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Date Posted: 17:27:05 11/20/09 Fri
Author: Page
Subject: Hello? Is this thing on? *knock knock*


Now that I have your attention....

It's taken me the whole week to write the following, but I surely hope it was worth it.

Read it with someone you love! *G*

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[> Weekly post. NSFW, and no kiddie eyes allowed >>>>> -- Page, 17:37:34 11/20/09 Fri

Picking up where we left off....

Excerpt from Carey On
©2009 by Juli Morgan
Posted for purposes of critique, and does not constitute publication

“Give me that.” Grinning, Jay took the snifter from her hand, and leaned across her to put it on the small marble topped table next to the couch. “We wouldn’t want you to get drunk and lose control.”

Katie inclined her head, moving her face close to his. “Too late,” she said, her voice almost a whisper. “I’m already intoxicated.”

Jay stopped, still leaning over her, his face inches from hers. “Are you?”

“I must be.” She licked her lips. “My head’s whirling.”

His brandy-scented breath was warm on her skin. “Heart pounding?”

“Mm-hm. Short of breath, too.”

“Body trembling.”





“Burning.” She saw his lashes sweep down over his eyes before his lips touched hers, setting her aflame. Her hands rose to touch his hair, and her fingers trembled as she laced them through the black curls, pulling his head closer so she could better fit her lips to his. She felt his hands at her waist in a gentle grip, before he leaned back and took her with him. Katie slid one leg across thighs, and lowered herself to his lap, her hair cascading down around them as she accepted his tongue against hers, reveling in the taste of his mouth. The touch of his hands on her thighs was incendiary, their slow progress upward maddening, and she squirmed against him, impatient for those hands to reach their goal. His fingers tightened the barest amount on her skin in warning, and she stilled, instinct telling her he wouldn’t be rushed. Eyes closed, she pulled her lips from his, and waited, panting, for his hands to move again. After what seemed like an eternity, his touch began to slide up again, until his hands slipped around her hips and under her, cupping the cheeks of her ass.

Opening her eyes, Katie found him watching her, his head tilted to the side; his eyes taking in her flushed cheeks and trembling lips, watching the effect his touch had on her. His eyes met hers, and his gaze sharpened. After a moment, the look of pleasure in his eyes intensified. For an instant, Katie wondered what he’d seen that pleased him so, but all thoughts fled when he moved his hands to her head, and pulled her to him in a crushing kiss. She gripped his shoulders, the velvet of his jacket soft against her palms. Gripping it, she began to ease the garment from him. Jay released her long enough to free his arms from the sleeves, but quickly returned his hands to her hair, his fingers sliding through the strands in a touch as gentle as his kiss was intense. Dizzy from the rush of adrenaline, Katie broke the kiss, gasping for air, and tossed his jacket over the back of the couch. Hungry to relieve him of the rest of his clothing, Katie used her hands to urge him to lie back. For a moment, he resisted; then, with a quick, inscrutable smile, he let her push him down until he was lying flat on the couch.

Katie’s fingers made quick work of untying the knot in the scarf around his neck, and she pulled it from him, winding the silk around her wrist as the length of it slipped free from his body. She lowered her hand, and let the scarf spiral off her wrist onto the floor. The buttons on his shirt glimmered in the light from the fire, and she began loosening them with trembling fingers, her breath coming short with anticipation. She pulled the shirt from the waistband of his trousers, and spread the fabric open to reveal the tempting expanse of his chest. Drawing out the delicious wait, she ran her hand down his arm, her fingers skimming over skin-warmed satin, until she reached his wrist. She grasped it, and brought his hand up to place a hot kiss in the center of his palm before turning her attention to his fingers. Calluses built up from years of playing guitar were smooth and hard under her lips as she pressed light kisses to each of his fingertips. Her mouth closed over the tip of his index finger, and she sucked hard for a moment, running her tongue around its tip. Under her, Jay moaned, his hips rising against her. Katie’s lips curved in a satisfied smile, and her teeth closed in a gentle bite before she released his hand. In a moment, she had the shirt cuff unbuttoned, and pulled his other hand up to loosen the cuff of that sleeve. She pressed a kiss on the inside of his wrist, and felt the rapid thud of his pulse against her lips.

Katie leaned back and admired the sight before her. Jay’s hair spread out around him like a dark halo, the black strands a mirror of the light furring on his chest. The gleaming white satin of his open shirt framed his body, and his hazel eyes watched her face, a ghost of his earlier smile still on his lips. She thought he looked like a pirate straight out of a fantasy; dark, tempting, and thoroughly dangerous. She licked her lips, and beckoned to him with one hand. “Come here.”

Jay sat up facing her, and let her divest him of his shirt. He remained still and passive as she ran her hands over the bare skin of his back, her fingers exploring the indentation of his spine, and feel of his smooth muscles. Impatient again, she pushed him onto the couch, sliding her hands over his chest. Her thumbs slid over his nipples in a slow caress, and Jay arched his back, rolling his head against the couch. The movement brought into sharp relief the angle of his jaw, and the lines of his neck, lightly corded with muscles. Tempted beyond measure, Katie leaned forward and trailed her lips over his skin, her thumbs still teasing his sensitive flesh. His skin was warm against her mouth as she licked and nibbled his neck, and she felt his hands in her hair, spreading the long mass of it over his face and arms. She let her lips move downward, over the graceful curve of his collarbone, and onto his chest. The feel of the hair there was a surprise; she’d expected it to be crisp, but was delighted to discover it was almost as soft as the hair on his head. She nuzzled her face in it, breathing in the scent of his body, filling her lung with him until she was dizzy, drunk from the intoxicating smell of him.
She moved her lips to his erect nipple, and as her mouth closed over it, she felt the tremor of Jay’s body. His hands jerked convulsively in her hair, and she made a small sound of discomfort. The grip of his fingers relaxed. “I’m sorry,” he breathed.

She didn’t move her lips, but let her voice vibrate against that sensitive bit of his flesh as she replied. “’S’okay.”

Jay’s reaction was immediate, his body jerking halfway up off the couch. As he fell back onto the cushions, Katie transferred her attention to his other nipple. His heart thundered under her lips as she sucked and nibbled, the low moans in his throat becoming more frantic. Katie raised her head, and blew a cool breath across the wetness she’d created, the action bringing another moan from Jay.
The hair on his chest stopped just above his breastbone, and Katie delighted in the silky feel of the skin of his belly under her lips. Mindful of how ticklish he was, she pressed hard against his lean ribs as her hands slipped down to rest at his waist. Her mouth followed, and encountered the indentation of his navel. She breathed into it, and kissed him there, feeling the shudder that racked him.

Katie sat up, and used both hands to push back her heavy fall of hair. The flies of his trousers were held closed by buttons, four of them. The fingers of one hand slipped inside his waistband to facilitate opening them, and she felt the brush of coarse hair, and the searing heat of his skin. In an instant, her fingers fumbled, finding it difficult to do something as simple as slip a button out of a buttonhole. After what seemed like hours, she had them all undone. She wriggled back to the foot of the couch, and removed Jay’s shoes and socks, tossing them aside, heedless of where they might land. Her hands closed around the hem of his trousers, and pulled, the dark blue velvet bunching in her hands as the pants slid off. She leaned forward, and the smooth skin on the inside of Jay’s knee beckoned her to explore it with her mouth and fingers. He shuddered, and she thrilled to this discovery of one of his sensitive zones. She stroked the softness of the back of his knee, but was too impatient to stay there long, and resumed her journey up his legs until she reached her goal.

Katie drew in a breath of delight. He was fully engorged, and she ran her fingers up the length of him, marveling at the feel – like velvet over steel. She let the backs of her fingernails trail over the sensitive head, and felt him shudder again. Raising her head a bit, she shook her hair forward, the ends of it brushing against him, and was rewarded by his moan of pleasure. With a deep sigh of anticipation, she settled herself between his legs, took the heavy weight of his balls in one hand, and grasped him firmly with the other. She glanced up to make sure those mesmerizing hazel eyes were watching, and then lowered her head and ran her tongue across the tip, tasting him the way she’d wanted for so long.

Jay didn’t move, but Katie heard him breathing like a locomotive, muttering under his breath, words she couldn’t make out. She continued her thorough exploration of the swelling flesh under her tongue, making herself familiar with its contours, its texture, its heat. Finally, she closed her lips over him, and drew him into her mouth, and that’s when Jay did move, pushing upward with his hips. And, at that, Katie lost it. She lost all sense of herself, her consciousness dwindled to that hard, hot flesh and her desire to possess it, to own it, to draw it into herself. She felt his hands in her hair, and as she moved her tongue against him she heard him groan. A sound came from the back of her own throat in response, a primal sound of desire. Both hands grasped him, her mouth concentrating on the sensitive tip. She felt his hardness jerking and swelling as she licked at him, nibbled him, sucked him – did everything she could to make him part of her.

Warm hands cupped her cheeks, and raised her head. Jay sat up, breathing hard. “Not yet,” he whispered.

Katie smiled, and shook her head. “No,” she agreed. “Not yet.”

Jay’s answering smile was full of naughty promise, and she let out her breath with a soft sigh at the feel of his lips against her neck. He raked her hair aside, found the long zipper at the back of her dress, and lowered it. Grasping the hem of her dress, he pulled the short wisp of satin and lace off her body. The warmth of his hands moved up from her waist with excruciating slowness, and Katie arched her back, an impatient demand for him to touch her breasts.

He raised his eyes to hers, and she gasped at the desire in those hazel depths. Mixed with it, though, was an implicit command; he would not be rushed. Lips trembling, Katie nodded, and, after a moment, Jay’s eyes dropped back to her body. His hands resumed their slow, aching meander upward, driving her mad until he cupped her breasts. His thumbs brushed over her tight nipples, and she whimpered with pleasure. She knew beyond the shadow of a doubt she’d never be able to watch him play guitar again without remembering the feel of his fingers on her bare flesh, driving her mindless with desire. Lowering his head, Jay took one of her nipples in his mouth, his luscious hair falling against her skin, feeling just the way she’d imagined it would. Katie let her head roll back as the delicious tugging of his mouth sent lightning bolts of pure sensation searing though her body. There seemed to be a glowing silver strand that ran from her breasts to between her legs, and each gentle nip and flick of Jay’s tongue stretched it tighter, until she thought she’d scream. She bit her lip, and willed her body to remain still. He’d made it clear he wouldn’t put up with any impatience on her part, and Katie was a fast learner. Her hands, though, refused to be controlled, and they slipped between their bodies, grasping the silky hardness stiff against Jay’s belly.

She couldn’t stifle her exclamation of surprise when his teeth closed over her nipple in a bite harder than she’d expected. Jay looked up at her through errant strands of his hair. “Alright?”

Katie nodded. “More than alright.”

The slow, beautiful smile she loved curved his lips before he lowered his head again, and blew a cool breath over her breast, making the sting from his bite change in an instant to unbelievable bliss. The motion of her hands had stilled, and he reached down and put his hand over hers. “Don’t stop.”

She resumed stroking, squeezing, touching him the way she wanted to be touched. With a gasp, Jay raised his head, and shook his hair back. His hands rose, and smoothed dark brown tangles from her face. One hand remained cupping the back of her head, and the other insinuated itself between them, under her hands. With his eyes holding hers captive, warm fingers slid under the lace of her panties, touching her with exquisite tenderness, and she let out her breath with a muffled moan. Finally – finally! – she knew what it felt like to have him touch her, and it was so much better than she could ever have dreamed. With infinite slowness, Jay slid his fingers against her, back and forth, the unhurried rhythm driving her mad with the longing for more. Unaware of her movements, Katie rotated her hips, pushing back against him, her eyes pleading with him as incredible ecstasy rose higher with every stroke. Her hands clutched him convulsively, and he drew in his breath with a hiss.

In an instant, his hands were at the waistband of her panties, and she moved back to let him remove the last barrier between them. He tossed them aside, and put his arms around her, urging her forward as he lay back against the couch. She felt him trying to roll over on top of her, so she moved to the side. The edge of the couch was against her hip, and she felt herself sliding into thin air as he shifted position next to her. She threw her arms around him to keep from falling, but it was too late. There was no way to stop her descent, and she fell onto the floor with a bone-rattling thump, Jay landing on top of her. They froze, looking at each other in surprise, but the feel of Jay’s naked body on hers drove out any discomfort Katie might have felt. She didn’t care if she’d broken every bone in her body. Tangling her hands in his hair, she pulled him down to her, and kissed him with every bit of pent-up passion she possessed.

Jay pulled his mouth from hers, slid down, and pushed her thighs apart. He spread her open with his thumbs, and, lowering his head, took his first long, slow taste of her. Coherent thought fled at the feel of his warm tongue, his hot lips, and Katie arched her hips, reveling in unbelievable bliss. He took her right up to the edge, and then stopped, moving his head to press soft kisses against the skin of her inner thigh. Katie lay panting, until some of the tension began to drain from her body. The moment Jay felt her start to relax, she felt the flick of his tongue against her again, and that wild yearning began to build once more, growing higher and hotter until she was almost at its peak. And he stopped, laying his head on her leg, and panting with his own unreleased passion. When he returned his mouth to her aching center of desire, she grabbed his head in both hands, afraid that if he stopped again, she might tear him apart. He didn’t stop. Katie felt that incredible yearning building again, filling her, driving her mad, and gasped aloud when Jay slipped two fingers inside her, pressing up against her. He groaned against her skin, and, at the same time, fluttered his fingers. The vibration of his voice against her sensitive flesh and the feel of his fingers brought on the explosion that had been building, and took her over the edge into the most shattering climax of her life.

A thousand suns burst within her, spreading molten heat to every inch of her body. She cried aloud as she was consumed, and arched against him.

Jay lifted his head, panting with the exertion of holding himself in control, and slid up her body. He pushed her legs wider, and drove himself into her with an inarticulate sound. Still quivering from her own release, she gasped as he entered her, filled her, stretched her beyond the boundaries of what she thought she could take. Her flesh clutched at his, wanting to contain that incredible fullness, that invading presence that thrust into her with delicious relentlessness. And again, she was consumed by that explosion within her, an ecstasy so great she didn’t think she could bear it. She gasped as Jay thrust all the way into her, and froze. She could feel every inch of him, and marveled at the quivering, jerking reality as he spilled himself inside her. He lowered his head, his hair falling across her face, and cried out his own release against her neck.

After a moment, he pushed himself up on his elbows and gazed down at her. The sight of his flushed face – lips parted, hair sweaty and tangled, and those hazel eyes, always intense and piercing – caused her flesh to convulse and clutch at him again. A deep sound was jerked out of him as he felt her tighten around him, still half-hard inside her. “Damn,” he whispered, and covered her lips in a smothering kiss. Taking her with him, he rolled onto his side, and held her close.

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[> [> Um, wow..... -- Debi, 10:22:21 11/21/09 Sat

Hot 'n steamy... excellent stuff. Not much to say but... wow...LOL. Love the way you had them fall off the couch and hardly miss a ..ahem... beat. Little bit of humor and right back to the fun stuff. Awesome.

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[> [> [> Thank you tons! Since this scene is the payoff for all that waiting and teasing, I wanted it to be memorable. Glad you liked! -- Page, 14:09:42 11/27/09 Fri

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