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Subject Author Date
everthorpeg male10:06:37 11/08/12 Thu
hewell grange borstalnev ogden12:24:48 02/10/06 Fri
Re: thorp arch grange approved school 1967 - 70 New Message.STEVE HARRIS9N (VERY HAPPY..)13:23:46 10/27/13 Sun
lowdham grange 77.78Terry Hunter (happy now)15:16:45 05/18/12 Fri
St Johns Apethorpe hallJock Ward13:34:28 11/23/08 Sun
Re: ST PETERS RC GAINFORDsean kieron and martin o keefe14:21:07 02/26/11 Sat
castle howardtrev mcmurray (hi dave)20:30:16 11/25/14 Tue
i was at castle howard aprove schooltrevor mcmurray14:30:19 09/30/10 Thu
Re: Whatton detention centre 1970snig (sad)12:26:00 10/29/14 Wed
Hatfield stoke heath hindleyKev16:37:45 08/01/05 Mon
hatfield borstal doncasterfreddie suckling10:27:53 08/22/12 Wed
hatfield borstal doncasterfred suckling (well good)05:07:30 10/19/14 Sun
hatfield borstaldanny brooks (happy)05:20:37 04/26/09 Sun
pollingtondavid james (piece of piss)13:40:02 08/21/14 Thu
St nic's,Red Hill, Mayford.Orville (Gordon)05:19:52 10/10/14 Fri
castle howard approve schooltrevor mcmurray (hello lads)05:20:12 10/08/14 Wed
Castle Approved School, Stanhope Co DurhamRB06:27:16 04/24/04 Sat
Re: Anyone rember Lenny Harding?Dr Gerald Phillips09:16:30 01/21/13 Mon
Re: portland borstalcraig blake (reminiscent)07:57:46 09/17/14 Wed
Feltham South HouseChris Marshall08:48:57 04/19/08 Sat
lowdham grangejohn bradley06:09:37 07/30/06 Sun
East House Feltham borstal 1975John Taylor08:10:49 10/17/05 Mon
MillisleKev_kar05:57:58 03/17/06 Fri
contacts needed for starnthwaite and edmund castle approved schoolsjoe20:20:12 01/14/05 Fri
st williams approved schoolkevin (ok days)13:34:54 03/06/09 Fri
Guys Marsh/Portland Borstal - anyone been there?KP13:47:58 02/05/03 Wed
Re: Guys Marsh BorstalMick Shawyer05:22:45 11/12/12 Mon
Whatton detention centre 1970sNick (Still suffering)02:09:52 03/09/13 Sat
Re: Whatton Detention Centre 1978.YEP (FUCKING ANNOYED)15:24:47 06/21/13 Fri
Re: Castle Approved School, Stanhope Co Durhambrian taylor (very sad time)10:44:40 04/23/13 Tue
Borstal Tears -- please help!Max06:00:13 03/06/06 Mon
Kerrison Approved School SuffolkRay16:10:16 08/23/03 Sat
Andy Dawsonpam (annoyed)11:14:49 06/13/14 Fri
Re: starnthwaite ghyll 1982andy dawson (sad)05:27:00 05/27/11 Fri
Re: starnthwaite ghyll 1982pam dawson (sad)07:52:48 06/12/14 Thu
Welland remand home summer of 68KEVIN (FIELDHOUSE)15:40:22 06/11/14 Wed
Lowdham Grange BorstalJ. (Your experience of LGB)06:17:41 11/08/12 Thu
How long was I at Stamford HouseBarry l v Hadley/ burt (The pest)09:26:25 10/19/13 Sat
old matesbryn thomas (old man now)11:04:05 06/01/14 Sun
Re: Guys Marsh Borstalalan bettridge (have a cigar)06:48:48 05/29/14 Thu
Gaynes HallFrank (Optimistic)15:26:31 03/13/10 Sat
Herts training schoolBarry11:21:20 02/20/11 Sun
hertsdennis03:57:09 05/12/14 Mon
HOLLESLEY BAY COLONYray vant15:29:06 04/16/08 Wed
Guys marsh borstalGarry Whittington (Happy)22:02:14 04/19/14 Sat
Re: Hatfield Borstal Doncasterdougie14:37:47 09/09/13 Mon
Re: portland borstal 1971 / 72 rodney housekevin lee (regretfull)14:20:35 04/10/14 Thu
Squadron Leader David Datner.Dan Carlton15:55:32 10/06/02 Sun
Fuck Portland borstal you bunch of poofsPistol knight15:58:07 04/01/14 Tue
The Sims 2 Macgarcbing21:28:43 03/28/14 Fri
JAR FCL 3 FLIGHT CREW LICENSING (MEDICAL).pdfgarcbing21:27:33 03/28/14 Fri
You borstal boys are nothing but shit !Ex screw (wasting my tax money)11:05:02 07/27/12 Fri
St. NicksLee (hope)05:42:30 03/26/14 Wed
RE ; NOB HEADSDennis Miah (Leave our site alone)18:35:42 03/22/14 Sat
Unfinished Agenda: Urban Politics In The Era Of Black Powerlattheop03:22:50 03/20/14 Thu
Full Version For Tradewinds 2beaunil19:38:47 03/18/14 Tue
Autodesk AutoCaD 2011 32 Bit [FULL Keygen][/b]beaunil19:37:39 03/18/14 Tue
found helpken jones (help)11:35:52 01/10/12 Tue
lowdham grange 78/79jmt23:13:53 05/24/04 Mon
Re: St Thomas MoreJohn Cox07:57:00 03/06/14 Thu
Re: St Thomas MoreJohn Cox07:41:41 03/06/14 Thu
Welland remand homeKev10:09:38 11/27/02 Wed
Re: Pollingtonfrank hughes18:25:51 02/28/14 Fri
Geoffrey maleJoe Riley (Brummy)17:02:06 02/21/14 Fri
MORTON HALLreg wood1962---64 was u there then (nostalja even bad can be good?)07:51:28 11/06/09 Fri
Re: portland borstal 1971 / 72 rodney housekevin lee (waste of life)13:38:37 02/14/14 Fri
gaynes hall borstalalan mccaver (happy)15:28:06 02/03/14 Mon
Answers To Fccs Pretest.zipdaemiisado13:31:12 01/27/14 Mon
ex screws glenochil detention centre scotlanddave06:24:10 08/15/08 Fri
Reading Borstal recallian11:30:01 02/28/06 Tue
What.... Borstal Boys add your message!KP (Limited)15:21:06 01/21/14 Tue
Aycliffe approved school,66/69cass02:13:56 05/31/05 Tue
Wanted - Drug dealerE13:53:00 01/08/14 Wed
Geordie BedblockCameron (mcgilvary)13:22:11 01/07/14 Tue
guys marsh ex inmate 1972/73tex sampson13:52:58 01/05/14 Sun
feltham north house old lags 1967/68ARTHUR SHARMAN (MEMORIES)08:32:19 12/24/13 Tue
Re: Dover BorstalKeith Gell (Very Happy)11:26:04 01/13/12 Fri
Borstal did it work?KP15:14:40 12/28/03 Sun
Rochester borstalStan (old timer)00:57:47 12/10/13 Tue
wellinbrough 1980simon walker (pissed off)11:41:46 12/03/13 Tue
castle howardtrev mcmurray (hello boothy)03:13:44 11/26/13 Tue
portland borstal 1971 / 72 rodney housekevin lee (mixed)14:46:26 06/28/11 Tue
hatfield borstalgeorge (happy)12:29:35 03/25/07 Sun
dave datnerpaul hutchinson06:57:17 11/05/13 Tue
portland borstal 1971/72kevin lee (regretfull)17:13:15 10/26/13 Sat
Re: portland borstal 1971 / 72 rodney housekevin lee (regretfull)17:02:29 10/26/13 Sat
Re: thorp arch grange approved school 1967 - 70STEVE HARRIS9N (VERY HAPPY..)13:13:44 10/26/13 Sat
find old friendsRalph Crossley (Happy)13:03:04 10/23/13 Wed
Re: thorp arch grange approved school 1967 - 70STEVE HARRIS9N (VERY HAPPY..)17:32:47 10/15/13 Tue
St Aidans, WidnesTommy Ward13:09:20 12/21/04 Tue
So.... who went to Borstal and are now workers or business men?KP14:22:46 08/01/06 Tue
Foston Hall DCnorman (moody)18:05:23 01/12/09 Mon
re.foston halllaaa14:22:09 03/12/09 Thu
Borstal FilmDanielle Plater08:34:59 03/02/09 Mon
re stokeheath borstalstan13:19:16 05/31/06 Wed
Re: thorp arch grange approved school 1967 - 70STEVE HARRIS9N (VERY HAPPY..)14:45:32 09/06/13 Fri
any one at stanhope castlewalter stevens09:05:20 08/29/13 Thu
Re: ex screws glenochil detention centre scotlandJim Deans13:33:50 10/23/11 Sun
glenochil dccolin16:22:33 12/05/10 Sun
Usk BorstalMick (Chilled)12:36:10 08/21/13 Wed
chest xrayDONALD07:06:30 08/21/13 Wed
Guys MarshPeter Dean (OK)03:40:41 05/13/13 Mon
Re: information on borstals,remand centres,approved schoolskevin Robertson (angry)15:36:51 11/27/08 Thu
mayford approved school 1963-1966chris guile14:54:39 07/24/13 Wed
approved schoolray468379304:34:16 08/26/02 Mon
mayford approved school 1963-1966chris guile09:00:12 07/23/13 Tue
mayford schoolmiss corby04:01:02 07/22/02 Mon
mayford approved schoolchris guile07:44:13 07/23/13 Tue
mayford approved school 1963-1966chris15:02:24 07/20/13 Sat
BBC research on BorstalGeorgina Cammalleri03:30:29 07/19/13 Fri
nelson house/portland borstol 1978-79 recall 80-81mark brinkman (good)09:04:27 07/15/13 Mon
wellingborough 77-78AD14:13:13 08/20/07 Mon
Re: information on borstals,remand centres,approved schoolschristopher williams02:15:04 07/05/13 Fri
Re: information on borstals,remand centres,approved schoolschristopher williams02:12:42 07/05/13 Fri
Re: information on borstals,remand centres,approved schoolschristopher williams02:05:19 07/05/13 Fri
Re: hewell grange borstalphil lewis ( luke ) (happy)12:12:51 07/04/13 Thu
Re: information on borstals,remand centres,approved schoolschristopher williams15:57:21 06/30/13 Sun
re Pete RichDennis Miah (Miah)02:11:22 06/26/13 Wed
Dover Deal houseNick Webb08:19:34 06/23/13 Sun
re Pete RichDennis Miah (bet that hurt)11:49:09 06/21/13 Fri
RE HTS pete richDennis Miah (you know it)17:02:25 06/18/13 Tue
re herts trainingdennis miah (lucky lad)16:32:33 10/24/12 Wed
Re: Millislesam graham (skillen was a twat)05:27:43 03/19/13 Tue
ST WILLIUMSPETER05:48:37 06/09/13 Sun
Hatfield Borstal DoncasterSteve Mackay05:10:19 05/25/04 Tue
Gaynes Hall BorstalKeith Mann (Grateful)23:51:32 05/23/13 Thu
Re: portland borstaldavid kissack (i never saw the portland beast)04:36:30 05/17/13 Fri
hatfieldalan cooper (hatfield 1975)03:19:12 05/14/13 Tue
hatfield 1979-1980paul reilly (cockney) (sadly hatfield 1979-1980)10:38:07 02/04/07 Sun
ST PETERS GAINFORDjim cahill14:42:17 01/03/13 Thu
Gaynes HallMartyn Etheridge ( Effy )13:16:41 08/08/03 Fri
Re: starnthwaite ghyll SCHOOLcolin hicklin (sad)14:27:24 03/25/13 Mon
Old friendMichael stredder (Happy)07:47:49 03/11/13 Mon
Benbow house; 79-80--81 were you there?CHRIS FROM OXFORD08:25:53 03/16/04 Tue
HMP EverthorpeAnon22:53:19 09/24/04 Fri
AttendedBruce14:20:06 02/17/13 Sun
Lowdham Grange 1974/75CB11:21:52 02/15/04 Sun
E-mail addressMartin Dyer11:06:15 02/05/13 Tue
1967/8sean naughton00:23:00 01/20/13 Sun
ST PETERS GAINFORDjim cahill14:44:07 01/03/13 Thu
fuga da ashfordgiuseppe giordano00:51:57 01/06/13 Sun
do people on the outside think borstal is like the flim scum?dave07:36:06 09/15/08 Mon
Dover BorstalMike Campling12:30:35 07/06/06 Thu
thorpe arch grangeshaun tetley (remembering)05:09:27 12/11/12 Tue
where is my old mate steve,arthur sharman (past mistake)13:29:32 11/20/12 Tue
dover b orstalkeith relph (happy)12:34:02 11/15/12 Thu
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