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Sleeper holds and other knockouts!
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Sleeperkid's World

Subject: scissor hold

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Date Posted: 22:13:26 04/20/18 Fri

Live in Orange County California. Would like to meet a muscular women who would put me to sleep using scissor hold

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Subject: mixed wrestling

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Date Posted: 22:38:38 01/18/18 Thu

If any girls in ontario wanna have some fun let me know

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Subject: How many of you have been sleeperd out???

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Date Posted: 05:36:30 02/20/06 Mon

Has anyone out there ever been knocked out via a sleeperhold by a Female?

I know that some mistresses or dominatrix's will do it if paid. Has anyone ever done that,or had a Girlfriend/Wife put you out?

I have been married nearly 11 years and me and my Wife play around where she always gets me in a sleperhold, but she never tries her hardest to knock me out.And even if she could,I don't think I would have the balls to let her do it.

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Subject: I want to be sleepered

David (the kidney guy)
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Date Posted: 08:56:25 10/21/15 Wed

I live in Brooklyn, NY. I would like to be put out by a female. Anyone interested?

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Subject: Re:

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Date Posted: 14:46:22 08/15/15 Sat


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Subject: love sleepers

janet m
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Date Posted: 20:25:45 04/16/06 Sun

i am a 23 year old female who enjoys mixed wrestling. i didnt know so many guys were interested in the sleeper hold and mixed wrestling in general. i love sleeper holds because i love to have complete domination over my victims mainly men because men feel that they are dominate in everything they do. i normally put my guy friends in the whole and just hold it until they turn red or give up(more like a choke) i have knocked 2 people out in a real sleeper. one time in a real fight. i fought a girl once in high school and i grabbed her in the sleeper hold just to calm her down. she scratched the side of my face and I sleepered her out. I didnt know I knocked her out until she started drooling on my arm and shaking really bad. i got in big trouble but no law suits. I was funny though because all of the students was teasing her for drooling on my arm and on the floor and the way she was snoring. the other real sleeper was on my cousin. we were smoking cigars and he knocked mine out of my hand. so i waited a couple of min to sneak behind him and choke the shit out of him.
i am in the ohio area and would love to meet some of you guys. i am 5'7 130 (short blonde hair) and i love to mix it up. love the site by the way sleeperkid.

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Subject: Your neck, my play ground

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Date Posted: 08:54:33 12/05/14 Fri

Am looking for a muscular black hunk in Milan willing to borrow his neck for playing with (massages, sleeperholds, guillotine chokes, full nelsons, and more). No erotic interests.

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Subject: Strangling

T.Stone (Hopefull)
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Date Posted: 13:25:47 07/07/14 Mon

Hey there, not sure if anyone still uses this anymore.
I'm a guy, 25 living in the UK and I have the biggest turn on for girls strangling me.
Sleeperholds, hands around the neck, head scissors .. you name it!!
Unfortunately theres not alot of girls I know who who are interested in being dominant.
Im hoping to meet or chat to any girls interested in this.
Hope to hear from you!!!!

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Subject: Mixed Wrestling in Scottsdale AZ

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Date Posted: 14:36:27 11/11/06 Sat

Hi their Im a 32/yo man liveing in Scottsdale,Az who loves submitting to a woman in wrestling. However its extremely hard to meet similar partners who share the same fantasies. Any women in AZ who share similar wrestling fantasies contact me at submit74@hotmail.com

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Subject: Bearhug Partner

BIg easy
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Date Posted: 19:34:48 08/05/13 Mon

looking for a woman in humboldt county ca who wants to be bearhugged or scissored. maybe my bearhug vs your scissors
email at bgrhugs@yahoo.com

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Subject: Yay Tina!! You go Girl!!

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Date Posted: 23:42:49 02/27/07 Tue

Hey-Tina-don't listen to the naysayers. The Republican right has perfected this technique of intimidation-objecting to books they haven't read and movies they haven't seen. If you want to let your husband render you unconcious to fulfill his fantasies-more power to you. He is one lucky man. You are truly an uninhibited woman,not on who reads "Cosmo" and "Redbook" and subscribes to the "If you don't carry his balls around in your purse,you don't have a happy marriage" scenario. BY submitting to his desires and accepting this "Power exchange" you are being far more intimate and close with your husband than any mutual bubble-bath or him crying over his dad having his dog put to sleep when he was 9,ever will. What you do in your own bedroom is your business. Screw everyone else if they don't like it. You had balls to ask for advice on this forum. Good luck to you.

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Subject: Re: Knockouts!!

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Date Posted: 11:14:20 08/23/12 Thu

>i'm looking 4 any 1 who's interested n man 2 man
>wrestleing or submission-choke holds & females that
>would like 2 watch.Or any sites that have 2 do w/ Male
>On Male Cockfighting,wrestleing,boxing,xtreme fighting
>etc.Anything that shows guys getting KO'd,humiliated &
>taken advantage of.i'm n Long Beach CA.
> Thanks!

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Subject: sleeper/bound

michael (excited)
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Date Posted: 18:22:41 02/12/13 Tue

older get put in the sleeper by a 19 yo and then tied up
like to know what you think?

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Date Posted: 14:04:38 12/05/12 Wed

I am a guy looking for women who have the passion and desire to do sleeper holds and submissions. If interested I am 5' 11" 170 lbs and in good shape. Please get back to me and let's arrange something!

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Subject: Looking for m to m sleeper in Oregon

Jon Wesley
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Date Posted: 17:23:40 10/14/12 Sun

I want to find a guy to wrestle with me and put me in progressively increasing sleepers and scissors until I pass out.

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Subject: sleeper and smothered

tec (happy)
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Date Posted: 19:23:16 08/26/06 Sat

hi all this is my first post,its my dream thats came true.appox 3 months past i met a lady, her name is mel shes a nurse as part of her job she has to know how to control patients if they become violent. one afternoon we were having a play fight and she got me into a choke hold. she wouldnt release me till i tapped.i than asked her if she knew what the sleeper was. in which she did and quickly put me in it. i seemed to black out within seconds,she than got me in it again but this time covered my mouth with her hand and whispered into my ear that she was getting turned on doing this and that it was to be a regular thing.we have started doing video clips of her sleepering me and pictures. your find them in yahoo group <a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homdenmark7/">http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homdenmark7/</a> theres pictures and a file in there called tec and melissa let me know what you think. bye for now.

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Subject: Looking to be put to sleep

Paul (Waiting)
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Date Posted: 17:50:18 12/04/10 Sat

If there are any women out there that like to put men in sleeper holds, please contact me anytime of day!!!!

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Subject: Finding Someone to Put Me to Sleep

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Date Posted: 19:34:44 01/16/12 Mon

I'd like to find someone to put me to sleep repetively. Done it before no sweat. Will Pay well Male or female

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Subject: Just out of Curiosity

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Date Posted: 18:00:48 04/11/11 Mon

I've been into sleeper holds and knockouts for years, but I've only been put out twice recently and I really loved it. I was curious about how many of you actually practice sleeper holds to the point of unconsciousness. I want to know how many years you've been doing this and how many times have you been choked out and how many times you've choked out someone else. Also, if you've been at it for a lot of years, have you had any really scary experiences or has anyone ever gotten seriously hurt? I want to do it regularly for years to come(not too often, but once in a while).

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Subject: Sleeper hold fans

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Date Posted: 00:09:07 03/13/06 Mon

I was wondering if there are any young ladies that are really interested in the sleeper hold or ko? Let me know if you are.

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Subject: vbnvbn

vbnvbn (bb)
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Date Posted: 23:23:09 03/16/11 Wed


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Subject: What celeb would you like to be sleepered by

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Date Posted: 01:14:08 02/19/06 Sun

If you could choose 5 celebrities to put you in a sleeper hold, which 5 would it be??

Mine are..

Alyssa Milano
Christina Applegate
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Rebbeca Gayheart
Tiffany Thiesen

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Subject: Videos from Japan

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Date Posted: 09:25:44 11/22/10 Mon

Relevant video
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIP2htYB5OI&feature=related">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIP2htYB5OI&feature=related</a>

See the videos on this channel:
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.youtube.com/user/tonykick777">http://www.youtube.com/user/tonykick777</a>

This is apparently all real stuff, not simulated.

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Subject: Oh.... my..... god....

Jones (satisfied)
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Date Posted: 02:58:20 02/26/10 Fri

holy crap guys, do I have a story to tell. how many of you are actually into sleeper holds and breath play with partners? if your against it, sorry and i don't mean to offend. but more to the point- this guy is, and damn if he didn't just meet someone else that's just as kinky. new favorite thing in the world- when your on top of a beautiful girl, just a doing your thing, and you slide in for the KO. she whispers, feels the pressure, asks for more, then whimpers. nighty night sweetheart, and you feel her legs, previously wrapped around, you slacken and fall to the floor. and on the wake up? wet, purring, and horny as hell. best sex I've ever had, bar none. any hater that don't believe? that's OK. I'll just be sitting here, smoking my cigarette and smiling. smiling and smiling and smiling.

and i don't know if this is still a topic, but i've heard people ask how to find partners. man its simple really- know your shit and play to your advantage. i practice amateur mma, met this girl at the gym, and i knew right off she'd be a kinky one. patience friends, mixed with hard work and looking in he right spot and you can find someone who's just as fucked up in the head as you are.

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Subject: My Bad

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Date Posted: 19:07:06 06/09/10 Wed

Great forum, wish I had found it sooner!

Just a little tale from the weekend, I was lying in bed with my ex girlfriend engaged in pointless early morning conversation. I've always wanted to try sleeper someone out, she had her back to me, and her legs tightly wrapped around mine, I had my left arm around her and thought why not, if she says anything I'll stop.

So I slipped my arm around her neck getting the position just right and very slowly started to squeeze. After a minute she moaned a little and quietly said "You're choking me." I said sorry passing it off as cuddling and asked if it hurt and she said no. I increased the pressure a little and a few seconds later felt her legs go limp around mine. I released my grip and moments later she placed a hand over her face and said "Whoa that felt so weird" and asked what happened. I told her and apologized passing it off as an accident. She sat up and asked if I could do it again. Needless to say it was a very good morning.

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Subject: Don't tell her friends -part 2!

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Date Posted: 19:39:00 04/26/10 Mon

If you find a good play partner like Mr. Jones, you better keep it secret. Years ago before I got married I was into the sleeper thing. When I was about 19 and in college, In my neighborhood (in Missouri of all places) a woman about 30 years old rented the house across the street. She was an amateur bodybuilder, had a smokin' bod, and wasn't shy about showing it. It was summer, and she was always in a bikini,or barefoot in shorts which drove the men of the neighborhood wild. One day her and I were having a couple beers when I got the nerve to ask-"I bet if you got those legs around a guy's neck, he'd pass out?" Her answer- "Want to find out?" My answer- A resounding "Yes!" The next thing I knew,I was waking up disoriented between her luscious legs. "What happened?" "I knocked your ass out!" "Want me to do it again?" I became her "Scissor-slave" that summer. I'd mow her lawn,change the oil on her car,paint her fence, stuff like that, and as a reward she'd scissor me out. On the days where she'd worked herlegs at the gym, she'd do the traditional sleeper with her powerful arms. I told some friends, and they came over because they couldn't believe that a woman could KO a man that easy. They became addicted, and soon she had a stable of loyal followers. Some of them started paying her power bill, phone bill, buying groceries for her etc. A good time was had by all, until one of these idiots who went to the fanatical Assembly of God church confessed to his parents, and his fire and brimstone preacher father read the young lady the riot act, that what she was doing was evil and sinful, and basically prostitution, and that if she didn't stop, he'd have his top Deacon, a cop, arrest her for prostitution. Not only did the scissor parties end, she moved away!! Arrrgggh!!! I love how one Self-righteous bastard cam ruin something good for everyone. I later moved to Nevada where Prostitution is legal. I met a hooker who was into sleepy play, that actually had her own supply of Chloroform! We got to know each other, and eventually she'd let me chloroform her,and play with her while she was out. Until one day, another hooker asked why she was always groggy after a visit from me. My friend innocently confessed our game to someone she thought was a friend. The other girl told the Brothel management, and my friend got in trouble, and was told to never do that type of party again, or if she did she'd have to have another girl present,and to charge over $1.000 a pop for it, which I obviously couldn't afford. Thanks again, judgemental people for NOT minding your own business!. Anyhow, be careful who you tell about your adventures if you want to keep having them!

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Subject: What Five celebs would you want to put the sleeper hold on?

The Black Knight
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Date Posted: 05:58:18 12/10/09 Thu

If you could, who would you render unconscious? my 5 are:

Mariska Hargitay
Elisabeth Rohm
Karina Smirnoff
Paget Brewster

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Subject: Where is everybody?

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Date Posted: 23:48:03 05/01/09 Fri

I click on here and see two year old messages? What's up with that? I've said it before, but this used to an interesting forum with people posting personal experiences and sometimes getting in heated debates. What happened? Did SK say abandon this forum, or pass out electronic valium? What's up?

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Subject: Dragon Sleeper "KO Possible?"

Guy from Connecticut
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Date Posted: 13:21:57 09/21/09 Mon

I understand a sleeperhold well applied can KO someone, it's everywhere in YouTube. But a Dragon Sleeper? Any girls available to KO the heck out of me with one and prove me wrong? lol. I'll love to see that happen, plus I that happen plus, I think it's a hot move to be in!

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Subject: Which five celebrities I want to be sleepred by

Don (happy)
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Date Posted: 05:31:51 07/28/09 Tue

I would love to be sleepered by these five women:

1) Mariah Carey
2) Angelina Jolie
3) Madonna
4) Lucy Liu
5) Shannon Leigh

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Subject: sleepers

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Date Posted: 16:37:34 07/31/05 Sun

Hi, I'm new here and I want to be sleepered out. Can anyone give me some advice on finding partners, etc.

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Date Posted: 03:09:20 06/06/09 Sat

Once again, we lose another talent to the practice of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Why can't people just roleplay and be safe?

RIP David Carradine

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Subject: I wanted to post a story

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Date Posted: 15:18:00 06/11/07 Mon

Yahoo removed one of my groups dealing with KO'ed sentry girls, so I hope you guys like this one, as written by me and Abbie:

The Yearly Stalking

By sleepyabbie and kat

As Agent Abbie made her way through the darkness of Kat's enormous
basement, she overheard one of her former partner's bodyguards putting
some boxes away in the far right corner of the room. Ropes of dim
light caressed the young girl's white lycra leotard, her matching
white boots gleaming with equal intensity. As Abbie made her way
closer, the blonde guard's adorable face turned to the side.

No more than 19 or 20 years old, thought Abbie. She smirked, knowing
her former lover's tastes well. Only Kat would put THAT outfit on her

Wait. Former lover? Had she really thought of her that way just now?

Never mind. Abbie shook the thoughts out of her head. This was their
game, after all. Abbie's and Kat's. Each year one of them would hire
and train a group of bodyguards and take turns seeing who could take
them all out...and who could make it to each other's quarters for the
final showdown.

For now, it was time to silence a sentry.

With the speed of a cobra Abbie snuck directly behind the young
bodyguard, her black lycra bodysuit and leather boots making zero
sound in the basement's stillness. Her hand pressed a nerve on the
young girl's neck just hard enough to stun the unknowing employee.

"Ungh" the girl said softly, and collapsed against Abbie's chest.
Abbie tilted her head back, smiling as she viewed the sentry girl's
face. Her eyelids halfway shut, eyes almost crossed, breathing still,
a slight trail of drool escaping from the left side of her lip.

"I'm not going to kill you, love." Abbie's sweet voice whispered.
"That is, if you cooperate. Do you understand?"

"muhg...muhh...uhhhnnn.....yess...yes'm" the girl barely managed to sigh.

"Good. Now give me the location of the rest of your night shift, as
well as your mistress' bedroom."

Abbie loosened the grip a bit, enough for the girl's speech to restore
itself ever so slightly.

"Th..there's five of us." the barely legal soldier murmured. "One is
in the kitchen. One in the living room. And...two.."

There was an uncertain pause from the drained sentry.

"Yes?" Abbie whispered. She showed her impatience by adding a little
pressure. The girl gurgled in silent pain and continued.

"Two of them...Sandy and Kelly. They...they're lovers. Mistress
doesn't know this...they are in the pool area. Swimming they
said...but really...they're..."

"No need to finish." Abbie smiled, imagining the sentry girls
ignoring their posts while frolicking naked in a pool. She smiled at
her luck. Those two would be easy, and fun.

"Please." the girl muttered. "Make it quick."

Abbie shook her head. "Silly girl. I told you I wasn't gonna kill

With her free hand, Abbie reached into the small satchel strapped to
her belt.

"But I can't have you getting in my way."

Abbie produced a small needle-free syringe, pressing it softly against
the girl's right temple. She pushed the plunger down slowly,
releasing a slightly diluted form of the anesthetic etomidate into the
girl's carotid artery. Having experienced the effects herself, Abbie
knew the sentry's following 10 seconds were comprised of a painless
feeling of euphoria, followed by a sudden warmth that spread to every
extremity, a sensation designed to draw the victim away from the fact
that her eyelids were closing like a vampire's window blinds.

"Mmmmmm.....uhhhhhhhhhnnnnn...*" were the young girl's final sounds as
she sighed, falling asleep against Abbie's shoulders. With
conditioned strength, Abbie picked the girl over her right shoulder,
feeling the sentry's limp arms brush by her own buttocks. Abbie
smiled as she caressed the blonde sleepyhead's ass, spanking it softly.

"Naughty girl."

She carried Sentry Girl Number One to her point of entry, a basement
vent whose cover had been removed with the aid of some highly
concentrated acid. She removed the girl's leotard, turning her face
down and hog-tying her soundly.

"Hate to leave ya naked, love." Abbie whispered. "But it's better
than most fates."

Secure and determined, Abbie turned to the basement stairs that led to
the Mansion's enormous kitchen.

She smiled, the lycra near the place where her legs met growing warm
with anticipation.

"Kat, my dear." She said to herself. "Here I come."

The kitchen was large; so large that the light in the far corner of
the room by the table didn't illuminate the door that led to the
basement. Abbie slipped into the kitchen and remained in the
shadows, her eyes fixed on the petite redhead in the white lycra
leotard who was settling down for a quick snack. Abbie shook her
head. It was almost as if Kat was making it to easy, hiring amateurs
like this one and the sentry now lying bound and unconscious in the

Staying low, Abbie silently crept along the wall, pausing at the door
leading to the hallway. It was closed, but the brunette agent took a
moment to listen for any sign of movement beyond, There was none,
indicating that the guard supposed to be in the living room was not
patrolling. The redhead was now about ten feet away, sitting on a
high stool and looking out the window into the vast garden beyond.

The redhead was still staring out int the gloom when a reflection
appeared in the window. It was the movement more than the image that
caught her eye, Abbie's black suit making her almost invisible in the
glass. The sentry moved to turn around.

Abbie didn't let her. A quick, precise knife-hand blow to the base
of the woman's neck elicited a startled grunt before the sentry
slumped backwards against Abbie, moaning softly and incoherently.
Abbie gently ran a hand down the dazed woman's cheek and continued on
to her neck and then further still to her breasts. She softly
caressed the woman's breasts, watching her reflection in the window
with satisfaction.

"Are you enjoying that, honey?" she whispered to her victim.

"Mmm, yesss," she slurred in reply.

Abbie laughed quietly. Then she quickly pulled the shoulder straps
of the leotard down to the sentry's elbows, effectively immobilizing
her arms. The redhead gave a startled cry but Abbie quickly ended
that as she pressed her thumbs against the woman's temples.

The skillfully applied pressure was soft but more than enough to do
its job. The sentry began to lose consciousness but Abbie relented,
releasing the hold slightly to prolong the knockout. She allowed the
woman below her just enough respite so she could try to struggle, but
her improvised bonds made the effort futile. Slowly Abbie increased
the pressure again, pressing in against the woman's skull,
restricting the bloodflow to her brain.

Soon enough the sentry stopped struggling and sat limply, propped up
against her attacker. Abbie began a slow circular motion with her
thumbs. She could see the redhead's mouth hanging open and her eyes
beginning to roll back. Three more circles with her thumbs and Abbie
was rewarded as the woman slipped into a deep sleep, sighing gently
as her eyes rolled back in her skull. Even so, Abbie kept the
pressure up for another minute, ensuring a deep sleep for her latest

Once she had rendered the sentry completely unconscious she gently
lowered her off the stool onto the floor where a few expert twists of
the leotard entangled it securely around the woman's arms, exposing
her pert breasts, the erect nipples betraying the woman's arousal
during her ordeal. Kat definitely knew how to pick them, Abbie

Then, trying hard to ignore her own growing arousal, she turned to
the door leading to the hallway. The guard in the living room was

A pair of white boots glittered in the moonlight, caressing smooth
young legs as they crisscrossed each other below a massive leather sofa
that faced an equally gigantic 80 inch plasma TV.

"Excess..." Abbie whispered to herself. "Always your downfall, Kat."

The whisper was covered by an intercom that rang out at the unseen
sentry, a familiar voice blaring through its mesh that sounded both
commanding and sultry.

"You were quite delicious tonight, Laura." the voice cooed.

"Thank you, Mistress." The sentry girl responded.

Abbie took a look at the plasma's cool and sleeping screen to catch a
reflection. The sentry was the loveliest she'd come across so far..a
dark skinned beauty with long raven hair that looked half Asian with a
touch of Native American. The white leotard made her skin stand out
even more, it's smooth texture outfitting a body that brought Abbie
close to jealousy. And this had been Kat's "dessert" earlier?

"Lucky bitch..." Abbie whispered again.

"Now Laura, I need you and the rest of the crew to keep an eye out for
a friend of mine. I have a feeling she'll be trying to infiltrate us
any day now...but tonight feels exceptionally promising."

"Yes, Mistress." Laura replied, her voice barely muffling the short
gasp Abbie let out as she slid along a wall adjacent to the couch's
left arm rest. How the hell could Kat know?

But then again...hadn't she always felt it whenever it was Kat's turn
to take her girls out?

She smiled a little at the unspoken connection she'd just realized as
sentry girl Laura continued.

"It shall be done, Mistress." the gorgeous girl finished. "I will
report every half hour as instructed."

"Good." Her boss' voice replied. "You're in charge tonight...and I
need you to keep the other girls in line. That includes making sure
those other two aren't screwing in the pool again. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good..." was Kat's last word as the intercom went off with a short
and soft pop.

Laura's sigh echoed the room. "Yes Mistress!" she sing-songed,
mocking her superior. "Horny slut making me eat her out for an hour.
As good as that pussy is, it ain't worth the pay..."

The plasma kicked on as it became obvious that Laura, too...was a lazy

Abbie could barely hold in her giggle as she approached the rear of
the couch, the sentry's head barely visible above it's rim. Abbie
reached into her belt pack and brought out a mini drill with a special
wide and padded attachment. The television blared as she started
drilling, the padding making the process silent as a 2 inch hole began
making its way into the back of the couch. As the drill made its way
through to the leather lining that padded the young sentry's back
Abbie clicked it off, pulling it away and admiring the perfect hole
leading to Laura's spinal cord.

A flick of the wrist later and Abbie produced a small steel pipe...the
feather of a tranquilizer dart sticking out of one of it's holes. She
placed the pipe's end into the hole, pushed the dart deeply into
position, and quietly drew a deep breath.

Abbie puffed a blast of air through the mini blowgun.


"uh!" was the sound that came from the other side of the couch. And
then a soft: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnn.....?"

The concentrated dose of secobarbital coursed through the sentry's body in
milliseconds. Abbie stood up, placed her tools back in their bag, and gingerly
walked around the couch, sitting next to the sentry. She snatched the control
from Laura's hand, switching channels with a
smile on her face.

"Good Lord. You were actually watching Rachel Ray?" Abbie quipped.
"If I see that woman smile one more time I swear I'm gonna throw her
screaming from a moving helicopter. Hey...are you listening?"

Abbie turned to the girl, whose beautiful face was a mask of sedation.
Her eyes constantly crossed and rolled up into their respective
sockets as her soft and thick lips parted, a line of saliva making its
way to her chin. She tried to speak, but all that came out was a soft

"Well..." Abbie said, leaning over and whispering. "I kinda already
know the layout of the place...so I don't really need to interrogate you."

"uuhhngggghhhhh..." Laura replied.

"So um...should I leave you like this? Watching Conan?"

Laura shook her head no.

"Not a Conan fan?" Abbie continued. "Well then..."

Abbie stood up, facing the young girl whose eyes pleaded for oblivion.

She reached down and pulled the straps of the girl's leotard down,
pulling it off her body...revealing a single white thong. Abbie had
to control her urges. Kat KNEW how to pick them, but this girl was
downright gorgeous.

She knelt in front of the dazed girl, who was now making soft gurgling
sounds. She leaned in and allowed her lips to brush her prey's.

"I guess we can't be friends..." Abbie lovingly whispered. She
pushed the kiss deeper and found, to her surprise, the sentry's tongue
responding. It was weak, but it was there. They both made similar
moaning sounds at that moment, but Laura's was soon cut short as
Abbie's hands made their way up to her neck, each thumb and forefinger
pinching the lovely Asian girl's carotid arteries shut ever so gently.

The sleep-kiss continued, Laura's eyes rolling...her eyelids
fluttering as her tongue's movements became slower. 5 seconds passed,
and her tongue went limp against Abbie's, her eyes shut as the girl
went slack, her mouth open as Abbie pulled back.

With a quick swing Abbie connected with a karate chop to the girl's
neck, hitting a nerve cluster that shut down the girl's brain even
further. Laura's nude body jerked and went slack again as she emitted an
unconscious grunt, but Abbie was confident in the fact that the beautiful girl
had felt no pain.

Moments later Laura was tied up with her own leotard and placed in the
kitchen's corner...next to her equally unconscious co-worker.

With a smile Abbie made her way past the living room and through a
corridor covered in think tiles.

"Time to see what's going on in the pool..." she muttered, smiling as
her heart skipped a beat.

Three down.

Two to go.

And then...her prize awaited

Abbie crouched in the doorway leading out to the stone paved area and
the pool. Two women sat on the edge. The first, a busty blonde in a
pink bikini, lay on a towel, propped up on her elbows. Her
companion, a brunette with long, flowing hair and skin the color of
café au lait, was spread out below her, her head between the blonde's
thighs. Abbie smiled as she watched the expression on the blonde's
face. They were trying to be discrete and not alert their mistress to
their activities, but even so the blonde moaned loudly.

After a few minutes of watching, Abbie saw the blonde tense and throw
her head back. She moaned even more loudly, grabbing the brunette's
head and grinding it against her pussy as she bucked breathlessly.
Her breasts heaved as she panted and laid back in the afterglow of
her partner's skilled attention. The brunette moved up and kissed
the blonde, embracing in a long, deep tender display before
reluctantly breaking the kiss.

"I'll go get us a drink," Abbie heard the brunette say. The woman
stood and turned to the poolhouse on the opposite side of the pool.
Her white bikini stood out clearly long after her skin faded into the
gloom outside.

Sandy, the blonde stood up and stretched languidly. Abbie felt the
tingling between her legs increase at the sight of the fantastic
woman displayed before her. Shaking her head, she cleared her head
and concentrated. Kelly disappeared inside the poolhouse and the
blonde turned towards the lounger a few feet from her. Abbie leapt
from the doorway and stayed low as she rapidly closed the distance to
Sandy. She rose up behind her and jabbed out with her right hand,
planting three fingertips in the nerve cluster at the base of the
woman's spine, just above her tight thong.

The blonde didn't make a sound – the paralysis was instantaneous.
Abbie caught her as she fell and quickly maneuvered her to the
lounger, laying her on her back and scooping her feet up onto it.
She glanced quickly over to the pool house and, seeing the brunette
was still occupied, straddled the helpless blonde who stared at her
in terror, unable to move or speak after Abbie's expert attack.

"Shh," Abbie said, mockingly, raising a finger to her lips. She
smiled at the completely helpless woman and bent forward, pressing
her lips to the paralyzed woman's and pressing her body against
hers. She broke the kiss.

"Mmm, I can taste her on you," she whispered. Then she gently pulled
the cups of the blonde's bikini down and flicked her tongue across
the erect nipples. "That should distract your friend long enough for
me to deal with her," Abbie said before sliding off the blonde and
disappearing from her sight.

The brunette approached, carrying a glass in each hand. She saw the
blonde lying on the lounger, her breasts exposed, and smiled.

"So you're waiting for me Sandy? Mmm, you know how much I love your
breasts." She set the glasses down on the patio table and sexily
walked across to her partner.

Sandy tried to scream, to shout a warning, to move her hand even
slightly, but whatever her attacker had done to her made it
impossible to move. Then she caught a flash of movement behind her

The brunette realized something was wrong too late. She looked into
the blonde's eyes and saw the fear in them. Then something flashed
in front of her face and pressed against her mouth and nose. She
took a startled breath and instantly realized her mistake. A strong
chemical smell invaded her nostrils and vapors filled her lungs.
Chloroform, she thought, desperately trying to calm her breathing
down to buy some time.

"Hello my dear," Abbie whispered in her ear, "I'm afraid Sandy isn't
really in the mood right now, but maybe you'll both feel better after
a nap." Kelly struggled, squirming and clawing at Abbie's hand.
Abbie smiled at Sandy who lay and watched in horrified fascination as
Kelly began to succumb to the drug. She saw that Kelly was getting
aroused, despite herself, and then Sandy realized she was getting
turned on too. She had a sudden vision of being put to sleep by the
powerful woman who was overpowering her lover.

Abbie saw the look in Sandy's eyes. She knew it well – she'd seen it
in dozens of women she'd put to sleep. By the sound of it, Kelly was
enjoying herself now too. She was probably resigned to the fact she
was going to be knocked out. Abbie released her left hand from
around the woman's throat and, after Kelly didn't struggle to break
free, allowed it to slip down the woman's toned, over her breasts,
her stomach and finally into the top of her thong. She waited, her
fingers hovering over her victim's pussy. As Abbie expected, this
increased Kelly's arousal and soon she was sagging in her arms, her
heavy breathing accelerating her downfall. Abbie waited a few
moments more and then slid two fingers into Kelly's wet pussy. The
woman barely moaned, weakened as she was by the chloroform, but Abbie
felt her convulse in orgasm before being completely overwhelmed. She
held the brunette for a moment and looked at Sandy. She was
obviously extremely aroused, her eyes darting from Abbie's face to
the peaceful features of her lover, now asleep in Abbie's arms.

Abbie lowered Kelly to the floor and quickly pulled her top off.
With expert precision she pulled the woman's arms and legs behind her
and bound them with the bikini top, hogtying the slumbering sentry.
Then she looked up at Sandy.

The blonde watched Abbie slowly approach, wondering what she was
going to do. Suddenly, when she was a few feet away, the brunette
agent reached out and grabbed Sandy by the arm, pulling her off the
lounger. Sandy felt her self being flipped onto her back and then
propped up into a sitting position as Abbie moved behind her onto the
lounger. The next thing she felt was a pair of powerful thighs
squeezing against her head. Abbie hooked her right calf up under
Sandy's chin and locked it in place behind her left knee. Sandy
realized Abbie must have done something to her as she threw her to
the floor since she could now move again. It did her no good. She
was trapped and fading fast. Already her vision was dimming, but she
clawed feebly at Abbie's thighs.

Watching the blonde struggle, and feeling the back of her head
pressed against her sensitive sex, Abbie felt an orgasm approaching.
She suppressed it. She would allow herself that pleasure only when
Kat lay unconscious and defeated at her feet. She had to end this
quickly, so she reached down and pressed her thumb against the
blonde's temple. Immediately the woman convulsed, twitching
uncontrollably as her brain began to switch off. Abbie squeezed
hard, raising her self off the lounger. Sandy tensed, twitched once
more, and then sighed before relaxing completely. Abbie slowly
released the hold and lowered her to the ground.

Thirty seconds later, Sandy lay next to her lover, bound with her own
bikini. Both would be asleep until morning. Abbie banished their
defeat from her mind. She only had one target to concentrate on now.


ENDING # 1 (as written by Abbie)

The door to Kat's room swung open silently. The huge bed opposite
the door had a single sleeping woman in it. Abbie was slightly
disappointed. She had expected more from Kat. Still, she decided
not to pass up the opportunity and padded into the room, making no
noise. Abbie half suspected a trap, but when she drew level with the
woman in the bed it was definitely Kat.

She took a moment to admire her adversary's beautiful features, made
all the more alluring by sleep. At the moment it was a natural
slumber but dozens of methods for turning that into an artificially
induced unconsciousness flashed through Abbie's mind. She flexed her
fingers, her eyes straying to various pressure points on Kat's neck,
contemplating the varying effects and levels of consciousness she
could induce with a well-placed finger. She picked her point and
reached out.

Her fingers were inches from Kat's neck when the woman suddenly
reacted, her hand suddenly flashing out from under the sheets and
grabbing Abbie's wrist. At the same time Kat's leg kicked out,
slamming into Abbie's toned stomach. Abbie let out a loud gasp as
the air was forced from her body. Kat pressed the advantage.

In a heartbeat, the sexy agent was on her feet, twisting Abbie's
wrist up behind her back and levering her down onto her knees. The
stricken agent weakly lashed out with her free hand, but Kat gave a
subtle twist of her wrist and sudden pain lanced up to her shoulder,
subduing her. Abbie knelt, Kat behind her, her normally quick,
confident mind suddenly clouded with indecision. Kat leaned over
her, a hand snaking down the front of Abbie's body and the helpless
agent couldn't help but shiver in anticipation of where Kat's hand
was headed. Sensing her arousal, Kat laughed softly, her hand
sliding over Abbie's breasts and down over her stomach. Abbie held
her breath, expectant, her predicament forgotten at the thought of
Kat's touch. Kat paused. Then, quickly, she grabbed Abbie's belt
and undid the buckle, pulling it free and standing up again. Abbie
moaned in frustration.

"Now, let's see what we have in here," Kat said, throwing the belt on
the bed and leaning over Abbie again to open the pouches. Abbie
could feel the woman's closeness again, but Kat twisted her wrist
once more as she bent over. Abbie's mind cleared, suddenly focused
on the task at hand again. She had to get free.

Kat opened one pouch and removed a soft white cloth. She waved it in
front of Abbie's face and sighed theatrically.

"Chloroform," she said, the disapproval clear in her voice. "Really
my dear, I expected more from you. Chloroform's just so…clichéd.
Still, sometimes the old ones are the best, I suppose."

Abbie was feeling light-headed now; the fumes from the cloth were
invading her lungs. She fought to keep her concentration. She
needed to wait for the opening she needed to break free. She saw Kat
reach into another pouch and withdraw the blowpipe.

"Now this is more like it," she said. "A bit of originality and
inventiveness. Let me guess, some sort of muscle relaxant, probably
with psychotropic properties? Good for quick interrogation of the
victim, right?

More investigation from Kat revealed a set of cable ties to restrain
captives and a set of lock picks. Kat threw them onto her dresser
and turned back to her captive. She laid a hand on her shoulder and
leaned in close.

"Now, what shall I do with you?" she whispered.

Before Abbie could respond, Kat dug two fingers into the base of her
neck. Dizziness and drowsiness instantly overwhelmed Abbie. Kat
released her wrist but the nerve pinch rendered any resistance futile
as her muscles relaxed completely. She slumped forward against the
side of the bed, her vision swimming. She felt the fingers withdraw
from her neck but her training told her she would be incapacitated
for at least two minutes. More than enough time for Kat to do
whatever she had planned.

Kat stood over her victim and smiled to herself. It was almost too
easy. She decided to have a little fun. Quickly and efficiently she
stripped the barely-conscious agent out of her black lycra. As she
did so she noticed the familiar look of fear and arousal in Abbie's

"There now," Kat said when she had Abbie naked. "It's been a long
night and you've been a very busy girl. I think you deserve a nap."

Kneeling down, Kat rolled Abbie onto her back and then pulled her
into a sitting position. She held her close and wrapped her arms
around Abbie's head and neck. The reverse sleeper was a powerful
move against a normal opponent, but Abbie was barely able to move.
She felt the effects of the nerve pinch beginning to wear off but Kat
had her now. She could prolong this as long as she liked or put her
out in a matter of seconds. Sitting helpless, her head nestled
against Kat's breast, Abbie gave in and submitted. She had lost, now
she was completely in her adversary's hands.

Kat applied the hold slowly at first. Then she sensed movement – a
twitching of Abbie's arm, a slight movement of the head. The nerve
pinch was wearing off. With a slight sigh, Kat suddenly flexed her
muscles, squeezing hard against Abbie's carotid arteries. The
brunette agent's body twitched convulsively and Abbie gave a high-
pitched grunt of surprise. She looked up at Kat with unfocussed
eyes. Her mouth hung open, her body hanging limply in Kat's arms.
Slowly, she lowered her head onto Kat's breast, allowing herself to
be cradled in her captor's arms. Abbie was still looking up into
Kat's as the pupils dilated and her eyes began to roll back.

Kat heard Abbie whimper softly and she was unsurprised it was not a
fearful exclamation. No – it was clear Abbie was aroused now. The
whimper and her hard nipples made that clear. Kat found herself
becoming aroused too. This was the best part, the part where her
victim gave in. They always submitted to their desires in that
magical moment between the realisation they were helplessly
overpowered and the moment when they lost consciousness. Abbie was
there now. For her the moment lasted longer. From the moment the
sleeper was applied the trained agent must have known what her fate
would be. Now, looking into Abbie's eyes, Kat could sense the woman
almost begging to be knocked out. She obliged her, once more flexing
her powerful muscles and applying the final pressure that would send
Abbie to dreamland.

With one last sigh Abbie felt her body twitch and then her fading
vision rapidly dimmed. She felt a sliver of drool slide from her
open mouth and then blackness descended and she fell into the
inviting warmth of unconsciousness.

Smiling, and breathing heavily with arousal, Kat gently pushed Abbie
back to lean against the bed. She quickly stood and lifted her inert
form onto the bed. Brushing a few strands of hair from her face, she
leaned down and kissed her slack lips.

"Now that I have you, my dear," she whispered, "what am I going to do
with you?"

Lying down next to her, a number of different ideas entered Kat's
head. She was going to have fun with her new captive.

ENDING # 2 (AS written by Kat)

The door to Kat's room swung open silently. Abbie smiled as she saw
her sleeping adversary turned sideways on a masterful king-sized bed,
wearing nothing but a silk white panties and a baby blue teddy. Her
breathing was soft and rhythmic as Abbie made her way to the side of
the bed she faced, her eyes closed…face peaceful as an angel's.
Abbie's grin widened as she remembered the good times they'd shared
taking sentry girls out during missions past...a set of memories she
quickly shook out of her mind. There was work to do here.

Abbie reached into the small pack attached to her belt and produced a
small bottle filled with a powerful sleeping spray she'd designed
herself. One quick spritz across Kat's face was all it would take to
send the brunette into a deeper, coma-like sleep. As she extended her
arm toward Kat's face her mind registered something. A small twitch
to the right side of her peripheral vision. Even as her mind chose to
ignore it, her instinct begged her to turn.

But it was too late.

Kat's foot connected with the bottle in a powerful swing kick off the
bed, knocking it loose and into the wall on the far side of the room.
Before she could move, Abbie heard herself saying "ooof!" then
"unnngh!" as Kat's double fisted jabs struck her unprotected
midsection, sending her stumbling to her ass, gasping for air as Kat
sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over…her chin resting on her hands
as if she were watching an interesting TV show.

"Hey baby…" Kat called sweetly. "I had a blast watching you take my
girls out on my hidden room's monitors…especially my hot foreign
employee on the couch. That was the best…"

"You…*cough*…bitch." Abbie managed to groan, desperately making her
way to her feet.

Kat stood first, walking over gingerly and sending an expert
knife-hand chop to the edge of her neck.

"Unnnh!" was Abbie's reply as she fell flat on her ass yet again…her
head suddenly bobbing back and forth as her eyes rolled into the back
of her lids. She moaned softly, fighting unconsciousness as her old
friend/lover/enemy settled herself behind the agent's neck. Within
millisecond the sleeper hold Kat had taught her ages ago was on tight,
pinching Abbie's carotid arteries shut…draining the blood flow to her
bran to nothing more than a trickle.

"Shhhhh…." Kat whispered, her soft tongue lapping at Abbie's right
ear. "It'll soon be over, baby. You'll see a few spots, then a
haze…maybe even feel your body twitch a little as I send you to
dreamland. Then I'll have to chalk another point down for myself as
the year closes."

Kat tightened the sleeper, cutting the flow completely.

"God…" she giggled. "That would make this two wins in a row for me,
wouldn't it?"

And Kat was right. The spots were starting to fill Abbie's vision,
giving a sneak preview to the unconsciousness that would undoubtedly
follow. Abbie suddenly let her body relax, ceasing her squirming as
she put all her concentration on a way out of this predicament.

"Oh come now…" Kat whispered, her tongue continuing to playfully lap
at Abbie's earlobe. "You think playing possum's gonna work? For
God's sake, angel…I TAUGHT you that trick."

Abbie's hand made it's way behind her waist…seeking…fiddling around….

"The things I'm gonna do to you, Abbie." Kat continued, monologuing
the way any villain should. "I was thinking of putting you in a
gas-filled room…maybe keeping you eternally drowsy as I don a gas mask
and, well…let's just say I'd have hours of fun."

Abbie's fingers…finding a warm area behind her.

"Oh please…keep struggling, baby." Kat said gently. "You know I like
it when you…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….."

The sudden moan from Kat's lips was followed by a slight loosening of
her sleeper as Abbie's fingers found the soft silky crotch of her
white panties. With a simple three-fingered attack and a bit of
pressure, Abbie found a cluster of nerves there that comprised a
special meridian on the female body…one that, when attacked along with
clitoral stimulation, caused a sudden rush of weakness and sedation
that the Kat's brain mistook as a building orgasm.

Abbie felt the heat emanating from her foe's face, neck, and thighs as
the sleeper hold slipped even further. Kat's breathing quickened as
Abbie turned her neck to see crimson splotches forming on her
cheeks…blushes that marked her perfectly executed maneuver.

"Oh….God….Abbie." Kat moaned softly. "No fair…no fair at…all…."

Kat's hands lost their grip and her arms went limp at her sides as
Abbie turned quickly, fighting the head rush that threatened to make
her pass out. She kept her grip on Kat's panties, her fingers
massaging the pressure points there as a fourth finger joined in,
pushing on the crucial fourth nerve she'd studied for so long.

"Yes…you taught me well." Abbie sighed, her strength slowly flowing
back. "But any dog…old or young…can learn new tricks…just like the 4
fingered energy block technique you're feeling this very second."

Kat was on her knees know…her thighs spread…arms to her side as her
head slowly nodded, loose on its hinges. She moaned softly…her brain
interpreting the paralyzing effects of the grip as flows of pleasure
that made their way to every single extremity. In a matter of seconds
the silk panties were damp and sticky…her eyes crossing from the faux

"God….Abbie…you're so…good."

Abbie giggled.

"Your brain thinks I am, babykins." She replied. "But here's the
kicker. Once I add a fifth finger to this little technique your brain
is gonna register an orgasm, except instead of an actual orgasm you're
nervous system is gonna shut down like a 1970's Manhattan blackout."

Kat's eyes fluttered from pleasure to fear…and then back again.

"So…proud of you, Abbie." Kat moaned. "You did so….good."

Abbie nodded, smiling. She leaned in and kissed her partner's lips,
acknowledging the history they shared. "I know." She said.

"Just make sure I'm out…" Kat finished, her eyes flashing a flash of
vengeance. "cause if you don't, I'll be coming after…you…and…"

Abbie thrust her thumb into the wetness, attacking the fifth point
needed to finish the maneuver.

"No, babe." Abbie said, locking eyes with her only equal. "You'll
just be coming."

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…." Was the sound that
poured from Kat's lips, her eyelids fluttering as her body jittered a
bit, her hips bucking back and forth as what her mind thought was a
climax thundered through her system. Abbie felt her the muscles at
her fingertips spasm as she realized that Kat was indeed having and
orgasm. The fact that Abbie had defeated her at her own game had been
enough to induce a real release…but the technique Abbie had spent
months perfecting on countless girls did it's job just as effectively.

"Oooooooooooooohhhhh…." Kat said.

"Yes." Abbie agreed. "Nighty night, angel."

Kat slightly nodded….as if to agree….then hr eyes rolled into whites
as she grunted…going limp and falling into Abbie's shoulder, her chin
resting there like an infant resting against its mother's body. She
convulsed as her real orgasm ceased, but the girl was out cold.

Abbie calmly laid Kat's sleeping body on the bed, spreading her arms
and legs as she tied all four to the headboard and bedposts. She
straddled her fallen foe's stomach…feeling the sudden warmth of
excitement she knew would come should she win the night's contest.

This was her prize…and she planned to spend ALL night enjoying it.

She thought about what Kat had said to her before passing out…how she
should make sure the girl was out lest she come after her.

With a smile, Abbie leaned in, her right thumb and forefinger finding
that special spot on the left side of Kat's neck. She felt the bundle
of soft nerves and ganglia there and squeezed in a powerful burst.

"auhhhhhhhhhhnnnn…." Kat said, her body twitching once. Then twice.
Then….nothing. The nerve pinch did it's job, sending Kat into the
deepest realm of sleep possible.

Within seconds, Abbie's fingers were pulling softly at the moist silk
panties that clad the very area responsible for her opponent's defeat.

She leaned over…kissing sleeping lips.

"To the victor goes the spoils, babydoll…" Abbie whispered.

And for many hours that night…they did just that.


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Subject: challenging to all magicians

kaleem (na)
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Date Posted: 13:01:52 07/18/08 Fri

My name is muhammad kaleem ullah khan. My date of birth is 28/2/1946. I am challenging all the magician in this world. is there any one who can break my magic I am a black magicians no one can beat me in this world .no one can break my magic if some one cast spell to me i will reverse his spell to him I am challenging all magicians cast spell to me and my sons i have there sons mateen , mubeen ,moiz and her mother name is salma if some one cast spell to my son I will reverse his spell to him i am challenging to all magician to beat me

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Subject: sleepered

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Date Posted: 11:43:23 06/25/08 Wed

Just curious, has anyone ever been sleepered by someone? If so, whom? What happened after?

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Subject: Advice for Loserboi

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Date Posted: 20:48:04 11/30/07 Fri

I wanted everyone to see this. I hate to break this to you bud,but just because it's printed in a book or on the net,and some "expert" said it,doesn't mean that it's indisputable,irrefutable fact. Let me give you just a few examples. Fighter pilots black out when g-forces exceed 30g. A few years ago a g-force measuring device was attatched to the uniform of Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis during a game. It showed that he regularly dealt with blows up to 5,780g and got up and walked back to the huddle. How could that be? Expert physicists from the US Navy said you pass out above 30g. The NFL and the Navy got similar results back in the '70's with Detroit Lions linebacker Joe Schmidt,and the famous "Mean Joe Greene". Smokey Yunick,the most famous chevy race engine builder in history who actually consulted for the factory(He invented "Cross-Fire injection),said in Hot Rod magazine that you have to have a four-bolt main block,a forged crank,and screw-in rocker studs in the heads. Yet I know numerous people who have raced chevy engines in drag cars and circle track cars for 30 years,who used two-bolt main blocks and cast cranks,and their engines lasted 2 whole seasons in IMCA race cars,and the engines in their tow vehichles lasted 150,000 miles. These same people,either in their race engines or their truck engines, have NEVER had a pressed-in rocker stud pull out of a head. How can that be? The premier expert said it in a national magazine. How could all these engines possibly not blow up? If you look up "breast bondage" in your beloved wikepedia,it says under no circumstances should a woman's breasts be tightly tied for more than five minutes. I am good friends with Kelly Asthon-former "Bondage Life" and "Leg Show" covergirl who made over 100 bondage videos for Harmony Concepts betwee 1997 and 2001. She laughed out loud. "It took more than five minutes to tie them up." She said her breasts were sometimes regularly excruciatingly bound for as long as an hour while filming. She is now retired from porn,married and has a baby which she breast-fed. At her last check-up she had no cysts or other abnormailities. Ditto for her close fried Lisa Comshaw-"Tory Sinclair" who did over 300 videos for Harmony,Jay Edwards and Double trouble. She now has a baby and works as a realtor in southern California. How can these women still have gorgeous,normal breasts with no ill effects? Wikepedia says they should have scar tissue,discoloration and maybe even cancer. Could wikiepedia be wrong? Nooooo!!! A panel of expert physicists said Robbie Knievel was going to die when he made the Building to building jump in New York a few years ago. They even did the jump using a computer-controlled unmanned cycle that went splat. Yet he made it. Ditto for his Grand Canyon jump. Just because someone,even an "expert" says something,or it's printed in a book or on the net doesn't make it set in stone, or the "right" answer. You and I will never agree,we can just "agree to disagree". But you are awfully arrogant with information you read,and quote as gospel,that isn't backed up by personal knowledge or experience.

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Subject: Sister Sleeper

mr no name
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Date Posted: 12:24:03 09/27/07 Thu

Anyone ever wrestled with and sleepered or been sleepered by your sister when you were teens or adults?

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Subject: The Female 4th Sleeper curse?

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Date Posted: 23:14:48 11/24/07 Sat

I've asked this question before, but I'll ask it again, as it came up with some friends. Why is it,whether a girl is 14 or 40,the first three times their sleepered, they say-"Wow." "That was cool." "Let's do that again." The fourth time,even if it's days,weeks,or months after the third one, they say-"That was scary, I don't want to do that again." "What is the problem?" I know guys that get scissored out by their bodybuilder girlfriends two or three times a week that have no ill effects and I know women that are "gaspers"-really into being choked who won't use a safe word or tap out-their not happy until their unconcious, and they can't explain it. But "average" girls seem to have this "4th sleeper curse." Can some ladies elaborate?

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Subject: "Bah"

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Date Posted: 00:35:54 11/28/07 Wed

Anyone see the "Dilbert" cartoon where "Dogbert" says-"I will no longer try to reason with the morons I encounter." "I will dismiss them by waving my paw and saying "Bah." Dilbert says-"Just because someone thinks differently than you, doesn't automatically make them a moron." Dogbert waves his paw and says-"Bah." It seems that a few of the posters here hold "Dogbert's" opinion. I see your m.o. If something early in a post rubs you the wrong way, you are under no obligation to keep reading. Stop and vent your anger immediately. If the writer responds with proof that you are wrong-i.e.-citing a sentence or paragraph you failed to read,you don't have to respond or apologize-just slink away, until you want to spew your venom on someone else. Your opinion is the only one that matters. The Republican right has perfected this technique, by objecting to books they haven't read and movies they haven't seen. When you cite literature or science, only quote the parts that support your opinion. The other parts,that may offer a conflicting viewpoint,or support what the other guy is saying are totally irrelevant. Someone's personal knowledge or experience has no value-because hey,I downloaded something off the net that says your wrong. And we all know that if it's on the internet, it's irrefutable fact,right? So, the next time something irritates you,save yourself the trouble of writing a lengthy post and simply say-"Bah."

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Subject: another forum

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Date Posted: 02:19:33 10/31/07 Wed

hello! Does anyone knows is there any other F/M sleeperhold or strangling forums?

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Subject: What the hell happened?

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Date Posted: 01:06:54 08/26/07 Sun

I used to enjoy some of the heated debates on this board about various issues,whether I participated or not. Now,it appears that apparently lesbian lovers "Kat" and "Abbie" are the only people interested,as they post 27 page stories with lots of lesbian KO action,and no one does anything else. If that's everyone's bag,fine, but I miss the old days when people would get really pissed and post back and forth, in "Did not,Did too" fashion. What caused everyone to stop posting personal real-life stories and getting worked up when someone dissed their story? Did SK pass out mass quantities of Electronic Valium or something that I missed? Please, will another longtime fan and poster or someone else give me their opinion on this? Yes, I know SK and staff can say "Screw you,were still a free site,...yadda yadda,go log onto a apy site,you ungrateful prick,etc,etc,but I'd still like to know what happened.

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Subject: Brother V Sister

Dale (Sleeper Hold)
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Date Posted: 15:59:36 07/17/07 Tue

Hi All,
When we were kids me and my sister liked watching the wrestling on tv together and some times after watching we had a playful wrestling match together.And l would norally let must sister because she was a girl.We are both in are 40's now. About two month ago we started watching wrestling again together and that was great fun.One month ago after watching the wrestling my sister said to me let's have a wrestling match together and l did not say any thing because l was thinking my sister was joking and after a little while my sister said are you chicken or some thing and that make me mad and l reply ok then l'm going to kill you.So the match was on for the next day.My sister came round about 10am So the first question l asked her did she still went the match and she said what do you think l came for.The rules were no time limited and any thing goes.When the match started my sister got me into a head lock but l got out of that very easly and got hold of her right arm and started to pull and twist it l could see on my sister face she was not liking it so l asked if she wanted to submit she said never and l reply then l have to break your arm no you don't and she gave me a forarm smash which l did not like leting go of her arm and felling to the carpet. My sister got hold of my hair and got me to my feet and throw me across the room and she said how do you like that.To cut the story short after wrestling for about a long time about a hour or so my sister got me into a Sleeper hold and she did put me to sleep so she was the winner l was in a lot of pain for a few day after ward.Now l'm trying to get my sister to give me a rematch.Hopefully some one will reply and let me know what ther thoght of my story.

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Subject: Sleeper hold

Gregory Carson (Fascinated)
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Date Posted: 18:51:33 08/15/07 Wed

Concerning the sleeperhold. I wagered my wife-who wrestles-that she could not successfully use a sleeper hold on me. Well, just back from la-la land. She did it--for ten minutes I was completely out. Not only is she more intelligent than I-but now I think physically also.

That's the way it goes-

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Subject: sleeper hold nostalgia

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Date Posted: 15:13:03 08/30/05 Tue

4 years ago when my girlfriend and i were at her school for a big test she asked me to give her a short private review test before the exam.
we sat at a short staircase at the end of a quiet hall where she unloaded her notebooks and handed some to me. I sat between her legs and instantly she wrapped both of her arms around my neck and before I knew it I was being gently choked.
i knew she was smiling as she passionately kissed me from behind, while choking me. I told her that what she was doing was called the sleeper hold, abd she didnt mind. she kept digging it in until I almost passed out. I was a total freak being submissive but boy it was like heaven.
it lasted around almost a minute but i started to cough and she gently relased her hold.
then I asked her to do it again. and again. the only bad news is i couldn't get passed out. But it was kinda fun.

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Subject: female sleeper holds in films

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Date Posted: 01:19:04 01/13/06 Fri

does anyone here know of any films or tv shows where there are f/m sleeper holds?

The Contract (1998) has a good one! johanna black sleepers a guy then breaks his neck

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Subject: My sleeper experience

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Date Posted: 19:25:46 07/06/07 Fri

My sister and I used to wrestle all the time in our teens. We started when I was 13 and she was 16. Nothing gross or kinky, just wrestling. When we got older, I was 18 and she was 21, we got into it one day pretty good. It started playful and got competitive. Long story short, she managed to bodyscissor me from behind and also apply a "sleeper." She didn't really know what she was doing but she'd seen the move on tv and she got it right. I started fading and told her to take it off. She released immediately but I was very dazed. Sleeper is a dangerous hold and you have to be very careful. Still it was a fun experience and she gloated quite a bit that she had me at her mercy.

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Subject: What happened?

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Date Posted: 00:34:35 01/30/06 Mon

This used to be an interesting forum,with people's personal stories, and sometimes heated debate about various issues. Now it seems like a video review site-i.e.-I did/didn't like the latest video put out by SK, or wow!-I saw a sleeperhold in a b-movie on late-night cable. Snooze. Are you people afraid to debate anything because you have to give your e-mail address to post?. Do you think the police are going to come to your door and say-"We saw you posted on a possibly fetish-oriented website." "Let's see some I.D." Last I heard, SK was trying to protect himself from Viagra ads and other pop-up shit,which was why the e-mail address was required. Are you all like people who give the "finger" in a car,but won't confront anyone face to face? I used to enjoy the heated debates on this site. Come on people, grow a pair, and post what you want to say!

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Subject: Chloroform

Tina (curious)
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Date Posted: 15:31:36 02/22/07 Thu

My husband has a sleeping sex fetish and wants to use chloroform. I have agreed but have a concern on how much he should use and how long I will be out for. I trust my husband with my life and want to please him as well as trust he would not do anything to hurt me....anyone know anything on using this?

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Subject: Today I handled all family business.....

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Date Posted: 00:08:20 04/20/07 Fri

This is not only for "huh" but for every other arrogant,venom spewing asshole that I have encountered surfing this board since 2002. You talk about whether or not you should live out your fantasies and whether or not their dangerous or politically correct? When I was kid and watched "Rocky" movies I wanted to be a boxer. Guess what? I boxed Golden Gloves for three years in college and actually won a championship. Fantasy fulfilled. My dad loved NASCAR and after "Days of Thunder" he said we should race cars. Him being a mechanic by trade, he built a "Hobby Stock" Camaro and we raced it on our local oval track,him working the pit,and me driving. We finished fourth in points that year and second in the "Rookie of the Year" voting. Fantasy fulfilled. Before I got married I wanted to explore BDSM. I contacted and met and partied with several famous L.A. and S.F. and N.Y.,and Las Vegas Mistresses and submissives and learned what I needed to learn. Fantasy fulfilled. I wanted to coach football,so I helped out a friend with his kid's Pop Warner team. After we won the Pop Warner Championship, I applied for and got several high school coaching jobs. This past year we were state champion runner-ups. Whether or not I ever make college or pro-fantasy fulfilled. I'm on the field calling plays,while your screaming at your T.V. Anything I ever wanted to do, I did it. Even if it was something "stupid" like let a friend choke me out. I don't need to take shit from some sanctimonious prick who never tried anything,who gets off on sitting at his computer telling other people what idiots they are for being "Doers" instead of "talkers". Unless your ready to put your money where your mouth is and actually do something, shut up to other people who have a pair.

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Subject: A little note for "huh?"

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Date Posted: 02:16:48 03/25/07 Sun

I love sanctimonious insecure assholes like you,friend. There's your opinion and the wrong one. If something rubs you the wrong way early in a post,you are under no obligation to keep reading. Stop and vent your anger immediately. If the writer responds with proof that you are wrong-i.e.-by citing a sentence or paragraph that you failed to read,you are under no obligation to respond or apologize-this is the internet-you can slink away,continuing to whack off to Sleeperkid's work and others like him,while popping up like noxious weeds in the countryside spouting your opinion like it's law,and making fun of other people,who at least have the balls to try what your whacking off to. If were all so fucking stupid why do you keep logging onto this site? Like Teddy Roosevelt said-"It is not the critic that counts, the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,who strives valiantly and often comes up short,who at best,knows the triumph of high achievement,and who at worst,if he fails,at least fails while daring greatly,so his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat." I am CPR certified,my wife is a surgical nurse and an anesthesiologist,and we have played with sleepers and breath-control scenes safely for over 20 years. Unless you can tell me in detail the function of the vagus nerve,the function of the cartoid nerves on the outside of the adam's apple,and how gases are absorbed into the respiratory system,and how,and why blood pressure rises under stress either physical or mental,I suggest you shut the fuck up until you learn what the hell your talking about. But you won't do any research or get any education,you'll just keep belittling other posters because it's so gratifying to tell people how stupid they are with the protection of the anonymity of the internet. Fuck you and the high horse you rode in on.

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Subject: Willing Victim

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Date Posted: 13:26:30 04/12/07 Thu

Hi there any ladies wishing to practice sleeper holds on compliant, fit, willing male,travel anywhere UK, please drop me a line.

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Subject: Sleeper holds with Kyla Luciano or Stormee Knights?

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Date Posted: 01:04:01 08/12/05 Fri

Anyone ever seen any videos of Kyla Luciano putting the sleeper hold on a man for a knockout, or have you been in a match with her personally? How was it? Is she good at sleeper holds? Anyone got any video links for me? If not Kyla, how about Stormee Knights?

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Subject: Judgemental Sanctimonious Cowards

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Date Posted: 00:05:13 02/24/07 Sat

I just had to respond to dripping sarcasm of Mr. "huh?" after I offered "Tina" good advice on how to safely play "sleepy" games with her husband. Yes,the right thing to do is not screw around with dangerous acts. But that's like telling your teenage kids not to drink,smoke or have sex,and assume that they won't and hope for the best. Isn't it better to give your son rubbers, or get your daughter on the pill,than to be the youngest grandparents in town,or worse, have them do something stupid like you see in the media where the kids hid pregnancy from the parents and teachers and killed the baby and dumped it a garbage can? Isn't it better to tell them that yes,their in trouble but if their drunk please don't drive,call you and you'll pick them up and at least their alive to be grounded,rather than dead in a ditch somewhere? That's all I was trying to do. It was clear that "Tina" and her husband were going to experiment,so I thought I'd clue them in to potential dangers and tell them how to play somewhat safely. People are going to do freaky shit,in the interest of getting off or getting high,and no,I'm not condoning their actions,but since their going to do it,they might as well do it the safest way possible. Like wearing a life-jacket when canoeing through the rapids. Racing cars or motorcycles at 200 mph isn't exactly safe either,but the guys wear helmets and firesuits to minimize the chance of injury or death,in case of a mishap. I love people who sit in almighty judgement of others tapping out their venom on a computer. Who elected you judge,jury and executioner on what is or is not acceptable behavior? 100 years ago interracial marriage wasn't allowed. Homosexuality is still frowned upon in many circles. Go ahead and be a prude,and have sex through a hole in a sheet because you don't approve of nudity,but don't spew your opinion on the rest of us like it's law,and were all idiots if we don't agree with you.

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Subject: Dragon Sleepers

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Date Posted: 14:17:07 02/18/07 Sun

Does anyone have any links for dragon sleeper on girl related websites? I'll love you to death if you do.

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Subject: REAL knockouts in women's fights! Boxing, MMA, etc.

Randy L
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Date Posted: 18:31:36 01/26/07 Fri

We've all seen the sample sleeper hold videos here on this site and in the occassional movie. And we know they are all bullshit and not real.

But I've found some that ARE REAL - in female MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights and knockouts in female boxing.

And they're not too hard to find. Go to www.youtube.com (you know, youtube the online video posting site, right?).

Use the search function to find what you want.

Use search terms like female boxing, female boxing knockouts, female KO, etc. There's quite a bit to choose from, and you'll see video of actual official sanctioned fights.

Ever heard of a triangle choke? Works like a sleeper, but from the front and with the legs. Look up "triangle choke" on wikipedia.

Search youtube for "female triangle choke". There's a pair of videos shot with 2 camera at the same fight. Sharice Davids fought Courtney Martell and knocked her out with a triangle choke 46 seconds into the fight. It's fucking awesome to watch! You can also use "sharice" for the search term, and it's in the list. One video of the fight runs 2:16 minutes, and the other is 4:08.

I forget what it's called exactly but a sleeper hold applied from the front with the arms is a front choke or something like that.

The most awesome female fight knockout video I saw on youtube can be found be using the search term "vanessa porto". Then scroll down the list to the video that runs 1:32. She fought Juliana Werner (aka Juliana Aguiar, I think she got married). From the time the fight started to the time it ended is 28 seconds! She grabbed the other girl, threw her down on the ground with her arms already halfway in position, and choked the living shit out of her right away. She was OUT when the fight ended and laid there. There are a few good camera angles and a slow-motion replay. I don't mind admitting I stroked my dick in front of the computer while watching this video! It's the most fucking awesome female knockout I ever saw, that's all I can say.

She was hanging onto her neck so hard it reminded me of a lion dragging around a dead deer like you see in those africa nature tv shows.

I can only imagine what that Juliana Aguiar / Werner thought after she woke up, about how badly she got her ass kicked in that fight.

More info can be found on the "full contact fighter database" about the women who fight in boxing and mma. Find it on google and type in the names of women you want to research. It's not a complete list but it's poretty good.

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Subject: Are you my Valentine? Want to be?

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Date Posted: 10:06:56 02/14/07 Wed

Last day to donate and get a special Valentine's thank you gift. You won't be dissapointed! So head over to <a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.aidslifecycle.org/1690,">http://www.aidslifecycle.org/1690,</a> make a donation and reap your reward ;)


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Subject: The Female 4th Sleeper curse?

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Date Posted: 00:57:20 02/07/07 Wed

Can some of the ladies shed some light on this? Every female I have ever sleepered from 16-48, was the same. The first three times they were all gung-ho,- "Wow, that was awesome!!" "How long was I out?" "I didn't know if it was minutes or hours." "Let's try it again." After the 4th one, even if they were weeks apart,they all would say-"I don't want to do that again." "That was scary." "I had bad dreams." Yet every man I know,some who get choked out weekly by pro-dommes,never report any ill effects. What's the difference? Estrogen? I don't know,I'm asking. Maybe you fellow posters can help.

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Subject: Dumb Whiners

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Date Posted: 13:33:01 02/04/07 Sun

I love all the idiots that dis Sleeperkid's work-griping that it's not "real." Any link to this site clearly states it contains "fantasy wrestling." I wonder do these idiots log onto Royce Gracie's (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu champion and winner of the first two "Ultimate fighting Championships")website and gripe that there's no girls in bikinis? Playboy puts out special editions-i.e.-"Wet-n-wild","College Girls" and one my favorites-"Barefoot Beauties." In one issue-Some idiot actually wrote in and griped that there were no pictures of girls in spike-heeled pumps or boots. Hello??? Why would a book titled "Barefoot Beauties" have photos of women wearing any kind of shoes in it? Duh!! Like comedian Ron White says-"You can't fix stupid."

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Subject: Today!

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Date Posted: 08:47:28 01/30/07 Tue

Today is my birthday and your last chance to get your signed photo, help a worthy cause, *and* score a nice tax deduction. <a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.aidslifecycle.org/1690">http://www.aidslifecycle.org/1690</a> for more info or to donate. Remember, we can't ride without your help, and we can't save lives without your help!

<3 Jessle

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Subject: Beware of what you want-you might get it!

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Date Posted: 23:47:44 11/18/06 Sat

I have been a hardcore edge player for over 20 years,and I shake my head at the "newbies" I see complaining on this site. "I told the mistress I wanted to be choked unconcious no matter what,and she wouldn't stop,I thought I was going to die." Hello? You told her you wanted to knocked out,and to ignore your pleas for mercy. She did what you paid her to do. I know people that have said they wanted to be placed in inescapable bondage and not released no matter what for three hours,and then complained that after about 20 minutes,and their first orgasm,it got boring and painful. What sounds good in fantasy,is not often fun in reality. Like being forced to pass out. It sounds cool in theory,but any episode of forced unconciousness,is going to have be-duh-forced,and maybe painful or scary. Take your fantasies slow,if your trying to make them a reality,and especially with a pro,be honest. Don't say "I'm an old hand" Admit that your experimenting,possibly for the first time,and that you may need help. It will go a lot easier,and you'll have much more fun if your honest,truly honest with yourself and your partner. I'll give you an example-I have a major foot fetish. A mistress friend of mine gave me a birthday present one time. She tied me up and "forced" me to lick her feet and the feet of three of her female friends for about an hour. I was in heaven,and told a close buddy how hot it was. He begged me to arrange a similar session with my friend. I did,and he was disappointed as hell. The reason? He has no interest whatsoever in women's feet. He's a tit man,born and raised. It sounded good in theory,being forced to suck the feet of dominant women. Now if they'd done tits,he'd have been over the moon. But he wasn't honest-he said,he wanted to exactly emulate my party. That's all I'm saying-beware of what you ask for,you might get it. Hope this helps everyone out.

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Subject: trish stratus talks about fight tactics

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Date Posted: 04:23:22 04/23/06 Sun

tjek this link out. in the end of the interview she talks about how to end a friendly bedroom fight with a sleeperhold.

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.maximonline.com/articles/index.aspx?a_id=7103">http://www.maximonline.com/articles/index.aspx?a_id=7103</a>

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Subject: How can you knock yourself out?

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Date Posted: 04:27:39 12/27/06 Wed

Is there any painless ways to knock yourself out?

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Subject: Type of Woman you most want to sleeper you???

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Date Posted: 20:00:45 11/14/06 Tue

What type of Woman would you like to be sleepered by??

Are you more turned on by Women with Muscular arms, or skinny arms??
Do Amazon types do it for you or small petite types??

If someone were to line up 100 Women, and you could pick 1 of them to put you in a sleeperhold, what would you look for in the perfect Woman for this???

As for me, I have a weird fetish in that I find Women with hairy forearms to be a big turn on. Women like Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate and Sara Michelle Gellar would be the perfect ones to put me in a sleeperhold....

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Subject: Any sleeper info.?

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Date Posted: 19:13:25 12/16/06 Sat

Hey, the name's Logan, and I was wondering if anyone might perhaps know of a link one might follow to access some f/f sleeper KO clips?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

you can also contact me via email under the following:


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Subject: Showtime

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Date Posted: 21:04:53 12/11/06 Mon

On Showtime's DEXTER last Sunday a serial killer takes two female victims out with SLEEPER HOLDS. Both girls are shown succumbing and passing out. I wonder if any of their writers are fans of the skw site??

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Subject: Happy Holidays!

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Date Posted: 11:33:15 12/01/06 Fri

So it almost holiday season again (despite the non-stop xmas music that been going for over a month now, I hold tight to the idea that its still only almost *g*)

In any case, in honor of the holidays (and since it worked so well for Halloween) I'm offering fancy fun incentive to donate to my ALC ride

Anyone donating before the end of the month, for any amount, will get a delicious thank you gift. What's in it? Its a surprise! (but most likely home made fudge. Who doesn't like fudge?)

So toss me the change you find in your sofa and get a delicious Christmas gift. Help others live to see another holiday. Reap the gift of a tax deductible charitable donation (that means you save $$ too if you're in the US).

Check out www.aidslifecycle.org/1690 for more info or to donate.

And thanks again for reading.

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Subject: Slow Sleeper?

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Date Posted: 19:25:48 11/15/06 Wed

Is their a way to be put to sleep slowly where you actually feel yourself looseing conciousness and fadeing? Or is it always chockeing,fast and a bit scarey/painfull? I got scissored out and it was frightnening! I was tapping out and she did not let go while I chocked/coughed and next thing I knew I woke up between her legs not knowing what had happened. Please respond and thanks ahead of time.

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Subject: sleepered

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Date Posted: 19:13:24 11/15/06 Wed

Never been sleepered before. How and where can i find a woman to put me to sleep?

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Subject: What happened?

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Date Posted: 00:50:04 11/05/06 Sun

I have been surfing this site off and on for years,and what I always liked was the open discussion and sometimes heated debate about various topics. People could at least "Agree to disagree" and have fun discussions,even if at some point Sleeperkid had to say-"All you assholes knock it off". Lately it seems like a newsletter-"A cop got sued for putting a sleeperhold on a perpetrator",or a video review site-"I saw a sleeperhold on late-night cable". Where are the interesting personal experiences and the debates about them? I miss that.

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Subject: Round 2 as it were

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Date Posted: 18:40:49 10/23/06 Mon

I've just registered for the ALC 2007, check out my page at
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.aidslifecycle.org/1690">http://www.aidslifecycle.org/1690</a>

This is my second year doing the ALC and I'm starting early with big
ambitions. Last year I was only able to ride half the miles due to
some nerve damage left over from being hit by a truck, but this year
I'm hoping to do the whole thing. I'm also hoping that since I'm
doubling my miles I can double my fundraising as well.

What is the AIDS LifeCycle, or ALC? It is a 585 mile bike ride from
San Francisco to Los Angeles to end HIV and AIDS. With infection rates
world wide well over 40 million people (imagine if every single person
in Los Angeles and New York City were infected. Its more than that)
and the US alone seeing around 40,000 new infections each year HIV
remains a critical pandemic.

AIDS is a disease that affects everyone regardless of orientation,
gender, or socio-economic standing. Half of the nearly 5 million new
infections every year world-wide are occurring among people aged 15 to
24. Seventy five percent of new infections in US women are
heterosexually transmitted. AIDS does not discriminate and neither can we.

I am registered for this ride in my current home town of Los Angeles.
This means that all money raised goes to the Jeffrey Goodman Special
Care Clinic which provides over $13 million worth of HIV and AIDS
treatment to those who can not afford the immense put of pocket
expense, and to the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, who in addition to
running the special care clinic offer testing, education, advocacy and
prevention services. Please check out the link on my ALC page.

So why am I riding? Because I must. Because being angry youth is all
very well and good, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't try to
change the world for the better. Because my cousin had a baby, good
friends are expecting, and my brother will some day, and I don't want
those children growing up afraid to love. Because there's too much
pain and fear these days. Because last year I needed something
positive to help me get over my crippling accident and resulting
phobias, and found the most caring supportive experience you could
possibly imagine. Because I can. Because so many others can not.

And a special note to Capiz, Julie, Roland, Chris J., Sebastiano,
Patrick C., Tea, James R., Roberta, Steve, Clark, Fred, Abby, "A",
Patrick H., James T., Alethea, Matt, Dan, Goose, Danielle, Chris G.,
Holley, Melissa, Xaque, Hadley, Erik, TXT, Mom, Peter, and especially
Dave; thank you all so much for your support last year. You are all

"In the generations to come, you will be asked "what did you do to
stop this epidemic?" and I am proud to say none of you will be found
lacking" -Lorri L. Jean, CEO LA Gay & Lesbian Center at last year's
closing ceremonies.

Early birds, get your donations in before Halloween and get a magical
super happy fun Halloween present!

As always, if you are not in a position to donate at this time, thank you for
reading and please pass this on.

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Subject: FACT

loserboi (Not surprised)
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Date Posted: 05:53:41 09/16/06 Sat

"A chloroform-soaked handkerchief is often used as a fictional device to render someone unconscious. In reality, a dose far greater than a few drops inhaled over a short period of time would be required to render a person unconscious. Such a dose could also be lethal."

-From Wikipedia.com

So please, losers...stop fantasizing about doing this shit for REAL. You COULD kill someone.


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Subject: CHCL3 Anyone?

Alison birmingham uk
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Date Posted: 11:37:22 04/29/05 Fri

No response to my previos msg. guess i must be a rare commodity!

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Subject: Sleeper clips

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Date Posted: 02:51:42 09/26/06 Tue

Just wanted to say there is a good clip store which offers sleeper hold clips: <a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://clips4sale.com/store/4745">http://clips4sale.com/store/4745</a>
I ordered some of them and they are amazing. Check it out.

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Subject: real life choke out

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Date Posted: 16:57:54 09/16/06 Sat

a woman in portland oregon put a burgular in a chokehold and killed hime. cause was strangulation

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Subject: Re: How do you put a person in a sleeper hold??

jim (:-))
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Date Posted: 10:26:27 09/12/06 Tue

>I'm very intrigued in sleeper holds and would like to
>have a friend of mine put in one, but we don't know
>how to go about. Can someone tell step by step how to
>put a person in a sleeper hold until he's out cold.
>And how long does he stay out cold?
>write me back at windwalker@peoplepc.com with
>subject...sleeper hold technique.
>I'd appreciate it.

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Subject: Re: Male response to sleeper hold

jon wesley
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Date Posted: 20:21:37 09/08/06 Fri

Sleeperholds have turned me on for as long as I can remember. I like them to come during a wrestling match where there is erotic stimulation I would like to meet others in Central Texas with the same fetish. Please e-mail me direct. I'm real interested to get together with you. I'm 46, 6', 200 lbs. Also willing to honor others' preferences for the sleeper.

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Subject: a sleeper party

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Date Posted: 15:52:43 09/08/06 Fri

A friend of mine had a party/barbecue last weekend,and there were about 6 couples there including my wife and I. Someone had brought a kareoke machine and after everyone had numerous beers people started singing. My buddy wanted his wife to sing,but she adamantly refused. He started tickling her feet,but she still refused. He then got behind her and put his arms around her neck and said-"Your going to sing,or your going to sleep." "I'm not singing!" was her reply and he sleepered her out in front of everyone! "Oh my god." one of the other women said-"He actually knocked her out!" "What did he do to her?" My pal and I explained about the sleeperhold and all the other women decided they wanted try it. We even had a five way contest to see who could put his lady under the fastest. It was cool,and the one guy thats a camera buff got some cool pictures. Too bad we didn't have a video camera. Maybe next time.

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Subject: Fem vs. Fem Judo Choke Out

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Date Posted: 16:50:05 08/29/06 Tue

Fem vs. Fem Judo Choke Out video on YouTube:
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mftDpKJ9hD4">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mftDpKJ9hD4</a>


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Subject: sexy "B"-or"C" movie

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Date Posted: 10:30:41 08/12/06 Sat

I bought this videotape from a used video store-It was made by a company called customized productions and it was titled-"Strangled." It opens with a gorgeous topless and barefoot blonde tied to a chair. The guy comes in,pours a bottle of tequila down her throat to "relax" her and then takes baby oil and oils up her neck and substantial rack. Then he takes out a strap and chokes her with it till she's on the verge of passing out. Then he lets her catch her breath,and does it again and again. It's obviously low-budget,but the lighting is good and it does have a lot of good,slow,well-acted choking action. The woman-listed only as "Cassandra" in the credits is good at rolling her eyes and making lovely noises. Just thought I'd check if anyone else had run across this video ot that company's other videos. If you see it,it's worth a look.

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Subject: My new MySpace page....

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Date Posted: 17:41:53 07/24/06 Mon

Heya guys and gals! I have a brand new MySpace page up at www.myspace.com/skwhelena. Hope to see you all there!


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Subject: San Diego interest

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Date Posted: 23:16:24 07/29/06 Sat

Anyone in the San Diego area interested in working on some chokes? E-mail...

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Subject: knockouts: stuff you might wanna know

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Date Posted: 01:05:57 07/21/06 Fri

ok guys, im bored and a little tipsy. you wanna know how to knock someone out fast? well, first off, if you dont know anything about the sleeperhold, then get someone who does know to teach you. dont wanna be killing anybody just because your some horny bastard looking for a fix. SERIOUSLY though, to lay someone out in the quickest time, you need to undestand a simple concept of pressure. imagine a circle drawn to fit inside of a triangle. this is basically what you are doing when you preform the sleeper, arms are the triangle, neck is the circle. with me? whem most people who arent tained with the hold try to apply it, they just try to crush the sides of the neck, which will work, but it takes longer, and can hurt the victim. plus there muscle cramps and yadda yadda. your girl will be like stop! that hurts! see, thats like the triangle triyng to crush the circle out of shape, its not a cirle anymore. you use to much force ove to spread out a space. when you have a circle inside a triangle, notice they only connect in hree tiny places. THAT, my friends, is the trick. find out where the corotid arteries are and that should be the place your "triangle" and "circle" come together, to maximize force applied over the smallest area.lend some pressure from he back forarm to hold the head in place and make sure the artery is snug against your other arm, but theres no real need to crush some poor girls throat. bottom line, if it takes you more than 20 seconds to drop a person your doing it wrong. butcha know, i tipsy, tired, and bored with typing. you guys have fun and be safe.

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Subject: With SK's permission

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Date Posted: 03:30:16 07/01/06 Sat

Based on a friend's recommendation, I checked out the newest release
from sleepy girls called "THE TEST", featuring a cool spy storyline
where a head agent is training a lovely young rookie in the art of the
KO. The best way to know a KO intimately, of course, is to experience
yourself! The rookie willingly submits herself to a gauntlet of
knockout techniques, including chloroform, a sweeeet sleeper hold, a
temple drill KO (mmmm my fave!), a double press to the temple and
carotid arteries, a lovely and breath-removing reverse bearhug, a
vulcan-style nerve pinch, and a final face-to-crotch neck scissors
coupled with a nerve massage that sends the lovely trainee into a
final knockout, with her trainer passing out on top of her from

Even though this release has nudity and slight erotic overtones (the
blonde teacher has her "way" with the sleeping agent at times), it is
not overdone, and the 25 minute film mostly concentrates on the KOs
themselves...all the way down to soft moans, sleepy language, and some
helllla-sexy groans and sighs...not to mention some hot eyerolling and
fluttering from Sasha, who is the cutest sleepy actress I have seen in
a long time.

Did I mention both girls are British? How hot does "That's it...be a
good girl and go to sleep for your teacher" sound with that accent?!!!!

And I'll be damned if the teacher isn't the hottest, most dominating
looking gal I've seen in a long time. I wish she'd train me!! lol


Well I have added a vidcaps for you guys to check out at my group

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/subduedsentries/">http://groups.yahoo.com/group/subduedsentries/</a>

and the direct link is...

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://sleepygirls.org/films.php?id=69">http://sleepygirls.org/films.php?id=69</a>

I know SK doesn't usually promote erotica, but this one is too much
into the KOs for me to resist not spreading the word!!!


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Subject: "Sleep-Gasm"

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Date Posted: 00:13:07 06/25/06 Sun

Here's a fun trick for some of you edge players. I've done this to my wife and to girlfriends before I met my wife and they all loved it and freaked out. Tie their hands behind their back and pose them on their knees. Use a vibrator on their "nether region" to "stimulate" them until their in the throes of orgasm. Drop the vibrator, put the sleepehold on them, and watch them continue to come after their out. They will remember it as a mind-blowing orgasm,their response usually being-"What did you do to me?" "That was so hot." "That was unbelievable." "I couldn't tell if I was coming,or dreaming about coming." "My god."

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Subject: sleeper hold time

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Date Posted: 17:40:23 04/13/05 Wed

what's the average length of time a person stays out cold in a sleeperhold, is there things you can do to keep her out longer

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Subject: sleeping pill preference?

The Wulf
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Date Posted: 21:49:41 06/18/06 Sun

Hey all. I was just curious as to which sleeping pill that is relatively SAFE would be recommended for a lengthy sleepy fantasy?

The Wulf Has Spoken

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Subject: How to find partners willing to play the "sleeper" game.

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Date Posted: 21:21:56 06/04/06 Sun

I see a lot of posts asking for advice on how to find willing partners. I have some advice for these people and I'm not being rude or funny. For women-If you have a husband or boyfriend just ask. Only the wussiest,Ray Romano,or Jerry Seinfeld,in need of therapy type would be offended. 99% of the guys I know would be delighted if their wife or girlfriend suggested they try something freaky. If you don't have a hubby/boyfriend,there's got to be some guy you work with who's so hot for you he'd jump at the chance to do anything with you,even if it was you dress in a clown suit and throw pies in his face. For guys-pay for it. $200 bucks an hour for a pro mistress or female bodybuilder/session wrestler to choke you into la-la land, or let you choke her is money well spent. It's easy,simple, and you don't have to try to explain to someone who will never understand why your a "superfreak" as Rick James said. You could ask your wife or girlfriend,but unless she's an ex-hooker who's seen everything or incredibly open-minded,more often than not the response is going to be-"You want to choke me?" "I thought you loved me." "Why do you want to make me pass out?" "You have some weird necrophilia fetish your not telling me about? "You want me to choke you?" "Why?" "You have some weird prison rape fantasy or something?" I have played the sleeper game with my wife,both giving and receiving as she falls into the rare open-minded percentage,but even she is like-"I just don't get the big thrill of passing out and waking up disoriented." She'll only let me sleeper her if she's drunk or if it's a special occasion i.e.-my birthday,our anniversary etc. She's even jokingly said "I wish you'd find a hooker or something who was into that,because even though I'll throw you a bone once in a while,I really don't get off on it" Hope this helps some people out.

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Subject: Sleeper hold video link

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Date Posted: 21:06:16 06/01/06 Thu

I am keen to swap videos of females applying sleeper holds on either men or women.
I have a list of favourites linked at:
look forward to seeing some of you there!

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