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  • Any results from SAR last weekend? -- Selblok, 10:30:32 03/30/17 Thu
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    where did this shitt come from . I tried to report them guess I did it wrong crap is still there

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  • Grand Fuck Auto - Hot Game! -- abxy, 20:46:05 03/16/17 Thu

    Grand Fuck Auto - A Very Horny Game - Play For Free - Click!

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  • 2017 PM -vs- FA Showdown -- NSD, 21:55:35 02/21/17 Tue
    Inviting any and all Pro Mods to the 5th Annual Pro Mod -vs- Fuel Altered Showdown! June 30-July 1st at NSD!

    We've also got open Outlaw Pro Mod Quick 8 events April 28/29th and September 15/16th!

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  • HOT GIRLS -- HOT GIRLS, 02:22:33 02/13/17 Mon
    Hot Women - Garotas Hot

    Hot Women - Garotas Hot

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  • 1963 Jerry Hass Split Window coupe Vette Pro Mod for sale -- Jim, 09:03:37 01/25/17 Wed
    I have a 1963 Jerry Hass split window coupe corvette, carbon fiber body, interior, and brakes. Hemi and BBC motor plates, fire system, mew wheels and tires, wired, set up for lenco or B&J with a clutch. woolf stainless zoomes, fresh paint, show quality car. Contact Jim @ 601-395-2074

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  • TOPMA 2017 Schedule and Rules -- TOPMA, 11:15:31 01/14/17 Sat
    TOPMA 2017
    January 28th Banquet

    March 18 Kennedale
    March 25 San Antonio
    April 1 Ennis
    May 6 Ennis
    June 3 Ennis
    June 10 Wichita Falls
    July 8 Ennis
    Sept 2 Ennis
    Sept 23 San Antonio
    Nov 4 Ennis
    (Additional events may be added)


    *Track Safety Rules Apply
    *NHRA/IHRA Pro Ladder
    *Pro .400 tree / Heads-Up
    *Faster Car From Previous Round Gets Lane Choice

    *Cross Centerline you lose
    *Red Light you lose

    $300 Annual Membership Fee (Championship Points Fund)
    -Membership gets you track entry to every event for driver and 3 additional people. MUST be a TOPMA member to race for purse and points.

    $100 Per Race Entry Fee
    This money will go into a 2nd chance race for #9 thru #12 + , if there are 4 eligible cars to run there will be $1200 for that purse, if less than 4 cars they will each get $200 per car. If 16 cars there will be $1600 for the 2nd chance race.

    Membership Fees and Race Entry Fees to be paid to Celeste Smith.

    Points Breakdown-
    Must drop one race, last race of the season may not be dropped. Bonus points awarded at ALL events.

    ** #1=9, #2=8....etc; #8=2
    ** Non-qualifiers =11 points
    ** Show up but break before attempt to qual =10 points
    (Don't show up with a broken car and expect 10 points)
    ** Best RT=5 points bonus

    1st Round Losers = 20
    SemiFinal Losers = 30
    Runner Up = 41
    Winner = 52
    ** Best RT = 5 points bonus

    Additional Bonus Points:
    ** Low ET for Blown & Turbo = 3 points
    ** Low ET for Nitrous = 3 points
    ** Top MPH for Blown & Turbo = 3 points
    ** Top MPH Low ET for Nitrous = 3 points
    ***Perfect Attendance = 20 points

    Top 10 in points awarded at end of the season banquet.

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  • Message from Cindi McMillian about TXR -- Racer, 08:14:37 01/12/17 Thu
    Date Posted: 00:47:12 01/11/17 Wed
    Author: Cindi McMillan
    Subject: Texas Raceway

    WE ARE RACING.. HOPE YOU WILL COME PLAY....Racing or not racing.. The uncertainty has stunk, I wish we could have had races and had the payout we've spent in lawyers. We would all be rich.

    Things have changed for the better. Don't believe what you read.

    I don't have all the answers but hope when we post the dates you will come and support us. Let's have a blow out banquet Jan 21 and crazy fun bracket finals team ever.

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  • Picture Collection NEW -- Santa (Picture Collection NEW), 00:29:37 12/07/16 Wed

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  • What ever happened to Matt Jones? -- curious, 13:53:58 11/29/16 Tue
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  • FINAL POINTS STANDINGS!! -- TOPMA, 13:54:40 10/24/16 Mon
    Here are the final points standings after waiving one race. Congratulations to Steve Wiley and the TGR team for a well deserved win which broke our 5-year back to back streak. This will be a "treat" for the fans next year battling it out on the track. Can Wiley defend his title? Will Bob sneak in for the win? Will Gaylen bounce back and reclaim this throne? Will the Clark Bros. surprise them all and take it? Tune in next year!!!!

    1 Steve Wiley 485 -27 = 458
    2 Bob Alexander 448 -11 = 437
    3 Eric Clark 328 -11 = 317
    4 Gaylen Smith 324 -25 = 299
    5 Jay Ligon 224
    6 David Baldwin 171
    7 Chuck Poindexter 167
    8 Doug Riesterer 152
    9 EJ Hickl 135
    10 Eddie Roach 130
    11 Perry Dunn 128
    12 Wayne Welch 104
    13 Marc McClaskey 103
    14 James Satterwhite 83
    15 Kevin Hargett 71
    16 Rodney Parks 56
    17 Spencer Johnson 46
    18 Chad Green 39
    19 Bill Doucet 37
    20 Jeff Naiser 36
    21 Doug Morales 22
    22 Alfred Whiteside 11
    23 Harry Crane 11
    24 Brian Heath 11
    25 Dennis Sugrue 11
    26 James Shafer 11
    27 Travis Brandt 11
    28 Shannon Coan 11
    29 Frankie Taylor 10

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  • San Antonio Results - October 22, 2016 -- TOPMA, 13:44:28 10/24/16 Mon
    The final race of the 2016 TOPMA series was held at San Antonio Raceway on October 22nd. A few cars were unable to make the show due to breakage at the last Kennedale race but six hot rods showed up and battled it out on the track. For those following the points chase, all Wiley and the TGR team had to do was show up and they pretty much locked down the championship. After first round of qualifying, an exhibition car oiled down the track from about 200 foot all the way down. It was a very lengthy clean-up but the safety of those competing was the tracks main concern and they did a great job. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded:
    #1 Bob Alexander – 3.958 at 186 mph
    #2 Doug Riesterer – 3.977 at 191 mph
    #3 Eric Clark – 4.026 at 190 mph
    #4 Jay Ligon – 4.102 at 186 mph
    #5 Steve Wiley – 4.800 at 103 mph
    #6 Chuck Poindexter – 6.544 at 100 mph
    Gaylen and I were there supporting the organization and the track but we found an unrepairable crack in the block and was unable to bring the Bounty Hunter. Blocks are not usually sitting on the shelf nor are they cheap enough to just go buy one unexpectedly. First race we’ve missed EVER!!! We are not good spectators. Rant over!
    Chuck Poindexter broke down on the way to the track in Temple and could have given up and turned around and went home but finally made it in time for 2nd round qualifying. Way to hang in there Chuck.
    First Round:
    Steve Wiley (W) 4.429 at 122 mph (.071 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 5.788 at 97 mph (.047 RT)
    Doug shook the tires and aborted the run while Wiley was getting down his lane a little better capturing the win.
    Bob Alexander (W) 4.027 at 181 mph (.109 RT)
    Chuck Poindexter (RU) 7.367 at 126 mph (.106 RT)
    Both cars reacted almost identically but Chuck spun the tires at the hit and all he could do was watch Bob hook and reel in the win.
    Jay Ligon (W) 5.311 at 106 mph (.353 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 4.355 at 129 mph (-.001 RT) Red Light
    Eric left a smidge too soon giving the automatic win to Jay.
    Semi Finals:
    Jay Ligon (W) 4.099 at 184 mph (.290 RT)
    Steve Wiley (RU) 13.031 at 30 mph (.442 RT)
    I think Butch and Eric must have run up and told their drivers to “wake-up” and go. Jay was on a nice clean run while Wiley shook and rattled and coasted down.
    Bob Alexander (W) No Time (Bye Run)
    Bob was only sporting about 6 cylinders when they were calling them for the round so the crew buttoned it up so he could take the tree and go back to the trailer and fix it correctly. Bob didn’t like doing this because we, as a group, are there to put on a show for the fans but sometimes it is necessary. He did not disappoint in the final though.
    Bob Alexander (W) 3.997 at 185 mph (.078 RT)
    Jay Ligon (RU) 6.028 at 98 mph (.417 RT)
    Jay was caught napping again but Bob was ready for the tree and soared down his lane claiming his 4th win of the season.
    Congratulations to Bob Alexander and the entire StripTec team for their hard fought victory but it wasn’t quite enough to get around Wiley for the championship, finishing 21 points behind. Congrats also to Jay Ligon for his runner-up finish
    A huge “congratulations” to Steve Wiley and the TGR team for their fist TOPMA championship! It was well deserved and premeditated. Over the winter, the team stripped the car down to the bare chassis and re-wired it making certain there would be no gremlins this year. They also came back from a devastating encounter with the wall in San Antonio without missing a beat. I’m sure the candles were burning from both ends that week. That’s what you call perseverance and dedication and the making of a true champion. Welcome to the club TGR.
    Bob Alexander fought a good fight but came up just shy of his goal for the year and that was to better his standings from last year and claim his first championship. He will definitely be one to watch next year.
    If our car would have been ready, we would have been there trying to protect our #3 spot but it wasn’t in the cards for us this year as Eric Clark and the Clark Brothers team snuck by us and claimed that spot. As you’ve all heard Gaylen say at the banquet, he likes speaking last so we will re-group over the winter and came back next year with a vengeance looking to fight off whomever is in our way. Congratulations to Clark Brothers for their top 3 finish.

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  • Points Update after race 9 -- TOPMA, 17:28:43 10/10/16 Mon
    1 Steve Wiley 450
    2 Bob Alexander 387
    3 Gaylen Smith 324
    4 Eric Clark 301
    5 Jay Ligon 177
    6 David Baldwin 171
    7 Chuck Poindexter 143
    8 EJ Hickl 135
    9 Eddie Roach 130
    10 Perry Dunn 128
    11 Doug Riesterer 124
    12 Wayne Welch 104
    13 Marc McClaskey 103
    14 James Satterwhite 83
    15 Kevin Hargett 71
    16 Rodney Parks 56
    17 Spencer Johnson 46
    18 Chad Green 39
    19 Bill Doucet 37
    20 Jeff Naiser 36
    21 Doug Morales 22
    22 Alfred Whiteside 11
    23 Harry Crane 11
    24 Brian Heath 11
    25 Dennis Sugrue 11
    26 James Shafer 11
    27 Travis Brandt 11
    28 Shannon Coan 11
    29 Frankie Taylor 10

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  • TXR Results - October 8th -- TOPMA, 17:26:07 10/10/16 Mon
    You couldn’t ask for a more perfect day for some fast hot rods in Kennedale, America. This was the final showdown for TOPMA at Texas Raceway in 2016. The points will be wrapped up on October 22 as the Texas Outlaws travel south to San Antonio Raceway. Ten teams showed up to battle it out on the track and here’s what went down:

    #1 Gaylen Smith – 3.903 at 188 mph **Low ET blown**
    #2 Bob Alexander – 3.952 at 193 mph **Top MPH blown** **Best reaction time Qualifying .007**
    #3 Jay Ligon – 4.007 at ?? mph
    #4 Steve Wiley – 4.069 at 182 mph
    #5 Perry Dunn – 4.667 at 126 mph
    #6 Chuck Poindexter – 4.693 at 147 mph
    #7 Eric Clark – 4.764 at 103 mph
    #8 Eddie Roach – 4.830 at 141 mph **Low ET and Top MPH Nitrous**
    #9 EJ Hickl – 5.011 at 99 mph
    #10 Rick Cate – NT explosion at the hit

    To explain why Jay didn’t get credit for his 210 mph, his truck wheelied over the first mph cone activating the timer with the rear tire (or body panel) and then landed and tripped the 2nd mph cone with the front tire giving them a bogus mph speed.

    On to the call-outs, Perry called out Gaylen and they had a “date” 2nd round qualifying where Perry was going to “drag Gaylen’s ass” but as you can tell from the results below, “One and Dunn” was unable to make the call and forfeited his call out. I personally think the 3.90 off the trailer scared him but what do I know!!

    First Round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 5.238 at 92 mph (.077 RT)
    EJ Hickl (RU) 6.865 at 82 mph (.070 RT)

    This was an ugly race on the track and on paper. EJ fills in for Perry who broke transmission during first round of qualifying. Wiley peddles his way to the victory.

    Eric Clark (W) 4.141 at 145 mph (.143 RT)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 24.610 at ?? mph (.136 RT)

    Bob breaks a blower belt and Eric cruises on to the win. Bob really needed to win this round if he had any hopes of catching Wiley in the points.

    Chuck Poindexter (W) 9.250 at 47 mph (.035 RT) **Best reaction time Eliminations**
    Jay Ligon (RU) NT

    Jay was unable to fire the Army Truck in the staging lanes giving the automatic win to Chuck.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.962 at 178 mph (.214 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 5.774 at 84 mph (.088 RT)

    Eddie left first but it was Gaylen capturing the win with another impressive run.


    Steve Wiley (W) NT (.819 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) NT

    Gaylen did his burnout and there was fluid leaking on the track so he was shut off, giving Wiley the automatic win and he took the beam and backed off.

    Eric Clark (W) NT (1.912 RT)
    Chuck Poindexter (RU)

    Chuck broke the input shaft during first round and was unable to come back up giving Eric a competition bye run into the finals. Eric was getting ready to make a solo run but the crew noticed a broke hiem joint when setting the wheelie bars so Eric just took the beam and backed out.


    Steve Wiley (W) 4.112 at 156 mph (.044 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 12.430 at no mph (.063 RT)

    Eric broke something in the blower and Wiley peddled his way for the win.

    Congratulations to Steve Wiley and the TGR team for their victory. Congrats also to Eric Clark and the Clark Bros. team for their runner-up finish.

    Since we do not calculate the bonus points into the last race of the season, we can figure the different scenarios ahead of time and it is highly unlikely that Bob will catch Steve in the points chase. The only scenario where Bob might have a chance is if Wiley doesn’t show up in San Antonio and we all the chances of that happening.

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  • Hot Women -- Hot Women, 04:14:53 10/07/16 Fri
    Hot Women - Click Here!

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  • Points update -- TOPMA, 17:03:01 09/12/16 Mon
    Points update after TXR 9/10/16

    1 Steve Wiley 392
    2 Bob Alexander 351
    3 Gaylen Smith 282
    4 Eric Clark 257
    5 David Baldwin 171
    6 Jay Ligon 150
    7 EJ Hickl 124
    8 Doug Riesterer 124
    9 Chuck Poindexter 104
    10 Wayne Welch 104
    11 Marc McClaskey 103
    12 Perry Dunn 103
    13 Eddie Roach 102
    14 James Satterwhite 83
    15 Kevin Hargett 71
    16 Rodney Parks 56
    17 Spencer Johnson 46
    18 Chad Green 39
    19 Bill Doucet 37
    20 Jeff Naiser 36
    21 Doug Morales 22
    22 Alfred Whiteside 11
    23 Harry Crane 11
    24 Brian Heath 11
    25 Dennis Sugrue 11
    26 James Shafer 11
    27 Travis Brandt 11
    28 Shannon Coan 11
    29 Frankie Taylor 10

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  • TXR Results - September 10, 2016 -- TOPMA, 17:00:48 09/12/16 Mon
    All week leading up to race day, the weather forecasters were calling for up to 80% chance of rain. Mother Nature showed that once again, she is a drag racing fan because not a drop of rain or threatening weather was in our area. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded:

    #1 Gaylen Smith – 3.992 at 179 mph **Low ET Blown/Turbo**
    #2 Steve Wiley – 3.994 at 184 mph
    #3 Doug Riesterer – 4.046 at 185 mph **Low ET and Top MPH Nitrous**
    #4 Jay Ligon – 4.047 at 186 mph
    #5 Bob Alexander – 4.080 at 187 mph
    #6 Rodney Parks – 4.090 at ?? mph
    #7 Perry Dunn – 4.152 at 180 mph
    #8 David Baldwin – 4.261 at 173 mph
    #9 Eddie Roach – 5.232 at 94 mph
    #10 Eric Clark – 5.871 at 83 mph **Best Reaction Time Qualifying**
    #11 Chuck Poindexter – 6.019 at 127 mph
    #12 Chad Green – 8.307 at 51 mph
    #13 Wayne Welch – 8.883 at 58 mph

    First Round:

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.022 at 190 mph (.070 RT) **Top MPH Blown/Turbo**
    Jay Ligon (RU) 4.081 at 179 mph (.118 RT)

    This was a good race. Both cars making nice runs!

    Rodney Parks (W) 4.155 at 182 mph (.051 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 5.054 at 99 mph (.055 RT)

    Congratulations to Rodney Parks and their entire team. After switching from nitrous to blown, it hasn’t been easy but it looks like you guys have things figured out now. Doug got out of shape and aborted the run.

    Steve Wiley (W) No Time Competition bye (.820 RT)
    Perry Dunn (RU) No Time

    Steve fired up and rounded the corner but the car was smoking like a freight train. Perry Dunn fired up in the staging lanes but the car would not go in gear. Wiley shuts his off and takes it back to the trailer to see if he can fix it before next round.

    David Baldwin (W) 4.526 at 134 mph (.085 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.818 at 103 mph (.174 RT)

    Neither car had an impressive run but it was Baldwin coming away with the victory. Gaylen’s Texas Bounty Hunter jumped out of gear about half track and he coasted to the finish line.

    Semi Finals:

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.036 at 184 mph (.102 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) 4.809 at 114 mph (.125 RT)

    Bob was on another consistent run and gets the win. Baldwin having troubles.

    Steve Wiley (W) 4.205 at 135 mph (.032 RT)
    Rodney Parks (RU) 12.101 at 50 mph (.096 RT)

    Wiley gets the “costly” win as he blows the blower off of his car. When he passed the trailer, the blower was sitting sideways on top of the motor. Rodney had his own troubles early on so it was Wiley getting the win.


    Bob Alexander (W) 9.194 at 53 mph (.028 RT) **Best reaction time eliminations**
    Steve Wiley (RU) No Time

    Well obviously Wiley wasn’t able to fix the blower problem so Bob made a solo run and he had issues getting down track but it didn’t matter because he was the winner due to a competition bye.

    Congratulations once again to Bob and the entire “Team Bob” crew on a job well done. Consistency pays off once again. Congrats to Steve Wiley and the “TGR” team as well for their runner-up finish despite having issues first round.

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  • TODAY, SATURDAY, SEPT 10!!! The sun is out and the cars will fly! Texas Outlaw Pro Mods plus 7.0, 5.50 classes & Fun & Grudge - everyone is welcome to race or watch! Just $15 Pit Walk-In or $20 person Pit Drive-In to watch & race for FREE! Come and get you some! -- Texas Raceway, 13:32:27 09/10/16 Sat
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  • Points update -- TOPMA, 15:54:43 08/29/16 Mon
    1 Steve Wiley 343
    2 Bob Alexander 286
    3 Gaylen Smith 250
    4 Eric Clark 241
    5 David Baldwin 139
    6 EJ Hickl 124
    7 Jay Ligon 124
    8 Marc McClaskey 103
    9 Chuck Poindexter 93
    10 Wayne Welch 93
    11 Doug Riesterer 91
    12 Eddie Roach 91
    13 James Satterwhite 83
    14 Perry Dunn 80
    15 Kevin Hargett 71
    16 Spencer Johnson 46
    17 Bill Doucet 37
    18 Jeff Naiser 36
    19 Chad Green 28
    20 Rodney Parks 22
    21 Doug Morales 22
    22 Alfred Whiteside 11
    23 Harry Crane 11
    24 Brian Heath 11
    25 Dennis Sugrue 11
    26 James Shafer 11
    27 Travis Brandt 11
    28 Shannon Coan 11
    29 Frankie Taylor 10

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  • TXR Results - August 27 -- TOPMA, 15:51:19 08/29/16 Mon
    If you missed this race, you missed a good one. There were 9 different classes for all kinds of car enthusiasts. The Pro Mod/Renegade race originally scheduled for August 13 was rain delayed to August 27 which meant we ran our classes along with the Southwest Heritage Racing Association (SHRA). Mother Nature was a drag racing fan and that was evident by the very nice weather we had. After two rounds of qualifying in our series, here’s how everything unfolded.

    #1 Steve Wiley – 3.921 at 182 mph **Low ET Blown**
    #2 Gaylen Smith – 3.932 at 190 mph **Top MPH Blown**
    #3 Bob Alexander – 4.104 at 187 mph
    #4 Eric Clark – 4.145 at 157 mph **Best reaction time qualifying .004)
    #5 Chad Green – 4.212 at 172 mph **Low ET Nitrous**
    #6 David Baldwin – 4.275 at 173 mph **Top MPH Nitrous**
    #7 Eddie Roach – 4.547 at 165 mph
    #8 Wayne Welch – 4.743 at 156 mph
    #9 Chuck Poindexter – 4.789 at 156 mph
    #10 Spencer Johnson – 5.172 at 130 mph
    #11 James Satterwhite – NT
    #12 Perry Dunn – NT

    First Round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 4.549 at 110 mph (.070 RT)
    Wayne Welch (RU) 4.709 at 154 mph (.044 RT)

    Wiley looked like he ran a quarter mile in his 1/8 lane but still captures the win.

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.122 at 187 mph (.029 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) 10.490 at 39 mph (.042 RT)

    David Baldwin shook the tires and coasted down track but Bob was on another consistent run and takes the win.

    Eric Clark (W) 4.356 at 150 mph (.076 RT)
    Chad Green (RU) 4.933 at 108 mph (.067 RT)

    Chad had a slight starting line advantage and was all over the track but Eric Clark powered by for the win.

    Eddie Roach (W) 4.322 at 166 mph (.017 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.635 at 108 mph (.212 RT)

    Eddie had a holeshot advantage but Gaylen was making up ground when the transmission jumped outta gear and Eddie got the win.


    Bob Alexander (W) 4.203 at 158 mph (.047 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 4.421 at 169 mph (.026 RT)

    Eric Clark (W) 7.709 at 57 mph (.006 RT) **Best Reaction time Eliminations**
    Steve Wiley (RU) 4.421 at 128 mph (.031 RT)

    Steve should have been the winner of this race based on the numbers but he got way out of shape and crossed the center line giving the automatic win to Eric.


    Bob Alexander (W) 4.122 at 187 mph (.039 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 5.428 at 89 mph (.034 RT)

    Bob on another consistent run and consistency wins races. Congratulations to Team Pro Mod Bob for their victory and to Eric Clark and the Clark Bros. Team for their runner-up finish as well.

    Our hearts go out to the Ron Muncey family for their tragic loss. I didn’t know Ron personally but I had definitely heard of him. R.I.P. Mr. Muncey.

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  • WANTED!!!! NEEDED!!!! 62,63,or 64 tooth 8mm GT Center drive crank pulley. Let me know if you have one. 512-423-4113. -- SHP, 08:59:05 08/16/16 Tue
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  • August 13th TOPMA at Kennedale has been rescheduled to August 27. -- SHP, 09:24:41 08/13/16 Sat
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  • Racers using one of the back roads to Texas Raceway (Hudson Village Creek to New Hope rd) be warned there is now a very large bump in the road crossing Hudson Village Creek with a 10mph limit. Construction on the new water reservoir in the area means the bump crossing the road will probably be there for a while. -- Road Rash, 22:17:21 08/11/16 Thu
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  • Updated Points -- TOPMA, 10:15:17 07/25/16 Mon
    Updated points after Race #6.

    1 Steve Wiley 301
    2 Bob Alexander 227
    3 Gaylen Smith 219
    4 Eric Clark 184
    5 EJ Hickl 124
    6 Jay Ligon 124
    7 David Baldwin 112
    8 Marc McClaskey 103
    9 Doug Riesterer 91
    10 Chuck Poindexter 82
    11 James Satterwhite 73
    12 Kevin Hargett 71
    13 Wayne Welch 71
    14 Perry Dunn 70
    15 Eddie Roach 58
    16 Bill Doucet 37
    17 Jeff Naiser 36
    18 Spencer Johnson 35
    19 Rodney Parks 22
    20 Doug Morales 22
    21 Alfred Whiteside 11
    22 Harry Crane 11
    23 Brian Heath 11
    24 Dennis Sugrue 11
    25 James Shafer 11
    26 Travis Brandt 11
    27 Shannon Coan 11
    28 Frankie Taylor 10

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  • TXR Results - July 23rd -- TOPMA, 10:13:18 07/25/16 Mon
    On a VERY hot July afternoon, thirteen Pro Mod teams from all over braved the unbearable temperatures and invaded Texas Raceway in Kennedale, America. Around 4:00 the water trucks were brought in to cool the 155 degree track temperature down to hopefully make it more manageable on the tuners and drivers to navigate their way down the 1/8 mile. First round qualifying started about 7:30 and after two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded.

    #1 Jay Ligon – 4.089 at 185 mph
    #2 Brandon Lewis – 4.138 at 157 mph
    #3 Bob Alexander – 4.151 at 186 mph (Top MPH Blown)
    #4 Eric Clark – 4.250 at 142 mph
    #5 David Baldwin – 4.268 at 173 mph (Top MPH Nitrous)
    #6 Gaylen Smith – 4.349 at 129 mph
    #7 Jeff Naiser – 4.423 at 143 mph
    #8 Steve Wiley – 4.453 at 122 mph
    #9 Wayne Welch – 4.740 at 152 mph
    #10 Chuck Poindexter – 4.853 at 156 mph (Best reaction time, Qualifying)
    #11 Eddie Roach – 8.156 at 54 mph
    #12 Marc McClaskey – 13.791 at ?? MPH
    #13 Bobby Booth – NT

    Unfortunately Marc McClaskey got in his own water and ended up impacted the wall ending his night (and maybe the rest of the season). Marc was okay (thankfully) but the “Angry Bird” looked pretty angry.

    Welcome back Bobby Booth! I know you didn’t get to make a pass but we were glad to see you dusted off the beautiful ‘ole hot rod and brought her out again! Hopefully we’ll see more of you this season!

    First Round:

    Eric Clark (W) 5.375 at 84 mph (.032 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) 4.288 at 172 mph (-.086 RT) Red Light

    Not sure if Eric saw his win light on and lifted or if he didn’t make it down the track under power but either way, it was win for the Clark Bros. team.

    Jay Ligon (W) 4.071 at 179 mph (.017 RT)
    Steve Wiley (RU) 4.335 at 130 mph (.016 RT) Best reaction time, Eliminations)

    Wiley’s numbers were better all the way down track until the blower popped but when it mattered most, Jay Ligon’s numbers were good enough for the win.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.992 at 177 mph (.090 RT) (Low ET Blown)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 4.149 at 185 mph (.078 RT)

    This was a close race. Gaylen moved over towards the wall but was able to power through for the win. I’m not gonna lie, after the struggles we’ve experienced pretty much all year, this felt like a huge win for us. We were on a nice lap second round qualifying but then shortly after half track we spit the top pulley off.

    Jeff Naiser (W) 5.442 at 89 mph (-.005 RT)
    Brandon Lewis (RU) 6.503 at 76 mph (-.278 RT)

    It looked like Naiser was going to get a competition bye run but then Brandon gets his Blown ’57 fired up in time to make the call only to end his night with a red light. Naiser would have been red as well, but the first or worst rule came into play.


    Jay Ligon (W) 4.031 at 183 mph (.076 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 4.125 at 174 mph (.051 RT)

    Eric had a slight holeshot advantage but was unable to hold off the hard charging Army Truck. Another great side by side race.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.060 at 178 mph (.094 RT)
    Jeff Naiser (RU) 4.227 at 170 mph (.018 RT)

    Another great side by side race with Smith getting to the stripe first.


    Jay Ligon (W) 4.052 at 183 mph (.122 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 13.530 at No mph (.065 RT)

    Gaylen got the jump but as soon as he hit the loud peddle, the top pulley came off again and looked like a game of ping pong bouncing off the front end and inner wall. Ligon was on another consistent run and claims his first TOPMA victory!

    Congratulations to Jay Ligon and the entire U.S. Army Truck team for their well deserved first victory and also to Gaylen Smith and the Texas Bounty Hunter team for their hard fought runner-up finish as well. See y’all at the track in a couple of weeks on August 13th. Let’s everyone put in an order for some cooler temps in August (I can dream, can’t I?)

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  • TXR RAIN DATE for ProMods - July 23rd -- TOPMA, 15:10:15 07/19/16 Tue
    Mark your calendars, THIS Saturday night, July 23rd is the rain-out date from earlier in the month. Be there as they battle it out on the track. Bring plenty of water or gatorade cuz it's gonna be HOT HOT HOT...

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  • Who is going to watch the show this weekend in Ennis and who is participating. Super Chevy always has a great show and there are some TOPMA cars going as well. I heard there are some that were invited and others were invited to test. -- TOPMA Fan, 10:38:01 06/29/16 Wed
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  • 2016 Pro Mod vs. Fuel Altered Showdown! -- July 1-2nd at NSD! Where The Fast...GO FASTER!, 10:19:53 06/21/16 Tue

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  • SAD ( GRIM REAPER) -- UNCLE DAN, 12:47:33 06/01/16 Wed
    NOW THAT YOU,VE HAD TIME TO LOOK IT OVER HOW BAD IS IT STEVE. any thing any one can help with give us a shout out

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  • SAN- AN -TONE -- UNCLE DAN (TOO HOT), 17:57:27 05/30/16 Mon
    ok owners and drivers you been there now tell us what you think , i know what steve tha grim reaper thinks ,how bout you . is every body happy or pissed . let me know

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  • San Antonio - 5/28 -- TOPMA, 13:31:23 05/25/16 Wed
    We have spoke with the San Antonio Race track n due to car count in all classes were gonna start 1st TOPMA Qualifyin at 3 , we wanna get this race wrapped up early as possible so we can get started on the Holiday weekend , everyone be ready n let's keep show Rollin , I need a head count on Pro Mods if possible , Tech Cards will be at my trailer but you need to let me know if you coming so I can list you at gate , email tbh488@att.net or pm Gaylen , Steve or Celeste so we can get names on list, gonna b a bad 'butt race so don't miss it. Thanks to all the support we have in our TOPMA Family, you can even post on this thread but we need to know.

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  • ??????? -- UNCLE DAN, 09:24:31 05/25/16 Wed
    well ???????? whats goin on

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  • Points Update after race 3 -- TOPMA, 13:21:37 05/17/16 Tue
    1 Steve Wiley 189
    2 Bob Alexander 118
    3 Gaylen Smith 111
    4 Eric Clark 74
    5 Marc McClaskey 70
    6 Kevin Hargett 60
    7 David Baldwin 57
    8 Doug Riesterer 56
    9 Chuck Poindexter 55
    10 James Satterwhite 51
    11 Wayne Welch 49
    12 Perry Dunn 46
    13 Jay Ligon 35
    14 Spencer Johnson 35
    15 Rodney Parks 22
    16 Doug Morales 22
    17 Eddie Roach 11
    18 Alfred Whiteside 11
    19 Harry Crane 11
    20 Brian Heath 11

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  • TXR Results - May 13th -- TOPMA, 13:19:34 05/17/16 Tue
    Friday the 13th brought out 16 Pro Mod teams to try and knock the Texas Grim Reaper from the top spot but would this night be just what the Reaper needed? A full moon at that. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded.

    #1 Doug “The Mad Scientist” Riesterer – 3.977 at 186 mph
    #2 Steve “Texas Grim Reaper” Wiley – 4.003 at 194 mph
    #3 Bob “Team Bob” Alexander – 4.021 at 193 mph
    #4 Eric “Clark Bros.” Clark – 4.043 at 191 mph
    #5 Gaylen “Texas Bounty Hunter” Smith – 4.111 at 176 mph
    #6 Spencer “Cornbread” Johnson – 4.351 at 170 mph
    #7 Marc “The Boss” McClaskey – 4.406 at 170 mph
    #8 Doug Morales – 4.450 at 174 mph
    #9 David Baldwin – 4.503 at 163 mph
    #10 Harry “Macho Man” Crane – 4.616 at 138 mph
    #11 Brian Heath – 4.734 at 145 mph
    #12 Kevin Hargett – 5.009 at 168 mph
    #13 Wayne Welch – 5.055 at 157 mph
    #14 Rodney Parks – 5.177 at 145 mph
    #15 Chuck “Luvamaro” Poindexter – 5.218 at 157 mph *Best Reaction Time Qualifying .015*
    #16 Perry Dunn - NT

    First Round:

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.190 at 156 mph (.025 RT)
    Spencer Johnson (RU) 5.725 at 102 mph (.081 RT)

    Bob was on a great run and then the parachute came out shortly after half track. Spencer had his own issues in the Smith Motorsports lane.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.910 at 183 mph (.077 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 4.745 at 114 mph (.020 RT)

    Eric left first but encountered tire shake and lifted, meanwhile, Gaylen was making a nice clean run for the win.

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.896 at 198 mph (.118 RT)
    Marc McClaskey (RU) 7.373 at 87 mph (.625 RT) Wake up Marc!

    Not sure what happened here but clearly Wiley was on a great run.

    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.905 at 188 mph (.084 RT) *Low ET Nitrous*
    Harry Crane (RU) 13.009 at 58 mph (1.140 RT)

    Again, not sure what happened but it didn’t much matter with the run Doug laid down. Harry Crane filled in for Doug Morales.

    Semi Finals:

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.894 at 199 mph (.065 RT) *Low ET & Top MPH Blown*
    Bob Alexander (RU) 7.323 at 61 mph (.000 RT) *Best Reaction Time Eliminations*

    It was over when Steve hit the skinny pedal. Bob did a bad job of red lighting (a perfect light).

    Doug Riesterer (W) 3.934 at 190 mph (.137 RT) *Top MPH Nitrous*
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.033 at 165 mph (.081 RT)

    Gaylen was out on Doug and he felt a vibration so he lifted and Doug was right there to snatch the win away.


    Steve Wiley (W) 4.824 at 114 mph (.068 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 9.399 at ?? mph (.059 RT)

    Doug’s car had a nitrous backfire at the hit and Steve was on and off the throttle claiming the win.

    Congrats to Steve Wiley and the entire TGR team for their well deserved victory on Friday the 13th. Congrats to Doug Riesterer for his runner-up finish as well. The TGR team also thanked everyone who bought a raffle ticket or a bake sale item or simply just donated to the Jaxon Anthony Foundation. The goodies were yummy! I had a few different items myself.

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  • Guess the throw down in Tulsa let everybody drag their bodies too? -- Congrats Frankie!, 13:00:41 05/17/16 Tue
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  • future -- ungle dan, 20:13:33 05/16/16 Mon
    board is full of the past , looking for the future, how bout it guys

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  • Is the San Antonio Race still on? There is nothing on the track website about it. -- Will Hanna, 18:35:50 05/10/16 Tue
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  • TOPMA points update -- TOPMA, 16:17:23 04/25/16 Mon
    The points standings after race 2.

    1 Steve Wiley 123
    2 Bob Alexander 76
    3 Gaylen Smith 76
    4 James Satterwhite 51
    5 Kevin Hargett 49
    6 Eric Clark 48
    7 Marc McClaskey 47
    8 David Baldwin 46
    9 Chuck Poindexter 39
    10 Wayne Welch 38
    11 Perry Dunn 36
    12 Jay Ligon 35
    13 Eddie Roach 11
    14 Rodney Parks 11
    15 Alfred Whiteside 11
    16 Spencer Johnson 11

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  • TOPMA - Texas Raceway Results - April 23, 2016 -- TOPMA, 16:14:37 04/25/16 Mon
    After weeks of rain and floods, the clouds finally parted and Mother Nature allowed us to run our re-scheduled race from April 9th. There was every kind of car you could possibly imagine on the property as there were 6 different classes being run that night. There was something for everybody. After two rounds of qualifying in the Pro Mod class, here’s what went down.

    #1 Steve Wiley – 3.900 at 200.53 mph
    #2 Gaylen Smith – 3.923 at 189 mph
    #3 Eric Clark – 4.119 at 183 mph
    #4 Kevin Hargett – 4.475 at 174 mph
    #5 Marc McClaskey – 4.506 at 163 mph **Low ET & Top MPH Nitrous & Best reaction time in qualifying (.020)**
    #6 David Baldwin – 4.506 at 156 mph
    #7 Chuck Poindexter – 4.676 at 160 mph
    #8 Wayne Welch – 4.926 at 156 mph
    #9 Bob Alexander – 5.166 at 137 mph
    #10 Spencer Johnson – 5.324 at 110 mph
    #11 James Satterwhite – NT (Broke in burnout)
    #12 Perry Dunn – NT (Broke at trailer)

    First Round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.856 at 201.79 mph (.035 RT) **Low ET & Top MPH Blown/Turbo**
    Wayne Welch (RU) 9.166 at 47 mph (.005 RT) **Best reaction time eliminations**

    Wayne left first but Wiley had caught him by the 10 foot mark. Wayne encountered traction problems and Wiley cruised down the Smith Motorsports lane for Low ET and Top Mph.

    Kevin Hargett (W) 6.396 at 72 mph (.061 RT)
    Marc McClaskey (RU) 5.045 at 143 mph (-.007 RT) Red Light

    I didn’t see this race but heard it was ugly. Kevin breaks the wishbone in the car and it was out of control. McClaskey red lights handing the win to Kevin.

    Eric Clark (W) 3.970 at 191 mph (.030 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) 5.814 at 82 mph (.039 RT)

    Clark Brothers makes a nice A to B pass for the win.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.899 at 190 mph (.121 RT)
    Chuck Poindexter (RU) 4.697 at 159 mph (-.036 RT) Red Light

    Chuck gives it up on the starting line but it didn’t much matter. Gaylen was tied to a string in the Painless lane and gets the win.


    Steve Wiley (W) 3.882 at 199 mph (.070 RT) **Competition bye**
    Kevin Hargett (RU) NT

    Kevin was unable to make the call due to breaking the wishbone in the round before giving Wiley a free pass to the final (as if he needed it).

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.866 at 191 mph (.065 RT)
    Eric Clark (RU) 5.283 at 94 mph (.051 RT)

    Eric gets away with a slight advantage but the Bounty Hunter streaks by for the win and his best run of the night.


    Steve Wiley (W) 4.878 at 131 mph (.024 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 17.40 AT 20 mph (.055 RT)

    Both cars shot of the gate like they stole something but then Gaylen’s car went silent and Wiley was in the Smith Motorsports lane on and off the throttle because he didn’t see Gaylen and the fat lady hadn’t sang yet. Later found out that the crank trigger wheel and bottom blower pulley broke is why the Bounty Hunter went silent.

    Congratulations to Steve Wiley and the TGR team for their victory and also to Gaylen Smith and Team TBH for their runner-up finish as well. Both cars looked great all night.

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  • Why was the race moved from the 13th to the 14th we had plans on running TOPMA on the 13th then running another race on the 14th -- THE GHOST, 18:28:42 04/20/16 Wed
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  • TOPMA - TXR Staff What time does the show start this Saturday?? -- Needa know when to get there., 14:56:47 04/20/16 Wed
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  • Any of you promods going to race the PDRA at Ennis? They do have a top sportsman class that most of you might be able to qualify for. -- Fence leaner, 14:06:49 04/18/16 Mon
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  • Bummer - Unfortunately rained out ! WELL....at least I got my Saturday bath thinking I WAS gonna go :-( -- Granny, 16:21:27 04/09/16 Sat
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  • Benefit Raffle for the Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation -- Eric - Texas Grim Reaper Racing, 09:10:11 04/05/16 Tue
    This Saturday, April 9th at Texas Raceway we are having a raffle to benefit the Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation. There will be several items available to win and the proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the foundation. Please stop by our pit to enter and support this wonderful organization.
    The Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation was created to honor the memory of Jeffrey and Ashley Arnold’s son, Jaxon Anthony Arnold who was born and passed on July 9, 2012. The foundation gives financial support to families suffering an unexpected infant loss or stillbirth by assisting with the infant burial costs at Skyview Memorial Gardens in Mansfield, Texas; where Jaxon Anthony was laid to rest.
    The Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation
    Jeffrey Arnold – Co-Founder 682-365-2366
    Ashley Arnold – Co-Founder 682-560-6894

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  • TOPMA results - March 26, 2016 -- TOPMA, 16:31:30 04/04/16 Mon
    After what seemed to be an eternal winter break, and then a rain delay, the season opener of the Texas Outlaw Pro Mods finally happened. Fifteen teams came out of hibernation ready to get a new year started. After two rounds of qualifying, here’s how everything unfolded.

    #1 Steve Wiley – 3.837 at 198.00 mph
    #2 Bob Alexander – 3.993 at 193 mph
    #3 Gaylen Smith – 4.106 at 150 mph
    #4 Perry Dunn – 4.220 at 188 mph
    #5 Jay Ligon – 4.240 at 169 mph
    #6 James Satterwhite – 4.268 at 177 mph **Low ET & Top MPH nitrous**
    #7 Kevin Hargett – 4.336 at 175 mph
    #8 David Baldwin – 4.503 at 162 mph
    #9 Marc McClaskey – 4.504 at 163 mph
    #10 Eric Clark – 4.794 at 149 mph
    #11 Wayne Welch – 4.797 at 160 mph
    #12 Chuck Poindexter – 4.894 at 150 mph **Best Reaction time qualifying** (.004 RT)
    #13 Alfred Whiteside – 5.112 at 132 mph
    #14 Rodney Parks – 5.569 at 113 mph
    #15 Eddie Roach – 6.686 at 68 mph

    First round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.836 at 197 mph (.071 RT) **Low ET Blown**
    David Baldwin (RU) 6.510 at 74 mph (.066 RT)

    Wiley came out of the trailer with something to prove. Baldwin was unable to get a big enough jump on him at the light and it was all over shortly after launch.

    Jay Ligon (W) 8.932 at 50 mph (1.11 RT) Competition bye
    Perry Dunn (RU) N/T

    Perry Dunn did his burnout and kept going giving the Army Truck a competition bye into the semi’s.

    James Satterwhite (W) 4.300 at 170 mph (.165 RT)
    Marc McClaskey (RU) 6.764 at 87 mph (.202 RT)

    Marc was first alternate and he filled in for Gaylen Smith who broke the rear-end in 2nd round qualifying. Neither driver looked like they were in a hurry to leave but James did get the headstart and kept it all the way down track claiming the round win.

    Bob Alexander (W) 3.989 at 194 mph (.076 RT)
    Kevin Hargett (RU) 4.446 at 173 mph (.104 RT)

    Team Bob also came out of the trailer looking like they had unfinished business to take care of. Alexander’s car was tied to a string all night. Hargett was on an off-paced run and couldn’t hold off the hard charging “Team Bob” Chevy Camaro in the other lane.


    Steve Wiley (W) 3.991 at 157 mph (.071 RT)
    Jay Ligon (RU) 5.319 at 113 mph (.033 RT)

    Wiley overcomes a starting line disadvantage to take the win.

    Bob Alexander (W) 3.971 at 195 mph (.059 RT) Competition bye
    James Satterwhite (RU) N/T

    James burnt a piston first round and was unable to make the call. Team Bob made another nice run.


    Bob Alexander (W) 3.935 at 198 mph (.026 RT) **Best Reaction time eliminations**
    Steve Wiley (RU) 3.945 at 198.38 mph (-.157 RT) **Foul**/**Top MPH Blown**

    This was the race of the night. It doesn’t get much better than this (for Bob). Looking good Bob!!! Congratulations to Team Bob for their win and also to Steve Wiley and Team TGR for their runner-up finish as well.

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  • Why is it no one is in Denton supporting the Promod race? -- SMH, 13:27:14 04/02/16 Sat
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  • Winner-----Top Dog -- Danny Satterwhite, 11:19:03 03/28/16 Mon
    Congrats to Bob and crew on the big win !!!!! i saw those pretty new shoes we was promised . lookin good guys

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  • START THE TOPMA SEASON AT KENNEDALE THIS WEEK END – SAT. 3/26/2016!!! TGR GO GET EM – RUN IT FAST, KEEP IT STRAIGHT & BRING HOME THE WIN!!! Good luck to all the drivers & be safe! -- Granny, 19:38:18 03/25/16 Fri
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  • Testing 123 -- Tester, 07:06:41 03/23/16 Wed

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  • 12 DAYS UNTIL THE 2016 TOPMA SEASON OPENER AT TEXAS RACEWAY!!! Who is ready? -- ProMod Fan, 08:54:35 03/01/16 Tue
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  • -- THE MAD MAN COMETH FOR NSD TRACK RECORD!, 16:36:55 02/22/16 Mon
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  • WHAT in the world are posts about BUYING DRUGS WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION doing on the TOPMA message board??? – For the safety of the other drivers, that should be the LAST THING racers who drive at such high speeds should be interested in!!! The way it is written & phrased, it looks like the drugs are sent from a foreign country….Mexico maybe???? -- Concerned Fan, 08:19:21 02/14/16 Sun
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  • Who's ready for Testing? -- Texas Raceway, 15:32:33 02/12/16 Fri
    Saturday, February 20th Testing available for SLICKS only.

    TOPMA Pro Mods bring your 2015 membership card or purchase a 2016 membership and get C/D + 3 in FREE. Additional tickets $10 per person.

    Gates open at 12noon & racing from 1p - 5p.

    1st TOPMA race of the season is Saturday, March 12th


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  • Michael Wayne Wiley -- Eric Sagebiel, 17:43:23 02/08/16 Mon
    On behalf of the Wiley family I would like to thank everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers and well wishes. Steve and Maurisa lost their newborn son this past Saturday. Again thank you all for the messages and prayers that have been sent to the family. Rest in Peace little angel.
    Michael Wayne Wiley
    10 a.m. Friday,
    February 12, 2016
    Skyvue Victoria Chapel
    7220 FM 1187, Mansfield TX
    3:30 p.m. Friday
    February 12, 2016
    Liberty Hill Cemetery
    16101 Hwy 29, Liberty Hill TX 78642

    Thank you very much to the Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation and the Arnold Family!

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  • Prayers fro the wiley family -- Danny Satterwhite (sadness), 11:06:15 02/07/16 Sun
    my prayers are with your family for your loss which was so sad . may god be with you

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  • Pro Mod Banquet -- TOPMA, 09:07:45 02/03/16 Wed
    If you plan on attending the ProMod Banquet, please contact the track and make your reservations. It is this Saturday at 7:00 at Mercado Juarez in Arlington. Tickets are $25/person.

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  • -- NSD, 09:30:01 01/25/16 Mon
    2015 Pro Mod vs. Fuel Altered Showdown Highlights!
    Don't miss the 4th Annual Event July 1-2nd, 2016 at NSD!
    Plus Outlaw Pro Mod events April 1-2nd & Sept 23-24th!

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  • In search of a Carbon injector for roots blower jbr or cfh -- Andrew Roberts, 23:04:22 01/20/16 Wed
    Looking to buy a jbr or cfh Carbon 4 blade hat for roots blower need 10.5 bottom opening text pics and info to 316-708-7166 or email drew_sc5459@hotmail.com thanks Andrew

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  • 2016 TOPMA Schedule **Tentative** -- ChrisNite, 23:50:04 01/11/16 Mon
    Texas Outlaw Promod Association
    2016 Race Schedule
    2/6 TOPMA Racers Banquet

    3/12 Texas Raceway

    4/9 Texas Raceway

    5/14 Texas Raceway

    5/28 San Antonio Raceway

    6/11 Texas Raceway

    7/2 Texas Motorplex – Super Chevy Show

    7/9 Texas Raceway

    8/13 Texas Raceway

    9/10 Texas Raceway

    10/8 Texas Raceway

    10/15 San Antonio Raceway

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  • When will the 2016 schedule be announced. Trying to make plans -- millertime, 21:09:45 01/10/16 Sun
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  • MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the TOPMA drivers, crews, families & fans. This time of year brings many memories, both sweet & a few not so sweet. It brings beautiful memories & smiles. May this season be filled with the blessings & joy of family, friends, & the love of the season. And I hope Santa brings those special “parts” needed for those cars so you’re all ready to race down that 1/8 mile when the 2016 season opens!!! Luv you guys & gals ~ granny -- Granny, 09:48:52 12/02/15 Wed
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  • With the holidays coming up I'd like to wish all the drivers, crews, fans & even the haters a Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas! Thought it would be fun if we all would make a list of what we are hopeful for this holiday season. I'll start, I'm hopeful that Clyde Scott will grow a pair so he can start running more than his mouth & get back on the track! -- Ho Ho Ho Murray Chrithmath, 16:34:52 11/25/15 Wed
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  • Never put passion before honor -- Love TOPMA, 14:25:19 10/18/15 Sun
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  • What man with the ... Would win a championship this way by crying -- TOPMA forever, 16:40:32 10/17/15 Sat
    I respect Gaylen but I don't agree to change a rule AFTER the end of the season because of cryers. Wiley it's a empty championship. U know who is the true TOPMA champion

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  • Charity Champions -- Patrick Thomas, 06:19:41 10/17/15 Sat
    Steve, you don't realize it but Gaylen just made you look like the biggest idiot in drag racing history. If you had any self respect at all you would swallow your pride and acknowledge that TBH is the true winner here.

    Gaylen, if I were you I would tread carefully from here on out with your willingness to change rules, Steve might ask for the wiggle at next years races and expect the starting line procedures be changed. Your the true people's champion (insert Rocky music in the background here) and your fans know this.

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  • Congrats To Steve Wiley -- ChrisNite (wow!), 23:17:13 10/15/15 Thu
    HUGE news on the show tonite from Gaylen Smith ....
    Gaylen announced he vetoed the rule to drop two races from the TOPMA points championship. which puts Steve Wiley in the points lead. I will replay the show tomorrow at High Noon if you missed it but OFFICIALLY Steve Wiley & The Texas Grim Reaper Team are the TOPMA Points Champs for the 2015 Season!

    Final points standing (due to the rule change)
    Steve - 464
    Bob - 463
    Gaylen - 458

    Gaylen has in the past given me exclusive news and info I am beyond humble and honored to be apart of the Texas Drag Racing Family. What a show! Wow

    - Chris Nite 81X Rocks

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  • FINAL POINTS STANDINGS!! -- Mrs. TBH, 11:03:22 10/12/15 Mon
    Ranking Driver Name
    1 Gaylen Smith 441
    2 Bob Alexander 434
    3 Steve Wiley 423
    4 Kevin Hargett 224
    5 David Baldwin 184
    6 Charles Letteer 173
    7 James Satterwhite 171
    8 Marcus Landeros 152
    9 Doug Riesterer 144
    10 Jay Ligon 136
    11 Perry Dunn 135
    12 Chuck Poindexter 113
    13 Greg Green 110
    14 Eric Clark 83
    15 Eddie Roach 79
    16 Jon Stouffer 66
    17 Chad Sheffield 59
    18 Brian Barnett 54
    19 Swyden Racing 33
    20 Rick Cate 33
    21 Dennis Hendrix 33
    22 Dwayne Muensterman 33
    23 EJ Hickl 29
    24 Steve Harvey 23
    25 Mat Thomas 22
    26 Don Wootton 11
    27 Robert Elliott 11
    28 Scott Javres 11
    29 Tony Foulks 11
    30 Troy Scott 11
    31 Darren Inman 11
    32 Shannon Coan 11
    33 Alfred Whiteside 11
    34 Harry Crane 10

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  • October FINAL Results -- Mrs. TBH, 10:37:16 10/12/15 Mon
    It all comes down to this night. Coming into this race, the top three cars are only separated by 17 points. Steve Wiley and the Texas Grim Reaper sitting on top with 416 points, then Bob Alexander with 403 and Gaylen Smith in the Texas Bounty Hunter was in 3rd with 399 points. Back to a Friday night, twelve teams showed up to finalize the top 8 in points and here’s how everything unfolded after two rounds of qualifying. Remember, bonus points are very critical at this point.

    #1 Bob Alexander – 3.979 at 184 mph **Best reaction time** (.002 RT)
    #2 Steve Wiley – 4.124 at 165 mph
    #3 Gaylen Smith – 4.170 at 137 mph
    #4 David Baldwin – 4.325 at 168 mph
    #5 Kevin Hargett – 4.378 at 179 mph
    #6 Doug Riesterer – 4.550 at 118 mph
    #7 James Satterwhite – 4.618 at 134 mph
    #8 Eddie Roach – 4.796 at 122 mph
    #9 Alfred Whiteside – 6.628 at 73 mph
    #10 Jay Ligon – 7.485 at 93 mph
    #11 Perry Dunn – No Time
    #12 Chuck Poindexter – No Time

    First Round:

    Bob Alexander (W) 4.005 at 183 mph (.054 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 16.677 at 38 mph (.298 RT)

    Not sure what happened to Eddie but Bob had the “eye of the tiger”! He was focused on the prize!

    Steve Wiley (W) 3.899 at 195 mph (.007 RT) **Low ET and Top MPH**
    James Satterwhite (RU) 4.431 at 157 mph (.175 RT)

    Wiley left first and never looked back. He also had his game face on…

    Kevin Hargett (W) 4.285 at 189 mph (.743 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) NT

    Baldwin encountered problems and didn’t make the run so Kevin gets a competition bye into the semi’s with a nice run!

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.952 at 189 mph (.150 RT)
    Doug Riesterer (RU) 4.084 at 159 mph (.087 RT)

    Neither car made great runs during qualifying but both seemed to have figured it out on this run with Gaylen taking the win.


    Bob Alexander (W) 3.998 at 185 mph (.076 RT)
    Kevin Hargett (RU) 4.309 at 176 mph (.129 RT)

    Bob still had his game face on and makes another stellar run landing him in the finals. Who will be his competition between Gaylen and Wiley? According to the stands, it would be Wiley….

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.967 at 183 mph (.029 RT)
    Steve Wiley (RU) 4.148 at 175 mph (.011 RT)

    According to the scoreboard, it was Gaylen Smith meeting up with Bob in the finals!


    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.940 at 190 mph (.084 RT)
    Bob Alexander (RU) 8.671 at 59 mph (.056 RT)

    Bob was going for the win and had it stepped up a little too much and got crossed up shortly after launch and Gaylen streaked by for the win.

    At the beginning of the year, posted on our schedule, we implemented a 2 race waive rule which means ALL drivers have to drop their two worst races. After adding in bonus points for perfect attendance and waiving 2 races, Gaylen Smith and Team TBH came out on top for another championship, their 5th in a row and 7th overall since the inception of TOPMA. Congratulations to Team TBH and Gaylen Smith for the race win and the overall TOPMA championship. All the overnight parts earlier in the year paid off.

    Congratulations to Bob Alexander and the Striptec Team for the runner-up on the track and also for finishing #2 in the overall points.

    Congratulations also go out to Steve Wiley and the Texas Grim Reaper Team for winning the Texas Raceway championship.

    Congratulations to David Baldwin for winning the Nitrous Championship and James Satterwhite for the runner-up!

    Thanks to Cindi and Dave and the entire staff of Texas Raceway for a great track and support all year long.

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  • Huge congrats to Gaylen Smith for winning the 2015 TOPMA Points Championship. Huge congrats also to Steve Wylie and the whole TGR crew for winning the 2015 Texas Raceway Points Championship. Huge congrats to David Baldwin and crew for winning the 2015 NOS Championship. -- Pro Mod Bob, 08:31:15 10/11/15 Sun
    Amazing season full of ups & downs for everyone. No one team dominated and that made for an exciting last race, last round finish. Thanks to all the TOPMA racers, their families, and crews for making 2015 so great.
    Special appreciation to Cindy and the whole staff at Texas Raceway for continuing to support TOPMA.

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  • Ok folks, the time is near. Tomorrow night, Friday October 9th at Texas Raceway in Kennedale, TX. The final TOPMA race of the year. With low ET bonus, top MPH bonus, and best RT bonus, along with perfect attendance bonus points available, and the 2 race points waiver, it has all boiled down to less than one round separating the top 3. Steve, Gaylen, and Bob all have a shot at the TOPMA points championship and the Texas Raceway promod points championship. This is a race you won’t want to miss. Qualifying starts at 7pm. Be there! -- Eric (TGR) - Slap Happy Pappy, 12:13:51 10/08/15 Thu
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