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South Florida Treasure & Metal Detecting
Welcome - This forum is for our Treasure Hunting Friends in the South Florida area.
Please join in, it is a great tool for local communications. Book mark this page so you can get back easily.

Going detecting? Post the day, time and location to meet.

Please Sponsor our local clubs and dealers.
Gold Coast Treasure Club, Inc. - W Palm

South Florida Treasure Hunters Club - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., Broward County

New Website w/ Secure Online Ordering
Reilly's Treasured Gold - Pompano Bch

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Subject Author Date
I'm watching you guys down there!!Jim in Iowa06:01:17 08/21/04 Sat
Got lucky in South Beach.....Tom.....SoFl09:52:59 08/20/04 Fri
Six hours in the water and.....Tom07:13:25 08/20/04 Fri
painful tri "O" dayleslie(nova scotia)01:46:32 08/13/04 Fri
The GULFSTREAM ROSE needs THing diversJerry Kibildis14:41:40 07/04/04 Sun
(Images) Club finds for JulyTom.....SoFl11:38:00 08/03/04 Tue
(Images) Club picnic & beach huntTom.....SoFl12:44:48 06/27/04 Sun
Great picturesGlenn and Dixie16:25:59 06/21/04 Mon
(Images) Club finds for May & Pixs of meetingTom.....SoFl09:23:57 06/08/04 Tue
New magazine is seeking unpublished articles on pre 1900 findsAmerican Digger Magazine19:02:26 06/06/04 Sun
metal detecting beachesDennis19:25:41 06/02/04 Wed
Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron, Wood, Stone, ArtifactsDenoco Inc.12:44:43 05/18/04 Tue
(Images) Club Finds For AprilTom....SoFl06:31:09 05/04/04 Tue
Pix of finds... 1750s Sites in MaineJohn - W Palm Beach, Fl22:50:26 09/16/02 Mon
CLUB HEROESGLENN & DIXIE20:47:25 02/03/04 Tue
Tips for water detecting???Jersey Keith20:26:09 02/28/04 Sat
HMS SUSSEX INFORMATIONClaudio Bonifacio05:26:37 04/11/03 Fri
(Images) Club Finds For Jan. //// Camera Broke On Last Pix !!!Tom....SoFl20:38:56 02/02/04 Mon
Met Mel Fisher's sonSailBadTheSinner04:41:12 01/25/04 Sun
just a hello from the land of the Bluenoseleslie Sarkany(nova scotia)09:02:56 01/18/04 Sun
Complete Diamond Tutorial and Price LookupShadow21 - West Palm Beach, Fl18:43:04 01/07/04 Wed
AtochaCritter Jones15:04:38 01/08/04 Thu
Got a call from KIRBY tonight !GlennyG _Miami Pirate19:14:12 12/19/03 Fri
(Images) Club Finds And MembersTom....SoFl10:47:27 01/06/04 Tue
Diver Vacation ExchangeMike Fournier20:07:49 12/17/03 Wed
(Images) Club Party & Toys For Tots Drive....(Bad Lighting)Tom....SoFl09:54:10 12/16/03 Tue
(Images) Club Finds For October............Tom....SoFl11:46:06 11/04/03 Tue
Which detector should I buy?Egs19:19:16 11/09/03 Sun
NEW TO FL.Kirby04:57:13 10/30/03 Thu
New to FloridaJames Evans17:17:35 10/28/03 Tue
Recommendation on good beach detector, cz-20 or excalibur 800douglas16:59:36 10/23/03 Thu
Lost Ring and Sand Movement informationRob Duran09:08:42 10/21/03 Tue
just a quick hellooleslie(nova scotia)16:49:33 10/17/03 Fri
SPECTRUM XLT FOR SALE!!!Dan Burton04:44:47 05/11/03 Sun
Any 1280-X user around?Art14:36:05 12/10/02 Tue
Club Finds For September..........Tom....SoFl13:42:22 10/07/03 Tue
Club Says...Best Gold Of The Month....Tom....SoFl13:15:17 10/07/03 Tue
Check these coins out! WPB Coin Club met tonight.John Lobota - WPB20:21:27 06/26/02 Wed
EJECTED FROM A MIAMI PLAYGROUND.Arturo Mustelier14:53:39 10/18/02 Fri
louisiana metal detecting lawsMark Stanton22:36:56 09/22/03 Mon
2002 Sunken Treasure Finds!Ernie Richards13:55:34 06/26/02 Wed
interested in infoSharon07:33:20 09/21/03 Sun
NEW TESORO TEJON vs. SHADOW X5 - Short ReportShadow21 - West Palm Beach, Fl21:18:16 09/12/03 Fri
No place to hunt!!Jim in Iowa04:27:25 08/20/03 Wed
(Images) Club finds for JulyTom....SoFl13:05:17 08/11/03 Mon
For Sale - Almost new Whites BeachHunter ID & accessoriesIra08:15:07 08/13/03 Wed
links updatedLinda Bennett12:33:40 06/22/02 Sat
Jan Newsletter No 1 - Jonathan DickinsonShadow21 - W Palm Beach, Fl13:54:47 02/09/03 Sun
QuestionKevin Roll23:35:42 07/27/03 Sun
I have a minelab explorer 1000Javier23:19:08 07/24/03 Thu
Tom...Just having fun ,treasure hunter styleGlennyG (mentally challenged Pirate)16:28:07 07/19/03 Sat
Plant'n Flag / Quick Claim DeedGlennyG.21:51:53 07/17/03 Thu
(Images) Club Finds For JulyTom....SoFl08:49:47 07/08/03 Tue
metal detecting and the lawrobert cruz13:02:15 08/16/02 Fri
Hollywood picnicGlenn and Dixie15:12:37 06/18/03 Wed
(Image) Going For Broke....Club Meeting This MondayTom....SoFl14:02:14 07/04/03 Fri
More about the SussexEmil Torres06:06:29 06/30/03 Mon
(Images) Thank you Gold Coast Treasure Club.....Tom....SoFl17:05:49 06/10/03 Tue
"GlennGarb.." from club ,to TomGlenn_Miami19:44:50 06/09/03 Mon
(Images) Club finds for May........Tom....SoFl.14:44:03 06/08/03 Sun
Florida TokensGlenn12:01:03 06/05/03 Thu
VACATIONING IN FLAALAN07:27:51 05/16/03 Fri
Daytona Hunt...Great Fun...Wonderful Prizes...Friendships made...Tom....SoFl13:56:37 05/12/03 Mon
Metal detection Key Largo areaAnn Perkins20:37:15 05/08/03 Thu
Metal detection Key Largo areaAnn Perkins20:35:59 05/08/03 Thu
Whats your biggest find ever??Evan Guilders01:21:43 04/22/03 Tue
Need someone who knows florda very wellevan guilders18:57:38 04/22/03 Tue
i want to buy a treasure hunting boatjeff george09:42:29 04/13/03 Sun
(Images) Club Finds For MarchTom....SoFl10:40:20 04/08/03 Tue
Key west law'sJoel Pipkin23:03:01 04/04/03 Fri
Unexpected find, or Wake Me! I must be DreamingKenneth Hughes10:26:03 03/31/03 Mon
(Images) Mushetball Heaven................Tom....SoFl.13:01:22 03/20/03 Thu
Pics for this monthTom.....SoFL11:48:36 03/13/03 Thu
This is something I've always wanted to doSusie22:24:51 03/10/03 Mon
(Images) Club Finds For FebruaryTom....SoFl.17:04:04 03/05/03 Wed
turn 6 bucks into thousandsmoney makers23:42:52 02/28/03 Fri
(Images) pixs... Club FindsTom......SoFl00:35:48 02/19/03 Wed
Which detector for Florida Beach Detecting?HM19:59:59 02/05/03 Wed
Minelab explorerDave05:18:19 11/10/02 Sun
Richest Shipwreck Ever Found Off Florida?Jeff K21:35:25 01/07/03 Tue
(Images) Club finds for January..........Tom....SoFl18:50:11 01/06/03 Mon
New Chapter for Gold ProspectorsMitzi Bergrud07:43:39 01/08/03 Wed
Happy New Year Club MembersSOFL Lance01:42:21 12/31/02 Tue
(Images) Club's Dec. Italian feast !!!!!!!!!Tom....SoFl06:12:04 12/04/02 Wed
Detector Comparisons / Tests ?Up to my ____ in Pulltabs, Grant18:44:05 11/11/02 Mon
Found a Nautical Door Knocker (Pun intended)SOFL Lance01:41:10 11/12/02 Tue
Nautical FindsLarry16:22:08 11/08/02 Fri
Pull TabsDave04:02:09 11/08/02 Fri
New Club Officers.......2003Tom....SoFl.13:32:21 11/08/02 Fri
(Images) Club's Finds Of The MonthTom....SoFl.14:22:28 11/05/02 Tue
(Images) Club's Silent auctionTom....SoFl14:13:52 11/05/02 Tue
(Image) Club's Toys For Tots DriveTom....SoFl.14:08:05 11/05/02 Tue
Tesoro EldoradoLarry spisak05:09:05 10/27/02 Sun
Coin CleaningLarry05:12:34 11/03/02 Sun
Vintage Pull Tab Collection For SaleUp to my ____ in Pulltabs, Grant19:28:52 11/02/02 Sat
info on cz-20antonio02:05:56 10/27/02 Sun
New Salvage Equipment "For Sale" page...Ernie Richards11:14:18 06/27/02 Thu
HAULOVER BEACHMODELL12:22:36 10/07/02 Mon
(IMAGES) CLUB FINDS FOR SEPTEMBERTom....SoFl09:56:24 10/09/02 Wed
A Gold En Rada Bar From The Atocha For Sale!!Ernie "Seascribe" Richards22:02:41 10/06/02 Sun
Last Weeks Finds...Shadow21 - W Palm Beach, Fl23:30:21 09/28/02 Sat
ANOTHER POSSIBLE 1715 WRECK SITE LOCATED!Ernie "Seascribe" Richards18:58:00 09/27/02 Fri
Jumping in Head FirstDave17:36:02 09/25/02 Wed
Miami Beginner in search of partnerChunin Martinez16:19:09 09/17/02 Tue
hey guyslaura09:27:05 09/19/02 Thu
Shadow x5 - 3rd pc of gold so far in 3 wksJohn - West Palm Beach, Fl10:04:20 09/18/02 Wed
(Images) Club's August finds. Sorry..some are fuzzy.Tom....SoFl10:01:53 09/10/02 Tue
Y'all haven't been to Sanibel??Linda S08:02:39 09/10/02 Tue
BACK FROM WEST COASTmedic jim so.fl.10:06:28 09/02/02 Mon
Shadow x5 Rules at the beach - GOLD! -PIX-John - West Palm Beach13:26:13 09/02/02 Mon
I am back... Lots of stories to tell.John - West Palm Beach Fl21:34:31 08/30/02 Fri
Monthly meeting change....Tom....SoFl08:16:35 08/30/02 Fri
In memory of Scott SlaughterTom....SoFl08:59:11 08/23/02 Fri
Get well real quickSteve Hamedl16:00:46 08/20/02 Tue
(Image) This and that........Tom....SoFl05:50:51 08/15/02 Thu
(Image) SOBE Revisited...........Tom....SoFl.15:55:10 08/12/02 Mon
(Images) A great BirthdayTom...SoFl12:27:04 08/08/02 Thu
June and July....................Tom....SoFl07:24:01 08/06/02 Tue
PicnicSteve Hamedl03:14:29 07/29/02 Mon
(Images) Club picnic & treasure huntTom....SoFl12:24:09 07/28/02 Sun
(Images) Club picnic & treasure huntTom....SoFl12:25:22 07/28/02 Sun
Not all is Miami gold.........................TomSoFl07:50:04 07/24/02 Wed
(Images)Finds this week with Minelab Musketeer AdvantageJohn - West Palm Beach20:44:59 07/11/02 Thu
90+ Diamond in one ring!!!! Plus more!!Tamarac Mike04:33:18 07/19/02 Fri
Wednesday Morning FindsJohn.....S.FL.03:35:50 07/18/02 Thu
Two more for the monthTom....SoFl11:09:14 07/18/02 Thu
Web SiteSteve Hamedl03:04:03 07/18/02 Thu
Bench testingJeral VM19:32:58 07/17/02 Wed
July Club FindsTom....SoFl12:42:04 07/17/02 Wed
Hold off on that ShadowJeral Van Meerten16:13:20 07/10/02 Wed
Club Picnic and HuntTom....SoFl03:26:43 07/09/02 Tue
Meet me at the beachHollywood Stan17:28:00 07/08/02 Mon
What do you think competition results with this detector?John - West Palm Beach19:19:46 07/05/02 Fri
South BeachTom....SoFl.15:56:55 07/03/02 Wed
South Florida FindsHollywood Stan16:52:16 07/02/02 Tue
Beware. Hide Your Gold, CauseT.J.09:36:02 07/01/02 Mon
Club MeetingHollywood Stan18:00:07 06/30/02 Sun
First try at posting a pix...........Tom....SoFl13:44:42 06/29/02 Sat
detector infoGeorge Peck16:40:50 06/24/02 Mon
Don't thank me.....................Tom McGrath10:06:00 06/27/02 Thu
ForumCheryl Petenbrink18:41:21 06/26/02 Wed
New Forum !! John / Tom Great JobTamarac Mike18:09:40 06/26/02 Wed
alright!...our own site!!great job! guys!!/sobe bill n/t.. (NT)bill kupper15:57:27 06/26/02 Wed
Sample Image... how to add images to your message.John Lobota12:37:13 06/26/02 Wed
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Tom McGrath08:31:10 06/26/02 Wed
Palm Beach Coin Club Meeting Wed 7pmJohn Lobota21:09:20 06/25/02 Tue
Congratulations on your new Treasure Forum site!Ernie Richards11:04:52 06/22/02 Sat
SEVERAL NEW DETECTORS ANNOUNCED RECENTLYJohn - West Palm Beach01:23:56 06/19/02 Wed
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