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Date Posted: 15:08:22 03/15/06 Wed
Author: J. Croft
Subject: The Two Americas

The Two Americas

J. Croft

Have you ever noticed that America is scizophrenic-of two minds, two ideals, two ideologies that contradict? How much American rhetoric doesn't match up with American actions?

Notice how there are so many laws in what's sold to the world as the "land of the free?" Speaking of that slogan, it's ironic how many dictators we support as "allies", isn't it?

We protect our freedoms by letting them be taken away. We secure our country by waging war against others, and leaving our borders unguarded, selling our ports to foreigners. We let "free trade" be promoted for the richest, while letting more and more taxes and regulation, and a inflationary imbalance choke and kill the dreams of all Americans as we're priced out of competitiveness with the rest of the world. We let the government "promote the General Welfare"-as is it's charge in the U.S. Constitution-by letting it clandestinely ship in drugs with one branch, as proven by Terry Reed and Michael Levine(1), and then waging a "war on drugs" that locks otherwise peaceful citizens for possession of some pot. Degrading them and warping them into more criminals by a prison system designed to spawn more crime, more fear, more pressure for more laws and more government authority, more power... which they turn around and DON'T use when honest disasters like Hurricane Katrina hit.

We think we're free, yet we cower in the face of abusive authority that seeks more power and more people to label as "criminals so they can ticket and taser and shoot at and lock up. We think we're prosperous, yet we tremble in fear of losing our slave wage job and joining the ever-growing ranks of the damned known as the homeless. We engage in cowardly double-think to keep ourselves in line with "mainstream though"-as we lose our nation.

How can we be so warped about ourselves and our nation? How can Americans embrace such diametrically opposite concepts simultaniously? Are we as a people scizophrenic? Is Freedom scizophrenic-no, that can't be it!

It's something else, something far more insidious.

There are two Americas.

There's the America most of you reading this actually believed in-or still believe in. That America is the fabled "land of the free, home of the brave".

That America was founded on the principles of Freedom, limited authority, a free hand to make your own destiny in this life with what talent and smarts you were able or willing to bring forth from yourself, on a legal, social and economic level playing field. That America was the place where your individual beliefs were respected, was where anyone from anywhere could come and start over with the same opportunities as a person born here from a family going back ten generations.

That America was a land and people who had a limited, representative government that guarded them and their Freedom, and more importantly, was held in check by a document known as the Constitution, that enshrined an article called the Bill of Rights-which didn't deliniate individual rights so much as made boudaries beyond which the government could not trespass.

Now reading that, think; do you live in this America?

No. You, me-we all live in a different America.

This America, in reality a kind of federal empire, drapes itself in the trappings of the America we were all taught was the way this nation was as a form of ideological disguise. We were lied to. This America, the fabled "land of the free, home of the brave", uses that quote as a slogan, a sugar coating on the many poison pills of lawyer-made laws, regulations, taxes, fines, agencies, and the corrupt ruling class that wields all that power for its own good.

In this America, Freedom is a sugar coated lie to get us to accept the many political and social controls imposed upon us. This America's ideal of "freedom" is actually license-for example do you freely own and operate your automobile without government approval and permission? No? Then explain that chain of slavery known as your driver's license-you applied to a government agency for PERMISSION to drive, when nothing physically stops you from hopping into your car and driving safely anyway. Explain the vast bureaucracy that cloaks itself in "public safety" yet has the effect of taxing permission, taxing even harmless driving habits, even so far as taxing the condition of your vehicle in some areas-and I'm not talking busted headlights, I'm talking about having just a little rust-and you get fined!(Someone actually snapped and killed two cops over this-google "Carl Drega"... the state is becoming overbearing in it's arrogance and reach)

You also don't have Freedom of Assembly; go to a church and it's a 501(c)3 incorporation under IRS rules that PERMIT it to operate without paying taxes in exchange for the church's keeping quiet on the real important issues of the day. Keep going on about personal sin and pumping the myths that the America we believe in is the America we live in, and you can rake in all the tithes you want. Rail about government abuses, and the IRS will bust a audit-like what happened to a "liberal" Californian church last year when they criticized the war.

Plan a protest? State doesn't recognize your 1st Ammendment Rights: gotta get a PERMIT or you'll be labeled a riot, and have troops have a gay ol' time pepper spraying and caving your head in with their nightsticks.

Want to get together in private and work toward peaceful, positive change? One paid snitch lying under oath is all it takes, and the government will come down on you under anti-terror laws, say you're "conspiring".

Need to protect your person against the outlaw class the government's cultivated through free trade econmics and barely covert racism over the past half-century to terrify you into accepting more overt control and restrictions? Depending on where you live, who you know, you likely have to get a PERMIT...PERMISSION from the government to exercise your RIGHT. ...Depending on where you live, GETTING CAUGHT carrying a gun makes YOU a criminal too. And trust me, those government minions you come across in those types of jurisdictions are as small minded, as greedy, as ruthless and without a moral compass as the government manufactured street trash they deal with. A peacable "productive citizen" is nothing more than another bust, another conviction.

Want more examples on how your Freedom's a nice myth meant to keep you pacified? No-too bad; your Fourth Ammendment Right to protection from "unreasonable" search and seizure has been reasoned out of effective usage by a federal government that reasons it can keep taking more of our rights so long as it's non government partners in the media and big business can keep us plied in cheap Chinese goods gotten by cheap enslaving credit. Yes-the very credit you put your ass into lifetime debt slavery for, congragulations on that brand new blow up playset your materially spoiled, emotionally neglected kids will use maybe three times. So enjoy your borrowed junk before the government "reasons" an excuse to raid your home and trash the place.

( Speaking of money-it's supposed to be silver and gold specie-coinage, and notes redeemable in precious metals. Since 1913 it's been "federal reserve notes"-issued by a nongovernment organization you think is the government's central bank. It's privately owned by the inbred elites that've run this country and they've made a 1913 dollar worth FIVE CENTS as of my writing this in 2006 by overprinting dollars-that's why everything keeps going up in price!)

Same principle with the Fifth Ammendment-the one you hear those nasty criminals on the hundred TV cop shows the media puts out use to duck the righteous street cop's interrogation. Make it the province of scumbags and bullshit us with the state-lover's principle that "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about". DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY OTHERWISE INNOCENT PEOPLE THE GOVERNMENT GOES AFTER, RUINING THEIR LIVES?!

What has your encounters with the police, agents and other bureaucrats been like? Danny Glover(Lethal Weapon) pull you over just to tell you to fix that taillight that just went out before some no life having prick with too much authority and a gun ruins your day and your meager budget with a court appearance and fines?

Kim Delaney(NYPD Blue) ever conduct self-defense training courses, because the cops can't or won't come to your aid in time-like someone can't pull a trigger before you dial 911... like Mel Gibson's(Lethal Weapon, again) gonna come out of that phone speaker like Alladin out of a lamp, guns blazing?

Stephanie March(Conviction)gets your case-y'know the one where a bureaucratic busybody's seizing your house because you're on land some eco-geek's called a "wetland"-and decides to prosecute the liar who proclaimed your dry, grassland backyard instead?

Craig T. Nelson(The District)decide to stop police harrasment of people forced to live on the street-without real jobs they can live on, homes, drug detoxification, help them find a reason to go on, hope?

Michael Chiklis(The Shield)operate a table at a gun show selling privately owned firearms under the table to a nation in desperate need of the means of self-protection enshrined in the Second Ammendent?

More than likely, no.

Most people in government, they learn to live with the yoke of federal tyranny they're mandated to enforce-it's their power. Many of them are of such small minds they to love the power trip, the open display of guns in a nation that's been programmed to surrender their own right to bear arms for self-protection. The worst of them commit their own crimes-theft, drug dealing, rape, murder; they are the ones most likely to be promoted.

Promoted by criminals in three piece suits, known as career politicians.

These criminals in three piece suits unfortunately operate not a Constitutionally limited government, but a hydra-headed monster of a government that masquerades itself as many federal, state and local institutions. This monster's tentacles never stop reaching for more power, more authority, more of YOUR MONEY AND LIFE'S WORK, seizing it and stealing it from YOU! In fact, this monstrous federal government's reach into our lives is so pervasive, so overwhelming, only the largest of corporations can operate in the country with any degree of latitude.

At the pinnacles of power there is a small group of inbred elitists who regularly go back and forth from private life as CEO's and Directors in the corporate boardrooms to positions of power in government. They are greedy and corrupt beyond description, and have perpretrated literally every act of treason against us-and gotten away with it. You need a visual on this go to www.theyrule.net and you'll see this is fact!

You want power, that so-called good life? You either have to be born in the right family, or know somebody-"it's not what you know it's who you know" as a insider once told me at a chance encounter at a bar. This piece of shit with too much money and power was about 35, dressed like a frat boy, and exuded a self assurance and confidence that told of a person who's always had their way. He breezily talked about him being in this bar in this suburb in this nowhere town because he had a swearing in ceremony the next morning-after that, all he had to do was produce a signature and it would be used as a license for some kind of niggling bureaucratic license. This walking, talking elitist filth told how his family "in politics since the the Revolution" went further, stating he'd next get a congressional seat in a few years. So I asked him about getting voted out of his "destined seat" by competitors, and he said it doesn't matter, he'd get it.

"Well," I asked, "what if some Ross Perot type runs against you, with a billion dollars?"

"Doesn't matter. We'd outspend him. ...It isn't what you know, it's who you know." And then the rat bastard tells me not to be "cynical", to "have faith in 'your' leaders".

The entire political system's rigged like this folks. Get anywhere beyond a village council seat, and you gotta be accepted by "insiders" who own the game. For all practical purposes, in this country, if you don't go along with the way things are, you'll lose. And if you do win somewhow, because we have a federal, republic form of govenrment there are all kinds of checks to you doing any reform, all sorts of ways you can be corrupted and compromised... and if you still prove to be a danger, do a seance of JFK-ask him what the elites of this country do to reformers. Go to apfn.org. Go to infowars.com. Start reading up on how these "elites" really are-you'll find the truth is they're literally satanic, which explains their predatorial behavior.

So, two Americas; one's a illusory piece of propaganda genius, and we're stuck in the one with no level playing field, no limited representative government, no guarantee of Rights. It's a insider's game and conditions have been ratcheted to squeeze out as much initiative, drive, intelligence and resources out of the American People as possible.

The state-it doesn't serve We the People, it serves the Elite(2)-a pack of three piece suited hereditary criminals who have been exploiting Americans of all walks of life since the first footfall of Europeans on this continent. Africans and poor Europeans as slaves, indentured servants, wage workers in hazardous factories, soldiers to be shot to pieces in wars they set up. Those rare individuals that exhibited some talent and drive that allowed them to move upward were either regulated or taxed into oblivion, or exploited when they sold out.

And what of this Constitution that's the supreme law of the land? What of our Rights?

I'm afraid that too is a illusion, a "Hologram of Liberty" as Kenneth Royce put it as his title to his groundbreaking book. Order it from javelinpress.com or hit a gun show while you're still allowed... His premise, and our history has proven it correct is the Constitution was made in secret sessions by the very aristocratic ancestors of the pack of elitist inbreds running this country. The Constitution was engineered to have a veneer of limitied republican government while actually being a legal trojan horse of government power in service to the elites. The Bill of Rights was thrown in to appease enough people to BARELY get it passed, yet written to eventually get them nullified with technicalities and enroaching government power.

We live in the "land of the free"? That slogan's a LIE! A great deception to appease us, keep us distracted, disinformed, asleep as the elites of this nation consolidated power-slowly, just enough to not wake up a armed, self-sufficient, intelligent Free People. Get them caught up with wasteful entertainments, sell them shoddy foreign slave labor made trinkets, wave that flag in their faces...

...And keeping that flag waving they've dismantled the American nation:

*Made private entrepeneurship nearly impossible with megacorporate competion, regulations, a ever debasing currency.

*Expand federal, state and local power to take away rights to private property, travel, freedom of speech, your right to arms, a real education, a level economic field.

*Force everyone to resort to wage labor to keep up that materialistic "American Dream" that turns everyone into a corporate or state tool, then ship the jobs overseas thanks to taking down tariffs that leveled the playing field with nations with no regulations that used literally slave labor. Without jobs that sustained their lifestyles, mentally crippled by government schools and a elitist controlled media, Americans are sold on getting into lifetime debt slavery to keep up with the Joneses.

This didn't crop up in the past 20 years either! No; the seeds of our destruction were laid two centuries ago when a people who fought a Revolution against the British Empire chose to let themselves be deceived into accepting a new Constitution that laid the groundwork for the theft of Freedom. Go to javelinpress.com and order "Hologram of Liberty", but basically the people who crafted the 1787 Constitution were lawyers and bankers agents. They stood by while the real Patriots fought and died, pulling strings on both sides because it was England's war to win-and they bungled the job so completely.

History books talk of the many miracles of the American Revolution, but it was actually all to a plan; the Continental Army had it's few victories, and our Riflemen using guerilla warfare and marksmanship had the potential of winning if they played by their rules... but the generals chose set piece battles with the British Army and got asswhipped in straight up confrontations from New England to Georgia. See our enemies controlled the top ranks of both sides of that conflict; being monied interests they've ALWAYS controlled both sides surreptitiously in a grand game of problem-reaction-solution... the dialectic that's meant to artificially transform human societies-our attitudes and beliefs-through their induced inputs of money and violence.

For example, slavery could've been abolished upon independence, but the writers of the 1787 Constitution kept it in-80 years of slowly building outrage, racism, the selfish interests of the minority of plantation owners who controlled Southern politics and you have the flammable social conditions that led the the Civil War. With the conclusion of that conflict, States Rights, a bulwark against tyranny was removed, the states humbled and the Federal Government became the dominent power in America. Blacks remained a hated underclass and were the scapegoats for the beginnings of unconstitutional gun control laws. Furthermore, as they were suckered by bankers and industrialist from fleeing the raw deal of southern farms to working the factories of the north, those same blueblooded bastards were plotting to eventually move those factories overseas for "free trade"-cheaper labor with less attitude. Those Blacks were trapped in the older part of the cities, and being promoted by the elites as a hated underclass; discriminated against, subject to harsher treatement by law enforcement, denied opportunities their part of the town eventually disintegrated, decaying into the ghettos we all know and loathe today... except for clueless young wiggers who foolishly think being broke and socioeconomically doomed is a cool thing.

Everyone's been screwed over by the elite's dialectic. Everyone's been worked and molded into either good little worker drones, criminals to scare the little worker drones into going along with getting screwed, or cast aside, gulaged into prison or homelessness as a "example". Having lost their self-reliance Americans have lost their courage, and having lost their courage, they've cowered for the past century as the bankers and the blue bloods and the traitorous social engineers have had their fun with America; building a united global empire using American might abroad to bludgeon the world into surrendering... as they play a brilliant balancing act of consuming this country and it's people as they build their "world order".


As it stands as I write this, the job's about done. Everyone's a materialistic little debt slave-a nation of sheep herded to the slaughterhouse. When war breaks out with Iran and China, you can count that the final pretenses will be set aside, and America will become a fully militarized totalitarian state dedicated to total war. The Constitution-as rigged for the ruling class and flawed in it's protections as it is-will be scrapped and the full power and authority of the state will be felt by everyone.

Armored vehicles and machine toting state thugs, finally unleashed under martial law on a unsuspecting, unprepared, asleep America. They'll make a big, terrifying show and then psyching out you adult sized children, give you an "out"; obey them at all times, spy on your fellow countrymen like you were living in East Germany(remember that country?), or perish. Food will be rationed-think you'll be able to dissent and still eat-or do you know how to tend a garden, get seed? Maybe you'll luck out and catch a bullet right there and then... or more probably, you'll be shipped to a "detention camp"; concentration camps have long been a dark side of American history people! The Japanese-Americans knew of them during WWII. The Native Americans know them as "reservations", Blacks have their "inner city ghettos".

Is that what you want? Be freed of Freedom, free of being personably responsible? Are you THAT developmentally arrested that you want a mommy and daddy into your old age? You really want that America, the one our enemies have been building into our prison so long as you have your barbecue grill and NASCAR, and Christina Aguilera's new album?

Or do you still yearn for the America we were promised, the "myth" as they put it behind our backs, that keeps us docile, compliant, asleep? Do you have the courage to be responsible for yourself-Freedom does require you be independent, self-reliant, resourceful, wise... not the things Ameicans are conditioned for by the elites "popular culture" and educational institution-plus there are all those laws... still yearning to be Free? You willing to take the certain confrontation with the government to secure your Freedom-you willing to say NO to bowing before them for permission and license to practice what is your Right?

Do you have what it takes to make the America we believe in-that's currently a illusion used by the enemy to pacify us-into reality? Will you stand, even alone if you must, even pursued relentlessly by the enemy's jack booted thugs for even peaceful noncompliance?

Would you even have the guts to give a Freedom Fighter even a morsel of food you were gonna consume-getting fatter and fatter on your couch, as American Idol rots a few more of what brain you have left?

Are there ANY Americans left that value their Freedom over their borrowed comforts? That would rather live in truth than enslave themselves to lies for some false promise of "safety"?

As I write this I wonder if we ever had that America we were promised... and I pause...

...I have to say we have had that America in the past.

We've had that America when escaped slaves and indentured servants of all races moved beyond colonial authorities into the Appalachians and the Great Plains, risking their lives to have a place of their own, a place they could be Free. To keep their Freedom those brave, shining examples of Humanity picked up the rifle, learned the fine art of rifle marksmanship and fought for their freedom from both the British Crown and our own nation's native born inbred elitists.

We've had that America when Abolitionists helped escaped slaves make it out of the South, risking everything they have in disobedience to a corrupted government flush with plantation and factory owner bribes.

We've had that America when millions of women rose up, risked arrest and imprisonment and ruin to gain their Right to vote.

We've had that America when millions of Blacks rose up, and shook off the overt racism of Jim Crow.

We've had that America with the brave defenders of the Alamo-Americans and Mexicans wanting Freedom from a corrupt Mexico.

We've had that America with the brave citizens of Athens, Tennessee in 1946, who witnessed the horrors of World War Two and found they could not accept the homegrown tyranny of a pack of corrupt traitors-using the weapons from a local armory their taxes paid for these Patriots routed them after a attempt at vote fraud.

We've had that America when in 1998 at a "town hall meeting"(remember those?) in Columbus, Ohio, Madeline Albright and a couple other elitist tools were foolish enough to have a question and answer session with average Americans-trying to sell a Iraqi invasion! Left and Right, Veterans and Peace Activists got their heads together on the spot and like Real Americans made those warmongerers regret even trying to sell that war... they had to wait about four years after they blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to scare us into World War III.(3)

We've had that America with every worker intitiated strike, with every government employee who tries their level best to contain their employer's destructive reach and appetites, blow the whistle when the corruption is wafting in their face, when the thugs that government likes to have get set to ruin innocent lives.

We have that America, in the hearts of those who cherish Freedom.

It's not enough to have our America in our hearts however, we must make our America a reality in our land if we are to save ourselves from the techno-feudal police state that threatens to stunt and enslave humanity for all time. We must ACT and take back authority from those who conspire with that America-the enemy of all men that oppresses and taxes at home and wages war abroad, that has promoted every evil under the sun while clothed in the image of the America we Free People love and cherish.

We MUST have Our America if we're to survive!

How? First off it's up to you. You have to want it enough to sacrifice-whatever sacrifces it takes to be Free, that's the commitment you and yours has to make, or you won't even begin.

If you do, it will amaze you what one person can do. Know your limits, as the state's more than equipped enough to handle individuals. A small group, the state's equipped to handle...

...Spawn many individuals, many groups-all independent yet all working toward a common goal and the state will be as a hapless cattle in a field full of fire ants.

But start with you. You've got to flush your head gear of the propaganda and conditioning that's damned you, cleanse your body and mind of the poisons that are killing you. Mentally and physically prepare for your struggle, because this the Devil's world and we were put here to Liberate it.

Find your destiny. What you're good at. Believe in yourself and your cause. Don't look for examples, BE the example, survive, and that will be success enough for others to join you.

First off-getting your head straight: while you still have unfettered internet access visit these sites, and LEARN:

www.rwva.org-learn how to use a rifle, because the Armed Citizen is the foundation of a Free America.

www.gold-eagle.com, www.silver-investor.com, www.thedailyreckoning.com-learn how messed up our economic policies have been, and then protect what's left of your assets by buying silver.

www.javelinpress.com-Boston T. Party is a Libertarian author I like to refer to. His Hologram of Liberty should be required reading as to the corrupt origins of this nation. Also there are links to his Free State Wyoming project-a effort to peacefully take over a Wyoming county and build a real-life working model of a Free Community. I also write about this at my freedomguide.blogspot.com, in a article titled "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America."

www.infowars.com, www.prisonplanet.com-Alex Jones has late breaking news, and has himself infiltrated elitist gatherings and taken video of the pagan ceremonies they perform. No, these people are NOT church going lovers of Jesus!

www.hermes-press.com-important source of info on the true state of America and aspects of it's darker origins.

www.theclairefiles.com-Claire Wolfe is another Libertarian, and her message board's a great place to meet other freedom-minded folks.

www.rense.com-THE motherlode of alternate information on the internet. A cyber Grand Central Station of Truth. Take a few weeks, go through the archives, read all you can-if this site doesn't wake you I don't know what will.(Warning: UFO's are among the wilder topics tackled here.) Also check out www.rumormillnews.com, www.batr.org, www.arcticbeacon.com.

indymedia.org-More leftist, and I think the Left lets themselves be ruled by their gatekeepers too much, but these people are expressing themselves and their struggles and doing a good job. Network with them, learn, teach, get together on the big issues because only united under the cause of Freedom will we stand a chance.

freedomguide.blogspot.com-I write extensively on the above subjects and I encourage you to read through my essays. I don't write for soundbytes though.

Get some education, then DO:

*Cleanse yourself. Stop eating corporate made, government approved processed foods-they're killing you! Eat organically, in fact go on a vegan no meat/dairy diet for a couple months coupled with abstaining from the TV and actually working out. I've done it myself and you'll be amazed at the difference. Stop drinking tap water and using fluoridated toothpastes, they poison your body and dull your mind, making you more suggestible and weak minded.

*Store up food, herbal medicine, candles, fuel, batteries for when the elite get done using Americans as the economic engine of their global plantation and crash this country.

*Pray to God directly. Our Father the Creator will hear all who find a quiet time, a quiet place, and quiet their minds. Our Father's voice is a quiet humble voice and not knowing how to commune with Him(thanks to all the deceptive religions meant to spiritually enslave us)... it will take time and practice and perseverance but Our Father WILL help you, believe me!

*Get a anonymous server. After you educate yourself take the essays and articles that have influence you the most and copy and paste them everywhere. Go to sports sites, fan sites, message boards of all types and post like crazy. Get the message out!

*Find out when the next gun show is. Then start shopping for a military pattern semiautomatic rifle in .308, a supply of magazines, and a case of 7.62x51NATO. DON'T GO TO DEALERS-YOU'LL HAVE TO REGISTER YOUR WEAPON WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Look for people walking around or a table with a private seller even numbered prices. Get a FAL or a M1a/M14, or even a HK-91. Stay away from the AR-10's, they malfunction and parts are hard to come by. Get spare parts too. The effort will cost about $2,000. You can do it-sell that extra SUV, or have a yard sale-whatever it takes. If not, then find a bolt action war surplus in .308-a mauser or Indian enfield, otherwise you'll have to spring for several cases of obsolete ammo.

*TRAIN! Get some targets and the Guide from Fred's(rwva.org) and go shooting. Shoot until you can hit a 1 inch target rapid fire at 25 meters-you'll be good out to 500 meters after you figure out how big a man looks out that far, and you'll be a threat to tyranny. Get some airsoft guns and practice close in tactics. Camp for a week at a time; wean yourself of the cushy mainstream lifestyle that's enslaved you mind and body to the system. Being self sufficient and independent is the only antidote to the cultural and social poisons we've been pumped with our entire lives, and the key to being self sufficient is self sufficiency protecting yourself.

*Get activated politically! Find a cause that gets under your skin and get involved! Work with others, with their causes, be a good example of yours as yous selflessly help others and you might gain a recruit.

*Get out of debt. Stop being a slave to consumerism. Pay off the car, the house, the credit cards. Sell that house if you have to but stop being a slave to your job and to the elite bankers who enslave you with the childish materialism they've conditioned you with with their media your entire life! Find a new place to live, even renting, in the country where you will survive a staged economic collapse or a nuclear 9/11.

*This will be tough... try to talk to someone not like you. For example, if you're a relatively successful(by wage earner standards)blue or white collar guy, start a conversation with that gangbanger looking dude as you both watch the ball game at the bar. Urban folks are oppressed and are more likely to be aware. Or if you are a rural type, the next time you have to help one of those yuppie types who can't figure out how to change their own tire, take the opportunity to wake them up. If you're a good Cop next time you pull someone over you should make some blunt comments on how their vegging in front of their big screen TV's allows crooked politicians and traitorous social engineers to pass the laws he or she enforces. Part of the enemy strategy is to keep us divided along race and class lines-we are all countrymen who have sat and watched helplessly as Our America has been waved in our faces to keep us decieved, as it has been slowly killed.

*When you actually get people listening and motivated work together start preparing for the worst. America's consumer economy is run by a thin margin; that is, if the trucks stopped rolling in two weeks FAMINE would hit this country. So build up food stocks. Group by ammo by the case at gun shows. Train together. Better yet, get involved in local politics. Take over a local government and start dismantling the federal beast! I go into detail about this in my essay, "Message to Mr. and Mrs. America" at freedomguide.blogspot.com

God's put us as Americans in this time for a reason. America's being used for global domination in a process designed to destroy it in the process-because the enemy used ideals dangerous to them in creating this nation. Our Father WILL win this war against the enemy and their scheduled apocalypse, but He will have a much easier time of it if YOU will join him in Liberating this world. Besides, you're going to die sooner or later and face Him; what are you going to face Him as, a made in China flag waving couch potato "patriot"?

(1)Terry Reed, Compromised: Bush, Clinton and the CIA-this is the suppressed truth about our last three Presidents; how they commited acts of treason with their drug running. A dangerous book if you like keeping your illusions about this country's ruling class. A companion volume, more dealing with the South American side of the drug game is The Big White Lie by Michael Levine.

(2)You know that all our Presidents are related?! It's true; Burke's Peerage traces the ancestry of all the men who became President-they're all related to Charlemange. What are the odds this is coincidence? Folks on the internet talk of a "new world order"? These "royals" trace themselves back to the Roman Empire-some try to hustle us to believe they're descended from Jesus Christ! "New World Order"?!
We've been living in this rotten old world order for thousands of years!

(3)9/11 was staged. There's no way modern high strength steel skyscrapers will collapse demolition style neatly into their own property, not tipping over, after relatively lightweight aluminum and composite jetliners crash into it, and burn out their kerosene fuel-which can't begin to melt heavy construction steel! And a collapse certainly wouldn't produce all the volcanic style outgassing of vaporized concrete and steel and send steel beams weighing thousands of pounds shooting out sideways like someone detonated a really powerful bomb... not by aluminum jetliners crashing into buildings designed to withstand such a event, not by jet fuel that burnt out a hour beforehand. And where the fuck was the U.S. Air Force for two hours as four jumbo jets were lumbering across American airspace off course, with their transponders shut down? Trillions spent on air defense during the Cold War and we can't track nor intercept jetliners with our state-of-the-art mach 2+ interceptors?! Who staged this monstrous fraud? Neoconservatives in their "Project for a New American Century" called upon a "new Pearl Harbor" attack to scare the American People into transforming the U.S.A. into a empire. It's worked.

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