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Date Posted: 13:22:28 10/23/17 Mon
Author: Nameless
Author Host/IP:
Subject: 2017 U Sports & FBS helmets - Week 8

The OUA is the first conference out of the tracker with its regular season completed. When the playoffs and bowls begin, the teams involved will only have their most recent letter displayed in the weekly thread; the full order will return as an end-of-season post.

*Acadia: AAAA-AAAA
Bishop’s: BBBB-BBB
Mount Allison: AAAA-AAA
Saint Francis Xavier: AAAA-AAA
*Saint Mary’s: ABAA-ABA

*Concordia: BAAA-BA
*Laval: AAAA-BAC
*Montréal: ACCC-CC
Sherbrooke: AAAA-AAAA

Carleton: CDCD-CCDD
*Guelph: RNRN-NRQN
*McMaster: AAAA-AAAA
*Ottawa: AAAA-AAAA
*Queen’s: AAAA-AAAA
Toronto: AAAA-AAAA
Waterloo: CCCC-CCCC
*Western Ontario: AAAA-CBAC
Windsor: AAAB-ABAA
*Wilfrid Laurier: CAAC-BBAA

Alberta: AAAA-ABA
*British Columbia: AAAA-BAA
*Calgary: AAAB-AAA
Manitoba: AAAA-AAA
*Regina: AAAA-AAA
Saskatchewan: QOQQ-ROO

*Central Florida: AAD-CJK [K=“D” with a knight head on the left side only, http://www.navysports.com/view.gal?id=209019]
Cincinnati: HHH-OAA-AA
Connecticut: EEE-EEE-E
East Carolina: IJH-III-I
*South Florida: FFF-FFF-F
Temple: LQR-LLS-LQ

Houston: MHN-HHB-O [O=“K” with a grey chrome mask, http://www.uhcougars.com/view.gal?id=208963]
*Memphis: MTU-ORV-W [W=“S” with all black parts white, http://www.uhcougars.com/view.gal?id=208963]
Southern Methodist: MAI-NOP-[A1] [A1 has red numerals on the right side only, http://smumustangs.com/galleries/?gallery=490]
Tulane: HHG-CHC-A

Boston College: AAA-AAA-AA
*Clemson: AAA-AAA-A
Florida State: AAA-AAA
Louisville: FFF-BBF-BI [I=“A” with a normal-sized monocolored cardinal head, http://www.gocards.com/galleries/?gallery=5356]
*North Carolina State: JCI-IMN-I
Syracuse: GCC-JCC-GJ
Wake Forest: AAA-EFE-A

Georgia Tech: AAA-BAB
*Miami FL: AAA-AAA
North Carolina: LLL-PLP-QP
Pittsburgh: ACA-BBA-CA
Virginia: III-III-I
*Virginia Tech: YZY-[AA]YV-[AB] [AB=“L” with a burgundy-white-orange-white-burgundy stripe, http://content.invisioncic.com/r224567/monthly_2017_10/7CFBE33B-8C43-4764-AB28-0E1D8B982599.thumb.jpeg.655e27de2369ac66146b404bff01d2ad.jpeg]

Indiana: NOP-PCO-Q [Q=“I” with a red-white-red stripe, http://content.invisioncic.com/r224567/monthly_2017_10/42001A7C-9B57-4A52-B8A2-E763090A9963.thumb.png.65b2e678766a1c02b8f8a49e589ac4fa.png]
Maryland: HHH-HHH-H
Michigan: AAA-AAA-A
*Michigan State: ACA-CCA-A
*Ohio State: AAA-AAA-A
*Pennsylvania State: AAA-ABA-A
Rutgers: AAA-AAA-A

Illinois: NNN-NON-O
Minnesota: DEF-GDH-D
Nebraska: AAA-AAA-A
Northwestern: BLF-AAB-M [M=white shell, black numerals, no stripe, grey mask (will this affect the “c. 1960 – 1967” helmet in any way?), http://www.nusports.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2017/10/21/D50_3319.JPG]
Purdue: HII-IJJ-I [J=“1997 – 2010” helmet]
*Wisconsin: AAA-ADA-A

BIG 12
Baylor: DGA-GKD-A
Iowa State: DAE-FGD-D
Kansas: KR[L1]-P[L1]K-[L1]
Kansas State: AAA-AAA-A
*Oklahoma: AAA-CBB-AA
*Oklahoma State: VRU-QOW-K
Texas: AAA-AAA-A
*Texas Christian: PNL-PNP-P
Texas Tech: BBN-OAN-A
West Virginia: BAB-ACA-B

Charlotte: ABF-FFB-FF
Florida Atlantic: J[G1]J-[G1]J[G1]-J
Florida International: AAE-AAF
*Marshall: AAA-AAA-A
Middle Tennessee: OPQ-POG-MF
Old Dominion: DDD-J[F1]I-J
Western Kentucky: AAA-BBA-A

Alabama-Birmingham: CDC-EFE-G [G=“E” with a white shell, http://www.charlotte49ers.com/galleries/?gallery=499]
Louisiana Tech: GGG-GGJ-J
North Texas: EDI-DID-E
Rice: DD[D1]-DDH-G
Southern Mississippi: EEE-FFG-E
Texas-El Paso: CDC-DCB-D
Texas-San Antonio: GGA-GAI [I=“G” with an orange stripe, http://goutsa.com/common/controls/image_handler.aspx?thumb_prefix=rp_primary&image_path=/images/2017/10/22/Davenport_celebration_web.png]

Buffalo: QST-UTV-RQ
Kent State: AHA-HII-JJ

Ball State: LQK-RSO-N
Central Michigan: CAC-AAA-AE [E=white shell, yellow-outlined normal logo on right, yellow-outlined burgundy numerals on left, burgundy-yellow-burgundy stripe, burgundy mask, http://content.invisioncic.com/r224567/monthly_2017_10/9F34C882-DE69-4326-BEC1-97648398A66F.jpeg.4f88994ec1df741289e3ccc3753442ff.jpeg]
Eastern Michigan: LQL-MQM-M
Northern Illinois: IIO-OIO-O
*Toledo: CCV-RTT-A
Western Michigan: [AD][AE][AF]-[AF][AE][AD]-[AG][AF]

Air Force: FFF-FFN-F
Boise State: GFI-IFF-G
*Colorado State: AAB-AAA-AA
New Mexico: MIM-MMK-L
Utah State: ABB-BLE-AA
Wyoming: QQQ-QQQ-Q

Fresno State: GAA-GGG-A
Hawaii: BAB-BAA-A
Nevada: AAA-AAA-AA
Nevada-Las Vegas: DEB-FGA-B
*San Diego State: AAA-AAA-AA
San Jose State: AAA-ACD-DA

California: AAA-BAA-AA
Oregon: [AO][AP]U-[AQ]H[AR]-[AO][AQ]
Oregon State: GEJ-FEF-F
Stanford: AAA-AAA-B
*Washington: AAA-AAK-A
*Washington State: FFE-JKC-FF

Arizona: EGE-IID-D
Arizona State: AVA-FAE-A
California-Los Angeles: AAA-ABA-Ania: AAA-AAA-AA
Utah: AKT-KLI-U [U=red shell, normal logo with mirrored circle, grey-red-grey-red-grey stripe, black mask, http://content.invisioncic.com/r224567/monthly_2017_10/59e7955067274_UtahLids.thumb.PNG.49410736fec84dabdee6ba6789026d3d.PNG]

Florida: BAA-AAC
*Georgia: AAA-AAA-A
Kentucky: GFG-IFH-F
Missouri: ABB-AFF-G [G=the “1996 – 2011” helmets with the stripe and all gold parts removed, http://www.mutigers.com/galleries/?gallery=5066]
South Carolina: CBC-BAC-C
Tennessee: AAA-ABA-A
Vanderbilt: GEH-HGE-E

*Alabama: AAA-AAA-AA
Arkansas: [JFB]AD-AAA-E [E=“11/12/16” helmet]
*Auburn: AAA-AAA-AA
*Louisiana State: AAA-ABA-AA
Mississippi: AAA-BAA-A
Mississippi State: JJJ-LJJ-J
Texas A&M: BAA-ABB-A

Appalachian State: ABA-CBA-D [D=“10/22/16” helmet]
Arkansas State: ABI-OQR [R=black shell, chrome grey wolf head, red-mirror-red stripe, red chrome mask, http://image.cdnllnwnl.xosnetwork.com/pics33/1024/JB/JBTNTTQICHYSHMD.20171020024128.jpg]
Coastal Carolina: AAA-AAA-A
Georgia Southern: AAA-A[A1]A
Georgia State: LMM-MMM
Idaho: DAB-BAD-C
Louisiana-Lafayette: LLR-NLS-L
Louisiana-Monroe: JKJ-LHG-J
New Mexico State: [C3][C3][C3]-BBB-B
South Alabama: ABB-BAH-H
Texas State: BBF-BHI-E

*Army West Point: CAA-AAA-AA
Brigham Young: AAA-AAA-AA
Massachusetts: FFF-FBG-F
*Notre Dame: AAA-AAA-A

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[> Missing teams -- Nameless, 13:32:17 10/23/17 Mon (

That's what happens when you delete too many lines...

Bowling Green: AME-EPA-EA
Colorado: AHA-GEH-AG
*Southern California: AAA-AAA-AA

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[> FCS helmets - Week 8 -- Jeff Taylor, 19:19:25 10/23/17 Mon (

Big Sky

Cal Poly: C C A - A C C - A
Eastern Washington: A B B - H H E - I E (I = cherry chrome shell, black mask and a monocolor chrome logo)*NEW

Idaho State: A A A - A B A - A A
Montana: [AC] [AC] [AC] - [AC] [AC] [AC] - [AC]
Montana State: A G G - A A D - A(G = white shell, white mask and B helmet logo blue with yellow outline)*NEW

North Dakota: A A A - A A A - A A (A = 2016-)
Northern Arizona: A A C - A A C - A
Northern Colorado: B C A - B A C
Portland State: H H H - H H H - H
Sacramento State: A A D - D A D - A
Southern Utah: I J K - L I I - J (I = F helmet with a red outline )* NEW
http://suutbirds.com/news/2017/9/3/football-thunderbirds-fall-to-oregon-ducks-in-season-opener.aspx (J = black shell, red mask, white logo with red outline)*NEW
(K = A helmet with red outline on logo)* NEW
(L = white shell, red mask, and a black bird logo with red outline)*NEW
(L = F helmet with a red outline to the logo)* NEW

UC-Davis: C C C - C C C - C (C = ? - 1998? with Davis logo on both sides)
Weber State: B A B - A A B - B

Big South

Charleston Southern: A A C - B B D - D (A = 2013 - October 17, 2015) (C = 2016-)(B = October 24, 2015-December 11, 2015) (D = B helmet without the logos)*NEW

Gardner-Webb: B B B - B B B - B (B = 2017)
Kennesaw State: B A A - A D B - B
Liberty: A D A - D A D - D
Monmouth: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)
Presbyterian: A A A - A A A -A (A= 2014-)


Albany: C C D - F D A - C (C = 2016- purple)(D = 2016- white) (F = 9/12/15,11/14/15 helmet with a pink ribbon behind the UAlbany logo)*NEW
http://www.villanova.com/view.gal?id=208382 (A = 2008-)

Delaware: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2004-)
Elon: B B B - B B B - B (B = 2017)
James Madison: H H E - G G I - J (I = white shell, white mask monocolor chrome dog with crown logo)*NEW
http://jmusports.com/galleries/?gallery=5504 (J = E helmet with the A helmet logo)*NEW

Maine: A A A - A A A (A = 2016-)
New Hampshire: A B A - A B A - A (A = 2003-)(B = matte navy shell, navy mask, no stripe, player number left side and ?-1999 logo on right side, both white)*NEW

Rhode Island: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2011-)
Richmond: B B B - B B B - B ( B = November 21, 2015 -)
Stony Brook: E B E - E B E - B (E = white shell, white mask, red-blue-white-blue-red stripe pattern with the wolf logo)
*NEW http://www.stonybrookathletics.com/index.aspx?path=football

Towson: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2010-)
Villanova: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2003-)
William & Mary: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2008-)


Brown: A A B - A A A (A = 2009-)(B = 2016-)
Columbia: A A A - A A A (A = 2015-)
Cornell: B B B - B B B (B = 2017-)
Dartmouth: B B A - A B A
Harvard: A A A - A A A (A = 2015-)
Pennsylvania: A A A - A A A (A = 2007-)
Princeton: A A A - A A A (A = 2012-)
Yale: A A A - A A A (A = 1980-196; 2012-)


Bethune Cookman: L H M - L N O - O (M = White shell, Maroon mask, maroon numbers on the sides)*NEW
http://www.fausports.com/view.gal?id=208251 (N = black shell, black mask, yellow Wildcats on the side)*NEW
http://bcuathletics.com/news/2017/9/30/football-bethune-cookman-takes-down-savannah-state-24-12.aspx (O = yellow shell, maroon mask, and maroon player numbers on both sides)*NEW

Delaware State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2016-)
Florida A&M: A A A - A A A - A A (A = October 19, 2013-)
Hampton: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2006-)
Howard: B B B - B B B - B (B = 2017-)
Morgan State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)
Norfolk State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2015-)
North Carolina A&T: A A A - A A A - A A (A = October 18, 2003 -)
North Carolina Central: A B A - A B A - A (A = 2005-2014 helmet without the stripe)(B = matte black shell, black mask, regular multi colored logo)*NEW

Savannah State: C C D - D C D - C (C = 2017-)(D = 2013 orange)
South Carolina State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2002-)

Missouri Valley

Illinois State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 1996-)
Indiana State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2008-2009 early season 2010-2013 helmet with a blue mask) *NEW

Missouri State: F F F - F F F - H (H = white shell, maroon mask and the pink logo)*NEW

North Dakota State: A B A - A A A - B (A = 2012-)(B = November 7, 2015)
Northern Iowa: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)
South Dakota: B B B - B B A - B (B = 2016-) (A = 2011-2015)
South Dakota State: B B B - B A B - D (B - October 24, 2015-)(A = 2011-October 17,2015) (D = October 24, 2015 helmet with white rabbit head and number) Worn in 2016
Southern Illinois: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2016-)
Western Illinois: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2015-)
Youngstown State; A A A - A A A - A (A = 1989 - 2011; 2015 -)


Bryant: A A A - A A A - A (A = 1999-)
Central Connecticut State: B B B - B B B - B B (B = 2017-)
Duquesne: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)
Robert Morris: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)
Sacred Heart: C C B - B B B - B (C = white shell, white mask, red-white-red stripe pattern with blue stars in the white stripe and a red, white and blue flag pattern SHU logo) Worn in 2016
http://www.sacredheartpioneers.com/sports/m-footbl/index (B = 2013- helmet with a white mask) worn in 2016

Saint Francis: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)
Wagner: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2012-)

Ohio Valley

Austin Peay: B B B - B B B - B C (B = 2016-) (C = red shell, black mask, player number on the left side and the governor head logo on the right)*NEW

Eastern Illinois: A A A - A A A - A A (A = October 10, 2015-)
Eastern Kentucky: A A B - C D C - A (A = 2006-2008; 2016-)(B = Maroon shell, white mask and the 1965-1967 logo reverse color)*NEW
http://www.ekusports.com/news/2017/9/23/football-turnovers-and-big-stops-key-ekus-victory-over-tech.aspx (C = matte black shell, black mask, maroon with white outline EKU logo)* NEW
http://www.gosoutheast.com/news/2017/10/1/football-terry-named-ovc-co-newcomer-of-the-week.aspx (D = 1980-2005)

Jacksonville State: D1 D1 - D1 D1 D1 - D1 D1 (D1 = D but logo is on both sides)
Murray State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2016-)
Southeast Missouri State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2013-)
Tennessee State: A A A - A B B - B (A = 2017-)(B = blue shell, grey mask, red-white-red tapered stripe, white TSU white red outline)*NEW

Tennessee Tech: F H H - F F H - F (H= white shell, white mask, purple-gold-purple stripe and the logo from F helmet) wore in 2016

Tennessee-Martin: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2008-)


Bucknell: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2013-)
Colgate: F F G - F G F - G F (G = white shell with a grey bottom, grey mask , grey-white-grey-white-maroon-white-grey-white-grey stripe pattern and the 'gate logo on "C" helmet)*NEW

Fordham: A A A - A A A - A A (A = 2012-)
Georgetown: A A D - D D A - A
Holy Cross: A A C - C A A - A C (A = 2014-)(C = matte black shell, black mask, interlocking HC logo in purple shield on sides.

Lafayette: A A A - A A A - A A (A = 2016-)
Lehigh: A A A - A A B - B

Butler: A B A - C C C - C C (A = 2015- helmet without the stripes) *NEW
http://goredbirds.com/news/2017/9/2/football-redbirds-shut-out-bulldogs-in-season-opener-45-0.aspx?path=football(B = September 10, 2016)(C = September 5, 2015-September 19, 2015)

Campbell: A A A - A A A - A A (A = 2016-)
Davidson: A A A - A A A - A(A = 2015-)
Dayton: A A A - A A A - A A (A = 2014)
Drake: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)
Jacksonville: A A A - A A A (A = 2017-)
Marist: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2008-)
Morehead State: A A A- A A A - A A (A = 2015- without the ribbon) Worn in 2016
San Diego: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)
Stetson: A A B - B B B - B B (A = 2014-)(B = 2017-)
Valparaiso: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2014-)


Chattanooga: A A A - A A A - A B (A = 2013-)(B = white shell, white mask, red-blue-red stripe with white stars and a red, white and blue logo)*NEW

The Citadel: C C C - C C C - C (C = 2017-)
East Tennessee State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2015-)
Furman: A A B - B B B - C C (A = 2011-)(B = 1996?-2010) (C = B helmet with pink middle stripe and ribbon on front left side of stripe)* NEW

Mercer: A B A - B B B - A B (A = 2016- black)(B = 2016- white)
Samford: C C C - C C C (C = 2017-)
VMI: A A A - A A A - A A (A = 2010-)
Western Carolina: A A A - A A D - A A (A = 2013-)(D = 2013- with white mask)
Wofford: A A A - A A A - A (A = 1988-)


Abilene Christian: A A A - B B A - B A (A = 2013-)(B = white shell, purple mask, the school's normal ACU with cat logo)*NEW

Central Arkansas: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2015-)
Houston Baptist: B C C - A C B - A
Incarnate Word: D D D - D D D - D (D = red shell, black mask, black-white-black stripe, player number on left side and black and white cardinal logo on right side) used in 2016

Lamar: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2015-)
McNeese State: A E E - E E E - E (A = 2002-)(E = A helmet with blue-yellow-blue stripe)*NEW

Nicholls: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2015-)
Northwestern State: B A A - A B A - A
Sam Houston State: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2005 - 2009; 2011 -)
Southeastern Louisiana: C C C - C C C - C C (C = 2016- with green mask) * used in 2016
Stephen F. Austin: A C A - A A C - C A (C = white shell, purple mask, player number on right side, normal SFA logo on right) wore in 2016


Alabama State: B C A - C A A (B = matte black shell, black-gold-black mask, black-gold-black stripe with yellowjacket logo on the sides) * used in 2016 (C = white shell, white mask, tapered black-gold-black stripe, player number on left side (gold with black outline), and gold, silver and black hornet on right side)*NEW
(A = 2000-)

Alabama A&M: A A A - A A A - A
Alcorn State: A B A - A C A - A A (A = purple shell, purple mask, no stripe, and a gold and purple version of the current logo) *NEW (B = white shell, white mask, gold-purple -white-purple-gold stripe, and their regular purple with gold logo) worn last year.
http://alcornsports.com/news/2017/9/2/football-explosive-offensive-plays-result-in-opening-night-victory-for-braves-50-21.aspx (C = 2015-)

Arkansas - Pine Bluff: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2015?-)
Grambling State: A A A - A A A - A
Jackson State: C C D - D D E - E (D = 2006-2013) (E = D helmet with pink logo)*NEW

Mississippi Valley State: B B B - B B B - B (B = green shell, white mask, white stripe, and the 2006-2007 logo) * NEW

Prairie View A&M: F E F - F E F (F = E white shell, purple mask, no stripe and the PVAMU logo in the Texas state outline)

Southern: A A A - A A A - A (A = 2012-2014)
Texas Southern: A A A - A A A (A = 2013-)

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