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Subject Author Date
More Columbia BaseballOld Lion (29 wins)16:41:58 05/24/14 Sat
Yale-PennRicks (tougher than thought?)10:49:34 10/23/14 Thu
Dick Vitale rates Harvard Basketball #20 in the nation this yearObserver15:28:16 10/03/14 Fri
Columbia OLineIvy Voyeur23:54:56 10/22/14 Wed
Dropping Football due to lack of winsTad08:58:29 10/22/14 Wed
The Race Now?Pluto17:59:20 10/14/14 Tue
Cornell Over Brown!!BigRedFan17:49:46 10/22/14 Wed
Gee, Let's Get Rid of the AI and Start Athletic Scholarshipsjoiseyfan14:25:06 10/22/14 Wed
Cornell loses againFloridared18:22:05 10/18/14 Sat
Brown RecruitCounselor07:20:46 10/23/14 Thu
call me biasedholtsledge20:04:16 10/22/14 Wed
Princeton v Harvard or Harvard v Princeton (depending on your point of view)Jerrylh10:16:17 10/21/14 Tue
Yale-ColgateMemphis Bill08:28:02 10/19/14 Sun
Brown Athletics Strategic Plan -- Just PublishedBrown Fan13:01:41 10/22/14 Wed
Nice Honor for a Good Guyjoiseyfan11:22:56 10/22/14 Wed
Who has the better Schedule for last halfJon Harris22:38:47 10/21/14 Tue
Brown Coached Into the Bottom TierBearcat15:56:06 10/19/14 Sun
Attendance at Ivy gamesObserver20:17:24 10/11/14 Sat
10/25/14 Ivy WinnersJon Harris21:41:05 10/20/14 Mon
Columbia Financial AidCoach07:58:41 10/08/14 Wed
having to play at Baker Fieldchazza21:30:32 10/19/14 Sun
Would Penn or Columbia have interest in Gilmore being their next HC next year???indianhoop17:57:51 10/18/14 Sat
Col@Pennchazza13:25:00 10/18/14 Sat
GG: Yes & YesJack Hatfield (NextTitle18)15:08:25 10/20/14 Mon
Execute???Grin and Bear it16:51:06 10/20/14 Mon
Harvard vs. PrincetonGo Dawgs11:06:04 10/20/14 Mon
Brown at Princeton on Ivy Digital NetworkIvySavant15:42:58 10/18/14 Sat
Robin Harris is reviewing hits??Bengal12:53:26 10/20/14 Mon
Why was M. Dianne Fired?simply curious09:51:42 10/20/14 Mon
Brown at PrincetonIvySavant16:04:23 10/18/14 Sat
Questionholtsledge19:25:24 10/18/14 Sat
Princeton Fin Aidted09:49:37 10/18/14 Sat
Ivy baseball championshipOld Lion (Columbia/Dartmouth)06:42:45 05/07/14 Wed
What do other CU coaches and athletes think about the football mess?The Lion14:55:07 10/15/14 Wed
Colgate-worrisome thoughtsRicks the pessimist11:16:34 10/17/14 Fri
Penn 60 Fordham 22CU_8817:23:04 10/11/14 Sat
The Case for Firing Mangurian NowLou Not So Little12:13:28 10/13/14 Mon
Predictions for SaturdayMemphis Bill12:53:53 10/14/14 Tue
Sad to See Nottingham Leave...Tod Howard Hawks12:39:29 10/15/14 Wed
Ivy/Yale potpourriRicks (Did you know??)09:24:34 10/15/14 Wed
Yale v. ColgateRicks09:54:47 10/13/14 Mon
Football Gameplan's FCS Wraparound - Brown vs PrincetonEmory16:20:12 10/14/14 Tue
Princeton vs. ColgateTiger0713:13:47 10/11/14 Sat
ColumbiaAsiaSunset06:27:09 10/04/14 Sat
Jake ranks Dartmouth #1Go Green12:28:10 10/13/14 Mon
Cornell Football - Where to Begin?BigRedFan12:18:27 10/12/14 Sun
Princeton CommitTiger8105:46:32 07/17/14 Thu
Harvard over Cornell 31-24BigRedFan11:32:03 10/10/14 Fri
The Greatest Day in the History of the State of MississippiBloomie19:24:46 10/04/14 Sat
Dartmouth wins!!YAGreen16:07:29 10/11/14 Sat
Holy Cross at BrownIvySavant13:21:29 10/11/14 Sat
Columbia AD FiascoCoach08:07:12 10/04/14 Sat
Halftime: Monmouth 40, Columbia 0 (NT)The Lion (Halloween comes early)14:44:10 10/11/14 Sat
Yale-DartmouthArt (Love-it)09:16:31 10/06/14 Mon
Harvard struggling with Cornellbulldog10jw14:33:34 10/11/14 Sat
Video Feed of Yale Dartmouth Today?Yale OL10:41:15 10/11/14 Sat
Holy Cross at BrownIvySavant13:09:14 10/11/14 Sat
The Ps among least dateable alumsGo Green16:54:16 10/10/14 Fri
Those were the daysbulldog10jw17:57:48 10/08/14 Wed
Mike CatapanoBob F07:02:43 10/09/14 Thu
Yale-Dartmouth weatherRicks09:03:04 10/10/14 Fri
Penn FB Player Charged with AssaultGo Green12:27:32 10/08/14 Wed
COLUMBIA SPORTS INFO?????????15:32:41 10/09/14 Thu
Cornell steamrolled by Yale 51-13Floridared15:57:48 10/04/14 Sat
Yale-Dartmouth,Most-enjoyed-gamesArt (My-view)06:01:38 10/09/14 Thu
Yale-Big Green weatherRicks17:22:14 10/08/14 Wed
Game Predictions for 10/11/14Jon Harris21:57:51 10/06/14 Mon
Raising Cainholtsledge14:03:02 10/08/14 Wed
BC Shaving Points Against Harvard -- Not Likely AgainBloomie11:18:00 10/08/14 Wed
Tony RenoJack Hatfield (NextTitle18)13:58:02 10/07/14 Tue
In defense of the refs...Go Green14:28:32 10/05/14 Sun
Who did Columbia tick off at The New Yorker?Go Green10:41:03 09/30/14 Tue
Matty MadiganGrin and Bear it22:22:24 10/05/14 Sun
TSN's FCS Top 25 College Football Poll (as of 10/6/14)jdgnyc19:48:13 10/06/14 Mon
When is the Ivy going to fine Yale?Go Green07:45:22 10/06/14 Mon
Dartmouth v. Yale Next Week--Some StatsDiogenes16:02:40 10/05/14 Sun
The Tigers are an enigma so farJerrylh08:14:10 10/06/14 Mon
Sagarin spreads for Week 4voy vey21:33:52 10/05/14 Sun
Army 33 Ball State 24bulldog10jw15:31:04 10/04/14 Sat
Brown vs URIIvySavant13:52:09 10/04/14 Sat
Congrats Dartmouth on beating PennYAGreen17:26:46 10/04/14 Sat
Cornell looked horrific todaydawg115:44:35 10/04/14 Sat
Why Brown always has a strong football teamThe Lion21:58:57 10/03/14 Fri
Harvard beats Georgetown 34-3, but top players still out hurtObserver19:43:25 10/04/14 Sat
Weather in HanoverAsiaSunset06:36:42 10/04/14 Sat
Columbia Offensive LineFormer Coach14:40:50 10/02/14 Thu
Declining Student Attendance in College FootballBloomie17:43:39 09/30/14 Tue
Greg Toal of Don Bosco for Columbia Coach-Easy Choiceparent10:22:18 09/30/14 Tue
Sabbyremember it well12:10:59 10/03/14 Fri
Yale-Army threadsteve mathiason13:18:52 09/27/14 Sat
Brown RB Josh MorrisGrin and Bear it19:21:05 09/29/14 Mon
How Do We See the Race?Memphis Bill06:27:36 09/29/14 Mon
Nice Article about Brett Estes/Coping with ConcussionsBrown Fan09:29:55 10/02/14 Thu
Mangurian: 55 days and CountingLou Not So Little16:12:00 09/29/14 Mon
Dartmouth-UNH Attendance Revised UpwardsJack Hatfield (NextTitle18)14:02:30 10/02/14 Thu
10/4/ 2014Jon Harris21:06:27 09/28/14 Sun
Will Lyle Marsh play this Saturday? (NT)Diogenes09:59:18 10/01/14 Wed
Yale-Cornell weatherRicks10:58:38 09/30/14 Tue
Hey Asiaholtsledge10:42:48 09/30/14 Tue
Brown Harvard thoughtsGrin and Bear it10:01:41 09/27/14 Sat
M. GirardGrin and Bear it18:57:16 09/29/14 Mon
Yale D scoring 43 points againstJon Harris17:00:19 09/30/14 Tue
Jake's defenseCc'6614:35:05 09/30/14 Tue
Road Trip from New Haven to IthacaYale OL13:49:09 09/29/14 Mon
Cornell announces Elizabeth Garrett as new president!Sprint6615:25:46 09/30/14 Tue
Brown CommitGrin and Bear it13:57:18 09/30/14 Tue
Cornell falls to Bucknell 20-7Sprint6623:02:49 09/27/14 Sat
The Sports Network (TSN) asks: Is Yale this year's Princeton?jdg (FCSplayer of the week)09:11:53 09/30/14 Tue
best yetcc'6612:11:14 09/25/14 Thu
Some Dartmouth commitsGo Green10:36:53 09/28/14 Sun
Never heard of this local kidObserver18:35:57 09/28/14 Sun
UH-OHbulldog10jw15:09:50 09/06/14 Sat
  • Re: UH-OH -- Observer, 15:57:10 09/06/14 Sat
    • Re: UH-OH -- IvySavant, 20:25:09 09/06/14 Sat
      • Re: UH-OH -- bulldog10jw, 20:30:49 09/06/14 Sat
      • Re: UH-OH -- Calvin, 22:45:13 09/06/14 Sat
  • Re: UH-OH -- Observer15, 22:35:14 09/06/14 Sat
  • Re: UH-OH -- Observer, 23:09:13 09/06/14 Sat
    • Re: UH-OH -- observer15, 22:07:18 09/07/14 Sun
  • Re: UH-OH -- Ricks to Observer, 17:29:28 09/07/14 Sun
    • Re: UH-OH -- Observer, 17:51:03 09/07/14 Sun
  • Re: UH-OH -- Legs of Stone, 17:47:50 09/12/14 Fri
  • Tough Game? -- Diogenes, 06:45:35 09/15/14 Mon
  • Re: UH-OH -- jdgnyc (Army ranking update), 14:53:25 09/21/14 Sun
  • Re: UH-OH -- Uptown, 15:34:48 09/21/14 Sun
  • Re: UH-OH -- indianhoop, 20:10:14 09/21/14 Sun
  • Re: UH-OH -- jdgnyc (3 big OOC games Sat.), 09:25:00 09/22/14 Mon
    • Re: UH-OH -- jdgnyc (Correction-3 big, etc), 09:35:18 09/22/14 Mon
  • Re: UH-OH -- jdgnyc (Sagarin update), 17:56:45 09/28/14 Sun
Pretty well sums it upDiogenes15:40:16 09/28/14 Sun
Yale-ArmyRicks (Yale Comebacl)21:27:41 09/27/14 Sat
Refs decide game on a bone-head call - Harvard/BrownIvySavant20:27:35 09/27/14 Sat
Brown - Harvard -- BE LOUD!Brown Fan20:44:20 09/22/14 Mon
Yale beats FBS Armyted11:23:19 09/28/14 Sun
Not to get ahead of ourselves, but .....Observer09:04:20 09/28/14 Sun
Villanova taking Penn to the woodshed and backIvySavant16:09:26 09/27/14 Sat
mew lion mewUptown21:41:29 09/27/14 Sat
9/27 PREDICTIONSJON HARRIS15:32:48 09/22/14 Mon
Yale 49, Army 43, final in OTsteve mathiason17:11:43 09/27/14 Sat
yale army on tv comcast new haven areaAhar13:10:36 09/27/14 Sat
Report: UNH RB is QuestionableJack Hatfield (NextTitle18)13:47:20 09/26/14 Fri
Typical Harvard Arrogance -- GET FIRED UP BROWN FANS!Brown Fan12:28:13 09/26/14 Fri
UNH-Dartmouth--It Can Be Done--Will It Be Done?Diogenes12:27:29 09/24/14 Wed
Where are the Columbia fans (NT)Maven10:12:08 09/22/14 Mon
Yale /Army ticketsYale OL21:17:27 09/23/14 Tue
Going, going, gone?- Princeton Sprint FootballM313:54:01 09/26/14 Fri
Ivy League football rules are outdated and need to change.Sprint6615:25:12 09/24/14 Wed
CU-Albany TV CoverageIvy Voyeur23:02:02 09/25/14 Thu
Good story about concrete Charlieholtsledge10:00:47 09/25/14 Thu
ESPN Suspends Bill SimmonsBloomie11:13:49 09/25/14 Thu
Columbia vs Fordham, not fbchazza21:18:01 09/24/14 Wed
Brown vs GeorgetownIvySavant14:45:58 09/20/14 Sat
ESPN Game Day snubs Yale Bowl - Army/Yale gameObserver14:35:37 09/22/14 Mon
Condition of Yale Fieldperplexed11:30:57 09/22/14 Mon
News: UNH Starting QB Out vs. DartmouthJack Hatfield (NextTitle18)13:37:15 09/23/14 Tue
Yale/Army on TV in New Haven area?Yale OL16:57:42 09/23/14 Tue
Yale-HC ink a 12 game series dealindianhoop12:43:36 09/23/14 Tue
My Big Red Kickoff PreviewCommitted Parent18:17:22 09/19/14 Fri
Football Gameplan's FCS Wraparound - Dartmouth vs UNH, Penn vs NovaEmDIggy09:21:10 09/23/14 Tue
Army Scouting Report from Wake Forest Gamejdgnyc16:24:28 09/22/14 Mon
New Yale Football CommitJon Harris16:21:07 09/22/14 Mon
Whither Ivy Defenses?Diogenes09:13:59 09/21/14 Sun
In an upset, Harvard gets dustedCalvin15:33:06 09/22/14 Mon
Williams, Roberts, get co-offensive POWGo Green13:55:48 09/22/14 Mon
Princeton 0 - USD 7Tiger0716:21:23 09/20/14 Sat
Lehigh 14 Yale 0bulldog10w13:26:10 09/20/14 Sat
Lyle MarshAsiasunset18:04:08 08/22/14 Fri
Army at YaleArmy16:43:46 09/21/14 Sun
CU Fordham Video Problems?????LionFan12:52:48 09/20/14 Sat
Dartmouth EscapesGo Green22:18:37 09/20/14 Sat
Brown two-deep postedivy guy11:01:45 09/19/14 Fri
It's Annual Poem Timefoehi22:12:07 09/19/14 Fri
Princeton vs. USD Live StreamTiger0716:07:06 09/20/14 Sat
Final: Crimson, 41. Cross, 18 (NT)HDallmar22:13:17 09/19/14 Fri
Weekend oddsCalvin08:48:45 09/19/14 Fri
TO OLD BLUE!Ricks (reminiscence)13:57:21 09/12/14 Fri
WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1...foehi19:32:00 09/17/14 Wed
Holy Cross and Harvard extend football series!Sons of Vaval10:49:06 09/16/14 Tue
Let the games begin!Sprint6609:08:42 09/19/14 Fri
Long, interesting interview with Harvard coach Tim MurphyObserver21:45:03 09/18/14 Thu
Paul Finnebaum of ESPN ,Yale maybe site for GamedayJon Harris22:20:59 09/15/14 Mon
Princeton 2 DeepBengal11:42:23 09/16/14 Tue
Ivy League Football Challenge 2014IvySavant18:09:07 09/13/14 Sat
Jeff Mathews cut by FalconsLight Blue Forever09:09:04 08/29/14 Fri
Predictions for the Ivy'sJon Harris15:55:01 09/14/14 Sun
Fitzpatrick channels Duck Dynastyholtsledge15:42:56 09/15/14 Mon
How did our first game opponents fare?Memphis Bill23:51:41 09/13/14 Sat
Dartmouth Harvard Scrimmage?holtsledge07:45:12 09/12/14 Fri
Typical Harvard Freshman Rejected By 1/3 of Colleges To Which She AppliedPutnam12:55:52 09/03/14 Wed
Penn 5th Year Played in 4 Games?EliTown10:26:17 08/16/14 Sat
Just kinda musing-----Ricks09:39:47 08/30/14 Sat
Any news on the Dartmouth vs Middlebury preseason game? (NT)Parent22:28:10 09/13/14 Sat
John McPhee/Princeton Football/New YorkerM307:07:31 09/08/14 Mon
Murphy stepping downOld Lion10:45:48 09/09/14 Tue
Nottingham 2014 POYTod Howard Hawks16:24:03 09/07/14 Sun
'NovaOld Lion (Destroying Fordham)18:35:12 09/06/14 Sat
David Perry. Are you holding your prediction competition again this year? (NT)Gym Ratt10:31:26 09/08/14 Mon
Ivy TV schedule upGo Green15:39:19 09/09/14 Tue
yale....brown scrumricks18:00:44 09/06/14 Sat
Ivy Season About to Begin HS-DC10:13:24 09/09/14 Tue
Tell us something we don't know!Jack Hatfield (NextTitle18)14:24:59 09/05/14 Fri
Lions shut out UMichchazza21:26:16 09/06/14 Sat
The long wait for the Ivy Season to start.Gym Ratt12:06:21 09/05/14 Fri
The Uniform Agevoy vey20:50:39 09/03/14 Wed
army footballremember it well (good SI article)10:14:42 08/31/14 Sun
mbb tvchazza10:38:57 09/04/14 Thu
Yale on TVbulldog10jw18:45:19 09/02/14 Tue
Move over BC: Harvard the most popular college football team in the Bay StateObserver09:14:30 08/29/14 Fri
Cornell Football UpdateSprint6622:20:53 09/01/14 Mon
Masochists' Specialjoiseyfan10:16:50 09/01/14 Mon
VargasBengal14:07:22 08/31/14 Sun
How did the Ivy League first game opponents fare this weekend?IvySavant21:53:38 08/30/14 Sat
Jeff Mathews signed to Colts practice squadFloridared20:30:26 08/31/14 Sun
Jeff Mathews Cut By FalconsLegs of Stone17:50:09 08/31/14 Sun
Texas Endowment Now Larger Than Ivies'Bloomie17:35:02 08/27/14 Wed
Penn Alternate JerseyDFW HOYA07:09:40 08/27/14 Wed
Dartmouth alternate unisYAGreen08:40:51 08/13/14 Wed
SI article on Gary FenickGo Green15:58:00 08/30/14 Sat
Two More Penn CommitmentsAsiaSunset08:40:44 08/12/14 Tue
New Football RuleBrown Fan13:14:44 08/27/14 Wed
"The Opening Kickoff," By Dave RevsineHiggins13:46:57 08/14/14 Thu
Yale v. Brown scrumRicks04:27:32 08/22/14 Fri
Ivy Network Starting FreeTim B.16:19:31 08/27/14 Wed
Lion tennis pair namedchazza18:14:36 08/26/14 Tue
Tear Jerky Sports Song/VideoLion Rooter16:37:29 08/27/14 Wed
NFL newsCalvin10:46:44 08/25/14 Mon
NEPSAC RecruitsParent13:47:25 08/24/14 Sun
Good Companyfoehi15:56:11 08/24/14 Sun
Where is Joshua Morris?Grin and Bear it22:22:02 08/23/14 Sat
3 Things That Most Concern You This PreseasonPluto19:09:42 08/18/14 Mon
A Real Loss for the Leaguejoiseyfan23:32:12 08/22/14 Fri
Yale Penn Battleholtsledge08:13:58 08/22/14 Fri
New Brown CommitsGrin and Bear it19:48:07 08/21/14 Thu
Ivy TV Deal NearJake14:33:11 08/21/14 Thu
Cornell commitCornell '9722:08:00 07/30/14 Wed
Dartmouth names new lacrosse coach (finally)sparman22:44:57 08/17/14 Sun
Big 12 better then Iviesholtsledge14:40:05 08/21/14 Thu
Ivy League Digital Network ReplaysBrad20:19:08 08/19/14 Tue
Yale Does Not Have Big Time Sports/Benno SchmidtM320:17:47 08/19/14 Tue
Media puts Yale 5th in IvyRicks (Old stuff/new stuff)18:45:48 08/17/14 Sun
Ivy League Football ThoughtsBrad20:25:58 08/19/14 Tue
Lions # 1Roar07:21:51 08/13/14 Wed
Unsung (As Yet) Heroinejoiseyfan17:34:33 06/27/14 Fri
the other football preseason polls2 Coasts15:27:57 08/18/14 Mon
Cornell's J.C. Tretter - update on likelihood to start at center for Packersjdgnyc10:49:45 07/13/14 Sun
Elise Morrison on US National Team, may be headed for 2016 Olympics?YAGreen08:55:23 08/17/14 Sun
  • good news -- holtsledge, 09:52:51 08/17/14 Sun
Yale to play at Maine in 2015?!Yale OL16:38:41 08/01/14 Fri
TV GamesIvyfan09:15:20 08/15/14 Fri
Ivies in MLBCalvin08:35:54 08/15/14 Fri
NYT article re: NCAA changesDiogenes11:05:24 08/14/14 Thu
Educating An Aussie On The Ivy LeagueBrad21:37:28 08/08/14 Fri
Future schedules in media guidevoy vey22:51:41 08/06/14 Wed
InterestingAsiaSunset20:14:03 08/10/14 Sun
Cornell's Ricky Rahne selected to the Hall of Fame!!!Sprint6609:37:19 08/11/14 Mon
It's Time to Start Supporting the LionsTod Howard Hawks17:42:02 08/05/14 Tue
Ivy League Digital NetworkBrad04:42:45 08/08/14 Fri
Brown 6th in pollGrin and Bear it19:07:47 08/05/14 Tue
The NCAA, the Big 5, and he have notsjoiseyfan13:22:55 08/10/14 Sun
8/7/2014Higgins13:54:52 08/08/14 Fri
Composite Ivy League OOC ScheduleRicks (If anyone interested)18:47:34 08/07/14 Thu
NFL preseasonsparman22:47:05 08/07/14 Thu
Ivy Schedule Change ConfirmedGreen Alert Guy12:07:59 08/07/14 Thu
Preseason PollPTiger1513:14:00 08/05/14 Tue
Cornell women's sailing elevated to varsity status!Sprint6615:22:18 08/05/14 Tue
Fordham football picked to win Patriot LeagueEd S.18:14:03 07/30/14 Wed
NCAA hard at workCalvin16:51:43 08/05/14 Tue
Dartmouth-Holy Cross--Is It Over?Diogenes12:03:53 08/04/14 Mon
Schedule Changes Not So CertainDavid Perry (Maybe Not After All)13:44:33 08/03/14 Sun
New Penn CommitAsiaSunset14:26:38 08/05/14 Tue
Patriot League surpasses IviesCalvin10:39:32 08/05/14 Tue
Another Penn FB TragedyAsiaSunset13:01:52 07/31/14 Thu
Article on BGAGo Green13:38:25 08/02/14 Sat
Bulldogs annual pre -season guess workremember it well10:33:03 07/29/14 Tue
This could be us!Sprint6610:09:27 08/01/14 Fri
Hendricks gets first MLB hitGo Green07:49:33 08/02/14 Sat
Harvard committholtsledge21:05:26 07/25/14 Fri
Lion FB start timeschazza17:11:21 08/01/14 Fri
14 of the best small-school prospects for the 2015 draftTigerNation05:49:16 08/01/14 Fri
Dave Blatt to NBA?Tiger8106:37:08 06/13/14 Fri
Dartmouth unwittingly abetting a myth?Calvin10:40:31 07/30/14 Wed
Brown commitGrin and Bear it10:29:11 07/30/14 Wed
Some great Yale Bowl stuffGo Green10:05:53 07/30/14 Wed
Stanford #1remember it well10:20:57 07/09/14 Wed
"Ivy League Schools Are Overrated," From New RepublicBloomie10:00:11 07/24/14 Thu
Return of Chris Smith?Cain22:06:50 07/27/14 Sun
2nd Penn CommitAsiaSunset05:45:56 07/16/14 Wed
The Coaching Tree Againjoiseyfan11:57:18 07/27/14 Sun
Penn's Ron DermerOld Lion (Fantastic job)09:36:35 07/26/14 Sat
Lion graduate citedchazza13:59:24 07/25/14 Fri
The Great D'Agostino's final collegiate honorDiogenes11:50:48 06/28/14 Sat
New Slogan of Louisville Cardinal Athletics: "Never Graduate."Bloomie14:52:06 07/24/14 Thu
20 ex IVY players in NFL campsted19:53:14 07/22/14 Tue
All-star coach has two Harvard frosh on his rosterObserver17:31:23 07/23/14 Wed
2013 Ivy Athletic Budgets/Spending--Penn/Yale 1st &2nd, Dartmouth 3rd- DetailDiogenes (Perspective)12:14:21 07/12/14 Sat
37 States Including CA, TX Restrict Football PracticeBloomie18:59:22 07/22/14 Tue
Because it's still slow seasonCalvin14:07:57 07/08/14 Tue
Ivy Summer Camps HS-DC09:56:56 07/18/14 Fri
Yale Football RecruitRay Yale Football Fan15:47:45 07/20/14 Sun
Lin to LakersGo Green15:36:19 07/11/14 Fri
The Future of NottinghamTod Howard Hawks11:56:05 07/10/14 Thu
Brown commitGrin and Bear it00:41:47 07/16/14 Wed
Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup final standingsLeonidas16:35:18 06/28/14 Sat
Number of Ivy League Championships by School 1956-2014Diogenes12:13:54 07/13/14 Sun
Pro Sports Panel at Princeton ReunionsHDallmar21:45:33 07/14/14 Mon
Harvard get a top SoCal swimmerObserver17:53:22 07/12/14 Sat
Future of the Yale OLWiffenpoof13:14:25 07/03/14 Thu
Dartmouth coach to StanfordGreen12:16:37 07/11/14 Fri
On to the showholtsledge20:24:10 07/08/14 Tue
Brown CommitGrin and Bear it22:58:49 07/07/14 Mon
yale coachesricks15:54:16 05/24/14 Sat
TV ContractIvyfan00:39:34 06/15/14 Sun
Pre-Season All America - Sports Network & Beyond Sports NetworkTad18:14:14 07/01/14 Tue
Dartmouth Kicker DecommitsJack Hatfield (NextTitle18)07:35:31 07/05/14 Sat
Brown Tennis coach exitsGrin and Bear it00:54:16 07/05/14 Sat
Zamperini at ColumbiaNick Butler12:41:41 07/05/14 Sat
Dartmouth parts ways with lacrosse coachsparman11:41:36 06/25/14 Wed
Yale coaching change confirmedvoy vey11:30:54 07/02/14 Wed
Columbia board chair retireschazza11:05:15 06/26/14 Thu
Cornell lacrosse announces 2018 recruits!Sprint6623:11:22 06/27/14 Fri
Respect for the Gamejoiseyfan21:01:27 06/23/14 Mon
Lions losing coach resignsLeo22:59:52 06/24/14 Tue
Wonderlic testholtsledge10:29:28 06/25/14 Wed
Penn Women HoopsLight Blue Forever13:25:12 06/26/14 Thu
Brown's new baseball coachholtsledge11:29:15 06/24/14 Tue
Lions' winning coach resignschazza11:12:26 06/19/14 Thu
Speaking of the World CupCalvin14:11:40 06/20/14 Fri
Sad, sad newsGrin and Bear it22:48:23 06/12/14 Thu
Congrats to Fitzholtsledge19:16:47 06/17/14 Tue
Re: Huh yourselfObserver16:37:17 06/19/14 Thu
Texans have named Ryan Fitzpatrick starterasd09:51:32 06/18/14 Wed
Tommy Amaker named #22 among top 50 coaches by ESPNObserver15:44:05 06/05/14 Thu
Penn wrestling coach resigns ?Acob (Peculiar)20:37:19 06/16/14 Mon
Re: Ivy League Network Including Athletics and AcademicsObserver17:30:55 06/15/14 Sun
Two Downjoiseyfan11:55:19 06/13/14 Fri
Matt Kerwick named Cornell head lacrosse coach!Sprint6621:14:49 06/12/14 Thu
Kiwi Powerjoiseyfan18:55:09 06/11/14 Wed
speerchazza13:27:21 05/30/14 Fri
Value of CoachingBob S23:56:36 06/10/14 Tue
Harvard beats Yale in 149th regattaObserver22:49:40 06/07/14 Sat
Interesting coaching move statCalvin15:49:07 06/10/14 Tue
2018 Brown Bears Football Classivy guy23:21:22 05/22/14 Thu
DeKoffchazza11:21:54 06/10/14 Tue
Cornell basketball announces freshman class.Sprint6608:50:36 06/10/14 Tue
Wiley, ex Lionchazza18:27:33 06/04/14 Wed
availableholtsledge17:27:44 06/08/14 Sun
Congratulations to Columbia BaseballThe Mountain Lion17:25:56 05/31/14 Sat
Cornell goalie backing up the King Hendrikholtsledge16:00:07 06/06/14 Fri
Lions' Lin MTenchazza21:33:47 06/05/14 Thu
WSJ article on Waltersholtsledge10:50:38 06/05/14 Thu
More Lion BaseballColumbia SABR08:36:01 06/05/14 Thu
Even Penn has an incoming class9.1Quake09:23:29 06/03/14 Tue
Brown CrewsOld Brown Bear (Brown Crews Rule!)18:35:25 06/01/14 Sun
2-26 Only in the Ivy League...Sprint6619:18:16 06/01/14 Sun
Steve Ballmer May Buy Clippers. Impact on Harvard?Sherry20:04:09 05/29/14 Thu
A.I.: Ivy and PatriotIvy Voyeur08:06:18 05/25/14 Sun
Coaching records in first two seasonsvoy vey08:55:17 05/31/14 Sat
Dartmouth Women's Sailing Wins Nationals, Yale SecondDiogenes13:04:13 06/01/14 Sun
Texas Tech Edges Columbia 3-2The Mountain Lion17:32:24 05/30/14 Fri
National Champsholtsledge07:30:54 05/31/14 Sat
Ivy League PredictionsIvy Patriot10:34:44 05/29/14 Thu
Penn Recruiting ClassAsiaSunset10:06:51 05/30/14 Fri
Lions baseball in NCAAchazza12:32:46 05/26/14 Mon
free hits for your webfree hits20:35:34 05/29/14 Thu
Cornell's 2010 Sweet 16 team back on the court!Sprint6621:27:22 05/26/14 Mon
Nice article on Cameron Brate HS-DC16:24:07 05/28/14 Wed
Ben DeLuca Wins A National ChampionshipBloomie13:50:34 05/27/14 Tue
Re: Princeton spring gameTiger8513:49:48 05/26/14 Mon
Bill Tierney's Last RecruitHDallmar09:08:43 05/16/14 Fri
Caraun Reid Storyholtsledge18:04:22 05/19/14 Mon
Football Gameplan Discussion with Princeton Coach Bob Surace HS-DC11:05:39 05/25/14 Sun
Notre Dame Selling Stadium Grass For $149Bloomie15:39:07 05/19/14 Mon
Ultimate Frisbee to D-1 ChampionshipsDiogenes09:42:27 05/24/14 Sat
Tigers' Hockey Coach ResignsLight Blue Forever13:44:23 05/14/14 Wed
It's A Crime When Only When YOUR School Does ItAn Observer09:15:42 04/26/14 Sat
Brown Football Class of 2018 Announcedivy guy15:32:42 05/22/14 Thu
Lions' tennis star Linchazza13:27:28 05/21/14 Wed
Congrats ColumbiaYAGreen18:25:36 05/10/14 Sat
Dartmouth Class finally officialy announcedholtsledge14:00:13 05/21/14 Wed
Lin, as in WinTod Howard Hawks18:43:44 05/21/14 Wed
Brown new coachAcob20:48:10 05/20/14 Tue
Softball eliminatedGo Green07:48:00 05/18/14 Sun
and the beat (tennis) goes onChazza19:52:08 05/20/14 Tue
Really?Diogenes17:11:52 05/19/14 Mon
  • Re: Really? -- holtsledge, 18:07:13 05/19/14 Mon
  • Re: Really? -- Go Green, 19:35:14 05/19/14 Mon
    • Re: Really? -- Grin and Bear it, 23:47:29 05/19/14 Mon
  • Re: Really? -- Old Lion (Anti-runner), 06:15:33 05/20/14 Tue
    • Re: Really? -- Jack Hatfield (NextTitle18), 08:39:58 05/20/14 Tue
      • Re: Really? -- Diogenes (To: Jack Hatfield), 10:23:41 05/20/14 Tue
  • Re: Really? -- Hanover Guy, 10:45:47 05/20/14 Tue
Ivy NFL Draftees?Ivy Voyeur20:31:47 05/10/14 Sat
Keep Your Eyes Peeledjoiseyfan13:36:15 05/19/14 Mon
Anyone want to ask Surace anything?Go Green09:11:56 05/19/14 Mon
Columbia baseball hiatusOld Lion (Three weeks)06:58:16 05/17/14 Sat
And Now For Something Importantfoehi16:50:46 05/17/14 Sat
WWII Military TeamsRicks (Senior memories)10:12:06 05/08/14 Thu
Lions citedchazza08:00:48 05/17/14 Sat
Columbia Men's Tennis to Clash with #1 Ranked USCThe Mountain Lion17:25:52 05/14/14 Wed
Princeton 2018 classIvyTexan (In Deo Speramus)18:04:41 05/13/14 Tue
Cornell Class of 2018hmm...11:42:39 05/14/14 Wed
Has Cornell posted 2018 football recruiting class?Sprint6608:39:30 05/08/14 Thu
Coach M. introduces the Lions offensive recruitsungvar21:22:29 05/13/14 Tue
M Ivy lacrosse tripssparman20:12:43 05/10/14 Sat
D'Agostino wins 5000 at Hepsholtsledge11:51:19 05/11/14 Sun
Columbia Men's Tennis Beats Vanderbilt, 4-3Tod Howard Hawks17:39:20 05/11/14 Sun
Jeff Matthews signs with Atlanta FalconsTigerNation20:16:22 05/10/14 Sat
Question to Brown Fansholtsledge21:07:29 05/11/14 Sun
Interesting choiceholtsledge10:10:06 05/11/14 Sun
NFL and New England Prep School Athletic ConferenceParent12:54:39 05/11/14 Sun
2 Lion winschazza14:26:54 05/10/14 Sat
Caraun ReidBengal14:59:00 05/10/14 Sat
NCAAsjoiseyfan20:23:34 05/09/14 Fri
Princeton CommitBengal10:20:13 05/06/14 Tue
OSU fires RobinsonGo Green09:57:32 05/05/14 Mon
Ivy Roots Planted on the GridironTad19:40:18 05/06/14 Tue
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