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Thanx -- Halyon Dave, 21:26:42 09/03/03 Wed

Thanx to Gillie, Jai,Chooey , Ads for coming to journeys for the gig last sunday. Especially Gillie for getting up with us. Nice one!
Dave x

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[> Re: Thanx -- gillie, 15:22:10 09/04/03 Thu

yay - was much fun mr dave! wen u playing there next??

will c u b4 bali to give u ur camera back - thank u - it has been SO cool :0) and when u back, how about a jam? has been far too long......

purrrr 4 now xxx

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[> Re: Thanx -- Chooey, 16:32:50 09/21/03 Sun

No problem dave, it was great to see you play at last. I really enjoyed it. Have you tried that bear glass trick yet! Take it easy, and Ill see you soon.

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Don't Vote For Arnold -- Truth, 17:57:07 08/17/03 Sun

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href=http://www.voy.com/103689/ target=_blank>We don't need more Fiction Actors in Politics</a>

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Helllooooooo -- spider, 16:27:08 06/10/03 Tue

hey up guys! whatcha up to?
Dave dave dave dave dave dave dave dave.... 'hi!' fancy a jam? gotta drop that cd round to u too.... have remembered another old song, well, part of it... it still needs finishing.....

ho hum... the rain is making a gorgeous sound....
x bye bye x

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[> Re: Helllooooooo -- spider, 06:59:23 06/21/03 Sat

* and happy sunny solstice greetings * hope you all have a wonderful one!

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New home page look.....whaddya think? -- Gillie, 16:11:32 05/13/03 Tue

hey up! how you all doing? it's suddnely gone very rather quiet on the forum......hellooo



Just wondering what you think of the new look for the home page of HS - not drastic, but I like the new right hand strip, the bit with new info from various parts of the site. But what do you all think?
cheers 4 now - hope all is sunny and creative for u -
all is good here - feeling inspired to write some harp music at the mo. so catch you later - have fun x

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[> Re: New home page look.....whaddya think? -- Choo, 18:14:01 05/21/03 Wed

Looks groovy to me. The right hand strip is much to coolio!
You know what would be a great idea for a new home page?...

Keep up the late nights!

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new home page -- dave, 23:59:10 05/20/03 Tue

funky, keep up the good work, we all appreciate it.
Dave x

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Happy May Day -- spider, 16:54:02 05/01/03 Thu

* Merry Beltane to u all *

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Break a Leg Liberty!! -- spider, 17:55:05 04/25/03 Fri

Liberty!! helllooooooo - we're coming to c ur show tomorrow! BREAK A LEG tonight! xxxxxxxx

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[> Re: Break a Leg Liberty!! -- Liberty, 10:53:18 04/26/03 Sat

Thankyou! I'll see you tonight, it starts at 7.30...*nervous giggle*
Liberty xxxxxxxxxx

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just4dahellovitt -- fwl, 15:26:06 04/03/03 Thu

hey peeps.......NEbody out there? talk 2 me! talk 2 me......talk 2......ta.........t.................................



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[> Re: just4dahellovitt -- Elfie, 15:52:22 04/06/03 Sun

*waves* Hellloooo! I am here in the wilds of Riverside listening to either a rock concert in the stadium or the neighbours having a specially good party ;-) *can feel the bass line through soles of feet*
seya ;-)

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[> [> Re: just4dahellovitt -- spider, 21:47:56 04/14/03 Mon

Elfie *hugs* how r u? long time....
how's Liberty enjoying rehearsals? *hi L* let us know performance dates and venue etc... must come see!! :0)

hope all is sunny over the river - fwl says *hi* and other spider says *miow*

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[> [> [> Re: just4dahellovitt -- liberty, 18:49:13 04/15/03 Tue

Hello! Rehearsals are going good thankyou! And the dates are friday the 25th and saturday 26th April at
Llanover hall,tickets are £5 for most and £3 consessions. Would be great to see you there!
Hee hee hee!
Liberty :-)

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[> [> [> Re: just4dahellovitt -- Elfie, 19:30:40 04/15/03 Tue

*hugs* from sunny Riverside dear spider and fwl and *miaows* for other spider ;-)
All well here; garden and the rest of us blooming...
See you soon
Elf xx and Peter's waving hello too!

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[> [> [> [> Re: just4dahellovitt -- spider, 15:13:17 04/22/03 Tue

Helloooooo!! glad to hear ur rehearsals are going well L :0) have added date to the 'musn't forget' part of brain and will see you there! :0) *hugs*
*waves* to Elfie and Peter from the splott cats x

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re. Lady Justine -- Dave, 22:48:26 04/17/03 Thu

Just listened to the first track and am waiting for my intolerably slow machine to down load both. Yeh it is sad, emotional ( a rarity nowadays), a worthy of anybodys time to have a listen. Cheers Lady Justine , keep doing what tickles your pickle and sadness will be rewarding. bye. Dave

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Lady Justine - sad, piano girl songs -- justine, 07:55:13 04/16/03 Wed

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.mp3.com/Lady_Justine">http://www.mp3.com/Lady_Justine</a>

im justine and i play piano and sing and im really wondering what anyone thinks about it. ive got pretty sad songs, but i think and represent them well without getting slow and boring. i pay a lot of attention to the lyrics and how they intertwine themselves with the muxic and how their sung..so give me your feedback.

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Bali -- gillie, 12:29:59 03/11/03 Tue

hellooo mr dave in Bali!! how's things with you? soon time to leave - u know u have to!!! has been far too quiet around here without you!

have a safe journey home - see u swn xxxx miow xxxx

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[> Re: Bali -- dave, 21:32:35 03/12/03 Wed

YOOOO HOOOOOO, I'm Back and ready to rumble, Bali was wicked and I've taken up cow wrestling !! MOOOOOOO

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[> [> Re: Bali -- hermit cat, 23:40:28 03/25/03 Tue

yay!! Dave back :0) looking forward to jam on thursday... (not as good as marmite, but good on chunky bread) *grin*

going out wednesday *gasp* so give us a bell thursday morning to make sure I'm awake...no seriously! I can sleep through door bells no problem!

c u swn x

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NEW Forum Story!! -- spider, 03:55:08 02/06/03 Thu

heeheehee..... the first forum-chain-story seemed to simmer down to just two remaining writers. Are all the others dust??

although...it did turn in to a rather violent one......

so for all the less-violent writers out there....who wants to take part in a new forum-story?
This time, we have some rules : each new author/post will be using the 3 words or phrases instructed by the previous postee. So say I post a chapter now, at the end I'll include 3 words or phrases in brackets :
[corridors, dogs, the room seemed unchanged....]

there you go , next author would then have to include those 3 in their chapter (not necessarily in the same order though). They would then leave 3 new words/phrases in brackets at the end of their chapter, and the next author uses them in his/her chapter.

did any of that make sense? No? excellent, then we shall begin!!

******************FORUM STORY No.2*******************

The doors of a pub swung open temperarily, emitting a blast of noise and booze tainted smoke. Clattering glasses echoed between raised voices, and booming laughter interweaved with the thump and bawl of a jukebox. The street outside was damp and unwelcoming, a chilling wind struck though the narrow corridors of bricks and windows, the odd person hurried in and out of shadows, and dogs barked back and forth.
Hesitating, I drew my coat around me and stepped towards the doors. The warm air blasted across my face as the door swung open - I half expected the noise to subside as I entered, expected a sea of turned faces and drawn lips, but the room seemed unchanged, welcoming me with roars of laughter and chatter.
An empty stool beckoned at the bar, and as I approached, the barman nodded. "what'll it be?"

[a distant crying, red bottle, mirror]

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[> Re: NEW Forum Story!! -- Choo, 16:40:59 02/08/03 Sat

“Well, I expect I’ll have the normal luke warm beer I always have from pubs like this one.” I thought to myself. “A pint of Hurricane please.” The barman slowly pulled the pump as I titivated with my hair, glancing in the mirror behind the bar to make sure I hadn’t destroyed my new style.
“ Cooper! Hey Cooper is that you”
I turned my head towards the pool table to see who was calling my name, assuming there was another guy in the pub with the name Cooper. However the shout was intended for me. A tall woman of about 26 stood away from the table and looked right at me. She slowly walked over to me and smiled. “ I thought it was you, didn’t recognise you with your new hair cut.
She looked deep into my eyes and somewhere in my head I heard a distant crying. Then a red bottle of some awful Alco-pop was slammed down on the bar next to me. A young lad slurred the words “another one of them please mate.” Snapping me out of my daze, the woman had disappeared but the chat and laughter continued as before.

[power cut, joker, gravel]

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[> [> Re: NEW Forum Story!! -- fwl, 11:33:52 02/20/03 Thu

i didn't even know why i was here. since i'd left the institution earlier that morning all i could think was "go to the Pig in a Joker", "go to the Pig in a Joker"....round and round my head. don't know why. i'd never been here before, thought by the shifty glances i was getting, some of the people here knew me.

i lifted up my pint of hurricane, the glass looking like it had been left out in a hurricane all night. it was greasy, and tiny pieces of gravel stuck to the base of the glass. the contents of the glass looked even less appetising. why was i here?

something came to mind...a woman, and a book......

i couldn't shake the feeling that not all of this was real. i turned to look across the crowd spread out before the bar, and my eyes caught those of the tall woman once more, before the power cut out, leaving the place in total darkness.....

[thirteen steps, dwarf, Zanzibar]

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[> [> [> Re: NEW Forum Story!! -- Choo, 18:36:41 02/21/03 Fri

Danny Newboy drove his shinny new Dwarf sports car down the winding country lanes. The latest pop crap screaming out of the stereo. The sun blazed down on the yellow body as it raced in and out of corn fields. “These roads never change.” Danny thought to himself. “Since the day I learnt to drive, nothing ever changes in this part of the world.” Danny thought of his long holiday to Zanzibar, and the ever changing market town he visited every day to get the best produce.

He enjoyed the long drive home even more now he had the power of this beast under his control. Shooting down Thirteen steps hill, minuets away from the sleepy little town he grew up in. As Danny threw the car out to the far edge of the tiny lane he began to hear a subliminal scream in his head. Without any more notice than that the Dwarf and driver collided into a huge dark graffiti covered concrete wall...

[snake charmer, music box, mother]

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[> [> [> [> Re: NEW Forum Story!! -- spider, 04:11:39 02/22/03 Sat

Cooper stumbled back in the darkness, knocking the barstool and sending his pint glass crashing to the floor. The vision burning in his head - Danny, the shiny new sports car....and the wall... all over in a flash.
The lights in the pub flickered on slowly,
"don't mind them, dodgy electrics" the barman interrupted, he kicked the jukebox back into action as he passed it, and broom in hand advanced towards Cooper. "you alright son?"
Cooper shook the vision from his mind, suddenly aware of the barman beside him.
"i...no...fine" he stammered, looking around in a daze.
He had to find Danny's mother, had to warn her.

Grabbing his jacket from the bar he made his way to the door. As he reached it, a hand reached out over his
"wait." There she was again "come with me" she hissed, leading him off to a side door.
"no i have to go, i've got someone to see"
"I know." the tone in her voice stopped Cooper dead in his tracks,
"how the? ...what...who are you? and what do you want?"
"The Snake Charmer sent me, said you could see the future, told me to give you this" she pushed a small parcel into his pocket "don't open it yet. wait until you're alone"
Confused, and slightly annoyed that everyone else seemed to know more than he did, he reached into his pocket. "not now" she hissed, pushing him back in to the main room, "go!"

The wind had picked up, dragging his coat around him he hurried off towards the village square. Danny's mother only lived a few streets away, he could open the parcel there.

The door opened to the smell of baking bread and a smoky fire. "Eve, how are you?"
"oh Cooper, come on in, come on in. didn't expect you so early, how are you my love?"
She hushered him in to the front room, fussing around him and taking his coat and hat, pushing a chair to the fireside, and offering him a steaming cup from the pot on the table.
"I don't know where to start Eve, I've had the strangest evening, and I have to know if Danny's left yet?"
"oh no dear, he won't be down until the weekend, something about working late friday... I could give him a call if you like"
Cooper nodded, "yes, that would be..." and she was off, out of the room. Cooper leaned forward and reached for his coat, taking the small parcel out he held it in his left hand for a second, before tearing the edge of the paper open. It looked like a small wooden box, tarnished and slightly battered, with a row of symbols running around the side.
The last of the apper was off, and he could make out a small keyhole to the side, a plain brass handle protruding slightly on the lid, which swung as he turned the box....and feeling a strange tingling run through his body he found himself turning the handle.
Nothing happened at first, and then something caught inside, a metallic ping, followed by another, and another, delicate and child like, like the music boxes his grandmother used to collect.

His mind wandered as a strange chill ran through the room....

[web, breathing, the way the mouse moves]

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[> [> [> [> [> Re: NEW Forum Story!! -- Choo, 18:52:17 03/11/03 Tue

“I believe that you are now aware of the messages I have been sending.” The voice that Cooper heard was small and delicate, words entering his sub conscience mind the way a mouse moves in and out of cracks in the wall.
Without knowing whom he was even talking to Cooper replied. ”Yes I got the message, Are you the snake char...” Coopers words were cut off.
“That I am.” Now things will become clear but I'm old and this is almost killing me, Coincidence is life and superstition is yet to be understood.”
Cooper awoke from his dream state and noticed he wasn’t breathing his lungs had become trapped like they were entangled in a spiders web. He struggled and fell to the floor, his face turning blue as he rolled around. Knocking the coffee table with his leg. A vase fell to the ground coving Cooper in slightly discoloured water and carnation petals. He began to breathe again and settled himself on the chair as Eve came rushing in. “What was that dear? Are you all right?”
“Sorry Eve” came the reply. “I knocked the table and the flowers fell off”
Eve bent down and began to pick the broken stems up from the floor. Looking up briefly she said. "I can’t get through to Danny he is probably in a meeting. He always gets back to me if I leave him a message. She glanced at the small wooden box cooper was still clasping. "Nice music box. Where did you get that? Looks like what they call a Bahrang. Prophets in Zanzibar use them to predict forth-coming events. Does it play a tune?”
“Oh... erm... No its not working I have to get it fixed.”
“That was quick thinking!” Cooper thought to himself, he didn't want to have to go through all that again.
Cooper sat with eve for a while longer finished his tea and then left for his home. The words prophets and Zanzibar ringing in his mind. “A clue perhaps” he thought to himself...

[sun worship, wire, litmus paper]

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allo, allo -- snuffleupaguss, 17:10:05 02/19/03 Wed

allo, just thought I'd show my face from france.
All's well over here and I shall see you Gillie on Monday!
twiddledee dee, not much to say really, It's freezing over here!
love and frogs,
snuffly xxx

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[> Re: allo, allo -- gillie, 19:57:45 02/19/03 Wed

hey up snuffles! how's the lilypad then? did you join in the march on saturday?
have a funky time and see you monday....make sure u bring asher back with you too!!! :0)

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[> Re: allo, allo -- fwl, 11:23:20 02/20/03 Thu

is that Iris? hello Iris. comment allez vous? ca va? avez vouz eaten any legges de frogge today? i 'ope you are de 'aviiiing a gud time, no? au resevoir!

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[> [> Re: allo, allo -- snuffleupaguss, 21:49:07 02/22/03 Sat

Hello! Yes it is I Iris, and I have had no legs alla frog just yet. Asha is home already, she went back on eurostar by herself because she could not stand to be away from cardiffs supreme brilliantwonderfulgreatnessessnesss!
Anyway, catching the ferry from Dunkirk tomorrow night and will be home bright and early on monday morning.
Twiddle dee dee,
Snuffles :-)

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twiddledee dum -- snuffleupaguss, 17:06:03 01/29/03 Wed

twiddledee dee...happy wednesday everyone...
twiddledee doo...

Snuffleupaguss xx

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[> Re: twiddledee dum -- spider, 18:25:55 01/29/03 Wed

hey up snuffles! what u up to? haven't seen u on the forum for AAAGGGGGGGGGGGEEESS!
have fun :0)x

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one million apologies to mister dave... -- fwl, 16:02:10 01/28/03 Tue

me so sorry, humble grovellings for my absence from your performance on the evening not long passed. my tiredness and weak nature prevented my being there. please forgive me. i promise i shall attend your next [local] extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

on another note - i did see the poem wot u rote 2 my missus! dam perv!

hope all is well wiv u, will b in tch.

c ya!

p.s. : hi 2 all @ hybrid studios - come join the party!!!

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Cyrus Blaze Forum Story... -- Gillie, 18:11:45 01/23/03 Thu

If you're wondering where Cyrus Blaze has gone..... you can find the forum story in Archive 1 (there's a text link at the top of this forum). You can also read the finished story over in the Hybrid Studios Main Library - use the button at the top of this page....

A second forum story will be started shortly - just deciding whether or not to start it on a forum of its' own, or in this one - any comments or suggestions?

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[> Re: Cyrus Blaze Forum Story... -- gillie, 18:14:32 01/23/03 Thu

you might also notice.... messages are probably going to remain static from now on - well, for a trial anyway. This will mean that messages which have been replied to will stay where they were, instead of jumping up to the top of the page.... am I making any sense? hmm... well.... we'll see!!

Let me known if you prefer the board static or how it used to be......... ta ta 4 now x

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Journeys Gig : Dark Chunk -- Webmistress, 17:20:16 01/23/03 Thu

Dark Chunk are playing journeys cafe on clifton street tonight Thursday 23rd Feb. If you're free & in the area go check 'em out!!

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ANOTHER GIG -- DaveBob, 00:04:46 01/10/03 Fri

AM I WRITING TO MYSELF ? I've got a gig at Journeys on SUN 26th jan BE THERE

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[> Re: ANOTHER GIG -- woof!, 02:28:03 01/10/03 Fri

Hey up mr DaveBob - how's it going? I WILL pop in to the shop soon....oh the trying life of a hermit! hee hee...
see - now you're not talking to yourself, just another madcat. woof to meg and mew to karen ("can u tell whoo it is yet?") lol. c u soon x

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[> [> Re: ANOTHER GIG -- dave, 21:38:31 01/12/03 Sun

Hurray, ,, Hi Madcat an choo, Happy New year and all that. Be nice to see you at journeys choo , and what about the hermits? I think the madcat should take her violin along and give us all a treat, what do you reckon?

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[> [> [> Re: ANOTHER GIG -- choo, 19:47:06 01/17/03 Fri

Really will try n make it this time dave. Maybe i can drag the hermits along? So what dya recon hermits, you gona be there?

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[> Re: ANOTHER GIG -- Choo, 14:29:00 01/12/03 Sun

Hey DaveBob your not on your own im here and this mad cat who keeps woofin at everyone. I think it could be Gillie have to get conformation on that though. Maybe Ill be able to make it down to Journeys this time for some of your wonderfull song. Cya all later.

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[> Re: ANOTHER GIG -- fwl, 12:04:45 01/13/03 Mon


peace + love dudes

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[> [> Re: ANOTHER GIG -- miooow!, 19:59:13 01/13/03 Mon

u silly fwl u. i'm sure u meant 2003 :o)

so come on dave - what time r u on????

ppuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe the hermits will come c! but u don't really want the cat to play ?!?
miow 4 now. xx0xx

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[> [> [> Re: ANOTHER GIG -- Dave, 00:32:14 01/14/03 Tue

OOOH time, now there's an interestin thing !! Anytime between 8.45 and 11.00 I think.... probably about 9.15.
Its a meltdown gig so everyone can play!! especially cats!. I'll get anyone that comes a drink....... they can pay .. but i'll get it !!

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Vote for Hybrid Studios -- gillie, 19:23:11 01/17/03 Fri

Hybrid Studios has been added to the Top Welsh Sites! directory...
Please vote - we get moved up the list the more votes and hits we get :o)

<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.walesonline.com/phprank//in.php?id=46" target="_blank">Vote
for Hybrid Studios</a>

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