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who wants to create? -- spider, 22:50:37 09/03/02 Tue

hey up ppl!

so what's the buzz around this neck of the woods? can u believe it's almost the end of summer already...doesn't time seem to be getting a little too quick around here......hmmmmm......

anyway, how was the summer for you? we've been busy creating, busy being busy, and busy having fun...ahh, that's where all the time went! It's been quite a productive summer though....even if I haven't done half the things I planned to do.

This new message board needs something creative happening. Who wants to write one of those chain-stories?
me first.............


"It was a distant jarring that awoke him first, one of those moments where you're caught in between sleeping and waking. The kind where you wake up with the phone already in your hand...to find your lips moving before your mind has told it what's going on. One of those moments which only happens when someone important phones......"

OK, bit on the blah side, so someone else can carry it on now......

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[> Re: who wants to create? -- bob, 16:59:01 09/13/02 Fri

but it wasn't the phone. The persistant banging which accompanied the melodic clangs could only mean....


already? at this time of the morning? what are these people? do they not have a life to live, somewhere other than on his doorstep at the ridiculous time of 5 : 31 am....
Ah...but that blinking array of digits and the daylight streaming through the chink in the curtains meant the clock must have stopped again. power cut? divine intervention? who cares, the fact of the matter was that someone was banging loudly on his door and he hadn't a clue what time it was, and only a vague idea of where and who he was...

Should he just hide under the covers? pretend to be out?

as he was pondering that situation the banging ceased, and an eerie, metalic scraping commenced.....

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[> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 22:05:06 09/13/02 Fri

the sound made his eyeballs itch, but was familiar. horribly familiar.

shit! he'd left the auto-alarm on. too late. whoever had been at the door would now be protein paste, minced by rotating metal blades.

the thought of yet another fine for keeping the alarm activated during daylight hours brought him to his senses. now he remembered who he was. where he was.

and why he'd set the alarm the night before.

in one horrible moment, the events of that previous night came flooding back into conscious reality.......

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[> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- chooey, 19:06:09 09/21/02 Sat

seeing the gang at the top of his street had unseteled him. Paranoia had creped in to his mind. "there talking about how to do away with you" the paranoid voice had whispered in his mind. He walked quickly back to his appartment closed the door behind him and set the auto-alarm. maybe he had got one of them, what a trully invigorating feelin that would be. He knew that if it was a gang member he had vaporised the payback would be high......

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[> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- spider, 14:54:42 09/23/02 Mon

but the stray yellow ribbon stuck to the sole of his shoe said something different...
"you didn't want to do that..."
"shut up - inanimate objects should only speak when spoken to"
"yeah yeah, seen, not heard...blah blah blah blah"
"SHUT UP" this was all to much - any other day...but no, today of all days.
He pulled aside the black film across the window, just enough to see out without being seen - the street was empty. But he was sure he'd seen.."no, I'll wake up in minute and this will all be just a stupid cheese dream"
"you reckon"
"shut up! and where the hell did you come from? what are you doing on my shoe, and why are you speaking to me?!"
"you don't remember me?"
" what...the...why am I speaking to you - what do you want? this is ridiculous"

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[> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- fwl, 14:58:56 09/24/02 Tue

it was all too much. ignoring the racket inside his [very delicate] skull, he grabbed his jacket and his trusty .76 [a cannon which fired out fist-sized chunks of lead to tear apart any of the street punks who regularly targeted his block] and headed out the back door. it was actually an unused maintenance outlet, from there he could make it the sixty floors down to the street - the real street, ground level, not any of the fancy chrome walks up at six or 14 [office-staff parade, full of suits] or the secure zones in the upper eighties [mere mortals weren't to be found there].
ground level was pretty much home to the rats - human and otherwise - but at least he wouldn't be spotted by the enforcer drones. and after last night, he really didn't want to be spotted.

after all, technically, it had been murder.......

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[> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- Snuffleupuguss, 20:29:37 09/29/02 Sun

'Yes, technically it was.' said the bit of yellow ribbon.

'Mmmm technically...hang on, you read my mind now? It's a very ungentlemanly thing to read someones mind without permission.'

'I'm not a gentleman, I'm a ribbon.' Replied the ribbon.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- Ben, 12:42:44 10/01/02 Tue

and with that he stopped abruptly and turned sharply into a small, tatty, run down shop. "The usual Sam" he murmered. Sam obeyed, he reached behind him and brought out a packet of McCough Cigars. "I owe you" he said to Sam. This remark started Sam up to one of his usual speeches. "Why if I had a 1000 krupicles for everytime you...". "Yeah, yeah, shut up Sam. I told you I'd pay you, just only when I get the cash". Sam shrugged and walked into the back room. Followed by the ribbon as they conversed about the local Olympigs (woops, what a typo! lol) team.

Back on the street, he already had his cigar smouldering and now he was free of the ribbon, he stepped into the alleyways and polished his .72 with his sleeve. He hid it behind his ripped loose shirt. As he walked along, the alley, smelling of smoke and sweat, striding like an american police officer who had just pulled up someone speeding (what a simile!). The air was thick with the stench of the city above, pollutants that were pumped to the levels below. He turned the corner and soon a trail of heavy smoke from the cigars trailed behind him as suddenly he turned a corner and instantly dissapeared behind it again. As he hid behind a pile of supply crates he peered between a couple of the and it became instantly obvious why he had hidden, there, standing just infront of him was...



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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- fwl, 22:13:01 10/01/02 Tue

standing just in front of him was Arnold Schwarzenegger. not the original, of course, he'd been dead three centuries and more. no, this was much worse - and was the reason behind the events of the night before.
his mind raced through the re-emerging memory strains from the evening - stumbling into an alley much like this one, a quartet of sinister figures, and the Schwarzenegger clone. any other man would have kept on walking, but at a much swifter pace. but any other man wouldn't have been Cyrus Blaze [deep-cover agent for Megapolis security, part-time mercenary] ~ and any other man wouldn't have recognised the situation for all that it was.
in an instant his gaze took in the shadowy figures for black-market militants [a growing group dedicated to overtaking the city], and realised that the Schwarzenegger clone [dead-eyed, susceptible to full control] was nothing less than a deadly weapon.
the situation was bad enough [three armed militants, one primed clone stronger than five normal men], but then three more figures stepped out of the shadows, and Blaze realised that this was much bigger than anything he'd ever encountered......

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- Chooey, 21:08:09 10/07/02 Mon

One of the three men was instantly recognisable as Lonnie Jerome the TV. quiz show host, his double row of teeth gleaming in the unsettling green glow of the lower level street lamps. Cyrus knew that good old Lonnie had dealings inside the Nosfer Alberto Syndicate and Post Plant Biotics Ltd. Why was he meeting with black-market militants, and why had they not killed the slimy eel.
Cyrus adjusted his eyes and focused on the second of the shadowy figures. Suddenly the woman with long dark hair down to her lower leg turned, looked in the direction of Cyrus and gestured the militants toward him. Running at what seemed to be light speed the militants were on his heels before he could even pick up speed his legs struggling to carry him at any faster than a drunken trot. If they caught him they would undoubtedly strip him and find his ident tattoo hidden on the back of his left ear lobe. Why had he not brought out his 72.
The chase was on!...

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- fwl, 16:21:42 10/12/02 Sat

unfortunately [for those chasing him] he realised fairly quickly that he HAD brought his .76 - he stopped, turned swiftly on the legendary dime and let rip with chunks of soft metal which tore into the low-life scum behind. a few rounds no doubt pummelled through the thin brick walls [lower floors, suprisingly bad quality materials!], taking out the inhabitants, but a piece like that was hard to control in such close quarters.
with the thunderous echoes fading to a low rumble, he surveyed the damage. it would have been hard to count the bodies even if he'd wanted to - the .76 was a true maneater - but at least he had no doubts that all who had followed were dead.
shit. there was no doubt that the rest of them would know who had done this. it would only be a matter of time..........

now back in the present, and there in front of him was the schwarzenegger clone - or one of them at least. Blaze was about to retreat when the clone signalled to him.

"don't run. i need your help."

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 10:43:49 10/17/02 Thu

meanwhile, across town, in the smoky backrooms of the Porn-O-Matic, the Louis Brothers [Hewey, Dewey and Chewey] were planning their next heist.
"okay," said Hewey, "so we takes out the back door to Goldie's diamond merchants in Silver Street, heads up to the second floor - waddawe do then, Dewey?"
"then we rigs up da scaffldin' in the middle of da ruby room, dat one where Ruby Max stayed."
"Dat's WAX ya dumass!" replied Hewey. "Den Chewey - wadda you do?"
"Well," said Chewey [killer's eyes hidden behind mirror shades, metallic turquoise hair reaching all the way down to his ammo hip-belt] "den i rig up da bomb-bag, set da timer for ten seconds and we all git outta there"
"Good. Den we're ready. But dis time, keep a lookout for dat damn Cyrus Blaze!" and with that, the deadly trio set off for Goldie's...................

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- fwl, 12:09:32 11/01/02 Fri

Blaze sat with the Schwartzenegger clone in a smoky, dimly-lit bar in Smacktown - a rough area in a rougher zone, filled with beggars, mercenaries and diamond dealers. the bright neon window ads flashed out "Goldie's" just above the bar, as Blaze and the clone spoke in hushed whispers.

"so, how can i help?" asked Blaze, eyes darting around the haze-filled bar - always on the lookout for trouble.
the clone hesitated, then whispered "i need help to free my brothers"
"your brothers"
"have you ever heard of Xenofobe Industries?" asked the clone.
"the arms dealers?"
"that's right. only it's not just guns and missiles they deal in any more"
"are they into chemical stockpiles. because -"
"no, no. all that stuff was handed to government departments months ago. besides, anyone whose anyone doesn't really worry about NBC attacks now - they've all got bunkers, and been immunised against the worst agents. no, it's much bigger than that"
"so tell me"
"okay, i'm going to have to trust you with a secret that could get us both killed."
"you can trust me"
"Xenophobe Industries has amassed a stockpile of over a million -"
the shot came quickly, silently. before the last word had finished echoing in Blaze's ears the clone was dead, face first on the table.
Blaze jumped up, turned around, .76 ready to blast the gunman. instead of a hard-faced state-paid killer he saw............

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- choo, 17:51:19 11/04/02 Mon

Himself. Cyrus blinked and then blinked again. “What the hell is going on here” Cyruss 2 said in a slightly slurred voice.
“Surly that is the question I should be asking you” answered Cyruss.
“Well go ahead ask yourself the question and then we can both listen to the response”
“I should shoot you down now, not just for committing illegal clone shutdown but impersonating the greatest living deep-cover agent for Megapolis security.”
“Don't shoot yourself in the foot now!” Cyruss 2 laughed. “You like it? Shoot yourself in the foot, tee hee hee. I’m so god damn funny”
“Funny? Let’s see if you find this funny”
And with that Cyruss squeezed the trigger of his 76 and Cyruss 2 lay in a puddle of his own filth. “I’m so god damn funny” Cyruss whispered.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 11:23:14 11/05/02 Tue

so. okay. why did he - or rather, his clone - shoot the schwartzenegger clone? and what did it have to do with Xenofobe industries? they've stockpiled a million - what?
Blaze walked quickly from the bar, aware that a crowd was gathering. as he passed the six-inch-thick steel doors he slammed into someone coming the other way - someone who seemed strangely familiar, with long, turquoise hair reaching down to an ammo hip-belt.
it took a few seconds for the details to sink in, and the figure had already vanished around the back of the bar when Blaze remembered - Chewey! That S.O.B.! the youngest of the Louis brothers, he was supposed to be doing six hundred years in New Sing Sing. Blaze himself had arrested the brothers three years ago for plutonium smuggling, murder, and three unpaid parking tickets. the fact that he showed up now, with the clone killings, and all that had gone on during the last 24 hours, was no coincidence. he had to be involved. him and his damn brothers.
Cyrus Blaze pulled out his .76, and headed back towards Goldie's - with killing on his mind........

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 12:02:03 11/27/02 Wed

Chewey, on the other hand, had seen Blaze from across the bar, and it had been all he could do not to start blasting away with his Atomizer 505 - the deadliest pulse-pistol available for cash. it would have torn chunks out of the air at the atomic level - pieces of people, and that damned Cyrus Blaze, would have soaked into the walls of the Die-O-Rama [the suicide assist centre] five blocks across.
but Chewey kept his cool. after all, he didn't want to bring too much attention to himself. not tonight. not when he had a mission to accomplish. and not when he had a 6-meg plutonium grenade in his hip pocket.....

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- choo, 13:35:07 12/01/02 Sun

Cyruss headed up the filth ridden streets at a fast pace wanting to get to the Louis bothers before they created some mayhem, they were bound to have some crazy plan. Probably involving the giant diamond display at Goldies.
Cyruss knew how much Hewey and his brothers loved diamonds they had tried a heist like this before but got sniffed out by enforcer drones. The Louis brothers were the most unorganised crime team this side of Dukesville.

When Cyruss reached Goldies he found everything to be normal apart from the owner trying to throw out a tramp. Cyruss grabbed the tramp by the shoulders picked up clear of the floor and threw him aside.
“Thanks” said the owner. “He's been in here about 30 nightomitors without any intension of buying anything.”
“It’s not a problem.” Replied Cyruss. At that he flashed his badge towards the small balding man.
“What have I done? All my merchandise is legal you know”
“Yeah im sure it is, but that aint why im here. I have reason to believe that some infamous criminals are planning to walk away with some or all of your stock.”
“I don't think you need worry, my alarms are all top of the range”
“OK, if you say so. If its good with you ill be back before u close so I can keep an eye on things, just gona put my ear to the ground for some more info.”
“That's not a problem.” Said the owner
With that Cyruss smiled, turned and headed towards the porn-o-matic. If the Louis brothers were in town that is where they are gona be.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 23:53:56 12/02/02 Mon

<tt>report log 30055786 : suspects approaching predicted positions...suspect 'A' approaching designated drop zone...suspects 'B', 'C' and 'D' primed for immediate collection...all units on alert....suspects 'A' and 'B' to be taken alive...all attendent witnesses to be made safe with terminal effect....severe collateral damage acceptable...await final order...</tt>

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- Choo, 18:51:52 12/06/02 Fri

The enforcer drones were the first to receive this alert. This was due to the infamous faster than light speed drive assembled in their
Black chrome, mushroom-like casings.

Quickly drawing together as close as over cooked grains of rice the drones sped towards one end of Silver Street. Closing in on their suspects.

A B and C were just inside the back window of Goldies, whilst D, Cyruss Blaze hid in a dimly lit corner of the main diamond room waiting for his three unsuspecting clowns of criminals. At least he hoped the war zone he had left at the Porn-omatic had forced the correct details out of the owner. Who happened to always have his ear to the ground, (more like micro mics in every room, tapping in to all conversations in his seedy establishment.)

The day’s happenings huddled around in his head like a mini tornado of souls, but still he waited like a big cat on full alert ready to pounce....

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 20:09:23 12/08/02 Sun

the attack came from behind, a blinding flash of light followed by the deafening roar of a vintage semtex explosion. pulse grenades had nothing on pure, old-fashioned plastic explosive [just like grand-daddy used to use]. the walls erupted inwards, smashing enforcer drones into scraps of metal within a millisecond, crashing through the weak flesh of the party-goers in the outer rooms, a massive wave of destruction ripping through the building in a bloody, final heartbeat.

Hewey and Dewey turned to see a wall of stone rush towards them. in a swift moment they were paste, crushed between advancing waves of rock.

then, even before the roar of the massive explosion had faded, the regular stomp of jackboots could be heard moving through the wreckage. black-suited, armoured ninjas homed in on the vague, failing life-signs of two bodies. the unstoppable force of the Black Army made their way to the mangled remains of Cyrus Blaze and an almost-dead Chewey. with the efficiency of the most highly-trained army in the Federation - genetically-engineered killers, trained from birth - they bagged up the two barely-living men, and made their way to waiting transporters.

as swiftly as they arrived, the B.A. were gone with their prisoners. all that was left was the smoking wreckage of Goldies, sparkling with the debris of diamonds left behind.

through the dark night the sleek transporters moved like ghosts, and Cyrus and Chewey were gone.....

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- choo, 19:01:56 12/13/02 Fri

"It was a distant jarring that awoke him first, one of those moments where you're caught in between sleeping and waking. The kind where you wake up with the phone already in your hand...to find your lips moving before your mind has told it what's going on. One of those moments which only happens when someone important phones, but it wasn't the phone. The persistent banging which accompanied the melodic clangs could only mean....


“Yes Cyruss you do have visitors, or should I say a visitor? Well really I’m not a visitor at all how could I be? I’m in my own ship. So... that makes you the visitor and me the, urghhh... ummmmm, oh damn! Blast this infernal do wop wopping in my head! As I was saying that makes me the.”

A loud speaker crackled into life, and boomed out across the whole of the ship. “ The worlds undisputed heavy weight champion of the world George the madness black dog!”

“ No that is not what I was going to say. I was going to say... What was I going to say, before I moved on to tomorrow... The art of moving is often seen as a faster motion than finishing the day off. Seen though the eyes of a Greater spotted blog swallow. You could say this was all that could be said for what we were saying. Is this making any understandable reference to the other lost city of Natacraca my sweet army?”

Cyruss hung listening to this guy, unable to move for the pain searching through his body, hitting every vein and muscle. There was total silence for a moment then the huge dark figure in front of him began again.

“Good I’m glad it makes understandable logic, other wise I would have to dismiss u as my army and I don’t much like doing that. After all you, you have been with me as my army now for a good fifteen tricycles. I’m getting off the point here but, but as I was saying. It is not for, for us to judge, who is the greater, manhole cover.”

The speech ended with the madman, (who Cyruss would later know as Jaider) cursing himself under his breath...

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 20:40:42 12/21/02 Sat

...cold water splashed against his face woke Cyrus from the vivid nightmare. he tried to open his eyes, and the pain searing through the bruised slits made the memories slam back into his head. they had taken him. there WAS a madman, he remembered now. asking questions, beating him. and there had been another. who was it?

Chewey. my god, the things they'd done to him. Cyrus doubted pretty much that the man was alive. could he have taken so much pain and lived?

Cyrus flexed against the pain, and the agony of open sores reminded him that he was manacled to the walls of this dark, eternal dungeon. hands and feet bound until they bled, blood running down his body to splash on the cold stone floor two feet beneath him, where it was licked up by the blind, manic rats which dwelled in this hell.

what questions were they asking him? he couldn't remember. something about the Schwartzenegger clone....some kind of clone war was beginning, and somebody seemed to think that he - Cyrus - had the answers. and Chewey too, no doubt.

as the though ran across his bruised mind, the huge metal door at the far end of the dimly-lit dungeon swung open with an ageless creaking. in came three figures. two guards and a slab of meat with limbs. as the guards dragged their prisoner closer, as they raised his swolen, battered body to the other set of manacles Cyrus saw who it was. it was Chewey. or what was left of him. his flesh torn, burned; bone showing through the skin of his upper left arm; his turquiose locks ripped from his scalp.

the guards left in silence. the dungeon was theirs. all Cyrus could hear was the faint rasp of Chewey's laboured breathing. it looked as if he'd been tortured to death and beyond. whatever information they wanted, they wanted it bad.

and he knew that next time it would be his turn.......

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- Choo, 18:53:46 12/23/02 Mon

Cyruss turned his head as much as he could bare, and spoke in a whisper. “Chewey can you hear me?... Can you even talk?... What the hell have they done to you? We have gota get out of here.

“uurghhh naght danbff jaiderrrggghhh.” A rasped breath followed and then the disfigured Chewey continued.

“ Ryhy dose hef fink thatph ey knowgh enifinkph aboutgh a cloneth warth”

“ Hang on, dont talk any more i can’t understand anything your saying. Rest for a while try and get some sleep if you can. We can talk later when you make more sense “

The cold dark dungeon went silent except for the dripping of fluid on the stone floor...

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- choo, 16:03:36 01/05/03 Sun

Cyruss awoke as the cell door whooshed open. Standing in the doorway were two guards.

“Your turn I believe Mr Blaze” One of them said as the other just smiled the rest of his face covered by his metallic black helmet.

The two guards entered the cell and unlocked the shackeles holding Cyruss to the cold wet wall. Grabbed him by the shoulders and led him out of the cell.

The light outside the cell was almost blinding, forcing Cyruss to look down away from the lights. It felt like three in the morning, but god knows what time it was. All sense of time had left his body and mind. Cyriss walked for what felt like an eternity his legs almost giving up on him. The guards unlocked a door and sat Cyruss in a Steel chair to which he was locked in.

“Hello Cyruss how are we doing this fine afternoon” Jaider said in almost a pleasant way.

“ Now look” said Cyruss in as much of an asserting manner as he could muster, “ I don't know anything about any clone wars and as for the Schwartzenegger clone I spoke with him for hardly any time at all, before a clone of myself shot him in the head.” A small moment of silence passed. “ What more do you want from me.”

“ The truth is all I ask for and you believe your telling me that but my friend he tells me different.

One of the guards walked in front of Cyruss and lifted his helmet as he did so long turquoise hair rippled down his back.

“ Chewey my god.... What's going on here?” Demanded Cyruss. “ You are hanging in the cell beaten and buzzed.” ...

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 12:07:01 01/07/03 Tue

"Think again." snarled Chewey.
The answer was obvious. "It was a clone?" Jaider and Chewey laughed like hyenas. "Of course it was a clone," shrieked Jaider, "do you really think I would torture my brother - unless I had good reason?"
"Your brother?"
Chewey moved his face closer to that of Cyrus and smiled. "Jaider is our mother's firstborn. and you....you have killed two of our brothers. What do you think is going to happen to you now?"
Cyrus stammered back "Your older brother? Are you telling me that Jaider is the one known as the Black Assassin?"
Jaider looked suprised, but also proud. "So, you know about my day job?" and he laughed, manically. "Yes, I am the Black Assassin. The greatest of world leaders have died at my hand. Many more will soon be crushed. You should feel honoured to be slain by one such as me."
"Yes," grinned Chewey, "honoured!" and he too laughed like a dingo on speed.
"Well, in that case" said Cyrus, "I have only one thing to say."
"And what's that?" asked the brothers, in unison.
"Black Dog Down! Black Dog Down!"

There was thick silence in the small room for a few long seconds. Then the door erupted inwards, blown off its hinges with such force that it was buried in the opposite wall. Suddenly the room was full of armed State Protection Officers, who beat Chewey and Jaider down to the floor while one of them unlocked Cyrus.

Cyrus stood up, thankful that the SPO's had acted quicly. If they'd been a few seconds later then his captors would have killed him, realising that he was wearing a Trans-Loc device. But it was all over now.
"Did you really think I would let you take me so easily?" he asked the two now-captives. "As soon as I realised that Chewey was involved in this, I realised the Black Assassin must be in the picture. We've known about you for months."
"You bastard," spat Jaider. "You'll never get away with this."
"Oh, I will." replied Cyrus. "And guess who will be interrogating you?". And, with a happy laugh, Cyrus led the way. And he, Jaider, a semi-conscious Chewey and several hundred SPO's made their way out into the smog, and across town to the Dungeons of Justice.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- choo, 22:38:31 01/07/03 Tue

The wind was howling down Lamont Street and rats were starting to rise from their sleep.
“ What a god awful night!” Said the leading SPO to the man who would almost go down in history as ‘that guy who fooled and captured the Black Assassin’. “ Yeah you’re so right, but no bad weather could spoil my treat of the century.” Cyruss was grinning like a Hippie in a pool of LSD.
“ Ive never liked the walk down this street.” Replied the SPO.
“ Dont be so daft everything is cool.”
“ I wish I were as certain as you. The thing is as Im sure you havent forgotten weve got the world most wanted man walking behind us.”
“ Look its cool. How the hell do you think hes going to do anything with three hundred volts searing though his body every half a second?”
“Ive often wondered what it must feel like to die then get brought back to life so quickly. Those elctro-cages really are some cool piece of design”
“ Its taken years of redesign to get them to work, without killing the captive. The men Ive seen die in these things I couldnt count on fifteen peoples fingers!”

The remainder of the walk to the Dungeons of justice passed without any problem or sound, except for the hum of the electro-cage. As the group entered the titanium lined door of the dungeons Cyruss faced Jaiders cadge and whispered quietly” Im really gona enjoy this, Black assassin”

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- cheweykiller, 18:52:10 01/12/03 Sun

Jaider spat back "you think you can make me talk, pig? never in a million years! you can torture my body till the genetically-modified cows come home. i'll tell you nothing."
"i'm not going to torture you." Cyrus said softly.
"no. GUARDS! bring in the patient!"
the impregnable titanium doors swung open, and a heavilyguarded operating table was wheeled into the room. on it lay a solitary, frightened figure.
Cyrus looked Jaider straight in the eye. "you will tell me everything i need to know, because i am going to torture your little brother to death in front of your very eyes. maybe his screams will change your mind." he turned to the nurse by his side, patiently holding a deadly looking scalpel, and said "let us begin."
Jaider looked on in horror as Cyrus went to work. the screams of his brother ricocheted around the entire complex as his scalp was roughly sliced from the top of his skull -without anaesthetic - and dropped to the floor without ceremony. Jaider could swear that Cyrus was enjoying himself. much too much.
"tell me,"said Cyrus, as he began to slice into the one remaining eyeball of his victim, "are you ready to talk? because i can keep doing this all night!" and, with that, he laughed. and he laughed. and he laughed.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- choo, 19:02:26 01/13/03 Mon

“Enough enough, ok ill talk.”
“That’s good.” Replied Cyruss “But not good enough. Gimie one good reason why the hell I shouldn’t just get this over and done with and slice you up. I bet you could scream the place down.”
“Don’t tempt me you scum sucking pustule.”
“Oh such hard words.” Cyruss glared at Jaider and lunged forward with lightning speed, sliced the tip of his victims nose and then buried the scalpel deep into his shoulder. Jaider winced not wanting to give Cyruss any pleasure from such poorly devised torture. ”Not good enough for you hey? I thought as much. Nurse bring me the needles.”
“Oh shit.” Jaider thought as Cyruss brought the first red-hot needle towards him and pushed it slowly into his finger just underneath the nail. One by one all the needles were inserted each one giving Cyruss more and more pleasure. The screams were getting louder and louder and still Cyruss heard almost nothing except for the wonderful music flowing in his head. It was the tortures one minuet waltz.

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- spider, 19:55:11 01/13/03 Mon

the scenario ran through Jaider's mind - a perverted hero dream - but the music was drowned out by the laughs of the telepathic guards. Jaider's eyes opened slowly, the whimpering form the table had turned into a gurgling, a shallow scream which never quite mustered the energy to make it out of Chewey's mouth.
The guards wry smiles giving away their abilities to see just exactly what had been running through Jaider's mind - and he knew form the mocking laugh that they'd seen more than he meant to give away.
"are you ready to talk?" Cyrus repeated, putting the scapel down, pausing to wipe the blood from his hands and stepping aside so as not to obscure jaiders view of his brother.
One of the guards by the door signalled to Cyrus before turning and leaving the cell. The remaining guard stood silently listening...
Cyrus smiled and turned to Jaider "do you even need to talk?"
The silence continued, disrupted only by the whimpers and gurgles coming from the table.
Cyrus sighed, and looking from jaider to the guard, to jaider, took a couple of steps back, shaking his head "this could have been so easy for you" he began, "so easy for you both. why'd ya have to go spoiling everything, huh?"
from the gurgling mess on the table came a staggered, drawling voice "just ...tell......him!"
but all Jaider could hear was the throbbing in his own head getting louder, and louder............

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[> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> [> Re: who wants to create? -- maniac, 15:45:46 01/16/03 Thu

.....until reality started to give way. Jaider could barely feel the pan as the chains and manacles cut through his flesh.....he watched in a daze as Chewey's fast-fading torso was strapped down to the inseminating table......soon his little brother would be nothing but a host to the next batch of Black Army clones......nothing but a breeding machine for stomping stormtroopers ready to devour the universe at the will of their supreme leader. Cyrus Blaze. Overlord. Emperor of galaxies. Cloned already a million times, placed in positions of power on all the known planets. His was power supreme. Answerable only to himself, his cloned self perpetuating his own existence at all costs. and those clones resistant to their own behavioural strains needed to be brought back in line for their own good. needed to be placed in situations which would bring out their true nature......

.....and in a dark, damp interrogation room deep in the bowels of the Eternal Fortress, surrounded by the Black Army of Eternity, Cyrus Blaze - Lord of all the Universe - surveyed his captive victims, and the tools at his disposal, and began to discover Himself............


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singer songwriter -- madi simmons, 02:10:08 01/10/03 Fri

greetings, i invite you to listen,and download my soundz at <a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://stationMp3.com/madisimmons">http://stationMp3.com/madisimmons</a>

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[> Re: singer songwriter -- gilliecat, 02:32:51 01/10/03 Fri

hi madi - welcome to Hybrid Studios!

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[> Re: singer songwriter -- dave, 00:36:56 01/14/03 Tue

Helo Madi, Are you Madi the busking genious of late night Cardiff ? If not hello anyway

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[> [> Re: singer songwriter -- gillie, 23:21:12 01/14/03 Tue

different madi - from much further afield... :o)
u mean madi fiddle madi? haven't seen her around for AAGGGGGGGGES! she used to come to the diggers.... wonder where she is now...
ta ta to-bee-oh

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New Forum -- webmistress, 16:37:37 08/23/02 Fri

Welcome to the new Forum - unfortunately the suppliers of the previous board are no longer in business. Apologies for the deleted messages - anyone up for a message-board-warming party?

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[> Re: New Forum -- Dave, 00:41:34 01/14/03 Tue

Hi Webmistress,
This forum's getting mighty crowded, my mouse is wearing out scrolling around finding things, then some burk wastes even more space complaining about the crowdedness of a perfectly fine forum where you can just witter on about scrolling and wearing out and all manner of other rubbish lik.........................

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[> [> Re: New Forum -- gillie, 16:53:10 01/14/03 Tue

hee hee....it is a little...well, the cyrus blaze story messages will be moving to anew home shortly!! (phew!) although there will be another story board story.....hmmmmmmmmm

oh no, gotta go :)

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Happy musical 2003 from Argentina! -- Daniel Martina, 20:55:19 01/13/03 Mon

Merry Christmas and happy musical 2003 for you all!
Daniel B-)

* Chris Mann reviews “Tute” CD by Daniel Martina at Smooth and Soul:
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* Lee Prosser reviews “Tute” CD by Daniel Martina at Jazzreview.com :
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.jazzreview.com/cdreview.cfm?ID=2849">http://www.jazzreview.com/cdreview.cfm?ID=2849</a>

* Interview by Damiano Fusco at Session Musician:
Daniel Martina New CD “Tute” and more:
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.sessionmusician.com">http://www.sessionmusician.com</a>

*Cyber-colaboration song "Movimientos del Paraná" (feat. D.Martina):
Co-produced with Mathias Claus (Mainz/Alemania), Peggy Morris
(Sheffield Lake-Ohio), Daniel Martina (Rosario/Argentina), Bill Lawrence
(New York) and Filippo Bertacche (Montebello Vicentino/ Italia)
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/1908/1908276.html">http://artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/1908/1908276.html</a>
"Cyber friends" : <a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.morriscode.com">http://www.morriscode.com</a>
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<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.blizzardrecords.com/bands/603/">http://www.blizzardrecords.com/bands/603/</a>
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.mp3.com/stations/danielmartina">http://www.mp3.com/stations/danielmartina</a>

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THREAT TO LIVE MUSIC ? Licensing reform of live music -- gillie, 18:27:56 01/02/03 Thu

Visit the following URL to read up on the proposed legislation concerning LIVE MUSIC :
<a rel=nofollow target=_blank href="http://www.musiclovers.ukart.com/pels.htm">http://www.musiclovers.ukart.com/pels.htm</a>

and follow the link to have your say or sign the petition.

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Season's Greetings! -- gillie, 17:35:05 12/27/02 Fri

Happy Winter Festive Times to you all!!!

but where's the snow?


hope you're all having a funky time - wishing everyone a happy and peaceful 2003!!

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Sex for Sale -- dave, 00:05:55 12/15/02 Sun

Got your attention ? Hello to anyone out there, , I'll be at meltdown agin on Sunday 15th, or is it the 16th? sunday anyway, should be good, Railroad Bill, Watermellons, plus more, SEEYA

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Heavry Quartet -- Dave, 00:14:44 12/13/02 Fri

Heavey Quartet are playing at the Riverside hotel in Riverside! friday 13th first set at 9.00, £3 entry , be ther or .....not!

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GiG -- Dave, 23:48:27 12/02/02 Mon

Meltdown is Back !!! Remember the "meltdown" at the Welsh Club on sundays? well you don't, you missed some good times. but don't worry it's back but this time at "Journeys" on the corner of Clifton st and Newport rd.(this place has got some bad press, but the meltdown is cool) Any way I'm playing on sunday 8th Dec so be there or ,,,,,, don't ! I'll be on early 8 ish so don't be late........ Dave

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just passing -- dave, 23:21:35 11/24/02 Sun

Hello everyone, Did you know that some kangaroos can whistle in tune ? and that if you poke a walrus hard enough it'll bite your head off ? Things you didn't know eh!!

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check out the new art!! -- gillie, 16:08:06 11/21/02 Thu

hello everyone - what you all up to? I see the chain-story is taking a bizarre route - but what did I expect?!? but come on - I wanna read more :)

Check out the new artwork by siggi schreck in the main gallery, faces gallery, and catart gallery - v. funky. And a poem in the library too.

Anyone else got any creative work to share?

y'all keep in touch now!

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Eeek -- Liberty, 22:29:00 11/17/02 Sun

I really can't work this message board...the dates are confusing me (I may have just read the whole story backwards) and I'm pretty much only posting this message so I can see whether it comes up at the top or the bottom, so here goes...

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[> Re: Eeek -- Liberty, 22:31:11 11/17/02 Sun

Ha hah, the top! Now it all makes sense.

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[> [> Re: Eeek -- gillie, 14:08:41 11/18/02 Mon

hee hee hee...hello Liberty! confusing isn't it - well, the story will always read downwards, it's just that totally new messages appear at the top, until someone posts a reply to another message, and then that message jumps up. kinda like musical messages.....hmmmm.....

anyway, hellooooo and goodbye - see you later today!
love gillie

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I'm A VIRGIN! -- DaveBob, 23:36:21 10/14/02 Mon

Yes Its true, I'm new, I'm a forum virgin,,,, without a clue what to do,,,,,so over to you...............................lot !!

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[> Re: I'm A VIRGIN! -- Choo, 16:09:11 10/16/02 Wed

dntbe scared dave say it loud(whateve u wana tha is)
must say them M.V. mix of who am i is a real winner(creep crep crawl crawl (BORIS THE SPIDER))
hope to har from u soon c ya!

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[> Re: I'm A VIRGIN! -- Choo, 16:12:00 10/16/02 Wed

sorry about the typeos feelin a little under the weather

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[> [> Re: I'm A VIRGIN! -- dave, 20:09:30 10/24/02 Thu

What's a typeeeeo, see I truly know nothing, I feel so inadequate!!. Thanks for the compliment , I've gone all embarrassed. you're not so bad yourself, keep creatin' eh!, someone someday will notice our vast talents!!( other than my mum that is), See ya, Dave

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so quiet -- gillie, 19:42:46 08/26/02 Mon

oh, but it's so quiet again.....
Anyone out there?

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[> Re: so quiet -- Thonoir, 01:07:00 09/02/02 Mon

Ahhh, a new forum. with nowt on it. Erm... hi. I've not been here for aaaages.

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[> [> Re: so quiet -- maniac, 18:30:10 09/02/02 Mon



[sound of wind blowing along dusty deserted street.....]

but seriously - i wonder why people don't use this forum to get to know their fellow artists? see, i happen to know that your artwork is pretty cool, and i have some basic story outlines / bare bones around which graphic novels could be built. would you be interested in hearing some ideas to kick around for fun [and maybe future profit]? if so, drop me a line.

to all you others out there just reading this board - jump on! express yourselves.......

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[> [> [> Re: so quiet -- chooey, 19:48:21 09/22/02 Sun


Any how hiya all lets get some community spirit on here revell in the madness or non- madness, or even the non non anti-non madness,just revel in anythin! try joinin in the online chain story its startin to hot up. listern to some great tunes in the jukebox, my particular favs are quest:ions and daviddavid ( probably some bias goin on there)
Hope to see lots of busy mesages goin on next time, otherwise maniac his army and i will b after u all catch ya later guys and stay cool

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[> [> Re: so quiet -- gillie, 22:55:10 09/03/02 Tue

Helloooooo Thonoir........
haven't seen you about for a looooong time (not that I've actually been out anywhere...so..ahem...)

So what have you been up to? must swing by you website and see what u've been creating..... catch u round.

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Can ne 1 help me? -- Stacey, 22:58:59 09/14/02 Sat

I was wonderin if ne 1 cud help me?? i was recently @ Blackwood Miners Institute for a rock concert, and this band called "PR1" they Totally ROCKED! They were brilliant!

If ne 1 cud PLEASE let me know if they have ne info. on the bands' website address or even just an emeil address will do!!1 It will b much appreciated!

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[> Re: Can ne 1 help me? -- glyn mills, 21:13:34 09/20/02 Fri

They used to be G13 now call themselves by the UK equivalent! Agreed they are a really good band. They played for us at the Haiti fund all day event in Bedwas. Mention us when you get in touch.
Contact TRIPWIRE Records 07816 254 130
email: support@tripwirerecords.co.uk
Web site is www.tripwirerecords.co.uk
Hope this works out for you.

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