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All About Black Dolls -- Discuss, Buy, Sell, Trade
Discuss, Buy, Sell or Trade


The "All About Black Dolls Forum" is for discussing, buying, selling and trading Black or African American dolls. If you are a Black-doll enthusiast (collector), have a Black doll to buy, sell, or trade, or just want to discuss Black dolls, feel free to use this forum. Please note that buyers and sellers bear the responsibility of all transactions. Please remember that it is best to ask for references and pictures before conducting business with individuals on the Internet. Now, let's have fun and let's talk about Black dolls!

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Subject Author Date
Irene Storey OOAK Black Baby Boy-OutstandingBarbara15:36:11 01/23/03 Thu
MATTEL'S 14" BLACK CHATTY CATHY DOLL FSAngeldolls23:28:21 02/07/02 Thu
Rodney Allen Rippy DollChristina Cox16:51:22 08/28/02 Wed
Shindana Doll 1968/Baby NancyAngela07:19:03 01/18/03 Sat
Black Chatty Cathy Dolljoyce04:10:05 01/18/03 Sat
want to buy 8'' vinal decals for only .99brian16:47:55 01/14/03 Tue
Beautiful collectible rag dollsBrook Scott07:50:35 12/29/02 Sun
reversible hard plastic dollfrank23:06:42 12/30/01 Sun
Identification of small rubber doll/puppet?Eileen08:45:38 12/30/02 Mon
10" Black composite doll infoPatricia13:16:51 12/29/02 Sun
Doll faces for computerized embroidey machinecj22:45:05 12/07/02 Sat
Black Sasha baby sexed girl in box 1970s on ebayToys of Another Time17:44:11 12/06/02 Fri
Nikita by Jan McLeanJimmie06:52:20 12/03/02 Tue
Names of Wholesales selling dolls.Marissa13:31:00 10/31/02 Thu
AA Gospel Grandma ! Special Sale!Jimmie06:38:33 12/03/02 Tue
Saralee-A Doll with a Noble HistoryJimmie06:31:58 12/03/02 Tue
CHRISTMAS DREAM COME TRUE!Cody12:46:53 12/01/02 Sun
FS Black Dolls on my SiteSandy's Fancy Pants08:16:45 11/28/02 Thu
For Sale: Reborn Berenguer Baby GirlLori18:47:59 11/25/02 Mon
Trying to find a Black Kid sisterTiffany09:31:45 11/21/02 Thu
Black Nipple DollsWendy18:16:47 11/20/02 Wed
1970 Black Gerber Baby DollJanet20:20:18 11/16/02 Sat
AF/AM Hilary Christine Orangesddolls21:03:41 11/15/02 Fri
antiquie black doll very old/wanting to sell cheap!Eva12:57:11 11/06/02 Wed
Evening Extravagance Barbie for the Classique collectionStephanie08:49:11 11/11/02 Mon
Black DollChris20:44:24 11/09/02 Sat
My Child dolls wanted - black girl or boyJuliette14:02:48 11/07/02 Thu
Black Raggity AnnDave Searles12:19:24 11/07/02 Thu
antiquie black doll very old/wanting to sell cheap!Eva12:57:10 11/06/02 Wed
African Dolls for SaleIndra17:28:15 11/05/02 Tue
Operation Bootstrap 1968 ShindanaLiz08:37:29 11/02/02 Sat
Wanted: Lee Middleton Cotton CandyMike Pierce19:52:52 10/28/02 Mon
The Most Realistic Babies in the World!Kristin17:46:59 07/10/02 Wed
berenguer dollsmarjolein03:28:30 10/09/02 Wed
Help Identify this dollBrenda05:21:41 10/22/02 Tue
For Sale Helen Kish's "Naomi" $100Denise Johnson07:47:24 09/12/01 Wed
Preorder Destiny's Child DollsDebbie06:43:36 09/10/01 Mon
Hasbro Kid Sister & Real Baby(1985)India Wilson06:54:22 01/30/02 Wed
Slade AuctionNiki Crosby06:57:45 10/09/02 Wed
So-Wee Black dollRoxanne13:32:20 10/08/02 Tue
1954 Black DollTracy White04:06:54 10/06/02 Sun
Saralee AAJimmie11:06:23 04/21/02 Sun
SaraleeJimmie15:59:52 10/05/02 Sat
Berenguers AAJimmie15:57:50 10/05/02 Sat
Mi Cho Ko - Ethnic dollPaul Reeve07:57:23 10/05/02 Sat
Black Doll-E-Zine - Fall IssueDebbie09:09:11 09/29/02 Sun
black cloth mammy dolls with vintage linens for saleSarah14:55:37 05/19/02 Sun
DESPERATELY Seeking Lloyd Middleton's "JADA"Sally06:01:59 09/28/02 Sat
2 gerber black babiessusan17:45:12 09/25/02 Wed
Black Advertising Dolls FSSandy's Fancy Pants03:01:53 09/23/02 Mon
Four Black Dolls for Salekarla08:29:09 09/22/02 Sun
BLACK DOLLS FSCJ22:44:10 11/07/01 Wed
jetblack plastic dolldebbie04:16:59 09/19/02 Thu
Black Effanbee doll #14 1968Kathy Russell19:00:45 09/15/02 Sun
Black Paper DollsArabella16:51:18 09/11/02 Wed
Unique and original OOAK AA Barbies!Michelle21:40:15 09/08/02 Sun
Tanline 14" Black Collectible Doll "Crystal"Dana19:41:32 09/01/02 Sun
Kianna Doll by Florence Maranukmargie10:11:29 09/01/02 Sun
Enchanted Fairy by Florence Maranukmargie10:09:09 09/01/02 Sun
Walnut head Black dolls wantedTodd18:28:33 08/29/02 Thu
VINTAGE Black Doll IdentificationSusie23:17:36 08/26/02 Mon
100+ Antique & Modern Dolls AuctionGiguere Auction Co.13:12:20 08/26/02 Mon
black baby doll from around 1948, 1949 , looking for infoSharon07:00:17 06/12/02 Wed
SHAWANA FOR SALE!Cheryl D.16:39:31 08/24/02 Sat
Black beautiful crissy dollSylvia10:09:33 08/24/02 Sat
Cloth Topsy Turvey DollElaine16:45:34 08/22/02 Thu
African Amer & American Indian dolls & collectiblesJimmie14:15:10 08/20/02 Tue
2 dolls for saleSamantha11:51:09 08/20/02 Tue
Looking for "Tamu" My African American Pull String Talking Baby DollErika11:18:27 08/16/02 Fri
BLACK DOLL AE 1952 4ANDREA16:02:37 08/05/02 Mon
christine...black dollvicki23:18:10 08/05/02 Mon
1968 shindana(operation bootstrap)???ANDREA16:23:08 08/05/02 Mon
looking for black patty play pal doll (1981) (NT)jennita10:48:02 06/17/02 Mon
looking for Amia SantraCarla Hickman14:43:45 08/01/02 Thu
"Engrid"Theresa Turner16:53:47 01/07/02 Mon
Black Boy doll in skirt with blue eyesRosalie16:34:03 07/30/02 Tue
handmade black dolls for saleSandra Street12:39:41 07/30/02 Tue
Looking for TamuChristina13:07:23 07/28/02 Sun
topsy turvy black/white ragdollJan16:46:37 07/26/02 Fri
books on Black DollsStephanie McCall03:44:58 07/26/02 Fri
Summer issue of Black Doll-E-ZineDebbie02:25:07 07/26/02 Fri
Have you checked out my collection of Black Dolls?Stephanie McCall14:45:52 07/25/02 Thu
I have Seymour Manns's "Colin"Piggy07:25:08 07/24/02 Wed
Old Black dollJay Harris18:07:53 07/22/02 Mon
Shindana JanieLucille H. Miller12:56:32 07/20/02 Sat
New Doll PicturesDavis Enterprizes11:34:09 07/06/02 Sat
1899 aunt jamima (mammy)24"maniquin dollsam covey16:20:00 07/05/02 Fri
Consignment Website needs itemsToni18:57:50 07/02/02 Tue
New Doll Photography & Web-Design Club!!!Amy14:22:44 07/01/02 Mon
Black New Orleans DollsSandy's Fancy Pants20:08:25 06/30/02 Sun
Afro-Barbie by Mattel 1966?Dianne21:43:50 06/26/02 Wed
Black10" dollChristine18:35:50 06/23/02 Sun
cloth black dolljeanine07:40:27 06/23/02 Sun
SaraleeJimmie12:57:36 06/22/02 Sat
Jan McLean's Black DollsJimmie12:54:42 06/22/02 Sat
New 2002 Contemporary Artist DollsMerry12:15:55 06/22/02 Sat
Don't forget to submit your Black-doll pictures and see your name in print!Debbie21:38:25 06/20/02 Thu
Need Help indentifying Black Mammy DollBurke09:44:52 06/16/02 Sun
would like to find afro-amer.barbiesdrea22:44:18 06/13/02 Thu
WANTED: Shawana by ZapfMarsha Johnson06:20:05 06/12/02 Wed
AWESOME BOB MACKIE BARBIE! A MUST HAVE!Rachel16:00:24 06/11/02 Tue
Patty Jo DollPatty13:55:39 06/11/02 Tue
Exclusive BarbieRachel12:57:58 06/11/02 Tue
The name of the black barbieMichele19:35:20 02/26/02 Tue
Himstedt's AyokaNatasha08:41:25 05/30/02 Thu
Black rubber dollyAMOSANDRA16:15:00 05/28/02 Tue
mint or excellent condition black My Child dolls (girl)Natasha Butler07:56:32 05/16/02 Thu
Numerous black/ethnic dolls for saleDoddie's Dolls08:40:20 05/23/02 Thu
Value of 1962-63 black dollMichelle12:44:59 02/25/02 Mon
Kianna-Florence Maranuk Collection Doll for Salemargie21:27:33 05/18/02 Sat
Super Size Christie, FayZah Spanos Prim & Proper, 20" Zanini and Zambelli Fashion DollDebbie04:45:37 03/25/02 Mon
Black DollsLurie Esco07:23:21 12/05/01 Wed
shindana tamu dollrontu15:15:30 11/27/01 Tue
Ayokadeena18:14:06 05/05/02 Sun
Cloth dolls for saleSandy's Fancy Pants17:57:28 05/04/02 Sat
Listen to the 24" Baby TalkDebbie21:42:30 05/03/02 Fri
24-inch trilingual vinyl baby mint in boxDebbie21:04:14 04/28/02 Sun
Looking to Buy.Frank S.20:49:30 04/29/02 Mon
10 for $10Debbie08:29:40 04/24/02 Wed
36 inch black walker with companionDebbie19:41:31 04/17/02 Wed
australian aboriginal dollslily bhavna kauler14:41:55 04/11/02 Thu
Spring Issue of Black Doll-E-ZineDebbie08:18:46 04/09/02 Tue
FA: Black Dolls $9.99Debbie16:34:56 04/02/02 Tue
Your picture URL's are invalidDebbie18:35:23 04/01/02 Mon
Kenya DollBianca Jenkins08:26:29 03/31/02 Sun
finally have a pic to id old black dollMandi03:41:34 03/31/02 Sun
"Felicia" Black Lissi doll, signed for saleNicki Davis-Young16:25:11 03/17/02 Sun
belle doll from beauty and the beast dolljudy21:42:43 03/22/02 Fri
Samantha DollLarry Deaton16:14:58 03/18/02 Mon
Beautiful Black Dolls For saleBetty13:48:59 03/17/02 Sun
Looking for a "Slade" doll by shindanaDanny C.04:09:39 03/15/02 Fri
EFFANBEE Miss Black United States - Limited EditionElaine12:43:36 07/10/01 Tue
Doll showHope Cherewich14:20:21 03/07/02 Thu
Asha ( Shani) DollsAsha Isable20:19:43 03/07/02 Thu
We Love Black Dolls Discussion GroupDebbie05:08:30 03/13/02 Wed
Black Cloth Topsy Turvey DollElaine04:57:46 12/16/01 Sun
DADDY's Long Legs - Bessie & GracieElaine04:15:00 03/13/02 Wed
Rev. Johnson, Miss Hattie, Junior, Addie, pewSusan (Sath) Sklar13:33:07 03/08/02 Fri
Does Anyone Know the History of This DollSkip23:03:13 03/06/02 Wed
WTB Black Chatty BabyDebbie04:12:33 03/06/02 Wed
Black Dolls ID and Value Guide FSElaine16:58:52 03/04/02 Mon
Need Picture of MINT Talking TamuDebbie18:55:57 02/28/02 Thu
Uta Brauser OOAK Ethnic Lady Model doll for saleCathleen McQuillan12:18:26 02/27/02 Wed
Black Gerber BabySandy01:11:34 02/25/02 Mon
Can you ID this doll?Mandi17:18:56 02/20/02 Wed
Black Collectibles Sold in America ID & Price Guide BookElaine22:05:36 02/22/02 Fri
BLACK TALKING CABBAGE PATCH KIDElaine05:31:34 08/12/01 Sun
Black Memorabilia Handbook and Price GuideElaine15:54:32 02/16/02 Sat
1950s baby dollJudy Patton21:35:02 02/13/02 Wed
wanted milwaukee bucks & san antonio spurs black dollsdenise hankerson08:52:35 02/10/02 Sun
AA Jesus Loves Me by lee middleton co.Davis Enterprizes15:30:54 02/08/02 Fri
Saralee AA DollJimmie Davis18:39:37 01/28/02 Mon
14" Black Nabers Kid Wooden dollElaine10:13:08 02/07/02 Thu
More Information about a black doll I have.S. Stone19:16:10 02/03/02 Sun
Olmec Martin Luther King, Jr. & Malcolm X DollsTeresa Jones13:26:47 02/03/02 Sun
Special Made AA Babies for baby loversOne Of A Kind Babies18:53:35 01/28/02 Mon
Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read All About ItDebbie16:41:53 01/28/02 Mon
Black Porcelain Musical DollElaine14:50:38 01/25/02 Fri
Historical Tuskegee Bomber PilotDebbie05:07:31 01/25/02 Fri
32" African QueenDebbie05:05:41 01/25/02 Fri
Black-Doll LiquidationDebbie05:12:03 01/22/02 Tue
Black Tonner Models for saleAllegra08:44:26 01/19/02 Sat
Mattel Black Barbie and Shaniwavedeva18:49:19 01/16/02 Wed
Mattel Shani lineCorrie Wynns17:12:50 10/24/01 Wed
Jim Kelly 'Enter the Dragon' doll?????Trinity11:54:09 01/15/02 Tue
Is it a slave childs handsewn doll?Jennifer16:00:54 01/08/02 Tue
man and woman handcarvedollsterry15:45:14 01/05/02 Sat
Gospel Grandma(african american doll)http://www.davisenterprizes.com17:01:38 12/31/01 Mon
Madame Alexandra - Cynthia 15"Patty09:18:49 12/31/01 Mon
Looking for PACOLori Cottage18:25:20 12/26/01 Wed
May I write your collector's profile?Debbie07:26:18 12/26/01 Wed
Black Doll Book in the MakingDebbie08:29:40 09/30/01 Sun
Redesigned Black fashion dolls, (Barbie's etc)John00:56:59 12/26/01 Wed
Daddy Long Legs BESSIEElaine12:02:07 12/23/01 Sun
Links to Life-Like, Exquisite Dolls for SalePhyllis07:31:39 07/08/01 Sun
Beautiful OOAK Christie repaintamerican_jeZebel10:58:10 12/10/01 Mon
Black Ballarina DollJessica05:24:33 12/09/01 Sun
Black dollLinda14:12:29 08/01/01 Wed
Mattel 7" 1970 Black Female dollKevin21:16:34 12/02/01 Sun
Black Chatty CathyM. Edrian Hairston08:36:50 11/24/01 Sat
Encyclopedia of Black CollectiblesElaine08:09:17 11/29/01 Thu
MIKE TYSON DOLL IN PRISON OUTFITElaine04:14:21 11/29/01 Thu
MIB Beautiful & Unique Black Dolls for saleLori06:38:18 11/24/01 Sat
Seymour Mann Black Baby Cake Crumbs dollsElaine19:14:28 11/21/01 Wed
Reborn Berenguer DollsDebra05:16:05 11/21/01 Wed
Dolls for Sale (Huge List)Debbie06:50:40 11/19/01 Mon
OLMEC 9003 BMary08:43:02 11/14/01 Wed
Black Dolls For SaleHelen06:08:52 11/16/01 Fri
Chubby Dolls - 10"Pam21:06:27 11/08/01 Thu
Black Doll Collectors Online ClubDebbie20:15:22 09/29/01 Sat
black baby dollann Callison20:30:03 11/05/01 Mon
Need more information about a black doll I haveGail McKay20:11:47 11/02/01 Fri
Dolls For SaleSandy18:45:20 11/01/01 Thu
baby alive and velvetHarriette Cross15:40:30 10/26/01 Fri
1975 O.J. Simpson Shindana Toys 9" Doll (GD 163)Kevin09:27:24 07/10/01 Tue
Black Francie, Shindanas, Lissi, My Beautiful Lindy and TylerDebra03:31:03 08/06/01 Mon
Dynasty Doll - Shannon - Limited editionElaine12:31:40 10/25/01 Thu
I decided to go looking for Doll Boards and I'm just dropping by. I've met Debbie before...Cyndy21:11:34 10/24/01 Wed
Black dollsBetty16:45:52 10/21/01 Sun
Black Dollsmae12:27:46 10/24/01 Wed
Doll Clothing - SweatersHarriet19:11:24 10/21/01 Sun
Black Fabric Raggedy Ann and Handy Andy DollsCarol Nemec17:19:29 10/21/01 Sun
Sasha Bratz! et al.Debbie15:07:46 07/25/01 Wed
A/A "Ringlets& Rosedrops" by Fayzah SpanosNatasha Butler07:58:39 10/19/01 Fri
Reborn Berenguer DollDebbie07:33:02 10/16/01 Tue
BEAUTIFUL BLACK BARBIESKim23:25:46 10/14/01 Sun
HappyLineRomantic04:31:21 10/12/01 Fri
Pat Kolesar's s Soul Kids dollLandi15:07:53 10/03/01 Wed
Australian Aboriginal DollsPaul Janson03:41:57 09/27/01 Thu
finding collectable black dollsJean(GRANNY)Rakstis04:31:48 07/30/01 Mon
COTTON JOECRAIG22:07:12 09/25/01 Tue
Groovy Girls is this a Black owned doll and is it collectable?Felicia Britt11:04:36 07/22/01 Sun
Black Porcelain DollGloria00:19:47 09/12/01 Wed
Antique carved 3" black dolls with moving armsKaci14:36:12 09/02/01 Sun
Black Beautiful Crissy DollBernice Toran16:42:06 09/03/01 Mon
Looking for: Black Baby small talkCody17:31:46 08/29/01 Wed
NY KNICKS NBA BARBIEElaine15:52:11 07/09/01 Mon
Black Talking Playmate's Dolls FSCody03:09:42 08/28/01 Tue
Buying Black DollsFreda Goldston18:12:54 08/25/01 Sat
Beautiful Black Doll for Salemargie13:46:55 08/21/01 Tue
"Lovee" brand dollsLisa Davis19:25:08 08/17/01 Fri
Doc Smith doll maker?Jaime19:25:22 08/06/01 Mon
Rodney Allen Rippy dollJacqueline A Brash10:38:35 08/06/01 Mon
Af/Amer. Porcialain Seymour Mann Doll "Yasmine" $15Tc05:21:19 08/02/01 Thu
Af/Amer. 1977 Ideal Snuggles doll , no longer works , $6tC16:03:37 07/25/01 Wed
Hug-a-BugYvonne04:51:51 07/25/01 Wed
Peggy Dey's Jamaica - WantedDebbie04:07:51 07/20/01 Fri
Dynasty Doll - AlexisElaine07:48:34 07/17/01 Tue
Looking for Black Elle Dolls (City Chic, Trendwatch etc)Shannon17:31:24 07/16/01 Mon
2 little girl dolls for salerainbowdolls09:21:43 07/15/01 Sun
additional request about " Simba "Cheryl Myers03:45:30 07/13/01 Fri
1972 JoJo doll???Any info?Mona20:09:08 07/10/01 Tue
Is this a Black Francie....rassfan@hotmail.com08:17:16 07/09/01 Mon
Corrected Link to Black Store Mannequin BoyPhyllis07:38:59 07/08/01 Sun
Join the New All About Black Dolls WebringDebbie21:18:12 07/05/01 Thu
Topsy Turvy DollPatti17:51:34 07/05/01 Thu
ORANGE BLOSSOM DOLL For SaleSue08:23:43 07/03/01 Tue
Daddy Long Legs - JeremiahElaine07:31:57 07/03/01 Tue
TestDebbie04:43:06 07/02/01 Mon
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