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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Happy 100th Birthday! Journaist Amelia Penichet, Actor Shoichi Kofujita is 100, Dancer Norma Miller is 97, Businessman Klas Obermeyer Sr. is 97, Cinematographer Genaro Hurtado is 97, (NT)jlpFriday, December 02, 11:50:14am4
Gisela May, German singer and actress dies at 92Rough translation from German newspaper obitFriday, December 02, 11:48:28am2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, December 02, 11:48:28am
Keith Brodie, former President of Duke UniversityHe was 77Friday, December 02, 11:47:32am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, December 02, 11:47:32am
Milt Moss, Actor in Classic Alka-Seltzer AdDies at 93Friday, December 02, 11:46:21am5
Travis Holley, Brother of Buddy HollyDead at 89Friday, December 02, 11:45:27am4
Actor Don Calfa dead days before 77th birthday. ...CONFIRMED: Hollywood ReportedFriday, December 02, 11:42:49am13
Chef Peng Chang-kuei, the inventor of the world-famous Chinese dish General Tso's Chicken, dead at the age of 98No truth to the rumor he will be buried in a small cardboard box with thin wire handleFriday, December 02, 11:33:48am7
"Fawlty Towers" Actor Andrew Sachs dies at 86.LinkFriday, December 02, 06:38:10am7
Friday's pics are TV greats who all lived a nice, long life.Here are the names:Friday, December 02, 06:35:41am3
Olivier Rochette, Cirque du Soleil technician and founder's sonKilled aged 43Friday, December 02, 05:29:00am2
Leonard Lewis, Hairdresser to the stars; gave Twiggy her famous cropDead at 78Thursday, December 01, 06:31:50pm2
Singer/Songwriter Larry Hosford dies at 73 (Link)First country artist to sign with Leon Russell's Shelter RecordsThursday, December 01, 06:17:24pm2
Micky Fitz, frontman for legendary British Oi punk band The Business. ...Had been fighting cancer for the past few years.Thursday, December 01, 05:57:56pm1
Archive: Paul Benedict, Dec. 1, 2008Actor, directorThursday, December 01, 05:55:54pm5
Former NFL player and college football standout Joe McKnight shot to death in a road rage incident. He was 28RussThursday, December 01, 05:20:18pm3
Allan Zavod, Jazz Musician & ComposerDies at 71Thursday, December 01, 05:18:23pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, December 01, 05:18:23pm
Archive: Lee Dorsey, Dec. 1, 1986SingerThursday, December 01, 04:44:11pm4
Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Corine Snow, Writer Yi-Chang Liu is 98, Pilot Jean Burns is 97, Businesswoman Anne Cox Chambers is 97, (NT)jlpThursday, December 01, 04:40:01pm10
Michael Abbensetts, Playwright, screenwriterDead at 78Thursday, December 01, 04:34:57pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, December 01, 04:34:57pm
Actor Larry RoquemoreDies at 78Thursday, December 01, 03:26:42pm16
Bernard Gallagher, British actorDead at 87Thursday, December 01, 03:00:36pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Thursday, December 01, 03:00:36pm
Nancy Meehan, Dancer, choreographerDead at 85Thursday, December 01, 02:57:53pm1
Healthwatch - Buzz AldrinMedically evacuated from South Pole (Link)Thursday, December 01, 02:55:18pm6
November 30, 1996 - Tiny Tim tiptoes through the tulips for the last time. Suffers heart attack while performing at ukulele festivalDies at 64Thursday, December 01, 01:12:15pm24
Plane carrying Brazilian soccer team to a game in Colombia has crashed. At least 72 people aboard the flight..Thursday, December 01, 11:33:42am10
Lisa Lynn Masters, ActressDead at 52Thursday, December 01, 02:50:33am8
Grant Tinker - former NBC ChairmanSharonWednesday, November 30, 11:11:21pm19
Wendy Welch dies at 66Widow of Guitarist/Singer Bob Welch (Died June 7, 2012)Wednesday, November 30, 06:50:20pm2
ARCHIVE: November 29, 1976 ~Character actress Judith Lowry, best known as 'Mother Dexter' on TV's PHYLLIS, found fame after 80, dies at 86. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, November 30, 06:31:56pm7
James Delligatti, McDonald's franchisee owner who created the Big MacDies at 98Wednesday, November 30, 05:27:37pm4
Sean McKeough, Founded Riot Fest music festivalDead at 42Wednesday, November 30, 04:54:17pm1
Bruce Mazlish, Wrote bios of Nixon, Kissinger, Mao & other world leadersDead at 93Wednesday, November 30, 04:52:58pm1
Archive: Evel Knievel, Nov. 30, 2007DaredevilWednesday, November 30, 04:43:21pm1
Healthwatch: Actor Anthony Michael Hall, teen icon of 80s angst films, arrested for Sept. altercation with condo neighbor. ...LinkWednesday, November 30, 04:38:03pm5
Today's pic: Actress Fran Ryan (1916- 2000)Both of her husbands died in plane crashes!Wednesday, November 30, 03:28:26pm14
Actor David HouseDies at 57Wednesday, November 30, 02:01:11pm8
3-year-old daughter of ex-Eagles running back Reno Mahe dies after found tangled in mini blindSalt Lake CityWednesday, November 30, 01:57:15pm2
Archive: David Houston, Nov. 30, 1993Country singerWednesday, November 30, 01:37:55pm3
Happy 103rd Birthday! Activist Leo Hanin, Actress Charito Leonis is 100, Architect John C. Harkness is 100, Politician Arne Konrad Eldegard is 99, Baseball's Mary Pratt is 98, (NT)jlpWednesday, November 30, 01:26:39pm11
Hardy Myers, Oregon politicianDead at 77Wednesday, November 30, 11:54:02am1
Actress Iva Franks SingerDies at 54Wednesday, November 30, 07:08:59am5
Paul Sylbert, Oscar-winning production designerDies at 88Tuesday, November 29, 10:03:09pm5
Actor Ron GlassDies at 71Tuesday, November 29, 06:29:00pm35
Healthwatch: Barbara WaltersReported to be "gravely ill"- missed "The View" reunionTuesday, November 29, 06:20:40pm5
Happy 117th Birthday! Supercentenarian Emma Morano, Musician Viola Smith is 104, Director Pierre Gaspard-Huit is 99, Nutritionist Coluthur Gopalan is 98, Businessman Robert Schoenhof Weil is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 29, 05:04:30pm15
Actor Claude DickersonDies at 92Tuesday, November 29, 05:04:02pm3
Actress Valerie GauntDies at 84Tuesday, November 29, 04:58:13pm4
November 29, 1976: Godfrey Cambridge dies of a heart attack while portraying Idi Amin in a quickie film on the Entebbe raid (NT)Amin made a point to celebrateTuesday, November 29, 04:53:13pm6
OT - The 25 Songs Inducted into 2017 Grammy Hall of Fame.LinkTuesday, November 29, 04:35:12pm5
Actor Keo WoolfordDies at 49Tuesday, November 29, 04:23:21pm4
Tony Martell, philanthroper and music industry executiveNo nameTuesday, November 29, 04:12:43pm1
John Mansfield, Britain's oldest manDead at 108Tuesday, November 29, 02:25:11pm1
Ann Adamson, Defied Georgia Gov. Lester Maddox to honor MLK, Jr.Dead at 82Tuesday, November 29, 02:21:53pm1
Roscoe Dean, Former Georgia state Senator, convicted of scheme to smuggle marijuana to finance his campaign for governorDead at 80Tuesday, November 29, 02:19:19pm1
World's Oldest Person, Emma Morano, Celebrates 117th Birthday!Happy Birthday!Tuesday, November 29, 01:27:15pm16
Martin Stone, Guitarist with Savoy Brown & the ActionDead at 69Tuesday, November 29, 12:14:38pm1
Actress Judy NovgrodDies at 72Tuesday, November 29, 12:01:43pm3
Musician Ray Columbus of The InvadersDies at 74Tuesday, November 29, 11:54:55am4
Fidel Castro, longtime Cuban leader dies at 90Cuban TV has just announcedTuesday, November 29, 11:52:46am19
O/T: Only one TCM Remembers this year (Gene Wilder) (NT)Last year there were three, I believe: O'Hara, Sharif, JordanTuesday, November 29, 06:53:33am2
Mark Taimanov, a leading chess grandmaster (and concert pianist), dies at age 90 .....Ed TraceyTuesday, November 29, 06:06:10am2
Ioannis Grivas, Former Greek Prime Minister (1923-2016) ...Fredrik AnderssonMonday, November 28, 11:40:30pm1
Archive: Rosalind Russell, Nov. 28, 1976ActressMonday, November 28, 11:00:37pm7
Love today's photos of Leon Russell -the master of space and time ...wWDIMonday, November 28, 10:44:13pm3
Archive: Christopher George, Nov. 28, 1983ActorMonday, November 28, 09:48:14pm14
OT: who was your favorite "Hollywood Square"?Mine were Charley Weaver, George Gobel and ....Monday, November 28, 09:44:03pm7
Archive: Joe Jones, Nov. 27, 2005SingerMonday, November 28, 06:19:43pm4
ARCHIVE: November 28, 1976, Dallas traffic cop Robert Wood is murdered in the line of duty, and whose case was the subject of The Thin Blue Line, considered one of the most important documentaries of all timeIt also redefined modern true crime reportingMonday, November 28, 05:14:09pm3
Carlton Kitto, Jazz guitarist performed with Sonny Rollins, Chico Freeman, Charlie Byrd, Ravi ShankarDead at 74Monday, November 28, 04:48:05pm2
Johnny P., R & B singerDead at 44Monday, November 28, 04:40:19pm4
Actor, Fritz Weaver dies at 90NY TimesMonday, November 28, 04:37:55pm32
Shirley Temple Harris, mother of Fox news anchor Harris FaulknerDead at 77Monday, November 28, 04:37:15pm5
Archive: Garry Moore, Nov. 28, 1993TV hostMonday, November 28, 04:35:39pm2
A big happy 93rd bday to the awsome James Karen (Link Inside)ColtMonday, November 28, 04:27:26pm10
ARCHIVE: November 27, 1988 ~One of the most prolific actors in America, veteran stage/film/TV actor John Carradine, whose screen career lasted 6 decades, and 400+screen roles, dies in Italy, at age 82. ... theChroniclerMonday, November 28, 03:23:53pm11
Today's Pic: Joseph Kearns (NT)Good Ole Mr. Wilson!!!Monday, November 28, 01:45:42pm7
Florence Henderson dies at 82Her manager has announcedMonday, November 28, 01:29:17pm40
Bataan Death March Survivor John MimsDies at 94Monday, November 28, 11:19:34am2
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, November 28, 11:19:34am
Kathleen Miller, actressDied October 7, 2016. Age 71.Monday, November 28, 07:47:00am5
Archive: Mickey Baker, Nov. 27, 2012GuitaristSunday, November 27, 04:37:39pm3
  • "Love is Strange" -- Mickey & Syvlia, Sunday, November 27, 04:36:41pm
    • "Dearest" -- Mickey & Syvlia, Sunday, November 27, 04:37:39pm
Happy 104th Birthday! Actress Connie Sawyer, Scientist Borys Paton is 98, Politician Bobbie L. Sterne is 97, Writer Claude Lanzmann is 91, Actress Traute Wassler is 90, Actress Elena Cruz is 90, (NT)jlpSunday, November 27, 04:19:32pm9
ADMIN REMINDER: Please post bio or obit links if possible. ~Thank you. (NT) theChroniclerSunday, November 27, 04:17:48pm1
Actress Ann Lombard dies at 84, allegedly appeared in many films including "North By Northwest."Looks like another padded obit to me.Sunday, November 27, 02:43:20pm6
Margaret Rhodes, Queen Elizabeth's Cousin & Best FriendDies at 91Sunday, November 27, 02:39:06pm4
Russell Oberlin, SingerDead at 88Sunday, November 27, 01:25:33pm1
Photo for Nov 27, 2016 - Chick Hearn, voice of the LA Lakers from 1960-2002.IMDb LinkSunday, November 27, 01:23:48pm2
Yuri Eliseev, Russian chess grandmaster, killed in fallHe was 20Sunday, November 27, 01:22:48pm3
  • Pic -- Link, Sunday, November 27, 12:10:12pm
  • Darwin alert (NT) -- Russian style, Sunday, November 27, 01:22:48pm
Raynoma Singleton, 2nd wife of Motwon's Berry GordyDead at 79Sunday, November 27, 01:22:45pm3
Diana Lebedeva, Russia's "Lady Di", killed in car crashShe was 19Sunday, November 27, 01:21:49pm2
R&B Singer Colonel AbramsDies at 67Sunday, November 27, 11:48:25am2
  • "Trapped" -- Colonel Abrams, Sunday, November 27, 11:48:25am
Al Brodax, Animation Producer (Yellow Submarine, Popeye)Dies at 90Sunday, November 27, 11:44:52am4
Tuskegee Airman Dr. James B. WilliamsDies at 97Sunday, November 27, 10:46:24am6
Jerry Palmer, Brother of Arnold PalmerDies at 72Saturday, November 26, 08:17:02pm3
Shirley Bunnie Foy, Jazz singerDead at 80Saturday, November 26, 04:46:10pm3
Happy 105th Birthdday! Cyclist Robert Marchard, Businessman S. Prestley Blake is 102, Politician Albert Davoust is 100, Hematologist Slobodan Obradov is 98, Holocuast Survivor Leopold Kozlowski is 98, (NT)jlpSaturday, November 26, 02:21:05pm9
ARCHIVE: November 25, 1991 ~You may not know the name Eleanor Audley, but the very recognizable veteran actress of film & TV roles, was cast as recurring player in several 60s sitcoms, dies at 86. ... theChroniclerSaturday, November 26, 12:26:10pm10
Miriam Eshkol, Widow of Israeli PM Levi EshkolDead at 87Saturday, November 26, 11:39:53am2
Daughter of magician Jonathan Pendragon falls to her deathShe was 34Saturday, November 26, 11:18:57am3
Archive: Laurence Harvey, Nov. 25, 1973ActorSaturday, November 26, 11:11:21am6
Fred Stobaugh, Wrote at Age 94 Wrote Hit Song "Oh Sweet Lorraine" About Recently Deceased Wife,Dies at 99Saturday, November 26, 10:34:57am7
"Our Gang" Actor Jerry TuckerDies at 91Saturday, November 26, 10:26:32am6
TV Producer Sam LeveneR.I.P.Saturday, November 26, 10:18:29am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, November 26, 10:18:29am
Happy 97th Birthday! Actress Betty Brodel, Politician Arne Hjorth Sorensen is 97, Politician Mauno Koivisto is 93, Actor Terry Kilburn is 90, Writer Murray Schisgal is 90, (NT)jlpFriday, November 25, 06:57:37pm11
Pauline Oliveros, experimental composerShe was 84Friday, November 25, 06:04:42pm1
Jeff Gillenkirk, Writer, ex- Mario Cuomo speechwriter, dies 2 days after diagnosing himself with ‘Post-Trump Stress Disorder’Dead at 67Friday, November 25, 05:03:27pm3
David Hamilton, Photographer known for soft core photos of young girls, a suicideHe was 83Friday, November 25, 04:10:05pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, November 25, 04:10:05pm
Archive: Jack Albertson, Nov. 25, 1981ActorFriday, November 25, 04:06:04pm5
Healthwatch: Reality show honcho Andy CohenSkin cancerFriday, November 25, 02:38:55pm2
ARCHIVE: November 25, 1997 ~Actor Charles Hallahan, known for many gruff, but friendly characters, including blue-collar and cops roles, dies of heart attack while driving car. He was 54. -NYTimes OBIT ... theChroniclerFriday, November 25, 02:02:27pm9
Stan Huntsman, Former US Olympic track coachDead at 84Friday, November 25, 01:23:22pm1
Corona Beer founder makes residents of his hometown village a millionaire. Antonino Fernández, who died in August at 98, bequeathed in his Will, $1M to each of the 80 residents of the tiny village in Spain. ...LinkFriday, November 25, 11:39:09am3
ARCHIVE: November 22, 1955 ~Shemp Howard, comic actor and brother of Stooges, known for countless screen roles of the 1930s/40s/50s, dies in car ride w/his buddies after attending prize fight. He was 60. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, November 25, 11:00:43am23
Joe Esposito, Road manager for Elvis PresleyDead at 78Friday, November 25, 09:59:21am7
Happy 100th Birthday! Activist Frankie Muse Freeman, Politician Octavio Lepage is 93, Musician Lorne Munroe is 92, Actor Toralv Maurstad is 90, Actress Dinah Faust is 90, Actor Stanley Livingston turns 66. (NT)jlpFriday, November 25, 12:26:58am8
ARCHIVE: November 24, 1991 ~25 years ago today we lost Rocker Icon Freddie Mercury, frontman to Rock Group QUEEN, who publicly revealed his AIDS diagnosis, only on the eve of his death, at 45. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, November 24, 06:19:40pm3
Supercentenarian Flossie DickeyDies at 110Thursday, November 24, 03:00:55pm5
Peggy Kirk Bell, GolferDead at 95Thursday, November 24, 11:33:30am3
Albert ‘Diz’ Russell, lead singer of the Orioles & the RegalsDies at 83Thursday, November 24, 11:17:12am2
Happy 99th Birthday! Assemblyman Manuel Ramos, WW2 Military Officer Paik Sun-yup is 96, Actress Jacqueline White is 94, Writer Gloria Whelan is 93, Actress Anita Linda is 92,. (NT)jlpThursday, November 24, 09:35:07am8
Dave "Boo" Ferriss, Boston Red Sox pitcher from 1945 to 1950Dies at 94Thursday, November 24, 08:53:54am1
Ralph Branca, Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher who gave up ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ home runDies at 90Thursday, November 24, 08:24:54am8
Mick Fettes, Australian singer ...Dead at 65.Thursday, November 24, 04:13:49am1
Kim Clement, Self Subscribed Prophet, DiesDavid S.Wednesday, November 23, 09:15:34pm1
Archive: Junior Walker, Nov. 23, 1995MusicianWednesday, November 23, 08:10:22pm5
Archive: Tommy Boyce, Nov. 23, 1994Singer- songwriterWednesday, November 23, 07:05:14pm5
Ron Thornton, Emmy-Winning Visual Effects Guru on 'Babylon 5,'Dead at 59Wednesday, November 23, 04:31:46pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Wednesday, November 23, 04:31:46pm
Archive: Roald Dahl, Nov. 23, 1990WriterWednesday, November 23, 01:25:19pm1
ARCHIVE: November 22, 1980 ~Mae West, Stage and Movie Star Who Burlesqued Sex, Dies at 87. ...No nameWednesday, November 23, 01:11:22pm8
ARCHIVE: November 23, 1996 ~Art Porter 35, premier jazz saxman, son of sax great Art Sr. Quickly gained national attention as composer, writing melody "Lakeshore", sadly drowned in boating accident on tour. ... theChroniclerWednesday, November 23, 01:05:33pm1
Healthwatch: BREAKING: Kanye West hospitalized following psychotic/suicidal episode. ...Canceled tour yesterday.Wednesday, November 23, 12:13:16pm12
Alex Stewart, Boxer fought Mike Tyson, George ForemanDead at 52Wednesday, November 23, 12:08:57pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Wednesday, November 23, 12:08:57pm
Actor Peter SumnerDies at 74Wednesday, November 23, 12:04:29pm3
Healthwatch: You'll have to see this former 1970s hearthrob, to believe the sad state he's in now. ...Report and PHOTO is a couple years old, but sadly unrecognizable former star.Wednesday, November 23, 12:00:18pm9
Archive: Sterling Holloway, Nov. 22, 1992Actor, voice of Winnie the PoohWednesday, November 23, 11:48:01am7
Teresa Gaines Rapp dies at 66Widow of Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist Steve Gaines (died 1977)Wednesday, November 23, 11:46:25am2
Happy 105th Birthday! Oldest College Graduate Nola Ochs, Figure Skater Jacqueline Vaudecrane is 103, Silent Film Actress Louise Watson is 97, Politician Paul V. Mullaney is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 22, 04:17:01pm9
Cinematographer Aiace Parolin 1920-2016No nameTuesday, November 22, 03:46:06pm2
Archive: Anthony Burgess, Nov. 22, 1993Wrote "A Clockwork Orange"Tuesday, November 22, 03:40:44pm1
Actor & Voice-over Artist Cole BrownDies at 60Tuesday, November 22, 03:40:15pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 22, 03:40:15pm
TV HEADS UP: Today on DECADES' Dick Cavett broadcast of 1968, a very sobering program a day after RFK killing, with friend Robert Vaughn and social experts w/input on the event and society. Fascinating. (NT) theChroniclerTuesday, November 22, 02:05:06pm3
Archive: Scatman Crothers, Nov. 22, 1986Singer, actorTuesday, November 22, 01:56:33pm3
Constantine Stephanopoulos, Ex- President of GreeceDead at 90Tuesday, November 22, 01:14:52pm2
Craig Gill, Inspiral Carpets drummerDead at only 44!Tuesday, November 22, 11:40:39am2
ARCHIVE: November 22, 1916 ~Famed writer Jack London, American novelist, journalist, and social activist, pioneer in the then-burgeoning world of commercial fiction, dies at 40. ...Great known works include "The Call of the Wild" & "White Fang", both set in the Klondike Gold Rush.Tuesday, November 22, 11:34:19am3
O/T: Just realized Donald Trump is older than the last three presidentsLast time that happened?Tuesday, November 22, 11:28:08am22
Actor RUSSELL KIEFEL dies; played father of the Brennan brothers in the soap last year. ...Hendrik van den HoornTuesday, November 22, 08:04:45am1
Slightly OT: Was there a thread on here with the topic "Songs about dead people"?StephMonday, November 21, 08:47:43pm45
OT: Beware of Facebook ads with "shocking" news items that say SPONSORED!The news items are almost always BOGUS (or not even mentioned) but you may also get malware!Monday, November 21, 06:43:12pm2
John Mineo, Broadway actorDies at 74Monday, November 21, 06:20:30pm11
Israel Switzer, Canadian cable TV pioneerDead at 87Monday, November 21, 05:55:36pm2
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Antoinette Ploger, Actress Eleanor Collins is 97, Football's (Dutch) Bram Wiertz is 97, Professor K.S. Chandrasekharan is 96, Academic Christopher Tolkien is 92, (NT)jlpMonday, November 21, 04:08:48pm7
Supercentenarian Ruby Clodfelter, oldest woman in North Carolina. ...Dies at 111.Monday, November 21, 03:14:44pm3
Happy 97th Birthday! Actress Elisa Lamotte, Actor Anders Timberg is 97, Violinist Kato Havas is 96, Writer John Berger is 90, Novelist Clifford Irving turns 86. (NT)jlpMonday, November 21, 12:26:26pm11
Healthwatch: Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians hospitalizedChest painsMonday, November 21, 12:11:40pm1
Maria Glazovskaya,, Russian scientistDead at 104Monday, November 21, 12:09:47pm1
ARCHIVE; November 15, 1958 ~Hollywood leading man Tyrone Power, who starred in dozens of films, dies tragically during an action sequence on set of his last film, "Solomon and Sheba". He was 44. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, November 21, 12:07:13pm14
William Trevor, novelist and short story writerDead at 88Monday, November 21, 11:51:00am2
Marie Dixon, widow of bluesman Willie Dixon, and founder of Blues Heaven FoundationShe was 79Monday, November 21, 11:42:26am2
R.I.P Songwriter Mentor WilliamsBrother of Actor & Singer/Songwriter Paul WilliamsMonday, November 21, 06:26:40am13
PBS' Gwen Ifill dies at 61Had recent health issuesMonday, November 21, 12:41:46am14
Tuskegee Airmen Member Willie RogersDies at 101Sunday, November 20, 08:19:16pm5
Happy 97th Birthday! Politician Raino Westerholm, Comedienne Kaye Ballard is 91, Actor Mark Miler is 91, Actress Judith Magre is 90, Actor Lothar Grutzner is 90, Actress Estelle Parsons turns 89. (NT)jlpSunday, November 20, 05:02:09pm15
Monk Bonasorte, Football player (FSU)Dead at 59Sunday, November 20, 04:03:04pm1
Archive: Allan Sherman, Nov. 20, 1973Comedian, songwriterSunday, November 20, 04:00:31pm5
Ida Levin, ViolinistDead at 53Sunday, November 20, 03:59:21pm2
Jer Bulsara, Mother of Freddie MercuryDead at 94Sunday, November 20, 12:05:59pm3
OT: a quick way to find very recent death notices besides visiting this board!Simply Google "dies" (yes, just that single word)Sunday, November 20, 11:55:59am3
Healthwatch: Carl Conyers, 21, youngest child of US Rep. John Conyers, 87, reported missingNo nameSunday, November 20, 11:52:45am3
James Bond Stuntman Steve Truglia dies after fall from helicopter.He was 54Sunday, November 20, 11:51:45am3
Pierre Picton, Owner of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (car used in film of the same name)Dead at 82Sunday, November 20, 11:51:05am4
Sharon Jones, Grammy nominated singer dies of pancreatic cancerShe was 60Sunday, November 20, 10:56:58am7
ARCHIVE: November 17, 1916 ~Recognizable Hollywood character Frank Maxwell, apperaed in dozens of stage/TV/film roles, born on this date 100 years ago! -Maxwell died on Aug. 4, 2004. ... theChroniclerSunday, November 20, 10:37:12am11
Hugh McDonald, a member of Australian band Redgum. ...Dead at 62.Sunday, November 20, 04:30:56am1
Actress Lupita Tovar 1910-2016No nameSaturday, November 19, 06:38:36pm35
Archive: Bobby Russell, Nov.19, 1992SongwriterSaturday, November 19, 04:52:02pm3
Archive: Dick Wilson, Nov. 19, 2007"Mr. Whipple"Saturday, November 19, 04:46:54pm2
Archive: Reggie Nalder, Nov. 19, 1991ActorSaturday, November 19, 04:42:54pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, November 19, 04:42:54pm
Director & Producer Glenn DuBoseDies at 81Saturday, November 19, 04:14:04pm3
Archive: Doug Sahm, Nov. 18, 1999MusicianSaturday, November 19, 03:12:22pm4
OT: The late Marilyn Monroe's 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' Dress Sells for $4.8 Million, breaks record for most expensive dress ever!. ... theChroniclerSaturday, November 19, 12:46:59pm2
15 year old Grandson of US Rep. Danny Davis shot dead over gym shoesChicagoSaturday, November 19, 12:02:02pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Religious Figure Joseph Moingt, Director Richard M. Grey is 100, Politician Vahit Melih Halefoglu is 97, Basketball's Ken Buehler is 97, Professor Anthony French is 96, (NT)jlpSaturday, November 19, 11:57:22am7
Sixto Durán Ballén, Former President of EcuadorDead at 95Saturday, November 19, 11:49:18am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, November 19, 11:49:18am
Tom Richmond, Production Supervisor ('Three's Company', 'The Young & The Restless')Dies at 84Friday, November 18, 06:02:22pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, November 18, 06:02:22pm
Archive: Gia Carangi, Nov. 18, 1986ModelFriday, November 18, 04:36:34pm2
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Isabelle Boizeau, Baseball's Roy Sievers is 90, Actress Linda Evans turns 74. (NT)jlpFriday, November 18, 04:20:47pm7
Joanna Reyes, Bristish singer & actress, dies after being hit by a carShe was 37Friday, November 18, 04:19:20pm3
Archive: Fritz Feld, Nov. 18, 1993Character actorFriday, November 18, 04:12:49pm4
OT: I just came across this raw media foortage of a RKO 1979 reunion of surviving contracted studio stars, and their informal interactions. Interesting, rare glimpse at the now nearly ALL-gone alum. ... theChroniclerFriday, November 18, 03:56:49pm6
Project Runway Hairstylist George Ortiz Found Dead @ 45 Apparent Suicide...link in messageguitargirlFriday, November 18, 02:36:10pm1
ARCHIVE: November 17, 1971 ~Veteran actress of stage.film & TV, Dame Gladys Cooper, whose career spanned seven decades, nominated thrice of Oscars, remembered for Twilight Zone classics, dies at 82. ...Bio & PHOTOSFriday, November 18, 01:40:18pm6
Famous Heart Surgeon Denton Cooley (NT)Dies at 96Friday, November 18, 01:14:24pm9
Ruth Gruber, crusading journalist dies at 105 (Washington Post)No nameFriday, November 18, 12:51:26pm7
Actor Sulo WilliamsDies at 42Friday, November 18, 12:49:36pm4
Howard Ruff, Economist, author, TV hostDead at 85Friday, November 18, 11:45:20am2
  • Pic -- Link, Friday, November 18, 11:45:20am
Healthwatch: Shelley Duvall suffering from severe mental illness. Will be featured on the Dr. Phil show on Friday.Friday, November 18, 11:45:16am13
Ruth Baron Ziff, Created "Please Don't Squeeze the Charmin" TV adDead at 92Friday, November 18, 11:43:44am2
Yevgeni Lazarev, Russian-American actor of TV and filmDies at 79Friday, November 18, 11:33:35am2
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Maggie DeVane, Sir Roger Moon, 6th Baronet is 102, Cricketer Megan Lowe is 101,Politician Meyer Rosen is 97, (NT)jlpFriday, November 18, 11:00:28am8
OT: Question: What is your favorite hit song? (NT)No nameFriday, November 18, 10:58:19am12
OT: I just noticed that poor old character actress Jesslyn Fax was without a Findagrave page of her own, so I created a quickie one! She deserved it! ... theChroniclerThursday, November 17, 07:10:09pm3
FYI: There is a hoax obituary posted on Alt. Obits for ballerina Nini TheiladeAdmin NotifiedThursday, November 17, 06:40:58pm2
Linda Williams, Mother of actress Kimberly Williams, mother- in- law of singer Brad PaisleyDead at 73Thursday, November 17, 05:51:19pm2
Anna Warhola, Trolley operator, sister-in-law of Andy WarholDead at 92Thursday, November 17, 05:47:24pm1
Robert Addis, Baseball player (Braves, Cubs, Pirates)Dead at 91Thursday, November 17, 05:41:43pm2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, November 17, 05:41:43pm
Thursday's pic: Civil War Historian Shelby Foote, who was featured prominently on Ken Burns' "The Civil War", would have been 100 today! (NT)DarrenThursday, November 17, 05:33:01pm7
Janet Wright, Canadian actressDies at 71Thursday, November 17, 03:58:09pm7
OT: If you didn't see last Sunday's CBS SUNDAY MORNING SHOW, this story is amazing -the man who cleans forgotten veteran headstones in his local cemetery! His volunteer work is astonishing! ... theChroniclerThursday, November 17, 02:55:06pm1
ARCHIVE: November 16, 1971 ~Charlie Dale, half of the legendary Vaudeville comedy team "Smith & Dale", and the inspiration of the Neil Simon play/film "The Sunshine Boys", dies at 90. ... theChroniclerThursday, November 17, 02:39:18pm12
Simon Relph, assistant director for "Reds"Dead on 15/11/16Thursday, November 17, 02:20:11pm8
George Ortiz, "Project Runway" hairstylistDead at 45Thursday, November 17, 11:31:33am1
Melvin Laird, Nixon's Secretary of DefenseDies at 94Thursday, November 17, 11:10:35am7
OK, I'm officially worried about Doc Rock. No new posts at the Dead Rock Stars Club since Sept. 1st (NT)And several big names passed away since then!Thursday, November 17, 02:29:40am20
OT: Is oldies heavyweight Big Moe (Jim Muzey) still with us?He sang lead on Boyd Bennett's 1955 top-ten hit "Seventeen" (on King Records)Wednesday, November 16, 08:15:59pm5
Milton Okun, Legendary Producer & Cherry Lane FounderDies at 92Wednesday, November 16, 05:42:57pm10
Healthwatch: Joe Simpson (Father of Jessica & Ashlee Simpson)Prostate cancerWednesday, November 16, 05:29:50pm1
Healthwatch: Brooke Mueller (Ex- wife of Charlie Sheen)Hospitalized for psychiatric evaluationWednesday, November 16, 05:27:05pm1
Anthony Brooklier, attorney to notables, such as Heidi Fleiss, Hells Angels, dies in apparent suicide. ...BuckeyeWednesday, November 16, 05:26:27pm1
ARCHIVE: November 15, 1959 ~The Clutter Family Is Murdered in Holcomb, Kansas, Later the Subject of Truman Capote tome, "In Cold Blood", later an acclaimed film of the same name. ...BackstoryWednesday, November 16, 04:24:53pm10
Ernie Kinney, recording artistDead at 92Wednesday, November 16, 04:01:56pm2
Happy 101st Birthday! Writer Jean Fritz, Architect Carter Manny is 98, Actor Felix Czerny is 97, Painter Robert Wogensky is 97, Linguist Eric P. Hamp is 96, (NT)jlpWednesday, November 16, 03:13:24pm8
Roger Hobbs, Author of "Ghostman"Dead at 28Wednesday, November 16, 02:03:25pm4
Dick Oliver, Longtime reporter for "Good Day New York"Dead at 77Wednesday, November 16, 12:52:32pm2
A big happy 88th Bday to the amazing Clu Gulager (Link Inside)ColtWednesday, November 16, 12:38:28pm5
Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II, Queenmother of Asante Kingdom (Ghanaian royalty)Dead at 109Wednesday, November 16, 12:33:55pm1
2 great cartoon figures born just 1 day apart- "Peanuts" animator Bill Melendez, & voice artist Daws Butler! (NT)!Wednesday, November 16, 11:58:37am1
Father of NFL player shot & killed at airport, suspect commits suicideOklahoma CityWednesday, November 16, 11:49:09am1
Drummer Michael 'Mickey' Quatro dies at 50.Son of Keyboardist & Songwriter Michael Quatro, nephew of Suzi Quatro.Wednesday, November 16, 11:47:25am3
Singer Holly Dunn 1957-2016No nameWednesday, November 16, 11:40:53am10
C.W. Gusewelle, author and long-time columnist (since 1955!) for the Kansas City Star, dies at 83RussWednesday, November 16, 11:01:32am1
Jules Eskin, Principal cellist of Boston Symphony OrchestraDies at 85Tuesday, November 15, 08:06:35pm1
Jazz Times is reporting death of jazz/blues legend Mose Allison at age 89.Link posted insideTuesday, November 15, 07:47:03pm9
Phil Leshin, Jazz Musician & former Manager of Lionel HamptonR.I.P.Tuesday, November 15, 07:40:22pm1
Jerry Dumas, Cartoonist ("Beetle Bailey"). ...Dead at 86.Tuesday, November 15, 06:08:31pm7
ARCHIVE: November 15, 2009 ~Actor Dennis Cole, best remembered for his suave All-American look, mainly known for TV roles of the 1970 & 80s, dies at 69, of renal failure. ...Bio & PHOTOSTuesday, November 15, 05:20:42pm4
Marvin Walowitz, Film Sound EditorDies at 79Tuesday, November 15, 04:20:17pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 15, 04:20:17pm
John Caper Jr., Film & TV Music SupervisorDies at 83Tuesday, November 15, 03:53:34pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 15, 03:53:34pm
OT, Question: What is your favorite Crime Show? (NT)No nameTuesday, November 15, 03:13:51pm37
Billy Miller, Rockabilly musician & founder of Norton RecordsDead at 62Tuesday, November 15, 02:29:09pm4
Trivia: What historical event happened right after these words were spoken: "And I gave it a great DEAL of thought, grandpa..." (NT)?Tuesday, November 15, 02:26:54pm9
Cliff Barrows, longtime associate of Billy GrahamDies at 93Tuesday, November 15, 01:51:04pm2
Photo for Nov 15th, Bill Melendez, Animator for 'Peanuts' and other cartoons. Also, the voice of Snoopy & Woodstock.IMDb LinkTuesday, November 15, 12:48:24pm3
Gardnar Mulloy, Tennis great of the 1940's and 1950'sDies at 102Tuesday, November 15, 12:42:58pm4
Tennis legend Gardnar Mulloy of Miami dies at 102No nameTuesday, November 15, 11:46:57am1
Happy 104th Birthday! Journalist Gabriella Garland, Painter Vittore Bocchetta is 98, Judge Joseph Wapner is 97 Professor Leo Marx is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 15, 11:36:30am9
Healthwatch: "Deadliest Catch" star Jake Harris hospitalized after severe beatingEverett, Wash.Tuesday, November 15, 11:29:25am1
Frank Konigsberg, Longtime Agent & TV ProducerDies at 83Tuesday, November 15, 11:22:32am3
ARCHIVE: November 15, 1993 ~Actress Evelyn Venable, of the 1930s and 1940s, voice/model for 'Blue Fairy' in Pinocchio (1940), and very 1st 'Torch Lady' for Columbia Pictures credits logo! She was 80. ... theChroniclerTuesday, November 15, 10:48:34am1
Lionel Lake, WWII veteran and burglary victimDead at 93Tuesday, November 15, 05:15:32am1
Bob Gain of Cleveland Browns [1951-1964] dead at 87. ...LinkTuesday, November 15, 04:38:05am2
TV Movie Producer Roni Weisberg-RossDies at 64Tuesday, November 15, 01:01:12am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 15, 01:01:12am
Happy 102nd Birthday! Physician Joseph Barnes, Politician Albert Ludwig is 97, Historians Roy Medvedev and Zhores Medvedev is 91, Actor Tom Hatten turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, November 14, 11:06:31pm20
Happy 100th Birthday! Actress Claudia Bethge, Painter Dahlov Ipcar is 99, Musician Hedley Jones is 99, Engineer Tomas Dy-Liacco is 96, Actor Richard Venture is 93, Painter John A. Ruthven is 92, (NT)jlpMonday, November 14, 09:20:54pm20
Tom Neyman, Acted in "Manos- The Hnad of Fate" (one of the absolute worst films of all time)Dead at 80Monday, November 14, 07:16:44pm8
Healthwatch: LA Rams defensive end Robert QuinnHospitalizedMonday, November 14, 04:30:39pm1
Janet Wright, Canadian ActressDead at 71Monday, November 14, 04:23:39pm1
ARCHIVE: November 14, 1991 ~Bisexual Academy Award-winning UK film director Tony Richardson, who directed 7 different actors in Oscar-nominated performances, dies after battle with AIDS. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, November 14, 04:14:16pm2
Composer & Guitarist Al CaiolaDies at 96Monday, November 14, 12:50:24pm11
Rest In Peace Robert Vaughn! (NT)Napoleon SoloMonday, November 14, 12:46:03pm45
Today's photo: Sherwood Schwartz (NT)Another one of his forgettable shows: It's About TimeMonday, November 14, 12:44:06pm6
Jerry Rullo, Last living member of the 1946-47 Philadelphia Warriors championship basketball teamDead at 94Monday, November 14, 11:52:12am1
Lou Ann Graham, Vivian Vance's Sister ...Dies at 91.Monday, November 14, 11:19:09am12
Archive: Don Addrissi, Nov. 13, 1984Singer- songwriterSunday, November 13, 07:14:00pm6
BREAKING NEWS: Leon Russell has diedNo nameSunday, November 13, 06:33:12pm16
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Valerio Piroddi, '28 Olympic Athlete Clara Maranogoni is 101, Infanta Alicia, Duchess of Calabria is 99, Actress Lyudmila Shuvalova is 90, Actor Don Gordon turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, November 13, 06:08:52pm10
Archive: Karen Silkwood, Nov. 13, 1974Labor union activistSunday, November 13, 04:46:40pm1
Archive: Bill Doggett, Nov. 13, 1996MusicianSunday, November 13, 04:29:23pm2
  • "Honky Tonk" -- Bill Doggett, Sunday, November 13, 04:29:23pm
Archive: Junior Samples, Nov. 13, 1983Country comedianSunday, November 13, 12:13:30pm2
Enzo Maiorca, Italian free diverDead at 85Sunday, November 13, 11:57:01am2
  • Pic -- ., Sunday, November 13, 11:57:01am
Guitarist & Songwriter Doug Edwards (Skylark)Dies at 71Sunday, November 13, 11:04:35am2
Happy 81st Bday to awsome b actor Tom Atkins (Link inside for those who don't know him)ColtSunday, November 13, 01:53:13am2
ARCHIVE: November 12, 2013 ~Character actor Al Ruscio, known for his ethnic (usually Italian) stereotype roles in films like "Godfather III" as well as countless other film/TV roles, dies at 89. ...Husband of actress Kate Williamson, son-in-law of veteran Hollywood character actress Nydia Westman!Saturday, November 12, 10:25:37pm2
ARCHIVE: November 12, 2003 ~Former child/teen (Sidekicks, Ladybugs, etc) actor Jonathan Brandis, who found little success in his adult years, died hours after hanging himself at his home. He was 27. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, November 12, 09:31:55pm1
Archive: Horror in the beauty parlor, Nov. 12, 1966"Youth kills 5 & laughs"Saturday, November 12, 06:45:15pm3
Archive: William Holden, Nov. 1981ActorSaturday, November 12, 06:41:02pm8
Bob Burton, Regarded as America's #1 Bounty Hunter.Dies at 78Saturday, November 12, 05:59:52pm3
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, September 29, 02:54:12pm
  • Brother and friend ... -- Albert Ortega (sadden), Saturday, November 12, 05:55:27pm
Archive: 11/12/1917, Joseph Coors, Creator of the Coors beer, would have been 99 today (NT)YfjijSaturday, November 12, 04:12:52pm3
Leonard Cohen, Singer, songwriter, novelistDies at 82Saturday, November 12, 03:51:01pm16
Actress & Choreographer MaDonna Grimes dies at 54Known as the Queen of Hip-HopSaturday, November 12, 03:31:35pm7
Archive: Eve Arden, Nov. 12, 1990ActressSaturday, November 12, 02:12:54pm1
Archive: Percival Lowell, Nov. 12, 1916Led effort that discovered PlutoSaturday, November 12, 02:06:18pm2
Actress Julie Gregg from Godfather fame, dead at 79 (link inside) ...coltSaturday, November 12, 12:23:01pm8
Greg Horton, Football player (Rams, Buccaneers)Dead at 65Saturday, November 12, 12:07:45pm1
Today's Photo (Nov 12th) Actor Richard NeyIMDb LinkSaturday, November 12, 11:42:29am5
Healthwatch: Ex- Arizona Gov. Jan BrewerCollapsed, rushed to hospitalSaturday, November 12, 11:35:05am1
Dawn Coe-Jones, Canadian LPGA golferShe was 56Saturday, November 12, 11:25:14am2
  • Pic -- Link, Saturday, November 12, 11:25:14am
Former Miami Dolphins Player Bill Stanfill dies at 69Member of undefeated 1972 team (Link)Saturday, November 12, 11:12:35am5
Lee Morris dies at 81.Widow of Actor Greg Morris (Died Aug 27,1996), Mother of Phil, Iona & Linda Morris.Saturday, November 12, 09:42:26am3
Healthwatch: Actress Jill Gascoine (wife of actor Alfred Molina)Advanced stage of Alzheimer'sFriday, November 11, 07:15:32pm8
Archive: Chuck Connors, Nov. 10, 1992Athlete, actorFriday, November 11, 07:13:40pm11
Victor Bailey, Bassist for Weather Report, Madonna, Lady GagaDead at 56Friday, November 11, 05:26:20pm2
  • Pic -- LInk, Friday, November 11, 05:26:20pm
Aileen Mehle, Gossip’s Grande Dame Known as ‘Suzy Knickerbocker,’ Dies at 98NY TimesFriday, November 11, 05:18:17pm6
Emmy-winning soap writer Claire LabineSharonFriday, November 11, 05:10:17pm4
Zentner Brothers Lead Singer Breen ZentnerDies at 59Friday, November 11, 05:02:44pm2
Happy 98th Birthday! Actress Jacqueline Plessis, Singer Louise Tobin is 98, Tennis Player Albert Ritzenberg is 98, Gov't Official Paul Robert Ignatius is 96, Cinematographer Fred Koenekamo is 94, (NT)jlpFriday, November 11, 03:54:32pm12
OT: Question: What is your favorite book series? (NT)JuneFriday, November 11, 03:16:08pm15
Pedro 'Perico' Fernandez, Former world boxing champDead at 64Friday, November 11, 01:04:24pm1
FOX 10 in Phoenix to present "new" evidence in the decades old Bob Crane murder case tonight at 9pm local time. The channel had DNA from chief suspect John Carpenter's car retested.BuckeyeFriday, November 11, 10:42:49am2
Walter Crenshaw, Jr., the oldest-living Tuskegee Airmen,Dies at 106Friday, November 11, 03:44:14am3
Gene R. La Rocque, Navy admiral, served in the Pacific in WWII, witnessing the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in 1941, and later became vocal critic of the suicidal nuclear arms race, dies at 98. ...Outlived 2 wives, after sum of 46 years wed.Friday, November 11, 03:06:58am1
George James, one of the last remaining Navajo Code Talkers,Dies at 92Friday, November 11, 02:11:54am3
Happy 102nd Birthday! Writer/Historian Jean Pieur, Director Jacques Rozier is 90, Director N.S. Vardya is 90, Composer Ennio Morricone turns 88. (NT)jlpThursday, November 10, 09:41:50pm9
Delta & Country Blues Guitarist Robert LoweryDies at 85Thursday, November 10, 06:24:07pm2
Today's Photo (November 10th) David "Stringbean" Akeman. (NT)Born June 17th 1916, Murdered on this day along with his wife, Estelle, in 1973.Thursday, November 10, 06:17:18pm4
Actor Jeff OlsonDies at 64Thursday, November 10, 06:16:07pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, November 10, 05:40:50pm
    • Pic -- Link, Thursday, November 10, 06:16:07pm
Archive: Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975.Gitche GumeeThursday, November 10, 06:10:57pm2
ARCHIVE: November 10, 2006 ~R&B artist Gerald Levert, son of "The O'Jays" founder Eddie Levert and brother to Sean Levert, died 10 years ago today. ...Levert, 40, died of a heart attack in his sleep in his Ohio home after abusing medication.Thursday, November 10, 05:11:42pm2
Today's pic: Grand Ole Opry and Hee-Haw star Stringbean (Dave Akeman), who was brutally murdered along with his wife by robbers :( (NT)DarrenThursday, November 10, 03:54:48pm6
Russ Nixon, Baseball player, manager (Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Indians)Dead at 81Thursday, November 10, 03:46:28pm2
Pedal Steel Guitarist Jimmy Grabowske (Johnny Horton, Hank Williams)Dies at 87Thursday, November 10, 01:50:51pm2
  • "A Million Tears" -- Jimmy Grabowske, steel guitar, Thursday, November 10, 01:50:51pm
Chicago Cubs World Series Win Drought dies at 108 yearsLemnpiperThursday, November 10, 01:44:28pm20
TV HEADS-UP: Tues. Nov. 8 ~TCM airing public LIVE celebration of veteran actor Norman Lloyd 's 102nd Birthday. -And followed by Hitchcock's SABOTEUR! ... theChroniclerThursday, November 10, 01:39:42pm12
Archive: The "Paul McCartney is dead" hoaxBeatle supposedly died on Nov. 9, 1966Thursday, November 10, 01:25:50pm8
ARCHIVE: November 9th ~There are TWO Hollywood actresses, both BORN on this date, and died on this date! Silent Film actress Gertrude Astor, and Hollywood character actress extraordinaire Edna May Oliver. ... theChroniclerThursday, November 10, 12:07:24pm12
ARCHIVE: November 9, 1980 ~Asian-American Hollywood actor Victor Sen Yung, who was forever known as 'HopSing' on TV's GUNSMOKE, dies at 65, from accidental gas leak in his home, sadly undiscovered 10 days. ... theChroniclerThursday, November 10, 11:34:24am10
Archive: Art Carney, Nov.9 , 2003ActorThursday, November 10, 11:29:00am5
Archive: Ed Bradley, Nov. 9, 2006"60 Minutes" correspondantThursday, November 10, 11:28:08am4
Bob Cranshaw, jazz BassistDead at 83Thursday, November 10, 04:05:03am4
Martin Stone, guitarist with The Action and Mighty BabyDead at 69Thursday, November 10, 02:50:37am2
Kanu Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma GandhiDead at 87Wednesday, November 09, 08:28:38pm7
Joyce Frost, Radio voice artistDead "last week"Wednesday, November 09, 07:28:32pm4
Greg Ballard, Basketball playerDead at 61Wednesday, November 09, 04:37:31pm3
Bryan RussellChild actorWednesday, November 09, 04:00:41pm2
ADMIN REMINDER: Please post link or source, or deletion will follow. (NT) theChroniclerWednesday, November 09, 12:42:48pm2
Healthwatch: Mikhail GorbachevHospitalizedWednesday, November 09, 11:56:10am1
Happy 98th Birthday! Activist Su Beng, Actress Eva Todor is 97, Businessman Aloysio de Andrade Faria is 96, Journalist Elizaberth Hawley is 93, Photographer Robert Frank is 92, (NT)jlpWednesday, November 09, 11:28:11am5
Jerry Bodell, British boxerDead at 76Wednesday, November 09, 11:18:39am2
Producer & Writer Jud KinbergDies at 91Tuesday, November 08, 07:44:25pm3
Happy 100th Birthday! Essayist Mihai Sora, Evangelist Billy Graham is 98, Mathematician Mario Fiorentini is 98, WW2 Military Figure Hans Lipschis is 97, Foreign Service Officer Andrew Killgore is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 08, 06:37:31pm16
Can someone please tell me the website of the politics message board (NT)April.Tuesday, November 08, 05:53:24pm3
Raoul Coutard, French New Wave Cinematographer ("Breathless")Dead at 92Tuesday, November 08, 04:56:55pm2
  • Imdb -- Link, Tuesday, November 08, 04:56:55pm
TV Editor Jim FarisDies at 97Tuesday, November 08, 04:18:59pm4
ARCHIVE: November 8, 1983 ~Actor James Hayden, 29, memorable in his few screen roles, but OD'd just 6 hours after his standing ovation performance as a junkie in David Mamet's "American Buffalo" on Broadway!... theChroniclerTuesday, November 08, 03:02:29pm2
Happy 102nd Birthday! Actor Norman Lloyd, Screenwriter Bob Schiller is 98, Journalist Bernard Redmont is 98, Badminton Champ Teoh Seng Khoon is 98, Historian James S. Ackerman is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 08, 12:06:07pm5
Joe Marquette, Pulitzer Prize-winning news photographer. ...Dead at 79.Tuesday, November 08, 11:49:17am2
  • Pic ... -- Link ..., Tuesday, November 08, 11:49:17am
Archive: John Nance Garner, Nov. 7, 1967FDR's First VeepTuesday, November 08, 11:40:06am12
Judson Kinberg; TV & Film writer and producerDies at 91Tuesday, November 08, 07:24:45am2
  • IMDB -- Link, Tuesday, November 08, 07:24:45am
Anyone hear news on the passing of actor Michael Massee? His former co-stars Anthony Delon and Angie Harmon have posted messages on social media.Link to a French articleMonday, November 07, 11:31:04pm16
E.J. Jackson, 66, local L.A. area luxury limo founder, will be remembered fondly for his philanthropic spirit of feeding the community during annual Holidays events for 30+ years, dies suddenly ...Death came November 1, 2016.Monday, November 07, 10:48:39pm2
Art Zelin, Celebrity PhotographerDies at 75Monday, November 07, 09:44:11pm1
Willard Smith, Father of Actor Will SmithR.I.P.Monday, November 07, 08:18:49pm3
ARCHIVE: November 7, 1894 ~General John Grant Mitchell, of the Union Army of American Civil War, whose son became a noted Hollywood character actor. General Mitchell died day after 56th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, November 07, 07:00:17pm2
ARCHIVE: November 7, 1962 ~One of America's more revered First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt, who championed many rights of underdog Americans, dies of heart attack at 78. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, November 07, 06:55:59pm3
Archive: Carter Cornelius, Nov. 7, 1991SingerMonday, November 07, 04:33:49pm3
Archive: Jody Reynolds, Nov. 7, 2008SingerMonday, November 07, 04:29:30pm2
ARCHIVE: November 7, 1943 ~Dwight Frye, dramatic actor best remembered for TWO quintessential madman assistants -as 'Renfield'in DRACULA and 'Fritz' in FRANKENSTEIN, dies suddenly at 44. ...Bio & PHOTOSMonday, November 07, 04:17:41pm4
Archive: Eleanor Roosevelt, Nov. 7, 1962First LadyMonday, November 07, 04:15:43pm2
Geraldine "Gerry" Weaver, widow of actor Dennis Weaver, died April 26, 2016, at age 90. ...Link for her Legacy.com listed inside.Monday, November 07, 04:10:19pm4
Actor John O'CreaghDies at 67Monday, November 07, 01:54:27pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Monday, November 07, 01:44:17pm
    • PHOTOS ... -- Link ..., Monday, November 07, 01:54:27pm
OT QUESTION: We just saw model Jinx Falkenburg, the forgotten, long dead model/actress of the 1950s. Years later her son became subject of show, HOARDERS. -What became of legal issues of son? ... theChroniclerMonday, November 07, 01:51:57pm3
BBC Broadcaster Jimmy YoungDies at 95Monday, November 07, 12:39:39pm4
  • Pic -- Link, Monday, November 07, 12:09:51pm
  • IMDb -- link, Monday, November 07, 12:22:46pm
Anthony "The Saint" St. Laurent, "Old School" mobsterDead at 75Monday, November 07, 12:35:14pm1
Healthwatch: Hip Hop legend Kurtis BlowHeart attackMonday, November 07, 11:47:21am1
CNN Just Reported That Former Attorney General Janet Reno Died (NT)David S.Monday, November 07, 11:35:48am9
Today's photo: Joe Cobb, one of the earliest Little Rascals (NT)Always seemed to be about twice the size of the othersMonday, November 07, 11:33:18am2
Healthwatch: Sir Bruce ForsythStruggling to move after operationMonday, November 07, 11:02:28am2
Actor David RosenbaumDies at 80Monday, November 07, 10:52:05am4
Wow, I just now read that comic actress Tracey Ullman's 85 year old mother was killed in an apartment fire last year! Was it posted here?? ... theChroniclerMonday, November 07, 10:20:16am6
Political activist Tom Hayden, 1960s radical who became champion of liberal causes, husband to actresses Jane Fonda and Barbara Williams, dies at 76. ... theChroniclerMonday, November 07, 10:18:24am7
Archive: Johnny Horton, Nov. 5, 1960SingerMonday, November 07, 10:16:21am11
Margit Bara , actress of "A Cozy Cottage" ...Link ...Monday, November 07, 10:14:13am2
Happy 100th Birthday! WW2 Military Figure Seth J. McKee, Novelist Harry Blamires is 100, Actor Michel Bouquet is 91, Politician Fred B. Rooney is 91, Mountaineer Tom Hornbein is 86, (NT)jlpMonday, November 07, 03:04:10am12
Doctor Who actor John CarsonDies at 89Sunday, November 06, 11:31:50pm6
Archive: Dickie Goodman, Nov. 6, 1989Creator of the "Break in" recordSunday, November 06, 04:58:39pm5
Odera Owiso, Kenyan born actorDead at 43Sunday, November 06, 04:02:36pm3
Jos Romersa, Luxembourgian gymnast, 1936 OlympianDead at 101 (turned 101 November 1st)Sunday, November 06, 04:01:01pm1
Healthwatch: Australian singer Maria VenutiSuffers stroke after home invasionSunday, November 06, 01:24:32pm1
Zolton Kocsis, Pianist & conductorDead at 64Sunday, November 06, 01:20:08pm1
Warren Judge,, Candidate for north Carolina legislature, diesHis name will stay on ballotSunday, November 06, 11:44:55am1
Ralph Cicerone, Renowned authority on climate changeDead at 73Sunday, November 06, 11:43:09am1
Marek Svatos, Former NHL playerDead at 34Sunday, November 06, 11:41:13am1
Archive - Celia Zaentz, co-owner of Fantasy Records & Films, ex-wife of film producer Saul Zaentz (1921-2014)Died July 25, 2015 & now being made publicSunday, November 06, 11:31:16am3
ARCHIVE: November 5, 1960 ~Hollywood veteran actor Ward Bond, whose rugged appearance and easygoing charm were featured in over 200 film/TV roles, dies unexpectedly of heart attack, at 57. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, November 06, 10:55:25am5
Leslie Carangi, TV Producer & Production ManagerDies at 57Sunday, November 06, 07:14:21am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Sunday, November 06, 07:14:21am
ARCHIVE: November 5, 1605 ~"Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot." -when Guy Fawkes plotted to overthrow the British government! ...Inspired the book/film, "V for Vendetta".Sunday, November 06, 02:01:05am1
ARCHIVE: November 5, 2010 ~Award winning actress Jill Clayburgh, nominated for an Oscar consecutively 1979/1980, best known for modern, independent women, dies of leukemia at 66. ...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, November 05, 09:15:03pm1
Swiss Actor Marc Michel Dies at 83Obit sucksSaturday, November 05, 07:16:48pm3
Archive: Bobby nunn, Nov. 5, 1986SingerSaturday, November 05, 03:56:47pm2
  • "Rockin" -- Bobby Nunn (with The Robbins), Saturday, November 05, 03:56:47pm
Jean Jacques Perrey, French composerDead at 87Saturday, November 05, 03:47:56pm2
  • "E.V.A." -- Jean-Jacques Perrey, Saturday, November 05, 03:47:56pm
Archive: Dominique Dunne, Nov. 4, 1982ActressSaturday, November 05, 01:28:59pm6
Rick Steiner, Five-time Tony Award-winning Broadway producer, produced musical version of Brooks' "The Producers" in 2001 -PHOTO ...Dead at 69.Saturday, November 05, 11:35:54am2
Actor Paul DaleDies at 93Saturday, November 05, 10:38:20am4
Baseball's Eddie Carnett 1916-2016No nameSaturday, November 05, 05:52:38am10
ARCHIVE: November 4, 1916 ~A century ago Walter Cronkite was born to a modest family, in a small town in Missouri, later to earn the honor as "the most trusted man in America"! ~Happy 100th Walter!...Bio & PHOTOSSaturday, November 05, 05:47:23am6
Healthwatch: Chelsea (formerly Bradley) ManningAttempted suicide for a second timeFriday, November 04, 04:30:26pm1
Archive: Sheree North, Nov. 4, 2005ActressFriday, November 04, 04:10:04pm1
Healthwatch: Alaska Gov. Bill WalkerProstate cancerFriday, November 04, 03:58:59pm1
John Orsino, Baseball player (Giants, Orioles, Senators)Dead at 78Friday, November 04, 03:55:39pm1
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Robert N. Berry, Religious Figure John Cavell is 100, Actor Manfred Schuster is 97, Religious Figure Joseph Fitzmyer is 96,Hockey's Howie Meeker is 93, (NT)jlpFriday, November 04, 03:52:15pm8
Rest in Peace Kay Starr!! (NT)Oh God, She's Dead!!!Friday, November 04, 02:53:22pm26
New (sort of) theory on the last true days of lost pioneering aviatrix Amelia Earhart, believed to have died a castaway, not crash victim. -VIDEO ...May have lived from weeks to years on deserted island, before she perished.Friday, November 04, 01:40:46pm2
ARCHIVE: November 3, 2009 ~Veteran character actor Carl Ballentine, the vaudeville-style comic, appeared in numerous screen roles, best remembered as 'Gruber' on TV's "McHale's Navy", dies at 92. ... theChroniclerFriday, November 04, 12:52:21pm3
Multiple people stabbed at Rutgers UniversityNew JerseyFriday, November 04, 12:14:44pm1
Eddie Harsch, Was keyboardist for the Black CrowesDead at 59Friday, November 04, 12:11:26pm2
MLB's Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez autopsy released 6 weeks after September death while boating in Florida waters, revealing what what suspected by most. ...Stop the presses!Friday, November 04, 11:54:08am1
Archive: Paul Frees, Nov. 2, 1986Actor, voice artistFriday, November 04, 11:17:30am7
Healthwatch: Bad Company & Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick RalphsSuffers strokeFriday, November 04, 10:56:23am1
Healthwatch: Famed "Afghan girl" who appeared on cover of National Geographic in 1985HospitalizedFriday, November 04, 10:50:03am2
  • The cover- -- Still remembered after 31 years, Friday, November 04, 10:50:03am
Is the Dead Rock Stars Club dead?Site not updated in monthsFriday, November 04, 10:43:54am3
Healthwatch: Singer Michael Buble's 3 year old son Noah diagnosed with cancerSinger announces suspension of career during son's illnessFriday, November 04, 09:38:49am1
Mary Ann Madden (New York Magazine wordsmith and Competition editor) died July 26, 2016Was that information posted here?Friday, November 04, 09:23:13am2
  • Here's a more detailed article -- It brings back so many memories of my trying to win ..... and never quite doing it, Friday, November 04, 09:23:13am
Together 74 years, even death couldn't keep Leonard Cherry, 95, and wife Hazel, 93 apart, as Texas couple die hours apart. -VIDEO ... theChroniclerFriday, November 04, 08:56:09am3
Max Alexander, comedian and actor dies at 63NY Daily NewsThursday, November 03, 06:09:18pm7
Miriam Weinstein, Mother of Filmmakers Bob & Harvey WeinsteinDies at 90Thursday, November 03, 06:00:36pm2
Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Mina Kitagawa, Dance Researcher Ann Hutchinson Guest is 98, Actress Bep Dekker is 97 Hockey's Chick Webster is 96, Actor Bob Legionaire is 90, (NT)jlpThursday, November 03, 12:17:37pm12
Erling Kindem , WWII Vet Who Became Best Friends With His Toddler NeighborDies at 91Thursday, November 03, 11:50:40am1
ARCHIVE: November 2, 2011 ~Actor Leonard Stone, seen in over 155 TV/films, best remembered in film classic, "Willy Wonka", as father of 'Violet Beauregard', dies one DAY before 88th birthday. ...Bio & PHOTOSThursday, November 03, 11:35:51am7
Robert Weber, New Yorker CartoonistDead at 92Thursday, November 03, 10:45:14am1
Joyce Gibson, Model, actressDead at 66Thursday, November 03, 10:43:52am2
  • Pic -- Link, Thursday, November 03, 10:43:52am
John Travers, Documentary filmmaker, brother of singer Mary Travers (Peter, Paul, & Mary)Dead at 57Thursday, November 03, 10:40:34am1
Politician Clive Derby-Ellis who also assassinated Chris Hani dies at 80 (NT)JuneThursday, November 03, 10:31:44am3
Gil BatemanDead 01/11/16Wednesday, November 02, 05:56:45pm5
Happy 101st Birthday! Engineer Aleksandr Ezhevsky, '56,'64, Olympic Athlete Durward Knowles is 99, Politician Chung Sze-yuen is 99, Philosopher William J. Richardson is 96, (NT)jlpWednesday, November 02, 03:48:55pm9
Did people see Eddie Robinson at the World Series game last night?He's the oldest living player to play on a WS championWednesday, November 02, 03:33:33pm7
Healthwatch: Actor Val Kilmer, CancerDavid S.Wednesday, November 02, 03:25:20pm4
Archive: Mississippi John Hurt, Nov. 2, 1966Blues singerWednesday, November 02, 12:04:23pm2
Angeline Kopka, Once the oldest lawmaker in the USDead at 100Wednesday, November 02, 12:01:15pm3
Healthwatch: Joe Odom, father of Lamar OdomHospitalizedWednesday, November 02, 11:56:13am1
Ramon Sanchez, San Diego music institutionDead at 64Wednesday, November 02, 11:51:35am1
Filippo Corsini, Italian royal, killed in cycle crashHe was 21Wednesday, November 02, 11:49:48am1
ARCHIVE: November 2, 2011 ~Veteran character actor Sid Meton, fondly remembered for NUMEROUS TV comic roles with recurring roles on "Make Room for Daddy", and as 'Alf' in "Green Acres" dies at 94. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, November 02, 10:35:20am1
Two Des Moines police officers ambushed and killed. Suspect was escorted out of Iowa high school football game last month for tainting black people with the confederate flag.Wednesday, November 02, 10:24:06am3
Today's photo: Disgraced baseball general manager Al Campanis. (NT)Fired after disparaging remarks about blacks on Nightline in 1987.Wednesday, November 02, 09:59:21am2
Actor Don MarshallDies at 80Wednesday, November 02, 08:38:35am16
Archive: Phil Silvers, Nov. 1, 1985Comedian, actorWednesday, November 02, 03:38:15am10
Actor and Comedian Dave Broadfoot, longtime member of Royal Canadian Air Farce.Dies at 90Tuesday, November 01, 07:38:28pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, November 01, 07:38:28pm
Ron Grant, Oscar and Emmy-Winning ComposerDead at 72Tuesday, November 01, 05:39:15pm5
Actress & Singer Tammy GrimesDies at 82Tuesday, November 01, 04:38:59pm18
Bap Kennedy, Irish singer- songwriterDead at 54Tuesday, November 01, 02:16:58pm2
Archive: 10/30/2015, All Molinaro, Happy Days and Odd Couple actor dies at 96 (NT)JuneTuesday, November 01, 01:33:17pm9
Hale Ross, Yale Cross Country RunnerDead at 20Tuesday, November 01, 12:19:50pm2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, November 01, 12:19:50pm
Vaino Spencer, California's first female black JudgeDead at 96Tuesday, November 01, 12:17:23pm2
  • Pic -- ., Tuesday, November 01, 12:17:23pm
Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Nelia Penman, '36 Olympic Athlete Jos Romersa is 101, Obstetrician Frederick Leboyer is 98, WW2 Test Pilot Russell Bannock is 97 Ser Designer Charles O'Dato is 97, (NT)jlpTuesday, November 01, 10:43:50am5
Make-up Artist Fern BucherDies at 87Tuesday, November 01, 10:29:15am4
Edna Perry, Mother of Singer Faith HillDies at 80Tuesday, November 01, 10:21:19am1
Steve Merlo, Longtime Californian outdoors columnistDead at 68Tuesday, November 01, 09:01:24am2
  • Friend (NT) -- No name, Tuesday, November 01, 09:01:24am
Is this the longest serving prisoner in America?TonyTuesday, November 01, 06:19:57am1
Actor Frank P. Costanza dies at 73Played The Duke of Doubt in the Burger King commercials from the 70's/80'sTuesday, November 01, 05:22:19am3
Healthwatch: David Van DayDollar singer, heart attack at 59Tuesday, November 01, 05:19:06am1
Author Natalie Babbitt ("Tuck Everlasting")Dies at 84Tuesday, November 01, 03:35:26am11
Archive: Harry Houdini, October 31,1926 (NT)EM DowneyMonday, October 31, 08:36:31pm8
Dr. (Ernest) Fred(erick) Roots, 93, - Renowned geologist & polar explorer - and you have never heard of him!cameronMonday, October 31, 07:39:00pm2
Healthwatch: LA police chief Charlie BeckFractures pelvis in motorcycle accidentMonday, October 31, 02:59:11pm1
Silvio Gazzaniga, Sculptor who designed the World Cup trophyDead at 95Monday, October 31, 02:56:03pm1
Archive: River Phoenix, Oct. 31, 1993ActorMonday, October 31, 11:34:21am6
Happy 102nd Birthday! Naval Architect Edward Allcard, Poet Amina Shah is 98, George Boscawen, 9th Viscourt Falmouth is 97, Mathematician Magus Wenninger is 97, Costume Designer Lili Suranyi is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, October 31, 10:23:44am10
Country Music Songwriter Curly PutnamDies at 85Monday, October 31, 10:16:51am6
Actor Vladmir Zeldin 1915-2016No nameMonday, October 31, 10:14:33am3
Tuskegee Airman Audley Coulthurst dies at 91No nameMonday, October 31, 05:17:50am5
Archive: Pert Kelton, Oct. 30, 1968First actress to play Alice KramdenSunday, October 30, 10:56:23pm3
OT: Did anyone see the Norman Lear "American Masters" on PBS last night? It was pretty good. (NT)Lear's still going strong at 94!Sunday, October 30, 05:45:16pm9
James Galanos, Fashion designer for Nancy ReaganDead at 92Sunday, October 30, 05:41:34pm2
Buck Ormsby of the WailersDead at 75Sunday, October 30, 04:00:05pm4
Archive: Robert Goulet, Oct. 30, 2007Singer- actorSunday, October 30, 03:50:16pm2
American Football Player, John Hicks (NT)Dies at 65Sunday, October 30, 03:47:22pm2
  • Mo' info- -- ., Sunday, October 30, 03:47:22pm
Happy 105th Birthday! Cricketer Eileen Whelan, Jockey (Australian) Edgar Britt is 103, Actress Terry Randall is 102, Actor Gilbert Moreau is 100, Actor Dick Gautier is 85, Singer Grace Slick turns 77. (NT)jlpSunday, October 30, 02:24:20pm13
Gertrude Morris, Poet, sister of actor Gregory Morton (1911- 1986)Dead at 99Sunday, October 30, 12:37:55pm2
Ray Alba, Sound Effects/EditorDies at 90Sunday, October 30, 12:28:01pm4
Archive: Steve Allen, Oct. 30, 2000Comic, talk show hostSunday, October 30, 12:04:26pm4
Roland Dyens, Guitarist, composerDead at 61Sunday, October 30, 11:07:30am2
John Hicks, Football player (NY Giants)Dead at 65Sunday, October 30, 11:03:12am1
Healthwatch: Nation's oldest working teacher, Agnes Zhelesnik, 102Suffers strokeSunday, October 30, 10:50:33am1
Sally O'Leary, longtime Pittsburgh Pirates employee82Sunday, October 30, 07:16:15am1
OT: Parole once again denied for ex-Manson follower Charles "Tex" Watson.BuckeyeSunday, October 30, 07:07:56am11
Actress Hazel ShermetDies at 96Sunday, October 30, 06:15:04am11
Pete Burns, British singer had hit 1985 song "You Spin Me Round"Dies of cardiac arrest at age 57Saturday, October 29, 08:19:02pm18
Happy 97th Birthday! Businessman Leonard H. Lavin, Actress Hilda Bernard is 96, Educator Dorothy Hollingsworth is 96, Actress Kate Murtagh is 96, Actor Robert Hardy is 91, Actor Thomas Reiner is 90. (NT)No nameSaturday, October 29, 07:40:22pm12
Healthwatch: Beach Boy Brian WilsonConfined to a wheelchairSaturday, October 29, 07:34:47pm11
Norman Brokaw, Was Chairman of William Morris Talent AgencyDead at 89Saturday, October 29, 07:33:17pm4
Archive: Duane Allman, Oct. 29, 1971GuitaristSaturday, October 29, 05:45:07pm3
Chris Porter, Country singer, killed in car crash along with band memberHe was 36Saturday, October 29, 03:39:06pm2
John Zacherle, The Cool GhoulDead at 98Saturday, October 29, 03:29:29pm28
Pen Sovann, Ex- Prime Minister of CambodiaDead at 80Saturday, October 29, 11:59:18am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, October 29, 11:59:18am
David Brooks, Body armor magnate, dies in prisonHe was 61Saturday, October 29, 10:53:12am1
Salome Gutierrez, Conjunto songwriterDead at 86Saturday, October 29, 10:49:59am1
Sophia Cranshaw, MTV producerDead at 45 (cancer)Saturday, October 29, 10:46:51am2
Archive: Baby Huey, Oct. 28, 1970SingerSaturday, October 29, 07:15:21am3
(Hilda) Patricia (Rawlinson) Barry, 94, --- WWII decoder was member of UK elite SOE unit "the Indecipherables"...cameronFriday, October 28, 09:30:43pm1
Happy 103rd Birthday! Animator Don Lusk, Chemist Gerhard Dickel is 103, Politician Bertus Brandsen is 102, (Rosie the Riveter) Elinor Otto is 97, Painter Luchita Hurtado is 96, (NT)jlpFriday, October 28, 06:53:01pm11
Singer Bobby Vee dies at 73SharonFriday, October 28, 03:21:16pm25
Archive: Wilbert Harrison, Oct. 26, 1994SingerFriday, October 28, 03:19:48pm4
Bobby Wellins, Scottish Jazz saxophonistDead at 80Friday, October 28, 10:50:26am1
Vernon Kifer, Camera Operator on "Friends"Dead at 63Friday, October 28, 10:47:37am2
  • Imdb -- Link, Friday, October 28, 10:47:37am
Healthwatch: Paralympian Amy Purdy (And "DWTS" alum)Hospitalized with life-threatening muscle syndromeFriday, October 28, 10:45:08am1
Ewen Whitaker, Guided NASA to the MoonDead at 94Friday, October 28, 10:43:30am1
Patricia Barry, Stalwart of Daytime Soap Operas, Dies at 93Hollywood ReporterFriday, October 28, 09:52:24am22
Happy 99th Birthday! Politician Jothi Venkatachalam, Writer Elena Rzhevskaya is 97, Scientist Jeremiah Stamler is 97, Director Sime Simatovic is 97, Actress Nanette Fabray is 96, (NT)jlpThursday, October 27, 09:39:42pm14
Archive: 10/26/2005, Rosa Parks, who was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man dies at 92 (NT)No nameThursday, October 27, 07:38:58pm3
Takahito, Prince Mikasa 1915-2016Fredrik AnderssonThursday, October 27, 06:02:10pm5
Bobby Bragg, British comedian, TV hostDied Oct. 25thThursday, October 27, 03:09:39pm1
Barry Socher, Composer and longtime L.A. Philharmonic violinistDead at 68Thursday, October 27, 03:06:57pm1
Vic Rapp - former head coach of the BC Lions of the CFL.BuckeyeThursday, October 27, 03:02:52pm1
Archive - Actress Patrice Walters dies at 63.Died March 30, 2016, just now being made public.Thursday, October 27, 02:41:57pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, October 27, 02:41:57pm
Healthwatch: Ex- US Sen. David Pryor (Arkansas)Suffers strokeThursday, October 27, 10:55:54am1
Healthwatch: Debbie Rowe, ex- wife of Michael JacksonCancerThursday, October 27, 10:47:14am1
Director Michael KennedyDies at 67Wednesday, October 26, 08:51:05pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, October 26, 08:51:05pm
Burnet Maybank Jr., ex- Lt Gov. of South CarolinaDead at 92Wednesday, October 26, 03:39:14pm2
Archive: Hoyt Axton, Oct. 26, 1999Singer, actorWednesday, October 26, 03:32:46pm2
Happy 99th Birthday! Football's (Australian) Bob Sayers,Silent Film Actress Diana Serra Cary is 98, History Scholar George Cawkwell is 97, Politician Grete Sofie Gudbrandsen is 97, (NT)jlpWednesday, October 26, 03:25:53pm13
Happy 106th Birthday! Animator Tyrus Wong, Artist Eric Bransby is 100, Politician Ingri Lande is 98, Architect Gabriel Epstein is 98, WW2 Military Figure Francis Sanza is 98, (NT)jlpWednesday, October 26, 02:43:20pm22
ARCHIVE: October 25, 1971 ~Famed Animator Paul Terry, director, screenwriter, and produced over 1,300 cartoons between 1915 and 1955 including the many Terrytoons cartoons, dies at 84. ...Bio & PHOTOSWednesday, October 26, 01:26:51pm5
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