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Beaverton City Centennial 1903-2003
Beaverton City Centennial

In 2003 the city of Beaverton, Michigan will celebrate 100 years as a city. Prior to that time the Villiage of Beaverton had sprung up around the Ross Brothers mills at the confluence of the Tobacco and Cedar rivers. Originally called Cedarville, then Grand Forks, the town of Beaverton was finally named after Beaverton, Ontario - the former home of the Ross Brothers.

Please feel free to share any historical information or stories about Beaverton people. You may also contact Bob Frei: bob@frei.com.

Link to Gladwin Historical Society Web Site

Subject: Good scientific answars about linguistics, physics and other matters

Saigon Mamidas
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Date Posted: 06:34:48 09/26/17 Tue

To read answars to some scientific questions about learning English, about English passive voice, reasons for lack of sexual interest, about the labor wages in Norway, about the 09/11-2001 Twin Tower attacks, about lnguage, and to read about unmarked governmental vans traficking the roads of USA, Canada and European countries, please scroll down.

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What is the best approach for a grown up person to learn to master Rnglish?

If you are among those liking a theoretical approach, I would recommend learning all the grammar first straight out of a grammar book, or following online lessons. Then listen to some videos where they speak English every day, and also read some litterature every day in English. Use a dictionary as an aid for words you do not understand. Also write down some sentences every day about what you have listened to or read. It will go very slowly at the beginning, but gradually you will be able to both read, and listen with a good understanding without much need for a dictionary. and also your writing skills will gradually improve to a sufficient level.


What is the passive voice of “He hated people looking at him.” and what is the explanation?

There are two methods of rendering a sentence into passive. You can either use the auxiliary “be” or the verb “get” in the tense you need, combined with the perfect participle of the main werb. The actor is explained with the preposition “by”. Hence you get:
“People looking at him was/were hated by him.”
“People looking at him got hated by him.”
The word “people” is formally in singular, and the formally correct form of the auxiliary is “was”, but logically it denotes more than one person, so using the form “were” is also correct in this case.
The method with the verb “get” focuses upon the beginning of the action, in this case “to hate”, in verbs that denote actions that are prolonged, like in this example.


Is it correct to say: "It will have a detrimental effect", or shall I use "has" instead?

It is correct, but you must complete the statement by telling what the effect will be upon for the sake of clearity:

“It will have a detrimental effect upon x.”, where x is any pronoun or nominal expression.

You must use the infinitive which is “have” and not “has” which is 3. person present tense.
But for a better and less boring style you can use several variations:

“It will give a detrimental effect”

“It will make a detrimental effect”

“It will impact/effect/influence x detrimentally”, where x is an object


Is Oslo really divided between the East and West?

The communications inside Oslo, like suburbians, bus and trains were historically divided in a westbound and an eastbound part with poor interconnections. In the later years those two parts have been coupled into a seemless system.
There has always been a certain social and cultural division so that the wealthiest and best educated class live in the west part, while those having a more moderate economy at the east one.
There has been a massive influx of people from Islamic countries in the last years, and most of these individuals have settled at the central parts and east part of Oslo. This has deepened the social, cultural and economic division and added a religious aspect to that devision.
The efffect is that demografically, culturally, economically and religiously Oslo is more divided than ever.


Which is correct: '2 dozen of eggs cost 30 rupees' or '2 dozen of eggs costs 30 rupees'?

Neither of them is correct. The formally correct answar is “2 dozens of eggs cost 30 rupees”, since “dozen” is grammatically a noun that denotes a group there is more than 1 of. It must be “cost” and not “costs” since one speaks about more than one both of dozens and eggs.

In casual speech, the practically best way is to say “2 dozen eggs cost 30 rupees”, since “dozen” logically is a sort of number and can be treated as such grammatically without making any great error.


Unmarked Governmental Vans Engaged in Child and Teen trafficking

By Knut Holt


Unmarked vans owned by the government are steadily more often seen at roads in USA and other coutries.

These have generally blackened windows and it is generally unable to look into them, except to some degree at the drivers cabin and in that cabin nothing especially interesting is to be seen, except that the driver and helpers wear some sort of military-like outfit, but with a neutral look.

Some of these are heavy duty vans, and are obviously transporting some material, possibly nuclear equipment for the military forces.

But the most interesting of these are trucks of a more moderate size, that usually drive in small columns. By appearance these seem more suited for transportation of people than technical equipment. The car models and the outfit of the cars are typicallly the same as that of ambulances.

The trucks may in fact be some kind of camoufaged ambulances, and if so, the persons being transported are most probably children or teenagers which are held deeply sedated or under general anesthesia. The child protective system each day transport children taken from parents to secret places, and this is a possible method of doing so.

They might also carry children taken hold of to use them as guinea pigs in governmental projects.

They might be young people having been declared braid dead, but with still living bodies, and possibly still living brains to, and are under transport to some clearing central for distribution of organs.

They might be children and teens being transported this way to governemental correction facilities or mental hospitals where they will be held secretly for a specific time.

Some of these trucks are possibly owned and operated by the National Guard, but still the National Guard may be on some mission for other governmental bodies, like the CPS or jouvenile correction system. Services like national guards and the like in any ountry tend to do services for other bodies when these other bodies require some security transportation service or the like.

This is a common feature in any society. You use your resources for several purposes, and especially security services work on orders from several other agencies, and especially agenies like child protective agenies or the like.

By Knut Holt

By the way. a lot of good advices about health, fitness and sexuality


Does the gender of words have more than a mere grammatical significance to native speakers of languages that use gendered nouns, such as Romance and Germanic languages? Do these things “feel” male or female to you?

In many of these languages, like Italian, Spanish and French, words with the same root, but with different endings can have related, but different lexical meanings, usually with systematic meaning differences, and these paired words usually have different gender, so that the form of the articles and adjectives also signify these different lexical meanings.
In italian there are many paired words with the same root which end in o or a. If the root signify an animal or human, that with o signify the masculine one, while that with a the feminine one, and they have the corresponding gender, examples:
orso - orsa / masculine bear - female bear
nonno - nonna / grandfather - grandmother
zio - zia / uncle - aunt
If the root signify a plant, the masculine version usually denotes the plant itself, while the feminine version the fruit:
melo - mela / apple tree - apple
pero - pera / pear tree - pear
arancio - arancia / orange tree - orange
You can find the same fenomenon in German and Scandinavian, at least in Norwegian and Icelandic.

What are possible reasons for loss of sex drive

This question cannot be answared completely in a short note, since the reasons can be so many, but here are listed some causes in a general sense. If any of these particularities apply, they should be investigated further.

* Any mental or physical struggle that makes you exhausted over a long period can decrease the lust for sex.
* Any physical or mental disease that makes you depleted of resources in your body or reduce body functions can give this effect, including depression and cardiovascular diseae.

* Physical injury or poisening that reduce body functions, especially neural injuries or brain injuries.

* Drugs one takes regularly can decrease the lust for sex, both side effects and effects intended secretly by the doctor, especially psychiatric drugs.

* Age-related sessation of body functions and hormone productions like menopause in women, the usually later occurring partial andropause in men and general aging can decrease the sexual drive.

* Bad diet depleted of nutrition will often give this effetc and can mimic age related reduction of sexual functions.

* Lack of regular exercise is not good for the sexual drive.

* Lack of interest in the sexual partner one has, which often is a mutual lack of interest from both sides.


What is the difference betwwen "Who" and whom"

“Who” is used as an interrogative pronoun when you ask about the identity of a person as in these examples:
Who do you see? Who saw you? Who did you send it to?

In formal style “whom” is also used as an inerrogative pronoun that does not function as a subject, so you may occationally encounter expressions like:
“Whom do you see?

Who" is also used as a relative pronoun refering to persons, functioning as a subject, as here:
I hasted away from that man who lurked at me in the dark street.

Whom is used as a relative pronoun about persons when it functions as an object, or in another role than the subject, as here:
The person whom I asked, could not answar the question.
I do not know for whom the work was done.


How is passive voice constructed in German?

German passive is costructed with the auxiliary verb “werden”, meaning “become” and the perfect participle of the main verb.

If the passive sentence is in the perfect or pluperfect tense, one constructs this by the auxiliary verb “sein” in the present or imperfect form, plus the perfect participle of the main verb, plus the perfect participle of “werden” without the prefix “ge--” which is “worden”.

If an actor is specified in the sentence, one uses the preposition “von” with the actor in the dative case.

“Viel Bier Wird getrunken.” - “Much beer is/gets drunk.”
“Der Mann wurde gesehen.” - “The man was/got seen,”
“Drei neue Schulen sind geplant worden.” - “Three new schools have been planned.”
“Das Haus wird jezt gewaschen.” - “The house is/gets washed now.”
“Er wurde von einem Stein Getroffen.” - “He was/got hit by a stone”.


What is the average salery in Norway?

The average salary in Norway is around 44000 crowns a month. After taxation this is reduced to around 32000 crowns

If you convert this to dollars according to current quote, this will be around 4000 USD.

But this equivalence is only effective if you convert the Norwegian currency to dollars and spend the money abroad.

But the cost of housing and living costs in Norway are among the highest in the World, if not the highest.

Therefore I think the monthly avarage salary in Norway after taxation, corrected for living costs is equivalent to only around 2000 USD,.

Also be aware that the avarage salary shown here is an avarage across all salaries from the lowest to the highest.

The average salery of ordinary workers are substantially less. Because of the high living costs, Norway has in reality a substantial powerty problem.


Were the 9/11 attacks staged by the US government?

It was phyically impossible for the towers to collapse so completely amd so symmetrically without some kind of cautiously planned internal demolition, and even more so with builing number 7 that did not get hit.
Therefore some clandestine conspirators within the American society must be responsible for the collapses, and it is difficult to think that fractions within the government were not involved.
But still the attacks by the aircrafts were most probably staged by an islmistic conspiracy, led by the so-called Al Qaida, and if not directly ordered, at least inspired by Osama Bin Laden.
Everybody that can observe and draw logical conclusion must conclude that a worldwide Islamic coup is going on, and that this conspiracy uses terror in order to passivate the general bublic psychologically.
Also it is obvious for everybody that can observe that utterly brainwashed religious people, willing to perfom suicide attacks for the religion, are a reality.
It looks like the conspirators within teh government knew about the plans of Al Qaida far in advance due to the constant surveillance they perform, and decided to make the incident as disasterous and spectacular as possible for own purposes.
It is also possible that some kind of termite loadings were installed in the buildings already when they were built, so that they could easily be taken down at some time, and that they activated and use the preinstallad loadings.


Is the sentence "I don't have no pen." correct? How do sentences with double negation originate?

The formally correct version are:
“I don’t have a pen”, or “I do not have a pen.” or “I have no pen.”
In certain dialectial speech the sentence with two negation words, is accepted, however.
The fenomenon with double tegation seems to have its origin in the pychological urge to make the negation as clear as possible. It is found in many languages, and tend to originate spontanously .
In Romance language double nagation is formally correct.


Did Spanish ever have a similar past tense to Italian's “Passato Prossimo” and French's “Passé Composé”?

Thechnically Spanish has the same tenses, but they are used differently. The composed past is used more or less as in English in European Spanish, which means that it not only tells about an action in the past, but also signals a state or situation of importance caused by the action.
In Latin American Spanish the composed past is little used.
Also the simple past is uses as in English, but In latin America it tend to be the only past used.
In Italian the composed past (passato prossimo) is used as a near past, while the simple past (passato remoto) as a remote past tense.
I think Spanish shows the original pattern of use.
The reason I think so, is because the past participle used in the composed past, originally denoted a state resulted by an action.
Italian has accordingly changed the use of the tense, because also by the original use, it will statistically most often point to something that happened recently.


Is this sentence correct? "It was my first trip to Bangkok"

The sentence is correct. But if you have made several trips, and you will shortly point out that this particular one was the first one, I dould have said:
“That was my first trip to Bangkok”.
If you are telling a story about the trip, and the sentence is inside that story, I would put it:
“This was my first trip to Bangkok”.


Is it correct to say: "In the beginning was water and sky"?

When there are two or more objects, one uses “were” and not “was”.
If you do not think the water and sky localized at any specific place and you think very generally that these two substances gave origine to other substances , you then can say:
“In the beginneing were water and sky.”
But if you think about water and sky that were used to create the Universe live in , it is more natural to say:
“In the beginning there were water and sky.”
If you think about the water and sky as something even more familiar, you can say:
“In the beginning there were the water and the sky.”


What language do they speak in Hell?

Hell is a place in mid Norway. They speak Scandinavian, Hellian dialect which happen to be a mid-west Scandinavian dialect.
In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, one speaks a continuum of dialects and each country has official versions of Scandinavian that are called Norwegian, Swedish and Denish. A dialect that happens to be spoken in Norway also goes under the name “Norwegian”, even though it can be more differenent from official Norwegian than Official Swedish, which the dialect of Hell happens to be.
By the way, in Norwegian “hell” means “luck”.

How do you express prefered choises beween actions in English

"I'd prefer eating breakfast than skipping it." Is this sentence grammatically correct? I think it's wrong because of eating and than.

It is wrong. What is the real problem, is that you cannot only use “then” without marking more clearly what you prefer. The element “I’d” is not strictly wrong, but replacing it with “I would” or “I will” makes the expression clearer.

If you speak hypothetically about a possible situation, this formulation will be best;
“I would prefer eating breakfest rather than skipping it.”

But if this is a choise you will encounter shortly, I would put it this way:
“I (will) prefer eating breakfest raher than skipping it.”


How long does it take to learn Italian and what value is it in learning it

I have learned Italian myself so I have a certain experience. If you study one hour on average each day during one year, you will know all of the grammar and have a big enough vocabolary to use the language practically and read litterature. By practical regular use you will attain an even greater vocabolary.

If you want to use the language as a tourist, you will know enough after half a year to manage travelling in Italia without using English.

I think it is worth it because Italian is a beautiful language, so the study by itself is pleasurable, and there is a lot of interesting litterature in Italien, not only the classical, but also modern.

If you know Italien you have a very good base to learn the other Romance languages without studying much. That is my experience with French and Spanish that I use daily because I live in a Spanish talking region now.

I really did not stuy French and Spanish from the ground, but instead learned the differences between these and Italian.

But italien is a complicated language so do not expect to master it in all details without some work.

How to learn Spanish free

I will suggest the following plan:
Go to Youtube and search for “Spanish lessons”. You will find many series of free lessons, at least at the elementary level. Not all series are equally good to explain everything, but you can jump back and forth between lesons of various series.
When you have gone through the most basic lessons, go to Wikipedia and find the article about Spanish Grammar. Learn everything in the article. Espesially learn to conjugate regular verbs, and the most common irregular verbs, like ser, estar, haber, tener, acer and irse.
Then begin reading things you are interested in, written is Spanish, and listen to videos about something you are interested in, where they speak Spanish. You can easily find such stuff by search at Google or Youtube.
Lyrics of famous songs and videos of artists singing the songs are a fine and easy thing to begin with.
Use a free online vocabolary to get the meaning of words you do not know yet when reading and listening. You can use Google translate as a vocabolary.
At some point you should learn all the irregular verbs. By searching for “spanish irregular verbs”, you will easily find lists of the most important ones with links to conjugation tables.

What are grammatical words, morphological words, phonological words, and lexical words

These terms ar probably not used consistently. Before one can really understand the terms grammatical and lexical words, one needs some basic theory and definitions first:
A morphological word is a combination of stems, prefixes and endings that constitute a unit that cannot be broken apart and the parts moved to other places without disrupting the meaning. The combination thus is a continuous unit. Also it has to be moved as a whole if one wants to move it. The constituents in the unit also have a fixed place that cannot be changed without changing the meaning. Sometimes a morphological word is a bare stem or another bare element that cannot be divided in smaller units.
Another term that is useful to know is “phonological word”. This is a sequence that is pronounced as a unit and can be followed by a pause. Often a grammatical word is also a phonological word, but a phonological word will often contain more than one grammatical words.
What is written as single words are sometimes grammatical words and sometimes phonological words without any clear rule.
A grammatical word is a morphological word with a grammatical function, like pronouns prepositions, conjunctions and many adverbs. many of these are short and canot be devided into smaller units. But the term will often be used about prefixes and suffixes too, that happen to be written separtely.
A lexical word is a meaningful element in the language listed in a vocabolary. For nouns, adjectives and verbs one usually list the bare stem or a simple grammatical word where the stem is easily recogizeable. Prefixes and endings are usually listed as separate elements.
One often use the term “lexicon” about the store of language elements in the human brain. One thinks that both bare stems, single elements, combination of elements and whole grammatical words can be stored, and that the brain will contain a mix that optimizes speed of using the language.


What is the structure of a simple sentence

If you mean a simple complete sentence, it will depend upon the predicate of the sentence. Verbs or other words used as predicates denote an action, process relationship or property which must have a specific number of participants to occur.

A simple sentence only has that number of participants that the predicate needs. Furthermore, a simple sentence does not use other sentences as participants. Examples: “He came.” is a simple sentence. “I knew that he came.” is not a simple sentence. In the last example the object is another sentence, and then it is not simple.

An intransitive verb denotes an action that needs only one participant, which is the subject. So a simple intransitive sentence have a subject and the predicate. Example; The boy ran.

A monotransitive verb denotes actions that must have at least two participants, so a simple sentence have a subject, object and the predicate: Example: The man cut the cord.
A bitransitive verb denotes an aqction with at least three participants to be fulfilled, so a simple sentence have a subject, a direct object, an indirect obeject and the predicate. Example: The mother gave her doughter an apple.

If the predicate is a noun or an ajective, a simple sentence will have a subject, the predicate and a in English a copula verb between. Example: The car is red.

Some verbs have the participants implied within the meaning of the verb. Generally only the verb will then be needed, but in English one also uses a dummy subject Example: It rained.


Latin is the ancestor of the Romance languages, so what are the ancestors of the Germanic, Slavic, and Celtic languages?

The ancestors of these are some languages spoken at more or less the same time, called Proto-germanic, Proto-celtic and Proto-slavic. But these languages are not recorded in writing, except some short inscriptions that happened to be written occationally by somebody that spoke the languages and knew the Greek, Latin or Etruscan alfabet, and also by names and lonewords into classical languages from these. Of Proto-Germanic one knows only one such inscription. The earliest Runic inscriptions of Nordic were very near to Proto-germanic, though. Therefore linguists have reconstructed them by comparing the recorded languages from later times.

These languages, as well as Old Indic, Old Iranian, Latin, Anatolian and Greek had an even earlier ancestor, called Proto-Indoeuropean. This language has also been reconstructed.


What did the first language of the human species look like?

Any answar to what the first language looked like, must be a personal view without much scientific evidence to support it. The ability to speak, and thereby the first language itself, must have evolved gradually as an element in the evolution of Homo sapiens. Therefore the first language of our species probably was already grammatically like modern languages, but it surely lacked words for technical and cultural concepts that have evolved since then. It might not yet have a fully developed numeral and counting system, but it surely had numbers for elementary counting. But the grammatical structure of modern languages vary conciderably.
It is impossible to know exactly which of the grammatical types we can find today that the first languages had, except for one thing. It seems like most of the modern languages evolved from a parent language with the word order subject-object-verb (SOV), so it was probably of the SOV-type, a type you still can find in Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Turkish and many Amerindian languages.


What does the Italian word bellissimo mean

Bellissimo means very nice or very beautiful, used about a masculine being or something denoted by a masculine word. The word can be analyzed as such: bell-beautiful, issim-very, o-masculine singular. The form with this ending is called absolute superlative. Spanish has nearly the same form, bellisimo, but it is more used in Italian.

The form also has the plural masculine variant “bellissimi”, the feminine singular variant “belllissima”, and feminine plural “bellissime”.
The adjective without this enforcing ending is bello, bella, belli, belle in its singular and plural masculine and feminine forms.


How to denote the species Homo Sapiens in English

Both “man” and “human” can be used to denote the animal species we are, namely Homo Sapiens, but human is most often used as an adjective, but sometimes also as a noun.
One can say “human being” to avoid misunderstanding.
But “human” used as an adjective can also mean something like “connected to human beings”. Example: “Pollution from human activities is slowly killing the Earth”
German and the Scandinavian Languages are more exact than English, having the words Mensch and Menneske, meaning “human being”.


What is a corpula verb

I guess you mean “copula verb”. It is a verb, usually with a very general meaning, that one combines with an adjective or noun to link aspect, tense, mood or other grammatical meanings to the meaning of the adjective or noun. “To be” is the usual copula in English, but sometimes other verbs like stay, become or get are also used as copulas with different shades of aspect indication.
In the sentence “The town is big” the verb “is” links present tense to the adjective “big”.

In the sentence “The water stays cold”, the verb “stay” is the copula, used to denote a state that still continues at the present time.
You sometimes can read that the copula links the subject to the predicate, which is the adjective or noun, and the name “copula” means link. This may be true, but the most important function of the copula is to denote aspect, tense, mood and other grammatical meanings to the adjective or noun which do not have such inflections of its own, at least not in English.


When I was 4 years old, my sister was half my age. Now my sister is 12 years old. How old am I?

The clue is how much older you are than your sister. Since your sister was half your age (4) at a time, she must have been 2 years old, and you 2 years older. Now when your sister is 12 years old, you are still 2 years older, which means you are 14 years old.
Even though the numbers are easy, the reasoning for getting the answar is quite complicated.


Can protons and neutrons exist in orbitals?

Inside the atom kernel they recide in a kind of orbitals, but binding forces are the strong interactions described by quantum chromodynamics, while the electrostatic repulsion between the protons serve to moderate these orbitals somewhat.


Alternatives to the English verb "will".

When you say that something will happen in the future, you use “shall” when the pronoun is “I” or “we”, in other cases “will”.
If you by “will” expresses a wish to do something, you can use the verbs “wish to”, “want to”, “intend to”, “hope to”


How can language structure be classified

Most languages, if not all, are inflected to some degree. A language that use little inflections, derivations or compositions, and thus have mostly simple words are called analytic. If a language uses a higher degree of such methods it is called strongly synthetic or inflected. Greek is a strongly synthetic language.
Languages are also classified according to how words are made. If the words are made by distinct stems and distinct affixes put together, each with a specific function, it is called agglutinating.

If the words are made of stems combined with affixes with many functions simultaneously, these fuse together with themselves and the stem, and sound alternations in the stems also may plays a role, the language is called flectating or fusional.
Most languages are at a stage somewhat betwen those extremes. Greek is fusional to a high degree, especially nouns and adjectives, while Greek verbs are more agglutinating.

How does special (or Galilean) relativity deal with circular motion?

Special relativity just takes into account the speed of an object and ignores the centripetal acceleration.
It takes the speed and direction of motion at any time that is parallel to the circumpherence of the circle to calculate relativistic effects, while the effects of the centripetal forces are calculated as by Newtons mechanics, but using the relativistically calculated mass of the object in these calculations.

Interesting polls about events in childhood, teenhood and adulthood

Collected, edited and analyzed by Knut Holt


Please also see his website with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex



You can use these polls to tell your own history or the history of someone you know about.

Alien abduction - investigation of memories of alien abduction or similar events

Memories of events that may be interpreted as alien abduction are quite common. Some may be from real abduction by non-human beings coming in strange flying vehicles.

Others may be actions done by governmental agencies or mafias for various purposes that have some of the same type of details.

Often one does not remember the abduction as such, but one remembers only some loose details during some kind of ordeal one has been subjected to.

I have made a poll to investigate these memories. If you have experienced something of the kind, please go to the poll and answar. All the answars will be lain out in the massage forum of the poll to be commented further upon.

The address of the poll:



Extended mandatory well-child examination under anesthesia:

In certain areas the health authorities has begun to subject children and teens to extended well-child physicals where one performs several or all of the following procedures: inspections with optical scopes through all or several body openings,ultrasound examinations of most body structures, x-ray taking of joints, EEG and EKG. The kid is often given sedation or even general anesthesia during these extended physicals to make the kid cooperative and to hinder him or her from remembering. Still the kid will remember a lot of details around the procedures and sometimes also from the procedures themselves, because anesthesia never works perfectly, and the kid will always have some symptoms afterwards that tell a lot of what has been done. This poll has the aim of investigating experiences from such ordeals.



Poll about cystoscopy:

By cystoscopy the doctor looks into your bladder with a long instrument. This instrument can be rigid like a stick or flexible. All age groups have cystoscopies. In some comunities a cystoscopy seem to be a mandatory exam at some ages of children and teens. These communities are probably not many yet, but this type of exam seem to increase in frequency, both for special purposes and for mandatory or recomended screening. This poll has the purpose of establishing a picture of the frequence of this type of exam in different age groups and the arrangements during the exam.



Secret medical exams and procedures under anesthesia:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are. This poll has beenlaunched in several sesseions.



Called in for a strange physical or psycological exam:

There is growing indices pointing to a practice of doing secret exams and procedures on both children and adults in addition to the thing they are under anesthesia for. Such ordeals may be done for research, for trainging of medical students, ordered by child protective agencies, ordered by school health service, ordered by police or asked for by parents or relatives. This poll is to find out how common signs of such secret ordeals having been done are.


All the polls also have a message board. The individual stories of each participant will be published here. Here you can add comments or ask questions.

Knut Holt


Please also see his website with interesting information about alternative treatments, fitness and sex


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Subject: Living In Sin?: A Bishop Rethinks Human Sexuality

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Subject: Pediatric Nursing Care Plans

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Subject: looking for the age of the old roman motors building

carl brown
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Date Posted: 22:21:29 12/14/11 Wed

would like to know the age and historical import of the old roman motors building, the stone house and garage south of the BFC, does anyone know?

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Subject: family tree

karen robinson
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 13:56:09 10/01/05 Sat

looking for any info on my great grandparents Shelton S. Robinson and his wife Mary Clara Robinson (Lamphear) he was born in 1882 and she in I think 1886. thank you

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Subject: Centennial Book Announced

Bob Frei
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Date Posted: 21:43:24 01/10/03 Fri

The Beaverton Centennial Committee announces that it is accepting pre-publication orders for the book "Beaverton: A Century in the Making". Prepaid orders placed by February 6, 2003 will qualify for the pre-publication price of $25.00. After that date a limited number of extra copies will be available for $33.00.

Orders may be placed at the City Hall in Beaverton during normal business hours. Chemical Bank in Beaverton and Comerica Bank, also in Beaverton, are also accepting orders on behalf of the Centennial Commission.

To order by mail, send your check or money order payable to "City of Beaverton" along with your name and address to:

"Beaverton Centennial Book"
c/o City of Beaverton
P.O. Box 477
Beaverton, MI 48612

The 240 page book will contain over 300 restored photos from Beaverton's history. It will include stories and articles about the people, places and events that have shaped the city over the past 100+ years. Many biographies and family histories will also be included.

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Subject: Lodging in the Beaverton Area

Marge Ellison Black
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 12:16:04 05/31/03 Sat

I need a list of places to stay while in Beaverrton area during the Cennential Celebraation, Thank you, MEB

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Subject: Gladwin County Historical Society

Bob Frei
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 09:34:46 03/09/02 Sat

The Gladwin County Historical Society meets every month all year long in the school house on the Historical Society grounds. The schedule is posted on their web site: http://www.gladwinhistory.org

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Subject: Welcome to the Beaverton Centennial Forum

Robert W. Frei
[ Edit | View ]

Date Posted: 09:37:30 03/01/02 Fri

This forum is provided so you can share your knowledge of Beaverton, Michigan and it's people over the years. You are invited to post your stories and articles here. You may also send information and pictures to Bob Frei via US Mail to: Bob Frei, c/o Beaverton City Hall, 124 West Brown St., Beaverton, MI 48612. Unless they are specifically donated to the city, all pictures will be returned to the owner after professional copying.

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