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Waterfall Valley

High up in the Cascade Mountain range, settled between the tallest peaks sits a vast nearly hidden valley. It's thick towering trees and roaring rivers run as far as can be imagined among the high mountains. Great waterfalls that reach the sky thunder down high cliffs throughout the green valley to clear pools and lakes filled with untold numbers of water creatures, some never seen outside the valley.

A pure black unisus mare appears and approaches you, fallowed by a unisus stallion of white and gold. "Welcome to Waterfall Valley. I am Silver Fire Wing, Lead mare of this land and herd." States the black mare. "This is my mate, Thunder Storm." She points, with her wing, to the white and gold unisus on her right, and he nods. "Stay if you wish, we have many differant creatures here, but I warn you, most evil ones are not welcome here and are delt with accordingly. There are but three ways to reach this wonderous land, or to leave it. To fly and brave the stong high winds of the mountains, to clime the high snowy peaks, or to travel the narro pass between the peaks where rock/snow/mud slides are common. I leave you to your thoughts. If you have questions, I or another will not be far." They nod and dissapear.

{Leaders & Residence}
~Rank,If any: Name (Species/Power)~

*Lady: Silver Fire Wing (Unisus/Illusion)
*Lord: Thunder Storm (Unisus/Thunder Storms)

*Princesses: Pure Glass (Unisus/Wish Granting)-Adopted-



*Beta Female: Light Silk (Unisus/Horn Firebeam)

*Beta Colt: Light Fire (Unisus/-)

*Beta Male: Eternal Wild Fire (Unisus/?)

*Gamma Female:

*Gamma Male:


{Herd Members}


*Lucky's Lone Star (Horse/Fire)
*Thunder Strike (?/?)


*Starburst (Horse/Ice)
*Dark Sting (Unicorn/?)


*Starlight (F/Unisus/Iceblast)
*Miyuki (F/Unicorn/Telepathy)
*Moonlight Mist (F/Unicorn/Water) (Adopted by Dark Sting)

--Other members of WV--


*Bakuryu (Halfbeast/?)




*Out of town*
-Silver Fire Wing-

*We say goodby to good friends.
Mystic Wave
...and so many others.


Subject Author Date Msgs
*Black evil unicorn mare walks in & stands not wanting trouble, just information* My name is Buffy & I come from Twisters herd, I dont want trouble I just want information about Sparky as I have adopted him as my son. (NT) Buffy 21:04:25 05/15/01 Tue 10
ooc{Silver Fire Wing will be leaving (Sunday the 20th) on a camping trip. Back (Wednessday the 23rd) (NT) ~player 21:24:17 05/18/01 Fri 1
"Varrenta, you seem to have taken a shine to Inferno. Would you keep an eye on him while he is here? Try not to sotfen him up." *She smiles.* "And Inferno. Stay out of trouble or it's strait to the dragons with you." (NT) Fire Wing 22:05:32 05/17/01 Thu 4
Me wanna join!!>> Uriko 13:52:53 05/14/01 Mon 5
Everyone>>> Ki-Qah 06:39:50 05/17/01 Thu 1
An evil unicorn stallion races in.Calling his son's name.Inferno??!!!Inferno???!!! you hurt your mother very badly.Now come home right now! (NT) K 17:45:14 05/14/01 Mon 7
An evil unicorn colt rtuns in.Yelling hide me......hide me.! (NT) Inferno 16:59:23 05/11/01 Fri 6
*She gets up and stretches her back. Looking out her cave enterance, she takes flight as the sun is setting.* (NT) Fire Wing 19:06:14 05/10/01 Thu 1
ATT: ALL >>> Shama'ah 16:07:07 05/02/01 Wed 3
PETRONIMAL ONLY!!!!!>> Sakura 13:33:11 04/25/01 Wed 4
~The Centipeg female flys in~ I would just like to tell you that i'm on the challenge board trying to get Sparky back!!! (NT) Demeter 13:56:30 04/29/01 Sun 1
*With the recent run ins with the evil horses, she has become Very short tempered. She now patrols the valley more strictly that ever. Watching everyone that comes and goes very closely.* (NT) Fire Wing (Warning!! You dont want to make her mad right now!) 22:23:01 04/27/01 Fri 3
TRUTH!!!INSIDE NOW>>> Dragon Of Fear 17:45:59 04/26/01 Thu 6
The black mare swoops in and lands before the others, nostrils flared in frustration. *I'd like to ask all of you to STAY HERE, and listen to me for a moment...* Calliope 16:04:13 04/26/01 Thu 1
"You are ALL snuck, Please proceed in an orderly fashion to Treacterous Peaks Truth 22:54:33 04/25/01 Wed 1
"You might want to know that I have just posted a sneek to get Sparky back." (NT) Fire Wing 23:08:57 04/23/01 Mon 6
Hmmm, I dropped the fight. Yet I'm not yet added to the list. If you do decide to add me, my power is Emotion Breath.>>> Hesention 17:50:05 04/25/01 Wed 1
Loping to the pool, she slows.Laying beside it,she lets her golden hooves dip into the water. It is so hard to keep the right frame of mind all the time.Sometimes,I wish I could just be...me.But I know it helps others when I'm not so depressing.I guess I just have things to think on. (NT) Ki-Qah 08:07:10 04/22/01 Sun 1
She trots a short distance, glances back at Lilith with tears in her eyes, then trots out of the territory. (NT) Shama'ah 12:45:21 04/20/01 Fri 6
*An invisible force flies through the trees, making them shift slightly as it passes.* (NT) Fire Wing 22:42:04 04/17/01 Tue 1
Dropping to the ground after a long flight, the pair search in the moonlight for a place to sleep.Her hair shines blue black in the silver sweetness. Slowly, she sinks to the floor, and he panther curls protectively beside her. (NT) Chiya and Jukura 21:58:26 04/17/01 Tue 1
*runs in secretly, not wanting to be seen by twister*>>> Sparky 14:49:04 04/16/01 Mon 2
~With a fluttering of wings the centipeg lands~ I am back from my trip!!!! ~Turns to all the newcomers and smiles~ Welcome to waterfall valley!!!! (NT) Demeter 17:26:48 04/14/01 Sat 1
*There is an odd silence in the night, and the sky is strangely empty, as is the forest................ (NT) {{SFW??}} 22:45:59 04/13/01 Fri 1
**A tiny centauress trots over to Lilith** May I live here?I don't have any parents so can I live here until I get some? (NT) Fury 17:58:08 04/12/01 Thu 3
*Hesention breaths out the calm that has entered him in a opaque cloud. He rears and gallops off* (NT) Hesention 18:23:10 04/13/01 Fri 1
*Hese speaks, his voice dripping with srcasm*I just got back from a trip, what a nice welcome gift.>>> Hesention 11:17:27 04/11/01 Wed 10
betas abd backups can save MOSTLY anyone in a herd.only the LM,LS,r parents foa foal can save te fol from being snuck.so,only Lilith could've aved him,or is parenst (NT) Zan 13:23:22 04/13/01 Fri 1
**A beutiful centauress trots over**Can i join here? (NT) Umi 06:46:17 04/10/01 Tue 3
*She leaps in, the hawk atop her shoulder. The ground trembles under her plate-sized hooves as she moves to Lilith.* I have recieved a power.The power of Calming.I can calm animals and people. It is just my sort of power,for I am not a real fighter. I am off to practice it now. *Jukura leaps into the air, and Chiya takes off at a gallop for the practice area.* (NT) Chiya 07:34:34 04/12/01 Thu 1
She sighs and looks around with sad green eyes. > Shama'ah 04:29:04 04/05/01 Thu 19
Pic Fire Wing 22:04:43 04/10/01 Tue 11
A dragon lands,hoping to make some friends before long.Hello I am Light's Only Hope,but call me Loh. (NT) Loh 18:00:43 04/10/01 Tue 4
*Varr rubs the back of her neck nervously*>>> varrenta 11:19:31 04/11/01 Wed 1
{Clean up. Southern sect. report.} "It seems that the south and east were hit the hardest by the storm. There were many uprooted trees in the southern section, but I found no injured animals. It looks like they all found good shelter. The damage will take time to repair, but we were lucky it wasn't any worse than this." (NT) Fire Wing 21:02:28 04/10/01 Tue 1
why did u delete me? (NT) Arion 15:10:32 04/09/01 Mon 3
*Lilith, Sparky is being snuck! Shama tried to save him, but you're the only one who can as he doesn't have parents! Go quickly!* (NT) Calliope 19:04:18 04/09/01 Mon 2
i'm here. sorry i haven't posted in a while (NT) Artemis 15:04:30 04/09/01 Mon 1
She bows low and nudges the hawk to do the same. "Thank you for putting us up,Lilith.It is nice to know we belong somewhere again.Jukura says thank you as well.We will to our best to protect this place, our home. (NT) Chiya and Jukura 14:25:35 04/09/01 Mon 1
*The pair ventures into the deep forest around the valley.>>> Chiya and Jukura 19:55:41 04/07/01 Sat 7
*A pretty little Unipeg walks in.* Hello, I would like to join your tt. Is that all right with everybody? (NT) Soleil 10:14:34 04/08/01 Sun 2
hoofbeats are heard lightly,then louder,until you see a male centaur galloping in.he halt sin front of Lilith Unbriar, and says,i wish to joion here. Keeden 19:18:39 04/08/01 Sun 2
{Lilith, clean up report.} "I have just finished with the eastern section. It was mostly old growth that was hit. Lots of larger fallen trees, but the younger trees had minimal damage, and it should grow back quickly. The north had minimum damage, more rocks than trees there.This area wasn't hit to badly, some downed trees, but not bad . Im on my way south now." (NT) Fire Wing 22:35:48 04/08/01 Sun 3
~She smiles at the new comers,and decides to wait.She forms wings for herself and ventures into the sky~ (NT) Ki-Qah 10:36:50 04/07/01 Sat 1
*A huge,yet somehow delicate centauress trots in.*>>> Chiya 20:32:22 04/04/01 Wed 4
#A new centaur comes in. He is surrounded by a mysterious presence# Clef 08:03:41 04/01/01 Sun 4
(ooc: Ok here is my excuse for not updating Waterfall Valley, and not being active. I have many other characters, and school just started again for me. Which means lots of getting used to. But I'm going to be more active now! Ok. Anyone who joined, but isn't on the list of herd members, please REPLY to THIS message at once.) (NT) Lilith 04:02:12 04/05/01 Thu 1
The golden gryphon swoops in. Good morrow, friends...>> Rashkae 03:53:31 04/05/01 Thu 1
OOC} [Can you believe this? I now have 7 characters. I think im over doing it a little. *Smiles*} (NT) Fire Wing's player 21:58:30 03/31/01 Sat 9
~The Centipeg smiles softly~ I'll be gone till the tuesday after next!!! ~She extends her soft white wings and flys into the sky~ (NT) Demeter 15:52:17 04/03/01 Tue 1
* Landing, she starts clearing away the fallen trees to clean up the forest, and make a path for all who can not fly.* (NT) Fire Wing 00:06:04 04/02/01 Mon 1
*She walks out of the cave, and opens her wings. She closes her eyes, listening to the wind as it calls to her. The night has come, and darkness fallen. A gentla breeze is all thats left of the savage storm that tore through hours befor. All seems calm and quiet......... She takes flite to survey the damage from the storm.* (NT) Fire Wing 20:57:19 03/31/01 Sat 1
~Grinning,she slowly reverts to her natural shape.She trots briskly to the cave entrance,golden hooves ringing on the stone.~Look,friends! The sky is clear once again! We are free!~She gives a slight rear,and kicks at the boulder with a hoof.Sighing in annoyance,she turns to Fire Wing.~Could you please remove this? I'm afraid I'm too puny. (NT) Ki-Qah 09:58:11 03/31/01 Sat 3
I won't be active for a while! (NT) Demeter 13:42:35 03/29/01 Thu 1
pic: (NT) Calydor 18:06:13 03/28/01 Wed 1
*Rushes in and comes to a halt.* What happened while I was gone? *She scans the area worriedly.* (NT) Lilith 14:51:25 03/26/01 Mon 6
*she looks around, seeing no one cares, she half flies half limps away* (NT) ?? 18:25:19 03/27/01 Tue 1
"Now, if we're all here, cave info. (1) you can wander alittle, but dont go to far. I dont want anyony getting lost. If you come to an unlit cave, dont go into it. It is unfinished and could be dangerous. (2) The large tunnles to the left and right are safe to go through. Left goes to a lava pit and hot springs, feel free to use them. Right is for those who like the cold more, The ice caves." (NT) FW 20:43:17 03/26/01 Mon 1
*She lands quickly, and runs inside her cave.* "Is every one all right? Is every one here?" *Looking around......... (NT) Fire Wing 21:41:37 03/24/01 Sat 3
*As the storm grows stronger, a dark shadow appears in the clouds, moving at grate speed.* (NT) Fire Wing 21:02:19 03/24/01 Sat 2
~The huge Tryannosaur looks after those running into the cave.She looks into the distance,scanning the storm.If she doesn't block the cave soon,they will all be swept away.Somehow she knows that a great thing has been accomplished in the caverns,and that they are safe.She turns to the others.~Who is missing? I'll go and get them.The cave leads to the caverns,follow the path.I'll be along shortly. (NT) Ki-Qah 16:41:09 03/24/01 Sat 1
**Artemis enters the cave** I'm starting to get worried about Arion. (NT) Artemis 13:07:15 03/24/01 Sat 1
Sakura enters the cave. (NT) Sakura 13:06:04 03/24/01 Sat 1
OOC: I'm not home yet and I only have 1 sec online but the situation looks pretty bad... *Curses that she's away during the Mage Storm* >>> Shama 15:28:13 03/23/01 Fri 2
~Gallopes into the cave and waits for everyone~ (NT) Demeter 17:14:44 03/23/01 Fri 1
~Gallopes into the cave and waits for everyone~ (NT) Demeter 17:14:43 03/23/01 Fri 1
*sighs and seez nuttin to do* (NT) Sparky 17:07:14 03/22/01 Thu 1
~She takes tern shape, flying across the valley,weaving precariously through the storm.Her thoughts are broad casted.~You all heard Fire Wing...I will gather you if it gets terrible,I can fly pretty far if need be. (NT) Ki-Qah 19:06:09 03/21/01 Wed 1
OOC} I will be going on a trip Wednesday the 21. I will be back posibly late Friday. It was going to be last Wednesday, but some thing happend, and it was changed. Lilith will be back Friday or saturday. I will try to get on here before I leave Wed. morning. If you have something to ask me, do it by tomorrow night. I will help if I can. (NT) Fire Wing 21:06:14 03/19/01 Mon 9
!!One order befor I go!! If the Mage Storm gets to strong, YOU WILL ALL go to my cave at the hightest point in the valley. The torches are lit, so there will be light to see your way around. A large bolder sits outside the cave, use it to block the opening." (NT) Silver Fire Wing 21:29:05 03/20/01 Tue 1
Hesention is my cousin in real life, and we're leaving on a trip>>> Varrenta(posting for Hesention too) 18:30:59 03/20/01 Tue 1
~Looks around really bored~ (NT) Demeter 08:19:23 03/17/01 Sat 5
*flying overhead is a pony type unipeg. Suddenly she is coaught in a quick thermal. Spirling downward, a tree branch breaks her fall. Her horn is only about for inches long, and her wings about three feet long each, which is in proportion of her tiny size. One leg is twisted painfully beneath her. She looks for someone, and whimpers...* (NT) ?? 17:57:03 03/14/01 Wed 3
I am honored Lilith. (NT) Fire Wing 20:23:23 03/16/01 Fri 1
*A centaur walks in, his chainmail vest and gloves rippling as he trots along*>>> Hesention 19:01:00 03/11/01 Sun 3
*Grins* Really? I've been as well as can be. (NT) Petronimal 05:32:14 03/06/01 Tue 8
can i join a tt (NT) Moon child 14:25:00 03/15/01 Thu 2
I will be away, Lilith, for 14 days or more. (NT) Petronimal 13:51:06 03/15/01 Thu 1
*snorting he flys away* (NT) Mystic Wave 10:51:42 03/15/01 Thu 1
"All right." She sighs happily. "Everything is under control." >>> Shama'ah 04:19:06 03/13/01 Tue 4
-Flame looks at the others- sorry I haven't posted lately....I have been in a challenge with Emerald Fire,Waiting for a new quest, and waiting for an Adventure and I keep forgetting what herd im in (NT) Flame 12:55:25 03/14/01 Wed 1
I am going away from this friday to the 28th. (NT) Shama'ah 09:35:20 03/14/01 Wed 1
I am going away from this friday to the 28th. (NT) Shama'ah 09:35:16 03/14/01 Wed 1
*snorts softly as his black wings create a soft thwumph sound in thew air...* Mystic Wave 19:03:45 03/13/01 Tue 1
"Everyone!" the centauress calls out. "We need to prepare!" >>> Shama 10:40:40 03/11/01 Sun 13
~Smiles at Hesention~ Welcome to Waterfall Valley! Sorry were so busy now! ~Turns to Lilith and Shama~ Is there Anything else I can do? (NT) Demeter 16:04:59 03/13/01 Tue 1
*A black gryphon swoops down. When she lands near Lil and a few other inhabitants she slumps to the ground her eyes half worry half happiness*>>> Catarana 11:24:05 03/10/01 Sat 5
A chestnut pegasus trots in, all brown with no markings and pure white wings. >>> Wild Star 15:49:12 03/10/01 Sat 6
Shama? *the small filly trots in*I came. You asked me too.I am ready, I jhave rested up and have all of my energy anbd power.*he eyes sparkle with bravory though she herself is only 7 months. Such a small creature and yet so brave* (NT) Faith 14:41:52 03/11/01 Sun 2
*attention>everyone come to everlasting peak for a party for my son, starlight! (NT) Calydor 15:41:13 03/12/01 Mon 1
*Var stands at the top of the waterfall. She aclls out in many animal voices, calling all animals of the forest to her*>>> Varrenta 15:37:06 03/12/01 Mon 1
*Shrouded in the shade of the trees, she watches the scene sadly, with wild green eyes. Somehow, though she cannot leave, Shama still feels as though she does not belong here* (NT) Shama'ah 20:42:45 03/09/01 Fri 12
~Sheshuts her eyes,and digs deep within herself.~>>> Ki-Qah 06:12:23 03/12/01 Mon 1
May I join this herd? My power is vegetation. I'm a centauress. (NT) Sakura 11:48:45 03/11/01 Sun 2
*Returning, she flies in at top speed, to beat the storm. Landing.* "What can I do?" (NT) Fire Wing 20:57:45 03/11/01 Sun 1
The golden gryphon male swoops in and lands before the centaurs... Rashkae 06:53:08 03/11/01 Sun 4
**Walks up to Varrenta**I know I posted this before but Var I forgot to add something(If anyone besides Var reads this they are toast! I will dicapatate them! That oes for you to Demter!) Artemis 09:44:38 03/09/01 Fri 5
*Not standing it any more she wipes a hand over her eyes and folds down on to the ground, grass responds to her sorrow by waving towards her, against the wind. Looking up she asks the sky, why?* (NT) Lilith 05:34:37 03/06/01 Tue 5
*Still in the tree, she looks at Lilth, and points to the package. "Open it." *She smiles.* {Note (It contains: harps, and flutes made of gold, But she cant know this untill she opens the bag.) (NT) Fire Wing 22:01:24 03/07/01 Wed 5
May I join this herd. (NT) Cherry blossoms 14:21:12 03/09/01 Fri 2
*Varr yawns as she speaks to Lil*>>> Varrenta 15:16:23 03/07/01 Wed 2
**Walks up to Varrenta**(If anyone besides Var reads this they are toast! I will dicapatate them! That oes for you to Demter!) Artemis 09:42:58 03/09/01 Fri 1
OOC] Im getting tired of this. I have filed several complaints around this site about how inactive everyone has become. Its getting boring, but I realy like this place, and I dont want it to be boring. I did not speek of Waterfall Valley, for I did not want to get my friends in troble.] (NT) SFW's player 21:35:53 03/08/01 Thu 1
What are Tarots statts??? (NT) Artemis 16:59:50 02/27/01 Tue 4
~Sighing,she changes to herself,and quickly hauls out of the water.Shaking herself off,she looks at Lilith.~Where did Shama go? And where is everyone else? (NT) Ki-Qah 17:37:09 03/06/01 Tue 4
*She smiles* Soul...I have the Soul of a Butterfly. *Flaps her wings gently* (NT) Mari 15:20:18 03/07/01 Wed 1
*She sets the bundle down by the old oak tree, taking a moment to watch the waterfall, then jumps up in to the tree to wait.* (NT) Fire Wing 21:04:51 03/05/01 Mon 2
Hey Lilith! I just got the power ove earth!! YaY!!!!!!!! (NT) Demeter 18:11:28 03/06/01 Tue 1
~The dolphin laughs brightly,and splashes Lilith with a dousing of water.She dives to the bottom of the pool,and comes rocketing up,to a crashing land. She clicks a question,turning her head from side to side, and raises on her tail to see Fire Wing~ (NT) Ki-Qah 10:20:28 03/06/01 Tue 2
Yes, you may. (NT) Lilith 09:59:30 03/06/01 Tue 2
I got the power of flight at last!!!!!!!!! I am the coolest person alive!!!!!!!!! ~Laughs triumphantly~ Aren't I stupid? (NT) Arion 17:04:42 02/27/01 Tue 3
The wolf has followed her,the enigmatic behavior very puzzling.She changes to her centaur self>>>> Ki-Qah 21:32:34 03/05/01 Mon 4
~The wolf backs a pace away,and looks quizzically at Fire Wing.~I wanted to make sure you were all right.What are you doing?~She shakes her dark grey fur and dips a shaded muzzle.Slowly,she slinks away~(Sorry,the wolf feelings are easily offended.She'll be back) (NT) Ki-Qah 21:26:23 03/05/01 Mon 1
Lilith only >>> Shama 15:48:28 02/28/01 Wed 2
Neighbours Fraggle Stag 18:33:44 02/22/01 Thu 3
~Sighs sadly,a strange thing for her.>>> Ki-Qah 20:47:00 02/27/01 Tue 2
~ The female centipeg stretches out her long feathery wings and yawns. She shakes he long curly red hair and it spews out behind her. She looks around and smiles at the happy place~ (NT) Demeter 14:26:24 02/28/01 Wed 1
hey sparky 15:52:27 02/26/01 Mon 5
*She lands at a river for a drink, but pauses, and looks around. Something is moving nearby. She steps back into the shadows, and waits.* (NT) Fire 19:04:30 02/27/01 Tue 1
*Rain falls lightly on the dark forest, the fresh smell of the damp earth fills the air. Tonight, like every night, she flies, regardless of the weather.* (NT) sfw 20:22:47 02/26/01 Mon 2
~The centipeg walks up to Lilith~ I have recieved the power over Earth! ~Smiles~ (NT) Demeter 13:50:36 02/26/01 Mon 1
*Gray clouds drift in as she flies over the river. The wind blows lightly, but the sun still shines.* (NT) sfw, (Im at school right now 13:42:13 02/26/01 Mon 1
She looks around with cold green eyes, knowing no-one, and deciding that perhaps it is time to move on...The panther slinks out into the night. (NT) Anya 19:38:36 02/25/01 Sun 1
~A female centaur with hair and horse body the color of new flame gallops in.>>> Ki-Qah 21:23:46 02/24/01 Sat 2
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