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Date Posted: 13:25:46 06/09/06 Fri
Author: J. Croft
Subject: Message to the African(American)


J. Croft

Offended by my title? Don’t be; it’s a statement of your situation…


That’s what you call yourselves and you should be, although “Black” is much easier to use. “Black” isn’t accurate though, as you’re some shade of brown. That however is being technical, like the nice propaganda slogan that we’re all equal under the law-hence my title “African(American)”. Not just the shaft your people get by the state but what more than a few whites call you: “c**n”, “jungle bunny”, “spearchucker” or the n-bomb I hear dropped about you when you’re not around to hear.

Yes: half the time you’re NOT being paranoid about racism; you’ve always been an “accepted” underclass-much preferable to the Native Americans by the elite throughout this country’s tragic history. No wonder that a lot of you are racists yourselves. Yet, you have to realize some things:

*Racist attitudes start off as cultural-your parents and your friends and their parents, they were most likely taught by their parents and friends that this or that race was inferior and/or dangerous. This attitude is a product of tradition. Tradition, on both sides of the race line, are reinforced by people’s unquestioning acceptance of the teaching (and teacher) of that tradition; especially when someone harms them in some way. Then the epithets fly, fists and sometimes bullets fly and discrimination to “outsiders” becomes the order of the day.

*Racist attitudes can and are exploited by those who seek to dominate, control, and make a buck off your misplaced hate. Skinheads make money off their membership and their crappy literature from fear of you or the jews taking over and having hot, sweaty sex with their blonde daughters. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam wouldn’t be where it’s at today if it wasn’t for the racism on BOTH sides of the color lines-you don’t think there isn’t a profit motive behind their actions, their crappy literature and their creepy bow tie cult? You don’t think Mr. Farrakhan isn’t as corrupt and ultimately destructive as any other racist? I don’t need to remind you that the system-the state and the major corporations-uses a subliminal form of racism in making the laws we’re forced to live under, the media that’s presented to us to entertain and “inform” us. Attitudes, security systems, cameras in public places, SWAT troopers on every street corner, gun control, bigotry, and a ever-expanding government are the wares they sell of of hatred of you.

*Speaking of the system, it’s in the interest of those who control the reins of power in America to keep us divided and afraid of each other when distraction and overwork at a job won’t keep us quiet, obedient taxpayers. Those that hold the reins have done so since this nation’s founding, a heritage of power they’ve passed down through the generations and, unlike most of us common folk, they’ve had the best of everything-education, upbringing, business and social opportunities. “Their” elitist ancestors wrote the Constitution, not the thousands of common folk who lost their belongings, their loved ones, their limbs, their very lives fighting against the most powerful empire on Earth-their former nation.(1) Hijacking the American Revolution, they cleverly reversed much of the progress toward equality for all colors and sexes with stock market manipulation/depressions, provoking uprisings until a Constitution could be made in secret that provided a “hologram of liberty”. Many of descendants of those suckers became the rednecks you’re programmed to hate… who’ve been dumbed down in state schools, denied the opportunities “they” have enjoyed, had the wage slave jobs shipped overseas when “they” decided to cash in on Chinese slave labor.

It’s not the redneck in the skidmarked bedsheet that’s the greatest enemy(unless you wind up on the wrong side of town).

The elite are your enemy. The elite are enemies to all of us. The elite are not the faces that are paraded on the TV-they’re much more powerful, much, much richer, and own the media. The elite own everything in this country, including the people paraded on the TV as those in charge. They manipulate a carefully contrived and controlled political process that gives the illusion of a Republic yet is in practice a ever-expanding one-party state. A fraud whose only real differences between it’s two institutionalized parties is how fast they grab more power for themselves, more of our taxes, make it harder for a supposedly Free Man to build something of his own in this life.

To those criminals and their stooges in government service and the corporate hacks, we ordinary Americans of all other colors and backgrounds are all servants, slaves, marks-n*ggers! Yet we stupidly, blindly hold onto the lies they program into us, as we waste our lives, our too short time on Earth working a slave wage job for “massa”, or watch some retarded sitcom. Or a ball game. Or hit the mall and go on a foolish spending spree with some of that 5% we’re “allowed” to “keep” after taxes and accepting that wage job in the first place(company gets the fruit of your labors)


So you’re Africans, in a American society that’s really neither yours, or mine, or the Asians, or the Latinos, or definitely not the Indians. People among a People that have been conditioned to view you as a underclass-when really they don’t really know you personally, don’t know you as a people and definitely have some misconceptions drilled into them about you. So for the benefit of those not Brown I’ll run down some things about what you are.


Your people come from a continent of survivors, as much of Africa is really a hostile place for human settlement; if it isn’t lifeless desert, it’s some of the thickest jungle teeming with disease, and if it isn’t jungle it’s plains that were dominated by the largest land animals. Such hostile conditions don’t allow for a civilization to get started easily, yet your ancestors have had their share of empires… it’s just that it’s hard for much of anything beyond stoneworks to survive there.

Hostile enviroments do make for more ruthless people however. Those forced into a survival mentality on a daily basis form more ruthless societies. Ruthless enough to engage in brutal tribal warfare, slavery-the big reason the European elites were so successful in the slave trade was because Africans were and are brutal-and brutalized-enough to sell your ancestor to them. In America, starting off as slaves in societies still with the European imprinting of class separation and bigotry, that held you back as much as any number of whips, guns and bloodhounds.

Yet, you and your people have done the best they can to tread water in a sea of bigotry and discrimination. Eventually, the yearning of Men to be Free overcame… most of that. You are technically, the equal of everyone else-yet like I wrote earlier racism and fear is used by the powers that be. You’re scapegoats for everything from government spending on welfare to crime to government spending on the “justice” system and prisons. Rougher times still, are ahead as government oppression extends to the formerly protected “mainstream”. Yes, “cracker” that means you. Checkpoints, unconstitutional search and seizures, arrest without cause, foreclosure and homeless destitution, starvation, it’s all coming down on you as the American Consumer rapidly becomes obsolete to the elite bankers. As obsolete as America itself will be to the all-too-real “new world order” as this country’s spent in a careful calculation of power expenditure, as our military and economic power is used to bludgeon the rest of this planet into accepting a global slavery.


Goes hand in hand with being survivors. Your Ancestors, when they couldn’t rise in revolt or run away, shirked off and did as little as they could get away with. Today, many of you are the heart of the underground(Free)economy doing everything from hard crimes to bootlegging major corporate products at swap meets and flea markets. If more people could wake up and bypass the mainstream economy(owned by the powers that be, the “elite”-our mutual enemies), and learned how to be entrepeneurs themselves we could reclaim our financial freedom!

Many of your young have long resorted to gangs to secure the basics of survival. Being united, that’s made you a natural target of the police state. Where you go wrong with the gangs is the primitive parasitic criminal activity you inflict on the very places you live, the very People who could support you, give shelter to you, stand by you when you’re in trouble. Instead of blasting each other over crack turf or some insane standard of respect, you should realize you and your community are one. You’re going to need to wake up if you’re going to survive anyway.

A close group of people; armed, mutually loyal, helping to lift their community’s economy and keeping them and theirs safe-that is what you communities should aim for. You’ll need all the help you can get when this potemkin economy (2) is shut down and you wake up to find out the government really does own everything-including you!


You know firsthand how rough America’s institutions can get. Many of you see through the veneer, the propaganda, the version of America that exists as myth in the real world… and in our hearts. Every time you step outside your door and face the shitstorm of fear, crime, government oppression, the trained avoidance of much of American “mainstream”, the endless loops the more assimilated of you have to hop through just to get a taste of that corporate packaged “American dream”. All that struggling leaves a lot of you dispirited enough to obliterate your seared souls with drugs, a lot of you disillusioned enough to stop giving a fuck who you hurt or kill to get yours… yet all that struggling has given most of you insight into how this country’s really run, beyond the corporate packaged bullshit.


Aside from the personal achievements of the very best of you(or the most connected), your people have been consigned to the bottom of the racial order that has been set up in America-not counting the Natives who were condemned to genocide.

Your Ancestors were brought over as slaves, their children born into a lifetime of servitude. When they were freed as a result of the Civil War, they were then condemned to economic and social apartheid. When as a result of the unions and industrialization good paying manufacturing jobs enticed them, they migrated by the millions into the inner cities. It was a cruel trap.

Those rich-many the descendants of those that bought you and brought you over-they decided it would be a good ideal to make lax the trade and tariff structure that enabled American industry to thrive in the first place. They, controlling our very money decided to also weaken the dollar by 95% over several generations through control by the private “federal” reserve bank. Combined with ever-expanding government that restrains the creative impulses of what is supposed to be a Free People, and a Hegelian Dialectic(3) is formed whose only apparent “solution”-for them-is to move their factories overseas, and exploit Mexicans and Asians as their new slave labor.

The result is where many of you are living in today; economically depressed communities that stay depressed because of America’s economic dependence on trans-national corporations for it’s market economy. These depressed areas are then neglected by the same powers-that-be that pulled the economic rug from under your fathers and grandfathers feet. Less taxes, in a system that needs money and vital services start to suffer. An already crap ass state school education that turns out dumbed down worker/servants to industry becomes completely dysfunctional.

People become desperate. Desperation that isn’t overcome becomes despair. Despair turns to hopelessness and along with the racial divides produces everything from dependence on government welfare programs to self-destruction with drugs to high risk crime. A people denied and defeated, hopeless, turns on themselves, and everything from abandoned, dilapedated homes to broken families to gangs result… which result in more bad feelings towards you, more mistrust by brain-dead white America, more persecution by the government.

Your hopelessness, socially engineered ignorance, and self-destruction help maintain your mandated position as America’s racial villains: welfare queens, gangbangers, pimps, hos, bums, drug dealers and murderers. People who “deserve” to have over testosteroned government goons beat, arrest and shoot them, even if they haven’t done anything wrong.


Help yourself.

Can’t help others if you can’t do for yourself. If you’re dependent on working for someone else to survive, get a skill or learn to sell, or a trade you can entrepeneur because you’ll never get anywhere giving out 90% of the fruits of your labors to your “massa boss” and 5%-HALF of what you get afterward-to “massa state”.

You also can’t help others if you’re making a lot of debt payments. Get the hell out of debt no matter the cost. Be the master of your own finances. That means sacrifice… I know the whole consumer culture, the plywood and sheet rock mansion, the SUV, the wallet filled with credit cards ready in a instant for a shopping spree, the backyard grill, the home entertainment center… it entices you to live a life you’ll pay for, some other day. That other day always comes, and the more you borrow, the more money it takes to service the debt, the more time you have to devote to working to service the debt, to have all that overpriced crap. You can have 80% of the fun on 20% of the expense-what’s more important, status or gaining your Freedom?

Read a lot more about this at freedomguide.blogspot.com. Look under “Message to Mr. and Mrs. America, and “Free Yourself to Free Others”.

If you’re on drugs, you have to realize there’s much more to this life than getting a buzz, no matter the cost. Part of that cost is the time lost in a drug induced haze to stifle the pain. You want to get rid of the pain, find and do what you’ve been sent here by Our Father. Yes, there really is a spiritual side to this struggle, but it’s not what the corrupted churches say it is. Is sure as hell isn’t asking for “miracles” and “prosperity” like God was just another credit card. We are all here for a reason-it’s not always something great, but there’s a greatness in the simple things. I believe that reason is to FIGHT for this world and it’s People. To free them, to awaken them in their hearts so that Our Father can commune in them and us with Him as one Family in Love. A secular humanist I am not: without a grounding in our spirit by Our Father you’re given over to the worst of you and others, and the next thing you know you’re selling out: serving toxic corporate fast food or selling mortgages or pulling guns on folks toking up in the fraudulant war on drugs. A Man with Our Father won’t do such things.

You waking up, striving to make even your community a better place-free of government gone amok and self-destructive crime can and will make a difference. Yes this is a new paradigm of thought-for you. Actually it’s what Jesus taught two millenia ago before he was murdered for what He tried to do in what was only partially touched on by the four gospels.(4) God didn’t write the Bible, men did. Learn to go directly to God and He will save you from the lies of man. He did with me.

If you’re in a gang, well I have a surprise for you, this isn’t a anti-gang message. Why? Colonial Militiamen-simple farmers and tradesmen-faced off against their own empire’s military, the most powerful on Earth at the time. They could’ve been considered a gang: they had weapons, and associated with each other, and resisted government tyranny as best they could. Your gang however is currently a liability to your community, a menace to those it should be protecting and helping out. You have strength in numbers but you let the scum of your neighborhoods make you into a mirror image of their own sickness. You standing up along with others and with your people for Freedom and survival could transform your gang from a community disease rightly targeted by everyone into part of a cure for your own problems and your community.

Sell your CIA supplied crack if you must-but use the addicts money to start small, underground businesses. Sell locally made media, food, products; you get together, find the person with the best ideal and back him up. When she or he is in a position to pay back what was invested, they can lift the next person up. Use your muscle to keep the crackheads, wife abusers, and your psychopaths in check. Do try to make connections with others who also want their Freedom. Stock up on survival items: seeds, fuel, tools, 19th and 20th century how-to books, and especially ammunition. Make peace with your fellow man whether he be a cop sympathetic to your plight, or rival gang members or white folks you come in contact with.

Help those that fall through the cracks and get pushed to the bottom survive.

African-Americans know how to survive in a hostile system, and those newly poor because their tech job gets sent to India for a 90% saving on labor cost, they’re going to need help! Not to mention what happens when a disaster like Hurricane Katrina strikes and the government deliberately does nothing to foster social and economic changes those that call the shots see as beneficial-to themselves. Most mainstream Americans hold onto their programmed trust in this country’s institutions. Take the opportunity when their world’s been shattered to help rebuild it-and by doing that helping to build a better world for yourself.

Be the best Villains you can be-to the system that oppresses us all!

Protest loudly when some asshole from the rich suburbs tries to put cameras on every street corner, thug cops enforcing “zero tolerance” policies that reek of slavery. If possible, get your own candidates in a recall election and drive the traitors out of power. If he rigs the election and the courts use legal excuses to do nothing, then you have no obligation to obey tyrannical law. Smash the cameras, spit on the sidewalks, burn your drivers licenses and plates in mass protest, stop paying taxes, openly carry your guns!

African-Americans have no business supporting a system that’s oppressed them. In my essay “The Two Americas”, I go into detail how the America that’s in our hearts isn’t the America that’s imposed on us all. Don’t feed the beast-starve it of labor, taxes, the best years of your all-too-short life.

Learn how to economically support yourself as a community.

Along with dependence on government-who invariably is the enemy-you’re dependent on the major corporations for jobs and dependent on their products to salve the pain of being poor, enslaved. The superficial allure of the “American Dream” is truly powerful, but it’s past time to recognize that debt-fueled consumerism is itself a insidious form of slavery. A slavery designed to use your vanities as the motive force of a global economy that pillages the lands of others, enslaves the poor the world over no matter their pigment of their skin in servicing your latest trends… at 18% annual.

I have to add something that a lot of you aren’t going to like-a lot of tools operate as your leaders. Al Sharpton is big on reparations for slavery. First off, where do you think the money’s going to come from?
Not from anyone responsible that’s for sure! It would come from my pocket, and there isn’t much there to begin with, so this reparation ploy is nothing more than another racist attack-get everyone to hate each other. The taxes that would come from white America would put a lot of families under. Certainly the federal government won’t be sacrificing any of it’s assets to compensate. You have in effect a spark for a stupid race war.

You want Freedom? Free yourselves of thinking that divides that oppresses you.

Wake up others:

Get active in local politics. Take over the local reins of power, free your communities of government oppression. Kick out the big box stores that stifle local entrepenurship, encourage small business to thrive and protect it. Money made by people from their own labors that benefits them instead of the government and the elite CEOs stays in the community and lifts everyone up.

Freeing your community, reach out to other communities in need of Freedom. Reach out to other races, and help them, thereby crushing most of the hate and latent racism directed against you.

Get enough communities, take over a state. Take over enough states, and you can begin to reshape the federal government. Perhaps this can be done in time to thwart any federal plots to ignite a civil war and gain the people’s approval for martial law.

We’re all in this together; but until the average American has had his wakeup call-whether by job loss or some government thug’s jackboot on his neck –he’s not going to hear you. We’re on our own.

(1)I highly recommend going to javelinpress.com and ordering “Hologram of Liberty” by Ken Royce. It’s a shocking eye opener to how we got the government we’re being crushed by in the first place.

(2)A lot of money’s spent keeping Americans lulled into a brain dead childlike state as they spend money they borrow from the elites on shoddy crap the elites shipped them from their slave labor factories overseas. Most of America and it’s economy isn’t owned by the average American-it’s owned by the government and the elites that control the government. Go to cafr1.com to find out about just how big the government really is.

(3)Hegelian Dialectic-Basically it’s Problem/Reaction/Solution. To get a desired reaction or outcome the “elite” first engineer a “Problem”, carefully planned to cause a reliably planned “Reaction” in us all. In combination with our fears and our exquisetly engineered cultural programming, our Reaction, signals “they” to trout out the “Solution” that will qualm our socially engineered fears. And so “they” get more power, more control, more of the fraudulant depreciating “money”, more of Our FREEDOM in exchange for some lie of “security” in their slavery.

(4)Read the King James Version of the Bible; if it isn’t the Old Testament, it’s the writings of Saul, a Roman Pharasee, which contradicts what Jesus taught. In fact the Gospel of Thomas-which is nothing but quotes from Jesus-was ommitted from the Bible. Paul taught acceptance and obedience to the powers that be but Jesus attacked the status quo every chance He got. You cannot be Good and let Evil have it’s way-that make your purported “goodness” a lie.

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