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Subject: Don Polye a schemer!

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Date Posted: Sun, Jun 15 2008, 10:57:12am
In reply to: Freddie 's message, "My unbiased Opinion on Polye" on Sat, Jun 14 2008, 03:38:24pm


I understand and respect your opinion from the outset; however, I’d like to surmise a few behaviors and attitudes of Don Polye that demonstrates he’s an ego maniac and a cunning manipulator, a schemer, a dominator, a lying two-faced con-artist capable of sprouting the most awful clichés. In one-face Don Polye portrays and mimics a national leader while in the other face he is a deceitful manipulator of his supporters for his personal gain.

The fact is true!!; Kandep election was a total failure as Henry Kyakas rightly puts it. The poor people of Kandep were denied their democratic right to vote by gun-welding cohorts of Don Polye! Period!!!. The con-artist Don Polye’s policy proclamation from the start was to use threat to consolidate political power!

Don Polye co-organized his hypocritical and phony deals with the police in charge for Kandep elections – a Martin Lakari from Lagaip H/waters – a distance tribesman (“Maralain” tribe) of Don Polye, who was busted by some defense force officers in Kandep in relation to a killing where the defense force officers were nearly ambushed in retaliation. Martin Lakari was charged and is out on bail in relation to the shooting at Mambala (Jimson Sauk’s village where a man was shot dead by police) during the polling when Martin Lakari was alleged to have escorted illegally marked ballot papers for Don Polye from the Lower Wage area.

The key spin-doctor behind the whole Kandep election failure was a gorilla-faced returning officer for Kandep – a Naiper Keai also from Lagaip H/waters - who was then the Kandep district manager. Naiper Keai arranged that all polling officials were Don Polye’s cohorts who facilitated the entire vote rigging under the comfort of corrupt police and gun-welding supporter shepherds.

The outcome of the Court of Disputed Returns underway in Mt Hagen between Alfred Manase against Don Polye would hopefully reveal the truth and it has already shown the deceitful acts of polling officials and Don Polye supporters. The supporting evidence from witnesses for Mr Manase has been testified and completed last week. From the coming week onwards for the next probably 1.5 months, Don Polye’s (50) and EC’s (50) witnesses will be disclosing their defense. I hear Don Polye has been coaching his witnesses in a mini-courtroom inside his house at Newtown (Mt Hagen) where the god-father himself sits at the throne as a judge and interrogates the confidence of his mocked-up witnesses, who I doubt will stand firm their feet when they fight to hide the truth and burgeon Don Polye’s fake masterpiece.

In another incident, during the polling in Kandep some police officers from Port Moresby who were monitoring the elections in Kandep confronted a group of Don Polye’s supporters at Kondo Village (Mariant Constituency) who were escorting self-marked ballot papers and confiscated 3x M16 guns which were later found to be bought by Don Polye and registered to Kandep District Police. These guns were used as exhibits in the court of disputed returns in Mt Hagen last week and four of the police officer’s testified that the guns were in the hands of Don Polye’s supporters. This criminal intends will also be investigated and brought to the OC ones the court is over.

For those who haven’t been to the Kandep district, Don Polye has done absolutely nothing tangible for the Kandep people during his last term and up to now in contrast to what he portrays at the national level. As an insider and a close relative of Don Polye myself, I feel disgusted at the sorry state of the Kandep district and its suffering innocent people.

The road condition from Laiagam to Kandep is so bad that people physically push and shoulder Dyna PMV trucks about 80% of the way (up and down the Lyan Mountain pass). The passengers leave Kandep in early hours of each morning around 12 midnight to 1am to catch PMV just to arrive 10am at Wabag. Once upon a time it only took 1hr to travel from Kandep to Wabag. The only high school (Kandep H/S) has deteriorated so badly that the dormitories are no longer fit to house students, the sewage system has blocked a couple of years ago; teacher’s houses have been similarly deteriorated that make-shift huts have evolved around teacher’s houses to facilitate convenience. The main Kandep health centre has since closed and it looks like a lifeless aftermath of an abundant ghost-town.

The Rice/Wheat Research Station at Murip village setup by a collaboration of the Chinese government and NARI have stalled progress since there is no counter-part funding from Don Polye’s government. This project was initiated by the former MP for Kandep Mr Jimson Sauk, and Don Polye doesn’t want to see this project progress since this would not boost his ego mania but instead advance Jimson Sauk’s support so long as Jimson Sauk remains a potential threat to Don Polye’s ambition to cling onto political power.

Therefore, the purpose of this note is to debunk this evil incarnate con-artist – “Don Polye” by uncovering some of the truth about his deceitful deeds.

First and foremost, Don Polye has formally taken responsibility over the killing of late Andy Toap (Kandep High School Deputy Headmaster killed early this year at a location adjacent to Don Polye’s block in Avi – Mt Hagen). The alleged killers were Don Polye’s son (on the run) and his cousin brother (plus a couple others) who were arrested and currently behind bars awaiting trial. Just recently, Don Polye has paid compensation (“bell-col”) to Andy’s people with K50,000 in cash and a promise of a Dyna truck. The relatives of late Andy have received the payment with mixed feelings and there is a split in the family where Andy’s brothers received the payments while Andy’s widow and others refused any piece in the cake. Late Andy Toap was a key witness to the counting of ballot papers in Wabag for petitioner Alfred Manase and was pre-plotted by Don Polye and his cohorts to eliminate him (insanely repressive idiots did).

Furthermore, Don Polye has brought a Dyna truck under the Kandep High School banner from Wamp Nga Motors in Mt Hagen but this vehicle was given to a group of his supports who are now running PMV in Kandep and is called XXX “Yandare”!. The vehicle registration and ownership were confirmed by Wamp Nga Motors. This will be further investigated and referred to the Ombudsman Commission ones the court case is settled.

In a similar incident, Don Polye has bought an Ambulance for a small aid-post in Kambia village (Mariant constituency) but gave it to his father-in-law of his latest wife. The father-in-law is running PMV with this ambulance.

The most pathetic and a daylight robbery for the Kandep people’s money is when Don Polye pays huge amounts of money to his supporters. Don Polye has paid huge amounts of cash at numerous instances to his supporters for fake unidentified projects (in the likes of chicken farms, fish ponds, make-shift quest houses, road cleanups, etc). I wonder how fraudulent his acquittals are when submitted to parliament and Ombudsman Commission, and he’s escaping from our defunct National Planning & Monitoring Department who can’t afford to follow up and monitor/confirm district projects supposedly undertaken by our MPs.

In just last week, Don Polye was successful in bribing one of Alfred Manase’s key witnesses with K15,000 who is also Don Polye’s brother-in-law and also Manase’s cousin brother. Mobile phone text message between the two were seen and the witness wanted to testify and reveal in court but Manase refused to accept him since he denied his brotherhood and accepted Polye’s bribe at the first place. In numerous incidents, Don Polye attempted to bribe Judge Gregory Lay through his Associate but the Associate rejected meetings with Don Polye.

There are many similar dealings involving this ego maniac, lying two-faced con-artist (Don Polye) that walked this earth but it’s not worth mentioning since it doesn’t benefit anyone. The only wish for the Kandep people is that Don Polye should be eliminated from representing the Kandep people in Parliament at the earliest opportunity. Don Polye is a total embarrassment to the Kandep people, only the Kandep people know the truth of Don Polye, in contrast to what he portrays as a “National Leader” to outsiders!


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Date Posted: Mon, Jun 16 2008, 02:34:20pm


Chicko, I pray what you've revealed is not true! Polye has initiated a lot of new, revolutionary ideas this country so desperately needs and he is a talented young leader, but to read of your allegations of bribery, blackmail, and deciet disturbs me beyond belief!! I'm flabbergasted!

(Maren kolyam!)

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[> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Don Polye a schemer!

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Date Posted: Tue, Jun 17 2008, 05:04:32pm


Can you talk about Philip Kikala and Laiagam electorate?

If you’re really concerned, where’s the road upgrade from Niung Junction? Or was it that Wapenamanda Airport re-opned just when the Engans needed it during the conflict in Hagen? Or are you telling us that you are now heading the plans to construct the major Lae - Pom “Polye Highway”?

Wether you’re a Sakar or Maralain, please be advised that Don is not our brother if you are honest with your self.

Well explained!

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[> [> [> [> [> Subject: Development Policy is Important not the MP!

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Date Posted: Thu, Jun 19 2008, 02:43:37pm


You seem like you seriously need a growth spurt because I do not understand your underlying message.

It all boils down to this! I don't care whether Polye or Manase is MP, neither do I care about their political and trible disputes despite whose side you may THINK I'm on! An MP is an MP and represents all of us on national issues whether he be the Kandep, Menyamya, Bulolo, or Lagaip-Porgera MP, etc.. And I don't NEED nor WANT to be Polye's brother! I am only too glad to support policy initiatives that have a positive bearing on our country's development (e.g. Polye's road toll policy). If Polye's bad publicity and character warrants his removal than he is expendable. PNG (especially Kandep) has an ever-ready crop of talented and respectable leaders.

As for Lagaip-Porgera, if you are a concerned elite then do please contact me on any greviences you might have. Otherwise, do not bother. I'll personally be seeing the MP in PNG next week for further updates on developments.


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Hawksy (Nothing Yet !!)
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Date Posted: Fri, Jun 20 2008, 06:50:43am

Policies, plans and dreams that does not bear fruits.

I can not see anyting happening yet brother. Nothing yet!

Make things happen and I'll believe in your policies.

Neither Manase nor Polye.
Neutral Kandepian

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Date Posted: Fri, Jun 20 2008, 08:55:28am

You do not seem to understand the whole concept of a National MP and very naive and shallow in your response to S Kikala here.
Even though an MP is elected by a group of people from a geographic location by law, they are National Leaders who deals with Nations Issues including that of Laiagam or Wabag Roads by Don Polye as SK rightly puts it. You can not isolate an MP to his or her own electorate. Think big and intelligent please and don't waste time here.

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Date Posted: Fri, Jun 20 2008, 05:21:56pm

Yes Mr. Secretary to Hon. Polye or whoever.

I don't care about policies that targets developments to Kandep or PNG by national leaders.


Does it take 7 years to make up the best policies in the country?

Please be plain and tell us the truth. (Quit policies and hierachy on this forum).

Neither Polye, nor none.
Neutral Kandepian.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Subject: Relax and be patient!!!

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Date Posted: Fri, Jun 20 2008, 06:49:59pm

(Yaaaaaaaawn!!) Pessimists have no place in this forum or country.. The wheels spin slow in PNG, but by The Almighty, NEVER give in! 6.2 million souls depend on it!!

Besides, who said he or she was 'the best' or 'better than thou'?! We can only do so much and have 'dreams of change' to cling on to. That is what makes visionary patriots. And believe me!! There are thousands of them out there in PNG who so wish to do more (including many observers on this forum)! Hawksy, are you suffering from inferiority complex or depression-induced anxiety? Please, NEVER give up on your electorate and country! Remember, it took more than two centuries to build the US of A and maybe it will take more than our lifetimes combined. But initiating the right policies and implementing them NOW (and I don't care by which MP) is far too important for the sake of our children and grandchildren. If you will never be content, wait till 2012 and you shall have your turn. Otherwise you have a loose tongue which hastily exceeds you!!

With policy comes changes at the national level. And forget the K10million per MP. That is peanuts and can be effectively utilized to complement wih national development (e.g. national road infrastructures) via district-based projects (e.g. electricity plant, pyrethrum factory and industry). If you are all too concerned and want to help them spend it, then by all means, contact them. Otherwise the night is young, and Kikala has only just begun!



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Date Posted: Sat, Jun 21 2008, 11:15:28am

Wait till the next season? And then the following?

Can not hold my patients bro, you spend too much time creating best policies.


Neutral Kandep.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Relax and be patient!!!

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Date Posted: Sat, Jun 21 2008, 04:31:58pm


First of all, DAD and I are always in communication talking about plans that are happening right NOW! For your info, an electricity plant is being constructed in Laiagam right NOW to power a prethrum factory which will be established by a Tasmanian contractor (PK just signed an agreement with them last month). The funds have been allocated and the other RD K10million funds are trickling through. Furthermore, I have notified PK to distribute K10,000 VOUCHERS (not cash) to 41 resthouses in Laiagam (which he identified) to purchase seedlings, bush knives, spades and fertilizers from DPI Laiagam. We are doing things strategically and according to a staged plan. I will be in PNG next week to visit Parliament and talk to PK about our next plans for feeder roads to pyrethrum bulk-growing areas; Digicel mobile tower in Laiagam; HIV/AIDS campaign; and a possible Lagaip-Porgera elites meeting this Christmas.

I have been campaigning on this website; the media; and even before my very people for agriculture and sectoral development since I came to Tokyo after UPNG in 2002. I was the one who gave Somare the idea of bringing competition for Telikom via mobile technology after Morauta's privatization plans (2001) and his own PPP policy (2004) failed. I know that Private Sector Participation is crucial but "how"? If Telikom cannot be privatized then bring competition to show people a taste of private service provision. And I was contracted by Minister Tienstien to write a 15-page policy document on the regulated (via ICCC) deregulation of Telecommunications, Electricity, Water, Ports, Petroleum (i.e. InterOIL), and Port industries. One of my main focuses in the documents was to promote interconnection for effective competition that will suit our population in terms of affordabiliy and accessibility besides their efficient provision. Now, Telikom is about to interconnect with Digicel next week Thursday. Isn't that a breath of relief for you and your people??

Now do NOT tell me what I can and cannot do. I'm not about words only! I've been fighting for development because I am an economic and infrastructure development student of 6 years and I want NOTHING but GOOD for my constituency and nation. We just fought a hard battle to pursue these plans for Laiagam and now Yarka walks the streets! You my friend, are capable of NOTHING and will only DREAM to be passed the torch (which I greatly doubt)!! What are you capable of in the current to long term?!! Next time YOU do something and I'LL WATCH. Otherwise, pasim maus na stap isi!

No hard feelings and don't waste your breath because I won't waste mine..


PS: I do not appreciate Minister Polye for the negative allegations about his personal character but I DO support his well-thought policies. As I said, NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICIES MATTER and I do believe Polye can execute them if he remains.. Polye is but a tool and he is expendable. (Get my drift???)

The National, June 17 (2008)

High quality road means paying toll

THE bid to introduce road toll fees by the Somare Government is a mixture of pain and delight.
I for one am appalled with the condition of the Highlands Highway and the time-resource constraints it incurs on businesses and the government fiscally.
Civil Works Minister Don Polye is a civil engineer who understands the expense of road construction and maintenance for the long term because he knows the procurement and quality control costs.
Should we continue to depend on government budget allocation to fix our roads on an ad-hoc, cheap basis, or shall we institutionalise and introduce a National Road Corporation to take care of our national roads on a user pay basis?
I support the latter.
Polye has only touched an important issue of road sustainability through long-term maintenance and quality control, a problem that PNG so direly faces every year.
Road toll collection fee is an integral part of national road infrastructure development and requires independent financing instead of having to depend on aimless and limitless subsidisation by rising fuel costs and government budgetary allocations.
We have to sacrifice to gain the benefits.
High quality road control means we must be willing to pay for the long term use of roads and not forego the benefits of fiscal resources diverted into other essential social sectors, ie health, education.
In order to seek financing from foreign aid donors or international financiers to develop top quality highways that will last us 20 years, we must be willing to pay to recuperate the financial costs of debt.
Well kept roads will directly lead to the efficiency and rapidity of industrial development especially agriculture.
Public savings and discipline is needed, but in order to balance that suggestion, I do accept that a wage cut may be due for parliamentarians, department heads, and top public servants across the board in PNG.
To ease the burden on commuters and truckers, might I suggest a technical planning committee be established within the Department of Civil Works to calculate subsidised user toll fees based on international interests rates and capital costs that may be eased for the current term but raised in the medium to long term.
Subsidies need to be competitive if we are to have sustainable road concessions implemented by world class road builders.
Market sensitivity requires users pay less now as more subsidies are expended, and pay more afterwards as macroeconomic conditions improve and subsidies gradually diminish.
Competitive subsidies should be a basic criterion for concessionaires interested to construct national highways in PNG.
Considering the huge public cost of such a nationwide project, foreign road construction companies of world class (eg Japan National Road Corporation) repute may be called in to bid and claim equity while required to outsource local contractors.
The flow of technical expertise and knowledge can be immense in this regards.
And might I also add that an Enga-Sepik Highway via Sirunki be constructed along this model to connect Enga and the Southern Highlands to Asian markets.
For this highway, I am willing to pay more.

Stephen Kapus Kikala
Tokyo, Japan

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Relax and be patient!!!

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Date Posted: Sat, Jun 21 2008, 05:11:30pm

ummm...foreign ownership is that the best option for PNG to strive forward?

What sort of money is leaving PNG from foreign owned and operated and what rate of company tax do these companies pay?

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Subject: Re: Relax and be patient!!!

Hawksy (we need people like you)
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Date Posted: Mon, Jun 23 2008, 10:46:56am

Thanks my kaim_KLagaipT3,

Very well explained to what you are doing for PK. I am so typical that I think and act like the typical Engans. Therfore, we need people like you to make things happen for us.

Personally, I know you and I can trust in you. I have heard from people back at the village in Laiagam and they are talking about the current issues and rumours. This is good as what I turn to hear from people now tribal fightings may slowly turn quit.

But when we look at Laiagam, what about Kandep. Should we have similar things happening as well? Could have been a few years prior to PK's initiaves today? That would be a shame for Polye.

Anway, KLagaipT3, keep up the good work and please make it happen for us.

I trust you can help it out.

Very neutral, very typical.

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