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Superior Females: Discussion and Practice
Female Superiority Discussion & Practice
This forum is closed and no new posts will be viewed or approved. The posts remain because a poster asked to have them remain to be read.

Subject Author Date Msgs
Do personal religious values or beliefs affect how nudity is managed within the family ?Daniel08:45:37 10/30/15 Fri3
First Non-Spanking CFNM ExperienceMitch09:41:40 06/08/15 Mon20
Closing the Forum Dec. 31micheleFFS13:23:17 11/26/18 Mon1
Cousins spankedRachel16:36:55 12/01/14 Mon-3
Education For Girls (continued)Nola17:34:49 03/30/15 Mon53
Superior females who outmuscle their inferior partnersChris14:24:50 11/29/18 Thu1
Are girls embarrassed?Sander11:20:30 04/08/18 Sun-1
Real female superioityBill (Happy)06:46:12 10/07/15 Wed4
Fake ID age cardsMargaret20:34:20 11/22/18 Thu1
Is anybody home?Margaret20:06:55 11/25/18 Sun1
Petticoat Punishment for boys.priscilla (:))14:24:30 07/01/17 Sat1
Privacy Though ExposedMs. Gertrude10:10:17 12/27/14 Sat-5
2 new posts belowmicheleFFS07:20:44 10/07/18 Sun1
Monitoring boys shower activitiesTara14:05:08 06/20/17 Tue-10
New picture ?Daniel13:22:13 04/16/18 Mon1
Re: Effect of punishing boys by spanking?mrs_ladybird to Andrew06:21:01 01/24/18 Wed0
I'm happy!Sander07:50:06 09/06/18 Thu1
FLR (Female Led Relationship): What is your opinion?JAN14:38:27 10/11/17 Wed1
Male submissive or dominenceDaniel22:42:05 04/14/18 Sat1
Anamazing feelingDaniel23:36:03 07/21/18 Sat1
Being used as a seat at public kink eventsJay19:44:20 07/02/18 Mon1
My 3 monthsSander13:01:06 01/14/18 Sun-2
Spanked standingRachel14:42:43 04/26/15 Sun52
Eclipsed!micheleFFS14:30:36 08/16/17 Wed-1
Ms GertrudemicheleFFS (Very sad indeed)10:26:55 05/30/18 Wed0
Reappearing outdated postsFS Moderator10:15:43 05/30/18 Wed1
New Forum for CFNM experiencesSarah05:01:16 04/15/18 Sun1
Re: Boys spanked bare by female teachersThomas (sad.)00:05:25 03/13/18 Tue1
Disciplining Nephew.Alina10:48:50 12/04/15 Fri10
Husband bed wettersara.reid13:59:55 06/10/15 Wed3
To Phil: Please rewordFS Moderator16:03:49 03/10/18 Sat1
Polyamorous Triad MarriageLonagin02:17:59 04/24/16 Sun-1
Sexy ShoesJulie Wilson15:40:31 05/24/16 Tue1
Re: Boys spanked bare by female teachersJim10:17:08 02/19/18 Mon1
To Sander: Your last post had no textFS Moderator15:17:51 02/13/18 Tue1
How can I approach my wife about spanking me?bobby b05:27:18 02/08/18 Thu1
How can I approach my wife about spanking me?bobby b09:38:24 02/07/18 Wed1
Email FS Modarator or micheleFFSmicheleFFS07:56:28 02/06/18 Tue1
To Dianne & all: Parent reaction to giving spankingsmichekleFFS14:27:57 01/31/18 Wed1
The dead horse.Daniel11:09:49 11/28/17 Tue1
Sander's post not approvedFSModerator11:11:08 01/23/18 Tue1
Look at who was playing with his peepee.Kathy - Danny's sister14:19:33 01/15/18 Mon1
Female prison guards controlling male inmate masturbationmicheleFFS21:51:07 01/18/18 Thu1
Forum: Moderated, captcha, spam bait: To Derek et alFSModerator07:37:33 01/17/18 Wed1
Erections and spankingmicheleFFS13:44:32 05/26/15 Tue16
Shaving another's genitalsmicheleFFS09:58:34 07/01/17 Sat1
Female Dominant Christmas CarolsmicheleFFS19:46:48 12/19/17 Tue1
I'm slippingSneakfish06:47:59 12/01/17 Fri1
sexual harrassment: were do we draw the line?micheleFFS16:59:32 11/30/17 Thu1
Duel at Dawn: Choose your weaponmicheleFFS08:02:06 12/01/17 Fri1
Male respect for females.JAN14:27:37 09/23/17 Sat1
Almost petticoat disciplineCuthbert14:31:57 11/05/17 Sun1
Teasing a brothwer of submissive partnerDaniel09:12:26 11/02/17 Thu1
Spankings in public or a first grade teacher spanks in front of the classbodack18:42:07 04/23/17 Sun1
Bench for spankingSander09:29:30 10/01/17 Sun1
Current posts, invitation to Mrs. LadybirdFS Forum Moderator06:22:36 10/15/17 Sun1
New forum for Superiors onlyFS Forum Moderator09:25:40 10/04/17 Wed1
What about a woman should make her a good spanker?JAN06:28:45 09/18/17 Mon0
To EJ from micheleFFSmicheleFFS23:34:30 09/22/17 Fri1
To Maryann: Unapproved postFS Forum Moderator06:01:34 09/19/17 Tue1
Out of town through Sunday night, September 10FS Forum Moderator06:51:04 09/08/17 Fri0
To Sander/SandraFS Forum Moderator11:16:50 08/30/17 Wed1
Female advice neededJAN18:16:59 08/12/17 Sat1
Male masturbation: Why all the fuss? A question for SuperiorsmicheleFFS (Puzzled)10:44:59 06/23/17 Fri1
Return from my short absence, recent activitymicheleFFS21:18:19 08/22/17 Tue1
Is it fair?Sander10:14:52 06/23/17 Fri1
Help me punish my boyfriend severly!Mary09:50:33 07/15/17 Sat1
Lost betSander10:54:36 07/18/17 Tue1
To new poster ParentsFS Forum Moderator12:19:45 07/14/17 Fri0
Should macho prisoners be subjected to female superiority?Jake05:27:24 10/28/16 Fri1
the importance of the lecturebodack05:38:51 04/17/17 Mon0
Apologies; Posts now updatedFS Forum Moderator07:55:42 07/10/17 Mon1
Body LanguageMs. Gertrude07:46:53 05/06/17 Sat1
My CFNM experienceLeon15:15:47 07/05/17 Wed1
Fewer Forum updatesFS Forum Moderator09:19:43 07/06/17 Thu1
Do cel phone/game gadgets distract boys from masturbatingDaniel (Curious)13:22:55 04/17/17 Mon1
To Sander from ModeratormicheleFFS07:50:14 06/22/17 Thu1
Forum Posts, welcoming Tara & Margaret backmicheleFFS08:00:09 06/22/17 Thu1
Finit ?Daniel (Sad)10:44:59 06/19/17 Mon1
Diaper PositionSneakfish18:34:39 10/24/14 Fri23
The Threat Of Embarrassing Punishment To BoysKathy20:06:19 01/19/16 Tue22
Control through Petticoat DisciplinePatti06:43:16 12/26/14 Fri13
Re: To Frank (Boys spanked bare)roger (happy)12:54:35 03/17/17 Fri1
Before spankingSander17:22:23 03/07/17 Tue-2
Yes, Ma'am!Ms. Gertrude06:24:37 04/06/17 Thu0
What has happened to this site?Margaret06:26:09 04/15/17 Sat1
We're under attack!FS Forum Moderator07:29:20 04/15/17 Sat1
good stepmother--bad spankinggreg19:07:42 04/13/17 Thu1
Boys and GunsJulie Wilson13:05:45 07/01/16 Fri1
Male WeaknessNoah (Feeling Inferior)15:27:56 11/07/16 Mon1
Naughty Bob's trainingNaughty Bob for Ms Gertrude07:49:12 03/23/17 Thu1
Re: Punished for masturbationHarryS10:08:49 10/22/16 Sat1
Women Run Our HouseMark14:57:19 02/05/17 Sun1
Genitals being exposed enough of a punishment ?Daniel15:46:58 01/05/17 Thu1
Re: The Threat Of Embarrassing Punishment To BoysMaltamon (joyful)06:36:50 02/18/17 Sat1
Spanking over crossed legsMark12:28:49 03/24/16 Thu1
Main picture and flopping williesNora22:00:38 05/08/15 Fri8
I am still spanked...Robert05:15:12 01/02/17 Mon1
Link to important post: Please readFS Forum Moderator10:39:32 02/28/16 Sun0
Dominant girlfriends or wivesTed09:10:24 01/12/17 Thu1
More OpinionsMs. Gertrude to ej16:39:22 07/29/16 Fri0
Happy HolidaysMs. Gertrude (joyful)06:03:25 12/19/16 Mon1
My Understanding of Female SuperioritymicheleFFS (Joyful)11:04:51 09/30/14 Tue17
AftercareJacob21:30:17 09/29/16 Thu1
Babysitters who have spanked the boys they watch/watchedKatrina13:37:40 07/23/16 Sat1
Has anyone experienced a heightened mastabutory frenzy after a spanking ?Daniel21:17:49 10/28/15 Wed9
High HeelsJulie Wilson04:33:00 05/24/16 Tue1
Beyond the fantasyAngela22:00:07 11/14/16 Mon1
EducationAlyssa (Curious)19:40:51 10/23/16 Sun1
Password problem fixedFS Forum Moderator05:57:33 11/04/16 Fri1
Too old for a spankingMark03:20:10 10/20/16 Thu1
In front of my sister in lawDavid04:34:19 07/30/16 Sat0
Poster courtesyWondering-supportive08:11:38 10/26/16 Wed1
7 new messages today, 2 very interestingFS Forum Moderator (Welcoming!)07:41:11 10/24/16 Mon1
new rulesRalph09:47:48 09/17/16 Sat1
Discipline and Spanking at the BeachKara02:16:25 06/24/16 Fri1
Re: Boys spanked bare by female teachersJimT20:28:35 09/04/16 Sun1
In front of my sister-in-lawWondering-supportive09:24:25 09/22/16 Thu1
More frequjent forum checksFS Forum Moderator06:36:02 10/04/16 Tue1
CensorshipWondering-supportive08:56:55 09/25/16 Sun1
I this board still active?Tara08:48:07 08/26/16 Fri1
Need some opinions.Rutten (thoughtful)01:00:47 05/16/16 Mon-2
RealizationMs. Gertrude to Inferior Males17:47:36 03/06/16 Sun-1
New Stepmomnewstepmom04:00:27 05/23/15 Sat7
Increasing PunishmentLyn18:39:47 02/18/16 Thu-1
To MargaretFS Forum Moderator01:24:13 07/03/16 Sun1
Commitment to the lifestyle.Rutten13:28:48 05/19/16 Thu-2
Thanks, MargaretFS Forum Moderator20:59:23 06/29/16 Wed1
Voy Petticoated forum restored, New Petticoated forumFS Forum Moderator19:13:42 06/27/16 Mon1
Moderator can't access Petticoating forumFS Forum Moderator19:43:07 06/18/16 Sat-2
Rules.Rutten05:12:26 05/24/16 Tue1
Useful forumDesmond08:47:03 05/17/16 Tue0
Give me your naughty, your rude, your bums yearning to be spanked....micheleFFS21:27:45 10/02/14 Thu21
Community WisdomFS Forum Moderator18:43:53 05/16/16 Mon1
Thoughts on Caning for Jamie and allmicheleFFS09:34:27 05/15/16 Sun1
Power DressingJulie Wilson19:24:58 05/09/16 Mon0
Ms Wilson, Please repost!FS Forum Moderator12:36:36 05/08/16 Sun0
A big step for memicheleFFS11:54:03 05/04/16 Wed1
Advice for supporting female supremacy in practiceAdvice for supporting female supremacy in practice16:51:50 05/02/16 Mon1
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