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Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Barbara's Obits & Memorials
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Subject Author Date Msgs
Archive: January 22, 2004 ~ Ann Miller dies at 80Actress, Singer, DancerTuesday, January 22, 07:33:17am1
Archive: January 22, 1994 ~ Telly Savalas dies at 70ActorTuesday, January 22, 07:29:44am1
Brandon Truaxe, founder of skin care line Deciem, dies at 40RussTuesday, January 22, 06:43:10am1
Jan.21st~Happy 98th Birthday! WW2 Figure Jaswant Singh Marwah, Architect William Pulgram is 98, Actress Dorinha Duval is 90, Actress/Singer Bibi Johns is 90, Cinematographer Stanislaw Loth turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, January 22, 02:27:57am9
Jan.22nd~Happy 100th Birthday! Composer Sid Ramin, Football's (England) Arthur Turner is 98, Actor Erzsebet Alberty d' Enno is 97, Poltician Birch Bayh is 91, Director Max Peter Ammann is 90, Screenwriter Lothar Creutz is 90, Actress Mirja Karisto is 90, Actor Bo Rosengren is 90. Actress Nicky Voillard turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, January 22, 02:17:05am2
Maxine Brown, final member of family trio The BrownsPer her family's repTuesday, January 22, 01:53:03am7
Harris Wofford, civil rights activist who helped Kennedy win the White House, dies at 92Wash PostMonday, January 21, 10:59:56pm1
Archive: January 20, 1990 ~ Barbara Stanwyck dies at 82ActressMonday, January 21, 04:25:03pm6
Archive: Cecil B. DeMille, Jan. 21, 1959FilmmakerMonday, January 21, 03:17:48pm3
Henri d’Orleans, Count of Paris and pretender to the defunct French throneDead at 85Monday, January 21, 03:16:08pm2
Archive: January 21, 2002 ~ Peggy Lee dies at 81SingerMonday, January 21, 02:53:36pm4
Archive: Grigori RasputinBorn 150 years ago todayMonday, January 21, 02:36:59pm1
Jimmy Rayl, Indiana basketball legendDead at 77Monday, January 21, 12:57:11pm1
Archive: Carl Switzer, Jan. 21, 1959Child actorMonday, January 21, 12:03:28pm2
Archive: Steve Wahrer, Jan.21, 1989Drummer & lead singer, The TrashmenMonday, January 21, 11:56:07am3
  • "Surfin' Bird" -- The Trashmen, Monday, January 21, 11:54:32am
    • "Bird '65" -- The Trashmen, Monday, January 21, 11:56:07am
Shivakumara Swami, Indian spiritual leaderDead at 111Monday, January 21, 11:50:30am2
TV humorist Mo Rocca to begin podcast series on 'Mobituaries'First up: Vaughn MeaderMonday, January 21, 05:27:40am3
ARCHIVE: January 20, 1965 ~Pioneering Rock Jock ALAN FREED, becaming internationally known for promoting the mix of blues, country, rhythm and blues music on the radio in America, whose career and life was destroyed by the payola scandal that hit the broadcasting industry in the early 1960s, dies of cirrhosis at only 43. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, January 21, 05:21:13am5
Jan.20th~Happy 99th Birthday! Lawyer Henry Hu,Thai Royal Bhisadej Rajani is 99, Physicist Theodore H. Geballe is 99, Bandleader Ray Anthony is 97, Rekigious Figure Ernest Cardenal is 94, Poet Eugen Gomringer is 94, Actor Hui Lou Chen is 90, Musician Jimmy Cobb is 90, Actor Arte Johnson turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, January 21, 05:15:57am6
Healthwatch: Prince PhilipRolliver in a Land RoverSunday, January 20, 05:27:52pm9
Healthwatch: SearsJohn RSunday, January 20, 04:54:22pm24
Archive: Nedra Volz, Jan. 20, 2003ActressSunday, January 20, 04:40:17pm1
RIP: CAROL CHANNINGDer BingleSunday, January 20, 02:48:29pm30
Producer Andrew VajnaDies at 74Sunday, January 20, 12:05:47pm3
Healthwatch: Dennis Revell, Widower of Maureen Reagan (daughter of Ron & Nancy)Benign Prostatic HyperplasiaSunday, January 20, 12:03:15pm6
Archive: January 20, 1993 ~ Audrey Hepburn dies at 63ActressSunday, January 20, 12:00:56pm2
Maureen Murphy, Australian comedianKnown for appearances on Tonight Show w/ Johnny CarsonSunday, January 20, 07:24:50am4
Masazo Nonaka, World's oldest living verified manDies at 113Sunday, January 20, 05:20:24am4
John Coughlin, two-time US figure skating pairs championHe was 33Saturday, January 19, 09:33:51pm4
Archive: January 18, 1990: Rusty Hamer dies at 42ActorSaturday, January 19, 09:28:52pm13
Archive: Miguel Ferrer, Jan. 19, 2017ActorSaturday, January 19, 07:34:41pm3
Archive: Richard Crenna, Jan. 17, 2003ActorSaturday, January 19, 04:05:55pm2
Dan Striepeke, Oscar-Nominated Makeup ArtistDies at 88Saturday, January 19, 03:27:50pm3
ARCHIVE: January 19, 2013 ~Stan"The Man" Musial, Hall of Fame Pro Baseball outfielder and first baseman, spent 22 seasons in the MLB, widely considered to be one of the greatest and most consistent hitters in baseball history, dies at 92. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, January 19, 03:11:13pm3
Archive: Cleveland Elementary School shooting, Jan. 17, 19895 kids killed, 32 woundedSaturday, January 19, 02:58:07pm1
ARCHIVE: January 19, 1989 ~It was 30 years ago, veteran character actress Norma Varden, who appeared in countless roles as dowager, matriarchal roles, in such classic Hollywood films as "Casablanca" (1942), "Strangers on a Train" (1951), and "Witness for the Prosecution" (1957), dies of natural causes in retirement, at age 90. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, January 19, 02:52:13pm1
Tony Mendez, CIA officer depicted in the film "Argo"Dead at 78Saturday, January 19, 01:13:12pm2
Jan.19th~Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarians Hama Yasukawa and Tari Chiba, Engineer Jiro Tanaka is 102, Diplomat Javier Perez de Cuellar is 99, Pianist Henry Clay is 94, Director Jean Douchet is 90, Actress Nini Van der Auwera turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, January 19, 12:49:00pm5
Archive: Trey Wilson, Jan. 16, 1989ActorSaturday, January 19, 12:14:09pm4
Archive: The Northridge earthquake, Jan. 17, 1994Death toll was 57, more than 8,700 injuredSaturday, January 19, 12:07:49pm3
Actress & Stuntwoman Victoria TaftDies in California Fire at 66Saturday, January 19, 12:00:20pm3
Archive: January 19, 2018 Actress Dorothy Malone dies at 93(NT)Saturday, January 19, 11:44:16am5
Boo the Pomeranian, Once Named the World's Cutest Dog.Dies at 12Saturday, January 19, 07:59:36am2
Windsor Davies, British comic actor dies aged 88SherlockSaturday, January 19, 07:50:30am2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, January 19, 07:50:30am
Scottish-born drummer Ted McKenna (Rory Gallagher, Sensational Alex Harvey Band), aged 68 from operation complications ...Ed TraceySaturday, January 19, 07:33:34am1
Actor Ken KupstisDies at 52Saturday, January 19, 07:03:46am2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, January 19, 07:03:46am
Guje Lagerwall Kanter 1918-2019 Swedish actress, daughter of Victor SjöströmFredrik AnderssonSaturday, January 19, 03:24:14am1
ARCHIVE: January 18, 1982 ~Former child actor Trent Lehman, whose early efforts in 1960s TV, led him to his best remembered role as 'Butch Everett' on TV's "Nanny and the Professor", who at age 20, tragically hung himself on the schoolyard fence of the school he had attended as a youth. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, January 19, 01:14:39am3
Actor R. Lee Ermey buried at Arlington National CemetaryHe died last AprilFriday, January 18, 06:13:10pm2
Jan.18th~Happy 102nd Birthday! WW2 Figure Kenneth Mayhew, Baroness Sigrid von Laffert is 101, Composer Juan Orrego-Salas is 100, Actress Agathe Poschmann is 97, Composer Pierick Houdy is 90, Actress Vivi Johansson turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, January 18, 04:20:23pm8
Healthwatch: Wendy WilliamsHospitalizedFriday, January 18, 01:00:09pm1
Musician / Guitarist Reggie YoungDies at 82Friday, January 18, 12:24:07pm4
Glen Wood, co-founder of iconic Wood Brothers Racing teamDies at 93Friday, January 18, 12:20:59pm2
Archive: January 18, 2016: Glenn Frey dies at 67Eagles SingerFriday, January 18, 12:06:24pm1
Nick Redman, Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker and soundtrack producerDead at 63Friday, January 18, 11:34:35am2
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, January 18, 11:34:35am
Ex Cincinnati Bengals QB Turk Schonert dead at 62.FOX19 NewsFriday, January 18, 11:30:29am2
  • Pic -- ., Friday, January 18, 11:30:29am
Actor Stefanos MiltsakakisDies at 59Friday, January 18, 11:27:50am3
Debi Martini, Punk Rock Singer, Red AuntsDavid S.Friday, January 18, 11:20:59am5
Congolese boy who traveled to US, sponsored by fellow Congolese American pro basketball athlete Dikembe Mutombo, to have facial tumor removed dies. ...Matadi Sela Petit was only 8, when he died Dec. 23.Friday, January 18, 02:33:14am1
Australian Blues Singer Chris Wilson, Dead At 62 From CancerDavid S.Friday, January 18, 12:07:20am1
Pro Bull Rider Mason Lowe dies at 25TOBYThursday, January 17, 11:47:28pm2
Jan.17th~Happy 104th Birthday! Holocaust Survivor Thomas James Stretch, WW2 Figure Dan Tolkowsky is 98, Astrophysicist Epaminondas Stassinopoulos is 98, Politician Luis Echeveria is 97, Actress Betty White is 97, Actress Sally Demay is 97, Gov't Official Newton Monow is 93, Actor Pia Arnell is 90, Actress Anne Kyriakou is 90, Actor Philip Latham is 90, (NT)jlpThursday, January 17, 05:29:51pm12
ARCHIVE: January 16, 1979 ~It was 40(!) years today,Ted Cassidy, radio, television and film and voice actor, whose 6 ft 9 in stature and his deep bass voice, cast him in in offbeat/sci-fi TV, like Star Trek and I Dream of Jeannie, best remembered as footman 'Lurch' on TV's "The Addams Family", dies of complications following open-heart surgery, at age 46. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, January 17, 05:23:33pm7
Ronan Sexton, 35, Nephew of Liam Neeson dies 5 years after fall.Yahoo NewsThursday, January 17, 05:13:22pm2
  • Note to self ... (NT) -- Guiness + Rock & Roll partying ...don't mix., Thursday, January 17, 05:13:22pm
Bob Christiansen, Emmy winning TV producer ("The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman")Dead at 85Thursday, January 17, 01:11:39pm5
Sandra Harmon Elvis and Me Author dead at 80.Hollywood ReporterThursday, January 17, 11:55:33am2
  • Imdb -- ., Thursday, January 17, 11:55:33am
Mary Oliver, Pulitzer Prize-winning poetDies at 83Thursday, January 17, 11:54:33am2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, January 17, 11:54:33am
Worlds oldest nun dies at age 110Firefighter FredThursday, January 17, 11:51:57am2
Director & Producer William OlsenDies at 68Thursday, January 17, 11:48:32am3
Singer Rita Vidaurri (“La Calandria”)Dies at 94Thursday, January 17, 07:32:33am1
Art Director Gary Pembroke Allen1937-2018Thursday, January 17, 06:46:00am2
  • IMDb -- Link, Thursday, January 17, 06:46:00am
Alfred K. Newman, Navajo Code TalkerDies at 94Thursday, January 17, 02:19:22am4
American Jason Spindler, 40, CEO and managing director of I-DEV, a strategy and investment firm among dead in al-Shabab's attack terrorist attack on a luxury hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, killed days before his birthday. ...His death comes 17 years after surviving 911 NYC attacks at Trade Center.Wednesday, January 16, 06:50:09pm1
Bruce Tufeld, Hollywood Agent And Manager, son of "Lost in Space" actor Richard TufeldDead at 66Wednesday, January 16, 06:32:43pm2
Lorna Doom (AKA Teresa Ryan), bassist for legendary LA punk band, The GermsPer ex-brother in lawWednesday, January 16, 05:24:49pm3
Voice actor Bradley Bolke ('Chumlee' from TV's "Tennessee Tuxedo" fame) has passed away at the age of 93. ...ChumleeWednesday, January 16, 04:50:18pm5
Archive: Ennis Cosby, Jan. 16, 1997Son of Bill CosbyWednesday, January 16, 02:07:40pm2
Actor & Stuntman Bill AnagnosDies at 60Wednesday, January 16, 12:56:59pm5
Actor & Stuntman Bill AnagnosDies at 60Wednesday, January 16, 12:44:18pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Wednesday, January 16, 12:44:18pm
Eli Grba, First player to throw a pitch for the AngelsDead at 84Wednesday, January 16, 12:37:39pm1
Archive: Bradford Dillman, Jan. 16, 2008. Can't belive its been a year already was a huge fanColtWednesday, January 16, 12:12:19pm5
Heathwatch: MJ "daughter" Paris Jackson, 20, checks into treatment center to focus on physical and emotional wellbeing. ...NYDaily NewsWednesday, January 16, 11:59:30am1
Actor & Comedian Ben BennettDies at 89Wednesday, January 16, 11:53:36am4
Jan.16th ~Happy 99th Birthday! Actress/Singer Ann McCormack, Clarinetist Claude Abadie is 99, Politician Shmuel Toledano is 98, Politician Henry Sayler is 98, Writer William Kennedy turns 91. (NT)jlpWednesday, January 16, 11:43:01am5
Folk Singer/Songwriter Linda WaterfallDies at 68Wednesday, January 16, 11:28:04am2
OT: "To Catch a Predator" host Chris Hansen arrestedBouncing checksWednesday, January 16, 11:18:58am1
Shirley Boone, Wife of singer Pat BooneDead at 84Wednesday, January 16, 07:29:59am7
Archive: Brad Renfro, Jan. 15, 2008ActorWednesday, January 16, 04:35:00am4
Archive: Kim Fowley, Jan. 15, 2015Musician- producerTuesday, January 15, 05:07:53pm3
Archive: Harry Nilsson, Jan. 15, 1994Singer, songwriterTuesday, January 15, 05:00:11pm2
ARCHIVE: January 15, 2000 ~Actress Fran Ryan, stage, screen and TV player, who much of her career bore similarity to predecessor character actress Marjorie Main, frequently playing tough, mean-lipped, earthy and gruff-but-lovable female characters, dies at 83. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, January 15, 02:43:48pm2
Jan.15th~Happy Birthday! Actress Phyllis Coates (92) Actress Joanne Linville (91) Actor Joe Dorsey (87) Actor Martin Speer (78) Actress Karen Carlson (74) Actress Andrea Martin (72) Singer Chris D. (66) Actress Ta-Tanisha (66) (NT)ColtTuesday, January 15, 01:44:43pm8
Raymond G. Perelman, Businessman, one time father-in- law of actress Ellen BarkinDead at 101Tuesday, January 15, 11:54:30am1
Here's SAG-AFTRA Magazine In Memoriam 2018LinkTuesday, January 15, 09:03:15am13
OT: Registering NameDer BingleTuesday, January 15, 05:52:56am3
ARCHIVE: January 14, 1961 ~UK-born stage/film actor Ernest Thesiger made nearly 60 films in a 50-year acting career, it is for the two he made w/director James Whale that Thesiger will be best remembered -as 'Horace Femm' in Whale's "The Old Dark House" (1932), and 'Doctor Septimus Pretorius' in Whale's classic horror sequel "Bride of Frankenstein" (1935), dies on the eve of his 82nd birthday! …Bio & PHOTOMonday, January 14, 10:01:54pm2
ARCHIVE: January 14, 1961 ~UK-born stage/film actor Ernest Thesiger made nearly 60 films in a 50-year acting career, it is for the two he made w/director James Whale that Thesiger will be best remembered -as 'Horace Femm' in Whale's "The Old Dark House" (1932), and 'Doctor Septimus Pretorius' in Whale's classic horror sequel "Bride of Frankenstein" (1935), dies on the eve of his 82nd birthday! …Bio & PHOTOMonday, January 14, 05:42:54pm1
Paul Koslo, Actor known for 1970s roles dies at 74LinkMonday, January 14, 05:18:53pm8
Jan.14th~Happy 114th Birthday! Supercentenarian Jeanne Bot, WW2 Figure Vahe Danielyan is 99, Writer Patil Puttappa is 98, Actress Carole Cook is 95, Poitician Lauch Faircloth is 91, Composer Gian Stellari turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, January 14, 04:19:59pm8
Bonnie Guitar, Pioneering Musician, Performer & ProducerDies at 95Monday, January 14, 04:18:29pm7
Pepita Ferrari, Documentary filmmakerDead at 66Monday, January 14, 04:09:12pm1
Actress Nancy E. "Buni" Bacon dies at 79Former wife of The Ventures Guitarist Don WilsonMonday, January 14, 04:07:34pm5
Pawel Adamowicz, Gdansk mayor, assassinated.SherlockMonday, January 14, 01:08:23pm2
Mark Urman, Film producer ("Monster's Ball")Dead at 66Monday, January 14, 01:01:39pm1
Joe M. Jackson, Medal of Honor RecipientDies at 95Monday, January 14, 11:54:07am1
Mel Stottlemyre, New York baseball legend, dead at 77Daily NewsMonday, January 14, 11:19:11am2
TV Writer & Producer John FalseyDies at 67Monday, January 14, 09:46:25am6
Archive: Carol Wayne, Jan. 13, 1985ActressMonday, January 14, 09:44:59am3
Jan.13th~Happy 101st Birthday! Actress Guje Lagerwall, NASCAR Driver Bob Barron is 98, WW2 Figure Clarence "Bud" Anderson is 97, Author John Harper is 97, Biologist Sydney Brenner is 92, Actress Sarn A'Deane is 90, Actor Yuriy Satarov turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, January 13, 06:52:06pm8
baseball player Johnny HetkiDies at 96Sunday, January 13, 06:44:22pm2
  • Obit -- -, Sunday, January 13, 06:44:22pm
Dec.25th~Happy 101st Birthday! Scientist Arseny Mironov, Diplomat George S. Vest is 100, Religious Figure William Evan Sanders is 99, Mathematician Victor Zalgaller is 98, Actress Maria Cristina Camilo is 97, Actress Diana Herbert is 90, Actress Etta-Liisa Kunnas is 90, Actor Dick Miler is 90, Actor Youri Radionow is 90, Scholar Kapila Vatsyayan turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, January 13, 06:36:40pm7
OT: The grave of Vaudeville performer Joe Keaton (father of comic icon Buster Keaton) has finally been marked. Joe Keaton's grave had been UNmarked for over 70 years, until fans from around the world, raised fund$ to mark his grave. ...Joe Keaton died 73 years ago today ...Sunday, January 13, 02:12:37pm1
John Burningham, Prolific Author of Children’s BooksDead at 82Sunday, January 13, 01:53:26pm1
Actress Lois SwaneyDies at 92Sunday, January 13, 01:49:04pm3
Singer, producer, & songwriter Willie MurphyDies at 75Sunday, January 13, 01:18:49pm4
Songwriter Whitey ShaferDies at 84Sunday, January 13, 01:16:29pm2
Roger Charlier (Henri Rochard) wrote 1949s "I Was A Male War Bride," starring Cary GrantDies at 96Sunday, January 13, 12:59:59pm3
ARCHIVE: January 13, 1979 ~It was 40(!) years ago, we lost famed R&B songwriter/singer Donny Hathaway, 33, penning or co-writing classics "Where Is The Love?", "The Closer I Get To You", and "This Christmas", among others, even singing the intro to TV's MAUDE, took his own life, after years of mental heath issues. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, January 13, 12:31:08pm1
Walter Shipley, banking industry giant and founder of JP Morgan Chase, dies at 83. ...RussSunday, January 13, 11:25:48am1
Bob Kuechenberg, part of Dolphins' 1972 perfect seasonDies at 71Sunday, January 13, 09:28:55am1
Raymond Fielding, Newsreel HistorianDies at 87Sunday, January 13, 09:22:08am2
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, January 13, 09:22:08am
Director Jo Andres (& wife of Actor Steve Buscemi)Dies at 65Sunday, January 13, 05:15:46am6
Orville C. Vanderlip, One of the oldest men in CaliforniaDead at 109Saturday, January 12, 10:29:40pm5
ARCHIVE: January 12, 1976 ~English writer Dame Agatha Christie, best known for her 66 best-selling detective novels, and 14 short story collections, particularly those revolving around her fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, dies at 85. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, January 12, 10:26:03pm8
ARCHIVE: January 12, 1910 ~Bass Reeves, pioneering first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River, credited with arresting more than 3,000 felons, shooting and killed 14 outlaws in self-defense, died of Bright's disease (nephritis), at age 71. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, January 12, 10:11:07pm2
Comic Book Writer & Artist Batton LashDies at 65Saturday, January 12, 08:34:27pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, January 12, 08:34:27pm
Lester Wunderman, Direct Marketing Pioneer and Original "Mad Man"Dead at 98Saturday, January 12, 06:41:45pm3
Actor Matthew LocricchioDies at 71Saturday, January 12, 06:39:15pm3
  • IMDb -- Link, Saturday, January 12, 05:44:49pm
    • Pic. -- ., Saturday, January 12, 06:39:15pm
Harlem Globetrotter, Jumping Johnny WilsonDead at 91Saturday, January 12, 05:22:35pm2
Major Geoffrey Langlands, 101, - legendary soldier, teacher was last significant figure of British Raj in Pakistan...cameronSaturday, January 12, 03:24:44pm1
Archive: Betty Lou Gerson, Jan. 12, 1999Actress (voice of Cruella De Ville)Saturday, January 12, 03:10:07pm1
Fernando Lujan, Actor (was in the "Overboard" remake)Dead at 79Saturday, January 12, 03:05:54pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Saturday, January 12, 03:05:54pm
ARCHIVE: January 11, 1979 ~It was 40(!) years ago today, actor Jack Soo, whose career spread from Broadway, to Hollywood film and TV, best remembered as 'Det. Nick Yamana' on TV's "Barney Miller, dies at 61, after long battle with cancer. …Bio & PHOTOSaturday, January 12, 12:06:07pm3
Jan.12th~Happy 112th Birthdays! Supercentenrians Hildegard Lange and Arcadia Aguilar Noyola, Politician Mike Laffin is 101, Chemist Ralph Pearson is 100, Screenwriter Nicole de Buron is 90, Actress Rowena Gregory is 90, Director Christopher Hodson turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, January 12, 12:04:43pm6
Clydie King, Backup Singer for Ray Charles, Bob Dylan & Lynyrd SkynyrdDead at 75Saturday, January 12, 11:59:19am2
  • Pic -- ., Saturday, January 12, 11:59:19am
ARCHIVE: January 10, 2017 ~Ill-fated comic actor Tony Rosato, who found success early in his career, culminating as founding member of Canada's SCTV, and ater as alum of 'Not Ready for Prime Time' on TV's SNL, dies at 62, after years of battling mental. …Bio & PHOTOSaturday, January 12, 11:49:09am2
J.D. Gibbs, son of former Washington Redskins coach and current NASCAR owner Joe Gibbs; co-founder of Joe Gibbs RacingHe was 49Saturday, January 12, 05:32:00am1
Dianne Oxberry, British radio & TV host (or "presenter", as they call it)Dead at 51Friday, January 11, 02:39:23pm1
Jan.11th~Ha[[y 113th Birthday! Supercentenarian Isabel Castano Restrepo, Author Ann Tompert is 101, Journalist Lorenza Trucchi is 97, Actor Vasiliy Shkil is 97, Neuroscientist Roger Guillemin is 95, Actor Mitchell Ryan is 91, Annoncer Nicoletta Orsomando is 90, Actress Christina Huth is 90, Baseball's Don Mossi turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, January 11, 02:36:24pm7
Healthwatch: Former CNN host Piers MorganHospitalizedFriday, January 11, 02:29:16pm1
Katherine Scottie MacGregor has died at age 93. Starred as Harriet Oleson on "Little House on the Praire" from 1974 to 1983 (NT)Melissa Gilbert has announced on FacebookFriday, January 11, 02:04:53pm17
Jazz Musician & Composer Joseph JarmanDies at 81Friday, January 11, 11:55:00am2
  • "Together Alone" -- Joseph Jarman & Anthony Braxton, Friday, January 11, 11:55:00am
Gay Latin hip-hop artist Kevin Fret, shot to death in Puerto Rico. He was 24RussFriday, January 11, 10:38:54am1
Actor Brad BlaisdellDies at 69Friday, January 11, 08:13:46am3
Singer Larry Cunningham ("The Floaters")Dies at 67Friday, January 11, 08:10:08am3
Actress Verna BloomDies at 80Friday, January 11, 06:35:14am8
Jakiw Palij, Former Nazi Guard Deported After Decades in U.S., Dies at 95NY TimesFriday, January 11, 03:17:15am1
John Hunter Gray, Activist seen in iconic photo of a "sit in" at a Woolworth's lunch counter in 1960Dead at 84Thursday, January 10, 04:59:57pm2
Jan.10th~Happy 104th Birthday! Social Worker Jessie Lichauco, Novelist Bernard Binlin Dadie is 103, Masters Athlete Ugo Sansonetti is 100, Photographer Raymond Cauchetier is 99, Composer Gote Wilhelmson turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, January 10, 02:07:11pm4
Healthwatch: Actor Jerry Stiller (91)Recovering After "Medical Scare"Thursday, January 10, 10:26:26am1
Healthwatch: Chris Duncan, former St. Louis Cardinals outfielderBattling brain cancerThursday, January 10, 10:03:28am3
Comic Artist Ron SmithDies at 94Thursday, January 10, 07:20:30am1
Jacquelyn Littlefield, longtime owner of historic Spreckels Theatredies at 96Thursday, January 10, 04:59:25am1
ARCHIVE: January 9, 1997 ~Stage/film/TV actor Jesse White, character and voice player, known for his hundreds of film/TV roles starting from 1943 to 1996, up to his death with his swan song on TV's "Seinfeld", but best remembered as Maytag's TV pitchman, dies at 80. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, January 09, 10:58:33pm1
Jan.9th~Happy 112th Birthday! Supercentenarian Tsunahei Ogawa, Football Coach (Poland) Stefan Zywotko is 99, Olympic Athlete Agnes Keleti is 98, Gov't. Official James M. Beggs is 93. Guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli is 93, Writer Judith Ktantz turns 91. (NT)jlpWednesday, January 09, 06:00:17pm4
Actress Laya RakiDies at 91Wednesday, January 09, 05:25:37pm3
Carlos Sánchez, Embodied Colombian Coffee as Juan ValdezDies at 83Wednesday, January 09, 02:30:24pm2
Evangelist Rick Stanley, stepbrother to ElvisDies at 65Wednesday, January 09, 02:27:08pm2
Actor Daniel RadakovichDies at 60Wednesday, January 09, 02:21:18pm3
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, January 09, 01:55:59pm
    • PHOTO ... -- Link, Wednesday, January 09, 02:21:18pm
Gregg Rudloff, Three-Time Oscar-Winning Sound MixerDies at 63Wednesday, January 09, 01:48:56pm3
Derek Piggott, British Glider Pilot & StuntmanDies at 96Wednesday, January 09, 11:17:39am3
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, January 09, 10:14:16am
    • Photos -- link, Wednesday, January 09, 11:17:39am
Jazz Drummer Alvin FielderDies at 83Wednesday, January 09, 10:59:58am2
Castinig Assistant / Location Manager George WhitleyDies at 49Wednesday, January 09, 08:15:56am3
ARCHIVE: January 9, 1922 ~Maria Louise Baldwin, 65, African-American Massachusetts-born educator and civic leader, who would become the first woman of color principal in state of Massachusetts, and all of New England, dies suddenly of heart failure. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, January 09, 03:43:09am1
Archive: Terry- Thomas, Jan. 8, 1990ActorTuesday, January 08, 11:29:45pm3
OT: January 6, 1994 ~It was 25(!) years ago today, Tanya Harding and her husband orchestrated the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, just before U.S. Figure Skating Championship first Ladies' Singles competition, attacked after a practice session at the Detroit Cobo Arena. ...Harding denied any involvement in the planning of the attack, but pleaded guilty to conspiring to hinder the prosecution.Tuesday, January 08, 09:48:46pm4
Mary Kay Stearns, a Star of One of TV’s Earliest Shows, Dies at 93NY TimesTuesday, January 08, 08:16:31pm3
Actor & Writer Norman SniderDies at 73Tuesday, January 08, 07:12:53pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Tuesday, January 08, 07:12:53pm
Archive: Kenneth McMillan, Jan. 8, 1989Character actorTuesday, January 08, 06:40:55pm1
Lessie Smith, Oldest person in the USDead at 114Tuesday, January 08, 06:40:32pm5
Jan.8th~Happy 99th Birthday! Pianist Abbey Simon, Actress Valeria Valeri is 98, Neuroscientist Horace Barlow is 98, Painter Pierre-Yves Tremois is 98, Actor Larry Storch is 96, Politician Slade Gorton is 91. Journalist Sander Vanocur is 91, Asst. Director Anastasia Anghel is 90, Lawyer Gerry Spence turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, January 08, 06:35:33pm9
Archive: Pat Buttram, Jan. 8, 1994Character actorTuesday, January 08, 06:32:48pm1
Archive: On Jan. 8, 2011, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is greeting constituents at a Safeway parking lot in Tucson, Az.Suddenly, a madman walks up & opens fireTuesday, January 08, 04:48:38pm1
Ray Glauber, Nobel awarded physicistDead at 93Tuesday, January 08, 01:13:35pm1
Morton Packard "Packy" Smith, Author, Producer and co-founder of The Western Film FestivalDies at 77Tuesday, January 08, 01:08:15pm1
ARCHIVE: January 8, 2018 ~It was ONE year ago we lost Denise LaSalle, blues, R&B and soul singer, songwriter, and record producer who, since the death of Koko Taylor, had been recognized as the "Queen of the Blues", with hits like "Trapped by a Thing Called Love" and "Down Home Blues", dies at 83. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, January 08, 01:07:56pm1
OT: I was waching an episode of Perry Mason this morning.... it featured actor James Hong..Tuesday, January 08, 11:35:59am3
Today's Pic (Jan.8): (NT)Director Milos FormanTuesday, January 08, 08:36:33am1
OT: Supreme Court won't hear Olivia de Havilland caseUSA TodayTuesday, January 08, 07:26:04am3
William Morgan Sheppard Star Trek & Dr. Who actor dead at 86The IndependentTuesday, January 08, 01:40:25am7
Mungau Dain, Starred in the Oscar-nominated Australian-Vanuatu film “Tanna”Has diedTuesday, January 08, 01:36:59am4
Jan.7th~Happy 99th Birthday! Actor Witold Sadowy, Writer Dorothy MacLean is 99, Actress Anne Campion is 90, Composer Jaromir Dlouhy is 90, Actress Terry Moore is 90, Director Massimo Pipillo is 90, Author Michael Holt turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, January 07, 07:11:36pm6
Healthwatch: Boston Marathon bombing amputee Adrianne HasletHit by a car, hospitalizedMonday, January 07, 04:31:37pm1
ARCHIVE: January 7, 2005 ~Rose Marie "Rosemary" Kennedy, oldest of the Kennedy Family siblings, whose brother John F. Kennedy, became the youngest candidate elected to U.S. President, was born with 'intellectual disabilities' and was erroneously the victim of a botched lobotomy, leaving her invalid until her death at 84. She was the first Kennedy offspring to die from natural causes. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, January 07, 03:33:25pm2
Actor Robert RuthDies at 82Monday, January 07, 03:11:54pm3
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, January 07, 03:06:43pm
    • Pic -- ., Monday, January 07, 03:11:54pm
Jimmy Hannan, Australian actor, singer, game show hostDead at 84Monday, January 07, 03:09:28pm3
Derek Keeling, Broadway actor ("Grease", "Million Dollar Quartet")Dead at 38Monday, January 07, 03:05:20pm1
Babs Simpson, Longtime Fashion Editor at VogueDead at 105Monday, January 07, 03:00:17pm1
Tuskegee Airman John ‘Jack’ LyleDies at 98Monday, January 07, 02:52:03pm1
George Welch 1933-2019 UVa football coach coach 1982 -2000 4 time ACC coach of yearLemnpiper (He was National Coach of year in football in 1991)Monday, January 07, 02:34:32pm2
John Burningham, children's author and illustrator, has died.Link to obituary inside.Monday, January 07, 01:58:42pm1
It appears former child actress Dorothy Morrison Green, 100, (sister of OUR GANG's Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison) is deceased. ...Tribute posted by her great-granddaughter implies it.Monday, January 07, 11:51:56am11
Sylvia Chase, former KRON news anchor and award-winning TV journalist, dies at 80LinkMonday, January 07, 10:44:51am6
Moshe Arens, Israeli Statesman and Ex-Defense Minister ...... Dies at 93Monday, January 07, 09:57:48am2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Monday, January 07, 09:57:48am
Actress Patrice Martinez dies at 55Link to Duncan Regehr Facebook postSunday, January 06, 08:24:06pm24
Abdul Salaam El Razzac (Born Allen Johnson), ActorDead at 74Sunday, January 06, 07:48:40pm6
Jamal al-Badawi, Suspected planner of the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, killed in a drone strikeYemenSunday, January 06, 06:31:16pm1
Annalise Braakensiek, Australian model, actressDead at 46Sunday, January 06, 05:14:08pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Sunday, January 06, 05:14:08pm
Kwamie Lassiter, Football player ((Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams).Dead at 49Sunday, January 06, 05:11:34pm1
Lenny Green, Former Detroit Tigers outfielderDies on 86th birthdaySunday, January 06, 05:09:18pm2
Jose Ramon Fernandez, Commanded Cuban defenses at the Bay of PigsDead at 95Sunday, January 06, 05:07:04pm1
Norman Birnbaum, Left-wing sociologist and journalist with the NationDead at 92Sunday, January 06, 05:05:15pm1
Jan.6th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Masters Athlete Frederico Fischer, Actor Marian Gamski is 97, Chef Leah Chase turns 96. (NT)jlpSunday, January 06, 05:03:33pm4
Actress Ethel AylerDies at 88Sunday, January 06, 01:30:28pm6
Daryl Dragon of The captain & TennilleDies at 76Sunday, January 06, 12:33:27pm10
ARCHIVE: January 5, 1982 ~Actor Harvey Lembeck, known for his comical character roles on TV and film, best remembered by TV audiences as 'Cpl. Rocco Barbella' on "The Phil Silvers Show" ("Bilko"), and in film in hits like "Stalag 17" (1953), and as 'Eric Von Zipper' in beach party movies during the 1960s, died suddenly of sudden heart attack, at 58. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, January 06, 12:14:09pm4
ARCHIVE: January 6, 1919 ~It was 100 years ago today, Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, who served as our 25th VP, and with the assassination of William McKinley, TR became the youngest U.S. President to ever serve, known as a fierce Progressive, helping create U.S. National Parks system, dies in his sleep of blood clot, at only 60. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, January 06, 12:08:22pm3
Eric Haydock, original bassit for "The Hollies"Dies at 72Sunday, January 06, 12:00:45pm2
Scott Dozier, Nevada death row inmate whose execution had been twice delayed, dies of suicide at 48RussSunday, January 06, 11:59:11am2
Actor & Director Tom WilliamsDies at 89Sunday, January 06, 11:00:35am5
ARCHIVE: January 6, 1949 ~It was 70 years ago today, Victor Fleming, film director, cinematographer, and producer, whose most popular films were "The Wizard of Oz" (1939), and "Gone with the Wind" (1939), for which he won an Academy Award for Best Director, dies at 59. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, January 06, 10:41:41am5
Darwin Bromley, founder of Mayfair Games and game designerDead at 68Sunday, January 06, 10:01:41am1
Bob Burrow, basketball star at Kentucky in the 50's, who played 2 years in the NBA, dies at 84RussSunday, January 06, 08:34:34am1
Makeup artist Lynne Brooks dies at 89Died Oct 12, 2018 and wasn't already posted.Sunday, January 06, 06:44:59am3
Darius Perkins, Australian actorDead at 54Sunday, January 06, 12:54:41am3
Jan.5th~Happy Birthday! Actor Robert Duvall (88) Director Roger Spottiswoode (74) Actress Diane Keaton (73) Guitarist Chris Stein (69) Actress Pamela Sue Martin (66) (NT)ColtSaturday, January 05, 08:47:34pm6
HEALTHWATCH: Country singer Maxine Brown, last surviving member of sibling trio The BrownsSuffered massive heart attack and organ failureSaturday, January 05, 07:37:24pm7
Bill Davis, Guitarist from Kentucky Country music familyDead at 96Saturday, January 05, 04:36:36pm1
Harold Brown, Defense Secretary in Carter AdministrationDies at 91Saturday, January 05, 04:24:36pm3
Alexis Smirnoff, WrestlerDead at 71Saturday, January 05, 04:21:07pm1
Christine McGuire, Eldest of the McGuire SistersShe was 92Saturday, January 05, 04:09:59pm6
Actor Sanford GibbonsDies at 85Saturday, January 05, 03:55:14pm3
British actor Hugh Dickson has died. He was 91.obit inside.Saturday, January 05, 11:54:35am2
  • Imdb -- ., Saturday, January 05, 11:54:35am
I recognize most of today's pics as character actors who passed in 2018, but what's the deal with the "Black or White" video people? (NT)RussSaturday, January 05, 10:13:57am2
Jan.4th~Happy 103rd Birthday! Author Helena Kolaczkowska,Politician Lester L. Wolf is 100, Painter/Activist Tatiana Gamerith is 100, Politician Jean Toutain is 99, Football's Johnny Lujack is 94, (NT)jlpSaturday, January 05, 12:37:54am11
Sy Dresner, Hired Howard Stern for one of his first radio jobsDead at 89Friday, January 04, 06:55:01pm1
Herb Kelleher, Co-founder of Southwest AirlinesDead at 87Friday, January 04, 06:33:25pm3
ADMIN NOTE: Reminder; if you're at an absence of the correct vocabulary to express yourself, do not use foul language. It will get you banned at least 24 hours. ~Thank you. theChroniclerFriday, January 04, 06:30:00pm1
Healthwatch: Jamie Spears, Father of BritneyHospitalized after rupturing his colonFriday, January 04, 04:35:07pm1
ARCHIVE: December 25, 1951 & January 3, 1951 ~Harry T. Moore, and his wife Harriette were killed, the victims of a racially-motivated fatal Christmas Day (their 25th Wedding Anniversary) bombing of the home. Moore, an educator/pioneer leader, founder of the first branch of the Brevard County, FL NAACP, and considered as 1st assassinated NAACP official in the civil rights struggle. …Bios & PHOTOSFriday, January 04, 01:48:53pm1
OT: Question regarding actress Dusty Anderson ...MacFriday, January 04, 12:37:29pm2
Al Reinert, Oscar-Nominated 'Apollo 13' ScreenwriterDead at 71Friday, January 04, 12:06:16pm2
  • imdb -- ,, Friday, January 04, 12:06:16pm
Richard Marks, Four time Editing Oscar Nominee worked on ‘Apocalypse Now’ & ‘As Good As It Gets’"Dead at 75Friday, January 04, 12:05:17pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Friday, January 04, 12:05:17pm
Bob Einstein, Curb Your Enthusiasm actor and Smothers Brothers writer, also remembered for his screen alter-ego 'Super Dave Osborne', elder brother of actor/filmmaker Albert Brooks, and son of legendary comic 'Parkyakarkus'. ...He was 76Friday, January 04, 11:46:13am7
Steve Ripley, Lead Singer & Guitarist for Country-Rock Band The TractorsDies at 69Friday, January 04, 11:39:18am3
ARCHIVE: January 4, 1998 ~Mae Questel, film and voice actress of animated characters Betty Boop and Olive Oyl, as well as a succesful career as character actress the last decades of her life in films like "Funny Girl" (1968), "New York Stories" (1989), and as 'Aunt Bethany' in 1989's "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", dies at 89. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, January 04, 10:31:15am1
ARCHIVE: January 4, 1999 ~Character actor Iron Eyes Cody, who created a Hollywood career as the go-to true Native American player, all the while living the lie of his screen persona in real-life, appropriating the Indian culture (though born of Italian/Sicilian roots), best remembered as face of TV PSA on the environment, dies at 94. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, January 04, 10:08:20am2
I saw on-line the obituary for Daniel Michael Canning. He was the son of silent star Mae Murray. (NT)His real name was Koran David Mdivani. He was adopted. His obituary says he died april 4, 2018 age 92.Thursday, January 03, 10:21:05pm4
Brian Garfield, Author of "Death Wish"Dead at 79Thursday, January 03, 05:39:32pm2
HEALTHWATCH: Comedian Billy ConnollyAnnounces he is in the final stages of Parkinson'sThursday, January 03, 04:55:47pm1
ARCHIVE: January 3, 1979 ~It was 40 years ago today, Eula May Love, African-American mother, a woman who suffered from mental illness, was shot and killed by Los Angeles Police Department, at 39 years old. Love case was beginning in an era of many questionable LAPD killings that garnered public protest, in the latter 20th century. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, January 03, 03:58:12pm1
Can anyone recall another year that started with not one, not two, but three deaths of well known people? (Mean Gene, Bob Einstein, Captain of Captain & Tennille) (NT)I sure can't!Thursday, January 03, 02:31:49pm2
Jan.3rd~Happy 103rd Birthday! Producer Mag Bodard, Professor/Lawyer Jan Lopuski is 102, Silent Film Actress Dorothy Morrison is 100, Football's Bob Dawson is 98, Poet Claude Vigee is 98, Football's Cecil Souders is 98, (NT)jlpThursday, January 03, 01:54:46pm8
Katie Flynn, Romance novelistDead at 82Thursday, January 03, 12:28:15pm1
Joe Casely-Hayford, British Fashion DesignerDead at 62Thursday, January 03, 12:26:28pm1
ARCHIVE: January 3, 2014 ~Actress Alicia Rhett, at the time of her death, one of the oldest surviving credited cast members of the 1939 classic film, "Gone With The Wind" -her sole film credit! Later, she an accomplished sketch and portrait artist, dies at 98. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, January 03, 12:16:34pm2
Sportswriter Jerry Magee (Pro Football Weekly)Dead at 90Thursday, January 03, 12:06:05pm1
Herb Ellis, 97, longtime character actor known for "Dragnet"LinkThursday, January 03, 11:33:54am11
OT: What Death of 2018 Affected You The MostDer BingleThursday, January 03, 10:42:09am18
Puppeteer Steve Hall, Creator and Voice of Nashville Now's Shotgun RedDies at 64Wednesday, January 02, 10:19:48pm1
Archive: Silent Film Actress Miriam SeegarDied Jan 2, 2011 at age 103Wednesday, January 02, 07:45:21pm2
Wrestling commentator Mean Gene Okerlund dead at 76TOBYWednesday, January 02, 07:10:52pm5
ARCHIVE: January 2, 1990 ~Hollywood veteran character actor Alan Hale Jr, son of Hollywood player namesake father, best remembered as 'Skipper' on TV's "Gilligan's Island", after he amassed a career for decades in film, enjoyed the last years of his life, basking in the popularity of his beloved TV persona that brough him fame, dies of cancer at 68. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, January 02, 07:06:12pm3
Pegi Young, Neil Young 's ex-wife and collaboratorDead at 66Wednesday, January 02, 06:49:53pm1
Jerry Van Dyke was the first big death of 2018 (NT)Older brother Dick has outlived him by a year (so far)Wednesday, January 02, 05:55:29pm2
Big Band /Jazz Singer Dolores ParkerDies at 99Wednesday, January 02, 05:31:19pm2
Blake Nordstrom, Heir to the Nordstrom Dept. Store chainDead at 58Wednesday, January 02, 03:22:29pm1
Larry Weinberg, Founder and first owner of Portland Trail BlazersDies at 92Wednesday, January 02, 02:42:18pm1
TV HEADS UP: Sunday, Decemeber 30, 2018....CBS SUNDAY MORNING....6:30am....Hail & Farewell end of year obits....always at least 20 minute segment very complete. (NT)Check your local listing!Wednesday, January 02, 02:07:18pm14
Archive: Barton MacLane, Jan. 1, 1969Character actorWednesday, January 02, 01:37:08pm4
Former Notre Dame Player Josh Atkinson dead at 25Collegefootballtalk.comWednesday, January 02, 01:17:22pm1
Ed Baer, NYC DJ (WMCA; WHN; WYNY; WHUD; WCBS-FM; Sirius)Dead at 82Wednesday, January 02, 12:41:14pm2
  • PHOTO ... -- Link, Wednesday, January 02, 12:41:14pm
Jan.2nd~Happy 116th Birthday! Supercentenarian Kane Tanaka, Typographer Gudrum Zapf-von Hesse is 101, Production Designer Georgi Prokopets is 97, Actress Elzbieta Swiecicka is 92, Football;s Gino Marchetti is 92, Actor Yilmar Gunduz is 90, Politician Tellervo Koivisto turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, January 02, 12:04:37pm5
Ed Corney, Bodybuilder (was in the film "Pumping Iron")Dead at 85Wednesday, January 02, 11:55:42am2
Healthwatch: Ex- Sen. Harry ReidPancreatic cancerWednesday, January 02, 11:52:36am2
O/T Jeanne Calment, longest lived person who died at 122May have actually been 99 at the time of her deathWednesday, January 02, 11:49:07am16
Dean Ford (Thomas McAleese) singer for MarmaladeDied Jan 1st 2019Wednesday, January 02, 11:38:46am2
Boston Radio Reporter & Actor Joe StapletonDies SuddenlyWednesday, January 02, 10:12:04am2
  • IMDb -- -, Wednesday, January 02, 10:12:04am
ARCHIVE: January 1, 1973 ~Musician/songwriter Walter E. Rollins, who wrote the Holiday classics "Here Comes Peter Cottontail", and "Frosty the Snowman", as well as co-wrote many country songs for artists such as Gene Autry, Hank Snow, George Jones and Eddy Arnold, dies at 67. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, January 01, 11:00:08pm1
Purdue super fan Tyler Trent dies after battle with bone cancerwWDITuesday, January 01, 06:47:22pm2
Archive: Jan. 1 -There were 2 "Batman" villains who died; Victor Buono (King Tut) in 1982, & Cesar Romero (The Joker) in 1994. ...LinksTuesday, January 01, 04:40:24pm1
OT: Healthwatch - the Times Square NewYear's Eve Ball?What happened?Tuesday, January 01, 02:27:37pm4
Jan.1st~Happy 104th Birthday! Professor Fazlollah Reza, Painter Rudolf Mumprecht is 101, Actress Sheila Mercier is 100, Tennis Player Eustace Fannin is 100, Painter Ibrahim Balaban is 98, Religious Figure Hossein Vahid Khorasani is 98, Politician Pete Turnham is 97, Politician Fritz Hollings is 97, Art Director Ivan King is 97, Actor Veikko Manninen is 97, \ (NT)jlpTuesday, January 01, 02:19:18pm9
ADMIN NOTE: I want to wish and hope for health and happiness in the New Year. It's been a very challenging one for many, but personal peace is achievable ...and needed these days. I wish all, well. theChroniclerTuesday, January 01, 02:17:58pm2
Ray Sawyer, of "Dr Hook"Dead at 81Tuesday, January 01, 12:25:08am8
ARCHIVE: December 31, 2015 ~Actor Wayne Rogers, film and television actor, known for playing the role of Captain "Trapper" John McIntyre in the CBS television series M*A*S*H, and later a succesful businessman amassing a reported approximate estate of $75M, dies of pneumonia at 82. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, December 31, 10:10:00pm3
ARCHIVE: December 31, 1971 ~Peter Duel, 31, steady and solid young actor, best known for his starring role as outlaw 'Hannibal Heyes' (alias Joshua Smith) in the TV's "Alias Smith and Jones", kills himself in a drunken and despondent New Years Eve. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, December 31, 09:30:23pm1
Dec.31~Happy Birthday! Actress Diana Hale (89) Actor Anthony Hopkins (81) Director Sean S. Cunningham (77) Guitarist Andy Summers (76) Actor Ben Kingsley (75) (NT)ColtMonday, December 31, 05:03:35pm8
Archive: Brandon Teena, Dec. 31, 1993Murder victim (Death inspired the film "Boys Don't Cry")Monday, December 31, 04:37:57pm1
ARCHIVE: December 31, 1985 ~Ricky Nelson, 45, early rock and roll star, musician, and singer-songwriter, whose career began as a youngster with his family on TV's "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet", leading into a successful singing career, until the fateful New Years Eve flight to a Texas gig, killing Nelson and his companions ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, December 31, 04:33:10pm2
ARCHIVE: December 31, 1972 ~Roberto Clemente, 38, beloved Puerto Rican professional baseball right fielder who played 18 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Pittsburgh Pirates, tragically killed in a plane crash while en route to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, December 31, 04:03:39pm4
ARCHIVE: December 27, 1983 ~Veteran character actor William Demarest, whose Hollywood career spanned over 50 years in both film and TV efforts, best remembered to younger audiences as 'Uncle Charlie' on TV's "My Three Sons", dies at 91. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, December 31, 03:13:03pm6
Healthwatch: Jimmy Osmond of the Osmond familySuffers stroke during performanceMonday, December 31, 02:40:34pm3
Don Mckay, Actor ...Dead at 93.Monday, December 31, 02:35:12pm2
  • IMDb ... -- Link, Monday, December 31, 02:35:12pm
Disney Animator Don Lusk 1913-2018Dies at 105Monday, December 31, 11:05:10am6
ARCHIVE: December 30, 1992 ~Ling Ling, 23, the popular panda bear who arrived in the United States as a symbol of United States-China detente and who quickly achieved world-wide status as the most beloved attraction along with her mate Hsing Hsing, dies after brief illness at her home of Washington DC's National Zoo. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, December 30, 05:55:07pm1
Dec.30th~Happy Birthday! Actor Russ Tamblyn (84) Producer Michael Nesmith (76) Actor Fred Ward (76) Troma Founder Lloyd Kaufman (73) Singer Patti Smith (72) (NT)ColtSunday, December 30, 04:24:54pm6
Rosenda Monteros, Mexican actress ("The Magnificent Seven")Dead at 83Sunday, December 30, 02:27:23pm3
Agneta Eckemyr, Swedish model, actress (was in "Kentucky Fried Movie")Dead at 68Sunday, December 30, 11:16:59am5
Chris Burrous - local Los Angeles news anchor dead at 43KTLA.comSunday, December 30, 10:10:04am12
June Whitfield dies aged 93SherlockSunday, December 30, 08:00:23am7
Archive: Bob Luman, Dec. 27, 1978SingerSunday, December 30, 05:01:22am5
Abdelmalek Benhabyles 1921-2018 Algerian politician, former president.Fredrik AnderssonSunday, December 30, 03:49:35am1
Bre Payton, conservative writerDead at 26 (sudden)Saturday, December 29, 11:17:45pm3
Aldo Parisot, cellistDead at 100Saturday, December 29, 06:21:56pm1
Dec.29th~Happy 100th Birthday! WW2 Figure Leo J. Dulacki, WW2 Figure Thomas W. Horton is 99, Olympic Athlete Rolf Magnusson is 97, Mathematician Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat is 95, Actor Mike Nussbaum is 95, Football's Dub Jones is 94, Actor Bernard Cribbins is 90, Singer June Preston turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, December 29, 05:23:26pm10
Songwriter Norman GimbelDies at 91Saturday, December 29, 01:13:52pm11
Liza Redfield, First female conductor on BroadwayDead at 94Saturday, December 29, 12:42:53pm2
Ringo Lam, Hong Kong filmmakerDead at 63Saturday, December 29, 11:32:59am1
Iaia Fiastri, Italian screenwriterDead at 84Saturday, December 29, 11:31:35am1
Fitness YouTuber dies after being Tased by police as he attacked his Tinder dateCohasset, Mass.Saturday, December 29, 11:28:01am1
Shehu Shagari, Ex- Pres. of NigeriaDead at 93Saturday, December 29, 11:24:45am1
ARCHIVE: December 27, 2016 ~CARRIE FISHER, 60, actress, writer, comedian daughter of Hollywood stars Debbie Reynolds & Eddie Fisher, she was known as the industry's noted screenwriting "go-to" for enhancing top film scripts, as well as being an accomlished author in her own rite, dies days after suffering a likely drug-induced heart failure. -Upon hearing the news, her mother died hours later, the following morning. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, December 28, 06:37:11pm3
Gary Tollett, Sang background on "That'll Be the Day"Has diedFriday, December 28, 05:25:11pm3
Georges Loinger, French resistance fighter during World War IIDead at 108Friday, December 28, 05:00:25pm1
Dec.28th~Happy Birthday! Actress Nichelle Nichols (86) Actress Maggie Smith (84) Actor William Bassett (83) Composer Richard Band (65) (NT)ColtFriday, December 28, 04:51:41pm6
Robert Kerman, Actor (Cannibal Holocaust, Eaten Alive)Dead at 71Friday, December 28, 04:49:54pm4
Patrick Fleming, Member of Andy Warhol's FactoryDies at 75Friday, December 28, 04:46:58pm2
  • Pic- -- ., Friday, December 28, 04:46:58pm
OT: RIP OldiesMusicBoard.comGone for good January 1st, 2019Friday, December 28, 04:39:46pm2
Mike Hiss 1941-2018 4 time Indy 500 starter and 500 Rookie of the year in 1972LemnpiperFriday, December 28, 11:59:33am1
Amos Oz, Israeli authorDead at 79Friday, December 28, 11:25:31am1
Toshiko Fujita, Japanese actressDead at 68Friday, December 28, 11:24:20am1
ARCHIVE: December 25th! ~W.C. Fields, Charlie Chaplin, Billy Martin, Dean Martin, James Brown, Eartha Kitt, Groge Michael.... (NT)...All died on Christmas Day!Friday, December 28, 10:40:09am11
Warren Welles, Played for the Oakland RaidersDead at 76Friday, December 28, 05:58:09am2
  • Wells (NT) -- Spent time in jail for rape, Friday, December 28, 05:58:09am
RIP:Peter Valliant - Pittsburgh Diner OwnerDer BingleFriday, December 28, 05:49:56am1
Richard Overton, Oldest US World War II VeteranDies at 112Thursday, December 27, 07:28:34pm5
Anita Ellis, Ghost singer died July 1, 2007 at 87? (Dubbed Rita Hayworth's "Put The Blame on Mame")According to WikipediaThursday, December 27, 07:19:17pm3
ARCHIVE: December 27, 2003 ~UK-born acclaimed actor Alan Bates who came to prominence in the 1960s, securing a solid film career, nominated for an Oscar for 'Best Actor' in "The Fixer" (1968), also nominated for SIX Golden Globes 'Best Actor' Awards, and SEVEN BAFTA Awards, earning a 'Best Actor' win in 1983 for "An Englishman Abroad", died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 69. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, December 27, 06:27:00pm1
Sono Osato, Ballet Star, gained acclaim on Broadway in the World War II-era musicals “One Touch of Venus” and “On the Town"Dead at 99Thursday, December 27, 05:51:37pm3
Dec.27th~Happy 98th Birthday! Singer Fatima Kuinova, Nurse Loretta Ford is 98, WW2 Figure Philippe de Gaulle is 97, WW2 Figure E. S. Campbell is 97, Producer Ernest Chambers is 90, Actress Joyce McCluskey is 90, Singer/Actress Ines Taddio turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, December 27, 05:17:26pm5
Nancy Grace Roman, First woman to hold an executive position at NASA, helped with development of the Hubble Space TelescopDead at 93Thursday, December 27, 04:50:36pm2
  • Pic. -- ., Thursday, December 27, 04:50:36pm
Actor Frank AdonisDies at 83Thursday, December 27, 04:15:12pm5
Penny Cook, Australian actressDead at 61Thursday, December 27, 04:13:18pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Thursday, December 27, 04:13:18pm
John Culver, Ex- US Senator from IowaDead at 86Thursday, December 27, 04:11:05pm2
Kern Kennedy, Pianist who backed Sun Records starsDead at 87Thursday, December 27, 11:34:09am2
Arizona Music Legend Jerry Riopelle Died Christmas EveKDKPThursday, December 27, 11:31:32am2
Archive: Jack Benny, Dec. 26, 1974 (NT)one of the best comedians of all time, lived to age 80Thursday, December 27, 11:29:30am4
Sigi Schmid, all-time winningest Major League Soccer coach, dies at 66RussThursday, December 27, 10:56:21am1
ARCHIVE: December 26, 1963 ~Famed Pro wrestler Gorgeouos George, during the First Golden Age of Professional Wrestling in the 1940s–1950s, who at 48, dies suddenly of a heart attack aggrivated by liver cirrhosis. ...Bio & PHOTOThursday, December 27, 09:26:37am3
TCM Remembers 2018Updated with Penny Marshall and Mary CarlisleThursday, December 27, 07:40:18am9
Archive: Harry S truman, Dec. 26, 197233rd Pres. of the USWednesday, December 26, 04:34:04pm2
Archive: Curtis Mayfield, Dec. 26, 1999MusicianWednesday, December 26, 04:18:19pm2
  • "Gypsy Woman" -- The Impressions, Wednesday, December 26, 04:18:19pm
Archive: Fontella Bass, Dec. 26, 2012SingerWednesday, December 26, 04:17:18pm2
  • "Rescue Me" -- Fontella Bass, Wednesday, December 26, 04:17:18pm
Jer O' Leay, Irish actor (My Left Foot, Michael Collins, In the Name of the Father)Has diedWednesday, December 26, 04:11:51pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Wednesday, December 26, 04:11:51pm
How old is Actor Scott Glenn? 77 or 79? I see conflicting reports (NT)ColtWednesday, December 26, 04:08:00pm2
Sister Wendy Beckett dies at 88BBC presenterWednesday, December 26, 12:44:20pm4
Jane Langton, Mystery, Sci- Fi authorDead at 95Wednesday, December 26, 12:18:50pm1
Dec.26th~Happy 99th Birthday! Physiologist Gilbert Ling, Actress Vera Langrova is 97, Director Eric Duvivier is 90, Engineer Martin Cooper is 90, Author Patricia Montandon turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, December 26, 12:13:59pm4
James Calvin Wilsey, Guitarist in Chris Isaak's bandDead at 61Wednesday, December 26, 12:06:33pm2
  • "Wicked Game" -- Chris Isaak, Wednesday, December 26, 12:06:33pm
Ricardo Barber, Cuban-born actorDead at 81Wednesday, December 26, 12:01:23pm1
Christmas guys. Wishing you all health and happiness too (NT)Cher (sorry i’m lateWednesday, December 26, 10:27:58am3
Tsunami from erupting Krakatau kills at least 222IndonesiaTuesday, December 25, 10:53:15pm12
Archive: Jack Webb, Dec. 23, 1982Actor- director- producerTuesday, December 25, 08:37:48pm4
Honey Lantree of the HoneycombsDead at 75Tuesday, December 25, 10:50:40am3
Musician & Songwriter Jimmy WorkDies at 94Tuesday, December 25, 10:48:28am3
Josiah Vierra, who suffered aging disease progeria and was the subject of subject of the ESPN show E:60, dies at 14RussTuesday, December 25, 07:46:10am1
Puebla Governor Martha Erika Alonso and HusbandKilled in helicopter crashMonday, December 24, 05:24:24pm1
Dec.24th~Happy 106th Birthday! Football's John Henderson, Musician Dave Bartholomew is 100, Painter Pierre Soulages is 99, Cricketer Allan Edwards is 97, Filmmaker Jonas Mekas is 96, Historian/Author Mark Ferro is 94, Writer Mary Higgins Clark is 91, Actor Siegurd Fitzek is 90, Gymnast John Miles is 90, Actress Honey Saunders turns 90. (NT)jlpMonday, December 24, 12:54:34pm9
According to genealogy website Geni. Betty Grable's youngest daughter.Jessica James Trotter, died March 20, 2016 in Eugene Oregon. Age 68.Monday, December 24, 12:33:19pm2
Actress Carol Spilman has diedBettySunday, December 23, 11:59:44pm5
Roberto Suazo Córdova, Ex-President of HondurasDead at 91Sunday, December 23, 04:28:41pm2
Dec,23rd~Happy 99th Birthday! WW2 Figure Vasily Reshertnikov , WW2 Figure Tim Elkington is 98, Basball's (AAGPBL) Marge Callaghen is 97, Actress Bozana Nikolajevic is 97, Poet Robert Bly is 92, Singer Hronis Aidonidis is 90, Actess Palma Shard turns 90. (NT)jlpSunday, December 23, 11:50:21am5
ARCHIVE: December 12, 1968 ~It was 50 years ago today, we lost acting great Tallulah Bankhead, star of stage, films, and TV, known for her husky voice, outrageous personality, and devastating wit, originating some of the 20th century theater's preeminent roles in comedy and melodrama, and always a popular TV panelist/guest, dies after a lifetime of excess at age 66. ...Bio & PHOTOSSunday, December 23, 10:10:21am11
Tereze Gluck, mother of actress Abigail Savage ("Orange is the new black") has died.BettySunday, December 23, 09:05:12am1
Actor & Singer Charles Weldon, Sr.Dies at 78Saturday, December 22, 07:43:04pm8
Gabe Solis, Ex- husband of Trina BraxtonDead at 43Saturday, December 22, 05:06:06pm2
Archive: Dave Dudley, Dec. 22, 2003Country singerSaturday, December 22, 04:47:12pm2
Dec.22nd~Happy 101st Birthday! Cricketer William Brown, Olympic Athlete Maurice Girardot is 97, Artist Manoucher Yektai is 97, Anthropologist Jean Malaurie is 96, Journalist Charles Peters is 92, Writer/TV Host Piero Angela is 90, Actress Bunny Levine is 90, Actress Regine Lutz turns 90. (NT)jlpSaturday, December 22, 04:43:38pm8
OT: Adult film actress arrested for murder for hire plotSpokane, Wash.Saturday, December 22, 04:28:05pm1
Mel Hutchins, Basketball player (Hawks, Pistons, Knicks)Dead at 90Saturday, December 22, 03:27:52pm1
Paddy Ashdown, Former leader of Britain's Liberal DemocratsDead at 77Saturday, December 22, 03:25:27pm1
Simcha Rotem, Last survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943Dead at 94Saturday, December 22, 03:24:19pm1
looking for info on a Actor Gil Rogers born 1934 if he is still alive or dead?Colt (Link Inside)Saturday, December 22, 12:31:57pm8
Archive: On Dec. 22, 1978, John Wayne Gacy is arrestedConfessed to over 30 murdersSaturday, December 22, 11:36:53am1
Mary McKee, Former First Lady of Minnesota (was married to Wendell Anderson)Dead at 78Saturday, December 22, 11:23:28am1
Archive: On Dec. 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103, flying over Lockerbie, Scotland, is destroyed by a bombAll 243 passengers and 16 crew were killedSaturday, December 22, 11:13:17am4
Actress Marjorie Steele passed away in Januarywas her Name reported here? I found her obituary now.Saturday, December 22, 09:46:28am4
Forrest Fezler, Golfer remembered for protesting USGA by playing 18th hole of 1983 U.S. Open wearing shorts.Dies at 69Saturday, December 22, 04:18:01am1
Donald Glover, Sr., Father of actor Donald GloverHas diedFriday, December 21, 09:47:52pm2
Breaking: RBG has lung surgery to remove cancerous nodules (NT)Reported on CNN - No link yetFriday, December 21, 04:25:51pm8
Audrey Geisel dies at 97Widow of Dr. SeussFriday, December 21, 04:03:52pm4
Dec.21st~Happy 101st Birthday! Editor/Author Diana Athill, Football's Fred Gloden is 100, Philosopher Francisco Miro Quesada Canturias is 100, Writer Larry Eisenberg is 99, Olympic Athlete/Aviator Iris Cummings is 98, Politician Robert Gerhart is 98, Ballerina Alicia Alonso is 98, Scientist V. Narayano Rao is 97, Actress Liselotte Reimann is 97, Actress Colleen Townsend turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, December 21, 03:25:37pm5
ARCHIVE: December 20, 1988 ~It was 20 years ago, America lost Max Robinson, its 1st African-American National Network TV Anchor, after an accomplished, albeit troubled, career which included founding the National Association of Black Journalists, dies of AIDS complications at 49. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, December 21, 12:40:15pm1
Actor Donald Moffat diesHe was 87Friday, December 21, 04:05:00am8
Dec,15th~Happy 103rd Birthday! Artist Anna-Lisa Menander, Singer Hilde Zadek is 101, Painter Cliff Holden is 99, Baseball's Eddie Robinson is 98, Composer Emil Cadkin is 98 (some sources 8/26), Writer Albert Memmi is 98, Actor Robert Rogalski is 98, Aviator Peter Lloyd is 98, Aviator (WASP) Bernice Falk Haydu is 98, (NT)jlpFriday, December 21, 01:55:28am11
thats two in almost 2 days. Big fan loved him in The Thing and Logan's Run Tv show. His cosatr Heather Menzies died last christmas (NT)coltThursday, December 20, 03:31:01pm2
Peter Masterson, actor, writer, directorDies at 84Thursday, December 20, 01:00:59pm8
Dec.20th~Happy 98th Birthday! Acress Beverly Yissar, Writer/Historian Gayrand Wilmore is 97, Football (Egypt) Referee Ali Kandil is 97, Sculptor Beverly Pepper is 96, Photographer Tony Vaccaro is 96, Poet Friederike Mayrocker is 94, Director Philip Casson is 90, Musician/Actor Jack Sweet turns 90. (NT)jlpThursday, December 20, 11:58:03am4
Healthwatch: Comedian Rickey SmileyHospitalizedThursday, December 20, 11:32:48am1
Healthwatch: Dakota Meyer, War hero & Bristol Palin's exHospitalizedThursday, December 20, 11:31:51am1
Actress Penny MarshalDies at 75Thursday, December 20, 10:28:02am24
Surgeon Ellsworth Wareham 1914-2018Dies at 104Wednesday, December 19, 05:38:03pm1
Ronald Glenn "Abongo" Humphrey, from the superhero movie Black Panther dead at 41Mysanantonio.comWednesday, December 19, 03:26:17pm2
John Ford Noonan, Playwright (“A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking")Dead at 77Wednesday, December 19, 12:36:45pm3
Bill Sellars, TV producer (All Creatures Great And Small, Doctor Who)Dead at 93Wednesday, December 19, 12:35:05pm2
  • Imdb -- ., Wednesday, December 19, 12:35:05pm
Dec.19th~Happy 101st Birthday! Politician Jean Turco, Actress Mushrafa Kasymova is 100, Former Italian 1st Lady Franca Pilla is 98, Olympic Athlete Trygve Brudevold is 98, Actress Consuelo Abascal is 97, Actor Harvey Golden is 97, Actress Cicely Tyson is 94, Game Show Contestant Herb Stempel is 92, Writer Eve Bunting turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, December 19, 11:28:37am8
Steve Dash, actor, stuntmanDies at 74Wednesday, December 19, 11:11:06am3
Film Producer Robert H. SoloDies at 85Wednesday, December 19, 11:05:13am3
Producer David Shepherd, a crucial figure in Chicago improv history, dies at 94TonyWednesday, December 19, 07:37:24am1
ARCHIVE: December 12, 2016 ~To Sir with Love” Novelist E.R. Braithwaite, dies at 104. ...ObitWednesday, December 19, 06:00:51am3
Healthwatch: Richard Overton, Oldest WWII VeteranHospitalized with PneumoniaTuesday, December 18, 03:14:44pm5
Dec,18th~Happy 100th Birthday! Classicist Joyce Reynolds, Actor Manuel Monroy is 97, Gov't. Official Ramsey Clark turns 91. (NT)jlpTuesday, December 18, 01:39:53pm5
Anca Pop Romanian-Canadian singer-songwriter has died at the age of 34Car plunged into the Danube River.Tuesday, December 18, 01:32:10pm1
Tv personality Lee Leonard (ESPN and CNN)Dead at 89Tuesday, December 18, 12:08:47pm1
Actress and Director Penny MarshallDies at 75Tuesday, December 18, 12:02:07pm6
Stanley - the Cat who received a $19,000 transplant dead at 18See you on the Bridge!Tuesday, December 18, 11:38:31am1
Singer and songwriter Sonny ThrockmortonDead at 77Tuesday, December 18, 11:16:23am4
Actress Rosemary ColliganDies at 94Tuesday, December 18, 05:56:44am3
Dec. 17th~Happy 100th Birthday! Duchess Woizlana Feodora of Mecklenburg, Actress Dusty Anderson is 100, Art Critic Calvin Tomkins is 93, Animator Lee Savage turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, December 18, 02:42:50am11
Francis “Mickey” Roache, Former Boston Police CommissionerDead at 82Monday, December 17, 04:21:31pm1
Gus Garcia, First Elected Hispanic Mayor of Austin, TXDies at 84Monday, December 17, 12:49:35pm1
Composer Galt MacDermotDies at 89Monday, December 17, 11:47:15am4
Wicked Tuna's William "Willbilly" Hathaway Dies in Car CrashHe was 36Monday, December 17, 11:32:21am1
Oribe Canales, Hairstylist to the starsDead at 62Monday, December 17, 11:29:27am2
  • Imdb -- ., Monday, December 17, 11:29:27am
Songwriter Jerry ChesnutDies at 87Monday, December 17, 11:25:26am5
Actor Blake SandersDies at 30Monday, December 17, 11:03:15am2
  • IMDb -- -, Monday, December 17, 11:03:15am
Rona Ramon, widow of Israeli astronaut who was killed aboard Space Shuttle ColumbiaDies at 54Monday, December 17, 09:53:29am1
Julia Grandes Crane, widow of 'The Honeymooners' Creator Harry CraneDies at 101Monday, December 17, 08:40:58am7
Alice Pirie Wirtz, daughter in law of silent screen actress Colleen Moore has died.BettyMonday, December 17, 06:46:56am2
Girma Wolde-Giorgis 1924-2018. Former president of Ethiopia.Fredrik AnderssonMonday, December 17, 12:37:02am1
Dec,16th~Happy Birthday! Actor Terry Carter (90) Actress Joyce Bulifant (81) Actress Liv Ullmann (80) Actor Terence Knox (72) Actor Ben Cross (71) Singer Billy Gibbons (69) Actor Allan Graf (69) Actor Peter Van Norden (68) (NT)ColtSunday, December 16, 07:55:21pm4
Healthwatch: Comedian Artie LangeTests positive for cocaine at court hearingSunday, December 16, 07:16:05pm6
Healthwatch: Lee Kerslake, Drummer (Uriah Heep, Ozzy Osbourne)Cancer, says he has 8 mos. to liveSunday, December 16, 12:55:52pm1
Dennis Rocha, Father of murder victim Laci PetersonDead at 72Sunday, December 16, 12:33:06pm1
Brantley Harvey, SC politician (Lt. Governor)Dead at 88Sunday, December 16, 12:30:35pm1
Joseph Zeller, Penn. politician, veteran of WW 2 & KoreaDead at 100Sunday, December 16, 12:28:37pm1
Colin Kroll, HQ Trivia co- founderDead at 35 (drug overdose)Sunday, December 16, 11:29:04am1
Joe Osborn, bassist for legendary LA studio session team The Wrecking Crew, who ca be heard on hundreds of hits...a list of songs he is on is included in the postPer Steve Stanley, Wrecking Crew archivistSunday, December 16, 10:17:31am6
The Top Cryptozoology ObituariesOf 2018Sunday, December 16, 04:43:59am1
Patricia Marshall, Actress & Widow of Screenwriter Larry GelbartDies at 91Sunday, December 16, 04:23:59am5
Turner Classic Movie 2018 In Memoriam reel.Saturday, December 15, 10:39:04pm10
Archive: Joan Fontaine, Dec. 15, 2013ActressSaturday, December 15, 07:10:54pm4
Actor Lucian AddarioDies at 73Saturday, December 15, 05:23:06pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Saturday, December 15, 05:23:06pm
Sondra Locke, 74, Oscar-Nominated ActressDied Nov. 3Saturday, December 15, 04:13:16pm9
OT: 17 year old Walmart employee quits by store intercom. Customers applauded quitting speech.Anything to say?Saturday, December 15, 04:07:25pm2
Brenton Merlin, aka Eric Price, Porn actor, director, producerDead at 55Saturday, December 15, 02:54:21pm3
  • Imdb -- Link, Saturday, December 15, 02:52:01pm
    • Pic -- ., Saturday, December 15, 02:54:21pm
Mental healthwatch: Comedian Pete DavidsonPosts disturbing message indicating suicidal thoughtsSaturday, December 15, 12:33:01pm1
Alvin Avon Braziel Jr., Executed for 1993 rape- murderTexasSaturday, December 15, 12:29:47pm1
Nancy Wilson Dead at 81Jazz SingerSaturday, December 15, 12:26:20pm9
ARCHIVE: December 15, 1978 ~It was 40 years ago today, Hollywood lost one of its solid 'character' character actors, CHILL WILLS, known for his folksy persona and rural drawl, making him a favorite as the voice of "Francis the Talking Mule" in the popular film series of the 1950s, soon earning an Oscar nod for 'Best Supp. Actor' for 1960's "The Alamo", assuring steady projects until his death at 76. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, December 15, 12:22:51pm3
ARCHIVE: December 15, 1943 ~It's now 75 years (!) since we lost Jazz great FATS WALLER, whose Harlem stride style laid the groundwork for modern jazz piano, and best-known for compositions, "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Honeysuckle Rose", posthumously inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1984 and 1999. Sadly, Waller died of pneumonia, and young age of 39. ...Bio & PHOTOSaturday, December 15, 12:18:59pm2
OT: well-known pop culture folks currently in prison (NT)There's Bill Cosby and Phil Spector. Others?Saturday, December 15, 09:29:08am11
ARCHIVE: December 14, 1985 ~Roger Maris, Pro baseball great, who in the 1961 season set the MLB record with 61 home runs, breaking Babe Ruth's single-season record of 60 home runs, but sadly died young age of 51 from Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. ...Bio & PHOTOFriday, December 14, 07:36:53pm1
Dec.14th~Happy Birthday! Actress Abbe Lane (86) Actor Hal Williams (80) Actress Lynne Marie Stewart (72) Actress Dee Wallace (70) (NT)ColtFriday, December 14, 07:34:39pm8
Actor Jim PetersmithDies at 64Friday, December 14, 06:36:55pm2
  • IMDb -- Link, Friday, December 14, 02:55:23pm
Archive: Norman Fell, Dec. 14, 1998Character actorFriday, December 14, 04:56:39pm1
Healthwatch: Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferringno in hospital after flu shot goes bad.FOX NewsFriday, December 14, 04:16:48pm2
Jessica Starr, Detroit TV news meteorologist, commits suicideShe was 35Friday, December 14, 01:09:09pm5
Dec.13th~Happy 97th Birthday! Olympic Athlete Elda Cividino, former U.S.Secretary of State George P. Shultz is 98, Physicist Philip Warren Anderson is 95, Actress Maria Riva is 94, Actor Dick Van Dyke is 93, Actress Genevieve Page is 91, Skater Jutta Muller turns 90. (NT)jlpFriday, December 14, 12:41:44pm11
Bill Fralic, Played for the Atlanta FalconsDead at 56Friday, December 14, 11:21:41am1
Joan Steinbrenner, wife of former New York Yankees owner GeorgeDies at 83Friday, December 14, 10:59:54am1
Actor Rodney KageyamaDies at 77Friday, December 14, 09:01:42am2
  • IMDb -- -, Friday, December 14, 09:01:42am
Kim Hunter Daugherty, 45, daughter of Jim 'Catfish' HunterDies After Fire Drill at SchoolFriday, December 14, 08:41:22am1
Jose Escamilla, producer, directorDied Dec 12, 2018Friday, December 14, 06:26:08am1
Archive: December 13, 2016: Actor Alan Thicke dies at 69Dr. Jason Roland SeaverThursday, December 13, 01:52:05pm3
Healthwatch: Shareef O'Neal (Son of Shaquille)Heart surgeryThursday, December 13, 01:39:49pm1
Archive: December 13, 1961: Grandma Moses dies at 101RIPThursday, December 13, 01:35:16pm4
Humorist Bob Bryan, Co-Creator Of 'Bert and I' DuoDies at 87Thursday, December 13, 12:21:46pm1
Fred I. Greenstein, Historian (wrote "The Hidden Hand Presidency: Eisenhower as Leader")Dead at 88Thursday, December 13, 11:44:53am1
Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet (1985–1987)Dies at 91Thursday, December 13, 11:40:17am2
  • Pic -- ., Thursday, December 13, 11:40:17am
Johnny Maddox, Ragtime, Honky Tonk pianistDead at 91Thursday, December 13, 11:38:43am2
Thomas Baptiste 1929-2018 Guyana-born British actor.Fredrik AnderssonThursday, December 13, 11:24:40am2
  • Imdb -- ., Thursday, December 13, 11:24:40am
Archive: Van Johnson, Dec. 12, 2008ActorThursday, December 13, 06:17:14am4
Judge William Newsom, Father of Calif. Governor-elect Gavin Newsom......Dead at 84.Thursday, December 13, 05:24:33am1
Dec.12th~Happy 103rd Birthday! WW2 Figure (WAAF) Felicity Hill, Author Ira Neimark is 97, Writer/Activist John Papworth is 97, Game Show Host Bob Barker is 95, Activist Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez is 93, Actor/Dancer Lionel Blair turns 90. (NT)jlpWednesday, December 12, 05:03:30pm9
Larry Lee Phillipson, Country, Rockabilly singerDead at 95Wednesday, December 12, 02:07:54pm2
Ferenc Kosa, Winner of the best director award at the 1967 Cannes film festival, for the film, "Ten Thousand Days". ...Dead at 81.Wednesday, December 12, 01:47:53pm1
Bob Giggie, american basketball playerDead at 85Wednesday, December 12, 10:55:36am2
Former IU Basketball Star Eric Anderson dead at 48Indystar.comWednesday, December 12, 10:44:26am4
ARCHIVE: December 12, 2006 ~Veteran actor Peter Boyle, known as TV's 'Frank Barone' on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and the comical monster in Mel Brooks' feture film spoof Young Frankenstein (1974), dies at 71. ...Bio & PHOTOWednesday, December 12, 10:42:09am1
ARCHIVE: December 10, 2005 ~A notables trifecta of sorts as three very unique celebs died on this date. Famed comic Richard Pryor, veteran character actress Mary Jackson, and Congressman/Senator, and one-time very popular contender for U.S.Presidency Democratic nomination Eugene McCarthy all died on this day in 2005. ...Bios & PHOTOS ...Wednesday, December 12, 02:01:14am4
Archive: Bettie Page, Dec. 11, 2008ModelTuesday, December 11, 06:43:44pm2
Celeste Yarnall, longtime TV and Movie ActessDies at 74Tuesday, December 11, 06:40:47pm8
Actor Philip CareyDies at 86Tuesday, December 11, 06:03:23pm7
Dec.11th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Hazel Eikermann, Horticulturist Lady Anne Berry is 99,Olympic Athlete Lars Hindmar is 97, Writer Seymour Topping is 97, Actor Zaharia Volbea is 97, Actor Dilip Kumar is 96, Neuroscientist Paul Greengard turns 93. (NT)jlpTuesday, December 11, 04:25:17pm6
Writer / Producer Rob DesHotelDIes at 52Tuesday, December 11, 04:21:00pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, December 11, 04:21:00pm
Alexandra Hamilton, American born, British royalDead at 72Tuesday, December 11, 02:32:54pm1
Donald Payne, Author ("Walkabout") died in Aug.Dead at 94Tuesday, December 11, 02:23:28pm2
14 year old cousin of "Modern Family" actress Sarah Hyland killed by drunk driverOmaha, Neb.Tuesday, December 11, 02:18:59pm2
For the first time in its history, Time magazine's "Man of the Year" is deceased.It's murdered journalist Jamal KhashoggiTuesday, December 11, 02:16:01pm3
Actor Alvin EpsteinDies at 93Tuesday, December 11, 02:13:37pm3
Producer & Director Bill SiegelDies at 55Tuesday, December 11, 01:55:58pm2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, December 11, 01:55:58pm
Mark Morrison, Entertainment Journalist and Magazine EditorDead at 69Tuesday, December 11, 11:45:37am1
historian and author, William Blum, (Rogue State: A guide to the world's only superpower.Dead at 85Tuesday, December 11, 11:37:09am2
Production Designer Michael SeymourDies at 86Tuesday, December 11, 11:10:58am2
  • IMDb -- -, Tuesday, December 11, 11:10:58am
Blanche Lund, Canadian Dancer & ChoreographerDies at 97Tuesday, December 11, 09:10:05am3
P-64, the mountain lion known for his successful freeway crossings, found dead after surviving Woolsey fire. On Nov. 8, threatened Malibu and parts of Ventura County, P-64 survived the fires, only to die from infected burned paws while scavenging the mountainside. .....See you at the Rainbow BridgeTuesday, December 11, 07:44:16am1
Healthwatch: Spice Girl Mel B.HospitalizedTuesday, December 11, 07:18:05am4
ARCHIVE: December 11, 1991 ~Actor Patrick Walshe, though not a household name -or even face- will be forever remembered as 'Nikko' the evil flying monkey henchman to the 'evil wicked witch of the West' in the 1939 classic, "The Wizard of Oz", and the last surviving credited cast member of the famed film, died at 91. ...Bio & PHOTOTuesday, December 11, 03:02:39am1
Roger, the "ripped roo", the famed kangaroo whose buffed physique and photo of him crushing a metal bucket like a paper cup, took him globally viral online ...Dead at 12.Tuesday, December 11, 02:31:18am1
Dec.9th~Happy 102nd Birthday! Actor Kirk Douglas, Politician Bert J. Harris Jr. is 99, Marianne, Princess zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (Photographer) is 99, Politician Jose Luis Suarez Molina is 98, Composer Jo Hanson turns 90. (NT)jlpTuesday, December 11, 02:20:07am8
John Gibbons, american judge, chief judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (1987-1990)Dead at 94Monday, December 10, 06:05:20pm1
Archive: Mike Mazurki, Dec. 9, 1990Character actorMonday, December 10, 05:47:45pm7
Actor & Songwriter Floyd Parton (Brother of Dolly Parton)Dies at 61Monday, December 10, 04:40:05pm3
Melvin Dummar, who claimed to be a Howard Hughes heir, dieswWDIMonday, December 10, 04:32:23pm3
Archive: Ed Wood, Dec. 10, 1978Writer- producer- directorMonday, December 10, 04:30:09pm1
Dec.10th~Happy 111th Birthday! Supercentenarian Hatsue Tachikawa, Scientist/Researcher Howard Fredeen is 97, Inventor James Foort is 97, Actress Helena Bendova is 97, (NT)jlpMonday, December 10, 01:56:20pm11
Riccardo Giacconi, Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicistDead at 87Monday, December 10, 11:05:13am1
Victor Hayden, Was a member of Captain Beefheart's band (he was his cousin)Dead at 70Monday, December 10, 11:02:55am1
Production assistant on the TV show "Power" dies in on set accidentBrooklyn, NYMonday, December 10, 10:58:31am1
ARCHIVE: December 9, 1944 ~Ill-fated, yet extraordinarily talented actor LAIRD CREGAR, whose talents far overshadowed the vice that plagued his whole life -weight. But Cregar was the extremely unique case where it was his struggle w/weight that derailed his tremendous promise as a lead film actor, dying trying in vain to conform to Hollywood aesthetic standards, after a severe weight-loss ordeal, gone wrong at age 30. ...Bio & PHOTOMonday, December 10, 10:42:32am2
ARCHIVE: December 7, 1984 ~Jeanne Cagney, American film, stage, and television actress, who as sister of Hollywood star, made her own way, appearing in 19 films between 1939 and 1965, including four films with her brother James: Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), The Time of Your Life (1948), A Lion Is in the Streets (1953), and Man of a Thousand Faces (1957), dies of cancer at 65. ...Bio & PHOTOSunday, December 09, 07:38:53pm6
Kim May, guitarist/vocalist for Southern rock band XebecDies at 65Sunday, December 09, 05:02:32pm2
Does anyone know how to contact Kevin Feige. I have a cool name for Avengers 4. It should Be Avengers:Assemble. (NT)Dont be mad. Id really like to tell him my idea.Sunday, December 09, 03:40:10pm1
Dutch actor Dave Mantel dies, he was 37.BettySunday, December 09, 02:40:50pm1
Belgian Actress and model Désirée Viola dies, she was 26BettySunday, December 09, 02:36:23pm1
Bob Bergland, Agriculture Secretary Under CarterDies at 90Sunday, December 09, 11:28:28am3
Actress Alice WellmanDies at 94Sunday, December 09, 09:24:08am2
  • IMDb -- -, Sunday, December 09, 09:24:08am
Actress Gloria HockingDies at 82Sunday, December 09, 08:58:10am3
Jazz Mucian Carl JanelliDies at 91Sunday, December 09, 08:55:14am2
Wilfred DeFour, Tuskegee Airman ...Dies at 100.Saturday, December 08, 10:38:53pm4
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