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Subject: Miss America Swimsuit - Top 16!

Collage Queen
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Date Posted: 02:30:00 02/25/17 Sat

Here's the Top 16! Some for Swimsuit facts for you...
- The contestants that beat out a swimsuit winner in round 2 were SC (beat TN), ME (beat AR), and MO (beat CT). There were quite a few pairings were both winners were state swimsuit winners though.
- Current swimsuit pairings in this round include MD and NJ, GA and DC, and FL and PA.
- Other swimsuit winners in this round include KS, MS, OH, and WA
This round will end at 11 PM Pacific Time on Saturday February 25. Happy voting! Example ballot below!

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Subject: Miss America Best Talent COSTUME

Collage Queen
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Date Posted: 02:34:02 02/25/17 Sat

I want to point out before we start that this is voting for the best Talent COSTUME!!!! This has NOTHING to do with the contestant's talent presentation. There will be winners in each talent category (vocal, dance, instrumental, and monologue) as well as the overall talent costume winner!

Voting ends at 11 PM Pacific Time on February 25th. Happy voting, example ballot below!

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Subject: Miss America Best Gown!

Collage Queen
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Date Posted: 00:37:08 02/25/17 Sat

And our own Miss America, Savvy Shields, wins evening gown! In the final round, Savvy beat Hannah but just one vote, but here is the final scoring for ALL the Miss America contestant's gowns!
Remember to continue to vote for the best swimsuit, and I will be posting another competition shortly!

AR- 83
MD- 74
HI- 52
MS- 47
LA- 41
SC- 32
DC- 31
MI- 30
VT- 27
WY- 26
WA- 26
VA- 21
WV- 20
GA- 20
PR- 18
OH- 17
NM- 16
IN- 16
TX- 14
NY- 13
AL- 12
UT- 11
MT- 11
KS- 7
IL- 7
NJ- 7
CA- 7
DE- 7
TN- 6
RI- 6
NC- 6
MO- 6
KY- 5
AZ- 5
CT- 5
AK- 4
NE- 4
NV- 4
IA- 4
CO- 4
PA- 4
MN- 4
FL- 3
ND- 3
OK- 3
NH- 3
WI- 2
MA- 1
OR- 1
SD- 1
ID- 1
ME- 0

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Subject: The final 2!

Collage Queen
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Date Posted: 22:39:35 02/23/17 Thu

Sorry for the delay, busy day! Here are the top 2, which dress is your favorite, AR or MD?!?!

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Subject: Miss America Swimsuit - Part 2!

Collage Queen
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Date Posted: 00:11:41 02/24/17 Fri

Round 2! Here's some fun facts from round 1:

- Every single contestant got at least one vote, so that means just because someone was a preliminary swimsuit winner, does not mean that everyone thought that state was the best. In fact, OH and AK actually tied, and I determined who moved on by literally drawing a name from a hat (did that with six other groups as well).
- The pairings that included both state and national swimsuit winners (meaning both contestants had won a preliminary award at some point) were Oregon and Kansas, Arizona and Georgia (Georgia at state and National Sweetheart), South Dakota and DC, and Washington and Colorado.
- Other states that have won swimsuit awards include Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. That means that nearly HALF of this year's contestants have won swimsuit awards during their time competing!

Pairings in this round that include both swimsuit winning titleholders are: Kansas and New Mexico, North Carolina and New Jersey, Idaho and Maryland, Kentucky and Georgia, Alabama and DC, Florida and Oklahoma, and Minnesota and Pennsylvania. 7/16 pairings. And 20 of the 32 contestants are swimsuit winners.

Vote below! Voting ends at 9 PM Friday, February 24th Pacific Time!

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Subject: Miss Tennessee's Outstanding Teen Contestants

No name
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Date Posted: 22:18:41 02/24/17 Fri


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Subject: FL Contestants

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Date Posted: 01:06:00 10/15/16 Sat

Albritton, Casey (Ocala) (New)
Bettis, Lyndsey (St. Augustine) (2016-1st R/U, Prelim SS Award)
Butler, Olivia (Tampa) (2016-Top 11,Prelim Talent Award)
Campbell, Anne-Marie (Palm Beach County) (New)
Caputo, Olivia (Pasco County) (New)
Cook, Mariluz (Boca Raton) (New)
Daniel, Madison (University of Central Florida) (New)
Dennis, Kyndle (Apopka) (2015)
Genovese, Ariana (Ponte Vedra) (New)
George, Lexie (Daytona Beach) (2016)
Goldman, Cassidy (Jacksonville) (New)
Graham, Courtney (Gainesville) (New)
Gray, Gina Cidnee (Broward County) (New)
Hargrave, Jessica (Manatee River) (2016)
Hyatt, Samantha (DeSoto Heritage) (2016)
Knapp, Justine (Ft. Lauderdale) (New)
Kornegay, Anisa (Largo) (2016)(2015)
Leverette, Kalea (River City) (New)
Manning, Aaliyah (Pasco County Fair) (New)
Neilson, Lauren (Orange County) (2016)(2015)(2014)
Price, Megan (South Florida Fair) (2016)
Ruffa, Ginelle (Miami Beach) (New)
Sartain, Katy (Orlando) (2016-Top 15, MAO Community Svc Award, Prelim Interview Award, STEM Scholarship)(2015-Top 15,Prelim Interview Award)(2014-QoL Winner)
Savage, Kelly (Winter Park) (2016-Leadership Award)(2012)
Singh, Ritika (Gold Coast) (New)
Smith, Rhiannon (St. Petersburg) (New)
Waiters, Jercoiya (Manatee) (2016)(2015-NFT Award)

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Subject: So Sweet!!!!!

No name
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Date Posted: 17:35:02 02/24/17 Fri

Savvy ShieldsVerified account‏@MissAmerica 5h5 hours ago
This is my Grandpa D, and this is my ride to the airport. ☺️ #heartmelted #happyheart #cantstopsmiling

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Subject: Miss America Swimsuit - Part 1!

Collage Queen
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Date Posted: 18:02:58 02/22/17 Wed

This voting round will end at 11 AM Pacific Time on February 23rd. Please choose your swimsuit winner from the pairings as per the example ballot below (my votes).
If you have any requests for these sorts of collages such as teens, Miss States, past Miss America years, or more, please let me know!

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Subject: Miss America Day of Service Information has been released by MAO. Does anyone else think they have lost the idea of a "service" day? They want each state to concentrate on raising $5,000. Why don't they call it an annual day of fundraising, because that's what they are proposing.

No name
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Date Posted: 10:49:25 02/23/17 Thu

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Subject: Background music

No name
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Date Posted: 13:52:07 02/19/17 Sun

Sometime ago someone here posted the name of a song that was playing in the background during contestant intros at Miss America one year during the 1980's--I think there was a NY reference in the title? Loved that music and was hoping to find it---anyone recall??

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Subject: AL Contestants

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Date Posted: 07:04:44 10/05/16 Wed

Abston, Summer (University of West Alabama) (New)
Andrews, Shelby (Circle City) (New)
Bowden, Charity (Front Porch) (New)
Bryan, Thomason (St. Claire County) (2016)
Carter, Logan (North Mobile) (New)
Chapin, Harley (UAB) (New)
Dugans, Mikaylah (Childersburg) (New)
Edberg, Payton (Greater Gadsden) (2016-Miss America Academic Award)(2015)
Edwards, Abby (Southern Union State Community College) (New)
Fair, Karson (Auburn Opelika) (New) (NCOT - 2014; Scholastic Excellence Award in Orlando)
Gathings, Maddie (Phenix City) (2016)(2015)
Harper, Shiann (Northeast Alabama) (2016-Top 12)(2015)
Hayes, Lexi (Cahaba Valley) (2016)(2015)
Holloway, Mary Katherine (Walker County) (New)
Holt, Brooklyn (Auburn University) (2016)
Jacks, Cassidy (Iron City) (2016-2nd R/U, Prelim Talent Award)(2015-Prelim Talent Award)(2014-Top 10)
Kendal, Angeline (Friendliest City) (New)
Kennon, Bailey (Hoover) (2016)
Kontos, Stella (Center Point) (2016-Top 12)
Lancaster, Riley Kate (Tuscaloosa) (2016)
Lazenby, Braden (Birmingham) (New)
Locke, Charlton (Smiths Station) (New)
McDougal, Mary Ann (Coastal Alabama) (New)
McGuire, Meg (Gardendale Magnolia Festival) (New)
McKinney, Loreanna (Hamilton) (New)
McTier, Caitlyn (Sylacauga) (New)
Moore, Mary Beth (Troy University) (New)
Mordecai, Chandler (West Central Alabama) (2016)
Moreno, Julianna (North Jefferson Area) (2016)(2015)
Montgomery, Celeste (Jefferson State) (New)
Nuwayhid, Allyson (Jefferson County) (2016-Prelim SS Award)
O'Rear, Emily (Quad Cities) (New)
Ozment, Annie (Covered Bridge) (New)
Patel, Nikita (Guntersville) (New)
Procter, Jessica (Leeds Area) (2016-4th R/U, Miss America Community Service Award, Prelim Talent Award) (2015-3rd R/U)(2013-ALOT, 2nd R/U in Orlando, Preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness, Preliminary Evening Wear/On Stage Question, Troy University Millennium Scholar's Award)
Repasky, Kayla (Trussville) (2016)(2015-PA Top 11)
Rizzuto, Samantha (Marble Valley) (NJ-2016-State Community Service Award)(NJ-2015-State Community Service Award) (NJOT - 2014, Outstanding Achievement in Academic Life Award, Teens in Action Award, Non-Finalist Interview in Orlando)
Roose, Victoria (University of North Alabama (New)
Saysane, Chelsea (University of Mobile) (New)
Shields, Chandler (Tennessee Valley) (2016)
Sumler, Chassidy (Shelby County) (2016-Prelim Talent Award)(2015)(2014-Prelim Talent Winner, NFT)(2013-MS-Prelim SS Winner)(2012-MS-3rd R/U)
Swatts, Camden (Jacksonville State University) (New)
Walker, Callie (University of Alabama) (2016-1st R/U, Prelim Talent Award)(2015-Top 12, Prelim Talent Winner)(ALOT - 2012)
Yarber, Chelsea (Marshall County)(2016)(2015)(2014)
York, Aly (Samford University) (New)

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Subject: PA Contestants

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Date Posted: 23:06:07 10/20/16 Thu

Carlson, Katie (Northeastern PA) (2016-1st R/U)(2015)(2013-NH)(2012-NH)
Cerulli, Cassie (Wilkes Barre/Scranton) (2016-2nd R/U,Prelim Talent Award)(2015-2nd R/U, Prelim SS Award, Prelim Talent Award, PA Sweetheart, National Sweetheart Miss Congenality) (2014-4th R/U)(2013-Top 11)(2012-Top 11)
Gehman, Jennifer (Freedom Forge) (New)
Harrar, Holly (Greater Juniata Valley) (2016-4th R/U)(2015)(2014)(2013)
Jones, Caroline (Susquehanna Valley) (2016-Miss America Academic Award)(2015)(2014)
Koza, Carly (Laurel Highlands) (2016-Top 11)
Kubishin, Brianna (Hershey Area) (2016)
Lyons, Sydne (State Capitol) (New)
Miller, Kaitlyn (Midstate) (2016-NFT Award)(PAOT - 2012)
Motter, Jenna (York County) (New)
Oberneder, Anna (Southwestern) (2016)(2015)(2014-CMN Award)(2013)(2012)
Peiffer, Marla (Red Rose City) (2016-Top 11, Humble Serice Award, Prelim SS Award)(2015-Top 11)(2014-3rd R/U)(2013)
Penn, LeAnn (Moraine) (2016)
Roberts-McDonald, Marielle (Luzerne County) (2016-Miss America Community Service Award)
Schreckengast, Katie (Central Pennsylvania) (New)(PAOT - 2013; Non-Finalist Evening Wear/OSQ/Interview Awards, Community Service Award for Children's Miracle Network in Orlando)
Shrom, Tiffany (White Rose City) (2016)
Stover, Cady Ruth (Crawford) (NYOT - 2014)
Weinstein, Page (Lancaster County) (AL-2016-NFT Award) (PAOT - 2014;Top 8 in Orlando, CMNH Miracle Maker, Third Place Ad Sales Award)
Wilkins, Julia (Butler County) (2015)(2014-Miss America Community Service Award, Miss Congeniality)
Williams, Erica (First Capitol) (AL-2016)

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Subject: Tara Grinstead: Ex-student accused of murdering missing Georgia teacher

No name
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Date Posted: 18:05:13 02/23/17 Thu


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Subject: NJ Contestants

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Date Posted: 00:49:54 10/06/16 Thu

Algarra, Jacqueline (Atlantic County) (New)
Barger, Danielle (Burlington County) (New)
Dass, Disha (Northern Highlands) (New)
Ervey, Jessica (Essex County) (New)
Gentiletti, Ayla (Cape Shores) (2016-Top 10,Prelim Talent Award)(2014)(2013-T10, Prelim Talent Award)
Gialloreto, Jaime (South Jersey) (New)
Indio, Jessica (Tri-County) (2016)
Kennelly, Madison (Cape May County) (2016-QoL Award, Miss America Academic and Community Service Awards)
Kulikowski, Ashley (Stars and Stripes) (New)
Laveson, Ashlyn (Gloucester County) (2016)(2015-People's Choice)(2014)
Legrand, Rachelle (Gateway) (New)
Magill, Julia (Avalon) (2016, People's Choice)
Michael, Olivia (Columbus Day) (2016-1st R/U, Talent/Interview Awards)(2015-3rd R/U)(2014-Top 10, Interview Prelim Award)(2013)
Milne, Jessica (Monmouth County) (2016-T10,Overall Interview Award)(2015-T10,Overall Interview Award,Prelim Talent Award)
Ortega, Celinda (Bergen County) (2014-National All-American Miss)
Pepitone, Sarah (Cumberland County) (New)
Ragazzo, Natalie (Atlantic Shores) (2011 - NJOT, Top 10 in Orlando, Peoples Choice Award)
Ross, Amanda (Seashore Line) (2016-3rd R/U)(2015)(2014-Top 10)(2012 - NJOT)
Sanders, Marissa (Cape Resort) (2016)
Schoeffel, Kaitlyn (Eastern Shore) (2016-2nd R/U,Prelim SS Award)(2015)(2014-Top 10)(2013-4th R/U) (2012-1st R/U)(2007 - NJOT)
Seeley, Kyra (Central Coast) (2016-Top 10)(2015-Top 10)
Staub, Lauren (Ramapo Valley) (New)
Suarez, Olivia (Ocean County) (2016)(2015)(2014-PA)(2013-NJ)
Sullivan, Alyssa (Camden County) (2016-Top 10)(2015-Top 10, Prelim Talent Award) (NJOT - 2013, Top 8 in Orlando)
Tomlinson, Krystle (Coastal Shores) (2016-Prelim Talent Award)
Vendetta, Hannah (Northern Lakes) (New)
Welsh, Madison (South Shore) (2016-Prelim Talent Award)

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Subject: MN sweeps? anyone know anything?

No name
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Date Posted: 10:14:22 02/24/17 Fri

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Subject: The Miss America Organization Announces New Partnership with EcoTools®

No name
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Date Posted: 15:28:32 02/22/17 Wed

Atlantic City, NJ (February 21, 2017) – The Miss America Organization announced today its new relationship with EcoTools, a brand from Paris Presents Incorporated, which offers a full collection of cosmetic accessories featuring beautiful, cruelty-free, recyclable materials. As an official sponsor, EcoTools will serve as the exclusive provider of cosmetic accessories to the Miss America Organization.

“We are so pleased to welcome EcoTools into the Miss America family,” said Josh Randle, MAO’s COO. “The EcoTools collection of cosmetic accessories is second to none, and we look forward to working hand-in-hand with Miss America 2017, Savvy Shields, and EcoTools to promote our mutual mission of empowering young women everywhere to look and live beautifully.”

For 2017 – the brand’s 10th anniversary year and second year for the #MyTrueBeauty campaign – EcoTools is hitting the road for a cross-country tour to inspire women to be their best selves and help take the intimidation out of makeup application.

“EcoTools is dedicated to creating an encouraging platform for women to embrace their true beauty and ultimately help make a more beautiful world around them,” said Stacey Ramstedt, Senior Director of Marketing at Paris Presents Incorporated. “Being able to work with Savvy Shields this year is an incredible opportunity for us, especially given what the Miss America Organization represents and the inspiration they, along with Savvy, provide to women each and every day.”

As part of its 10 year milestone, EcoTools unveiled its New Modern Eco Collection, featuring a gorgeous rebranding and new product innovation across all of its hair, bath & spa, and makeup application categories with a bold, fresh, and contemporary look. The collection is available at your local mass merchandiser or drugstore.

The Miss America Organization, headquartered in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is the nation’s largest provider of scholarship assistance to women. Miss America will celebrate its 97th anniversary with “The 2018 Miss America Competition” in Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 (9:00 – 11:00p.m. /ET) on the ABC Television Network.


About EcoTools®

EcoTools helps women around the world look beautiful and live beautifully. For 2017 – the brand’s 10th anniversary year and second year for the #MyTrueBeauty campaign – EcoTools is hitting the road for a cross-country tour to inspire women to be their best selves and help take the intimidation out of makeup application. EcoTools, a brand from Paris Presents Incorporated, offers the tools, tutorials, and tips so she can be her best, beautiful self. The EcoTools collection of cosmetic accessories, hairbrushes, brush-cleansing products, and bath and body products features renewable, animal-cruelty-free, and recyclable materials. More information available at www.ecotools.com.

About The Miss America Organization

The Miss America Organization, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization, is the nation’s leading advocate for women’s education and the largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women in the United States, awarding millions of dollars annually. The Miss America Organization is comprised of 52 licensed organizations, including all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Miss America contestants contribute tens of thousands of community service hours annually and have raised over $15 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Miss America scholarships since 2007. For more information, visit www.MissAmerica.org.

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Subject: The Miss USA state season is complete. Three former MAO state winners have won USA titles, Miss Wyoming 2015, Mikayla Shaw is WY USA 2017, Miss SD 2013, Tessa Dee was crowned SD USA 2017. Miss SD 2014 Meredith Gould is MN USA 2017. What other MAO crossovers competed this year?

No name
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Date Posted: 20:26:41 02/09/17 Thu

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Subject: Does anyone know price range for Shea Sullivan choreo?

No name
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Date Posted: 18:37:45 02/23/17 Thu

It's not in her FAQ on her website and I'm curious

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Subject: NC Contestants

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Date Posted: 02:47:50 10/04/16 Tue

Beam, Kathleen (Hendersonville) (New)
Bridges, Taylor (Johnston County) (New)
Bryant, Madison (Mecklenburg County) (New)
Brown, Rose (Piedmont) (New)
Carrington, Bryana (Greater Sandhills) (New)
Cothren, Sarah (Cabarrus County) (New)
Dirig, Grace (Statesville) (New)
Easter, DeAndre (Queen City) (2016-4th R/U,Prelim Talent Award)
Farris, Allison (Mount Holly) (2016-Top 11)(2013-AL,Prelim Talent Award,Overall Talent Award)
Gaines, Isabella (Wilmington) (New)
Hager, Melody (Asheville) (New)
Haller, Caroline (Kinston-Lenoir County) (New)
Hammond, Kelsey (Greater Southeastern) (New)
Helton, Kaitlyn (Morning Glory) (New)
Hubbard, Autumn (Gaston County) (2015)
Huff, Jenna (Central Carolina) (2016-Prelim SS Award)
Huggins, Victoria (Greater Sampson County) (2016-3rd R/U, Prelim Talent Award)(2015-2nd R/U,QoL Winner,CMN Miracle Maker Award,Prelim Talent Award, NC Sweetheart, Top 15 @ National Sweetheart; Ronnie Reed Community Service and Platform Award)(2014-3rd R/U, Overall Talent Award,Community Service Award, Prelim Talent Winner)(2013-Top 11)
Jhant, Andrea (Shelby) (New)
Lee, Kacy (High Point) (2016-2nd R/U,Prelim Talent Award)(2015-4th R/U) (2014-4th R/U, Prelim Talent Winner)
Matrazzo, Laura (Randolph County) (SC-2016) (2015 NCUSA NF)
McMurray, Caroline (Metrolina) (New)
Moore, Audrey (Eastover) (2016)
Mower, Rachel (Blue Ridge Valley) (2016-Peoples Choice)
Norris, Mary Scott (Rowan County) (New)
O'Brien, Elizabeth (Thomasville) (New)
O'Geary, Evan (Henderson) (New)
Parker, Tara (Rose Hill) (New)
Robinson, Melanie (Belmont) (2016-STEM Scholarship)
Russell, Kylee (Charlotte) (2016-Prelim SS Award)
Smith, Courtney (Goldsboro) (New)
Smith, Tiffany (Stanly County) (New)
Spruill, Kaylee (Greater Carolina) (New)
Stallings, Karen (Spivey's Corner) (New)
Stutts, Macy (Gastonia) (2014)
Walsh, Lauren (Garner) (New)
Wright, Kelsey (Dunn) (2016)

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No name
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Date Posted: 13:33:18 09/11/16 Sun

Goodness, they perhaps interviewed the most relevant formers and these gals got it just right.

Love the truth they all spoke and have to congratulate Mallory and Kate for not trying to present MAO as even close to running a perfect organization....MAO imperfect in most everyday, just as most of us.

I just wish MAO would be ready to change itself.......we all know the one person holding MAO back. Let's hope the organization survives his self absorption and comes back to place of truth and integrity sooner than later and perhaps let's Miss America be the person she went to Miss America to be, not the one he tried to make her be during her reign.

Here's the article: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/celebs/news/a63810/miss-america-pageant-winners-what-happens-next-interviews/

and here's Kate....


Now: Broadway actor and president of Actor's Equity; soon to star in "Fun Home"
national tour

The day after you crowned the new Miss America, what did you do?

I was ready to be done. I didn't have any regrets. I was excited for the next chapter. Four days after I crowned the next Miss America, I started my senior year of college.

I remember reading an interview with you where you described waiting tables in New York, and trying to break into acting. You said your manager didn't find out you had been Miss America for a few months. Did you find the title helped or hindered you in showbiz?

I would say it's a mixed bag. When you're 22 years old and you're showing up in New York as an actor, you're one of thousands. There have been times when it absolutely got me into more audition rooms than some of my friends, the fact that it was a sort-of novelty thing that people would take interest in. But I had to take it from there.

When I was just starting out, I got the chance to star in the national tour of Cabaret during a period when the show was traveling to smaller markets — one-week stays in places like Des Moines and Indianapolis and Fort Worth. I don't think I would have gotten to be in that position if I didn't have something that they could sell [in those regions]. But I still worked my butt off and had to fly to London to audition for Sam Mendes. They had to be sure I was up to the task. Anyone that tells you you're going to get hired just because you were Miss America probably isn't aiming that high.

Even 19 years later, does having been Miss America play a part in your life?

It continues to be a force in my life but it's not a major factor day-to-day. When the Fun Home tour news was announced, the Associated Press tweeted the story and said something like, 'Fun Home tour boasts Broadway veterans and an ex-Miss America.' I tweeted the writer back like, 'I've actually done some theater too. I haven't been sitting around polishing my crown for 19 years.' Even though I've stayed marginally involved through the years, it's not the thing that I think of when I brush my teeth in the morning and look in the mirror. It's not 'Good morning, Miss America!' you know?! [Laughs] I'm an actor.

At the end of your book, Being Miss America: Behind the Rhinestone Curtain, you talk about changes you think need to happen in the Miss America Organization. Do you still think there are things to improve?

There is a mentality within the Miss America organization at a high level that, if you question anything or the way things are being done, you're a hater. For an institution that is supposed to be about teaching young women to be leaders — within the context of a very quirky and anachronistic competition, sure, but it does achieve that — to alienate people instead of encouraging the exchange of free thought and idea and passions is so ironic to me.

When I last looked at [the Miss America Organization's] tax returns, the CEO was taking in more in compensation than the organization was giving out in cash scholarships. The pageant is operating at a loss every year. Until they get some of those business practices under control, they're always going to be scrambling for gimmicks and ratings. In the telecast, they're telling us these are the most fascinating, talented, intelligent, accomplished women we could find, and then they put up these stupid factoids on the screen that make them look like idiots. You have a woman playing a concerto and then you have a bubble pop up in the corner of the screen that says, 'She was once chased by a cheetah.' It's not good messaging. And I think Miss America is better than that.

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Subject: DC Contestants

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Date Posted: 01:02:46 10/15/16 Sat

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Subject: TX Contestants

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Date Posted: 08:24:28 10/06/16 Thu

Ahmad, Henna (McKinney) (New)
Ayrton, Kaitlyn (Frisco) (2016-Top 12,Peoples Choice)(2015)
Bates, Angelica (Spring) (2016)
Bebo, Adaline (Ft. Worth) (New)
Brown, Kassidy (Plano) (New) (2014 - TXOT, Top 12 in Orlando, 2nd Place Ad Sales Award)
Clawson, Christina (Lovejoy) (2016)(2015)
Davis, Christina (Texarkana) (New)
Davis, Spencer (Allen) (2016-Top 12)(2015-NF Alpha, NFT Overall Tie, NFT Award, Prelim Talent Award)
Diflippo, Lauren (Austin) (2016-Prelim Talent Award)
Drozd, Cora (College Station) (2016-Top 8)
Etter, Jacy (Coppell) (2015-12th Place)(2014)
Ferguson, Kimberly (Twin Rivers) (New)
Foreman, Chandler (Houston) (2015)
Forger, Lisa (Harris County) (2016)(2015)
Fuller, Madison (Midland-Odessa) (2016-3rd R/U, Prelim SS Award)(2015-3rd R/U, Overall Talent Tie, Overall EG Tie Prelim Talent Award, Prelim SS Award)(2014-3rd R/U, Prelim Alpha Talent Winner) (TXOT - 2010)
Fuller, Mallory (Grand Prairie) (New)
Gilchrist, Ashlee (North Texas) (2016)(2015)
Hicks, Catherine (Park Cities) (2016-14th Place)
Joel, Aryssa (Gulf Coast) (New)
Johannsen, Reilly (Caprock) (2011 - TXOT, 3rd R/U in Orlando)
Lackey, Brent (Hunt County) (New)
Larry, Michaela (Richardson) (New)
Mann, Kelsey (Bexar County) (2015)
Marak, Katelyn (Dallas) (2016-9th Place)(IN-2015)(IN-2014)(IN-2012)(2010 - INOT; Top 10 @ Orlando)
Mendoza, Rebecca (Alamo City) (New)
Murray, Lindsay (Prestonwood Polo Club) (New)
Plummer, Amanda (Green and Gold) (New)
Price, Aloria (Capital City) (New)
Rodriguez, Angelica (South Texas) (New)
Rudkin, Emma (San Antonio) (2015-10th Place)
Sharpless, Lindsey (Southeast TX) (2016)(2015)
Shorts, Jizyah (Sugar Land) (2016-4th R/U)
Sneed, Ashley (Central Texas) (2016)
Stafford, Amber (Southlake) (2015)
Stafford, Ashley (San Marcos) (2015)
White, Claire (Arlington) (2016)(OK-2015)
Willingham, Madison (Lubbock) (NM - 2016)
Wood, Margana (Travis County) (2016-1st R/U,Overall EG/SS Awards,Prelim SS Award)(2012 - TXOT; Top 8 in Orlando)
Zeller, Jessica (Collin County) (2016-Prelim Talent Award)(2015)

Last edited by author: Wed February 15, 2017 03:51:36   Edited 22 times.
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Subject: OK Contestants

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Date Posted: 01:39:34 10/13/16 Thu

Anderson, Lacey (Lawton) (2015)
Bayless, Elizabeth (SWOSU) (New)
Benbrook, Julia (OSU) (2016)(2015-4th R/U)
Bolt, Courtney (NSU) (New)
Bond, Maggie (Tulsa) (2015)
Bradley, Carrigan (NW OK City) (New)(OKOT - 2015)
Brooks, Ali (Queen of the West) (2016-2nd R/U, Prelim SS Award)(2015-2nd R/U, Prelim SS) (2014)
Browne, Triana (OK City) (2016)
Butler, Kassie (Elk City) (New)
Cepeda, Natalie (CASC) (New)
Clark, Chelsea (Grand Lake) (2016)
Deaton, McKinzie (Moore-Norman) (2016-Prelim Rookie Talent Award)
Diener, Mattison (Brookside) (KS-2016-Semi-finalist)
Dorn, Meaghan (Altus) (New)
Drake, Channing (Owasso) (New)
Fredrick, Tara (NOC Tonkawa) (New)
Hardy, Chandler (Bricktown) (2016-Top 11)(2014-Preliminary Rookie Talent Award)
Herron, Lexie (River Walk) (2016)
Hughart, Kandi (Northwestern) (New)
Jaynes, Hunter (Oil Capital) (New)
Jeffus, Jancy (Eastern OK County) (New)
Lamb, Alexis (Broken Arrow) (New)
Land, Tarren (NOC Enid) (New)
Martin, Samantha (Route 66) (2016)(National American Miss Oklahoma Teen 2014)
Meehan, Toni (Keystone Lake) (New)
Millender, Lauren (Midtown) (New)
Murray, Ashlin (NW Passage) (New)
Parker, Kyleeann (McAlester) (New)
Patterson, Molly (Frontier Country) (2016-Top 11)(2015-Top 16)
Pugh, Janet (OK State Fair) (New)
Raetz, Hailey (Creek County) (2016)(2015)(2014)
Rasmussen, Heather (Ada) (2016-Top 11)(2015-Top 16)(2014) (OKOT - 2010)
Ripley, Micah (Indian Nation) (New)
Rittenhouse, Maybree (Collinsville) (2016)
Sanders, Camryn (OCU) (2016-People's Choice, Top 11)
Shelton, Elizabeth (Muskogee) (New)
Simms, Danielle (Huckleberry) (New)
Thomison, Julianne (Bethany) (2016-3rd R/U, Prelim Rookie Talent Award) (OKOT - 2012; Top 8 @ Orlando)
Thompson, Ashley (Tulsa State Fair) (2016)(2015-Miss America Community Service Award)(2014-Top 13) (2013)
Vincent, Ashten (LibertyFest) (2016-1st R/U, Prelim SS Award) (2015-3rd R/U, Prelim Rookie Talent, Preliim SS Winner)(OKOT - 2013; 1st R/U at MAOT, Prelim Talent, EG, OSQ Winner at MAOT)
Wagner, Brittany (South OKC) (2016)
Wilcox, Erin (Delaware County) (2016)(2015)
Williams, Lacey (UCO) (New)
Wilson, Rylee (Piedmont) (2014)

Last edited by author: Thu February 23, 2017 23:32:33   Edited 12 times.
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Subject: IN Contestants

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Date Posted: 20:06:18 10/11/16 Tue

Anderson, Kearston (Ft. Wayne) (2016)(2015)
Ballew, Ollie (Harvest Homecoming) (New)
Begay, Haley (Metropolitan) (2016-Semifinalist)
Bruner, Kayla (Central Indiana) (2016)(2015)
Butler, Lauren (Limberlost) (2015)(2014)
Coleman, Justus (Collegiate South) (2016)
Dallas, Alexandra (Northeast) (New)
Davenport, Kirsen (Wabash) (New)
Eakins, Maddy (OH Valley) (New)
Eckert, Morgan (Crossroads to America) (New)
Foster, Kelsey (Auburn Cord Dusenberg) (New)
Franxman, Lindsey (Three Rivers Festival) (New)
Green, Ashley (Vincennes University) (New)
Haase, Grace (South Bend) (New)
Johnson, Demie (Great Lakes) (New)
Johnson, Samantha (Ball State University) (New)
Kline, Andrea (Elkhart County) (New)
Martinez, Dyna (South Central) (New)
Merchant, Alexis (Collegiate Indy) (New)
Merida, Laura (Capital City) (2016-2nd R/U, Prelim Talent Award)(2015-Top 10)(2013-People's Choice)
Olson, Charlotte (NW Territory) (2015)
Robbins, Samantha (White River) (2016)
Seifert, Madison (Collegiate North) (2016-Semifinalist)(2015-Top 10)
Smith, Chelsea (Duneland) (2016-Semifinalist, Peoples Choice)(2014)
Taylor, Tiarra (IN State University) (New)
Tremaine, Lydia (Southern Heartland) (New)
Tremaine, Mary (Purdue) (New)
Vogel, Katelin (Kosciusko) (2015)

Last edited by author: Mon February 20, 2017 01:55:25   Edited 13 times.
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Subject: check in for Nationals at Maoteen

No name
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Date Posted: 01:59:56 02/23/17 Thu

How come the Maoteen website still hasn't been updated? The princess camp has the wrong dates and there is not dates yet as to when the State title holders are even checking in. Some of us want to book rooms and register for camp. I know that the campers don't have to be there as early as the titleholders competing but some of the girls wanted to take their stars to the parks for the day before they had to check in and do something fun with them.

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Subject: Emily Lopez versus Miss WEST VIRGINIA Organization is over. Emily wins out of court!

Shannon Lopez
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Date Posted: 15:16:42 02/19/17 Sun

The West Virginia Organization would not honor the scholarship Emily won. The organization was taken to court and lost. Leah Summers and the board was found to be wrong. The organization was on probation, running in the red, obtaining loans, not following mission statement, not following protocol, low scholarship, bad financial records..... much more! Visit Emily's website to see documentation soon to be uploaded.

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Subject: GA Contestants

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Date Posted: 01:14:37 10/15/16 Sat

Ayala, Faith (NE Georgia) (New)
Barden, Jazmine (Presidential Pathways) (New)
Beasley, Alyssa (Southeast GA)(2016-2nd R/U,Overall Talent Award,Prelim Talent Award,Prelim SS Award)
Boyette, Faith (Wayne County) (New)
Brooks, Taylor (Yellow Daisy Festival) (New)
Burrell, A'Leah (North Georgia) (New)
Burrell, Taylor (Apple Capital) (New)
Campbell, Zyan (Albany) (New)
Campos, Rosa (Stone Mountain) (2016-Top 15)(2015-Top 10)
Carroll, Caroline (Troup County) (2016)
Caruth, Austin (Hummingbird Festival) (2015)(2014)(2013)
D'Alessandro, Gabrielle (Fayette County) (New)
Davis, Bryanna (Classic City) (New)
Davis, Darlyn (Flint River) (New)
DeLoach, Sarah (International City) (2016-4th R/U, Prelim SS Award)
Donoghue, Kelly (Fitzgerald) (2016-Semifinalist, Miracle Maker Award)(2015)
Gargiulo, Stephanie (Coastal Empire) (2016-Non-Finalist Interview Award)(2015)
Garner, Gabriv'ela (Coweta County) (New)
Gilomen, Alexa (Fulton County) (New)
Griffins, Allie (Historic Southern Plains) (2016)
Guzman, Chari (Cobb County) (2016-3rd R/U, Prelim Talent Award)
Harlow, Emily (Gwinnett County) (2016-NFT Award)
Hayes, Briana (Golden Isle) (New)
Haynes, Holley (Harris County) (2016-Top 15)
Heide, Michaela (Paulding County) (New)
Hercules, Seychelle (Columbus County) (New)
Hillman, Sydney (Rome)(2016-Top 15)(2015)(2014)
Hinesley, Courtney (Magnolia) (2015-Miracle Maker Award)(2014-Non-Finalist Interview)(2013-Prelim SS Winner)
Hinton, Charlotte (Cherokee Rose) (New)
Holley, Hanna (University of Georgia) (2016)
Johnson, Megan (Middle West GA) (2016-Photogenic Winner)(2015)
Jorgensen, Annie (Historic Buford)(2016-Semifinalist)(WIOT - 2011)
Kenerly, Jameson (Capital City) (New)(GAOT - 2012, 3rd R/U in Orlando, Preliminary Talent, Advertising Award, Outstanding Achievement in Academic Life)
Keyton, Miley (East Georgia State College) (New)
LaVant, Destiny (Altahama) (2016)
Little, Savanna (Lake Lanier) (New)
Marable, MacKenzie (Macon) (2016-Prelim SS Award)(2013-NFI Award)
Murphy, Shannon (Kennesaw) (New)
Murray, Victoria (Georgia Southern University) (New)
Pritchett, Gillian (Pickens) (New)
Reid, Kaitlin (Georgia Coast) (2016)(2014)
Richardson, Lindsey (Warner Robins) (New)
Rogers, Chelsey (Columbia State University) (New)
Sherrod, Brittany (Emmanuel County) (New)
Smith, Paula (Atlanta)(2016-Semifinalist)(2015- OK Top 16, Prelim Talent Winner-Rookie and Overall)
Smith, Shannon (LaGrange) (New)
Todd, Malloreigh (Heart of the South) (New)
Tyler, Emily (Shorter University) (New)

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Subject: CRDA spends $2 million to renovate Boardwalk Hall bathrooms

No name
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Date Posted: 22:54:07 02/22/17 Wed


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Subject: What is going on?

No name
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Date Posted: 13:57:26 02/19/17 Sun

Just read a thread on a state message board that the current Miss State is going to court because of several traffic violations. Confused since I thought this is violation of her contract. Any thoughts?

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Subject: MO Contestants

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Date Posted: 23:31:16 10/16/16 Sun

Beemer, Hailee (Jesse James) (New)
Bird, Ashley (Pony Express) (2016)(2015)
Bradley, Riley (Metro St. Louis) (2016-Semifinalist)(2015)(2014)
Carson, Mikaela (City of Fountains) (2016-4th R/U, Miracle Maker Award, Commerce Bank Community Service Award)(2015-Top 10)(2013)
Cummins, Ashley (Texas County) (2016)(2014)
Davis, Jennifer (Jackson) (2016-1st R/U, MU Prelim Interview Award, Director's Award)(2015-Top 10)(2014-Top 11)(2013-Top 11)
Enowski, Holly (Crown City) (New)
Hebron, Abbie (St. Joseph) (2016-MAO Academic Achievement Award)
Henderson, Avori (Nodaway County) (2016)
Horner, Madison (Maryville) (New)
Jarnagin, Marissa (Northwest) (New)
Koepping, Carolyn (Zona Rosa) (2016-MU NFT Award)(2015)(2014, Talent Prelim Winner)
Lewis, Katelyn (Heart of the Ozarks) (2016-Non-finalist SS Award, High Point Non Finalist Award)(2015-Top 10)
Moeller, Katie (Fluer de Leis) (2016-2nd R/U, Prelim Omega Interview Award,Talent Award,SS Award, Cooley High-Point Talent Award)(2015-Top 10, Prelim Talent Award)(2014-Top 11)(2013)
Monasmith, Ashley (Mark Twain) (2016)
Mueller, Jennifer (Route 66) (New)
Parks, Cheyenne (Kirksville) (2016-Non-finalist Omega SS Award)(2015-2nd R/U, Prelim SS Award, Peoples Choice Award)(2014)
Patee-Merrill, Debrielle (Audrain) (2016-Semifinalist, Rookie Omega Talent Award)
Porcelli, Angela (Gateway of St. Louis) (2016-NF MU Interview Award)(2015)
Portincaso, Janissa (Meramec Springs) (New)
Rawlings, Leah (Hannibal) (New)
Sears, Brittney (Heartland) (2016-3rd R/U)(2015)(2014-Top 11, Peoples Choice)
Steele, Maddie (Spirit of St. Louis) (2016-Non-finalist Interview Award)
Steingraeber, Shelby (River City) (New) (2012 - MOOT)
Stockard, Aimee (Heart of St. Louis) (2016-Rookie Omega NFT Award)
Thakur, Ashley (Kansas City) (NY-2016-NFT Award)
Volckmann, Chrystelle (Springfield) (New)

Last edited by author: Mon February 20, 2017 02:30:32   Edited 9 times.
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Subject: Did Miss West Virginia, Morgan Breeden ever receive the "PASS"?

No name (Did Morgan ever get a car or gas card??)
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Date Posted: 18:46:04 02/20/17 Mon

Former Miss WV Queens got monthly stipend-PASS, a car to use & gas card. Word is out, MWVO did not secure anything as promised to 2016 winner. Others tried to help but were told to stay out or ignored.

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Subject: Question for you trivia buffs...who has won State on their first try? How about the last year of eligibility after 5-6 times at state? Just curious as to what it takes and if the average Miss State has had a year or two or three in some cases under her belt before winning.

No name
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Date Posted: 14:29:22 02/14/17 Tue

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Subject: Dick Clark Productions Sale to Dalian Wanda Is Dead (Exclusive)

No name
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Date Posted: 02:43:25 02/21/17 Tue


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Subject: Evening Gown Round 2

Collage Queen
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Date Posted: 22:42:00 02/20/17 Mon

Hey friends, here's round 2! I was able to fix the formatting so everything looks good now! Same rules as last time, will post round 3 tomorrow! The pictures are a better size now too!

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Subject: Does anyone know what the rules are about other pageant systems? I know they dont want contestants being involved with other systems but what about volunteers? I thought I read here that volunteers/board members/judges couldn't be associated with other pageants?

No name
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Date Posted: 10:34:02 02/21/17 Tue

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Subject: Miss America Best Evening Gown Part 1

Collage Queen
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Date Posted: 21:13:26 02/19/17 Sun

This is how this will work. You will post your votes for each pairing in the replies below. I will have an example soon of my own votes.
Some states are not in this round because there are 52 contestants, and brackets do not work unless 12 contestants skip the first round. Every contestant pairing as well as those who skipped the first round was determined by literally drawing a state out of a hat.
Also sorry that the collage is kind of ugly, photoshop has not been working on my computer lately.
Have fun! Lets see who had the best evening gown this year!

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Subject: Miss Mississippi Class of 2017

No name
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Date Posted: 01:54:10 02/13/17 Mon

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Subject: NY Contestants

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Date Posted: 02:28:03 10/12/16 Wed

Abdagic, Amanda (Revere) (2016)(2013)
Bolella, Rose, (Manhattan) (2016-People's Choice)
Calato, Melissa (Colonial) (New)
Chambers, Cedar (Pride of New York) (2016-Miracle Maker Award)
Chandak, Neetu (Seneca Falls) (New)
Davis, Ashley Marie (Richmond County) (2016)(2015-Top 10)
DeLuca, Allison (Staten Island) (New)
Federhen, Alexina (Metropolitan) (New)(2014-VTOT; Most Photogenic in Orlando)(2013-Miss Vermont High School America)(2012-USA Ambassador Jr Teen)
Graves, Heather (Fulton County) (New)
Grant, Olivia (Thousand Islands) (2014)
Hollingsworth, Brittney (Brooklyn) (New)
James, Sara (Fonda Fair) (New)
Lockwood, Brianna (Southern Tier) (New)
Manuel, Madison (Mohawk Valley) (2015)(2014)
Meadowcroft, Stephanie (Greater NYC) (MD - 2016-1st R/U, Overall Talent Award, Prelim SS and Talent Awards)(2014-3rd R/U)(2013-3rd R/U)(2012-Top 10)(MDOT - 2009)
Molella, Lauren (Copper City) (New)(2011 - NYOT)
Opalka, Victoria (Montgomery County) (New)
Paradise, Cassie (Finger Lakes) (2016)(2015-Top 11,Peoples' Choice Awrd)
Perpich, Mackenzie (Queens) (2016-4th R/U)(2015-4th R/U, Prelim Talent Award, Overall Interview Award)
St. Jean, Taisha (Apple Festival) (New)
Silen, Emma (Cosmopolitan) (2015)
Simpson, Baylee (Upstate New York) (2016-1st R/U, Prelim Lifestyle and Fitness Award)(2015)
Sinisi, Meghan (Central New York) (2016-2nd R/U, Prelim Talent Award)(2015-NFT Award)
Walter, Gabrielle (Western New York) (2016-Top 11)
Zesky, Nina (Liberty) (2016-Top 11, MAO Community Service Award)(2015-2nd runner up, NY Sweetheart, Top 15 @ National Sweetheart)(2014)

Last edited by author: Mon February 20, 2017 01:52:54   Edited 14 times.
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Subject: “The 2018 Miss America Competition” To Broadcast Live From Historic Boardwalk Hall In Atlantic City

No name
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Date Posted: 22:51:07 02/01/17 Wed

Atlantic City, NJ (February 1, 2017) – The Miss America Organization, dick clark productions and ABC announced today that the 97th Miss America Competition will return to Atlantic City’s historic Boardwalk Hall on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2017 (9:00 – 11:00 p.m./ET) on the ABC Television Network. Packed with glitz and glam, the spectacular evening will showcase the serious smarts and tremendous talent of 52 women representing their home states and territories as they compete to bring home the crown. At the conclusion of the intense competition, one woman will win the coveted Miss America title.

“As we barrel towards our 100th Anniversary, I am so proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with dick clark productions, ABC, and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) in Atlantic City as we join forces to create great television and continue celebrating the empowerment of America’s most outstanding young women,” said Sam Haskell, Executive Chairman & CEO of the Miss America Organization.

“The 2018 Miss America Competition” follows three days of Preliminary Competitions and two weeks of various Miss America events held on and around the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk. The 52 contestants will also participate in the celebrated, fan-favorite “Show Us Your Shoes” Parade, which will travel along a two-mile route on the Atlantic City Boardwalk Saturday, September 9.

dick clark productions and the Miss America Organization will collaborate on all creative, marketing, sponsorship, licensing, ticketing and distribution elements of this year’s show. Anthony Eaton and Tall Pony Productions will produce “The 2018 Miss America Competition.”

On-sale ticketing information for “The 2018 Miss America Competition” will be announced soon.

For more information on “The 2018 Miss America Competition,” please visit Miss America Organization’s website at www.missamerica.org.


The Miss America Organization, a 501(c) 4 non-profit corporation, awards millions of dollars in annual college scholarship assistance making it the largest scholarship program for women in the United States. MAO is comprised of 52 licensed organizations which includes all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. MAO contestants contribute over 500,000 hours of community service annually and have raised over $15 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since 2007.


dick clark productions (dcp) is the world’s largest producer and proprietor of televised live event entertainment programming with the “Academy of Country Music Awards,” “American Music Awards,” “Billboard Music Awards,” “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,” “Golden Globe Awards,” “Hollywood Film Awards,” “Miss America” and the “Streamy Awards.” Weekly television programming includes “So You Think You Can Dance” from 19 Entertainment and dcp. dcp also owns one of the world’s most unique and extensive entertainment archive libraries with more than 55 years of award-winning shows, historic programs, specials, performances and legendary programming. For additional information, visit www.dickclark.com.

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