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Unofficial Miss Louisiana Message Board

Subject Author Date Msgs
Feb 17 State MeetingNo name (Attendence)
09:43:02 02/18/18 Sun11
My insight to state meetingNo name
15:59:11 02/19/18 Mon5
GORGEOUS photo of Miss Louisiana on the top of the guru board!Me
20:40:37 12/19/17 Tue2
If you had to name a top 5 right now, who would it consist of? Click in for mineNo name
23:15:11 02/02/18 Fri23
Jazz- talent: Hilliard, Swimsuit; Hilliard, Blues- Talent: Leinbach Swimsuit: Randon (NT)No name
16:54:48 02/12/18 Mon6
Good luck to J'Lyn Henderson, who will be competing for Miss DC this year! (NT)No name
23:09:54 02/13/18 Tue1
In the name of continuous improvement: If you could share a CONSTRUCTIVE criticism/tip with each of the vets, what would it be? (NT)No name
20:18:37 02/10/18 Sat2
  • I’ll play. Click in. -- No name, 17:33:02 02/12/18 Mon (mobile-166-137-126-087.mycingular.net/
No prelim predictions since we know the Groupings? Y’all are mighty quiet this season! (NT)No name
19:03:45 02/11/18 Sun3
Are the prelims over?old fan
10:41:00 02/12/18 Mon1
FACEBOOK LIVE... Miss Louisiana Organization. Miss Louisiana contestant lottery tonight at 6:30 pm C/T. (NT)No name
17:26:08 02/06/18 Tue3
Official Miss Louisiana 2018 Contestant GroupingsNo name
02:10:04 02/07/18 Wed1
The last prelim is in two days! Who’s competing? They are giving out four titles! (NT)No name
20:04:26 01/25/18 Thu9
HID - Emmaline Miller (Int), LA Jazzland - Katelyn Yopp, Benton - Chloe Burkett (SS), Cenla - Htet Htet Rodgers (NT)No name
21:02:06 01/21/18 Sun4
Miss Crescent City New Orleans slated for Jan 27No name
07:33:55 01/14/18 Sun2
Aly Jacobs has assumed the title of Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet. (NT)Jarlock is no longer enrolled at the school.
13:02:18 01/20/18 Sat1
Miss Louisiana Stockshow - Jordan Duran, Miss Dixie Stockshow - Magan Billups (NT)No name
21:50:19 01/13/18 Sat2
OFFICIAL-- age changed and bumped up a year... Miss: 18-25 years old, not in high school or do not turn 26 within the year you compete. Teen... 13-18 years old, 13 by state pageant, still in high school...No name
01:15:43 01/06/18 Sat2
Change.org petition calling for Removal of ALL Miss America Board of DirectorsNo name
10:20:20 12/28/17 Thu10
New OPEN Miss America Discussion Board- voy.com/246898/PLEASE SHARE voy.com/246898/
15:10:42 12/26/17 Tue1
Any comments on the MAO drama right now? Personally I think it is most unfortunate, and Haskell has to resign/ get fired. But in the end, I think MAO will emerge from this a stronger organization with a solid Board of Directors. No such thing as bad publicity, right? (NT) ICEMAN
06:58:12 12/22/17 Fri3
Miss Crescent City New Orleans new date Jan 27thNo name (Mark your calendars Jan 27th)
19:43:26 12/16/17 Sat2
Miss Louisiana Stockshow pageant — January 13th Delhi, LA. 3 titles to be awarded for teen & Miss!!! $1,000 cash scholarship for Miss winners! Email stockshowpageant@gmail.com to register.No name
11:07:07 12/12/17 Tue1
20:20:26 12/06/17 Wed1
Southeastern contestants have been posted - https://www.facebook.com/SoutheasternCAB/posts/10155435942482599 (NT)No name
19:35:09 11/26/17 Sun2
Miss Crescent City New Orleans preliminary Dec 9thNo name
11:15:42 11/18/17 Sat3
Miss Crescent City New Orleans preliminary Dec 9thNo name
19:49:25 11/18/17 Sat3
Congrats to Miss Monroe - Alyssa Garner, Miss Pride of Monroe - Allison Newton, and Miss Cane River - Courtney Hammons. Also congrats to Monroe OT - Meghan Woods and Pride of Monroe OT - Caroline Marshall. (NT)No name
23:37:38 11/18/17 Sat1
Miss St. Tammany Heritage is Rachel Stevenson, Miss Slidell is Jourdan Waddell, and Miss Southern Oaks is Kristyn Gary. OT winners are STH Alexis Horton, Slidell Sophie Cramond, and SO Alyson Louque. (NT)No name
22:30:30 11/11/17 Sat2
Miss ULM is Hagen Campbell. (NT)No name
21:43:40 11/10/17 Fri2
  • Results -- No name, 23:26:59 11/10/17 Fri (mobile-166-137-139-093.mycingular.net/
Sad day for Louisiana yesterdayold fan
21:33:06 11/09/17 Thu1
NWLOB is sharing rehearsal photos and contestant spotlights throughout the week leading up to the pageant. Apparently, they did this last year, too. Click in for link. I assume they'll have a press release out in the next few days will the names of all 12 contestants.No name
08:43:33 09/19/17 Tue13
Congrats to Mackenzie Hinderberger on winning Miss Arkansas Teen USA! (NT)No name
18:09:28 10/30/17 Mon1
Lauren Vizza won LA USA! (NT)No name
22:02:27 10/21/17 Sat7
Macie McCoy is competing in Texas Teen USA next month. (NT)No name
10:56:23 10/26/17 Thu5
Miss ULM videos are up on YouTube. (NT)No name
21:32:09 10/25/17 Wed3
Miss Tech is Samantha Hawthorne.No name
21:50:42 10/24/17 Tue1
Miss Tech contestants are up - http://www.theunionboard.com/miss-louisian-tech-2018-contestants# (NT)No name
11:51:42 10/20/17 Fri1
Curious about the job of Miss LA...No name
01:15:15 09/27/17 Wed2
Let's start talking about the new season!! Click inNo name
15:47:04 09/14/17 Thu5
Good luck to all the young ladies competing in Natchitoches today for the titles of Miss Natchitoches, Natchitoches Outstanding Teen, and Miss Merry Christmas!!! (NT)No name
09:32:26 09/17/17 Sun4
, Laryssa has represent the MLO with much spunk fire energy these past two weeks. She had many appearances leading into competition, so I have to say, to all those who were so negative after her win, she is doing her job, can we all, everyone, support her? She has worked hard to represent this state and this organization, and will continue to do so regardless if she is chosen to be Miss America. She may not have been your choice for Miss Louisiana (she WAS my call for the win) but support her. (NT)Mom of a former (Lift up, not tear down.)
06:57:08 09/10/17 Sun3
Someone should have told your contestant to line the front bottoms of her swimsuit. Several international news sites had a field day pointing out her "huge ugly camel toe." It was pretty obvious. (NT)No name
00:42:00 09/12/17 Tue5
Why did Laryssa wear her state gown for prelims and a different gown for finals? I liked her prelim/state gown so much better. (NT)No name
21:41:57 09/12/17 Tue4
I know some people are giving Laryssa crap about the question but honestly I STILL can't think of what I would say and I am a former titleholder. I do think it was tough and I hate for her to think she did poorly. You made us SO proud LB. Excited to have you back home :) (NT)No name
09:54:23 09/11/17 Mon6
Somebody... Please wake me up next year when we crown a new Miss America. This year will be a total snoozefest. zzzzz....zzzzz....zzzzz.... (NT) ICEMAN
22:20:25 09/10/17 Sun24
Here we go! Laryssa in the Top 15! (NT)No name
20:30:25 09/10/17 Sun9
At this point, I have a fairly solid Top 18 for Miss America (before I see prelims). Rough order, obviously subject to change, would be: 1) Maryland, 2) Georgia, 3) Arizona, 4) Virginia, 5) Ohio, 6) Alabama, 7) Illinois, 8) South Carolina, 9) Hawaii, 10) Delaware, 11) North Carolina, 12) New Jersey, 13) Pennsylvania, 14) Iowa, 15) New York, 16) Mississippi, 17) Louisiana, 18) Oklahoma (NT) ICEMAN
19:12:20 09/01/17 Fri10
Congrats to Laryssa for her talent win! (NT)HCS
20:44:12 09/08/17 Fri4
Jo HillardBryan
23:22:32 09/08/17 Fri3
Word on the Guru board is that the age range has been upped to 25. (NT)No name
09:47:05 09/08/17 Fri3
Congrats Laryssa for winning Preliminary Swimsuit st Miss America! (NT)No name
21:00:43 09/07/17 Thu3
I'm curious, why do things about LA keep getting deleted off the Guru board? Even the good comments!No name
18:33:57 08/22/17 Tue6
Miss America is here!Me
11:17:28 08/30/17 Wed4
A belated congrats to Miss LA Port City - Rebecca Wheelis, Miss Red River City - Grace Powell, and Miss Spirit of the Red - Tori Wilson! (NT)No name
17:35:59 09/01/17 Fri1
Who won interview at Miss LA this year? Alpha interview? Overall interview?Me
11:53:34 08/18/17 Fri12
Miss Louisiana next summer is already shaping up to be very competitive. The Emily Randon/ Eva Edinger showdown in Shreveport this weekend was solid. And Crews should also be commended. Also, newbie Kaitryanna (sorry, I know Im probably butchering the spelling) is shaping up to be a formidable frontrunner! Cant forget other solid vets returning, and excited to hear Holli Conway will be back looking to better her 1st ru placement last summer! Cant wait to see how it all plays out... (NT) ICEMAN
13:43:56 08/13/17 Sun10
Miss St. Tammany Heritage / Miss Slidell / Miss Southern Oaks' will hold the Southeast Louisiana Local Preliminary Saturday, November 11, 2017 at Slidell High School at 6pm. (NT) (NT)No name
08:30:35 08/16/17 Wed1
Miss Shrevport is Emily Randon (Talent tie)No name
20:51:33 08/12/17 Sat3
Shreveport is this weekend! So who's competing? (NT)No name
11:00:06 08/07/17 Mon11
Mss Shreveport Pageant August 12 at 7 p.m. at Marjorie Lyons at CentenaryMiss Shreveport Organization
08:51:55 08/09/17 Wed1
Ouachita resultsNo name
19:59:33 08/05/17 Sat1
Who's competing at Ouachita? (NT)No name
11:16:22 08/04/17 Fri1
Miss Louisiana Watermelon Festival - Kaitryana Leinbach, Louisiana Watermelon Festival OT - Gracie Reichman, Union Parish OT - Sydney Andrews (NT)No name
21:24:59 07/29/17 Sat14
Miss Shreveport PageantMiss Shreveport Organization
07:20:25 07/31/17 Mon2
Dixie Gem Peach - Molly Humphries, Spirit of Ruston - Elizabeth Wood, Dixie Gem Peach OT - Chanley Patterson (NT)No name
18:12:38 07/22/17 Sat4
Anyone havea list of contestantsfor Watermellon? (NT)old fan
23:05:09 07/19/17 Wed8
MAOT livestream?No name
18:49:47 07/28/17 Fri2
  • Re: MAOT livestream? -- No name, 02:25:27 07/29/17 Sat (ip72-207-192-65.br.br.cox.net/
Alana looks great in all the videos and pictures posted. Wishing her the best at MAOT this week! (NT)No name
09:12:17 07/25/17 Tue2
Alana just won MAOT!! (NT)No name
21:33:01 07/26/17 Wed1
Is Randon competing at Watermelon this weekend? (NT)No name
12:19:32 07/25/17 Tue1
Does anyone know what time Miss Spirit of Ouachita Pageant is on Aug. 5th? (NT)No name
07:54:42 07/24/17 Mon3
Don't know what to think about LA's bio... Any thoughts? Came across as very polished, saying all the right things... What has she done, besides wear a crown? (NT)No name
23:18:37 07/18/17 Tue6
Dr. Jarrell passed away this morning. (NT)No name
19:20:43 07/12/17 Wed2
Does anyone know who is competing at Peach this weekend? (NT)No name
10:31:59 07/19/17 Wed1
Miss Stockshow and OT to be held October 14th in Delhi. $1,000 cash prize awarded to Miss Stockshow and other cash awards given to both teen and miss contestants. Email stockshowpageant@gmail.com to register! (NT)No name
10:08:50 07/19/17 Wed1
Lol. If you want drama, just go read Mississippi's board. Here, let's be positive and talk locals!! Any word on DGP or Shreveport's competitor lists? (NT)No name
13:40:59 07/08/17 Sat8
Congrats to Mallory Cox on her wedding this past weekend! (NT)No name
09:07:17 07/17/17 Mon1
1st prelim Saturday.....who will show up for Miss and OT??? (NT)No name
21:25:46 07/13/17 Thu5
I am a fan of laryssa but does anyone else dislike her style evening gown the way I do? Her official crown shot is in it and it's a great photo of her but I just stare at the dress I don't like lol (NT)No name
14:05:44 07/12/17 Wed3
A fresh slate. What a nice change of pace on this site, which had become overrun with venomous trolls and bat ladies. Thank you. (NT) ICEMAN
21:19:57 07/08/17 Sat2
Did LB compete in Mississippi as well? How many states has she competed in? (NT)No name
10:30:20 07/08/17 Sat4

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