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Subject: Re: PNG Porn Queen becoming famous worldwide!!!

About Bruce Copeland, spammer against Papua New Guineans
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Date Posted: 21:27:44 12/02/11 Fri
In reply to: Philma Kelegai 's message, "Re: PNG Porn Queen becoming famous worldwide!!!" on 02:49:35 03/18/11 Fri

[Please excuse this posting if you have already read it. It is being reposted to educate all Papua New Guineans on the internet who do not yet know the story behind the ongoing spam]

If you spend much time on internet sites frequented by Papua New Guineans you’ll likely have run across more than one posting of the type I’m now replying to. Those postings are always superficial, worded in a similar way, and repeated again and again with little variation. The poster always avoids getting into a discussion. This kind of posting made its first appearance around July 2009.

It appears that mentally unbalanced Australian Bruce Copeland who lived in Port Moresby but now possibly in Cairns, is the writer.

These postings often center around sex (especially anal) and rubbish Papua New Guineans living in Australia including members of the Kelegai, Noipo, Puye, Goddard and Pape, but especially Philma Kelegai. The typical writing style is shown on this example: “It has now been confirmd that Miriam Waters, of Mooroobol Cairns has been writing sick and defaming messages all over the internet, aiming her abuse at innocent people. Miriam, who has NEVER had a job, slutbagged her way into Australia. MIRIAM = fark off out of Australia or we will shove a wombat up your arse!”

This document is posted to share evidence, taken from many sites and individuals, that all together strongly indicate that Mr Bruce Copeland is the man behind the spam. The purpose of sharing this information is to encourage Mr Copeland to stop his hate spam campaign against Papua New Guineans on the internet. The fact that the spam postings declined dramatically following for the first time in 2 years after this document began to be posted is good evidence that we nailed the right person. You are free to make judgement whether we’re right or wrong. Our objective is to counteract and hopefully stop the hate spam against Papua New Guineans.


Mr Bruce Copeland first came to PNG briefly around independence, left for time in the military and teaching in Australia, but returned to PNG a few years ago. And elderly man, Mr Copeland has still been fit enough to lead tourist treks on the Kokoda trail, and taught courses at different schools. He started his own efforts against AIDS, which apparently AUSAID would not support because of Mr Copeland’s odd ideas. In response, Copeland began rubbishing AUSAID, members of the PNG Dept Health, and many associates in person, through e-mails and finally through blog postings. There is unsubstantiated information that Mr Copeland caught AIDS from a relationship with PNG women, that his wife died of AIDS, that Mr Copeland is HIV positive, etc. If any of that is true, it might explain the abnormal obsessiveness by which Mr Copeland pursues his agenda.

There is no doubt Mr Copeland does (did) cares about PNG, but in a patronising way characteristic of colonial era expats who expect that you must do things the way their way if you want to be respected. Mr Copeland has not grasped that PNG is an independent country which is why he does not relate well with many educated Papua New Guineans. Those who know him described him as extremely stubborn with a know it all attitude. He acts like the final judge and leading punisher of anything he doesn’t like. That kind of personality fits exactly into the kind of person who would post hundreds of defamatory postings on pngscape and other PNG sites, with the goal of destroying the reputations of various Papua New Guineans.

Mr Copeland's personality, beliefs and style of writing become clear from postings on his blog, Family Positive Living AIDS Holistics (http://familypositiveliving.blogspot.com/). Bruce Copeland was a frequent presence on the PNG Attitude blog until they banned him in mid 2011. Recently his personality and bizarre e-mail spams were discussed at length on several respected PNG blogs: PNG Attitude by Keith Jackson (asopa.typepad.com/), Nancy Sullivan blog (http://www.nancysullivan.typepad.com/), and pngexposed by anonymous (pngexposed.wordpress.com). The best wrapups are at:
http://www.nancysullivan.typepad.com 6 November 2011 posting


Reading Bruce Copeland’s own words on his own blog as well as his signed postings elsewhere, certain hatreds and obsessions become obvious:

1 HE IS MILDLY OBSESSED WITH STRONG PNG WOMEN, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO TRICK EXPAT MEN. Maybe this is because he has been a victim himself. On his blog he writes: “If the overseas advisors are to be believed, the women and young girls of this country are being abused by men wanting sex. That is partly true. There is another story. Many young girls are able to hold-up expatriate and national men and take their money.” He also writes: “Particularly in the highlands, many women are strong and violent.” Most of his defamatory postings against Papua New Guineans target highlands women and their families.

2 HE IS TOTALLY OBSESSED THAT GAYS HIDE EVERYWHERE AND PROMOTE A PRO-GAY AGENDA IN TOP POSITIONS. On his blog, he writes: “Even gay boys are looked after by family in PNG traditional culture. Family influence has to be removed if gay boys are to be brought to the urban areas and taken to bed by expatriate gays.” Elsewhere he writes: “our email messages on Positive living have always been blocked by someone in Exxon Mobil. The reason given is that the message is offensive. Perhaps there is a small clique of expatriate gays and lesbians employed in Exxon Mobil.” The last message is but one of many statements on his blog that gays, rather than Mr Copeland’s approach and obsessiveness, are responsible for Mr Copeland’s failures to be listened to on AIDS issues.

3 HE HAS A SPECIFIC ANAL OBSESSION which is well established. On Copeland’s own blog he complains at one point that Australian Prof Michael Toole, Head of the Centre for International Health at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne and Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at Monash University, told an audience that he, Bruce Copeland, was “quite anally fixated, mentally ill and obsessed.” Prof Toole also e-mailed AIDS workers in PNG: "For too long we have all sat back and accepted Bruce’s sick, anal-obsessed ravings. He can only get away with it because he’s hiding behind the inadequate legal system of PNG.
A typical anal type spam Bruce Copeland anonymous posting follows: “get some kau kau up your arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 26 2011 at 1:20 PM Anonymous
if you cant find another PNGians to fuk, you can always shove some kaukau up your arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Copeland’s obsession with gays may explain why he took RH’s side in postings at pngexposed in the controversy over the Pomio land grab by RH, in which Greenpeace got involved. He writes on his blog: “The nation has to watch the Greens Party. With Dorothy Tekwie as president, there are many environmental issues. Present members may not realize the PNG Greens have a hidden gay and lesbian agenda just like their opposite number in Australia.”

4 HE STEREOTYPES THAT PAPUA NEW GUINEANS LIVING IN AUSTRALIA ARE PARASITES. Again and again such postings have appeared on pngscape as well as on a completely different forum (http://www.network54.com/Index/10389), simultaneous with the appearance of anti-Kelegai postings. For example:
fark off BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! November 17 2011, 1:05 PM
theres only one thing worse than a scumbag sscabbing PNG family, and thats a farking Filipino parasitic family!!!!! Fark off back to the Philippines!!!”. Here’s another example: “
The kelegais are deliberately conning Australia December 1 2010, 4:08 PM
heres whats really going on, these Kelegais simply hate Australia. thats what all this conning and ripping people off is about. THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT AUSTRALIA.

5 ALTHOUGH HE HAS APPARENTLY ENGAGED IN MIXED RACE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS HIMSELF, he shows hatred to white women marrying Papua New Guinean men. Emails apparently from Mr Copeland to white Australian NGO woman Lydia Kaliap, exposed on Nancy Sullivan’s blog included this one: “Black cock whore! White cocks can't satisfy so you head up to PNG!”

6 HE HAS STARTED TO STEREOTYPE ALL PAPUA NEW GUINEANS AS UNGRATEFUL FOR OUTSIDE HELP AND BEGUN TO RUBBISH PNG GENERALLY. For example he wrote: “if theres one thing I learnt in PNG, MELANESIANS ONLY DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEBODY IF THEY EXPECT SOMETHING IN RETURN!!! Your a pack of users, and you all know damn well that is the heart of your problems: you all go around trying to get something off others all the time. Bruce”. This was followed later with many anonymous postings that are written as if they had come from a Bruce Copeland supporter, but are posted in bursts at the same time as anti-Kelegai postings: “i met bruce copeland on a couple of occassions and honestly the previous message was so unfair to him. he came to your country to try to help you and then you write a message like that about him. no wonder png is going down the ***** tube. your just ungrateful unnapreciative selfish people YOU ALL DESERVE TO DIE OF AIDS AFTER WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT BRUCE.” Such messages tend to be repeated over and over, just like the internet spam that Bruce Copeland puts his name to.

7 HE STEREOTYPES THAT WE PNG EDUCATED ELITE ARE ALL SPOILT LAZY SLACKERS. On his blog he writes: “Some years ago, I worked in a business college in Port Moresby teaching Business Communication. Among many other skills, I taught the skill of combining sentences into Sweet English by Mastery Learning. I would help the students along exercise by exercise. Then I was to leave and a PNG teacher took over. He just set the work and sat back. Students did not master the skills. They mainly got the patterns wrong. Some PNG teachers would have a bad attitude when it comes to Mastery Learning. They do not demonstrate and help students. They just like to see students get the work wrong.”


Mr Copeland’s strategy which can be seen both on his blog as well as his anonymous spam, is to defame through repetition rather than through substance. You will quickly see that he never presents any detailed evidence to support his allegations but relies heavily on innuendo and vagueness to convict. It is likely that Mr Copeland does not offer details because he either does not know his intended victims or knew them only briefly and thus has little factual information to offer. If he has legitimate complaints against the people he rubbishes and would lay out the allegations in a normal, mature way, offering details, his postings would probably not be an issue to anyone but those accused of wrong doing. But he does not do that.

In at least one case, Mr Copeland seems to have picked a Papua New Guinean name off a Townsville online newspaper (http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/article/2011/04/21/225145_news.html), then rubbished that person in pngscape postings: “has Toke Kewe been farkin little boyz in townsville too?
November 24 2011 at 10:14 PM Townie
doesnt this scumbag toke kewe have awife in townsville? farken hell, i feel sorry for townsville people. i bet hes been farkin little boys there too!!!”

In other words, Mr Copeland does not need to know you to find your name and make you the center of his porn/hate spam. All Papua New Guineans living in Australia could be an unwitting victim of Mr Copeland’s spam and postings. There is evidence that he has brought his hatred onto Facebook pages visited by Papua New Guineans. In his words contained in one e-mail spam attack: “We are watching everything you say on Facebook and other websites, You have been warned!”. Mr Copeland may pick off some of his victim’s names directly from Facebook. Those posting on pngscape’s Romance and Lover’s board should be very cautious when they converse with anonymous people, since it could be they are conversing with Bruce Copeland who is trying to learn enough about you to rubbish you.


Certain of Mr Copeland’s concerns, expressed normally and moderately, would be disagreed with by few people. However his obsessive spamming amounts to stalking and harassment which is illegal in Australia.

The Aussie woman Lydia Kailap stated on PNG Attitude Blog what she thinks is the source of Bruce’s mental problem: “I have a certain amount of empathy for people like Bruce; who live at a grassroots level and daily endure the injustice of the people of PNG. It creates a level of frustration unknown to most human beings and can be debilitating. Perhaps his frustration has overcome him.... and I (for one) would not blame him for that. It is a very difficult and frustrating life when working (for nothing) in PNG to help the forgotten people....when you see (all around you) spivs who get big money for doing nothing. After all, from what I can gather, he has lost his wife and child to AIDS and gone on to set up an organisation to help AIDS sufferers; with no help from anyone or any funding. So he gets a bit "unhinged"; can you blame him? That is a huge loss and a great sacrifice on his part. He is lapun already; but still doing a job that most would never even consider doing. Mardi for him!”

To illustrate Bruce Copeland’s mental imbalance, this is what he wrote in thanks to Lydia Kailaip for the above defence, e-mailed from brucecopeland65@gmail.com (taken from Nancy Sullivan blog): “Your mouth, a-ss and c-unt stink, Lydia, that we can smell it from a mile away!” “We are watching your every move and every word you say Lydia, and when we strike, a rocket will be placed into your dirty black cock-loving anus! We are watching everything you say on Facebook and other websites, You have been warned!”


Overall Bruce Copeland has demonstrated these tendencies on the internet:

1 He has gotten into tok paits under his own name on some internet sites to the point where he had to be banned (PNG Attitude blog).

2 He admits to have posted under multiple anonymous pen names on the same web site (documented in early 2011 on PNG Attitude): “Keith - I am not happy that you have come out on the side of the gays/lesbians and paedophiles of Australia in opposing AIDS Holistics. I have been loyal to you for a long time even writing key reports on your blog with false pen names.”

3 He uses his real name on noncontroversial postings (such as PNG history articles posted more than a year ago on PNG Attitude Blog) and of course on his own blog site.

4 He has used different email addresses and pseudo-Bruce Copeland names on postings on the internet as well as on e-mails against other expats, including white women (documented on Nancy Sullivan blog). Mr Copeland is the one most likely to have access to the particular e-mail addresses he uses in these semi-anonymous spams.

5 He has nearly always used (except on some 22 November postings on pngscape) anonymous names whenever he rubbishes certain aspects of PNG life or culture, or individual Papua New Guineans.

6 He has openly spammed PNG health officials with e-mails, and continued spamming even after offended recipients told him to stop. This kind of spamming is no different from the spam postings he has used to rubbish various Papua New Guineans on the internet.

7 He has started using the fact that his disgusting spam postings are usually deleted on active PNG discussion sites as evidence that there is no evidence against him!


Mr Copeland currently seems to be going through a mental transition. In recent months he has grown more sloppy keeping what he writes and e-mails under his real name separate to the kind of stuff he writes under pseudonames (eg Brice Copeland) or using anonymous pen names. That is how it slowly became clear that the same hand was responsible for all of it. Recent anonymous spam postings by Bruce defend himself while continuing his traditional lashing out at certain Papua New Guineans: “Re: BRUCE COPELAND TRIED TO HELP PNG YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS
November 25 2011 at 10:34 AM
yeah look this pervious message about bruce is just all crap. he doesnt have a problem with wome who stand up for themselves, in fact he was a great supporter of womens rights in PNG. your a fuken idiot whoever wrote the previous message, probably that whore Philma Kelegai again. GET A PROPER JOB PHILMA!!!”

Postings like the one above make no pretense that an expat is behind these postings and helped provide the last pieces of evidence linking Bruce Copeland to the whole porn/hate spam campaign that has flooded PNG discussion sites for years.

During 2010-11 his presence on the internet became more aggressive and moved further into underground type attacks on people. Multiple Bruce Copeland obsession topics have sometimes appeared in different postings all put up during a single, short period of time. This has been documented not only on pngscape, but also another site- http://www.network54.com/Index/10389), making it clearer still that only one person is involved. For example: “A new STD has hit the streets of PNG! Its called "KeleGAYensis" Symptoms included: flashing breasts at tourists and then demanding money fingering onesself in pubic toilets whinging for money whenever you see a whiteman and shoving bananas up your vagina when nobody is looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

All arrows point to Mr Bruce Copeland as the man in back of the anti-Papua New Guinean spam campaign that began in mid-2009.


Wantoks, Bruce Copeland does know we are on to him. He has a history of keeping up with everything said about him on the internet and during 2011 has use his own blog on several occasions to rubbish back the critics. He has replied straight to this evidence page with the usual anonymous spam, sometimes dealing with the allegations presented here in a tok bokis way. NOTE-He obviously realized his error on 22 November when he briefly came to pngscape by name after postings with this evidence was first put up: “basically in most cases if you have AIDS you are not allowed into Australia and as PNG has an AIDS epidemic at the moment more and more PNGians are being denied entry to Australia. I tried my guts out to help PNGians with AIDS, and it broke my heart to see young gurls and wives with AIDS, but its up to you guys now, your men are so disgusting and selfish that I dont know what your gonna do to save yourselves... Bruce Copeland”.

It is important to note that this last mentioned posting 1) appeared at the same time as anti-Kelegai postings appeared in another part of pngscape and 2) was quickly followed by anonymous postings that carried the same theme but strong in language:
“PNGians are the most disgusting breed in all the world!!!
No score for this post November 22 2011, 11:43 AM
Yeah. blame Australia, thats aways the PNG answer. Never mind the billions of dolars you people have ripped off. Never mind the hundresd of thousands of women raped and tortured. Never mind the murders and genital mutlation of bodies you people do. DONT THINK THAT THE WORLD DOESNT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN PNG, THEY DO KNOW. You PNG people always lie and blame other countries especialy Australia, NOW IT IS COMING OUT ABOUT THE DIGUSTING RAPES AND TIRTURING YOU PEOPLE DO. YOUR WITHOUT A DOUBT THE MOST DISGUSTING BREED OF PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Connected postings like those above are what allowed us to connect the dots on who was in back of all these hate postings. It became very clear that these words were coming from an Australian who stereotypes and rubbishes Papua New Guineans. The only other possible suspect that anyone has ever put up as possibly being responsible is a Mr Daniel Collins of Tully/Cairns. However, there is no indication that this Mr Collins has the obsessive interest in HIV AIDs as does Bruce Copeland, nor has Mr Collins ever been involved by name in tok paits with others on the internet, as has Mr Copeland.


That in summary is what we know at present about Bruce Copeland, the reasons for his mental illness, and how his illness is expressed on the internet. As Melanesians we should all feel sympathy towards a lost soul, a person who is the victim of his own excesses and extremes. Don’t let yourself fall into the hole that Mr Copeland is now in. Bruce Copeland’s brain now drives him like a machine to try and destroy people around him. It is a sad end to a life that otherwise might have been celebrated.

If the hate spam against Papua New Guineans ever fully stops, new postings of this information posting will also stop. We are happy to leave Mr Copeland posting away on his blog with his established obsessions without any interference. On the other hand, as long as he spams against Papua New Guineans on PNG discussion sites and blogs, the sooner will come the time when everyone typing his name into Google will be able to quickly pick up the story of Bruce Copeland’s anonymous spam attacks against the Kelegai family and others.

Mr Copeland sometimes replies to this information posting with his usual anonymous spam. The best thing is to ignore it since there has never been an indication he is actually willing to discuss his allegations with Papua New Guineans on the internet.

PNG trekking Kokoda trail Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker
AIDS PNG Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker
Holistic Living Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker
Papua New Guinea Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker
http://familypositiveliving.blogspot.com/ Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker
FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker
faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, homebrew, tobacco, marijuana and drugs (Christian and Buddhist teachings) Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker

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