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Your Home For Ivy Sports Talk

Ivy League sports fans are welcome to use this Ivy League message board to post and discuss Ivy League sports; be it Ivy League football, lacrosse, hockey, or you name it. Please be respectful and enjoy the board! The moderator reserves the right to delete all inappropriate and non-sports related posts. Posts made by the same person using different screen names are deleted. Please pick one screen name and stay with it! The Ivy League Sports Board is not affiliated with the Ivy League or its member institutions.


Subject Author Date
Lions' Lin in MTen NCAA singleschazza16:30:26 05/22/15 Fri
Notre Dameremember it well (Really?)12:25:09 05/20/15 Wed
Proud Columbia momentholtsledge16:46:14 05/19/15 Tue
Ivy League vs Patriot LeagueSon of Eli23:18:08 05/13/15 Wed
Re: Brown Recruits--unofficialGo Bear's Football16:10:29 05/11/15 Mon
Lacrosse AAs announcedsparman10:13:55 05/21/15 Thu
Average attendance at Ivy football games last yearObserver15:22:15 05/14/15 Thu
Lehigh/ColumbiaOld Lion (BB doubleheader)10:54:36 05/20/15 Wed
Aggressive Recruiting on an International ScaleBloomie11:20:40 05/18/15 Mon
Something to please holtsieCalvin15:18:15 05/20/15 Wed
Ivy League football game films on dvdBill (old games on dvd)23:01:48 05/19/15 Tue
In Honor Of Dave's Retirementfoehi16:33:02 05/19/15 Tue
VegemiteDiogenes17:12:27 05/18/15 Mon
Rugby - congrats to Team USA and Captain AmericaYAGreen07:47:49 05/18/15 Mon
Not sports-related but...Go Green17:27:27 05/17/15 Sun
2014-2015 Learfield CupTad17:41:05 05/16/15 Sat
Columbia TransferIn the Know13:00:29 05/13/15 Wed
Yale admits 32 to Class of 2019 footballObserver15:40:40 05/11/15 Mon
"I have a big needle for you this week"Bloomie15:16:44 05/06/15 Wed
Brown Football Official Recruits--video clipsivy guy20:18:53 05/12/15 Tue
Columbia Baseball's Joe FalconeThe Mountain Lion18:13:32 05/13/15 Wed
Cornell softball coach blood retires.Big red18:48:44 05/13/15 Wed
Tiger WomenHDallmar16:44:42 05/13/15 Wed
Lukas MeisnerOld Lion (MBB)16:38:58 05/08/15 Fri
Princeton list postedBengal13:00:17 05/13/15 Wed
UPenn Football Introduces 31 in Class of 2019UPenn Fan14:31:51 05/12/15 Tue
Endowmentsivy guy08:45:46 05/09/15 Sat
Lion MTEN winschazza16:08:24 05/08/15 Fri
BG v Lions baseballchazza13:17:15 05/09/15 Sat
Ivy League football game films on dvdBill roman (preserve old films)23:47:34 05/11/15 Mon
Outdoor Hepsjoiseyfan17:46:58 05/10/15 Sun
Welcome to CT coachholtsledge08:43:10 05/08/15 Fri
Halftime: Albany 11-Cornell 3 (NT)Diogenes13:18:26 05/09/15 Sat
Geography of Harvard Football & Basketball recruiting:Observer14:37:16 05/08/15 Fri
Columbia 4 Penn 2CU_8815:27:29 05/02/15 Sat
Dartmouth's Freshman recruits for 2015 - per BGAObserver11:11:25 05/08/15 Fri
Madison Holleran articleGo Green19:01:41 05/07/15 Thu
Wrestling rankingsAcob (Upstate returns)09:13:59 05/07/15 Thu
Harvard Baseball CommitGo Green16:51:22 05/05/15 Tue
2015 NCAA Lacrosse Tournamnetivy guy21:40:15 05/03/15 Sun
Ivy League Free Agent SigningsIvyfan16:28:10 05/03/15 Sun
New Columbia U Stadium ?Lion Rooter09:11:50 04/29/15 Wed
Cornell Football Spring game this SaturdayBigRedFan09:00:08 04/30/15 Thu
Ivy baseballOld Lion (Final weekend)21:46:39 04/22/15 Wed
Tyler Vargaremember it well09:59:23 04/08/15 Wed
Coaches Negotiating For Low AI RecruitsBloomie12:52:30 04/16/15 Thu
Harvard Football welcomes 33 incoming freshmen in the Class of 2019Observer18:44:35 05/01/15 Fri
Yale 11 Princeton 10 LAXbulldog10jw14:09:53 05/03/15 Sun
Dartmouth QB Dayln Williams....Jack Hatfield (NextTitle18)11:49:45 05/03/15 Sun
Yale -Army 2014Son of Eli23:17:19 04/26/15 Sun
Dartmouth Softball....Jack Hatfield (NextTitle18)16:18:28 05/02/15 Sat
Ivy League Lacrosse Tournament begins today!Sprint6609:15:05 05/01/15 Fri
Surace interviewsBengal06:54:28 05/02/15 Sat
Official Cornell recruit class list is announcedFloridared17:43:43 05/01/15 Fri
Big T.V. sports news in Southern Florida todayObserver18:15:45 04/24/15 Fri
Penn GolfCU_8806:31:06 04/29/15 Wed
Bullying Brown softball coach not exactly perfect either...Sprint6614:45:20 04/27/15 Mon
Sad Story/Big Football Implications?M317:54:52 04/26/15 Sun
Amherst Ahead of Dartmouth (baseball)Ivy Voyeur17:34:16 04/28/15 Tue
Yale Future ScheduleSon of Eli20:49:12 04/27/15 Mon
Yale spring scrimmageRicks (confused as usual)15:42:24 04/18/15 Sat
Brown players popped for PED'sHarry22:05:37 04/26/15 Sun
Lengthy Mangurian Interview in SpectatorBengal16:14:56 04/23/15 Thu
Baseballfoehi18:06:05 04/26/15 Sun
Columbia Baseball Defeats Penn 8-6 in Ten InningsThe Mountain Lion19:37:28 04/26/15 Sun
Harvard-Yale tailgating party leads to romance (NY Times)Observer16:07:07 04/26/15 Sun
Columbia and Penn Split Title DoubleheaderThe Mountain Lion18:04:37 04/25/15 Sat
Former Princeton Football Player and Congressman passesGo Green12:26:32 04/26/15 Sun
Brown Sping GameBrown Ivy Fan17:43:18 04/25/15 Sat
Tiger LaxTigerFan13:51:21 04/25/15 Sat
Video for Penn-ColumbiaDavid Perry (Must-See TV)06:51:55 04/25/15 Sat
Lax results, weekend of 4/17Memphis Bill21:32:54 04/17/15 Fri
Brown Spring Gameivy guy18:05:10 04/22/15 Wed
Good Article Re: Mitola Leaving DartmouthDiogenes13:38:05 04/20/15 Mon
2019 Princeton-Rutgers GameSon of Eli12:37:54 04/19/15 Sun
The Football Stadium Arms RaceBloomie12:51:46 04/22/15 Wed
HodgesMatthieu Matthieux15:32:30 04/21/15 Tue
A Few Surprisesjoiseyfan11:52:03 04/21/15 Tue
Lion baseball sweepschazza17:39:58 04/18/15 Sat
Yale sightingholtsledge13:45:57 04/20/15 Mon
Dartmouth Baseball Clinches 8th Straight Rolfe TitleGreen Alert Guy18:08:47 04/19/15 Sun
Columbia Baseball Defeats Cornell 10-2 and 20-5The Mountain Lion22:25:01 04/19/15 Sun
Columbia Baseball Defeats Cornell 4-3The Mountain Lion14:08:26 04/18/15 Sat
1989 Princeton Basketball Team probably prevented I-AA BB.Sprint6621:32:47 04/17/15 Fri
Tony Reno, Master RecruiterMemphis Bill11:02:08 04/17/15 Fri
Tiger taleCarl17:50:52 04/17/15 Fri
Any updates on Cornell football red shirts or commits?Sprint6610:32:30 04/08/15 Wed
Harvard men/women continue domination of Yale in track & fieldObserver14:57:52 04/15/15 Wed
Why crew is a great sportjoiseyfan15:39:00 04/11/15 Sat
Mitola Gone?Go Green18:14:48 04/07/15 Tue
Bo Hinesremember it well19:36:22 04/12/15 Sun
Lax 4/11Kevin13:27:47 04/11/15 Sat
Can the Ivy League Get It's Game BackSon of Eli08:34:24 04/10/15 Fri
Baseball tiebreakers?Go Green17:35:18 04/12/15 Sun
Interesting Baseball Stats and Variation from the League PatternDavid Perry (2 Horse Race)20:49:10 04/10/15 Fri
Yale recruiting Update (for the class of 2020)Son if Eli19:46:30 04/10/15 Fri
Lion baseball loseschazza15:36:13 04/11/15 Sat
Columbia Men's Tennis Beats Yale, 4-0Tod Howard Hawks20:27:31 04/11/15 Sat
Spring Gameonlooker07:48:34 04/11/15 Sat
Football Schedulingivy guy (not expansion)10:17:04 04/05/15 Sun
Columbia Baeball Tops St. John's 5-4The Mountain Lion19:22:45 04/08/15 Wed
Midweek lacrossesparman22:07:48 04/07/15 Tue
Hard to Argue This Onejoiseyfan18:08:50 04/05/15 Sun
Final Commit Listsivy guy12:21:24 04/08/15 Wed
Coach Bagnoli Announces Columbia's New Footbal Coaching StaffThe Mountain Lion16:11:19 03/17/15 Tue
Dave Bliss back in college coachingCalvin09:23:06 04/07/15 Tue
Princeton CommitTiger8107:47:42 04/03/15 Fri
Lions sweep Yale, decisively in baseballchazza18:36:26 04/05/15 Sun
End to An Ivy League Sports DynastyBloomie07:51:00 04/06/15 Mon
Fabish Finally Admitted to ColumbiaEliTown11:35:11 03/28/15 Sat
Columbia tennis rollschazza20:33:32 04/05/15 Sun
Ivy Lax 3/4Kevin16:02:20 04/04/15 Sat
Big time RefsGrin and Bear it23:28:54 04/04/15 Sat
Yale OWest Coast Dawg19:00:10 03/29/15 Sun
Can Army stay 1A?remember it well10:43:03 03/20/15 Fri
Lions MTen winchazza21:45:52 04/04/15 Sat
Ivy games in Indiana or Arkansas?Go Green07:53:51 04/01/15 Wed
Lions WTen sweepschazza19:58:32 04/04/15 Sat
Bagnoli Era BeginsOld Lion (big changes)11:03:28 04/02/15 Thu
Detroit Lions sign former Penn LB Copelandsparman07:59:49 04/03/15 Fri
And While You're At It....Tod Howard Hawks16:25:02 03/29/15 Sun
Yale loses in double OT to BUMemphis Bll22:17:45 03/27/15 Fri
Dave PaulsenGrin and Bear it21:30:45 03/15/15 Sun
Ivy LaxMemphis Bill23:23:49 03/28/15 Sat
Spencer Gloger EclipsedHDallmar08:55:56 03/31/15 Tue
Dean Wins National Title in WrestlingFloridared16:43:59 03/22/15 Sun
Our Board is Quoted in National Review !Bloomie10:49:08 03/30/15 Mon
Lions sweep Harvard. baseballchazza19:26:50 03/29/15 Sun
Dietrick to WNBA?M318:05:32 03/29/15 Sun
Lions-BG baseballchazza18:22:18 03/28/15 Sat
"Coach" taking over PennGo Green07:23:32 03/27/15 Fri
Dartmouth Lax beats Harvard in 2OTAldoTBuff16:28:31 03/21/15 Sat
MungermanKnow-it-all07:05:58 03/26/15 Thu
  • Link -- holtsledge, 07:40:53 03/26/15 Thu
    • Re: Link -- foehi, 10:44:27 03/26/15 Thu
Canisius 87-Dartmouth 72Diogenes22:51:32 03/18/15 Wed
Brown Alum Kyle Rowley/Arena Football LeagueRIguy09:16:21 03/25/15 Wed
Princeton, the best College Football Team in Japan?OB113:22:32 03/21/15 Sat
BednarikKnow-it-all11:01:39 03/21/15 Sat
Yale wins last spot in NCAA hockey tourneyMemphis Bill21:51:15 03/22/15 Sun
Lion fencerschazza13:35:00 03/22/15 Sun
Even Yale wasn't screwed like thisjoiseyfan21:17:22 03/16/15 Mon
Harvard up 3-2 at the end 2nd period on QpacJon Harris17:55:08 03/20/15 Fri
Midweek Ivy LaxAldoTBuff11:44:56 03/17/15 Tue
Harvard Defeats UNC!Vegas Ivy18:50:06 03/19/15 Thu
Dianne Murphy?newhere15:44:34 03/19/15 Thu
The Ivy wayremember it well12:48:20 03/19/15 Thu
Jones still steamingGo Green19:17:45 03/18/15 Wed
yale basketballwalt yale blue (sad)19:25:46 03/14/15 Sat
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