revived after heart stops during a boutWell I died tonight in the cage,” Hancock wroteSaturday, November 04, 02:04:43pm1
Archive: Mary Martin, Nov. 3, 1990Actress, singerSaturday, November 04, 01:20:05pm3
Ed Flanagan, Former Vermont state Senator, obit claims he was first openly gay lawmaker in USDead at 66Saturday, November 04, 01:09:26pm2
  • No -- the first elected to statewide office, Saturday, November 04, 01:09:26pm
Former Dallas Cowboys player, Anthony McClanahan, suspect in wife's murderPark City, UtahSaturday, November 04, 12:48:29pm1
Archive: Duncan Gibbons, Nov. 3, 1993Film and music video directorSaturday, November 04, 11:00:29am4
Archive: Jonathan Harris, Nov. 3, 2002Character actorSaturday, November 04, 11:00:09am6
Abdur Rahman Biswas 1926-2017. President of Bangladesh 1991-1996.Fredrik AnderssonSaturday, November 04, 04:05:32am1
Actress Jane DuFrayne dies at 92Widow of Actor Philip Abbott (died, 1998)Friday, November 03, 11:33:26pm7
Happy Birthday! Actress Claudia Barrett (88) Actor Larry Gelman (87) Actress Peggy McCay (87) Actress Lois Smith (87) Actor Ken Berry (84) Actress Lisabeth Hush (83) Gore Master Tom Savini (71) Actress Roseanne Barr (65) (NT)ColtFriday, November 03, 07:01:38pm10
Stephen Parr, Film archivist whose Oddball Films supplied distinctive footage to projects Oscar-winning and obscureDead at 63Friday, November 03, 04:04:14pm1
Archive: Phil Silvers, Nov. 1, 1985Comedian, actorFriday, November 03, 03:55:11pm7
Healthwatch: Actor Zahn McClarnon ("Westworld")Serious head injury lands him in ICUFriday, November 03, 12:40:46pm1
Healthwatch: Prince Michael Jackson, son of the late "King of Pop"Hospitalized following motorcycle crashFriday, November 03, 12:35:45pm1
Actor Brad BufandaDead at 34 (suicide)Friday, November 03, 12:22:26pm3
Orval Hansen, Ex- Congressman from IdahoDead at 91Friday, November 03, 12:17:47pm2
ARCHIVE: November 2, 1992 ~Famed early Hollywood producer Hal Roach, who helped bring Laurel & Hardy and Our Gang to the big screen, and had a successful career from Silent Films, through 50+ years more, dies at 100 years old! ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, November 03, 12:09:28pm3
TV Director Paddy RussellDies at 89Friday, November 03, 09:02:41am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, November 03, 09:02:41am
Actor Joel BeesonDies at 51Friday, November 03, 04:49:35am6
Jazz pianist Muhal Richard Abrams, founder of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, age 87 ....Ed TraceyThursday, November 02, 05:39:36pm2
  • "Blu Blu Blu" -- Muhal Richard Abrams, Thursday, November 02, 05:39:36pm
Orville Almon, Lawyer for Las Vegas Route 91 music festival & Jason Aldean, found deadHe was 66Thursday, November 02, 05:34:39pm1
Happy Birthday! Actress Rachel Ames (88) Actress Stefanie Powers (75) Actor David Andrews (65) (NT)ColtThursday, November 02, 05:29:59pm11
Charles Halleck, Conservative D.C. judge turned progressive firebrandDead at 88Thursday, November 02, 05:23:39pm2
Joan Tisch, Philanthropist and matriarch of family that owns half of NY GiantsDead at 90Thursday, November 02, 04:00:07pm2
Virginia Thoren, Artful Fashion PhotographerDead at 97Thursday, November 02, 03:57:51pm1
Dina Wadia, Daughter of Pakistan's founder, Mohammad Ali JinnahDead at 98Thursday, November 02, 03:54:56pm1
Carolyn Nichols, Romance novelist, editor, publisherDead at 78Thursday, November 02, 03:52:41pm1
Joseph Wright, Cartoonist and children’s book illustratorDead at 70Thursday, November 02, 03:51:28pm1
Singer Katie LeeDead at 98Thursday, November 02, 03:37:38pm2
Allen Richter, Baseball player (Boston Red Sox)Dies at 90Thursday, November 02, 03:12:32pm2
  • Picture -- -, Thursday, November 02, 03:12:32pm
Healthwatch: Keely SmithDer BingleThursday, November 02, 03:06:21pm5
Steel Guitarist Billy MizeDies at 88Thursday, November 02, 11:40:59am3
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, November 02, 11:31:48am
Today's pic (Nov.2): Actress Ann Rutherford who would have been 100, today. (NT)She died in 2012.Thursday, November 02, 11:05:09am4
Andrew Isaacs - appeared in "South Pacific" and other moviesDies at 94Thursday, November 02, 08:45:55am2
  • IMDb -- -, Thursday, November 02, 08:45:55am
Robert "Bo" Wagner, Co-founder of the Atlanta-based group, StarbuckDead at 72Wednesday, November 01, 08:04:45pm5
Myron Noodleman, "Clown Prince" of baseballHas diedWednesday, November 01, 04:13:47pm3
Paul Cajero, TV Producer & DirectorDies at 75Wednesday, November 01, 04:04:22pm3
Healthwatch: Wendy Williams faints on live TVOMG!Wednesday, November 01, 02:27:04pm11
Echo McGuire Griffith, Buddy Holly’s high school girlfriendDead at 80Wednesday, November 01, 01:29:14pm2
Yesterday there was a post that singer Marcie Blane had died. It's now gone (NT)What happened?Wednesday, November 01, 01:24:03pm6
Comedian Bobby Slayton Settles Wife's Wrongful Death SuitHis wife, Teddie Lee Tillett, died in 2016Wednesday, November 01, 12:16:22pm1
1940s Hollywood actress Madge Meredith has died in Volcano / Hawaii at age 96Toni SchieckWednesday, November 01, 12:02:56pm8
Happy 102nd Birthday! Writer Frances Hesselbein, WW2 Military Figure Russell Bannock is 98, Biophysicist John Wilson Moore is 97, Actress Britta Larsson is 97, Activist Pavel Tugui is 96, (NT)jlpWednesday, November 01, 12:00:31pm5
Healthwatch: LFO singer Devin LimaDiagnosed with Stage 4 Adrenal CancerWednesday, November 01, 11:46:29am3
TV heads up: "American Masters" on PBS is about Edgar Allan PoeCheck your local listingsWednesday, November 01, 11:39:11am6
NY Times: June Robles Birt, Whose Abduction at 6 Gripped the NationDied in 2014 at 87Tuesday, October 31, 07:07:44pm1
Archive: River Phoenix, Oct. 31, 1993ActorTuesday, October 31, 04:48:18pm3
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