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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Welcome all who are civil. Be nice. Be fair. ...Beware who don't dare !
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Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Honorine Rondello, Attorney David R. Brink is 97, Geologist David McCurdy Baird is 96, Actor Vlasta Velisavljevic is 90, Actor Remo De Angelo turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, July 28, 01:03:33am1
Joe Powell, British stuntman and actor (1922-2016). ...Fredrik AnderssonThursday, July 28, 12:18:46am2
  • IMDb ... -- Link, Thursday, July 28, 12:18:46am
Pic for Wednesday looks like Ed and Keenan Wynn. (NT)ForestWednesday, July 27, 08:12:05pm10
Archive: Van Heflin, July 23, 1971ActorWednesday, July 27, 07:56:51pm12
Pat Upton of the Spiral StarecaseDead at 75Wednesday, July 27, 06:59:06pm5
Any updates on country singer Holly Dunn? (NT)I heard on the radio she is battling cancer.Wednesday, July 27, 06:08:14pm3
ARchive: July 27, 2003 ~Legendary star of stage, radio, film and TV, Bob Hope died 13 years ago today, just 59 days after his 100th birthday! ...BioWednesday, July 27, 05:28:15pm3
Stephen Gosdin dies at 60Son of Country Singer Vern Gosdin (died 2009)Wednesday, July 27, 04:47:34pm1
Ola Florence Welch, was engaged to Richard Nixon in 1930sDied Last June at 102!Wednesday, July 27, 04:38:32pm9
Helen Hardon, Australia's oldest OlympianDies at 95Wednesday, July 27, 04:09:34pm1
James Alan McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-Winning WriterDies at 72Wednesday, July 27, 04:04:22pm1
Cartoonist Jack DavisDies at 91Wednesday, July 27, 03:56:40pm5
OT: Attempted Reagan assassin John Hinckley freed from mental hospitalWill live with aged motherWednesday, July 27, 03:46:15pm4
Richard Thompson, cartoonist and creator of "Cul de Sac" comic stripHe was 58Wednesday, July 27, 03:17:28pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, July 27, 03:17:28pm
Happy 106th Birthday! Actress Lupita Tovar, Conductor Jonathan Sternberg is 97, Actress Janine Vienot is 97, Translator Howard Hibbett is 96, Producer Norman Lear is 94, (NT)jlpWednesday, July 27, 02:59:08pm11
Forrest E. Mars Jr., Scion of a Candy EmpireDies at 84Wednesday, July 27, 01:03:59pm3
Daphne Ceeney Hilton, Paralympic athleteShe was 82Wednesday, July 27, 12:58:55pm1
Miss Cleo, TV psychic commercial pitchwoman of the 1990's. "Call Me Now"Dies of cancer at age 53Wednesday, July 27, 12:48:01pm8
Healthwatch: New Zealand actor James RollestonSeriously injured in car crashWednesday, July 27, 11:35:47am1
Chief David Bald Eagle, acted in Dances With WolvesDead at 97Wednesday, July 27, 08:00:01am3
William Smethurst, producer of The Archers radio seriesAge unknown?Wednesday, July 27, 07:25:36am1
Music Producer Sandy Pearlman . ...Dies at 72Wednesday, July 27, 03:07:26am5
C.-H. Hermansson Swedish politician (1917-2016 ) ...Fredrik AnderssonTuesday, July 26, 11:44:42pm1
TV HEADS UP: Sunday, July 31st BUZZER-TV will air the controversial PRESS YOUR LUCK episodes, the memory/chance game that made the late contestant Michael Larson's record $100+K winnings infamous ... theChroniclerTuesday, July 26, 10:25:52pm2
Actor Ben GerardDies at 83Tuesday, July 26, 06:25:38pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, July 26, 06:25:38pm
Healthwatch: Neil CavutoOpen heart surgeryTuesday, July 26, 02:05:17pm3
Singer & Actress Marni NixonDies at 86Tuesday, July 26, 01:24:23pm17
Frankie Jean Lewis, Younger sister of Jerry Lee LewisDead at 71Tuesday, July 26, 12:54:06pm3
Tom Peterson, Longtime Portland, Ore. retailer & pitchmanDead at 86Tuesday, July 26, 12:07:55pm3
OT: Assignment I'm working on this summer: Viewing classic films that got by me! For first time I finally saw BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK -a western (of sorts) set in present day.One of Tracy's best! ... theChroniclerTuesday, July 26, 11:57:57am24
Producer James Nederlander dies at 94NY PostTuesday, July 26, 11:54:57am4
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Ruby Clodfelter, Actress Lorna Gray is 99, Scientist James Lovelock is 97, Astronomer Lubos Perek is 97, Production Designer Karoly Kocsis is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, July 26, 11:32:23am8
Christina Moore, step-daughter (from fourth wife Kristina) of Sir Roger Moore, has died. ...DialMTuesday, July 26, 10:54:22am3
Dwight Jones, Basketball player (Bulls, Hawks, Rockets, Lakers)Dead at 64Tuesday, July 26, 10:47:12am2
Director Joe NapolitanoDies at 67Tuesday, July 26, 10:43:53am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, July 26, 10:43:53am
New Zealand actress Lee Grant dies (1931-2016). ...No nameTuesday, July 26, 10:43:16am2
  • Imdb ... -- Link, Tuesday, July 26, 10:43:16am
JT McNamara, jockey paralysed in 2013Dead at 41Tuesday, July 26, 02:40:45am1
Archive: Child actress Judith Barsi, July 25, 1988One of Hollywood's saddest storiesMonday, July 25, 11:48:17pm2
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Molly Schmidt, WW2 Military Figure John Chalk is 100, Lawyer Valno Spencer is 96, Baseball's Jim Rivera is 94, Politician Bob Dole is 93, (NT)jlpMonday, July 25, 08:00:06pm24
Luc Hoffmann, Co-Founder of the World Wildlife FoundationR.I.P.Monday, July 25, 05:17:24pm2
Man stabs 64 people at facility for the handicapped in Japan. 19 killed, 45 injuredSagamihara City west of TokyoMonday, July 25, 03:39:56pm5
ARCHIVE: July 25, 1986 ~It was 30 years ago today, Hollywood lost one of its most inventive film directors, when Vincent Minnelli died in his home at age 83. ...One time husband of Judy Garland, father of Liza Minnelli.Monday, July 25, 03:38:45pm3
Veteran reporter recounts Andrea Doria crash, sixty years ago today .....Ed TraceyMonday, July 25, 01:09:01pm5
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Shizue Nagata, Supercentenarian Ana Sara Marquez de Ramirez is 112, Supercentenarian Masazou Nonaka is 111, Actress Merete Skavlan is 96, (NT)jlpMonday, July 25, 12:36:41pm9
I saw an archive archive article on-line for The Hawaiian Star-Bulletin.Tells of death of Joann Dolliver Coogan, daughter of Jackie Coogan and Ann McCormack. Info Inside.Monday, July 25, 12:24:48pm6
Actor David SpielbergDies at 77Monday, July 25, 12:08:17pm8
Woman Killed In Tiger Attack At China Safari Park. ...VIDEO contains images that may be disturbing.Monday, July 25, 11:47:49am1
Carolyn See, Award-winning Southern California writerDead at 82Monday, July 25, 10:56:23am2
Zema Williams, infamous Washington Redskins’ superfan who attended games for decades in full Native American dress, dies in his sleep. ...He was 75.Monday, July 25, 10:41:51am1
Molly Turner, Florida’s first female TV news anchorDead at 93Monday, July 25, 10:39:56am1
Tim LaHaye, evangelical leader and ‘Left Behind’ co-author, passes at 90Tim LaHaye MinistriesMonday, July 25, 10:36:32am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, July 25, 10:36:32am
ARCHIVE: July 24, 2012 ~It was 4 years ago, we lost two fugures of 1970s TV, Chad Everett and Sherman Hemsley -born 8 months apart, BOTH dead of lung cancer. ...BiosMonday, July 25, 10:23:57am4
Gary S. PaxtonDead at 77Monday, July 25, 10:19:23am16
Esther McVey (Widow of Actor Tyler McVey)Dies at 99Monday, July 25, 10:02:14am3
Harriet 'Genie' Watson (Widow of Actor Douglass Watson)Dies at 98Monday, July 25, 08:58:59am2
Archive: Vic Morrow, July 23, 1982ActorSunday, July 24, 07:30:37pm9
Guitarist George Victory (The Fatback Band)Dies at 66Sunday, July 24, 04:55:42pm2
Several dead in shooting at Munich mallLinkSunday, July 24, 03:52:30pm5
Carl Falck, Norway's oldest citizenDead at 109Sunday, July 24, 02:57:53pm1
Rockabilly enthusiast Billy PooreDeadSunday, July 24, 02:52:06pm7
Is Today's Photo Bob Eberly? (NT)Singer with Jimmy Dorsey bandSunday, July 24, 02:50:46pm4
Thorbjorn Falldin, Ex- PM of SwedenDead at 90Sunday, July 24, 02:49:15pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, July 24, 02:49:15pm
Fred Ward, Photographer of Presidents, pop stars (not the actor)Dead at 81Sunday, July 24, 02:18:05pm2
Happy 105th Birthday! Radiologist Kazys Ambrozaitis, Mathematician Clarence F. Stephens is 99, Author Antonio Candido is 98,(Laura's Bush's Mother) Jenna Louise Welch is 97 (NT)jlpSunday, July 24, 01:05:15pm8
Archive: Jimmy Drake, aka Nervous Norvus, July 24, 1968SingerSunday, July 24, 12:06:52pm3
  • "Transfusion" -- Nervous Norvus, Sunday, July 24, 12:06:03pm
    • "Ape Call" -- Nervous Norvus, Sunday, July 24, 12:06:52pm
Gussie Mallory, Florida A & M's oldest alumnaDead at 107Sunday, July 24, 11:58:35am1
Nora Canavan, Ireland's oldest citizenDead at 108Sunday, July 24, 11:57:00am1
Archive: Dana Hill, July 15, 1996ActressSunday, July 24, 11:53:27am4
Actor Seamon GlassDies at 90Sunday, July 24, 11:51:44am4
Actress Pat LysingerR.I.P.Sunday, July 24, 11:49:08am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, July 21, 08:26:13pm
  • Picture... -- ...., Sunday, July 24, 11:49:08am
Taylor Terrell, Georgia News anchorDead at 24 - swept over a waterfall in NCSunday, July 24, 11:30:53am2
Mike Sadler, Former Michigan State punter dies in car crashHe was 24Sunday, July 24, 11:17:12am1
Sunday OT: Longtime marrieds Carole Cook & Tom Troupe are still working at 92 and 88 respectively. (NT)I'm sure there are other (very) senior couples still working.Sunday, July 24, 10:33:52am1
Francis Honn, Inventor of the Hi-LiterDies at 94Saturday, July 23, 08:54:30pm1
Thomas Sutherland, Beirut hostage of the 1980'sDies at 85Saturday, July 23, 07:50:53pm1
Archive: Duane Jones, July 22, 1988Actor, "Night of the living Dead"Saturday, July 23, 07:09:57pm6
ARCHIVE: July 23, 1966 ~It was 50 years ago today, Montgomery Clift, one of the finest film actors of the 2nd half of 20th Century Hollywood filmmaking, dies alone in his NYC apartment. He was 45. ...BioSaturday, July 23, 06:33:52pm3
Archive: Amy Winehouse, July 23, 2011SingerSaturday, July 23, 02:50:13pm2
  • "Rehab" -- Amy Winehouse, Saturday, July 23, 02:50:13pm
TV Pioneer Jerry GregorisDead at 91Saturday, July 23, 02:19:34pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, July 23, 02:19:34pm
Frances Marie Ellefson, Mother of Megadeath bassist David EllefsonDied July 21stSaturday, July 23, 10:59:04am1
Happy 99th Birthday! Vice Admiral Donald L. Curtis ,Army Colonel Joseph McDivitt is 99, Actress Diddie Anderson is 97, Environmentalist L. Martin Griffin is 96, Engineer Ray W. Clough is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, July 23, 10:22:28am6
'Shawshank Redemption' oak tree knocked over by windEstimated to be at least 200-years-oldSaturday, July 23, 08:23:54am3
OT: Yesterday I went through Santa Monica and was sad to see the pivotal hill scene roadway in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" was shut down for construction. Looks like ... theChroniclerSaturday, July 23, 08:18:20am1
Archive - Herb Edelman (July 21, 1996)One of my favorite character actors (Link)Saturday, July 23, 08:17:13am10
Archive: Estelle Getty, July 22, 2008ActressSaturday, July 23, 07:42:47am4
Don Soderquist, Longtime Former Wal-Mart Ceo Dies At 81David S.Saturday, July 23, 05:55:32am1
Dennis Green, former NFL coachHe was 67Friday, July 22, 03:25:11pm3
ARCHIVE: July 22, 2013 ~Native Chicago Cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina, known for his many TV/film roles as cop and mobster, dies of unexpected blood clot, at age 69. ...No nameFriday, July 22, 02:50:56pm2
Lewie Steinberg, Musician (Booker T. and the MGs )Dead at 82Friday, July 22, 02:48:01pm5
Radu Beligan, Named "World's Oldest Working Actor" by Guinness Book of World RecordsDead at 97Friday, July 22, 02:21:08pm5
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Kathryn Keys, Author Pentland Hick is 97, Journalist Jean Daniel is 96, Football's (Norway) Gunnar Thoresen is 96, Singer Kay Starr is 94, Chemist Rudolph A. Marcus is 93 (NT)jlpFriday, July 22, 01:24:19pm10
Archive: James Whitcomb Riley, July 22, 1916PoetFriday, July 22, 12:26:36pm2
Was this mentioned here Audrey Roth "Miss Paulifficate" from "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood?" -She died in April...DaveFriday, July 22, 12:16:14pm3
Heathwatch: Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington ill ...Heart surgeryFriday, July 22, 11:55:40am1
Archive: Larry Finnegan, July 22, 1973SingerFriday, July 22, 11:53:24am3
Irene Bunis, Broadway wardrobe supervisor (La Cage aux Folles)Dead at 64Friday, July 22, 10:19:57am1
Ron Watts, 1970s British punk promoter (Sex Pistols, Clash)Dead at 74Friday, July 22, 10:18:52am1
Mickey Manners 1925-2016? Can anybody help verifie this suppsodly he died late Jan of this year (NT)ColtFriday, July 22, 09:33:08am5
Tyrek Coger, 21, basketball player at Oklahoma State collapses and dies after a team workoutRussFriday, July 22, 09:27:34am2
Archive: Robert Young, July 21, 1998ActorFriday, July 22, 07:45:21am4
Jazz Pianist Claude WilliamsonDies at 89Friday, July 22, 04:48:17am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, July 21, 06:42:25pm
  • Jazz Patterns -- UK EP, Friday, July 22, 04:48:17am
Archive: Basil Rathbone, July 21, 1967ActorThursday, July 21, 02:58:29pm3
Archive: Herb Kalin, July 21, 2006Half of the Kalin TwinsThursday, July 21, 12:52:28pm3
  • "When" -- The Kalin Twins, Thursday, July 21, 12:51:28pm
RIP - Pittsburgh TV and Radio Personality Bill CardilleDer BingleThursday, July 21, 12:41:35pm5
ARCHIVE: July 21, 1991 ~Actor Teddy Wilson, known for many TV/film roles of the 1970s/80s dies from AIDS complications, at age 47. ...BioThursday, July 21, 10:28:13am2
Actress Lisa GayeDies at 81Wednesday, July 20, 11:58:25pm9
Garry Marshall dies at 81.Wednesday, July 20, 11:56:51pm17
Aimee Spencer, aka Carla Mai, Adult actress, modelDies after being pushed out of windowWednesday, July 20, 06:07:10pm5
Congressman Mark Takei (D-Hawaii)Dead at 49 (pancreatic cancer)Wednesday, July 20, 06:03:36pm5
Socialite Betsy BloomingdaleDies at 93Wednesday, July 20, 02:14:47pm5
ARCHIVE: July 20, 1973 ~Bruce Lee, Hong Kong American martial artist, actor, philosopher, filmmaker, founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do, dies under mysterious setting at age 32. ...BioWednesday, July 20, 12:38:48pm1
Happy 104th Birthday! Dancer Lucette Almanzor-Destouches, Ascetic Dobri Dobrev is 102,Cinematographer Viktor Fargo is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, July 20, 10:30:13am4
Clown Dimitri, Switzerland's favorite mime artistDead at 80Wednesday, July 20, 10:18:49am1
Chief Zee, Legendary superfan and unofficial Redskins mascotDead at 75Wednesday, July 20, 10:16:31am1
Today's pic- The Stanley Brothers (NT)And Ralph Stanley, aloneWednesday, July 20, 10:10:44am1
Healthwatch: Bill CosbyReported to be completely blindWednesday, July 20, 10:05:41am5
Today's Pic Carl Haas & Paul Newman team owners of race cars (NT)Lemnpiper ( Carl NEVER lit that cigar around the race cars )Tuesday, July 19, 07:35:56pm1
Bobby Ramirez, Rapper known by the stage name DTTXDead at 46Tuesday, July 19, 07:24:03pm4
"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" Puppeteer Carole SwitalaDies at 69Tuesday, July 19, 05:34:31pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, July 19, 05:34:31pm
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Geertje Kuijntjes ,Artist Ake Hellman is 101, Historian Gu Changsheng is 97, Bicyclist Emile Idee is 96, Composer Robert Mann is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, July 19, 03:10:34pm9
Happy 103rd Birthday! Russian Military Figure Leonid Dmitrijewitsch Tschulkow, Physicist Charles Kittel is 100, Professor Paul Streeten is 99, Actress Lilia Dale is 97, Actress Lucienne Legrand is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, July 19, 01:56:41pm9
German TV-star Miriam Pielhau has died, she was 41BettyTuesday, July 19, 01:06:32pm2
Melvin Kampmann, Created "Action News" formatDead at 85Tuesday, July 19, 10:35:18am1
Joan Sittenfield, Producer, casting director, talent managerDead at 66Tuesday, July 19, 10:33:25am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, July 19, 10:33:25am
Paul Johnson, 1960 U.S. Olympic hockey gold medalist, 81kwwl.comTuesday, July 19, 10:29:49am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, July 19, 10:29:49am
ARCHIVE: July 18, 1966 ~50 years ago today we lost up-and-coming rock singer Bobby Fuller, found dead under mysterious circumstances, laying in a parked car in front of his home. He was only 22. ...BioTuesday, July 19, 10:23:40am7
David Horowitz, Hollywood Publicist, engineered Bill Clinton’s appearances playing saxophone on The Tonight Show and The Arsenio Hall ShowDead at 86Tuesday, July 19, 10:21:20am3
Healthwatch: Leon RussellHeart attackTuesday, July 19, 09:02:36am1
Bob Pollock, 'Dynasty' screenwriterDies at 99Tuesday, July 19, 02:49:47am4
Dave Heath, NYC photographer whose images expressing his sense of urban isolation and a yearning for personal connection won much acclaim. ...Dead at 85.Monday, July 18, 11:11:44pm1
OT: Mick Jagger, 73 this month, expecting 8th child with his 29 year old girlfriendHe's already a great- grandfatherMonday, July 18, 03:01:05pm9
Billy Name, Underground photographer, filmmaker, and right-hand man to Andy WarholHe was 76Monday, July 18, 02:27:14pm1
Josephine Moonves dies at 92Mother of Les MoonvesMonday, July 18, 01:51:44pm1
Marion Campbell, Played for the Eagles, later head coachDead at 87Monday, July 18, 12:42:36pm1
Matilda Rapaport, Swedish freeskierShe was 30Monday, July 18, 12:35:12pm2
  • Interview -- Link, Monday, July 18, 12:35:12pm
William Lucas - attore inglese morte anni 918 luglio 2016Sunday, July 17, 11:35:26pm1
Jack Riley and George Wendt have died (Relax, it's not the ones you're thinking of)Jack Riley, First GM for the Pittsburgh Penguins & George Wendt, Founder of O.A.R.S. (Links)Sunday, July 17, 11:20:50pm4
Happy 98th Birthday! Scientist Jay Wright Forrester, Ornithologist Chandler Robbins is 98, Football's (French) Nordine Ben Ali is 97, Holocaust survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, July 17, 08:09:37pm7
Archive: Chas Chandler, July 17, 1996Member of the AnimalsSunday, July 17, 06:08:28pm3
Qandeel Baloch, Pakistani model, strangled to death by her brother"Family honor" killingSunday, July 17, 05:59:46pm3
Healthwatch: Manuel NoriegaBrain tumorSunday, July 17, 01:34:35pm1
actor Antony Carbone 1925-2013, did he pass away in 2013? IMDB shows he did (NT)ColtSunday, July 17, 12:56:54pm4
Archive: TWA Flight 800, on July 17, 1996230 people killedSunday, July 17, 12:49:30pm1
Wendell Anderson, former Minnesota GovernorDies at 83Sunday, July 17, 11:55:57am4
Musician Alan Vega (from the band 'Suicide'). ...Dies at 78.Saturday, July 16, 11:57:53pm5
Nate Thurmond, NBA star named as one of the top 50 greatest basketball players in NBA historyDies at 74Saturday, July 16, 09:00:53pm4
Bonnie Brown, one of the three Brown singers, loses battle to lung cancerShe was 78Saturday, July 16, 06:10:56pm9
Archive: John Panozzo, July 16, 1996Styx drummerSaturday, July 16, 03:19:19pm1
Archive: Harry Chapin, July 16, 1981SingerSaturday, July 16, 03:14:36pm2
Jonathan D. Stern, Journalist who wrote about his cancer diagnosisDead at 53Saturday, July 16, 03:01:55pm1
Happy 103rd Birthday! Journalist Vance Trimble, Costume Designer Ivy Baker is 100, Voice Actor Bill Woodson is 99, WW2 Military Figure Paul Farnes is 98, Football's Ulysses S. Washington is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, July 16, 02:59:19pm7
Sam Stermer whose family spent nearly a year and a half underground to escape Nazi persecution.R.I.P.Saturday, July 16, 01:47:10pm1
Judy Feiffer, Writer, editor, photographer, ex- wife of cartoonist Jules FeifferDead at 87Saturday, July 16, 12:19:28pm1
Robert Morgan, Ex- US Senator from North CarolinaDead at 90Saturday, July 16, 11:18:47am3
Archive: John F. Kennedy, Jr., July 16, 1999Son of Pres, magazine publisherSaturday, July 16, 11:12:04am1
Healthwatch: Richard Williams, father of Serena & Venus WilliamsSuffers debilitating strokeSaturday, July 16, 11:09:45am1
Gregg Smith, Choral Leader Who Elevated StandardsDead at 84Saturday, July 16, 10:53:11am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, July 16, 10:53:11am
Michael Crawford, whose cartoons salted the pages of The New Yorker with mischievous observations of our times, dies at 70 ... theChroniclerSaturday, July 16, 10:51:34am2
Healthwatch: Ronnie Milsap suffers medical emergency before Georgia concert tonight. Taken by ambulance. ...No nameSaturday, July 16, 10:47:42am2
Archive - Bert Convy, July 15, 1991Actor, Musician & Game Show HostSaturday, July 16, 03:24:05am7
Nguyen Thi Tru, Reputedly the world's oldest personDead at 123 (?)Friday, July 15, 11:25:21pm6
Healthwatch: Estelle ParsonsLeaves play due to ill healthFriday, July 15, 03:36:15pm9
Happy 101st Birthday! Sculptor Judith Revesz, Narrator Len Sterling is 100, Neuropeychologist Brenda Miller is 98, Politician Kandala Subrahamanyam is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, July 15, 03:21:01pm9
RIP Danny SmytheBox Tops drummerFriday, July 15, 03:18:50pm7
Bastille Day horror- 30 dead as truck plows into crowdNice, FranceFriday, July 15, 03:17:42pm8
Michael Elliott, Former editor of Time & NewsweekDead at 65Friday, July 15, 03:14:31pm1
Actor Lloyd BerryDies at 89Friday, July 15, 03:05:55pm5
Bretagne, Believed to be the last 9- 11 search dogEuthanzedFriday, July 15, 11:01:05am3
Happy 102nd Birthday! Musician Fred Fox, Politician K.R. Gouri is 97, WW2 Military Figure Tom Neil is 97, Politician Bernard Rocher is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, July 15, 11:00:17am17
Roger Chanoine, Football player (Rams, Browns, Jaguars)Dead at 39Friday, July 15, 10:47:15am1
Supercentenarian Margaret HackDies at 110Friday, July 15, 10:24:20am1
RIP Steve Young, Was a member of Colourbox and M/A/R/R/SDied 7-13-2016Friday, July 15, 04:09:37am7
Former Clemson standout Demontez Stitt diesHe was 27Thursday, July 14, 04:57:45pm2
Archive: Meredith MacRae, July 14, 2000Actress, talk show hostThursday, July 14, 02:51:17pm6
El Lebrijano, Flamenco singerDead at 75Thursday, July 14, 11:06:36am1
Pics for 7/14- Richard Specks victims. (NT)horrified meThursday, July 14, 10:50:20am4
Sharon Runner, Calif. state SenatorDead at 62Thursday, July 14, 10:46:27am1
Archive: Cory Monteith - July 13, 2013 (NT)Glee actorThursday, July 14, 10:38:00am2
Director Hector Babenco ("Kiss of the Spider Woman")Dies at 70Thursday, July 14, 10:10:38am3
Janet Marylyn Frager dies at 84Mother of Tom HanksThursday, July 14, 10:03:37am17
RIP Bernardo Provenzano, Mafia "boss"Dead at 83Thursday, July 14, 04:59:28am4
Rusty WhiteJeanThursday, July 14, 03:44:40am21
Archive: Red Buttons, July 13, 2006Comedian- actorWednesday, July 13, 10:22:50pm7
Alphie McCourt, Writer, brother of Frank McCourtDead at 75Wednesday, July 13, 07:18:37pm9
Happy 97th Birthday! Politician Hau Pei-tsun, Politician John T. Satriale is 97, Politician Jens Christian Magnus is 96, Dancer Anna Halprin is 96, (NT)jlpWednesday, July 13, 03:19:38pm8
Ron Cummins, ActorDead at 74Wednesday, July 13, 02:26:40pm4
Actor Darrell HoweDies at 82Wednesday, July 13, 10:51:14am5
Healthwatch: U.S Representative Ted Poe, R-Texas diagnosed with leukemia..Wednesday, July 13, 10:43:32am2
Opera Singer Maralin NiskaDies at 89Wednesday, July 13, 10:37:06am2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, July 13, 10:37:06am
OT: Anybody see PBS' THE WHITE HOUSE: INSIDE STORY this week? Wow, two-hours of fascinating stories of long history of the famed historic facility! -VIDEO ... theChroniclerWednesday, July 13, 10:32:50am1
RIP William HawkinsFrom Dead Rock StarsWednesday, July 13, 04:37:32am3
RIP Gerard Bourgeois (Robert Bourgeois)From Dead Rock StarsWednesday, July 13, 04:36:59am3
  • "La Madrague" -- Brigitte Bardot, Tuesday, July 12, 10:38:37am
  • Wikipedia -- No name, Wednesday, July 13, 04:36:59am
RIP Alirio DiazFrom Dead Rock StarsWednesday, July 13, 04:35:42am2
  • Wikipedia -- No name, Wednesday, July 13, 04:35:42am
Jazz Drummer/Composer Steve GroverDies at 60Wednesday, July 13, 01:06:01am1
Norman Abbott, Prolific director of multiple classic TV seriesDies at 93Tuesday, July 12, 09:01:14pm16
ARCHIVE: July 12, 1976 ~40 years ago today crazed man shot up Cal State Fullerton shooting 9 -killing 7, becoming worst mass shooting in Orange County until 2011 salon killing of 8. ...No nameTuesday, July 12, 07:53:33pm1
Archive: Lon Chaney, Jr. July 12, 1973ActorTuesday, July 12, 04:03:58pm2
Happy 103rd Birthday! Politician Seisuke Okuno, Basketball's Charlie Hoefer is 99, Novelist Doris Grumbach is 98, Actor Basil J. Bova is 97, Linguist Randolph Quirk is 96, (NT)jlpTuesday, July 12, 03:40:46pm6
Archive: Ted MackHosted "Ted Mack's Amateur Hour"Tuesday, July 12, 03:38:58pm2
Archive: Minnie Riperton, July 12, 1979SingerTuesday, July 12, 03:12:04pm3
OT: Anybody see the recent TV special MLB Network on 1970s oddball pitching phenom Mark Fidrych? Really interesting, and the odd way he died? (NT)Such a nice guy. Any truth to a nee biopic with Jesse Eisenberg?Tuesday, July 12, 11:23:27am1
Archive: Barnard Hughes, July 11, 2006ActorTuesday, July 12, 10:43:45am7
Matt Villines, Saturday Night Live directorHe was 39Tuesday, July 12, 07:17:38am2
RIP Renee de HaanFrom Dead Rock StarsTuesday, July 12, 06:20:59am4
John Brademas, Indian congressman, NYU PresidentDead at 89Tuesday, July 12, 05:57:07am4
Film Producer Julie PayneDies at 64Tuesday, July 12, 05:55:43am3
RIP Hugo Gonzalez NeiraFrom Dead Rock StarsTuesday, July 12, 04:22:38am1
Healthwatch: Craig Morgan's son missing after boating accidentRory BTuesday, July 12, 01:21:57am4
Happy 113th Birthday! Supercentnearian Tae Ito, Actor Francois Joux is 104, Educator Mortimer Caplin is 100, '36 Olympic Athlete Hans Maier is 100, Historian Richard Pipes is 93, (NT)jlpMonday, July 11, 08:10:56pm8
Frank Dickens, British cartoonist, had, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, the longest-running daily cartoon strip by a single authorDead at 84Monday, July 11, 06:03:58pm1
Vaughn Harper, Silky voiced New York DJ ("The Quiet Storm")Dead at 70Monday, July 11, 06:01:44pm1
Healthwatch: Joe Perry, Aerosmith guitaristCollapses during Hollywood Vampires show; in critical conditionMonday, July 11, 03:03:43pm7
Healthwatch: Texas Governor Greg Abbott severely burned on legs after scalding water accidentHas been wheelchair bound since a tree fell on him in 1984Monday, July 11, 03:00:09pm6
Son of actor Jack Wagner missing for 5 daysLinkMonday, July 11, 01:27:47pm3
Healthwatch: Lil WayneHospitalized (seizure)Monday, July 11, 12:23:06pm2
3 dead in courthouse shooting, 2 are court bailiffsSt. Joseph, Mich.Monday, July 11, 11:59:00am1
Japanese Lyricist Rokusuke Ei dies at 83Wrote "Sukiyaki"Monday, July 11, 10:32:02am4
RIP Sally Beauman, authorDead at 71Monday, July 11, 10:24:08am2
Happy 102nd Birthday! Aussie Football's Mac Wilson, Holocaust survivor Krystyna Danko is 99, Inventor Sidney H. Liebson is 96, Politician Tom Luken is 91, MOF recipient Mathilde Krim turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, July 11, 10:08:38am13
Saturday Night Live Director Matt VillinesDies at 39Monday, July 11, 09:44:20am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, July 11, 09:44:20am
Supercentenarian & UK's oldest person, Gladys HooperDies at 113Monday, July 11, 06:49:53am7
Matador Victor Barrio is gored to death on live TVHe was 29Monday, July 11, 05:59:17am5
Archive: Ken McElroy, July 10, 1981Town bullyMonday, July 11, 03:02:36am5
Roscoe C. Brown, WW 2 heroDead at 94Monday, July 11, 02:02:32am3
Archive: Will Rogers, Jr, July 10, 1993Son of famed humorist, served in congress, portrayed father in filmSunday, July 10, 10:12:33pm3
Happy 99th Birthday! Diplomat Dayton S. Mak, Chemist Frank L. Lambert is 98, Actress Eva Vadnai is 97, Playwright Leon Katz is 97, Boxer Jake LaMotta is 95, Politician Mahathir Mohamad is 91, (NT)jlpSunday, July 10, 03:59:16pm16
Healthwatch: Actor Tom Sizemore runs over stuntmanStuntman hospitalized, "in bad shape"Sunday, July 10, 03:50:50pm1
Archive: Mel Blanc, July 10, 1989Voice actorSunday, July 10, 03:47:26pm1
Healthwatch: Chaka KhanEnters rehab (prescription drugs)Sunday, July 10, 11:20:32am1
Shelley Moore, Jazz singerDead at 84Sunday, July 10, 10:10:44am3
Supercentenarian Goldie Michelson 1902-2016No nameSunday, July 10, 01:37:08am6
Long live Grandma Yetta! (NT)RIP AMGSaturday, July 09, 06:55:38pm1
Healthwatch: Tony BennettDer BingleSaturday, July 09, 05:37:21pm21
Archive: Melvin Belli, July 9, 1996LawyerSaturday, July 09, 05:16:26pm5
Actor Tom Toner dies at 87Died a year ago, just now being announced.Saturday, July 09, 05:13:58pm3
  • IBDb & IMDb -- Links, Saturday, July 09, 04:49:26pm
    • Pic -- Link, Saturday, July 09, 05:13:58pm
Archive: Howard Duff, July 8, 1990ActorSaturday, July 09, 03:20:59pm2
Breaking: CNN reporting that 10 Dallas police officers have been shotAt least three are deadSaturday, July 09, 01:11:21pm19
Joe Jares, Son of wrestler, wrote "Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George"Dead at 78Saturday, July 09, 11:32:16am1
Sidney Schanberg, Journalist whose writing inspired the film "The Killing Fields"Dead at 82Saturday, July 09, 10:52:40am2
Doris T. Gere (Mother of Richard Gere)Dies at 91Saturday, July 09, 10:11:18am17
Archive - July 6, 1944, An estimated 168 people die in a fire that breaks out during a performance in the main tent of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in Hartford, Conn.One of the survivors of the blaze is future actor Charles Nelson Reilly, then age 13. (Link)Saturday, July 09, 09:10:48am8
Judy Wilson, Australian Olympic long jump athleteShe was 84Saturday, July 09, 07:50:26am1
Writer Sonya Schulberg O'Sullivan dies at 98 (Daughter of Producer B.P. Schulberg)Sister of Screenwriter Budd Schulberg (died 2009) & Producer Stuart Schulberg (died 1979)Saturday, July 09, 03:13:54am2
RIP Floyd RobinsonDied on May 28, being reported now?Friday, July 08, 03:28:29pm3
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Vera Pigott, Major Gen. Neil D. Van Sickle is 101, Actress Jean Rouverol is 100, Historian Marion Hartzog Smoak is 100, Major Gen. Edward B. Giller is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, July 08, 01:03:33pm12
Don Friedman, Jazz pianistDead at 81Friday, July 08, 10:23:13am3
Jazz Guitarist Joseph Carter III (AKA TJ Swan)Dies at 54Friday, July 08, 10:20:39am2
Carl Haas, Racer, partner of Paul NewmanDead at 86Friday, July 08, 08:53:58am2
Alan Stewart dies at 64Film Editor, Producer & DirectorThursday, July 07, 11:34:14pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, July 07, 11:34:14pm
John McMartin, actor of Broadway, film and televisionDies at 86Thursday, July 07, 11:22:26pm11
Archive: Cameron Mitchell, July 7, 1994ActorThursday, July 07, 09:05:27pm8
James Stewart July2,1997 (NT)you'd you guys miss him ??? lolThursday, July 07, 01:23:02pm14
Happy 100th Birthday! Julia Ruth Stevens, Actor Roberto Bruni is 100, Basketball's Bob Vanetta is 98,Actor Harry Mossfield is 97, Golf;s Sandy Tatum is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, July 07, 11:29:20am11
Anita Reeves, Irish actressDead at 67Thursday, July 07, 11:07:29am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, July 07, 11:07:29am
Healthwatch: Sarah SilvermanHospitalized with "freak illness"Thursday, July 07, 11:04:21am1
Robert Nye, WriterDead at 77Thursday, July 07, 10:25:21am1
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter celebrate 70th wedding anniversarySecond in length to GW and Barbara Bush's marriageThursday, July 07, 10:16:48am2
British TV Producer & Director James GilbertDies at 93Thursday, July 07, 09:49:26am3
Healthwatch: Chelsea (formerly Bradley) ManningSuicide attemptThursday, July 07, 08:08:55am2
Michael Ciminoage 77Thursday, July 07, 07:16:59am28
Former Iowa, Bills OL Kyle Calloway Dies at Age 29 After Being Struck by TrainBuckeyeThursday, July 07, 03:04:17am3
Actor Stuart NisbetDies at 82Thursday, July 07, 12:59:21am7
Imdb has a photo tribute to stars we've lost this year (so far)LinkWednesday, July 06, 08:49:40pm6
Happy 111th Birthday Supercentenarian Alelia Murphy, Economist J. Dewey Daane is 98, Politician Magna Johanna Brox is 97, Neurosurgeon Gazi Yasargill is 91, Writer Serge Roullet is 90, (NT)jlpWednesday, July 06, 03:54:37pm13
Mike Moore, Football playerDead at 59Wednesday, July 06, 03:00:43pm1
William Armstrong, ex- US Senator from ColoradoDead at 79Wednesday, July 06, 02:55:54pm3
Superman Actress Noel Neill dies at 95EricWednesday, July 06, 12:22:48pm19
Mike Hart, Member of 60's band, the Road RunnersDead at 72Wednesday, July 06, 10:10:05am2
  • "Road Runner" -- The Road Runners, Wednesday, July 06, 10:10:05am
Lou Fontinato, Hockey player (Rangers, Canadiens)Dead at 85Wednesday, July 06, 10:06:46am1
Director John T. ChurchillDies at 48Wednesday, July 06, 02:11:13am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, July 06, 01:01:03am
Teddy RooneyRipTuesday, July 05, 07:00:53pm8
Happy 102nd Birthday! Writer Evaristo de Morales Filho, Pianist Livia Rev is 100, Equestrian Rosemarie Springer is 96, Artist CharlesWyrsch is 96, Politician Mary Louise Hancock is 96 (NT)jlpTuesday, July 05, 03:20:06pm9
R.I.P. Whitney Voss ("Edge of Night" & "Search for Tomorrow" Casting Director)LinkTuesday, July 05, 12:14:13pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, July 05, 11:33:32am
  • Rip (NT) -- Z, Tuesday, July 05, 12:14:13pm
Healthwatch: Primus drummer Tim AlexanderHeart attackTuesday, July 05, 11:39:52am1
Healthwatch: Debbie Rowe (ex- wife of Michael Jackson)CancerTuesday, July 05, 11:37:46am1
Judge Abner MikvaDead at 90Tuesday, July 05, 10:42:21am5
Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe both died July 4th...guitargirlTuesday, July 05, 10:37:42am6
Happy 97th Birthday! Writer Julian Zimet, Politician Herbert Fineman is 96, Politician Paul Bannai is 96, Politician James Harvey is 94, Actress Eva Maria Saint is 92, Actress Gina Lollobrigida is 89. (NT)jlpTuesday, July 05, 10:19:28am6
Archive: Margaux Hemingway, found dead on July 1, 1996Model- actressTuesday, July 05, 10:03:49am7
Health Update:Bonner Bolton, Stunt Double For Scott Eastwood In The Longest Ride, And PBR Bull RiderDavid S.Tuesday, July 05, 05:27:57am3
Mitch Fenner, BBC commentator and head coach of the Dutch men's gymnastics teamHe was 70Monday, July 04, 03:40:00pm1
Abbas Kiarostami - Palem d'Or director of TASTE OF CHERRY, has died aged 76DialMMonday, July 04, 02:46:15pm1
Gale Booth, Mother of Cherie Blair (wife of Tony Blair)Dead at 83Monday, July 04, 11:47:45am2
Bedriska Koehlerova, Oldest Czech womanDead at 109Monday, July 04, 11:31:02am1
Eudoxie Baboul, oldest person in FranceDead at 114Monday, July 04, 11:10:33am1
Donald Jelinek, Lawyer for Attica prisonersDead at 82Monday, July 04, 10:35:33am1
Patrick Manning, Former PM of Trinidad & TobagoDead at 69Monday, July 04, 10:29:28am1
Eldon Palmer 1971 Indy 500 pace car driver (crashed at start) (per Indianapolis Star obits)LemnpiperMonday, July 04, 10:27:36am2
  • Obit -- Link, Monday, July 04, 10:27:36am
Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel LaureateHe was 87Sunday, July 03, 08:22:21pm11
Singer David Del Conte (Damon the Gypsy)Dies at 75Sunday, July 03, 04:49:39pm2
Archive: James Daly, July 3, 1978ActorSunday, July 03, 03:07:42pm3
Archive: Walter Matthau, July 1, 2000ActorSunday, July 03, 01:55:04pm6
Actor Charles BrilesDies at 70Sunday, July 03, 01:38:04pm14
Happy 100th Birthday! Basketball's John Kundla, Academic Albert N. Whiting is 99, Cartoonist Andre Harvec is 98, Stunt Double Vic Parks is 97, '48,'52 Olympic Athlete George Weedon is 96, (NT)jlpSunday, July 03, 01:00:09pm7
Archive: Hetty Green, July 3, 1916One of the meanest, most miserly women who ever livedSunday, July 03, 12:51:48pm1
Jokisha "Kisha" Brown, Actress, model, shot deadDay before her 36th birthdaySunday, July 03, 12:50:24pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, July 03, 12:50:24pm
Euan Lloyd, British Film Producer ("The Wild Geese")Dies at 92Sunday, July 03, 08:56:18am2
  • IMDb link -- -, Sunday, July 03, 08:56:18am
Olivia de Havilland turns 100 tomorrow!!Happy Birthday!!Sunday, July 03, 06:01:38am26
Sports Artist Bill PurdomDies at 62Saturday, July 02, 09:15:29pm2
Festus! Believe his name was Ken Curtis, but I haven't looked lately. (NT)ForestSaturday, July 02, 05:01:20pm9
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Claire Anderson, Radio Host/Journalist Franck Bauer is 98, Writer Kazuo Funabashi is 97, Designer Pierre Cardin is 94, Actress Iren Varga is 90, (NT)jlpSaturday, July 02, 03:58:38pm8
James Victor, ActorDead at 76Saturday, July 02, 02:56:38pm3
Healthwatch: Bonnie Brown, of the family singing group The Browns, in hospice due to procedureA message from her sister, MaxineSaturday, July 02, 02:06:28pm1
Michel Rocard, ex- PM of FranceDead at 85Saturday, July 02, 12:38:58pm2
Jack Taylor, founder of Enterprise Rent-A-CarHe was 94Saturday, July 02, 12:33:22pm2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, July 02, 12:33:22pm
Director Robin Hardy ("The Wicker Man")Dies at 86Saturday, July 02, 12:30:59pm8
Archive: Marlon Brando - July 1, 2004SharonSaturday, July 02, 10:52:59am3
Archive: Lee Remick, July 2, 1991ActressSaturday, July 02, 10:39:07am2
British comedienne and writer Caroline Aherne dies aged 52SherlockSaturday, July 02, 09:50:33am1
Poet Yves Bonnefoy 1923-2016No nameSaturday, July 02, 02:14:35am1
Actor, Producer and Writer Adam HillDies at 80Friday, July 01, 04:44:07pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, July 01, 04:44:07pm
Happy 102nd Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Thomas Pearson, Actress Olivia de Havilland is 100, WW2 Military Figure Lars Tjelmeland is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, July 01, 02:56:51pm10
Archive: Wolfman Jack, July 1, 1995Radio DJFriday, July 01, 12:53:57pm7
Danny Davis, Veteran music exec.Dead at 87Friday, July 01, 12:45:50pm1
Archive: Robert Mitchum, July 1, 1997Tough guy actorFriday, July 01, 11:53:52am3
ARCHIVE: July 1, 1991 ~Good Lord, this one just boggles my brain! ...It was a quarter century ago today, we lost entertainer Michael Landon to cancer. His death seemed like it was yesterday! ... theChroniclerFriday, July 01, 11:42:53am4
Mexico City woman receives birth certificate verifying her year of birth as 1898She died hours later of a heart attack at 117Friday, July 01, 10:32:26am10
Archive: Horror over the Grand Canyon as 2 planes collide on June 30, 1956128 killedFriday, July 01, 08:28:13am4
Healthwatch: Sir John Hurt pulls out of playAdvised by doctorsFriday, July 01, 07:22:19am1
RIP Sir Geoffrey Hill, ex-Professor of Poetry at Oxford UniversityDead at 84Friday, July 01, 07:19:24am1
Valerie Lush 1918-2016 British actress ...Fredrik AnderssonFriday, July 01, 03:22:31am2
James L. Kelly, Actor ("The Day the Earth Stood Still", "Little House on the Prairie")Dead at 74Thursday, June 30, 05:35:08pm3
Peter Fontaine, British actor in films & theatre...cameronThursday, June 30, 02:52:18pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, June 30, 02:52:18pm
Frank Whipple, Whose Nun Paintings Drew Hollywood Fansdead at 93Thursday, June 30, 12:20:13pm3
Happy 104th Birthday! Architect Maria Luisa Dehesa Gomez, WW2 Military Figure/Nurse Agnes Valois is 102, WW2 Military Figure Eberhard Heder is 98, Politician Eric Kent is 97, (NT)jlpThursday, June 30, 11:56:50am7
Healthwatch: Singer Rita Ora hospitalized"Exhaustion"Thursday, June 30, 11:45:16am1
Archive: Gale Gordon, June 30, 1995Character actorThursday, June 30, 10:27:18am1
We're jumping the gun on Mr. WhippleActor Dick Wilson was born July 30, 1916Thursday, June 30, 10:25:41am4
Lee Wesley Gidson 1910-2016 (oldest surviving Pullman porter)jlpThursday, June 30, 09:03:30am2
Archive: Albert (Cubby) Broccoli, June 27, 1996Producer of James Bond filmsThursday, June 30, 02:03:59am4
RIP Gordon Murray, Creator of TrumptonDead aged 95Thursday, June 30, 01:14:58am1
It's being listed at several music sites that Grammy winning bassist (NT)Rob Wasserman has died. I'm looking for a link.Wednesday, June 29, 05:59:56pm7
Local Houston-area mother of 2 daughters, guns them down in the front of their father. The daughters, 22-year-old Taylor and 17-year-old Madison were killed to spite her estranged husband. ...Police later killed mentally ill mother Christy Sheats, 42, after refusing to drop weapon.Wednesday, June 29, 05:58:09pm3
Healthwatch: Jay leno suffers 2,500HP vehicle multiple roll-over before cameras for his web series, "Jay Leno's Garage" Leno and driver, 80 year old stunt veteran Bob Riggle, initially ok. ... theChroniclerWednesday, June 29, 03:25:08pm18
Scotty Moore, Elvis' guitar player. ...Dead at 84.Wednesday, June 29, 02:48:33pm11
Alvin Toffler, author of best-selling ‘Future Shock’ and ‘The Third Wave,’ dies at 87wWDIWednesday, June 29, 02:46:14pm5
Happy 100th Birthday! Horse Trainer Paul Stecken, Politician Ling Yun is 99, WW2 Military Figure Francis W. Nye is 98, WW2 Military Figure Gene La Rocque is 98, (NT)jlpWednesday, June 29, 02:44:06pm9
Author Barbara Goldsmith ("Little Gloria...Happy at Last")Dies at 85Wednesday, June 29, 02:39:08pm6
Zurlon Tipton, Football player (Colts)Dead at 26 (gunshot)Wednesday, June 29, 10:20:40am1
Today's photo (June 29th) Actress Ruth Warrick (NT)Born on this day in 1916.Wednesday, June 29, 08:04:35am2
28 dead, 60 injured after 3 suicide bombers attack Istanbul. ...guitargirlWednesday, June 29, 07:02:07am4
Actor Aharon IpaléDies at 74Tuesday, June 28, 06:55:19pm3
Healthwatch: Pat Summitt. Deteriorating rapidly from dementia, family preparing for the worst.Tuesday, June 28, 06:21:27pm6
Oh Se-jong, South Korean Olympic gold medal winning speed skaterHe was 33Tuesday, June 28, 05:22:29pm1
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenian Chrystal Harper, Daniel Patrick Fitzgerald 4th Baronet is 100, Asst, Director George Vieira is 100, Writer Fernando Morales Ortiz is 97,. (NT)jlpTuesday, June 28, 03:09:16pm7
Freddie Gilroy, Olympic bronze medal winning boxerHe was 80Tuesday, June 28, 02:44:23pm1
Mike Pedicin, MusicianDead at 98Tuesday, June 28, 12:57:17pm3
Cormac McCarthy: is he? isn't he?Going through the rumor millTuesday, June 28, 12:40:18pm3
This is creepy! Go to this anagram maker & type in the name "Lee Harvey Oswald"You won't believe what comes up!Tuesday, June 28, 12:23:06pm6
Sir Mack Rice, Member of the Falcons, recorded "Mustang Sally" before Wilson PickettDead at 82Tuesday, June 28, 11:08:22am6
ARCHIVE: June 28, 2010 ~It was 6 years ago we lost our Barbara, board mistress who helped forge friendships here at Obits through many years. ~Always remembered, never forgotten. Sleep well. ... theChroniclerTuesday, June 28, 11:03:06am3
Peter Morley, British Producer and DirectorDies at 91Tuesday, June 28, 10:49:17am3
Playwright Leland Bardwell 1922-2016jlpTuesday, June 28, 10:46:00am2
  • Pic -- Link, Tuesday, June 28, 10:46:00am
Engineer/Author Simon Ramo 1913-2016jlpTuesday, June 28, 10:44:57am2
Buddy Ryan, former NFL coach.He was 82Tuesday, June 28, 10:20:38am4
Today's pic did Maj Hagman pass?DaveMonday, June 27, 11:23:16pm2
RIP Tom Kelly voice of the USC TrojansDead at 88Monday, June 27, 10:43:04pm3
Chet Krause, founder of Krause PublicationsDies at 92Monday, June 27, 08:59:47pm1
Cinematographer & Director Peter HuttonDies at 71Monday, June 27, 06:44:21pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, June 27, 02:37:17pm
  • R.I.P (NT) -- No name, Monday, June 27, 06:44:21pm
Jack Obermayer, Veteran boxing writerDead at 72Monday, June 27, 05:45:11pm1
Peter Hutton, Experimental filmmakerDead at 71Monday, June 27, 05:42:31pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Monday, June 27, 05:42:31pm
Happy 102nd Birthday! Actor Jos Borelli, Director Antonio Attanasi is 102, Politician Helena Benitcz is 102, Oldest living Gold '36 Olympic Athlete Adolph Kiefer is 98, (NT)jlpMonday, June 27, 03:32:58pm6
Rep Julie Plawecki (D-MI)Dead at 54 (sudden heart attack)Monday, June 27, 03:03:17pm2
Actor Bud Spencer has diedRicardoMonday, June 27, 02:38:15pm2
A couple days ago, it was posted at Alt. Obits that a well known actress had died. No proof was offered. It turned out to be a hoaxI'm glad no one here fell for the bait!Monday, June 27, 12:57:08pm5
Mary Ella Smith, Companion of Harold Washington when he was Mayor of ChicagoDead at 80Monday, June 27, 12:07:12pm1
Folk Singer Steve Meisburg (Meisburg & Walters)Dies at 74Monday, June 27, 08:46:27am2
Canadian UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo killed in hit and runTOBYMonday, June 27, 05:35:54am1
OT (thankfully)- Actress Kelly McGillis attacked in home by female stalkerManaged to fight her offMonday, June 27, 05:05:13am3
OT: posting of links within messagesWhat is the best way to do this?Monday, June 27, 01:06:03am2
Donna Kelley, News Anchor For KARN Radio In Arkansas, Dead At 66David S.Sunday, June 26, 07:39:01pm1
Healthwatch: Musician Bernie Worrell (Parliament Funkadelic, Talking Heads)Lung cancerSunday, June 26, 03:31:33pm7
Gwen Hiller, Wife of Director Arthur HillerDies at 92Sunday, June 26, 03:22:42pm3
Austin Clarke, Award winning writerDead at 81Sunday, June 26, 03:20:58pm1
Happy 97th Birthday! Historian George Athan Billias, Writer Qiuhua Pang turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, June 26, 03:18:58pm5
Archive: Ernest Truex, June 26, 1973ActorSunday, June 26, 03:17:48pm7
German Actor Götz George has diedRicardoSunday, June 26, 02:38:30pm2
  • More info -- Link, Sunday, June 26, 02:38:30pm
Drummer Randy Jones (Dave Brubeck Quartet)Dies at 72Sunday, June 26, 12:27:33pm2
Jim Hickman, Baseball player (Dodgers, Cubs, Cardinals)Dead at 77Sunday, June 26, 11:51:20am2
Ray Bateman, NJ state Senator, ran for Governor in 1977Dead at 88Sunday, June 26, 11:49:01am2
Rapper Tyriece "Lor Scoota" Watson shot deadHe was 23Sunday, June 26, 10:47:23am2
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, June 26, 10:47:23am
Bill Cunningham, NY Times fashion photographerDead at 87Sunday, June 26, 10:37:45am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Sunday, June 26, 10:37:45am
Nicole Courcel, French actressDead at 84Sunday, June 26, 10:33:00am2
Happy 99th Birthday! Writer Claude Seignolle, Actress Ingeborg Hertel is 99, Silent Film Actress Lassie Lou Ahern is 96, Physician Theo Klein is 96, Actress June Lockhart is 91, (NT)jlpSaturday, June 25, 03:38:14pm11
Archive: Farrah Fawcett, June 25, 2009ActressSaturday, June 25, 03:31:13pm3
Archive: George A. Custer, June 25, 1876US Army GeneralSaturday, June 25, 03:02:31pm2
OT: arguably the best fake suicide record everYes, strictly my opinion, but can you think of a better one?Saturday, June 25, 02:36:28pm7
Archive: Sky Saxon, June 25, 2009SingerSaturday, June 25, 02:33:41pm2
Archive: Michael Jackson, June 25, 2009SingerSaturday, June 25, 02:30:21pm1
Giuseppe Ferrara, Italian film directorDead at 83Saturday, June 25, 02:29:03pm2
Frank Chapot, Olympic show jumper & mainstay of the sportDead at 84Saturday, June 25, 02:24:22pm1
Lord Mayhew, Former Conservative cabinet memberDead at 86Saturday, June 25, 02:22:09pm1
Actor & Director Gary PlaxtonDies at 80Saturday, June 25, 10:34:10am3
Actor J. Michael HunterDies at 66Saturday, June 25, 10:32:12am3
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, June 24, 06:33:59pm
    • Pic -- Link, Saturday, June 25, 10:32:12am
Director & Producer Peter PastorelliDies at 76Friday, June 24, 06:49:31pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, June 24, 06:49:31pm
Here's a nice tribute to Janet Waldo by Leonard MaltinLinkFriday, June 24, 04:35:16pm2
Happy 100th Birthday! Painter Saloua Raouda Choucair, Diplomat Pierre Maillard is 100, Poet Yves Bonnefoy is 93, Photographer Marc Riboud is 93, Politician Ogden R. Reid is 91, (NT)jlpFriday, June 24, 11:48:57am7
Michael Herr, wrote classic Vietnam book "Dispatches"Dead at 76Friday, June 24, 11:36:17am3
HEALTHWATCH: Sinead O'Connor leaves suicide note, calls friends saying she's done, is going to jump from bridge, and has disappeared after having been seen near bridgeChicago police searching for herFriday, June 24, 11:10:50am9
Marc Feldman, Lost the Libertarian nomination for President to Gary Johnson last monthDead at 56Friday, June 24, 10:51:40am1
Mike Flynn, Conservative journalist, activist, ran for congressDead at 48Friday, June 24, 10:49:44am1
Bluegrass Legend Ralph StanleyDies at 89Friday, June 24, 10:41:14am5
Actor Gordon Connell dies at 93Widower of Actress Jane Connell (died 2013)Friday, June 24, 10:39:08am3
  • IBDb & IMDb -- Links, Thursday, June 23, 04:21:04pm
    • Pic -- Link, Friday, June 24, 10:39:08am
OT - Error creating post lock. Anyone know what this means? I get it when I reply to a post. (NT)ThanksFriday, June 24, 09:38:37am3
Deejay Dan Daniel, a legendary WMCA (NYC) "Good Guy"has died suddenlyFriday, June 24, 08:17:04am9
Goro Hasegawa, Creator of Classic Board Game OthelloDies at 83Thursday, June 23, 10:50:17pm3
Original actor outliving subsequent actors playing the same character?SherlockThursday, June 23, 06:23:11pm31
Archive: Ed McMahon, June 23, 2009Tonight Show sidekickThursday, June 23, 06:01:14pm4
Healthwatch: Ex- US Rep. Helen Bentley, 92In hospice careThursday, June 23, 02:43:09pm1
Archive: Peter Falk, June 23, 2011ActorThursday, June 23, 02:29:35pm2
Archive: Aaron Spelling, June 23, 2006TV producerThursday, June 23, 11:15:14am2
David Thatcher, One-of-Two Surviving Doolittle RaidersDies at 94Thursday, June 23, 11:11:24am7
Happy 101st Birthday! Artist Frances GABe, Band Director Al G. Wright is 100, Politician Paul Findley is 95, Geneticist Oliver Smithies is 91, Costume Designer Arnaldo Pomodovo is 90, (NT)jlpThursday, June 23, 11:07:05am5
Jim Boyd, Singer- songwriterDead at 60Thursday, June 23, 10:22:19am1
Harry Rabinowitz, TV and Film Composer and ConductorDies at 100Thursday, June 23, 10:19:31am5
RIP Ramblin' Rhodes McKinnon, Don McKinnon who died June 15Dead at 82Thursday, June 23, 12:05:01am4
Stacey Caster, "Black Widow" killed 2 husbands, died in prisonShe was 48Wednesday, June 22, 06:18:35pm3
QUESTION: I recently saw an old (June 1972) Dick Cavett interview with Robert Mitchum, where they spoke of a friend who shot himself days earlier. Any knowledge who it was?? (NT) theChroniclerWednesday, June 22, 05:40:22pm40
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