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Date Posted: 14:38:53 07/06/05 Wed
Author: J. Croft
Subject: Message to the Celebrity


J. Croft

If you're a celebrity reading this, be thankful to God for your blessings.

You can be thankful for being able to do what you want to do, to have time to play, relax, reflect. You can be thankful for having the money to live very well-which is no small achievement in today's America, seeing how all the opportunities to advance or even tread water are disappearing. You can be thankful that you have opportunities to make something that others will appreciate, that those works will-hopefully-last after your fame has faded. That you have millions of perfect strangers who love you-who don't know you and wouldn't care less about you if you weren't on the TV or cineplex for them to idolize and try to emulate. …Those millions need your help.

(I know a LOT of you contribute to charity. You're talked about all the time on the TV and magazines on how so and so gave this to this foundation or that charity, or participated in this event-all proceeds going to whatever. It makes you feel good, I'm sure, HOWEVER: what are your charities doing to solve the problems they're against? You're against, presumably.

*Does the charity or foundation you support get at least 90% of the donations to where they're stated they're going? 50%? Any %? How much of the funds wind up as executive perks-or yours?

*Does the charity or foundation you support, do their goals actually help? Take for instance, cancer: a cure already exists and it has to do with proper diet. Any people not exposed regularly to the toxins found in American foods don't get cancer. Most animals in nature don't get cancer. Any person knowledgeable in "alternative health" know how to avoid or eliminate cancer-which is a natural bodily process that gets out of control. So knowing that, does the charity or foundation you support spread this knowledge, or is it just a fundraising machine?

*You need to ask these kinds of questions for all your charitable benefactors-it doesn't make sense to throw a multi-million dollar concert to petition leaders to end poverty wherever, when they're the sources of poverty. When that money and those resources could be much more efficiently used to bring the Third World into the 21st century; would it kill anyone to show these people how to live free, be the sources of their own livelihoods and how to basically be prosperous without being such a enviromental cancer like we Americans have been railroaded to be by the society imposed on us?

*Most importantly, are the charities and foundations you work for, are they honest and up front about their agenda, or are they pushing something that will wind up robbing people-of their livelihoods, their property, their freedom? Is that what you want-make the problems worse in the long run just so long as you get to feel good about doing it for "the cause"? Are you doing that charity event for others, for the millions of fans who aren't doing well, or are you just stroking your own ego?)

I know a lot of you contribute to charity but the cause I'm advocating you help fight for now is Freedom. All of ours, before we lose them all. It's not a left/right paradigm issue, it's a matter of survival. The current political climate in America resembles nothing less than the early years of the Third Reich; rampant imperialism, a expansion of state power into every facet of life and into every corner of the globe, a cult of power with the centerpiece around a war leader with a "destiny".

If we keep going on this "destiny" the destination for our country's going to be the same as Nazi Germany or Japan-utter defeat, destruction, and collapse. Millions will be killed outright in war, millions more succumb to disease and starvation. America's pissing off the world and in retaliation the world might decide to engage our divided, far flung military in a all-out attack that won't end until foreign troops are occupying American soil. Nuclear war might even be acceptable to get rid of the beast America has become. A beast we've all helped nurture by our blind support and lack of action. Because not enough of us have risen up to oppose the evils imposed on us.

When the government votes for itself more power to tax and regulate, how many of us opposed them and demanded their immediate resignation for their treason? Not enough.

When the government's agents go overboard to enforce those taxes and regulations, how many of us opposed them even to the point of exercising our Constitutional Right to resist such criminals? Anyone?
When the government, trying it's own agents acquit them when they MURDER innocent law abiding Americans in their homes, businesses and churches, and steal their property and livelihood, how many of us said NO? Not enough.

When the government scratches the back of it's plutocratic partners in big business-to the point of cutting sensible enviromental regulation, rigging the trade laws to permit the wholesale dismantling and export of the American economy and making millions of your FANS destitute, and outright government buying of stocks to prevent a stock market collapse-how many of us threatened any kind of reprisal, say, like a boycott of the traitor businesses "goods", or a tax strike? …Not nearly enough.

Those millions of fans-Americans like me, and YOU-ARE getting squeezed. Have been for the past two generations but the squeeze has been slow so as not to enrage us into action. A squeeze that's been so successful we're forced to work much more-for much less.

No: we DON'T live well! Our opportunities are disappearing because, who can open a grocery store or gas station or restaurant when you have megacorporations with global resources that can literally go anywhere, set up shop and outbid you with slave labor? Who can run for office when they can't even make all their monthly bills? Who can invent something and have that patent respected without some corporation engage in piracy? Who can even work a chump job and not have up to half their income stolen from them by the government and all their taxes? And here's one you guys can relate: who can make a tv show or movie and get it distributed without the media industry's blessing, or respect the contract made?

And those who have the spare time, energy and will to even attempt such things in today's America are the exceptional ones! For everyone else, it's been a slow squeeze so as to keep everyone still asleep, still believing the myths and lies. The squeeze comes in many different forms, from many different directions so that it's not apparent that the socioeconomic war being waged on Americans is a coordinated effort, and the components are as follows:

A imperialistic federal government that takes up to half of the average American's labors through every kind of tax possible-from income tax, to social security(a slush fund), to state taxes on every commodity and product out there. Locally imposed taxes, by small time hoods that get elected through vote fraud just like the federal mafioso they wish they were. These trash slap taxes and regulations that forces businesses to pass on to the "consumer". And when the government isn't taxing, it regulates; a single copy of the United States Code, the body of federal law takes up literally YARDS of bookshelves! All the regulations made up by the 36(so far)federal agencies-they could fill up the rest of a small library that the US Code doesn't. And all these laws, all these regulations are enforced by packs of jackbooted thugs who if they weren't sworn agents would most likely be working for some mob boss. Except they are working for the biggest pack of mobsters on the planet; "our" government. Most of them like their work.

What's so bad about all this government you say? Doesn't all the social programs and the law enforcement and regulatory efforts, don't they help America? Look around you!

Does it help that there have to be federal social programs-because the same imperial federal government made it a unstated policy to de-industrialize this nation through overregulation, inflation, and "free trade" that makes them have to compete with Third World slaves? Those people now financially and psychologically dependent on welfare slavery would be either working at a factory making quality American products or opening up businesses of their own, or pursuing higher education or the arts. They can't because it's economically impossible save for their brightest and most determined, so they either turn to crime or suck on the federal teat.

Does it help to have thousands of thug agents harass and steal from the People? Ask the survivors of Ruby Ridge and Mt. Carmel, and Oklahoma City. Ask the thousands in federal penitentiaries for violating some regulation they have no possible way of obeying, out of the millions of regulations choking us all.

All the people put out of work, stolen from, dependent on government handouts, imprisoned, murdered; those are people who won't be able to see that next picture, won't be able to go out and buy new gear or fragrances or beer with your name on it. And at the rate "our" government's growing we'll ALL be out of work, out of our homes, our cars, and having little choice but to turn to them for assistance-the same imperial federal government that stole America from us in the first place. That day, your fame and fortune won't matter because your job will be finished: that job Mr. and Ms. American Celebrity, is to distract the People as their very nation's stolen from them. You are the modern American equivalent of the Roman circus to the imperial federal government's bland welfare bread. Why else are your private lives made into public spectacle; the gossip about you filling the 150 channels of crap?

And the work you do? When's the last time you came upon something remotely great? Remotely watchable without a suggestive laugh track to encourage group think with the average brainwashed American to laugh along at the pathetic "joke"? When's the last time, being offered such work that the studios didn't fuck it up? Or that "messages" weren't written in the storyline or background or advertised that didn't seek to continue oppressing Americans with a celebrity(you)driven consumer culture that has all the substance of redi-whip? When's the last time you challenged the tyranny of "political correctness"-whether it be based in the left wing or the right wing when the p.c. stance was simply wrong?

Did I cross some lines with that last paragraph? Are you secretly a Marxist? A globalist? Many millions have been murdered in the name of Marxist-Leninist Socialism and hundreds of millions more have been enslaved-denied even the illusion of opportunity the America Fabianist model of Socialism "gives". Are you ready to die knowing you, with all your money and clothes, cars, the mansion; you got all that by just being a fucking tool of a group of way-too rich old blue-blooded white men. Old blue-blooded white men who approve the projects, who gets to be a star, the messages in the works, the same pack of elitist jackals who own the megacorporations that ship your fans work overseas, the banks that ensnare them in a lifetime of debt slavery, the seats of power in government that direct the bureaucrats and federal agents to systematically harrass and rob and murder your fans.

Why keep serving such parasites of the Human Race?

Angry? Still angry? Want to do something about it? Let me offer a few suggestions based on a realistic appraisal of our situation and your particular circumstances.

Americans all but worship celebrity-because celebrity worship makes for easy TV programming to keep them asleep as the traitors work to destroy us. Destroy you in the end because our money pays for your lifestyle. And yet, you're hemmed in by the same media you get your fame and riches from because it's tightly controlled by the same bastards who're destroying us. You know you have no control once your work hits the editing suite. You also know that if you go "too far", your contracts will be terminated and you can kiss your future work goodbye; have a paid for home and saving set aside, and throw your celebrity full bore into the fight. So, using your fame as a soap box for advocating a return to Freedom's not going to work-in the mainstream media. So make your own.

You have the cash to blow on another car or a million dollar rock? You definitely have the cash to join with other like minded individuals and finance new media outlets and distribution. A new media system's needed anyway as the mainstream media's as impenetrable to reform as every other American institution. I would not advise you to directly participate in any underground media production and distribution, as discovery of such activities will immediately end your career in the mainstream media. Rather, use those with talent that are motivated to fight for Freedom and bankroll them. Fortunately, Hollywood's a magnet for these types and odds are there's a few you'll encounter with the goals and talent to be your surrogates.

Another line of resistance you can do covertly is bankroll a group of Freedom-loving People organizing for a election campaign at a local, or regional level. Any Freedom Movement political effort's going to have to start at grassroots level to build communities that love and practice Freedom. These community groups are going to be the foundation and support for a real third party to challenge the frick and frack Democrat and Republican party. It would be a great boost in their efforts if someone like you could hock a couple of your custom rides, or some bling to help a group retake their community.

A few important words about finding or founding these groups:

(1)Look for people who're practical-minded; they have a long range goal and lay out the steps needed to get to that goal, and they figure out how and what they need to take each step.

(2)These people of course have been fed up with the imperial federal government and all their antics. Be certain though you don't get one of those idiots who advocates bomb making, or is a nose pick who thinks his gun show cammies, jam-a-matic tec-9 and made in pakistan sword's gonna win a war. And if you get a person who advocates illegal activity right out the bat; that's a government agent provocateur.

(3)Work through a trusted intermediary; even these Americans will lose their minds at your celebrity.

(4)The effectiveness of your group(s)will be greatly magnified if they're geographically close. What I'm saying is the Third Party groups can work better supporting each other if the communities they are liberating are adjoining each other. Those groups that succeed become not only examples to others seeking Freedom where they live; they can render assistance-everything from advice to manpower to resources.

If you and other celebrities can financially and materially assist these Third Party groups in their own communities to win their local elections and enact Freedom reforms, they can unite to liberate their county. And when enough counties have been liberated by the hundreds of Third Parties, they can unite in common cause to liberate their state. And with enough states, the Third Parties can take back Congress and the Presidency. …And from there all of the Judiciary, all of the Megacorporations and their way too rich owners, all of the federal bureaucracy, and all of the shadow government can FINALLY be taken out!

Imagine-a Free America: Not having the police react to everyone who isn't a cop like they're the enemy, that they actually go after those harmful to a Free society-whether they sell crack to kids or to traitors in government office legislating all sorts of tyranny gift wrapped as "good government".

Not having obnoxious local officials shake you down for bribes, or pass endless ordinances that infringe on your personal Freedoms.

Not being conditioned by the PROGRAMMING on the TV to do everything from being a lemming-like consumer to being apathetic in the face of corruption.

Not have to go through a media bottleneck controlled by corrupt insiders to get work, and that work will actually be good-not the deliberately mediocre crap they like to push to keep Americans dulled while they worship the TRUE American idol: the TV set.

Not having to fear what you eat may have genetically modified genes from fish or rats or God knows what.
Not having to fear the air you breathe, the water you drink may have toxins from megacorporate industry.

Not having to fear that corrupt officials in YOUR government will decide they want your property enough to seize it, whether by legal bullshit or planting drugs and going in with a pack of jackbooted federal thugs.

Not having to fear those corrupt officials bosses deciding to expand their bureaucratic fiefdoms and write up a bookshelf of more regulations for their agents to make your life miserable with. Not having to fear a government united in desecrating the American Revolution and using American might for global empire.

Can you imagine it? Will you fight for it?

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