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Subject: Class of 2015

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Date Posted: Thursday, March 26, 02:18:40pm

Thoughts about Miss MD based on the current class? Top 10, top 5?

Three locals left (so 6 more titles I guess) who will they be??
Subject: Realistically what girls that are crowned do you think would be willing to put their life on hold for a year, stop school and work, to be Miss Marylan? Don't you think this rule knocks out some of the top competitors?

Stupid rule
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Date Posted: Thursday, April 16, 04:30:17am

Subject: Carroll Co. Pageant Revived

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Date Posted: Tuesday, April 07, 09:00:22am

Carroll Co. pageant is back on the scene after a 20 yr. absence. Great to see that Mae Alexander is bringing this back. She had a wonderful group of contestants on Sat., April 4, and now has six promising titleholders. Very nice show, well done production. Huge stage at McDaniel College used for the event. Best wishes to all new titleholders. Fourteen current titleholders were in attendance and were introduced. All had a fun time.
Subject: Miss Frostburg

Who is competing?
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Date Posted: Sunday, March 29, 11:01:07pm

Who are the contestants?
Subject: This weekend

Updater---good luck to all the girls competing this weekend....
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Date Posted: Thursday, March 19, 04:51:53am

Subject: How tall is Nabilah Kabir, the new Miss Rocky Gap?

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Date Posted: Sunday, March 22, 03:36:55pm

Subject: Did Meadowcroft resign her NY title? What happened?

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Date Posted: Saturday, March 21, 03:11:55pm

Subject: Current Class List-Please correct/fill in any blanks!

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Date Posted: Monday, March 02, 10:16:40am


Miss Queen State- Ebony Sherrill (1st r-up 2014)
Miss Historic Maryland- Katie Pedito (Top 10 2014)
Miss Appalachia- Arcadia Ewell
Miss White Oak- Cynthia Ford
Miss Northern MD- Kari Colona
Miss Baltimore- Katelyn Millison
Miss Annapolis- Kendall Smith (Top 10 2012, 2013)
Miss Anne Arundel County- Destiny Clark
Miss University City- Margo Huffman
Miss Black Eyed Susan- Taylor Faulkner
Miss Washington County- Audi Colombo
Miss Western Maryland- Amber Butler


Miss Historic Maryland OT- Michaela Smith
Miss Appalachia OT- Brynn Dao
Miss White Oak OT- Maddie Brown
Miss Northern MD OT- Queen Griffin
Miss Baltimore OT- Nadiya Robinson
Miss Annapolis OT- Laney Puhalla ( Miss MD OPT 13)
Miss Anne Arundel County OT- Caroline Christian
Miss University City Ot-Cheyenne McGlothlin (Top 5 2014, 2013)
Miss Black Eyed Susan OT-Karyn Kittrell
Miss Washington County OT-Rebecca Block (Top 10 2013, 2014)
Miss Western Maryland OT- Jessica Bayuk

Sorry if I forgot anyones placements from previous years! With four locals left, who will round out the class? 9 or 10 more to crown!

March 8th: Miss Frederick

March 21st: Miss Allegheny County
Miss Cumberland
Miss Rocky Gap (Are they doing that title this year?)

March 29th: Miss Frostburg
Miss Mountain City

April 4th: Miss Carroll County
Miss Patapsco

April 19th: Miss Free State
Miss Potomac

No sweeps, so far! I think we'll see Lokey, Lash, Steed, and Dutrow walk away with one of these remaining titles for sure. Possibly Steinly and Sullivan. Thoughts?
Subject: Of the girls competing this year, any guesses about who has an excellent interview?

After all, it is a 25% of the score.
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Date Posted: Wednesday, March 04, 03:08:33am

Subject: Emily Gallager is the new Miss Frederick

She beat the following former titleholders: Morgan Lash, Shea Sullivan, and Taylor Steed
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Date Posted: Monday, March 09, 09:54:29am

Subject: Miss Washington County/Western MD

Good Luck Ladies
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Date Posted: Friday, February 13, 11:56:05pm

Subject: Local Titleholders

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Date Posted: Monday, March 02, 04:30:29am

Can anyone tell me if this is true or not ,Are titleholders in the Miss America system allowed to get photographed with other titleholders from other systems . I have met up with some of them in different events and some have told me they are not allowed to have photos taken with other system titleholders . I first I thought how rude and I figure I would just ask on here, Our system is ok with us being photographed with other systems Someone help please , I have actually saw many pictures posted on social media
so Im just confused
Subject: Appalachia results

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Date Posted: Monday, January 05, 02:33:50pm


1st RU: Cynthia Ford
Miss Northern Maryland (new comer title): Kari Colona
Miss White Oak: Maria Pifer
Miss Appalachia: Arcadia Ewell

Subject: So who is your top 5 and/or 10 out of only those that have been crowned thus far

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Date Posted: Friday, February 27, 11:11:07pm

Subject: Now that would get Maryland noticed!

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Date Posted: Monday, February 09, 11:40:06pm

Wouldn't it be something if Sam won Miss Mass, Stephanie won Miss NY and Sara won Fla. Miss America would look like a Miss MD pageant.
Subject: Washington CO/Western MD

Who should we expect to see competing?
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Date Posted: Thursday, February 05, 04:00:10am

Subject: Upcoming Locals

Visit the website
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Date Posted: Tuesday, January 20, 08:49:03am

Miss University City, Teen and Pre Teen Pageant
January 24, 2015 at 5PM
Allegany College of Maryland
Email for More Information

Miss Washington County & Miss Western Maryland
Scholarship Pageant
February 21, 2015 at 7PM
Hagerstown Community College

Miss Bel Air Independence
The deadline for communicating interest to the Committee via e-mail is February 21, 2015

Miss Frederick & Miss Frederick Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageant
Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 2:30PM
Interviews held on Saturday, March 7, 2015
Frederick Community College
For More Information
Contestant orientations will be held on Sunday, January 25 at 1:30 p.m. at the Urbana Library and on Saturday, January 31 at 1:30 p.m. at the Urbana Library. All interested contestants must attend one of the orientation meetings.

Miss Allegany County & Miss Cumberland with Outstanding Teen and Preteen Scholarship Pageant
March 21, 2015
Allegany College of Maryland - Theatre
Cumberland, MD 21502
For More Information, Email
*Accepting Miss, Teens, Preteens, and Princesses*

Miss Frostburg/Miss Mountain City
Outstanding Teen Pageant
March 29, 2015
Director: Amy Leasure
Contact: amy.leasure@maryland.gov

Miss Carroll County, Miss Carroll County’s Outstanding Teen and Pre-Teen
Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 4:00pm
McDaniel College

Miss Free State/Miss Potomac and Outstanding Teen Pageant
April 19, 2015
Director: Shana Oshiro
Contact: missfreestateorg@gmail.com

With Historic/Queen State, Appalachia/White Oak/Northern MD, and Baltimore/Annapolis/Anne Arundel, that makes a total of 21...will there be a sweeps?
Subject: "Objective pageant" is an oxymoron. How is a newcomer can have a competitive interview? She couldn't have done as much as all the girls who gave years of their lives to this system.

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Date Posted: Friday, January 16, 02:54:52am

I am not a pageant person, and I don't have any personal interest in the results. I just like to watch competitions, however, sometimes it is obvious that judges show some favoritism or that they have some underlying agendas. Someone was talking about the importance of a strong stage presence. Last year I noticed that miss AnneArundel County was a rookie and that she was one of the weakest contestants as far as a stage presence goes. Her talent was weak as well - playing a simple tune with a pre-recorded professional orchestra as a background is nothing special. (Cynthia's flute playing skills are much stronger even though she also uses some pre-recorded musical background.)This year's winner of the same title didn't look like a "top three" on stage either. Some of the girls from Miss Maryland class 2014 stood out more. I think that many uninvolved audience members would agree with my opinion. Judging is definitely subjective and possibly bias.
Subject: University City results?

Please inform.
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Date Posted: Monday, January 26, 01:04:31am

Subject: Opening number Songs

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Date Posted: Tuesday, February 10, 06:20:59am

What songs have been used for opening number so far, and does anyone think it matters if two locals use the same song?

Subject: Current top 5?

Now that we're halfway through.
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Date Posted: Sunday, February 01, 02:40:02pm

Subject: Thoughts about Miss University City results? Any standouts?

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Date Posted: Sunday, January 25, 05:37:47pm

Subject: Question

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Date Posted: Wednesday, January 21, 07:14:47am

Does anyone know where to find pictures from the Miss Baltimore/Annapolis pageant or when/where they will be posted? I know there was a photographer at the competition.
Subject: "Four points of a crown" of Anne Arundel county titleholders

A former judge
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Date Posted: Friday, January 16, 01:32:30pm

1. Style.
Taylor Ammons had an age-appropriate look with beautiful gowns for both talent and a ball gown portion of the competition. The teen winner didn't impress me. She is a beautifull girl but she needs to work on her MMOT look. Destiny 's gown wasn't even nearly as glamorous as some other girls gowns but it would be OK if it was flattering and made her stand out. It wasn't. It didn't. If she received the same scores as other girls or higher than the judgement was skewed. Her interview dress was more like a cocktail outfit and it was ABSOLUTELY unfitting for a business interview. MMDAO girls can't look like a night club empoyees.
2. Service
A girl who is a freshmen in high school and a newcomer can't have as many community service hours as a girl who was involved with CMN for at least a couple of years. And how come a young woman who had her focus on Miss USA system, where modelling experience weighs more that community service, is a better title holder that contestants with serious platforms and accolades?
3. Scholarship
A high school freshmen might be a good student or not - she has time to improve. However, this school of arts, which Taylor attends, is extremely competitive and is an achievement by itself. Furthemore, a girl of Destiny's age is expected to have some college degree or to be in a process of getting it. That is if she aspires to be a role model, as Miss Maryland should be.
4. Success is a very subjective definition, however, Miss Maryland local or state title holders are expedted to have some achievements to support their positions as Maryland's best. In case with both Anne Arundel county winners these achievemnts were not obvious.
Subject: Objective Post on Last Night (Miss Baltimore)

Audience members
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Date Posted: Tuesday, January 13, 06:13:59am

Kendall was the most confident of all the contestants. But her walk was a little trashy, reminded me of cheap glitz pageants. Her evening gown was perfect and she looked very glamorous. But I don't think her dance was better than the tap dance.
Katelyn has the best hair, but it as a bit too much. This isn't Texas. She needs to tone it down or she looks kind of like those girls from glitz pageants. Since she won congeniality and interview she's definitely a really sweet girl with great communication skills. I didn't have her as one of the winners, though, until they announced she won the other awards.
Destiny has a good voice, but her song wasn't national level. Playing guitar definitely helped. That was a double talent and unusual.
I really enjoyed Cynthia's flute playing.
Taylor I thought looked a little nervous. Maybe that's what happens when you're unfairly bypassed at other local pageants, it hurts your confidence.
I don't know why Katerina is so reserved on stage. She did seem a little bit nervous too yesterday. She's a beautiful and accomplished girl. But I heard she doesn't want to compete this year. That would be a shame. I hope she changes her mind and doesn't quit.
Subject: Lowdown on Miss Baltimore

Audience member
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Date Posted: Monday, January 12, 03:22:24pm

Just my thoughts on the winners and standouts in the Miss division. I sat in the audience and all the ladies were fabulous.

Katelyn: She was stunning on stage and had the top interview score so seems to be very well spoken and will represent Baltimore well.
Kendall: I thought Kendall came from left field with the win, but regardless she performed well.
Destiny: I heard she previously competed in USA, not sure if her look is strictly USA or how well she will transition to the Miss America system. Her voice is a little too scoopy and strained for my taste, but it is decent and pleasant.


Katerina: She had the best voice of the group. She has extreme potential and has shown this as she has been top 10 at Miss MD already. I think she needs to work on a more confident precense on stage in areas other than talent.
Taylor (Lokey): Love her baton twirling routine. She is always very polished but sometimes I wonder if she's a little too polished...? She needs a little spunk and something to make her stand out more. Surprised she hasn't wln a title yet this season.
Cynthia: Her talent clearly makes her stand out and I love the instrument switch. Swimsuit body needs some work (not calling her fat at all but she needs some toning) She has all the basics on stage but needs to polish them.
Shea: Shea is beautiful! She has a good voice but nothing special. Love her spunk on stage during swimsuit.

My take on tonight. Feel free to agree/disagree
Subject: Hawkins posting to MA Voy claiming someone tole her to "kill herself" on this board and that's why she left the program.

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Date Posted: Wednesday, January 14, 01:35:10pm

Subject: Are there any more locals coming up that are not posted on the Miss MD website?

Curious to see what everyone says
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Date Posted: Tuesday, January 13, 07:52:21am

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