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Subject: Send Money to Unlikely-Sounding Official at Schlund Maildrop, kennethmorris112@fastservice.com

Kenneth Morris (ach, der lieber schnitzel)
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Date Posted: 15:28:06 05/24/16 Tue

Be Stripped of All Personal Property with Schlund

Schlund group are the most efficient maildrop service in the greater Chester County, PA, area and in Germany. When you are contemplating a pecuniary operation and you need to be assured of security against any dissatisfaction or complaints, you need the privacy of Schlund.

Remember: when you are arranging to send money by e-mail, you simply cannot do better than 1 & 1 and Schlund.de. As a potential client, you may also rest assured that, thanks to the privacy of Schlund.de, your money will be safely and unidirectionally transferred.

One & One Scammer Maildrops
701 Lee Rd, #300
Chesterbrook, PA 19087
pho: 1 877 4612631
fax: 1 610 5601501

To start the process of transferring your funds, including the $850000.00 you hope to receive, contact a Schlund agent:
kennethmorris112@fastservice.com Ken Morris
claimboard22@safrica.com Daniel Dimmo
jedward004@safrica.comJunbo Edwards

And do not forget that Schlund provides so many other brands, there is something for everyone:
agmed.rashid65@mail.com christfosu_su@mail.com jennifferedward@mail.com
ahmed.rashid64@mail.com clombardo@byrepseo.com kennethmorris112@fastservice.com
andrew1dey@mail.com collyns@gmx.us loan-solutions@mail.com
ankoo@gmx.fr dipjsc0004@gmx.com ofosuchri1351@mail.com
barneybaruch@mail.com drdaviddrum002@mail.com petronasoilcompany@gmx.com
bentutu2@gmx.com geodonnell@gmx.com tadahisaa@mail.com
cargounitinfo@gmx.com hondanying@mail.com trmanthony@gmx.fr

german cartoon schlund.de 1und1 scammer maildrops lose money fast kennethmorris112@fastservice.com
The Schlund scammers do not resemble illustrations in any way, and the illustrations may be deemed misleading. Content packed by weight, not by volume. Contains not less than 85% recycled ones and zeroes.

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[> Subject: It is Improble that You Receive Money from Google Scammer, richardhallesq1@gmail.com

Richard Hall (genuine google goof)
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Date Posted: 11:51:00 07/07/16 Thu

The Winning Combo: Google & Yahoo!

Good news, Valued Customer! Due to your inability to complete your fictional fund transfer, Mrs. Beatrice Omego has followed up and found that they have not delivered a bunch of money to you. This probably came as no surprise, since there was never any large sum to be delivered to you.

However, this did cause an executive emergency meeting of the 419 Department in order to figure out whether you might have surplus funds to be forwarded. This good news means you may have the opportunity to send real money to a real advance fee operator!

Do not delay, get in touch today:
Mrs. Beatrice Omego cabongo94@yahoo.com Yahoo distribution
Richard Hall richardhallesq1@gmail.com Google scammer maildrops

Yahoo two-point promise:
  1. No refunds!
  2. No how!
logo yahoo   logo google pink Google three-way warranty:
  1. No questions please
  2. No money back
  3. No way
You would probably have to be on drugs to actually fall for one of these scams, though perhaps if you ate a hearty enough breakfast of Dumb Flakes that would work too.

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[> [> Subject: Co-Branding Opportunities with Yahoo Pink Distribution and Google Scammer, yaoadol11@gmail.com

Yao Dingdong (genuine google goof)
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Date Posted: 13:02:13 11/15/16 Tue

Co-Branding for Modern Enterpreneurs

Join Google Maildrops with Yahoo Delivery

Modern enterprises need flexibility. Ability to choose between technologies and providers is essential. Without that ability, companies risk being locked into single vendor solutions.

No single vendor has the optimal solution for every concern. For instance, Google may provide the best untraceable maildrop service, while Yahoo offers the promptest delivery for unsolicited commercial e-mail. Why should you have to choose one or the other?

Modern co-branding means you get the best of each technology. Best maildrops. Best pink delivery.

expert distribution offering
claim2014worldcup2@gmail.com dubious drawings
claimoffice578@gmail.com realistic lottery
stivenschulz2018russia@gmail.com lose money fast
yaoadol11@gmail.com plausible-sounding loans

The best creative minds in the business are using the best vendors in the business. No one else in the industry can deliver pink mail like Yahoo! And no one else comes close to Google for handling the enthusiastic response.

claimoff578@gmail.com scammer maildrop claim2014worldcup2@gmail.com scammer maildrop stivenschulz2018russia@gmail.com yaoadol11@gmail.com google fake loan
backed by the Google three-way warranty:
  1. no questions, please
  2. no money back
  3. no way or how

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[> Subject: World of Opportunity with World Media Group Scammers, Including infos.blessingcarlos@post.com

Carlos Blessing (world of hurt)
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Date Posted: 14:58:48 01/12/17 Thu

Enjoy a World of Hurt

with world media group, llc

Are you tired of crooks using Yahoo and GMail maildrops? Probably so. By now you could have sent great huge piles of money and had nothing more than the feeling of santorum in return. That gets old.

Now, World Media Group are ready to help. With some of the most convincing domain names in the business, and the maildrop capacity to match.

Just look at the list of approved vendors now!
group leaders: infos.blessingcarlos@post.com dhl.expressdelivery@consultant.com
abort104@email.com dipjsc014@financier.com jpmorganonline@imail.com
af.developmentbank@accountant.com drjohnsonhugewilliam@consultant.com kartal.solak1@financier.com
afua.felicia@consultant.com drmikearthur@europe.com korvin.jaroslav@europe.com
agk11@consultant.com drsanusilamido02@minister.com laimohammed@consultant.com
agnessanchez@consultant.com elizabethjohnson2015@myself.com laldy@post.com
asiadevelopmentbank@asia.com emikolee@japan.com larrymoore2015@consultant.com
bancoespanyolcentral@financier.com felicia.afua@accountant.com loan-solutions@consultant.com
bardejen@consultant.com finance_intl@comic.com mrdanielmminele0@accountant.com
beneficiary.paymet@consultant.com gha.secretary@secretary.net mrjamescally@writeme.com
blueskystudios@usa.com imf.fundrelease@asia.com nationallotto20112013uk@london.com
c.edward@lawyer.com info.internationallotto@consultant.com ncoordinator2013@consultant.com
camerondokodafinancialservices@consultant.com info.reserbanksa@programmer.com nichiconc@asia.com
chonglee_globallimited@asia.com info_claim_director@consultant.com nkiacoordinator@london.com
chongleegloballimited@asia.com info_njhrforg@secretary.net payment_dept@africamail.com
claimboard22@safrica.com infohelp1@india.com petfofon@consultant.com
cokeuk2012@london.com infos.blessingcarlos@post.com stivenschulz2016@brazilmail.com
commonwealth@cyberservices.com irrevocablepaydept@consultant.com taher.salemekha@consultant.com
davidsisulu1@safrica.com jedward004@safrica.com uba.customer-service@accountant.com
dbcherman@australiamail.com johnchitsungo@email.com www.atm.card@post.com

With such a line-up as are offered by World Media Group, there is not a lot of reason to go elsewhere. No one else has the generic brands. No one else has the vendors ready to accept your money. No one, no where.

World Media Group, LLC
90 Washington Valley Rd, #1128
Bedminster, NJ 07921
ph 1-908-9030200
fx 1-908-2759105
Of course you realize that none of the illustrations have any resemblance whatever to the scammers hiding behind the World Media Group maildrop services.

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[> Subject: Good Quality Realistic Payment with Google-Approved Resale Representative, nif74ge@gmail.com

Roland Scott (genuine google goof)
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Date Posted: 08:52:43 02/16/17 Thu

Empty Warehouse, Full of Woe

By now you know that you should not attempt to rhyme "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" with "stinky turd again". And probably you also know why it is important to insist on a genuine Google-approved GMail maildrop user so that you enjoy the full protection. If they do not qualify for GMail, they do not qualify to send realistic payment in return for real goods.

The usual 5-step procedure:

  1. Receive realistic payment
  2. Ship goods to distant, anonymous transfer point
  3. Wire overpayment amount back to customer
  4. Learn difference between realistic and real payment
  5. Make repayment arrangements with bank
Why wait? Talk to a non-remunerative potential customer today!

backed by the Google three-way warranty:
  1. No questions
  2. No refunds
  3. No way
Illustrations provided for amusement purposes only. Contents may settle during shipment. Not legal for trade. The Turkish Ministry of Politeness asks that you be careful not to write offensive poetry about President Erdogan as it may hurt his feelings. Excessive consumption of alcohol leaves less for your friends. Do not search the web for "erdogan poetry" lest you run afoul of German inoffensiveness statutes.

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[> Subject: Catch 22: You Should Be On Drugs to Buy Drugs from Internet Stranger, paul.miller@taketheprofits.com

Paul Miller Taketh (dope makes you smart)
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Date Posted: 10:32:58 03/09/18 Fri

Are You Considering Buying Drugs over the Internet

Great! Glad to hear it. I had wondered if anyone actually fell for those things. Well, at least you should insist on the complete package. That way, you can contact t.sharma@sovhealth.com and receive full information!

Just a few easy steps:
  1. pick a plausible-sounding foreign vendor
  2. insist on realistic domestic front
  3. give them a credit card
  4. wait for goods to arrive
  5. if goods arrive, put some in your mouth
drunk girl passed out

You are crazy, right? Because it will certainly help.

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Date Posted: 19:53:33 01/04/18 Thu

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Subject: Be Fleeced, Send Money toGoogle Gmail Approved Counterfeit Official, unitednationne@gmail.com

Unfilter Nationne (genuine google goof)
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Date Posted: 09:24:11 02/14/17 Tue

Indistinguishable Officials Want Fungible Funds

and you can send some today!

Modern information technology solutions provide faster, more efficient ways to achieve complete fiscal defenestration. You can now work from home, and no longer need to rely on manual courier services or flamability of specie.

As you would expect, Google Gmail provide the modern upgrades you need. Why be burdened with all that nasty old money when you can be relieved almost instantly? Do not delay.

Modern opportunities include three genuine Google approved fake officials. They have make-believe funds, and there are just a few expensive obstacles to sending that make-believe money to you. Wow, what an opportunity! And you were thinking of buying some of that make-believe counterfeit money? Well, now you do not have to do so!

Contact a realistic official today:
drgrantmorgann@gmail.com Grant Morgan
prof234jubrilgmusa009@gmail.com Jubril Gmumbulu
unitednationne@gmail.com Unfilter Tednationne

It really does not matter which of these realistic officials you work with, they are practically a team. No matter your choice, you will surely have your share of santorum delivered and installed.

All transactions backed by the Google three-way warranty:
  1. No questions
  2. No money back
  3. No way
Image does not accurately depict any of the three Google Gmail fake officials to whom you may wish to send unnecessary money. Obviously you would not send money for which you still have any need. Illustration furnished for amusement purposes only. Not legal for trade. Contents may have settled during shipment. Government warning: government can be hazardous to your health.

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Subject: BUY COUNTERFEIT MONEY AT ( Email: microinvestors0@gmail.com ) AND PASSPROT,ID,DL AND VISA

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Date Posted: 04:00:13 02/06/17 Mon

BUY COUNTERFEIT MONEY AT ( Email: microinvestors0@gmail.com ) AND PASSPROT,ID,DL AND VISA

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Subject: Dying Widows are Not All The Same - You Deserve the Best Real Yahoo, mrsrita_booth1@yahoo.fr

Rita Booth (yahoo! it's a scam!)
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Date Posted: 17:07:05 02/01/17 Wed

Some Yahoos are Internet Marketing Wizards

but mostly they are unconvincing scammers using free maildrops

Congratulations, you have found the fount of information about Yahoo! and the marketing opportunties used by plausible-sounding dying widows. With an approved Yahoo! maildrop, you can achieve fiscal peculation from the gullible with the perfect assurance that there will be no repercussions.

Don't believe it? Well, just ask any of the approved widows now soliciting for funds necessary to transfer a large sum of money to your attention. To a man[1], they all want to remember that they are Yahoos! And every one of them will tell you that you can get a free private scammer maildrop with Yahoo!

Better yet, you can also distribute your solicititation using the famous pink hosting services of Yahoo! Just prepare your message, and your mailing list. You can send hundreds, even thousands of unwanted solicitations using the fast spam network at Yahoo! Once you have tried it, you will be reluctant to go elsewhere.

newest Yahoo! approved widows:
mrsrita_booth1@yahoo.fr Rita Booth
mrsbridggie.william12@yahoo.com William Bridggie

Remember, you only get the two-point promise in one place. You only get the safety of the private maildrop in one place. And your marketing efforts lag behind if they do not start in the one place that provides a complete end-to-end solution.

backed by the Yahoo! two-point promise:
  1. No refunds!
  2. No how!
Disclaimer: While they pretend to be female, the actual Yahoo! scammers are uniformly male, uniformly working out of free wifi hot-spots, and uniformly equipped with small penises. It is this last shortage which makes them so desperate to obtain your money, as a sort of compensating mechanism. Illustration above bears no resemblence to any approved fake widow and is furnished for entertainment purposes only.

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Subject: Pain meds without a prescription online!

Dr Pain (*!* Alert)
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Date Posted: 08:51:12 08/17/15 Mon

Brand name pain medicaments without a prescription online (Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Dilaudid, Opana, Toquilone, Rohypnol and etc.). Good prices, fast delivery. Safe way of payment method with a protection from fraud. For more information mail us at: salviaonline@gmail.com

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[> Subject: Only Thing Less Likely than On-Line Pain Meds is Money from Bank Faker, hasimshabri@mail.ee

Hasim Shabby (be sad after losing money)
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Date Posted: 15:55:24 06/28/16 Tue

No, MAIL.EE Is Not About Electrical Engineering!

This is an off-brand maildrop service. You send your money to a person using one of these maildrops, and then for a challenge you can try to find out where it went. Good luck with that!

Feel a little shy about approaching a stranger with a mail.ee maildrop? No problem, we have other options available!

Get started!
  1. hasimshabri@mail.ee
  2. a_mmm32@aol.co.uk
  3. fundtransferbj@outlook.com
  4. musolinojohn4@gmail.com

Remember, any of these fake bankers is ready to help with your fiscal defenestration. So why be shy, when you could be shy of money instead!

mail.ee scammer maildrop service send money and be sad ms outlook scammer maildrop service

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[> Subject: Digital Ocean Promotion Codes and Forwarding to Russian Online Pharmacy, sales@digitalocean.com

Nott Ben Uretsky (drugged up and spamming furiously)
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Date Posted: 11:26:07 01/02/17 Mon

Awash in a Sea of Possibilities

how to choose digital ocean

So many mediocre providers are out there competing for your attention. It is hard to know where to start or how to evaluate them.

Fortunately, Ben Uretsky has done the work for you. You can rely on Digital Ocean as your hosting company and know that you will soon be able to have the world awash in a sea of spam.

So, maybe you do not have to settle for mediocre after all. Now you can choose purely inutile and avoid being lost in the crowd.

And if you call in [1-347-8756044] first to validate, you can try the coupon code:

If the coupon code is accepted, your first year is free except for bandwidth overage charges!

Digital Ocean also provides several other great opportunities:
Jefferey Dean jefferey.dean2016@yandex.com Lottery
Dale Holness info@electmarkdouglas.com Elect a Spammer
Ben Uretsky mn15p5@163.com Russsian Pharma

We are so sure you can rely on Digital Ocean that we now offer the best warranty in the business. If you are dissatisfied in any way, you need only write down the cause of the dissatisfaction, roll it up, and stick it up your butt. There is no warranty we deem to be any better!

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Subject: Jump Up, Send Money, Be Sad, Avoid Linda Katehi Pepper Spray, with lauranelson041@gmail.com

Linda P.B. Katehi (genuine google goof)
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Date Posted: 14:30:53 09/16/16 Fri

Send Money Overseas and Never See It Again

learn about the international banking system

I suppose you could just stick with UC Davis President Linda Katehi and the pepper spray brigade. The poor rent-a-cop who sprayed the students had his feelings hurt by the criticism and needed thousands of dollars worth of mental health assistance. And Linda Katehi is crazy enough not only to pay for it, but to hire a reputation management company to try to hide the information.

Unfortunately, none of this is going to bring you any money. What to do? It would be a terrible shame to have to work, but there do not appear to be a lot of university president jobs. Wait, there is a solution, and you probably know what it is!

By now you certainly should know the plan.

  1. Agree to easy work
  2. Receive realistic payment
  3. Deposit in trust account
  4. Wire bulk of proceeds to "client"
  5. Keep rest for your fee
  6. Discuss difference between realistic and real with bank

The main problem is how to get started. You need to find a genuine Google Mail approved operator in order to have the assurance of the Google three-way warranty, and now you can. Just get in touch with an authorized Google Mail maildrop user:

Google Mail three-way warranty:
  • No questions please
  • No money back
  • No chance at all
  • pepper spray your finances

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    Subject: Webinars! Better than Drugs! Send Money Now, support@mentorhealth.com

    Brian Tuttle (underwear bandit)
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    Date Posted: 09:38:46 03/28/16 Mon

    Waste Time with Webinars

    The latest round-up of webby webinar opportunities. Remember, you can "attend" wearing only your underwear from down in Mom's basement. It still counts as doing something if she asks!

    Mentor Health has great opportunities:
    The instructors are all great people who fortunately have time to conduct webinars at so much a head.

    Unsure about the value of webinars? These people have tons of great information!
    admin@lalwt.com info@cleanytime.com sales@gcpseminars.com
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    forensic@nbfe.net reg@gcpseminars.com

    attend in your underwear   lose money fast with mentorhealth.com  
    Mentor Health
    161 Mission Fails Ln, #216
    Fremont, CA 94539
    pho 1-800-4479407
    fax 1-302-2886884
    Attend in your underwear!
      Brian Tuttle (does not resemble)

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    [> Subject: Ship Your Future Overseas, Feel Sad with Genuine Gmail Qualified Peculator, dscholes0000@gmail.com

    David Scholes (genuine google goof)
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    Date Posted: 15:38:38 05/27/16 Fri

    Empty Warehouse, Full of Woe

    The Google approved transportation crew are able to provide the fastest shipping. When you need to get those goods out quickly, you cannot settle for just any carrier. You need the logistics experts.

    How it works:
    1. Receive order and realistic credit card payment
    2. Ship goods to anonymous international transfer point
    3. Refund overpayment by irreversable means
    4. Explain to bank about realistic payment

    In short, you need Google Gmail ability:
    anna.gonzanlex@gmail.com Yahoo!
    bdurks44444@gmail.com Rackspace
    dscholes0000@gmail.com Server4You
    Yes, of course it is backed by the Google Gmail three-way warranty:
    1. No questions
    2. No refunds
    3. No way

    anna.gonzanlex@gmail.com bdurks44444@gmail.com dscholes0000@gmail.com
    Google Maildrop Logistics
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    • pho: 1 650 330 0100
    • fax: 1 650 618 8571

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    [> Subject: Do Not Waste Time with Webinars, Empty Warehouse with Real Yahoo, ellenspiff@yahoo.dk

    Ellen Spiff (yahoo! it's a scam!)
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    Date Posted: 09:16:11 07/08/16 Fri

    Yahoo! The Full Service Spam-and-Scam Service You Already Know!

    There are so many "piecemeal" services around, you could spend the rest of the week just trying to pick up enough pieces. And that does not leave much time for running your business.

    Oh, yeah, running your business, you remember. That is where the money comes from to pay the rent and the ISP bill. But if you spend all your time dealing with tech services, and tech people who speak techno-babble that you do not understand, you are going to have a hard time running your business.

    Many legitimate businesses wind up having a computer guy to handle this. But what if your business is ordering goods and sending realistic over payments, enjoying both the goods and the refunds as they arrive. This is not the sort of thing where you can reasonably hire a computer guy.

    Yahoo! Now there is a solution! Your full-service spam and scam shop is ready to provide complete IT solutions suited to your business model. Now available:

    • Search solutions to find marks (remember Yahoo search?)
    • Pink mail distribution to potential marks
    • Safe maildrop service to receive responses
    • Anonymity so marks can not seek restitution
    Who would have guessed, your old friend Yahoo is the modern one-stop IT solution you have needed all along.

    Contact a product representative:
    Backed by Marissa Mayer and the Yahoo two-point promise:
    1. No refunds!
    2. No way!
    logo yahoo yahoo! spam distribution with marissa mayer yahoo! scammer maildrops with marissa mayer
    Illustrations do not depict Marissa Mayer or any of her enthusiastic crew of fiscal separation artists. Do not operate heavy equipment. Government can be unsafe. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages may leave less for your friends.
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