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VoyForums Volunteers Area

VoyForums has seen unprecedented growth in the last year. Due to this, we have increasingly become aware that our very limited resources will not be sufficient in handling the service alone. In our struggle to continue, and our wish to work more-interactively with our members, we are now working on ideas to allow users to be more-active in the operations of VoyForums. This volunteer area is one of the steps we are taking, as well as other measures in hopes that by pooling our strengths and abilities, we can sustain the service and continue to grow, improving the communities and the experience for everyone. In this way, instead of being a mere service with customers, we become a collective of vast pools of talent, resources, energy, and great minds, working together to attain our common goal.

Note: If you are a C programmer, you might be interested in a small opensource project: VoyDB @ Sourceforge.net.

The following link will take you to a page with the current volunteer tasks/needs are listed.

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