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VoyForums Features
  1. Four Formats for message display:
    1. Super-Compact: Shows only the first message in each thread.
    2. Compact: Shows a tree of all messages, one-per-line.
    3. Medium: Shows each message, and its replies in a Compact tree.
    4. Verbose: Shows each message in full.
  2. Individually control Format for individual message view and for message-indexes.
  3. Two display Styles
    1. Standard Text-Style Forums: Displays messages clean and fast
    2. Tables-Style Forums: Displays messages in boxes
  4. Increased message navigation
    1. Next Message, Next Thread, Previous Message, Previous Thread
  5. Message quoting
  6. Control over look and feel of your forum
    1. Background image
    2. Header image
    3. Background color: Can choose from pulldown menu or enter in hex in advanced config
    4. Text and link colors
  7. Choose between private, or public forum listed in our listings
  8. Show poster's IP or domain in post
  9. Keep trouble-makers out by banning IP's or domains from reading or posting
  10. Delete unwanted messages
  11. Anonymous posting
  12. Link back to your page
  13. Automatic Archive configurable by you
  14. Allow or disallow HTML in messags
  15. Setting Maximums for Forums: Bytes, Messages, Threads, Page size, Lines per post
  16. Settable welcome message
  17. Configurable with CSS (style-sheets)
  18. Full control over colors
  19. Hundreds more options

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