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The Week Courtesy of Ernie Koneck, Pageant Consultant (ernie@misshollywood.com)

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Camden Yards
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Date Posted: 23:10:05 05/27/15 Wed

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Subject: Interesting Article from 1989

No name
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Date Posted: 17:27:54 05/27/15 Wed

Miss America: It's Beauty And Business

By David Johnston, Inquirer Staff Writer
POSTED: September 15, 1989
ATLANTIC CITY — Jeannie Carpenter was shocked when she saw the dresses that Molly McIntyre, Miss Michigan, and Angelo De Los Santos, Miss New Mexico, wore during the preliminary evening-gown competition at the Miss America Pageant.

"That should never happen," said Carpenter, referring to the almost- identical white gowns with gold accents the two contestants wore. Neither won that phase of the competition.

For eight years, Carpenter, 35, a former first runner-up for Miss Arkansas, has run a prosperous business selling pageant gowns. She said she limited how many contestants in a state pageant she will work with to avoid just such a faux pas.

"When you spend several thousand dollars on a pageant gown you should make sure the designer doesn't sell another one that's almost the same to another girl," Carpenter said.

The Miss America Pageant: A Scholarship Program works hard to remind the public that it is a nonprofit affair with 300,000 volunteers that in most places operates on a shoestring. This year's Miss Montana pageant, for example, will spend about $32,000, of which $6,000 will go for cash scholarships, state pageant director Jack Lawson said yesterday.

But like many nonprofit operations, the pageant also generates entrepreneurial activities.


If each of the 70,000 state and local contestants spends what dress-sellers say is the price of a low-end, off the rack gown (about $600), plus shoes and a swimsuit, that suggests $70 million in annual sales. Add in the money spent on personal fitness trainers, wardrobes, travel and other activities and that number could easily double.

Whoever is crowned tomorrow night before a television audience of more than 60 million will spend most of the coming year making appearances for the corporations that sponsor the pageant. Leonard Horn, who was paid $200,000 last year to head the pageant, said that one of his major goals was to get sponsors to spend more money on Miss America through scholarships and higher fees than the basic $600 plus expenses for a half-day appearance.

These sponsors are the primary source of money for the pageant. Last year, the sponsors and NBC brought the pageant $3,902,780 or 84.2 per cent of the Miss America Pageant's revenues.

In addition to the high-profile sponsors, other firms find ways to attach their name to Miss America.


Disney, for example, thrust a contract into Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson's hand last year while she was still on the runway weeping and got her to say that the next thing she wanted to do as Miss America was see Disney World.

And Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be used in both a production number on the TV broadcast and in the Boardwalk parade, which begins at 7 tonight.

But on a much lower profile to the public are the small firms that sell pageant gowns, swimsuits, jewelry and other necessities of runway life.

In Anaheim, Calif., Earline Jones said in a telephone interview that

resurrecting the Miss Anaheim pageant in 1980 has been good for business at her Orangewood Beauty Salon. "Of course, I had a Miss America and that helps," Jones said, referring to Debra Sue Maffett, who won the local pageant in 1982 and became Miss America in 1983.

Yesterday, Carpenter, the dress designer and marketer, and 29 other small business owners displayed their wares in the Marcus Aurelius Room at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel-Casino as part of the third annual trade show sponsored by the executives directors of the Miss America state pageants.

"The executive directors started this because we wanted to make sure that every girl in this pageant has a fair chance," said Lawson, an independent insurance agent in Missoula, Mont., who is the volunteer executive director of that state's pageant. "Information is power and we wanted the girls from states like mine to have information they need."


He said that in some Southern states where pageant are most popular, it was easy to find the clothing, accessories and advisers who can make the difference between just a trip to Atlantic City and becoming a top-10 finalist.

Carpenter said that "if you walk into a store in a place like Billings, Mont., where pageants aren't big, and ask for a pageant swimsuit, they won't know what you're talking about.

Until two years ago, she said, hers was mostly a regional trade selling ''in pageant country" the Deep South. "Now I've got people flying in from everywhere," said Carpenter, who added that she has decided to limit her business to pageants - principally Miss America pageants - shunning a lucrative ready-to-wear market.

"I make a good living and I like working intimately with a few girls," she said. Carpenter said that she got the idea for the business after realizing she may have missed becoming Miss Arkansas by wearing an emerald green dress. "I've found out by asking men that three or four out of 10 of them hate green."

Carpenter's store is an hour's drive from Little Rock in Russellville, Ark., a town of 14,000 that is also home to Randy's Another World, a store that sells pageant gowns. Owner Randy Dimitt said so many contestants fly in

from around the country that he keeps a courtesy car at the Little Rock Airport for incoming patrons.


Many pageant contestants also stop by the plastic surgery clinic of James Billie of Little Rock. Billie has said that he molded the face or figure of five of the 51 Miss America contestants this year including Christine Rae McCubbins, who was selected Miss Alaska by a panel of judges that included the surgeon.

"I approached him," McCubbins said in an interview. "In 1985, I was in a car accident. I feel asleep at the wheel outside Las Vegas. My sister, who was 11 months younger, died. I had reconstructive surgery on my face, but I wasn't happy with it," she said, running her hand over her rebuilt nose and noting that her jaw line is slightly asymmetrical and numb.

McCubbins said on June 20, eight days after she won the state contest, she visited Billie's clinic. "I'm very happy with what he did," she said.

Pageant chairman Horn said he sees no ethical issues in this relationship

because the surgery occurred after the state pageant. He said Billie is free to judge other pageants and to operate on contestants after the local competition is over.

Billie couldn't be reached yesterday.

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Subject: Miss Wyoming Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 00:57:22 05/10/15 Sun

Miss Carbon County - Jessica Dyk (2014-2nd R/U, Talent Winner)(2009-SDOT)
Miss Energy City - Julia Rose (2014-1st R/U, WY Sweetheart)(SD-2013)(SD-2012-Top 8)(SD-2011)
Miss Snowy Range - Jordyn Hall (2014)
Miss Southwest Wyoming - Chelsea Price (2013)(2012)(WYOT-2010)
Miss Sweetwater County - Rebecca Martin (2013)
Miss University of Wyoming - Mikaela Shaw (2013-1st R/U, Miss Congenality, SS & Talent Winner, WY Sweetheart)
Miss Wind River - Jaquelynn Dahlstedt (New)

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Subject: Miss Rhode Island Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 23:21:20 04/12/15 Sun


Miss Bryant University ~ Shruti Kansara (New)
Miss Capital City ~ Chelsey Renehan (New)
Miss Coventry - Emily Cronin (New)
Miss Cranston ~ Odemi Pessu (New)
Miss East Providence ~ Paige Lavallee (New)(2012-Teen Petite America)
Miss Newport ~ Emily Cortez (2014-2nd R/U)
Miss Providence ~ Victoria Cuartas (2014)(2013-2nd R/U)
Miss Providence County ~ Ava Delasanta (2014-4th R/U)
Miss Rhode Island College ~ Bryanna Cox (2014)
Miss South County ~ Nicolette Greene (New)
Miss Southern RI ~ Christine Kong (New)
Miss Washington County ~ Christina Keller (New)
Miss Westerly ~ Gina Colao (New)(2014-Miss RI USA Semi-finalist)
Miss West Warwick ~ Alexandra Curtis (2014-1st R/U, RI Sweetheart)(2011-NAM Teen RI and National Winner)

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Subject: Miss Hawaii Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 19:23:37 11/08/14 Sat

Official Headshots:


Miss Aloha Hawaii - Keahi Delovio (New)
Miss Aloha Kauai - Janessa Grady (New)
Miss Aloha Lokelani - Joylene Tabon (New)
Miss Aloha Maui - Pua Prones (New)
Miss Chinatown Hawaii - Stephanie Wang (New)
Miss Diamond Head - Sunsearay Solatorio (New)
Miss East Oahu - Halilani Parish (HIOT - 2008)
Miss Garden Isle - Nicholette Levinthol (New)(2012-Miss Kauai Filipinna)
Miss Haleakala - Maata Halaliku (New)
Miss Haleiwa - December Smith (New)
Miss Honolulu - Brooke Alcuran (New)
Miss Hualalai - Cheri Lavoie (New)
Miss Kahala - Alexandra Roth (2013 - 3RU, State Academic Award)
Miss Kahikinui Maui - Rochelle de Leon(New)
Miss Kailua-Kona - Jessica Lloyd (New)
Miss Kakaako - Jeanne Kapela (2014-2RU)
Miss Kaneohe - Steisha Sheather (2013)
Miss Kona Coffee - Ariel Enriquez (New)(2012- Miss Hawaii Filipina)
Miss Latina Hawaii - April May Smith (New)
Miss Maui - Napua Salbedo (HIOT - 2009)
Miss Mauna Kaala - Mariah Akau (New)
Miss Mililani - Kirstie Naone (New)
Miss Moanalua - Samantha Clark (New)
Miss Mokihana - Guinevere Davenport (2015-Top 8, Miss HI USA)(2013, Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Maker Award)
Miss North Shore - Joanne Keala Patterson (New)
Miss Nuuanu - Adrienne Wilson (NY-2014)
Miss Paradise Kauai - Sarah Manuel (New)
Miss Valley Isle - Kulia Murray (New)
Miss West Oahu - Moanikeala Silva (New)

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Subject: Special Awards

No name
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Date Posted: 16:11:52 05/25/15 Mon

What sort of special awards does your state give out? For instance, congeniality, people's choice, ad sales, CMN, academic, etc.

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Subject: Central Time Zone for Miss Hawaii

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Date Posted: 13:34:09 05/27/15 Wed

What time is the Miss Hawaii pageant in the Central Time Zone?

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Subject: What are Kira's plans after her Miss America reign? I thought she originally said she was going to law school at Notre Dame, but now I've heard she will be moving to Los Angeles.

No name
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Date Posted: 22:27:17 05/27/15 Wed

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Subject: Miss Oregon Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 18:43:51 01/20/15 Tue

Miss Bandon Cranberry - Liza-May Skieie (New)
Miss Cascade - Alexandra Amber (2012)
Miss City of Sunshine - Veronica Norris (New)
Miss Clatsop County - Alexis Mather (2014)(2013-Top 10, Prelim Talent and SS Winner)
Miss Coos County - Kaila Trip (New)
Miss Douglas County - Cassidy Smith (New) (2013-Top 5 OROT)
Miss High Desert - Katie Noyed (New)
Miss Klamath County - Jessica Criss (New)
Miss Lane County - Harley Emery (OR OT - 2013)
Miss Linn-Benton - Emma Wampler (2014)
Miss Marion-Polk County - Bailey Pilant (New)
Miss Mt. Hood - Allison Burke (2014-Top 10, Prelim Talent Winner, Miracle Maker Winner)
Miss North Coast - Hannah Garhofer (New)(2012-OROT-Top 5)
Miss Portland - Alexis Wallace (2013)(2011-1st R/U OROT)
Miss Rogue Valley - Allie Pederson (New)
Miss Southern Gem - Stephanie Forrester (2013)
Miss Southern Jewel - Tamara Evans (New)
Miss Three Rivers - Kaylee Nelson (2014-Top 10)
Miss University of Oregon - Jennifer Albertson (New)
Miss Washington County - Rachel Silver (2010-NFT Winner)
Miss Willamette Valley - Gabriella Sturgil (New)

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Subject: How strict is Miss America about the CMN minimums for state contestants?

No name
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Date Posted: 18:41:44 05/27/15 Wed

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Subject: For girls who won their state pageant: What was your mind set when you went into the pageant the year you won. Did you know you would win, did it surprise you?, did you visualize it...etc. How did your private interview go?

No name
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Date Posted: 16:31:06 05/27/15 Wed

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Subject: Miss Georgia Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 23:26:27 11/13/14 Thu

Miss Albany - Reedi Hawkins (2014-Non-Finalist Interview)(2013-Top 10)(2012-Prelim Talent Winner)
Miss Apple Capital - Hillary Pulos (2014-Top 10) (GAOT-2008)
Miss Atlanta - Courtney Hinesley (2014-Non-Finalist Interview)(2013-Prelim SS Winner)
Miss Capital City - Adeline Kenerly (2014-Top 10)
Miss Cherokee Rose - Elizabeth Buckalew (2014)
Miss Clermont - Kelsey Kirk (New)
Miss Coastal Empire - Harley Strickland (2014)
Miss Cobb County - Patricia Ford (2014-Top 10, prelim SS/Talent)
Miss Columbus - Cierra Jackson (2013)
Miss Columbus State University - Morgan Self (New)
Miss Conyers - Rosa Campos (New)
Miss Cherry Blossom - Brittany Deaville (New)
Miss Cumming Fair - Stephanie Gargulio (New)
Miss East Georgia State College - Allison Durden (New)
Miss Emanuel County - Caitlan Coleman (New)
Miss Fayette County - Kelly Donoghue (2014)
Miss Fountain City - Haley Hurt (New)
Miss Fulton County - Camille Sims (2013-NY-Top 10)(GAOT - 2010, MAOT-2nd R/U)
Miss Georgia Southern University - Megan Johnson (New)
Miss Georgia State University - Teesha Renee (New)
Miss Golden Isles - Morgan Lothridge (2012)(2011)(2010)
Miss Gwinnett County - Lindsay Walker (New)
Miss Historic Southern Plains - Lindsay Quandt (2014)
Miss Hummingbird Festival - Gabrielle Booth (2014-Top 10, Prelim Talent Winner)(2013-Prelim Talent Winner)
Miss International City - Charlene Bibeau (2014-NFT)(2013)
Miss Kennesaw - Sydney Sullivan (New)
Miss Lake Lanier - Bailey Thompson (New)
Miss Macon - Ninti Chance (New)
Miss Middle West Georgia - Austin Carruth (2014)(2013)
Miss Presidential Pathways - Amarinda Trear (2014)(2013-Talent/SS Prelim Winner)(2012-Talent Prelim Winner)
Miss River City - Mariah Blanks (New)
Miss Rockdale County - Sara Whetsell (2013)
Miss Rome - Katherine McCauley (2014)(2013-Top 10, Overall and Prelim Talent Winner)
Miss Sandy Creek - Ellie Klarl (New)
Miss Shorter University - Sydney Hillman (2014)
Miss South Fayette - Madison Mueller (New)
Miss Southeast Georgia - Madison Brett (2014)(2013)
Miss Troup County - Brooke Doss (2014, Top 10, SS Prelim Winner)
Miss University of Georgia - Madison Giddens (2014)
Miss Warner Robins - Betty Cantrell (Miss GA 2014-2nd R/U; Overall Talent)(2013-1st place Classical Opera NATS competition)
Miss Wayne County - Amanda Lawler (2013)
Miss Whitewater - Victoria Bush (New)
Miss Wildcat - Tierra Acuff (New)

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Subject: Road to Miss America reminder...

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Date Posted: 06:57:50 05/27/15 Wed

Just a quick reminder that if you've not yet posted your choices in the Road to Miss Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Wyoming contests, the deadline to do so is 12:00 p.m. ET on Saturday.

You can participate even if you haven't participated in any of the three contests held earlier; just go to www.voy.com/241665/ and post who you think will win these or any of the state pageants in the corresponding threads, and be sure to use a consistent nickname/handle so your scores can be tracked!

Good luck!!

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Subject: 2015 MAO Teen State Preliminary Schedule. Updated 26 May 2015.

No name
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Date Posted: 23:39:59 05/26/15 Tue

2015 Miss America's Outstanding Teen State Preliminary Schedule

* -Coincides with Miss Pageant

20 Sept 14: Utah's OT (Savannah Sorensen)

4 Oct 14: Idaho's OT (Abigail Kunz)

10 Jan: New Jersey's OT (Shereen Pimentel)

15 Feb: New Hampshire's OT (Allie Nault)

8 Mar: Alabama's OT (Kaitlynn Campbell)
21 Mar: Tennessee's OT (Allie Privitt)
29 Mar: Massachusetts' OT (Alexandra Berube

11 Apr: Minnesota's OT (Rachel Weyandt)
11 Apr: New York's OT (Alisa Vasquez)
11 Apr: Hawaii's OT (Keaulani Tanizaki-Hudson)
25 Apr: Vermont's OT * (Sophie Parker)
26 Apr: Maine's OT * (Alexis Wintle)

24 May: Washington's OT (Abigail Dominguiano)
30 May: Wyoming's OT*
30 May: Louisiana's OT
30 May: Rhode Island's OT

5 Jun: Nebraska's OT
5 Jun: Oklahoma's OT
5 Jun: Alaska's OT *
6 Jun: Kansas' OT *
6 Jun: Mississippi's OT

12 Jun: Montana's OT
12 Jun: Illinois' OT
12 Jun: Pennsylvania's OT
12 Jun: Delaware's OT
13 Jun: North Dakota's OT
13 Jun: Iowa's OT *
13 Jun: Missouri's OT *
13 Jun: Arkansas' OT
13 Jun: Kentucky's OT
14 Jun: District of Columbia's OT *

17 Jun: Michigan's OT
17 Jun: Ohio's OT
18 Jun: North Carolina's OT
19 Jun: Wisconsin's OT
19 Jun: South Dakota's OT
19 Jun: New Mexico's OT
20 Jun: Georgia's OT *
20 Jun: Indiana's OT *
20 Jun: Florida's OT *
20 Jun: Colorado's OT *

26 Jun: South Carolina Teen
26 Jun: California's OT
27 Jun: Virginia's OT
27 Jun: West Virginia's OT *
27 Jun: Connecticut's OT *
27 Jun: Maryland's OT *
27 Jun: Nevada's OT *
27 Jun: Oregon's OT *
27 Jun: Arizona's OT *
27 Jun: Puerto Rico's OT

4 Jul: Texas' OT *

TBD (hopefully, some information will come up about this contest):
Virgin Islands' OT

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Subject: Have you ever heard of girls doing well with sign language or a monologue as their talent ?

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Date Posted: 00:52:06 05/27/15 Wed

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Subject: Miss Texas Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 07:14:23 11/09/14 Sun

Miss Alamo City - Olivia Novotny (New)
Miss Amarillo Area - Carissa Peterson (2014)
Miss Arlington - Meagan Hullett (New)
Miss Austin - Keli Kryfko (2014)(2013)(2012)
Miss Bexar County - Jackie Mata (New)
Miss Brownfield - Emily Falkenberg (2013, Top 15)
Miss Cy-Fair Houston - Lindsey Sharpless (New)
Miss Cypress - Lisa Forger (New)
Miss Dallas - Madison Fuller (2014-3rd R/U, Prelim Alpha Talent Winner) (TXOT - 2010)(2006-International Cinderella, Top 5)
Miss Denton County - Jessica Zeller (New)
Miss DFW - Devin Kerns (2015-OK USA Semifinalist)(2014)(2011-OK DYW)
Miss Duncanville - Sterling Bishop (2014)(2013)
Miss El Paso - Kristen Moreno (New)
Miss Fort Bend County - Morgan Odom (New)
Miss Fort Worth - Shannon Sanderford (2014, Top 10)(2013)
Miss Frisco - Sarah McKimmey (2014)(2013)(2012)
Miss Galveston - Jacqueline Davis (2014-Prelim Alpha SS Winner)
Miss Green and Gold - Ginger Douglas (LA-2014)(LA-2013)
Miss Harris County - Christina Dillon (New)
Miss H-E-B - Meghan Thalken (2013-NE 4th R/U)(2012-NE 3rd R/U)
Miss Houston - Chyna Wheatley (2014)(2013)
Miss Hub City - Dakota Earnest (2013)
Miss Hunt County - Briana Alexander (2014)
Miss Katy - Jazmine Worsham (2014)
Miss Lake Highlands - Spencer Davis (New)
Miss Lake Worth - Kendall Nelms (New)
Miss Lubbock - Jacy Etter (2014)
Miss North Texas - Christina Clawson (New)
Miss Northeast Houston - Jewel Le Blanc (New)
Miss Northwest Tarrant - Reagan Roden (New)
Miss Oak Cliff - Faith Henderson (New)
Miss Park Cities - Madison Adams (2014-2nd R/U, Prelim Alpha Talent Winner, TX Sweetheart, National Sweetheart-Top 16)
Miss Permian Basin - Madison Mikolay (New)
Miss Piney Woods - Miranda Zapata (New)
Miss Plano - Brittany Tew (2014, Top 15)(2013)
Miss Prestonwood Polo Club - Ameera Swaidan (2014)(2013-Top 10)
Miss Richardson - Jessica Barrera (2014, 2013, 2011)
Miss Sam Houston - Avery Carrier (New)
Miss San Antonio - Emma Rankin (New)
Miss San Marcos - Juliana Pacheco (New)
Miss South Central Texas - Danielle Johnson (New)
Miss South Dallas - Amber Stafford (New)
Miss South Plains - Lenzi Booker (New)
Miss South Texas - Alex Andrews (New)
Miss Southlake - Desarea Murray (New)
Miss Sugar Land - Chandler Foreman (New)(2014 - MTOT R/U, Congeniality Award)(2014-TX Teen USA NF, Congeniality Award)
Miss Terry County - Ashley Stafford (New)
Miss Texarkana - Haleigh Kate Wright (New)
Miss Texas Panhandle - Callan Young (New)
Miss Twin Rivers - Ashlee Gilchrist (New)
Miss Waco - Caroline Carothers (2014, Top 15, Overall Talent Winner)
Miss West Texas - Morgan Fuller (2014)(2013-Top 15, Preliminary Talent Winner)(2012-International Cinderella, Talent Winner)(2011-Internationl Cinderella, Top 5,Talent Winner)
Miss White Settlement - Kaitlyn Aryton (New)

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Subject: I saw on the ga website that the scholarships are only for certain collages . Are there not any cash scholarships ? I thought there was .are all states like this

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Date Posted: 17:25:55 05/23/15 Sat

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Subject: Question: What are your thoughts on a contestant wearing a ponytail into her Miss State interview?

No name
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Date Posted: 17:40:25 05/24/15 Sun

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Subject: MAOT state titleholders competing for Miss...

yrralh ()
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Date Posted: 13:52:57 02/17/15 Tue

I've posted this over the last few years, and folks were asking for an updated list. This is a list of all MAOT STATE titleholders (not local) that have competed or are competing for Miss. (If they haven't yet won a local this year, they're not included in this list.)

I am sure I'm missing stuff because the list I finalized last year got lost, so please feel free to share updates/corrections. Hopefully this won't get bumped off the board super quickly!!

AL-Jenna Bryant (SF 2007)
CA-Arianna Afsar (Miss CA 2010)
CO-Jocelyn Story (3rd RU 2008)
CT-Sarah Lord (3rd RU 2010)
DE-Carly Economos (2nd RU 2008/1st RU 2009)/2nd RU 2010)
FL-Sierra Minott (Miss FL 2008)
GA-Kristen Springer (SF 2010/2nd RU 2011)
HI-Jalee Fuselier (1st RU 2009; Miss HI 2010)
KS-Lauren Susong (NF 2008)
LA-Bethany Moore (NF 2007)
MD-Lindsay Morris (In VA: 3rd RU 2009/2nd RU 2010/2nd RU 2011)
MS-Natalie Wood (NF 2011)
MO-Airen Ferguson (NF 2007)
NE-Jessica States (NF 2009/SF 2010/2nd RU 2011)
NH-Meghan Lamontagne (SF 2008/1st RU 2009/3rd RU 2010/NF 2011)
NJ-Katie Berry (4th RU 2009/2nd RU 2010/2nd RU 2011; NY-1st RU 2012/SF 2013)
NY-Amanda Alicea (NF 2011/NF 2013)
PA-Annie Rosellini (SF 2011/SF 2012/Miss PA 2013)
RI-Kacie Ferraro (NF 2007; In NH: NF 2011; In ME: NF 2012)
SC-Lindley Mayer (2nd RU 2010/2nd RU 2011/1st RU 2013)
SD-Hailey Soyland (SF 2007)
TN-Madeline Littrell (SF 2007/3rd RU 2011)
TX-Meghan Miller (SF 2009/NF 2010/NF 2011/SF 2012)
UT-Jennifer Gulbrandson (SF 2007/2nd RU 2008)
VA-Elle Bunn (NF 2009)
WV-Veronika Ohlinger (SF 2007/SF 2008; In Montana-1st RU/Became Miss MT 2011)
WI-Tonya Popowski (SF 2010/SF 2011/SF 2012)
WY-Courtney Gifford (Miss WY 2008)

AL-Abby Steverson (NF 2008)
AK-Kaela Larson (NF 2009/NF 2010)
AZ-Brittany Mazur (SF 2010/1st RU 2012/1st RU 2013)
AR-Dorothy Shepherd (Top 15 2011)
CO-Kelci Johnston (SF 2008; In New Mexico: 2nd RU 2009/SF 2010/SF 2012)
DE-Lauren Gagliardino (SF 2008/2nd RU 2009)
FL-Sydney Keister (SF 2008/4th RU 2013)
GA-Lauren Edmunds (1st RU 2008/NF 2009/SF 2010/NF 2011/3rd RU 2012/1st RU 2013)
ID-Genevieve Nutting (2nd RU 2008/4th RU 2009/1st RU 2010/Miss ID 2011)
IN-Leanna Ross (SF 2009/SF 2010/SF 2011; In SC: SF 2012)
IA-Erika Lester (SF 2011)
KS-Erica Mahan (NF 2007/SF 2008/NF 2009/SF 2011/NF 2013)
KY-Allison Lovely (SF 2012/4th RU 2013)
ME-Mallory Lavoie (2nd RU 2011)
MD-Hannah Mollerick (4th RU 2010/4th RU 2011/SF 2012/4th RU 2013)
MA-Cherise Leclerc (SF 2007/4th RU 2008/2nd RU 2009/3rd RU 2010/SF 2011/SF 2012)
MI-Nina Davuluri (NY-2nd RU 2012/Miss NY 2013-Miss America 2014)
MN-Natalie Davis (2nd RU 2009/Miss MN 2011)
MO-Melanie Collier (NF 2010)
MT-Holly Matz (1st RU 2009/1st RU 2010)
NH-Janine Mitchell (NF 2008/NF 2009/NF 2010/NF 2012)
NJ-Lindsey Petrosh (SF 2010; Miss NJ 2012)
NM-Ellen Striepeke (4th RU 2008)
NY-Maria DeSantis (SF 2011; 3rd RU 2012)
OK-Molly Colvard (SF 2008/SF 2009)
RI-Lindsay Rogers (NF 2011/3rd RU 2013)
SC-Margaret Hill (SF 2009)
SD-Aja Kessler (SF 2008/2nd RU 2009)
TN-Leah Beth Bolton (Top 12 2011/Top 15 2012)
TX-Kendall Morris (3rd RU 2010/Miss TX 2011)
VA-Brittany Young (SF 2009/4th RU 2011)
WV-Kaitlin Gates (NF 2011/Miss WV 2012)

AL-Meg McGuffin (NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
AR-Morgan Holt (Top 15 2009/SF 2010/1st RU 2012/NF 2013)
CA-Jordan Krinke (SF 2009/NF 2011/3rd RU 2013/SF 2014)
DE-Chelsea Betts (SF 2009/4th RU 2010/SF 2011/SF 2012)
GA-Michaela Lackey (4th RU 2010/Miss GA 2011)
HI-Moani Hara (1st RU 2012)
ID-Cassidy Bronson (NF 2011)
IL-MerrieBeth Cox (In Indiana: 3rd RU 2011/Miss IN 2012)
IN-Morgan Jackson (2nd RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
KS-Maggie Delaney (SF 2008; In Indiana: NF 2009)
KY-Ann-Blair Thornton (4th RU 2009/1st RU 2010/Miss KY 2011)
MN-Chantal Wilson (1st RU 2014)
MS-Jasmine Murray (1st RU 2012/SF 2013/Miss MS 2014)
MO-Mary Bauer (4th RU 2009/4th RU 2010/2nd RU 2011/4th RU 2012/1st RU 2013/3rd RU 2014)
MT-Chantell Bury (3rd RU 2009/2nd RU 2011/3rd RU 2013)
NE-Kayla Batt (SF 2009/2nd RU 2010/Miss NE 2011)
NV-Gabrielle Boyadjian (In CA: NF 2014)
NH-Julia Neveu (3rd RU 2012/4th RU 2013)
NJ-Kaitlyn Schoeffel (1st RU 2012/4th RU 2013/SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
NM-Madison Tabet (1st RU 2009/Miss NM 2010)
NY-Allison Carlos (NF 2011/NF 2012/Competing in 2015)
NC-Brieanna Hester (SF 2011/NF 2012/4th RU 2013/SF 2014)
OK-Jamie Butemeyer (SF 2011/SF 2013/3rd RU 2014)
SC-Lauren Lytle (NF 2012)
SD-Autumn Simunek (4th RU 2011/2nd RU 2012/2nd RU 2013/2nd RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
TX-Callie Thompson (NF 2009/NF 2010/Top 13 2012/4th RU 2013/NF 2014)
VT-Caroline Bright (1st RU 2009/Miss VT 2010)
VA-Caitlin Brunell (AL-3rd RU 2012/1st RU 2013/Miss AL 2014)
WA-Genay Tucker (3rd RU 2011/NF 2013)
WV-Courtney Nelson (1st RU 2009/SF 2010)

AL-Haley Ates (NF 2012/NF 2013)
AR-Sloane Roberts (4th RU 2011/Miss AR 2012)
CA-Crystal Lee (SF 2011/1st RU 2012/Miss CA 2013)
DE-Amanda Debus (SF 2012/NF 2013/3rd RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
FL-Courtney Sexton (Competing in 2015)
GA-Hilary Pulos (NF 2011/NF 2012/SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
HI-Halialani Parish (Competing in 2015)
ID-Danielle Beckstrom (SF 2013/SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
IL-Emily Travis (SF 2011/NF 2012/NF 2013/SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
IN-Megan Thwaites (4th RU 2012/NF 2013/SF 2014)
KS-Alasyn Zimmerman (NF 2011; In CO: 1st RU 2014)
KY-Ashley Ferry (SF 2010/4th RU 2011/4th RU 2012/SF 2013/4th RU 2014)
LA-April Nelson (SF 2010/SF 2011/Competing in 2015; In OK: SF 2012/NF 2013)
ME-Shannon Folsom (3rd RU 2010)
MD-Joanna Guy (Miss MD 2012)
MA-Taylor Kinzler (1st RU 2010/2nd RU 2011/Miss MA 2012)
MI-Carleigh Rowley (NF 2013/NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
MS-Morgan Lindsay Burnett (SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
MT-Victoria Valentine (Miss MT 2014)
NE-Rachel Foehlinger (3rd RU 2011/2nd RU 2012/1st RU 2013/2nd RU 2014)
NV-Alexis Hilts (2nd RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
NH-Megan Lyman (1st RU 2010/1st RU 2011/Miss NH 2012)
NJ-Katharyn Nicolle (NF 2010/Miss NJ 2011)
NC-Mya Hipps (Kayler) (In SC: 1st RU 2011/SF 2014; In NC: 4th RU 2012/2nd RU 2013)
ND-Ariana Walker (Miss ND 2011)
OH-Sarah Hider (NF 2010/NF 2011/Competing in 2015)
OK-Alicia Clifton (2nd RU 2010/2nd RU 2011/Miss OK 2012)
OR-JoAnna Adkisson (4th RU 2014)
PA-Julie Rae Schlucter (Competing in 2015; In NY: SF 2014)
RI-Angela Angers (NF 2010/SF 2012)
SD-Carrie Wintle (SF 2013/SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
TN-Madyson Foster (Top 15 2012/Top 15 2013)
WA-Tori Knight (NF 2011/NF 2013)
WV-Bethany Lojewski (NF 2011/NF 2012/NF 2013/Top 12 2014/Competing in 2015)

AK-Veronica Temple (3rd RU 2011/2nd RU 2013/1st RU 2014)
AZ-Katelyn Niemec (SF 2011/NF 2012/2nd RU 2013/SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
CO-Janelle Orsborn (3rd RU 2011/SF 2012/Competing in 2015)
CT-Acacia Courtney (2nd RU 2011/Miss CT 2014; In NY: SF 2012/2nd RU 2013)
DC-Hope Wiseman (In GA: NF 2011)
FL-Myrrhanda Jones (4th RU 2011/Miss FL 2013)
HI-Napua Salbedo (Competing in 2015)
IA-Jessica Baker (SF 2012/4th RU 2013/3rd RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
KS-Chelsea Chilcott (SF 2012/SF 2013)
KY-Madison McCowan (NF 2013/NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
LA-Kelly Bernard (NF 2013/2nd RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
ME-Kristin Korda (Miss ME 2013)
MD-Stephanie Meadowcroft (SF 2012/3rd RU 2013/3rd RU 2014)
MA-Brianna Bostick (2nd RU 2012/1st RU 2014)
MI-Haley Williams (Miss MI 2013)
MN-Katlyn Ziegler (Competing in 2015)
MS-Laura Lee Lewis (2nd RU 2013/1st RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
MT-Alysse Charlesworth (1st RU 2012)
NE-JaCee Pilkington (Miss NE 2013)
NH-Katrina Rossi (SF 2011)
NJ-Brenna Weick (1st RU 2013/1st RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
NM-Ashley Fresquez (SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
ND-Becca Lebak (NF 2011/1st RU 2012/4th RU 2013)
OH-Veronica Wende (NF 2012/NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
OK-Georgia Frazier (Top 15 2011/SF 2012/2nd RU 2013/1st RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
OR-Amanda Gonzales-Merrill (SF 2013)
SC-Ali Rogers (Miss SC 2012)
SD-Jessica Dyk (In WY: 2nd RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
TX-Taylor Lowery (NF 2013)
UT-Meredith Gaufin (NF 2012/Competing in 2015)
VA-Courtney Garrett (1st RU 2011/3rd RU 2012/2nd RU 2013/Miss VA 2014)
WA-Reina Almon (1st RU 2012/Miss WA 2013)
WV-Jackie Riggelman (SF 2011/SF 2012/SF 2013)
WI-Kiersten Gonzales (Competing in 2015)

AK-Angelina Klapperich (3rd RU 2012)
AZ-Elizabeth Stolper (In OK: NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
AR-Mackenzie Bryant (NF 2012)
GA-Camille Sims (Competing in 2015; In NY: SF 2013)
CA-Shelby Sinkler (NF 2012/NF 2014)
FL-MaryKatherine Fechtel (Competing in 2015)
IL-Kaitlyn Wehr (SF 2013/NF 2014)
IN-Katelyn Marak (NF 2012/NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
IA-Aly Olson (Miss IA 2014)
KY-Laura Jones (NF 2012/3rd RU 2013/3rd RU 2014)
ME-Marybeth Noonan (1st RU 2015)
MD-Mary Teal Mulligan (4th RU 2012)
MA-Kendall Wipf (In NH: SF 2012/1st RU 2013/NF 2014/SF 2015)
MI-Brooke Rowland (Competing in 2015)
NE-Staci Craighead (SF 2014)
NH-Lauren April (3rd RU 2011/SF 2012/Top 12 2013)
NJ-Andie Babusik (Competing in 2015)
NC-Kayla Hollingsworth (NF 2014)
ND-Cara Mund (3rd RU 2013/Competing in 2015)
OH-Cecili Weber (1st RU 2013/NF 2014; In VA: Competing in 2015)
OK-Lacey Russ (Competing in 2015) / Heather Rasmussen (NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
PA-Jocelyn Gruber (2nd RU 2014)
TN-Maggie Belew (NF 2013/Top 16 2014)
TX-Madison Fuller (3rd RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
VT-Erin Connor (3rd RU 2015)
VA-Courtney Jamison (Competing in 2015)
WA-Victoria Renard (In OK: NF 2012/SF 2013)
WY-Chelsea Price (NF 2012/Competing in 2015)

AL-Mi’a Callens (NF 2013/SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
AR-Ashton Campbell (Miss AR 2014)
CA-Jessa Carmack (Competing in 2015)
CO-Meredith Winnefeld (In AZ: 4th RU 2013/SF 2014; In CO: Competing in 2015)
DE-Victoria Brown-O’Brien (4th RU 2013)
FL-Elizabeth Fechtel (1st RU 2014)
IN-Brianna DeCamp (Competing in 2015)
KY-Erynn Landherr (Top 13 2014/Competing in 2015)
LA-Justine Ker (Competing in 2015)
MI-Marissa Cowens (NF 2013/Competing in 2015)
MS-France Beard (Competing in 2015)
MO-McKensie Garber (Competing in 2015)
NE-Brooke Ludemann (Competing in 2015)
NV-Bailey Gumm (4th RU 2013/1st RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
NH-Lauren Percy (NF 2013/3rd RU 2015)
NC-McKenzie Faggart (1st RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
OH-Kelsey Barrett (SF 2013)
OK-Clytee Burchett (Competing in 2015)
OR-Alexi Provost-Shean (SF 2014)
PA-Kaitlynne Kline (NF 2013/NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
SD-Alexis Kosiak (SF 2013)
TN-Madison Snipes (Competing in 2015)

AL-Callie Walker (Competing in 2015)
AZ-Madison Esteves (Competing in 2015)
KY-Lauren Bohl (Competing in 2015)
LA-Deon Sumer (NF 2014/Competing in 2015)
MN-Bailey Wachholz (NF 2014)
MS-Molly May (Competing in 2015)
NE-Lianna Prill (NF 2014)
NV-Ellie Smith (Miss NV 2014)
NJ-Amanda Ross (SF 2014/Competing in 2015)
SD-Meredith Gould (Miss SD 2014)
VA-Andolyn Medina (Competing in 2015)
WA-Janae Callaway (4th RU 2014/Competing in 2015)
WV-Morgan Breeden (Top 12 2014/Competing in 2015)

AL-Jessica Procter (Competing in 2015)
KS-Kristen Boxman (Competing in 2015)
NJ-Alyssa Sullivan (Competing in 2015)
OK-Ashten Vincent (Competing in 2015)
OR-Harley Emery (Competing in 2015)

NJ-Samantha Rizzuto (Competing in 2015)

Former MAOT contestants who have competed for Miss Teen USA/Miss USA:
Shalane Larango (WA OT 2005/WA TUSA 2007)
Courtney Gifford (WY OT 2005/WY MAO 2007/WY USA 2013)
Tasha Smedley (UT OT 2006/UT TUSA 2009)
Moani Hara (HI OT 2007/HI USA 2014)
Kasey Staniszewski (MD OT 2007/MD TUSA 2009/MD USA 2013)
Elena LaQuatra (PA OT 2007/PA TUSA 2010)
Bisharra Dorre (WI OT 2007/WI TUSA 2006/WI USA 2014)
Ashley Golden (WY OT 2007/WY TUSA 2011)
Caley-Rae Pavillard (CO OT 2008/CO TUSA 2011)
Amanda Debus (DE OT 2008/DE TUSA 2011)
Jasmine Alexis (DC OT 2008/DC TUSA 2007)
Sydnee Stottlemyre (MO OT 2008/MO TUSA 2011)
Arianna Walker (ND OT 2008/ND TUSA 2010/ND MAO 2011)
Veronica Temple (AK OT 2009/AK TUSA 2012)
Katherine Puryear (NC OT 2009/NC TUSA 2012)
Logan West (CT OT 2010/CT TUSA 2012 -- Miss Teen USA 2012)
Julia Martin (GA OT 2011/GA TUSA 2013)
Sophia Hadeka (VT OT 2011/VT TUSA 2013)
Dominick Fink (VA OT 2011/DC TUSA 2014)

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Subject: Miss Indiana Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 16:45:02 11/10/14 Mon


Miss Ball State University - Kayzie Priebe (New)
Miss Banks of Wabash - Samantha Toney (New)
Miss Capital City - Chloe Anagnos (2014, Non-Finalist Interview Winner)
Miss Central Indiana - Gracie Lyons (2014-Top 10, Prelim SS)(2013, 2nd R/U, Prelim SS)(2012-Top 10)(2011)
Miss Collegiate Indy - Michelle Ferro (New)
Miss Collegiate North - Rose McClimans (2014-4th R/U, Prelim Talent)
Miss Collegiate South - Erin O'Brien (2013)
Miss Crossroads to America - Quesley Bunch (New)
Miss Duneland - Morgan Grady (2014-3rd RU and Prelim Swimsuit Award)(AR-2013)
Miss Elkhart County - Mackenzie Klahr (New)
Miss Fort Wayne - Katelin Vogel (New)
Miss Great Lakes - Katelyn Marak (2014)(2012)(INOT - 2010; Top 10 at MAOT)
Miss Harvest Homecoming - Morgan Jackson (2014-2nd R/U)(IN Sweetheart - 2014) (INOT - 2007, Top 10-MAOT)
Miss Heart of Indiana - Laura Merida (2013, Semi-finalist, Peoples Choice Award)
Miss Hoosier Heartland - Lexie Costa (2014)(2013)
Miss Indiana Heartland - Emily Mishler (2014, Prelim Interview Winner)(2013)
Miss Indiana Landmarks - Kayla Bruner (New)
Miss Indiana South - Sutton Roach (New)
Miss Indiana State University - Ayanna Sykes (2013)(2012-Top 10)
Miss Indiana University - Lauren Mnayarji (2013-Top 10)(2012)
Miss IPFW - Madison Seifert (New)
Miss Kosciusko County - Karlee Mawhorter (New)
Miss Limberlost - Shelby Carmichael (New)
Miss Metropolitan - Brianna DeCamp (INOT-2011)
Miss Northeast - Juliana Zehr (2012)(2011)
Miss Northwest Territory - Charlotte Olson (New)
Miss Ohio Valley - Hannah Swan (2014)
Miss Purdue University - Ashley Zeiner (New)
Miss South Bend - Kathleen Raab (2014 Semifinalist, Prelim Talent Winner)(2012, Non-Finalist Talent Winner)
Miss South Central - Rachel Klein (New)
Miss Southern Heartland - Jessica Weesner (2014)
Miss Three Rivers Festival - Taylor Knox (2014-NFT)(2013-Top 10)
Miss Vincennes University - Kearston Anderson (New)
Miss Wabash Valley - Kyla Brummett (New)
Miss White River - Lauren Butler (2014)

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Subject: I have some questions with regards to pageant history...when were 2 piece swimsuits allowed? When was talent downgraded from 50% of the score? When were talent presentations cut from 2:50? When did the top 10 go to top 15 and then top 5? OSQ? Platforms? Thank you!

No name
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Date Posted: 09:24:39 05/26/15 Tue

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Subject: Miss Alabama Contestants

PageantGuru ()
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Date Posted: 02:02:56 11/05/14 Wed


Miss Auburn University - Jessie Garrison (New)
Miss Auburn-Opelika Area - Caroline Elliott (New)
Miss Birmingham - Susanna Bagwell (New)
Miss Cahaba Valley - Carson Smith (New)
Miss Center Point - Jessica Procter (ALOT - 2013; 2nd R/U to MAOT and Preliminary Lifestyle and fitness and Evening wear winner in Orlando)
Miss Chattahoochee Valley - KeLeigh Edwards (2014-4th R/U, Prelim SS Winner)(2013-Prelim SS Winner)(2012)(2011-1st R/U, Prelim Talent Winner)
Miss Childersburg Area - Victoria Bailey (2014)
Miss Chilton County - Kristen Robbins (New)
Miss Circle City - Ellen Hardy (2014)(2013)
Miss Coastal Alabama - Boni Yraguen (2014, Prelim Talent Winner, NFT) (DYW of Oregon ’12, Top 10 at Nationals)
Miss Covered Bridge - Callie Walker (ALOT - 2012)
Miss Friendliest City - Jill Vinzant (2014)
Miss Gadsden State Community College - Savannah Wash (New)
Miss Gardendale Magnolia Festival - Shiann Harper (New)
Miss Hamilton - Lexie Hayes (New)
Miss Jacksonville State University - Cortlyn Watson (New)
Miss Jefferson County - Chassidy Sumler (2014-Prelim Talent Winner, NFT)(2013-MS, Prelim SS Winner)(2012-MS-3rd R/U)
Miss Jefferson State Comm. College - Julianna Moreno (New)
Miss Lake City - Alexis Sims (New)
Miss Leeds Area - Elisabeth Chramer (2014-3rd R/U, Miss Congenality, AL Sweetheart-2014, National Sweetheart-2nd R/U)(2013)(2012-NFT Winner)(2011)
Miss Madison County - Alyssa Boyd (2014-Top 10)(2012)
Miss Marble Valley - Isabella Powell (New)
Miss Marshall County - Miranda Ward (2013)
Miss Metropolitan - Cassidy Jacks (2014-Top 10)
Miss North Jefferson Area - Briana Kinsey (2014-2nd R/U)(2013)(2009-2nd R/U-ALOT)
Miss Northeast Alabama - Madeline Gathings (New)
Miss Patriot - M'ia Callens (2014-Top 10)(2013)(ALOT - 2011, 2nd R/U at MAOT)
Miss Phenix City - Meg McGuffin (2014)(ALOT - 2007)
Miss Quad Cities - Chelsea Yarber (2014)
Miss Rocket City - Emma Caroline Gaddy (New)
Miss Samford University - Madison Smith (New)
Miss Shelby County - Amanda Ford (2014)(2013)
Miss Smiths Station - Shelby Cochran (2014)
Miss Southern Union - Angel McCaig (New)
Miss Spirit of America - Megan Smith (2014-Top 10)(2013-Top 11)(2012-1st runner up AL DYW)
Miss Steel City - Hannah Brown (2014)(2013)
Miss Sylacauga - Mary Kelly Cantrell (New)
Miss Talladega County - Hayley Barber (2014-Top 10, Prelim SS Winner, CMN Miracle Maker)(2013-4th R/U, Prelim Talent Winner)(2012-Top 10)
Miss Tennessee Valley - Rachel Persall (2014)
Miss Troy University - Hannah McDonald (New)
Miss Trusville - Shea Summerlin (2014)
Miss Tuscaloosa - Caitlin Crowe (2014)(2013)
Miss UAB - Melanie Roberts (New)
Miss University of Alabama - Payton Edberg (New)(2013-1st R/U-Alabama DYW)
Miss University of Mobile - Emily Danforth (New)
Miss University of North Alabama - Rachel Wammack (New)
Miss University of West Alabama - Nicole Riley (New)
Miss Walker County - Kellie Giles (New)
Miss Wallace State Comm. College - Emily Davis (New)
Miss West Central Alabama - Katie Malone (2014-1st R/U)(2013-Top 11)(2012)

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