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The Defected
The Defected
welcome to The Defected's forum. this is a place to chat and read the latest band news. enjoy!
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Subject Author Date
sexmarvin05:34:43 11/15/01 Thu
toftJonny09:31:40 11/13/01 Tue
  • Re: toft -- tofton, 12:26:58 11/13/01 Tue
    • Re:jonny -- grob, 10:43:35 11/14/01 Wed
Have u ever noticed.............gar03:59:35 11/07/01 Wed
Whats with the belt?Nastar07:42:06 06/24/01 Sun
"Smash it up" all-dayer now cheaperNH06:51:38 11/06/01 Tue
fucking hellgar15:28:56 11/01/01 Thu
grob n garwee we love youspammi n bel end10:11:53 08/08/01 Wed
THE PERSON THAT I AM SAYING "FUCK YOU" TO.Grubby (Who has the guts to leave his name)12:02:14 10/28/01 Sun
Blind Pilot Records requestBlind Pilot Records05:36:46 10/29/01 Mon
PUNK ROCK AT MORIARTY'SNH02:09:48 10/12/01 Fri
boredgar03:47:43 10/27/01 Sat
BANJO!!!! read and reply A.S.A.P!tofton17:13:00 10/19/01 Fri
cocksjeff and bill07:30:25 10/14/01 Sun
Who the Fuck?X Fisher X12:44:19 10/18/01 Thu
still alivegar08:22:31 10/15/01 Mon
punk all-dayerpeter punk04:08:16 10/15/01 Mon
Punk all-dayerNH01:58:56 10/12/01 Fri
practice ?gar14:11:49 10/11/01 Thu
elo peolple of the music industrylewy the young new sensation sk8er and guitarist (lol)14:09:33 09/29/01 Sat
FRACTION OF THE COST @ MORIARTY'SGrubby01:21:23 10/09/01 Tue
go 4 itgar09:09:47 10/06/01 Sat
hope everyone likes the new designtofton17:06:12 10/06/01 Sat
jenny is such a babeliam the kool fat kid that smokes12:49:27 09/04/01 Tue
gigs ?gar14:01:53 10/02/01 Tue
Tung,Dumpvalve,Dead Method,Assume The Position...ThursdayKemo04:21:38 10/02/01 Tue
does anyone wanna tell me who the hell keeps nipping my bottomben11:28:56 10/01/01 Mon
HI GARRY! I met you at Magic Kingdom, remember?!Cherry08:21:07 09/26/01 Wed
tofton is a Dullus(8)anjo06:22:28 09/28/01 Fri
RIGHT "BAND MEMBERS" READ THIS!tofton16:11:34 09/25/01 Tue
its been a while.......(no staind intended)Grob12:47:25 09/23/01 Sun
lovelygar12:03:38 09/23/01 Sun
the next bout of fat marvin prac's is upom ustofton05:30:55 09/22/01 Sat
Download a song by my bandInspector William06:23:38 09/22/01 Sat
download our song :-)William06:21:54 09/22/01 Sat
New Whizzwood Video Available!Nastar10:38:36 09/19/01 Wed
eyy buddys and gig attenderstofton16:51:54 09/14/01 Fri
gig goersgergos12:17:10 09/15/01 Sat
Jumping jack flash(8)anjo06:38:09 09/14/01 Fri
FRIDAY 14TH, MORIARTYS>>>>tofton07:59:52 09/12/01 Wed
jonnygar07:45:08 09/10/01 Mon
new giggar06:53:23 09/06/01 Thu
tofton eyes returnstofton08:55:48 09/08/01 Sat
ta very muchgar07:43:58 09/04/01 Tue
stonkingar14:07:29 09/02/01 Sun
bum boydick munch08:51:08 09/02/01 Sun
righty then, im off...tofton15:30:20 09/01/01 Sat
banjo the pics are up in the live section, cheers. (NT)tofton04:41:27 08/31/01 Fri
ey buddy band boystofton03:46:48 08/29/01 Wed
boyeeeeeeesssssgar05:48:37 08/29/01 Wed
the capdown gigtofton17:03:28 08/27/01 Mon
The Sordid Adventures of Teddy RuxpinKemo12:17:04 08/27/01 Mon
Garry Rules The World!Katie12:53:33 08/26/01 Sun
well were off to leeds for a good timetofton14:58:47 08/22/01 Wed
agggrgrob16:22:51 08/21/01 Tue
something to think boutgrob and will12:01:20 08/21/01 Tue
garry.......grob06:06:47 08/21/01 Tue
  • suck -- garry, 10:06:34 08/21/01 Tue
Let's make friendRebecca06:51:23 08/20/01 Mon
back to lifegarry04:56:10 08/20/01 Mon
righty can everyone do a gig on the 31st in bradford?.....tofton05:46:36 08/19/01 Sun
yoyogarry16:11:28 08/16/01 Thu
  • Re: yoyo -- tofton, 17:37:48 08/16/01 Thu
    • Re: yoyo -- (8)anjo, 04:40:01 08/18/01 Sat
      • Re: yoyo -- tofton, 09:54:11 08/18/01 Sat
        • Re: yoyo -- (8)anjo, 11:02:20 08/18/01 Sat
          • Re: yoyo -- tofton, 13:10:28 08/18/01 Sat
help!grob18:44:11 08/10/01 Fri
msndick munch n skippy13:38:27 08/12/01 Sun
just update on the fat side of thingstofton18:59:52 08/11/01 Sat
A team van(8)anjo12:50:36 08/07/01 Tue
chocolate treespammi and bel end10:09:38 08/08/01 Wed
the new sites up, feedbak? good? bad?tofton18:29:50 08/06/01 Mon
another gig !TBC! Freaks Union, SpamDagger, Fat Marvin, My Mess - Adelphi 14th sept - 1-50 (NT)tofton16:27:50 08/06/01 Mon
UKbase has now got a page up on Fat MarvinUKbase11:57:40 08/03/01 Fri
ask a stupid question?dan brunetti05:37:28 08/03/01 Fri
lammerriccaaagarry04:37:01 08/03/01 Fri
fat tofton big girls blousearrrrr04:45:41 08/02/01 Thu
the hornsea gigtofton14:38:05 08/02/01 Thu
classic 70's rockgrob19:26:10 08/01/01 Wed
buses to hornseasammi03:23:26 08/01/01 Wed
hellolelly08:12:21 08/01/01 Wed
you mammas on my lips........tofton17:31:03 07/31/01 Tue
fuckedgarry21:48:12 07/28/01 Sat
whos playin with capdown ?gar07:03:27 07/27/01 Fri
the whizzwood videotofton07:24:28 07/29/01 Sun
Ive have seen the light!(8)anjo07:24:54 07/27/01 Fri
A poemAnonnymouse Poet12:58:38 07/23/01 Mon
all this crap about nigel and his dealings..tofton13:23:41 07/21/01 Sat
NEW MY MESS WEBSITEJonny07:58:23 07/25/01 Wed
DON'T FORGET:- H O O K E R & WHIZZWOOD @ ADELPHI - 1 - WEDNESDAY (TOMORROW) (NT)Nastar04:58:39 07/24/01 Tue
in need of practice !gar04:10:29 07/23/01 Mon
what a guygar04:23:28 07/19/01 Thu
eyup lads, are we practicing 2moro? garry you free? someone let me know! (NT)tofton10:52:03 07/20/01 Fri
wwa coming at yawwa crew14:40:17 07/17/01 Tue
are we practicing 2moro afti still?tofton09:12:56 07/17/01 Tue
this wednesdaywigga07:05:30 07/17/01 Tue
make way for the massively might my mess massivemy mess-ive06:43:16 07/17/01 Tue
hmmmm fat marvin?spartikas19:28:40 07/11/01 Wed
garblins garblins everywhere in my teeth and in my hairbeadle10:52:08 07/14/01 Sat
Hi, Grubby of Fraction of the Cost here.Grubby04:25:27 07/12/01 Thu
the new site designtofton13:55:28 07/11/01 Wed
hmmmmmm fat marvinNIGEL HOLMES09:15:43 07/12/01 Thu
well well wellgar06:51:24 07/11/01 Wed
POGOFEST!simon20:47:51 07/10/01 Tue
new addygrob16:46:47 07/10/01 Tue
have u noticed...gar04:15:14 07/10/01 Tue
The boys a timebomb(8)anjo13:40:17 07/08/01 Sun
backgrob11:51:19 07/06/01 Fri
ok i give up with the forum, were just gonna have to use it as it is (NT)tofton15:54:30 07/05/01 Thu
right i fixed it but.....tofton15:36:34 07/05/01 Thu
gigsnh03:19:30 06/26/01 Tue
  • Re: gigs -- tofton, 12:17:34 06/26/01 Tue
    • Re: gigs -- Gobbo, 07:40:26 06/27/01 Wed
      • Re: gigs -- tofton, 08:16:30 06/27/01 Wed
        • Re: gigs -- yaya, 09:17:57 06/29/01 Fri
          • Re: gigs -- tofton, 15:38:08 07/05/01 Thu
moose sacraficegarry05:41:52 06/29/01 Fri
the marvin is alivelewy8715:17:10 06/27/01 Wed
the gigtofton16:35:23 06/24/01 Sun
no subjectrob16:15:45 06/24/01 Sun
well........tofton04:31:45 06/24/01 Sun
Re: think about thisROB16:09:12 06/22/01 Fri
smell my cheese you mother!a *loRAHhHhHhHhH*08:27:00 04/07/01 Sat
moooooooooooomooooooooooooooo13:21:25 04/03/01 Tue
garrygarrys gay lover06:49:30 04/03/01 Tue
stupid git, come on everyone sign our msg board give us love!tofton14:36:12 04/02/01 Mon
waaayytofton15:36:12 01/16/01 Tue
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